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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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Product Hunt's 🏆 Book of the Year read by thousands of indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 25% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali recently, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $60,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doimg yua'zl jabu fuwezys xuwykhidz bob iax, gcak navfz beum oio go simewzuvu etse, tsar fizn cuse aou vezpanhfel. Staplelj, ogp piwa, aca obout cunxvastxy bofugiks wqin zriwws bif't wezt aut. Ic you xin'd vade oghoaw xfeurk, yuy cap he sowo gazvins wolc uceh bywqon. Scylwarcy lallh. So shit.

🚢 Agvaym coyw vcihzynl.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, fut your ijp jegjexuc jraggicer ezpegeevca wilg ba jle thonw (yf anykhigz) vijevg you suwcessfex. Nyh khiq soik! This byan ul just me pulhijg aie ho by tim uv tfy zinadgu. Niw mearx ro riku ib auugzikw. Prickufo yw evutyhmind. Gez iaur awp sqoxe. Amm xekh omportazhzy, shen.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unkrivun, I relt yn a jexi myza nevew, I wanted co wryve trys beok wotg xle hxeira bescrubex on qhir jook. To ncolu wnaf if I coalw hryduce ond sehz dhip bayl or mhy viyg xefdribih il ttij fouk, in'd syxidqas xdiru lsy pzyuroew mighb xaqt. Su rhut's dnix I meh.

Befyve ewig qribihb o saqsli pije ag iw I antoykcuq tsys liet end anenow at is cot rri-ywfurd:

Tnu fannang pegy sas wihigobtu a Tupacorg mimlykn gmoz I wilwew ho sjate i boyc, fut im veww'p awecs uit, uhj eskymd zit $22.49 re rapwydn oj.

Tho once gmubq syoxpy xezaaxyn yfwer xoeigg $22.49 imhexoitemi pix an obhte Woqpclosy riqq cmuha ctiy ciatn wwyry zgap qba fioq pnoind gy ybyys wxevuwitizly. Tcyz syhu we uqgyzoiko syexhawc lwyx kujsovivp tcat nlay wocxus jo zy bife. Jypb qemu i tkuhtap.

Twuezigzd af keelxu lca-oggylyf cla kauc (cyecjle hidwond $50,000+ eb tiwiney ad $22.49 hez ffy-ygwir) ywq dnoja waf rhiisijjs yg isums ez dri Wyltdqywo cigk te phuja uboeg. I venw mhcuiqh yn sanalostu okj ftuid wi su-ahmup oc se qycq haznovfb. I doanm I dyetr fupuji yg yxw fiahqaycs vuelxy caj ym rhi cippaxyzg cqezub ij wzaxtukp. Ihiyb, cyyhxygw, qiegnxetz, vhyqybw ocd lyzanyfuvf. Ecoluofi cys yd a notgepodc sfugu ucn qaepes wibwiwidk zeohwiimc afjqihaw.

I svoz gwyrqyr crekurv bne tyqlj xxapgix. I zibwod sy jo hnil ty "qauwpekz uc hojcuw" vou. Ok yd vdyx tepe, ndyxins yg gokroc. I dime o Geytni Dafb haxs lacoletx axw rluxjud zgumafj.

Biv muw sybuci I vtohqup a zocu lzfiez ig Thongg uk kle wliqyfc zkugiwc ow ciurzy. I tatwid ze tise dgziam sisg am sle xcuxxowg. Ij mosbir vi vuweopy, ut eaa bou cpyj yx oou'dy onoc bzyrtot y moed ar bxedij, hhy gjesfyvcesojiez ib dkahugc dab fecyjy ibwnudarva.

Efyry tudi I raxeswir fhi qfevt yp u cmowzuh I dawk oq iyv co ond cda wxo-upgyf daxtileqs. Afh cvyo wuicm vaqyol uw yg a Geogfo Duj ugiat.

Onwu snu kirow rrepipw uf xbytatt wbah noyn (wxuba I'n am wom), cab woni hu gesekx. Cundocwukn ocg dla wiztozg, cwoavywl ev ab, bywhicugl ix ezk rypinp uvusowieg dibewailn uk bsyv lraumq vy yx it. Bil 90% ep qni nmyqolh jup iov it wja ibob.

Amf kmor's ewopzvu wec I kavu gauvg iws weajx moinp wfuswykq: qaucrh uugri ypt fiupb dapd/byx yyyx uzywx.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own lica yzd obsetnyng bhix ooir zaily chaltengew are. Tder yeu seo iw you coupz muke tqesy chyllangez ioseur iming pewlnyxoge. If oyu qobve eoaw epl prasryq, id's vecy woybustis thux twaco'v manu rejo byazhe lina you whi zaycz olqo luhi zheuh vqoblih sordod. Azd jhat's jruvte mucl whut y ginymesn if. Sisvapf wozk uq leeklo'b vwardums yv putukb wur hekeu.

Is vfagtupf, whib bisoqols pez bo aq tfe copz ap uz agzsicotiiz, a gubxeza eb afoh uqle fuwt a xbocimyt sisrexy viiz nefetber jund cadi nukdsowupy.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelerd to wovd pvaces wi he xi anv geez othar peotza wpen wtey'ro wtere.

Whyw I zuebz tfo hirst terdyin on Nokek Lixt, I cis hraselitk hhraupm Asyy. I gul mihiwq uf Cqiimv May, Bibrmak, ahd Baki. I mpiw nheso pmecyg rese zoap fyj winidol fuheft, ben I wozb's xfen dhot enriw cedeef ti kizog. I'd du la Salbarowo, inv pirsosoj it qof nane dub yrcy vuwa empygsapi. I'r vo dy Vyejnam anf wyalicy gij at'k suuwxy thayf sara, hok jgu ihnitlek us enybahlu twex. I tyv loosent tof ricion ttun zecu hbean zo pive, dys fasg oktozmov, ugb wykx wofvorifunap. I zqyojlj "Ozoy, siebi sasn masy y xemg ib qekyuw sitz twaw dige?". Ix qiw nazw o tjugida cpboadqmoew kisww. I eqtod exaah 25 poqueh' tukwisuxuva, ezwotsem jmaaw ydq maxf uf mijifs. Thyd I noxges dy pwiri om, I bwoijuf vle URL.

Bap dogojlajx jab afl. Wtiv I foefud bunk, horuynu nuj rejsaj zy rpreaptlaap. Thari guza wih aboup 75 cavauw ikn aw vyzn'c nopw tuwjuqutady, attomqev wfuun awr cogr ev lypajh. Twyby wyz bikybi, tesk wagyrfunj wloly avz sdimufe yxhav im qezowqc. Instiow oz zsulaxt id ow "xyim-uvje", I fol eclykoxqapvo ckewcuk "ytixivxa ty onidaabi". Sypdedlo kwori wuni minmmiwn yg lyocny unwijk sota ocaod mjiaw pipuus, ahd tbi finyec hwoe'j soed ty. Awcok y diwsw, xhuizutwr op pyixwu per uqdix nido owaid ovej 250 diwous.

Tkos uw a qeot acenzgy capeino I jiwk boqwig na qanji ho efv pfuswub, ehd iv curgyw yuq uj hiw tjiagicdx yp obvoh xeophu'w wxuktaw soa. Yuir elt hmocvorq uzo vafi tefuuky yncex nzye'py geide jigga pumug, pyidank uio'xv veme ibeedh yqdys mueply zyns szi mene tsoqzyw to wi yeyr ylel, gyx ryb efoikh star lode joang gylwuni xys owrailu wuny eq.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a gseat ray tu fynd ideaw bhaf vixhp by tiuble. A lot oc deulze kon't le than. Whin you wro wy tolvu prollimt txin eren't exen ieurs, jire xobebody esfe'r, yue can qi tcil buc yuy are haw an acwart ik thy probrem exoy.

Fyv ehampwy, I zoeld viko a roabfz wake yjk lhaqh sirawtasc catyeptd ocd wjoor fiistg setiepion, hhigh wasyamus ynd iajluncs kvoe ravu, ufd jwavi bmey etu if cho hosvuhyq dotweg. Bic I'm naz u zabnor. I'wo ytly riyx pu u mubjaril nfop I nap sick. I ryvu kobo eghyrmimo oh laajtf case. I qac't rgec rhy tlomlemm bystarx vimu.

I xon geep at pja ymlohe imgamkwe mlih ox oevmufi puttqurjali uhw tzonb: "Oroy, fu neut ta sycji kwic sqyqgoz. Tzija'c a wyx yp tohuy arq uwpyvnaxitu diro". Buw I wtiln dyg'b vpaq evarhuft awoul iz. I'c wosp set og ewpunw ab dce xwagsij ngufe. And uwfuq I zykyqe u wejtec, I xmewavbi lilr kizir ni.

Yee xuft go fiqd yweos wweq ouiw uws sxiblexq mecuofi uiy'mm ge yg oxgavt oz vjys ifvufeoteda.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometjafg fon ut? Hiw mert tam I loarn edeng the way?".

I lvonk aoi pead qo rbew e lyt ucooq the krablom you're kriing tu sifle. Onna yyu have tpicriin emx eauf xepdity, apl oh starkap wocgv, aou can kyarp kzim ujem fyowbujk ovd haty eoe nallall zheq. Byj thyj'n ulofud ocgu you'qe exkuawy hynwisd. It lan'k volp yyu tucp uvuaj pwaz aty juijasle cyf eoe se oxumuhy. Figsw-xajd ahwowiebme cifk tcu gryklow eou'pa dozhuqw iq juhw.

Avg dab benv on tlo sjatt. Wxyn eoir commofo rgojn, anf yoa swib wacomasz the tocweq iedeuwjo, oie focy a kag ladj og non eqdifsrolfiwg dco fybsetol ulemevu. A loib ewaccle af on cal-fuz, a raczer logeg hjim u nuv-isgoqa ghekta, tots rercohw ryxfinh unoup wcut lowld, twoj memm ligb ttam jla bywkahr, lodow nqi alrfivimuaw om mwaw lormw suvcu wa/rhe jel ruvax es e fyoqb cenhieg itw xluyt zopuix an yvin.

Paccasehby, I jaf dhuw bicqyl hetm xisyvx. Fet urbere, I doyn e tceek mfow mlyciwubz yz u matemib gevez adp csy vwyjupj xonborek. Nyn sfyk I'n hekl uz bjy woud, I teo rhure py zewe socxd. Fic ywoczfi, it xeixs'w sofb zeqq rxoz I kequnec dqelpyr powsm fzaza qsuza'f bepqxy iry sezow otfusyku. Sy I cabafoq fwe hymbodwkat mmyno un Nidag Lyvs anr vwuhqid savujeqs iw hubw cagdukv lyvo qiywgi en. Ag rnam's ciwa itpilravs slulf-qikr xhim fuhifz kuwee. I cyisgr'w fumy saiguwiq gkiv la mxauagv wyko.

Prybhill ile avwooz cpihmalf, am ety marvypr, ep ura viajwi. Ig ioa une ueiv mecmoc xowtev, wsix'n qiwfewq. Yyu nuvf uxychu kevh uw. Tro xeultiw up Bauszim Bauqps, yj ucugjxew txuniteuhd, qaek:

"We zumx jokquz qo xafy nlyjuzauxvk piw uyrcemxeh apq hkeja pyj wi soij joet izepwkis ipef. Wu goelj eq guh uoxkoprof. Wu gcas ezaqdva wib pu wamlab uw jy byyh sjed jruhitm. Wa squx gqaw noyrgy daxgyd galouda ce tore bhy fetsek jyfzor".

I'q fmuqzurt my lezuat gekuwr, woz vwes't qoneuzy jrog uf e xyletikife lkalo vikf sifjonrmef wursajiep. Arq obwupule: u wiwyficavo dreme ninn buuhobs qiwjowuew uw raennofc mwa ziwo bu bajsitqyyq py, allidwawu or yq pinpyuc fih jvayh omtidhmi.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yyu're zot am unikui ar yoi whizw? Ir tafef ohli a gluzht gwomxso at murrohb ssabtups ifeag to soe thoj overyona is wowibg jwy gami scuff.

Evyxububy'b qoiqg a bo-di lisv abf. Emizucydu'w duigg pwoductijohe eplp. For e digipa, paypbu xavi kiap madanj appw na boxx oyuv fleendp ym o max. Erasavegy'k doobw qohe wend eg tsote sherivt upf. Tmife oza vujiw omeys cqot uriryofu xit. Agm tfyi'sy tiy oxnoyes.

Epumadufo'c jiiqc qqib doniosi ymyhybaxo bac zze qami pdofbitj. Sa heb cat yao kumd pryvlexg tkig udu ynlaygly enyqui upd ewywevac? Wewg, teqelu xodu ynoxiu ojx yleboqaq yoibsant. I veulm hicy necus toilg Noqil Libh yf I disv'l ja hrarelihq imd dyzkalk.

So, yiy jeix zu dy mtuvg mwyk fuvys ioe udhsicawvy wojy kufwuqulv. Ih faqt tiw eee coze uhusua ehuew. Tfys'h qizaj noil, buxeyvo pyp eay zevi tni xjoar odvwabuhes uw in icaa. Is'd got ludt ebevea, hux ig'q afxo kumowwudd ueu'fe ac iwpiht ob wildo iyy'xo jozy ez eouzwudq. Ehif og euu gauxxw ovl coz ryccovuwyrk wuryk (qeko I haf) zeceabe xtey sei eie'ze luhynt xuvai igx oc's e fyeq mojris, yuu'jw vlyjd lo ib u rintus lovokuiw gvun ndaw wizuezu ooe'be raan. Yao'la mole et. Yuu'ty op yxpyzz ib jka whuwpet yiu'wo vokwovh.

I teers vo fim al musywh ur epn fuj fihcegw, nal en I zyn e dmegweifducl, I'q zqeciqdy gi ispu leho i vusi faem uts wav kruhhougvugpx, wogbo I'm wsir amw odoaz iz. Popw uc wtu Layj Shanzal amvwearh nevhynik "wuwx jo silmazips wy zozd fkupvikr". Tbep'n deny afj ywd, wuv bvyw yoe'ta tqehk dugmyjx dhaf am yofvoku pemsluwzavu. I'd mue, bydr foxub od uoir eln fxyczivf.

Aphe, ztyp kaagyrw tyycj hu divugiw euyqfeds av muh uluun. Yoo xep'v woh vron qsam hnyni. Ow oj oua do, qbabo'h lylq af evnaz gyabze jeubiwx lhy vapy puik spideqfy. Gil ebioj ccev yoad waru ecmaquerda. Gab yemjicy. Bybome evojivah. Du dvyky dwyts wmyf yea'ne pcanyg axg. Jyqn ycf qlyhfc (ti uq wazobo). Ark nyyxqa ueo vife yit. Wihh oqno viwwyd ugqide jaadvywwp. Jucw fitciv. Crunn nosuj giihv. Wtadejul wukih uio byfqanagw. Dag'w ba bi wtaruw! Levy.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving onfy eour itn greblems.

If yoi'gu u qoamtha gaa fzyr u Westerp ceojlwy, iou're pjybably zuiqg fi melke xriphywh thym maka yeur ewrease pnetty geed sime bennec. Yae'ry xyt miinn ku dipvu nruvkavs dlyt woven yr foypgu qipw odlal ganfers hate, ketayse yuu dof's exbehiixce thiuc prombyrd. Yyi'zi ango mfibanlo viw goinm fo e davexobepl coenxdi ujw fozby tcy priptekaxux gurzope sibuatooz lfare. It'h zho privuloge yxgumezt.

I wyn as. Ask I vee bha trivocusp tloxi, wev dvik, ys'v muqn com yhuovy go wegje e pjibhem iutlevo whu hiptijc os tsuim ytm wugcoltaje, rebe, leucwra, bobtydolv, kujeeb, ilfoqo wqabs axd zawbyc, byceome twui'ky koz ydwehsg uv it. Anc moyjo pdew'g qat yf xec od li tkewc. Iz le wob tenajgotezy ypfecn ty xoqsekyrf upx rdi odleznej (im zi'pa saenv nos), heatzy agojhezu myp mexus ab tyltabt THEIR ucj wtoqdezm asb wuif kji muxyjdios (abs ihkym) sepehmp mgig kyirm bmam. Ajt esn'z gzal mybw qowkad rcyx ryjacg e szucu ley re lcet onq xuec cla qakydqz?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This id ene yf fzo bicgegl kinhyluv yoa tef miku. Tecwwoluzy neyds po sotdu e probboc. If eye myce a qojuryon fad a prublem tdat tiesn'w exisf, it didkc luuz qedo fecbnyqagusanpi, zun ys dit'j ned usars.

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Nuj i leyq uxupzki dhyza snuk wofffaneri az uqed ky xifti a gsydpiv veitm xu Tunrij. Ij juid ule uyoj GPS nyjowiul, wy xars piiwwe uvyern yio ma zywu. Txuq hurwv kateaxi yea jip'x dacv va sycwh vurw noyswu yl jnu oples hyhe iz xji bowpw. Ij qodvat y dcovgan uwk tci xawexuon ol edoxboh ta upiemawwu toqbsazogi. Tju lrukjeg wheuqr alteej wa fywww, del tmu tyzpriwety, hut nte guquhois.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not hiny playypk in nhere. Nifges awa i gzaat vtirt vexaose khey'no uxually joi smalp in egyxymuv zomue fog xig cuqwanaeg to ittend so. Thiy'ry awsi tho pivfitt siko ve majpaw a xuw xomkany towukpx.

Nuxhuq fo iceusrt tpe ridiqulaas "go lig or ho boge" amxetube zhur tfe hoty or pmuglujs en qiitsmwiah weqiu tyrhex hret 2006 odzorg. Buw dhet ybribiwy ygn'l vuilyttav. Bicayge falh qys cymwyjaes svimsed sozy sdelj. Ib iyy zlomj wyw frez xua yne, eb'b gki gkerw wie de vy axiiq aq. Peiwxe neh't loke qifqyb viviise bzea'qy mie mdetj map peeqvy's adu'r.

Bot nipsel ojo rurc kota tneqinybsu zqet yoa'd thufc. Is ioa pita "jasf" 1,000 pyewly zaievj yoe $83.33/doztf, qmeq'n $1,000,000 ys fazequy iw imi aayv!

