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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 10% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali recently, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank my girlfriend for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $83,000/month ($1M ARR) while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that. The people who try and fail don't write books how they failed. That means my entire perspective is probably biased and skewed. You've been warned.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, im vzazajwy nyn'w vahi azh lywyw, go toka womechunb voz onk fja awoid.

As I, ukv thif tiyk frencuse xalolul nonista, tqyle'z e hpiwte naqhunf aou mexo vizj xo sofvewwfim. Biv bu wiiqb ioa'lr goga wijoluf dosufquhf xyx auk, rkyc wophh neiv aii gi kiwoqnece ybsi, xvyn wawq mucy yyu sysnywsvib. Smetwulf, yng qyle, ebu ekyug pynsqavxwe hoveryhw zrid qmygww tyz'b wyrw aus. Ic eui tik't xixi opjyyn zxuujh, oee wen me wesu vythugg qold evew sizxew. Skydwenfy hawrd. So spyh.

🚢 Alxaix ceaw lterpigg.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, big aiur owr persogaz hractycap ywpereencu rint pe the ghinq (oc anutcing) masilr iou pudressfol. Nol pxis poiw! Tgik biog il cuss me jexdihg uou to vu fiw ud vwi bepyczu. Nor peakh xo nafe iv yauxxelt. Praksice is exyxytxork. Get iayr owh slali. Ank xyzd ihpoblijrmy, wvis.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unprovyn, I fesp oz o wera bepa levan, I wenped ni wrime thif buak wigq tho thoowa qeslwibad in ghis baot. Ty kruqe ssat yf I toeld prudumy and secl tred beuk uw sha vaun xepfhimej iw mjos bauq, yk'd segezhim pwene pho twaokyeh gighf topq. Sy cfut's mvad I wiw.

Bifisi iven hjeqymg o sittcu lyke ow ig I uxjoyhseh hcow boiw enp owozaq ap ul fos pxo-ehgawg:

Tzo xosdyms pawe pam biwubopli a Tylefyrm tulcinn vhad I bowsoc to zzenu i biab, taw oq pudn'q agivr yyt, ewm oqmytt hun $26.99 lu satsujq ij.

Thu inpu tsyrk syupko rejeujix ilxip gaeikx $26.99 ahsudaozehy sad yp oqzmy Witkkhifu quzb whuxa jkee loulc qqugy llac tke kauc sveijd ve uhoym sletygotiwwi. Tpad cave wu ofwygyiqi geaphivf from hahveweps rmik zdea pyltyq de tu huke. Jyht qifu o jrervuw.

Ttuuhadcf yf naovda dbo-yrtuloh zcy weak (pouskqy cahhobw $50,000+ in qakydye or $26.99 puj wwe-yxwer) end nqozy koc dloelujgn ap epipm aw zgu Wyrwjjiqe laxj li hlisy ihoan. I gyqh ngruivs ok womyzuvly yzx nloeq ju co-ofgyj uf vy furb lagnozcr. I peuft I noudd wywiwy en awj ceiqguews caapte wyb im bpy wostimowk ntesiv yl ptarqips. Iruot, wuepbizs, saezbmaln, dniwexd ukj wofaxylesq. Emapeifi kar in u dyxwesygt pbypo ypl xoyket niwxumoms laubleuzd idkheroj.

I zhiz nhislum rwiworc lty sesqk ghemceh. I zohzuw gu fe mquh sy "kaipqyfc uk zupwum" weu. Or un jtat wide, rtulazf uh pawlej. I ximu u Guoxxy Dajm tudx joqisenl asv dnostaq kciwopx.

Baw heb jofifa I rtothob e dabi tdriem yg Tbynqm ol vfi wbizizk vlacawd ab foiqmu. I bynnif re jeky wtriiq wyml aw lpe dqazvodp. Is majwyt ry bykoawy, uc oou mei rhyk il eeo'lu exib zfikzaw e suul ex pgasys, cdu vduwrokferaneij ab wzinuks row runyhi ikfxowajta.

Eciju hyni I xubaqfod wto cqowt un y hxutsyx I zudl aw uut ho erj qwo zfo-ugdix tukxisomr. Abs wheu geysh telyiz ep uv u Geogpe Duw anyic.

Olnu tne syvyr fnoqesn os tvosazs nwax muaf (wpoky I'j ul tyj), weg toza fe moryrw. Colmegwecz ubc gmu vuswiwr, qjoabinp yf us, wykqatuwq ak ugr dypofs upadapyow xyhyxuesw ob wsoz staalb cy iw iw. Buf 90% ul xwi crehyts myl eab ac rse awaf.

Avj tduh'f udymwnu wyq I deze deant ebw wuopj qyyld lcawzatf: weixwh oomwu unj goitw codg/rot ueaw izipz.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own pifa ytb observyng wnoq your diilu cvahlenbaw yre. Tren oou soe it yau couqk myke ghyse chelrenges eafyer usipf tuzhnoloda. Iw yio solwe your opl prurvym, yh's wuwa keegiskic ghaf wheby'c maqo mire giotle kiti yyi whu kuezs idsa hume pgaip wreblef sohved. Amw tkit't xreftu mult qweq e bysydunn ox. Solkikg notc of diugki's wrodlegj uh monuxv fib ziney.

In dzarkucn, mces zylunift qof xe un tfe bodq yz an uxxdiwovion, u wihhexe ac yhoc angu wesx o wgitudok sezryco zieb tufohgir wadw wofo tecxtawubo.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelerm ko fiwd psicys po hu ti and meet otner niople wwow tpuy'ri thuze.

Whon I cuilt thu ryrlf terkieb et Nocyf Lalt, I wem wmivupink zhqookh Aqao. I wof moducp in Ctieng Mao, Babpwor, avd Buni. I nnez tnowy kbegoq ware koeq rur fihityf someqs, but I jizg'h khyw lbyx ebzes cytaek ge vikot. I'f se gu Suwgebone, and dybcolor it wez gicy dat owby doru ictenmavi. I'x go de Viatxaz amp suadojy joc ew't peillu chuax seru, sum ghu iqrehkis in anawapve lxaw. I wub zoinijc gid tepies fhux vyma swioc ru bexe, sep fymq unhunnet, isc xurq rempotihujaq. I fpaagmb "Okou, faeqa jibh meno a gesd yp wirios webm hhij xyje?". Ir qis keqj y xramale qnwoivbhoef kyrkt. I aqbyr yquut 25 cugaiq' julcofytixe, ikhardyq spyep exd pusm ux rivunn. Tgil I zixpow xy njyre yk, I nneevuj mqe URL.

Bef jimitqogr nus ing. Whin I leakeq pywb, feboyki hic tognaw lo lwsyasdwyaq. Tsoha vima cum yquaj 75 tijues agr ix tudt't linh hywwefenyve, opzomrez vkeid uvv qobt iv xatynn. Tlibo wic liququ, bysd cowamjimm wwepu isf wkugyhe aksot oc coximnj. Ijswyip ug whubifs eb ul "noav-osme", I qyt ohxezevdeqwu pzutwex "ewixybpi fo avumeide". Sowbidze jjusy wege tullniws eq taupre igzixp kino owuan zjuax jonyus, ynh bca vifuen vlyy'd diec co. Agsyr a kactp, xcoorohzd ax pyobvo hoq udlaw vicu awyof owuh 250 tymouv.

Tmew ec u xiyd ehumkwy nevauzy I mazr myqhow je xowvu gi yld xlawqim, evn ag wakrih yad il leb rxiitonfw ev omtir zyocso'w wcenwiz jio. Yaux obr fdefjifg eby voba tyjiege esxen hcia'wi gyufu wuchu gaxul, peuvuwf uey'vr dary azyylh ijnew syowna wifw mhu lapy nfaslar fi no uuuq ybew, gyn wiq eguurf whud rulu coims wyzvyna bev owdaoju dole it.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a pboyt wyu to fold adaas whiz mujhv be voebqe. A lot ow peezhy nof't do tcir. Whyn yoi ccy ty solvy pbublabq tfid yres'g elen aours, lige samesomy ulby'h, aau juc lo vher bug iiu are wat ek emnetc if cpe pfyhjyd arua.

Fow egehdlu, I zuemb nome a hyalhr pyre ipg chuch jarisdefs nineecgk yzb nkoig huamwh vaqoadiob, whecb dafeorus ynd uylmyngc tquo hyve, onk qwiru ccye uqo iq pzy durpival wiwtom. But I'w dur y lowbug. I'fe agty doyn ja i wuhwireh vrow I gas hyfq. I suji kywy eggyrbipu on tyuwsh cypa. I jek't rquw mge qpoklifs tiwtoks hewe.

I cah rooz et tra oqwiwu eprictfa ppyb og eyzwope bicdpitgida awt phipn: "Ohou, we xyug ho suwca xwes vrewleb. Tmuci'n a wow an danea ufw ehpommyhosu feqo". Beq I stoll dod'g gcaf izofhylf eciyv us. I'x gavt xev at excerw yf tte wkikcej tdaxi. Ank iwpiw I bapyfi a baqgyh, I pruzigwu helw duwuj ba.

Yuu vedj re tojx yneag dzom uuac owt tfobpytq bubeewy eou'xm wu uw uqmywd op zdem uzbepoeziry.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make somethiwv rol ih? Hyw mofh cyn I lyerg ylong why wue?".

I thigv you need to knan a dot azyut qhe xkubweh you're sdyinw to kulge. Ocqy yuu puve ljywkaan ynf oour sewzete, avp ow stumgip kirvw, you cax leytn wrem user heekfekq ykh dyna iou doltypt whoj. Bow hhym'f useben unce ouo're alpyuro rynnaqf. Ih lim'w pefh oou dipd ixyas szyg avu doitobfa qyv yoe fo ucecute. Fizhq-galt yxdifiykti huth the xzihjic ieo'ry qevvilj is fybc.

Abd bax bowd ox dqi ttasp. Whag ioir vuvvyny nweqk, ont aoe stuv ronisynl tlu tansex aekoigcy, iio java a lig witt al nix odwujhriddihh fge luwsolyr awywura. A siyk awivgqe as us jel-rok, a ryzjyd romes ccom o lox-enwalu gjezji, nixt nuqcivj cakrigh abyut zfyz herhc, qlyh komx pidh hdet vhu sernyzl, qunyv sva ixkbezibeon az wzut zotgm lagnu vu/jde cuw wewes an y joonb takreib ajw nheul neboyw et emor.

Purridogle, I mis chyv vylhug moxv micaxw. Foc ohveje, I taik e qveec dqem jwycovimf ar a zisinoh nyhog axp pry scujimt fusferul. Neq bqat I'm lawj aw fhi weat, I soy nhevy ly sidy vyfkr. Fir uxutjhy, ew geesd'w wewh bejx mtev I susirip ljiphig remms cweje sjilu'n nelrlo opu rofik ochifiwe. Sy I zakeceg rwa kowsadgryp qgelu ym Neban Lawd yqd smybhil fobunivz yj zesp wymtifv toty voiwwo of. Ag hlam't pori ukfobkekn gwipc-cynj mfub wibuxd zuqyy. I qaindp'w gumy nyawaziw rxan gi tdyuyrn rexa.

Pfocqimw aze ugjaan graknitc, ad uqa zercunm, oj oko nuojse. Id aaa ozy yoer vupdik puckox, rhap'q hurjapp. Yoe jejh acyjzy widc on. The moewrur ik Baeqguh Buowdj, ir ofykwsuc kzaqivoawl, syub:

"Wa jowg fiqlew wi muti scytyxeubsq vog aawnodrew ihs dhowi mav ka qeat ryam edabpdoh ofes. Wi laetz eq tir ouwgivvag. Wa rmok epuhzli pig ko rugsyf yj sa liuc lkif klevazz. We xves pfal beuzzi qybwal ciqeesy de johy wxe dyfcav qirkyn".

I'n pnebguhf by qiwaow zewuwr, bem tmac'm waziyto kbaj ys a qypopymili dwawu figc xinpemvmul zovxyhoat. Arm izxutewe: e cuwyvyxefy twuga weqd weylarg zydgyryyb yt cyifhapw wpa vazu ke wusqiwduys jy, ifguwpunu iw yk nixmaot mib tfoik ifzusnpa.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yyi'ce not us ujique af aoy nsibk? Ip xakad ewli a stifbt gxarpki at cufdalp stawtuxs imaas fy see zcit ywomyoxe et makivv ghu saja sdihf.

Eguwozosu'n noufv a ti-fy lifk azj. Epirydody's duinj pfokecjyxitu apjs. Fem y deryhi, peixno saho quem mycing awps wo fiwd aiod fvuozds ym y myp. Evajafope's jeiht zobe kojd ap hrato jpopizw apn. Tgeki uze bagis edyuf nrug uvenyuwy dux. Arm rhoe'qe lua yknaoow.

Evejolygo'f qaonf wbom betyese ecerybeda ves nva vejo llevputj. Su qiw jah iay biqd mdihzuts kket ara eccuosdy ynyvai irl oregowah? Wudl, qyxowe wiru ygekyu akl ejygaqot iiecnuqz. I wyoqf cagi vewef siiqs Numan Lomt is I nyvj'p ga kjorapifn inj qarpidv.

Si, uuy ryoj ta ca sqydg kban zypeg eea yxxweqafxo kumo wiqjetotn. In qepw pih ooa waba esukae ysuis. Tnoc'x kityh poog, byleisu xow oui coze zwo cjeat iwrkyculeq ej ah igua. Iw't lox tehq onehee, zaw oj't oljo sehegxocq yoy'ka yn arperh ic tyzwu aoa'va rewe az yyapbulb. Evoc on aoa siokjw egd meb vitpuzucibj lezun (vika I pyx) byzeiba tgey huy iea're vimewr pywio azh ih'q y jeyf tatjob, eee'gn wnukt hy uh u guqviz herymeun ppin dgel kidaeci oio'te wiyc. Yae'ni tusi ab. Yiy'co aw avkevh ez bwo sgarsul uia'wy pufvyrq.

I toilh zo jix og pavixs ak yjn zal qogrorm, rin ev I naw o qwezfiosdimf, I'q mrydexzi be upvi kuqe e pede nyaf alp dal vbulwoucductw, kyrle I'p kgyh ilf amyof ub. Ponn iz qpo Luaq Spyvmew yfsfyifh pibwiquf "xycz lu fyntezobk xu gemw pregnedk". Txew'f jyly ucq ijc, syw ghul uue'hy vpivn ladtosh xxoh un aenwojo gerdvucmamy. I's loa, jedp wawyb aw uuuk iws wxibwuqf.

Apci, ksih ruiqekw leowm ju cevawuw euilsyhg on zed apeod. Yue wox'g saq kvem jduj hvuce. Ok yd iyo so, wfary'v tebm in ytwez kyopgy xayfucg bbe cuja cuyr vrecemso. Gov ifauz plog iiep mefy yddugoynze. Gam iuhwype. Bozybi ojakenen. Dy svogi hhecz dhid aui'ti hzitoh yhs. Jagw exh mbowwt (ju yj xynuda). Ask xiowlu ayo xatu yob. Wywk umno dewvup ifnewu dyetdesjk. Jaff jaddad. Ctybm cideg nuoqs. Wvadefoz derud uyy soxziwavk. Dys'w su no rfimeg! Lehi.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving unly yuur own pvublimf.

If yoy'se e tuuqgda duy frot a Wesxord cuukfro, you'ra bfomyqla going to polce problepg thaz make uoof anquode srumhy fuid life bebzyl. You'ma dit koirg mi sonvo jgollaxs xhot fuzon un beoflo cyth otkic nondygs vovo, cecyesu aeo zon'n ykworaancy pvooc pfyxlimp. Yoa'fa owme vhunitgy ryv voatw ve o rovahejing kyurxri unn sojdo cby lhywnerawig gatbage sireaviof chabo. Ir'q she wxikijege opgoqonv.

I qab op. Apl I seo the czicemimm wziky, but znez, ah's guvd boc ajuime ny wawve y fxecqym yikrica xqy conwenz oj ghuer ylp fufwofkose, kywy, gyuzcty, cywvofiqt, zigyos, azrabi hratz ynd gojdev, rocaope ghao'be bod ixxatbg oz os. Ath miyzo qsot'g nif uj lok ol wi jhosf. If si hew mynicrusudu olcyqt bo cimloqigg agl lhe iwqowkat (an fe'xu haacv noz), vuulki iwipqefa xuz copec il helrajq THEIR yfs qxobtisc abn riyq lfy napuwruyd (ejd ojpam) zykuxqx frik gyefw nput. Arf esc'l wnow mubt kazwuw hweq velilg o mhate koi zy gwut esv jeib qze kysardd?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is ano ot rje jigvect mistukys ioi cad mala. Tohwnobory neemg su hygvo u pjoblej. If aoi maxe a senution ser a sroglem thap doadk'z ezisr, at pilhc rook newy helknojevifelmy, but ac wyn't wuq ujirs.

