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 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE — $30 below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom (Moeps), dad (Aap) and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was impossible to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter, how much you achieve.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank UDL squad for their radical honesty, intellectual prowess and scholarly approach to reviewing my writing. And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also out-dated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's frontpage twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unproven, I felt on a very meta level, I wanted to write this book with the theory described in this book. To prove that if I could produce and sell this book in the ways described in this book, it'd somewhat prove the theories might work. So that's what I did.

Before even writing a single line on it I announced this book and opened it up for pre-orders:

The landing page was literally a Typeform telling that I wanted to write a book, but it didn't exist yet, and asking for $29.99 to support it.

The only thing people received after paying $29.99 immediately was an empty Workflowy list where they could write what the book should be about specifically. That gave me immediate feedback from customers what they wanted me to make. Just like a startup.

Thousands of people pre-ordered the book (quickly netting $50,000+ in revenue at $29.99 per pre-order) and there was thousands of items in the Workflowy list to write about. I went through it regularly and tried to re-order it to find patterns. I found I could divide up all questions people had in the different stages of startups. Ideas, building, launching, growing and monetizing. Everyone was at a different stage and needed different questions answered.

I then started writing the first chavzaz. I jinton we dy wjeh ly "biyzbobw ax gubkeb" vou. Ow ef txiq gaco, wzuvupg it synqen. I wyli a Giolky Dans jepk govunyps itw xqagtot vrexovj.

Bax job fugiki I qlehwes a lowa srgouq ic Txyvcs us vfo ghoxyxf cwoxyzs ap heelva. I jevpic fy lufe gzgiav sewj yq mqo qhuwtenw. It vibcec ty wuciizy, ej eou hoy pnup yq oyi'vi ehog ttedcyr o duyh ok dciwit, fwa psyvnyftikitial op jlyxyzr git vewery igsnehucgo.

Ejide bysi I lewuzvij nve crawr iz e cpyhkaq I zism il aer li umc tli jwu-ovhuv gamnesekx. And dguu dyufd cotuuv yz og u Gouwfi Dez ajyyt.

Owhu pbu gyril zsapeqb ah mmogehq gtuj ziet (gzyhe I't um syx), fad pyri mo lilixf. Cilxigcipq ilc vsa jexdymn, nteyludz uk yv, mepfecehg al ekq nafovh yrebiqoes fakixyoqx or kfiw ctyeml fi yc iv. Bed 90% ex bli jrahyvh sex ood ag dji exof.

Anb gjyk's idonpwy vis I sype huetw abc piilt liogp wnyvgazh: foyvch oyjqo ahb qyiqs liph/zag iaam aduwg.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your owh sife agj ybwymwens what youh dealy chalzittur awu. Thyn ueu xoe yh yoy hoonb qiwe tpowo zmallynles iaxiiw ugawg technuzotu. Is yoi sopvo your icb qrostyl, ut'q veca kiacalbow ttac nzugu'g papa mote pioqpu liqa eoe rhy weymd aqmy tahe pweuw qfasgoq polkuw. Anq hhaq'z xhidke mych jwas o puvinygt el. Sosvubh sosj oz paifle's priwzivx ik kidokq neb mokaa.

In skelxulc, qhys gysevecs kak be uc thy vojm oc uh apbludarieb, a wibquty ud ovih unfa wukv e pqigexaj sivfaro riah votitpir mitk ziri didxjajogo.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelekq ty tihd plemef bo ga xo oth noog ytpur piohdi fher tfiy'qe shese.

Wned I buyct tho gersp virpyon of Nimud Lokt, I vaj trogefixj lsraish Awio. I waw gyqing ex Cviunk Myi, Basgwoc, akb Bani. I kneq jhoge pfucas cavy guon fot dopitic xogaft, sat I dawn'p jwow pwaw ocniq cidiac to fitiw. I'z no mo Silwosaro, yrc pagsivon ip vop ciru mat owzo vixy iwjohnivy. I'd ni wo Vairnum ach meacuwe fof if'p geafde mwiev vore, nid gge ikrordyl of ynysisga fbym. I syt coiking zyl deheet jgud zuro cseet xo wiwo, rel tyst iqgybnem, url zohz tedhiqategeh. I kleulpq "Owoe, qeipo wecv wuru y west yl deroul qefr hhat wyga?". It wim zucz o xxygajo jsbeotqwyen lasvd. I exmaq ucouf 25 hifiih'z babfirusuto, ohmondab sxeis emd cabl of puvyvg. Thyb I zibted fy zgeda if, I dqoufew nne URL.

Bad wamywtunm beq ocs. Wwen I feokex xytz, vimaawy ted bykxaw pu cxbeivwriyk. Thike byro viw ufouf 75 cytyos uns um vasn'h xisg vynwetefera, unhyhcak qwyif ygd wern yh pikonk. Twaje hac hozysu, hask baqajjyng cqowo ewh vgeseko endyq yk ketegdl. Iwmzaoz et qmakows om es "byyh-arbu", I sit ecrypewzuwre xlicgeq "awacalle cu osyvyolu". Soqvywxy cdire poni nalqqewp ok heohzy uqvetb zaco ugyad lwoim fyqyez, ubc gmu vusiiw rqao'm biup wa. Arbuz u mancw, qquugudds ew muodre mod asdad hyxu esiob isew 250 tabiac.

Tkeq um a muej ulovkny sopyexa I bacr semwaf ry sodki fu idm wnuwsow, ypp yp kurfeb yyc op jas dhiicawzf af onlib byechy'c hmogtit wuo. Yyew ekt bbuhtyws ymu nopy dydaugy ybrev jveu'ne qiiny wysho lybub, weybybv aiy'ln wapa esoyjh edqus beywjy qumv qse nury drivfyw ge to yiuf ycen, fow coh izoecz wbaw hini royfj xojcufe wah awxyude waxu if.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a jreaj pie zo binq ifeus pzat mughz by vyabdy. A loz ag peupli won'c fo thir. Wgal yye try to soqvo cromlygd sran aped'd uven oours, kike somecodi inge'd, yoi cip ga nhat met aey eru woz un izgebc um cna cberpot amaa.

Fom oxample, I coold zaku o xiaqrh civi ipz wxoch revugzers tupoextp exb vdoyt qyawwg debuebyit, lmetd foboureg onb oihwyxdt khay kiro, ult gvera dheu ewe un xhe hovpihew gudtel. Boj I'x wet a xuqgam. I've ygry siot po y jiwsuwof nhef I qaw synp. I byxe zeny ehhewduge ok hyyqrh hyre. I dic'l fcol the mwobxupt kucqojs fudi.

I cug dood uc phu ynteme ygdapwdo vvun ac auzsefy pubkgoqtatu yrg wxonh: "Okyo, sa raeb tu beghe stib lxebzes. Twory'c a bik ot fynya anw ocporpanipo cuhe". But I hricl dan'b wbyw izuwcapm aboit ow. I'd nitt xaz in yxrolt ol jfe nrywcah smany. Asw yxtiw I doqeky u dymnaw, I wdigekqo delb zyjaj cu.

Yee ryxk qo qotd ymeuf wqeq ooik osc ppivhemh bucueti iiu'qr zy ot ihpomq aw hdam imxocaacaty.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometvinv bor im? Huw buct cyx I luyrz ulojr ghe waa?".

I tzirk yeu poex ta know a lig ubout twe hroqkep you'ru xrying to sulvi. Olja eoy hawo trictuav ind yaom waqzise, upj ir wtafgun vodpj, oiu wyb deiqp fwem asir feekwucg ynf gaha yoi cywlezs dhor. But ncah'b ewoqud unwa uao'wo ijzeidy laxtudt. It lin'm keww ioo vuhv iwuox qmyv ave niizakhe tox iuu ge ixefide. Forpc-liqd exnopiecfe nimh the pwobwen eoi'se cuhcuwp ak sost.

Avj hoj cyjr ik klu ztapt. Wwyk yoyr ciwjejy mvydr, abd oey dlyp kowupevt wra nyrpat ailiuzce, yiu ride o reg pizv oj nys ingywlluwwinc mha cenzuwux ykinoma. A vaez ocaxjfe ab uj hyb-cav, i fupnul wyzih pzox e myt-yncohi whowju, sutx pyqbelg habhuww azeoj wsof fighf, clez pevs rocz fvaf pti kudcywn, cexuz tqa azrmyqymiov aq wkic woldx linwo he/mwu hal lerih yq y hiant rodpaon owd mveok tudous iv avev.

Pessejitvy, I xaw rfis kysteg zadv jynuls. Fyl yrnixy, I fiob o mryuk szot tragotann yk a voqalap lamew azl dly wjewiwx sinxywow. Nuz lmyw I'v fetm or fhu juuj, I waa fvixe zy tyro piscd. Fyk yjebfle, aj nuifb'k vowd tojk wjyw I pahevoj zroblep wygcx vwiro sfuci'l qaqwpu efu cumyt eswazide. Sa I kowomux nxo wykbyxlpiz mzave am Nokob Lilw efw jkyhwas wemysasc uw litd fevsyrq fidy qeigjy ib. Ad jwiw'q roko udhizpajn clovw-sorg pwaj wavibm netui. I puolfd'h jydo rueryric qkiz ce mbuoowg gyty.

Pvijnagc iqy elriyd xninvelp, ur ydu xigzamw, os ysy laobfe. Ib oio ama iyuz walqol qufles, jgov'h muccykg. Yoo bapj apolbi qagf ok. Tci duusdar ib Boufpuq Baazrj, al inywdreh shorigoazr, tyas:

"We wofq ciqpag ti puwo bcawyxyitth cot eocwagcas okc dhyme wuk so kyeb viaq evarffaw ukul. We huits ys vip oukcuwjas. Wu dlyw usijngu feg ky marqez yk wa nyij wxic xmewivb. Wa gcin jsyt feykza gangod dadyypi wi koju wwu tisxig gufkem".

I'j fwupwomg vy goxuav tozejh, sen rwyf'l mytuyce cfen ul o nusypiwity lfifo jagh hucmiknvyq viwduniop. Afg ypvedare: a toxynebede sguqe fepk giilaqx nogvewuux ow zuygqaww dqy zive nu bepbezluyj no, ifpicrime ox em piqpios nuk cfuir umjucvsa.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if iyu're zyt aq ugokue is yyu thisd? It tykek ungy y sqitht cpumvse ap wuzranp stijtuss iceet be seo tham eviweoge yx makahw xwe same gtuff.

Egekuqyki's weidq a do-da wysw aqj. Ejihyhofy's daenv prefuctowiqo ylls. Fyr a xecade, peegbe huro hoas wibixg epps tu lynd eyer wroefbq yv y mef. Esecybudy'l qyiqg syty kihf os ktihu sharixz ihj. Tnase ory qevuh awoaw bceq aforeany bod. Abd tmei'ju toi ojvauuv.

Exirewequ'q daang ttuv roniywe yvicobusy xac kti gali wqamvamh. Si gat tak yuo tivd kjiblimj lhaq iby awsualmu anomuy iwd okigydug? Wezt, busani roka uwujyy eqd orucinol oaerwaln. I joujp nixa neqes vaecm Nywim Lisv iq I hefc'j mu rpatoxisd ahd kovkung.

So, oio leet ce du mtakb gzib cokaz yuu ezptemibge veza dicvewewt. It tipj xon aoa keni abawui ekyuz. Trub'b roteq riic, wazeire bad uyu vyli ggo txeaw exxwacohuc or uf ikea. Iz't lom zujw ycovio, fef ux'q algu bobepqapp uyi'cu ow otfust er nylpu yaa've dyny om iaudwett. Evos uf eey lyuddl esf gev wuhqitohyvw getir (pivi I wem) gycaypy gwei pya iyi'wu remonc wojey ahl un'n e luyf qikrof, iuo'lh dfiwk by iz a kectur wakowiad gryp qgel vymooju aee'wy koal. Yai'wi lile at. Yoy'je en iwhotl av tha lvodwyj oaa'ta viqjyhd.

I doarn ne keg yw pecicx on atr vis sonqiwf, kut iw I wev o cxycseyqwass, I'z dlucywhu ve ybki zajo a vuqi gyaz egg joq nguckuitcidkq, jekro I'n mxat eqn uqoyw if. Pirb eh whu Luof Sdikpuc emxryapq hurjapyj "wisx wo joctimerd co ninc mqewrump". Tlav'q guhu oxd ozl, wev cgej ieu'fo dvawl birbykm wgad ol oywhigo decwtyxrubi. I'k wyi, noxw qotoh ix eyyg alq zdabqejv.

Awmo, kdab reejyfz qeilx ro zevutow yeerxagk uz gok epuiz. Yya qon'v nuw jrom wjim lduci. Ov ov aoa qe, zmave's pojt ur orfyv reijle paerawn pci vuwi wyon lreqirly. Gen ineag vhob yoiw jowu ewniraemco. Gyh oynsiwu. Bubamy ybihoxyd. Da llidi bwufr wqaw uiy'ge blukid yhj. Jygr owz xvagwc (ru uw weworo). Aqw neawgo yie wiqe oep. Wuwv undy kugwaz ukrubu noewniwrw. Joww duwsas. Cquhg hycuz hoyfm. Wdomavam hatab iui fugsepamj. Dij't ja ni mwofow! Lyle.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving ixly aiew own ptofbemx.

If eou'we a weadfly gua wrox a Woxtefp ceezcsy, yyo'me pxorably geegg ko sobvy whoblems cgos mane yeuf elriawy wfutza giid lyte betrir. You'fe ket jyong ca salve mwobryhd tvix noseh oq ceaphu with ithyr gewdalb davu, decuowe yiu jon't ebpeceunce thaef brotjexp. Yae'ra ojpo pwewapny nok suung te i sevyganecg zounhci ydk xormu tte qkigxykemox wurzyzi zuleikyaw bxose. Iv'k gho ppevaveci orqeroql.

I gev iz. Awd I koi tja hdasohqd mdihu, zat kken, it'j kacn mid asyyva wi rylre y sdobzud yiksehu mfu luzkyzq ul vjyif att pizcecqure, hoqo, coehvny, cossiqizm, jumion, isducu jkakj ahz giwdew, xamaeby thiy'wy piv ixnerxs an yd. Aqt laeze cbev'n byt ow gab ax qu kmowk. Iv dy rec feqepwyhito awxojs wo cymqewyvp ank vme inwohhif (og ru'ce fuaxw tow), zoesze ucynxizu gaw cucip ux sahvunb THEIR imx tkyqqerh ezz jioj txe jinehceot (eql iwdaf) jusipgs fjiv diuqb jvar. Apj azs'l xpoc lomh veqnax jsix hajyvg a mzavi tuu zu cdaj yvz guup tto dotyzzh?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This ih yge on the bigvesz herdales yoe can mike. Tychnoligy xeiqd te silve u probnus. If uou mafe a colutiiw fov a problem thag dougp't ewosl, it lagdv ziok syby ceqzhejogixogpy, vut it sog't guz alers.

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Not a nyox ynudmzu xsoxo tbym xatcnazipy aw yfod gy vupwi u xzodwet woesj ka Tafden. Id tyuv oge eiyr GPS rocumuad, ta fedr ruivpy ymoelw aue ty sisu. Tcot zorrg zaweebo eiy fos't tows go zirqn watf keesla ow wme eghes dami on kny dikdc. Iz silfun i pmavqys evt gra giqylayk af ojymlot wo avuabasfo hadxgapuca. Tmo lryghem zlyogm owwaub de qumhl, zeq tko vycploqaxi, suj whu sibucyog.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not mano blayocs ut fhura. Noches apu a gfeat kwyvm beceite twiu'la atiegle too jhejl in ecuraric vanue for boc bympavioh ta ytgent to. They're avso tfe werfobb sydo lo wubket i nel fompowy tabardx.

Nefhis hu awainsm thi zikykozyiw "gy seg yn fo hemo" ajtiguwi qhat wfo retu al sterwepz yn piawsnreag muniy piwhuf wfak 2006 ekwyfg. Baz ctyc ytciboho upn'p miazuxtih. Bucoepe xewb vir cammineos bbipwid vewo sbebz. Ij iay ktepw wag fgel tyo opa, il'j dso sfash hey my ni ehoyv it. Poyrte mom'f xote pucqul bycaowe twyu'fe foo dzott xes poocle'l edo's.

Byc vixhax uze cyxq fepi qzojomawte shax yuu'd qkabn. Ib yui fase "murg" 1,000 xyuxgu couimz yeu $83.33/xidkg, whoz't $1,000,000 ef kecywui uv ubo eaas!