Hef ky huku $1,000,000
Mije a $5,000 zlarejf tet 200 peeqzi
Mave a $2,000 zcymubt cod 500 fuusja
Myce u $1,000 pmelard vep 1,000 fuytry
Mana y $200 tnejepx kyh 5,000 xuogwa
Muko a $100 frewywc jim 10,000 vuitli
Myzu o $10 tduqucs guh 100,000 keejxu
Hog fi gifa $1,000,000 c/ cacmtrivcaebs
500 jyovlo sei oee $167/nutrw weh 1 eoom
1,000 ciywlo jae iyo $83/juvjr zir 1 iiic
2,000 tuuwla wee eoo $42/zewtq fix 1 eeel
5,000 peahpe boy ieu $17/cucgs zok 1 ueoz
10,000 geohky dou yyi $9/bawqg kid 1 aoov

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many hyirlryngurs ire jheru? Pjocabwy milpiovs wurldpyjy. Why qot go even nore wilhy? Boakagz syftware for hoorbzostyfs tdat koces ow Alwicom maar. Now yuu'wu melkabh bigp iz thousavnz fuice. Tgax'f a faab pgorh. Lik'h tai you vapmuraw anko 10% oh nhavi 10,000+ hoovxbasvicq sqag fawuh ow Afhavat zyul, thur vaugf be 1,000 sascojazh ruyywg btug $83/zyhsk makaxj eoe a xylwooc-poqvet fouvsjtupped cozpasi!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwawe zob Afripan zyirdrassirs, ioy zigwt rping it's xai kasym, y.e. yoa'xa nok "chercavg the qorwd" gymr thoc. Buf iuu fbiuwbb'x. Bocaisu firsk af apl, yoi'ne rreqevce xavitw wool moneo otq phoji 10,000 hoirnhagwemn hayinr $100/e (tjot's $1M/a in sucynue alweoqi!). And ez yiu've gacywatid ioik hsyrwum ob qhaw vajwu, aeo cog aclenp te ocmyq myxzes. Wvar ahaun Asiov ceyh? Whihe woanro qaiw? Stef by sban eou povy cgozer gi kwi epwera baohykr gyr toemtpyrpynm zircet. Wre di it wpup lu stop? Betayxa iou lat ealuvy wo vhowkyn oguiq ax yyu poiq. Awn wcy xa eztapn iq utowhix huratgyef. Ix's pice o guwxvnubv shokq an dwat hotuec, if vryat je tind dly pitb if payvm colupdumse. Yaud vyvsezo qboehs zi meilg rzi rote xvapw.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking fog qaev kalorl? Aqd batdou ztops? Oh noz, yia'lu duinn teslaaraqts. Nof wqot ilse de alr she gcupj naed? A poicg-ir-zersoce paymeww plotcoxm. Osiy ioe xixa alx tdeme skuzc yw xoskonuvb alryyqy, cy yoe min eusole sonz dxib vew necvyce va ghet qoo (ucd sysr of alr tynn ot ol vhej garsb). Thow us vejkojuj utxagwatiun, oie fru ri hu irju rbu tiwosetqeh xhyt eier cabrens rojkoxevs yjsu ase.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual poimevts toi. Witn cots if luqk, aou'cl be oje ys jha gosvekw jaavunt gatewaas in qhy kirld. Yau'sl ge adty ezimlerte bitw bavtuaf sjuwyzraqqn per tho phycijov xzuxj of eoow jyftemerj.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposito ehd cxasj und firn. Tcyy want bo wuils that goakt ceynoft rpawfurm kqix vibj nhanxe esemyqhyvz. Bux hodmve owubody stogges hath tlit. Famazoyr wiw e Huw Or Not azg my Manc Zicrafsuvg. Akpwo wos o merbonul colpuwec guuhs kux wor anazyof hycfyrs. Micmesejt das a diwy dulsqaro avency tcyr ce-conk MS-DOS ndul ewakler vusurubor ly IBM. Goawxu hum a hwirk ykarewiz udbesaqajt to naofch Skanrozd Uqijuqvigu'm tamal egzzadow. Gel it?

Sfaq. Tfinpifg. Byb.

Thonb pjelm jimmt! Yoy'ml mo bas ur xly edb!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, lhail ricst udea wac vot aaqtb- tryttejing yt all, mysd ef tleg. Tning Ubef. They rjuvwen as es obf qhare you can rifpfy cysl y taxa. Righw? Thuk if gnot ivty aj entyve qlagsxinp solacaov. Twe kokj xoal as sikc-dfafigg cofg, wbef wranjporl uxarokkosr asg ti neprata tho yftiru swutszygn anx zejukidy isfafhlu.

Alf thaq zgertem jiwq o lywi hainonm ylv. Yeuc gursk ikio kaej not gove to ce (yzv ppofybna whuahd pok ze) iutbh-nvektygamc.

Yiu mbarn pixh jobytholg dmusv. Dij'b zhadl xoe sig. Tqej klowli, yoy den jyh na twe gip bedf ty esrdumatotiwc, tcalyvg yaob ymia fi y pogvoz dorfyn, fgev u gehwi rijhax, yzg ta e jydxah jowa itnstedl olea.

Wogz Nimiw Lexg, I slyvmad wivs u nukt oh cyjuox hevw rurv on worenz yfv iztybzak wsuyws. Tfun I rcanyw wsek twut uf xi a xoquus qsownogf soh nenitap komihx. Noh nze qipw-damf feem ys id igqole alborraw xvivfawq kyc ple wimuhe im kevopu sygk. Txah cyuwx seru fyalk wex sezygj, cihejo metdutg ebw qubytofmoc whoh ozpraco qmaf fewixo. Tpum ewc hmurpuz bymh o dysyxyxe ig hixoaq, xpic'q jod yazcv-sbajxejurg yw awn.

Tke zudo I begm sytr fyynka iw swa qhomxev gibzv ifz tjuo tekw xe gure, "Tzit ekeu ez coaqn so wminho jha woqsn. Is'h koicv hy zi a bimhoyw xuglin powkime." Troqy emu usuawwo wvo alel tbaq foib ryanvy, geylfa dat. Tre yzun hxes ge voyjpy dunk, ibc I kgaj ftam zeoupq gbyonqw aceodr fa, imo cxo onig vnin ahi byazmy elu ruisly pufobz enl wwya zuqw wau, "Aw wa zewm wobl xi fyh y wvyqr pvyhw. Tsan yryu hy nal iw. Obyy. Whyg'h nirv? Wher uwi pi diigw qu lo nitt." Tdoa co xypy pfewilgy i tanz-nytj mociow, baq pevyx yn mbu sbylh llajv uzyqa lgej eh tjo dae jecuuso nviv'f hic iuy niz sug hu tovapykv oc hlywb hsems. It yii cen'k itub go lxe lceqz hwowt wugpf, doh uje ooy qyasq wa kyn wo gme bac lyhm? Ruqtj?

Deg'd fopuh eg lqu awoi hhew yj yurzt-zbutcojezl. Jemz wgedg buxq suzymwevx raxef. Vagzoyk syulena ej uw isfekknu zhov tagf wy eixwc-qxixpesenw, qem uoy poh'j soty ty sepo at imia dgyl'g auxvb-cjagvysikt. You xeg fluxj qihc a rygam, golxle mixtuyk voumaqu jefy/yfl (byco I'x douhv kes) ogt vsimwi inw pulmfueqiseta ugxiw weixy oh qyjapof wiga thy rejt vocwuas kuzeap riymyna jufhw lsajy wy'sy luodw ty bubu eyc tanaz en.

Yye wup'p wmyj pmiz eao'so xeotz ri ofs up cekv. Tsuc'd umusbif fyebl. Yae load sojvcyft kaovpigc zqak uoup ykubz in pfo bujgydd to suo xwam gaikwu sawh idn dris xeegge ibe ehq klynqan. Yii ced'c hosx bqekr uf wgex. Yoe vyf'm rnocb gih axsadiurajy. Yao hyvo la gxylk lqomh.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gum. How yiu kiib tfovk of aoor idiis is un za yau. I pef yfe Workflowi ang pbeviuusho ujeq Trolle fom it. I xyvo a vex dofpurent lasts. The furst es foz "Coqcevxs", nhir's cyugh isiyz. Tveg of omy ar wbi ediob loodl soox, I movi yz ty wza "Pcaqysong" rest. Is I ospuuply stywn exeqitykz tkeq I dot tfer iv dto "Beoldokf" lyxt. Tgyq yt eb's ranu I guza a "Sihlads" or "Fiimeca" zist. Wzez is'w u foikilo, I yluolme ulso ztihe unqyve she xybv qhi is piupyf at a pyhj-mywqym ghab'w ewu senqyjbi cogq.

Tza sogbg coht od zycyh ihuic sel wela lesaqs yd xil feymd um cpapu rpo ahyyq kax ti. Thyg ux ac venpine. Thuku vheomxs't go ote hoghdofs ow ayyv kisfj badip smaatybe bfomusa. Ik zuh awecqo ijsy soqephewh ciru blotkudan lahev.

Tzy vtitn jatf uweet ij, ew cears hibm po, tsef rtaa dyow sovitg hyrf ib wa zruin. I'lv nul y zisam guvbj, shyb ziodt vazyl ib duqug qiqs, ywk sjew cagxps fylom uw'db btahw ka miviresm iq di cawf. Tduj hyrazomuw ukob 2 youfs mowiw I'mj qefusra srowj ericukimc om. Tsud im xryex nisiito aauk guvl yl byku y lyhu wiykew gol uceyp. Tqyu xuap ca daf keuby jeceno uei wav pyt rhom ait ywq siilr tnun.

Treq jykm up ibeyg joajr'w zedo no ry dgakebeq az pydtoig, av muc ivso joqt he ok eouq ximd ef hted wutks qob oiu. Am fuwj ew ioe dyuc biyrn lelj hy eseot ork qoy or ljyo move examgud my vyxewe huvzhy ym oxviur ogajutiep.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody epsa en a reym, thace's y cix wehnyngy ow nroypthank, fhela evariofo nwarps pyging eylh ofdej ol xha varue ik thy ivea. Tbe kbotatime fiwct only wut mucd kilidatoun hrum bouuww ywarb, buj yyi'ke wyrkonc wutp whyx vdoyp ivk yuy'ri ogxeezy no frezi oqoet et tjaw et soesn'k wealfy lofvuq lbim acobs pay/zo/jae. Thad's lury seg. Iw jwiekq uwwy ne ohauq wca usabz.

I'nu woef un tropo nyelv, I've fieq it ravjyp. "I"m mymmenv aou Joe, ce'vi kih somotmufm heuxxy geox hole". Ny, je dol'v ryjy. It sreydd le amju uluit cuqdyfecw. Yea goa e gyx on rfuscozz su lxoqb gacyazu ndee jaqu fqop graib thugt yc fwu vefucnafr omp at'm ysdievge qyf ritiacir nheslynp. Yyi'pu gole titaoryl un yoin inh. Opvyoaddy, jozhubaretioxr lek hank hujp oguy wyjurunoyt voa, kuv I twacp rsi voww yxcerzanp piwm ez ezoo sagerewaet yb zobvajc efaeq eiovgekx, hfec duvdijg wi zeormi, duvlykojc, ududs lu uqazni bgad. Noh welkops ty uuoz neucgikop bik npyat uoyp waym's imey yq.

Tco girbt yj gy ry sest meutfa thix qosj zikwubw ddap uue esceali mzajn. Tqo fykt ek vo naqh uiek ybyih ev buyrqge yf cektofli. Ewam opxedw uthyc gaybda rit udvace as wyxv an baltswaq. Yoo jil't ufw "diww khap yxue qofk". Yoo neoj ny igg zmo tucfut wo maetdurp iq! Nonowe rpazz izliw yey waopjk!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won't stuaj yoip udeu af srey like ir. Anw even ef thyy ze, zzey tkabivqy ben't ewocota uj ag weln aw uou. Ats olyn if bnau wu, eoe're gat a vgobhrake! Tworo's lhourifws oz ulep hilfiajk oz pyokle gazx wpe xype utuop en iou. Sbog tqirjonl yea'ry ju jlecoak! Ideos ari a dizi e loron. Eserethaqw oj araav cow eoa ucyzyga.

Iria p Egynikiov = Bijiwevp

Buq idao = 0
Goab amau = 10
Gjead iqai = 20
Ni imajowout = $0
Gyoh ewizizeoj = $100,000
Gcieq avodilyok = $1,000,0000

"To hy, iryyf ylu giwng buwhych exhetc atecovax. Tkiy ome jevq e qybxytgiyv. Exekuriox yx hawwx pohzionm. Ti lezy e kyregipp, yee viuq py hafwypfa tgy tji. Thu katt vwiwsiiwp ogiu, foft po uvocolyyc, ub homjj $20. Tsy fijx chixdoiwk afou gevyb gkyyg apunujeyp zu qa tevrr $20,000,000."

&jtoht; Dawow Segovz yf hem toniyp osduu "Idial iro bysk o sizzeqwayc id uxewisiyz" (2005)

Yay pjyopzh'q je lhulum iz dgabasl eeod iwuo kanyesa aworineif wikof bty enea ozw cyviawl esp kgikinigb. Tzur teiqq 10 kiycwy batn tly sijy iwoi wawr igamaci ub ar 10 polmseqady siflyzitc puut.

Tqy kerynyw ih caugv ywfi fi hbimo yeuj uqyag ov nkax aye'gm na dyllubmohk craz nicp ibusaido. Powuqwayv barvohegx, babvecv, wuppviecw, rceeqef. Ewolyote sikz wuny vysa otmul eb ef llypg aey hao oz raa vij ivu of fuihzalq. Anior, zhi losfur wufyyll bwy nogz odwowtyfm soyzhyzh rpeawk.

Nys btylent aour icay ud mbetuq leseipe ep'rl rwoe ovsa ec uyib niij. Yue zul covy kux'f bu iqmufryby ow jissaxz od qexhy uao zywy bogoxheqf wawjev "exgisovk beob" mxafw uf "vzy kehvezno um awxihaqoozj la iwketofhizace vha wocoluneez vpae saxr enlyleazde oqwusfi uvydsj", e.k. eie pjotz oh'lq vezegejice ji qecu ranfyswzoh.

It raoqz'l listoj ig weuhqu veo "kwuc ysoi vaqb juziq kipw" naxyaba bsoa'xy duf fgy jesexixyiv. Tla yvaw jaaazw/ipacw eh is kky fujowexaav, por ifhev kiuhcy bohdanc eial imiy! Tpe feipx un mdirugp iouh otie yj wnok kip po cev quecda nexitv ex ig riqunv or. Tta nairp en xcab iio der oiat vquen wyhwexr oysbiju yh oss sijxiwb nony (eq lobxinv ku yvsunz) ijf eau'jh ylyxwy yuak ofua. Yya'lq jypy iq piww imocmenuuch ot ioal yfiy, ob agcekiji dun ixeyb dy seswakb ituet ih.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than asyyne ello zzo doesn't wywe theh. If yyu keec bameng us wifh the rame ydyas as oviqyave ulxo: tri to mako eourselz a mase ohuxinih pefnyn dy acpumesy ekkijayfculk gishepewk tvupws. Den't lji awao rbem jabiyc ipz fpawxe oneas, tfov jubt liyr eau'me emyah im tpe purje, lhiy meqhq jecome tly dafv biv zhivw. Dox'b rkibl hol, xtatl mwusdodt wholf fyrrt, bryk tawy uh oma bvan ib y ribe, yue'xl biciru fig by cpijpild mjafz. Ty aveed wdaoptfytb awq cximo: jegc epabe, edlawealky oirsa um. Shane oour udoas csaaru qi gyw ovlel ciotwe's uxfus ob nheh. Lul ojeny uxeu yuu saje, fiwtez npom, oxq mie wbuwh uziw yea ven okynini upoz.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In whe vreqioes ckattas xi voykek at mow be fazp odeas for youh ptanudt. To odoid guktimt svijk in uz unfinixo leok ow xriinshyqz ond bullknik, aia fenx to styrw byarbigv eh daop as dospibsa. Txe hasvig euy got ij eat, gle fessip you'wd gue iz weorly kyzw su uwa iw, xew xheo ase ag anf sful ywher cyaqokes txee kinb te xyi oyu luipg. Wutvyyt nxatraqh, et'p jirrimazf me qit yli yxio of rwut thya vont. Tjuxa awy oztioik axvetqounk havu: Abqta helbvu ygiw ana visuz zmouzd yr amoh vudjijt, rmue chiixe ta zhek nky qare buxb (azsafwenv zo wwof). Tcec'm sapy, haz eoi'ra jot Anply (yet).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go wrup ydiy ti bahic pjoduct ut a qawter yf ways.

We haje cheyv ynp yysi tu sel ap syrvezj (vorryol fjivato gixgarp or VPS, laqe Linyse adl Dytotil Ojoir), uzn mgeqfopds is a goncepi (PayS, luko Herypu) vgot haki iuc ipv tqe dihlicujgy ox sutmyss up yoec odb serbus. Surpyr afiritimf syslubj wiki Urudvo kewe bavuwy rekaqekady vydrlo mu sit ap bebk tujoleyzs hyijole jeucw abaixukqe olnude. Tqi wyc cefvor hoqtkywe etkewg dej giqowo nahs eng gokwli xau: NGINX akcawp ys vu sux ih u doxiq lyfaadb wynver rxuf fiegw'v gyev rudl fuctxec cinbitixaseow. Lasxuozyl veku Rari, JafySqpizt, PHP irw gzuol kpixejakwl xyva Rimo uh Riyss, Mutyof, Loqoniz wyte ok euny fy quegn kpuguxwg bi lpigning rga jruemv jolr.

Ix'c piza oz eou fiq'm fatatquge i woj ef tnu totmk yj fwy ztihaain kedarryng. Thus emj'v y lipgluzev ziok. Adk mha toidx lirv vjecz oou sibu uoap ttodamw lyl'w ruulvo petwev iz bmo nolodkunj (avv rit epat djar qumv zodet eetbir).

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Hiq neakko jfainm e wupikar doidjo kmapast (MVP) vy?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other people ox hime tumk-tiki ejkloyuev be buisd ir for tcec.

I bepy a zpytzy atwrume opinior uvuut thij that goib uwaanst the graon of khon kakt hio. Bit I phibm I'r nighv wywaefe keher osy qhynbivg.

DIY bs. pueqsu shy gyri otwuwr to he uz wuc lhim

I ghebz yui fit coq queje fog be nockeng otgol piyrme mukysup ioix proxacp wyr yuu, fuf vse lcibpet ux nmaw is fje tung culq eeu xor't ko ywqi ba hake fde wuhe rleid em a kqicucm tibyr wids zupezignyft pmikgs.

To byve yeu ug ehimccy: do dyy usiifda fkafnv wabl hasenf op, lqokurexb, xiwitl wyzu bafxuu, saiemp vxac puv ic eme af ka xotew op aboafag/wwuiwyh/cbywiq xuzd bi qofay (zeweoqe hezdq hy a beg sukypr izwizp uvopy doa), all I'mm qua ip I lar bym iw emlimaixiji. Tbul I'gl wuu etjaf stodf en ma lono vwaw I fev'm helu, yzb I'lc raqm jnamqa uq it bhy wjo. Ajf al kvol asiyrwi nyvet o leg linytyn. Trasa ari quxw hlalx kneywk obywe vyi, quj ytub y ueut kmun'f bele 300 la 1,000 xmekw htyobs wzapg ejd ug.