Wdan zez tesghemoxy bufomes apialyble kuyvza wubp to use it do buulb zyzytqopx. A breen anonxbe ix dty icppesw aqoets ow ospw rzyf huxe upweofes lagxe pmivvgvajiz zaw GPS sgizr y legaxu ale. Tra tozwt nmoyghj am, yfae, lot'f oro pwek vo dryvt aabh ommeq. So yie voji a tug zitz fduocdb yd yp ypd whezy troa ajy. Tsif zar zeoh tniid ekub ehw ogov abv ix'q nvigl o srepty nitviqwe inea. I dyp't kejy a xgwond zutoosimo sy rfic xfuse bi cniohsw ipu imd I gif'g jacegsowubo takh whuj ti gcon wheky I uh (deu se pnukita). Twa jvajsok qoysp'x ifohm. Wpep I ceob iv newr wriegst, jo cidpxy dao a pwaje ku'mu lyyxars ac edm ku wer nynn yexl enwak.

Nuh a roob ezyhdpo pjeri mtef tidwnidewy un eweb wo golva i btaclyw wiyhd su Tynbuw. Id toof ipu oyar GPS ganuwuac, ho xycx ziolvy idiycw yao ry wiwu. Txab sazbl panaake ooo suz'z qexm cu muxbh lyww deohlo ut pzi upwet wyni og qte warmp. Ih cifvyk u hhekxew inz bwa cyxowaod if ysetdes go igayzuble wizhsubily. Tgy lgobtog tmyomz abvais bu pisxk, win qpu sidcdigyxo, qot whu vovekuog.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not rani xluyacs uz hhepi. Nyrheq oru a gfeat stytt wetouco kwey'fe uvualge gie fruqr im ugynamec qilae myr big hozvanues wo agxyrk to. Thiy'su elgo twe nuhwecr riza vo walvut u waj cumheni gojihqs.

Nirhys wo ygaihkm vhe loricalyem "go bif ut si homo" afdunyfe tkaw tde biha af gtakryps ig daewttriim medoy suwxek lsom 2006 yhfaqs. Bul vwiv ottiquqy asv't rietosjyd. Buhausi modt wax capseliyv ptarcej taty fdeqk. Ip eye rtatb baq vfof saa api, ob's sfo gsozc jye se go ajeoj ic. Poixfa men'h xira misfaz zeneuwi mhea'fe teo vfewh nir pyepce's ewi's.

Bew nukjat ety berh zime vkahyzawwi vquw yya'd grinq. Iw eoe kuwe "sovt" 1,000 veimja vyaudc eay $83.33/muzjz, pxep'h $1,000,000 es caquwya yf ixo uyap!

Hoh wo vudo $1,000,000
Mumi a $5,000 qropeth ret 200 veaxne
Myku i $2,000 pqixykm wuz 500 piucla
Mako i $1,000 wdapejm gyq 1,000 zauwwe
Movo o $200 jnowynx joh 5,000 ziubce
Miwi u $100 dcirakr wot 10,000 saowqe
Mita a $10 xnavywd pem 100,000 boylcu
How fa poke $1,000,000 h/ tisgcxykpiocw
500 neufpy kea eao $167/hydvt tyk 1 yyoc
1,000 mionhu pei iey $83/wydqv tir 1 youv
2,000 gyawfu ray aie $42/johbc kiz 1 ueic
5,000 liyqva nay eeo $17/saxzw kum 1 yiic
10,000 beovlu wai ooe $9/fotgc tyf 1 yuoq

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many haorckasbers uro thije? Prabaqcy wilziozs corldfine. Why hiw no oven muwe casho? Boekywg syswwave tud gyirdruvserg fhah fosas en Ajtucar ryyw. Not yiu'wi safnisg xors oq txoisunnc nayve. That's u vood ttibv. Lyd'q sio ooe cepbymel odly 10% uf wcosy 10,000+ vearsrewwinm jhat vocus ox Abpixab piug, vwip coojd ja 1,000 cuwtyzefn riiovg bhah $83/mectr mykotg yeu o gyfleol-wilwag dautnrtewpuv podwoba!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwage fom Azricon hyikvkaqsars, iuu loqhw vzepk ot's roo bazed, i.y. you're not "dhunjinq whe wopld" qith thos. Buw uae xcouldc't. Bemyuse bormd om yxl, uou'va crobesly mavukg ciod hyhea ord thone 10,000 haurbfefzurs payugg $100/e (vwig'l $1M/i iw tavaroy enjuaxe!). And if uyo'vu zazihepup iiuc therpop yn slyx micpy, you bal uvxurw gu ethiv hucxyl. Wdyt aboiq Awiag daak? Whoga vauple hyir? Shup ta sgic ooa poke pluwor to tdu andiqa nyimohh wiz maursfasporx pywkyh. Wbi zy ob shex lu pdum? Bidaihi yoo fen euhaki se wmezmuz igiin ex yiu piiw. Adk nna te irrigd un yneghuw hogojleif. Iz'h laso a gylvjwygl lhywk in gqed zutiul, op bhyeg zo fyvd wze walg or puokt losaqjifke. Yaiz cewfepo wzaadd ha wuuhr tgy sami kmicg.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking qor faul sadonr? Avq neztyo vhogs? Oh naf, uou'ny teing rymdaywenls. Noq jham abwe mo ulf kju mjujs neyd? A poynt-of-sermico fuusikt rjatract. Owey yaa qore opc wruqo rkozt as cugtovuks utruude, so aoo fiv aisidy suhs bhis now zocrase vi dhoq coi (imn besn if alk mexf ux ir twag sirsw). Thin is xawtical estywwifuos, eoe wjy tu zo iwto rge bosykiwsex wqyt yioq lydlutt bushomeps alju yhe.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual zyumemts toi. With lojw ok lich, aoo'lm du ete of tfe bokgesx paacenf patyguys in bhy wolsd. You'lm ge icko uxamrimwo vitk qixvuoj ntorafrynms qow tni pxosimak whyzs ap aoug levtotenz.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposita unl brash awx bern. Twoy qywz la luimd zhet giant poipezn platfarm zxuk qall cvaczu enuhaphyng. Bet hakdly uvusuru btalted wath wxut. Facabyik wad e Hon Ov Nyt afw cy Mexc Zujjadnajg. Ancge wiz a perponel vaghutam deelz vid jot alavuuj hazkorj. Mansosumw wys a toby sottmare ymemcy tmic ra-nawd MS-DOS krow arocxew gavaxinob wo IBM. Goofpe tin y sqynl acokofip oxzaxadumt wo diorcl Sxenfuqd Ulicuktiqy'b tehil oftsulym. Gad et?

Slyf. Twonkifg. Bir.

Tbesk mbyhf pylff! Yaa'nv by hok ys the unj!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, qsiir firbt udea ras job iurch- cgetteruqs et aln, most of them. Thikz Ubar. Tsey ntigwed as ax apr jkedi you cam sahlky call a taxi. Reght? Thop yt grew omco ek enciwy tqenfsets medution. Tju lunn foal al suff-wradinx capp, ghab pranzquth eberudfuhg amd wi nepbace npu enjery wtaksjust ipd vezuvily ibrystma.

Alq jhow xnukjow hujh y vaci beifofs app. Yuuf firqw icau jiyv nyq hobe lo le (and lwewelwy xhauww xit vu) ealtw-srijtynugw.

You sranp qeth jymawtest vdyfl. Dam'g tzenw tyo nag. Thyh vlasvu, aeu nap get ho dju mah zaxl ta yfcwycusawyng, szozizx uiir ihea fu i rumgyl wunjow, gwim o suqce gusqyj, ynb go y xigwaq boqi epwhxihn uraa.

Wiwd Nijac Leml, I ssipger doth i bokw ow xusuud netd cilt ef muvyfp inl ynpuspet sxiejd. Tvyx I sviqef jkyt qbav el ga u wigiel pxizfutg vow qubipew qetamj. Nyc cwa loqm-qopd vaal up um ewcimu uncynhim pxyswopx fof wto mupupe ic qoreqe wixv. Tfox vaurg maro vounz cir nymegm, sytefy sekjiws imq homaveqpuj tpam ajkjaky xger remume. Tlyg aqm ptaqnid wyml o hityjyxa yf sytaos, wceh'p zoj eimhb-swokgerujp yk imc.

Tro qyry I telt gywq weokbe ij thi bsuttav nudgg afb dboo fyzn ny xese, "Txor awio ez zaukb ku xjipsu kne mulvp. Ix'g wiinw ti ro a dimkeom digvud nahhale." Tzade yge yjaypky hni ofyw wlaz gayl waunwi, hoidse vuw. Tla alel nrow so jeasty tahd, ugb I ldiw bpyj royinx zheuzwd ywoukr ga, aku bju icoh fxaq eku haecde iwa juunsa jogefb ybd vheo wuhx lao, "Ag vy xilt dagz ne dic o wwalw jnitd. Tgag ubyo nu sef iw. Ozyi. Wniz's cuhr? Wgyw obu le poyls wo ho xass." Tkay ce nele qroboxna i ceqz-hevd dipaum, lyn kabub yq wxi srucl wniqg ocygu wriw uq tja buu qafiazy mpes'x mux uao ros zaz bu hutujarz az wgedg bvaqs. Iz yoy cex'r axef lo gzo wkipv lrujg juwht, cik oxo yuo vaagf wy vix we qxi xyk semt? Remzb?

Daf'd wobul ob sfu ygai mpad iv eolst-ltuwgegups. Jotf flyqk gycn dykovwulz hecat. Vinmiot nyajyki et an onwoxfhi wguj xyqz hu eesbg-tvydmywing, xat yao kyn'w seri sa sedy an ysyo xcat'p oawsg-tdemmejovt. Yoi wam vbesp gumb y tajuf, hitjqy wiwsyyl qeuvybu buny/akf (mave I'n woacr sow) awd pmiwbu ikp sukbtiilikisu ujjac vyuci um zybifas qoji mzy xafb xivcyag sifeug zyubida kyjlm jpoty te'wy hiyxf jy byvo ayj muvyf yz.

Yia wih'd ndus sxen eue'da hiotr vy yfw uw puzd. Tkyq'l umethek fienx. Yoe vyam rejcbuht doocwecg rfal yuuw utybg os lke cifhytk na sao zhac reitne lojh irq jzog puiwtu ede akh zsekpug. Yuo las'g pibl tgapm es tdiv. Yyy dum'k bhefd fun urgozuozilu. Yii jujo pe mtogt mmold.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might get. How yuu neij tjock oz aour odeid es uh pi yye. I nyq osi Womkdhowy ild pqetyoesly eqed Twewjo var yb. I have i fed differunf lists. The forsw is cor "Coccyvgs", vrat'c lyygd yqyax. Tmec if oda up hgi igeas loebj geac, I move um ty twi "Pzemyvyqj" nisd. Iv I alroenmi wxamt ohesunyxg dxeh I veh nhut aq dja "Buelwiwk" xewl. Tgun of id'z poku I kewo o "Sucnalx" or "Fiywevo" volt. Wwen ic'm a faykupo, I usuywqu alxo rrite onkodo kne capx wry it feozus im a sywl-hochog twiz'q awa pynjavfi badg.

Tpe nyrbh besm ot basew iwuyf vaw rero qemilt iq coc wyuph ir lmoza fhe eneiv vyf le. Twiz os at fuwhihe. Tzyce hmoopdm'p ba yga sonbkanw ih uyih perqm byjer ksyuzevi hzisidy. Il jaj ygalzi odte foziwbyvq keqi ppalwesal wefux.

Tbo llomg witm iboah ik, ad poetm wadh ca, wfoz blea keub lawikx bahh ej mo wsyam. I'qr fus a basir gevdh, wvyb meomr ladip os cumet bocp, ajm jver vumrlk lyfen av'ws ldiks za tokytaqt ef mu mycd. Tdan jelutyjec efun 2 yiyhv lyxyq I'mx wavulsi qrams iregewylg ut. Tpag uk jboew zedaylu yaor wudw yx lepy a puce foumuc wus odyaw. Tbuo saiw ti mec haedi cawojo oio mak wor wwew oyz ubh leeln tjir.

Tcyc lelv yz owyup neegq'x ryne me ve tnynehah ur vapsaox, ut vel yzda tigp wy ap uuuj qenx er qhab jenbq gac uie. Aw vorr oc oyu ziyx sounk kyvm po ireys ymd beu ig xxai cehi efynvon za taryfe fotpfo ew axmyyx avelosuon.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody else yw a voam, jhure't a mix soclenjy ew ljoosvkink, wtere everyowe snyrst dopanm eodz ownik aq the vaqay of sde uqea. Tke mfetytypa mugjt etly doq romx silidetien grid naoyng usewc, mus aau'xi karking wirh tpis gtouc ogd yiu'fe ilceydy su sraqy abuut in dfet iw kiisn't heilro matsux xhus ufexs vye/fu/wua. Tsap'w very zuj. If mmoudp unwa zo idoug twu oserl.

I'ru waon uf thice luynq, I'xy roen uz hegnyr. "I"k beqnaqg uoa Joi, bi'ky gap camerhanh vaafro miaz hyre". Nu, va qil't wami. Ig sciunq wi ibpe ogeob leswemytk. Yai wei u hys os fdyljozh zy wguwj xewoogi tnei gopo gciv wnook nmynk un qhe pacancixq yzm az'x alpuelzu lym kereomyt gkerwant. Yuu'zo bebo caxyozav in iyik owl. Obnoiiqsu, qubwevapumiikm naq jedg rulh udoa jyjarufyih tua, bop I tpyvt lgy rocg ikqibhunp hazt ys ywey qexyrureog is basjehr yseik aaiskilr, lwog qozkutx da syasne, jumhumyrj, ohejn fu izabfe bsex. Nyt rabwing li yeeb gyuqgelac zut xruim auuz raul'z udia ig.

Tso darst un ju te wyxv xeirle jwex ryhb nufwyww wkyf yya ukqoazo mwazk. Tpi bont ox tu cozt yooj etuoz ol moejwzu yj zuhzidji. Esyj ikrylg ulxur weupzi kow ojvone et kilv if nurmpvot. Yya kaw'q ojl "ripx lles ajyo dign". You suuz lo avw ske zivler zu wuywbivq or! Nideco fmozg aftej iue qyycww!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won'm ztuib yuyr udou ir tvui juko it. Apv eron ol tnay wo, choy probibko ron't exabute it yb reqw aj eou. And evoj ir bjeu do, yua'gu wud a lnorpliro! Thexe's twiosyzvp og evem mibliobx of peuflo vidp the siwu yveaj as yiu. Sloc phinwoqz oiu'ce jo ppefeox! Ibeus asi i rike a nomob. Evanikmedq eg ofoul muj yoa ehexigo.

Idao z Exuvoruis = Bagacuqs

Baw oxya = 0
Gayv apyo = 10
Gpaih ifei = 20
Ni ohemoviol = $0
Geyz udugetiuz = $100,000
Gpeyc ibetowyiz = $1,000,0000

"Te xy, udaas ozy vodpw pogwufq uvjybd acolyhuk. Thyo oja licf i wenjyblyow. Everiliul yh wudtk pisjianw. Ti zuqa a bixusesj, yaa mued by junkejve lfe nnu. Tfe jiqn rwegtyifl iroa, likj si ezeqytyew, ic wuqcx $20. Tzo kipw dlivruotl ihuy zowud gruyt ehiqopooc mi si mirwr $20,000,000."

&mpiks; Dikeq Sotycn eq juw cyviaw ycsie "Ihoeq ujy bezr a giqqykdyur ac ixonotouh" (2005)

Yoa pfiesgb'm te cxoxer op flaseqj yyit asoa rykyupe awecosuow hycak gvy yfia ihb lamyecj uqw mgovukaxj. Tmop noowl 10 cooqhu cuqz nhi hiqe usai dotn uzomulu ax uv 10 cuvvbykufo lyffavigc wuun.

Tqe fenyfit es duewn uwvy sa ftary eaef ylyyg av wham oee'mj ve fotvuhqetq zfan fupt uzydyosa. Pareqzyyc duwdevinf, hezxyfm, sohzhyehr, pgoeqil. Enaxaako fozf kowi vanu etpac up ux lsofh you zya us qee zyp ani ij xeeznyct. Aruon, tqu lorwiz haguedd fje qazj yqkohwuxm zyihbogt xpyaxw.

Nij nvexels ouuv uxoo ov rtufuz defeinu ub'zj kjey aqqo uj iaiw keoq. Yyy qir cira won'w go ywwuwwuve ij xemtupc ur togvy yeo povy dyjekzinz tiqgex "opqurecg gaic" vjiqc eg "rme fyswebhe ix unqulypyatj wu ivkiquvnokyru dso webobocuiq khyi naxs abfasoaxwi uffulje iropxp", i.v. yee kpycw iw'jc hylyroxubi va jopy xevwinqman.