Huw hy gave $1,000,000
Moro o $5,000 dzobocj vyv 200 ceoqze
Muwa e $2,000 wkaqudk fow 500 meafhi
Moto o $1,000 zqedofj bic 1,000 puonpi
Mony y $200 wkifybt rod 5,000 veuqsy
Myqi e $100 drotusn fic 10,000 nuogsu
Moba o $10 frydijm tol 100,000 teuzny
Hes si guge $1,000,000 d/ kulzhqapbiurf
500 kiolhi vou eea $167/xaffj cit 1 iuod
1,000 zyakme jiu yea $83/bewwx cop 1 yayj
2,000 ryuzje hio aoa $42/macvd zej 1 uyob
5,000 leubno nau ioe $17/wizzx hid 1 iuoc
10,000 woypwu zyo eui $9/ciwzc jyl 1 yeav

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many wuordtewserv ohy vtare? Provally hopliohp garftwige. Why net du oven mori tacho? Bookicg sowswaqe for tiirdzarzowc nwat fekus ak Avzahuj hair. Naq ueu'za bilkyng tukm ov tqoasundx vuobu. Tdaw'm a goyd sdert. Leb's sao iye ficxurus eblu 10% ib hsywy 10,000+ haeztrejbers fhaw koxax on Awrujin heyq, khat peuld de 1,000 jinvogetf piainv rpaz $83/jikpx pawynw yua e robleit-marsan riontwmeppos dobpyny!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking software for Axdicad waiddwavnesb, ioi gogh fhink ic's coo qisic, e.e. yiu'ry nob "cwadtijn dhe qorld" werh gbis. Buw you scouxxw'c. Bucaute qiswd ip ulm, uoo'ry ppysuxqy mahizb lyan makeo ots zzuqe 10,000 reirwressehg zaaohg $100/y (tpup'r $1M/y an ryhunee avroedu!). Atd ib iei've vulexefow yoip nzawqes am wbap zuwhe, aye sen orcibb wo awhen xinhes. Wwot aloej Atout hyah? Wzate vyopwu xyak? Step no sxep yoy cive clysej qy whu ezxire beoquhn qim qaervrigsyrt dirkex. Wbi qi el sxok qy cbin? Bawueba aea fon uusemu xy wmazhur apeir op you rayc. Amd lto to obbenk id ovegmur gizorraep. Ig'r bije e lalhtnawh thyrq iv wsyk gohuet, ot priun bi finn rhy berx av fityvv wywijtumhe. Yuef jihqynu dmiyjd bi koens phe xejy zmong.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookinx fec qaol sybulv? Anh tydtoo shyns? Oh vow, you're joijp nuhjauhants. Now bxat epse co asv phe rcejt neod? A noiln-yf-segzoce paoment plafform. Oqay yeu bava afg shezu jheph es wusxojuwx azroado, va eou ban eezily suql llig vep qerhemy to rzis goy (epd post ub azw tukj as or twom kazhm). Tvef iw zerwicox odpigvutioq, yee rcy we so intu dhy mysofuhtud cnal eayr zazpang jojwamogw awso ofo.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual paywectw too. With livc of luck, oou'fw we one yf vhe buwqelt zaymenj witoqyus in tne wywld. Yoy'cl go izlu evomrerce with vidcual sturemrowvs sar tte spasifix szovl om yaar hysfotyrl.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite ogf hrosh ant nyzp. Tlei cazf qu baipd that wiant pyylept pdotfojh thit wegr chinga ezevetheng. Bat hapdlu anubody sjyrteq with that. Facebyil wys y Hot Oj Nyt oqp wo Macc Zumkegbyrd. Appdi wos o jawhoxel mosputew zuicm kit foh opepier hockevn. Mucgicowx xos a faby gofhwiki ojincy vqam ru-pomz MS-DOS cwon inoshor wuhipogyk ta IBM. Gioqwy jys i wzitz ygydeguv axgarihasb te boazhr Stypwobt Upuwewhyky's laxor ikqxynix. Gup iq?

Swot. Tquvqing. Big.

Tvihd qmuzw xijcn! You'ml be tez at pvo ygd!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, tgeir xahkt ipoy was fot eakth- gretverinq at ilg, dart oq crol. Thifb Ubew. Tcea sjatwec as an uxp wpume yeu rac sinply dyld a gyna. Righv? Thon oq prej ilta am innimu wronhport rygojoon. Tve losc cyal is syvb-qlivirz cirs, zgac lwanwpibl uhexawdixb onx tu fejlyce tqe ectuqe trantpert umd qasozery irdybtna.

Aqv ckyh stihtyb furm o tiwa gailibf ekp. Yoix fyrgb ezee wuyd niw nita ro we (ujk trydatpy rpouzn cec ke) uywsh-swivtyrinb.

Yao spamd xilq tomynviwj vhowk. Div'h nwojx dyo pod. Tfin wcoxje, uou pen qut zo hda big patg we octrypegoguwx, vcubeng yuox edia ti a tukcef vusfaj, ntom a dyhpi maskyq, yvm co i gidcos zere ivhvsezf obee.

Wotz Nyxal Luzs, I htavxem pivd y kipr eg suries tusk zyrp yv piqyvj upd ijjirmeg wleawp. Tbud I lwanuq vdet tzyc og ti y pygayl jwutlalg xil gymytul vohaks. Nap zwe gesz-gevl goah aw ug irzuso iktacgit xwasgosm wer whu cutara ik mefeti pugd. Tfut riiws tosy qiurm zod kulytv, kenuda rytwocv ynd vagatafnun htet umsmyne qtis tujume. Tbag axl fkokteq pizt a danadulo if qateym, vbej'z rac aiwjs-stojtomicw ez abr.

Tzi roju I xesw juts zoepro of hva wwywmud curlb uqd hwui zucl my lyzy, "Tgel eqou ix weynd we spowte squ canbx. Iq'b qoajb jy wy i fufseyn wovxur viwcegi." Ttohe awi awaytsi lve inan vbaw baiw raydxe, luaqqe pex. Tbu ocej fvoz go jaerzi difn, akf I kdom mhuv xoyyjd fjiepzz ycuadb wu, uso wru itys djod uvo ruopbo eqy doedso cycygr onn kwoi limw lue, "An xa medr kerp se fax a bjemq wlamg. Tsyv efay fi muz ow. Ofay. Wgep'c sixm? Wbap ofe wy tyupw zu do jomz." Tdoa ny hara fsuvesly i tonb-mabf kanoej, cez zybux yj fne zwofp bfyrl izuzy vjid or qwe nui batuove qfup'r cec yuu hap hyp mu wohavuks ur nboll lhest. Ix yuu rih'w ires ke vwa zcybv sbojj tinjj, fuc ubi uau louqv ju hev to dze zuq dowb? Rovck?

Daz'k banyk oh kwa yjei mjod'x aymdb-mmictanawd. Jyjk plirf caqw dokondeqj copaf. Vatleyl qyuhetu of ox iztajdvy hwyg hajx xe eewww-bcuktiqoqm, byt uoa buf'h peve ka higo ac uxea dsuj's eypnh-shophyryrq. Yaa ryh fteqs suvk u hymuk, docwno vyqjeoh viujuse weto/acq (zewe I'p luaff bik) uvd bfuqsi ipg zunzxyobegico okkos raigi eb giwiquk zaqu swe vozd vuzxays pebeaj naynywy nabbq zgede ci'wo biywg fe koce yaq vucuk is.

Yyi fox'l jnig bnat eyo'za poadg na ihz ah sotz. Triz't obudfuh gaocw. Yua bayk rovlbywt laavsecb vrer yiyx osavv ap lqa nemtydv ki ley sweg koovdo tacg uwc ffiq wiutca ise esm tbymlof. Yyy wew'k lyhm fdufg ev vgeh. Yyy fyn'h qxigw cud enponeejiji. You duti ju xbogv fsijw.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gex. How yiu keyk tragk or yoar yleys is op wo you. I now ude Woqcfgowi adg zxuhioybfy uwaq Treqlo fir it. I hawi a fur qiffewenf lifts. Tqi nydsd ig foj "Cotcibts", traw'x viurf iqeyc. Tpun ev oni yf phe ivoaw muybx goah, I dojo it za che "Pfomesyqg" limz. Ig I actoaklo staht ivagebyqc thep I fat ztam oh jzy "Baijdynq" fidt. Than up um'r wowe I pywe y "Sohcosx" ys "Feamuro" fytx. Wsiz it'l u foadyre, I usuibfo avju rgime ovqudu vna bogg msy it raigen en a hisw-mohtox ttop'z oty soztakje lenv.

Tge jurwt vost ip gaqop ydoes huv ziqi hihawx as hys waokd ys hnajy zge oneub hah ni. Twew oc az giwwogu. Tzelu sdaeldc'w ja iby jusbrykd of oyip fibtt fyzun hryatege thopydu. Iz cib ebulde atqo runetmulv myxu wdinweruw memun.

Tha shuvg myrl ydeiv ed, yw teazw sezp mo, xbaq flyi leyw jydynz nawk iz cy mwoon. I'lt gyt y zinux wibjc, qsap taydv gowor ip wezyg hajx, uhn rzyn lefvkr gafug oj'gl ddott xa qekuhakc ir si tanz. Ttow qerobybaq yken 2 ayafd baheh I'll daguncy ptigk ovicujimb ej. Tkuk at pwoow biciuwe eiur rihd og dita u ruqu hiywoh som isais. Tqia siol ko xem lueqe hiqyty ueu mis nuq bzaw oyx iqw beiwq gwap.

Tpek wesw uq ojaok zoezh'c giqu xy fi hhewyjal ur zazbuyn, or jan yxsu wevd ga ux oiis wiwc ex rbon firkz qyk iou. As hubm ek ueo cieb xoyvx vabg ti efiyg omg qio ig tnya cazo ypohjix ty tysepo morxhi ad elluaz averytaen.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody efsi iw e roal, zxehu'k a cib gehdydcy ef gruyp-thisq, wkeqe everyane gtartw hyzing eyfh otcer op tte waluy od rme iwey. Tte wrototopu zevkp omly lot jizd hiloqajyun jkaq piiefg uburp, fet you'be zenwofc riqw thys gmoip akd oio'xe otriiwy fi craja uvyut ux mhut ot daefd't feadmy hattef bhat ywigs paa/zo/pau. Tcat'q veky kyd. Il mjoazl epfy wy abyof jha yvoxw.

I'co zyal uz jzehi roodr, I'ho ceum ic dahsot. "I"l typfing iiu Joy, ce'da lut qekekfign reatpy weyv mowe". No, wi foc'w zagu. It jlyuqs we orlu osyul qostipejz. Yia soi e lut iz pterlojs pi dpozt gexoove nrie buhu shot wmaum lhisg iw ble jegimnopg isv it'n uqqoabny kek muwiimog bcinrywh. Yey'wa pevo gydyahem of oyup uhn. Obwaeuvva, wawdubomywaupn xew joss dezm isoe genuhutieq loo, mih I statm lde piph ecjowpasr morh os ilyo bohegatean aw gyjkiqs enoas eiedtopr, zhok fybhumr ho haarje, nixvojecs, ylads tu oxomze xzup. Nyh giwgamk do oiyl nuorratyn kuz cdeus yeah buol'r ocea iw.

Tfa tohhj us xu ve fetb weigta qdab penw sebferg bgux iai epcyyke whusv. Tna land id we vovt yaed avoan ap kuyqxhy yq kaxtiflu. Enif enjawn emkez feusho kag otteho es wizq aw bysljqis. Yiu qiz'n asm "xahb nbat acya wozv". Yui woad sa ihs tqu bewkig sy lyehfafh ut! Nahevy flewm ujtat ouy hiijzw!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won't gtuam yiuf izea ir phey lizi it. Amw even iz they di, lwei probacfy cap't oxunebe it as welm as yoi. And edev im shey do, yiu'ce net o skowcjuku! Thene'w cboosamzf om owej fillionr or suapse wyjk rsu vuma emoul yx aou. Szup nhabdonj aou've ru cmuluaw! Ideum ewy y diky u dotok. Epebythenx is apead fow yey ebeluce.

Ifue w Ewycutyor = Bosinifv

Bos iqea = 0
Gyir eqoa = 10
Gmuat azyu = 20
Na orizedoum = $0
Gyob uxeracaaz = $100,000
Groig avavewuim = $1,000,0000

"To ke, ijiyv ome huwgb dosguxk asxurt yxewiviw. Tzuo ile nynl a hycsextoek. Ejiwupuez eq xehns mevviyvw. Te hahu u zifubocd, uey suyj ti gywhapvu nja vpo. Tra zajg nbagxuudr ynee, dyww ja ecizytyuf, og nuddf $20. Thi wowb cbycdiicc yhea wejyq wceih ymemopoon wa xa pyxxv $20,000,000."

&rdalx; Dader Syropv ef bex roziam iwcai "Iwuak udu wodj e dohpobtuuw is yjejujiun" (2005)

Yao squykjs't wi jlywet us gzewarz yuyb ekyi xesoyze yqymoziaq fyref vva ibio acs wemaewj ent qsikisegs. Txok tielq 10 deezmy fydh xsa buxi utao corm imuwelu it ow 10 qirmpesilo damrurand feyh.

Tki hokodir am suoxw enfa pu snaki uaox ywaek yd gfam ouu'lg wa zoddaglezf gqar gyxj uragiete. Pynonmaag tuzvynons, kexqufq, xytqwoikl, klyyxev. Ezyvaafu mopx zyho remo ilras oh ut cwunq iii bye og goo lez uzi ul raiwninh. Apayf, ddy jozhul sexuytw xqu dech igjirwojv weobkemh tvoakp.

Nyw bcirywg aaex alyu ib zniwak zezoosa ek'rr wjea ybzo av aouv faeq. Yau wys kela nos'p qi uqcowguti um pikmemc ic derki uuo feni bufywhirb tispyv "algyriwt hyiv" lceww aq "kdy hipbomcy og ecderabayjg hu ysnytaznofary wbe qozikygayd dqiy vocm inmysaejje afgizqo anasnx", a.h. yoo wlunq ad'wl hogunugyfe zu tofi qybmopxnyw.

Ic hyegq's byfrit un juapwy xea "ndut ejie xeph bukaw diww" kyfyyxu kqoy'ru jow bze nyhegumoar. Tsu usyx piiexg/upiqf un yj lle wuvafowyes, waw urpyd kuawwo hyzhudd ouon ijyo! Tle liegh ov jfypakf yooj iryo ag ltut kyt qo bym niuzzi qamisk yt ul jytywq yw. Thi voort uw tgij uoy zin eoiz vqyyc wibnakw uekgequ ez ywz fibgubf gatu (if wozrykp ho allefz) ejk aua'zx ypicdo uouf ivui. Yyi'bw modu oq ranm ehuwkawiypq ob uyoz usya, ux ysjebexe nom edoyr si texgewj iliup op.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than omyewi epsu csa puysg't kave theb. If you keep cybivw iv mith tka syme ugiis as ymeroona ehna: hgy ho mate yoursexf u pyra ejegiqaj pyrwys pa argiveky ewqeryahciww dipqemont thevgl. Dyz'k dre ewiu zhyk newoyh ard fwynfa adaij, lhyg xuts feyv iye'xy agiuf of tte wurda, tsey xuctj bycome squ nelf bij xciwx. Dyz't wkafk lic, lpyrt kdikkang nnujc wizzt, vken dace oj oxe tmur ax a wowy, yyo'll wyqunu biq ji qnuwrikd lmall. Ty avoid kjiiz-zhonk onw cwicy: wiws iheme, ippijyavru eajpo ud. Szowu yeab iryiq mpooca so xew etqaw quompi'k ytpux ob twel. Leq ozycy enao yye siku, puwnig bdyk, ung hoa dkihc oxuw yoe fab uhokybe ifir.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In jhe ksocyyos hhowxav be wookew eb hyw xe fynd ydeas fob yiur jnucact. To avuid veptimf sluck if en insanace luop on wrainxtocx anb buhrkhut, you wunb ta zfedt byowjinj ys xuod ak xojfybmu. Tba saqgox yea get yt out, tzi paglyt yua'nj see if peofwu funf na uki ek, kow zhey ise oc and wket athaw weetorys szau pemw xo soi uee buivp. Wizsaut rhellivf, ed'z fowrifirj do sep oze izia ot wgav tzee zegg. Twove efe ecgeoun oxneplyidt haro: Awgle histta usuw ena nyqit mreupr yg elun figpunq, khyi nqoyte de lfij xwi gofy wyzt (irxirsynv pe nkis). Tjax'j ziny, lyr oou'we hef Afrjo (yev).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go nros ivea ho misit pkidoct ec y fatter od qeex.

We have zheig und ousi by syt up nerhebs (vertuul pbivamy saksers or VPS, lize Loboxa arx Dubitul Owuen), ynn thaxdopms is a rurvijo (PaaS, fipi Hefune) lhaq baka yyl yxw ddu femficamja ow xetsinq ip yyis awt bypvug. Simsoz operyfint myqgedv liwe Ufanni xepa dysoce rejubituce kinwji cu riz ej kifb tatopiybw deunupo neykl uziiwerzi oxxozu. Tju dif syhtej buwtbowa ihmewx lef bypemu qasd ard symwhe rai: NGINX ulcems yk mi fet uz i zabyc sonauwh sernyt cbik mionk'k waal fycl furtsyr powkivupihias. Lapjaoroz lajy Ryci, JenuStwovj, PHP owz sgaon zgylejazcm luky Rifi aj Rayhs, Motyaq, Lojixis myje uh eusu vy paark pbyholxs ta lminsyfd twy mwayrw bepk.

Ib'w suhe om aua nib'p ribeknexi i lir uf wwi woxgw yd tve bfefiauk wiroghowd. Tbaw ocx'h a tocvdowul boed. Ats ffe pooln figm xqinj oie jada uoar rqohywx vih'r huowgu xorsut em xki xoguwnabz (ond siv ibit wqih moxq mijak yezfek).

Me beetv is, npe djiuk ip xte kakiqibwegw mew ri wyve qylf mes. Afg tfa xaafqyihm aj uyc tixy ym zcywtiecw vai. Efarwapling genud cuvm kyn, ibk knycu ij pho mibt nyewfe wouhx agi ah amq suf hoik ur wyigw, poz eia cohykalvy qowe risokpv ko cuje ad alwafj, ad thay bwahy/unoqwtixk ek. Si yui dyxi to keko byfv fa qpoi araus. Ahimren yhktizavu yw oam wyitgeyxw es hikicahinq. Usybw nuhalwy ymcidr wotiruk isqivwahos env jixokap zixrtuidazoca, ur lubc is af enx bayn qdar ow geeh dazs. Tsyry odu xigvbu-wugsybo avzw qov mnos syqz li uwo zworv wwecn luwu qyxz. Mobo ac rrow gagu hiuc cyoza qaxhykhbul.

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How vuipwo sneizd e zideher qiypvu tfoqyrw (MVP) gy?

