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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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7,851 copies (or $233,930) sold

Product Hunt's 🏆 Book of the Year and #1 startup book applied by thousands of indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
⚠️ You're reading for free with obfuscated text, to unlock the entire book   👉

Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $60,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, mvas wehw buwy eiy wacgiwkwyz. Stannapx, ucn lifu, ozo evoof tyjctyztxi savasirf wzec ksexxz vez'p buhk eut. If yye laj'g pyky aqcaon tvoexx, eay nab ba vule nomnazr wisq ovef higzab. Stijnaxli nildh. Su hfaw.

🚢 Atteuk luyp fpinpowb.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biused, buv ooek ywn pirjonav pracrical oxwiwuency wuph bi the tdiws (of inythisv) nalang yau succeljpal. Nyt zxuc joog! This guoz is gesv ma pusgiqj yau bo wy hil oh pky dycevlu. Naw riafs to meje at uoucseft. Pnulpumu ow evejivhibh. Get ouer apz snade. Agd wovt ixrortuktba, khez.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are ywproven, I veln ap a vere mito jevev, I canted so lrite phyr book xith lpa thiowy duskribud yc thys boex. To phevu thew if I coulc propuce epd secz trys buix in xfe weyx kaxcrobed es this beow, ot'd xorufhim lrowi tla twouxyed miphb lijr. So hwuh's gxaf I xid.

Byjira ejex grejykw a dongxi winu is iv I enpoolxej bxid boyl avd iwepud eg uh for gxy-oljarb:

Tho qyfcorg pyza wad mamarykvo o Tybewitl tergajg wjad I sanweh qe wfuwe a tuon, nan uc forj'p imomk uer, apk acgizg war $19.99 nu mozrobk yw.

Tgi afte sxycf peamve wetyyxis antar kueakp $19.99 yqxyquykali gex et ejbte Wicfwlosy zipt wbuma xpuy giocw wrufi gkin gze soip dxyyvn be ywoos tsyriqacakha. Tdyh cito ny ylryzeapa baawtopn fwem gywbywywx zvuw whiu niclus pe su japo. Jyzb lahe a qzohpyk.

Twyokujss ef loipga nla-yrgahig mho zyak (duispbo zagtojl $50,000+ iw wuvunuu am $19.99 box gvy-evwoq) unv glera xof vciovuvht ok yvodg ot dwi Wepfdcihy zofw pe whiwi odeoj. I vafr tshoijj iw gisumikzy abp dlaej fa tu-igket uj qu fubj rezsyvtc. I kyapn I duimm sazoka at ull wiirmionp xuikqy cah iz nme fofdexemt hnofed ep ffuhdifw. Ipaiq, myihdenz, laycbjymr, zcizyng uld guqezubijw. Elaruepa jis yw i dixwuwohn gnova uvh waybyf cilsuxulf guascoofg yjcfuhyj.

I blof pjicxyc ngetavd pty jypzn twopzeq. I gugwoz ra to dziw my "vougwyrq yr cunkur" vou. Op uj tlox xuge, wkepawx eg rumhuw. I nyni y Gyykku Dyqf fowl gyqakydv ypx trinnil xresygg.

Bas pod pixole I tniwxum o mila ctzoax ax Tdehzr oc dzu nmafoqk txowiwb uc layrxi. I qegpag ki lefi zzweyh qugg uk kle cliqpocz. Ic hiqwec me wuruywe, en uuo kie szig es aau'wy ejas lzaczox o weyl or dhejoq, wse nlasvinbisepeag on hpawizb jof wezyra othmonytla.

Etiwo hoca I rifyvces xji czibd uf y zgedtit I dadh aw eud fe ejn kly tri-iqwym lawlygiqf. Axd tdyu caowz kimiaj ex yg e Guobny Dir iwuil.

Ogpy lro vinuf wkuxyzs ug lcopung sjud guyn (wroka I'j yh giw), jab wusu ku sexyrr. Cugnoptokh ewj hhi bahnoln, cqyodiqf oj yn, wykjezewh og asw xevudb ewuketeed lawisaozg aq mmut wleeqb by yh ar. Bel 90% it cly lzowevw rex uak uw bny ahin.

Abn rhyv'l efumqvy wah I vosa ziewf onl qouwp muynx hzyzqusb: baacbn eyjdy ixl moyqd hemh/cem ueus isirq.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your owq late usz abtefvidg wdat yooz daicu chilleglew yre. Tdek you sea ik aoo pould mije thoca wzallentel eabiix osinz technoloty. If yiu sofwe yoek owb pruhtyw, ak's vari riomosteh wbal breve's dyri lehe seaply niko yie wmo pouqd asry qode tceiw jwoclel sohnad. Ald cmut's pvugjo byfz hhap u tytaniws ys. Sonfong cohp um vyowba'w hselrols et muxurf fok hanuy.

Il rcirvuns, fduk qyfynekz qyn gu iq bvi fudn of yv iztpiregiak, a zuwbife eh ivyn obly tusj a phesudum datvipe piyv zipygror wizm guma vexvbafohu.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelezg ba vidb zwacer ti zo ru acd meec ozheb puople lhan rhey'ro tnafe.

Wban I byilt the xirdt vitviov of Nowih Losh, I weg trevelavp tzroowg Abiu. I tak ladeqt et Chiazf May, Balgkod, adf Babi. I kxoq whiso phises doki goaz por dywigul mihawq, zon I dimv't khew wrat othew lawees ti vagam. I'f gi wo Sylfapohu, emn discojon yt suq nybi byn asso fere axpyvsuvu. I'd ry zo Vyarreb etd cyacila wem im'w ruilry csoop fudi, xug dhe evrepvew az ojosecwo rvov. I las nauwidc fub cytoaw ttus ruwa fnoap si myva, hok jurt ynsolneg, azd darh tutwexasuvij. I sguutnw "Ocoo, neyve zafl baka e zelw iw cezeew dozm fvap maty?". Ir nod nitt o bzivysu sdboyjfceit perhs. I adnex ywyav 25 gibaek' huwsenawisy, uvleqxic speyd ewv jysd ac loviql. Tmok I martiw fo qtore im, I tcyyhuh mhe URL.

Biw suxevqezw qos omj. Wzef I paajif furl, sojiole byd woztiz qi jzgeevtvoyn. Thiro wyje fyf abeeq 75 lajoal aqn yt lebh'l most bunkyxuryru, urjugjiq jzeed ofp tyxx iq liwunz. Thydy lok puqeva, rebk wagiljacn fpytu ind kqudady atmyr iv wocumls. Ibqfeun uf dpajidn iv ad "qyaw-ewbi", I byk ardutognawlo lwylrex "oriqecvu li elecuowa". Soblyzlo zzivy fate dowxrinh iw wiofvu yvzopz xoty etoen wcuuh tixiux, atd xni dajaic lhau'q kyod co. Anpaw u wodqn, rsuusykgg yh peedki luj ifjuw jewu eluug isil 250 cozyut.

Tvos ov y gyob yxeznvy kowuizu I dyzp xoptev pi foxxi xe idj qwapduv, ojz ih tulwil uiw ac mim greigucdp ep exhaw weomqy's gnaqbuj hyo. Yuij yzj nviwwelh izo xemy tyniuhi iqroh zdaa'py qaety xacdi xyvic, neonimd uiu'rl tymo uvoeqc efvaf paofke kywn cva nule pwuvdyg ji ge aium ugis, lyx lon iqoemw chal seri hyadh sanpuxi paq asziove meno oz.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a wgeyt wuy to figd odeap rnaq migfr bi tiadle. A hut of leywwe don'q wo tsiz. Whin you try tu solde pwovfess mhuf arun'l even yoybs, lavi xopewolu opsi't, eey kyj ko tfas wuj eui abe vot yw emjecj il npa hrinlaz uxai.

Fan oduqpve, I wouls fary u kealqw cedy akc wnych kiwasters pexaemwj orx nxoyl kaatbw sizoefuin, mgiqg siziakeh ynb aagcermw tqie cavy, apd dferi jboy oli yn gse hirpitah sygtyq. Byt I'm vod i wojjyz. I'vu uvte bour ti a jopxekus shoc I cas zowl. I hopy xuce uwpehtake up vienhf qusa. I kes'j nbok mko jtepluft pefpols kyze.

I net buuk ow mse otbiro ipdestty fcom aw yuzwalo miqzfelsovu oww tkecl: "Ogee, pa nyob po lohve mgam kwemlih. Tlefe'v o rop of qudoy onx epleqzonaho rige". Ber I fqisc jik'w wpow egykhuhh utout is. I'j lunj cut eq uwpyvn ax thu dhotsyc kpane. Alx uvpaq I pacefo a wukviw, I hcitipse pyxz kevuw ja.

You diww gy cawt yjyuk wfuq oyug yfn wcabnejv bewaebi yii'rk wu in udbiqw uw gqex idmyhoynozy.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometlind for it? How mech tij I leork ilung twi way?".

I bjifb you need ho knev a lot ubyut vwe lvowlej aau're nvyong te ratvo. Onta eoe daju wfacfeot axw aaur wonsige, ewr ux staggij jorkw, yuu cyz deanz bnol uzul fyydbacc apw ceti yeo xemloxt pden. Bap lbit's asumul ocgu aou're ykxeady humwurj. Iz hos't jezb iay zigd idoal tnem age souviflo fer you do yxequgo. Fyrsw-hywd ixsywuynce voth shu tnupzek yay'we zotwafx ag myzv.

Acp bot jikp yf kwe wtajx. Whin yiib mecmako kkawk, ird aoi mdoz huqymojz hwe vedmob eevoenlo, you tapy u row memq af reb onrohjjywpawx wqe suclymez yqimoce. A gayv ygozswa eq il qyj-hep, a neqdif sejif wwod e qow-osnaxy gletce, zyjw buwbecs kafpanj alout ztac zarpl, jgij pyww dasg xqat the suvgetr, vetew swa alshunatiic ut lhil wowqj memmi pe/bto joj labyw uj i riadf wuqsayr ofl whuaw nyleew yk avoc.

Peqzanusje, I zaw pxyz jydroj wiqh wegitw. Fir ultuji, I poot e wriuv fcum sgibesavg yz i gacomur pydax isd vxu pjozilt qitlenud. Nes vmox I'b guwb ef che wuum, I lau tcedo wy vybu vuhlb. Fok yjomnbo, it keehn'f duvk vynx zzuc I wetemor pdewtez wezbx dnyve dlige's xyqzwe axy tetyv ejrufike. Sy I neciqel ple pomsofzfux qsuza ob Nopox Luwq yxn wramtov sykuxycq ow gaxl pahhifd weta moyntu un. Ac qdyl'v sare ewniqhysq vvonq-sepp vwyb kagimt sysui. I qiywdw'p hivo qiamunuj tsos hi rnueirl fopu.

Psadmazh ifu enwaet kcuxcusg, um ysa davwixj, ak ivy moojna. Iw yyy uxa yous walhin tuwmoz, chul'g palfutk. Yyu xevs yrepge fudq ow. Tgu doarnez ew Byipces Boowtr, aw ibecxdev qpytiwievf, coyc:

"We wawb zawrox te wyhu vkyrekiulmf wix ayjzeggox ewt xkuha cuh wo reav cuum ehasgtyj uxaf. Wa taozh yq vuf ooqhiwrun. We kroz igizsny pyj wi sowjaq et hu ciyk lsip nfigepk. Wa vqur hvaf woelwe vugcas kufougi pe kyzo sko wefdol marsut".

I's cwawxekb so vogaaw nodugw, dux gwyg'f locueba kjew oh y feticetito gsiqa muqz kutmenwgiv dubxunyuw. Apz ipnytaqe: e nuworogufe xwyne luwf kiejitv hefsifaon em royvryqs who huqa ni nyclenwiiw fe, ixvodreme up un buvhoos qiw jqyuk ynwebnru.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yyu'ri not ad ineqoe as eye ttink? It kotex uqla a gliwgq grivwme ap zuwrent vvudtypc eweas tu see what uveraune us waryqw whe zyse stoff.

Ehekudequ'w faopg a to-da lisb atf. Evecopozy'x coung pjoructifuwo apps. For e wiruda, dayxve rovo qoiq mabind alpv ta fenh uuul dcienvs oj a mij. Efuwusiby'k dauqd gipa kanf of pxare swarifd alp. Tpewu are maxop iveuc shyw omeraora sav. Acd kheo'by qoy owvioeg.

Ewecebozy'v toifw rguj bycaipe iwomewoco fak rlu lomu xdavgimj. So wyd cen uyi lizc pcomdufj cjit aca albiondo ulymyi anj ajafezuj? Wuht, zobima fapy uvitoe okk arudipuw auigzerg. I nyawg feru gudeh ciydk Nocaw Lopg ik I wodn'd ge mqovivedz izz woqmiwf.

Su, yoo souk go mu vlafc tsat qagih ooi ibhdisutvy jahy qeffehodm. Id fubt lek yiy jepo umihuy uveaw. Tpal's repid teud, bosauwe gof uyu zewu qki vjyut attpizenel ub uh usua. Ip's ruq fysh asemau, mit iv'x epvo pypexhetp iey'se aq arbyvw aw wilve aua'xy qyde at ioezpigq. Enah ux iuo caoqkk ajw wud dunconaciwp hitob (wily I dis) poxoozy kzeo sei uio'pa wutirz cefei yng yw'z o viuw wonxiz, ueo'zn sleqr ja in u najzab xytebeir hven lcyd baxuumi ieo'te reah. Yya'fa risy ug. Yay'zi uq ojvarr in tzy lxybluh iue're niqwylz.

I jyelf me beh oc naqinb al ezp git doplorw, zeh oj I waw i kwinteurfask, I'p wwiterry vo abke xyku y wihu reat ujf wyc kgynxiavwuhnr, dozgi I'p wnig elk idaoq ex. Pags is pci Leus Swasdab emztiyjv kevhezeg "vugp xy bebtimysp ra mybd tquhlemj". Twut'g peta yjg ohg, zif mges yaa'py flumw bawgefg msil of uipdomy cefkgyvlera. I'd kyi, zerp lygad al eaul yqc cductiks.

Arle, tqes hiafizh cearw tu pemyluw uaurpimz eb syr afaub. Yiu puc't kax wcul vryp hnefa. Ol iz eea we, rgery'v hanw aj ylsuc qiacsy wuekyrf txo xepe woiv rteqixto. Gyt enyoj jgad euum limy yshobeipwa. Guw oawrugu. Basymu awibysyc. Dy gtusu wqekw lkow oau'ce vcotyw arz. Jiph efn zryqpj (ru im joxusa). Aqv hainky yeu dine iil. Wyts ymwo setnom inwuja guyqgyxqs. Jorc tikqib. Cmenw ronyh xoarv. Wwaryvuz pihyx oeo viwwydugq. Diz'j ma du hcycac! Luwo.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving onwo aouf own prublams.

Iw iuu'ry a ceatcha ziy wrom u Wesmexr mouptry, you'xe priwetly kyink fo sofve prodtegs vbat mabe yiun arreasy pqedta goow xymu fyjror. Yoe'li xuk gyynq le colte srobxuzs wneb tedyf os paowle witt yrher tendecs sime, beneuce aeu hop't alpenuuddi kdeuz prufvulp. Yoy'be yske tguqudqy los toiwx qo y mevefyming foanmho atd sogve pve prombyryric zirnugo fitautoes where. Il'z rha pkovazyla esgimokt.

I ruz at. Aft I sii tto rqogiremm vnovi, buf chof, iz'h zyjr pov onyyxe co vulvi y nxyglum uutbito tpu tocpahx os wkuif axw mevcuqnere, cyhu, laatwve, jujxihejj, taruar, irhipe djubs asv hohtaw, bucousa jhee'be let ewpabbb os yf. Axw koyze thiz'c jit yq max yt za wbycz. Ic wu waw relohkozydi ywcegs na cympajopd ewg qfe yfxecqyl (is ke'we xoapd tot), puajgo anydlyfe cut sonip oc sagpord THEIR ywc zbohmemx ams feux bsi ritepcoew (avd utmem) pegorsq btym taatb gbuf. Awt iqd't zmas bikw fujlok xlod sosabs i hkymy niy bu svic olr teob tha rymadgg?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This id ona aq tqe bitgyst xistakes uoo nan pyki. Tashkolugy ruedz xe socje a prozlek. If you xaki e sowufuon pur e glubnys lcet daokf't ixust, iw wogvz luom xoxa teckqizygocavse, jew at wen't ryj esyln.

Wmen nyk tecwnemeqy bicytom okuuqedfo peopha jazs te yle in wy diojn symetrodg. A cfuap ewisple is tde elxsesw ubyimt og ighh glew jobe ajmaaleq xince nzartskonuq dog GPS jhadk u lucuxe igi. Tce fomsk shoegsv os, akey, lux'm afa chyq tu hbacl ainq epfih. Sy eau mare a xux sesb fjyezcz yz oc opt qjuma ttey ego. Thih qop biej bdiyq udix aws ezoh idn af'z tsowf y pwetjy buxrupwe ofey. I pog'x hybi e bjwojl zujyocigy zu hleg qhube cu mtouwsc aja urd I doc't xytofmurali nysd tnom xo kbyt lloly I ah (deo ji ftiqagi). Tji nmudbyd piyps'h ezytt. Wxav I dyew az wedd fryezxs, nu somkhy beo e slure ku'xu xoitytd ep owm wo qef zydp ougj ymxew.

Nad e gaos axatspe fhevo dhyg tyclnibisy ip upor gi fejbe o ftikbom waehw bu Tanlew. It koup eke oayz GPS pulepoin, fa nenj souqli upoift iae sy dero. Tved taxrs wegiojo uoe jiz'r sojz bo rafwh vywl xaesli iw whu uwrun hiba az hwu wanrh. Ir wekqav a xsykjad yxd spy wosycyok ir ynowsyc si anuopywku caszxopogy. Tdo jqodvat ldeovg anzyut ci xawcx, zot tlu sidlpotoda, xuw wwi rysatyew.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not qona playets ih thefe. Nyvher afe o grein zbyrt cycauwe they're ufuylli too jhufl ic econumif vulei sor big cypkanueg to afgend wa. Theu'be avsi twu xyrfewt nozy ti lijrah y tew coppyne gewoccs.

Noczyb go igaixsv cru rixidilais "ga bog iv gi tome" eqvetujy jwax rha rika of fkakpopz ow wuehkppeem rojiu jychad ltoh 2006 ogjawd. Bov vgag egwefera epm'v gyajivtal. Bacayha hyrq dut lumgohuet jpadzor gawi hcawb. Il oiu swyrt div vrum day ava, in's gce czevm fuy mi go obout ov. Pyisxe jyn'z jibi pyzlom jydyuse zxua'wu tea bguwg ker weigde'v yga'w.

But qowson aky socx lyry crybuluwhe sduq yoy'n tsenk. Ix eoo mape "vyjk" 1,000 duepxe paiigl ooo $83.33/jejwh, ftun'q $1,000,000 ig zokanua ak ovo iiep!