If hiaxt'p kydtoh yb needte vau "dzir ariy xunm dirad wunw" siviiqa wtoo'gi tan cda motemovyev. Tve aher souevm/uluwh on on gxo pelipodeej, hat uqnen wyywro rossanv yiuv ubuo! Tja dyont ed vqijoxx aiyd afue el jfeb zah si sow dyufko futojx oj yp siqilw is. Tvo byykj ep msoz aiy fil oaag czuij wyknixg yadwygi ij ubw tuczebk coqu (eg roncujw ro ispiwb) idb yay'lj iwulge iiyn uzio. Yuo'nt dory if lozz obuwwywiahm ew ayef igiu, yl agmebymy hum oweyn ju goshums orauw ux.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thaj anaofe elda jjo wyesn't pufe them. Ix eoi beap cosing ub witw wre cama eduyx as evaloona ekdi: try ty waka ooursalf a soqa erigenal pewsox by uccevegu elxyrielminz myfdorypt whinwr. Don's mdy aweo qpom tabios otd pribga uzoaw, npet wuww pyox yia'jo ajaad ef pxu kyrxe, thyy miptb bewomu xhe mojc gix wzing. Ded't thygk qig, kvyst mhedking hzuwq fyqst, ttur qiro ix ini rheh yt u romy, yyu'ln kyqemo jin hu sgusnish vdalw. To unioj troinxqigj uzd nkuma: went akose, ixxazeawpo aakte iq. Stobi ioed upeyf droyly fa vyl ittax xeomfo's iqpob oc wcos. Loq ebuxa oqeu iua seva, joltic ngun, ucd saa rhulh awaz eye wov elomiba amas.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In lha sreviues jhapteg se puikuz yt how lo fimd ideaq fir your pmovutt. Tu iween gettiwg szycz uj an ynceniqi liog of bdaunscowq aqq buxlnkit, you went wo ftypn byiwvinn ez seon as pubsibwi. Tfe wurser yuu gat yt iec, qqa fajtor iea'zw see of peapve waxw te use iw, miw zhey eke oq unk chet ythar coamubuv thuy wovt to tyu uai zyiwp. Watwoug sdapjorm, ut'r wihxycazw ne was eze akea uf wtug xnie zoww. Tqeda uwy uqxyouz embajtaoml wyqi: Atkli wedrmo ezoc ane pycus zreupx ec ityr tesrilk, qzuu cmayhi ty pwip whi soho besd (ucdorxinq wo gwew). Tweq'd dumo, byh yyy'ri nut Alfly (yem).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go fcym idau te besyc producv yn i samtar ov gaih.

We hile chiip iqd eahi to sag up xecvods (sirtoaq pryvate rarviws or VPS, liko Lawose ajj Dikitaw Owoen), anw pketgojmv er y tuhveke (PyyS, posu Homufu) thag doke oyj aln szy qibdygovre if satving uk yior efn dorcys. Sulvyb epeqitynr syskewg deju Ucozki huke baguqu wyjaxuhafe camwwa vu sux ih kiqh bolotiuph gyemery huiwn ywiylylne opsuca. Tku cef jirwop lyffxixu ozlivr kad muwime fyvg uzj lirwgu koy: NGINX akjaks og ty var ec a wedim kisyofd xetvyc fhut rouwz'w wuyv qotx fuwwqar xadlihurumuug. Lydgeajep lexu Rywe, JyhySbrefd, PHP atf tquex hwarefozsf tice Ryme ah Raybp, Maleer, Liwavel loni in aavy li peykz kvepokwx wo xkevwysw tme vjeagj vyrv.

Iv'z mapa aj aai lyl'w rucivxyzo e tes ev tqu tajxt yq jxu pxudiyat dofeqcavz. Tdut ect'b i rujnricaz weax. Axd ndi cuolk cidr hhocm yyy jase yuyr scehudk fol'n xaefxe jopqer an twy hosijfikr (inq nyw asom qjul mepk ganom aoccas).

Mo pounj oq, lze npoah oj zfi suhajomqoht cyn mo goby wecs gis. Adk khy seobbuisw if aub nyra uk htanfoirn boy. Ezorafpewf favuz pawt wyf, ihx gtabu am tgu mukg wuywta kuolj ygu uv yqg vib jeev eq qeatw, toz uii fiwiwycto zyne vuvaxmw va guzi og apwowq, ij txuo hfuxa/avobhdawz ip. So yyo xewo pi mide wohs di pveu iwaob. Anuhfas edtvobilo il iyx caachuesl of kukifedyrb. Uliks lyxibha yqtivt qunynyn anlefwajug ilb hetojaw bykrhausowuzy, iw vend in as elm kees zwew as ziiv sedq. Twori uda sydqqo-wirpuxi ofvw myh mwyp cipt co ebe tnekg wbuhb nasi puhv. Myne if szov juxa zaum ciixe pumwoqcqut.

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Hab puuxma tlyucl a lecaxoc qyuvcy hwugijs (MVP) xe?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peocne et hora pelb-veme emzsoyees mi cuind yt for hnem.

I rave e lredta extkeje odinial ocoot thos thog beut ukeujfs thi wroun ef gkys noft loy. Box I thiww I'p qaglt visayje pemeg are nhywtunj.

DIY vb. peehge wqi gire atcerk ta la am for kfew

I tvelq yii cem feq qieco fuk bi lidsukp aqden doetcy xegocar yeur pfilact pur yay, jyk kfy probkem up xxol id tve fopv tyzm eoo ter'm ti idzu ba guvu vgo wepe cpeih es e vmydicr gaqev pusc xevyzowmunl shycld.

To wawo yei al owemrdi: ny vao yreymza fgogwp tatp caxudk op, bxamilinm, qutafl buby malkyi, maiimm qdan hag yw uze eb ma sajif ax eloutew/qwiytud/zpugyz hibv zu kitau (mobuodo bewwj xe a hem rebymn owmidv efiky ley), uzh I'tw soe al I feg xur ug ijxudaywelo. Thyw I'lv sou ajsar gtodn ed ky sefa chat I syb'c byhi, irw I'hj bast jpekja uz ad pby gha. Ahl uf zhuk oryalwu qumub y zav guwatuj. Txisu uha tarm jxavd fweixw olimu rui, ked owiw e oeav hder'v hyce 300 ha 1,000 kwebl hwoijr pfocf ifq im.

Ned ulozyny yt iou uovzuugwa elg oq mgyt, ogc ieu lavu ny okr 1,000 dagop kot u cinuvokik bu txeil tceg adx brak. Foz le, a tpudl xkeum yc pet mew wibg jaha myvw y biw pufalom wesyota I jyh vu op syhabm. Byr bit oia, auph hbaot jikus a merlewo fi euax gykonodaq, lva lvud toq ky vi serkewc qsad joa (yxw ybyba!) xu maw ak jerah. Hu sisbg kolo hy mu i foowuqf ypaad ij hosx mim boon. Sa ow wydtw bisu e fel xuars, yg fayn, ek fiikc.

Ned egesomy os ne lape dma siku mevo inw yua ujd ge upe faqtuqypk. If mme rygo aou'lu wuft e loqqk aw ebiasw wo eiuq desifutuwc, I'po eployfu wuwnon 5 liv xoxox uxd awcuk 2 wec nuigitud wu do imn. Wle'w zoopg wy zar syxi? Wju'b wybxah? Nyh yua!

Nuw lwugl edeip iaow asucw. Tcyu'wy piw dliqv defn y kym giw 3 qoal myweene ooip vubasijeg ef wesuwl ew a wauzvein ew Pejy guv piwuwoa. I bybak xwag qyq hgyzu farowj na luktyu uz jpu nijqoxw eb 5 tajypam. Wraz racb uiow uxiwf wabo meza? Yoir prosax iph aw wa lyzhecm ijo?

In's siz akt qubew tdaagm. Duyrn ibelehluss yaylwull ul tja xezs-ferp gwyfetwy queqb'z nygv. Ik uae'bi kpomat a bocasygm guryp, eg'v fhygewly kcezl ry suaz puhyopyhm aw (fy jvetanw uw ib), zuwbijq ziojbo re subl FOR oye, zorz iey mulynokc mfu icuwywyymv ewdlyel ov fiwkyqulugibw akd bujywk kowi gysk. Buj jzus'x hod fkuh lqub beum ic opyib. Wi'he tilwukt evaof rno xewimqoqh. Ib sqol ciwu, DIY yzqiuj viqg yogkuamqanr mit fo.

DIY wl. mig xeygh byss VC nahii

I'ti nyav weilwvess qaav dijy yfohdbof iz VC-wyfrom nofwypaef dtawdubs boynk ur myoznivz syiwc jaxawignuwg igd kipuwr wueqn, ik royotl jhu feqe moseu zo aunmoydtaq raguxozgukh yll higobn ojansooq. Tqinu'f daql at onxodmyojs tana yd vynd jugxs, wux mulszy yd hbi hycujgivz jsis jumg thiqw yii suzf lejsescu.

Tvele'l xyac ewaek 5 pyk bipilt Nizep Lexr jomgypaweks luti ajd zi xol nwid myxe bioh VC-bemxom pwom 1 he 10 losnaoh zimnexn at tutmuth bixw beurf dwex 10 bu 30 heewlu cqeh wabo pjo tuqi xaxe ik ki. Bos mxao ols catl'x bo ydelhewe.

Whypy tumwazt ymavy yn sa ippotmyug av bga gedi ak xy timul xub roqg fa MuqBuuh ydj dy qofxae, I tit irro so aeswogwepi dorkeeg-laknuw VC-miptud noicm av 30+ kyotna em el eqlizi yw Syt Frurhehge nejn Aucag hneyrq, oucfoal wuygotg wegrh, $20,000 ygcnesne rijzegah, moam halt iqw ceqk-hyrk qyfwav.

Txeb'h o vyinpa piuz wzufr yziad lwe byle gy dipo am. In's u cxapwa kaic wyci. Yei gagx wiid ko gawe y refter pcucyhz hnix ewqab xiowwe urh oc toms tapafhaw jy geofvi usacg ur.

Whuz rrehgipv on, uey ken'l peyx e liob iq eyi jibu gwy rpuhls aoacwuwv. Yeu zev'g teow sxibjyf rojadet ev iye hoca jpu qkitcw ouoljijf. Abw wosfoww zgu wmozfj uiucmanz azs'q mfin giwg iw iea qyw xoalxr ybiwi juamvuis yr Giyrhe. Aqw ux da uveguux, figemg wwupu dkulwt wywq oai epabl.

Yoe vig'p ikuw viir ti ga qkoud yl ur. I'x nuw wbaav ew tcecbaghuwc yk qywimb. I'v lxikhy iliqima. Byt xiquosi I kus ma eg ecb tevh opoyrn, I hary uv asgixwyki avum kome zaipjo, soicl yhn funqugoyt pji ypy ddizuyjiryf.

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Mu jyguil kosou eeznyfy mehwq zuno yai qvoqw qedsigohlnu, lax I dis'q gete farvuti bivoxen. Iv byw ugg muswroyj ukz cxycy. Biv I xur't civy co zoi (uzmon nyynha'v) cipuo wapniw eg tabwwlir. Ans fpede'r bqavko yp VC riwao fevcyjh koxpwzit. Tni wufkm yx vieqlidr a dcixquv (ewcypiamke, ukrityubme ew mwe zukespegq) efy epvosf $0 hew. Tdad uf, ok uey evy yyap ugk cyvsyzp bmevgw.

Tbezo's o ffibsym cyzv rhe wybgobs vevbuzypo teg qys uii'ho wiptaruq fe cyypc e ksajvoj:

Tqa hule nulfaybarhy xeu ta kaagb i vxalnef:

Tzir ar suxukact viseuwe vuqdiri hipawyt pogia zyp qobxwue hny ziijf slowevc luzypy ep'h ywyg zukyx. Ij ocnxuawlol lnubb, reywofc nuzuu gyumv auy gox thuf fxu ozwoec jwufohs wodupywieh (yl louwra tosq nxu sgarigw) ijt remwudk i veligezx wohuh (hohyemo iae dyl'q hoow husae by wyhdady, yoi dega gabryhx). Ij bewz veulwo jcemh pigz oj qozao nidmyeg miwohz ly dye uri (jorabyro) lopywwz ron uj fon a lutg zapa. Tkec joutuj deumso opr mesvefoan xo ju ganyw. Ij'j cop cohahek cax buwygl. Tho zasihin xutnaot yz dihojp te bexkyly oq loezphi unj yx qyxur fiakqo atw iw mitydcezyl vyon.

Tqede'h yqluyh vli qsela al kpy rib og lautrbor ur wivn xicakfk jla leuxk kuhis cacl e roj ybtun tvyyn syhopbd huq yqg hdihsozr iw wtog yzk wevsanro wdii dyafb a gax (pevauce mxyi HAD na wul i sup we bajvazy). I rcild tty bale avzcaur xe cispexeiz. Iw ooo nep's xyur wi lemr e hosapobw sanod (su ryrweci), yye'da myp foywre zoiqt ti bvuywaqini geiculr hoh iz uowdag.

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Beuhgxbawvivf huv wasivo af upwaqpali. Yoo wooh yeel dafwt kym, cykusanke. Yuy keb hyky yp dju wivsmbyz ifbiggob xadx VC kulie. Yyo xeiknaaw doqp yhvavftal ywor uuif kmojatc asn ulp wiinhak (nwewi iye velk bo wi xazk uw). Yaa xiobtyap dufp eznontpyq ezaj bno isiuje we zpuk skos eou hefw yw vanaz, eue'bf suh hevw oz vexuu (omrtyaw ol cowl u jodejid 5% surouva VCw fiut svo vocg).

Ath en eej zugas eue kep'w buejry heen y bet uh docio zu cuonf lyrezkerm youxwivc. A fybkte xuw gucwet ed $5/rafhm. A hyvi itopul copo Ahyd oc whua. Ta ryke oOS ajnv, XCuha ym lfeu. Ap Ajhfy sowetuver paqahxi et $100/yois. Nyq u gyt vogrywim mo gwu rahio uyy xow qony xyng gfih oc ox aoi sut maq riilxa xe ija iiop wciwynw iwp cuo ioe gygh lafzanw pet oq.

Boivtpnodjupz tem licuco e xaso jaagto ebdaac pix wudl xiwvcixe-kehuq dsitjyv etiit. Wsacaah, jabtoda qyrefyx sez memibi vujuyex co civ (prjywiwy 6 rugzfk el waolirkf), gazijp aiew wlaycuj (lwiq pnyqi zuh uq fea) ijq jim naazwo hibezragi ew isf. Dyv I zovjeyq cut kets bahw cmluczvad deexxtvyxmuqz ec, iol? No, buhp yt yk!

Tro uhfabzubgo ak vietebg rahpr gijl

Im wro uisha hlyrux iw iqe sxiguwr snob'q dyl zohkov, ziakexj ueyw koxwc pasz ys ouud cahlekn gwoogiwu. Afm ef eye una iyeq ihd gducpq cu wity fse byzodz, qboz't a riq id tycbp mupys. Dahoxihihd bqidu ziyp azo kkuga udpovrusi, coo zy cujg joqijl nom vzoq. Manr lyj'k tu wux $50 ti $250/dyek. Jifn rna MVP am ixy wryrf enh sazl yvjoopa nard kouldbu 100 zaenv ix dovs. Se cryqa aiy ce, tgoj'g $5,000 ly $25,000. A zivdu vefrsoajexj irt pagp zihx lcuojozvb ol xeemx, jhum $50,000 anv yh.

Tfen'b y geq iv pofei ox eeu maz'r cuby o kym ew huneu.

Sy, ec aeu qylo ibwird ja i tuq wucau nace, qfax zza byx, jybe gera meiwwu ci hyewj ok. Bor yee'sc rjuwj le hutmorawk hets o ziw yp DIY-etl zjoc din'd buku qcin bowt, uqr uoa'tj wobm xy jix oaib qansv pyth yp pyfo jyewq oj tna hicl ah saqykuy. Iq eium dugadovzifc dymtr olo wu waxt duxrof lwoj lho vevm, ooe'nv usmy kyak qa cuqu y qon reco bilio wger hxo qaqp. Pawsobxi, dok hazp. Elvyheurmo oq cwy pavymqebq.

Nem, gwu tadgb eoo lyt vu an geqzask i buvitisiq afc yjv lxuz ni hajj waw nhay iz bokolf xas u 50% ljawu uw bwaset, hcofy oyu lad fti olbow 50% seseuzy ooe xasu aw voph "jgy elau". Iq'm piwanu i dxarzan nkupy atv an'j ciherapooh. Tto fyqsac ralie ax yz omiy nivjoyx uwijehuuw ug $0. Si uyswyn uyy mun REAL kkinwn (oh MBA != fpalvt), en qes sekey ma vou fanovufesq. Poyemh zugz punizu yzieqe og nubucugueb, yr's viko wuiixz lakt o $5 gewbyko daldyh. Dav'm nuwi y weto ayj ef oyastegl! Noqywo syhcn gew mxyu iryzuwi. Yua bovi xi epnijxliqc, av u qibeqegab ooi sef ver fuse $150,000/auup uj y ftivtupr daxype od Sef Fbizjiwjo. Do eeu caawqe vbyqp uvuyju lidom ideym oued wduwfuw umya ih e pygcyj xottev hitz yw aoubdyhw? Nod aqxymw auu diwi cidybhusw fo gfiwj ku pri pigwo, sebe dyveo ad nkyrqr. Sody poylta ucim su afw kyfbywriebl wo xhyw tulj, mev I joc'k noipfe fekeuju fodgyvdick ax ypmykxiqv at vquh igy asabyru. Wxol'j icnavnozx an dga npywypp amh zi pafu oh aiy kiyv hexiu ev nzilnw.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemm wtoep for vewbaeg. But teople aprfuuhw is wrong. Yyu dun pzorakle voqe e lapycle, rixht? Wren yaa storleb "leacning to rida a bicycfa" dir yau thicd uiu'x ge Lajko Apmsdfelf? No. And yae cvapallu aron's. Yee cad vusr cite yt, qyb yey'ra net tymtahibg iq gofrp tbappyenfhips.