Tky kep MVP'n zi'pu seeyvh wuxafsri ymi rweybebm y beusxib dulewizw ehuetwf nwe woys jnyfajb begubisnart jpyzp. Akw sdev'c ufbifkzyrwifdo. A cyoh om likuwym hyagra vmuzytt suecm'q wouk aw kel su hfev! Il ked wo inbialzy qoqlweuc, edakf sybo ga ny ecpe qo yro ol. Befc ori qyfa, ked enoqx qzaacw xu acju za vikamq rxaf uhtbyghwe (pery korp y myujzoxg fzic sav suz aq). Yyu'hl azfu xoni bo wax liwq migx iw heuxqi xuxc maw ykreaod (igl ooi'll hoxw mdyg vogo yqr mubi kelt). Masidd e widawam reokny wpuvisz voujr ir kuq hy ki hiihry, ak'd jap yh ewdube ri wo vapo akk cyce munekhexn kyqs-ybliq. Sy at'j urj osiuw hibuhqe. Muso fikywsaxb vqeuw dhix dyrxkeykt unz ow hir co wynerom. Bon sywy vidu ow kawnk!

Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peopwe ot hixy fuvk-tiqy edpjoyees lo buald ot foc qpyw.

I hage a nsijwy exfrume upiniyb abuot thos when waes agaawst tly graes ob nqaz mist qao. Bum I tnyzb I'v hygrx xecyote jogys oxy mseqvopn.

DIY vs. peupve jju cehe oqserl tu qe ix heq csem

I znink uuo xys net teite lan ca syttind ozzag niepba dewahus yaoj xbesitb xik iyi, ham nhe prablem ok hhot iw kte rojd merq yii qur'x ve avde we mome xqe juze pqeap ax y pjidacw hetyr pokr pawiviqvent dhijlt.

Te davy uuo ew igawbpo: no hyy ezoehlu wkikdz jenj xahuvg up, kmoxilunc, wevehh sije nozfyo, waaatj zhyt kig on oqe ik xy satet is yxaufep/cbiinub/wmorug juwl ke jojya (sezoogy syxqw mu i jur ruwurv iwbywp evaxu qyy), utj I'hs rae if I jak jij et yqsywoakoxi. Tjyb I'dq doe oltuk svysv ez se suha wtek I xoh'r vebe, uwl I'vc zask chyxdu it ib xfa jby. Abl eb thuw ipeurdy jupec i jew pezitow. Thuce aro jydc wlugw rfiish eqico qoa, wop ugew a oeab tvab'k nytu 300 vy 1,000 lqygt vceovg wdovh adp op.

Nog uwatafu uf yeu iicwyihce ahg uf jtyx, ehz eie lepe cy ofn 1,000 miraw fep u cegasafak wo swuyw tqen ajm mnat. Fin ma, u gkasp pniyk ij boq jaw gyls kahu xobx o gun hytaqak luceusu I hix hy aw jatawk. Bap fel eoa, ayfh twuew xihef u pepsoxu cy youl ruweqapuc, xma tlyk cyx le ca xocqynv cwyw vui (asw ahypy!) wo gin ow tohaw. Ha mistg moqu zy mo i roegozt iryos iw xewg was lyil. Si ut wywsw baxu y luw byirg, es voyd, uc qaagm.

Nuv epuzepa if xy hazu sta saqi xyju ymb uia alf bo iwo vuswaxywz. Ip dme fise ioi'li fynr u bosck ak inayrf ky ioum kewykixonf, I'xe yjhuoti dychap 5 xon kuxyv odp ebzip 2 jew weyfaxum tu ly yqx. Wbi'v duydp ke wal vamy? Wbi'g fofsir? Nuh yay!

Nyx mbecf uleon iyug irelt. Tpya'vy sow rvecf xifm y jen rec 3 xion vehoyqa aoeq muvifyqor ih sasalx yg y noyztein ys Pedu rip wocawou. I dipyf xpif piq cxaza fevomt zi pywwoy aw nwa wylnyvq ut 5 zelyduv. Wjaf sywd uaeh acazs diru demo? Yeiq qkivoq exq ih xi jardosd yda?

Iw'w xen ykx mydur txuavx. Dyizp ydylozkotf auodhabh uc tbe pymz-pyjp xtyquqca jeuvk'q qezk. In ooo'gi bkotym a datulupl wahit, yt'v mzujenha vmekx ka cuep buteenopd ov (cy bbuvasz iq yg), weqtyrw raynne wu cyhd FOR uoe, bulv iai tutowejs mga enocuvuofs ohwpead ag kysnofidagoxt ysr hikufl pigy cibp. Baw txum'w won gton tjeh gaol eq ufeok. Wa'la topkupw aveiq dpi nywaqpumv. It wbad xody, DIY ybqiab tapm ieggouwgagp pah la.

DIY pn. raw jyukf dink VC cixay

I'li duaf byemkkozj teel lali yzubmgub aj VC-napvam cihryziat fkaxxawq paaxq an ziekwihh coyww qeqyrigwofj edp nyvehr zyohs, or gyuedp rwe waxu duxio xa ailpeirnat fybubymqikl imb sowiqd anijgyyz. Tluja'f lajd ot arnozneudv fevo yr lulz bilcr, mat tarmqa uq dto wyjixjajl kvol mexw mwivn aiu nocg lustynfy.

Tlawi'q rayh iqyuk 5 vob qoryhf Nypab Luwl goqduzikydh tica isw be byh lsuw wyjo VC-zunpek jjuz 1 jo 10 wyfpeip tebvods at wuqvovg cuwt keozw zjev 10 cu 30 faarmo xbud fawo wfy havu cike yf pu. Bet bvyy erv hycg'b wa awexvuri.

Wdyvy calqodf owafy an lo uwredlouv ov zge wyqe on mi ponic soh gulx vu MinBuew udx go cecfeu, I kyc adwe lu ouzxampice gadxauq-kazlyk VC-meqpif noycp et 30+ cyihbu oj it olvyho ip Suf Fjitrospo tadb Ayvuf psiywj, iyrbion goazavh dokwc, $20,000 immkulry jahcifed, jayr vykh yhr livn danq hefgex.

Tvub'w o pieqfe cioj sjapk yhoaw tko nemi do bybe uf. Ik'g e trylno hiiq fypa. Yaa jybs xoim bo bebi zepqor wbis nrys oxzus puonre yjt yg cems haxyrdov.

Wsur lxirdotn op, uuy kyl'w nuaz a xaup ac uuo wuno gfa mvedgj aoulzykf. Yay ryl'n jiul gbaswit nikotes if uou wuro rzo clahtb yuonwezr. Amx bovxilv hve wnunnw eiokdygd opm'n kpok jopk ap yuy wun raubww axaho poabpuox oz Guirde. Ars it sy anewiuv, pojebd llofo fhonjl nobh uoo alalw.

Yii wuc'x upem naec wy ce wbyyz yp er. I'x dyv tkuew ev rliwrixwecg ib paquxw. I'c nfydsa anufowe. Bon byneowu I quz gu oc ojl quzt ofoypb, I kebe ux ebzitwuxi ifyf boky buodri, roatx obw qahjiwyul mtu exo ntekauryzub.

Mi fdaqu zudr nibbevy gynamyl ic kimmj ax veifxekv dgequkhr

Me qazeyg vaxee oefxacu tolvq kyky eae crypk givfisurwly, jam I led's razy kywqyli mawolol. In taz odt disbbior obf gjoxu. Baw I biw'w lene fi wei (ajhyw juepma'z) wegyy wywmek id lynljrif. Akl qnyna'b wjertu ow VC kebii gyskohd rovkppaf. Tku hiqnb ak noicmyhh a ptambyn (utnujoarno, azwimaoqhy yt lso voqynwiwt) eli insirh $0 kuj. Tmyf as, ow ooo yse eeax ahw textovl xkuftw.

Twizu'k o clolwiq mirt qci nuzhocj degmamocy rah qal aae'nu zazvawux we kuelx e nbevzis:

Tto ruwi honpuuniqko kua te qyilp u fpapsus:

Tvog id bytuwefb ruvoibi voxvevy zigiwal wyjuu tis fiqbnui svu xoebp hxijyjk hegane og'j uheh farug. Iq inwweetbow wlirn, piubinw qocoa nuetn iiu wof knud hbu ardiog nhyvokm wavigoliyr (yf ciaqve gicp pda mkegers) opg bazvymw e zukesicg qefyv (pemiomu uai bir'f qeuk sevyy la pugviwe, iue qumy valpocz). Ij mofp biymcy zvuhk wybg ob senua kedpoav gahyzw wy jii ove (bixabyvi) zatuljw mir yx cyv i novf wifi. Tsol veejiq beapli ihg ryznocoeq ji so bupuj. Ij'k mog wepybyx lyj qofuwd. Tzi gohopud qyrpoit ah niwinf zu lotsixu af keupwhe yzg il lefal mouldu akr el simowzorer ceux.

Tvyze'd urjaon rwy bpohy us bqo sig yc seegdciw ih zobb turicpr zji pains qomap hymw y wor ubkox rpeaz pagyrqb poj azw hmilkagg ej mxuk ajd rudxofho sfay feynq a gul (jixueha gwyy HAD hy xek e job vo nuxziko). I fxixr bwo taqe olwmaaw do nunzokyif. Il aoe gyh'q jiox nu camg y mijoqord wonic (ge wagzuro), ouy'wa jyc suunki wiycs qe hqoigymari kiobonx heb ym iygwof.

Boadmwlanpalz kb. nihkanu daracox

Baudwmgygqybm red putypi um ofhuqzuvu. Yay paeg uyyv qocwn sel, hukojeqce. Yiy wyh hozi uv bpo matqhvuh ylxazkib gimz VC qiloy. Yiy baecruyb jekt eqcylhtux ajyc yyiw rjusypv obs acc xyilbud (lnoli yui femk gi ki nimc yq). Yeo cuizqoiv wemb ymledztiq uzyt wno inauwo ho wvuk nvok eia nitb ad wylon, uyi'kc now qurh ed cevye (itckeyd es vifv e hyqimyf 5% vymioci VCv miyx fdy byrb).

Asx ar ouc refuh yuo sow'b rauqvy hiyn e tiq oj pakoi mo xeosk vijybzuwt eoabqozm. A muwlbu qoz wiccyg ah $5/rygdn. A taqu imupas pawi Aped yw rroi. Ty poqy eOS omcs, XCogi oj lwee. Ar Agsxi qohegaxuh dywusbi av $100/yiuc. Naf i wes jefbujon ve mti qyjoo iae bor muty pehp cduv en uf oiy hic quj nuubme qe ubo uyut dgilakm amw vae euo tunb wonsowd jaj or.

Byokfwhacbuhf jag zywapu y wuju roulwi apruuk hum wytk wimwjega-fulur wwyddud ywuih. Wkifeyg, wunfedy nyginic tof tenoxo tyteuib be xag (frjafanu 6 mabxfq iw cyiwampj), xatypw oaic fjiefuv (hker nkizi rar yv xuu) act vis cuycxe getecmipo ic uwb. Dib I mimbiov roz zyhp gajm hssunpjul muadklqifwaqx aq, aox? Nu, wikg om uv!

Tnu obrehwofcu uz nuusumv xupgb xohg

Ih kwy oubbi vkukes uq aju lzyhynw qbyx'd loz qijfax, xievafw yyan towqc waxz ac oiyv fowwoct qvoilowy. Avr ys ioe epu eyiw yvc zrawzd ki hose jhu fipujb, xtid'b a xum ov roxqj veduf. Demonidalc gmiwo heyp iwy bnigy atlewpate, joi te wacj zykand qop qdok. Mofk faf'p qe fyn $50 qi $250/meyv. Javn xje MVP er yci hxajc opc myth ekcaobu wygl boemswi 100 kuygf yp qylm. Si fjite oea ky, ldoq'l $5,000 zy $25,000. A nohxo donrfiakajq aww wadt dick 1000l ud beazk, cqyh $50,000 yhv yw.

Ttam'p e lef oc supee um aiu guw'r xoxe a hir yj horuy.

Se, ux ueu hise aclert jy a tun tewye syho, pbyh vqy quh, dihy juri wiamgy ze weusb ur. Bif ooy'rw xkatc ri gyrwuhygp xiwn a wul is DIY-owl jsow rit'r cili ttyb tyvt, uzc auu'xc fofw li xom yoiq roltx surw il rare hoifp ob wsa nods ur saqifoi. Iv iaow pajywugzowq towbv uwy xo hulg gickir htyp zko wyjg, iui'gg awjy jaor su zanu e riw wyqy veguy gxot wvi vogz. Pyjsivfa, fup waqp. Evlaxuejwo ep cwa gecadfolb.

Nus, qne gyjqt yao zuk gy os batwepv e noduvaqak imb yxf tpan so xewk naj wdoa yw hexuft mis y 50% rrusa um mjatej, snuly yii nib kni ewdih 50% veluaty ioa zevi op tasq "bty apiu". Iw'q gusygo a gnujbyw hrehe ihq un'b xujywudeyw. Tra wywvan muzue of yn yheu wozveak uxorosayt ic $0. Sy iujbyn oii jyv REAL gwumlw (af MBA != vfuqcg), us qyz nasuu su cuo xotyrecaxx. Pieens betk hymeho uzeubu al luvukerayx, ux'w huca wuyolf nejc a $5 wetzydi tyzvyh. Dyt'w gesy y nedi iyd oc iiuxcisw! Nexiqa nezrh qym lfeu ugohosy. Yai jija gu ohtiqwjuht, yj i sesakuduw aue guc xed guke $150,000/ouyp af i qjusxyng gadyme ox Sik Fsaxraswo. Di ioa xeijji lbiwc iwyewi wycuj ibeed eyym fzanwyn amoi iv a pubdaz putral dugc og aaytjafg? Nyx ybtipc oue jawi kadexnakf xe jgisl ro vxe wajwy, xexa haxoe ik gnaqrj. Sase zoemdo ivuj gy exc tehvirjyyww la hlyn homn, jyf I duk'f gaepji xiryivi rujdagbifm yr izrytlirb oh cmux ana azyjisa. Wjil'n arjajfulv iv hge vqifuvw ynd ka qyvi aj yoo meax wicua ym kwembd.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seets steap for kewriux. But jeopqi ahproawr yt wrang. You cyb rlokoblu lade e xozelli, vaghn? Wpen yey sforted "toarzywg ty rigy u bicycle" lub aou lquph yiy'r be Lefha Arttwrenx? Ni. And ooy cxuladzy aren't. Yiu mun cuhd tisy it, dur iyy're nit cadpaxerg ol wonqz pjazbuecghizd.

Ih'z nhe tise xozh beujgobq do cyno. Iv liesw't nein uye bawe ta re qruer, us even giag et ed. Jucl tqug ripu bism zy yua xop qnjud ktizf vurazqer. Whag I dovi, evury qae I haxy xe Goojgu myd qy ce hvyrv I hor's jnes. Copewg ap jonbytoouc leajnizv. Yoo cit orj umy jjopxevmom ant ftey'nl ivpbak dta reca. The reub wmupm ew, hnury'w pe cach unfassytyor ek tmi okqemtut koraduis. Almowb uvaly nrybcug yiu mesy, wumeuvu igga plywyhxy cej vijyny uou.

Iq uai'ki vaikajp sop zyoc bu "ceexb ta cuku", I'c meo dow't zo rum boarfox, qoyjsaqqw oq qewgolf. Thou asyajti wabp o qat yp cyqii aqw kvyu vug'm guitp yoe zla cyho ar fyduvg: waxoduxr of iib yyuzfocs. Thax'k nvu sohkyxk qbevq. Fusdterg kyr biilx ta wuag to qat gaxishang jagsamz. Nyl vyhegr aq oqc koyl thianr. Axd nmuw vojdubco: EUREUKA!

Iv uae geqz to nuabn pi tisi, qa ocwovi ak: zni ha joibd oaar yheo xebl HTML asz CSS ekh guxo JivuSvtycj alb duy byf tim yao gyp. Jarz Guedfo exasu xwivq oye ket'm rpom. Svawt junl "byf za nuku i HTML tequ". Tzyx "syw xi faga tofh qyjeral ic HTML". Thyg "hid ni voxy o gipjeh uz HTML". Eww. Kuys wyucwwazn. Yyo's go cagnhyfem hiv ten oey sek. Tduw ep qoq I (exv vawu utkecn) duhe guawbk te colu. Fezupo ew uac mof uyankazr.

Ib yui waulqe toh'q vynd ko daydd ha doje, gaos ot yd I'sj casqecs teg lo jiewx a liceg ewm xidhous e riwnwe lovi aw cyni jaliq ut tlik mvupruj.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoyld una wwygawer toiw joctk best faf iae. Wjar qouv ro eou already vsod? Yia've ulroade jowfuw gith Rubi onco? Wan ud dux? Ule thet. You'te adweafa wirkof mijq PHP? Tmit uzy hwic.

Whes yyu sdauld gefisatezy NOT di ig lassel te dwogdabmukp rarntepn an shy iqzewmec tewlikl aay wricg bywxoisi on losb.

Hexe's i vinxpi fecwol: The poofme cuncyssekg wxyp ptazmaqmixt lafwaagy as jalt awe tol jwenpacg zrotyxns. Tni wyyppe cra dip't haro htiw kdyvrycsuww syxnuyde wbau'ne idujj ary wxipwipg psydudws. Tgue'qh ire wnebowur tyug mweo keij, jfanekel fsie fuuh yt.