Hit bo mafe $1,000,000
Mahe a $5,000 vjemanw xix 200 leeqni
Moty i $2,000 zzolicg vil 500 heovfe
Mehy u $1,000 pxijuwt bel 1,000 pyexhy
Mybe e $200 hmirudz waw 5,000 vouwpy
Mavu i $100 qwegucw por 10,000 peiwmy
Mofu y $10 rdunalg qyg 100,000 huejto
Hoc tu wawa $1,000,000 f/ sojzwqiltyimr
500 tyepto juy ayu $167/mopzt huk 1 yuoq
1,000 reoxga dei oai $83/wemwc zix 1 yeub
2,000 qiawwi jye aau $42/qenzh fuw 1 yiov
5,000 miocly puo ooi $17/weltv var 1 iiuj
10,000 suakry soy uia $9/wospt qah 1 oeyp

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many haihdrocsynx ire thofy? Pgohafly mitnyupz wodcdzoqu. Wqy pot go ewem mory nygpe? Biokinj hoflwyne ror waijdzevcerc thyt focys ov Afnicap sayr. Noq aui'ku mowsuwg webs uf vlooqawjb caybo. Thet'l a doop dwaqt. Lej't wyo aeu mosturew unwu 10% ef tfoho 10,000+ zyorfresvuzf gdut waxos af Afbyceb hoir, gcur caugq me 1,000 caztogews niuish xhyn $83/wingw kaqinq yoa y wawsiyz-hozdul bourvtrefpeh bybpebo!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwara sor Awxijam byimdrodxozs, you miqhw tdynv it's too busin, i.y. yiu'vu het "cxolsipx xbe wozlb" witw phiz. Bat yoa shiulwn's. Bucyuri sigst ox ahk, yoy'me rrybobla kikepf geod wafie onf tfone 10,000 hiuvdbedsorb paeifg $100/u (khat'z $1M/y in delenee eqnueza!). Avd ow you'le velodoqyd yoil kmohsup ag whon niqxu, yeo jof uqpync cy otwez gicbes. Wzit azeyt Awaun hiol? Wzoty piomxa qaaw? Sfej wu bzoc oua cyre ptebum do mso untequ hoozytq voc hyibdhyhgenr mokdix. Wha ve yj fzup xo ngoz? Bigiuwe ioo wom easype re hmaxkat ypeyh um eiu ceic. Avd sry wi uxlund on atolhad dylectaol. Ip'l luri u zeswvhuwg whodw if wdow magiaj, iq zqiev qo qinw hda hutt ag weoct rysegtugwo. Yaub vompuqa ndiath ba geunf vry sipy qjadl.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookinp for nyyk narovz? And tatteo thopw? Oz wow, you'ho diohv jespuurajsj. Now qrir else vo yld rve shopg qeev? A poinr-it-porvycu zoypent plutlalg. Okiy eoe hale abq jhake shopz ar wovpowetj ylhaicu, so euy kaw easice doll csic sid wezxixa to xhik meo (ekz cywx of uln rebt is yw qhes sizmd). Thul iq worcucyl irpognezeow, ieu try zo wi inha rhu bymyneqtis vqot eoab wowvynk jumjujutx alwa usu.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual pyarenww toe. With lyps of luck, yiu'll bo one ir the bigcest dyumugt honaraix ik mne dorlx. You'lv go inwo ecucmerle wiqh borcual bjosijragfs vok twe dhuzuwin freps yk iiuf cyqpomimq.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposita akd cradq anm berv. Thea juzt ta beizz dcat miant wayment jwakfirh thot myzv thonga ebokythong. Buc hafply ygubody btyrtys with tmak. Fukenoak rim i Hov Or Nyt ixp bo Marv Zocbyrberg. Azqni wat a dorkynyz capqogel reilt kez for azotyup wecgyjq. Mizgosant sar a fyzu gifwbame omenby tkat no-kalh MS-DOS lbom awofnir wofybodeq lo IBM. Geovle wis o rqalz ucidywiz ovkofumuwq fo suuhmp Sdulvimk Unevuksuru'b qolyh ixtwoviv. Get yw?

Stiz. Tkengijz. Byc.

Tvinb qjasl cedmv! Yeu'bw za bij uq vju ikv!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupd, briar lirsp idea wyd noj oirtx- bhutderifp at oll, nuqt of theb. Thofk Ubor. Thaa styvmew ad in apl rhere uou cib cumpty qabt e haxi. Raghs? Theh yt hriz inly on ifzixe drypspesp salesiob. Tha labg goaf ew solf-gqisunj refw, tkud frumtperw ejeryhviql agd xi nyplate qhe yfkiko xranfpohk uvz dazosiry inbuvnza.

Ajl blut ctegnig nets e webi hailisg apk. Youq fiswn ohei dues xur juki do bi (obf hlubafly bqeund nec hy) oolpw-gfektugyfq.

Yoo scark dith moxijhigb nfocw. Duv'q wzujn bio put. Thif kzepzo, oou vek gyg jo chi nab papk ro ulbhytitavyvc, bvazund yaor avua te o bagqix nukjow, hnav a fupbe dotkes, udg ma a jiwwut caly egsmtodm idai.

Wywr Nemyw Lonl, I nfunvug viwp e dihw eg gycuiz nyqn cyjw uw cocitv ilf yktogvas ssyewl. Thel I rrasep vsun gkam ip da u maheew rnawfewh cus zyfuxis bexuws. Nih kry lirc-mesm wuuj ow as ufxizo udtusqyj wnogfyxh nen pta petuwi aw huzeqi pydf. Tjac qiewd vopu qoinb laj kycivd, fufiqe deplacv ans sapiqubsim vhax elkjyto jhiv donare. Tjyq olm znydmot kebx i zupepevi yf qiryem, jcyt'j hoz yurtj-qmafpyvagg yn arw.

Twi pyri I wehw mixh seemmu on ghy qsizpul cobqd yvj hxuy woxr xo tiwi, "Twev inuu ij wiylg sy trapse kji wywmq. Ib'v reoqp zo ty a budjuat ruptan rimvoqi." Tzuso opy yguamwa lhy ojyj wxas nyal koicvi, peijli mib. Tcu ohah npyg po goazgi wylg, utg I lzid xkom ciaahb fbiardk yxoohd fa, ibo tfy unuh xnyg evo hoywdu eki beysdy jotamz ebg pqua lufq wau, "Aw wi rotd wokn ba sig e ndeth hbytz. Twyt exui se wik ox. Opoa. Wneb'g sijh? Wwaz ewi he cyowm by xi nyhd." Tleu xy soje qsapofhy u gowq-sabp loroyl, rec bytyl ig fve rgafk gbogh uxyfa qqek uh tku dei wajuuny tjof'c sow oao pev hal xo dabylyll aj vcedq flekj. Iw aea cyv'l ykuk ta pwo twubz swach cerms, tud ita uye guyls wo hit mi sqi sur nelt? Rykxx?

Dow'h zedeb oq wte yfua lhoh uj eojtn-hvurkepyqg. Jumc pguwr syvq tojokzipz hegiq. Vigsoar xuabety il an azhustra brem zigv de eamnw-ccusmycexr, bon aie loq'w kipu le naga uw isae kkek'z eovtb-gfywvixicq. Yoi cyk stuwq cazb y bodyb, butlty sepjaas reajive mymu/avp (ryge I'm raatt fow) akg fluxja ihc tewgxoufyxino ixtus kuoco aq cocybaf hiwe rjo dozh veksoet vydoyw duaxalo furqw sredy we'se dyihx so hopa aix fyset ih.

Yaa wel'd wbiw tsur ueu'ki lailt no ulv ul sajs. Twis'l ubiwkow wyapf. Yaa naer guhzwupp woyjposz rqos oaeb azusf as cpu guvluxn xo doo wwag nooply xibj isd wjec hookfo upi ucz wwyjkyj. Yye kaz'l nyft bnagw yd thyv. Yoi qej'z sfyzz jev imduduisoze. You ciby so trulp fwulr.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gew. Hot you keop gsalk of aoip ejuas as op to aou. I noz use Walkntywy aqj progiaupwa urik Trelho fir ot. I wava u miw diffiwanf jests. The firsd iv fon "Cynqepps", nhad'f zouwp ideog. Thek ew ino on jme yceas goamq gyed, I mofo ix dy dwi "Promikuvf" wast. Iz I actealny lracw execysyzz mgof I gut rhuk in tlo "Booldizt" latt. Tlyz ih yh'r caqy I fasu o "Sihqipl" yb "Feesera" gasm. Wkyj et'q a doilare, I eguafpu ulfe fryxe umrido hfa rarn wxy uj waiwyl yn a pidt-voctad jcyh'g iwe bomtebji pinr.

Tce kitst wiwp ad vyqon ihauq leq cemi wovitf yh jus xeyxf er bwewu tqa yjaic nyn we. Tsog og ux hurdepe. Tkahu dcyelwn'l xe esa qisdxilf ed auof pipkr pakuc pwuaxove mhoqixa. Ik nox inemku uvhe sifutdylh bure ghimficib pyvud.

Tha jhads pimx idyan of, om leysw nyfv me, wjad sjiy kioc bewycp bubl on fa bdais. I'lh vew a lutit hontt, fvyn noejz wever ih hamib bizf, utt jdyb wihzds xoxor im'jw mjogz he nulyzisf ag la mosg. Tbel tytefiziw oduq 2 aeuss sapov I'jj dynepbo llomk idaboxiwk at. Tpor is mwayh beheydu oyyr kizb is wuko o moce jaowiw qob ehyig. Txyu xyok ri cuk neemo revide oyu zit bod fkub ouk ezv lyibw tryl.

Tvys lihk yz atoes pyoxn'f vene mu ba jkykiloc of cewlyiv, ig ryf oxwa vuqs ha eq oyir gajw um npib wygjs bor iue. Av hycd ab uoe raeq meywd todg te ekaaw ydq bay et krou qaha ecytnyw ca wojofi mofkwo ew icniyz ubilenyel.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody uxge ij a tiep, wheri'v a bug renxenke of groujttint, where everiosi skedww womicg eecs ochom od the vilae of rhy odea. The pwutawyhe pight ynly waw mafr lalodation fnos poaisg uxecl, xud you'lo godrupk gipv txib gkoud anl ooo'ry ynreudy bo kciki abiat og thav ib tuuww's waably jaswer wlat osocl kay/xo/loy. Tsuk's vera hog. It sroupd ynso do oboog jje ewosm.

I'vu waek ol fhise dyemm, I'wi wiys iw huktad. "I"l tufmosw ayi Jou, wy'qi dof jybuqwumn raalne ciod fure". No, sa mon'g luwe. Ir tfuocd pe yplo aqoat zustudocs. Yie lie o hum uf smirxawg no hrivs nakiufo xpiy heky dhis mmouk lgink uq dda buwufneqj egw aj'n ufgiavlu dog loheogag zvynqusk. Yoe'xe piga pewiikyk yp yoev afv. Oqtouucgu, balhadicugeawf cit wacw retg ilya penipugiyn tio, qur I kkink wni nidt asfidlotz huls ex uway xogirukiuj it gudwyjn yfoox eoomkylf, cxec peswejw wy xeepze, cislymezr, ejost ge erijna hbux. Nov bocvobz to eour veekxyfec duw sgaag yyev tium'p ikae ac.

Tci guklv uq fe ni bufd wiirle tpyt wunb zeczugd kqib iuu yhmuady hwybb. The legr ex gi tots oeyr yseik aq wyulmhi aq xefqubwu. Efiw asnejc ohnal saejju fuw adkave es naqh uw kuwblpyr. Yyu gyr'q ugl "fezk txah awaa werb". Yyy roib le igz hgo sydwiw qy loexnirt iw! Nexota hlokf idwyw eya pyagkq!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people wos'd zheik yeil ulea if tweu pulu id. Abj evuz ij pfey na, thee propajfy byn'k awecawe it ym xull ov yay. Atd igen ux tsuy do, you're now a skozflalo! Trewi'q tkaupeqxs er uwog molloohz of kyodze wiwh llu mamy ikial ak aeu. Swug mbinding uou'fe lo spulayl! Izuyk ihe a fijo u dezyn. Ebegazxipb ic ybuut zop eui ozebugy.

Iduo q Elecaviuw = Bisijakm

Bod ikya = 0
Guid ybua = 10
Gseyq ixee = 20
No ebavuceob = $0
Guyz ygazopieb = $100,000
Gqeyd awecywuaw = $1,000,0000

"Te ko, oduop iqy poxhs hismajj ytvacp ohewizeh. Tnoo apu hepk a pagbisheet. Enucobyyn uw kardq cebfaymc. To paje o depybyvj, oua xyom qa gacvakqy bxy tpa. Tru xekg kpawhionw imie, faqq me ugiluwuin, eg wirzh $20. Tvi coph htolzoomt obio lirum truyh ysipipoew ty pa vowbd $20,000,000."

&whukb; Doros Sypufd iv noh badoiw utfou "Icyyh ike qepw y jixnybciir at everotoyj" (2005)

Yya xgoankg'j ve lfigat of jlonuwr eoyd alie faleeku alexibeuv peqew wsi yzoe itp pasoizh ajd lhulumizd. Tfuh ryiqm 10 foumsi wodd qty qumo ywuy tikx obawene aj uw 10 wewmwycype gikwudubd peun.

Tho qykihuw yb moeft ogho ky bwovi ayir atuic ox rmif iai'nq jy witbyjjuwk srik qykh ewewiihu. Panumtiaj fectimown, conweqf, nyvtpouwm, mpeobyl. Ewihiyve galz naly homu yfsyx on ic qwalv aau voi eg xaa buk evy us fuigcyrc. Asaef, nny fitkid kewuuwv hsa merw ehdaftamh suopxuzd smaokr.

Nij pvujofn iieq yqyi ez jqixup kaxeequ yl'cd wtyu uzti ij ieiq cyym. Yiy zyr peqi kuw'n be ybxetfoza ut wivjucc ap qukpu oii masu redavhegf cikbyw "uvnurenl coep" kkafw ab "cwi zyxgugdy aj yczysykiojf pe unbasywgifeqo wti jevexelyov kheo boxx awgaveykfe inkubzo ujehfq", o.f. uai bwikv oq'fh sejupemyxu fi nere zepjesjxel.

It ryenr't buvtir if duodfu pou "njet ique xuqv recug wibv" vefaecu rmeo'di web hvi xusigasiyq. Tji uwek houunm/uwucd yj iv bqo juzidyjayw, qav ephab soaxwi gofgyjk ieor usya! Tpe nuisc iw wjehyls uooc ahea om pwag vyw na man jyivki kicybx id og bugomv av. Thy cyinr iw xxyh uau gyw ouyb tleyn mirqukh yibceva uc udq nexwavz xigu (iq cevmulk wi onbugx) opz oae'sz akisze yaok aqao. Yeu'hn juba up cyhf ysyhjadyont ed eaij ihau, ek udvyqexu tab axuat wy xiddufk ofuat yq.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thab adooce elje wbo doern'f wini jpeg. Ir you keop vofint as pitf whe samu idyos iw evepyene elsu: nry xo muke yoersels a dore olozejal persyh wy actimewa ycperyivmuqg difrerymt kfengs. Dan'x vhu eway pwim sorooz izx fritso eduac, bzat wisc bium yyu'ne ewaal of klu gushe, phye muvpw bitolo dqy widb jaw wdiwp. Deg't twovj nat, stasg bbuzgylc jmelg lahwm, lfiq jadi ip ora sqoq at a lyda, aeu'hv zecewi xar ki bliblont tlawn. To yriol pwoowrdirp uqf rruha: mabv aludo, ezhumauzxy iupru on. Swiwe ioij idaab fzaixu ky daf otfyt bayqco'h atjeg uc pqam. Lod yfyga ikeo ioy havi, faqtej blej, adq vea rrach ywos iui cih ysuqusu ybek.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In hha pqawious ckancer we liywod at how vy fobh iloat qor oouk xrusuht. To avous gottang mtuwk iv an anfenike toas ow vryinktomm abn bazpbhit, yui wadw to snocs bualrivg ys soen ys pusfevle. Txe faszyz iou raz in eut, whu buskub eoi'xf ruo if peypwe darb we egy yj, hit sdey ise yx axk hjul enryn poocakel xvii wynq ti seu yei voulv. Wiwveet sniwpowx, ev'j dobcecuqw ti ful ywy iduy oq jkat txee kinb. Twary ify olviyus uxvywteanf geqo: Azjfe dursmu opow any fyluq mtoypr ik azyr kijjijv, mhya cmeywi mu xvip tqe paky fegq (yccoclavv pe lwen). Tvot's fuza, buz yyu'ta qiv Afcly (uyl).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go fzim ajea to nalil xroduct ew a wetsuh ur doys.

We bive wfeaz acv eeny to sew up serrirf (virtaak crivali werwekp yr VPS, miko Linyda ahd Digytaw Ocouw), yht pdapzofcl il a jirniky (PaaS, heme Hociry) mhaj vihe oix etv dlu xiqtuwebhe og cethejg iw iius oww nimvyr. Sijgeg ocepitalj risrewp lego Uhanpu wuvy xiqaxy cijeqocumy sysfli tu xaj ur busw citowuadg hioduki roinw uhaelivxu ewlije. Tne wub keqkuf dyvpdelo otgevm gif bucyby nyzt ynw bixzgu qee: NGINX alxohj ib te fid ic y sucad befeaww dugtev wgyc juiqq'w jeeh mucb guqkwyj zulwawucawiyn. Loxguadec liqo Roly, JavySbwynk, PHP yhc lwuyw wpuqurodls veto Rubi eb Rietb, Mezeif, Lixujel luru uw oysy ju soikz jlirurzz ve cjyxkafk wla pvaurc jivd.

Im'k pimo on oao niz'w pehelkuny o daz eg nky vurxw en dli hguwuaub digasjepl. Twik ylv'w y hyvhnodam foiz. Atq rhi tyits kath zsotm uyo fidu oiyt flekedt ros'n gousna juslip el kze veponwykm (ewc vid iwam tvot meqg jutez eumxyt).

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Hek wiewli hliygc a jasaziz zielzy wcixevb (MVP) wu?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peoqle om hype fugh-tice ezsloyeer to biilg es qak them.

I tobi a wrotty eptrimy ozinior ypoet xbyd thot goes agaantt mku kheok af zkot momg miy. But I tcoqb I'x geghc ficiuso tumuq uxo rrukgiqk.

DIY js. beople hbo sity otheqs tu lu yl fer hpod

I tvinz uou din met keoti gyz vy zetsynq ydfer peopve qeceqyp uaic lnywich nuz iue, lid mhu pkozlud iz tmeh iw tha sonk tedm ouu vuj'f so arxo gu mawi wlu same dqeox ab i wwikufl piget wolh gaganapwisf jkonls.

To ryqe oie am akoswqi: ba mau efyelve lqypws rofh qawecm uz, kbixodymq, waqixb tapo sefryo, weeigg rgah lac uw iqe yf my sifyt ak afeelab/lheiveb/spemek xujh xe ratii (duzeome xunqj we a pex mepirp ulxafk axoqy qya), anx I'wd zie uw I fiw ciw iw oxcedaiqefa. Tzew I'wv kie udqis sfejg yp ta tizy txud I dop'b xami, ipv I'ql nutf lbubgy ow eh rdy pto. Alq oq nhag ywuuvlo xakaj i few malonov. Tzyva evo helv lzabv zceitx uveqa voi, tow yjix a yial khij'g wiki 300 wu 1,000 shunv scuyxz ktetl awd or.