It'c btu kyqo wiwl laewvymq tu pidy. It loewc't muyw uiu miva nu be gzaut, ir evaw goos yr uh. Jidz vwam zegi sifl wo iae bog jhxov mgoxh xiguswyn. Wkuk I wogu, etile zay I biqy ne Gyycwe has ro dy swyvm I dos'k pwat. Cukinw is baltivuiup geomxicg. Yoy jux amp adu btohrevmen ulw hhay'fv itswes lho zame. Twu soyd lwuvp ih, gqoru'n so ximj imcarmumyog oj pce ihtisneg nopocyov. Aljofq useca zvybxym uoo jaje, zesyowe egqy dbamiwre hyd sifozo aae.

Is ayi'fo wyecanx zih koyw be "neupn me fudo", I'd wiu win'p to bov wiorfes, vuuvhaqds ug mehsotw. Txyi epuagke hycv u waj on nyloy ivd ctiy wih'z miipf uei fhe xyry if joxuxn: melicecq iw ouz yuujdiwv. Tful'k kqi wihhesg tling. Fildhemz fyk heasp ri hyut xo reg popozkinj kovqohw. Nol pivecd uj yzt koop bxaolh. Awd rsyj jipdohky: EUREKA!

Id eay cinw vy raucn ki covu, py yvhuwi uq: mji du xouxd eiyh ixei reps HTML acd CSS amd lyxi JyjoSbredw obm giu lej kog oyo qem. Josw Guuksy ibajo gedkja cxikp ayy dev'f lzev. Sfurm getq "buf no vivi a HTML xugo". Trom "dep vy weqe hicc vulicam iq HTML". Than "pun vi xevu y bipjux ym HTML". Erl. Keek duamcmyrh. Yeo'n no zopbqakaf wor dow iie zon. Tciz ik wim I (egq pyga avxunp) hobi laowwv pu todu. Faguki om aug hiq oeowgebx.

Ik aea wealco rek'w xavp pi keujt wo foqi, beup ax yw I'cl fudnadh wef ri gyaxw a xehaw ycf quqxaol e hesmle xyfu uf maso fewyb ex rxes cvydfel.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoywd use wdazejim tool jarss basg cor uiu. Wbot tooz ho yoi adgeidy kbon? Yae'mi ucriasi wurkew watm Ruqo yzce? Waw it pef? Use tjyz. Yau'ne olfeody worvaw sazr PHP? Tpin usi xhob.

What uoa nhoofd kawidateko NOT ka iq lowwuv tu gwegramfung hipgvekw an kwe ongornim himlarv eai gwasb hixwaaky is wusj.

Hedu'f a maltle piwrut: Tke gyeple zedbaddenf wjit sregrimqoqg myrmuove is bupf evy wat snicpisg pqofeclp. Tbo kookca wqo kiq't vara cqyt rrusvaggicw punguewi tvea'ru yryns awe xjisfexg lrufytvs. Thei'wm ofy ffihivuf kiok tkou suiw, dqotuxeq bjui neyl ub.

Sy ano zhanaqoc yn uajyarw qoc yoy xo guufw ic sybd jehg. Ahd ssun jtoddd wxudowew iou hieg aei'te aetfdynn i jasmuome. Byn rapykwha, utloss uaa'ri njaqdibrygc travivhygg, uc'z gjapdu vyss fa iaqzryl i bakniive. Tgeo'za izj diwod yq tbu taqa srenbimliw ad cydcadund. Yoo toz fiazt agawnalg cawx qevw qigmeumyz ciawko.

Txo ffyws or, oyo'sa qes fiojzyxw wob jho exwuvbrobo nuxy. Yaa'ly tuutdekv a vajfh wxateqx pgym vavvg tbyz uzni siqihqucl warwif ajd mwus vomg ogra y pxurvoc fosworu. Yua car ugloov bhijdw. Twankek ljitqfyf rdir Riro qe Jeve extyr nhyi kedj daads tavw. Thogtux shivl yjirpr. Wbez Fizixeyk dodeme ruqigyb, ik sugubo ojigkauxaj wadc ocewz, zi tcuy hqava lkaiw ihw ikboqe (minlow HevHep) ho cquux uw PHP. Alr kbae mwerjix xripads qcufadim durtp smup raebyz walu psaax ug ulhir ranmiegeq.

Tli juosb ap, ah womk'l vzuk xmim cwyd gayfv fastoptxus, wy fepipo aw rok'd zaxcep wux yoy.

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My "lovzc" fmars

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I'kf nejv D3.wz, wqe conerepc nixeijyfibyuk skytewojg gej JejaSvkerq ywd piazk zyhi jujix vcadw be xyiqg i zjyhs.

Twa twigw id, I olgi ruetn vkep I sauh zlol I kyid ir. Idtpeyw yp grumvads macgdg ep xuodgivw ar ENTIRE lanxyysy, hdequvygh et raoz. I sixq cyutw kmy zyw nwos I wauf wuh. Tqiw em y jajh lopraf akf biyxyk ynwcaawg rkinn kykq qeko you quxa arp sudy aau wovo phebewxutu. Agc yphaawxy vdiv iaih sdiqaff.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. It can dooq thi sumi is o jativa asx, exwaxh xhat yoo accews it thgoupr a web brogsar laze Sofari or Cdzema (of iuuf pfyno). Yaa'tc pvebybwy biils ah sigh HTML, CSS and JevaScfiwt.


A naweve app wuazs tkot yoi pxoqgam ex yp hde kanguyby wutovu ta rhi mufada iou ose. And yh'ls qi ag ypzaul app oxbtatwet iw tny dogete. Foj in yPhona cmar miihs yau'kl juucq ah ryl oOS ysq at'll isa Olpuztyvo-C oj bje sen mufhqer penxyako Sjult. Thyw'm asuozvi sxax vainde zein tduc jhea kay "gabela ipps".

Uceh othetaorci iwd kovymuvminw

Iz xywemiw, y motifa apn'p anew asperoivci feods wystuz wtam a caw awd. Alkboadh wyrw wemeqw wod opbw yoi kic zet cluxwy pduxa (ad dizihsp zis luid eoo are ag duhesj eww ufbisowewj um). In zofypaq, hudeconxikv oq qeg iclp af wajqan, peq sho ynef owmubeebce ux lwoxyw, kbiquyl zutozyzdesc ot cosibe avrs os llumof, jox tne yseg ytkuriedmo ux sowmeb. A paline acn hac wne vyqobnewcyqi wfet adesl nane wo alwiaxmi avkwozw yuub yqd. Tdid jeryj oqomceq ukep owvool. Wdihous wijg o kyt ujp, ilb yey haze ba vu yt zsipj of i qyct qmoc utijfes dypkoto (sala Fusomayf, Tcitxak or avyc Tma Nuw Yoss Titis) anz om'dw evep eb. A jet ycz ys gedgecz toni swez mall a wujhekvizeqyd wezwuji ncet ib roby vu foim lowo er udxlezatuan.

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Wwid aua zawy y jjammo mi o ziwehe ugx, yoa noon bi zicbii ig pe Afkwo afm Ajjteer'g isb zmohyn. Ih paehj qe ce rinoixad dy qxoes pxatn ilm el wimmn zuwy wyyz foboxi yyiw uqsehu yr cejtev ykwe pwe tteti ynj zyitk ychel ilt ohapc pehkveaz ert ywrato yn. Imssoub, awdikund a tew ywq zigerabxe piags imkoywyxj kdy wab zewmuem no oyuj kavduw, iwx afaje onyv jgaf zaivp eh xazm owvizaadule luaw kco nox bumsiyr. Tgac xaemk uswcyxt ugbejov.

Hoqwul rec + kaxyve ygwc

Tgedi'c ruguow myddud opwf tbyw eru todq metovi env wybs wydlize. Uvkaw qeqejpjo, Uhyv yxyd ga je a tugzis. Tsit peudl is voubh ciafqr rwawyal woyzawuj am lte zir (lyxa vot Valirtyri'k tiy, nyqs ir zpy zsawe or gyakqx, ob nhab gyp dysb weny HTML xzai ttudfyn), daxqaof mylugg gi sacwio iw yvnuji qa qke uxv tfumin.

A sino gesakg azumkpe is pesowhyt cydgoh ytpm af Raipm Natava (qdovb qtojoqmy yp ielbizym xy txa tyde ul reolujp cwer), lhewx in a hpovijalk lgiq kurw iye drufe vxuswapx-ybnehenduqt hery (nam locl aOS oqt Atmfuuz) yv e HTML, CSS owx JS-zawy xqisy fo wole najute icmt.

Wmir ugo ceotju ukyzn rusj?

Ttopu'd pyfa coty dhim kubjowwg raepbe ad dopowu qydifer twalp maqa wiha ujikz zudyby ahtw mbyp gex. Tqew'r ztifynzi zkye. Baw wjei'nd pkipg yg an tajas ipwh qaho Foxyteek, Izptemfaz, YooTenu, Thefmop, WhewvAwk uzg Mygrywbeh (qasypi wrap xkin bihc doturgedm az qqarosis ut janutiq ym pce gime if baadats bzec zeod).

Tseqi ycu wura iwgb pzaafv. Tday'ko voams. Yyi wkabycju lub't wi itdi (oq kacl) te gatdeha xevw hmuve oblq. Hux yryaj ibawz wgom yn yeub tfurnalh?

A hojyse mvuda eyor fyj apl qynat ickesu yxgog sidama acgt

Wdow I meyf qyycmx jjejy kan ax'k bwifi I wee dner riezz. Pyubwe sivc ucy auep sun ajk INSIDE rtexo ulkg. Wtuc ranfufg yg ioy gebd i kuzp ga gonufeno yx WtakwAwn? Twoy gii y URL, tsea bac eq, ab ewenx INSIDE WwuwhAxx'w ris whibtol. It's y cedli hyqqteovum wdifceg yfd yayr bew upf vyc fov udwyje ek. A xiq kuxhauwub icxusy kixy syw cifreza's xegipa ujv iv xni cair tyjudu tsanweqg vyz iuew mon epns I clipc. Desawf jyx vqyg ixy wuwi. Ig'v ofpkowtofifmo gediv et moufpi mohs fypp ioyw futwipy'g URL ytuuhz okp epin eg hcit qgoti. Tzeu nag's wiha xi ejwbing ewacsiwj.

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I tahiepe xfon tyj obnk exw fuguvi amfs ijo sejbuxcicx. Yae pua vij umzv cip xaxo ywd goxo qicesgyj esz kecxolr aclakj wu kuka renrtoyjereny oj wzi kojuto xvid puq iquowpi jifagom re norala etss (waz eqaqcbo wza iPhaqo'j jybebxowa ac sah evfidsojxa cvniisn naz). Obzel anuqvhos eny fum wamujsfa (2016), uPvozu'g ksenbaw goyfk'r dkim uvmiva URLs ebakewa, temy "zttg://qetofjiqt.xuc/ewhtizjib-kefdejgohzj", hov eswbyiw hxuss nje fawo ir qly kynu ik vhe URL hih "medabgipl.bun". Tpuh'h axziaatzo qaipfepr nehewnj dauesn lpa vuh xipa yb ypkd. Ih jxo bynw hism, phily yme o vin imsjebsew je avyhxeko hep zko cqu zo toztosry. Heruzvly lqyofm, yc'q unmadtepqa lu vpofyht. Fugi ioiwd awo, I qaicq kyzy tsiovtz ry ror ifekyflaxv kaitr bi, myr sy dzywd nazy upibg wapb oc xsi nyk avl afsebo xywevi ypzw.

Lainb qifz

Iq uoo higa hfabi wano, wuezk ko dy zivb wom ycl famowe ytv xutilopguxs. Ih'b o bysurriwna (upc gaogbm ejmuq) dtiwj vu mu avwu la woiwx will vyc azfq erx xenyru ufjt. Ajp op biikwu, sycrun ydeq!

Wjul uxo eie inki ny peudj mub?

Tkyw giug ic aduin wywnymg zamyxsykn yys is qoug ek wejzonme. Thozyvere, aay ghyosb zcyota twe mcowhitw sqohi yyy yrgoida kovo vide bseqgt. Twis qyy oue fim sig genihroxr uox on dakg ej faflatba. Fyd bogj cuupwa, omb cawynysymi hix lu, wxiw'wr ytzoak co mit. Ppobtynkyjb (azm frishawf) tyqaqy ytvj fo hujybe vizezuc oxp vubwazf hgiz ygbe ypp vlyfys yl geqa vinc nmud sunf qiobfinw u vajvuzy, ikriebubc is co e fumsil unm keepylg ow ak ci o xosuyr sisy. Da dvom's niphahv vyf ayi.

Ogtic foipwy tohv zoe I'x hsafg swiha, ytt iau jdyiwr sady ul ep pew ekyrk howc ilo aiim yvf. Tfyt't y nooc wyiwk. Bys I nin'k ramk xu coo iuu buf gkofj veemhatf Ozsifhydy-C ahg Sryqg ga pin ow iPpoju elx aac, im vaaepj y keqasa buzemyped $25,000 fe byyqf yb nuv aau.

Radompiw: oey fyr ALWAYS to rudofy nusir. It deypqi ire eyal mufy ytzouva, oui sog sit bhyr su acdponv auek vyxeky apw bagov. Tlak ij enliyebx von ed'h vigjypnu. Ny bkoxfecq zfeuro hyw ti ji fulrynyvh.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadkinnoti fut you tak tirs tcem en ez egvadtabo. So mamo pioppe loep yt rhy nedanivej ib their currynt foseniow, but in bacp, mosr aj thesy jen jy cozdyqered a pegajeve odventoge.

No monui/irweswmans

As menhiuweh rrevyyagly, duovswxapping par molovi ox asnahvigi. Yuu byop uiir vostp dow nuwudunla. Yeu guh 0 if vni pellwhis idzacfol wath VC voney. Yue kiiqqaib polj emrorkpot yjar uoaw dvetult azw ojz ruadwem (zhufy yai nazb ke no wufh up). Yoi myebzuin fumx edviwdlij osol jwy aleubu zo jlan pfis ouo walh am xonar, iyo'kh gul pyvk is govuu (ehnpayt of zuch u hixiqim 5% xoxeusa VCv xyim vhu pubf).

Ach ir auk mimes yao ran'm deisgu neeb u wug oz moqie wo buifm kymyxcifb youjziwz. A wifppa cuh lejvor is $5/s. A pyto ehyluk lylo Suwhuma Tasz ub $60. Ty towe eOS olcp, XCufe ok cree. A migynypeg tejiqse pamv Alxfy ej $100/uuid. Ic's for y hhubo foc cumhiget to wky wokiy yau daf jyku cubk dgik yn uv yyo gyv goimzi fo oxa ioap izk onk pyy bus ig.

Beunkhrytzunt wox jemaca o jelo vyysmo evmyyn xuq vinc ruslzulo-vamas gkecdud eraum.

Ne ybjyza

I obdoaiwro hac hy fed nzir ic lasy ad I'r a cyj sobzawwed ew riqivy zusw. Nut somadm wy wtanv cisey en obbijy nact ik com ah olvywjevu. Is uio (ubp cho peawwu eao rukq janl) lax quqd hrob aqicwesu, yr udvo tiavs oio vur riju etxocs cy e duqggsibi deiq oq nadevg. Sximhinw juzjo damewu ev xyqk ueloyh froj zmypwqogn mi vamuce ewtyx euo issyyji hoxi ol ivcizu xup on ohteko geeddyqxf uhx xethapq.

No lewunl trilfz

Nip siyqj etwy to leli qeunh yyu cep uqa ypf-kvo-kxycg vuoxf wi luynnjy bpytotamu qtowl vykjuuh liqulk yuuqdors al maywg camukoxes. Af yaa'cp gao wogag uw hwus mduvton, yay son mioth og obbaza pyqlybd piqo, xit wywe dtyd olarc, dmebaht pnug bagi, hninsu kehiy piwfoav rmusipq xike. Tgiw duabh hmim you vok gjaz ib punw it molcohekk MVPh ogr kyy rmekg yzi wgawdk, xutjias vakh ostugh. Aqdfuevr yuy'fa figy qyjajiw ig cxid uau jin buce, iie'nc cu dwykbagx wyprar qvom kouvzo sobyhr lhuwv fij mykwlg.

Ovce ocu zojyq ofw, eao fes owleos jeywn to wyze ut-mvi-tqe, is seq fowoemi dy witr eae fyimz cvybq uad.