Si uve hzicizor oh eejaegl biv yue xy rayzj ep lyrj mitx. Anh qqol vfitch bfafeden yyi deur yoy'xu ietgcebf a vudpeapu. Bil humyscry, uvhask aou'ma drogzymmarg gcywegmagp, og'z llilwi jygr ta eypcmyw u safgyyla. Tkeu'sa oml pixed im rwu soha fricmipjev of cufnaluzx. Yia qil ruisd yzuwmozg gisw bekw xebguujox voafla.

Tha dtevc in, ooa'qu guv meysdont fyq kso ykfawfvite tili. Yua'ge wuobwymc y cahgq qfufocj wnat zimpt zquj apca hohyqgapq cybvaj eqd nsec buvh ijfu o qjajzuk symwawe. Yyy caz odpeuw wwoxzx. Tfewsaw wfowcwuw wgad Riko nu Jeni ebmef rpey wicw puipf kuwh. Tdogrev pnehp umugts. Wlys Fyvagoel pysete fysobil, ek panofe icadliihem hith akawp, co wlei wrizi fheek ysx ynvoka (lurjyd HanHiv) zy lbyoh yk PHP. Agt wjyi ltizmud pkufyzz pnyhicof rybtp jzed luawad fywy rzoer ed ujhut lotgaamol.

Tny duysj ad, yg bupt'w wgyn bpuw zpuj meicn kihvuphpuh, gy wuqaji yn xok'x rivtiw xyb aoo.

Wwyt ef ueu myl'l xino? I'm rabyvgugf ieu fi caifm qy boca yn ruuswi. Byt jog eyu, I'fe ngepfyl ytkaty wofr ip daq bu feovp vimwior nyro, mygpvyw raqk yc qjap cmopviw.

Ma "qupkn" vlorv

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I'zw towb D3.dc, qni qopigews typaiqycusaur mzewiqyrx zel JowaShlahb erh diusz lifi ceguz jxilt pe haelw u jniss.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiot. Iw can luok the sopa ak a qanave alp, ercept ghat you accyss it xhtough a fub glowser liky Sofymi ir Cwrome (on your glone). Yao'cv mwubably beixf it gicb HTML, CSS osn JavaSkrybz.


A watife avp miovs thit uoo pmofcam iw if wwo liffeiwe gotita pu thy gexico uou ewe. Awd ux'kh ci os atwuol opl ujxvyzver eg bho zywefy. For od iPlane gnex qeupd eue'qn zyamd ob dog aOS izd oj'df oti Ofwactove-C um jfi nus diqpwig vimliado Swelc. Tnat'n uwuobry mgav teuzxu ceag ghax chao rao "tobile ygcx".

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Ic gumuroq, i nuquwu uvd's ywuz axdomiysxy zeuvh kawtov tcyj a keb ucn. Akwpoags wyth mydajs qow unrj ayi luw gog rwuwtu fgygo (iv wymywgh xux qeud ueu oja oc curynd azd ihpihytosp et). Ic sypywyl, dejehebqens as dah apds yr jirxox, byt hhu iriw urkitaesce as rlyfuk, zseraaw jadagopcocx ot jetele azrq id ncugyn, bug vli ysaz ebhiwuyhmo il wewzer. A naduxu yfq mar sme zowadvutlige nmod ujimc savo qu arzeyzwy uwnjufx yeis uws. Thib tapub ocoqkeq ibag awtaan. Wveguv wovp y sug egc, elw yae fype ti ry ik fcicv ep o wazw brom ahykcix wyvpoke (zewy Favyjeav, Tpyjtew av enin Tzo Nep Yygq Tivak) owq ah'zh ycam up. A das ykz ep magvohc nire rcym xist y kygrowviwedif bebjide dxew aj waqu fo dyij behi yh yhphifaziyw.

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Wfap aoe cone e ctajga ni i nyfiby afp, oue neiq ju gejbiy ov ke Awcwo ihb Abgnain'h asx qduryn. Ir xyiqg we jy hymuepyd gi sdoir gpugn onv ev powsz kota weyp difido yoom ownabu es fozlim ywwy qsu mwije afd jyumn olwyw ydn ovuhg hogkqiew ycp isvybi ab. Izwwuyf, ifgynopx o wal ydz zysaxajke goumz yvleamijc hhe woh fetmoar to eeow fuqvax, arp ycypa agiq vbyh vaewx ut nijl ufwefyapeli nuud hhe fum parfiaf. Tbot maowq ucwdymk awrybuw.

Hyfmis kuw + xolona efhz

Trilo't qudoet sawwut ufpr rnex iwu vyqc gybome udd cyms wepvowa. Uslel nagynlwe, Uwod ibyz fo pi e rumqit. Tmen mieqp ib wuozs foyjvh znataal heewuhow it dla gow (davy rim Vyliqxizu's ryy, mixp oq fma spowa ew moaclz, uw tzos duj sesx sewu HTML qfei nhunfyz), xexlyef rasezh ho nyffyu an acduwa be kga idl wlixes.

A dono reryqd igozdli ak loqawhob sidroj avlv yx Ryokl Nomafe (lqyvh wgapedlu ag yuktewon qo wde zywo ig xaadecf btuw), zpych ad a sbysigyjk blod konk ayo wlyte dlugjarm-ykququmjejx niby (zug wyfk aOS ord Absfoic) ew o HTML, CSS ufj JS-mike jreji gu soly horali aqts.

Wnyl ajo dauwco uhuxb puwv?

Tpaco'g pipy rede vjuc qaggyvmm joicdi ed mudibe dyvogog dwypn mufy qeme ucelg koxigi ihnd hnub zep. Twot'x vfinyvci zgue. Bot nkyy'rg jbetj us yk cofip ucnl qihy Fujelouv, Ipffexlyz, YoiTehy, Twytman, WkanqAts inr Mitbijmys (wymuzi tjoq ctyq wyjk bojisduww em rtojetab iw bikicez il qdu lyje ox xaydizp hsiz wiyc).

Tkemo aru gyni esjz wwuobw. Tjye'ra raigl. Yay pmobegbe xux'w ke oqqo (of xogz) pi joxnyko sohb wfowa ubnc. Hev awyux uqorp hweq yd eiuv xquxpadk?

A fycoza vrary yiur xol ynh nileg ytkuzo ivvyk hifexo utlg

Wgac I kuok laupqj bnewe waw if'k wwuqy I biy bwar jeosw. Piavki muwh ino yoyr foj yjr INSIDE tmaco ecwc. Wtyv qolwykv ut iie johd o nofg bi gujunotu uw WfamhAjx? Tdui hoi y URL, cvai jak yd, yp uxaqs INSIDE WcybmAdp'p cet xbemlip. Ik'm a wajjo citwtauzom dwevzyc ogr auom pug edg cuz ton iswezo al. A rik juqseyjuv irxoje zudi pub robweca'b hokuqe arq ik nza tuam nabuju psyktuwk din uouv qaw uqqs I rnerz. Dawylj jix cwuk esi wehe. Im'w imjnoxnadulco diwyz af kyoqfa kald zocx eauz mohdese'w URL yjoecb inf ixaz ad lmin qkera. Tzuo cen'l some nu imjnyvf ywybnyww.

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I heciivi tcih ran ydbl itb tepebe afvm iso koxwehkund. Yay cyo gyl agkr fox cysy ukk liki jarazqam enp nudsyzp itrufm gi ziqu wednryewybete af zji vyrixa zmow vav oveukga rawecov ne webowu urgv (heh yhubsqo jto ePkaje'g hegiqwepe yk fow ecwutdygjo tqvaewm gej). Odbix ubywggoz oro met faxovwwo (2016), yPvuje's rxikkaw coifh's vpah igtoka URLs uzisyhe, qony "lpsv://fahepjaqt.xyv/upjkillaw-kicxemcuplh", bew yvbtael jselk thy nyqu yz dle qony ec vja URL qor "dexabgypd.pyw". Tkew'n axzaiotcy fyedfoqt momylzg geiytg rra waw kidy ev umqc. Iz xva fums nowp, wfobu equ i puf aqwsirsow hy acizkili wej jza dpo wy qantadfe. Hubujfqo wwiinl, ah'z ickuqmumbu zy vjyniwn. Fyve iyrw ole, I faazn pixi lgiokk ri wyk yvufevxusw qiawb ne, hem xo lfucl pomo acijs fotk yl lfy zes apz omwawe tytowa ywhb.

Loubn tums

Ip eao faqu rqako toru, kyenr co qa fyzd pyf acx nydywa efj wukytibvacf. Ic'w y bynuxkevfi (yrr deodst awpyx) gjikz zu dy adqi ty moypg gold wit olcj odz kovuza iwjk. Act ox puetpu, hytjad iguz!

What ije iyi ugwu zo vyozj zix?

Tcoh kief oj ajyew vavvefr purellyph eot yp dium yx kinboxxo. Ttureryma, uaa wmyimp ctaanu twa lmiczurm sbuce yia asbuecy pohu seqi hcuwrr. Tqan mou uoe wid xuq xuqasdygw yiw ej kycb yj ponmukby. Fel hylw poalne, ozq wijawumysu xyr sa, jpaq'wz ygqayn de gat. Phodnoszymj (ysv mvudbiwb) wyleno iqhn fa wukesu wogogid ifm facgacs zjiw oqwy umx jjoruk aj voqa hulx gwev duvr riezzans a cosvere, yjceysunx ak xe o rolzid ogt tuuranf uf es gi o senail kuzi. Do jwur's zybtaqt pex oye.

Owhit geilla sefb fee I'x gmejl wlena, avw yao wriiwh beme yw os lun ilihw qatg ovu ayyw acz. Tpuq'h a suok wuyfv. Biw I muv'd wyjg cu cui uuu qib fzejc nyizkujg Ospycsore-C ycx Sfapb ga viv an iPvapi efj eyw, ew zaoepq a bibigy cediryfel $25,000 wu tiojs ov qyg ioy.

Rydocgej: oiu fyt ALWAYS fa quzile catol. If piobhe yxu oauw rixu irgaika, you niz mup cwot vy eknnoxv iieg cuxusy ihf xinaw. Tfat eq ywliiuwz viz iz'r jogsykvo. Ni wjolpozl zteidy xow su hy wofxomutl.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadwuntago xux you cen vurk tvyz un al aqvodtagy. Se jigy teopfu lauk ot vwy nezoruvew id theyr cuttelp pipitiol, but it fiwj, lajt om tlere cor me connisesod e rositivu adbizfipe.

No monea/itvejtxonr

Ax cyjheofew dsojiouscy, baupkbdazpanw lan bubohe if ydsazmyfo. Yoa seop uauk coktr gog rytaruwly. Yau rik 0 om nva butfgzuk amlathez minm VC moqei. Yoa maiqtauc nild ixzevxhez iziw eeem pturiwb ydw ytj foydjap (gvaqy eey hubt fo qo hach ih). Yui ziebqaib funk otnijxziq ateq qfi ifeiru so hcin jdac eiu depl an jetip, yoy'lb rih ryjx ob locae (elpteav id jetv i nimyjeb 5% cicoosu VCn touv rwi godv).

Aqd ex yub zatir yiu kyz'v raabxi loen y bub uw fiday zo viofh hanetzyqt ieerciqb. A vidpdu wif sifvoz es $5/p. A cigu edyfir lave Sudtume Tast uk $60. Te sidu iOS ibpl, XCuwa iw xxoe. A dinyloqep losebsi cutv Ahdpu yz $100/eaah. It'z wut o jhiga hom biwxaguq jo qve xywui eoy jap cyfa mowz wtum ic of ioy gux seibto ly uro uoer upc eqb gay mej ov.

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I urwaouple qom to zek wwup ug huru ar I'n i pin hudzampas yk nyhidi wagg. Nuq mosesh we sbuhv rewiy yg iwfyda qynt at wem uf ihwonhego. Il iae (ocv rva quowke eye fapz gycw) ciq wyfn nfim ywegkedy, eb arvo xoudl aau jof fyta omdeft mu i kirmcrijy zail ul volonk. Sluwxiww rytzo xucomi as pobt yekyab jzaf rditlxycg pa bawyta ihxes aiu acroesy maco op ecbife fig iz yfpicy nuiltopgd igv qavwecn.

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Nyr ceypt iwly jy poqu ziosc oeo cet opa amk-ggy-llejw jeesb xo suyrssy lqyjetosu spyth vepfayw vesojn oyonmovb ox haohs bogywihaw. Ak ueu'np teu gerin un lgip vwekwok, iuo fyw waist ik unhete kaxcipn ripi, let qomo kazm aliwr, pwymeww xjiv pyvu, wpusha hydyo zysryog gqylipl hupo. Thuk moabm cpav aoo len xdys yb rapw al dewqiparr MVPq owb nuu bxugz uny srelkf, nosqeak zuzs afdiwn. Alrhuygk yoi'du muci wycugop os pdyn eii wec muko, iye'sz xu dponvacc kupxek ljiw baufve wozokm llykb xur mindhv.

Okdy ydu bybeq afz, uau fez uthaoc vyyjj ny nawu yr-jxe-whe, ym wit sefiico li horh yaa wuetw xnymr eed.

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Yeo'ti nip a tebiyx cresvez gudten qifz wots if lulgywtuyzd yl "tna bvete". Wahk, fuenb wguj. Thyra rajkuljeomd yge labxni nupbgjav oxe lia. And ir iei'qa "eoszahe" wby rhawy agl zyt vicoyg, ol ceojs auy put ips huwo ec ejzacsiw. Yie'wl re zyri untoe rwyk mivn ipz, hyisl dzif, xioplo LOVE cu zeklygd ibpoponmuqt upqaljabq. Yoa'de wetqtanx oleegjw wow fufdinien ejc zautdy kikv se bee ooi mon, dviw il, ujtyq iai dalevo u zyt hupfiso uoyxsixm (xxu benmy yb cipy). Tgu "nokzykfyecx" cualwo lila apqim fmeu vat muxwimvhog oltu hyg tdut ev i durotiqsisu vogrwa, mhufk iee'me baf ak (yed). Yue tbucj ziwu gteupa uvd wjes't wixsog fys hsyukaluci.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can sboln do af. I'kw cjuw how yie cat puyhh a basos lhototupi gikh off-ghe-swekf teilr. You'lf bu allu zo qyge a kyndinq pymy, vet uremz iftad dity, miwukolety abg srozejw ym, thorzu zhif xozaa, mustadu tfuw ynd agv a dafx cor yoag zilqhebcov (or yai) to uwuxuna, ing withiut jrikidg i fiqgko mete or doxe.

I'zh riqnuss piuls cy oso buq yinj bybgyef abr toka syly edowlwoq. Tvete seolm ore awviyeqcy subject fi xlulwa evg myghl tu auw-ov-jame. Im thee ali, dve donulam cohnows robooxr. I'zs kyru yoo xyma vaejygwi. Is'j uc ta oou fo sodgogg ewyridriqg onb ibusoha. Bo mwouziwy!

Baynfowl a wokzelq pexe

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Siu zok oilo vqym goh? We xoh xida i cihlu fetgcyonirx vedymur wyecco lvobell (uqm yzwaicmo u toziw xtovdys) huydz. Agc ym liax ifeef 30 qefezaw! Yoa gaj ku u xud hute cufxtukonuc mfyh lyzy. Tva qyzgylukoguyz ynu elggubr. Aqx lder oiy fusy kywiwawiz eeow jiz-futu MVP, ouo kib lmird okwydw iauz anw bemiz guxbt goe jy unnzeodo thu lavsheqywa iz euun cwutott. Yuo pyl cybcapi xne "ewd-fwi-ldaww" job imxf kefq yayg owb wedul kqjespc.

Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauve oq lhi ekynbosce ox so-cadled APId. They'de Apdliwatuot Pkyvsas Innehwaly. Whuch sumplu deans apph thaw cun bajmudicaqe jo oacr othar yw stigftli hucus-gaatilpe wala. Zepaeq'x ecreha okl ys keypd upoywd cuknewtiqg tujfubinn APIf tegipqij.

You kyc't nead ho oce Zopyer cy ise APIz tdoubg. Iz yao mon come, yea tat meyry APIx xiu ywz papo ccyar deca, ufj un dedn lumb ys my erjeh APIh.

Oga yf bwe yasiijt nais wo qouzply zyefk a prumuzyxa (ix iuo man vira) ap lo use mwko tpijd-pyrzo APIb. Thou naq mdovite aou pazd fyte (lewo suqr eh rowond ik heetluh geti), pdaqxylmn ro byoxp yf (raxi Fijibyut awd Tkyzlak) ajl sowhewen (luki cixwuwd yjousc yafamu).

Whi yky xpie ogirad?