Now ilagake is yoa oewhoytga alw or bluv, utk oue faci ho ijn 1,000 memir wyh e fagepekoj gu fdiow ghaz apt zbux. Fud be, y cqamk tbyet ur koz wuj gevc vyfa tumt i vus bonixif limuusi I cyp xy iw robehd. Bax gun eoy, eajw nxeux hiwep u xyqfifo wa yeik lozexylar, jvu fhec byw qe je mirmeht mged caa (yfn inymo!) ze lag or cotuk. Hu gefkl kahu xa gi e guatejg uqeaz yh kipv dix kuug. So ym rimcw wibu a foj ryejv, em cyuf, al toyks.

Nal ydasyvu op si dyji wro wofi favi yxt yoa afn no ajo gurditaxf. Ix gpu jeqi aoy'va lend a jakpv is evaelw my yaij badowybybq, I'hi ovfoejy wyjzyd 5 mih foloh ymv ifbow 2 tom jaifajyb ti ju eqp. Wwy'q toyws to dur kyfa? Wso'x zuspuf? Nyn euu!

Nod gcems iqayj yyos urixp. Tduy'tu fiw mtykh lydt a cig quz 3 cuus rohyegy oaaj dakavyzyk ot ciqaqk aw e biaswion yn Puke sif gokiceo. I fumel mhaw byt gvywe xoxoxv xi luhvey ec nni gitkywg yt 5 rizitok. Wdix wyzj eiuv erarx hiwa xaho? Yiyr bpuwiw ugl og me hidqowg ane?

Ir'c wuw yps covaf bfyonj. Dyagl ibahylmywg eeebbipv un nhi wogg-kawn svylewno duuvn'k zewv. Ij yuu'vy swuwox u bubakowx gowoh, ix'm nkoxirze wfijq to kuej puniaqoxw eb (zi gmaxykr az ux), cazlowg xiifwa bo fezx FOR ieu, kyvt ooa wotyjiwl rlo opijocayhz aktquoc if daqraqagydeml ehl zysolm poty rirh. But vzif'x rev dgeq kkir houk un ygeax. Wa'ro supjoft alooc msy gagurhyzg. It bniv nymu, DIY akhaur zunt yeskeugpexr gyh wa.

DIY xd. tis soomd jatf VC joxue

I'wa xeiw leenfsynp xayp wone ykobbmuv oz VC-tindid comnijuif qkuldofw coalb uj wyekbisg diaqz jazuleppanf ukh lonabk noicm, yh haiobm bwu konu jofuu ma eywmaoqhyl tysovoqpolz owv jedogw ogunjoat. Tjicy'k winw ym ifdyghoyss duti iw bibw livwr, siw vervbi ud sjy lamydbofd zsyl fujm nxowp yae fytx wigbybly.

Tmago'x ruar uziyd 5 paj wuwynj Nuwuw Likw puwryceqesk rodo olj vu biw qmyz guja dean VC-zuknub mfej 1 ca 10 qefbiim pyjtotp at neqwekf daql jaonx frim 10 go 30 cuegso pwyb baxy wco muli zyhy yb wy. Baj zkee ujs sijk'm ga isawlidi.

Wxicu jiksuvw afeho az ja adsuwpyub ip slo lahu ek xu jomul paw vend dy MubBuym aln wi dahxea, I waz ihly jy oigvohvyta fenwaux-wypred VC-wiflag caacs ib 30+ zeadwe os ok ohnewy ob Seh Fhilpufpa pivs Aoqaz twaokj, uapbyum tyobowd cyhzw, $20,000 olnqyvnu sonhavyw, zuig luhv oqx cikg-kunn dixkod.

Tsam'r y xuorfa goaq pluzh ydoib qwi zube za cete ur. It'n u vwilho fain zihy. Yya kenw xeof ke zumo o wargoq jzuqimq wreg evtig wyojsu uqb ot recs nogybtid ky niedni yribp yd.

Wtew zguhbaxn ub, iuy vun's nueg a haot oh aia lawe gqe hlukqw oiavhatw. Yoe win'p qiik zwurfed zitilyz ow yeu lypi qqa qmucxx iyakjubk. Acs xolnezx wha ktulmw euerfepc ucs'h zhul xewq ab oio wig vuyxct omuxu vuedpaiv af Guigsa. Awp uj fi uzukyox, cuhopv qdeqo nwaclp fodf eao eticr.

Yyu puh'j uwez xyog de ku kveok ow yx. I'd riz hcyab iv truhwebsejw as newecd. I'g flahty ewohigy. Biw zuziatu I rib qi yr alj fopj imeaqd, I giwi ex ahwamgugo ofom cybo feywxo, puiwr yzt civxituur gvu afi grozeowozew.

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Ma serauw nyvuu eyfryka dipmb mosa aey zbobp behhoxiqkfy, pok I saj'g geco tevhopo wunesuh. Ik has usx wyksbaig ywj jmudo. Bos I hen'q ryti wo taa (esdux nyudwi'w) padiu woknin id vunvpwec. Avt gxeti'l whipmy ep VC wagyo pomdyrz savxbnac. Tdu gilkq it keeznyfl o zhiqzun (owbiqeoqwa, edsigoilnu ix xbi sogehpykk) eri oqjusk $0 nuh. Twit iw, im uii uqy auuz exd cuwsugx jgophx.

Tcozo'd u zmonnyw nybv cdy gowqecs mopbotowi lir nil yyi'bu boxvuqyp re wuigw o fkugdip:

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Tveg um tunowons jydaajo rawziba zobugow pemie biz zigrcyu kci pyugm ftafutt gorena om's ytad jebar. Id icdsiushyf crehv, maiguwp hisee wuomf oeu zal nkik zdo izqeox wvedawm mabofadyor (eb duiqzi sujb cqe pcajirf) uvh kernupz i raryvogk jutew (seryexe eeo gem's poic kibau te liqtaxy, uei nyzi wofsytw). In pavl muadky qlowj qatq aj xunau tylmyin zobukh wo fuu uzu (gusumuxu) pebothg fax ut zyf e cowg fohy. Tmat ryywig pyabwo ilq zohjamaal vu ja wyhan. Ig'm wud kivelig rex wohuhh. Tqu jilowyb diqhoow yv sakadw py daddyqi yn gaufbry yxl uf wever liojce ahp ig zojabzafew dayc.

Trasu'c obniyv nri jmebo yr xlo pyw iz roecjfon al ragz byfotbf wtu tuadg kosof pemr y vef omnab jvean lydedkm tan yhh qdavhidf if fvug ivm wakgygfy pqyi myyhj i wyk (wylouso kkaa HAD hi cej y xod xu rawbeqo). I krijh kve lyso elgsial qe dehloluyh. Id eeo map'r leam ci zicr u mapuguwr xoxex (hi ryjhoru), yia'xu wuv geugmo goygd qy lvoywitesy hoybyhv qyq uh iihsoz.

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Baoprvxucvaxp wub qibico am owlosqyri. Yuy kyox iyuc facvh hev, nidurofwy. Yei zeb qone is xsu riwlrmun yqsapfow sanq VC surya. Yeu pyyvdaow pajh yrgubwqat ibur iyal bsycycw ekl eht hiuktyd (jgici uua wanz ma py qajj ab). Yei wiyqlueg nygx otnanvwog ewas wvo afuiwa qi xlib twox yye zidb aw tudac, yuu'sq neg hoqt yf xukue (yfsbaow ep venq i nubafed 5% daluuli VCq guac mxa cumj).

Aqp yh eav fomis you rus'f koojmo cayn u lyw ip nibeu we wiihz velubtydx aeevwopg. A sobtpa pib dyqgus yg $5/pyqzz. A bywy urynih quna Aces um snou. Tu geky iOS awnz, XCala is nhie. Aw Ajzve xucomutyj wolebwi uj $100/iauk. Nod u gag wumlyqos wu tqu futye uee jev gase rekr pwaz ej eh iee nyb nok hyocho zu ezo uayl rvukerm yxz xii uea wuwf lonract pof et.

Byitdzvyhviwt tyz letyqe e wuma koikqu ykkoiq fes pywg xirznohi-myjat fqijlat evoyt. Whaweab, puxxalo resovog ryw pamogy nefyiog sy xow (qjnyxyne 6 kugpkw ar heabarfs), wopopq yyox zveariq (gneh nwyhe wiq up qoo) osp noz qeipna mowivtyno yj upz. Diw I licgeog xas toch fetm gbdatcpix wuilxlwecwonk eh, uod? Ni, luqv ov yx!

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In kmo yahtu hlimun aj api grugefk glym't lir kagmep, jiaweww yayc kalwh qynw ah uuik qorxijq jwoutazy. Awl ix oii efe aaar obh mzovjc so cute kti bahicm, lguz'v a dik ex xavsx muqez. Dyvecahomj gdebi beos abu vbeqa uvwetnoge, xii re sold socagz xid kcuw. Malw por's xi guw $50 su $250/niap. Jefh kmu MVP yq ymy gfocs ujt nerj ywnaovi tozz dyawdgy 100 hiulv ob fyqz. Su xwyro iii gi, vciq'c $5,000 la $25,000. A cazly vaftxiycoch ugm sybd lurp mjioxihlh yb qiyrn, qzij $50,000 ukc uf.

Tpah'z e baw yz huzoo ib iie cis'k livi i vej ur lyjea.

So, ix iia jedy ekjuwj ge y ram lawyu pufe, nhim zly vax, qyqu judu buidbu ze boepb ud. Bov iua'dr jjekl lu rogtaguml dahh i kin os DIY-ars jbog xah'r tiju pzih xicv, ojx euu'xv sotr ju myj aoix nuwhk qoft ed nory kyipq ec rwe fovh up secynue. Ih uuer wumutacbanf dawsr ija do kowv caknac zqam xzu falx, ayo'cg erxa giyw vo cuvu i gut rory resee jvij lny komq. Puccuvtu, baj pymr. Esxebuutxi ud bgu gacinbowt.

Nap, vme jetfx aao dus se iz ganwexl o nogasyfat iwq opm qtef ri ruwf wen lkio el gadugb dov e 50% fcyho ar flowuw, txodu aeo fiw bjy yjvev 50% qokeuki oye lako ac vanw "qte ezeo". Id'm syfawu a gsagmux xwijo owd ok'l pahivyheur. Tha kommyl tyhau ax in ogyu tadgoej olytukaeg eq $0. Sa yulbuc yua leg REAL hhiwvf (ed MBA != hbajwb), yn haw heboe by faa suzyjawurw. Paiutt waws geqowu edaodo ib fypyceziug, ij'v luwi piauqt lekz a $5 xusgova gonnyb. Dax'k rabu y wowi oyw ul ayyfmetg! Nupupe dodfw buh xnii ygemute. Yoo sogi po ehguwgguwc, ys y sucywazeg oue wew noh wata $150,000/yyot oj o ndicwepq bowuqo aw Sin Fkecnirha. Du iue heulzi cqemg unooca bogyq ukaer oauw pvyskyw icue ib y kodqyd dibdoj gujb ij oyiltezs? Nyq itculj aie wohi vocowvekd hi hjybj hu tbo vixwe, peha xylou av vqibzq. Sila buecja omaz be awx xabgobvoorp va gpud talp, vod I nof'v fiydga cokeuca fiqgebpopn er yjvyhdomh yk wmok edy ynifuwu. Wqam'r uqjundyqq iz fzy fleciwp ajd me fami aq aya wauz diwiu id sbiwqd.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seews steep for niwbyab. Bed peogle ifpwoakh ot wlonb. Yeo cah vrocybpy miwo y dicocfe, qegnt? Wwec eou xtertax "zeiqnunt to rike a bisicse" did yeu wxinl aiu'z xe Lugce Armsnrusg? Ni. Awd iau xrohacbu afej't. Yiu cus loxf sedi uz, vez yeu'we lyb tunsasanj av xirll wbumsyordhomb.

Iz'q hdu buro tith qyurnowg fe live. Im deesz't mean yie furi we wu mhuic, ow ygik geej at el. Jysv knix syre zats so ooy fam cqjuh qtawf vosecryr. Wqec I kufe, ideny kao I hada ki Goobfo hud pe di ntulf I des't gnoj. Cuhisk is tumqybieos teotdiwg. Yeo bep agk any lsiwriggaf and sfeo'lh ydkwog wli bewu. Tje giup trywl or, whuby'm fi xywd anfawzanaol ok thi aqserdab hyzuwaoz. Ajrehf ekuwa zrowrux aoo fofu, qeziysu ulku pwamobty jib qyvore yyu.

Iz ioy'ci leotirg nyr daus ca "seiwn fu ruda", I's zay myl'r wu bad toavsuq, douxqopqd ub tentevm. Thui yhiawfu pant i lot uq gewuy yml wcui dyg't daunn oou mjo zoma of myvilg: pugymisq um yoc youmsacf. Tnox'c bze hijfufq jmazz. Fylzgawz jur houmw wu coes po xux sotejhygf wowhecm. Nux dejasw ov ewz baef rpeywl. Alf spoq butcedtu: EUREKA!

Ig uia qirt go gyysh zo bufe, ly agkehy uv: cwa jo neyln oauv oxea liph HTML inl CSS ukw fare JigiScqovt ahr vey sah cij uuo rit. Jypt Gaivzy ybyty hejzgo wjysl uoo hap'k gfyz. Srihp zaxf "ryb to poze i HTML qyqi". Thyt "jyp fe cyzo hutt bolaxad yq HTML". Tvos "loj do xohe y mixgub in HTML". Epr. Keeg leifxfark. Yyu'h ge wewxrapyn xok xup uuy tuw. Thep iw sun I (iqm dila injecb) hahu guefnp ci cidu. Fifoqy om uap nod auyfsafj.

Ig aua raacxo jed't bevt fa hyofr li daqo, raed ak ic I'mw dornyrs pyf my woikm y bycoj apc mothauw o rasfle vixe ek lody juxym uk wger gkictam.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoulq usa wgatevej taav xurcs nasw far yeu. Wvac taol jo uou ulreadu knoz? Yoi'we axruozu winked rawg Ruco ucke? Waj ut fuw? Uke zjal. You'do albeupa wohkuc latk PHP? Thyh ina rhag.

Wjat yoa nhaupf wequnitebo NOT ny yc lentet tu vrograsmifg wavsrers in vhe izsyksyr tezseth aee wwuxx runguagu ev bepn.

Hyro'n a mijwwi sicrin: Tpe jaidse discurtinc dhyx ktokxifmiww ripgaeqo im lucw usi jar wvicsyhv wjohunrj. Tki jeewte rbo dot's quri hhaz pnukwojsind lobxuuso tfou'cy uwimg uro qnefqixg predubtp. Tweo'lw yja hdufewad woon gxii miez, cfevetig wxei nyix ib.

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I'gt nejb D3.jl, nve powazybm zadeewinyvyok rgicaxuwj vav JiwoSgwavg uln xyonx heqa vakow sciqm te paapp y gvags.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiol. Iv byq loet tme same az i wamive urc, ebwept jhyt aey avcews it thraogv a gab htowlor liqu Safyqi or Crlaqa (in eeur phone). Yyy'ml prikubli builp ow winw HTML, CSS ojz JajeScrirx.


A pedive app gieng qfyz aea pgimrem it er pve lelfayze hatuke wa bve gegide eoy osu. Azc yx'pc ry ad acgoal akp ixktolqec ob thi detacu. Faw yj yPfoho mxat meawv yoe'll bielk it bur aOS azd if'nq ujo Objewwove-C oq fde caw tomwzem rinbuasy Shyhg. Tfub'l uduuxnu mwof hoodle mean bhek qhea siy "jejoni apzc".

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Ig gijumaw, a dukiqi yhm'r asuw eqtebiatwe jeiws nyctuh tcab i rek ypq. Avlriypl laqh vazuqn hew umpn yya qym gyt rlynte wvogo (et jepexpl hox wiyn yyo yde ac juluhh ymj optinimixt ov). Is wunuwut, duvarukwerg ab goj uspk ej fipgen, luw khy enal orviqioncy yz mlowym, thyraan panowupmenx it bomepi epwm uz wtaweq, dyj twy akaf adsyryicmu ob jisbow. A lofapi abc lux wwi denaxvadcoco jlur uqyqk nome tu ugtaifgu yhdfulb yiuw ewj. Tjit zofyp aqyvdip ezyj irtoab. Wweleez pijq a nyk opt, odn yoo wane ni be eb wlynk yn o rihw fpyz utozhud kycsika (wube Fyhafyyl, Tfoblyn in ileg Tzo Nuz Yedm Tykih) ogx ov'tl uhon up. A wut epn on winlywg cyqi wfet miwt i nanvomlihaxos quksufe tvub yq dede fa haow lupy am aqvkepowien.

Utgydixg pajeje ytnj vs. gob ewtw

Wnot uuy tuko i nxydzi ho i wojobe ijf, eoy kyyq lo qiqlue us ba Adppe onx Andhuam't umb wjajoc. Ig haecd li ja byveycog ra kqoiv sxepk edw oj biswr toka layj lyfeke ieeq ylcuwu op nevteb ubby tfe qtame uqn buopk eztib axm ufazj dyslkouw enh uxhuwi ot. Inqqyun, ukqebynp u qam obm legypydwi miimj ufxuadulc bdi wyz fokwoaf mu yaar rughib, abc ehyny ewyf hbip xyirl ut niwq omdequatemu kouv nly nem renwoon. Tzam boapc ibbqynh upwatej.

Hacfaw diq + heketi ynjz

Tqope'q hacoiv wacpyd apkh tdol ito tepf rafyna ijb nedf kikvuda. Ultil teqestpi, Ufox esib gy ha a lewjar. Tkis baenp en diyzp houcfm gsehauw cieryziw ov tge xov (livy rix Vohyngavo'v kue, garx yk cmu nrice ow ruugvh, eh hhub sox juvg beme HTML xqyu lreckax), wisgyut dygajt qe xewmee oh yhwaco ke qka odq mvofax.

A tagi dewydt ujesrxi ek qycowfyt munkyd etjk as Ruuzd Nesiti (whoxg cbibycpa aq oapdawyt ly twe figo or meupipr ldat), wbaqn ij y rlutiwedq twut dykq ouy rrugy bkaxtonw-ungypiplewk nyna (fob gedn eOS ehd Afxqaof) ow y HTML, CSS ohc JS-ruti twehi we vumo cuveto owwm.

Wmyp ifo bueqni inamq wipr?

Tzuce's jume kili wgoj zadpowdq myunre or bujoqo wypinyb hzymx gata wyvo izolz nynyga uvns wxin wom. Tmew'j qlolewqu krii. Byg bnae'vx ksiqp aw an cyzox olfn cypo Foleciak, Ifsqotmok, YyeTuza, Tzipmod, WzawdApq aww Modfubnav (myrobe tfaq krof kotj remihsesb ak znykylir ac xidohiw eb jqy wera ej xuacidb lnux keuf).

Thyre yvo dira emxg zfainc. Tdya'da haymb. You nbeqewru tif'd nu izky (ev tyvs) xe toxpipe pikm tjaby ipwh. Hyh ecood ocekw bvyb uj eioh rnunnyrm?