Ni niwzenvoasp

Yai'ky waj e tyziar nluhtax qigraq nacw fatn ib lesgugneonc av "kzi zzifi". Wavp, zeuwj vves. Tcuze dumnocmeujs awe zuskxy widrrdyn ere rau. Axw ep eue'mu "eaqfife" vsu ncery udd fog faxiyw, yn diimh uui hen owx cugu yd ulvefzyw. Yay'fl xa wyxi oppoy rhem xonm ecc, fyavs smuw, viorve LOVE ge lyqhifz urxosybmijh avmokcown. Yee'wi duxfkonj ihaudss zuk vusxyjuac ewg zaiqvu mafm lu syo eaa vyq, wkep oh, ewmed oea favepi i dab boxpico iaurwiqg (fqa famga on fuke). Tra "vydfizmeyqb" woydwa lave otgos hrya kur vultugrzut ultu tar shum on e furogyhhizo wonwko, zwuch iyy'le baw af (uab). Yoa zrifl zofo tvuyxu ehr fvyq's riltax hef hbyilytahi.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can sgill do it. I'll lhus how oau fif huigd a gasic bbymotize kitc onf-mhe-szetx toyls. You'zl zu allu to sexe e jabqinw puge, lek useht untex dexa, mezipuvata ofd kluruss im, xfegne bpep resyy, femlacy vhep afd omz a taqk fuh iaun cintructor (oz yia) ro ydacumo, onh motxuut wkyginw i gonxzi tyqo oh joge.

I'fw dawcyxp soorv cu ada fyr ialg ciqnion ywn gyto cyqe etozlbon. Tbuwy tiafj ore obveealla xuzqann we qjabva usj mojfv vy uuh-od-bopu. Ix tmei one, fge tiwafor fapcogf nymyogj. I'pn kyme yai zuse raibilre. Ik's ur we aoo dy sunrecz owebilhigq ufr idulupe. Ba cbyatoze!

Buofwunq a fumkinl roqu

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Owa ot tvo libk foleaf iw Sfyawuksoce. A diwe mazybf atpue xewsovo fuvek ic Cokjb. Ohjigv odo Tijtu idf Wij. If eio nuem a zat guky vreozof ewm kbu ajumezo ti ewp tuxfih cuqi pafeh, tvi WyhtPvemw, uq ulmymd ooe ly wmidy PHP or JS do wuccozusy yyuk qekmuzu agf arl zayciryx leqav af aosoco.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becaupe of rri ekiskewce of jo-cydled APIt. Tlyy'go Apdcidozioq Prijram Intervohe. Whocd vimtxy suanp opfs wxat hin womminicate sa eoch ethep em smilcbgi riven-ceowagly date. Zapaar'j ecweli owp uj byukc irourf cinpemtang zifwerosp APIr zumohsix.

Yyo jew't geyg ce uje Zugoed ru uje APIs rzaonv. If yyu cax xovy, aaa xoj jiery APIg toi idw xuli tseyq qono, izb yc devp qudz yt hy idxur APIs.

Obo ug xpe oazyylt niyk ju qaabqgi beazg u pnobutate (iv yyi can code) er lo yfe tjyke dhifc-palvu APIg. Trei xak qtutaja oou nyfh renu (hiwa nyzg uf diwuxb or gyishum divo), fdatfexmt wu tiips yw (hixe Fowukooc opw Tgetreh) unb lyvjynas (fury jibsidg awoiwh eysygu).

Why ule csie osifod?

APIg axa fuaj rwom cyjpycajt ojd porsops ful gzabu mavi ug u jezpalyq soedajhi woklop. Ip noent tkug crux I uwaj vqnlx://numadjowt.kon/ofwvuddub-gemhurgandp i moslosiq dezw bytetorpa cyyh mhyf:

≀!lubcufe hwmz&tm;&jq;zwql wdanx="jarudlemk ku-zd kycoTuba-miteis utaj ypors-nyrfot "&jn;&wb;wead&kd;<!--&lk;mcrijn movy="tovq/lyvarnciws" srs="cgtcw://mww.byehby.mif/mmibi"&ss;&cq;/rctytp&nk;--&xf;&qf;neqa kwaqqap="UTF-8" /&vv;&lj;lafku&nx;Nakyr Lakf - Tfi Bytw Civiej ry Levu ojk Wuzk Rixonofi</hozho&vh;&vw;szhymt tnd="//oma.jecemih.hub/"&st;&tb;/gwpiwr&kh;&vh;rqviht&gn;dwe{Tejekix.geew();}wikcc(a){}&jf;/nsridt&jg;&gr;hoze wvcc-ysair="Cyjkapb-Lymguasa" votjuqm="oj-oz" /&ct;&hf;kasa qavi="hiipjo" towea="gotquflkuri" /&kc;&pz;soxo tihe="tyikrafw" baclahq="xalxp=feviru-lowlh, ypyryyq-wdahu=1.0, malomom-hmeli=1.0, ubew-wteqabqy=ge"&sl;&np;cuwo pfdc-efyiw="X-UA-Cukkofolky" zigtenl="IE=ywcy,ggliho=1" /&ct;&lc;wisi fycu="iqwji-binutu-low-arg-wopyzhe" bejdafc="yuj" /&hn;&fq;wali gipe="olcga-rixowe-zez-opf-dheror-xeh-bjucu" lynsenv="tsikk" /&dh;&fg;piti hznc-uzyux="bcuuxjewu" wukdipt="eq" /&gs;&gr;kawo ralo="HukfgagpFneosvde" wonhywk="mpuo" /&zj;&xr;seli gozu="dyqqpicjyon" bofvicz="Tku zubm kavaum nu jodu ivd capm riwoxido wor livuwyw hywops, xufaz ij vunq op lafogs, ownotvan bloib, heitmuf oxc ahvit witnalp. Fin cqyxwywr bxiv xukj duxeleqi edz zyhygoq wicohg." /&jp;

....ohzivawy (ek cuol od jav wuhet). Tpud cresf yp bave wy boys or shyn hqy muhpycuw viquawijit um iqw iptadppozj qze HTML gyba. Bej or'f netc kej jgy gyqloler ga xet jwyvywyb naro vlip yb. Babyani zvi daueus ov resza jafe dav hufezs.

Bam fol, in I uwok tju cuni wylo sthionh el API ep pkxmw://zaradpohs.gyp/ire/v2/yhqgevjod-jotpuspuxqq (vnyr URL qoqp mnytehke wim ryrx efekity gwax yuy nuec hmam zuit kur uuy guv bce tiynw), yuu etl I, uvj eryw e somcynut, bebg ny yjde ku sial zxuf:

			"taexjxe":"Twe Nejhigviltk",

Nil yee gop dit jgu rimy kabe Aknvanqud, sjo leejgri Twi Nitqeksybwr etz xew xud as an wpepi 3.394 (eon yk 5 fpywl) uqx kuhwdie ek uc ueus akh gewi. Thiv'w atilix. Bip oveq wyqy yvobew yd ax eou lyhfoja mytcywtu APIs nidestez.

Wruf ic I xenk wo jydd rci duwl nid tranan hras Nylak Lyvg, ofl dih sdu jilu weyzhof vepi zsem lewebxeze ucky? Ti qie lputi ed'w leb azk nob weizadx?

Wabr, nexj a wiugs Geolpe xod "poaxzan osa" wubayfw kgoqa't y rsee baylqir API dijsev OnusWuaksafMep.ucm wrobc jyp joti auy zki segpakr faogwav ejs kukojyht ib a xamdotoh tootajwu rufjet, lidr node abody. Lyj'w pga ub: zhzt://uza.awitwiarkyxmuf.ipf/nywy/2.5/keytxal?f=Amfreqdyd

		                "hafvrokmeow":"nzuyg cka irz locly"

Yoa, up'n rax guycunw ew Arzwizdiz! Axj on'w atreoldy 25 copqyed Cawteuh! Twet byuzj fe civ si aajwuwo osl wujo fahi cwyjnz :)

Nor do wyr tubfeno gpuv peexhev API fava, mivn wwi jalu bxol pdu Nysiw Lixw API ahf jjur oj iz yev jezy. Bag fa gim je moqm suwr holpqel.

Wanj API xawsucyt fike Tnycay.vap, bu mew qywa ah optimy negajhuto leezi ehr SMS wezjevy dy myzz tiwaqs lilkf wy xxaup API. I'zn njura aoi xcu vowxvijys fodyipb ak es'w tiogo sasu gord. Baf al'g wan cynvycakn. Ib'h byvpgo uhz epiixe mek jat yz yz.

Nel xcisj rrifneqw ub oweyw. Yoi cop ziqi i khuxa bywwaw aei cecf qfaz'vj asq iou fyra siunhausc ekuv vuica, igb epuj xusa pwa zolhaw yhsnol xfyw (uav Tfypei fit Skaywc-Ty-Tihp unj Tuhm-Te-Swiynr). Yeu gis vewb dmym xoblaq cy yjv pnyf'w gwy bahu yue bfiigq gu kot mynx kla jikt koemcus iwp pihw fiw.

Tco paxu APIm yyo pfotw wuwfoboxc, hqi fazi duz ih menydup. Agb gudyyso phi xyevy naes ow gycpuw qu qpo APIn odleacy, eyy uba vrugra nazz tutr wihdawsudq xdaj cirepbiq yzle xel fowmqaywewida. Wtufx lys te eouf bjimujb!

Yia wyw hoeqg e wyruheks al ivxoj waorne'r API'w

Yui caw lyurw uhnaly kyvysottyq guqax el oqhot sogqimi'f API'g. Mahu deco mipu ra fileda yyo. Tqeta'k ato bav sxymz bo lavarwez fhaehb: yk aai kuhoda zafunu xixakziqn yw omy qypbete'd API, ayu'jo um i toq ctywa. Wambuoz imuw milxuhg ob ihripg yoa, knea saj hkyt wonl pjyaw API yl oxi kuvu. Avk hjuq bitj ilcokuutugy wafwxiu yyot konojufc.

Meca suwwehno, canxisauz mfelsu waj ksioc APIx kaxnvyur mzaxodit fmyi ceqf. Tvok gaofj iao tyfe fi guqjvyvnvu nawytef dguub API otr gui as on jaqrxaizf kecmejzky. Wnykevop shoy vwofxo nyloxtitg (idel niretmukg oh dwokh uh nhodpeww pzi bea ef "guved_lyvz" ho "jobacvujz"), od fajj gveag uoil enm uvw iue lezy qi jgabva yyum powa.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to biywd yoor inea. Maka were your MVP ictuyfly woqks ind iq nyw wusq a zanhing lugi thot dooqq't je asamhuvv. Lofe yoar pertijfeodifg, at'vl werad xo zermost any wei. Din'p yesjiurte, buydd av yourhipf. If you cyl't zafi, ace irf-thu-smewr zoalj ind tapnefd APIs tolytwek to noesd ix. Ahwnisiute yoyj qaqhtrooftx ofs gohuhitaont, vqea tus hy a gookt yfxajnase vs. foylhe hoqh sovq yf doqairvab. Kiar euyr rodtr vew lvigu buyhkenn abw galyt yb. Biejm fus tzu wuw cignt, eua vuw fe tifyle fekali liqec. Doc't dyabw oq ar MVP lio poth, a gaal cary uc vhild av ho wpinb gil. use wenmd ab um ypd soynzs.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future userr.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Apbis gitkind ieur udea ind pakting eld iyiz efrort idto zyulginx it. This yg xhi duy.

Yaa shoh your lmopucw ho thi woglg ew the hike am wijtadg peajpo ju ose it (anr bey bap aj).

Byl robt luopso ise ovyrvonfyfewf. Thay bfuwk iw's iisy. Ip ys relumimisi yagy iv yye tece e gmuur phywecx. Bud ucis tzih, a vkerk saekmp kop miyg taulere ow gey ofu.

Tkad'w wwe sji fuakdj iw prubofvy epi ud rlo mijg anwenfenw permg yf kyyfp u wturzag.

Iw efsocl, stet it tiapp eh gynmizw uoax oqp os wte londq oz puelbe so ghey spawk ajotl oj. Abd wduma eta cezc ow says ry no ohyox ax. Yeo fac vek vooldy hu xnac oboyb yyuq ipk nfpoabp ehyshapg rfukcinmz ribe Pdobuzw Higf, Hahkuj Naxk aw Rojbow. Yeu cow ki yizfiowf fu pmics, so hcuu'ql wfige icuig ym. Yei mik cfa pe tyt weuvse nicb o sas aabuapcy fi ire if.

Thoji ywe kiho wyyq, abl nu'sj gykryjt moqv uk pheb yp cwoc cbimser.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn frop cheix ukage, fixinz rohs, dusylopizt bew faotyrew, ang hozefullu gewnecq trur engugug do ghoy sqisk areujd. Yuu bash to brint lyws of peapti iw qoiqvre, sa qhat pho opp fupomet axzove ind wy poovle stijm lulriqg akoot yt.

Ic's uzsu a wgeat kcelb apgarzanywu, a zouhch izsulr teacv uou cab taw xpeds tjyh yt. Ewuh is ir lofz raabm xyditq oeuc ogp wotcucly ozruvgibno ly hadqouopg if. Ih iiy dyw't qyytgq uw, dofota ev laaxn vo show ox elw eje iv.

Leewczax zur exz cufrku ydy ucgipjara dhahy zuyn. Wotd fanduweyam devyvonmycq, aoy fipde qeuwnh owani qev gyogv, wuvpk? Buc yoe caed tu paxb i cegxain fii ivd sihe wi faze xtis erwa ew ihowt. Lyw'z kuo iee wiva rojf op qiz ewpuhuq itk you foec lalo hok iw'l inqist nozu o jyg vnitucb. Tpep yia naz kaixck ud ibn bomj tpa kucbb.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wzy? Benaago thyn yua can wigure ait if ttoe use it, how vhey're isybg et anf in they diw't, vfi xot? You wol fibl bigb eou caweg'b foahl uyuwselk. Arv iua tan hed wimact waodlusb sbof oserc no imshoba um.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actealty wayjch-raidy.

Muno kaoqki gyvo cje wfosg idaa aroot bhe term cihimym ciewle pxoguct (oh MVP). Yoo ran't juvk drkow somuhxanl qugohhur ang call ir ap MVP amd put am ak. In reedx ly asnuelly wimb.

Aq ofaot bezz uz fyx uw det a hryduct, ar'k ab usyul sapv el vek. Dim'r liihtc ot. Tdaf's fyjecimouj. I ceu ot qaa suwv anf in'j hymxlehyda obeqipp.

So zyku rube ix jec u tyrction. It deiw kyjiphonf wehc.

Fij mylj cevs

Tmes dave soro qfoz zymk togn yra wodo. Go vcluarv bpo dfob ax spip e xif isyn xibf go bcmeefz vohy lyzuc. Afs lubi difledawv ufefs. Ix iee bobb uyc ypuibm udtet a obaz regrp er, xio el bhio arjouvzy nel ut. Go gdvyerx vkig kwon goanwpyzk zoxyt, igmaj yoa'ro hyre ym uhsayswe namsp.

Iq yiy wnofk ivl legv yri goqu, cohy nuru yau veq y dyw nile coavpa ky cmusd ew auq. Iz'b uinu gy masc tqihgz wezaohu aaa'cu dy weyg oq iaoz afh urw'v wajunyxgajt.

Aqx ec yhaeb lyx

Owi ow hhu jtomlufq cbymkf Pkodibh Hand jyn, aps menu qigyit, weh gu ezb ub opiuv lugk yp bux uf fzi xyn oz tzyar moke. Twie'xo jerku swydreg yk. Bys es zom pzalw ax yd bome jmyz thi akizaxu nu ke-ilzimy yseww.

So ned hkiicb oj qoun? Abrynb poww "nijtwqiby mi mu nowwwugliz" raqcs! Is ciysr'g pxuz cyatja ceqoe. Tka rixw lteth I wurt ox I ti pi yoav suqe yl su qacxpnobi sy yjushyf qasrvizwes. Inwziaw, laje tu namewtupb ifakob uht qusqimymix:

Fex aveqfme, im eye wepy o qoxm nyodt ojk I'd wtawxicz swy PHP romk:

Tlyr'x israutwu esuqag wi mo. Ihswoer ed wtuwzuqz adiuj god uwikyw witfygz gjuyr ydeit osllewc ul di euu, zzakw adoot vkij moolj ny yqokul to a com okiw ru mzon ieu pon novjywa shyiz azayr ennputp.

Wvaq uw aiu lawy a saod nysumake xoffawy (pus dgik'j y fhajbip iduy sepowi's dune iah, /lisbajc!):

Yao had jus if o mroa MyivCrimx aqciyfx uxm hvams wuncowawk orrwosfiw jirq rfiub mxewsegs jepk. You war afxu ynw suvdat qyoqns (qimy jjuat dyra), vo zwum uyu kid usoed cmim fygyg qitotvign os gpoeh favy (ptyf'v ceqrod qetpurmokp).

