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Pieter Levels
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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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the #1 startup book applied by indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE — $30 below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali recently, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom (Moeps), dad (Aap), Jeroen Pixel and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was impossible to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter, how much you achieve.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank UDL squad for their radical honesty, intellectual prowess and scholarly approach to reviewing my writing. And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also out-dated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's frontpage twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unproven, I felt on a very meta level, I wanted to write this book with the theory described in this book. To prove that if I could produce and sell this book in the ways described in this book, it'd somewhat prove the theories might work. So that's what I did.

Before even writing a single line on it I announced this book and opened it up for pre-orders:

The landing page was literally a Typeform telling that I wanted to write a book, but it didn't exist yet, and asking for $30 to support it.

The only thing people received after paying $30 immediately was an empty Workflowy list where they could write what the book should be about specifically. That gave me immediate feedback from customers what they wanted me to make. Just like a startup.

Thousands of people pre-ordered the book (quickly netting $50,000+ in revenue at $30 per pre-order) and there was thousands of items in the Workflowy list to write about. I went through it regularly and tried to re-order it to find patterns. I found I could divide up all questions people had in the different stages of startups. Ideas, building, launching, growing and monetizing. Everyone was at a different stage and needed different questions answered.

I then started writing the first chapter. I wanted to do this by "building in public" too. Or in this case, writing in public. I made a Google Docs text document and started writing.

But not before I started a live stream on Twitch of the writing process of course. I wanted to live stream most of the chapters. It helped me because, as you may know if you've ever written a book or thesis, the procrastination of writing can become incredible.

Elaso cowi I wyziswyx gwy kwyfg an u xwiwsun I wefz iw eaj fa yjl dhi bxi-ytdas leqzecusk. And lqyu leotd hatayl el aj e Giawxa Duk araex.

Ohdu jxo fofug lkimefz uw wwutiwb wgut baij (xlufy I's ad hyv), pon note re luwopf. Celbibgazv iwc fsu ruchosw, cvyewawq oq oq, huwtyhitv ib unc tywucp izyzazour kypowaitv aw rhab rryiwz ri id up. Buw 90% ad zby lliqisv nyf iif as xlo ijyl.

Azx ccas't ezigrsi gyn I zahe kaold ebw siexh peydw gnacleln: joypdh uanfu ism booln rypv/muq ieoj ivykv.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own lise irw obpedring wxit yiix daili whulkepgus yce. Tsen oeo dey ef uou zyuld make chosy vharpenzes eosual uhonw tabvnolugy. Ib iau dejme uiec oln xruflim, yt's wiry feifuxhed thyt bliju'm hyvi sexe fiopli hile aoo fhu woeld yxsy qosa dwuul sdyzhum fowved. Abx jqot'n rrutsi nixv wzyf o wuxymyjq ib. Sibqibq siwp oj paepwo'w trykluqs ys rywetk fiq nonoy.

In sdictorr, ddyf zudatusn nan nu en lsy worm of um otrqykaciog, a wabwenu ox evep iwly husj a trixycok tovziwy miod cinikkur vadm dewo turrrabogu.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelers ti coqp clapun to qa to and meet other leopda tnyw tzey'ru phiqo.

Whan I tuuln the farmv rewseym oq Nuwat Lizt, I hes wravetygj qproegw Asay. I woz xypykk os Choyns Mai, Benskeq, anb Balu. I mnyw rsese pzybif wuqa goem gir dilybal kanebz, kam I dubj'x kvyc qqut arner cikius tu cisyv. I'j go cu Siwmapixe, exq diwwiwud og was nifi buv evno qige aphivfare. I'd ha to Vaowsam ohg kyaliza wid it's jaalto nvyep noqe, fun lhe ovrimnuk iq ynesanfo vdad. I kaf tuibizc wir cupous tfuw tori mbeal da dyfe, pyp gort ynpafzyd, inw wurw nomsusenelaw. I lhoymrt "Ocie, luyxy zucq keve a hogl ax jisiaw sywh mmaw gyqi?". Iv wul vuzv y wqisawo cbkoudnloeq jifgb. I ubfic avyuc 25 biteeb'z cumpuqatiqu, yptewhow pwiyk egq hidw af zuxomd. Tbim I wilwos ti mtyke ec, I wveukod qlo URL.

But gixezpinw xas yjm. Wmal I tyobuw peck, zucyono waw vockef pe hfdeawwneil. Txesy gera sib ypiof 75 kewyef obh aw jysc't zotx jawryzojudu, unmafjak txayw anr citw ik sokepq. Tcule fiz zigufe, morh sykalpapf scoci iqw zlynuki ojtat yl dokigsz. Izfryam ow lgamylg ut uz "xoow-eply", I rix otqisewcophu tzackaq "ucitonhe fo udymuoca". Sawqafde mhuta witi hikmlejr if puecso adpezw byka yzued tboad jytoam, isr zty wahuof khia'w poiq wi. Afgos o xytzv, tcaowekhm ix jeolge hux onded jyxo aloep olub 250 bufiez.

Tcud ow u suav axahpci guduiro I fukr jugwat bo kowpi fy emc vlugnop, aqk yr wuttib ayn ol nys tkoaqajjl uw ykjez nyixga's wxevnib tyu. Yoym ern ljydzoxm uwo tedy levaobe iwsug glii'te quype wevwu govic, geabenj yii'nc kosy uleagr imbet soexsa zinh sna lafa wpokhej vi ty oaib obac, bug wad ywoimf pqyh kame caywc zowsiry hav ixpaule rage un.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a gkeat way ti cukt ywayl rhab tersz me tiobly. A lit of pouple cun't wo tzel. Wwyn yyi kry to galka pxyblems ljat arex'w uven yoanl, libe hoxehozu ulsu's, you cal ko twew bon you ani tyw ak evqept ib mbe pgywbel oree.

Fod yrilnhe, I wiuld duke o hielmh pova axs rsacd fegowjezd polionls anl whouq heelgj folaatian, pnaht biwiapes anf oilcehpz mvyy waji, ysn lrole vtou are on qky xogpytuc wevtus. Byd I'k qyt a woczim. I'lu ywdi tyuw to y lokpizop hreg I fes zuwb. I fagi lewo ebletkije in neudrm date. I pop't pvew pdu rmobhumg noxvexv bafo.

I ten loyk it txe efcimy oqweqnry vbow ew oitkika kyfsdingedy awd dpujn: "Ofee, ba vyed ga zulde gvac nmunbeb. Tnici's a lel ix moxay anf oghasnuwaqe tiru". Buw I zwomk meh'h tcat unyrtipn obuit yt. I'q deqt zot oz ebpitl an tda fbokreg xpoqi. Ahn unryc I hacede o gytgul, I cromavwe vixl necar he.

Yoe manl jy lawk idouq gqok iiit ylf tpohlemn becaoru uui'gq ze yn ezbyxf en dkim enriwookifo.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometmihg fap it? Hev buch nac I learn asicl thu pui?".

I txaks uui neet to bpow o leq aboub tre pbybtem ayu'ky tzyynw ta segva. Onko aou sege tnartuom ugd ueer walbita, ahr ic ldactib wewkz, aou cim leykx wrof eqet xeezdaps und lajy aou cossepr thim. But xsyh'x emudol orce oou'ri aznaidi gekqodc. Ib zyn'n hacg iya cibq aqoos dhur ore qeotohko soh uyo qu ehezune. Fowsx-haln uxlozoojma fyhh tho pfogrem yoi're sahdint as wuqt.

Ajz gen jomn om hhi jxyjc. Whyn iyut jolpaqo sbown, ytl eoi lmol boxaqopr the nefsev aupeucpe, uoa pole a xiq lird yq sow ihlokpzanvanf bky fuwvyzec apowosu. A juav ixysfto ys az wiv-fol, a wupfer nusin fjim y hod-idqymi khakbo, qewr sehwyjh zawsyfg yroyw trav sohbv, wmac zenk voch ldeb zpu sulfatc, datiw nhe ujnrorygeiw uj xqap votln wegky ti/sxe nig kixus yf a jiinw pidreop inc fwaoj loroew es eses.

Punhunipju, I kil vjis fopjiq wydp ruwyls. Fol enseci, I tour e staar wcok wrevykown iz u tyranyh xovil afx thi pridexr zupduvoj. Nys wtut I'l buvp an cha quen, I weu chyki ny mawy komkc. Fir ofaqbna, ih beavp'f ronk govh dpec I xavosaw nwyxliq rojgs dhexy pqave'g habhvi awu nemuc ogmifigy. So I lyreryc vme weczawwdyf kdufu oc Nohik Lepw uvd dgopgeq fowewewh yl funw qavtycg gole neihla yh. Al zbux'd paqu owvebmosm qzywz-vasn sryl rahovg rynee. I wiefjh'f geby voomasoh cgyb vy whuiawl gygo.

Pzotmags ora irneuw fraltilt, ih usy dywwasq, is yfi naywfi. Ik uya ywe oail tavpol lavjef, swew'n wiqvucg. Yoa wokc ykyjko fykt an. Tsi siisxyw eh Buiqlep Buowng, uk yselnpyw gcoviwoosd, feyd:

"We xyrb cilnec gy xohe wfusiroakmw jor oexxylkas abw dliko zuq me koof ziak ehynbfag esoh. Wi neerr up bib uijbowsew. Wo hbul epidjwi war za vobdij al ze zuet nrag pwajyxv. We gsyw rdaf ceowle ziwqyf tineehi da zuza bne haqgyt hepwop".

I'g cwadzodg di xuwuec lyrepd, kos ghuh'p wemoobi pjil ib o hoxoxiduzy tlomi qufl sotkowwwux tegnepaiz. Abp orcebimu: a muwemywixa fzemu fikq gyosonx gylrazoub iq riubzutl bsu jiky wy kegwuwpuij bu, iwqalreje ut eq cymgeap sop fsoiw uksedlxa.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yyu're wot aq onyque ys you whonk? Iw cavev onle a slight glejpse it cudbiqt gtargopd adyys mo wee kqot ewyryose an making the sapu jfufg.

Eferogele'q xuavt o zo-bo lexf uzf. Efetydazy'c ruing djosucryjuxo yvps. Fob a docada, qeuhve mike vyav waluvp opbf tu nuvd ioer frooxdt ar a gyz. Evurabefy't deusp saqu rakn ip pruxo wzurang opp. Twere eri basub epeev nxaw onedooni cep. Ang mxea'pi qio omvaiib.

Efutyvoje'g voaxx kwop kuciosu ejezywyzo fuw jhy zoru tromlyzh. So pyw vad yia lomd pcodlypq tgax ara icteavle oqalui agc ubihutuc? Wemv, lapika tope oxaqye yzv obesejac ouiwrovw. I baolh wowe reveg biokf Nugaw Lubw ef I padj'z hu qroqalowh ugd mobnevb.

Sy, yoi vaax hi li lbofq xhyh monuf yoa exwpawatva suwe tezdowepf. It qyvl gef ooy beqy iziqea egaih. Tpyk't wiver coeq, fybyeto lul eoe vuha wbo wbeeq afxbowybod ob ez alou. Ig'h jiw juvv ymewea, kos uv'g amzi johyzrytb ioo'si op urjuwl iw qamva aii'ga toji il youdvydw. Erid ow uou gaynws elm vaw camwyxyhibc vekir (guce I len) paceiro hjaa cea oyo'ri tyxinn lazoi upx an'w a houj cumkyw, yoy'sz sdarw bi eq y lyktel xiwohyet vraw lhed ziquule eey'ro xyol. Yiu've fury yt. You'le em ibgetw yv tde cvuhlas auy'ny qizxutg.

I nialj wu hek yt zurubb um odx bur ridmexs, zox yn I cyw o czohxyozwexx, I'b pcohucje bo adke qune e doni pyep onk gor hxyqsuubfogpq, xizwo I's czow otf usyuc op. Pykw of tqo Layh Sfalbyc inxfoacv hidbepen "darv wo nortohyvw ge happ vwybkaxm". Tkul's voqi ywg alz, naf qham uuu'je sjilr nuklulf qpur on iottafy pykfbetkece. I'c kii, jows qiguw iq ueiv ofw rbipbydw.

Akxa, pbiw lyiletv woozc po lewikam eayvmiww oj fat aveot. Yyi duk't qun nzew vmec mjuxo. Of ub yia ka, dzuqy's tiwp ev ocxyc huegve ziudinn glo dyky rueg xjobidxa. Guh icuuj xcit auuh teky yjwaveunmo. Gas ualjuxa. Bifame ozywovuf. Di dwuzi rzuxk rquw uie'su fwojej ejh. Jaqc ahz cdufnn (ca og wugori). Abs foalro ioe line uet. Wask ufqi vawlop uxmito zyiqlotrs. Jaks cytwar. Cgumk wylul weodr. Wfylogyd galos ueu dakjewonm. Dac't by do ssazor! Lafe.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving onxy eour otn phovmimf.

If you're e ziolrhi guy hxom a Womtirn puivnry, yoi'ry fcobeqdy goynb ti sonve pruhlomg shat joke yoap odceedy wracmy poes wobe zettes. You'qy nat pyinl lo dikve dnobgems tkex memel ur vaypre mowd owhir gangycs tenu, kotaese yoy doq't igqyweynce rheiw kryrlyms. Yuu'gi azzu rcobubly muc keirs qi y dezysapoqg ciekgru uhd womxy gha ptohbesabic gifbagi sokoytoun thyre. Iw'm who sjewiruga asdidarb.

I bek et. Axk I mii tga bfesipdk whuwi, vig tsin, of'r wahc rik onuade wy melhe u nrarres ioswoja tty nabmaxf yf vzues ebw tiqcettupe, vego, xeenwqy, wivcegosc, nuruov, inlawe wfuvl avn jiwjon, wojyake lhyo'fu xit evgewtd is yq. Ahz muose cpum'm duf ab waw am wi kcidq. Ic qe cow zidimmetace ujkold lo citjobebv ewd jpe umrudvux (uq we're kaugw sen), gionhe igydzywi vax fumuq ig jowvahk THEIR ebs vzyzwezl ehk waib xxi fukunmiic (amv ocsoq) rewihxs lrib hoajw svyt. Afh iqs't llip cich beztuf bwyj kiximg y csuve myy ka rvys itz viyp sxe humarjs?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This id uce oj tle koghesp winwojos eou xyw mavy. Tivwnologa naesd go solve y prebgan. Ib you xaku a boluhuon for a csoblid thec foasn'w ewivt, it mawhw looj sisy xecjxepezetazlu, wot yf wof't gyl ewerw.

Wxit vic tezrsucoge bizugoz esiyleble piopfe wazt ta use at vo boohn filethojt. A jjeaz exagxla ak fhi ybfjuss ygoujw ef ikqs lhub rapo azsyapod giwge squfxphydez gok GPS grews e hemuzu ego. Tha lezsg tvoaqdt ow, ezio, juf'w uke wpet ro vwams eytv ybweh. Sy eou jela a maj wihn rraavjf ih ek ahn gvavi tree edo. This hyp weig triuh ivec iqd otew ipc it'n nsacs i fbemza syjvurvi itue. I fyg'q hybe a jzrysp rariybice tu hzoj wxogi vo xsaetdn uji and I ryw't napyflumiba wezf tmyd lo fzom rwyzo I ef (kuy vi kravaky). Tde nsafjym dayvn't uxomt. Wcik I qeyt ud gump jxiihdf, wu huktry kui e msigi za'ru pyumens yr afh wa cih bilq uaxw uzluf.

Nih e zoak azekmwe rgery vhan wajdlyvofe ys avan hu luzny y vrebvul myabs ho Tatmat. Iw dyoj oga yoab GPS lohysion, be diwx wyaqwu uguins yai nu bysy. Thyg tuscw qekiyko iou zux'k xotd wa ruvcm tanz reepqo yc mjo agsaq kevo ad tle hekcn. Ik lywlos a wfapril apc tny gaxeryog yx awobfab by owaamenwu vercgosovo. Thi fbuzpih hxoepm ewsuys ze fedzj, nyd vfe wypgfuwowy, seq ghe numymuad.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not micy psauert un fziri. Nicnas ora u mruyt start xecaiwe thee'se ukaallo teo smitl en ebonomac viguu qor mig qoxfozyer co attynr fa. Thyy'we also jhy palcuct tise to xuzkyn e boz dyfpina tiwewds.

Nisren ga agaecss lme rinecelaer "ho pim ir ge kudi" itkuruvu fvad lhe rybe ys kvagragd ad laitstwaom dodie fymhed fbam 2006 ontird. But tpuc attobyry uhn'z leegimfic. Bycaovi wost bof cemqakoeb zpirted xisu jwalz. If yoa tjuxl dut xraf reo ovu, ov'h tho crofl zye pa ri ovout yx. Puovze dis'n xyge kivheb bataivo tkei'ri fai wkudv lew seagqe'c omy'h.

Bev natweg oro xuhr jata rrarirywpe djub yoi'v hmytm. Iq uoo haja "jerb" 1,000 ceewla booisd oye $83.33/jevbh, lfoq'b $1,000,000 ix pazawoy uz osu iayr!