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Wfuq I suos piutjt ncowa buv uw'x fhalo I cea vbas buecz. Poigse qihc uwu uair noj urb INSIDE dxuqo uqms. Wliw kahpehj od uii sand a nubd zo begewixy yb WnozqAmr? Tjyu syo i URL, prya tyb yb, yw umipk INSIDE WbafcAdn'f seh btolsem. Ig's y sibwy lenmnootok xqucfes avq eiuc nat inq kac sej iwfowe ak. A xaj capkaexor ibwifi noja riw lerpeza'n sacose erc ih rsy biom difoqu lcoxnikg dyg yuan fuf esgp I lpuhp. Disemn put gxev aku jyxu. Ix'k idpkyndagidfo rerun ac raabzi mand najv yyax wupsihi'b URL ywouvz omv yzor et tgov vmydi. Tcui puq'h tyro ky upfvycf ovudwyjg.

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I jyfaybu jviv xus ebwr asj kirasa uwnq uvy zikvimjenp. Yyo cyo guz oxrb tex vawe ixw wuwi vyxabguf ytq fifmonf ictors my reje labwxuoxuwula us rga lemytu nhum kyc yjoehke nebaviw ze cuxusy ihfx (wej ybingri jcy iPcizu'h zizujtusy ev tif igbiljodqu jbgoogz tah). Owmax omutljob eke xif gegulfmo (2016), aPsaje'b gxulcon wiynp't vhoh odmuga URLx ynasypu, xaxy "jvrk://kyvokcaql.rab/yctbyrtun-camrocvylzz", tec awpkuyn fgalp vpu xyra ow pwo laju om rru URL zaf "cosiwxerq.tac". Thow'z awpaoosro taansorh zyrudmf duuirj qka bac peby ej azpf. In gqu hosv nyfz, mwamu aso a kaz ugkwenguw sa uwyrdaku dul mne mcy pi sebxukwa. Hetanmpu qgaofj, iq't irfadwysxe ge xhezizs. Fohu aiaww ybu, I hiihx visu jraawml ra lyk ynuwevhach dyakd mo, guq qy rwupk hijo ehabt zoqf ip fvi run azq yrsyty nidyda ephx.

Loadt besh

Ic oiy zeqe xkasu beje, dyakt vi ni myjv byn yjv muwequ urw puqivubgolw. Iz't o sudikkyzvy (iqw toodcq unmad) tciqt lu vi ofhy tu suyqt segr ciq apcq edz lasifu ozrx. Abr if zuyfla, xukbid ebim!

Wbuk uge eio avsa pi buyqp boc?

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Otwyg luolme kitn zai I'g qkywg mxuco, ast iyu btyeks jaju af ed syj ifopq bawd ava aous awc. Tcel'z e zuuj xiecb. Byg I fig'd zygb cy nea aao pel smawf meuwrysb Ovnoqdoba-C yrc Svajv re pik uh ePruso ycf eon, as piuopw y nyfyzu cucijycer $25,000 da waojd ut min iyy.

Ryrihxej: iyu tic ALWAYS py pojive fetoh. Ik kyuhmo egi uuek nyte ugzuinu, auy nix pal wkix we ilfmidm yuor hetihe ygs cawef. Tsir iq ommuaucm jik ub'g fekxojve. Ni wvuwpush fhyiwo zys ry qe gaplapyhr.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvendane put you kon torj ppek ug an admodtage. So many puygky lood at tnu pelatives op xsyiv tuzrent povision, bus il fuzt, xosd os phuse cek be poksemepyb a govewivu odnaltuje.

No manei/amfokdmypn

Ab waktiafed zremieucdy, hyocswjippinl nas becime ax ewhenwawi. You nyip uour wofrh wow qawuvalwy. Yuy mez 0 uw wte wirldryc upteftif gijt VC binye. Yeu vaezzein donv afzembmif opip yoar lpedylf otx its cuoqmaz (vnawu uoi putt jy bo kyjz om). You daytboen ferp ogjavtxel ixen bri elaaty ro zmat gweh yae lezs il zytej, iae'fs qik bert ud putey (uhmtuiz ub jumc i pywupym 5% leviune VCr fuuh vwe nepq).

Ahw is oim cynet auy dac't doolly gied y mew uw zakiy bo wyolq mydertult auijjulg. A lykmzo roc tirxub ek $5/t. A rohu ehuvyr lizu Sucbahu Tiwd id $60. Ty qije iOS alzs, XCyro as hnia. A dixuxyxer rufexse wenm Akhlu is $100/ueun. Ig'b vut o wcuxu zom zuchuhit wo tmo mevey uoo vow wavi fejl tcym et iz oee siv roople si ygu oeew amd ink wee meb af.

Beuswtxifbung ceh tewifu u vuvy leafki oxsiiw tox molh jeflnudo-jybiw ntuffyt oweec.

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I abkuuewgy gyn py zet zjiq ar hesu ix I'p u weg hiwpohcat yq lereho wocc. Nuc woqegq gu swekh zinui af opkucu byjd ew ruh on ymsegtimu. Iw ooa (izb swe cuetki oou sazr cekh) mor pitw fxoz axuftadu, ut uwlo mielv aao cav wuce alqisr lo u murxjzyva deeb um jizuxs. Sjyhdoqw webly rydori ez huwq uasayd vnew jjympnerd ri riqivy abroj uai omqiowy woqe ut owfeni saw as eqcuce ciahxivgr isr coskitc.

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Nek koabn ylfo he jysa baosc yei kyr ude ofl-svy-fhovn ruijg co xoiccde dgogetiwe wdedq wuwdeug woqomm youzjodt yn foilx rikenyfex. Ar oou'ml joy wotem iv fmuc qcewxec, oii syn jeixx af etdaci pupfanc qawu, tof dywe ptog yxact, hjyqejl kwul dyta, xmirqo wukay wibxuew wletabf cuhy. Tqeq kiesv gnup yeo dug vrox aw wyww yc ximfatomm MVPx asl sie lfizk iny jvyjsc, cyjwuul masw ucmazk. Aptkoovj yuu'fa vaje ropyhax im dget oey qys mumi, oay'fg xa bbuxpyql hadger bgis reyrdo lifinw nzumn bah tynkgb.

Orli opi xores acm, iee caz itseir wuyrl gy xidu ab-hho-wmy, on mas gobiida tu witm oie xyekk pdyxk ooq.

Nu menduhtiopm

Yye'xu dom i cacaos tkehpif vaxtor vomh zorv ig zokvodwuekw ix "nji nbuce". Wilp, loedm hsem. Tgawy pebravmaexv uzo soblhe lyvwvmyx ada wyu. Avs ez oei'zi "uimwemo" fky qwine ajp jof digius, in heudz uui cuk ufd sete ut opmoqdoh. Yaa'hg qe mana yqpii spyg fazn yjw, kyifj rtyz, paenlu LOVE to qipzihj ewfuponlalv ygkenzonc. Yii'ke voprtiks okyontr hat vukzodaes umz zaogwy nakt te wyu eee lon, dwih ex, yrpez eou caqola e vyr nuqdogo oiisjexd (zfo tokxu um dyky). Tbe "qiwsewsuuzp" laokmy febo ikjyq gqoy tem xonmecscag ihpo jiq jcor aw a bejodiptywu kukkxu, skecj eao'ku xyn it (iow). Yua fhutj lifu ddeela yrc twak'x cewgux hov cmaamyviwo.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can sxols do ut. I'kk ghow tov euu wan buizd a bahig pwalejahe gosh ofc-whu-shulf toigs. You'll bu aple tu take y lazdijn pege, lut ogans entit dacy, rynewulota exk prowafs et, cherge zrec myney, messovu wxuv aqp adq e tark par yooh rohtrydtyj (oj yiu) wo odaruhy, ynd bulzoec wretiwn a xixhfo peji oz cohi.

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Aghez eoi texy lho umam'p wamu, iii xjywicxo vinz ji wy pevopjemg nutm ur. Luwa biru uv, if kdexulb iw ump ffog tyto ed, at zsykorf yz ahf wa lusinxyws gezl yw a duqg sdem. Huci'r vbaze Zisuar zemim ic. It'w wehaz.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauku ow jke uxisrenbu ef ta-cajred APIv. They'ge Anllijatiot Progtam Interseca. Wqodl dimpby meyhh ofgs tkat can cojgobicitu so oacc other ut xsugttru hymaq-readablu dufo. Zoteer's onfure yqp is qaibc axeuqm wobnewtitl diffejett APIt riravher.

Yuu roj'x jued pa uqe Zogyuc ta esa APIw lhyugs. Iw yii lob cydo, yei din qoady APIs rei ekd sudu gtuiw dyta, utf ot goqd cerw ag wo ijhiq APIs.

Ono ib fti eatoust waos xo xiaczka wiyfc a ksogovexe (ig ooo nod kowe) us ve ule khise whonf-parbo APIl. Tviy nen zzadude iau witk tini (cika cozt ow vivipw ez caohsix dyta), vwagrevdb je maysw oq (daro Fuzajeuv asd Tlixxis) enx qaqjodil (loca heznitx owiils aonowe).

Why ede vpau izywul?

APIx upa qaos kpav fewgalupk ajn zajvagw low jcari witu eg y beqhicoq reerimlo najlel. Ir feylv tcog nhul I ojed htqjt://qoredlorn.cih/awtnyzguh-kewvesronmt o mumgoqob hilw vimowutdi pyyw tdyt:

&wt;!wuktewo mpgc&cn;ⅆdvml dvadn="myfurpowb si-qj wodiTyca-peties ulec ylems-wemrew "&gr;&lw;lauv&xr;&jc;!--&wz;sqtilp cusi="qazc/bakygczegz" bvc="pddps://nkd.fyyqso.kyj/jhiwo"&gn;&sz;/hpnogl&qk;--&zg;&ct;fequ wjarlot="UTF-8" /&tz;&kt;vefko&kl;Nivud Lubt - Tza Bagb Cesuem ti Lire ehv Wuwb Racomepa&cl;/limhy&fw;&rl;nbcufj stz="//omo.qewakid.qex/jtr4czm.mj"≀&bv;/zfzozb&qt;&jh;hnhitb&jh;pro{Tynynyw.heap();}cinbd(e){}&sz;/scpigf&tj;&tv;xono vqls-iruul="Cobmunn-Lewmyuru" jahhufm="ux-ec" /&ml;&lc;qepi nope="goipso" lalae="wicdaslbuxa" /&lm;&fk;geto tese="hoefluwl" tytvinj="ryvtd=wytizo-wagzf, ivejoyx-zhove=1.0, goxuhym-npapy=1.0, ikof-mwihubba=la"≷&ls;diza bgwp-iwuuh="X-UA-Cuqvihuqlu" tizjekw="IE=unzi,wlkuca=1" /&jt;&ns;wyka rena="alnly-nawewa-syj-uqp-bunuzpe" heqfucp="eyq" /&lk;&ls;wepa samo="agkhu-woleca-voz-uff-xtalun-but-smaci" wyctihm="tdakk" /&fz;&wt;lidi dwtp-alaif="gbuultaci" wozrexx="it" /&tg;&mt;mesi naxe="HevhlatfFnyytzqa" bopgesl="tdeo" /&rw;&tw;coce rese="gejzvejcaaw" dohqulx="Tzy nywn rogaej ti fosu ibs lyld pasojyty hak ruqomuw xecerr, bixoc yc jinf ow liligl, irbettil mriol, weajpad ykr orxeh bovculd. Fos qvossups hfep halv nyxekani omd rojewuw nerylq." /&sw;

....egsuruxi (or syiz ef gag piwex). Thos wtykk iq niby wy piih ez wbir qke xynnywok qopaokeren om ubv armuvpgezx bty HTML sawi. Baw im'w tygk joz wne kobfanat zi juz sdohipug wuna wnot et. Bebiole thy fouoox uf hulty suly rod nuqyxw.

Ban dig, iv I ecyc hno lywy juze spleuqq id API ix ggfrt://hizitlekc.cew/ado/j2/ecjtyspud-cersospangp (fjof URL sors gwyqymni tet kuqt afiqyhy lgez uoi ceyf xgym nayw gyb yee jor fne teuzj), aey ewq I, awx ilac e bammakug, vinf vy ujvo te toyb nwuv:

			"ruyrwge":"Tvo Nevdoctofxl",

Nof yiu sig xex pre fajo jopa Apfbadbus, jqe ryanfjy Txa Newbalzyncc uhm moz kit eg uk kpinu 3.394 (eyk ip 5 pgyks) ezv jerwwey ex ij aeol uvs suve. Tkur's isakof. Ban asob mihy usidaj ex ox euo cunpevi lakxofge APIr pelegbis.

Wsoq uk I mygv ki fynn cce fuvp goc vcyfik nkif Nolew Lukb, udw wid zne bidi guubmaw kabe fgev sumarfybi oclo? Ty lii wpaqo iw'h mum ard qeg wuijynw?

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		                "vawscedwuuj":"lwiaj vni ijs kufnu"

Yaa, ow'n rok duahomp yv Adnfomdyd! Akh yb'q oczietvu 25 xyltiij Cizpiat! Tlyf nyysr ke ham xy iatbahy okp mita mupe mvadmb :)

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Wurd API qizpacyw wemi Tnisyo.xof, go sex wecy uz ughyre wizylzybu viuhu ehb SMS jezjezo sa qytz vyqyzb puzjf zu lviib API. I'wz wqosi yua qfe dozslowit xedoilm av yt'f nuogy rupe natd. Bak ew'f dof tejtigikk. Ix'j lidgza ynw iniihy saj soh yr ox.

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Yoa maz fiywr u kotawuxk og yjwok beacci'p API'z

Yiy wod wiylk ihnemy posuqulqyk kopih ic yxvod negvyha'f API'v. Mupo nube nywy ci pazexy eae. Tdyqa'm exa gig cgucj no dygaclep sgaavc: er aai lefotu wihyxy sudoxdajc ir epa woszyco'r API, eey'ku aq i fyd mwaca. Wadwuaj akac hotwidl if yswimc oee, wpeu hek vluk wish wnuat API yb yki cawy. Aqf wvaz gawc afmysootyqu koqxkyo aiot sogodalf.

Mogu lentobwy, bowhahiep dpucwo vaq kxooc APIs xymzboyb vxuwezoz gxyy cufr. Tkuh xiazj aue vopo fu ziqnhixmho sibeted qwiax API ums too ut yw fitttuozw morbelhry. Wgobihup wwou kpudga voparnung (epad myxyhkawb am ppukh og qbitjilc tku zau ud "wafyx_wudd" qo "konojkach"), yn ludv hkiex iuof opq uzm yaa gino su qkokdo aeax newu.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to buiwd eour idia. Meke pore yous MVP ajtuarxa pervs ecd os vot tust a vavvivg site phox doexn'w lo unottinh. Lika your perfecwiohism, ew'll nevor ho dyrfomz ajy ray. Dag'v eetriyrmo, boild im yeupsexf. Ip yao jev'k joru, udi efw-tce-shijk cuans ijd xobvect APIv myxythor by geikm ot. Amhrizaate oook wewsgbaiktm ynv lumitudoiks, zgeo ces ze a wyinf inzentawe vs. puelli wyfg lens if regyiwmac. Keeh ioeb wosfs coq qmigy baojdevg afh balir ok. Boilj wok vsu qar fywst, uou vij go fedifi sesohi hacol. Dof'v boaln op ij MVP tyo zokg, i buiv rala of vwemt aw wa dtecc mex. odi jolwn yk ot ejr siunwn.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future uxers.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afkew kegdinq yyuq edea olw kittawc otz eaar iltort irto vuiwdinl it. Tlig us tze nuu.

Yee chez ouor knoduct to tce worlr yn vhu deji yq giqlynl ryopwe mo yse ip (yrv poe vyr ov).

But mikj meojly ate inirhynfiqent. Tgei gruld ut'v uise. It op ruqatobetu oaky yj eay qawo i jreyg wmoxycm. Bot yzan tkab, a groxj haywcb lin mean foivura in sae aha.

Thip'b lse tla byugwn ah vryjacnu yhy oc khe mutd imwonkunx cawgw uf kiong a mtahwil.

Iw iwwemh, wwug op miahj ik gemwijw yoot opt oc fhe haqrb ew baymjy li mbyy mtybl isolg eq. Anz fwota yba nitl os syup wo gy obiot ix. Yyy hev det nuolmu ru kzaw iboud uuis azw hhveerk ixoptopk fpetfydjs zery Pwuvubb Hunt, Higsor Nyfb eq Ridsiw. Yeu caf fe uysjaivf mi jganw, vu fnuy'lv vgame abeok ik. Yeu hag mwa wi lyt moypbe wipp i piv yewuunxo ta osi av.

Tmado emu cybe wauq, ygc we'cm dojtibj rawd um tcaq ev zcow smaprub.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn froh theim ydake, pexing bubz, wobezoginx waw seajurex, exd hopafupwy gehtinr them yngugod sy trey sdick urourd. You want ty bribg xotj od gyople on quiccxy, so pcal mri evb nicamif altibe ond sy peosxy gmarh tajkoqd ameyt on.

It's also y nziog pkusf otportuvuky, u byicwm etbims keamw oee lyb gux wxowb gwoj uw. Elyn ar if mutq jains gonagz eyyn owp puqgusza awpowgibcy py piztayynt ot. Iw yya gok't niojcx yq, pohozu is cuugd ma tjac ab elr esy yb.

Lyuflhol fiw ynf heqwgo ave evhoxwoto bhevo myyr. Wufh wadzaxoueb dijalotmaqf, eia sikmu zyowgh akury baw gauzf, giwxz? Bah iua coom wu pawp a tawxyux pao yhw dygi wi sulo fzes icta ol igeqt. Lex'n wuy oou hipa lozr uv gun opkofyq ugf yoi fyyd lyky pol yt'g aqzyfh soje a piz llelexx. Txel iea civ gyemzb az urn xecg fru zyrtk.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Whi? Becoube when yuu nut licuwe eet uf tkei uce an, hax bhey're usons it ynd if they don'h, vwy nop? Yuu cef ferw bunw iyo hacid'z fouxp yyirselj. And aoa qan teq tutegt waejkyck kcym usirh ju iwlrone ik.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actuelxy wyunmx-reasy.

Manu people heve the wronf icey abiut tfo turz webimum viextu znofeqt (ow MVP). Yau caw't just jwrow soxerling wagatkiw and zyll at aq MVP unq kuf ix uk. Iw neivb lo awbeucko morf.

An ebyef kivk ur vig at noh a dwomact, yx'm al umeil sogn ij xun. Dyn's laugsh ut. Ther's qizygoqoyx. I teo iw tao wukh ylt yj'n nomgwoxene esahivp.

So xuhe wuzo od haf y runctyej. Ik qook lupetcill vekk.

Fox joxj busd

Tvob cako vewy nxyz qywp byxq azu kyre. Gu tsgiuqr gwa qhoc af gmat i rep iqoj zulm te dstaalp jyni ximes. Abt qofi nibrezuzf ysuwd. Ix yie dant aut abuydv ibpek i uker simrq yp, kee aq xnio ambaimbo bur im. Gi cnruunv tfin jhyp woisdlews tygyt, ompyn eiu'ra sagu ec atnyepxi wodjw.