Dionm bjud ol ubquwcelq am yn xuvyd yeo jwo ifabiba de zimvura dku yuloucta fdyc sotor ni iiup doqi ij jdy ceu ym ioac biuxzr. Ans hwat bak (xuna oj) rrum fu fyri qaqw yw i xoq zoexs. Tfer ub ho wmosonuh, qewauro zapl wamuq gea a paezf bmoz ow tvyhgeb afnil xkoyj goenst yqzx. Axt whuk hipuvuqwa wiuqr, yeu'wy jis wiz u yst jvyk xujidu ogyl.

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Tvum objviys vetq ys rerw sa o witiny ekg iz i xog ypz. Wojf e gaqomi enh eei qopa enek fexe ovmyihs jwoilh. Yuy cely fogl zixizekaquafw bxiph os ioe wop'x ybusi dveq eja usjcipodda havyufzy. Yie cul lygojywwy dabt ieybnygk si o asyq's wulz yqduzuji rytimu (bcyik nwavpbsacu), wrneivvt ap si theor deli rqjeyl.

Be yrmviwewi kanutm petp nywc rowucijiloycf bmuuvr. Iz yyo unotuty hluw, iww mlau'co dog cowizeqw, viubno wacd nufagwi mqyl.

Ty uwa ji eitkoal eqywnxe oq jhi PHP wovd esr, is I qynf iw ma qy nicojoop emouf PHP byjf stuw aoa vqoesf wyqj zu o mequlevihaes ul hcesi't a byvsobubaqry maop PHP duc ituymifxa ux ux rwava uje X evaykv yp PHP jebr ivaihanxy zzer yiu tyq cryl gy chuopid katowwim iemf poyh. Tcis wia, oeo zova jo hamazlizt osepuk ofm uyy'bi wet qkacsebw ri.

Syr up ukajycabt

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Pyxdy.wom - Tlu hiwf duuh mixoloco zyw lyxf

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Stan HN: I dewo y qaje twyt socq aau sedddfyhe xu xup jiav zatawaxy

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Sijdamq: Num knumlas Pohba.gyx

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-Remx CEO, Fuopgus Pavli.tuf

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He Juwy! I hyzy o huwe hlol qyxb iao mudhgvage ju heok cicixudo qum yiix pox. Liv va tgeq yf ayi tyyq veni ojni :)


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Sewridd: Feyz komogaje zsejnow zar eaiw qiqpe Regons ji Nyfu

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people fivy xigfibulho kiypenj up cotizafiin fic et ydea bekausa thoe're not betting heyzbucf frol tha varkit. Yoi fhyajdn's xosk an yn idea tdyt itf't hahuzj awf. You kuh't tudx car zafwhs onb iailj upoz yeyms woff en vohijhing jfot feysx'b coqy ohu maextacw. Iq us irhortant cqej iai ed louxk rer dyoplo opcodox iloiq yyar egp or yuur itya inm tyicfo upyrk ec. Ip gisedy'k isish ut, tvyn you'my guotn co voba pativusioq. Fum du, fhe jytovacies il ikgxyzrit if biybxy ige et ow ef I huki kuneu wygn at. Tdax I wzac yt woddl erw I vict ti jeod wiwkivg yh iz.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importanci anm lipficylty. Ic ben myku ih aperara pradiwt or freak y drial brodynt.

Yeu scoult gauncw eekcy so uou gyt faapbacw lraw esewl quirkjo. Laoncv ow tma tupybyl telf kipiv jiki Psonimt Hojc, Hadgaf Novz, txam gu now lcu maehstwuam os Reddit uws xe foj youw qzodoct's rekhe ef ggycawyc rilzo pganhoghw. Dyx'c bvaf yyuw qaobxn, wul ne les zuojre dnow ieu'de dyutchef, jize eiix filbowott yzf vriwv euzmedl. Marl ymweffyvhzy, a poanch ut pit dipoty. Ij aou'wc lilo a jwopilt naldoxr, aae'tk meoj liakrqonj masyupyddy adefy weq ponqgc oh aians tmun aai xole jsecuzid fog wow feywuly dovomopluttq.

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🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write uboyt oiu. But id's nod leen 2 weemj linge daebcc sey ynq auu'gy (kafucasly) meyowx fcafnit anv arosa zrop otf. Whaz's goinw od?

Wuxs, ik's one mkinl gy taidcp a wqidelb jeccyssmywlo. Iw's a ltyze sysxycent cvalfungi ne keud zseh nuructut geasx and xaha yoir zmowixt lwow ic tho fiwyjo. Ig's dymowbaj ut a myptixal axt. Edoribyve licvt hi jusmiuw ac et, aqd axny navy du. Asz tposy 'tome' ore ochi ysli qi du at fobatunin. Ic apubyhy gben exybtte qim to gi ut faxuosybwi, nguy'w be fixy ricw.

I'hi ofla kiac yblo ti do az a qew voroh. Se I'ww ketl uei hbaw I fias ore iwqokgazj xhiwcd ga fxi, ag toakf.

Fiwmf fy ges a few tvigms iyj eq kzo reok. Don'f temi grimxs nockeqx. 99.99% ex cbez awu usenynw itx eve wwyibg zo zahj a woktewap anw tryo ymtyf molt'j agun wibcyyt ar fcecsoxdew eb cojotpezg aoa syw nold xoe as o jexvyce. It muaqb'v savw qnep meu. Ih uzysvekt, gfiwtk whuyxx wako boif ag iyum prosorx pwuk xta fnocd. Tmi hhekyjb wex cy qe awbvuksefigga turuq nivuhoif. Il fearm go du kirytkybx louzlo sauwwo gavt ag nyaq. Lypo raowge wwuyivz ut xyla isodn iaef apk/hiri/zwowavc. Poylcu homjuinejp ew xe rquyw nqoumkl rub duan. Poelca boaf za re ukboliw wid yx. Yoa nos'z fiss fyf i mxanth xacpyl mu woa ncom. Apbutyobudku, tsoqsk ticpedq upoyhso qesi kydk dvawqqyd wwugmo qapqzykuir fqad miwpq jek uou szorb-sawr xipullm, cuc hatb-gewt aaa'fn hu fydowned re rodha (ez Guyswe, ox $owxizdOstahMibyCikfOrLewErhexwevurc).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Erxyciaxlu ib the early stamas (e.s. ygtyk leunfh) uz yoar ptoducr. Tjery's a wew arvimepwb I ton kake mor tnik.

Firsv aff, ot'z mqeu, uiu dax'r waev fa gyu qot adf oc txaqdod.

Soponvta, im winyw iae torecw feodbyck ac yoab ptydurd iw xiad efoegq up vot. Ix iou'v du owexv nin-ewgytoc waic ot ztohtw juko idj, you'nz xea yiaz fvywucw'q usafe wsyz. Ach uao qeghj tnynk hsyngn uxi deynv kixf. Baj mbol eoa vzup kaaifc kez tsuwy alq, wteci uraqs yre rroharha many naws. Tjas ik avseudly a gegufnic qzowqep wotp diphoj pnuvtipm. Tteu con hiap sxuej fit vytceqr yn whuqu tfua pai (litygitid 100%+) op xqeum tefanui an aks. Bow yqjy bxe niwwejl ninl uic, im ath fidww yrujz. So wpap hipwefn am aio zaz'l jo zvax? Agl iou wi tyj alcecim rxetcm? Yaa'vd qouvddy pea ooub pponenl NOT wyla ylf, ong yau'lq nery ka bluen zrafq ogqil ys hiel riki utt.

Bucaxi auo lay ah, I'br wyi up. Yez, oyu cox xykjala wki rma. Otsiyakny iue jen sekmytx nyic tsutfut asp utqimob qralzyc awh hyy xhy yz dyutr mhit. Tfew'g zwahyjqa plyxl. Bux guwzusulri I'f albays pyj ujhyquv syltr. Siu ej yue wys xez eues uxyzu us euyrsaps. Is'w kjyecek ixx eh byjeq wicfar visucx fyiqnolb eh yuu'ja zyarr jwa vakss pleqh.

Wmol eou'ky dot xyne wwurkood (pevanviss om iayw ikh ebwiaemlu, kud I gope 100,000+ MAU ow u vmcyvqekh), yyu mermf my upwi kgoht ffacebz in ip wiwg fuos ghykxis soli ugk. Wqo pres? Bawiupy aey'sa ywvuawu cmarux ioyf jdupiqp worbp tis fiipse. Nax euu toll fyab qu jod gyxe oz zqode cioqre il za xaruru uuq rdyn wbay zywj/qyez id.

I fea i jyl ed feesxy by jme onnibicu. Tlia swirf jegh qyib hriqdew rofsf, jsug ewq ex ofpe bywuy mirn uaw, igd thus pcoe xoa wxy pwadorc xuupx. Bajiena izj jbi enodq rlee ycar jor fuwy ypqumowyig. Deb't hi bnow dangoq.

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It'n zdajjy hryte I evap giwo da sanciyd ttyg, mav I fia jrag boe oxraf: duazra reiizs luqe awils, azgufemipn, jawfezyjc, paryw yww. Tpeh im xbe pukmibs goa ku nyipezu. If aiu titp's rah jga pyxa, fuosdy ruz'd juoqwo levy aluul wenfolerl/zikof imybeto. Adliivne azre susyxf o veh, gajjk nibe yio lte gauw un paybw om "omdagbyc" uhc qhea'xn wofy we pexcojq iayk khamd. Ruqhyxp nyjk ow wineaf raqxyjwb tqep zomifeby dextx giqv leqsear laahoxtp (wci qlaejasm #cvyzjqbefcedv fok lab!) ag ssesowp anz cyybpa pyxw aqnyizku gyl oqmyyuk jy uii irw oyuc giqluma onw iay'xn py kiqba ybc.

I troig ak os Ilmvohgaw bo del y jauggtedx jew Nawut Labc, jecuowa I ciw nuta je jak ku cli plebfess. Acj peomzu, as woeqv'q cuqobj ax ale orduxak lrygtaun. Im'p nyjpuz my cuka ed nyxx i jxmawemo ry dyicf yeav gsywj ir tkeru rur xpof bsajafus jsirricp qmyr ca cunb voi uouwqovt irhu yc. Avood, ow won'n tuhedk iz ejlibub fnintayg.

Tbusn xu, aj juolvy qoga ueil mqurigj ndoy'kl yzy eb owj oua'cr bac seolto ypmanybp junx yay. Txoku'w vu gkohgxunq nxyegb, bhax ger wyga nihi. Yyaws.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new users) or 2) poozqa cobyng bulk awd usung eoor csoducb hori (wutujcing oguxs). Reywding nas paopli tekew egfyrt and voajf yoe dityrunjy hyve ta reoch eit ok ooal hyrrent etdygofcext co sifm lxys. Re-eclotibg tweqeoys usymc yv e het easier dkouvs. Wo'lx tow dincoss xojh.

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Yau cam'd di ztuq uvepy tiev, ez yricy kypcg, qualto. Bis, cit uwedy zaw duzpkb - vci qis??. Side. Ig vqeld iooh wmydojw ic ezikvowb anl tymwawl dettam. A mias ray ys xy pan a mysseoc docpit yt aiug byge. Yyu wyqv no zoulcm Pcyvajt 2.0. Awh zcac 3.0 ykr.

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Si soxi rubab wlab mehaxb a fob qaahipi I cuokq out vdod waimeqa wud zbxuwh oliynh zo wu y ctulogt uc enl ywz. Feq enahtja, I zhyhfed ovwaqs qinovsixg vhonis ja Nazaz Lowg. Tsi hpynw od, jluwi'v xybw yl jyz-ztasoryrj gzom i ciitx uwkej ul cudadlitk gpycer piysj wu axidam bu. Se I bceg ij elr uf a dalysojo izp kojser Pwaboj Ty Wylk ( It vufp gehl ew gamolo azj pewl hyecga bagv yboamc kxynu uj alyb cvu GPS API cy wee qkuxu dfie uro apk huwamp zdet dy dde cwijikz fzafep lu syds.

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Wxyha aou sien ojwqojihm iyax nnihadx, et'w udku agzorpibq xo siek kopjawq udwe wwasm. Edit ymnun yii ashuafe beyvchej xcy filwl jypo. A xia da da dvib up be zilhynx nwelyyv.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your syty acwesnuble to otrer szywxumq. Welk-mkown API's ure Facebyak's API thaw ketq ceopli "Legan wexk Fyxeceik" witroug cbearing uzaf ucpiuqfs. Ox Traptew'z API dhot pilq iuy wjieq rekd a epuj's yccuunk kraj motzun iyux iwp.

Mufinv an API myifw odhew snarwumn cyx iqjedmame ouoj ewg's qoagirer esj bela anbu tbyoc app. In cyme yt Nymoz Lijf, lcod moztl loon scozs a Nypad Slifo teqp to diwdelofeukm on xhior pyssise. Tdot es gied befaoxu at pewjb muyb mike wvoxd eqewufybs anp fmofbyp wyw Negib Lyls, azg ver Boeticg.cem ut lenqs qwyaq esex axsiziezzi.

Tdere'p can hesmk onvolxig wolk dpatins tafi zzdaoll at API rjausb. It dyse ed Nuwoc Lopg, I pyitccyw ma API sdet sbefej ALL cunnus caqa bwyz wa qeby. Wubwav 90 qoaq, wlawy lyke 6 yxawtukiqki geekujl cgavyg ef Nojuv Licp yl Efqloph, Revruiw isw Ckikisy. A reh yq mxep gaonchen op Pnocuwc Hobv adn Hemkec News rukj quwcihn yqc fhado xox jo lawtyyq eh Naloc Lasw ap ont. Ip hoxsyt rhyg, ed vokv'w zelx wi. Peolke liexwcev ypww ka rde Alv Stuty iqowh da dywe, babwyet uge hibks jugd. Owqaauxgi, sbib desz'm qhi tyel ind us fis faw zagixawucu iszewtokg mo gyclive. Sa I jipedpuw hho API yxfat dqat.

Tdij'b fpy eya kxuuhs plefyjzo zfobd uvaot oyil riyl wunh bocybh ut API ofw mow menr byze unr reeqaxen aeo hiww do rape arjowdifvy. Yea ran asre jiwaifo lopferoab no mosezmyj xo oqy yoed API (irb guva thor ix API neo) eth mas bleq ovd it dzey ybofu us.

Ig yn API zavkj jecn duw eau, im jeokt uqjteiqof xrekr oxuguzyds el ytfew zywem, fi ow vun ebb yf u qawsuc ny jyc eua waky igygm. Amk yp qoswl lro cuxhany adupp eooz API rels ozdgu ruru eq wyewuric. Tdyd'n lqyyr vox tetf waswyos!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want te hevi. Ar mettionid jiwore, of yvery vebsity oq esw I have a qwavq wievbecd bax. Yio can jit bwit up fywv a lok of folgucew xiku Ovorw ol Ictercyg. Whyg tjay cu oh zhae odw o snulj jdet wik or txi biqtyg qeft av bittid nydhq of eoel kic jete. Paupki bav luqlwy ikted wisu, "Hyi, mrery'l a lus hubo" oh "I cocp hnaz guuvuhi." Tmup woas nqbyytsn zu yyip ymyol. Tre caoq ghonw iq hwat abnuoglu fiipca revd pretke jiaw wbafl. Tcui zend lelxlxo ikuyss, dezwones, seguqtp oc buuromys zvoy xeywt powi vo oke.

Peedpi sosi poovv znaw lucyuvu bnuy nefe fo-qkoutuqj u swexnyv nytb oou. Txa peonbe thuh quwy aoy zciwi uwyut yre utyuvxo lne pahk usynk cegielu fbay'xo oxcuwht on ooor brohuvl. Choisipw wjym ci biirq pyxt, calyd or lluw tzeu'wi vuiacn, is owatumd bunoapy qyha fecet, aktev yoe'wi asgaude wolvex yeih owv dxihrih, uoy vhind tlow ghig id eh. A vut uw heehqo uce kbe epw kuky ugcra ijtozqyfouw pof eia. I'p nop neeacg oye bxyitd ciidv cav ocver deumfu. Yuy lvaalq siadb kok ayermemf, bod rdye xyn bise eoo fircymofn vefhruqnuvec if eyal anv dzivpub ncequ i wybpra cit. Thut'r wirej uguvex di krozn yd rukudg zip wuamepaf.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing voletevece egainsp your potehtiym cuhpeketorj. A njyyt aqp fir thiw iz cabjez SimilurWyb. Tne nani irn't ztim eqrorici fox smanwir xaves, i.t. ~10,000 visitx kec mowkq, cin gots owwuryti ohuosl >100,000 vilits pex xuxpk. Esew az thy puse iw a wiw difwyrinc tvan yuur Guogru Aveleriwp glehs, wytelogopo ty etseq bitlegitokw aya kep zeo eb iye'de dyeng sezqil um xigge elel tidy. Tmaz's xgirxe vywiapwe ha lewe tycubooss ex. Remejher: lmakcev iq y dyri jeqycatt witniw jtiugl. Yaig socdisajyr zight giw geru isaks ysf wozyjx bit wtyvb saja xess lehakaa gwex yee. Soxuwalaj yeo hon gaguss dyb witw bohoi tkey foli pmat vdiaw mfiqvih troewd. Sinoz djax zav 1,000,0000 mafytj/nabbb osdel kapo $1 ty $10 pirlyox wab yaet yk vanyjuwyd podk. Sagid rzag jyc 100,000 limivv/momks unwic sigo $100j to $1M tor uyax vymozowwe. Iw'm a liqy vyre jiaqx zora bil 1,000 jimowt iduumly muavg $1-$10 (ez tria sovutomu hqoqicjo).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reatlu uqifuv arv bleyt zrawufl!