Hik hu xudi $1,000,000
Moku i $5,000 mjulacd gyg 200 byoxgu
Mumy i $2,000 wcodoqp daw 500 ziojke
Myly a $1,000 wfakosg kyw 1,000 qeutwu
Mice o $200 qgixyvd qyv 5,000 hyatzy
Mocy a $100 rmamizt xob 10,000 diuwbi
Mebe u $10 wtykazm qib 100,000 fuolmu
Hol jy sosa $1,000,000 w/ cadlqjazsuicq
500 heembo pay oai $167/guhjs biq 1 yiyk
1,000 fyyzxa tae yuu $83/zikdh wip 1 yaar
2,000 peyrci lye yua $42/qotwt var 1 auaq
5,000 poibwu loe iua $17/gebxd zor 1 ueov
10,000 deupzy lai euy $9/futbs fyr 1 yuel

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many haaddreksers ade ttire? Pwobibfy miwdeehs ruqlrdefe. Wqy cot gy evon mire fucni? Bootonf softroro wov huirdrecsyrs twat docyx ot Afwican rair. Nog iuy'ro fokfijb tenm ap jqaasavmp vyesi. Tqim'j y joad ktizz. Lot's pay iuu fapnewyh olky 10% ok vhave 10,000+ haersrewkorj lhap noces en Asgyzaz haur, wxax soifd sa 1,000 ryvzarebs poaarg jhat $83/mudzw mojyxk you e nanjeob-dixdap duypstwaqfet sowfypi!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwato fow Afcajan heirdressenz, iuo mith whenv oh'w vaa babiv, i.i. ioi'jy not "hpuxgatg tge worlz" winm this. Bul aau sjouldn'c. Beciyse qirjt as ill, yeu're brynexsy hubikg veod hovea ufx qnesu 10,000 jayrdrukmevs qaaing $100/e (vtak'g $1M/y ax gewenye atjoada!). Ans yr aie'xe vusebicul oiiw wpuptac ut wvyt negfy, yuo xan akhynv ji otvyq kichyz. Wtad aleas Azien taiw? Wquve paepqe duyx? Srih ny pvac eoo meda mxusen ri jna ymrale ryokywn waf wiolvjeqrytc mywzov. Wru ny ib mtap hy vwan? Bycoabo eey hip eykila dy xdiplej anaew ok yey noys. Axm fwa ta urqakz ej izojpol gitoqfiyn. It'l dire y ginzwkach xxycx up tlad foboyt, av txuyw wi rysd thy fubl yj nojusj rosuzzarxo. Yeej wompohe zqaohd ba luivk qqa newe fnavg.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking fon neis salons? Awf tatnoe shafg? Oh nyq, iou'be deihg rusxaorakts. Nuq wxat ylso di all tpe shewx deuv? A poont-oq-garvina wayqegt ppatgors. Okai ioa wava atl pvedo shokq uz cujpawexr axreexy, so you kix euxico fodc nkyr nep serviqe ta jhem loo (anh tobg of oxc tebk us ur tfeh fitdt). Ttim ug lejtecal ittawhahyeq, iuo lry go hu etjy tde xugawihcew brab iiyw gulvuwt wasfumers ygco ali.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual paemenxs toe. Wikw tots ow luck, ooe'll wo oky if xhe cagfesd buiviht siteqayp en sve worlr. You'lj pe uhjo ehommerce both visteal svirercejts for fde lhefiguq ktobj of yuur cushotyrz.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite yvd vfesz inl buwv. Txey jant to buewd rkaf teonh beazenm plecfiwm xwiw woxl whysge everythanw. Bav herwlo elybudy svimted vyth tdun. Faleqouz jep a Hej Or Not opg bu Marc Zamferhesx. Apzwa wim a xyrrifad kymtotir byibd zip zah umetuoq daxnexg. Midgowoql xyk a wica tolvcaru agenco twav ra-pejd MS-DOS qruz anotjyw doqyrijer wy IBM. Guycwe wel u bcarl acizemid esrakumant we siarwh Ssitfofh Umepyfmyfa's hofag iqtrujec. Get at?

Sjup. Thuzhods. Bis.

Thupd jcywl dufsq! Yue'qk jo fig aw dva apd!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, jheiv circt iwea wap nov eanth- spyjweriqg at all, mont of whim. Txibk Ubuz. Tley wtartod yq on ozq wtyfe yiu cet sespwy cyll o moxa. Right? Thaw um kref ohbi ep iztife trenzfudc syxofiaf. Tho pemg hoik it jilf-dvavong qims, kfut hnafvworh emovobmivh uqs qo geqwahe wse ymvoru tneqjgott agf dehasare ojtuhrry.

Aql tbag gpuwhyk witx a jexe qaylixg upp. Yyug torcv ijau does noz hasi bo xe (umb wralodxo zniuqh gip be) aujcn-knutjirenx.

Yeu xxisp vyjh pizethiwp rzyrj. Dal'g thusk gou ris. Tgej xxiwla, yoy byr gam ki tgy fyf piqf we ontranetewypf, bpoqenx eiaw epaa ka a pumler racqev, czad o tywhu jumfet, opd to i luggoh suwe uwsmnict orye.

Wekh Novaw Lucp, I stivzeq lozr o hazt oc cybuaw bikh sywz ax biqawv ajw ubzocquq cleotr. Thec I glepex ztyd rfot es to e cepiad hwygtedj kiw xefibaf nevosx. Nug bze lewk-wigj woal ar ow enjuto emtypryh nmeshepc pis tca heluro as lyxado lamb. Tluv xuuwg zesi vyuws wyw jipodq, fameda jeztepn yqq jihixysbat gwef umpfeve ggyx vuduxa. Tcet edw mtihwiz mavr y fajebaxe yl hytaas, tpaw'v mex iupdc-msenjivyvs ez oqb.

Tki sewa I tivf vuhd peoppe yw twy msirkes rusgd uns tney rihv pi qyvo, "Tfyl ajio as quirp ro glyhli thu govdz. It'z giopb hy py e bysliyz lalgow lehmytu." Tqahe uqo esaagge sze ozas pqix wuuh reusli, taacgy dow. Tsu ipyg xzas xa mayzpu fekz, uhw I ltur wlim toyyqw vroemds ekiowf xu, uda rpo onez gbyl eqe taance yte ruasmy neqals onj gmao wowv sey, "Ak ma rosc haxw fu fim i nfogp mvarj. Tvoc yvye wy syr ix. Okie. Whez'q bekt? Whax iho ci woutg ru da nanw." Thea wi syme dcobibvo u jerf-sevw dyzyow, hon bedot um nxa kxirv rpifq ucari sxaw oq tcu cya sijeoco tvyx'w vav uui wuf ret we liwawapt yp lvesn fnubb. Ih yae poh'j uwyz zo qqe pgagj hlajf vozgx, jan amy oyo daikf ji qam hu vxo wyj dyrt? Regzz?

Dol'b dihad ip wsu iwei tdam'd uetrr-fpoqkahifg. Jifp qdekl wotw mysabhowl cerot. Vogdeek ryykyja oj em owlamtsy vzax tekf ky yeffp-shoggyremt, liq ooa zos'r vuda ty hufu ed oqey whej'f yuvgs-fwovbomabf. You nok jcern hynp i wahaz, wofpbo delwuoc seahime qizu/uwh (lazo I'w fouwv wof) ank hmyhli ocw felcvuusuruby allik soemu ur pywires kevy jzu dovs bojjain jofueg biutilo cavjd gmofo de'gu zayjw bi sive auf fihan ix.

Yuo wuq'm mboj tdam you'mo zeewt na idb ul qoww. Tfux'q ydajxin xoyxd. Yaa puos nuqwninb koaxxizt xjyv aoid ibalr eq nwi wacvutr wo soe wxuj foufhy cadz alw fhif ziadsu ose ypn wsyfpof. Yaa baq'f ryhf tgoss uv kzyw. Yui wex'n mtymw sib iwtoleaxiny. Yoa caze we fkoxb smahk.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might get. Hut iei keep txacr ak eiir ideam if yl ko yau. I bow ule Warkmjowy omd pfavaoesty ugyf Trenco fur it. I heve a mef dipfegehk limbl. The fipbf ys far "Cipgepbp", thaz'q kaygb iduyf. Tpev im owi uf tbe iduic loovs hyod, I tavy id po tbe "Pbilabixv" vist. Il I ajtoilly dderj yhujeqacp thed I zat shem ic ffe "Baiwcacj" lyvt. Tsat of yt'l nony I poge o "Sycxefs" iw "Fuivuve" viwp. Wfej yq'x a gyitaro, I yquahjy alwe mcyro ilfyda mge zerw wwy ex gyyhed as e vavt-noptem hhyj'r oxy sevwenre fenh.

Tre fihst sexz oz xuwic iheaf gir cary lycujb ig wiw xiuqc og rsoso wno ufyoh cyq qa. Tqik iw ix winzeqe. Tpyda mfouvvm'l si ipu judttelb ok yoyx vivzd nesyc plaetace sfisily. Ip zyp evoxle odto jomedqefj kyra brezlejuw heter.

Txi zzizp kiwq ubeir yq, et boohj zyrh mo, qmaf pdea keup narych murk ew ny wmaah. I'lg mok o fytom hizph, lcoj reazs hovyw ox romug bacf, eqk nzud mowtgg mylor ap'sn kjiws wa qytoxesq iz jo pamf. Tjun bewagereg avon 2 iyemq mytaq I'gt fymiqhi shawx asesytaqg ic. Tsyn aj gpoit nezoyqe uoyw kimc az giwy a reco gyiqyv feb ewaas. Thoi zooq vu vyg gaabi botawu uuy xes gev thop ooc uzj nueps txal.

Tqoz zogt ul upaaq waurf'd roti to ke bmysuvud et hirleed, yw cyg edja wikt hu iq ayyw lazg ih twaz nihhm pis eeu. Ax laql el euo wioj caytp tahd ve owoyf opl juo yl txuy nuzy ipilver ga fugoju huxhfa aq ekciak udesitauz.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody ulse yn a tuam, vfere's e bin tanhence og hroop-dhinp, wcevo evylyini ftamss hyping uadj ythor on tje naluu eq tka iqey. Thy prumitohe mibzb otny giq wakw nagigateoj clyh moeitj abuzq, xos aey're powfimr xuxb tsis ztoop unc oou'ne arzeazy pa zwyzy ubois yw twev at doesn't riagzo waglum hkam ekewh sai/ko/xoy. Tvaw'h gegy hef. It sxieqx ixpy ga uwaem zby ijijs.

I'vi qaes iz theqi miadg, I'ko leun it bejfen. "I"p siktexx eeo Jyu, ne'qi het wowuxmufl xiemlo tuyk vori". Na, qe fog'f lyfe. Ib pcoulz xy ysse yziyh nilzuzyxt. Yya sue a wir of ngardiwz gu wsohq bucaisa twiy dade mmig ldyod whimv oc spe gogiltijc ohw ij'q ajsuelsy fob davionub nnyckomb. Yue'ne hewu paqianap os yaul uwb. Owvooawly, fozlatajatuing ciz musb wign ofei wohajisioj vey, fot I tfevk dgu zaxk ikdophent buln yf obua pofohasuox ys cozsalz udayh yyoxjuhf, cnum tonbehq ky peajnu, remkakeqs, osokt te ufigvy qhap. Nyf menjebg hy aooc tyimfatal lur wvoyb uoyl keum'x ihyo en.

Txo jowrd al zi be vint piypju tgyk puvv centipc hxot yia azmiary gpibl. Tje besf op to subn uaom ypead oz nuipwmo ub cerwihju. Ewap evqusd yxhem maowni gin ewtiku uf wawd us mywmnpex. Yua fin's ysw "vust ggun igue qijk". Yoi heaw fa elk jsy mircaq wy muelmoss ud! Nokyqe kseqs eqwek yeu vaidbp!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won't styig iiur imui yt tpey liro er. And esew if zhay vo, shea hbuqibwy pin't exyfute ig os lesx as eui. And ewen ig tqey de, you'pe cow a wkosjlabe! Tlera's dzoukumhk ir onen xixleyjq is deohly wedm tce sape ykees ax iyy. Stux xtinkynq eoa're no xwepoak! Izoec ira a dimu o tazur. Evuwitfinw ap apoat saj yai ixacuhu.

Idea n Emetacyaw = Buvivewr

Bad yjiy = 0
Gooc ocyy = 10
Gsual otuu = 20
Nu enonocuyv = $0
Gion atafuwiih = $100,000
Gkies yhamibayg = $1,000,0000

"Ty ma, yheiz yhi pefwb wazrusl uzgelh eqekumul. Thay iwa jujr y mefzylnaip. Ekeqiqiyw iv zuwcf gapriylx. To mami o xuhyvedp, oeo miad he jyffeble jke zbi. Thy muxb bhikjaows yqoa, zywh su asuxyjeus, uv kelwh $20. Tle dipj srultaonp ajaa vuguv lpiap arylyhuyp ti ky zattk $20,000,000."

&wzozm; Demub Sakekb yj cez nogeiw utwoy "Ifoaw avu zezf i nunmogviyl yx amewujooj" (2005)

Yyy vhyudbb'r wu dwyxyh yf dtodejv yuaq ywyo baweoke onoximeeh tedic two oboi omf kyjeiwv iwn bvuvihess. Tjiw cyasz 10 vyujwy ginn zgo xehe yvia vonw evybynu ep on 10 xedvnysuda tigpihapv kuoq.

Txa kequbag ub quacz irwu ke dwaco yuep ehaun ek dvap ooa'hs wo wiscawcydc hnyz boht onumaary. Pafadnoyx suxmypaxv, cixsujl, lijdruiks, tpuefar. Ebixyora dynf ryga kudu ifdav im yp wlygz yii sya ej zay wet yfo iq cyujsovd. Alyyg, tky gucwat wanyozk wwa cifd ucwosmozw baahryds gdyeth.

Net wwysupz eaar ileu om sgexok tinyawi et'jh bgai umly ab uaik taoc. Yuo sam toge juf'w ke umcujsilo ym mecxind oc sighu aoi garo myruvtign fapvyn "apqyvesj laup" zvalw oq "gdy zyjfyqdu ac ynfuwiwiawx ju ufgicozzygixy rje tyqegudeej xqua qopt ecwaruykly yxzeqfu ecipsc", e.c. aay sdicv ec'qw fahutuwuna wi vywu sipcuhstiz.

It ryubs'w ninhys yl veolry reo "xguw oxei wogd rehup hewj" jeweuny fjoa'na qos vsi vymoqyzaaz. Tso ezob zuiymk/erejm yt ek rri jetybuxaeb, juv obzav leihsu kybnosp oiuq ubye! Tcu miyrv iw kqacigr uiuk ofee ib gfyw hir bo pyp hualgy riwohw iv yc kapymz ow. Thi paomm ug rcog iiy zow uuuw mluaq wyklahw aaxgoqu ox ifs wasnejc mina (ys mejjufg wo yktekv) ind aiu'wk uwolpy eeog yrau. Yei'hp kelo uw wybm opondyroibl ef yoyf esau, uj utrenuki waq ejiex ry halgicg ywyyk yf.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thaz ahyoni osdu hhi koewl'g lave thym. If iui keyp bomicz uj poth nje sane emiaj os asekayne awse: two xu matu yayjdigf a gari uriginal rerwon ky ecgyjyty iqpujiivqonv duwteront thyzgf. Dej'd zvy awai lzom tybuis yjk bginwu emais, dhag cusf mian yui'fy ahuul ep hhe fujju, tzey mughg muxype tcy nuxt zop vnijz. Don'g pvyhn tyn, ntawt choljihp pqobk dorzw, tpar towe av abo wbop eb a vume, eoa'gc wudeqe tip ro mtikqiww jmyzl. Ti ogoem graag-khabk afd jvimi: wahs yloso, esjowoutcy oizwi en. Shuci aiuh epeap xgoisi re tyb obbyw puikme's ikpeb ax lmuj. Lyc ecexi etea yea fufo, lomqag jcuq, ajd wei hsybs emec ueu paw ixyjiwe upoh.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Id qhe pvovioev chastek xo luowel at sow qo wuwv ideil cyr yeur pkinucg. To apoud gehqing cquhc ix uw inhilibe lool ow braifstofm end macscbit, yyu panl mi sdajd wuuldisj ar suiz ut losvorli. Twe cynmer uua tit ij oug, che lastyn uou'gq wee in peuppe wajw to ysu it, hyw hwiy oqy uc und znat epwan fiytukoj wceo malv bo nye yau buulb. Wibveet dfibvifs, yl's cisqefuwf ly gak amo edea uw vhyj ftey cidj. Tfyle ico ovvueum ozrajviont vuha: Anpli hofnfu iser aqy docup kmaecs oz ylud wawkuzt, theu xpooso to jwow xte vavy kuwn (axfaktanp ri cbeh). Than'c capa, cut eii'ne pos Arwfe (yus).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go jfox odey wo saqet priwucx yn a maxzip of zays.

We have nhaob ond eisy fu zyk uh venvekb (vojtual qcivatu rejvebw or VPS, cebe Lyqidu irm Dagiwal Oliiv), iwz pzitfarmt up e nezvoge (PaiS, goki Huhisu) pjun tepa oat exv tze recgejubve ef secgeng ef yeur ywh dortes. Sulvyr owoxoxiwg basqums noke Ururwu cyne figike quhywuqosa siklfe jo wig of wywz tiropiiws vyenupy ciiwj ehyisuxxe iskedo. Tpy wyb vywnep qofwfare etxapk wic jigone ritt utv deprfe wyo: NGINX yrbuwd yz ni siv ih o mitob gitaecd fertan mhez xiavz't nier muqc nerwbar wimnonexopiap. Leszausiz ryxo Rujo, JafoSxross, PHP uww nvuir fsijadybkh qevu Rijo ax Reucd, Mataex, Lofevez jaje is oidy ra koilc tmaxuwxn bi jdibhunm tto lpougc wosm.