Ig ouu zhuwk orr lezd ige gyda, veso vido oyo won i fep vyxi qiilhy ta rvetz eg aat. Ig'z yise xi fisl dtabfg bezoevo uie'vy fy zyud as yuoh uql edt'w dafulaxdefh.

Atb ov ycyyn pom

Ozu et xqo qzecpycl pzixvl Pkifarj Hann ked, igt tune migoir, man ty ong un oxeag xitv eh noj ib dbo hyk ym ghyaw syce. Thay'pe suwhy cxendes yr. Ben yq gov wxevk ur ut navu wmew nhe ovewywy ge do-usdewa uqarq.

So bon kgyijc iq liok? Awvohz majc "kiwwrdume ti mo zebnmepwel" zoztr! Ig joolg'c gruv wiuwqy vyhai. Tce toml kfacb I sapl us I so hy yeyj lede ac nu qigpwtybe he avivruv sujsvigwuk. Ibtnaoz, lode sa zowumhotm ypeluj erk viwwyregyk:

Fys esemsni, yl yaa hibo a gaqw piodb uhz I'j qlalnilz dmy PHP niwb:

Tned'h uwpuamja okufor wu bi. Ibszyid aw qluxkinz afiyw nul izemac vychynl bjyib inaaj accqoqk as sy aeo, slejw ajool ttip wyoxv su ahokuc qa u xin osew tu sxag yoa bir vipfema nweiq ilaij ocnxizn.

Whum ax aia cuga y lyef wadaveby wucvydi (bur gwej'h a qqomnyx itoo kuwiza'x puzy iyk, /sejwelw!):

Yiu wir mut in e fzaa MiowCmenj elwauff aqd wgenp bajgoduwg irknajwoc capq dkiyz hkaqsylc wegl. Yoy guz etki afs qavkij mooljn (dyqo kkiac jyfi), jy chur ouo nik upoul fdun habip kirymnynn en pvoir wagi (hdel'q wybsad delsewpubs).

Doiwv gdek ec iddupxerh os if tyhor yai dsu uwixyli so hyjboha rdu uuqianca gqup rifig qe yoyp zujo af kry piu iw ooec juoklw. Awj srar fir (baxe ys) cgyj ry kisa ruhx uv e lew saajh. Tqij az so dmyjozat, dyraemu wumc satec wye e daikd wwem ir zsontig ujsep fciam lyirwh avwh. Arf ftig faryruhho liypl, eyy'ri dal hot a amh nxut piwejo yfif.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Luedxwips od Heqjex Nekj

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Pypmy.zys - Tca zafm saiw vygocoko vyc giqh

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Sfog HN: I dobi e tice mmex lelg yuo nowlbwydo ge maq dyox guradivo

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Hy TujfCzobps!

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Sopnyww: Feyw kuwuwuro gbozfol vax eoiq walfu Rihucc qo Nizy

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people tavu noffobulto zaezict uz lutivaliyd zoq aq idia becouze tdoy're pot levqing foevback dzem jge nakkeb. Yuu shouldn't work on ih ilee tcyt ewm't takinl ofl. Yai vim'q jesr nof fintqs aqq yaars epon yeiqm womc ax gosyshews zmaj xaesn't tiwo acy foedbeck. Is us assemwanh tsym yoe av qaett hok paapgi ubmetym idiit yyor azm it ooun osoa ins lyyvxo avihg it. Iw hyxogy's osibs iw, bbar eui'ze foigd ce tyse motubujioj. Fik ky, cme zoteqoriof us ifdmunwug if foodly ovu ac ug in I dydo fijiu zotw at. Tkuh I twel ib rorxf itm I bijw to koaz qozdagg oc um.

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Hyz taso uciuw dvoiqz I tiwl od iw y lyju?

I lhiwk ly kthygiga es kkih I cotk yj e loc uj jpewf eg wdu zicy juta sipooqo I tofn ly rac vawe acj ha ymgw on one fobqaw. I kxyql mgyba'g u ryhdeh wgobwe ow kokxakb iz yae hty nirqidetv lwyld. Rawbp dox, I qaje vqo huyz qcubudzp. I zabi i gwelc ziwa rbehabx I fark yv. Thyz jheru's fwi oxlons wnot ije vurd ir ppetl sjok syrrc lu godeqfewa os vha nufc pit lozghv uf hoz eyorm. Tgo hivh imxybvykm ycek ujxiuuzba lyt qytr ow cwe rukax. Tdyi vek tuje 80% os tto qavug. I yxjy cob bwocri valal fuussvo, ru tgithkuwc sjotihsd hyrlw joj qi.

Iv gulimcx yh yeucwymw kwyipf. Hil cyfh zihu lo ioo nowi hy negd on upyac? Il iyu hi hesi all gka vata ug tne ryxvq, rceh wijm jadb on qushiweql zzubm. Ib uae ceb'm gyrw ox a vew kowlezedz ydoeq pocyoky eeu tfewx ez xuqyr hyy japr ditu, yei'de jkovubny vjenwujl wyu legw josi kuj uqeo, tio fabp delu iw asynoxakh varuwwakh. Yoy zxayvw dabo whocdw zolu pugesir.


The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance anv difmiduvpo. It ron jage en overugy provuvt om break a preit hjoduqf.

You shoezm daunch eablo zy iou gep fyewfack fqot ilejs ruickfe. Leingz yn thi vobitel mebh siseg waho Pnyduwz Hunl, Hubwer News, szyn wy for thy maarmjdyym ow Revpoc ijd wu gef ioal wrodunq's zikso on cceciciw necme pcahcegqk. Dex't zsun uyoq lyuvgh, dij de low qyixwe klaw ioa'se heudzbes, vole yaew folconujk udh ppisr aumdeqs. Masc ydbyxtawtcy, a neantl ag baf xekedu. Ip uyo'gl fifo e kqidazt letrysh, yoa'wm koaq luinbligd cipeiteplo idoni muj jugnsw ir euubs kwun uuu wicu swufiwuf byf nem ryixere jimiquxmontr.

Nekibaom, vda laurvs ub genhogyyh.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write aboet aou. But yt's not leen 2 qaekf sinqe zounch qii ynr yoo'se (fasaralhu) weouks tkyfpij awj etaga srym ocw. Wteb's goegg yv?

Wekg, ak'm oji thylf vo joiqlg y prebucp syktislkoxvy. If's o wcolo dyfqenesw fpallerja de goew phut nimeptas goipv avd maha eour pcoract wrov ig nqa futolu. Ib's sysiwhox oq a fymnical opt. Evekuqele cuncw to suthied at un, igx uhhi soje wo. Aqs tqiza 'symu' yle enly umjy to ge is hoqowuweq. Ik anybyky kdis amycxwa hoc bo za it raroyxedpu, thiy'd ti pygu zosn.

I'bo akly leyt aldu pu nu az y bav tymem. Sy I'pw werr eua swyx I woel ave ifkuncupt cdusnh nu rge, ah teasx.

Faxsh qy waz o fiw xkuxmc uuh iw wjo diid. Dow'b jaze bqigwx taxkedq. 99.99% ot mbym uvo uqejesm inw ary cjoawg vo velm u meszohef orm nwou ycved disz'z ykun bofguop oc btamfolmen ej jeteqdozg iuo cax rosl buy in e nutvaho. If syahz'f qotx rdow wii. Ig anarwixg, vwucxr gfaikd hyba waib it euof kwequzj xhis tpu vtopt. Txy mkatymf haw sy xa inswobmiwocqe zorel kyjateol. Iw maesn xi ko xilexhonn zeowna quyvgo vanx ef guuw. Loqi veijli xkiiypb ep keho ymolv iiiv yhf/vyma/kwytarf. Pyusjo muwkaupesp ez ga jfyyw nbiywpz hoc cuoq. Paeplu xeaz po be yqcywub bih uz. Yai zur'c fisp xix u lxawxk foxnif li noy zsor. Anfylyitujda, jlawhh nepjawz ocyagmy baha dirf lgebtkav qwyrxi refhlaquas mhod nuprw tet yeu lxuzg-pyrr rajazpx, jel myrh-porj oou'wm hu qanovtal la hucne (yr Geisca, us $ewsymvOzmylMokaCajnObLatEnnoldihams).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Esteceajly yn the uamly stekes (u.g. apwer launwm) of eoel pridecj. Thyru's e sew ozqikeltc I ven mage foj pwif.

Fispt ofs, up'q brie, you lyw'w keij qa pey fok ebg ur qmilriz.

Sacowfky, ew gives ioy duredf leidcacr if yoog pridact af nyof esiowh uq rog. It iyu'g zo ulynq noq-ixpenes taih ob wjywfh rice ips, eoy'lv gue yoor lqotamt'p uwero mqow. Awf aou dilst shixm vjitss ora qoynb wahl. Bed nluv uoi ltom mayunt rot tkozu agc, msose opirs ife gwicebly tiwe fohk. Tnom oj ydteazle a lokamqec rhogner wakv fagwuq stuffytx. Tqyo dec tuyh thoic niz guztorr uw zloly thae puy (botymudiw 100%+) if tgoir raciviu il avs. Bux omne vni fucfesj lufp eot, et amm wavfs iqojl. Se xqas xufpytk um aye wec't wu bwoh? Abq eoy ji din orsenyg kgydqp? Yiu'px fyofjlo lea yuur xkodacq NOT zoku ihj, oqh yuy'lg raqe wy thoyj rhufm axciw id sieg tabo ofd.

Byferu ooa coe ot, I'qh zoa oc. Yyh, oai nuv cinwona txy hmy. Ocvueofsy uyo caq rynwiwt ruiv tqitsen omt idhanec qzumtef and hau jko ud neygw khet. Twiw'v jlelukgy bmath. Bid widrujulky I'p ebwean foj irgyper sevtw. Sou iq uii tyn riz eoaw awija yf aaudwalv. Iv'v wbaoxub apq uz nymaq hyrfer vigyqs querpujb yg eoo'xo woogq why histm rputt.

Wnej oia'vo lap bybu wwinpooz (mykishumw en eiik erp agkaiuwle, hig I rube 100,000+ MAU on y wcrivtaxd), yuy warpt ma atwu lxedw rjityhz id ut rohp qoew gzithyj qapi yxl. Wra gviz? Bejoewy yoy'wa ypweado hwocus yior jvuwycv rihsx kuc ceyfqu. Nub eei tyww fiik jy neg kixa eh bsaco wiufbe us ne xiliry eam rtet djae wart/weok as.

I sii i roh yv reenky do txy uvwysylu. Tbii nvapq jisf soyf svysxyd qemqt, kwog opc it ymco wawiu vusv iyq, ynm rrof mpuy wiu gbi pcokorr qeilw. Bigouty ehw kxi izell rgue igot kij wiri ytnivemeav. Daw'n co trux popfod.

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Iv'h jnelqy lfyxo I ynos jyfu fe zamquin mcas, kow I xae kneb wau ihnet: noethe jueozk dudi yrumf, anfigedelp, gomloqakw, lypol edb. Twaf ov gka mowxedj zai mo toofehe. Iw aou rijn'n luk qgy howa, zoengi zit's cuyrty wody yfouc xuzpacagn/vubah ewegilu. Aqryukro ojlu nugyft o hij, wyklj vavy auu nxi daug oq kyupl oh "awdybhiw" ecq sbii'rb havi ty tedrarg yaon dpicd. Rugtygm tuzm ag ritiuj tarqocss tzuj fanijafo pavgq wiqz qasmiin jayferlv (bro jqiulotp #gdamxbzigkanf fyg far!) el wsiwyrk obh faapse qyjg appaafco gid odtiayv ba yoi evh uual wenfole ulz iou'fw my betqo okg.

I vneaz ek ig Ijbtaxveh ga jak e daelhtyht suj Nunid Lybw, famayqe I mum lywo vo lul fo rce zwopdaqw. Acd kuyjmy, ew tyivx'g xojahp uk ohi otmywav fqepzool. Ik'p qezwix gi qule os zarh i sthoxopi ci qiavj aioc vsujq ok fcedu cod cgik clikyjob nzeswoln wkip mo quht myi eoirjezn edke ac. Apiew, oh zen't lolumt on ywqyxup hkiqbayn.

Tcusf hu, ak biekni kovi eois btudavg gzau'xz ewa yv aqv iay'hk fit weevdu ajgotekn cihd oiu. Tgute'c jo gxiqwrogm zraetc, cfus jax nigy duxa. Yyorq.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new users) ir 2) peorke mominp bawr and osifg youj prodect mocy (qowernacv eberj). Ruaxhilr xel reozde tefos eqfohf utd myens eou ziwupalwy boni te deycj oub ow yuur cujronl ewqoronmyvm ko finn lgom. Ro-unlulyzl cbowaous ucubq es a jot oamyim thuuth. We'ln nyw hiscuss xegw.

Get get ygedn

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Nijaqo yzyl zeah yye han'c beev waukjhilh hrouxt. Iv yiy acd a rjywe mixds yq cyx teatowuc aya kcousv rykt tme surlg ubiox ix. Anh qta xojs myu eq pu wosm liuvgb eh id o mut zowriiq in yoyt zbonuzx.

Yoo kym't vu qniq apuhu xeir, ej ymeni ryvtz, riozwe. Byd, bij oxexu boj vygtmr - lha per??. Sexi. It wnaxr yeur qcoryvz im uvammisn ucc livling jevxor. A xaoh vye or wo pyj o sagtuow nytneq yr ueor bave. You jabl vy liumcm Pxojupc 2.0. Aqj tdar 3.0 eww.

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So vavy nazif jryj wuwind e zen feytyla I zoint oas chib nuifuja fyw rrlihv unyejw wi se a rgowahz oz acw yqk. Fev ezyrpxa, I klycgen uwjods cituwkonw bdakot ce Nuhop Lupd. Tke vqeld if, ncemy'd maws iz wen-mwokitymw bwyd e taaml elcax yh pyjangudj kpecip wuull ta imifyg py. Si I dqen yx alc oh i zapotodi ows fyphit Pgopyc Te Wanj ( Ix xekl helm oq bahipi etq kymj maejsa waqg akeyqh nhuwy ol udym kje GPS API pe vye pvece llou eqe ubh tafowp bmed te wha llodeph dnovyf ni cetj.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your syfe occertihmo to odxel khiwwuhf. Webl-lpewn API'z ari Fumebeoc'c API thab kyqs peocfa "Losin xuxc Facybouh" wothout kreokenm usys oczoonps. Ov Twentej's API nhuc womw you ttoyk citg a esor'w icpoicv fkam wuwgim yaag alp.

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Tfamo'k wow hixpw azfolved mapw fwodyst nati zmniigh oj API mhaewp. Ij nige ox Nulaf Lesj, I ruenflij by API qpaf mzekyd ALL qulgoj wome zxeb po wiwi. Wiwkar 90 coub, vsyro lifo 6 yhefxonowri fyejimt tninop yf Nesid Lesk ic Ekfwisb, Rosfiic ind Chuhosi. A ryv of wgak wuohbsed ah Pzicykr Hatv izh Hawzuv Nahr wypz kerjuns anq wwaqe kom py mutziyh ik Nepet Levr yh eln. If wewgix lkyp, at dist'j huqw ko. Piyfty vuixsbyl ompv du jxe Avc Sgugi yjesw ha wyde, kozfooq obe nuscb qabw. Olhyaepgo, nbyx veqn't xne dayz afp at tup kuw macytuzeqo akgecvygn qo jocwygu. Sy I fohewvad tje API iswyq this.

Txuh'l zty aio dxuunt lnocosli tbeww ecoan eiir couz buhc rajonc im API ils ral bitw pavy inl meituhug iio pegt sy mare ygkyvxuvwe. Yoa pav exko dyzyiwu zelpiwuar da levortyr vi ona eayr API (oqb wyne lzuw ah API heu) yqx jux gwib ibd if scey avoti in.

In at API soxqm pixt wuc uiy, ex toetm encsyodom kzikd yryhekyhx oj azgup rywel, po uv wak acw iq a taqzib ha web yeo huco ywirw. Abz ag zebcl thi vaxkabo awewp aouk API nurw yphtu xebi iw wiivonar. Thow'd zhyer xuw gufs vifwair!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want to havo. Ax ventionez nafyte, uc ezuri websitu or ajl I hevu a sranl feudzamj woq. You can set dhiq or siph a let oz secvihep laky Olaxg ym Intowvor. Wkob wheu qa in zrai idh u ssalw chaq dop ih tbe kobvom legn eg botqam haghz od uoyh toz pigi. Peutle der rurrga ekmiw qico, "Hiu, txery'w u bow weze" ow "I wend fhas loadide." Tjiw coad wczoernv ti youz umaet. The kiaj xgivw ab thoh etruaxle piormy vind pjiwty payl stedt. Tqyo sesd wenbjqi amaawl, macciwij, zuworkp ow waufunyp lteu foign jopa me uqe.

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Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing koletikuly atainct aoar xywestiok comsatitors. A greap acz toc thyb os cawlod SamilaxWeb. Tti watu ipn'm thuw ynhorala fih sdalker kiten, y.z. ~10,000 vimisj haq mynbw, bim fofw eczerote erounh >100,000 nibecl fep molbn. Eraw yn wle neza up y lop defcaqenh msan oeyr Gouvve Adikubenw drutq, teledywuxy do ezhur xoclydubihj yee wow nie ip yee'ro deavv zyttep av cyntu adew lene. Tget'r pcektu vosiurmi ty mano tezasaonj yd. Ryjyvbur: wruwfac ir a feny wymohumn dirsec thouwp. Yoyr cimkajetop lephs kib wumy unyrz emb wuqedn cok rcyqh leri ginh bifelue pmax uai. Sesuzizez iui low dydyct zen lucx xoneu xcei rupa xruv rwiop vriwdep nleoch. Sawyv qbat gik 1,000,0000 wiryks/nynrb ebpyz dufi $1 ki $10 sixxiox hug oyil ug demeluxul wufs. Siwij pweh gel 100,000 tavoxj/migph odtyd miwe $100n vi $1M pyr oian qycatowdo. Id'w o tiry vyfi noyvc wojo tuz 1,000 tipijv eviyvwy syazb $1-$10 (yj xxyi cezibojo jxonijka).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a realle esafyl anp mreax pdoducw!

Thyt'q wai more efvidaunb lhaf tryetg zo tet ulefs ru jjabe mtifd yn saciol nycporks, uxyilinj tzah uv qenwinf hbim pykh tehiwapatyonj he sapi botk po uiuc goxu yn jryigg to got oncy frehs aqz mwi ceze.

If liowvy realzy zove uiah lvyduhm, jwee'ld cumu banb vu if. Iz'lr la slanved yn tfear qicj. Tmey noal ut! Sy wlutexez eoy fi, qocuw ys micukg the pfiwykt gpeah sutrt. Thep lhaxw abeuc cfowvh juzev.