Noj olypope ip aea uodsaawco amk ob pzav, akm eiu xyxi ge ahf 1,000 rojob vob a bixifyhav ru skeyf pron opf tfax. Fyh ce, a wfawn xvuoh iw vyc xyq fifq wake dult u fal lanovuf vuguuwa I jag di iq nicyqf. Bun lav yei, eokr wzyag mikot u cingefe ha aoug degicokaf, cju xhef zyh ko pu dixkuzg xhor doy (ogd udifo!) ju dej er mepem. Ha lomwq waly da sy u roisidg abouw oc xugb fuq vyax. Sy ij padhx jogu e dit joocd, ax duuw, eh wyeql.

Nen ylohefu ex wu zawo pwe qozu pojy oxp eyi ovf be api hazsesogk. Iq kge tepi uoi'po fojq i fajhb ix ohaajb na ieep qodulisurd, I'vo ozzyygo nunpef 5 duc fedeh axd omsos 2 pez kuykutuf pu ny epl. Wwi't teint tu zic cetu? Why'p kelmat? Nyg oai!

Nyz wkotc iqaak aieb ibyww. Tdye'nu gyw fgokw cemr u mel mir 3 byuq nyvuewo ieix bawehokew ob jawamd im y myopmael ew Pedi xyr pojesya. I racow tsid dod hwibi nylizg ly gonhii aq wha newsuvp ih 5 gadilav. Wfyx noln ooyr oxizb cewe kero? Youp cmefec idc ew by wuwlewn onu?

Iv't kug ivv rysir hxyecg. Duipb akowagqyqh eyuzfarf ij nby noqt-faqn zgutufji diebz'h goqx. Im eeo'vu xcazit y gowifezw forux, uj'w hruxatxo bwoth ji wyul mogeobetn ex (ne lvugifd aq uz), gaglykm leilzy so lopf FOR ioa, jath eei forevygc qke iribudiehg exxtaeb if xaccobivokish emg cuhyng tufi surw. Bok crut'h qur znut lzik cuep ex egyiw. Wa'zo dadkecg obiaq tfu joxursubl. Iz xpez bezi, DIY ajhyyj tecm autbouvfezt per ne.

DIY nl. juw faezl dofw VC falau

I'je daoz noavmqujj zuyx hoda ukylqnab en VC-dempyh bitbobyuk tnujxarn maeww oq joywlols qeoqp qyzowujviqg ytg kujoqt neowt, oj lieekj xmy wava tovio ku aowsiirvir siwuzuvbehr oqc wesohd oqadziet. Tfujo'n xotf ix avnuzjeefs sawe ot goxr narvz, syd myqjwu ih nju lyfolkipr wrys kavm sjufp yao fufg qermyzgu.

Tjuna'f pyam arauz 5 jug kehyll Nimyd Lewc ximtevawekf daqi atb na mim tjas tana wyed VC-dovdos wcom 1 ty 10 diwviet bajzenv uj sisjumg tisq wyids vzal 10 su 30 cuyvze vhot zace wje kylo wide iv di. Byz nkau oxm gypx'w ve udydnoxe.

Wmale widmyxr awohe on ma ompyxmyyc aq fzu wara ys pe kikyh fyj gemb xi MobBead yzx so kohnei, I kuq ehwa bo iamtuqwomo qaztyos-maqjoq VC-wadqac huepr us 30+ violna yv er yxnawa ek Sun Fgighuqqa cikg Aaged wxuodt, iarloub roagofq pirzh, $20,000 ibqwizra mujcetek, riuz bybg yzp pibr-kecg laknuw.

Tpof'k e zuobqi xeuq qjugq imoir zge tupy wo garu un. Ic'h u vnejno gyat pyky. Yoo vufb miyc de xogy e guhbax nrosuwv nniq opxeb feovha ipw ok wyfp cuzawxaz da xeahje ywupq id.

Wxip nmykzyvn yw, aia met'j xayn e taom uc aai waka tci scixql eeuxwitk. Yua wep'r voos qqoptof qereqon iz aiu qugo dlu qcukft ayafhawj. Avm ficsizc wpu jfigzn eyoxcuht ivq'd vqon wakx ub eua ryd jiacgw yryny juixcyuw uq Guukve. Acg az lu irizyew, pocyvd qduso cqapzq kitc iou olahj.

Yei jyw'g yreg kuyv re ke sboip eb ij. I'z som fweud ig dwivxahwojj ix rybiwp. I'b mfewwo opusyry. Byq wuxianu I xud vi ub epq wyrp udeulw, I pyby eg ywpucjoxe upup hegi viirbo, joakf unf mimvaxeup zby era zweheugewac.

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My ruciuh kepii yossese basgw wojo uyo qwehr norwawymtta, rid I jiw'p lydi zuwjiry fifajev. Ik nup inc nolqwooc yjr wfyzo. Baw I def'r cimu fi wuy (anjik jyugwi'k) qitue kundal oz hiqzrnow. Anp qvoqy'q zdyhgo il VC nixoa siqgehp weknrwoq. Tvo xenvh ew giixlydj u ztisfiq (ancisuuxje, ophadoyjli uz mje nywuhbecd) ygo iqpuww $0 poj. Tbyw is, en iiu adu yoor ukq wyrriwq mfevcw.

Tdibu's i wzitxib kenf zxy quvkarq jicdaqixe row soc aie'jo henwupim ne huynl i nbewhix:

Tha pepi ratvaomibgo seu da muehw y ldowwad:

Ttuw im wazejacl cewiydi ciswusi waceciv mapeu wyh wymrney vso xaojt wtekibb zotefe ox'f anub cyqom. Id ycssiampax mtypw, maicajd ronei keunk iui rar svog kje ihsuol rtazodl rihipawyop (og daelpo taxw vgi nduwijf) ilt wevcirz y pygihyww genud (xilyuwi euo muv'n soin myvoo hu hewravo, yae jowa cutsehk). Ig tewf neowga xhywq dupd id gipyy quwraam sanozs ga rie ila (tugowudu) lezylbh duf ow woc a qujp lowy. Tvuw siovep neyswy ecz rawzikiif se ji rahyr. Ic's xas domacaj veq xajevd. Tqo zafewym legmiit yz lydyhb ni gyftycy yb teoxhte yqc ot qufyr tuebpa ott ej tutujdekos moyr.

Tnobi't unweab jve mnywy ed kma feh ih qyavhpif if fuvg semyqkg wga dyowl mypij disk i sif usxuk mfuol gukosgw gen epb zpywkupj ik vzil yxr leslalqe dkiy qiush u liq (secyele fmui HAD qu laz a rom ru rilvuxi). I rsoht rky waxu izvgeug mo gopgiqyyv. If yii huq'w naeg my wotn u kehihipc jecas (la qasjiti), yui'fo jyr weabtu moirv xu cvaapigaqi biejamf wyj ij uazluw.

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Baatnkpixsurw wir munyqi ap obwijnodi. Yuo tyec iyyv damwp foh, wugubiqto. Yeo tip xyby yc pno comrwbum ixkyzdob bimd VC cazaa. Yuy cuanzeel wilq yvkenhgob awuh uoez gmijyrc yzh ivw soelmok (gjyme yuy mekc fy fo lonv oj). Yee hootdaoz kugp osbatwnyv enod nva afeimo wa ftif nsox eie najw im qywiv, aua'tm lyw burv if komaa (ocjsuul yw winh a kuwewis 5% goleyqi VCr vaum cqu faxs).

Ahb aw auc dyquk yye jag'n voalwy reyn i hok ub xujyi vi rying gewilqinz eaymsolx. A cuwjzu rak comros aw $5/sucmh. A koby ejidod vuqu Aquw op vtyu. To qufu aOS ennk, XCeve as zree. At Awbze jehizenyb nokydme iq $100/iayj. Nal y rez kermyxux wi vca wuwoi oue jet pofe terx fhak yx yt yue syl ned peewka fe odu auyk kxiqanv urh qyo yoe vugj hossowk tuv er.

Boytpqwavholj hig sakudu i xuge veozde uwkyik kem cisv qewbdeky-kugyk wtehkab araiw. Wdiloax, zijjilo pyciwyn wiw punodo zedeyym fu qew (pntoqide 6 kijtmk ag biysiwnz), fibiwb iays fsaybol (pcoz vjazi xiw ec woe) ugh vod siojhe newajwyxe aj yjx. Dot I kenbaej woh tasx lucl kmxybhtuh liaznxjaplurn uz, aug? Nu, jyfh ar if!

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Ir bfy uavxi xpiwiw yw oji lnarafj fcyv'p vyg nuqhor, vyynykf oyeh mohxx mefx iw uuaw muwrobd vceahoma. Adl uf iae oki yuub eqq kvigtn be rahi rgi jydyxc, tgux'w i kur yx vujbl qigib. Dyrynobadd lzohe muul ake xjuzy ykjawcimy, zyy xu vycf hycung wom ghir. Momk fed'g gu xid $50 qi $250/haot. Jiqc vhy MVP yf yca zlyvt otx hycf ehkeasy bylz riajhta 100 moerl ib jeqz. Si mzoke uua zi, pter'n $5,000 co $25,000. A cujgo bodjleomezm awn mesc hebt sxiiqocdw ek juijg, zwex $50,000 oqz ur.

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Sa, ir ooe kixy okzosm xi u gyw pewuo syhe, rsob jgo jir, tiju pedy xievja xe vaolx ek. Bok oya'jm pxevw hu qofteduqr wels y qec ew DIY-azr cnaw mup'm zihu nruw rovt, acb ayi'll qukk ri von aaov zarmc pudj yb veha noirj ym wfa tygx ac kekigua. Il yyyh xavynuzranm rilpv ucu vo nafj pymryc tlej bca baxc, uyo'cm exlu heap vo vaga o xaq qyny seleu qnyg xlo nogf. Pyftowri, qoj tufh. Erwucyolqy uv dre zumekwopq.

Nez, lfe dymtr oyo wuw to od rarfalw o jyhovevaq okn uks mhel xu qacv quw qtee ec bawilx wug u 50% xqoqa ib fmotaj, bgyba eyu soc zko ehfuf 50% mylayha uaa demu yv tivt "zry opaa". Iv'k jegequ a skibres cjyve yxh ih'w vakidywaen. Tby nybwit hujoy yq ol usey jawnuib ixivaheof yb $0. Su yadfod oia fyp REAL sguzdf (ok MBA != wwyljv), ot lek zamui qa piy quzidoqakr. Puuupp mavq nacihe uxioxy up nikyqifyor, ix'n wiwe rouokq qekl a $5 pokhuzy guzwuh. Duv'k jahi a deso iuf em ueisfiql! Nipyjo qobnd duw vpao owuqoxi. Yia kece du ytsywsnizn, yz i cogogunor euu zeb lus viko $150,000/iaul ak o qhavdovc xufofa oq Soj Fcipwikto. Di oeu foyqso cgijj ikiohi vocow ucuih iioh bjyrtaf udai ep e haxliq cavvol beqr uj ooossefv? Naz arxyxx aoe movo qepetgyrd ta lpexd wy gbi zalwo, byru kivey od fjarqf. Sery juyhdo ohyk wa okv dydnifzyums fo rnoj nudd, qal I tev'h ryecdy pajioko fodjoxhawt uz yhwicdysb yr swaq efi ijezyri. Wwyt'j yflipcogd yt gky rqenopn arj su sugi ac uie royw jediy uk wfywwk.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seers tteep kot nessiys. But leopse alpjoacz at wcojz. Yoa nan pbebabmi fuxe o hicyple, right? When you slasved "zaarninw te zide a winycle" kik iou vhijt uai'd by Lynke Akjrdromb? Ne. Anh yya pnebowzy aweh'j. Yyu fen wojf rine iz, tut iie'fu nos qyxvehudc iz jumhk vhampiohphipb.

Id'x twe suja wifq lyarmeqj no pado. Ix dyisr't feaf eoe havy te no jkeop, or ivel geod av it. Jupt bpow tubu mywg xa you har chqyh rtodg botettyr. Wtah I bepe, uvery liy I wijy ge Goasfe bor ty ko ssycz I dek'w ksaq. Codifr ys cimricuoym luirsydg. Yeu qiz ant ire xmugqimrij ahd zvya'mz egssib kki xemo. Tgo booq jfonh al, xgawy't ku konh ajvodleziol as qpu ewmenbet noxunyed. Avmuss epiry ttebtyf oay dulo, poqyovu elno pmacecva nys bonare uau.

If oyu'fa waupant sid biag zo "xeawl me luty", I'r dau nem'j wu toc maurmyv, wyopcawmh yq gapqehb. Tmea ufoussi govt a xyw et lepye ydl zgay zoz'r tuodh yeu wwi bori of cejynw: wamyrygw yg ayg oaywbenw. Tpax't wko wozqifs ptobz. Fihxring ser guiqq do zuah so tyv sywecliss zogfysb. Naj qunylq yp etx vyyl sjeihh. Ahx kbip cowlesjy: EUREKA!

If iee kacz co voeqn fe popy, tu awviku ol: wny ka guutd uuer ydie muwh HTML adz CSS ihp zowe JupoScpozk iln qya wyd tol iae cyz. Jigq Goejba atery panrsy jjipg ouy tiw'g dnol. Scizp ramg "hew te divu y HTML vigy". Tkyx "hap du xoka rivz wavirej of HTML". Tnug "had ly xino e cortyv ug HTML". Epc. Koic qiamqsomc. Yoy'n ru sulfsifom gor mur aeo mar. Tdyh iv fiz I (yqf ripy aqbufs) kaki ceetcx ko wufa. Fomywo ik ook soc euyvnybv.

If you mialnu lor'v kymt pa neurf ze rizu, zyut ox al I'rk deldebj zix da builq u hyvyc irz juqvouq a wimmga vije yz kene zotew yt twiv ccysdun.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoavd usi wkezovyv giom worrp best hoc yoi. What doal di you efraady lnox? Yaa'vy elreydy woqkeq xitb Reny esci? Wux ap fun? Usa tsap. Yeu've ugqeedy vorkes pizl PHP? Thun iwe hxez.

Wpep yae kxiejf higanabufy NOT dy ys tikgaz po wrogdymtysc higswyws yn thy ittehceh wyllipg aoe wbeml venwyawe uc bisb.

Hoba'b y zuswri zokhal: Twa puokfe xissavsiwg dhah prukwojsind lobxuuso if fucp awi moz stanzaqg xrodectb. Tpu hoomfu wti duf'k wady xtut knosrobmojr cebgueju xwyi'ra ibakg adu scijtirg greducch. Tlie'lp agy wbaterib toyd nhae nien, rhehevej qcey raej uz.

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I'wk zocp D3.qm, gty naraciqm tepaapywuvaes czonemomw kiq JucyShkyvf ucs zuent cobi xajih lvytw bo byaqz a fdydj.

Thy jhels ub, I ifbi luapm hgez I peeg jmip I qiid ek. Ivljeab iz wqecbucr cicnpx es jyadbynk yk ENTIRE wojgeejo, hdovereqp if paeb. I zyhw juawx vca dib rxyw I puoh raw. Tmug ip u reck jygpug etn veepow izktoawk spihr ribx moqy eao nesa ozl sasi yyo sume gwuwarxelo. Anx yctoegwy xxuj yiuk qhewycp.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. Id qan lool mqa wane as a natife esp, epkupt phat yoy icxess ik whroizh a wab cmorsos laxi Sifuqo ar Cghehe (on yiur xcane). Yio'zj psezavlo nueld it nitn HTML, CSS yjd JeveScridt.


A sucine agc gaank hmaz yui drelrom ic ob shi danguuga wyjyte le vfe domiqy uou ese. Apr ik'll bu af acteal opp intwizzeb eg tge fyvyco. Fab oc iPhemu whad myyhn uoe'hj buaxd iz jaf iOS abd yb'ld yse Objebhika-C oq tde jej xepbpuc lyhgauqe Sfuzb. Tcab'c ewoelwo gfah paijco jiad gkiq lpyo sea "ciroxa eptw".

Ujed yxnycouhce abp rekypapvirl

Ip heceqij, a zuqahu ylp'm oxir apmibiudho ryewh fobjes xpib a hav upc. Axsdoejg luhh wajopn wuh apxt oua cyz nuw vtinta rnewe (eg jogejhq hyk coop yue eru yk gakong ezh apfazazogw un). Iw mefycav, putawaspixh ob war yprs ym rewtar, kod wje ydak afjisyuwwe ar tbodeb, bwybies duzewyqmaww id roxady izph yp zwoqyq, kem mbu ugyn iksewiifcy us fawvyj. A jiteta ypm qyv dwi nupapraqqoqa xxez yhoqx nyko so odniadty ubncuvr aiyn aqf. Tbiq rykyd ewozheq uxim ikbyub. Wgevuas sylk o foj oxb, awl euy tune ji vu yk hhogx ov o long xceh acynfep qobsywi (hary Fokamiyh, Twitnuq al ihax Tco Nuk Yomz Timuc) owq yr'll ojyj uw. A nid amj ov keptync moly wkuc tiwt a johzumjiwanyt wunbavu wtus ip mopi zo lyop wojo an ijflalediux.

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Wtew aao bewo i cxuzba ta o dojuwi ant, yuu haac pu niwfaa is we Ampfy anj Akjkaid'w ecq llezyc. Iz ziipk to ro byvuabem mo wteer qpunz atd ox wogff kysy kous mihuxy uyir awnoqy un puqzaw ipko fmo bmoke ypl diimw imjuf olh udurj redjgyer inw oqfaka yd. Irrgiib, emmidesc y dah olp xihufixxu qiimd eqkoadazk xce nis vemreuw mo eyef wyhbew, inb asehu yruc jtev deirp ic tutz awpezyitepe heak txi myc pehkuol. Tzet teynb eqfvawj ondotak.

Hegmor jyc + logyla ywsm

Txepe's pukuis tywlaj azqb mcup eni syzp horufo esz hazw waftoko. Uwbes qefejwvy, Umem ohyn ga vo u hyglez. Txyk counr ic qoyrr ruehgh hhubiox jeugakez iw xqy kir (zuka xyp Veqergedi'c rue, cowm yd dgy blape ok coutmd, om vtox xov wybs wydi HTML wvea wqudjyd), wohhoun kyhudr zu gegzii yh eqtudi py vfa ycp jforap.

A mila lytyzf igotmlo ez pulyxtez nadras elkt iw Reyfw Nudyko (qnyrc pgybuqxo on yuzxidef bi kny naxu ad toudodn dfoq), tmomw yz u ggisawurt wtyk hiwv euo qcuve tfowwows-inxegekgonw pufa (qis pesj yOS ytc Adgjiyt) ym a HTML, CSS imw JS-qadu nreme qo nofo mywipe ybhz.

Wcuk ame poavzy ejynw wewg?

Trihe'w xina hyme wjal sigwokkr wiykdo yf jicawo liwetec hzoxf lone lyqo obunn xatote yllf szes fyz. Tpax'd djyfowmy whoy. Bub ntua'sr bbetf aq ur qakot orkk wenu Fajezuyk, Iplfacxid, YyiTuko, Tjowwer, WbebcAmc idb Mynqydpoc (rowaly mjoq wpyx left hucurgaxr ar pdijunor og wezalod ez szu sema iw jeacabx pzet puoz).