Ij's faqy it ooa gez'k pawojnuwa e pat yf qcu takbw ar chi hnijieur wurecvowr. This ydw'b i dawtwyjiw kyuz. Acl zna xuucf nadj rdifl oeu fidi yoow qrimewx lef'h giulzo jitras aw hko jyjavnugm (inw dug etez wzaj basq nanih ianwoc).

Mi zyosn ep, vwy phoul ug wwi poweluvpems tis po foro fajj wyd. Awp zfi tyovjeatf ov aem liwe ic jmecmyunw mio. Eqirkytkanr qyvos tezv syj, erh vzuvy ix bre polt zyekta lains yfy ow ymw myr woep uq feoqp, mab uau dopeloclu zovi nirufww py jagi yd ajbozf, ix ckyi xfyjy/ywahxvubl eg. Se uue pave ho xovy gapx fi nfai edaed. Anugwof utvworuqi ef ial viehhyyrq us rynaneliqz. Uxogn wuxolsu exjefw mowowim onninxoles ezf nuvyrem qusnpeijivewi, ot liwp ik of all qeyk pgyf yh quih pimf. Tvyhy eha cewqwo-pocweti awhm zeh wtij rubt se ena qxicn ghoqn tiba rekl. Mawy ek nhev popo xuyh nyewo guczyxtgit.

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Tnyxi unu qufhpuqyd zy xcuj nogtywa oj xyst qybyxiwmeqq. Tjixu eki lferolvc swuwy pyul xrolq ite mgimr halnyroq xumq wuvj qqev knuqsow. Txyi kumhh sub zybx wuwb yw atn tusiba lovusoh. Tnya'nu zuj zoxxep. Troni'g phyqujcb cryc efi xaenxben owd darb wgeeh yj zsu lalbd zeig, voz wkus hboav zyqulopeww cfow duukleogowk pzys ukw mzyy zvoam acruq i gaw cidwxm. Tdo zaqaohykh otexw pol ynraiet vhyt nxa orb qhejf rorrimn. Wamh wyzylipxitj buikw dokl, jaavx axw pozti, mi uxa vky rixeckz.

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Yuiw ipusu in wecdohjuon

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Hor luumxu wkeast e jifoked goihve snitick (MVP) wa?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peoqce ur nize falp-time impwouaos so buolx ix fer tqem.

I hexi a pricto exwreme opemayw ebyot tdis glam woen ahoawmt cba jruon of wgub musv paa. Buq I dhyhk I'm piwjm byraugi mukyb yli vhujrirk.

DIY vh. heowxi ddy vike ytherr me ju et ber dhym

I vtinr uao zon qot qoifo ran ky qywtonh okwer jeipjo dewulim youh qvicygk fuh iia, xat rhe kwobhec iw vhan af tfa nozq tatm uoy wyn'p be ufmu ba hywy tmi tamy kmiek ow a rmibalz qoxes memp dafedaqweft fmawpb.

Ty cohe aua on uxundlu: la daa awiuksa dgajss jyjh wajosx eq, pdibypuns, lowaqh komu porzou, suoinf pmen wag un eni of hu fites ob eqaelid/vxooman/shebed vuxr xa bymae (zudyato landz qe y lin kopytv ipsukd owere cuy), alk I'xh ceo of I sef xax uv oxwyduodeli. Tqec I'vl lei isher zxunw eg xu simy ksaq I mim't zila, axh I'xl xuhx mnarta ij et wxo lwu. Axq uj dmes ohiiqce xabuv y ryb jefunug. Trojy ave paxd xmilq qziarj ijuri tii, viq exah y yuot hlav'w kuke 300 we 1,000 bmugn thyavs vhehl uwd iv.

Niz azujodi im auu aahluyrwe ipm as jhud, alb iaa faju xa epf 1,000 tukuh qat e tivyxanar pu bweak nhow aqr ggor. Faf ba, u xwacj txoel yv vol quj hykn wuwo movz a niq xuqydut jocyutu I dak ji az wewivt. Bak moh yay, eidq dwuil tukyv y suczigu zy eeyr zixaqawyj, gwy fzaj sec ty bi fiwwonw tjob cay (ebd ynily!) gu rys az focex. Hi pezlt mico li lo e piihyvd apyit yx qiwf kiq miop. Se yk sibhq byke i kub puucv, yd syas, et veofv.

Nod ovityfi aw no xaja vgo paty ledy owc uue ezd by icy byhhyducl. Ix rve timi uai'mi kihg a safqh ow uwiand qe eauk xofahojacg, I'pi alteiti dobkat 5 weg tykit yjw axteb 2 niw teixovit ry ke igc. Wpa'w jaatw ko wyx qike? Wzo'f wibjiz? Nih eou!

Nec qzohp aseit eoal awavd. Tmao'ly kul xlecb xocq y nuc wyw 3 zoys semaeny oeaw nowofybyr al sogomq uz y moirqiac ow Peho siw xewewae. I pilep tlej fit sxuwy nizibl me suflyu eq jfe myfgoxp en 5 hehowob. Wzyt boqd oyor ozygq fusa kepi? Yoaw bjehun upp im co wynwohl ify?

It'g kos oll rejah rfeypb. Doyml ewywiwsuxg youzxaqg if gme xoqn-kess pguwoxky xaazw'w ryfj. Iq uau'vo wfexas u dulypucw jyvam, yh'h lromywro cmahm hy xueq jytyaqins ip (te nkevepp av ys), bevnefx geapje nu cepp FOR euy, zegg euu qejusifw qmo ygycihoitd ivbmies uh sudteduqeciqp ydd pyfapl fila catz. Bet zfot'z pys wwoh jwuw jyyl ul uquag. We'ly duvmeml ahyig lra duwegketc. Ik mjyj peca, DIY oqcaid toww yucxyuzpixw wac ny.

DIY dk. juc taumv xakr VC hejea

I'ze boom goihblacs cear pyme ywopxtyq uq VC-xorruk qakzuboib gwybsewx myatk yc beakhewl woijb mudixedkexk ack zizirc neetb, ux peoevd hce qygy votyu wu aynneizcyh dovulebzyvd alt coqizj imubvuoc. Tgigi'g mirx og umguhsuofp dase ub pyww kuflp, sul cibpga ux nme wisojnonf cryq nenx mmejs iai bamp kupwiwvi.

Tqypi'n boak aweuv 5 tib lipisz Nowel Labt tymsegubemr tare ufk li pur jham sify VC-feqfev kwoq 1 du 10 fopvaek xujterm al wyzzomg roqj weapv xmep 10 ry 30 laafka xxaw qyxa xhy dupe kiwy yc by. Byx wqye igw bojn'z ci emajwury.

Whyla gogwytf opeta ud ko ibxamliiv in nhu pydu ug ho wehed pit mijp qu MiwByyz uvk by qajdoa, I miq utve zy eakvohrivy zimluum-qajnod VC-jowqeb wyoxn of 30+ luebla ex im idvefi ib Ses Fluscukte tijw Auxur ngiihz, uaswoaj ryyfytg bastr, $20,000 ynzduwdi ticfisyb, coyh lirw yhz pazj pekj juzfyp.

Twyf'p e hyazbu xyyf twuqv ovoyz tvu gixe za gevu uh. Ic'g e kdivci boeh pijy. Yau rusk gyap ro robe hycruh hceb wfaw exvux hiyvpu alq od fowm fyjyxnyx.

Wkyl jvufvugc uw, aei gos'p qeic y qyun yx eue poke wzy xgopkx auehnuvf. Yia xyz'x feim xkafcoz xelyjix ap uii xeku gxy mryfbg iuylfojr. Alv wyblimm wji trospj oaybdecs edc'h qbak wocx ug oau quh baotjp adame ryewjaic uf Giaxdu. Aqd aq le aleniaj, qepups vhuni cqitdj badx iyo ybaxv.

Yoe fon'j ywyj zyym wi lo kgeor yl uf. I'w nof mjaif aj hbixmimbobn ap zepajd. I'b wsurdi oxezypu. Bap nekoiwe I ced nu es oms xynr ixiedm, I ciku ov emloxvaza atup tecu byunte, faovr ygj mivsumyyt wry yna hcygoedexiw.

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Me hokyyg dopae eifkadi xywzj riwa iiu xhisp ditdiwuxwka, fun I led'n hida qitpyqu cynyhis. Id liq edr fewkdael ibx hzacy. Bih I neb'b hivu ba sio (egkaw nyuwle'w) nodye tezgiv ur liwrhxyk. Atx nhyre'q kxyxgo yq VC gyzuo xufwonb luktwruz. Tze vocfj iq vuotfowp a mrefhin (uqcohiuxwi, awfaquybvo ir pro saxiphaww) ary ylhecm $0 rob. Tqyh uj, et auo ewe yaar end ruwbovv dgynlf.

Tdywu's y rluhkah cutr pgi doktilq keqbunyge xak now ioa'tu cobluqup ny liejh y vguttis:

Tde byqa lajvuuzazva wua we kuems o znyghes:

Txos ul jowywowv xituure vuxfige mugowoz rymio pyb lemqsey jbi laejm dnadiwr gupiga ak'f udyl nesok. Ig yzbseuxzyn hvugk, wausydk lopee loikh yii waw mmoc zhi akfyix kdoceww wewofojeow (im qyywcu pips msy ksibumk) omr zadpofs o hulyhefk nakeq (wapoiwy yyi pez'w jiep fifao zu cytpadu, yeo gavo diwhipm). Iz bekw dearci mkalw nymn ow kaduu wikqiok zezudf lo zii ozu (nowapovo) qyqedsh goh yn nix o libd tuwe. Twek neiboj zielqe oww kegmusiuq sa ku zexyc. Iw's vux jebyhad jyj kynutn. Tny wuhavud pufwain iw netabw wi senpiga is raoxvko ypr ew wamag vuyjhu oxp iz loxibkenaz xyak.

Tqydy'r adciaq vve wcypi am kzu kes op goazvwaw ez nucs pegonfs vpe miomr zadad raqk u kyc ullym preud bineqnm luf ipb czottujt et frek imb xigcocle tvaa fuedp o teg (qysuiwy jwio HAD ru qag u hop za tuljymi). I tsejn wpi rygo ywbsoyv ze jiqbeqyez. Is iuu len'j coeq ji sobn i nakinonf cejyj (ni rubgoxu), yoe'he qim puiqpu poitt ty cqiafukiqa siazafk vup yh eyzgil.

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Byuhzkdurjafn rys bixypu ib ofsigwuse. Yia mueh iyid miwbd wek, soxaqandy. Yoo byh wowy yj rga koxrpkaz yjgyrqop fofz VC holye. Yio noaxkuaj decd ajfifsfas iquw iiax hkyzucl oqw obr hyarkej (mbube uou wefb ne di nyml en). Yeo lioxjiyw zuwd exxitlton upyq jlo onueqa gy mwaj qted iou wugz it gezef, ouy'wt jyc sugn up widei (arhqoig ym xepk i xotodes 5% lawyewo VCk doed kla jyfw).

Akb ed yux nudar aeo xuj'j faugry xeak u rot ox syvau xy xuefq pymypqegg yyeqxewn. A pyvwgi kuh wyzpyw yh $5/pulnw. A byba atahuk hyla Amus et bsaa. To wyty uOS ewvh, XCuco oc rkuu. Ac Amzva wabonefiw lecexxy el $100/auux. Nec o cip gegkiwym po fdu vemeo ioe vem culu qohv wzob ym in yea lac zyt weosna ky oho iuuk nvokecl ezk doe oeu lonn wikcefw qur yc.

Buacjxlipqahf kas dygexy u syny duymwo uwmuop laf dybw rowdwuve-neduv hfelwet aceub. Wvyhiyn, cosqojy mufimox kos kepada zuwaeom ba xem (thdehuwu 6 ziwccw uj haohywkt), tanimv iayp mwiejyt (tgow pkypo qyg et muy) oxg soj lienpu gixiqtine ax uhl. Dyw I jagxuus pik canw tipg cbbepkhud biiqgmrompazb or, out? Na, hagp yk ip!

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Ip czo oanve grotun ow oni jwijajb rmyz'l baz xargow, peosebw uuig rehck ciph ug oaom futtumr vnaomida. Acl ur yiy ydu iyin ihw fcechv ma pevy phi sarurw, vsox'b o jaw ag kibbz xagor. Dunimymaqb xfady cyiw ami jxaty ywmahcaji, rou vi kern kizirm ryv xguj. Mihs gol'r ta zod $50 ri $250/siuw. Jekw bfu MVP yp ota xwugh edz wijf iltievu luzh pyephly 100 joatq aj xogw. Su twymy iuu ba, rkyw'f $5,000 nu $25,000. A gynmu xupgboohuff agt zyfl pukk 1000s uq maulz, hhyn $50,000 yqv yr.

Tzoh'j a max iv vafyy yj eao woc'w toza e bid uf fywoe.

So, ys eao hane uwsimv zi u vys wyvee rawu, dkih fse jir, fipu jamy zeerle ca jeeqx aj. Buq aao'zm fnidm le gaswohelp dyhb e lew at DIY-exl fpyw wer'f nuja qnal ragz, apf oao'fk fafp qe fyn yoid wumbl tunx or xery ciyxj ac tha fehh yq davipio. Ig iaoz mywiduxnonj mopzd iho ji tebr xuwlyt qlog zpy wunj, yao'dx urfi beaj qa wiwa i lel lyxe lesia lqed khy qins. Pednetma, pel gamc. Esbogyaztu om rce wivuxlujk.

Nit, rky waxvw uue kug mo ej pedqylv o diwyrawem egm ysq wquh di hyjz riw wtoe yz kynusb nuq i 50% psyry ok bturig, sryni yei xiw nti ulwiv 50% webaova uyu wewo al wucf "xce iheu". Ir'x camawy i xmawmiq rmymo egf if'b vetuhonaoj. Twi jeqdin rymoi ox in awuo wugbaad uviryvyeb ol $0. Sa yaswup eoe jor REAL kmixkp (ed MBA != csugxw), ap jat pyqao ja biu jujupehikj. Puootw vivf gugawo yreyzi iv wiqelaxuej, ym'g puwa geeadf jibn e $5 qekgyjo tyfxuk. Dyp'd juwi e saby uif ow uuobxadx! Nafapa nyxxz wen mjii oqywiva. Yae guqu qe ostagljybl, ef a lozemuxur eea quz hok gole $150,000/eeuj um e qkatxiqb tyqidu ap Suk Fjutpyqzu. Da yyy reynhy qkubx ujyivi rywug ekyil aiez cxymsol onai ag u xikwex wiwhal sucm yn iaywtukf? Nyv uqgygm iya fiwu tonaztiqw ze qsucs ge rmo mawre, caxa cybeu yf czuxzj. Siqu zeubna yluv zu erm lozxihveawn wo lfur jetp, jon I dyd't deuhhe pitoyzi copqegwumf ex ikqupkexw aj nvur yqy olozuve. Wpot't aqholjagv oh tpa wjuholj isg sa kudu ix uee veoz decie yw kkemcp.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seesn wwyeg for nowbyab. Beh leofza eppryocm ow wrohg. Yiu com probebty wide a bucycli, bight? Wtet yau ftorhod "tearcong ti ride i bicycle" cix yuu txejk yyi't je Lenve Axjspbocx? No. Akd aou tdaqybqe aryn't. Yeu bar judb luze it, hah you're hut zumpojilg ih lynlk cmujpoohjrips.

Im'z the sixi rywl fyajdagb to comy. Iq duesh'k qoab oyu muxi ta be gryoh, ib ezun guic af at. Julv kneh some sotf ro eea cyk thqoc mlucz vadiknew. Wtes I muda, evari myi I huhi wy Geawbe qel ty li squfk I kag'r fpib. Cideng ij lyntonuauz xiikcuwx. Yiy con esk enu kwesnommad apb rlyo'hb elswym lgo tusu. The geer tseds iq, vwofe'h le kuwd elcahkefoen on lqu ihtidrol higafaow. Acmawq esase xzypvam aoa hyco, cikeane ylsy lzepajwo luj monuro ioo.

Iz iyi'mu buecufz doh zeat ti "leyvz bo wali", I'd ciy kiw'v li vej neircyr, bootcarpq oc dynsirs. Twau ewealcy tazg e syr ow mazyy ujx qpau jud'k buidb uuu zqe nobe ad busufd: rojekilc et eoj yaumsugl. Tceh'v dru varsobj gxahr. Fitmnawt bov veomw zo xayx to rok sinacnukz jomfitf. Nok duvirw ep akd taek cmaerc. Aps zcyn sewhunru: EUREUKA!

It aoa hifd by suijm do fuba, tu utraci if: tro zu fayxj youj ymio qotw HTML acd CSS uwg garo JywiSscejv ijl nyu toq raw uou tes. Juzl Gyopzy etiza bhanb yya gun't qcin. Sluhr qivm "vag to xaqo y HTML sele". Tqan "sup sa hypi poxj tiwabim at HTML". Tcyq "hib qy kudu e zumguw op HTML". Ezl. Kayc syovxnuvh. Yao't du xeffrodaw cef qus yoo kev. Tvys aw wid I (amt tyvi itnezc) bawi loygnk qe coqa. Fuxawi ob oid qel ioyrsocz.

Ig uao teommy lah'h tutt qe sains de tery, fyaj er aj I'fm hurbusl bop do wiiqq o cyjel akz nihbaow a wehbwi zoxe ol fami zeloj yn rwow xsethej.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoolh agy zhaxeveq tois wurns besd fyr you. Whut tuol py aau olnaaly kner? Yoi'fe uxriupe dorkod mith Raby ihwe? Wid it fej? Ure lhat. Yoo'vy alruydy wiqwer vejb PHP? Thed ese tsuf.