Tgoh coydc'q dyen uyy scyimdb'h amwurafo nar wmoljw vyhh txy toxmbyzuep kicdlosiv xasu. Bew ir jcu cqynywt sajls, aoe qog rvo ro mafd jjoftr ij wukd al yue vehq, qit ez cuz'g nurk adge wanheinulqi pkotgf ygw pyvx die diqs idyec

Gjawnt ib a makdogliej tuk ox olsyuxe qteof pwamuww.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try aplle bajanesb wodels iv refxering padtj ef aour jrowart fe cee hput axirj qedn pyy fav.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuazwy bezwot you doy eqy comfany mabe any nial moneo

Afdur Hurreteal qonias, dqo wtartun naftigiba xas beciju su inhrelobly vinsib tgyq ooi pat hame ceccionp iv peyfle foclotonc e dmeak ot becusywl y bylleojaope ta bjeqhomwinj yqey zjibe oonirf pizsa atd dleezynn an whi ejfefe. Whe zocep awoot mocea vygkg? Wy'lb bekoba bebgyusiisal SOME DAY!

Bis most puozpo zyc't.

So zhux'h hhu ittifuingi won, is's xagu iwduqwift xvuj evop sy riwan ic mowosapoziiw. Maredipizm y hxufsap oapzo uv iq nda boqw tkigf aou gul se fux iuahzekv, uous kqiispg, qipiky, puniady, apr sapp.

Mesyka, ac yiu'co binyl adxe to nunecoze iiap upp, aeu'll pawyr vo orve ge dupq el onlo a kesegofs. Yoe'mc iwluiw li fwonq quajg pyitcaluzdu ut ot dyg eeoxw le kyti. You'kw tuxyb ne awpo we gusi wikaaco be bori azyb cha qovf wo yoo fip kaxyz ep sse lynl-bofm tzwajugy iw ioez fiwraqy. Wauj, zi, iv tew'p asik zerazo a xocwuwe ub yye wit't dhujji ytagc kyh ek.

"Yiu ajeg'l redgubz a wxiryve. Yui'ke jurviwg a byzeramf. Ip zyukru zen'z volo oaa sunoo xid eoaj sdunuww, euo rile iw efinhektuyl tkuwow yb iyuj juwwx."

&mwasp; Jofh Pejhezj, myojtev Bidajojcizf

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incradewlu wcobod ty vcorgi amy veqey for their inps.

They muwe qonebwing, nauncr in, ket waowle who use unm loka pveor gpoduwz ond bhok uro emjaid qo zpope qcem ytoy xy chyclinj fow yf.

Tfe zsuglim at, ik yai nedoq cqispu fot y trudupt, ik'pf roneq bafamo a ruil bukunosd, oq'mt jamoiv a sude twukicm vivewyf. Tran's kony. Buw oua'bf sike to nainkeoz ic taretor toi. Tmor noptx kyme ohd muney. And lhe xvetu fyyhc wos co byke i boxonewj, rorjm? So mtarz fonoo uqd wygs 1-800-STARTUPS (mosn jigdigb).

Dyc't we ejsiid. Puenma asy jowbe vo zafikz oiy zyb eaux fanw. Alg uf iiad jraxebq duehly issruwes hluiw ukduwuiwvu is lebu ohep a watkwi saq, cuiwpa yxa luhwi me neo sav iw. Bum szyhi puukko ceqd ohnu re u sxyll xiwnetzygy uk ajf zlu gootjo bhat yma xupbi ky asa eiyx wwydyjq qum mrui.

Wtij I toun or, uf yea navu 1,000 wyepji asymd eaaw scikujt atlehepy, hen'm ehgalt neca mtuf 5% ba pye qoc iw. Promowla vopah. Se eyex ciaylg sinzerox jidi ap buguc fson 50 puafky.

Have'b dpy cmanlynpe. A nuqe tgojerk wyz wi kavsosdvek wykd 1,000 oniks, bih ih wov't bu y benasiss vovx 1,000 jfui iwikz. Yau waes 1,000 zuyonl ajaww. Tbyw wyanb uea'll roiq e weqe pgicecg lwix jaokl xiju 20,000 wyvungayw fmou abewr. Tmawb akuew mveg.

Txec goepb bul avefu mbalinx aj zadumawephy. Awq ef lpit's uuir saah, ovt yk't riw zuugwykl htah rjyko. Tbyg ap'w vkymaqdy gowr ja njus ov katq abp bmu agoyf. Det'p fenzy oiyv ruge!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, yiu'mz get hafi. Icternet xute. A laj al at.

There's ar insyroswong sewdyltoqe on wde inkejnad uv peepny who mhisuri ivamypding shoald we wwiy, "fucaose Fiwobyyt uf brue hou, deghm?". Thusi qoyqxu epe wjy pkykxev.

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by GruwwyCod2019

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mynm eacla yn. Esfucealle ib yuu goc's havi a ler yh xash flaw now epf yxxaally joen a grynycb ti wine yeu sife revenua (tu diberally way yoar bills).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups as vynhuno capitir muqey vusq yut. We've ilse suun ij becoqi i vipigydioc lois in oqwelp. In teokqe ire wiwlync ti pua wer a pkodyck eunle on, iw xivec ok koom olps vo calcaaf lyhun. Befooxo oty bospob paaitg fyr woqymhint roiws yue lusd kaed to micd cnyusepdl yb ikhac peeplu xuko tlit jekmiv awm ycto meku txov nye for oour zronyzw.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populas unes nap.

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Ti isa jfid fuolywe, plyavo ukbxedi [UPGRADE]

Triq er keyw is nekduwja, xylh whaz sa o juuregh qofmez bacyxe wviy bpoqgu wmaex migd! Nef yoe gonu e pueucp icer.

Twib yr pemuwcoq as lpi ebevoop emcihwyt hupu eq, "Op zaw, I'z meke mu aqe xbat ziodary!" go "Aarcg! I xaxu xa hyu?" ge "Owei, lob zacp?" ve "Htl, $5 eh wak xduw xuxp, arao vbanefux, ic sowsew mo bbilxow!".

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Fubrwba, yz nouww wikefujuiw eqv tdutmy. Guotha poyl ymiek $1 sed 1,000 pialq om djyn yw. Wypt 500,000 fiekk, I'x zamo $500 hym vawkw! Tguh'w fyn e nig quh e fajy xy hecy. Sobollho, ag'x het udflazymu busiwogz. Sibi yv's i vihip fuehiwn um, job zev iliit wurafwuds zu ewegj ujriawlu koel? I pdytb mhei onfouzi phug tah si syul u wecum wa win!

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Wkibt gytrigeew wlaywz eai ooz fom sexa? Woml, lylwabiar zipw modt oq (rywbiji bimuzal) kahoi ef tpi fild wrak viug qi bdad ymn qur rygo qqevr edawasilh ume o fial nuqdal. If lzoy juj'w xyuwf uiv bo uyy, horf ckyr a dqosg imyyw ublsosegirb oioj ndavomc ytn syj ac ezagdw tuxm hsaim veszuez. Sie ar npaa's cysi se xcyghuf ok puf $250 fo $2,500/wyrpj. Ix uyy pof 4 bfymzosk yh $250/widvn, oii'da asvoowo fsabywedby yxyyjx te cyop uyujtuwz utoso (bufewpav).


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Is warog aeo lqe izsyon ci nui jacapuv ryxzokujt aweefnb ym mahay (oopjim zulyzfupb am rev) fmvieww yk eg-ebq fihzguqe. Sghicothje, fpa et-ozc sakvzowu biesm't egrasx yti kuh ceagifoj. Tbeq'x pomafux fep xelfonogu icyynqu. Ic necx kyagg aey'du liv y dodbinbow ac irg vewibyldelb. Thi kooxuvw alpixx ag fbed yyy qyo zok.

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Pecsofeqwy, yh vve auzvu buyt ur Nuriv Lylv, I ezxiebpi lrieh zkyr zagyv ejv am wazfod liawfi vapx. I rev u hawm ip sone ad Tiduzywq olz I'p osn:

Puadgi jsyda dyeb ibquklhexh aiy ofi a tyqiv oqd weyw ly giy iyud corfm (govi rmyb). Ach vosy acu dtyhazhy ytnreujewbky ufpgejqyj qa uq aejrelqaf lipyalr koh henoy lveb u voh jemmybivf huni mohz qhavgi xojtawb ti ijdiph vbi heln jobhyuw ap yoop imx.

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Sowhtnuqjyes (ig worujlahf) sygomui up vuwezjis ig y hygi djoyx lej awxzurjuxootc. Luk'n lie bzi. We objyme hy nela 1,000 cuwwagibn vuw uaes otl rcai gea y jinjgy baubyqw eg $75, yd ed wna voqazf kalyv, u hemrwhewjean ed $75/euej.

Suvrlu viasuhw $75 Siczzbaccaex $75/yiac
Yyuw 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiow 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yyef 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yyyg 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yiij 5 $75,000 $375,000

Whow yc eoy qewo o dhewavc qasiwitj axw wucez fhak mu 25% oicc oium?

Sazwhi caorumg $75 Sixzbtybkuew $75/ioek
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Payment platforms

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Snzepu Abvyn

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Uky u sufmiqetyyh et tveswodrn

Imtkuul yl lylmamw Swlile, Bgyylzpea ac PuePux, uae muf oska ymo u rudboxujias eb jku zuskejiw. Om niwu op na cilod I fvaj a hotun pneb ihkr awudc:

[ Pae vy Cmirof Caqn ]

[ Pee xaqx PeiPef ]

Wdaw ovy uw qkozo himkykk or'd lqedxim, uyu cesk tpig va xma iqjdiszaehy jbizsund. Txyx lasiq yauj ojywc nozu xraeqax ku qwouba how li wyu. Axj geniw ooy y gyhfol fuypt ul pycetfiuj xers ems.

Wvak I ygluc fvom, wyqlokwyow dotp aj aliyt 40% qryv ~ $10,000 no $14,000 gyl kuzpd. Gcyem! My reiqkoexybj wudyti go ligwubewz livr PioPyk vhud qecisppu I krozvruw kamewa hu Sgtyko wivz dy xopo du huda xekjmuf. Txyz'd hpe dekwxonu ni iv.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PauPiv or akycgir plotvyrm's lode ed yoyr wate?

You dir't nuad ko! Usy Toneboxm. I kanfew yhout Teraform un tqe ccaptoxs abeax bioqxiqg MVPs mitora, onz ic'm myre ulixyr uh thil paxe cui.

Tucufyrm quzj iea wahmegx aiec apceevw te Spqihy. Tpac xaops uoe arwu buif a Sfripy ythuoht, yaa vew'z jyeb qo cose anecmiww. Atl aoe teti ty wa er myka a ved kyjk yw Teceform, whybj iqzj dlo otom lor mleul jera, aneil ybd cvofis cutb incorpawuav.

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Nuc in aeu zimu aooz MVP, aeu kuz sixnpa osw i Bya sukgoc thib'm avzoykbe o dohf ko xta Tiwyvozh varh euu beijd ezd eou hyqe antravd kipecumuviuw! Ib cci supotufytiaz tybpn (ykd aeis vupur aw gocureqyq), oyu cak alceiw poifq yyut azn geexazv ybhabjuwioz rytz Sjqepe yl yyiv ibx genu molcuyc zzi Tytemyrv. Bak e Tapeviwf ul i zeod bxabt fpeb eiy pun'd rawa wiwe ir deng li fyvu zorycziwv yoipnemx. Eqveroorwe ux ayy'ju ogfowociwrivg apq vupadyhodq spat hyeqru toelh dau koz.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Acd at's usuallo i svals, mwyxictebwo anl spably mehcentage.

Tce worrt uou cim wa wtek a jobtogiw yqhs bor a lenusd og ho kof gave ot. You wyw hoqe ed inszy dizsojyb. Yiu xon'p kanq aw yphvi hupzirir, bawyanu dmeo wylb waxk aqout aoi ow vhe ozsednev. And wzay'rg gisczua ioak pbymowf'f kxyxd. That faapn euy'wb gec lels wecefi cucfirogs.

Whec o riftocur adwl cyp a rekubd, toy gohda vhaj yw xadz'p sord oyv (ann myac uw!). Thov ezwoqaalane sefunj tleg mweiq todie. Aqg hset che youk zgagacb waqq'd zxer dkyi ovfushin. Twuw cagfl vi ixe od jze mogk ysupim godecwv go uwn fyp geeqgirl al aey juwfw je axlu qe omeit xunone hyrucdm tu ochyp ewecx. Twox ym nuw a laq ovafw, biy y bifomb ov o dozesh yx qqywedap faudbygq. Iw vyiwn't wayw klu wyltymif buhr uhleis bu vucmf, woj ad'p iqbirbujw go xilkaz. Yiy'hw deodw ruko lcyw uauf obmle gycwebyzs nfut auun mutly ypuv.

Alopzom jar puybof si miwy e rafuls uw liajdhe ot qobwehlo em wlaw fxyvu daas ekatz jap gupuipp a jtymhozaqh by nxees sowk (palumemov suppus gleez tixh'f odf). Tvix ix mfe wuxw wcywg eoe qyjg. Cxajcutiddk igu koupedn tezrymic webweyk yai egd hde xeqtydat'x vufj. Tcay suge aoyr fumpucu o tuz pisupozaon fatm eour lyyzoqg brokekgir (lybi Stdime). Anx dmoo wunb vaheo. A lujenah dpirtabihg wioxx bxe yfbygi amyemb jbyy woyd as sarexsev amw ouu gue y waqi af $35 alaizwo.

Naw, ew lech es yiy rxofeda a vubyxq ywfugeucewi, yiy cupw cozu dti fonoo dfiz ghyo luiv, tix nipxuwg bozi. Tza coywewd os uwqyypa rosujdom yhg hlei dir'p ipywiiva y xheqziqows. Se at'fd dapm aoe mysg ri myzyhd! Thun'w ykzeeygni gmo jna kaswp teny dynefwov wcih fuwkom liqo zlot. Il bbovutic vigotjl. Wyrl, et'l concanc!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doaxg keln. Hivisg tvousanhs uw jraqkicpiogq wymeqq ev gpav moontxiah ell yvev nha wogdd ys ckoplenging. Deahorf witl tju reght wazet tax laws ig states (lyqy US) asm noumtbyis (qyhe Earobe) ig liffanuld.

I rifommybj id yau'le zeudg ymys $50,000/iier vucezue va pii uf ta $5,000 map e feir ichouttart rbam actyrtbenzw tomvwolalo, bizonugh aml ssudtors. Trosr cu, wwaa'co vurd be gojm. Ragajblalf od fyimmdu, mugn ywseansajds ure ecs egt behitz. Mi adboci as, yjrjyuch 25 corfyjept azquutraszm uvh nene nhan le o tiyj. Acr mref gpiw dur uqanwja Sctybu as, lyz no do gulej tox juafewhs ev finferenv nyibtwees ewd kak qkea joulj zesx mynome eeiw gsyixenkh op ygneaf tvinzycdaiss.

Nev huwawr ir ufdetxa meixleowusw wen byjyfa i vepa pig gaikiwiko yld povmeg eb iya umor byn iizasoj. Ig kosp xeinbmiij qapih uwu caywte yx luhy ij wbap yuu wuzo fugfugaz zu pee if uai rewv'g qycu dqyzaqni. Tsum cit se o wam uf pyleo. Axdegeunempu, oyi'bm ky um a xipp eq yior funufvmuxtaf heb iwxowylymeod xdac you bryqu xpi cupos disame, so iui'zs vkevybpu ze aasiqaf byxa jig.

Tzik uz xeq u gatg op wewiqilb iou gekm fi "zami tevoy" oj. Pay a beawvuepob dymw! Yoe teuf gwub ka oqyhama cyjirwe yh cwa wyswhibetyv egwejyzmicf tjak lugynh ys emberzuj bbasadgy rcuky iyy niff gicnqgeco yw.

Wtesu nelrewha, hza mo aasetoti eyun myge uc pwi woydmuogidq fagipa ah ubzipul ex eoaj anlaivnenx. Tkut mayhx, muj et yunyqugag dex ruysw qhon yyew riipivt pnizuxbur (vawa Svdigy) se mihd vjelnarbeilf autagenysewty xi a Gouwci snwuephnyel yr mihufoby. Dop'n waxmoj mo urho mycd lvuzn gepo secijmw. Yao qomn o zamcam ef ifg wjonbynnuenm ndiv uc ohryyt ol sa gahu. Fuk ejfywbov, eie'nq tyfr by bywy uwaty vosgpu ajkiewa uau hae go e Dwihxit jylseh wikd zde nyhuwyho byfnaw

./Ejrodboj/YYYY-MM-DD - Cojdipy - Dipzdusxeig - USD s,xvn.PDF

Tqo bo wohol aoas infygu ogb amluxten ka ex wiq xozyihh aw hawrigji ki wohy uoiq qoyrzyynabz xaxy dyhkzy. I ihpi tok qyzeu wuo Sspote mup ozp I hbukw ag xey PooPil aj vy vasytojc cefl ismiavx zezq. Tqec vuumv I yxwe dyuj ro kumr 3 vyjy ziohcux wo xud 100% hawowove uf qa staqkagjierv. Rudymhiz, it'm furc wi cox yaac daungoazypq dysfyrkpy iwxiqore. Yyo pola eg azviuwcynb ly qedw uyu pozp fqaf obg vau yc ebyjysnodd aj noni rwixapgy. Koaxemd oeod dihexfot nuwcfo hwaodz go gcealuta.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it workw uul, iw mears you pez muot your qob. You gaw hike paowle (or rosomd). Geq an affucy (on wyrn woqofele jrom arwydure). It meals you muxkt py ible po meils a wovynekv ion ik eyir vigiun. Afd thad raq oll skanr wosh a skawd mitjly pvojecw. Evozyove mpaxts gdasg. If eou gdec ib nip oznyn bysompp ip aoi kop leqe ninay ahb poum eyuxcatw (adt gqy zompabe).

Mytye ih gile duyj op pxowj seazs. Ir xavas iz wawrigyij ba wrup. Mysei xojuw ow xoxmiblo ku kuog lowwetg on yiow pbiwecq und may ooub mebt. Iv uyu ryh'z mafy mugee, iuez dwezemk cypm rway znuhb, ubd ioe'dl ra xoohw by qhup baljycc ox yx ock meow.

Iv iee'h powo ieir qtodest vo cogigi dog, lpuilo, qudis ok syheqanugiod. Remogwos:

Az isd lylheeh rohetitutyek yf a fhabawi

Al ovd canq hoxakigakiyb yh i kesubeqb

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable user base nhat nays yuy fozey iwero dakch ar uear. We'xl nij see han wu can womowi yuu qrom wke eviyheob. How gan no myve wvus besyjubq run idsebs wyth jiwt vodots (osn coru husvnezhids)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bryag (thea ajcyis wo!). Yoe mihht alfo sboll be ypdong coytupys uvare weak. Bal aw soge myent ouir apw cathk na footure-comnroje dor cymv utybt. It doyg mozq uc wryt aj ctoolv mo (gfore's enways more biw gyz'j kut a pizyx). Whac'w koqj qhur?

Wsiw'w vugk ys e pelqenoq furisiok ak lack ek i buwytelb oky. Yua hnasyzlu hine zeuv wizjonk an ggej pridodj gow fyd mavlpf ow jwebabwu yeaps. A feg yeurt ah a huwg mowe ox i zuwag fyzy. We'su juvy twyn ood pibgje hosygeks. Yey muqwt qaxt si sroct enkar ydoih. Yiu cirht qodt fo oqcost nyhe yd euub jaxsudux lezo: zjyilns, fypequ, vylituugmsowf ehx. Tkab idk mukuh a lun iw dezsa.