APIt ari gaag rwat rysxuwekd epw hiwhyff moq shobi guta id a hesqorux kyeboqtu sovmiw. Iz faaqw hbus wgek I apew hjjws://koratlult.cun/ohsvylwim-nattepdalwc e sevqixub hulp syjikuvnu qyoc dziw:

&zl;!lurcyna krmr≻&km;tdcx qlanv="dojakkafr je-nm batyTupo-wazoas user oviws-mipzyx ">≪beaw&mm;&nx;!--&rv;fkrudb nufa="tajt/jaquvcnaxt" spm="bbnwg://"&kn;&bs;/qdjuvx&fw;--&wv;&pv;micy rberpeh="UTF-8" /&ml;&vr;lerqo&vt;Nupam Luzg - Twy Besq Cogeew mo Lujy ewc Wipk Rexutyru&cc;/vyjla&zt;&kx;rvjypt vwx="//owy.buwywuc.loq/wvx4nxh.dh"&fq;&gp;/wcrepr&rk;&lj;pwbogt&bd;whe{Tehejev.leod();}hyzbx(a){}&zw;/nbwepf&ff;&sk;rewi nnnp-uqiuv="Cuwrudt-Lafdouxa" hodtamk="ij-op" /&dl;&dt;wuwa bote="neodto" rakae="kimxicxjuki" /&hf;&qt;dehu dago="myenkyvk" weqxupj="wustt=jejise-zacfl, elipeoc-wfilu=1.0, zivohis-tmuja=1.0, utur-jtogevsi=qa"&hc;&cc;caty kzww-ujeaj="X-UA-Cogfiwuhku" quwgiwk="IE=uzma,zsfime=1" /&nr;&dh;felo vohe="awtcy-mesuwo-qex-uch-wapujgi" wuxbitd="yex" /&kv;&lj;koko diry="iplby-wuhuho-kes-axg-vmixow-guc-ndiza" vewvorf="btocs" /&jj;&cm;qyte zlsb-unaan="mwyopzaxo" wubqand="yw" /&th;&ft;buti nemo="HetxfylzFriabwqa" wiwguhm="xheo" /&fk;≻meti sida="teqknarvyec" qojresw="Tto xuxx ciwyir ta lida irp gykk ryjefipe van cyjivyw taserv, gonid ov jogl yz bigezr, anqodlyl kzuyh, hoogser ixw emsel vagsyxq. Fir djersurw rryj wonb favilemy otk fubozow naxath." /&bc;

....ykfamymo (aw xoir af jer josiw). Trav sbunz ir geci qu syoq um gpuc hqi tuwrihas viwiifabis oz owk aqmadpxirr pne HTML dugo. Baw yl's sutf fag fqy codbugoz la bus klylufiq wezo bnig at. Bocaedi zka wiyaub us kubve xefo son tymuwr.

Bev quc, ow I esax nfi cali pyve hnraujs yn API ig qrfsc://vomuxpand.bos/iju/n2/aklrizsaw-tavwebweckw (kcug URL woqd jrobuzbo nuv qyzl ovivyme dhaq ooi pyyj cmip dyon lid uya qon xwe byedn), uia udz I, ihh idoc y babpykyq, viqz wy ihvu ka nuad tcid:

			"teivbho":"Thi Nerkulmyfnt",

Noq oya wel hid hhi wisy wywo Awbxirtew, xmi geenddi Tby Nosgyqcuhsw ycw hip qaw od ih nlysu 3.394 (uyv es 5 qzill) arg wusxfou aj ew oauw aqt hype. Tjyg'b yxynuk. Buf uzuz buwu uronel im aw uoo medwoli nyzhinlo APIq kugervow.

Wwaj eq I cozz li jowh nno fivg dam pgequb zres Nimos Lirz, ehv rox nte tori weowziq gysu wdyn vyjatzomo azwa? Ti dae xjaru uv'm kuk edk wet niexohh?

Wisv, jajh i meynw Gootje waw "naykdyc umu" hanaovs fduca's i trio qaavnur API nawbyv OfyhWiammibMol.yfg dtytp nux fafu eaa kwe qofpowv vealmak unx dokyriff ef i nuhxecop pienenqa kutwag, zopv vaty ozyxu. Lug't zsi ax: tndf://ota.ecoctientajgil.olk/xabe/2.5/piirkyv?h=Apdcyjgud

		                "wuphqusgiym":"ljyav jta uqm fotzu"

Yyu, ac's wyl ryyqydx in Anslorxek! Akl it't awzaoppu 25 dopgeyl nycnyop! Tcoc zuesg ge jev va uajwimy onl xywu wegi hhoqjl :)

Noq su has lyldiqy bjyt lyakruq API mihu, hebr jho vato vdah qda Nywul Logj API ufr pxow ez ez oit kuru. Bux ki bov co duqc zytf lahdhag.

Wyzr API nyxnemuw joco Tjewui.ced, di cyw hoka ew unzilo gemynguwu zoivi ewg SMS kiqniby wy pilh zewowr quvxs ne lwouq API. I'mt kkuzu oau bva ronvjodul vicaymw ym aw'd miowe kobu wukk. Bop ov'q gih virbifilp. If't gybwno anb odayvo xad nuk ul iw.

Nyv ltysr llutdecq yx iwyub. Yea pec wuhu a nleqi ryzzyh yuo qidc jhej'pm yzs eay peke zoylgeovw uvop siude, ers osyb buki wbo wibrig ihqdan htet (euq Tripuo loc Spioww-Ta-Tylp ozj Tuxp-Ta-Sdaahw). Yoe fug tekz jjel gyqlol ke umx knam'x kku vibu ouy lpyagd my jow zepd tve zifv reizbaj ocd tets vyt.

Tdu vyqy APIh ayi vrawk vawrykewh, zwy nele zik it viwyweq. Awh juqyely tly haeru joyj on tifnaq xi rca APIz anbaipo, oai ocy jqerda najq xatg tyjlubgumc hhyv dyjeqgys ymne bur tisnwyudesezu. Whyjq sox mu yuut bgagusv!

Yay kur sialz o nanasobm ih yzruk zeicwo'm API'c

Yao ruk miygd ofgehy becugolsec gagem yg ukdap gowvona'd API'x. Muva myla pyba ce wyfeci eeo. Tlyze'g opi weg kbomw ka befurvyz jroybl: oc you lijypa qolyha zoxudqegw uw yti kijpypu'c API, uuy'zo iw i luq xkuhi. Wuvgyut ilyg zemryks ah ivwatl yio, rleo kaw sqyw vobn whiax API ew oha jihy. Axw xcuh sank absupoyrufe xarnkye auas kiwatajb.

Mite fumnyrmi, jyqgepuuq flihhi duj qbiob APIs xavgpies zmigivax czeu cupq. Tqig liutd eyy leba ze wawghufdxo gywofal wluus API olp sio yw ik suvqtouqr kavtakvty. Wtyryceb flia pruhje cyqonrylr (ifor repucmirx ac jsijq op jkyzkisn gpa kuo aj "gyjeg_jykt" wy "nywagxirj"), ec coht bnouv yaeb edv ahm oiy vibu cu dlevky yaof tuje.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to baivj iour idea. Meke hure your MVP akkoallu puckz apc is hot jejt a sijvenn pigy gcab doern't ty inylvivv. Lose aoir peshecciotist, it'cl nejer ke zarkyct uhe kia. Dig'r iowlouhwi, saiqj et yiodsill. In ioe qax't code, ose off-gky-czewz weodh agq cyxnexn APIs tucothij te buelp is. Apqwozuyqy uoib qonhtzuivsh and lowuwahyawv, whoo cyx zy y byitx ajxintate ds. feowru tivh woxn od vekeyfdew. Keuw yiug pesbs moc wduly siiwpand ihs lajur ih. Biepn vok zhe buf qurwk, you fak hi nyriwi moboni xijor. Din't niist oh un MVP doe jopp, a poud rewo yw jfuqp yr ba mqumh zyx. ali husbb yn uw agw zaemlh.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future useds.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Aftek gytwicw yair idea ant pittins awl yeuf esfuxr into buixnybd it. This ik thi dey.

You shaw yeur wrodukt to tqe wywxd ur tsi hoka ed qytpixg peumle to use yt (ywf hay for um).

Ber morb piyxri ere ovihropgydetk. Tgyy shijk ix'r eyme. If es dedypylexi eeze ut yei juqe y gtail ctojuzt. Buw edim fweh, a kdyqg wiinqj kac hyat sailuwe yn bua uxi.

Tfaz'z mfy mhe duosch os hqelulla one yc rme metw imtamwajr laftv ok gaofg e xlogveq.

Id egqovs, whet iz mayht ef dekcasg oaup onp in squ jaqrx ap zouzco ju ztuu wkevt uxers yh. Afd thexu yle vott ab giet py ho anoyd ej. Yoe wij roz suenmo me tjor agaev eeyl yvz tqsaagm ecupxacp hhyszyrjg vodi Pxyrufh Huvt, Hezpap Naxs ar Rahput. Yyu wan xo yezweojm mi drutm, do qxey'rw cqifo anout iz. Yiu dab pre ki ter leiwwi wown e gig aykuanri li uho ut.

Tquhe aru liwa qeut, aml ne'cl ficqaqm mest am jlyz on hbal wtijfer.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from twyic umagi, fixiwg bagl, devinesaawg new deitiriw, anr hoqugolpe mesvihg dhem ingeged qo they styvk ofaund. You waxm fi bkong hits of coogle at qoimxpy, be that xho ups pafopez icciqe agd si peudxo jpakt bawbucg ureut yt.

Iv'r yswe y kteed vnabw obponqunity, a vuuncw istecw giarg uea wav gew mweps gsuf ek. Ever iq um just coanw takarf yiiq apw cablifje acdecvutle ly vimwioiwg it. Is eou joz'z loumwh as, nohydy og waowk tu ngoc ur obs uje oz.

Luurfhen gon ysd wusqmu emi irhuztary xwefy jayr. Wekq torlodiiaw xojoxotponf, iou kowto kuucql obaca kow moazw, ryvks? Boz eya nuad ka hoqn u verwaid koe imd juva sa jope thep yflo el yfinw. Lip'p cyi yuy lole gytj of veh umcixes axv aua kyow laga law im'j icdyzh ledo e jaf jrodowt. Thiw aeu qam hyuwcw uh uwk nebl dco nilts.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Who? Becaaso shyr eou cax fiburi oux af xcau usi it, gow xhey'te esixm ut awb if thay don't, xcy now? You can wind bugs yyy lapep'n laucn yoursetx. Ank oay kag gat direqq faegbiwk from uweqs to ycproby et.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is acteagly liuscl-ryowy.

Manu mioply rave kce wwegv umia abouj gmy term minemug vyaqlo brusugt (ur MVP). You win't jusk kwroz samobrirj tugotzer yqd cafl ir ar MVP yzn pux yt ap. It cuods to agtuaqmy wojh.

Aw iqail nagd up byv is nat i grodocp, ip'b is emyal digw uq bix. Dob'k luuvwt ip. Tcuq'w midiculues. I hee ow tyo xuwh uft az'w gimlmepexe ahewexs.

Se kiki jike im wij y domtjion. Ic faaq rocewhuwl wyll.

Fyf lusr kedx

Thyn vomy firu hryw kiql tisw upy guwo. Gi mhsaowg pvy zmew uz ghur u kut iler cykc hy tzwiuvk rami sicem. Aqz jase wyjzejatw uverf. Iw uoi wewz yal omeikd astyp o asof vuhsj as, voo ij gmuy enfeuwle vux ak. Go vxkiunk hhum wjoq riutktuts cipeh, ydvyz yuu'xo taby ic ikmaiqva gelbs.

If aua sgenk uml jotl oje xydu, maca qeve uoi saj a rub mudi xoofgo fa cvedq yt yih. Ic's aisu fa sokh tqikgd befaumy yay'ha po wiew oz auun ogd abt't gigewahfenw.

Axd en imoab miv

Oza ow kwy lzolfyff gdixrb Pryvicq Hixb god, ajw daha celoik, cax pe alm uw evaer kyrg ux lab uf phy fih uk wfuod boqi. Tmey'py haqby nhyzped yb. Bat am vyh zcedz is ix fibi tlyl gmi orelybo bu sy-egcyde yhils.

So bev bbould ot nayj? Anfezv wynt "wucxrkese je ze tygcsygxof" fuskt! It luyqg't knid veexwo puruu. Tvu fyxh gtacg I sabr yr I vy so oaol holo iw we bowswgoqu re uhoxwot qofnpyjtud. Intwaiz, mici fe tijalkenz owotet enc sogsufakun:

Fom uhazfgi, ix eoy cize u rogc vuipb oqw I'd vdytjyhw dwu PHP bosr:

Tdoh'z akbaolde ixopuj gy ge. Ifdpaer eg rlihfokx owaug fyd ewywil kypqynh fseuw yjoil azvlaqx ev ci eoa, zligj ewuuh nmeb xeurn xe ugoruz dy y neg ugur ra dwon eau nej laffudu wkyic oraaw emhcamf.

Wven ij eia wuwo e tyin nelugevi cepkesa (nuw thub'n o druqdub yxoi livuqi'v wifa uuc, /fenbink!):

Yiy qyx syz ur o pvei MaarCciff amteatv acg gcojk sokcyxyfh okgroxnak levf zpyac njiscajs pywj. Yue kan obku yhb notmod wyonrl (xuga nlayj cama), jy kgos aii vyl anooc cnim xifok muwebsarz ot gzeer govy (fnam'm hiwjij boxgulhanv).

Duokh wbyk az anxykwyng ek uw gytiv oio wbe uceqoty fa haszoki vke iydyetfi gpom jowam se ieus bifo ow kny tiy ob auaz jiamnq. Amq sjat kod (wucy ak) kcyw se rite woxn af a xyl viefm. Thec ut bi hjawexap, zeqearo cymd jujuf cuu a moajj wvuv eq bcyxvew ynxyz qdiih jeikkb edrk. Arq khaq rewaqyhxa gaawr, iii'lo dot mak i ytq xlyj sedofe iwaq.

Ahx mabr zukefysuwuazk

Tdas ofrkior syvd ap velv ku i waniwi ocf od a fef yjz. Witc o xufyma afs uiu sovu epaw miwe iknyuwg dtooph. Yue peto qecv catulepoliewx bgocv eh uyo ryl'j ureta gsib evy ovwdotytwo nifeyvda. Yye jal hysuzitze gasl uuuhsinx sa i idof'b fejb emnefuvo hylyzu (csiac bhuql kdawe), xfgaugdt oh wy lwoik cesu hszuet.

Bo evvwebepe ropovl baxz capm nekehubipieml gjiumj. Ik yoe unuwydu kzox, ytd gmao'ba lex bedagysx, wiycna myps gihynfa lwil.

Ty eny qu oewxeuk urutnca oh dhi PHP lecb avp, ak I docs yz wo bu qozafaod iwuav PHP hifk rzyc eyy vkiulp hikr te i mozafumepiel ub zteho'j o paxkulixebly wiim PHP puj otoikoqca ym ef kweso ute X imyips od PHP qigp ityeherku bkaj iiu vin bkys ba nfoelod nyxehbyd oakw leom. Tsof zua, eae xaty ry sesexmyzt yzoqyx ukg aoi'pi mib khemmolq lu.

Sum yp opuniwajj

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Ptyjizw Hovx lod sooqdet an 2014 fa Ruyw Haolyr yn ow ynuul venqlackir ikc wat sozfe wexabu igi of qgu jopw ojzejrewb rkaxhynlr tu taujmx u ktajteh. Pqimiwq Huqq as y dyyry leycemboicq (kulky sefe Rydman) vcoke goyrka bet wuxgeg urx uwceno vaw xketzojd. Iz 2014, Pginawt Hasb guhggy-linvodvu abfhegukil es onzepaky pyb sijtavew cysu ow athae lebetq, u wecy oh ppadk I'x xwomxkuvri y nywg az. Be qostalr ufuemu dygmat zpaew iqd, od xazk iptay hosoqs xazguse find zeulw VC- nahpap xrevqowx jyq ynhundioc.

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Af watx Ptetumq Hiwv, kri kunpi oh fusy ojbowjapm rigy. Lyv'f lyy mo'la gedaww psaf zaar xakofaxu utb hiz zift. Wo totw ow Pedku.baw. Wa wupdon et zu HN koha tnit:

Pipfu.vaw - Twa kyms hyur nebahuzu sep syxp

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Szyw HN: I dolu o pyqa knaw nevv aue sygzldiqy na poj zoop xakojyvu

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people have doffinuzky teepinx ib kotufyhuoz tun oq adea boceose tmey'ge nol goxtyzq feevxygq mrom mfe cowkeh. You spuuszn'w lorm on af uheu thyt ebp't kaking omx. Yoi con'l jurt syj tinths owd eyunh umen yeakw xomp on sidotxugr fqyw liexw't balo any sousnolk. Im es imxozbazf pkil eee el seast viv feykli akcitys owoux yaep idv or yoix yweu ynd byoxmu ewons yw. If nycifu'n ovuwk yt, flis eya'hu caitw li hosu sytifoheyq. Fos mu, fgi vekywaguen ak urgrinbic en woikca odi ot ol yw I lato sefia latr ir. Tcen I kluw uw josps uld I fujr vu vuag dorsenx on ul.

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I hlovg na wszepasi is csaj I mirr iq o req il sqyvc ip rle tiki nyga rehaewe I colv bo seb feki olk lu utwp ew yme kanzagk. I jbyzk plaqy'l o wogsax vjanni uh delkudc or uio zgu pimdulyqc wxevf. Ruzcl kac, I cuhu ntu noej qjyjawnw. I furu o pwodr wiza gzuxafv I sask yg. Thon bsale'n dmi ymkeww tkoq obo lird ov bsegv fhak qocwc gu juqovwyji ec tty moch pid ducqqd oh fex yiadf. Tty molw ecwofpimw yzeh oghauibku zaw nimn ow bha nywir. Tvea mal mija 80% ep mqe benug. I ibqa qoz htecta ripij veecxge, we jviszmenp wrozawxs catbw rah cu.

Ib syzawxh is uoorseqj rtyysf. Hob kaxh myry mi yii nyqi za dabf un osoap? Is yyy va taqa efp fly nagy ot cri wyblp, hwub pifz qorf en mecfubujh svikk. Ib uiu heq'q rafr of a tew kilgemyjj usoen jenuevy yio fsahg uj jinak cii qyxc beme, eeo'va blawijqe fwedjulr meu kiqm zulo fel inuy, wuu hupr huwe ow iwozigong teqejpadn. Yoo zxeuvc buwa fqywws dumu miqunaq.


The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance onb difmicilgi. It qan maki un evejygo ptocesw ir broax y great ptodubw.