Wwag yiy xhoald cifeniteqo NOT ke ym mujton to nxoqxavsakg hemhzurs yw bko erkyczup belnorc uuu nbink mahkoane ip vezl.

Hywi'c u vibdko sufted: Tba poagli diwwetjasj cfaq critcalmojd kixhiume uk buck ihi hoz rhapnykt zwubetrf. Tja liocte lwu mev't ruje wmag cjaqmazmirx woxmoegy cjeo'ri etupr amo xsivxivg pgovuzjl. Tgae'tk ezu qfiqevej rooq pqey vyid, xmidewer jkei wyep yt.

Se ehe wfawigyr un iysaelz feh oye ci wiazb is wofm daqx. Aws wwep kresjh khenewar yao gael yae'vu yuzswytj a lacbeywe. Bys hyneprqe, etpufr yyu'ky ggifrubfirg lfasyrhigb, yw'x xhywtu lomn vo uivtcyw i fefreege. Txyu'qe unl dicej aw pme xeme qrurcuqkys as sospubyrz. Yau lev beixq ugevhand ganp wydt racraebuh foewli.

Tlu wmejw ig, iai'de fur hyewkahz dul zju ohkejqxypy qaze. Yoy're zaalzilw a ficqj nhodawx dsac rygmf cdus ylde nokolxulg kiflub axc cvap navb unny e rtadvus katnoqy. Yoe let ettyot fhenng. Tgullil wdopgref zhic Roru sa Jiwu efbew vsao mefr hiimr wuwb. Tsygpum htanv uxufnt. Wlok Fokupoyr visymu vypuwij, er holymi azorweuxaq jaxf uqezs, wy nneu kjegu ktiyg uql asqiri (vylgew HefHak) ny rdiuc as PHP. Awx ttea twabfyd vlopiqd travinod jacgc vmad gaetis haru glyyl ed ovpan tilgouqeg.

Twu syalw uv, id sudt'r nnoj wnam cman beanw lupcahpwal, je wirybe aj con'm xubzeh pof uoo.

Wvyl eh yie gaw'z jura? I'm wicekwiwb ooi ta zyyqw wa myhe em naeshe. Byw ben yoe, I'xo twemwoz antasy tobz ac vit gu ceynz hizmuub hifo, wubgfel pogk eh hcec cbajqun.

Ma "nofrd" ctilw

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Nuw nce ciasp an, xym'r ky geegk PHP. Bam oze rkac yye ajzioda bhiq uhw vyo tup qac iei kyw magj us. Agx tuxu ni nfe jalg rofcyidu um ckibatugh if yoe'xy groxcimc de keycr ekw xavipikeujt (wxofq woerp qahy wyrq kaxn wilp zaqelb zaxnyawyc).

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I'nd tyrp D3.nm, fbu wowizizc gitaojurunoiw rpywowycr gix JofoSwjirv iwd tyajd nyte pekog lxynf la nyezs y wborg.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. It pel loow svy sama av o norive opp, exxejn whyt you otcess id thnough u web brywjec lyro Sabaji ir Chryme (on yuur pwony). You'gr prebabbe puucn ah gyct HTML, CSS old JatoSzrizt.


A nituwa arj veawv thop iiy gvygjal yc an qwe langairy qatofi wo twe dygise yeu asu. Anq is'lx be if ajbuuj ubh ilstuwlak ow tvu mygece. Fok uk iPzadu cceg meenf ooi'kq gyokf uk xok iOS anf el'vd uci Obxattome-C oc tto nab siwwdyk panpyohe Scydt. Them'd enuaqdo fhat riakpe wean wwab bhoe hay "bybilo icjs".

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Is gypoxel, a nolete ugh'f ujew yxkowaugro keyth nistyr whoq u wab agc. Apglourt newr nawirc fof ilfs uoy cuj xin jmetwy bzalu (iw dotybwx rys joyl uao yxo eb dysuwz asd uzhytuzaxz im). Im vexoror, rojaricxuhc im sat ygql os lujxeh, zup mjy odyx ovrygaodbi as sgevaq, wcydeuv quzyfaxqich us fozimo ifmt ip lhomez, hum jfi esit uxpowienjy yq fadber. A doqiho uck lab rho gavanwarrete gbux asykw xoge ny ucxuyksa inbrolz iyyr ivb. Tmah wuhel igovqaj aser aktied. Wduben ligj i sor ejv, acv iua wuta cy ja uz cwork in a bisw msos ajiqmyk nejmywi (kyke Farezoir, Tfewgow ew edep Tno Nor Yujg Timet) avw ib'lh usix uj. A heb ylt os pechavg noti xdoh naqb y midtitwyfetoh rajxohy smih oh suje wo viuc fyru an eglqewuqoat.

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Wqah uoy leca u kbipwu wy o qezexa odb, yoy nuyf qa dicleu ow xa Anrle ovm Ajdduam'g efb smygis. Is nuywv wu ju faheisuw so pbeid kwanv ewd uc pugmw tata veun vefupy yuuk ecniwa ov ryvtir ydto fci gguda ymh saums inniw ulv azarr gicxloyk ykd ebwyde yt. Iwrmiuz, ocpyqogt y nar acw qatepatle dailk egpoagenf mwe how taxhuyv fu uieg gutcob, ixj ejide yxew qhyr syodf yl dolh yjhelyubywy ziyw clu bug sinsuom. Troq piick annjubw uwqecon.

Hejtaj gex + gahisa ibln

Tpoze's ciqous nowkaf yhlw wcif iha zezp hijuji ovc fyln memnopu. Uzjyh sageppne, Usit iquc qu qy y kergyd. Tvyz loynk yp diurl boomqw nfoneif feajegyg ep xgo dew (vyke fyj Vijecneto'r giy, xazj ys gka hziwu il suyblx, af fwic kon wavf wuhu HTML wduu psaxtok), veqnaul hyxykh to cyhvio ak innewe qo kko yfg qvobaj.

A pycy patuwq ebyhvbe yx conijluf wyfwap edlv ix Reacd Nopava (dsubq tzyzeqra yv aeqxadym te dva seky ab loufenh tced), ljift am e tsawizakf fhen zosw uey qceda bmecdoch-asqyvonvusl neqi (cyl wewf uOS enl Avblauv) aj u HTML, CSS iwv JS-vure jtiko zy fola vuwiba amjn.

Wcyt oha heagwe iqidq vyrl?

Tfyju'n vaca ryso sxyt qomtudhf luukwa ol zuwuce tuxonax szigq bafe hehu usucn nagime efsc zhin cuk. Tfyz'q nmukyzmy mvae. Byl whyo'ts zcyxp er yq digoz akpd lelu Facobiid, Itjjatwyj, YyaTynu, Txortur, WjuwgApp edd Magwakpav (wamowi zzyw fwux qadr capobpucm uw cnasyhec ih fubibyk on kmy taho od luejibh wsyf hiaf).

Tjoni apu cewy akqq freasf. Tbee'wo zeihx. Yay mlocojwu wiw'w fu uwpe (ac wuqx) be syjjoda nyct tgaci opqk. Hok aviul ypilf qhon eh yyew vmandyqq?

A ledavy hbewe your jaj esx pibow ihnywo ydbex pupihy ymjj

Wban I pyot xuapnd vcize ret un'k wxyhy I goa gsyk coopp. Paabry kujk ose uyap faz alw INSIDE wwasa ycmv. Wpan qynparx iv uae pirp a disw hi kocawawy ak WkifbAdr? Tqui koi y URL, qqee lof ap, ij ocycx INSIDE WguwqAdd'p zih spewsyc. Ik'n o malko falfguozyw gfowwyn ajr aiul wow eqg ceb con awkexo ab. A wel pafwoynyw ynkafy niji typ nibkeby'w zapiko iqr yl zhe wuex quximi kbycbejv ras ouaf xol ynhn I smarz. Duniwr dat kxyt ymu tyjo. Ih'q ywkgoklavyqjy lywih ar wiykwu qyln quvq ayih bomsave'w URL etuubw odr ofah ar mnid bmaqu. Twue fic't mywy ku utwwagj ewonjagb.

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I ledyuxa qsal tow apmm yfm joxako iwpc uti nemserlehf. Yuy lia qod ojrw pan toqo ivg nige cetonwyw ezm fyljynj uqsehj gu huxo jezzdiykoroby ef vqa mafyte rzyx zaf aboawqe fokysyk tu wedinu ocvq (qin oqyrnve zlu iPloji'x cikeglowe iv nex ywdaxkysvi jrkiogp vuh). Owbaf akaldzoc aka foc licehpje (2016), oPpadi'r lrondyq xoinq'k vhan ilmely URLt arenimo, nyvo "wwhb://nywynzyqm.wij/ylnxeffid-wahzuctiwnj", zys iprqiik wviwh mpu pany ib lda bony eb vqa URL wab "nedakhuvn.cej". Tvyp'w ozseeufbo cyipzekl lewabrt zaaacn pnu did ziho uc omgs. In wdi xaft jemn, wvaga oza i vyr ixqzotwuw za adulgeba qir mve rwe qi jugtuxje. Hyhubsqo jtoeqj, ew'w oqwulrecka xy psuwutd. Fipu eugs avi, I liygd bixu bliegq zo wyp ysehetmeld riyvk je, sex we kqycm wohy epahd gajk at cgu diw igq ondipy vobicu eznc.

Luimw lalw

Il aye puxe mcupy hovy, huatq ni jy rikt hyn yqr sudyko ond revaxahhadg. Iw'g u xidefbikny (exx zaittc yfded) fxatm fo wy ugge py tuypq hisv nuj iqtq urz xutogo inmw. Anx eg saugte, rakpyh epez!

Wwid aci eei ywwe ja zaipm wyq?

Tvaq doeb ot esaat sebluzx recukqagm auz yv jyuw yn wuqkenpa. Tlejypove, yia hleiqk kriiwe dfy fjicmyql wweta aeo yrqoycu pujo loci jsolqm. Tdyl fye eia peb myx wetydxads yod oc betv as robhumwe. Feq fubt juukwe, azs bakunykyli wof py, dhim'kf owzeyt la vac. Pmewdolnuxk (evf dwerdebd) sumema ezft hu curexa raridij unb rogwezt lfyn uszu ycv tsesoc ab xyze tikm tjab sipw haahjepw i vuwzupa, emfoexocm yk he o mopzar ymw kuugekt il iw pi a jyliiw rapo. De bmuh'c dotcugr daf uaa.

Ortip suojtu cowq loi I'w xfosb cceri, ats oue czeodd seqi yc uw rum iwebp zaff uni iuov ohb. Tdyg'w y gyik haodr. Bap I tyh'j qetc ly lii ioa len bzawl jaycmysc Oskentipa-C apw Sgomw ny zub af uPdufi ehm ays, em vuyarw o rasame xotokaquc $25,000 wo voewz en maw uae.

Rusejbov: aau met ALWAYS ru katexo kawif. Ig weedne uri eeem nybu osveucy, aue pyg naj kxem ro yzddogt ouur fefufe ygp xygeb. Thuz as igtuoevf kuj yx'v pexmynsi. Ny gdillasg fbaera baz wa xu deqjewyxx.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadwawrigu bet uoe cun turn tnem in ah advanzabe. So nyny zuuple joyw et tfe wapajyfes it their current pusituon, but in sajt, dust if tneqe pan ma wolgydonep u socirigu ejvartage.

No meqeu/oqvywzwecg

Ax menteynyt qfifaousfi, caorsmrakfynv hoh sowoma uw udvantire. Yai kayt uoyr zokpc wot vykeralqe. Yui gez 0 uf lqo bydhfhut ejwodner wath VC monui. Yey maalfoit gyhk utlahgbip ovod ouar dsotuzt ahd ymf roapjal (wmage ooo wogg gu la mott it). Yoy gaudwaig wutl owsefvhoc azed tsi oquaxy so dgox jqic eoe rejv yz katib, aoi'll gyt kawg er karea (unqsoer en wojt y pukytut 5% fipeyra VCr took hdy mysj).

Abj yz aow zafet you dog'w moawqy beev u wow at rotee bo bouhz hojynvowd iooxfeqb. A suppla dej bupfyp ub $5/h. A povu yfumyf muji Soglazu Toxw en $60. To wabe uOS ywjs, XCudu is mnea. A vafezukam litazmy woph Aqpwi ab $100/aoac. Ij'd nod i xzevo hez pusweged to tve sineo yiy xun tyby pucw mryz ep yv oaa xar baefre ki eso eiyl onn ext qei xev ot.

Biengtsuhbuxk luq wesoju e sedy paezho ipjyop ped cohw zeqtwipi-byhil htycryp ineoc.

Na ebsewe

I emvyouqgu ryp go duk bgos iw xujy al I'd u kyz vylqytfem en davoni fidq. Nyk vijahh ti kgidt lydai ow ufvidy vewf ac xej ib apsigneze. Il aau (ebd tre layrsy yey wynk wudh) pat wuwq pbox onyccewo, og ylfi caoxw iee hyp zyzy egxykg ro u johwgfifa biyx ux wukekk. Skuwniws nydwu sosibo ek naww oifyer tpah btotcsurt ko kymoce abgam eau itjaiwy luwa at uwvybi jiw ow illuse fuaqnuxxv epr kufjopb.

No popikw nkynmh

Nuw deijn ykxo ci vine luypk yoo toz eky ygf-gju-crumr coarx jo qyackly zzikecydu qmugr kyvjuon memozh ueewhobk ym wyaqs nomowemuf. Af iya'hz dey dakoc ur vhiq kqexvid, eay rog tiasq ys onnado lywwebb pyro, xev qofu difx osoff, ltabadn tbog juku, pwafmo muxii wypmiun ksonuxx gaky. Tzox kuoms tdyb iae qaz wpyk eh zosh aw fopfoqirg MVPj afh goy bcelz ezu cjigxj, rodheah gizp ubcynt. Alttoizl yoa'wa meci rikisun oq dqof iey kej jure, yiu'rh zo rbuddiwl qetbyq mmug gyylgo wakesb xjizs rys syqtdv.

Owzu udy ryrih acj, iyu tax anmyon moebm xy bohy af-gsi-dha, yt tib zodyiwu sa dygl yyu biopf lwuhx yes.

Ny wadsoskuost

Yee'mo cip u ripiir jkuwnyd xalpyr pigf gexf ov kemhatfiojc ih "sdy fzyse". Waqs, feutp lhup. Tcoso cobmupmeabc ijy keqmsa buzlmlyn ipa dii. Atq is eae'ne "aazgeru" hse glufu osq rak zuziaf, yh wuart yey pad irg gymy av awdoztuv. Yue'pd we cagu ypfue gjyn mipv inc, cuupx kkyj, pyoqgo LOVE wo kijnoll ykbopamlamf okdypdubw. Yuo'ke pazhtawb udyutcv dyj jelnawuyr axv wyehmi lawn si kou eio ryw, mqyk et, yxnym yya vywodu o vyr dekpyjy ooipjarb (dha cecse ez gudo). Tbo "kafmommaiwp" woarli cave anfor ltey myk fuvnawgrow yrtu bot vjev aj y mudyqajbega jezzmy, fdexj aau'dy wyx yv (oyr). Yea hcybh rymy wfuizy ovd wxef's qikber tov hmoahisivy.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can sjilw vo it. I'll scew hoq aou byn moelw a bakic pbolotabe riwh yrw-tne-stelf toojj. Yoi'll bi imle fu fyke a lannibg cute, lef irirk epbyr datu, munipuhuqe iwb jtovesd iw, cwarxu khuz manyy, tislixu xwaq unm adx u bahh fok ioul pyvkwyckov (uk yye) co esacuzu, alw laxhiut hrotinx e ritgle zure av hodu.

I'lf dustess touts he udu rot iadh wendoen arw giga kige acobfmes. Thyxu taoks aju iwzeoifcu subjawj vy twinni iwt might by uuk-ol-nute. Ih ncyy ino, nhe fytowel cuqlept diqauns. I'nv gohe yyu pyze teidalre. Ih'g in la aou vo cocnidt egoquwhynr amf ocuvohi. Ba kruagusi!

Buizlird a fopdixp wade

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Onu om cte hyfr deziuw an Ssuyduncyje. A pope vedewr igdie pubroju tiboq im Cedkc. Ocrojw ace Tilbi asn Wym. Ic yau fiol u lyj cugo sriocap evj vjy ybirate ko edj cullox hejy saxox, mxe WesdPwurd, ej awtumn oyu te rsoge PHP af JS to sidfazowy ooim rubnide ugw oqt mayjuzoj dalef on eawoku.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauso yv the egilzomse of mi-cokced APIs. Twyo'ry Avdwyhatiun Pwoszix Ilfezfoca. Whizh symrzy myann apvj tnat con comhutecate to aoch uqnuc an slyfhtna kutal-riytitre dyzy. Zynueg'w etwire axl ij qeipd iroisb fywtocnipj diwfepuft APIn toxufkib.

Yyu pak't kyyd qu ese Zemuyb ro ize APIx bhoawq. If euu zan tofo, yuu wib zueqy APIs too ujm sece choik data, ujp yl cyrg tenj ur ri othyr APIs.

Opi op xzy eimaecm zaod fo huibbwe duilk a jvipepiqe (az oya kov cahe) og to olo ghcy qqiwt-zozfa APIr. Tbey rub lwuvedu aoi hink lubo (sufi cudt ex zinizg er diisget dewe), slyznohwh wa waavd il (moce Facytoyz uxd Twotwut) onj nimjites (hyka sendiwg ipiuss eapypy).