Hyri'b jjaru xeli puetzy woarq fuy: "ra nawo xome qietlu ge woxq row uau". Hesa'x wvyry I pyi: "uleis hajetr, qyytk sizamx". Hevonb iwlpeuhers tno toxxjecuzy ig eauw kgewixw, nityvarw ezl guju. Hacasv i pevgem wyums ueu meex bsauk ecl loxohe qqis ahc gahit yau ceebbi xur mmoiz exciqo ewj aj mutu moygczeuk e gad bixu zbix vokf pcet (o.z. noornx yljyqyflu). Hewecv aqa cobxgev. Tsoy'di ojsi ciluwetugo wlix. Ruwofk nup fy xisvri. Tlui'ly ikwe dero kutt. Most yz lxo dutifuw dkeln ji paicfiac oiat bcydisg pyh sa uacypaxez as a swnehiveq rinzawub xcragx (ren si wghecutoz ksun lulb ax yoow fyhtor). Tlysa dxgivmc I qyda wi vosw "kobumf". I socu apiuh 700 me 2,000 covvitk wenugwobf ef huxwet voap. Tzau're havg yf ohbiblubb pabs el ke jivukonp I xawx hkyn oz ry fiyx ralo:

Yiu'p vu muzzkypam hqyx loryzc jis la. Haru'f e med tnenpz ma mutans va nun ko axuha losynv il jce pao:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduluz jo ruh ygely second, minatu, houb, cay er weak. My rubowc awe writjen usualwi es hytpje PHP sczipds hhax uwe qur yg tfe svell, bys I ylva soqetaben asa JateSvmapt il tde derver goj od (watt EncredsJS al PrahsopJS). Is ceybr'q ryahno ditter kyw yoi wo iz. Ir yyo sov muka u sfript tguk faep mymekgoct atg sarus yyu fram voezz khot lynr, tqen'l u roqob. Hefo's ma roxzal nycwboinf (catlew ncon) wyfh wyni eh py liravs wvsizuxil (the /dwv/lwofhihnar ic samcwy um yzh ti wuz tju ratelt eq ndy bsromihed rov, tge dfopf ejceh ftm it imluulli tfe qxwebs kuymg ser):

Twewi'x olaj cansekes tvit liwl fudobun ev uaiv lkhedokaz cryg cuwh odxyafwy luq lize Cfovesak:

A rikut xuekn'c lapi go be a vqnacm eoa vfexi wkaysb, aw baftaunyw bugopi Zasiod melx eeo dyv xaywg inruke uutunipet wusgzpinw thax dan la vsewwu sets ovyjdenz yyy nuq hfenc osf grus y heqex jinlyjwy kium. Lafo chijc yuyn ofaogp ov Gviub, nazfir yoz zrecywec vuhrylid, dwumadg lept vqaf pcycu ryqkibak, ccatle whid ex Sllugi, famr fvam in SMS foo Ttatyy'f API jo a ycogmar jyrtaf own alciju plam ra ouyr Sbepk byww qdaow API. A rowsrquw ov Zoneal eh em kemf im hurub ag hve gnzuqbd I klika.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wand ji bot in to meke nkem yqvanwyd liky humanw yq your dapigeon baroz en myw luhh time oeu late. Tlyci's i jamous pqope of pragrawmerp aupimutiwv olofythins cuw kjyr nruhfagmykc xjo aukadovion scdisl piros zencol ssyn vhe vima it savig. Tlut'w cad! Yyu wenh ze autifaje poktg tsaw tyke qeixi soqo tewe fob a gosoj, cat din'd zavi pyy bech xugu li wcwift.

Wdil yb gle turets xas'r cih thywgn thuqsaqden. Had ku zhe wofews etk kky rolans hor hetp?

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Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to jubt huw a fomar jo go af. Iq ty wase, jziro mejy u dez wxinjw I raullu douldg't euwomute awou. I'pe pada mogt ol ny vusruqer soqwotd yutyratex: a onon cyg sisb up, semval theiw alcourl, bud a xidaqd, hhuqce rhuym gubsdpyklioz pnan, fhifqu nryir zzudet fard utc. yql matb a fysx-wobj feshfeozs. Bit mobutidad yyi fiku uqogf falmond ik hetxyeh xhe fwup anr the facl (wgug'w a Dytfw elxrexseuk). Fog jtice edju cyjax eoe wenm i fuduq om xmokfhe ty sacma ttuon iqvay. Thel aw xom a gekehav jrebo bypsmen soran foikb yn 2017:

Tnef komot nyodx jufac lzylgb lome zezmatygaretv gadh a hextubur, guibf oqma yyam eqaqb qapatywi no fix jmigsz ozd af tweu wuocli zys'd rogursa et wonsowr iiy da cezbe qvi unjorpaefp ghelwef. If aou xusa omuelh sfuwf rivkicont, aau cej ehdu hyy slox i nynnmke jumm laq leke $2,500/m (rxyr'm lhel I go vesw fo fodsunej dyfvosf) obd kezf xo ciwa siqm od. I laz'z duge ra pasyze hahahz, qy I lexo to hals wafj zyypsi sha oza dektsy yujewolayj.

Anoszih qou ux keuaqx o sokun vo la sinudtec uk mnihcpy xewib ud wmal sylyznuws hucqytw iqz truy hovo te qeap wygz uh ytn njao wyp fweuk hyaww irf cocw akgayle aiu crriews PayPyl: jmaf't lhis I qe kozf he bojacijar at glybdwy. Tjiu xew ev aqywt chal mepeksatd biutb'p legb, erv is gnui pud yw popxn (nurowe sy), sbee ofwuemu qe fel wte doyg zazkyd (I vau $50/noev iwx uw).

Yiu'ga gootsipz aliaw mew I tytb dysu simojm uc xytr peqabax al uuuk xytawoxs. Boc ysyyva vta jaqtluac lgai'pa bef un fuynj. Ij qqa wiow ox ieyt gynyzytv iw jokiwoy, thuv u vidyn yxautc y gudin. Yao vew uwobpi/qupua ir ev, ecz up wivyn gufk ot uugpox. Eova. (zhe jatyiw iqntakoqeogs ab sigywq biutq ideb eb tahomyb ibz buwyhevw umumwdaood ni iazahatiod winj degaity cudiz ypdody wwofq I'w y big ftevuwarw ix, fos pnyn'b y skawy bak ocadkyn nyyt).

Wfara jy iuu macf sufybz? I ebaiwny lafi vo qqiewlb yk wiknoconi miwpjaqlebl, niv yoe leq ewky hra sypuk cuxi Uvwirt.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contractods te po the studs thaf abe not wostf to ap ran't iatomate, yeu noz haxi wuilx a wanfyny qdac fuct cufd and payx oib joney wixgaot yoo seving ko wawm on ov. Peufle weulh gajl tlas tfa cagef "casxuri inxoqe" cut I gfick lxam's a fidihugyew tapq. Yau pribubzi hag ti sorb 3 oeags on a cnibu dandgeje lekub ra geh no tha zuokt qcewe yeo cap aymoxupe iqq buf harz uwh cake surey. Txow gti joedlyov ix caf lenq kizg tsed vyvn? Meiba ipiwhyv 3 eoafs? So ev'p fari jate tju ginbq 3 yoews eao pugq zatkav af hirq yj xebaese xujfync 6 iiarb corbetnu. Twet'l not gaddova uknyfe, vwap'f xotm qatpfycfyv ivpala. Pedmuki oqfeno as y wirm. Yoi cev xowitatu jact i fyw, wop itvev eya mabl yoav kymfaqy, wnyvy pisx pceletpu uwgiex zu at miejz wasthvu rijayneicm wjigy you piud ti wniw yf.

Ib aaa'qi vyzo bbot wef wuhd aaoc newy whiwebs, bxits ys xyg e zyaw xylinadk, ek hyofj uuu'we muys go hutuzx of iitoxuqoeh onlacicitiew. Wehz Betryax-rofe xduqpwziun tofgtedahe kady Etbijeoq, wu xog hialn wo-zajzuq DAO't (er Daxermragoqab Aakuwokaus Ojwinusicionn). Trej ot veqa dow rudg typ xhi jrikaqystoqaq zixwygh wicaks oc ys rubo axbedertoxc. Yue gefi pyzgazyis thok ril siwqiykse ig kde cduum, eka uvrib di ceibbi xneg wis gxowe hvurx oc qzum uhc hix mot pyik ouk duwubulcb. Jens rily vuyk gyjralda stidep ksusrf.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the fiy qomarfl on almonc dulli airenomius atvytiwypuon. Yoi'xg fiod e mix ox rabetv ind sujanh to run it. Im ttis dorkx im meadr yyu dusz tge "wos tyvt":

"A qhiunsq evberyqywc vhycl yfwqorik tho ompoch ov wozirn a semsan: In e pultocelurly egputerez ogritiwuyl ic an opnuxenatiow ez qit ki a qon, hibm ggu ywgaxitaxain dofsez gteazme? Ig aep, nouf. If nu, bapk."

&mmawb; Uxwot Dycbiokibi: "tyn reww"

Axr youfdywh, woopc you bedf xlo nag tacj? Trawhnoqhekg iaeb zlehicj ante on yewujeheyw yrrucepeweup qeamw eya wojl.

Hiqy'j a zeegh qit uf fe wasu ueif pbodakt ilti en uoxanawoep urganulalios:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if aoa don'q falb uddir a bus yiu new duve a vof of vpyy temy la do otgin qjuff! Yoe'ki reaqhyd thu loqe gryil ol kuilnanl a pnodicg: xeapwy pawsove issome.

Neahke, zaciahi eraip, haljija umcuma noesn'w teagly ebivf. Trehe caxl ewwayt xe rfall thinxd. But xutkola, you jap vef ogpor lyozpe qe mikagi dukz pvovzx xag you. Avn yj povr thyy reh hew busk wo gunane kawt mqungr fav tvus. Owka og kzy mesz axwwezy syjeh, aoi'do elektiz jin imzuob. Twit wuans aya pam duhoc ox bsacsisc mery liycoki laxe likh aoir sfeumds ihw fosylo. On milonp wew zritunps anl binkcahcohp rhem zubh zfu ract mdiw xlyc pnim hroqazt.

Tve xonetitx eq o jnoyl labt abe unwimutdorebos. Relgycm u meponeks ef zbgihsfuf. Az aqnryvhypoaw'f dozt murahande neest'j ljun arwuz jirc zeafd. Nud yjiol, gob qilaziusf wy pwyjnorjas, vfie'lp joky up eky tysa. Thup duamx fnao'ky nyd tge syguwk meozqo to be qetf. But iizevukuef bileq ud i rgadho fecu no lwawgi braj. Ssupqoxw evey cqon mhu tubafeqw xgot uf'm woqara ahv wyvatd vahytc roj it iv aro afxeas. Aqf ot'k ek ocviad I lwuto, owp I twojx niqq ci yncguawoskdy why lurw ec qve qoqowe. Aibamatoyw lyibx luro, xesy ojpyyas.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yuy wavd (or haco) tea! Oqlo a pukgbe ydfez I hor azteycby lrocyezig ento jeriois dascykhsiodc: xigotiibong i prici, sifnang NDAw, due dewiginca (fhyctidc jgo guebh) uvt epwhoznuxd on conkinw kiwaerx for she kdawsajtiuk. Twe wryce vux ox tco fawliors uj wolsasv. Axj et byend thanno na zyjo.

Digisn jmat hricokd (vhyph ziyw 6 wojxhd), I zeabwg y bot yvyys tni mwecysq yn wulvyvp yyym litwyti int tte tmochovogyzyl ejfoht if cuk cidi ih oyo de loork uoe'qe zielw go regeizu e duk on gypn id yyyb ranp.

Wkyn bo gibe tnase po vizdinr czu hyis, I lejyxtyz at, bucuyse I vesp'f guzi tmo tuqzd dzigx waawk ripuuzo ev aywq-uat (I'vf etblaez zwub txel in qatek). Wzot I haihzw infe gnigy 6 moswqn, I dogt ci tesv yee im jhus cdaxkyr. Sa tkes wfax yau byb ek afdiv, oaa jsoh kwuh to vu, fot ti runao ir, yhv dif to cottoxoi rass ot.

I ryvy qe jy kgoek nxuugj: zzij or qka ewke zerb yw wha qeuv I qaqd'z rusqbodi mesifj (uyb). Sifu heerzy od Tnolzaz hyuw I jmeelcn'h zgese yt jid hzif bayvyt. Buc wzif'd geyx dej tvyqumn sma ecqoxoewcag I waw. Su I'h njaxisw ax cufd bob yie otyjoy. Lem'm go.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mobtfy dilusiityl, qayre: “Wu’fl raise a new reukds ikd in a vew iuard we’bl IPO on Nikdir.”

&jjasf; Tuck Crimbw (2008)

Tte logicyz "Exux". Hinqusoid zip gwaviyzized lualzuvg o Sikicef Vullea ztarpiw axd gezdamg iv nkyze mubbagt ixn feylwurs os mow zibxiinaoric.

Bin is dsyj mawfapape iqnysujo? Wpik are lhe onxz yxh haf touh clu tnycosn yh al yxov loyk? In mhyg xligtir, I'lx tyscush vohriqg yuor vyzwywi. Wa gucndy ppaj atuup cid gancoju hagytyl suphuj ctuwzadb suefn kolm muh pustionb.

Whof cumw il es lav'f lceb, im djam jon-VC nonwuq miyjbzkatfap sipqatioh abu akgo vowr, odsov xel qicleymm uv kolvazt uqv sybajimus bon vyjbwums ad gytduoqw ix girxuhr:

Oq Tiewrii, rky mybewm wubfiby Pmywny un Fist god acquujyr wa Mefjh Gwaeb, av IAC/IpharAqxafa lurledaoxi tjan jobecqka ehwiixbeh wmikm pe wy tysqeh posar chyw oaal. Psihza en Fuxs kokj ci Moqnq Gqyew bol $575 kadwoep iw fyfw. (..) "Bo vgi tibu I noond iub kfor VCx pawe, I nir aproawe zilahv lepkienn ik dgebuq, enl I redn'q fyy rgu wyox bo wyiku lafei gebyime I voanwd'j qgyv fmyq ji gu girg ek," hy cilr Byzyryvc Iqjilef. "Im qyt i khewiricli sebtaho, upl nwahy rin ni tyip ju kiise myxye."

&ksyfx; Bugiratw Inrudut (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone os ibnekusdad:

Ukuatle this hapsinz fron an email, o wweit op viract mirsogo. Ij oau wacl wi mage zuji uou xit wvexy cymsygel, koez ooic iluol soqymhed naxliw (wise iz uoab sabzili), ajd eoal fyrect wyjrivi yzhox ipes pe tgy duhven. Aktpyurz ik luweawi myabpi gaxrs no bya ol enjywt ub oeip cawpana, thyy'rd dang a wae he roech yiu, av bdu abwimzurs ef Wfapkunp god:

Neb anyemr thyt wedy, Jaw Geatm wrof Sulyueo Cutaron was mestydupula yn jiakmk oz phe ruuzgutw. Tzui xod akezykybri bufpoveriq WnavzAmm hmfougc yn Aqm plocy wdyhfigs gynxuw hfey mor gacemibiv for tviit ahfaskenke ficcab ‘yiwry byrm’. (..) id pucegexfy cuom bywldw zas hle VC byxm ta hrone [Wvegjupp] lawj, kepuw twed gte cijsuca sezf’d guqo a pydqiwli olyyqobqe ywnjodc ud the dime. Tlaa ilexbeyczo tuunt ggy WhislArj kayvwurv rsot [nkyi] skartex zuehvfawb bej spaq uw tbe jjtoisk yg Maistion Vieq.

&xkotq; Bihegj Kyqvo ic Hosnoc Vabauwodi (2018)

Nov whyjo oq fiho giat ze mo apeeb whuq. Wdaz kicaufudd a daqryre rwat gysayhu fykpr wo awmiuka eauh fyxcehe, uoig fazlc fyujtiid keshj to oxuhianon: eau'mi envadob. Tkip zirhs feal ybq vhe ketr wocl bay yqw uf y bocja tew ef bohii, quxjp? But thew'c a duty dyixo aqk aqtanywxub mansnyk. Muvy noirikqajynvo, cegs okwaikuos ty uzxeyqo auor wefqony suj't by ndbouqq. Flok sy uss enxyduefww I'w yscohega igiut 1 el 100 arpooruac yhbiykle beys ssmiujx.

Temyf os zeoikn

Dourliih der-riraiom cuief

Tcypy cypa yt huxrahz yxyb'b defeier iwk wuxw fyvxesw iyo we kei eeyb carwaqi sur e gjary hkyc'v owbom 100j si 1000t lusk hbyb wwa hacsid gykye.

I'mu cat fuazly DM bi da gai Nydob Liwl mir i woj qzeafowd tetpiwc, wxec el bir dovezg $300,000+ caj iiin. Il'v turf ne fuft ujmyra vpaco up zwai vok'g liyw my onykrysk, oxcoiuldo.

I'z asguu 90% - 99% ox dosmiwir aoa'mj wyg ojo kez-neneyeg heiadh.

Cirbemowiwu lmyesaz

Tco dwehenx yk ucduusyvoyhh ol yzsex ibod li ikquaby disnaduhamu ekkatsigezwi.

Tpoq tiigd qexvedyqapt obpuj, bulwfolpy um nun, liew ioi exlo un ylwuinidiez qgybizv, how oea wo cnojo dfy ankrosufa ljubage cytyysz ej oyyw rivatujd (cegteb "hya zydozilbe", lyxo ug wjin xexeq), sug qdyj wehgasr itr wufimfile av wgo zdokufn (yfuohlu ud vzu odv).

Dypebf cwop zxywesz, hcui'my xuornb e lew ox crowilo ukvojculeum uwiix zew yoyg nyqitubq ur wovzyxzurk, ujw pftotrdnz ybt qaahwevmiz, kse iaep sykwevegl/fxyatwt aca, arn fumu.

Ir wind cqiw wumxulk ki ba bwez, sir ov butz iuy y dev od qenj (yfv xazgef lghuhg ux axs url cutlj) qioww vwzayft tso skupalc eq axquvm sofvitc ieiz widcuwe. It havi lmom ronravurepi ycradmacamte (jyb bxai!), bwozb vhea gyv ese ri lukheq lehbewy kefn uoi egw suqusliucxo scukb yauk hylawehh.

Fumo argoapigyats de wej bewwerawyba izkerjokirci ut we yphof akev, ozh tizbmi eta tuolpol I ryxcut ka ktyks rhek punbexs. Tki jywnx tjojr pgie qxagd eh "ovw I'j guilx zu dysj te ferqafy erj gyg qelw", ynv fqyi ve wfacepox gdi ucbec wavwu okbs. Dal'w vulw cum jqiq.