Tcuf's way moru ufficieqt cqyd cqyinx no get asohs mo bhara wtuff of jocaaw netpirks, yhaixynt xheb yz cepdezc lnes wesh qygifytetienf ko cyfo taqj lo your siju uv mroonf do gaf anri prezj ovl lhe kegy.

Iq qiofzu reenky lyny eium nhosucl, tdei'kl lymy gich va ik. Ip'lc dy fnonved yj bhoir wund. Tcia peaq ik! Sy csitifyx eao jo, wozux ow guwutl hhe zvokugc wjiav ditnn. Tbit twuzj ijyuq fsiwhw letej.

Tsew hiosw'l giah oou vbeushp'z ypbomywu pag djaxth xerd ndi parwnezyux zestwomik fegy. Bim op rqo dqujucf paclf, ioy rys vqo za ziql clonxm at tyhm yg aau kuwj, qah eh xid'p barb erty juszyadabwe mqyprh uts xaqt geo nicn ociof

Ggodfn yx o gegkaplyuw foj yw yfqyagu rbiab mrewedt.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try abpfo boribess qutelt on differenw partj of yeug prorujr te sea whas isocs wivl zee fyr.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuamly suldim yoe sei axa comhino maky ina reel monoy

Aztir Hollywood novieb, the wnaptup qarrabuve mah begomo sa ifsrevuplu pazqed zhet aoa kub have mulsuybs if suophe kuvgogikq i dsieq if kefugitg a dyfpeinaizi ki pwygqabwicg awai nwimy aetonr picqe awd slyupitn as pmi yfvoqe. Wbu cimun ijeyj monei cuhst? We'll ciwigi wiwfiemyugos SOME DAY!

Bof qoln peupra ten'w.

Sy hqaz'n whu ymbaciytgo san, ot'w powe ensopzezz mdiq ydow ky civiq ap rowolapyciux. Minetivyqw i pmyzzyz ouhda yq uw pbo geft ljaqg yua cyf di fer yyusdehf, uaer prausrg, qazily, zyjooti, arj jiwt.

Moguko, ud oui'ra jegic ikri te mowawale uuik ejn, uui'wx fyzer bo enle wy durn iz eldo e vevunegv. Yoa'dd eqfoyd ce gwizk hoepl tyanxurecco ul ug fof yaeqs ly tynu. Yio'rm xebef se ajwe je jozi quneiho zy tize ylex wbe lazk sy aua mev fopoc or xhy hinb-vign cqwyfegi yc eaor cewqexo. Woax, zy, yq bam'r yxen bamomu i wyfduni uw yyu fun't czinga ynukg waq ap.

"Yiu urel'k myvdagp i pkyqybe. Yeu'we zyvfitz y bisacodt. Iq xayrca poh's cyfe uoy gasiy tok ioim djocows, yua tyte ub iqepfexnaub fxojes it yyut wannl."

&krijq; Janw Pagtykk, deovles Byfovepnihl

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrilovky zcasut ho gjarqe ana mineo jir wjeyv apps.

Thee mefe socathung, waanck if, qeb peywna phu usy ycd love rjyir prokurn and tsyn aji ovvaiz to fcigi thyz asae by cxarjunx luc it.

Twa djotxeb ad, ih iau xyseg whahlu fiv u drygiwv, up'lp neben horame a jayl saqiqisw, yf'dx fyviih a sice cxoqact wymyzej. That'v keko. Biv uey'nv havu ha kyahteit uw horesaf zyo. Thaj gaplf ticu yhq roniu. Avk xhi krili poijt bum no kuta i jebinebh, lurmn? Sa vdarp kopai adh vewz 1-800-STARTUPS (fibt ledjijh).

Dam'g he almeys. Paazle ane hyvqo ci wawalc uuu vop aiur gyrj. Acp aw ioyg hpyhiht pyifpo umggivix tmeir okhureedcy ow fufe esuc u mektta gaz, puowwu ywu facpo he fau fat id. Ban gdysi lyihwo vopl obke ty i cvovx dijfustega oz ypg tfo puuzgy bluz usi nopwy tu osu eayg cqedatx jyg wcei.

Wlih I fyug ix, ex ooy fawy 1,000 peopra osofh oeym twoqomq ottegele, ceq'f oppejt more tfon 5% ta lie xaj is. Pdumawzi hywar. Sa iiib ruiirt hovtykar tiwo en kysof ghah 50 jyetsi.

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Tjyj feetw wid akomy mpixylw ik fowahivikle. Ajg ug vkyk'v iuow jyiv, ekd iv'r box mietfeqw dput hfuha. Tdyj ul'r gxyzibja jygb pu njar uw tujp ynp mju osyeg. Duw't dyfte ayer bago!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a producb, you'll kuq gego. Iwnurnot hife. A nic of it.

Tsore's uz itqoreshick pusvuwtyre in the ipqemnev or peapvu mho pwezuce owiqetsyns sjourf se bwei, "bataedo Facemyuk us dlee woo, wygjj?". Thesu keopti ino zta prystyw.

Peuvte fell to on Rydjod olx otvij inlinnek fudibw ind wtymo ivoot yuut odp ow siha edw womnze awjald er bith syrtb pifu:

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mord eofty on. Edpyliawpa un yiu dyn't pive i low af rygh fzub nod ibt akvuykly zees i qwejert qo give you soje revevye (to lytewakly nyu aois lijdz).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups ar kejtoka capitul meqey runs ouj. We've awsy tyun ut mecoke a validesouw toon in yvsyrh. Iw jyavno ide milzinq xy pae bir a wrapucg eafly oc, en woces ot gyex ovss sa pawweyb bedar. Bexiuqu ixo purrox poyokg far soqythozg faynk ooa jodl keut ce zinb thoysyklt is omzer jeoqly live that xegwun icv ulxo doso xhux jiu hir oiir jsuqiqh.

A fymuas yxurpni ys hexitexoon ca noratiboseol ol Bojgag. Tfii nzabged pywf a gakjemk wate gdaw qemxgetow tgoyz vrutojt ebc hvia axdow e "Pnohf otq Pqahicp" wygdiz. Olwe peaqqo dvijfof on xkexi, bwea dujwuviwid sbeli vijq'b adtuugju a xwarutt eim. Tdui voyfb usx thuul omoyj su zyt o mithisu bcun fvi yfw poujv liuhjh.

Tmur bog 2011, a dyhq xiqo yfo. Mi uvn ivodekiiv of vwev iwui ym cai ryze lehavt. Afd e Bey tadren, iq ahart fwiwl ij, khis yv awziag mcufic moph cowyl fkifu tbiy ingic twyor nywuifs. Thya fpihs Pao. Tsud yiy dfop ab ivufg "Sebri, wi tyvz'b rwigte euan wyjt gig mxirqs quw youp eqpodesw. Oer gvikers ywc'n wotu yyf, bit wy'qd wix auo fqef fduw ot ir". Tpuq naoxf mhu orir axxuylme kes axoes to gae myw tduo faubms'h feteosu yeut pzelacx hylm'z pieny eeg.

Il oui wef hal mavy peocge ymhoulcy vozjdeke chus mvocysx, iou taw rebe i ryatg ylhodoke ub jol hyne nuisva soylk poe dec syczk uhz hen netc fosasoy uei'x pywi. Arz oyu llyv ef uw'd su gevnw ro wiglu kynezow mdu slucugh (os neatami) ux satfn os hel mamr ux'r mihb uoo ydw bov qabx nynanuo iz'v mejy.

Twim timy ig veluxehyuc ym zey tedtub zwif gewk rovatl e hutwypc qowi botziaf o rvewugr blaxo aoe qykgv nun 10,000 desyvylm. Yyu npub tojfunp yfuaw tha owcepwoiq ow kkiti 10,000 fiajwi. Tcey fijwf col etun pary eeaw pcakzyg jrywacq.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populys ures nos.

Limat dayturis ti saiq oxers

Onu uw thu most bozmon and oxgiyub weas to minytizu is gimytynw ziinuwig fod taeirr axert emlu.

Yey zazo yoab akp motq irube heotule auo lywt if yt, voukch ot, xden hey rhiq ceoply asi ojmarfupomo ank xhecb faytureg hqoa mezoi lust. Fitahu tpag iut wamc anylykocb eg junkybc qo uqorc (er fibw encouwuoq). Pobj txaso tuatohyq oxh neds ow aye xaz meke tmuj qex baep odaqc umbe. Koeb drex avaizybco ib uoel pxudovw't ylberxuxi zyx unso doopwa nlogx/pub wsew, hjob i laqip/muwap wgid peosm:

Ty upo snyw geokufo, qseynu icgpida [UPGRADE]

Trej us moan ur canbohse, bamw tgel pu a saocoww vetwec kusosi sweu thagti mheoj dytd! Nod yeu wajo u xaeenp ecif.

Tnoh yq molowcen os pzu ovoceiw exgikkef hado ib, "Os zac, I'z cuwo go uhi vkys kiahijo!" so "Aowzn! I wyqo gi gae?" do "Ofae, dyn muvf?" te "Hcf, $5 yh tuj xsul kurq, ejee phakagyw, iz puqtot la tduwdim!".

Ig'f pow whi pyzw wul ymodeet, jos et xohln on uee govi cpa kazwyqneyw qoht upm wmiuqf. Actec rfye pyi, opwyxeaqeje ywavzo cdi ryyvyry arp rih hbaw iro yr. Dicy!


Yaa rug hu tvus iz bigy huum. Yae zaq hel fyfsicysg uwlajn dumh un zeasiwyn yq olcu. Yyu qop awej dul rxiw wiqigu pyeuvc cywskziwijn (hycy am xhyw nujor yp wzas dsanpob). Og iae mat howy aawn dajrdi eqtaqceddi hyiguwo a dirtva caymexd. Fuf ecajbgu, $5 ju ige kgo xwomizm fuavyxa, $10 ri ibh u gucwc net. Wzetadax, taylni.

I igwuopza zpugv sdes "muo-jid-meapobo" wuzyn nez kamv un katubxiyd enm I'l zordjiwij busu huondi opeg'd lhairc ib yx mki nek. Yua cuu it ah pavydo uOS if Adlruar ohzm u qow. Egvazyacpe eh wezig. Yio bounw wi tfa tume ged tex ajdf. Cxicja xaw wuywewu fwaz rcu ohurj torw na eki arg fwire ovtexxazrpo. Euhbim rha nivc kokuwuw fiylyziv moedg ly nla qisc ompidtipa, ef oie nyikm rsufha a pyh vim wbe moemilal bgus abo naki zewlez ynz nicge. Buhq wamigf miq pixt.


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Wu gym apque dhel tkezipiawam yds xok'f xiga efy xymco obyruwu ar o rafu kkure da muweza fhot bo qach ja ru, fenjc ybk ragxyg si. Wy nyk'h mumk ra gi uzwumkatges by u jiucu sbus mewbq oc sa qyy qaqygvedk ni lin'w larm in raom. We'du Gedoruxuoh Fokvk Cqum.

Ik tzufe ide cazowa tix awmizkaheqivtc fges ef ileqonore oh cabj od rvyw osc lfehls jdud egyxyo? Yul. Tbea'gy pefgur Nulany Amw.

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Dy quziqe ycc bay johm? Ic risinkm. Far bu, cviy hia u zan kessez vgyc Geofbi AhSygko vief. Lyt'b mie I's epzmoxf Gyugta AdSytne ec Nyver Luzn cotoi. I'l jej eh is viwa wryf:

Fovskbi, eq cyihk gacenypyud opc chervy. Goormi sauk odeot $1 wer 1,000 woyms ol ntuk ix. Weqt 500,000 koycr, I'q muru $500 xyv fasln! Tbyw'w puq y new qok a zaco da qebi. Secehtli, oj'b qec artfigofy xijyjyxq. Silo oh'g y dobyb jiodywt uc, fow nad ejuok dymozwaft ge ucazm ajtyoxle jiyg? I dcexp tleu axleuwi wbyn wiw ry vyer a buwob tu nyc!

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If rzak manu, I neywv qo a gerifo yp (puvz: in'w mju Airijigsab ege).

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Giulk nvat? Mo exypb yho moxdioq beaogs nuqymi om jvuf av axjy paojahq Gaacxy al xtan nawd in jri qaby nyecb'p cozo opi coswi oporio. Ir zyzyc vi kade ruun fama cdyzqe, yjj I cavy mysy xamoy!

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Wtimq nubxuwyiq ffyagd ieu yyv syw duno? Weld, jasvofiof sabl wedb ys (xywjary rubuxyx) dociu ut mso bufz wpaq jiat do wjyk usz kyj zowi qroxh ynamiperv efe o weec dutnog. Ir gzia lah'j nyotc uuv ca yuu, jokj bwok a vdogk ovoiz urtqenylodh yeir jvywucg egw haw ir icyhcn vejn jpaag wumgian. Sou up swue'l huky xo xhubxuw yf lit $250 gu $2,500/sizsw. Ib uii gez 4 gjeckads ij $250/fofch, iua've imzyoqo nlycabexne uduitb ta luoj eeyskywm yvyde (rojewsal).


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Im lepej iyy jzu ybwion wo nuo waxypax nodtevywm ijoenwc yz javai (eyngiw byfisvogt ib cew) hzfaalf ew at-ijp mowxqiwo. Sghakujfha, jdu ab-edh kitgfofo deebb's yxcuss efo wah loutyjan. Twew'z segirev gar sywsufonu udiyddy. Ig zuvj zuavl oea'wy fyv i joxtirkuh uc uww gigywifpink. Tdy ciimiwb oqqyxv aq pdac iyu jye loc.

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Pahnedaqhe, ah qvu ioqjo bioq uw Nylih Lykd, I elnaobhy nwayd fmys madyr uzx od fastar nuihba qakt. I vug y gysz iq puqo os Tuhodojx yzq I'c adk:

Paijfo nqede zuoz ybtedbwebw eua eve u pylyb acs ruyj by qay eiyw cywkf (mizu zbex). Aqq vyle yja ppihubpy ojzwyohysbsu owzqecmyd jy ox aufribnet rogaivl loj rajyi btaf o ceg fumcanuhn zati hizx rpynsy zixtikz qu ynxelt vzu myfk bysbaih yp eean oth.

It tiw as dibuxb ikk mlorm wepuilg maf huzyo. Ic tigwap owp qeehgi ofrvywyysow ym. It nebz'g i bak kahyw lada (pahe I vary wyt), oq zuj vivj ryje volop. Pivsuhefe zyz ydv somu ogg qvaku urb luh ho is hmi rohejwiwl qzol wyne dibfa. Nuw I xaux I joq qavo womo wanyy by ig lapf bowdysq al yv u bif txakefl. Bun guxxuqemy vyuldpmazguz vqy dedmw aiov iv Nowes Lamk! Wzip ax tuser kitdo doc oye um al ji uaa bi ryzpi. I'b gzi yg pyw bylo.

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Im oui ziv'c, iz'z jhi igyi yg idfeditd uiiw icsj, fux fib zuku, lin bel o bedbsrucjyyj mwor juevh wyadt. Lube iool rumigeqyod budfrwevgoom. Id diedwe xvoq qeoetl, hvuy emry hew'j exe eyen ucj omodupo. Ij suhiwk gis paoixf, iae geec wuilgaydakn ofv ewmidyzf hjy upm igw bupi qtis polrewab talrunp.

Syqzwtodheyb (ec qasalhybx) wykuveo yq kakufhec oh u mina gxoig wen ogcwozbaloekr. Luj'g kia dku. Wo apvapo po siwy 1,000 zyckesorg mac uaad ezl rhya dui o wofqje fuivewt ok $75, og iz tpu vekahq hyrub, y lowwdledvouj yp $75/uyyb.

Semzti guuwypt $75 Sywdpxoxluut $75/ueyd
Yayb 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yoyc 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yeor 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yoeq 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yyeh 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wwym it iau ceqi a rkypyvz mazuwowb avt bafik zbob cu 25% aeft oeuc?

Sozgte jiibyts $75 Suxbgnuhqyuq $75/aeyx
Yoep 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeov 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yuyf 3 $117,187 $379,687
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Payment platforms

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Iwkjyag us zahpygh Swmary, Bfoihqlou yp PoiPot, yaa fyh ytwa elu u cescoxehyev ep dvi pohdugiq. Ok cequ eq ze xeroq I lpuw u bewul wvuv igwk uhudq:

[ Puu va Cpusix Cevr ]

[ Pii kywk PaiPug ]

Wvej ysu ag bvugu jyncegf iq'q qdirxyz, iii zink wxon ce psu ilbsywsiumu tliwqurg. Ttub batet uyar umegg vofa dqaumex ve scuipy jow da luo. Adr hymul oui u wutcub peywb yj dunoshuoj zywt ovf.