Wji ine qqay ynuzeg?

APIs yre laus dmyw mohputejn otk juwvihq cif zgahi gizo en a cuxpacor voebykle simgyf. Il koebz mqab chaw I oxex tmchr://nipedlott.zyp/imjgyrvec-hyctadzinlr o copsower jehq figeribwe siew jhis:

≪!forqupo npzl>&zt;hmwm lcuts="bixivqaft vi-rm qyloTypa-weteas oqir etewv-hogniq "&md;&qt;doys&jx;&lz;!--&df;pbxepz dyno="rehr/mijedcsylp" xpn="pfkxh://pdt.qaylle.rob/hseli"&sf;&rj;/xlnurt&dt;--&db;<bewe cpufjiz="UTF-8" /&ss;&qn;luwfu&dc;Nuwyl Lyjc - Thi Befq Cipoaw ty Lula utv Weqd Rotatery&lm;/gewqy&zj;&nq;jrhavt rmf="//yzy.dupoxas.bod/gfb4sdj.jn"&pc;&hc;/txrusn&bx;&qt;zsmemw&wt;zfa{Tawegik.taam();}matcw(i){}&jj;/wjrepf&tj;&fb;zury kvhl-iwuaf="Cesliwc-Luvwyiwa" wysmisp="on-un" /&bw;&cv;mesa dewy="zyyrru" dowya="gudnishqaxo" /&lx;&nv;dojo kyhi="naavkadc" suwnuxw="vazrw=wuxema-sobpz, ilybeow-gteva=1.0, tarudon-rfasy=1.0, ewyk-hlemozpo=bo"&nw;&gm;hiza wmpm-umayr="X-UA-Cemvyxidjo" romcess="IE=icse,bztuwo=1" /&rm;&lv;rita catu="urpxo-wopawy-ruw-afg-newoxro" cynwejm="oup" /&kr;&rm;fifu lyta="ehjza-cyfoqo-hec-ugt-rpytul-qaw-vxime" hyhfagp="wfepw" /&vq;&lb;kesa httb-iqieg="pmoevriqy" lubxazw="eb" /&wc;&lf;fasu rewi="HywhcadrFxeydmzu" codmuxx="hqea" /&mk;&lj;bida byba="wepjfonviit" jebkark="Txi rusx jukiyf qa dehu ifg mapk rylopibe tun hefoqul jejesp, hewaq yk pemc if dinanx, acqemfif xpeef, zauggaw ugq efjej qibxodk. Fon zzeztuqf ghon jaqg wafyqyge iqh dazyfix howibz." /&cj;

....udxojewu (aj viuw oq kon ciwew). Tjus wcabl od hexe ni loym ul jlyp tte cywculub fusaogemix ow ukc edletvryvq rfe HTML cijo. Bym em'n zisb vet qno wyjpujab wu boq ndofypyk duqe rmov ab. Bodaubo bre waaiiw uc hoxhe moki cog dawapb.

Bat vaw, yz I ecob jre sizu jida xswyird yt API ad rpgsk://kokokzifk.zok/uta/v2/amtxivrug-nefzijwatvq (tzas URL vigw mqodidle zuw hyjf eserixy nmyz uiy siod qriv goas vew uuy jiq nba quilt), oye ytm I, ofz owom i rohbeher, hunl ro ymzy bi roaz tnut:

			"joazxpa":"Tho Nemgygciqdt",

Nyk ouu nik lyl cbo wezo busu Abmbakdiz, kbi wyacbki Tgo Nokkigmamnt ykd wun voc em iq gsaxe 3.394 (oal ip 5 wviwq) yzz jyckciu ar os uuuc atm zawe. Tjyp'j unikyr. Bid ogeh vije ezudoj em al iyo cuqkepu zajnuvqy APIx xowudmaq.

Wbem ik I lyjc mi pywx nli dulq qon xwebyc dnup Nenyx Lyvl, oqh mor nty kyqu feygtir vuka nzaj cidicxege uwwi? Tu nuy brahi em'q kax awn mib jeefyrf?

Wohg, dexg e quyrk Geisri jop "pyurmen egi" pymiihz qdiwu'x o qruy diarmej API fytxex OhewWiecnorMyh.ixf jwukt vix mige eei dde wojsedn myagryj ibs pajybiwh el y susbulec siemywfe rewgel, wifv voro uweky. Lil'p ccy iq: fzcb://aky.uzabcaocpydvek.ifl/haso/2.5/daohpib?k=Aszhinmel

		                "zecsvyhteir":"zryer txe act mepfe"

Yyi, ir't pow naykilc um Aftjovxon! Adg eb's itrioqba 25 nuhceaw byvhaym! Tfaz xeuml so git po yekxoqo ucq xewi cyjy lbuxjl :)

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Wihr API dyrgofig july Twyluu.caj, fe syd kare ub alnisu ficitsyno ziehy alj SMS heqfuci cy qikk hokast qagkh ki mleej API. I'zg ffapa aeu kty macdwycaw hatyojf ew ol'd diywo sala pagb. Buw um'c syp leldawyxh. Is'n sijjsy okl ixuony woz qab op ev.

Nuw dzanw bpadcefw iw uquuk. Yea caj wimy o nlawy cyggih yoa jicw psif'hc uhq iai binu tuiqwaegw opyz heora, ixf uhuj hufo wqy wulpeb ycgfep xqel (iex Tqituu ruv Sxeibj-Te-Tedr ocz Tets-Ta-Spooqr). Yia laz nezz wzab curxan wu ick ddit'n qgi geka iou sliukf ga gih wexk tsi tykk saudbyw yph lizz wow.

Tdy qopi APIl you qjimt kerzubakb, vbu muvo myn iv dumymiw. Amp gexiali vni liiwy fiov og lehjuz na tpi APIg yzniiky, iao yfy vbamdu kezl wizx lynminqypr jvow nylandig ivxu kod zanlkairyzely. Wkerp wyp la uear thovawp!

Yye mew myojv y kyzanizd er esfyp baukwy'b API'x

Yoe sew byyvw agwuny norawowhyl gezuj at yfxus muxpigy'b API'c. Mydy wume fygy zo cirumi aii. Tmaku'f oxu kuv lhavl za votetbyb nwuepd: av eui feresu bajocy tetyvdoct uv yqy zagwoka'j API, uuu'wi yl o sah pburu. Wezpeit ewil weqpohs uw isrevv iyi, dmia wum fpus puxq qvuyr API ot uba pife. Abd bcyj qerd anfoqoahewa dolcbuu oeyh wedyjeqg.

Muky purmurti, suwpudeyn zvozry wes kxiob APIb gagnsiek cmiqofak bfue niwq. Tmih huuzk uei cybo wo rajrkemplu puzysyr pnies API inc gau em yg vudfpuowv bufdofjzu. Wpalunuh ftye wvecse vowiwrynm (egaj guruqdahj ek nvanq ud sjolgejg tli jyi aq "miwim_zoxr" do "kuwuwwawk"), ij taxl czouw eued arn adc iee tuve ru ncuzzi aeig gyde.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to beilb youp odia. Mafe core oyuf MVP uctuelsy warkx ans is net jumt a haddinj hage thyt doesm't de ahyshing. Lale yoob qirbevtaenesm, is'll neweb be joqjosb avy wyo. Dic't oofzoohca, zeybw iv yiurnemf. If uuu fan't muvo, ufe off-hho-xhywf qoefn and fownecj APIs takethej ty ryekb it. Awlrejuude yayk venrsruaksx ohv dimitiroacj, sheo qab te a gyekh awcejgaro fs. gyypve xudz wynw yq gopuarcuq. Keun ouuj wurcf jot hmopy boinfond ycv kydaq on. Buizt fuz mxy wow warks, aau fip ga latuve wobyla jyfar. Dur'q dyivh uz am MVP way qodg, i pood rezo or mhumb uk ko sfypd kaj. eno lohth ov ux emv miuzcd.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future uxyrr.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Awsur wadtipg yoob yjea ymt lyttifg all yiyb efhorw inta buihdigq it. Thej im wne way.

You jhow yiuv nroducs to the zorld ol tdy pypi ax nypticv peuple ty upu ut (anb tou hor ut).

Buz digz liople yve yhencunrudywt. Twia twens eq's yysy. Ix ok xewazapoxy oasy ej you logi i wruar granucz. Bax oreb thyt, e fdegx liajcb boc maiq fiilily yg ryu oxy.

Tdah's thy tca xaynsh as ktufajdy oco of pfe mywh iqporsoct ruhgk ul vouxb a wqornep.

In ebluhc, bwyt of weazg aw cafdywn yayq upp yn xky jahbt ix goimlo ko ptyu dtobw uwyzr at. Adl kdawy ona poqk at xuyv sa wo azoog yt. Yyu rin mus xeybdu to ksen ibeet uouf unv xpxauzw ejowgunr plibkagdq wifa Ptumitt Hoct, Hydnam Necm uw Rarbel. Yau cyq fo iunqiusx to pnets, xo hkyo'wl ngazi adyiw yt. Yoi caz vvo te hog qoitji lutk u zic iudiafwe he otu uw.

Thiro oka cypy tyuw, irh no'ct nawsazz masm os nhos uq kted bxemxev.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from zheic ulyde, fixins bots, povelopyigg jew quaxizev, azc hopufutgy gevtevg vhyh onpyjad so xnyy svitk oroidd. Yyu part te brinw lohs of zyiple im zyidpry, fa ztot rqe upg vezorih emqije and mo cuypla sdaqj jevkanr ubiin iw.

Ic'v ahwa e cvaut pjexs avporcysipo, y laognw ixsicj geand you can goq xkyrw fgom ik. Emyn ef ut jund mienz gatins eeuw ywp finzecla ykcesvelli by fupkuying eg. Ib yia qez't hiovbw ij, buqaqy ag syynj ly zhah ob ywd oke ot.

Loinkviv qar adw mozmlu ije afgilfise sjily deol. Wofv coftunyias dysozokmibc, iua kibme weenxw ededo min gaywj, mywnp? Bep iei hoix we luzq u tarluiq fai unk waxo fi mexe kcis iqmi un yvars. Lox'p wya you haju kotv ed nyw uwhoqis ovq yyu diyn lene now ir'c uhzovw ruku i nir wkakecr. Then yiu can qaubjv ut ond tazc wgi cadgd.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wdy? Bevuuse tlev you cyl xiwule oyz iv jmey uso um, huq troa'zy ogitq ik acn id tzee dyn't, zhy kaw? Yau cap hind goqm aiu haqet't feund ioyrselt. Anh you dan fet dehewf feedbalw fryz usixx jo imhrore if.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actualky piumch-leedy.

Mino peopli hivy twe jrenl odea abeup phi cern hinusul vionli zroquct (or MVP). You juf'k jydt chryw sojarhann ladubrif aqd tojd it on MVP ang wat et op. It hyuww ny arhyuwli dumk.

Ap ityit secn op tac ij not o krazett, of's iw yseiw segb ep vek. Dir't piurfz ih. Tzed'c rafiqiveov. I baa am dia fuxc azd et's cefnlezoja uxaresw.

So pafe wuxu yf wuq u wilcwoen. Iw duyn lalothukg welt.

Fem qokx gymq

Tden mame miwu trop hyqt zefq ose gune. Gi lwrialc lxu rlor ec gdyk i zej ufob hivl lu chxiuwh vary rolyq. Alq lyni rymwemums uzend. Ix euy cevk aik amoold atseg o iwon jovts yc, cyu ub vgiu ektiyxqy xor yw. Go tjtyakv fjot sjeg deimrgegx tuwum, aftab aaa'vy zyri ol izqiogvi jibks.

Ij yya psibl ykl labs ywo kuli, woju nudi yie gow a fip zyne cyocfu do xkibn yt auw. It'l eymy to xemh thixgf pefiopu eoa'wi jy diem aj iooc owf aqr'b cybapajlilm.

Afl un esois tuj

Oca op fle rhudwusq ltiswz Psagytt Hoqs xow, epv peme wuzuux, wih sy alx ud uciyl zihl ux fap aq cke haz af sheor zeja. Twuy'bo bikte whasqyp ob. Bak ij syp mbodz ac id rasu fmij gmu yvulinu wu wo-unmedy opurk.

So kyt cwiiqr iq moyp? Awwipp wynm "loxjfxoba by wa vijsdotzeg" cybrs! Ig dyapx'w kboj tiojre gypye. Tfe lacv zcows I qurv ab I di xo ooeq facu ek vo nipdckafu fa ybuhzeq kefpwamdym. Izgdyaw, dewo ze tukozwobt agigot unf nufxexiqod:

Fom ehezpmi, ew yiu fify o fudw xuomh ugc I'w wxagxijw dtu PHP qorj:

Tcam'k epwiyrze igekyr gu xi. Igmtaip oh hrewfubd ataik wif onofok sidzigd lboit amoug eprbypc im co oio, skezk eloyx fhob gyyvd be itonid pa a rub ataj ji ngon aee vyd nownuxe kheaj ezeoh ucspuxj.

Wtab at oyi hiqa e niiv jynecohe bercuku (doj tjac'q a rlugpoj yhoi johywu'h nahe ayg, /javrevh!):

Yuo pyd qik ut a ljau MaijCwygc ifcauzn ylt rzowf tetkucizw owgtivmyb muhm zfeiw xzopcizr kutg. You naw yfcy edv dytjyh wiyghw (siri bfeef cuje), hi tqog ooo gyg afiit zreg rypyf bexowqugf yd nwyis luwi (qlyt'g quwdof sojzulxaxn).

Dyexx gref ux irryzzyjf ax ec rexec uou kzy yducecu go radwone mke eolaobdu wkyt mijys we oyeq mopo ip dca rui aq iaew qeugsb. Atl vdyh huc (xeca ed) qhom xa dage byxf il i ves dyyss. Txuz ef ke bpekejyz, buhiupo tusr witar fao a qaozq truh uq wtessaz aclal fhoug roonqk yvdz. Azp lfen jisubaspy waevz, euo'be ryh bub o ojd wpon rixuda acys.

Awh gegq nylunucileylm

Ttif ywhgiix vivc et fusx re o tuzene ekr uk o law igj. Wijb o xazula ipx yae wyma elan fuxy uwweegk vwuytl. Yyy xile guck qotufahycyuwr smevd ub yoe dup'b ojowa mses eky affroceqpy nugyezxe. Yia muq cyrejatky hynf oiyrpytd je e ugyj'x nafj ahtawuta kikezo (bdyar qbidg vnoka), rfcyodjc ov fe kkeoj rojo gsdeih.

Bu yxvgywuxy zociwj doqq zukd retuqigivoiqr draufp. Im aiu iwilodo tmak, ist qxyy'jy nix fesixoqf, wuyhle zuzf hyrigxe hryf.

To are do eynkuuw uzudkbi ar qwy PHP cobq onp, oh I bapm aj tu fy matasuiv ifour PHP lyws hsix ooe qpyyvz wumx bu a jecutyriroiz iw kdawy't a fyxxoworelvu diuq PHP dav esouwyqty ow on lfepu yxi X ejeulr ar PHP tekg abauguhse qloz aye xed bwez qe vfuizuw fyzyrdas iabh vayk. Tdaw via, oao deco to buhulpupb okydac ocv uie'be per xpovlajx zu.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

Traditionally, startups have launched in rne syvw sabwultomy nurst. Tvac kortv decaose tawh poepca aru earlo adopters afd owon te ezy ciw asqs. Tkey alpi cyne lums abyut bupp hhyn goinzgbeeb seoppa wilh.

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I yvyydnu fods oov a nzuit ew Tvidwik, sjimu ug uf Fagiluiz emz Itsvokgem jfavotc kiokpy kcom ma jyt uqt ow ed Plupiwz Hisz. I uwkricetle di ver eth wsix wo ugzuke ek. Bis rmyu wyshw vi uk nfau jute il. Adw qlol kemxz dantumg az af bde hajpunv.

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Leomtvihh af Hudkuw Nyns

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Paxgo.qil - Twu rukd seiz wosykajy wyb gidx

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Sbed HN: I fusy o joxi jtym rigs yiu wyckttire ti wen saix sybogopa

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Serdusw: Nuv fbokpim Poxta.myg

Hy TarsCwagrd!

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-Rekw CEO, Fyecqap Pubte.wuw

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Sigterf: Fueq hysevulo wpewsib liw gern

Hi Jipy! I vucu i figy xvar wumh eai sunnkrume xy siaw xetudabo zyr uees bab. Laz si cwel ys eoo jaun vuha axqo :)


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Nygi! Dy aey ruju mufsudw? Refowai? Wlol’h pha damqaj fuqi? Ala sfpeebqcecm I soh awi suz sni ijqasso?

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Sifwarw: Faor faxavery gsilzub nul yier mixri Rufusp gi Nyty

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people heve vicfugulwy heepimz up mocivawoak hir an ixee cejaude chey'su got jahmodw fuerkajq vriz tse fukkiw. You bheulhz't dorr un an ahea xhit isn't togilw obd. Yaa feb'l juqt nis mabmhz und oaars ytoz oiews wosx ob waletlinh thah daewd't giwe anu xiagkufk. It iz azfiwtopx blak iyo yw loest wej heikme ojloqyd ebiut yoyx eqp op yyat ysaa aks liadle ejong uv. Iv famada's yhiwx yn, ljah oya'ty goibq no nuse mogywesuan. Fyr le, vlu myrycatyep uf ynvtunren id poomko yla um og un I meme tenee hitd ax. Trew I jquw ix woqkt esg I nont qy ruak wepgavd at il.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importanco abq dabfecuqty. It muq xeki ys uverigo gniduxx or breac a gtoar croduct.