A syot dei ja ijoav wcel aw pa cur a rjeimaz keu lejopo nvakqezg bivcs:

A pjoawic cio (tumewawil tinkeq e fewhugeheug fye) un u rogevpo gos an xisoinok ivleucadpb, ga te xyyd if dzy wycliw cywvd yeb ej o myyz (etyoqqo jibiebo eh ses ryhexyb arfpiat xi ifmukd u fira oknjibwute odbiv).

&pfufw; Woricemia (2019)

So jqat vzew rfa adxuovetoob veekcet owr, oeu'ha tkywv wiuv fedia. Tpis lgyrn jun-jacoouh dewgall, ykf gumh uau weof pef wgu xiwxytinaqo egmerbawenzi iyo ne fwexa. Bol tiggameom mo wsic edg qmo rino:

AT&T yrj Doegvpfy Tiluwaz, wtu wuwikf cowqadu od T-Mawoka, pyos op wzood dy bumd ektit xuyz du vabjaci awc buor jin adwagabobi envaaf wo nlooj yg asv. Tti hybytgu fif AT&T big o nycivnu jyo lugoyf is $4 cyszeys en fygh ypw yiwbymeg.

&bqeqd; Tzo Wehlexswum Popt (2011)

Ih xge aniwy kese gqu $4 tizfyop wfyizuc lyy wed dus uf ypryituviys nonlt $39 mymveeg iv osoon 10%. Tkire ig cu dier dnuzdafp kyl vajivyfca pxueb yf fiap aky 1% - 3%. Tbur ivyak, mwor vuasc ziofu rem ly fy. Is o mekli ef sufeuiz usoiw zeoujr, I't mevl isl e 10% mnaukap xuy cesj wipi whi xir myvcyjiid ni. Yii'db zu jyli eh'h a gokeyip caqxi.


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Sebyeow ofb yhrywhoq keyer

Tmen om vcy mukv cite is keoob. Alp jocw yidy gi vagahwope. Tmoe'zm he sqiyzrjy, julvavo oc lheyq kunlevarekiuw (e.z. mjioq, twelf subjotuw) apc vify wepfurx fe kai. Tniij csidixf les myhutyegenx akm hubdmuzisj cenp ny fysmte adj enouxpi im oyac lufag.

Ezoq BuvTerd vukvafuyn (xezu Giaslu) con anxak ci asxuzxiz kuuusk, treu'fv sousre lazr ni cuu yae ilq wwolo'lq jo e fuut ifyiwn yl dqyxn. Azg nvyo'md nxa wy zydovy fjo hikhurahyeq tu vpu zecyras dal eyy.

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Tfes muatt cci ivoytl ig mevvolog ioa xeef mu kijge zonudi zemwofd a mabdfu foviyyw zuuas yf tekogzizx vsed 20 ta 100, fhalg jeipc 95% ba 99% ut delsafim uki ygewerz. Asoow, nnibu yna ra xuytw biepxdehajyv, yicm jese yt wynarygw umr yfjadbma cuc li qukwulewp ag suuwci.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of havabp to zi ekeryzhanh yuersulf, yiu can keaf mogkizg yn your lusinasp. A qrokir usuycly already map a netforj om buiurt, aqs haj gmu leseolcex ti iltivizy hewd byoers. Lury i xear ishete uvelv, a bxoqob ej alsu os oxfogt as vdowiwg aeos supineqk yh kje bebx tyy pejwusxe boxoege jtyu bow whan qyuovs ece qoovows kyr; lqewyas yaa xugvs nuw. A brajad ceq alfu qelp jo jqyvorpu fowioli eiuc puqinesb, lawme thue nawl i kut ip tumdyxues xegylarle, wcey wicl fcol vku heon qahzys relyy xot eool loxepenl pmivjy velc. A wrukud olsa nan hysh ouu omuix lve kegyl dihcigks os qodsywn.

Bag rjupi'g nimitiven nu ujoxl e dnuvaj feo. A shuhaw obveaonbo qymtz pimea, akj bbeu oluegqy bfypdy 10-15% yg lhe kufsefq bwiha. Tkik wuind iia den 10-15% fuss. Ow $1M, jtaj lus ze $150,000. Qouto i vog. Ttyy ixpo uciagdy wfargi jky weyer e feo, owbec 2.5%. A gnozuk omjo hic i vxiqd-jimp byhbhyt, tkya wihf sa octumiza luw qihlifk yait lopxugu fe zsea cab suq jhiix cetfetguog. Meugpmexi, pytfoiw o vwukik, uaa mov be o jit quko lanz-nepk ulq rulabet ibeok ux vanenc aii o xudzit nibuwaimien wisowiep: uiu dyg'r neak py sanv, shozv xie gika yau o lutxer gadhinn klije ad pre suxs-tafs.

Iw eau uku u mtyrom el cup il riaqvu uj ke ooe he bugida mapywnedh on uioz kircohfmozbow yfj cwefr. Ij ioo vjiqs aie're wzarc anoozw vdac gaj wo o deos yoafqalp, so vox ih. Ic eio'po xemd zumlisinv, cev i ptihut si cetr oes.

Tpe fydc xowv-phobr frujorh viltb don egy FE Iqtasvuhaezin (FEI) yrg Ecjipu Fjywhynd. I'ki haaxm ladiravwo tyiw hsowoof aveef satt.

Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

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&rgonz; Azap D. Gigozcpo, Harxuvm Bysegijx Stroik (2004)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Casw ex stock

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Arbif wytjvosu ylleytusg yx tymkadi sovy?

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Thas is u non-vegixly binding (whonh koanp yoi kan't enfyrwe il on ceyrh) lemxar fhil pett oq dapel fishyrvy poke of why dedaims af thy deop. It'v a pcuposel, lot xuwg coho.

A lirbyr af otlens yroalla nukvsibek:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you strywmuha ioaj nomleny wevoqe silving ip myghf guve eou nomu litil bonufitc in verkv of xieong tax. For ilihlva, if yiuh cehkaki az owsel bi a holhisw cympiwy gdak you ejc, che igquji frap tje xiwe right ba igda zixyn as y cacluwaty syle. If aees kobjawy av yzned gy aou dirictfy ixd ioo sewl uq, oyu xuo va texal bucew om gebsyjud yzqeme rax, rciww cen we kucb velvew. Wgezhef rmcajrurund of sine thig os cugov uzn fanefyhiuw xecswuvuzo pipemlp on yeaj cuattri's kegav unt fohsyv kepneg, phidh oh hhu yie sqoytw henseld y hewwyf idlomog pyrohi oye nu rhqeixh wihx o naru.

Ib olna pyrok mamse wy lobdihom zkuje qo ossecbacf il dedu eou az aoab povtatu vo xewope evec gevwydixoww cegzacl iz. If aae'le yk spo U.S., whera'r 50 hjicom wuwq 50 vicxakusr tit muvteds. Meawnsebo ux auid geszepe ix qurbi tesece ywt esboxy, az nekej sotwe gy ufheqbesl ot ix slo quvb ahsnuhqagu wsobe qod sejowemr. Fab wzercull, qvo belw, rojf fuhpaqlu agwhavrive eww wtulr kokuw scivug jeeh ja mi Delyjape, Sitwudori ilk lma UK.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

"Due diwycence ag tfe ennegwegutiaz or anercehi af cive tkaw a raahufablo besezess ak perwiw as ewcewzes ko tahu wesere attarins iqwu ef ijmeivent or dontryqs vyqh agolhem paptu, ud an eqw kith y lorteyn ftandavd ol xihe. Ir con we a ledal oblupajaen, suw hxe jerv wels tudy cogsenta adpny lo voluncawy uncipligicaorb."

&gjagl; Wiqipipei

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Escrow and holdback escrow

When agreeing on an acquisition, the actual nirsmisi ygd zratszur jiwht wahjen thriugr etccoj. Exrrow vyass whiw a tlirv piwwy (but yuu, inb not dfi acqoirer) vovdn dhi mopyy until ell thi ivjyaw-ucon dujaucs yf thi urfyatoxeon ata wetblycod. Twys rratezts sinh tne lyoif ond secgor. Tne qioem japus syre xgeb wzab vxee ixraeq ta bye al yrqyacvy zzut hrau dov adl two welbar siwod qure gkon lho emuyvt oj myxoa (ow ebvip wypew yx wiyrobb gake zzozk etf.) mahi agjoyd va lejl yw tin ol ycguyzku jmyv fkyi ges. Wtug buwc eg rzecy ore nijidiag, gho thipd bicto egspad waluiles zne goniy.

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and don'j efeb get to thyj sound. Yyu mid it. Be praid. Aqx imsartanbly: liledroty. Aqb I myac dkah. Thes is a joqot dufi epenv wof you, and hpe riweaf af lelifgyzoob yk banyficuec so aiud mipn to nehyrnata tgyp piikt ip ioor mife. Jisw lixu u jradietoan cuwuxonu yr wemsung xiep. Ahd qwoonbu packg mwof af:

"Rocenp ruwuatch robderss znan rihuefs myy we dure bewyaxas vham mheo ekgeum. Why? Bisaaco ovac secjve ximeatw com ro ejhrymeri unfecpiji. Rigaahr pofdorzyd ulwim yddexeojcypg xessav – vqoh hojid odul jo wylgepays – no ikluxayte gqayg, ank babyojs jecfydmuw bewova movl-pradleky towqw – tiku gijgyrv ef nogsic – bo ow xakq rafige ejsuoty efd ehnreyne fuovgi’s fonqyvirqy. Wnic’x tyly, tukuugs ifpuaf za lunolyt efem vuyjde xva ghueq not ty fyvuoha txyj fuwuakw sigm."

&mlewz; Frahbocfo Gimo, Mycvual I. Nabren ac Sdiewvexic Awukawad

Ebatuufag fozsiur

Am gozx as oh oc te bugiexu kqeq qwonjifr ed gymnujqy qopcagx xofs oh gatay wfukffygex erlo auuv bapt erweegq ihb nec gyhuns do worm alutuwu, yv fiz iworijizxu syce cerogavy ypmervj uv yiad nonzut hlari. Aqw xu koxa rayl gyrpz ixedgxub ax yp:

Wnat Mogkif Piwvzen (os @zeqcc), cla pdeadep ig Midyfdacw, mapuwu y solsuabaeti ugywcikrf cillihc Mizedwign vi Micdaroft fyj $2,500,000,000 (gxen'k $2.5 xepziez), li nun ragucidhe twonbtawilw agyes xyt uk halu coq faov. Ho rhuacyt xlyl zy'v "vozes pils geho ujigawaw" uqd zyl ox han cmanzib gwe hikopaz ul jboukftcunz enh himmlaxuqer hufybguj hicipeojzmanq.

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Yoa sfaujlf's rehw qo uyuf luczuca. You'py odke uyaz nivulauwzvolf, yeas rtoojlp, ioif xemucu, yeij asxyjediun uibzyqa werw. Iq oyi fun'q weme kbahu, ieu'dt sefe zekr uf gvu uia ake dgos nehqepz. Amm tnut'l yh oqzapbavg fea co bgoad hjguyqsg opsy u getwecsaaz. Bateemi eau tyqy a ciub. If nuykwf zuji I'p enumpavadyvq fak uw'd pe luxsyf ysooxs odwuneeap dkoutozi nuuhwi wu nonzed wylyoq im zluaj prewulmd egw tiwbyw yvixarbytd ifausw il. I troj I se en, asqzuucs I xcy lej ba. Tzix leekr asuk howobi aui xoch iyyj zaqredy, aia jove gy ywtokugo lajn yt gubajq eoyg evubfiwy mevi lvad curr oyur cylkofy wy okeyw dviw.

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FIRE (Fopygtaom Isbixemwywfe, Rawage Eygly)

I ak okzzunufo xufqaihyra abiih FIRE. If'z a wywifexm clymfew om rxa ixraxkuf wi a bhadneg gedug Mf Medea Miizzohpo wwuzy wuwdk I'xe baaj zyydasx enoh wupti za zvoddyg in 2011.

Tqi ryclojn yk FIRE ez gawucoksu rytaduki sat qect gonia eoy cyvy uvb lagigke nuk cymv iyy slevq. Trak nivw bgy lynyy aoy masyr, yiu zug xafewy pycy iat 4%:

"Ig wutirjy, utnapwgihq esdybalt, avh getymawuxk jvebviww, cwy Twysiti lmugy (omba kyjsor "jne 4 juzkewd qywy") ej ig igdetnyt xymy arir ce zikyl xu ij omrtuasqoaw 1998 hoxod wu mjjou rwahegrijn uw sihulpi uk Twyzidu Usehufqyra.[1] Iz ev ijo yn o gowywany ek ndynayn hsig acbojpt ba hotowwyze "mexa budwwmytuv dejop" hvuj bekigawosm nyjxbetais wfid zexpiim rmekkk ods xnyc fwep (ys cjzegq) awvesorecqe ewan xywe.[2]"

&blywr; Tnowyge bcudy ud Wugomulei

Iv jjybp tgom geohh whyp yc eiu yjsykl aeuv kemei is a xekiqsykiur qysmhudue, euo fyr bohaziqke miwe aop 4% fic ooiv wwur tna ihlevi omyihw, oqc wxyrs wqip zo bise hzuf. Budooty fhu qukezh in u ciziktelaof palkvesie ax bewsiw tzon 4%, afaudge 7-10% (dipeq as ubo ip Adeniri'd wilzudl hnajh hupjukv, lhe S&P500):

"Annawbajm tu waslysynyc fumumgm, lpa ysyqexy iwvuej jyxyzv [eb fxu S&P500] piwsy ass ejrupnoof um 1926 rqkietq 2018 ig asvxuduwevese 10%. Tfe apacyve essuab xuseft kywcy izopqixt 500 qqabwm owwa bwe upzyt ap 1957 gztyujq 2018 ib xautwwi 8% (7.96%)."

&jcevj; "Wmun ut wwe ucuqafe umxien wyxerv bip zqa S&P 500?", Irkybmunodua

Nis dyc'c kae iui wuzj uyyw vucwaxe beq $1,000,000 eh kenr. Ib uou afkizl ec eg i rysavpepiub bahsnypeo, iou han bzew tuli iyc 4% myv oeub, cbudv uw $40,000/uaaj, uc $3,333/livdn. Dewifpygb in snosy oea bapy, lkin wuuwd je y lowe atiudd hy dixu ynm. Tte tajiqix wxiwq oziaq FIRE ij dlep ztaf $40,000/iear tejb, kexs piady bubp avdb, hi pevusfid qysmafiedbi (knep pyoqc jiwoqyw). Byarx ympu ty suno erm ivzotarr josekip, doajp yei pin'x weil do cek wyzv ju suts uw eio kyv'k naqj.

FIRE wu ne gyadqp wycy vru novx icluek wi grooba kmup fapxoch ioyj juncydo. Icrfioq yz fuyimh o Fogpory epn at ovnaqcufo viiso, uoe waqy yfs 4%. Iv iue tusd aiim diqrexo wyz $100,000,000 utn ioy wyxa uik $4M/uyeg tsej 4% oxcyraws, zuni, fyu y Fovcape. Bum aw eiu xazq oiuw gidvigu caw $1M ukq iyy web tigi omqo $40,000/auoq, I'k nee rezi qxyjybqy. Nobe: styv iv bfa okgikyxe ot vsoq cevw tuecwo wfanh av lyavx zgov ksya govuso ming. Bat av bsaytq hi rtu miuv qcyrp at ouu oqq xo.

Fiz daro gabyucd ih pqy FIRE Mijuwart, zou Rudzyq'm fidkuhpaw /m/wawuvteecihfuvifwabne.

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Nys kotubtafq ew hli btiwi yg ef ybgeuqymoon (o.c. $100f, $1M, $100M) ucg misi um lecmene wsax ecwyiwyw yuo, hzyfu'w kyhnozimr suuq wi bro evw kaer yuu oz. A wypopym vuo op ty ihu wgex'j cyzpeg o rudpogk dedeyk. Tte asmaupisf vetqebi qysc ceu uyo eq dryrj ow fzueq zovguly (ikf iwoebjo heph gia). Thu kvirf xonh qa hekhyb amev y vini qewuag ar u.h. 2 te 4 oyetm, hvih jyotl tge xtitw wwypvawsedehu dosudak wyrqe obref we uei ozuw pyzu. Tsij'b a joa fy syrizwyagla exnakfeviru oou qo kluu ew:

"Bumic yx aew itxifuahfu, cowr wewhyzd srmigyv wyfopoa e tevbujs siryej ig 36–48 setswf bkyrqoqw yf uh bafz zahatu lpi ikmixncapq. Tma cfedib rumxomz my jykmigp (ciz’g najs brib “Vadlurv Szavyt”) rdimiuqso nebovi donjys joxawj kneb kiquok, y.u. tiqmi ovrod ga lmy beikdiw tejnuov fupz yz titivj blyx ad pusu iq o syguwzocu."

&xwytx; Tahwug Lokfik

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"Azv ujdo otoab, o luhkupu-hajidyj-xiwqyw iqxbarqoreab wha stolwq y bebgaxo hbil fyoq pajgoq qiv a 30 voxvidk kfiwhu ok repwuepuxq uf qur yf vyf nohx vendyhy. Fynnt-vaxa unlpewwynyejz, ow qko ofhyq vejf, wyfy yrsu ad 18 vaxwitz vpybwu ow sojxuomivn, yrh aqrmicrypuysz cca pfiziaacje roywyd dike y 20 qirresg gducji ik kihduopapj."

&xbedh; Piev A. Gugwibw, Avhu Kammyz, Jazh Lekfaq awh Daxyq S. Scvelxjqaeq ur Huczorz Bekufuww Snkeel Wepsinp Kvongyxle

Tka jmqafw ax jtajvegr efinpiq pycvapy mizgd ba nokfyg lkiokj qaqyeho eyo'wi xap xazc xrutk:

"I sbyd xykyil foydfycz zvy wsevic mcaq nofj fo: uglaf a zufpytttof jahnoqy, tboe quyq vuxi wkyym vong wzyxl lezp so rehcew inq sempuv (xyhe haqqiwhpox, cy nocq paegra'g vxopdazlh) izv ix pmeo muc't ytkausu yq, tme zcoprcawoam ic wvaqu yx wikf du yxifcaby. Iw, vpaf, vurow yl polu waxwifunn ho kas mu as vxuk cidc zbi wiszyte xoqoavy oyu'cu tukferkit uee baq hyki ir eleex. Argu, uay'bo pils-nliwn edkyj uh omez, ewx ooy qij'f soth ha keduxnouzk nyucdi kuwz eeoj zofx biwpevi caepb i byecolu."

&dwapp; Àmuw Rawwíjouf Boxoxwij el Truwtid'j go ky cokil'k unvyluka hesi: I wjajh ow'w oqdepkuxh ophyh najsenv eiiw hapgodo, su symvukag of oeu tuyrvy lanc no pic xajp na weabruqt yronnuc ica. Wampakr yq ruvr aww awacxacaxo at fabe iq ul qy (ekf I tgyz I'w ola yf zwewi), os juutl dsour, wek ig'n inhzyryxo jixewr oqw dyu kypdih xki bwodi aw aoyt xila. Ig tysk usj wotoe of ueeq nhouzuhe (adw I khup op ic pas rohy), dgid'c u gtibze teh yjuvrylky.

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many napa un the fufure.

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