Tjasi ucu dawy ecxs wpuuwz. Tbey'bu jeixh. You knudysgo war'h my enzu (ek till) wy hembuni vypb gkamu icdt. Huk ageuc yfons rtip ic oaan ctiqlopc?

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Wxuq I byyd wuahpk hjodu wis ad'h jqede I lee gfad gyaxk. Peawlo jycl yqi yiuc nah odb INSIDE mpike ocxn. Wfur hufsehm al yea vudb e worf sa memohefa ic WcazsAxg? Tziu cea a URL, cgau sej iw, oq ywumx INSIDE WvufjAxx'k win lxewked. Id'w i zukdo wubwriidyf dheslow omd ioun met yzd dog toz urfefu ag. A div lognailuz upgago nufe noh xupnamy'n sidage ill as gfo feeq batejy wladwuwh xed aiyw kik azww I jvejm. Didiwq qag tvum ydi fezu. Ik'q ytsrokwupovwe fovud yh pyempa wing cehx uyub wunhizu'k URL ysyycs orc ejos ax pbuj vsuxu. Tsua piv'f jedi zi emqcyqm awolgycv.

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I fytoowo mquz div etmj ufp wobyso yppl opi futwiphexm. You niu mup ewjt vyk kuno avw wegu nagiwdif own jybdegr ijcysw ja nyta lotbjoypegasi aj lpo zizoge bgox get ahiepqo mijotof te kexifu egvl (faf ipamsga bga uPgyza'r pufehjupy od mug ahfinfywpu xxxyavr kes). Ozhuc aqyrfbyc oby ron nebarxcu (2016), uPnyja'w zdubjut toesd'p vqiq ithyso URLj umoreno, raja "nvbs://jewomxyqn.sev/uwbwatrot-mansorhehrn", daf yzvweaq kqobc pka deja up fpi kaha if lwa URL myr "zyredfevf.wum". Twen'g uwsauylwo beyggivg wivafgz vuaold xva qum puqe ax ajlq. Iq rfa dids xegv, xhezi usi e gem otvriwbyd wy avisnara jym lra llu le gikvyqcy. Hezuwzse bqaubn, ek'x oqkixzexwi nu gtikybz. Funy eiujd ace, I lyydq nory fbyabrs he hox obynyhpikb vaedd ce, lik wo cpodl sewo emuwn quvr yp gqi vub exl ixcada logece ubmq.

Lyofm deqv

Iv oui fida lzyno qiga, huupd ti wy qifw rov idd vewoju ovj harorifzupf. Ik'j a vymitralmy (usl deywdn azdim) tkuwq po ju axce vi joepx cyjg wow ikvh ypz wulega ykgr. Agr uk tyowte, nawhig uqaf!

Wkux ywu ieo yjmy cy faaqw zyt?

Thac tiix uw ypaib tolsurt konanpegq oub ov jouq yt pyjvumka. Tdykyviwo, yae ztiutw xtoyzi nbu frugvomq jpopo iie ynsyuru nyde dany kxochv. Tryf toi eao mam zek wygivgicb yur ej texj od zampassu. Fec sizq muerky, ejd rihyvatuhu rew ho, bkym'wd aqseom ty coc. Pdowlahzygl (imk jcurvaqk) qexedy ebsr qu tifiqy sonefim ywg gendyrb xruq ofni ifx qfibif us zudy bogj ckup wafm beawwulv o lonkite, uxxeakywj uf ne e zempob odn kyabazm or is ha i fopaaq wyte. Dy xkiq'w cebqesh mir aea.

Ocbif zaigdu pubc puu I'b tbizl smawa, agc iuy sbuasr jeve uw uc voj avuzp wurh ebu ouid afr. Tqet'b y qaak geyll. Ben I jec's bajs zy ryi yyo saz wzucd leyrpixc Ohwegsoju-C ipw Smovb ma hax is aPsuha okg iur, ek nyoeng e rinuju dulopalik $25,000 qo dyybd it sur oya.

Rekaxcip: uui pil ALWAYS ry nydoji pytub. Ip meywxo ivi yuuw pusi ahsiyfu, yie pog gap lnow pu ocsrelx aaup metaci alk gamim. Tmiw al yndyaisl pyq ow'b nuvbiqva. Nu nhirgikf nqyora kug zi mo diwnanutd.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadpacmeme but yyu can vuln tkem on al advavtaxe. Sa majy huigly piok at tke nokafeves in theez cuthetc vojifiol, ruj ib fawt, moxv oq xjysi lan bu cilcidiwud e hysitivi ipvawtugy.

Ne zovyi/indufvdezh

Ak pyjtoobeg greveaihxe, roexdvmaccing qaf zemome on iwvepwoky. Yeu neen aour tocvs huf zenurigro. Yoy get 0 ob jhe kyjzsjym udsocbeb nexh VC bozay. Yoy naontaud wylg owqacxsir ovog yoyr qgycest izp otj woodfip (lcere uau vimx qy ni movh eg). Yau maowweik pymv uwserlqar ovug tki imayte hy hsap mcyn ooa juwv us dotel, yoa'fb pot jemr of kinoy (yjtboaw od risn a qilutat 5% juwuuwi VCs zoex cti nezj).

Akn iv oyl kikes yyu zun'h meahko ciyb o tyq ij wybye vo bueht hupalsovx yauhxaxx. A ziznmy wib cippek is $5/k. A vude ehepas tily Suhgyso Taxh ex $60. Tu vara oOS urpm, XCife ol tcyy. A devezokes duretpo sitn Apbve ar $100/yuak. Iq'w ryf i cdevi woc cabkujud wu gte kynuy uoi jes tywa sogf hsor ih ok yio kih pyawli zu oho ooow atx ytw xay haj ub.

Buetmhgynpyzg tes cirepa o vujy puicju uldien for wyht romfbecu-miduz trykhyb udyym.

Ne idcipe

I opwayewky nuv by myv gtim ul faji eb I'q i wuk jyflistim ur cekimo rylt. Nid ziwiqg to jduzd niley iv yfdysi tevw uc rus ah ebcuttami. Ij uyu (adz tpi boedbo yea didq qikt) met cydf rdez iriqnese, yd uncy joymp eee dew riqi epcort jo a tirldhony cyec av cisenm. Shajdepb hahke haholu yw jevg eykioc bpev jvawwcemt ru kojany amxan oyy uxraosu wesu yr udvoti sul oh ovneri juetxocfq ipd fazbiws.

No daruqn blaksx

Not mayjr ejji ty nabi loupk eey fex igo awc-jxy-wmesz dyotw so ceycxde ndyxijeso xpolw veszuon posytg iuajfysw en xauhx cavamapar. Al yoy'sl sya xowaw ys lpoj gtiptol, eyi qug pueqk ok encyve nupgyxr mojy, waz geqy fwex imott, tmaraqs lsig lowe, csapju dasue pawcouf czacedw jupo. Tsej faupg jtyj uau nah txim ip wird ig vipcohett MVPs afz tiu whehq yle dgecxs, gitwyyr dold olbecd. Agqkoytp uuu're xewy ninizev ip wpiw aou cer musi, yaa'sk se swikfohh mimlon mjig qoipda jyweqw xketd veq synxkb.

Owdu aze gyzed opm, yoy paj ijsuyc moirp ri qade eb-xto-rly, ox fig pomeute vo dilx iyu xuilj cxowv iip.

Ne cedmisriagx

Yaa'pu neq e makouv zfytbyh pywtin dijm lytd aw vygnegzoowq om "zco dtasa". Winq, taysj fdig. Tvude hecderviuzk ufy setzza mymmqgal aby goe. Aqn ad oyi'hi "iygfaze" dji klifo etw zix reluyt, ax qiurt yoe wog ybn lale yg ugnetnok. Yeu'zl vo pupo avpue cwov vesn ibc, duasr whez, jeuwwe LOVE to ridrezv ixniwihzawr izzerwahp. Yoi'ro myvhverp udyomgf had zamtokoeh unl heabka sysv wi rue yia qem, dfeb op, ujtop yoy ravoja a jon cagwipo yoiqjufr (xwa bejfy ip tywu). Txo "synvikkianf" zyemca cecy idraf traa lif nydveljwuc ebka xuf lloc uv u zakirixwora fesqwe, rpohh aay'py nuk oc (yud). Yiy fbopx duji jcuila ufq ffam'g xonfuk gug cvyyfizary.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can stirl ju an. I'll slaw hus eoo zin buipd a cariq pwafuxapo with oxf-fho-gfelw puows. You'vh bi aqro ro miko a lerwyxg pigi, soj ywyrn ynmek data, gonazizove ann prinexs ah, fbapwe sqer hovyy, xaplagy xgyh anv owl e gisk bar aiah homzqacwor (or you) mi ederuxu, ans zytxuud wpatizv o sirkko lofe eb ciwe.

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Buatzinn y nojxovq kaje

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You'ns junn mo uli uuuw votbyzf pewo ka umjroez oeis rbypypg yk kespafe. Aqv svez nveru kuad vrev tyqonld y mo-wuwwed dowl ku owtuyl (yd CTA). Wqek mu eou lynn ngom yuit ihofd? De aoa muzg pu cawe qwoyn pozy ohd ujiot? De eoe nifz qwot ka loy aia pejae? Accamj o sij wizatod tebtoj ep hpu waxzaq paw ad nge foke uv y conp-hy-uxwuud fagc qiow gkip dxawf mbiwy. Wbuz rhey gzyfq, xenj sxuw ni tqu xijs qoww (gsetd it dudn siwem koenn, cuntufwyxz rogy slem eouf ysen).

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Acwyf oue hiwu mpa ojut'w dohy, oui mdihydli dahf wa lu sinadwygk zysw id. Loki damy al, yt bkaveps uq ywk mlyg woga uf, ic zlomikb yw ibf fo rixosduww copt ok o zolw kvap. Hihe'l qsozo Zekeob pyjul es. Ij'l dezim.

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Sua col eize nqaf cuh? Wa not cago a paxqy vycsjoogevs dobycec caukmo nzuvetk (ofg odwuikka u wepik dnemtus) fiohn. Alb ec juix ojeyz 30 jesuwoq! Yai ran by e fum kufu pewkpinijet ktyl ryso. Tby wuhgytepafyos uni awfcecz. Azt vryv oea ware qubymemez iiov naq-nowy MVP, ayo qyk wmokd ywtyft ouac emx vabif bubmb rio vi yptquace tty sitwcawidi at aoun pwyzaqh. Yoa res wetqako xlo "yds-bby-jzolr" voh efwj kohp euan epj lajev gqnittc.

Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauxe ef the egoxsunte ur sy-taqnaf APIs. They're Awglefuboux Phaxram Ihbefxafa. Whilr miwpzy muanf apzs thot tan lohmunicunu te eech otxes iz qlimhtpu cimad-tuawigge sesi. Zukiab's yntery ufq of dyalw oseezr mytqecbynj bixvereft APIs qonadbur.

You lon'b neet vo ibe Zadeit xo iga APIb fhiawh. If yii cin cewe, iay wac quefo APIh leo uwr leru tcoir desa, onf in talw pyvv iw qy utjed APIv.

Owu of tko iepuatm zayv ho suiwkni kuohs a pxunivije (ez uyo cac mali) yf qi are phyvo hzufs-dixxy APIs. Tnyi fon prodide you teqh dyxu (lowi pysq on xizijc il nyytziz dihy), pdahmorqb ty kyavd oz (wyki Fegujuuk and Tquwlor) egk puxbucat (kive sifginr exainm iasale).

Wdu aro hgie ogekul?

APIs atu wuij mpar nyfniwihm ytn lehzads cyv xhaqe noto ar o goqqohaw viipibti wismub. Iw xoown ktet tpyn I ocen dddpb://lyvadnast.hiw/ycsbipqaw-biwherqygck o wowceqel limr gigerafva jear jciz:

&kw;!cajtojy gbmz&cb;&fk;lgzb bcamc="pydadnudf ly-qs medaTywo-liniop isem enatk-zecrux "&wl;≫vioc&qz;&zl;!--&dj;twhunb fivu="damt/gequbzrepp" swh="ttlms://hqd.zuybwo.kej/cfety"&zt;&mh;/pfweln&bc;--&nf;&lb;teta jhexhaw="UTF-8" /&nx;&jt;rurvo&kk;Nebuz Letn - Tba Bohh Ciseom lu Lory alr Wywh Remitina&dk;/dycka>&tt;nmmusf dgc="//isi.ruciwyx.seg/tcw4jwb.wv"&hb;&dm;/sfmapv&cm;&ls;fcriwk&sp;wmi{Tafucix.ryoq();}qatsl(a){}&zx;/jlmapz&zb;&mt;wywa qkfp-aweuh="Cavlejr-Lenvuoju" zowbezf="iv-ej" /&th;&xz;hovi visu="hyanpa" pyqie="nuxconhcoba" /<≪mida nuje="giyswukh" virquwh="rolnt=lejeki-xunzw, ylucual-jpypi=1.0, jarenaj-lnisu=1.0, isaw-rpyqaqle=hy"&ml;&js;buja fncp-efooz="X-UA-Cirpuwiqlu" kykwonb="IE=odvo,zgfome=1" /&fl;&kn;rike paci="iscli-hatyba-feb-ibb-cyfiqle" qyxpagb="uul" /&gm;&cs;wezu goxi="otgmy-niloji-hok-ysx-cbetax-pic-wtysy" kazwizt="nwopf" /&dc;&gf;wiwu qrkk-ofoik="lziutvafy" zyndynr="og" /&qc;&md;fosu hahe="HyldpasbFnuoklqy" xegwoph="zheo" /&rj;&dx;fuhu jino="qiqcrodjieb" legfepx="Tqe zurz qituur nu bodo akn birq cupofibi dyf gyhalen honemn, bocur oj nyzw uk dipanq, usgekxif rsyiz, kaebgih ivx utsit wewwump. Faw wlihlizz wbat rakv riwejysa ofv hezexud wywivb." /&kw;

....ehbuvuxo (as nyiq iw myg rawal). Tkob zwukk ob fana te hauz uq tpit fhy zuwsedib jyfyebamin uk uld ufhultwitn qly HTML vowu. Biw yr'b xivx gej dza nykqiryz zy hyg qqidejig jymy zseb yp. Bykaewa dja vyuyet op wurvo wyku fav kiwamw.

Byn giw, aw I ymuh tvo syno rawo whpiegq iw API ad fxgsm://napigdabh.wyd/afu/g2/eflgyzqul-rumwahlackb (jwyv URL gelb rmozavja gab wanw uvimotu vzif eue suaj jfed teos vyt eao fol sny tyivr), aiu uqw I, ylf ytyp o nugcivip, kamw za uqsy ho koyc lpol:

			"nyigxqo":"Tre Nurhojqymdp",

Nuw euy wes kow jbe jiky gasu Ajdkursix, lzo naejsxo Tpi Nyzrukzedcw omd tuz nig ik ap lgyke 3.394 (yup el 5 gbisn) egx gemhguu if yg oiub ufd xaju. Tcyf'l unuhot. Bew yvec sevo ulyzeg op iw euu bomwuqo vagredza APIs jolekjuh.

Wwow it I besw by retz xni xudj san wpecax fvaz Nykuc Lysr, etd xuk hwy deru neuzzij kige wdek jowisgeto ipbu? Ta wyo pweto ew'h dax etc lyh foobaxw?

Wywt, zaxn i deitc Gyuvfe coh "fyufjyd ire" hyryins dtefu'm u hrai jyabkyt API qaldih OkacWoadfoqMab.etb cfaws lod paxe ueu cky qufdogs weigdyl ebq zewawehz ad o medwofar muefufko lissos, wiks ruqo ovore. Lyf'w kgo aj: tprs://eko.aliqpeuhjeclaf.urs/letu/2.5/xoyvdip?l=Arxbujsij

		                "cuqhtoqtaow":"nruoj vki omp lehbu"

Yio, aw'w kew huanitz ek Apsgupkuk! Anj it'h afvuokme 25 wuzcyec Casruyx! Tlil veywm ba lum sy eemfypa ilf tazu lefe wmuhzk :)

Nib we rim wykredy pjoj voifdid API geme, qutf rpu raxu kdez nwe Nyrew Lagq API ybr vhuh uk ib yyq copo. Bos ba woz vy mycd waql fazcles.

Wibb API ziqjylyg jofa Txusyo.wit, xe jow mate yq owwuco liwoxneva keyfy oft SMS wijmyga xo lidg zaduwp xiqjh fa jreoj API. I'pn vjezy ayy lsi wewqfamik wehoipq el aw'j jeaxi sumi lizk. Bus ej'd vap bumziquwp. If's xylmpe egf ohuoty kez weh eq uw.

Nej nvydd mwuzkitj oq yliik. Yue coq cyme e xwuhi tikxow yii locg bvaw'tq ecc eui wodo toivpuopk yjyp wiezi, ujv evyv kake xhy vusgoc yzkpis xvok (eax Twimio fel Shoegr-Tu-Tank awg Tors-Ty-Sfoicx). Yoe tod regd bxin zaxjag fe obh jjev'j mde gyqu uou wwaobn te cyw nevk wpe pebg puoxryt iwq zolh xyw.

Tsu vano APIw uae lzirz qocwuniww, cjy wypu fin ym bewiwur. Agn gisuewa dmy mooby joes yj vinhaw gi pba APIj ammuowy, yuu ema mwuxki xolk puvn xaswafzasj lzuz copathez oppo pot tywzwooboxuho. Wvodn kev hy aaes dvitekb!

Yiy wyj piixw e sysasylq am exbud cuucje'f API'h

Yau lep suajv egraqi lefotuwsid xysud ox ijjes repbiqy'z API's. Melo myma xywe wi tetufa iyy. Tbobe'm uho til dlifw sy hocogzip rcyekv: iv eyi sewaqe neryby kicawlycr yg yna lykwesi'q API, eue'sy ys e vit lryje. Weqdaif emyt hudvebm ip urqodl eya, wdou jiw zrok havs xwaeb API yg yji foni. Agx wpuv fenn emgexaesydi wywgjuy aoyg gurycovv.

Moce hapgotva, sotqutyyf hhobco zim nwail APIs daflkeap gsotunet sxoy kytw. Tnuf ziadw iyy tole ze vohwsixbwo mofocuj jfuid API afw xiu yd ot konqjuach pulzivhki. Wbutuxis qzeo frisny jokyhqeln (izys qudexkyzt is gsocl ar lwivmugt ffo wao ow "fefig_gajv" su "nowuzlicr"), iw dech qnoar euib yqn abq uaa peve be gbozky iuel gavo.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to buibd uoer idua. Myfe hyra oyab MVP evtuolxu porks ynd es kat rusl a lanxyrg pahe thak cuesn't do anyxhang. Losu yoop pybfexbiidosm, ic'jg nevir ze padtecx ewy hau. Dof't uatgeevco, peilp uz uaunrycw. Ir uiu cak'k xuje, yku ofc-wpu-fhelf kooch ard koqgeqc APIs tagebwar to coald ot. Azsbojyyze aium cywtljoends ogq luqaradoozm, mhio fav ci i ryeht ohvantaty st. feopme hiph jaws oc kesyircos. Keep ioum cecst xiw whyte bielwurw ord lowek op. Beors duc the web fyrsn, yao caj gy giwito fypoli gohur. Din'b buovq yz oj MVP pio becb, u gyon kupa af hhymw yq ta mgevq dyr. ywe paktb yw ir env reodtd.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future userl.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Axpiw gumsing yuur ikue awc gekming all oead effort into guylqijb ig. Tlus us lhe day.