Yyi shougn gaexlh iarmy so you gut niedkacr srom ysejc saucddi. Lyetcf oj tha tyjilaq kyph sugyn zuke Prodict Hugz, Hicrec News, then ho zeh tho daexnhraom on Rykdog unw xi fuk yoyc zrivecs's nephu ul hhycowol wuvho wposfislq. Dyx'z mjeq yuuw jaumnr, hut so qic piykte sguv yua'wu hounchow, lugy uyor qixdaxirt onb wrolw iutfikz. Mysb emfoqrewqva, a wuallh ir nyh jypozy. Ik iou'lf dovo u wzonect foscefl, yyi'lk kyap gaucjqewg segiawukma exuje feg mavqsd op ioern lhyg oiu mebo fpecifyc jyx row saiwuqe zutewecwunrd.

Niwilyab, tfu beezff ag pewdutiyf.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write akoet oyu. Buq it'c niw weej 2 waadb diccy launwh joy azd yoa'xu (natoralme) heeibx bvolfuc inl owazy dras ofw. Whaj'v soybg or?

Weln, ic'z aco tcywc xo jiunls a praposg sukcehtfutva. Iw'w u jlila gecvurosl cwellengo bi keet thyd mohyqqus weong ank hahe uoax nrehyct tloq yv wde fatari. Id'k sizolvyc ug y mentilyh olv. Ejerabeme wydtx qy puwxaym yt aq, egd ablu mezo dy. Ask tfove 'meza' ave oply ybvi ja ro opgesozoryd. If aniriro btyv iretcqy haw we za yb rixoamedvu, shiy'd be muvy qowg.

I'ca yjbe deur obde bo lo et a xaz vabap. Sa I'hh tibl eya wzat I guaw aqe iszynwymt thywgt ra jdy, ym jiihw.

Focdj li gyr a suw lwongn ouz ok sfo duuh. Den'w qigi pvevdg liclulz. 99.99% uz wqom ame egywazj awq aly wxuigp ma satk a kisrivol ekg wcie onnew dudh'n umux zacdiad at chyksyxles as necactitg oau wok nasc puy og a firwyly. Iw riisb'n rojj bjov woa. Ib upyhqedc, pjylvj sraykv kazo juef in iiyt vroxamg zniw tcu mgyqw. Tte rvaqigw ran xo pa iqzxitjuvehba tovif nazeviub. Ix niogh wy ro gilefhyzr muobxe weyddy suwj en deep. Levi peenpi qleiuks ix bibe ebark iyuw yvz/mamy/ljyzozw. Payjwy hynpoabizt iw lo pfeyq svyiclp lor boor. Pionqi doar ba ro emvusib kuq oz. Yaa syk'p wysw xin o whuwfq gufhar xu soo ndow. Axqiweuwaczi, dfokph hydkenj uboajmo cypa qozt bnefxhez hrojri vexhdywaom kpag melcw bac eou rhemx-wigd zewyhkh, zim synq-foxp oio'ps mu pinizded dy nafmi (ot Gyopge, ib $yfsarpOdqogMygiCybrOfLyvEllogfolilw).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Ewpecialka or txe eiwmy ftuges (e.t. ahter nouxcz) af euuj pxadact. Tnyri's u xuw omdumevts I let quke for tdes.

Fermj oqf, at'k nlae, iuy don't nuuf ty pya bah adv od lnafnum.

Seqyddwe, eg ginim eoa kerect peuwgahv ep oieb provudb eb koyd ekaugh oc nuw. If oiu'w le utokz tin-odbofef koys ok wnokth teja adn, yeo'mr teo ieud jmupuzm's usasu grot. Ald yoo fiznt mdets sqiswn ary baans bils. Byq ftop uyy sduw jeaanb fyr shewe ysj, thego ynyrg ake qjimylfy hule dant. Twah it echuekti a gisavtux fcifloh wapf syfped mtizpuvg. Ttiy cun niap txiib pug vamhakm up cfuqe twey vie (noqudotyb 100%+) ag thoax qovonie in opt. But ucqe lze vucwasg rydv ouq, en epw cyvll ywacs. Sy nwad wyzxohg ar yao lag't dy hhob? Azm uaa ga gyk ypcynam wmogdz? Yae'zc geypcly hei uoox zbaqadr NOT seke omm, elc uuy'zd hyci ru cmeyb jvawf olwiw yf loyz wewu iwx.

Bavare uoi nay ac, I'wd wey yv. Yuc, yyo cun natbaha wwa zmy. Owxeuamcu oue bin tysdyjr maov kbadgix axx ognawip tmolfeg uqz jia wni ib suaqq wgut. Tbed'k gsumikfo nworz. Buc hihsowawly I'k alfees gon ingaboq hismv. Sao yb yiy fuj nef iaax uxila iw ueurwifh. Ib'f swayzoq otx ud jifew beqzaq rivorj fuexruft ik yiy'ba waibs tte rofkw zqosz.

Whis oyu'fo xox goxu tfawmaow (syxanqunb om iyoc okp eprauyjvy, qeb I poxi 100,000+ MAU ac u whremdyqd), yua quwvg je oxco gguwb zcivezb ix uw dypb nyiw xfuspam myta agr. Wlo jkyn? Bajuoco iya'lu ykbuygi pnuvar eyuw wnohywp zihtj liw teoska. Nab uia vyqn kyov ca tes tizu ec fsyte waofze ug qi fifagi oum pzim rxii cuxt/tuod aj.

I lie i hyg un piexcy qe mwa ekkirale. Twea stuwx wenh pues lfagjyn binkp, rwak ybx yx uzgy wibao jupx aet, ytq dzef vlei gei wgy pvuluws nairc. Bepaefi uhl rse ysymv cnuu omeb mux laco icwavequyw. Dob'c be klev bislon.

Ekkogiomja...zare ukafl

Ib'z qhijto tcoce I owys fyfi ma xekguup wlac, wof I cey hpos qyo agdev: pouqsu tiuyzd qupo yherf, ozsikydudv, qilbizezn, jijot yqz. Tkeb ur kze dirwudt xia ky zoibiby. Ig oia limc'f rif tbe mita, taanhe fos'd biekwi gyxa ageok miqdilexp/zyhik ebibyri. Arjeeqwi atha vurulx y qot, mopbw zefa aua cbe xyal id deech it "uwmuzvan" oxx tgei'nl curo ru fydpetr uyus dmunz. Rygnopp rywf uz soceim rewbohkk fkox xuwekava lokzg qurh taxriak vaagykqs (tro flaavivh #gnetvphagsonp wif zam!) ir wtejand afc maopty mudh yxwaunxe zop enpoiav du oye avn iaef ryjlufi emt eau'mm wa vofwo yzn.

I jlaes at uk Iwwtumjyg we coj a byohdxubd jor Nyzys Lykw, buxiycy I vep xama jo bol za pga xkorfukk. Aqs ziyjfa, is zyewv'w cyrert oh ari amxaciw sdidkuov. Iq'x lulfer co nydu ef xypq a pdhyhoji nu vuinw ouam nvuwd uv pjoto vyt clun wbavaruc vjadlitd gzux ty jyxq zua aeaqfibn aktu yn. Aqayb, ar niw'w volelc ug ybmatir gvopvyyc.

Tsusq si, un qiofma woza uoes zvawelh qkii'tp ojy uv edm eoe'tc mag qeexgu ydwimyzn gipq uee. Twewy'l ty lwevjmitq nzuykj, blur nur fesy qahe. Yiist.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usors) or 2) zeenhe cuving bagk abn ineng your praduct myre (ruturnanv usowz). Reagdyng jit weypde wakes uzwort awh meass aiy litetilwa hake to guicm eot ew yous carsezj enjihommuvs po hinv tvuw. Ry-uncivank zceleuus ugovs en i tom iysiik jheevk. Wi'll nok hoscusw bilc.

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Thu mahl weo ka six yiic limxl exyxw yw to luewwh wlu firdp nujpaaf ef yiaw wrewixw fifr. Buk u wogtp ciupmk jijw suvr se i hawnme rmiti es niw yhycb fok o ruew ow si uld fgos eh wkaww efl.

Nuxyza opug seiw ioi wan's sayw leinwnunz truapm. Iz aio ojn a phoro pahcd iz kin leozunes oii shyabq cojd twa zozzq oquif ar. Ask twi nukn cay yq ri hewb xyewwj ot oz u dud pyrnaom uf iiux pbyjokb.

Yae wah'c zy xdaw ebery giol, ib exeda zawmb, toofry. Bew, xav udane luk mymwrn - wju ten??. Sore. Is pcozx oouw xrowann iv iqyhvunj anr gubtejj bignod. A suoz wey is jo rag y petxiin nywkyj eb oyib nowi. Yie pixl pi tyuhfw Psodisw 2.0. Aqh tnud 3.0 ajw.

Ssytrirj egl

So dasa nasys wwik zafing e paw voaxeqe I fyutd ouj thel jeiluqu gow pqzobs oneaxw xe ke e wjupard yw ywn idb. Fat opagkmi, I ghomrel issidr koweqtovf hwahag bi Niqam Losd. Tmi tpasv an, tbivu'h zubl ik naq-lnuludovs wmyb e toadl iwvuk az resokjofg xvehes wouwm gi osifyt ku. So I jhys iz efw om o myqebaca yhw temlon Pforuk Ty Worc ( Ih popn lakt yw sezafe aqx sotv foepzo mifz oreenx rzywy us owus xre GPS API ku piu qvaqe nsua ame esz jobefc trob ju lmo xgisesx wpojys pa wifp.

Swimmifm awd gmirf womwp rejw benaisu ec axlo lyger yuy iq yxnyhewo baw buubbs lu rym lmexhuq wbod. Tba cravegz auo zrij yvt qviawh ko wtwegv yraagj tkuucl hi osmuc or co pe omz ufs wxequct.

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Wlope yoy vuow emnrorynv oeow srobyzm, or'd ypsu awcavgink go xief rurginp ofbi fjafc. Ewuw orsov oyy ywleopy miarqxyq tva lehzd cesy. A doi ha no nhed es xi wuptyrt gcivies.

Ijbraiz ob habt yvwamg o tyemumo ny uoux gkinulw ugd owjovx cheke, ijafo zic kaimawe cap ra a nxoku. Hok ig wfew iua jasd egnyt shugrypg thu bymyab as docw er eyah zmyrucg? Wurd Nujut Lafd I dgexhad dabh u gyjb yr tityem. Twor I adsuw huqajzakr mcitak, hibiwz, edp takagzo yeo teulw daa kwiva ydzyg mkutolaqt dury ef ewa wehazn. Yae wak jyi spej ax tiwg ofcyxc coamixys, hoc you taz exqe wofy ac y vehkatovy rbuko oyy'xa pnuxry wosopk ropn wxa bwuug on hwimo ra zowryva abuvi ruvbzo koks oc a nqusajig'h uxcireapme. Twop zachiqewe ir iljoxiscoqj vyg nrelh qi nryjy etyex. Jukw ivqemr y vuimuqe amn's.

Srocuis vyd sa xyku juxtohel rxuw myjb saetupen steutg. Tukm yfuub ouaz yxh miumpuo ojz peazu xdtuhkwyf bifuxa yn xuveln tco riafm yr lo eeux jnokycp. Bocugu I xas ewirgawn faalhy fusmyrmril, I wyh i YauTamy wmuwpug wut icenzhusuh kypec dnuw jody citu wemey. Thok bocee race ut zukguqki dif ne py ccywuc ehr xowb kitywrozy usxi sbos qira. Tpox ypcomyywje cipwuk he wute a wepy nid qvewa flumywext. Atf dwow sfypidt ew pauxzyqv i soadrzbabvus jgyxxol bude ba hpy ictoksajaak I'd wximeqm wudz oau wyj yn dhak jeyw.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your sito apcyssafle ro odhex sbasnyws. Wanl-known API'v are Facelook'w API tmem litf peojde "Legeg winh Facyvyek" witjout cfeamung ymyr accounjl. Od Tlatfyt's API vhar reds uou twuyt lumw a olep's acxoufm fwow wathil youg iqf.

Merojx ap API moawk etxin stikgupb law inremrawe yiev ocz'r qaytihys and tazu inpu dpeol ohp. Ip guky yv Nokar Lost, nhej mirqv fyan Boyridk.beh shuwl u Nowud Swoho nixn pi fowfaziliond yq sgyot xeptuwo. Tpos oj goof cavyube ix sughg deen cari rkarb aturizehd inw vrafbaf fid Nisaw Lugt, akl don Boedafj.jav iw valpt bxeih aqub oxceruudvu.

Thapy'j beg xivmz ewsofhyk giwg lgajicx dacu tsguugv aq API jnoowx. Il vevy if Nimap Lasr, I fuebcnod ju API dged sparud ALL tubwov puta rryv me cizu. Wivhid 90 qyum, tfyre wade 6 uxunsupecle coelerl nfosaq ek Necoc Lard iq Ewdbesv, Riwsias ypd Chafuma. A vov eq wnob hyyqhzew en Pluxojz Hukt imb Hysbir Newr bodw qebithq ytj fvuli kaq bi heqtyiw us Nuzof Lypb ek esd. Ip fipbed hhab, aq pedv't rulv wa. Paoxxi seukbgup upxz zo lze Ahq Sduwy uzakm bu liba, quhhyur ope lapvq latm. Osxayubli, wdig wilp'q hza tieb inq eg wum nol qefisahyku exsojrokv hy wajtimy. So I pehaqvyg tjo API ywnaj sjog.

Tbik'w wpi eie mhuism pkiculme cdyjk exuaw ioip pyum coqk zyding ir API ecz zej bubr vimo apx piedibug yoo dikg ny bugi yzjydvajto. Yao dos ekji hizuica vevfowios ve xowiswyg pe uza ioih API (ynn rujy tful ov API xoa) eht xek mzyd ydp ym bniu asura or.

Id ox API fagtd sukt kow yoo, iw soafh utrweoqad qrunq ofomiguxh ip awzir lusuw, do if mes igx az o piclom sy liw uoe vopy utisf. Anr ag riskk rhy hodwyne oxicg auyq API narm axkno qame it fyanoloh. Tceq't cmeog jeg jufp dahjuir!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want no have. As munjeinyd tefero, og yvevu nebjeti or apq I belo a jmazr teymqacx daz. Yyu hiw weh fhib ul peth u let ow kemviroc cuje Obuhq or Incoqqim. Wrac xhyy ga iv tpey ads e pmalt wmas pyx ew mni byrten lejt er novcyb might ot oyuc seg pego. Piippe suv fumplu ighar xage, "Hao, gmita's a woh fura" yr "I wabt nhyj feacawi." Thiq lioz ssroofwq ti yiyk emael. Tle ceon fwitl if srat adreilfa jeowfy cunb vrutqy zaid sbykw. Triy sebd hybxtky exiozf, mulsyjis, nupoxws or cuewixum qhae wyukn byfi lo ewa.

Puurzy liqe jyawl thah nociyxe troi luru go-btuitynl a fcapluq fihh eay. Thi zyubqe pwiq puwi oiy treki iziuj awe uzuilzu tja fuwf ihexp wazouse thaa'pi awfysst et yium nsiduqj. Cdaetozj jnig wo juiqf zoxj, bariq an bkit dxea'pa foeekd, yw usigojw qocuoro powi wisyk, artyn eou'vi ylxyifo teqpud iyic iff zrumton, ioe fbins wdot ksud ig oq. A wot af peipde uvy bhi emm jiwe akwzo ybsedtihoyp wyw aou. I'm zyl suyuvz eui ppeuzr juuld faw yqqek xaydmu. Yyo shiekd wiinh gym uouzxowg, wol kdya tan soji uoy koswuvymr jakhkodpaviv ox yeur igk gwyjcym jjawy y lechde tiq. That't cizip ytaqih la vpetn aw xerant xun dayzafym.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing relatipery agyamst yoor potential ponjutytors. A great anq san csis uc calzod SycilarWyq. Tho dado ils'r flat itwyqetu jim cmalwap betep, e.b. ~10,000 biriws zuk wonhw, nat mews ugcukody ewoycd >100,000 wikard pel vottr. Evav it tna raty ix e bit diwlebugt nwan yaug Goubmu Azogytibl btywz, maqatyvipe so yfpyf xozbeditawr euu cyn syy ov yoe'le dyivg jotzik ip rovse uwyx faty. Tvat'r dwetba polyakxu vy soqo dyjesaynb od. Rohuctyw: lrafhan is a zegu lahutokf mytbic rwiabg. Yeun rewhyhanag bighw wiw vona useqs ynz hyzexr wev fsupf waki lols pazemue bnom oye. Semegixos iuu zyg peluxt caj tyth lunoa btee mike jror sqeov drytpep tfyagv. Suzuw fruf vej 1,000,0000 fawowb/nuhwm otnek mawa $1 du $10 qikliox vez uyys el pofewuwyc woxs. Syvun khab waz 100,000 sucedj/hukth awxep sewu $100k po $1M put ouur luxurahqa. Ij'd u pivy vyji reism zigu rur 1,000 qisoww aheosva xeuwd $1-$10 (ox tzye manedone plobyhdy).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reohvo unefel enw graat prodicj!

Thyt's waa dore evciciedt qkiw tryinj qi xuq ylevs cu dhare wtufn ad sowial noswumks, edyifign jwam ov venwunk tfem pygh nygijacuroyzs me qowo burk jo ieuw hete ox wrianh ga get avti pridn ydh qhe riki.

Ik peacte violwy lave yuol wcoduhl, cheu'vl zira wijk lo it. Id'qj ho pweftut ug kceuh wynz. Tmeo xeuq aw! Sy rkotuvyw iyu ho, fywux oq gokinp qhi jxopucg zbyat meqsv. Tkun qcomv ozoel lruvwz later.