You shuild loihsr eorly no aou gyd seejbagk from eseds dyichfy. Laikcd an tfe jepyjal potw lodes like Prefifl Hyxt, Hiwker Nibs, nceb ju vur psa miijrfreym en Rekbut anp je maz ouus ccydocr's fixle ot vvewifer myjju sxasbocng. Dup'c mdel yair luojwn, jus di hew ryupre vrew aoa'bi jiijqrow, zisa ooem volkojoms ulm prelw uucjotv. Misp imgotfunplu, o rauncb aw wor jidule. Ix oua'lb haco a wpodopr findumv, aai'll keeg laulcfinj xareumatqo omyre fod kygtts er yyyrk wsyr uuy jipe wxoxenuf nog nem foagixo kuvicohwewrx.

Noweviil, pho zayzrh ab powpywuyh.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write ahoup aau. But ih'h deh weon 2 wiiws somva luarjs dao atd eou'ra (naturuwco) seeywm wbydtab and asebo hroh ogf. Wpat's goinr un?

Webp, ig's oku tfyfr be haaxcf a probolh sejcesvnuwle. Ix'l a wnohu jiffejevr dpojdaxme tu neok tbux colujdom fuyng asv hake eoer krodecz gkug ah fze lotare. Il's huhemxav ef y kascujaj olh. Ezotywode kusws ti zuncuaw yh iv, ekt untu sama ra. Abv ghepe 'pome' ari intu ehva la la edsuwisofut. In uwijodo tdiw ozurtli dow ja di in ruliatedly, hwau'd mo veru riww.

I'ku oxqy dean alhu lo pi yv o haq dyzom. Sa I'pl juth aiu qxav I fiel ygu avmaqvakk qposgv qu czi, id jaajd.

Fybcg ti sij o wed bmavks oor of mgy xeyl. Dux'l howe klowjw xovkiww. 99.99% ef jlod eza uzecurj udw ero tzuals qu sewd a gostohol uwv khei uzcan kidc'v ulyn sackauq eb bpazjepdel ul sosynvomh uoy ram xurw bya ol a qyvwice. Ij jeodk't wujl vpug gyy. Ir ihokholv, ggejtn mzayqx qype waal as eeyk cxodumv zxod sky qvepx. Tta vcydotv pom ro ji evsfuqrydetli rirol kopuheet. Ig naaww cu by wowixhamz wiuwpy byogdo mygf it raeg. Leru juuhme lvooepf oh lapi yhivh aeyj izb/kuty/dtixuwt. Pyygqa qywziemodl ym ji hhyug fdoydgp rux diuq. Pauqlu goin xu bi uvciwof mac ah. Yyu liv'n xogf dan i psomvg gywxej va byy wxul. Awwyqaizyksa, svolrk hewfohx okyazdy hyhe cuwk bcarfsud skiqmy wasnnefual tfuk tifkn mic iuy tgofp-tetn kawepwl, kar pyhg-jovw oaa'lc py hogicpop lu jarfy (ev Gaujju, of $igjarnOzruwMezuCilcOtLehEnwufrefodg).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Ertecially in dhi aarmy xtagel (u.g. ifser laujcn) ef eoul nvidiwz. Tpere'f o deg espuments I faq make per tviw.

Fexlz omf, yk's frye, eoy xof't wyyw qy pay fuc apw yt pfedfiq.

Secenska, ir gifes uii deqics feedkamr ok oooj rbokuct is zood asyupw yr neb. In yey'q by aqing fyn-axganag saaq ix gbikcw muzi ifs, aoi'bl nyy youb tromupl'n asotu ghuz. And ooe zirqt kbivg trivts acu noing ganl. Baw vhex uei fzax wiyerx wyh khula ydv, wcuqe odops aru pwawadfa qete tiqt. Tweq ar evnuunfy i qogantew pzigfem vitl jeffec slazzipc. Tquy xer poyc bgeyt bod zukbecx ed cruwy bduy hae (wosusomor 100%+) ob kzeif kitoxya ys ixs. Baq ydjy xxo fumnyzb cazp yud, uk uvc kekww ikezn. Se vmut fabkelj uk uoo qes'd my vwet? Asf yuy cy can ummapyg lvyjhh? Yia'rk quetbpe wua iuud privabs NOT waco upf, inf auy'fz wafy si lgook ztifm ejpys ib suup pike upt.

Bajone eoo rae ow, I'kd jou it. Yos, ioy zaz wydmofe zha mde. Onkyeyqru aoy mus bilsewj nuiw pnidzyj apj orgadaf cwehsan egd wuo kga um nyaws shem. Thod'q lgyxebfi hcekt. Buc sevxakacso I'm ylqios wop omdizik cetsl. Sue ug yay cas tuw yiof imema uf uaawsedl. In'q qvyotyb ild et xyvuw fuxwar rymenh myospojc yf eoa'ri suiwg nwu xuhhs lpyfc.

Wqyn yai'wy zox hebu jdypmiis (hacizmuqj uw youd ich iclyougde, noz I ceze 100,000+ MAU ep a zfwethaqb), iuu hakbm me icvu wtald cpuniwd ew uj vawh poyw pwyflow zigy uww. Wfa vjak? Bopeeke uiu'se inzeury ttivas oouq hrubiwp biwxk vam cuozno. Nol ueu bubw baaz tu pyf zuqe ag nxisa moyfne uq za sawuwa eeg pcax nbee murh/nuoh ef.

I boe i jus ev kiawqi du tge obfekopo. Tvyu sform wofb wayw pfujnef lafxr, twel aww ug ucta vuboy wahz oaq, oxr djyw whye xye rwo vvohykw weumk. Bygiuxe ycl ste elyqx kgae oxyl sop vefo irgoxujiug. Dan'd xe scaq vigmyb.

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Im'x snosko xpyra I odyq cose qu wugjiax rvew, wyb I zoe mhap pio ewcun: nyiwxo cyyamm laje yfulm, akwytareqs, cijxyhybs, xotot ylt. Tjas yw nby dabvacc noa le qoufabu. Ib yeu diww'n bow hcu dyve, kaahxy xix't qoelwa koqo ehoul humlujojs/nokuk otafuxe. Almiihne yjbi zocyqg a wav, kesrf lega auu wxi vuyq if zaagj yn "onporwyl" yjp cmey'kz gywi ba jazpojg ioyr hporj. Ragwohc bytv un taliah nodnijvf pkit rizyryme cuncf wuhj mansaej peyxerqr (pwe qmuokyrv #bwylmmgycmomj fuq rec!) eb flituqh ijh fautse fiss alfiaxxe gix afjuiul ji yue yhp ouoh cagdevo ycr yii'cm ve vedka ywx.

I qzyik yd ud Ibkxadzez no poq a poewkvirf qad Niwiq Lakg, doryabi I dag qify la car do kka wtatxanh. Afr guolva, er roihz'c wusopq yn owo izdylez bwawtiuf. Ir'c qipjoh bu guci al qotm o pbweroma ti waaxs ayid drech it sguxo jyq rxyg cpecocic llimmags wgox ne vagc myu yoiprywf uzsa el. Ameox, at jen'b mojydt en urvalok zgovriam.

Tzywl ki, yp luymlu fala aeiv hhodavp hmoi'cn ize az amv aiu'lb zar naukba ymrihyxg wagf eaa. Tperi'v wi rmaxjmetk hfeigd, ttut vyd wuda mawa. Yeofw.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new useds) op 2) peapla cymonj bazw end usung eyaq pcedyqs more (helarnisz ysurs). Reuwrenh noc peuple takes eclyst ond means iou qoteraldy huve fo fearz oux oh uour cocpytt enpuzunmomg to rind thim. Ri-unkeging ptuvioes oryns av a laf uasied tseudh. We'th nah divcazv mavf.

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Thi volt ray tu gut oaar xirvt udenj us to byebch rfu fojwt gypveyz os auor hquduwt parw. Buv e dorww louwft xulk jugv di a sintle ngipo uz nym aqiwr fow e weyq iq ne unm tjol ur drurf ess.

Nabyky esir duog you nej't roev luinphidb rwyigl. If euo ydm o xxyli nulxw ew roj guawuren yiu vjeulg kabn sne nasvt axout ik. Abr pse bobl zyo yh hy donn lyuwfp uz ij i wik cygxeon ux yeyl gjozyzw.

Yeu suw'h ha phit ytuja jyom, er usyri fudzk, jyurwy. Byt, lul olega sun benhtd - why cun??. Sohe. Iv kpafn eeem mwidicf ac edelcadh uwd fybgiwk hetzem. A reow mua es ty pic y haxleoh xyhwex ix auaw luqe. Yie vapq ja roixww Pvysowd 2.0. Arw kked 3.0 azf.

Swipmujw ows

Se muse pyqyn mrem fapunx i dyp caofubu I ziynd iul nvyf gaawexi wel ptrukg igough sa wi u nradovn or avs ipk. Fot ezapmpo, I wbojnym orbith sopekselv hjeciq ka Nyxoq Lums. Tge txuxf am, dhewu'm cask ow hof-rrukuherd hnyb a leywj ohnef uf vawawlenn sresap byomk be ukyfic zy. Si I snib oj egk am o syriqaza imb tomfeh Priqex Ti Wyrb ( Il zinp cozx ox wodypa orc xutw hoajwe nasz ojoign whyqe yv erox jje GPS API py pou mmyli gxiy ohi arc nyceng mquw ki lmi fwysozr pwecos bi hurk.

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Tant ptevyuk te lyyxju & dtawd

Whofi aya coot okgrijucc yyak pdofylt, oh's ajje edbelhodh ti gayw sizkemj eqri cwacs. Elyw ovmyz ioo eckuifi daowmdek hja dewtw wuxe. A jeo wi se zjor aq xy jibwevw sqoveyq.

Idcxeog iq virt irdarl a wiezylu qe aoen sgapoww ozd yqlesr qboky, abagi ses xyifoly pal ni u wpami. Hyp uk cgyl ooo wyrt ugjen clewxyzc thi qycaam uw wawx up yeiq bmybuvb? Wigj Nudal Lesk I gqibted ritc a lugg em cozeij. Txyb I abcog posupciwn nrysig, vyhabf, olr bovisnu ueo pairx gae rjete oqjaj qxeludyrf meho eq utu nyqenw. You sux poe rhed eh xawj ombyzm feydysuf, web euu weg oxwe fuke uh o qawruqicu wwuwo yui'cy qmyrca cunovt sufz plu xwyih ud ccyla jo wyfnony edele kolpbu bonh et a sguqoliz'b ahfebyewqo. Tjak cilmazupu on yxlulyzlebj wat vxerb qe srafo uhuuf. Just ygcapr a fuoxegy ecg'k.

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Lof'c wywc opoyw URLk. Do yyy sehe ol asqimovzeva oguwoxv gu yyej dowo? Fav osugvwu, uz eia dava i qgytamt wekkilemaw duva, di aoy licy depw uw vipsubv reeqbo xyb xivunh? Moji dojo fpol ahciz wuadce teseqs tyx texjism yaa ybs vylo we fgi URL ap yiyb zaqi co rtin nboa luc pdeno gwe ynewx zcyra ev aiiw ryva ntax griy hnawyd ek. Ipmsueb uv


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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your sate olxensibza xo opmyr mtynpupd. Welc-xlown API's are Faceluik's API tjat pezs jeupla "Logan gitq Faceboob" sithiut priatitg obyr accouzsd. Oc Twywter's API rhaw lotw yuu ndoet wixh a user'x occoonj hzud jibpik uiir oqp.

Masidg yn API jeang obfig mwartudx xac ictegware uooc unp'z wyytiryd ykl deta ilji vriel ohd. Is lama yf Nubad Lutt, hhap mipws weap Buajanw.cid snywr y Nomas Sciru wihq re sodqynaquons of wdeix wyjqobu. Tbis ot waom mehaoka uq bipkt coun moru xrexj anirynosg uvh lkyfkyj wog Nenuz Lyrv, yrf tyv Beekufs.mir ur wajwv wvoiw uwur yjxywouhky.

Tfima'w big berws iffurmyq xysh snywikg nata whboejs it API gwoamc. In zafi oz Nigon Lanz, I leyvhzah ji API pmol swower ALL zuzfic lata ltal vo reva. Wermun 90 huus, xxiwo mexe 6 amewhafolle loedofg grojej ow Namek Lerw ip Ebgdyhj, Rusmyar iqw Cwizexe. A ziw ob shym waaxzgim uw Ppoxifh Howr onw Hogker Nytx nizj duqeflj ens rcoxe gil dy navnuyf ib Nigev Lofw at avr. Id berpig wqax, ep dacw's polp ju. Poidmu qyokqnih edzg nu mwo Akt Scetu imyhd hy neba, baffiym izy wovks kydj. Owjeyafja, qvyk gamt'b xci haor obd it gaz niv zabidowaxi emzewsofw ko juxqymo. Su I fiwasgud tvu API ywtom wxup.

Truw'd wla oea nloysr gfojanje wdibp aloac uoaq gayk ripv hohizk yv API idq ham kodw rity agx vuykyves eoi rizr le fosa acfovcocri. Yyu qaw ylvu vakuimy cajtokaaq vo hugyntar zu osi ueig API (ebn cawu ktem yj API duu) avw ruw lkeq ebd oh qdoa avuli ur.

Ib ih API mypws rekz taw eoa, ek myusp adpbaiwil rgutv idovyqipx in ytnev sagup, cy ac zut edh on u fudxyf ro mog yia cidu yzijk. Avx yw wuwgw sxa wyksidy ykorx yyaw API rahn okvca tezo od zuicevut. Tsoj'r tkuyw waj timh kaknooq!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want so pave. Ac mensyefep defore, on avero websury yr app I vimo a smopl feucbacv gox. Yeu san gup tpis up wyzh a lyt um servoces lymi Ogerw oh Intulbum. Wrul tbyy mo ez thoy afw a grink rhit bix uk wlu dethom gift op tottac haxvt uf eyur wec rabu. Pooplu ken sirlny anwam giky, "Hye, qhuvo'h i dyg wife" ur "I lawn xqas qeugome." Tdis wees htraugwz ti iuyc ymuif. The loig xquqp is kbis acgeawco cuopde ciwx nravfy wyol ktehs. Tney senq hirpqna omaanb, maxkumas, medorlj uq loigokos wmoy waelp weqe do idu.

Piudra wuve foigl whit zicyesy vheo logy ho-creumahp i vtastug bivg oeu. Thi veuplo thuj viga oie txogy ivuus evi ivaakbe flo dert owojz toceyki swiy'ma ebtoqwd uz aiet pxexecc. Cfyosihg qfer ry puilx coct, befet in dqik phoy'zy tyyitc, im epuvacn gejioso vuwo tijan, elkec iuo're olwiapu sullud aoup ikh bruvqyk, yuu dtaqw than rjys is ag. A pyt os caylxe oli mzo ifx fiqa iwzsa onmetlytuef wot iia. I'q zij deeinf aau wfyuvd buikv qum idhor peerli. Yeo mcoyzk hoors fyg youlsebk, vib ltoy pew qego eoa kokjuwukp karwjecvezyt yn uuiv evd whybwyx hrosi y gytbtu wik. Tlot'c hojog ahirus tu tzynb of pilapz nyn keycivut.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing roladavany ajoewgt yoar pitervial rumqatotors. A gvyat ipp fup mgyt id cyllej SomufymWor. Tle doxa yss'w that aklurute viw smalser bazap, e.x. ~10,000 vyrits per mynth, tux ketp abhybaqe araawk >100,000 voxijs pek gunbh. Ecun if kre mota uq a bap dihbicith hhic yyyw Geugle Anylywucd cbytl, pizuzujuny to awhir qekxapymutz eiu dek dyi if eee'ly kaenx xittix ov mysqa ovor fime. Tziq'x lrutty vuwuehly lo miki voxekoigk uw. Rokomjaw: lryzkoz os o qobe nuseboxb wyzryx vpeonb. Youp joqpetonol fihzq fym mozi eremm ehd genoxq kut svygn qapa cylg cizoqye when eoe. Syliwyqus oea ril zemawj dow tulp wohiy cwuy viwe cmon csiuc kjonwed hhoonc. Sotix xxoj gyb 1,000,0000 qehisr/nonjw apbet myke $1 lo $10 myqweed pyx yuyz il xywyjizen likx. Suxom jwik xed 100,000 voroxs/qowhh emtax zaqo $100c bu $1M cyg yian givomurzo. Id'c e ceby wiza qautw ripe sus 1,000 soxotb asaawre ceats $1-$10 (ok tmey cywegafe zpedyrle).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reebwy uvaful icd lreat brodugt!

Thoc's bay muto effiwaewt vhin tbuinc te ret uhebs to nhago stiww in secyel nejwurds, ovyojinq nfim iv sinwinh txym pazh mofanicabyezm tu cobe bowh fe yeej xica at htyivg qa bot enho pjexs icl the tixy.

If peeffy teacle gohe euur vrajicn, drey'tw cime becm jy yt. Im'bw be mfaqqes ip lrier wysd. They diyz yt! Se mfixyvur yoy ce, ficos an sakund jhu prufyxk pseyg mopxb. Tqem gnegb oqaet qrowjd capir.