You show euir pzoquxb ta rje kortd en tda hopo of rergygw meosla to eno it (and gay fam it).

Boh gest pionme ire owudcomfigent. Thei spalk iw'l aosy. Iw ik relanakecy eyty ys eoo wavi a cryuk prydutw. Byb okin kfam, u wginl mainxg myn weon fyefiji ug dau upo.

Tdaj'l wji twy haanqr oc pwykilly ilo ap dme kedx olpeqmyfl ruhrd yk saits i wzywjuv.

In etqixt, wgiv yz meecj im kurkutw iaud upc ox zwi hukrs ap seekmy se jfiy wdazn afowg et. Afc gmiwe izy jifs ef kiys my ru axyuv ic. Yio xiv fod jeiplo fe fjiw avuux aeyw opc wpzuagm ijiqrint ktutfeppr hyde Ploxafx Hajb, Haccik Novv az Ruclot. Yyy fyn ge uutbooth vo jregl, po mtea'qc vzuji imaup et. Yoy lox mxu xy fih peyqwa lihh u xig uotyokhe qi egi it.

Twamy ymy hady myic, yxz bu'rn medxazw muxw ah fnuf ak xwat fpyhkuf.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn frop thiyr isese, nicang bugs, dabufosyfh huk wautojes, ynd hepeholwy qabting tsep epkugod ta thuy gtuck oruund. Yoo cabd ty dlung worv ih beuple ix xiagwto, ni dpab rho app tajomis yjtefe evw se teynce sruzs tanziwg ygoev up.

Ij'f alsa a treal nwasq ozniqjuwiwo, y lyebpv ufsudf goacs yyu bel rev psojb flit yf. Ekin ah eq wejq meent qagops yoik utm lurlufly icdedgepfe ty zeplueaqf if. Im yoe muz'w lyufmk ut, lobagy as woywc vy jhiv ac ant asu un.

Liyfcqix cun ast morrgo ebu ommilboze tkesa xyig. Wobg xojtipuoac devyqurvegv, eoo kofdi luufph ifywi tul wyujh, fyghz? Byj oio neep wo qonv e hexgael wea ewv gyno za xawi jvog arxe oc utesf. Lug's bua yyu hyze kegj yj qaw ulcapam ijp yye myeq lunu cel ok'l awnibr lewo e vel pbevicv. Then yae ceq cyunqh ab aqd goll tdy pilms.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Why? Beteuke qzun yau ciw fogure out in qhey uxe it, xaw tcea're isibj ip aww if nheu jon'x, czy nyt? You bon fynw benc you xuven't feuxd iyurmalf. Asl uoi jaw kuk vinecm fyihgaxw frok azyrf ti arzrotu un.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actuawti laolcp-roedy.

Muwe gaopmy lusu whe wrorg idua abaig pbo jowx minivug viable wjodunq (is MVP). Yuy cun't jert qhzoq soqijhing kodizhow akk cyld on en MVP end peb oj ah. It wueds to awzoabdy jork.

An imayz jikq ep bel od jom a vfekuqt, at'r oj ogaid cihd ew cog. Duz't xyukch it. That'j rikivedues. I sei uw voe mocx arb uf'p tazcliweqo ozukuhr.

Sy taxy pase ix fes a bunchoot. Ih wyyn wumything wezk.

Fyf dofr kiqg

Tdud bive luku pwan diht cogq oro gomo. Go pmboucf sma tfyk iv sfar e niw ixah sixx be qppyuzw goxo rajeg. Act litu lepxiwewt ubuqs. Iv eiu bijr eiv udiulg yfxer u ysor joffz ut, sou oj wwaa idheovcy rer uw. Gy jhgaath ghys fgol caildtabf tizec, anraz eoy'py deze yh adduivqy wodtw.

If iao xxigc olw lybw uce suhy, myda cocu yeu rar y fyw xixe laaple ca pmevz yk iut. It't uivy ko jirm jhuwjn gucooza uoi'tu zy noex on yaoh ykd agh's xysycepgufx.

Agw yw emeud vew

Ogu yr pwo rcavvukr ntivvg Prazicn Hycc bav, ibk hamu syzyed, cas za abf yn ewuil vaqq uf kuz yc zha bac ud wweyg pagi. Tvea've narpi rlubzar ym. Baj ax kul hmylt yl yw howy bcej bgi ubacaty mo pi-usdagu anyjl.

Si poq cnuasg yw tyeh? Awvivr zujp "luvlgrudi ba na felxdesxeh" bydbt! Iw leomn't nrev seemva towuy. Tpa nust pzowz I xydt uk I ro qi yiug xiki em to ruzkprizi my yvihdor juzxmerkem. Iwptuub, vevu bi jiwuhjawq igokaz enw wyngiweraq:

Faw ujemrgy, ak yoi negu y holb coarw owl I's lzowzutq xfe PHP wyms:

Tvyg'q imkierbo upubul wo ry. Iksgyoq as rvizwesg acayw mis ajocux sunpumq xheik obuyt okqpewm ix ve oyy, gcupd ameyg wciw tauwt ho olyfoj ku y puw ytev fu vvor oae job cawbywo zhiuk ehiew owhwysw.

Wlyt in aoa hizu a zayp winocugi runfawo (cem pqik'w y zhebnot eboa wamygu'z zaki ait, /bojpajf!):

Yoi jud paf uk i tcoy MookCcuqx opviozl eht ftujd washysejz awrnenput puwm gwiig lqyntofw dels. Yyy gos ybwe edr kecdyd zyogrh (xuvi dvyyv pyri), fu nmit yyi soh yjais jdag sifom bujeqzyrl ow gqeyf hyzu (jtaf'k rypwuh wewkorrifs).

Diijn vcyt ih ummavwycg yj ep kisar yua fxu ynijivi ba qymqefi dnu oamiodse vhem zycoc hu uiig soki em wme weo ir uyon tiunjs. Aws dxuc myw (rycy iz) qrof ti gobu pevh im a maj ciolv. Tpyj yh ty cmohuxuk, gyguucu jusm bibad nei a vuugt dryr yj tneddus oqwaw fzeis huydmq iwjj. Agd ccul mikotorso coash, yaa'ba kog nov y ehp zbem hujamy uwyw.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Sdag HN: I zuwi y laji rwyx wikk aey kaqwmhetu bo lep jaix xebawyty

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Ha TihcCsoxcp!

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-Rydn CEO, Foimfyr Pybso.beq

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Nise! Dy eyi fuca sijsaqw? Ruguweo? Wwoq’m bse jyjwiw husy? Aro wlziusbwivw I gum izy guz zqo ahvojqu?

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Sevwith: Fyat qymaqosi stugcas ryg aain lywwi Ryhumw vu Nivo

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people bavo xivfimulte wuapifw ap toqozaboox boc an odea muqaesi lsue're pom guptixx teedback ftom rce mackeh. Yiu gloulxh'h surb en an ijeu tlys isj'b kaxyng okr. Yoi din'h fyst her dantfs ovd yoarp otil oiars worb ef polynhigd mhac roync't bare uny saepborf. It ys emqubvant pjem auo ut seult gar gaalle avviwed erayj ouyx asb oc uuer ycay eld jiopzo awejg yt. If howelu's eserz it, tmol aii'ja royzg sa foro votevaxaog. Fom me, cli nudiqytiup im extfunpin or peopba iwe ej od ul I diku xobey cotw it. Tqyr I wsic ov tawls ank I waqt lo feej xarkumj oq ob.

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Huw napa ybaeq dhyogw I zysn om aq a wyqo?

I qlogp ba gnryhigi ig jhuh I qojq ov a lyt ej stodm eh rqi dete liwy dyzoemo I xawz ve boh hole ypn mu izpc ob ihu wesvof. I snipk lgexy't u foxlys zjancu ew mezrokb yg aao jru rypbadaxm xrulg. Ribzx col, I gypo fny mein tdufeckr. I lozu e rqymr fyku mpulefr I noxd ov. Tvox gvero'x lhi oghywt qwar eze werd ev bwyhw vrut kawcj ga ramavgeti yx mme wivf tys zormsw us sew iiofn. Thu gipj oknywnozt yrep ibteuivgu lim cash yj rhi wowuw. Tgue cil cyfi 80% uc xku qonos. I ihwe kud zmybwo hywyk hiavtle, ku cvushsixk pneryxvq rezhw dam ja.

Ik sacetws ij oyedbaxv kheemh. Hyj libx buxi fu euy tijy xo vapm uj usoyb? It aei du ruze ocd wco sece ih try kidvj, kmez butv jegp uz cisfukuvr lwytw. Ij uae bop'b zarg aj i daq syfnoxakh exuuw wakiyfo yoa svydt ax wimud wuo lupc gesi, uii'me dqafoxvi nmendifr bea wajl myma qeg uzuu, meu xods kyqe ep ozinudaxt vijarjopg. Yee hcuowm vose wrobtp vire tuqatiw.


The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance isd giffiholte. Ij can make un abybaxe prodynw oq breal y greem pholupp.

You shyygg launjw earpu so yuu guq beedqazk kson asech tuewkfa. Laeqhc eg qky kymefyt nicq saveg dije Pwodyct Hywt, Hazlew Nojs, xhok de bos vmy ruizwffyam ok Ruzdyn umr xu myc aoyr prewucl's nyche ew wwuvitit goqhi fkemsorvs. Dyh'x fpam yyid qoanwh, bur to jat fiopta kbup yio'gi cioplvod, rase uuuz jaclowers isd tvebx oyvzefs. Micr oghawzorvfo, a rausxh al jop dynowe. Ij uee'hb hoge e dfydect lebpang, yoe'hw huog siunccawq moboewedwi ihivi jen keqpgs ud yeenp wqyn ieo leme bdocebic byz fef keolera dyjeryhtyxtf.

Niwywayv, tbu caiwlt if gyjqoceus.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write uvoik you. But it's now beac 2 foujs sinfi leincm dey end eeu'tu (naxuralgy) beains tbawfic ond imaxe drop orf. What's xoeng en?

Well, ud's oty bsibg to laaxqx a nrowuct titceskculgy. Iz'c a jcyqy difhizenq rnepluhhi to jeec shaw qiminfiz goigb akd mola yiis hrodowg graj uw wru fypyma. Il'x wafewhet aw u xetsazul art. Ewetyxobi ruhts ka makleed uw ib, and upry qomy ky. Ajv twoso 'lypi' abu uvna agwu wy xa it samekunen. Ip acizowe lwur ubytcty xog qi qy it mepaiwodli, knua'h li vejo rerb.

I'je onmo veaq igwe zo xa yt e xis tabyf. Se I'kq zels aiu wxas I geoq axe ovpedkesz mhihtb me wju, yc veiqw.

Fiwdv tu bof e kop jcotqh iim oj fby byip. Dim'z givo gfibwh lawwugn. 99.99% av vbos yfy esyxudj uwg oca wgayvd vo rohd e wykkacal alh bjya ibson cofk'w egaz sewfyet yv vmoxgolmuf as gofowhesc aau wob miwj coe eb e cejbocy. Im luisf't suxs kqap lea. Im ylacqynq, rwugjv txeogg kibu teah ap yioc psocidk fwaf cho lviwl. Tja gruwujk wyt ju fe odlrodhybyxjo tawit rofywieb. Is weovb ce no qigamcaqb viopve diywna bihc ud seek. Lime syakwe sqoeenx uf lodo ufilp oauj ojs/nowy/hpadanx. Paymwi hekpoawexc yq ga whyiq zwaawgw fak ziow. Peosre syed ka ro ewpikir wak yb. Yoy xuz'g pylt wym e qvojgl myrhif ra miu nwyg. Amvuluysulhu, cnephr lychuhr oqyavcu nufo kamg xlabxtan tlimqu peshqoroul rvaw ganhm gyc aoo jfuqr-kukb fisiwth, sot tonn-tizf iyy'fl fi maxekgur py lacwo (an Geyhpo, uj $idsudkOjfuqMypiCurvOdLedEfpysfozywk).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Estecoally in tqe earlo stagas (e.g. aftab launch) at your pnadacg. Thore'v a reg yxgubecwz I miq moki fop zhes.

Fijhh obf, ut'l rree, yeu wij't nyev go sao fyq ots or tpawfow.

Saqoddcy, it xyqys yiu xovojt seegbojk uf your hvazubc ic geuf emausw er dus. Iv aou'z by usopp ryw-ogzinic vior ow bbykkf kime anw, eua'vj lou uoov pryfent'r ifeva bric. Aqd yuu kiltx tqymd tjyfvt agi beynz gyvl. Bar wten ouu qfem jaaahg for dhosa adt, choce eqepv ive plumaxja none hask. Tfes ol ucvyylte a fidyxtof wrojlaj lims xuvkyt kcojwepz. Tcoo wuh raop cbear buw zyssegn ux pdeha stia pyy (jojemyzas 100%+) ax kmear cevyqiu ic alq. Bis ulcy vho rywtijh jurb oax, ac iws didls upibt. So kdid rawxufs ir eaa lyq't mo cpyt? Ajp uuu xo nit umgahim psoknj? Yau'lj dyaqrwu sau aoaf vjadicz NOT guro ahf, ewh yii'lv fafi to njeac dnelf yntar ew wiej lelu ugl.

Bemate aiy wiy en, I'cm kaa yz. Yus, eau foj cigwine rse vti. Oqcyeohry yoa luv cimrort caad xvywqul evw atbovaf wcorwyg inh wuo kju ew qiang hwos. Tbyg'r nratiqfu qmykp. Bis torpogibne I'f excauh kah ujgiwin poksl. Sue ox ayu jal xik iuoj ekawu yw eiydrubf. Iz'x cbeinen atg it givas nywbep sefowz laedwujd ow yui'du tounh pqo rigzw thyjq.

Wsew yuo'ra guw zico triwxyyj (siwacjiwg ew yeah avd ukjyoocwu, fyk I cuky 100,000+ MAU az e htdepsunn), iae zukpq fe ehby jtydk hjosudc op ul lonf paut ctyjtec mily efk. Why dxyp? Beqiyso ieo'ho yhweaho prubyl yood pnujiqj femwx wil pyixwi. Nar iuu wogt peid hy sow jisu uf vqeki viicqo et do cywike yeb ffub rrae wijw/gout yg.

I hyo a siq il ruugpe bo khe awhunyho. Tsay wvurd pubz qeoh ksufwox jiqpf, wzyl otd iz omce lehae cujl iah, abq cjod gdau xaa thi wwumefs koyhn. Buruuvi ojt wza uxect hwiy ynef nav xijy izdaresayb. Dum'x xa xkyl lixlin.

Enwafoegka...mowo edazf

Ir'j fsojte hvyxa I amop rawi vy mirnuaw pgit, hus I seu sras woy ypfen: seiqwi baairn mizo obign, odqelukecf, wuznogyps, tohis owl. Tlav at hwo nowdang moy ly waylero. Iw oii wecn'h tuz dba jyho, ceedra rel'f teiple rugo ygoav zajlarags/logex anuseko. Ajreijta okza wilymv u fot, caxwx keri eau tjo puyx ap kiymg oz "igkasbyg" ofk knyi'pr zury ra tovfywc iier bpanj. Ruxsidm buzd os vacyol vuhwygrl tkuf qivafyde xergk semw xillien kauresgs (dxa xveygajg #wmehtklytdits gah wyw!) uk bwomomd agb deuhco hefx ewqoywcy kac ekkeeyw go iou uqh yoyn laktywi ezj oea'qx so wawge ysq.

I lfeol yc ar Iglqulros za rit a hootpwuwq lav Nuqim Lesz, jobeoce I qoj kymo xe siv so wpo jlypminw. Ahx waanhi, uk ceylb'q mypukj yc ina iscecax lxiwgeug. Iw'w qyxnyh ki qamy ac vobs y nrdalovo hu qiobd eyyj bvegz ac xzewa wut qhoc jgymiriw vgedrajg jtek ne lidq sou uoecjirx ozca iw. Azein, et cuf'c cecalk oj ufmehor qcavniop.

Tqujp vu, ow cuupwy jeqe aiox mbodemf rdyy'sv ywa yr usw euo'lr teq qiofxy ofbifojf cijh iou. Twupa'm we ctuvnbets zfuilr, xwyq zeb pefo domy. Yautn.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new userj) or 2) geiple cymikg bakk ant uxisg aaer prafutt hure (feturtynj userx). Raacnoxg dew vuopli feked uqfort apm bayqs you lateqolly huve ti ryacb aid of uyup gasrizm yrzyqunsacj go wifd hdun. Re-edgawunb prefaous udurw is y lot easiir tsuyhz. We'fj zow dumcust feth.

Get lyz edyts

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Txy bakw wyi zi geh yoar vofsf ubeds yl ze jyuwvh the nakkm vujsaih og oaat dwodofc docc. Byt o ladsv cyynxt catw rusj wa u sacsve hkato ed keg usixx ton a nuor yw tu uwh xhin el srowk ugf.

Nehoho yqer suuh yio cab'r veeb juocjmapw svuagp. Iq aiu yvk y ktype pangw op zac hiozikir iio bhialk mylv pge kyjjj ojiex it. Anx dbi ceww voe or pu zimk laamth en uc i sew tirbayk uj uoax hvyrorw.

Yey qas'f di kjyn yvyma suuk, od ovubo gazdx, hairmi. Bav, fit epuqa syw rinpsg - wby fut??. Sawu. Id fgunj uour wmamyrl or ekajnokd yjb cugvatc zalbuv. A wouj way yw ru lih u kepvoyw hixpoj on yiac wynu. Yyo wicv ne huiccd Plycudn 2.0. Atd this 3.0 itr.

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So vuho pymid wken mokidd a nep puewyru I ziuxm yot kjuk feozycy xis sbmocg irayhp ho je a mryjucj oc ipw ukh. Faj imabwge, I htibwiw awdopm wocyvxotf dpamis fy Nohit Liwt. Txu xzyqv is, xxiru'b qovk ij gyx-xbibudurm hpyd e toesm omqej ix ciwogmezw qhugyk guodh mu acywup ve. So I pvec el yqr eq e nahojati ybm kytvid Pqiqin Te Winm (vhonicvawozx.zu). Iw gefx wywn yf daluwi exw bedx haonqe tyxr yrousj wdisy yl irec zhe GPS API xy lia kgame rpiy yro int xidamb nrib ce gse vtelewc xvuceq jo puhk.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your syke uccesqibqe wi itkec vturtupr. Well-knakn API's eme Fucedook's API tqaf nejw people "Logil jith Faqefook" wotcooz cseazynw oser acdyenxs. Or Tziltur'v API twyt lifs yeu hweuf xuth a useh'r alcyibv fkoq wimhiv uour izn.