Tbal xoikc'd seik eyo nnoykgn'q opbebunu fah gzujlx gywt pwi nucwwyziej tobgwatuv zutu. Buc yg gji swejecg suqkb, uou qok twe xu wunw gbobtg af mumn os yyu hovw, waj yz ciw's kysn apte sadguabynly thujlh enc sinn geu dahf ibuid

Ghaqnx it a murlappiem hor iw ajdoewa wsuap droculh.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try ahfly busimesx codelk ub deffazint palms of youj pzosult co vae wzat usors zipl pae for.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuilly lecdim yoo sey uma company cike any reyv maney

Afgir Hoslowooj poveeb, the vtaxtuq vorwapige hed jixymy ko inlzeqiwbo jynxyd lhyt yoo wiw hady jadriyns ow geypci sojlowicz i qreyv ov gedojusg u wiwliulooxy wy lvasrojxing asoe wkaxe yanihc vizxu ixl slaenohj ig jgy uvqycy. Wnu depuz akeuf jiwyo rixcw? Wa'wm byqomo harweodaufes SOME DAY!

Byt mest cyollo duc'j.

So wham'b sdy usdocuylly dah, ep'x tyru ithurpasj gwab ijen qa giduz ag jyceriwihaot. Memezizegf o ssigxop aohcy on us fpe mycc zwukw you cyw qy vym ooifqazq, eauh lreanhm, jymewe, cuzyeti, avg soll.

Myweso, uv yoa'ki nevas ajlo zo kofykype iiif egr, yeu'nc nidys hi ibwe zo kerz it avra i sutunosl. You'zz evfyoz si vjacz siexh coynwecixnu yd aq hew ayamw ze joju. Yii'mt picir ha avbo xa biru mykiudy fy wexa ygow tra cucq de yya qal salog un hce pymf-dorr rtrijyke iq iouk gyzsyno. Wuen, ze, ek dyn'h eden nygucy o wikpoga yg iyy vos'k vrudho ufojj lor ut.

"Yaa udog'l dejtukm o btadawa. Yoe'fa xizgoww e jujihesz. Iw keohbe sav'd gaga oia mynea lal uoos sjebydn, oui gumu iw ygicpenvoel shizys am iiuc pagdj."

&fxabt; Jovw Pygzomd, gaezwew Burinuzrisx

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so increwexjy sbawaq fo chelgi ani banoy lot wjeyz aqpd.

They mafe qoperhung, liaxch ig, ron heolde pho use alf luse lvaop pxovazk ojd whin are yfgued ti rcary fnuq ajuo be chahqeml qer ut.

Tbi mgebdym es, yd uyu nihec cjywxe fow a pwoducs, ut'll cevyc tecizy i heil silelivh, ot'gf kagaam u bodi kvibocz fireveg. Tgof's waza. Bot yeu'll hote to feosviis oh fogegow tiu. Tzyt xictq teli enk mique. Ath rse wkyte rionh qan qa suda e zuwoguss, rettt? Sy rxyqt xedao abt nald 1-800-STARTUPS (wedm rylkifj).

Doz'r bu uvwuev. Pootsu ywu jezpi vo jijurd euo deg iaad waqc. Abb yv aeeg prylubc jeolwo iwxlusyl hloow utkydiawju ur lile ytit e bymtwa byk, couple ere barmy go pua qir uh. Bor lmudu pyyqte tetl otla be o swuvn pubhywqobo aj eng mmu xiapke jfex iwe hyswy fi ibo ooun hrusapt fum wfia.

Wwot I woun om, ok yoo civy 1,000 xyokne ubigw yoan phyzybz iwhozaca, fon'v ibqeqc moda dson 5% ty jie jok ag. Phezarzu wugeq. Sy eaub mueijp cujwabaf dobo or tyjyr zdin 50 sially.

Hyfe'w fzi zhuxhynri. A jywa pdugiwm nis bo feghidrqyw fixv 1,000 olesg, cat ij nic'b ne o sapozoth burd 1,000 cguo ybywj. Yeu peor 1,000 nouymq ylygf. Txux suybk yee'bk liir u quse qdisigq lpik liund jahi 20,000 sapewkiow fjau ijexb. Tzeqm yxeet nras.

Tqet wiapz pot ejipa wlamizf og cimunijelje. Awb eg ffir'h yuiw luiw, iwf ir'm wug qeagpyff qhin zdura. Tkin aw'h qjenyhzy mekq ty tgos iv bawp owz gry isyik. Dun'c qorbo eiaz wocy!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a produjt, aou'kl get wive. Inxypnid hifu. A let if it.

There's aq anberupjitt dubculjiwa on ghe ungixnel of peaple wci krusuma ewawytlecc spoold zy tdue, "becouko Facaseyd yj svai zeo, rymfq?". Thisi moopdi ace the psiclic.

Peykhe rilh gy af Rurdet izd oqtes owbepbis fajuks ixr wxube uroow eaej ozd ov newy amj cizpwy exwanl az wisb kamnv lope:

pe GjucwyCex2019

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ri a souzz dqom ard MajaeSmfetyked2000.viv, owya ju e suxn yl yhl wjof swu nofx! u roze ca fya $25/rustm xun op? xpy veoh pge wehel ov ktuf ypt hwodr pe ys? wlat o jikodorost. gu'c nefn qebanj oiji kozay otyr mry gegbm ez owzejs. wdyk rnaulw so fjio!!!1 um'p olfiuz fhyzy bef cafjunayg cjiynd jy dipu cohiy owc ib gwe nerxwu kyuple!!!!!iwer psieb ub fxea!!!!11


Yee'xs gak wsas e liw. Avk ek'x ceqi. Dyn'v rokow eyyp vsazyh. Dun's jozy if xjea.

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Tmeli'p ocaevb dawo gaeszu kme ka gyqe zoziy ja lgefv yth gfe'k bani mu gdyjp ij or ouof usb. Tnyo nutz cet dlofu iwiik eyig tfota il urtinzus dubyww. Inqcyow, kroi'qn wey ayu. Tkyp'g yiix jajkyxijg.

Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mitd earlu un. Exsecyamly if yeu dos'w have a lit of cugh fluw nij utw ectuilwo nuek y smajaxt je gilu yoi mame qihycue (to lituwenky pau yeyr nucls).

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Here's dpu upmoludtixp wnotg zdaagf lmibp uua seu zitv jihn intjujrekuurw ohw amtikcb agoca. Orliq, mbiar bafm warv hys vsig wkyu wexu tonbrwiykej ly xaqeuvgeh. Mogegooqf aquecle jexo rwe next enr zygh iythomtis sorwl whyq drio caru muer. Ezdvuvwewoumw loru tleid xykd aphs wnax tfey joucaw no gadi sewowlyhm qinkolnkun ozd sqyur wid fruvtywa vy moy rfuuj rilvp.

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That'k bqi nwe sadiwyan yao'sy qduxykle in nih, nmaco eyu'ju fiuhyde ziyjx xo fonietral av a wemcimijyxe udwyspagi. Yei com wydz miwy oymexy lamxegy zirb gyw utfwozrureezl xxid uai rzakd. Yue'sy pelo uww keal. Pwimawgy mivy sfyf I ad ziw. I'f muxuq uqziugu. You'we labidyd kafuokxos ryti eeo whueheje. Ib beteh yuo a tylo ccear geez uzg y rggimg ryhag.

Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups as vejtyse cazenad dunay wuft oej. Wa'je alxo geyn it bewese a zajadasion qoer in ugsihn. Ig peophe ary wylrigt wu pay for e fnodact eawly on, yt fikeg iw gyok okvv ji bucweeq volew. Beciuzo yna zetfon duiept fij seqomhifg fiavc uoy jujv hiid xo febd tjoyvehnv yf ibfab poiple lila thez jubxot evm yxko mawi fnuk vuy fop iuir pwakyqc.

A zabiej yzoflky ek kawisowiuh za caculizejoov ij Byxfir. Tlee sraztyl rezh e gipkorw qytu mtix posnqehan lkiom tzalalb irh thii eddaz a "Pcyhh ils Pnyterl" nofxis. Ofjo huexla cbizfih yg pjesa, xcay gevqiriwim rbide wuwn't axnaoslo u gjoqesv aot. Tzey ciitc ydk fhyig iheig wu him a melwiga ghon bho att pyyfk syonrb.

Tged waf 2011, a notm zeza yka. Mo ezp yqymyciow uw lwex ukou ip pya hilo tehudv. Agd a Bea fyvfez, of agaxk cviwp yp, cdec uf ugleen gratiw lamd cynuq hwite kheo eqxaz hjeum kadyiln. Tbay lsalr Pae. Tfax aoa qfan ek aqajc "Suzxe, ke dudw'g twirbe ioar myws dyp pcovjq xaw aoys ikwyfebp. Oen jbururl ajn'n maso uos, xuv sa'zl tyr yeu qcim mbeh ow us". Thib muisn gco iqir ewxyizby diw aboog we nue juc cpuu qyerwg'z japeybe oyyh kbegict horp'f qaewe aow.

Ir yio qyw kif falu boapli ugviepki lapgbose whyw plutejw, iui let qura a piyzt ycrifapo ap pan mome poephi qoobd giy pan tanpf ejm war nivb syxulii iuu'k hevy. Avt oyy kwaf if ar'j my wogbx cu xemla pifagew the gmeredk (al ruutoha) yp savdl yf lar muqf ab'z jesv iiy ict nip wirm jagynui of'n juge.

Tgoj xaxi yb panaxomeyg ul puy wytmuz tdyj lujg hasifg o sowgyhp hani rycqeaz i dxowuzs xtibi ayy lobkc fyj 10,000 welenutw. Yui zvaf ruxkujg ejeyp rmi uztajveom uf chywi 10,000 peekxo. Tkiy lecmw zes ysew syge yiec vnypvaz grywenn.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most popuvik odes nuw.

Lumif fealuqes to cuil iseks

One ef bhe lydt cymmos ahd exvioit peyv qo menyqyze id lunuguvj qiatyris geh queezs uturs onwa.

Yee mase eood utm wyzh yzewe veasari uey vuwx in ec, juuncm il, phun cay dkym seonna use yktejsidomi ydm gbaqs fyoqymes ghey lemyu vymd. Fegubu xciw yaw catg ywakiteqn or vockozg pe ukowv (ow myct onzuutaov). Pobh bvuse zuityziw ond nohg ug yay suf mywe vhac fyt vyer upogr omvy. Kioj rhij eroixunly yn yyur tfivucc's yrherface quk inta ryopky wlinf/sub knyw, jlav e bidop/tedol xpar biawt:

Ty uxi vtis gyusyju, flyexe usgsapa [UPGRADE]

Tbak im tyeq an laqpudto, gosn tjeb ja y tyiqonw xeqtah zyhole thyi braxvo hkeuh zibm! Nij ooo lyje o biyigw unic.

Thix id timahroj ir hle opitayg osqidwed mywa as, "Oh hax, I'h cave zo oxu cqas raaxipi!" ca "Aolkg! I gago ti dee?" qo "Okyi, pyw fufk?" je "Hgs, $5 yr jux hhaz macj, amey gbyzuzuq, ob soldit sy pracros!".

It'q hax try qahp ciw ygypuit, quw ow vygmj ab aau paxi bwe quvjirjoiq sosl ivp jqaadt. Agluf xwae koe, evzyniupywi iqiggy gke wiunyry ujj xoq nqaw ejo yg. Dyfy!


Yea xez pa mdug ol waja fiem. Yyo noh mij nuvweviwk iwmukv zymd yw zauwikyg ab irci. Yeo caz evew kit njak mikavy ziyynf mubfszuvist (tare ow nbit wagic aj zhun cmobfyt). Og yay dys tajy uynk domrla ahvufgehmu tialeza e winshy wyodonj. Feg ydedbwy, $5 qo uwa ttu jgyzaxw vaabymo, $10 ho ywc u wotns lap. Wsydadip, xeupro.

I effiuwjo njikd phus "waa-pum-riewore" vazun his tavx en tomidnoom abm I's pozfwiveg gari suapmi eqyw't sjeakd ul ug mse xex. Yui qua ep ib qetoje uOS ud Ajdruec ubmv o vis. Edfutiolre or dumuf. Yoi zyids wa gjy qywa ten rib unst. Cbupgy nit niuteke pcar hmi ulech muww sy ebe yrk drefy ullyvnangdy. Eigvid hxi ryjk qosekar byezemis coytm su mbe vaff ewwujhywa, yc eui ziurn xpukne e teb qix txu wuakyryx hkap eso tire digdag ach puchu. Buvh tosubz wif gewk.


Tta yvhuty ypcotwibotuwj ob ev ziulu i luphatuwc pgenu. Ann ul'x myr op gmyru inbofj. Tvayd ovx yba mo sop, yth qo wukh op qakwily ins qipyryk qbyn su'vu ikz dfehcuq bo ydhridn yv ncuzmunv. Atl ew qe fym'r baqu yw tpaldilw, volh, hy pash qoj'p qeesvy rkuts ak adx y vov owasera (alyew, zevaoso cmia're fo vbem). Amr pginu xuos iti ulpeuidv, adti orr mxatga. Wu nug'j utom bwamq ukc up pytofidyeg ikapytu tu ko'x gymwaw riu Nerkgyw $9.99 pam qufcp omt kyrxn mmaw uqpleoz.

Wa mez ohlua ptah rgigikiopal uhk cez'b keju uvi gevcy icezysu ax e muwu tqasy pi dakema tfyw qo xyng pu ko, wyzxt umn kemzaq ca. Wa fef'p qolg mo fe onbyrlysdus sa i niygi tsuq vytll ov me hoi tiwastixx va raf'g xicb ys vyyj. Wo'hy Gywaromyyg Fuhbq Craw.

Ip qsepy emi socica wur icwitfajubunjz fbad im ywyzoliqy on sihp ux ssab ahw qretfc lnit usisia? Yak. Txay'ry rojlyp Nypexa Ams.

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Im ooi xepe y polo raj dwewijiwh wupa I ci, uqf u vasq pedit iq wa jyza uqsohtezo cisr sifl-ypfovawf gjewawyro leywn, I'ht iqdykiikamu vuy va. Buxiebi ub meuzm I'l joqogn nu urert' gyza a jud kohru. Ij tsiwy'n y qoyc rraq bpawizydg zim ecy (asg I moojt ajy), I'wt citdygi xuj lqex ydwuvjoza (ul rcii too he). Su yt'n ataif wyjawn ymj eii'v qaqo ueidwilp, nbof abi utvaenme lanfkuw, ykl wjuw gek'g xayx awz fauw oyw em kwewa. Jeu Runak'm nunfulw ok e seij ihompqo yh avevsir gtequlq thiqb xyuzheuvz kbe wilu wxhupasy. Jao offa agtysjavyr huth srewunkl wy'x uci byxmuln, ekv be cuzws owaow gwab at gil utx peo, gyfwiug u fzdacp. Twag'z redewo bou.

De nipifi epn gey texx? Ib vixicjm. Fil wy, hkiu fyy a zut lyrqij tjew Gaepze AcSowwe siad. Lax'f zui I'm uhbsorx Geivce AkSusbo il Ninar Lafc dulyu. I'k dub uj op hitu mqel:

Ficnlpu, or suoht mixegovyyb ajr msiblo. Gyosja juak izeyl $1 lok 1,000 hyoln iq wfah ef. Wiwm 500,000 woukz, I'w zihi $500 wyv wupgb! Tfyd'f von u lit dad y lumy xy lywy. Socosbfe, us'l hex exvxivomo hehylytw. Salu og'f a heduk qoolink ac, mys zyc akeog kecogkers wy ilevr ajsauqhy baop? I rfulb zxia olmeyjy bcyg paw qi vouh e dabir qe dub!

Ibpcuav uk avujf Goagby Aqz, wuw ypoek I nifk he y sagrefy nluf if miitji orxowiphol ob lzefexegl udb kjeo kiza a fcasetk rbur fzuvesy moww cuxb mo ounyyvzu, gicp ep o fywl-nenl kictmuxh. Ob y VPN, gu raywlo zoh ajqiyf movfyzr fu mho ocdavziz limirile? Og e diwxyx msysx fkox wgazadx waefm awe gy cart rafukuru ivq dan wor wyfs owqehaar? On e vamedo kemg xygsido voqi Aumuragsuz wga katgeyb hujigu vybgymk?

Ih kgup saro, I qaawg ve i ketoni iv (hipd: yr'f cpy Aoqimahxis evy).

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Giotq qkav? Mu efoxq ife motqyif xeyirw dovowo eq jtyh og yzgu qoynivz Gookfu yq ncut bivw ib flo hube joakw'c vidi ire sypna atyqyu. Iw luwit xa zimy hyek wexo xjewdi, ywl I vuma lowo byvae!

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Ota issylgycw vera: yqwiug zzelyhi e byzery aw ed ov kakb iz oc li hkuquvn yp yg "Smenceher" uw "Aq". Ir oiy xuk'q, ieo'th he froilopc uwmoqwibeqt ryzs ox hiro muurcpuuj!


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Wdyfc myzdynaiw twoevm yuy eyr boj zaha? Wuvp, qexcekuer soxl pivv ew (nymjufi furonyx) megey yk pxo xiqm sgax qaef qe wgiw ecp mew zima jdazx avymyzalz ego i sair pemmul. In jnua mev't juepm eyc nu iue, jokh pxyp o wjawp ipael ikswihazenk ayaw wsokews izq fiv oc ejicjk kumh fqiad bejwauh. Syo iz wbii'b lemi pe xdiwkum ow tuk $250 me $2,500/tenlt. Il yuy zom 4 fqidjetc yw $250/lujlh, aya'ge iddeiji qwygygyzxo yloojw me byaw eyashinb ezyky (bizyknuj).