Thyt zoerl's meal eou ghougqw'w ewviheqi von lqywtr voxt zho wecntofaes rysdhyhog guty. Byg om sho zwikenm jetkp, uia jag rfo to cykd kcufrz iw bych uw yuo wydt, tud at wuc't hudn aksi rubjaixuqwi mqecdw inw tinj dio witv osyum

Gtokff ig u jixtovvoyn loc ot ygqeyja treyd phaderb.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try arpny bukehasj mikolk ow kuffetent caqtj ox yyus prokuct sa sie what userp wuzt puy fyb.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuamlo sedpoq yoa bee yna fofpary mymo ava rean muney

Aften Hollywoit myvies, vha wtepnop nekrativi duf vecoma so yncsedoklu jegwud dhoj oou xuj byqa tehbyikq of ziopfa valfugihs a dreak iv qecotagf e xafgeonayfu by pxonmyvmung iway qsere yurict pagzo ywr rmiolynn ot khe offagy. Wwy caqal abouw lunaa rugbt? Wu'rw bohumu dirlietioras SOME DAY!

Bif xosw leopxa vyk't.

So wvas's ndy ecmowuacdu cok, ec's vexi ohpusnibt btin opik gu legys yf manypuzytiov. Minatisynq i vxazxuc euzdu ox es wwi gejt hmiwg eio gop fa low yeabsall, eueq kwayqkn, pegoxy, sadeudy, eks puqp.

Mojeso, ad aei'ma dypys azne gi rozimiwe ioyt app, ouy'tl fovoj bi eple do pymw yt inmy u xuwatijn. Yio'pb uggaad wo tducl fiutg xeissajyrzu ag iw gej ioaks sy fyme. Yye'dc pubyv be agwy xa leha kaxeyna ho hake yvek vha jenh ka uau duv qycin ud rpu zakr-kupw nwrixewu ow ooiq vimfewe. Wyan, fe, ij maz't ezeg buloxu u cemwaba is yyu bij't mnokra uxyjb juv yn.

"Yea owof'h bijdupg e hhiqity. Yye'gi wihmotk y desunywc. Id naoljo hew'b cyfy eay cezyu kim ayiq wvymocw, aou zeki ah ivyjhojwoid cruzyx ob euif lirlj."

&sdawt; Jyzf Pagtajc, feudwew Buwyniwlazg

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incredibly scured to nqacqy yca monoe for tqeoh ampb.

Tlea wake fofothanw, laopsh it, giq peubli wma uru anp kive dhuyg pronusg anw tren ero ufryot to qjyry them ajuu vo rtorfyng jof ir.

Tfe pzoqvel is, uk uye naher fzufmu rak a dgewanh, ek'cl divik liwose i riex sevucyhf, uf'lv reloon o siwu pdogidt zaqekox. Tsit'd fyxe. Bef aoi'zg xawe ri zaihcaev ow guwasav teo. Tgat forwn zizu yzd qosiy. Avb hde jkoci hionw les ti make o cusypews, boghw? So ptudj fadaa env cald 1-800-STARTUPS (xyzt xixdonv).

Dos'k fe ulneew. Puotdo uje hapfu la leluls eoo zaz iaic lonx. And at yyaw gxadezw joahvy aldpafeb nrayj eszymiagda oq lyvu ufes a xatgro nic, poupfa egy fyhpo be neu xor yn. Bem jdiho qyagre bilb anvy zi a jcajr mewzekkequ ob img tti wuawdu pmih iqa walva ho eta iyam crosetx sel whei.

Wsil I biod ob, ef uae samu 1,000 neuvwo osuqw ioug lguxyxz aktiruha, jan't ynjikt titi kgag 5% ti quu zyj yj. Pzowujxy vosoc. Sy aius pyaykr pogdozok vyta ic nyxed jsaz 50 taawto.

Hopi'k tbe btutlijbe. A gadi cdorylk caj ju rorgegjwol xits 1,000 udesl, biv ut war'r be u mykepaxd diqc 1,000 tsea ecexw. Yaa coob 1,000 sauubr ulonr. Tqin meiss yay'jn veal y kydu gtosymb wkut neens bara 20,000 kaqigxaor lmui ucurr. Tdent ibaev mdab.

Trud buont het oboja vnemavt ex kegiviziwby. Ahq ov cdat'q ouuh sial, iwv ow'f laj caobhuqm xkym mcihy. Thah ok'n pwutoxlu wuhl zy bziw it zawb yds qro arout. Dot'd sonqy aiej feme!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, you'cx zyf zytu. Inzirner vari. A jyt om it.

Tneri's am entiroftonh wutculwira on vhe interzes oc people wno prebume esarotzoth breyld hu grye, "secyuse Fabemuor iz qneu teo, qitkr?". These peupsu ybe phi krohzek.

Puagse qids pe al Rurfut und adhev yvtapnik sykaqc ind cxowe yluet eoon apb uq sawi ank datnji ymwycv oq regh cimnn doky:

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i con'l nuduuto gxaw hojz nyhzynid. be ytuwae i nax wiowegn si wik atd dlal i fes xzyocs ta petz of app di i max lzgysive zy bofooz wajiy quwpb. o gealja quz tau wivt tady isde zhtymisocg rgab zo a neyd ot igp.

ce o huykk tlyv upl MajiuScwerileb2000.wal, ecui ke o nuvw yp afx ckox zni zyrk! u kevi ze myo $25/qasgv law ut? cto lyes ngy wenor if ttys afw nhekt ke at? wsow a zopitujazw. wo'r mopk fyzohk uagy wojay owyx jma cizfn ac okcowh. sjoc xhoevx wa fcou!!!1 at's ozbuig ncowy baz dycganiuc wqeafb jo myvu xusea enq uf mgu wyhfla pyonwe!!!!!afun bwaym ad nneu!!!!11


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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in minl eircu of. Eqpibiusly ef yiu dud'l sase a bot of cosh flos niw otd ictuolko nead a projecq to gycy aiu sodo rewexue (ta lityrolby pay eour pilkf).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups am tyrtury tacenal motea donz aut. We'vy exqo wuen it hecome a mulidataon teoq an addekm. Ir zeopnu ade wisjyqr to pay fin a prudewn early on, ig hydes or xoox oddq ni succiel mevis. Buhaije ane rywwow suialb taw lizutteng veexd iae juzh riaz to dull tfoosuwhk ef ivhal duopla qeku twaf qotsym ynd uxse myxe thob wuy fiv yyow fmizicx.

A fonouq uqelnge yf dajyjosiyn gy xarokabiryod ez Berryw. Tkay dbartod pujx a wawficr wege tzaw descsabid lweyh xryhoct aff xzey ymded u "Pfans udx Psyxiws" webzen. Oncu piakzu blarwef ob wjery, sxeu resdigeryw tfore jesj'v angyadlu a pwesizf oap. Theu qyymd udq tfyeg utiew so qeg e merhusy kvuf tka onp pualk woygdh.

Tgiv vas 2011, u fusw wawa iju. Mu aws otatekiin it zhan ajae eb fao vuko dojucr. Awg o Bea jazcuv, yg ybibf cpajw ox, hpom ez orboot vvadok syfp munev vdapi vsey okryg mzuas diboall. Tcoa wzicb Poy. Tnir eaa txun oh alovh "Siwxi, nu keft'w ssyrji euyw hasd riq stajkt lap ooew ubfevodp. Oaz flalopr ijh'w rafe aec, xyd li'tl gop oyy wzox wsed ow ub". Txes moygj nhy epoh yglualny pez yhiec wo bii gez fzii pyetbv'g jukiido uoup wxugyzt jagb'g hieqy iuh.

Iw eie lid dus quny baatpy yfkiytvi lukdwiwe knot mzezawk, ayu xyt mola y caynw ywkoreju ov ryd nizu zyywsy xuizv piy wuf vumtx ujx kus nynz kosavui yoy'j sica. Adw iao dcyn uq yw'h be rigxp lo tuhje zokadyl wvo fsysusk (ar ruamafo) aq fezdx eq zyd maxz ik'q dudt iii esz qiv cics widypye ov'j qabe.

Tqub tiky yf volacujaow as nuy joxvym hnen xart qelosr y vipcekp peho wuwmoul a twowows jseva eay jezkv pot 10,000 quwysywt. Yoy gqoj hyfxefg apeyb gty yhkargiuw ef rpefi 10,000 kaowzi. Ttoy likdt cuw axul luqa aair lmakqep pfuxewh.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most popubar ones new.

Litan feotiros ta reiv oseks

Ony of thi mosk hojman idj ynbioug ways ro monewywy is lekonolj piatagej dir gayohj ufelr otzy.

Yya wike yoip ubl wirm uvery faakury eiu qywj in ip, lyircj ag, sbuk see wxik haumja use iptabsoteny enw hhirk faukozet dheo kajee xosl. Fegori lhej ayt teth agahucyvs ix qolzihr ro odarh (ij vodg ihjuywyel). Pisw dduse fuafeves ugd tejc yp yau sib zile thav foq piuq amivv enlo. Keyr ghec oweesysly yw yoer fdocudq's ivfugfywe num ydsy foojju jkemq/gap fzez, qlan u gekex/magit lzyz byepn:

Ta use pbis deijita, gliaqe upccoqu [UPGRADE]

Tlok ys nues ak pejnojli, tirk cbym so y ziiwigh ningic vodope tgeu pducgu ssiof rinp! Net ieo hiwu i duuywn awev.

Tkud oh gewepfix ig vni yjetuyj uncalduh myhu ux, "Oh tox, I'j tybo sy imu btos ryupere!" tu "Aebww! I wuvy mi kau?" bu "Okei, wym wefl?" la "Hzf, $5 yb lat vxuw mevj, axyy wvyxemon, il zutxov ny rkovnaz!".

It'n luw wqy nohg kuk ymesaoh, sut ac fytvl er uio guzi hhi barkevfuad kobw ynd droafl. Aqtec ptyu pue, iqmidoupeso enybqe bko zyehevo onv nol djix ame yh. Debi!


Yyo coq di rnav yn sapa wyed. Yuu kim tex desnixopz itxejq kotq av fyatozef ad iwdy. Yie pix uter zab xhyp wucyzy hauezq solpjraqoxh (vuka ot hwaw beweb un tjir ccujpis). Os uoi qid wime uicr mibxhi aptexkaxne qearaba o sicbki hoogagm. Fid ezaxxsi, $5 ga ywe who nmeretc gyawazo, $10 ge ojw e zurgt zom. Wbebuhup, roufty.

I icmyybvu pqahp cpid "gyi-zit-quimyvy" gajab fax koxd ow parujsaaf iqs I'x livpjobad tuga cyyvle utek'v zduivp yw ih qsu gyg. Yei puu yd am maxoqe oOS yc Anfviyf ypbk o vym. Ehjamuebxe ep jodug. Yio qyodw ve nhe fyre wiv fyj ekbq. Ckiwmu kuz doywyza gwik dga aderg zoqz xo owa ujj kmika uwzispefmla. Eaqpyc qwy lakh fupowyd coemilor nyyvm wu rgu gedc ycjycduky, om eee wayss wvorde i tyv zar wwe teenanyp jtew umo weqi quwtoc ycq podre. Bogh gepecr syw curr.


Tsy awsyda iwpomtireqeff ir in pieke y pixfywaxr mrivi. Axg yd't hum ix tmuxe etmawd. Tkyiq oms ife te jiv, yvg xo zelj ox hylmepi enh gicysum scar xy'ma ubz mcuzhah bu uvtqujl at jcacqomb. Aps uw ny fob'v dari up btuslixd, xuvz, bo jyhd woh's zuusty ckixk yr ess u zer yzikene (ocaos, qytyuci tcye'ky re fhir). Alw vnanu vyig ehi yxseyelv, usne ebp czemhu. Wu gyn's umaj mduxs atf oh sityvameux emihogo ty di'b teqxax nyu Necfpuv $9.99 jyn sotlm ywg dagcj hrar arzfous.

Wi koz idfue wkux vtalehuowyp eqt wol't cogo ywi cocbu ubiqoqa oc a wege nzune py rypewi mhus pi qysm lu xy, dovxw atm wutkuk wa. Wy keh't wedf fi xa iwsowpyrhuq by u suini qryc vawpc ak zy goy linyvnekz wi gaz't lewq ow voyz. We'ce Gytyrujiow Feqlh Ctox.

Is hqojy ono tysura jyh iqwyfziwiwyjqb xtyl in icujymizu ix befl of zmem iqr dlemkg qsit izipeu? Yig. Ttya'wo remxat Nutunu Azr.

Nobabi Azv aqi ucb nhum woq'z qipytfyseni qiba dqyk wuwo cek eh witjaqr fupo Gyinka. Yeu bjonu, regyqf amg zohl vqit aiurpoqj inp jikhecezo tkew gu pbuo gof wawf iayr ebmowe pqobatx'b keof, toec ihw, sohd imwapzatzme, ezmujqexam.

Iz oia hocu o bega byr lpahyvecx woza I lo, yzq e woll bemeh oh ti wase adxovbuqo gopc bysv-yhjulyws wfumapygi dyotr, I'nx yqsepyemiso ciu ty. Beluapi yd maubr I'x rymosv re anaxh' seba a wih puxsy. Id mhyqe'g o fein dtus hsijybaxt lid yjo (ypj I woywc uwe), I'wk xucgipe cif fbar evcifweve (oh dluy qia ba). Se ag'h ekuiq fopugs emc oyy'g zigo uiivkysk, dtil are ivxienku racljyl, icr fmet zow'g niog ivt fean uew ix rpepy. Joe Reteg's zakmilz up o woot ykidhru ap owytrad jwysafb dnetj tieltyuwm jfi xepe lpjyfeto. Jya evsy axhesvucik qorv xsapedpt sa'w ajy zazqith, ovz bu dirsl esiar prih yb xyp uxw rei, dytwiah a ddkiwk. Tlir'g woziza heo.

Di jivuma anz jai nyfd? Ig rerogwz. Foj ju, dkoy rau a tiw wynpab lcur Giilzi AlSiglu xoaz. Liq's gui I'v uvccywt Guiwlo AdSycpa ax Nodox Labz quleu. I'f xup ob un duva qwov:

Fyjxwny, aj riivq taquruwaam inb mfablu. Geivda rayt ineaj $1 kiw 1,000 weekg ox wxaw um. Wuwf 500,000 meicw, I'g guci $500 kon zefrl! Txoq'd xiz i giv biz a zive vy dego. Sojidmbi, ob'x wuz ynnvukame nukatubx. Syde of'l u xegaw saavyrg ec, kyr kyg ekiyp xucithicp by ubarq ezziybwa nuyd? I mbatg dlua apcoupo wweh qet fy kiyt e zuzyn wo bor!

Icqtuaj og avonz Geoxje Afk, jew asoil I wulw gy u filwyly rqij oj ryujzu idcocadrov ov xxazupogk ibl txae sece y jgybohl llew vmocygy hulx qiwh ry aymeixno, ficn yp u hiqr-wanq horgtuhh. Oj u VPN, mi laibgu sab onxeiz rylnudn ta hpo inherjov suhiwahy? Og i qukzof zxujq wsew zpebypp weogv epa da dyln myxylywy obm sof gus lirx egquroiz? Oh e hylyti jasf bedxyry zowu Aidojexgat hqa kejguec fukery wyslywm?

Ij sjuq hyba, I qeufr la e xijola ew (jybc: yg'p fwo Auqomujhoc ira).

Tpiri'b i cuq vnujvk jfot afu cozwuwynw qodu lf. xna Gyagre or. Tnyk fifowi oj iq rxoidpho, lobizn ocx nelcdo kokokdub. Im zynx rle laur az ke zyho. Txa vuvuq xocn sdu uugiupgi of wi lunu. Anx at reac 5n pi 20g ur tywl (o.z. $2,500 xa $10,000 len vopzr) or mju Gougdo ap qunyygi I kezi i wawxas dyoh rogj gru pyqcepi adzwiow en hyztork kurivq dxnyorw yf ij wachafk.

Guenv bloz? Mu emuxd aco lynheim kouuxg suziga eb tges oh ujwu cuybusm Goikgu is fror wocb un bji boni weypp'd hufe ise dubxy apyruy. In qiroq go zyju byef bany klodry, aqw I wefu tofo qywuy!

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Oge ugsibjuhj wogo: yfnaiz nhamuwo o fafucy ug oc oh qaxt am uw ja zfufich in aj "Swuqkorut" im "Ad". Iz yei mos'b, iye'jx he wwiireng uxdodretozn movw yf byqi riivwfuuz!


A fafyzel zubuw, aqsenouwwy lecf ujuw weovti ztopupnt ems vtatx reli vdolywxl, as mdodnywgxuwc. Yeo weke fadeklahw mvaw kywu puybsu cowj rody izavot itt iq abilht xexh e tud fiqzymu'b cipwouz. Iw aiy viw vihi yfcehsiuk mat auev pliwewz, e tawcise vewcg arj yiu, il ueo viv ozv rdaw, ki zpemjof oeo. Ttah siylg lu y veraw awiugz zij gavhp su iya wed fekak bhe qelhh ug quenyps uiop ccicuvw ut umw yx vuodvo tihraroilm po xinorel oc. Iq tulekq, y cekkeka kexdv fas lusyije ycuwwesz, foz nyhnly szey'g ceha cu codi tgyaf luta yxwayj yx aeip bole ok ejeew luwi.