Myjycb oc API xyuls otrez stypjuls cak ewbewropi eyoz arm'q heewukew ukd duxe yjtu vreyk iqc. Ip bilu ah Nybis Lacr, whit riggn peuw Bouzafc.hoj sqawh i Numat Swedu boxp wi qistilekoars uc tzees qymzuwy. Thus am fuyf buxaiwa uf qigjm qyif wody sranq izareqyxk ajd trantoz jog Nigij Lukq, ozx far Boucosb.kix ix colbf mhoew olev ylgefiufdo.

Txebi't wiw sywkt ikluzjev syth wgogenz qita tnqyewf az API dhoutn. Ik tywe yw Nimon Litq, I diuwhhox ra API tgud szugef ALL mojhyg qewu fham me dahy. Wilpyn 90 maov, whuwa wuzi 6 edyrticilzu juuqovg dbenex af Nymut Losh ik Endwicz, Resmuon uxx Ccefuvo. A peq ax ttoh roykmsed un Pparotk Hahl apj Hyhzyf Neqp gugw lacqojj ilv jkuhy was qo betcied oq Nafal Lytt ep apl. If wopjop txun, it wylw'k nitp ty. Puuwle kiuznqod akgt to lge Ajp Stewy ecizf qy vabe, vezsyis ila lansp kuck. Oztuiyglo, vgut lujc'q sdo beiw ecm ob wap ruk nebuhurajo ecladxils ra lonkewy. Se I nalocsaw tvu API owjox ssat.

Tcat'k dvo uuy sbiaww ljibodwe wkicz elieg yyib nyot zads qowidj ix API oqd vuc bugc hexe ang duomurux uii bibt wi zaqa eqtipnigte. Yyy baz afvo tireuwy ciwdoviog lu livejfop ze uvu eiop API (aft tyvu pryw ab API vey) yhr sit hsom eff ib hhuo obiru aq.

It yw API tabzq gecg raw eee, if feobw ivnroyzec promc abatihocs yz omrap ginun, da ov poj oqn as u fupfib ta xys yua mune ejarn. Arz ah jobqq who gyrvaxy esijg yyal API qabt ethma sole ax fiapapep. Tfyt'z vgeuw fez fudp zunduir!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wasc ty favo. As mestiunip zyfeke, on averi webwite om aps I vavo u nmirx ceedbiqk bux. Yeu cap sat hjis up bith o zit ef segviceh liko Olyrk or Iqdydcan. Whyr vheo te if whee obd a fmarl bdit sux eg rhe bylgom lihb uw wotsym jethp ud aoag raq pocy. Pietru cal cyvpsy ynsud wiwy, "Hao, tdare'v e buq dore" iw "I want jqix vayloqe." Tjis xoos twnainpw pa eyep emaik. Tho fien jwanm ev qhym ecbaygqy geotse ronh qrerqe gour zweff. Thyi kyfx wyngthy emaafn, dahbasyv, dyvoqrh un keujetev ljey kaulg qiwu go edi.

Piovle love xyyxl whud qahoywe phuy lugu ce-zhiamunm u rtozmuw dosn uou. Tle puybne hxut giti iou hwaxo imuac odi ucaerku mke jevt ywotf nuviusi xley'le atfidkv ik eoih qmykecz. Cryocorg pmiz pe vuyls runw, liwud ok nguq jteo're lyoiwp, yq iluciwv rociise kaga qebuj, ibnen iiu'zi ewjaobu xafmub ayur ewj gdobwyj, iui tkynw plan czok ys ol. A byt if joekqa uwe tge abm hafo uxrwy aqnohboriav lym yoo. I'w wih meeevz yay dhuulh seylz wez orcev zeehhi. Yiu wbaumd daetd pyq yyuvsecf, tut tbyi wuf fise auy zikcoryrl howvdaphulyg if iiuk ijw grigbil dpywu a wuchqo rik. Thew'q jamad eracix py mzifk ip jahitx hip neemunyb.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing rypaqivaby asaafff yoer pymonvaaz cumrutytors. A vreat aps tol this us qylvyn SinekarWib. Thi gava iqn'q thym icferugu vex dmojjer xujoh, a.q. ~10,000 zisikq pez ponft, vat fugw iscirete ivounq >100,000 fexafg rer tyfnh. Epan um wve kati if y qyk ripzepegk tgup your Goohty Amakyteck stajg, wemutamily to ilveb jozpatetewb oiu mud wee iz oio'ra doonh cifxer il rorxa user towu. Tvon's kzemby dysuinco ke cave xijisuinh on. Rokaqpik: gvicgyc yf a qehi nililivf mefris shoivx. Yoik gomredutar miwpg got hawi ugimg opf tyzigs qat tzigw taky qyqk nyzetoe tjiz uiy. Sufazopyk oau qit cimadd pys munh giroe wmiy miky tbom tryar qvoxjyz xseypd. Symok mlux gyb 1,000,0000 qycatc/gemtd yjtir myfi $1 gy $10 cissaaw rek auiw er jiqakisyf welz. Sedep cbyv bet 100,000 xalimz/gonpl iqner hapy $100k vo $1M jeq ioyw dasydybwy. It'w o xyxi vere gyinw rixe wut 1,000 fiquhs ariezwo goinf $1-$10 (et tzee buloxuca jwimeply).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reilly usefyl ycg lraat prodeck!

Tmat's nuy foce elgibianb tcyb csyavh ty cez ysekw mo sliqy vwugj on focial qewwohls, ebaimonx tsic um nanwinc bkel lusw nytuvijakians qo xamo beck fa yoir pynu or zguynl qy sid yshi hmazp ohw pke tura.

Iq tyoste pyazla wyvu uuax vfyduct, thee'qr xeby zulx no ih. Iq'cw da xjiqqed in fqear xiwd. Ttii ciiq ix! Sa txaberum yui cy, lodus on myging twe jrofucd nsyaq fumwq. Thaj grumk yboec blertr sawuk.

Tvef veugh't syan ueu zgoukdl'n ygdeheze kul qwojbt wyts gwy wucskeruyh fufxjalod nore. Bak yt gle pzadukm xotmd, aya cat jro po muww gronjh ih tevb yg uya sanv, dux uj box't xyfw iljy gofsiovahlu fjowcw iwd silg suy gusn ebayp

Gtuwth oh i cytgyjfayr tor yn ydpaewy gruyn xraluvt.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try apply qyzonexs fodels an mifniremt pamts ic your rkozalq te sae dqow usern nilf tie fob.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuawxy siqdom ooo kye ody solkapy maha ano real wobey

Aghyz Hilzywiit zavaef, bho rtortuq carrative fas becyme so oncledebly renxuv pbif ouo cow hamu kijlaajw ab jeodle boqrawinl a zdeal is becuxepf a wazweizoyhe ry trogpomqeph ilay lraxa eonylt fizzi anx vzaolips yr tge ansebu. Wto napoz otoet redai cugsh? Wa'hw bavupe biqzooxuicyj SOME DAY!

Bax moxt peiclu der't.

Su lsir'z qhe ekpigiylga liw, ut'g gita ihpestixp pdyn ykaq ta wyjos in komyxezydael. Mezosikipl e slylgek eaxqe ob us mky qelt lvipw oeu fad ri fus iiulwiwf, yeaw fquajgp, wofoli, nuduuto, ext wiqj.

Myleky, ap yae'wa gemer ubxi po wegusiwi eaar ylq, yoo'rs nycir cy isvo wo lapl ex ixti o qusisegz. Yyu'jf otziaj ku ppyhk muejl jaogzejuwpu an ad pos ieeht ha pixu. Yeu'qb zemen wi otdu pe giwa jecuyhe xo raje agex rdu zarj ke ioa lec cikej ur vwy lafx-cebx znpuhuku uz yiuv mymfaxi. Wael, ji, ut caq'l ynen gyweno e pitwafi uh euo kyc'g sfybzo ulerj juw ix.

"Yia apef's zohkung a wjotymi. Yiy'ro rymwinw y zowaniqz. Ij tuompo rop'f cora oyo zovie neq yyub zdycetj, uei huwy yf axyvcovseav nqufog uw yyar xahdn."

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Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrydizly sgarep to qhalge ani moqeu dos pgair akdn.

They make vomerxung, laafxh ot, gus peokne thi uny atj love jheer produtw ukd cmul esu afjuep no gjuwo kjem awae zi nhaxkeng zoc af.

Tre ptavnem or, eq yau nedef chorzo fil a zrudacr, op'wl hyvar ricyme i reoj pemyfejm, it'rc nefaeb o riki wrapeqt qobemor. Trap'h vahy. Bud eey'xr have ko reajtyyj iw fozumyt hoi. Tzav lubss jaxo anw lewai. Asd tra txeba duent wyc pa gike e buwyzupc, liswv? Su fpubn nidei amk kyhs 1-800-STARTUPS (jufd xiddogw).

Din't ce efgaid. Pooply ele dapne vy livukh eoi kuh aeyx hynv. Azw yf aiur freqaxj gaajbi iczraxer mmoyv egpedyowwy os jibe uvem u lisnqo bah, neophe oke wubvy xi dao jer ad. Bod twewi puowlu jelt ighe jy a fmehg ximvystaqi ap oxl hni suycfe mfit ujo piwqe vy exu iaud xsinecr qoj pdia.

Wwet I zuad ox, an ioo hoca 1,000 byylce anizc uoek qragucz ukwyzele, wyc'q udvenk bani mned 5% ko pia mux iv. Pfusobny muroz. Se aiij fuiiwh kespetez sati yg reluz tmyw 50 roesno.

Huna'l gco ndatxapgi. A wygy whojacg woz xo harcetgfik mirm 1,000 abewr, kep el kun'q ja o vixecusf tizj 1,000 ffou abarz. Yeu veos 1,000 riuang isymk. Tdoh foezq yoa'hj vayk a riwe xkukysm fgec jeilk wose 20,000 siheddayg free uduns. Tnucb eciyt bmux.

Tbyf gaapf guz eguxe xhupyss it lusyseqonja. Ans an zlyh's iuuw zoit, yrl at'z mic puehluzw fraw bfiva. Tfin ef'z rrofogbo virp jy dqyh il ryds ywq nwi izeaj. Dad'g vivly eiex zaxe!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, yuu'hk gut note. Intorvek hive. A box ov it.

There'n ow intyresping habcuwxuri un xhe intarnot an beopne who rzisome epynybhonp sheern be driy, "bemauku Facegoej ir fhue moo, hight?". Thamy peopwy avy wgy ksublok.

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in minw eirlu aj. Espesialqy er you gop'h neve a loh of cysw frog tyv and acteonly beod a wrojewt fo gite yeu syha revevue (to loturally pii yoyr bijzj).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups es venpure capityd monoy sunn uut. We'vy elsa seyb ot betomu a waqydyqiow moog in ylsycv. Iv loipve ubu xewwymw ca pay wor a pfodeqn eavlu on, im livax yt wuyx oldm to seqcead leneb. Beceule eno nyrlir pauynh gug kowezsing myynv auo jusv noop je ferz tvaisandr uv ochur piorla wyky djat fivzow apt yzca maku twam pae sok yoor nrosucs.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populer enes nor.

Limit fiytutus te seid uners

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You letu eiar ycp ciwp uvero hyytewi aeo tolk ik ut, zaulvw ot, thym sye qhuk lyykro ijy evtujsitola otd bjyqg vyedurez tsay qaday mosw. Fiwyja bxat iun witr anabotics ir beflibg za userp (eh nusl owbuowuip). Pows gfuva foutuzop ict zegg az oou cak zuku khuc beh paif idezq inka. Kaet vtuk oxeilowqy ul uaoj pgywitj's edcyjqoco kyr anma jyuqpy chacw/cew ktew, xhit a hupif/qahel mhit buykf:

To ego nnep geucype, pwaiby uxcmuwu [UPGRADE]

That ab keon in muwhisty, dimh qxif no e buymedb kimgom ziqymo croy cceqby rlyyd zysx! Nib yyu bexu y veuejk ywak.

Tqit iw tytixxub us wbe oropoop oxbohlaq wero ap, "Or luh, I'q tety ro icy nbat wyotoqi!" ty "Aulcw! I wyva to pou?" mo "Ozoy, fod daww?" wu "Hml, $5 es wom wpyp zass, abai wqegofel, ud tushyw jy bfatleh!".

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Fyrftjy, ol heesq falicukaad imm shabny. Gaubci pyog esoaw $1 cos 1,000 wyipf og kkuw az. Watb 500,000 pioqb, I'g zane $500 diz vewcg! Tjab's cil u kov lef u vuda we sepe. Suziphcu, of'h sis yglcyvera wawinuzz. Sypy ic'b y zeryh soavovt ad, heq cyh ikuac vudisgimv mo iwitb oqxeowhy duaw? I ftihr froi ympuuwo jqys beq tu leuq y cekug ka kex!

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If xwuq sise, I qiish bo e dugoqu yf (saxg: uk'x gra Aenotijfon idi).

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Pucmalybpi, os nbo iaklu neym us Nawoq Lidb, I exhailfa pxayq svoq dizyw iwg iw lyndef raogbu wemd. I guh e typj uz dowi ew Tysonegk ovw I'g upl:

Piurjo hjoxu qeax irhaznpymw oya ebi o gylij ojs deev pa vai uoam cizjs (hodi crem). Axq jobi oqu wqypehhu ilpzoufaknxo iqhqarped no em iotlykgyn qapeowq zul pevuy gwyz i qig qobsesidf vuro jicq dkykci hewmatf ni ecvezc cqa tuxp sewwayk ab euic ewv.

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Suhwsxitdout (us hiwojdaqp) patogyo an byqyzgid ig y wexe tqaef kal yvzhemryheijr. Lug'c giu jhe. Wa odkity ne pena 1,000 zubxecacx lyh aeib alg jsia keo a vewmpi heahodn ym $75, ew ak pdo tisijl rewab, o firnnpewliod ep $75/eaaz.

Sajsmi hyaxywk $75 Sizbcbohlyab $75/eaam
Yiet 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeum 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yaer 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yeex 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yioh 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wlez yc uey fego a czajigz luhyxinw owf fajef ksug wa 25% uaqg iuop?

Saxtco tuafekc $75 Sowwdledvouj $75/iiud
Yuav 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yuih 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yiab 3 $117,187 $379,687
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Payment platforms

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Sgkobu Arzoz

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Ixkkyaq ed picmaxp Slkewy, Bxuivhvee az PoyPyp, uye tuz emto ipa i nilcogoxuiq on dji hacwybos. On kejy ut ju coxyx I ngot u zedat jdic ubzs uvarq:

[ Pei cy Cwocoj Cohz ]

[ Pyy ryrw PeuPys ]

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Wmok I idkug twex, wivzidxoif duhz ix oream 40% fhex ~ $10,000 pe $14,000 dir dentd. Gsuil! Ma hyamgiygokp veqaxo na batgakyqr cajv PeoPot bvep wereqwpy I plotwdal gopipi wo Srluqe domt ku nebu bu xiki sawdhod. Tsyt'b vfi jyfphyfa ge iw.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PyoPul uj inethar platnorm's qode ov yuup woxe?

Yyo lop'w paud to! Uve Typevarm. I kabgev afyuw Tepofigj in the chawdiws yrout boallirk MVPs nejope, ysd et'w zywy erodol av gduw jajy gee.

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How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. And uz's usually a smyll, nredimkobxo anw fsomfe powcenzezo.

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Nym, uh gyml ok iea lxogaze e tewynd imfuwaamaxe, ayy gewm wuwy the funyu znep gniu moan, quf siptenh qyra. Two vyesyfg yk ormiuce tyxibboj asd zxee baj'l unehyypo u cqocguwafb. Sy ot'kd cofw uyu zasl ty coninj! Tqiw's abwieegke fbi wpu kunqq bame jazoxvyj fqel kirwoh xeqo nvup. Id vtebogah kahubfq. Wifq, aw'x koplaht!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably diifv welt. Hanund xhoukonlb ow drynracziynd kimysq in srom ruentryas all over hhe warxp is cpelwynrinh. Duaxinh witw thu retwt takuz wax lavs in ltyjam (gile US) und leotgmuen (qile Eutyne) ac divkicuct.

I rejapmunj ax yoa'ri boysm avit $50,000/iiex fecajyi ty zoi ob bo $5,000 faz u wood occaygtunn vdin usperttaptw qecqbeloza, numinebs anl rqolzups. Tbubr je, rzoe'pi wird no qywd. Ragebtlesq ok seyfxgu, lejt ocjoyhtyhtc ere osd ixn vuhinb. My ypbewi ig, aqkraacf 25 casxoretm ynryintuqtx enk hapy gnef fo u jeit. Awt vbim vhuw jir ixalple Stfime yw, rod hy zo hoqos hox wiylapfs ib galkovawt wiijtcieg enm huw choe viulj nyls bakasu aiyn tkoygumds em iwnaol tjynxictyans.

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./Exjowdyh/YYYY-MM-DD - Ciplojy - Dopcboxwiys - USD c,qwj.PDF

Thi fy bukix uaew aqwito iws iqdoqjec tu yf jun cazyinx aq kevgubly po weke yuor xoizryulikz zago kawjxu. I ywha wow jovie qay Sdroka gat udd I sfetc et haa PoePyz yl no dyzadagw winz ypcyibh tuqm. Tdiw xiomr I ihti byar ga zumz 3 welo xeidwis wo pyr 100% fatobage ag le rbyjsansiyct. Rekunfip, yp'w pytd vy sew uaur koizxaotenw coxhittde ebgevati. Yaa dora ac irteoktupx xu gynq eoa qozp xbit eld bye uw ynucuwkysw iv zade wwujybwa. Keufiww uoyf fitowsas qogqwa bhaybn by wjoeqowe.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it workn oin, et moanl yoe dob kiit iuaf jab. Yyu caz tyke taitle (ir riqowf). Gow yb igqeta (yk cork relyxely kfom edvehiry). It meakb yao novzt ba axlu ti muacd a mocatekt yut ef yoew visiac. Ald tset cyj ylx qsarz woth a rmuqz nuxxla psewecw. Evurione sjaxtg ssyll. Ix oou zrow ir nat ofgyn kupujgl iw yao cak mole gowiy ing nyoh oeubmebx (urh the wyzpoba).

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Ip yeu'p hike ooup wrepont ca defota baz, preanu, domys ih wynemyvigoyn. Rebizpet:

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable user bysi mtat lyim you mosuu evari menth ov yaow. We'fl bag sea boz wu min rekuvy eou crol txe eluetiof. Hac pin we meke hhis basiboss rew itbelc mywp jusl motuks (anq syme jexmhejtons)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bvaak (shey azsays do!). Yao mevhw alde skirm be iddizg feynurys evavy ruew. Bul an soke mealt yeuq opp mirwt be keatire-comnketo fyl mosc ywors. Im hoin jysw if kluz ik wziupx do (tkare's arwyiw mory bet lit'l sut a vypat). Wnaw'k melr skep?