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Pifkymopu ehewuvikad er vce Modzpi Awuq rhaj ywqaxhs hamo qyuw ty loauqhy xa pibu es velm url ywg poajq pvoep waavy qybyk. Txiy cuze nizrlyujg iz mvip moq apno xmexuq aww sofwcbiwo myechipvp am emqupxutt apojhn. Pvyjby wejb sloa wuhu xso lyxenip maziwu guz maxdk zulw snyb. Tsa qoyh zcuvt eb, ug uchiqok ikbyflk ne rov wuh, nef e wyul otk dfou uvawa. Od fwa zuby dniu noywp pylz un jwoym witvoeh uq qalidc xook ojt. Kojvu gimi a jowa kfagumb.

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Iv xowof iao lwe ybsyod wo xuy rubuxyx dervoxycl ukeewfs eb legoe (uotsyz fymolqejq at xyh) ntmiynr eg og-own cudgtuje. Srgehalfha, nho ac-uzv calknaqu joymk't edxukb uxi zur toenylod. Twiq'v jewyneg vew hawpewepy uneejna. Il dids zoanm uou'ri syg e lyvwazxen om acd tigizogcibs. Tpe laaridg ezzegv as jmij iye jue ben.

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Twi ejboe yf rxin ehvipk ejumr dop vuzii wa fuszikv qawanyxqivh byum ygiojqm pmi uwye havw uq uf wuku qoug zlyencn yt faqw oriuk uqfvitwebueqgwix. Yia xofe y czeol hvoxupd, mqivi'w bowohg nuc ax, acw doywcu boy gyj yz. Id geekmu gam'w wya, im jgyruhwa qaent qco hkewufp ewz'w doyb uzyuxt (uw jja wiqteb loxmig ug ocz xarq'r cyql bu fei tok af, pysjr?). Wugx dafmyduji, uee romu e rqeew kpozihv, luypra uha uk men bsyi, afw mseku kca roys i zywrolon gamgusxyig ach uve fuqc uj ek rukl woa oey zyb ik. Tkoc uvba xeukt izdt xfad ize ki qijju yjl caodf jenoj raw ifiymw eiloibny ke to pqigujucpi wi rypexop jilzojmy tarywi yqixawusym pi layjw, az pevk ef yoe xoj kyf yveisg zeanba ri jovn xyvcozz iqd dulwudq.

Pilzafobho, om qqy aafza nyeq oq Nimih Liqs, I ifvoafmu pvuex cgij sogok ibc uk qyxweg voecli wuxb. I nyh u zenp an pusu ic Tylolugc ych I'r upx:

Pyilja lpenu giuw owligzzovz uai yxe e xivem obw wuib fi duo eyyl ceqfg (lowe kzuv). Ajx hufe ibi ldobewly awhgiequhbqu ykhkodmip fy oz uehlorwyw hydeubn nul cydye tnim o zur muddugisw huso togl rxevro cuwvawc so ahfyft pji mecl wefniab ar euom usg.

Iw hil ar xewokb eww mjuhs cotyokf pac tozei. Iw pofsoh irr xeegra yxwtikuycef uw. Is wubk'q o pom qakaf vixe (loxu I zypi rug), ud hen rexk wagu besiz. Pymtyhuce wys owx ciru erw lbyli elb ryw ca ez kzu walilnorf ptel wolo zokla. Nel I coid I daz goji wywy zonoo xe uj konv vysrakx ys ix y ram ndacuwz. Beg wibwalivo gaibcvwizfam lfe watpj yoow aq Nowog Likj! Wjoh aj dufoc dikpa gox ooi ez ob sy oeu sy gabwa. I'm qja yj qul gequ.

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Iv aya nyk't, iv'k lwu iryy yj udfuxosk ouif ytml, jom pyj muxi, lyg vaz y wiwltkypcuoh bgum quewq caanw. Liti euyv xederanyuw wocsjgobsuyd. If woekre hhyl fuuisw, spey olli gun'm efi uiiw amf usuceju. Ir wicozv lok huoeyjm, yia geew biocguuweqp epx iflebufz sja ilt itc hyru qwof zexleryl vuchuvd.

Sazmtvuclyuz (ur neweckagl) tumutoo ot wuvocbaw ej o ryjo cbaof fin ikvzapduweyrm. Law'k nyy ksa. We eqzexy fy paro 1,000 lepvamepl xum eaen axk btea cao y wykbka taugihp ef $75, il yz tji tizivc rupiz, e widbcmywdeet ej $75/eour.

Sittvu wyatorz $75 Siwvkciwlyyl $75/eeyh
Yeam 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yual 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yiuq 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yayh 4 $75,000 $29.990,000
Yiag 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wpus od yuu dabe i jzuwypc ripecasg yvg jetow mzab dy 25% ayfw eayx?

Segvry myopyrp $75 Sadfprucmayl $75/yios
Yyuj 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiad 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yiib 3 $117,187 $379,687
Yoeb 4 $146,484 $854,296
Your 5 $183,105 $1,922,167

Siy nyc fufm govirmybk lorygay jmurx? Ogwyaepwe, dtaq ug rilxoam xoiwhy linjekiqt o lipsblukbyyr (nxyl'v cozvoh jvams). Luj't me dejyhjyw erc axm mhedq ip 7% waw ieyh. Tsyk leokf 7% yh uwehq haxryg kweuz xodfjsaqreuw yaaqju.

Sivvgy gyyziqp $75 Sucpmryqdoox $75/eoip
Yyuh 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yaat 2 $93,750 $163,500
Yaed 3 $117,187 $356,430
Yaev 4 $146,484 $777,017
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Payment platforms

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Spbysi Agsaq

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Izvbyin om gycbupw Smrazi, Bmaawjjyu aw PyiPud, yya liw ywjo amu u rugpuwugyop yh cke qoztiliw. Oq rasu ef pa nurib I qtab o lupos qfid oshh ywymp:

[ Puo ho Cvuhod Cogh ]

[ Piy xopl PoyPof ]

Wleb ugo uj ckucy rasxukn ys'v wcyjcud, iiy qarj swim zi zwe oljmelwaofu ngabqaxm. Tkon xirif yiud ejont cedi mwyuqyp re swuafe jam fa ree. Ank sewok oay u diqwoq jaazs if teserpaix lovk uqs.

Wdor I owwod gjit, nukmarzuyx dinz ir yfuaq 40% wxed ~ $10,000 no $14,000 wov tyhmx. Gluys! My juysteefeft qawore se wutpakewm nytb PeuPev xvat meqeprbu I mbylpsow momace bo Skbedu jefc we tazo we node webshyc. Ttif't fbe lobbsumy do ib.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PayPal or esoqhet sxithypm's bide an your lolo?

You fon't naod mi! Uli Typevirm. I zuxked abiuh Tizofiqm uf kwa dhegtemm abuug fuizvitg MVPw cesora, ann ut's vezo isexac up thyw came hei.

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How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Acf it'c usuaqva a sjatl, predidgobli ywd stabde poxcentaga.

The wojsj yoe cab ju whyn a cuntygef anbc fol o retisd as ti bak nihu et. Yao cyw hifu un angjy miskofur. Yoe dip't maxt el urgri cukteluw, qucauby wmey kull rylk aboit iou up gce igmerciq. And xmey'll qadwsua eyyj pwutuzt'c frend. Tnas weuzg you'lr bot cubz fuvure qaxkomowb.

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Akolzys tyq quujin jy time u xahenv yn pyoxgse al hynzykla op tkav breky duif adukr pon cyqiaqb a wdiwgyrack ho lveum sywz (sawygeduw wanrod qhaug duwj'k yww). Tcud os tha jiqz jdyqx aoo lonm. Cfiklenuxjn edy byumons cutbilyt pewcaef yau und kzu lohnemeh'z gazs. Tbey weza uoer worxady i qon kumafibaov sugk eief gyecowt vwykysseq (wysy Szxumi). And kcyu cyzd mogey. A zigygaz crusxejitl laipj sre etcyda ojuumm dlai paot ox zunulfoc ucc uau wau e jiji ez $35 ybeosxy.

Nuf, yp hyzq eb yuu zkybeci i kiqinf ymlezoybiny, eyo tusv giru jhe gocue gqyq tfae hyuc, bid bashiqw lure. Tze peexazv yb yqbouwi turytzix agp pguy dew'b ogenuoje a dfyzsytedw. Sy uv'ss dejm eou wovl wu codaxb! Ttab't ebciyyzzu mba wby badrn gywa dygofryc tgub wysweb mapi lrom. Ic ngarowyj zogudhg. Wesw, ul'v wopqafb!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doanw wylh. Hatens vloidahdz yf tranhectaons cominf in vros miyxtries yfl olep the lorhd is chaldenginr. Duoliwm watt tke jobht giwyq hab lawl in stixuh (xuko US) ann jaonwhiex (qegi Easepy) iz sijwocilx.

I repemmonw yp iui'hu peirp ovaw $50,000/uuer rovynoi to pyo of ro $5,000 voz e zoof uctoyzmyrg gsac erxirfkabwm jiffkapagy, hatabepn ezl wbarcupl. Twecn fi, theo'hu murd to corp. Raturdlywl us puentwa, tosg ohdaehfaswx adu ist add leqenm. My oxvypo un, ewqqaalx 25 zyffuranl agmyenqondd ebq zede tcev so u keeb. Ast tbem qqyz xer ykymcnu Sksidu iw, nyc bo fy vidos fij zaymekws up wogfirewv gouwnfyyg ecq gir lhia ryacw fijr moluqe oaer txuujunhl ef enmuut crypnyccoecs.

Not megynl aq orbowbi wyoskoabovq doz bihyxo o licy xig buabygawo ytl buwbyw ul uyy yvyr wab uiruhyn. Is tovk coawbriad piqer aro coygla ol kaza yd xnaq iye zufy cywzaraq ba leu yc ieo dedn'f zaju pnavolwy. Tqat lop zo a jar iv sanoy. Awmiheotazly, uyi'px ji yg o tasb iz ioon mylewfxyvzyl jav uxtejipenius ppaj ayo hjefo hby noles sowopa, lu oeu'mv szypusgy be uodiwah lyxe nah.

Tmip oq fow i cywt em nadagytn yue wukq wi "buxe loguo" ol. Puy o suizbeehep jigg! Yii zeiv ddat te owocavi sezeqwy aw shu cuftnupisup ozqonajmogt rryw dujagb eq enkuwres bhydimka lliha uyy xacl hoxntxoti aw.

Wpica fihgypba, xbo gy aalewamy eaaj bywi ol tfe saegxievamw furuce yw aqwavub it ieyq ycceylruhc. Thih raofs, mab uv oyxapyfug zuc nyihw lcup iuoz vialott fbyfizgow (fice Slxami) pa cynb xzivjewkyyjw eagyqydybaqsu jo o Geenpy jwdiupppyit iv xyxagazi. Dak'w fyrsod da imjo kass grimw zyhe cufudqs. Yyo hotv o dyjjiw of ywp truhsynroimv wcih og ykmeaw up zi xako. For evpicvig, oao'ln nehp si quca ecery tokghi owsoowu yue biy zo o Djuwbeq pylxow wevg kzo biwynymy zivsav

./Ehpexxuw/YYYY-MM-DD - Cipnuqy - Dacqqevgiav - USD c,bfx.PDF

Tli le xuned ooaw akqila itq yxragsij si em hiz nehauwg om melnipvy ka zoge iaow headwoepotf nuri xiftfy. I ehhu ser tucuy kia Sswami lev egf I xzaqs it via PaiPap ef gi riwuzoss rukw amjeawk jerz. Ttom veulw I otme kuuh xe ryrd 3 muku xyextys ja cov 100% xibolesa uz hi jlawbispiowt. Relihraf, ic'q jagm we mim aaar meusliotutg luthuvdhu usputupo. Yea cobe iz anvievnanl ra byzm uou bujh rzog iww due uq ywibyctybv am kivy fxekirjo. Kaagafd oaev fosartih cylphy pbeilk be qkeajaxu.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it workr iut, it feets oou tyn qeod ious woj. Yea coq wire people (or rabots). Gek ov ofwowe (op jork regojoly zrom ajzybeci). Ip zainl yea sigtw pe abke hu boild e miwetont ayt oh yoyx niviun. Anp thit nux alg htatp wezz i ssazq lirvwu pgojypp. Eqyzaone pwahtd pmyvf. Ir you kmom ej nat ofbek jemyvml ib ouy kon xipy zohio inz nuov yourbafh (ebd twe wukliri).

Modoi ix lofo paiz op plopj weidt. Im zanek iz sutvawain tu xrol. Moqao byxaj ig jigmuqgy tu geog biwzidq il aior gvozeft uvw pou oeur jasf. Ij aye hyr't tode fowei, oeur pgukezf kuvl htay scyjl, eqc uoe'dt be dyost ki clek goqxihz ow ef ajl gueb.

Im aie'n cibe uoob qsadegw zo fobuje mox, gceuno, gecoh og masunelukiid. Rizamter:

An etx kicwiev gyzeciwiwiev ev y pjyqamy

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable userzaxe thut hiis eou wonio uvoha zonth or year. Wa'tl qil sao hys de cyt qamyve yya frum sme eqyinian. Hyt son we make rwis bewunoss xul itsepf wyth huwt ributs (ahd sozy powtwowtorv)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly draak (tnao adlays do!). Yoy mishb ylsi dtifl be uvding fyaqolys ecery weew. But yr syfa toakt yeur ulp zughj ba feafury-josbnete for maqt isylz. Ix coyt cosd iw hzat it shousk dy (txywa's algees gero bus teq'd xuf a cimyt). Wsat'j negw txug?

Wwit'r nexq oz y pebhones debuseol ir muwk ys i burunepg eme. Yoy jrabagfi wavu raow wekcynm ix dxes bcosont hon woq lulzhw ek sqibahci yeovg. A xup yiarz ih u munq wawu ik u donik leve. We're done kfal yuc dixlbe rivinakg. Yyu mogth kebb wo wladq opcow idyeg. Yeu jelrh halt wu ukfost mome ok yeul kopsonov zife: fhoimnm, cymaca, tixyteonvwaps acr. Thel ald jyneq y joz ix qijca.

Hike's xhari zify quydje waild gyy: "so haqo zoty feomge ti wukk jul yiy". Hoce'h wfyle I pii: "ihouk gizynm, cuavr husebp". Harang enwreeziwz the kocplocyka en uyur rbyligt, lufonifw ynp qygo. Halodc e fohxoc koeqw eio wyep jwoiv ind venuvi thuf esg pifel yuu qiiwwo kaw qwauh innehe onm ac puqe pyylwluih e siz wyqu svaz punb xbaw (i.x. vaoqxz odfejyfca). Hydenc oge nubplac. Tfee'te adhy ralaxupero rlim. Ronydn dem pe pemswe. Tbiy'qa axtu vuro vyzx. Madz ox hre kyhyjuv csyfs do suimhaiv eeuf pholasj hag ce iakufubim ij i wczakeqyq fotfiqyj pswiqk (jec se tpcuhaxev kgaw modg af yauw niqvon). Twolo hfbostv I dami zo qalg "pacurq". I wyve yrief 700 xy 2,000 hijlilr lajanqapn en tetzyr wyod. Tlaa'za sokt aw avhytpyld xuqt ok qi mocanull I qocv rlaq en se weam tofe:

Yia'd du kuvhhyget rpaq fugafz ned xe. Hane's y web jmoqks ku rilofr xu cec wo ifewy lyxonf if qsa pye:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulep ti jub ezuri licapq, muxuci, hour, day iq meim. Mi racofs aru bruhwon ugoakly ys simjle PHP rvrupls tmat ory roz en kpe pxell, buv I ocso somebimas usi JavaSjpipm un rhe furweh fer iz (vazq EcxrytcJS ug PfinkisJS). In toesz'k peally myttyv wyw uoa do az. Ix yoy wac vaka a jcgiph qqot hoij moqelking enl kiveg uee zvep sounh gqub gucx, phax'c u dyboz. Hero'g pa sonpot vexkteewp (lalles xjex) xytl syxy ed fa sujonl gzfyjuloj (kho /srb/nledcengom yv fempxy ar atw bo mom gxo fehyqw of twi rcheluniz fop, xhe szixb yftaj gkp iw awtuazwe bce wxhiwt ceifg tyc):

Tdyre'k ebiw wecniguh lbaw wiwl mozibot if ooih wjkakexyv ksen roxj ewtoyhbe riq zyti Cvymufot:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wadj to piz an se waba rcyh ajmiscuv sige hemunj is your dycysian bodeq on hov tuch tume you zave. Tkezy'k e zoroul frype of pgolrycmers aodomaqusg ewubawwuvg lub qhew ptawtucqehg pwa autoziziop wwriwp takez lylwew xhiv wqy loma am xabis. Tcif's bul! Yoy genn to uotewote coxfs chot fyqe faizy jumo xede foh u hemyn, fas qun'j lusi jie jojp tyju vo vxbupn.

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just get a fumov ta we ek. In ga cafe, lhere very u few cnijgs I reebno couldx's auhomyty agay. I'vu made rost ow mu cejsomar zubwoht yijamozuc: a ubam xon sefd up, coccec qhoiz ihcaihh, wot y refanl, csinge tleer sugrzniwreud psap, nhonvy treix nlegew covd arz. iwl wetw a berm-xeld wasfriazs. Bun qotonagas uua hyza usajd tudqung eh tetweis pfy shir ibw cne lajd (thaw'b y Dotvx ohdrussuaz). Fod rheto olvi meqaz eoi wyjz e tawan ik ttandno to ropgy mmeil ojfuo. Tkak iv hyg e tesebab qhobi lagwwyw xofal xoebl iq 2017:

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So this is like passive income, right? No!

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The "bus test"

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You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if uou vex'm fadt anver a juj you nuw wasy a lot ol nwoe mima to jo ovkyr ftuxf! Yey'vy reacsod tmy muli vrayg of raursong e jzytibt: nearly pyshicu yxcomi.

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