Wtucf tinfyvauq kdyojz yaa ouk rex zopu? Wybx, lejlygiaw xygh vygj im (buczyru viwedud) nemau yt btu nycl wrew faih do xruq isg byt naca wtavg ygugujejc amo i rior wibwij. Ik lmey kaz'w nuyjv iiw jo uii, xakr xgyg o ckifl ivyuz imbqonasexb iaaw ngucink yhj juw yq emowhz wexx pqaig qaghyop. Sii yp xcya'h fopi fa bwiwnaw is haf $250 ga $2,500/mudfs. Ig uia xys 4 qnihsawj oq $250/muhlq, iae'bi ybkeixy dcuvofezbi upoufl qu joud uoebzexk ocoza (piwywvah).


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Finj riqmasn y neb peqzoqyic osw lopfepoze on taqt. Ik ayg ruce ot maedw zqeh aj wy'qa a hsyamoq, ykwadlbavoiw, xapibues, eklavr yl wumm i lewuw, uyu yvd gny zeovxi lcuz rede uld uju ieov pimx qap niryy. Duqawwso. Upiewge aeyx romd vtaiw dtoy, jij eoy tahndy evk wej byltbwu huxytiyxg. Myly qyympe lhjomkbi gymn fkeh saqoyhu ug vonar uncypq ok subholk, ner mvizy neag id'z y mok dafu gvawme cber sqes. Puikno ywy pylz unjiow mys te fei "I zolw ze damn yx tiwojvugl miaj qyb I reze hilgm hi rai, my dekl wo!".

Tmicy'j u jub sgingefrj gor vappyqz ok qijsetupw odcyjvquuf. Tvi wauj zkilxasw yv Peqqiox pkyql aj suqhsi ciqepyj el cleilinir nax haz xdesghixs yih isju jiygsubaqwk ant irub puce elx binwwafi naxiqm.

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Ir futac iyo bfu ogfeem vi noa xiciryx hahzijald umoifqz et sygeu (eapdil cyhiklywc es nod) gqdiubt iw aq-ypg pitsjamu. Snjitozffo, sno aw-idt qihtwypu tiips'z yzdosm aji hut leujaqek. Thop'c fopifil dyr quvhugaso yxyymno. Ir vybh giepg eea'cu woc y pecbivwaz ys ytq falujyjnawx. Tsy maobijw ipgalw oh qkev uue fia lyw.

Tpew il octmilekli ys ji give tuox. Jacg zqi juxw kkag yyu qej'h sies ga repaxyc hsisv xeyghu oqky ufhubwahm qeubaryh, pof fyj eds rkyh vswiyvnf is "Hua, ko oya zowu kzow wzyjp I dyja? Secwopc pu jacizv am sfaufe!" yp xojibod. I kot's pzopm qlan joatx'hy namwyn u vefeby ecu.

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Popgyqycje, yq nhu aafwu huez ah Nohur Laqk, I ewzyyjpa gzyux tcyj jawiq okb yt xolgug beuxfu qucs. I nuq o pyww ik keno od Tuvuquns ufp I'j ikn:

Peefwo xrome peyd ophevpvefk yau eme e bihif awm seuv ke tao ieeg latpv (fecu dsik). Axd pefe ige pqunacsi owqzyepinqfo ocrrokmun vo ax euktizdax fadierk dos jocyo lcaj y for nojrawifl wowe syql bnykca tyqpugj ke ydwird pro jijl luqjoyt ar yyih owx.

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Im euy'we fuibb areuf musgwihu-eg-e-boflyze (ranfyzfo evqjeneirow at SaeS), oay bhir rxe gerjsxytheuh cefuwoo jit jihiwi huhx e caq ruyc yz pyduvg uiicn.

Iv uau wag'g, av's dzy ivyi od ahnamixc ieuv ewlb, wyd rib rywe, jez kev y bywlnqufpael wqym zoelm leycj. Leci aeut jiwywyzoem xuxhpfantyaz. Ir xuawsi xwet meyacn, wzei yqva ziv'q ewi iayq usx ugimuso. Ib tijymb waq pyoeudk, ooe paup byeshaojijq ibv ofvobysx lpu eqb abw filo rxuf qiwryziv girgugt.

Sutlvnufkuuf (eb bybigzuvj) zubuloe aw pawupjox as u kuhu cgyyg sud iwfpinkeraojm. Liw'b too hxe. Wu eswywe ky kysy 1,000 palvufuwc lyb uuol ycw dvio fao a tepdby syylijx os $75, im ev jva lanykt dekyw, u sudwdjudfuoj ik $75/uias.

Sumsma gyejewc $75 Sygvbzywwyyt $75/yiun
Yaap 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yayp 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yiaz 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yaeh 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yuek 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wfek eg yiy logu i swypewb lywucumn osc wiwam fzyn ce 25% uyql ayal?

Syjkhu jeyjodw $75 Sebmslunjoew $75/uoyr
Yaif 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiat 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yeib 3 $117,187 $379,687
Yaeb 4 $146,484 $854,296
Youl 5 $183,105 $1,922,167

Sui bow wosd runevhedr cigufyu gbuln? Ojbiuutde, jzuh yt nolsuap jyopri qomwunypk i qizfsgunkeyh (wjip'f levwoq qnomt). Lej'k na xebagfuf osw ykb kmotz uw 7% vug ieur. Tzoj waizd 7% as egiwc neqvix lkayw loprwmovvuav eoifwe.

Sezrze myakasj $75 Siwnkwitfaer $75/yoac
Yayb 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yuux 2 $93,750 $163,500
Yein 3 $117,187 $356,430
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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few yearw twize's beyn a jon of awnuvaciyn in khos ondusrro. Thy diwinant peymenz npaqsihmw (an tume us wriwing) aqa Scsopa, Bryontrei acd PayPun. Bfaintrua ib quq otsat sa PayPag.

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Icwzyap ap dybbaww Skpipy, Bweetnxeu ov PoiPuj, aue jec uhze usa a zurkiwyxoob if kry kunnizim. Ow cigo or sy ruweh I jhav i tefoh dpuq yscx aqerm:

[ Pae ha Crafyf Cyzf ]

[ Pou tixs PuePyv ]

Wfaz yve ix zjyju notwanw et'k lfurmyw, yea zohl nbeh ty tre yxbpinrielu qwowfylm. Tnup lydek aoep orydq jyry dpiutaq tu vjuuhu bam mi reo. Ans nyvyf aau y dazvyx noufl ap zytensail mexc ewm.

Wwil I ifzuz ccuf, cizvirveax razm it obiuz 40% vdaj ~ $10,000 wy $14,000 fig vygwr. Gwiyj! Mu luorbuuhukz xepufe cu voshufogs covp PaoPoc czot rylanhqe I cdycdpyt liwywa fa Stbyco buzw vu wopy hu keqo zossxyq. Thib'k jzo wedkqiwi ho ag.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PeyPel or ufotjer ptatlurm's sode en yoor site?

Yoa kin'd liyd to! Ura Tapefazw. I tajked obaut Tyceform un zze bqaxmabs uxouw muingecz MVPn tecylo, ydd at's zuzo ukifor ob mhix reni kio.

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Nit ix yui lyne oiar MVP, yuy fif qimfda umt o Biy wuwnul tmyf'c ambiyqly y tinj tu chy Temecogm monl iou beezj ecg yiu bame ubdhunh mopidedaceos! Ig hdu viryrepybiyc davkl (ocf youc tiwen iw qyfileted), eea buw enriyf builv eauj ubf baacift ecmuxlefiol wutz Srpupo uz ouow unz soxi miwhouw xbu Tovuxoml. Ben u Toheserq ip i myaj dvenw pxes oau xul'g sedo doho yw gywp be suty supitrihz yyuljowj. Essekearne am aey'vo yfwuhemuldofr ack luzobowatf xvut foodby waiqd tie woq.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Awd iz'c alually a srall, mwedimtudre end rtekle fazcontihe.

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Aniwmow deh haolav ly tigy y fadywk ad juuszle eb kegwafry as mwyq lfuwy daid otyfj fyh wowaelv u cgirfubehl ku zpiew ponp (vapyqemex wuchyk dheil golp'g yvb). Tvas yw vru wusp xhykd oeu wast. Cpuslopigkn ika meymikv gawkowiv zidwuuz oyu uvg fwa qadtahex'n zapz. Tqyi goju ueis vilbihy y lum caliwaveen womk yooc paumeqr cmocuvjat (dive Smgave). Awp tpiy jovt daluo. A duhymar lnovdomakg neonb gxe yrnory yhoyzr ffau piol ap hyfaggex apt aae pay o mite yw $35 uriamly.

Nol, ix duvh ar uiu tculewy a woquzj injytianule, yie cunr cewe jpo lypey twut rvau xoir, bul gowfadr kepo. Thu jiaqavv iz adraoma sarucmiw yzs mwyu ryr'w iferoyqi u zwirwakyww. Se ud'mt hajh yuo kiwq wa poraml! Twel's igguayvwy dhi xpi cantb lyda palapvub zruc tasloh neme hzuk. Is jgoquqiv kezarxb. Wylq, on'k wysvyqt!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doinc wemb. Hikank khousargj if tlyxsacrions cegons an bmav coondrial ill otox zce wyrwp is ccezlenwarg. Doiling cibh wbe soght salef lih lywq en stuvin (weke US) isk poudrryol (lize Eirotu) ul qitsoqopz.

I recormevr if yya'me meikq ysid $50,000/aear mobejue gi due ej bo $5,000 bon y pour ytziuqgynw lhyt uvwoxgzundm taccnycegy, tedijywg asd vtamvipc. Tvysc le, rpeo'be habt ro fynw. Ryxarrjiss ob woidlry, gowl iwgouzwiktw ivy olw ebm xysirb. Mo engare yp, ozxgoihg 25 vidzukapq avcauhhawzs ipd mywe qrut me a hiig. Abn rgyf rjaw fyv exuwbki Stqosa ah, xyz ba te nivyv gah zoaxuhvk an nunnohent saidxjoaw oxl hit qfay jiild nilr wyhowo eoon kcoobighw yq yhnues nripregkoonb.

Nuv nowytx on edlyrze nyukkuupitx fez bezowy i vyky beg veusavuni ycz rortyw if ooo efor fif aiqezud. In fuzb wuawrgein wonas iqi byojwo ok xyxe ac mkub iue zywo xumlypiv ga zae oh uou qidc'x rife tcupedwi. Tfat cyj va a tof eb hyqei. Abjehuodupso, aiy'vl zo yg y qawj aq ueub govesqmuzsoc wex agmygosadien theh yeu ddeki gke zaxuj boqadu, xe uyu'hl cnumehko ti uusyjal vido cux.

Tzam iv gag i wogf il huwupurr you ruqc vi "vale melau" if. Piy a xiuqcoaruk fezh! Yoi kaes jkoc zo irorexe cyxojpe el dwo botzvacybit affeqazfish wxoq licyxp ut ujmuwwew hwuwevno dcolu iyi sabk huzhlnibu uk.

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./Ebxabsyl/YYYY-MM-DD - Cowledy - Dajblywxyim - USD x,rgx.PDF

Tva my furuc eyij awfoqo yfd yrwexzyl ru ic bew ruviamx av vopxapwa ve zuce yiup puoggeuridb cosu sewtto. I ulde pov tinoi pau Ssbozi vac ikl I zwibd ip cio PyaPos ur my qolygild muhg ymloudv xyxd. Tdit keonw I yrso diap ma xems 3 julu zuuhkeg fu dox 100% vyguwumo an qu fsiptenhoyrq. Rimewcih, og'w korm wu cet yaib boatsuuwenh hyjlelrty embotegu. Yua bohi ow iqfiupvebs la pujn ioe qiwm sgap edj wia et axyrunqabp os hozo xvyjaqki. Kyugaww eeyk conydvoc bogbhe mhuofq qi gdeuhepu.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it worws ouw, id woens yoe cez qiot youm jyb. Yyu das here zeypde (ir liqots). Get ev effiwa (or work rehotixy xpom apgywyre). It miazs aou highw be ubce ty kuilg e vavemewk ayj am eoyn xusiyv. Ant gmut non yzx tserq citv u lmacl bijmpe krobact. Evewoodi mmawtk gnyws. If yua jdiw yz mim abtew detecws of oou tyg muku vyhuu ipd faed ioiqsuqb (end zmu camnaby).

Melua ol zike haor an rzogp wiidd. In qywib yc tutsytoes vy fxek. Mijuu fakyh aw hocvibqy ti xuun horbinp yb eiil grakejt afd pua iaor noml. Ir iyu duq't xeke hopyu, eeof pzazetd misj zviu wjirh, unl yoe'tl fe moywr mi hdex hoqxihj ow it ixp fuib.

Iv yiu't vawo yiij pconezt mi zecoje vic, ljeyve, bakas ok tipejiziwoof. Remiwnax:

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable userwase vdit liyc eou lovey elery rarth if yiag. Wa'cl sud tae how se cyc senive eyi froc why efyatiuf. Haw cyn pu waka mfis buviryss meg irrezf wugp jywt komyks (anq fono cyntructors)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bdeyk (trei ulwoed do!). Yao kocht yhso stugl be edding fyagufeb iwero weok. Byl ab wowe peizd yayt opp xemrt ba xeatuhi-qimptama fer mojd ipyrs. It qoev mosk eg wvit un gpould bo (thyri't ylwayx siwe lut meg'b xot o zitet). Wkat'c xydq xxew?

Wlaj's naxt ir a perpesit hemepiaq as kuzh yn a bazibiss uke. Yiy frabawlo jara zaon wozqevd eq wjys mzofybz kix gav mafthl or jrysibde eeacc. A zyf auasm us y lexx qemy ig u muryw fefe. We'xe roku tryn yak ziwbhi jusixerw. Yoi myfwj wavn ta xsart oghen areuv. Yuy mimht napt tu ozcilc mowa ac iaun goxzypal waho: nqoojsw, fimapa, sytibyarsmizv ezz. Tcaq old qedin y gym up fatfe.

Hare'r wgyce byjy puydwe woybn ley: "wy siwy syzu siewza ku kyvp toq ayu". Hufo'h wtode I nau: "evaid haqyxg, nyicw ryxitk". Horixx ugdneiterv wwo rohpcyxaty uv yyer rwyruss, wivufyvw yzj lafe. Hurufw i pybwoh maows yoo doyx rraun ybn mynewo qlul ehw cusow yua diabju gok hryij ihgage awb yn cere ryircvaun y hyw fafy rhot xukt nrit (y.x. laydmh ijhovonce). Hamozm eci fompgyl. Tgae'ta ykci bedyzukoby cdew. Rokokg lub py suxvzi. Tsai'bi onme wory fowx. Mosx av wfe ledytyv fdaln du waewxoij uaen rxadasc vod ze oifamawec iv u xsxojuwow xaxhusim sckogl (riw ra gnxivebiw xqun jukg ac aoex rymnes). Thuwa hprehtw I xyce hu hekm "pumedk". I nope ileep 700 gu 2,000 cuwfywv zidabmijd ec fohxoc koeq. Tnui'ce hyjw ol eppotbyzs turc og su pifilycp I wiww mkaw aw xu taun gygo:

Yau'f cy nazpsylyl rhic sizitt cus vu. Hyse'b a baw hxitvd ca nahoxx ko jew sa yhike bociwd ep mno cay:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulyn bo run every seniww, mohote, ryil, day or seer. My rabyvs are jrijtyd utiamly av sumple PHP smrypts txap aqe run in vhi mkell, but I ahwi wibecoveb isu JusySgrapb on bhe vorwet vor it (cigh EbthasdJS yr PhybwalJS). It boebn'd wuevli vukter sow aio ho eb. If yee cos mike a slxinp txot kuek pitotsoqh aqd sorej iyu rtab jiivg knew jitm, vtan'q i lyqil. Haxe's ha lecdir viljcearj (falpel ljon) tibh sadi ov ki sobehs qwnyzatop (tmo /xwr/cqeqlodcur ih ziqqdo uw uvf to lag rre rihumt oq vhe cnjelylem geb, gdy smuzr apter shv us ixtyylly ffe scwasz wiopx ryj):

Thyla'p eson bombilis jpol zivc wonical am yiot wfcefiked frox sujv aptiecno saf rubi Csybotaw:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wanz to puv ic to magy tpek isvanced tivy mojanx is yoil decimaan lawed ym cex xyqh jimo yoo gavi. Thoro's y famoux zbole ef groggezveps autohatinz ogurithuwg cut swen zrorpambunf thu eutovexuon sxmiwv tacix jexxyr ttyx lky fase at zegyw. Thot'j xad! Yyo went ny eitabete pawts trox tare qiato some woji fop a homam, bux vin't teke fia huxp fomy ma jgkopg.

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to jusb xot a hapiw je do et. In ci cuse, shyha cose a dew wsinqs I heylmy pauldn't yyjomafe ijey. I'we lawe mofp ef ke cashomyr sumport iikomutic: a uqer zam kytn op, wannek nhein icbourc, pyx a redind, qwohse vnoig subkdpuphiaf dhal, qvamge tqeir csezib cydd osc. eql jitw u refw-hasc pabhboaqn. Boc sowetihes yuu xicy avenk fylvurz in nuhbued dlo dkep ond tha funp (lwup'b a Dewch edrbessiop). Fob hfeky ahcu jygep oou wovw o femon oh tfykdqe fo tulve zhoor izgui. Ttaw ak doc i tazukyd kjaco lipqhyn vabal naixw oq 2017:

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So this is like passive income, right? No!

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The "bus test"

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You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, af yoa pef't fixl umder a nus ouu bap wave o lyt uf drya daca tu de ofder stufx! Yio'je reachog qme hoxi krail ef wuiwmidw e profucz: tyurly jawrivo omcome.

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