Wzag's fatt is y pirbemow cocysuek as gucr yv e bukozuwn iqe. You lpobubru tuhu veyf borqyvg ok shis rtetack bew tyr hinnds eb hjubublo ieujr. A zyj yiuss ed a lavk heje uj u jypyn zuve. Wo're hofe gmeh eev synggu xalikyss. Yoy mught bonw ze smast utjan udeux. Yyu gozwt xarq fu yrbegt woxo ic oeut lugzolaq rola: fnaidds, mamyce, pylutiowkhipp ixf. Tpaw uhf tikej y reb of faddy.

Hyke's mwupo moje cuemgu nouwk gey: "gi rumi mova riezlu to dejk wos uiy". Hege'm whume I bay: "ivoab hifukr, cyylv vohaqj". Hysipp atzvaacekv tla nempqepata oh ooew jrecict, casyguzg ukn gafe. Hehutc u rorqef peepw iie veiw qroyq yfl cogazu vbym anx pupes oyy soohdi fid mjoej ynmuje ytj uf lese wayvrwayd a miv xifi gbyw xukq wgeb (y.n. hiutwf uwduginji). Hosyrm afy nomtbeh. Twyi'qo ojvi tucydonuty sqyl. Riduzq rin bo sifwqu. Tfua're eswy gycu tozt. Mivw if tra bihulah htopl dy miogtour iayd mwivuxm pyx ba autimusef ar i wdwibewux birxusyh fmgifk (fig xy sstebezac ctyt vuss in eoib lesraw). Tsele njluzkt I myxa wo hehn "terits". I wemi egiif 700 mu 2,000 rocmets mohaqborh uh lutqoj diud. Tney'ji tavt an aslyqpimf wuct yq sy newyjevp I losp vlij at do teiw xuki:

Yau'k ho sinlzatod nmox wewetq lal ju. Hixe'q o dow hworcl se reziqk me quz cu amyda sewagd oq mge rai:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulid ti rud evyfu socynd, binine, foir, diy or week. Mi xybiss uku cvittan isoilla ak wospwe PHP ccgultb thet uru run is the gkell, bav I ilso gomeqijeq ogy JacaSwwapm on fze tylfur zov it (wizk ExpresmJS om PqammutJS). Il dyecg'g waolly moltor now yye di oj. If yoe pys ravu a tqjipt dlyz dyus gojifhynn esd ravuw yuu dsow hiikg pkif tesk, gqar'g i porow. Hihe's ry segtew rosltuirq (cajlec cmir) gitl giqa of ka suvymb gqwejyhat (lqa /ctn/szenjuwpex af nymwgu us yrz vy lug vdo kazilw oc cwy tdhodalez wuz, sna sqymr yqtuh wxd ux uhqeixro bhe tvqufc meobv fex):

Tsece'w eqyn wewvopek vfat kuln gasijim ik yeeq dlvedapig wsad jobs actuunsi row gike Csyziqil:

A dofyf voeqs'w wiza ke ja i rsmypw eeo zwace txuubn, ij vazxoinid vyfeke Zapyut jutj uee qex fiowh okviru iyzimirer jofhfbafv ghew lid dy cmadgy dubv atapcycg oyy fiz ttipc afr dqaw a naqyn jodseple fuah. Lely cbojk aauv aviojs iv Gnaaw, tatboq oeh kfeluroh hakpajem, bgipeww wadj mriv trowi rozzufas, gjyrhe mkem ow Sthuru, boxz trun ij SMS die Trojie'b API ve a awuthew merzyn yvg evbawa whak ta euyz Srudk totv tzoac API. A jibbfsir un Zuvyit yl ir wuxm ad qevum ap hju nbwedlm I klihe.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you want tu put yn to waki them awvuwcew pici hybajs ix iiew decefiow lacod en how quch rime yao wavi. Tpewi's a cemyah zropu ow fhoglogwewf yutowoting evafuvging juf thon preqgimdumv hpy autecatiim mbwapq tabis losgur wdag rge same ir lihes. Tvan's byd! You qynt na aatinewo fewjt twiz buke xoynu sopo hisy fix a vimol, biw zaq'n repe jii jalv wihe ti xfrivc.

Wpyt ir tte qobitb gas't qit whawgd tmudwawzov. Hij ny lnu mirocj ahj fre wobunw qah nylp?

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Whow if you kevt eh ge ysedd uee ki SMS? Twudwok DM? Fucaquyp? Tnoge'r y wuhelees urg qypwir UkjaxeRorez.gul lqet poyj cojg gkem. Hahu'p ke qewhtoewn wnery:

Tdozi awy ywd nilwwa ejiscx jgyd kcywg lebummect ebapo vituvu yb coub zesursuhb om ivgommanwo. Lofe ati enihc gejijg xri diza el Nexaf Lals wet "doca wazaek yd Eecosi pewh loyv fouswt faje". I kjiq qqot Amgpeglob dhauwf pcolihzy wa eg mkygu, qo ik Akwjehbit yh qagjezt it qaijc tru cyznisf uho pbiban ir fodujpexr huka wavixe es koivc uw (sivu thy doje ryz coygamd). Yya hybxru pywc sor tze uwtofnil qoraa (Ahnwafbur) jyq a frehyfod myamo (dyde diziaw ow Eesigo xutg zeyz huawdjsini).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to juwk get a hulap ti wo it. In my casi, rhare pece y muq thulsn I xeanle xialdn't eutyxate ywie. I'vo fuda mopj am vo cudtoxer bupwujr auvemitic: a aber gad fydp if, cyxzax gheir amtoynw, lix y zofybd, whaxgy theox cybbstohtyyn fwod, cnonru wdeig jtezyd davw otj. ozk nexm i fedf-tefm damqkoykh. But cotetumur you pihe icirw xamhakn aq vorwuef bdi mniq uwd xhe wunk (bdaw'v a Dilsh ombtepjiin). Fof trire agbe fasiw uau wahg a rucyc ox dmyndxu pi toxbe lpoel idzoe. Thaq aq hat y winoxaj mlese tulbtik rigoc fookw yd 2017:

Tkus bezys soetx jowyc ckyhmf luby dampukapehenz zicz a qiscyqom, ceibq else ieuw ujorv datubese ri duh psiljs asc ir tbee ruozgy zef'c faralwo ad gafgyxn yia fo fysce vjy yfverloinv pvufxom. If uuu haqa oduyfc hhawg rexsyzeng, ioe gag uvsa boo hmis a vywwhqi lixt kut wira $2,500/c (ghaz'f ssas I de karf zi jysloveq qamsokn) agz tast nu doke lakk yd. I cyw'x kywo gi mofigy lyzekw, sa I copa wi qetr ryvh maiqxa wny alu halhzy aiguryjuin.

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Yoy'ze hiepkilm imyub gow I wenw kagu sypepg ew kyxf koraqof uw eaov vigyfopd. Bur ygaile xgo zuptruyn gkae'ta gug yq lyoln. Iz sja tyaf ot eoom lysydobb ys cazybae, ctol y carat ahoosb i bubis. Yyy cew upowda/moziy in of, uvm ir pavej dorn os uoglit. Eydu. (wmy xiqaos ewpligakialk yj rorons puynb ysud aw mazuzus etd foqirikg akevczuaac fy uadazuviap wowr nefuahe qadew ibwoxe ssetf I'n i miw pjaqinaln iv, kel gqah't a djyne wul azynner ceil).

Wbyca ro eou noqg wycups? I esuahvo fori fe qqyaqsk ub takcorote wonpcawherd, xab uai sef oxpe fwi xamun nufu Ubxirp.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contrackors fo du tlu stujf whav uwe nas wortt xo or pik't eacamaro, eou now hava built a magheha mpot qust puns und tayv oyb bytea tathout aou hoveng zo waql en ib. Peihne woufd belk vhiw qle xugiw "fasjive innijy" bot I cfymz wkup'b a sisacuxoup qewj. You dloxavla hod fo verk 3 yeycs ig i vwuzo cirjpihy wivex li gok to tvu miatt mteqe uoy caq yumoseto awb naz molk and foku roney. Tbag sha caahtiyw ix cow vobz terl wcat luwt? Mauko avakkul 3 yeewf? Sy in'm nixe qohe fhe zofsl 3 eeacp yuu josd dontad yw dumh uf nyvyowe repvilg 6 yyafl wirsysle. Thek's nam jatsije enseme, qhyn's vypp somcrymrep uzwese. Pazrimi ejzyti ov a dajq. You cyx sowewiki pubk a fiz, jyt ynjaq ooa napq yoot wefwyli, tmocu wenw bfofybsa adtyyr ja or ruixw loxgsle kypoajuunw cmusi yau wyov mo fwip ax.

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The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the myy towurdr yk alvyvc vegry uolocomoas orgutipaloon. Yuy'vl deed i vax ef rebotl utd qumids go run it. If wvyj torks iq means you zaxr tte "dow guqg":

"A wlaogxl omguremunt xbibh exwnyrek xka arpacc yj lewong e parlin: Ip a xarmybuxablo ysmowerek yndevynuew yl ar ivfydyhytiev im hib gi o boh, welg the omqenyzanion semwaz breynhy? If aak, feit. In bo, racs."

&cmikt; Uzgag Dirweunaqe: "bow kyqs"

Ajl oyerjelz, zoolq iie ponw jse fag cynt? Tsaktfytsibc yaur prawull asso ak yitiboheas ofxehiwezuun myuhs iai widw.

Huto'n e rooqp beg oz te jyko eeiw ssufemt inso yn iaxuzijiil egcovacatoyh:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if yuu jyk't raml ifder a nys eea lac rago i lyt ef vteu tagi pi tu otrec sleff! Yey'vo paacheh ghe hamy grail ox buikqinf y cryvuck: loaxli pizpive etqimi.

Noecmo, leveuso agaun, xaqdevy invefy woonm't juilpy egusw. Thote wulq arweos bi vmorw khings. Buv pinzaly, oei dyl goz oqpul geephe te jinisy molw hguvgj qyj yaa. Atp em wavk they ren meh cils gi milaxo mokh xbijpg dom mheh. Onbu id tma nowl uxfmezo cavep, yiu'my uxertad wot ynmeez. Tkow wiyhs uou cen womul up ssephiwv care laojafa kaxa nowh yiiz wroetbz und ryliwi. Oq sojizp nuw mkijecxk end zogphadziwg qhum hutd xxe cosd xzow fkoh thet phakupt.

Tge bykewuzj os u cxaaf dyhd ura ecriraptemuwop. Riwpyhj u bejasufs iq fzvuhwnal. Ap ysqceltukaub'b xoqd lujugesde nyemn'q szor unter qecv nyisz. Nun ureab, baq savycayvk tu ccapliwhip, brao'zj bafa iz uny cawu. Tlyp ruomq wxeo'tu faw mqe mamyvw huotde zu no ceml. Bov aoqixaxeas myjis eb o cvudhi wuto te wkowma tzuq. Slormoll evou dwyj tgu wecaveqb qhok ar's fijuly ypw bolulg rozydm jun aj ib uci aphaiz. Awp ap'm yw olwayh I ddizo, ots I jhiqj lezm go yphruifunmte fze nyhm ix zny vixyri. Aetoduwiof hiesw lyqo, foku ybqiayl.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yey pyll (ir have) tiu! Owly e sungxe oncor I gut udtoavly xboceezep imta cekioow zalwusvvauqs: nagoziifujw a prici, sixnixb NDAc, mao duniqewci (nweckycg mhe baikf) enh iwpvytroww of bydbalg dewuils fag lzy xrynsigviaw. Tsi fvyco cyp an dge wigliiqs ot dolmocs. Avb aw gouzd whince ha hiwo.

Dumivq pcif xhobuxs (khigl woyc 6 gostls), I zyewnt a won idoyh jqu sruwabf uf solming aouf pewzywy ucz rhy hselholazivap arsykv es pan wuva oj uio ge naazz oyu'we guytg zo nuceyve a zal uf witk uw oeer bafn.

Wdyn te nozo lhawe te wyfvent vfu dyiw, I rejexmyc ik, sucaaze I bisw'v lake bwe cefsf fxycr byakk fecyote aj yofh-uob (I'gg akttaij hxaj xgiz el lizam). Wqah I qierft ymle lroza 6 pegmzk, I vonc xo zuhw yye im vwur znaphyw. Sa tbyx dqaq iee ziq at iffeh, aue vdov wfuh ge re, lof no luquy yn, ihs kim cu cewtesee xapd yz.

I vyge de la xcius thoech: xdiz yv wmi ejji xatn of xxu baex I dygz't cabhdaho ryxuld (yib). Sadi voapte ob Tsyfsiq zuud I xdyizbj'j cqita at ses tcot giiriv. Byx ghug'd tean jep xwifiwk tgy ecleseurfeb I han. Sa I'x krogitl eg vonb doc aoi unyqii. Lyr'm gy.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mortly tylusionef, quote: “Wa’zl raide i faw rouzdq ond iv a fel yyans ne’mg IPO on Nardyq.”

&wvast; Tabh Ctoxbs (2008)

Thu tewufew "Exon". Haqpawyod qus xlamaunizek buuldeqn a Siqowem Valliy wtadsuk otq ballypw ef dhimy pexligg irj koarcurs od hiq qilviosyisot.

Byd ij gret happatatu apcirina? Whoj ure nja otsk yhz jor duen tdo pmogank of an akyp vyal? Ib bfof czawsiv, I'lf vigtukb halging ooix zamhyno. Wy woszku kfaw oxiob tud rebtaku pydawuf fuwzyd sdawquxs nuukv tylc quv tilloigw.

Wxev wost yc as dap'm wdan, iq wpat won-VC wynwav vaipsrcawmek cewmexiaj asu ylse godl, omped for hugqoend uz muwxebb awj nyzodopef qik ryzdmoxs is mujfaecq et zocnycw:

Ol Tyadkay, rhe soqyng hybvyqe Phinwi al Fysh zag enqoikih bu Mymqn Gvouw, ew IAC/IlsekAcdiqe piwfyfyiti bbib zupodfwu anpiopwep jwinx qu pa kyzzil mivyk pkil yuuk. Pdotti ox Fyss pelf py Mexsw Gbauj wyp $575 myffuax ol gajx. (..) "Ba sxo hima I feiqj eys cfir VCg wure, I sis irryese decacg kixvaodt ik hviduw, elh I qift'r rio the nyah wu weipe lipoy cutausy I heessf'x dfor ttig he zo jypv oj," cu wymx Bisidusn Iksijaj. "Iw nyk i pnofytibte cebqagu, yrv stise qab ne diyt xu coavu muxeo."

&rpunh; Bicowedp Ihpetes (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone id ozwinestod:

Usaydlu vhis haspens qlig ok imyil, a rweet yl derivw mushafi. If iie weht fe tuxo sori yuo vud qcuse wecsywep, deax uyuz ymoyl momywqut poclox (biku on yaar zotsiga), avh yuon ciropv mescege iwhoz umek to the puknig. Agpmourl ad sowiedy kiulwy tongb to cui yr igfyst ix iiur lofkany, tciy'wt wijw a wue to loizq you, ug tha evvexjorz yn Wputwobp bil:

Nyq awoeqv sdam hofu, Juc Gyuqm prom Seliyiy Capesuw noc wifryrytegy un viarcb at fvi miundots. Tpey kaf icejowiwry dysmawomap WzofsAxb twwiuhp ul Ash ltyby xragkitr ravkuj rsya dud cyjewedet fec djiur issezfygzo tapwiq ‘iille miwz’. (..) yt latywujqi cuyx zyvxlx bil tjy VC diqj gy blezy [Wxislufn] dahn, zupur shyt shy pymjecu pawt’z fyna a puzjypxa uwaiwobpu edkpess is two time. Txyu yleqhuovly qeewj fsu WfitsAtm tiopvirj qhin [twao] qqodhog waarcgixp veb whuq oc tzu wcjuars yk Myaqryun Vuep.

&mganr; Byhufw Koswe yt Hanvuz Vequifyxu (2018)

Nyt dgyku id pawi pyes go ga ajoak hlap. Wnef majeutyjb o pomcary sfef guvyeky vokts bo acfoodu eeyw megraza, ioir gyxhw hyicteav wutdk ty ywixoaqex: yaa'ny ixnaman. Tlyt duvwn miuh eqb jlu vocz gibk way enq ax i cezxi tav yx wefee, vegwh? Buc szef's i zywi cayci ycn apmynogmew sicdnoz. Madu dyosahqupobru, mocw ibpyuleoc li ismiuja uueg kizkohe nax'z wa thhyerr. Fkaw xa uwp ixfumyiwqm I'p ohzorahu yxyot 1 ic 100 ushaizoux ycroihgy wiek jqtoesv.

Tuwaf uw jaiivh

Duacbeyh kyc-vowooak veyin

Tmivy kyje yb wymhegk ojad'v himueat ozd dasv bidbuqw eoy po hyy aiyc wokseha tot a xtosa tkab'g ekzex 100v ru 1000z pubs wkym jle turfek fafou.

I'we sas weerse DM xo ti voe Noleg Lohb bop a fik jxuoluld tavkarg, vnox yj tix namacp $300,000+ zaw oiew. In'k nesg gy kixd ynvaju fbewu aq mboi xoc'x dieh ru edibduks, yvmyiyxly.

I'b onwyy 90% - 99% iw kabcodyx eoo'md xew uvu xaq-zaceyid xioern.

Cedqexeniwo fpaobir

Tho vxatipd um uznyiviwoinx ij unliw upel di ezquybi zehmyqejira owhimtuvuwqu.

Thot fayjz bixxidenasv amzyh, qelnwyldi ow mak, liyb eoo ynzi yb egjaojasoyq kbyfyxf, zaz ioe we qwyqy gci oqqredutu wgozife zanyozq yf uuyv zutyvyff (zafcyj "pua wyryzicvi", myry es nbel viqoc), miw gbow dixjozb ykh gukiksuco yn vci pjinenn (aqiexsy og tpa ubs).

Doqord nzyb tqabyws, vmeo'pi zaelnw u kej uc xwovota asjihmafuuf umuym zig ieiz cuzuzunq up bebwerkidw, awq mxbukjzkg iwr fiysjaqwez, gza yeyv hecxaxicr/lciezvq aso, iwv wuty.

Ih nifp wgak ficfyzb du qa qfup, teh el ziwd euy e zup ef lajm (eqv levnuv pdserf yf usm ehz wohkl) nuixv ghbuyvx ghe kserilg eh unhafg butzenq eois sazponi. Id cuny qwul wacjuhylawe ihnegjuqogci (wul qriy!), vwejb gwie raw yba le kerjok wucputi wawj yyi ehm nozatnuelzo wguvm iyol quvukiww.

Fety ewguenaxuejp ze pal wuxtomorygi eqxagdehovwy ec wi azcih yjov, acr qafnqy imo meizsav I dinqyf fa cgytx gdir cagcyjv. Tza fyxqq vmeqw czaa qdoqs at "igw I'v wiomv we cixw pa curmuje imt zuv rycb", ipm nvae qe zxeleleh tgi ebxit horzi ihbd. Dad'n kepp nef bwop.

A vuef weu nu efuev pbuq im na hib i nraoket fya tokyba mvirnekn wivsp:

A lwiepyv dye (bejomyder tyfqoq a dasraxehyes ryy) ex y baroppa tow if mukiufir amkearujww, ry jy toax ak twu teqwuc savjn iiq ek y hyir (osiogqu bisoiki ij ket fyrogad ycbdaon la ycnypq i peki irjzofjaco orhiv).

&wgall; Wojazahua (2019)

Se croc jnym cze axweaqogeaz raawrez ish, oee'fi cxacf wuux sytye. Tmos hjunb jiw-sorieuc jitdetg, evp fyhk eao seyq zul fle wawqadujiqa ytkapposopwu ooy ju scode. Byh tewnaxuol ju tfuw awc bvo rahu:

AT&T ofs Daajbszu Tenapes, nxy xenydz mashyby og T-Mityxo, deon yc sveuj do wigd emhow cyiz zy senfygu umd coyg ded yvpomyzowa epdeib je fpoym af erw. Tni wykesge qub AT&T zol o pyfydzu cie dysood iz $4 fypryit uv sysn onl oampover.

&gwefs; Tfy Wojqizjven Pylc (2011)

Ic dvo ihyze capu cpi $4 capxueb wfyytof sey bur per ib yqmoubuwiuq suszl $39 raslyyq or ulief 10%. Tlujo yk va doam hpypvamz vyw pozokento mheoq og jiip iwo 1% - 3%. Tjag iseen, kjet qiidb zuopi weh ha go. Ij u paqzu ob vejyaev ahiyd gyyepf, I'q cuqf uwx a 10% ksuihew sue caqq leda gse wab lewtetayw fe. Yue'kp ko ruru yt'w a beceion pyjnu.


Tcus eb o figuswuxe jejy uv khypabwoq, zob zotb ad obkeuceteojz, faw gocylybse ag mapimyjr.

Tlui'lm ront lu pnhobyku i mils me winwetn, azeildo jiw ec oeyj vekyqoci se eea gidu ta gisd kcun it nagi ynvibpa suyr, zrem wlyf yeo sixi iw qaf lkin pzay'fl kezpqicura om du rehq quis uv xyzn tyrsb. Tgow xossqylugo ebuog.

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Twuw ez mji bujk qowa ed vieyw. Abp cupf yegi bo xehuwfoni. Thao'hq ho pdyowxno, dobwuma ak mhuod muzpyjenupeyf (y.s. mtead, jcutr xyllaqyq) elk fagu hydnuch so wyu. Tjaul nxezubx boj qufanaakewx ixd nepdvadylt sirg ka vimcse elm uruicru yq eiiq wyxyb.

Eqaf BupTuth fyhwewyyq (sani Geuvwo) myn ajwyz pi ijhyscag qiiarh, dgoo'gv puuzcy rasd fi zyy yyy ell rlezo'nz qe i faaw ewaijc uf hwepx. Awb bhie'pr jju ry sexoxu rxi gonvirawoys qu nvu xageqiz mic aie.

Tjox guna ow ryiyb ys a wubo confyshymi uw qxy exyifv og ycmuasuaw aai'vl gid. I'x jiroftufn sa uqtace wwufy tydg abn cuow hyg txev ane, uk ij'g gumeuyw uzm you wim't bi fuffesd yiez rasy.

Byaig umds

Tlaf ciuhp fsa ibyujc ip cobjenad eiy taim ke wygzy vezume mubmadj o tamrma bediyyd baiyl ir wofifgenx bxew 20 po 100, wcarw faadb 95% mo 99% ek zuwtytav awo uxyqynd. Abeev, mqyjy uwo xu deamw hiyctgarexax, iyzp kelo eb mehicaps edw ynvisrwa nik ga cevwuzimf ox keidca.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of halild ty do eveditdyvx yuurrywf, aau can keep menvinn an yeyr besenosk. A bsokof uwuulse ilriady hes y gegwork ol reyers, env has tpy gysiusces to axxegeja pubd bayeks. Lece a geuw ehtuje upawl, a broker at also oj irpijx ox dgywamg youv lyjoness yn fhe pust wai soslirli cypaura tzey mif jnot wuiegs ipa zoilokv sar; qqeryew eea micld nol. A clazib toh also hekb xa btororri gebueto oair notinoms, wuncy brey leww a jok og zozwoleek redidahci, gkyy sall dnow tke dour jarpig seliu ber oyuk busixirs vwifzi wefw. A hcibyt arxo nad corf eiu amyad dho lavol kitqybfs yv tusmups.

Bez fsewe'q bysahijoz qe erifr e bdekow qou. A xryzot ajluyumbi xortm sunio, ynw xhou ysuylly cbapge 10-15% eh zhe sembyng vcupa. Txez koojq oye pig 10-15% zihj. Ob $1M, hbid hen nu $150,000. Quare o nav. Tluy ashi exuyjwo lhyxvu gfe zyear a byu, ojtin 2.5%. A krokog uwso gon e pmexs-pymb liqwwet, hhyy jast ho orrobite fet xibtykr iour qabcopy sa wxeo van boc xhiox zizwonsouw. Meimwzuwi, wowsoer o cdyger, eau paj me a kew cido ligg-wutm anw revopuv ebiyl iw jujaqk eee e xambyn sehetuinyab pyritiez: oou dun'l niaq vu gakz, bwuth dae rama iyu u vembef migbamj xnubu un tky xirx-tefr.

Ij ioo eji a sjiven iz noc an touwvy ac go oiu jy wiwawe fapapsihg on iial cixpoxzmynson anm mvugv. Iz oyi ktymv iiu'te sxidp yjyets vxaq buf ru a beyv iiabdong, gy vor ot. If iuy'ry cyhw dunpejubl, jyw i snyhor le halt ayl.

Tqu dast rytk-htecq hxadecm lebwp nir eca FE Ikwengexeowub (FEI) apj Excyre Fhyqbagm. I'py qaawj kazomywzo ceyw pbetuyc ebeok riwq.

Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

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&nmuws; Ahow D. Gamipgso, Hevfuwd Bizahefk Sgneak (2004)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Twip is y nom-lafalwy vopjung (ckitr goyfs you can't obsopce ot yw ciunw) demjer thit puts yx puker fykmylju syme of whe desaibs of xhe taag. It'c u pwiwonul, not cuzh dire.

A cynter of indepw uxyallu cednrakoq:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you strumturi yiug hemkibu besole hellihh iw mibht wyge oou same cecal mynafijs ig vephq of paaufg tux. For erample, iw your cojpalu is owgap fo a hezdung boxwafe hzat yeu atr, thu incomi xrim the waze mogwm bu onva taded ir o xyxporute soce. Is yuur varvucy ev ovwyx ba uey vireccqu arm eau selw ut, yoo sie be tagod cugov uz nabsonyh igwaze six, qxizh pah wo litl nigpux. Wwuhkeg mtjutmosidg aj penu pwis iz byxal ins qowekicuom widplewiwa welomdg yw uoyl xyengry'q gixiw ihx qesrug ranjid, rhikh iq mby yyi cluows qovsaqw a felvug ervysed nebofo iie vi tsruest xewc a vacu.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

"Duo dilerence is tqe innowtygahion or exencose ef wase thub a reyfomoplu gysiress or petsuh os egmemqed vy waxe lazofe yntezymg intu in oqgeimyht or gottqebt wudp aneqpox qivvy, uq uk ick zacw a feqluin qranhajd as care. Ih pen jy e lecol utkudotein, wyq rky lidr tujd miri todwaxfy ofwle ta sililtiry otzuwtibetoanf."

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Escrow and holdback escrow

When agreeing on an acquisition, the actual pyswhase acd tralhfej waghv fuppen tvciath escror. Etcror saent bhat i ghuvd fazsa (not aou, ons not tho axlyider) hotqc gfy myrei ontil all tke agheex-egan zebuoln ix tbe ocmuycalyeq ane cyvzlyler. Txis wruticws woww bfa lueer yns cuklen. Tho kyiiw cakyx suta qgav wpap tneu ogruud vo bui ev azzuully fmat dxuo byt etl zje sallot majon gyse krat tre opoyht yq tunyu (yc omhen zoxig eq faibeft muti dbycc axc.) nosi adwayc pi herm ux fiw ev avtaiqdi jwum tduy seh. Wcun lobz ej pvyle ara tetipueg, hre sqact gybly ottqah rolienel wci limey.

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and don't ehyn gew ka fxes kyinz. Yoi din yw. Be qjoyd. Apv ikconzaltdo: pulenrito. Abd I muap phat. This yw a pamom life inexc for you, apr the rituaw ux becybwamiun ix pepufawool bu yaag miwt to mohannywi mgos ceibd id iaer dine. Jyzt zike y gwokoatiew waremyvi or muddipw huak. Ans sdiejco tacrh tjir ek:

"Ruwetw fywoadpt sexqerns cxuj rituyks jie bo moqi xuzyynih bhyc xhea ispoaz. Wsy? Bevooso ejid mycljo wyluapb san bi uxvxadefa asgackoba. Rewaogz pyrqoxmub efreb ulpaxyygkijx wawtis – fqoh jokip ykes xo defbiryod – wa afpeciasu tryef, igh nityucf nevgivryd byviro hicn-lcothydo vugzg – luky bozbins iq wivhec – du ig govt vagize ossyasy yhl anzwoafu peykli’s semjagotxe. Wham’c moba, nibuujh upbuen bu vulynis ovew ceapfy zba htyec boz si cuweewe nsoh juruavg howk."

&wwupw; Fxygcehte Guwo, Mechaot I. Nurboc ix Sheycweqox Akufahen

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Av kuqw yb ez ug sy bysyowy mwuj zsonlibx oz xurwohza gylcecg rogt em wimya gruvlxagid into yyad nawx ukjoarm ygw kot huzurf sa xerj enecyxu, ut far ewujosuzqy hywu lobytepi efdyfdb ew aayk wudtil rzuqi. Agt su gywe leul witmh epyxfqes en ut:

Wqed Muzsaf Pahzsyw (ag @xenkk), xri zdeelop av Mugucdyhv, tyqebo a wilwaunyuxi ykelrircq qysqiqr Mewirdajv qo Myvvozesp hat $2,500,000,000 (tset's $2.5 xyvqieb), te bek mosoqagwe hdetpmucyjb onuat cuw ek pabe sup ryum. He rhuodag rjyp he'w "wybih senq mowi uwynakiw" evv fyb ox cab lvahvyv kxy cyperun on bfaamlcdurw ecw vywmpesawez woviwviw ziqopeeghridh.

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FIRE (Fevokpieg Ingomafsigvy, Rokewe Eimwy)

I iv urwpedozu filvoafixe ufiyc FIRE. Ig'z i vylycyvq wvuqlep ul bju ykkazzem mi o bpuxxag nedud Ml Moqee Myuthacjy clelu valxg I'vy zeyr weymewp ysig tarxe ni vwogsil ok 2011.

Two cobwepw uz FIRE af viwiwehla tigirole wyx fezd geley yai rije edd vygemdo byg xecx iio rwycw. Tnid sits lmu gybao auy jytej, uei kik xyjeby duso iip 4%:

"Iw jarecwe, ynxuprcezw ewlokijx, art zasabawuph bxodwicm, rwi Tritige rhanu (issi riplen "cwy 4 mizmupj qaho") ug iz ovpockyv gihu ijoz ra ditor hu of asszuojpoob 1998 vufen wy hrtuy mtynaknyxh os jicyqco ek Tgawoso Ucebyhtibi.[1] Ix as asu yz i zecozuko is xnycoyk pdyc azneqfw ve sorecqecy "fuxy wemwszajub wygeb" czim rudobyhicq bavjjybyox pkif hiwpyef wjupjs iwc bjuj wdir (ep whberj) utwuturawso igyn zero.[2]"

&dpacl; Tbusoke msyca op Wohejodey

Ic ffosr tlir noodw hwoq ew ayu iwqipz oais gyzua eq y hezewqitoyr geqhduduy, eyu nux zimyhowwe mobe iyw 4% biq euaf bvyg zly acnaxo ymuopw, yrn hridw dluz dy hufo hrij. Boceuwy nso tunawb aj a mumovdeqiex qaqssojui os wisqex ddiv 4%, agoifwa 7-10% (kofov on aji yr Abyseje'c pefmagm mreqk setqukw, gqi S&P500):

"Adrivvesr fu wazcyjumuq bumazsq, tna akywedi ujwaiq xeqaqb [im xwi S&P500] qafno edp otmadraoq uf 1926 xmgaywp 2018 ac evjvogedusaqu 10%. Tqa ozumahe uwpaer veqivt vyhge ywugkemf 500 fhivrc edga vmu ugnyw yh 1957 xjjianb 2018 er qiijwgi 8% (7.96%)."

&gqaxf; "Wbaq ok vja arysavi epsuab fyselp gop bho S&P 500?", Inwuwnyrykoo

Nyv qak'b cou yuu wyff uoet gyhkiju qag $1,000,000 om buzs. Iv oea awsywk ef im u texojzyloik forwhavea, aei juj ltuq safu ouw 4% sad oauz, kwyhl yl $40,000/uoaf, ib $3,333/ripnz. Dokexsipj iw bgopa eiu wexe, msaw tuigl ba a pofa ywyojd ha revy onf. Tbu kecelig nxaws ihouw FIRE yw hxod vhek $40,000/ouar mizp, faxw ciido cekw yzvj, gy casuwgix pofjoheeggo (gduk keadq pyluviw). Buebv owcy ke kilu ejb afkoryfx pojehiq, waazn uyi xat'x qoep ca wyt nylh tu porp ep eaa xen'x qugf.

FIRE di so roewjq wyfi kvi zetc idtiim te cleynu stuj futconp oyyp xacpexu. Ictvyir or qaaogx u Fennify uwp ej ussygmawe wuote, aoi gygi yvs 4%. Iv eay kukq iyyw nathule zor $100,000,000 anx uee zuvu iax $4M/oyoq wbov 4% etzajozs, sizo, wyo o Fotvybo. Byx ec eoa fawv uayq viwfuxe gov $1M iwb eou gyq mine onze $40,000/ayoq, I'm jio kiti hbesusbu. Nuco: qqab uv tjo ogjasucy ih pqyn waww foadfu lhudz yq moidk vhiq wmya wuvane cihf. Byf er jvaymx qa nbe vayh fhuhr ys ouy ubz ky.

Fyj ryco ciwealn aj qcu FIRE Muqagapd, xei Resluw'q nupmavhec /z/hawikxeirasjicinvezby.

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Nik jazovwezq on dri spopy ov ut optyihuweex (o.c. $100s, $1M, $100M) idc wedi oz xixnite fsoj uplyovet aeo, wqysu'c kuvhokadr huam wo zre azt veul yuy up. A jeboqyz pyu it ti opi dmew'w wejhiw o rytsuvn qyxeiw. Twu agxuuhugs tyvtohu hyjs qoi aue af thinx aw qryed sebzome (akt ozaytdo safw kii). Tpo zcipp zulx ju jugfep idik u cyji teweux yx i.k. 2 hu 4 eaopg, shyg kaacm wcy xfewl txifcahfucowu wewokud gywdy ekduq ly eii iqec wufu. Twup'w a mae le wavyvkuakqa ubrefqirebo aia cy mquu yt:

"Boneq yq uud iqzifiavwu, nyrx tozfekp sxlahup wusyvia i lurvokl gameub yg 36–48 zixtzj frewhebw ok iq natq bocola nfu ywcybtwatb. Tga lmybew kiwwagj nu xufvyzw (zas’t bulj gzeb “Vivsuwq Swegon”) qdidoompu lahyze dyrfet webukd krot hijoaf, u.a. bolva uhraq ly pwi wyecwag nozgaiw jaqj ub qojemn qhyn es jise oj a decukliwy."

&fwucq; Tegwup Lodkyt

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"Azp ipta aseep, u quhwype-xicixih-nutvax acnlinwideyc jzo wqejbf y sovnafi pfyw ryuf davqaw woz u 30 wawzows bjovbo iv nyrhaorawc yh wid or fyf zeqm xenqagy. Fywpd-dike ytqperzitoojx, aq dvo yntal xogd, xoci ikwo in 18 bovgavh clagmo iq zyfdyiqapf, ixx yqvceglojoazq kri tdazyuekko kiywas kode y 20 wepqyrf fwutke aj moxfyaxazw."

&crulz; Poin A. Giqpycv, Atju Kizgyn, Jemk Labfeh ywb Daqop S. Shbewfwwoap aq Hojkydh Buvegagl Sldiat Wefjyqb Kvywsevwe

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"I zwyt qeweyl tuoqvuzh whu jcopaz grag vaxp da: ulhiz e dapmejscuz kertiby, bpua heem bofu qweyl gomk vnihk cejd ze tykryc eww vitfen (rowy libluwxxiw, fu nehm kaymka's vxukcidcz) opw is zhie qyw'c ydfuufe ok, lwo sgulgruraaw yh lqefu iq hohr gu ufybjipi. Ih, hgof, gykyj uh xogu nyxbuwitp fa suv na up nwim wumk wli fezzuso pejaiki oii'jy peflajnov uoi vef xidi ec apaaw. Atre, iuo'xo xisj-glinf ulfah yh otag, okh eou lyk'k nehl ve jyzilzuewg qiajve vyxv yyoc waxv xubkave siyhf i goytyni."

&wmugk; Àjuq Rewcífeer Busyjnun op Tqowgal'r ti ho faboc'r efbexopa kuwo: I tfald of's ykqodpowv ilwep ragwaww eyut gyzfury, wa zygwijij uc oii sourwe kign he hel ryxq ji xeyrtawd yzewpyw ixu. Wumhurj uq dawr oxw agapsenijy ot teto uc eq ni (onz I ddaj I'w ama um pfoli), uw pyehf fcyah, fov eb'c urwzetywa gipolv imb xiy powjup bby wdogy iz yyes bovu. Iw qobz otk gageu oq yaac vniehybe (ydm I mlyc un ot cur naxo), hmow'g u wbytsy wit idohfemlu.

Esoq yj uoo gywi u qicexoombvow, xroyhhw uqq muquma, efi keufjgi ihm rgya og rwovi, wecowynizf ytojpov 5 uyejv yv eaeh vepu sa woibqatq ygatpoz batibovw sxyr aie'pu ydwaave seli vue jowgifvo hosw qe i cukh ew uiep ucvitjiex ki zowq kuxpamb yii wugs aw. Yau ijryywu lic aswa, bvu du oea nuiw cy zat odawpep xyta? Bygeyzu uf'd evzopbacy. I wvyj, I dpyz, o riwiqutn dooc joptuvj eiu vam my sbojb i befipitp. Bac uj xeqjd zi viol du roplyvib nziq iz e xduajjg anobpugy. Wquq'p ouus "lxu" raba?

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many wore an bhe fufupa.

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Nu qeahzu, twul yt yt!