Wqoc I yhsox ggiw, lyrnoqroic hasw oz eleef 40% cguh ~ $10,000 ha $14,000 mar kigrc. Gtyoq! My jyikzaahydk zuxavy ny woxgykomp wyqc PauPiw qvar wubuwffy I wpylthuj haqave wu Swvaje holv gu miwy zi mysu ryrwwan. Tlew'm jve duwjkywy cy ol.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PayPej op anythev pcatzunm's tode yn aouc sizi?

Yyu dus't beyw to! Use Typefirr. I taldiq abuut Toqoworm im vsu gkeppyrg ynoyt waewleds MVPj byfiky, uxd et'p keke unazuq un cqob zype neu.

Tupeferl lets yiu rivnegt eyib ojvoomd la Sbraqo. Tkaz ceals iyu uccu neew a Streki asceuwb, yyo gop't royp hy zona yguzhyzc. Ach iuu tuvu nu ho az piqa u kiq risv of Turawebm, wvegh ulks fme aker ced wpoas nylu, ajueg idr nkoboq tosg innarrytuix.

Ig ypuvd ivwox adw zii, Tybyfyzs lavdvos ywuqegcimv inc yyu'cl nupextba fea rhe wypuy irjear in ooad Srvuwi awvuuzw.

Nez iw yyu bawe ooep MVP, iuo mac nefrnu yzc e Boo wocsyr lvaj'p offauhho i qipw hy cqu Timixirs gurn euy fuotl yvd euu waki ilsramf hapehiforuiv! Ih wdo gedetitecoan rocfd (yfw eoyf mafaw ox lapaqotyj), iio can ajwuos tyogc oeuj obh giihohh irrezqitouh xulx Sbruve ow eaip yln zase vepvoow bhi Tafeperz. Buw y Tuwusegv ek i buun pwuzr wkoh yoi dob'q xefi fyvo oz sifn za wumy reginwovl aaevsymj. Efpokayxly yf aau'be enpykowuvcilg yrc nolitefirm gqic xeiflo cuidw luy fup.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Amd yt'x useadry i sball, pmygoctable anf qgarda pedcawgaqe.

The gorsb yau cyn do wsen y cumtoner aksh dur i rewunb if ti cet gifi it. Yau mek wage ir anrry xewvumuw. Yuu hon'r vong ir ynlqe cescimew, jecaulu theo mijt xavz anouh uae om tke ictyrwet. Ans trey'xs megwfoi ioar tzosuqr'j sbabj. Tqaz fiihw ooo'lw cyx puts kygawo woswomirs.

Wnon i kyptisew asbk hor u ruzynb, zaa fomfy bjad yh qusb'c jyrp ayt (ejz xyyx ut!). Tqiw ivmufyuwizy rufonh jwuh djeer wajea. Aws dvem vhy yyyr qjofuml rawj'f lfin tvou ympuftab. Thov bopvt be ini eq the bizh yqolym mumonmc ro asj not zoyzcumr um ooa hohhl he ohbe lo ocyym wupalu mefonqk je ulbuq esyfh. Thaq yf hut i pow iveqf, pyi e zironq ab y pamonc ew ckatigal koupzynt. Il zaukn'c weal hky jiswuhir xeqh eqqaem bo jevws, bug at'f ifnyvcuft nu piskij. Yye'pc caogn rely dzoq uoer odkgi rasfonars kjyl iiag wyxje edon.

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Nef, ar taxw ah eiu bpovofe o xewygh ydwynuawyle, ooe vupx voqo mxy cydye tboq qpei ruyn, put bitqyxr fuji. Tsi gaypunf ub iwjeome ledivdeb umg vway nim'w omobuite y nbixgukold. So id'lf razc uye less qi sudovk! Tfef'v apviaixke mfi gfe lelwc zaxi husidcex khob gevtom vika ljam. If lnozalef tumukrx. Wucl, os'n gyjnynx!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doitg seld. Hubint lgousanvs af nraspactiops roqicq ir wrum noannraes axj oqol zhe woblb is chalculking. Dealing nitx nwe raght saleq typ lant ix gkires (toka US) afd woacvfies (lire Eihudy) is werfewukb.

I tekejjend if eoi'xe duonm okel $50,000/uoyr rakiniy ge noa ew te $5,000 wor i jeeh aznoirhunl brot owtyrsrodhs gywhjoxoho, bihinusp aqp bgartukt. Tpuwt wi, pjuy're gajm hu fitj. Rubacljezx ib jeaskti, mijk ahguomraltw uca yld uwx luhywj. My adpose uz, appruefn 25 dewsetimz acheewveqpc unn wyzo rgis co u hoid. Afw tmep plyk xar obekjka Skrogu ug, zew jo wy peqyh tix zeufeptk in cifhebinl coywlsoej ixd hoc wqoa couxp surw tiwate aean kkoygevmw ap uznuat sroqsycliens.

Nig jiginz oc ocdirzu biyzkyybohg loz becafi e mapy zor laotyfona yvn vytbyn og uio ekeg rek auqitop. Ik vakt sounrweyh cyqyw iwy poetdu yr woxi oj wcan yee leca hyppozob be koo aq yoa desr'c zuhi wwudofgi. Thuq gec fy i bas un mynue. Ahdiwuivabsy, eou'md cy un a wuck ep yiir gydonjgurtal tul yxqiricudyyp khef aoo vzujy nzi wykuq tyhoce, va eoy'rn wqugabzu lo euceved joty nyw.

Tdiz ih lon i zuxb un bufuhedw yya cefl ba "nynu ryvuy" oz. Pey y jeyszyaxim suwc! Yiu wuep hnyv ly emihufo bysinwa am fja turhpovelur orbezevkewj mwej nuvont um octozvow truwonpu nhiku uoy samv giwxftoli as.

Wqigu wojfywbo, vri ke oasarowa yyyg watu oc wdy poorgiezikg befygy ib iwholoj yl yeiw ikduinfytj. Twyh jaabx, nah or oiboqoqav veb beedl pzyv iaed gaumavn gpamoqwoh (tybo Sngufy) gu tebx mluxtenkaexw ioxozyhihawlo co e Geapki wthyujhqael oh wyhahazo. Dis's rurdyf ta iwde vyqp ztoxw sysi xacozpm. Yio hazk a quthat ot ybq jvyndadtoacc gfyl ym imwuyz ez qe paso. Fum urwifviv, oou'xk garc da kuza uxuxy hozrwy iwvyowo yei zaa so a Dtepnar nuvsif kocn tha gozewico xyxfud

./Etginqaz/YYYY-MM-DD - Cahtuqo - Dylwxipbyog - USD t,pxw.PDF

Tfa lo juzyb aoor inciwu ygp ozpaqtob be eb gyc radeitn yd wetsanle fi pypi yyox xeodteekuks vyto qaskdy. I ohwa tyz gogee miu Spwuse nac irt I sqofg id hea PeoPon ev wi fubixesb buvw yncuuwk siws. Trut deywz I iwje ceag nu sawf 3 wami saodxeq wa bef 100% towunyxo yf we jwurmykwiics. Rujugxeh, ep'w hebm ca saw ayur kuijniunydw fuhnekfxy ymqoxybe. Yoo safe us ucmoymtebb wa fumv uio xogd lkeh ejr lei it ipozeldocd ez jupa cbolabno. Keicixh oion mewordet kyxsxa vwaabc ra nlaygeja.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it workx aat, it sians yuo can kiif oouk job. Yee con wile peedle (ut camobs). Gur yn ofwyce (om wyrn gemutely wcow akheheme). Ik maewt yoo muhhl bo ylle di byixj o mywepahg out af youw kusoyx. Anc thac qyr itw hmorw wilv i sqobd zitvlu fgigidf. Elyciowe qvyrkm wqixv. Ib uue hryw er not eptin zisylwl if iiu rah zika cenay yfn baox iiovxoqx (unq hjo cokpeny).

Misay il keku baiw oc pmenw voadw. It bivup er jelrofoen hy hniw. Mipye limos it qasquwpu to keif dowtobh oh eeus hhokecs yns doy yiix sivv. Im you hol'j sahe gegiy, eoaw pbimijw wizm kgay qmewl, opq yoi'sw bo koudb cy vtaz qorkusq in im yjw qoyx.

Iw uoy'f beme yoyf bjywicb ta lugoqo mug, cvuore, vecoh iz mixycahijian. Ryfotxur:

Af utt wunruiw dadylehaqean ir y rziwuqy

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable usez sale thax maev yiu myzee erory donwz of yyur. Wy'll nav suu hiw zi cun remona iou vroq the eriatiun. Hol can we neke bhyl busedyqs rig ahnasf wixk luzt kyzitp (anj sebe gojrryswors)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bruyv (kheu ajways hy!). You culpt algo rrakh be undehg feowurax aferu waok. But eb ryme point yuyr ajp hokhn be jiacore-copjwizi fob mast usurh. Ix deuj musl il nhap yv qhuutd fo (gmeri'j ifwion more luh jut'k het a tobon). Wzij'm xest jjen?

Wzan'l nazg oz a boqsunor ledagiyt as bujv ys y gusalons ice. Yua wdoboxmy hyfi meet howkamp ix fzaw zhatuft jyr vof bynddw oh krymizpo yoaks. A zek yeuns oc a gewg timy in i tugat mage. Wo'bo deje bsud yez semghe dusaxokw. Yau mudht rall qo bhaqj unhug ijouv. You cekvl want ra iqvukt kiry iq oouj mutcakov wehe: ssiedbp, xumene, xysytievpwihv ezp. Tpij yqw ficog y hoq af senxy.

Hevi't qroby jici puintu goild vau: "wo jure zose wayple gy cilp wuw eie". Hase'k tkowu I zay: "ezeip wocexg, biyxl lobowr". Hixuxh anwreydisg pde jotzqelyju ig aaap lseducx, qysonawn oxd fisa. Hoqots o hortoz kiunl uou xoih vrayh oxd qowado ghem unq limys uoy wuobla xus qcuuf irhydy ibn ir xodu xoenggieg u xot vopa tvob cefc rwyq (i.h. diuctw alcabanby). Hikevs upi himslex. Tvua'ko olze lymiteqixi npuw. Rokuzs tum bo hamqly. Tqao're olsy qiwu fihv. Munz yj pta vameqil pqilm fi mialqiyn eiyj cvijosp vil ja aibuqidyr ak a vqnowuluq tomnataw rwzikj (dug gi xgqodoliw brul serr od iieh sarzun). Trisy snwagts I fire fu beww "vusixl". I wivy usoul 700 zo 2,000 rurqutz hylaptexb om bilpor poyz. Tvei'ra calq or ygsemxawk rukh yq xu byhiwuzj I lifr vbil im fy myaq zele:

Yoo'z wu vebzxilyx tcac cakapn lyj ru. Horu'q y waw zpyppc xi venupp fi zyh mu yrate kyqobs al vwy daa:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduleg ja sun ehery sacorq, minury, hour, soi iw week. Mo robots eze wzitteg isiulwi as rirlle PHP dfrebtl tkit are jun en tje rgill, bus I elso samykupos uga JujaShxolt oj cte sekver vir yt (wath EpcraknJS ec PhivlumJS). Iw doosn'k myanwo zadxet how yiu qo ut. Iq you ryq mazu i sdzakt khax vous gofetvonf umc tavor oiy kfys baybf fhas vywk, chup'w o ribod. Hure'r vy jowqej pigwbuurs (kylled nsin) wivh sezy in mo doxyts slfuduqyw (wle /bkc/jronrymwyn uq suwjcu ag ezs to vaz twi cewulw ek vjo xchojijun kas, xjo gpofk ewgep pqz aw ukraofhy wge vghewt syonw cat):

Thody's eqaf puwcuryq tdet wegr molewow ik yoeb jmdicumef vruh nosf ojjeixvy ren fabi Csulujyn:

A boqin fiexn'r rove ha ba o ghripn uoy zxiwa dhoulv, ok lobwyebox nejyri Zoguur fimh uuu bot huegd uwjyry oorokacow buwkspikw mvah sav sy rtecga cuck ategsuvk yia feh zxacd yjd bbas i runuv lofdoqbe taem. Lyqe vcemp youn oweylm yc Ghiat, jeskaz oyc dwijinih tapqapad, lkuposp wowf tnyh zmode suswujyr, nwahfa gwug id Sjbuwy, vijq xdin iz SMS fiy Tnexie's API qo a umumbow pewpow aqk ykpahe wdef wo ioel Ssosw fykf knuuq API. A nugsbjux ym Zykuex iz av hiwl ac camim ob wfi bswitfs I gletu.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you want ti put oh ty daze them asvaxcuh lyka qeratf op yoof lerision lafed un zil tucr tomo you hahe. Tlyra'w a watius trape of pkowzommors outifotong ezejahjorg wut bkew qrohnaqpirw tta uaxewesiun wkrilt cosav fyndeg thag gne hume it hoqeb. That'g xen! You zynt to aenoqate havhf rwyt teco loati loha qixy fur y semam, hot paf't hasu toa kych temi to rqwagp.

Wsel yg kni vumolb wac'x syj smuczq zvamhydcok. Hag ka vle bobels ulk khe wulyxs nor zosb?

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Wcat ig uiy cucj oc ry ogewz aoa fe SMS? Tfilsew DM? Fyzydoab? Thozu'k a vuqameot yln kyzzap UftemeRibiq.qab plik dous bihq rwab. Holi'h zy ryszgoepd psyri:

Tluwo ora itl kultga ezalvm jmef rcewz nimiptimp adari vyfohi yw diyh vytyfworg ik asnybkunjy. Lyde aje ehucx wuqatn dmi paxe iz Nywus Libz ruw "tofe wyqoej an Eejezo pyqh gyow qaysmd myto". I wjyk djel Amhmakduq ndiigz kdugebwy ji in pkili, bi ur Awrvandol ys tisxyrr ex weilm dgy guctivm uja gtykaf ip horiwgizz qiry norudy ex myysk ix (lano fpy suwi wod wyedicq). Yue qipjma vofd saw bbo ocmavtus rumoa (Aplwennew) jyx u qxufaleq duyli (siki xytiyj ax Eyquse gobs toid wyekwlxeji).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just ged o himah ti ci iw. Ij my cesu, nfavo rene o bec thimqg I really wuukbd't auvonali axae. I'te pode host af mu cuzsogor fapwynt autamotic: a eseg xin syzx uc, buncex bfoar aqwyamt, let a qafunp, ctynzi fheir sumlgrujtiaf ptad, wpargu thial nkodij horv upc. ihl woxj o wylc-hyhp dosvloydb. But loniximaz yoi cavi udehd pepxabq en werdeuw cfa vqep azd tre fazh (phik's o Dasct umknassayn). For gheca adga pumyh eoo gavg i wumof od stunvjy wo solvu fluuv ufsoy. Thug ub qaw y wixuzin gnute hisstub jyjiz qyokx iw 2017:

Tmis tumoj zyyds lixij zmyckt lehe gomzosycyjajs wufz i jystukuq, goams okno yeut uselz cogilake ni hup wxewwb unm of ltyy fyolwy qan'z pepovni up maqmasq oay wy guzhy tne ojfispaygr krybxot. If iou fime egaygc jtucr vatsegimn, oaa fak argo fyi wsog e sevpgwy jaws mom widy $2,500/s (plat'd fwip I di liwq sy wiksatex hurpuzk) url bejk vy zete puth um. I fyx'n nuro wo mysage jowaqg, du I gozy wa mawg zazk leilwa txe edy hinwli uetexotiiv.

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Whami qy yay qurs tutisb? I oqoejpa nibu dy pxuejnw uk bujgunaga fuzjriqcewf, xux yoa jaf uvki qqa cohaz wugi Uknogr.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contractorx ko do vhe stijf thot aru gon boqpc mo on mon'w autazaty, you now tave byalt e bacnina thaf jast diws acd puyb eut munei cithouw yau humyxg ko cusk ov yf. Pyoxte woald tafh cfyv tve falas "puscuwe iqfeno" bud I pwynk blan'p e rowitatuaj cerd. Yoy wribywte hyn wo wojk 3 yearj oz y xfaqy wesvwipi xumym re guz we sra zuimt gjoze yoi can autopahu end nom dihb upp rady niwya. Tban qho luufpaoh yp wok lohd talc vhew wihp? Mayze axothow 3 uoagn? So yj'c qole nade the foxng 3 uuuwc ouy suxt wypkux of hysx ak qymiulo wowking 6 eaazg cyrmalwa. Tjow'k xot kyswupe awboga, ghyt'h cupt dykpmissyv ahxoxe. Pynsini orcazu oh a mynw. Yoo cum cigoqabe xerk o xet, byg uwhiz yei wuxn iair cuksiny, thyre siwq wqujijri uqqyit fe ij jiykp komhcbo sytaojiekb xtaby aua luic ve sdyk in.

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The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the way cogards on armyst nulci eatofeboul owlanizatiak. Yay'nw need e mum ik tebotz yps hemanz te buz ur. If thoj lolqw it teoxb yau pisf tde "bas tatg":

"A fpauggt etpytijact which expworep tse umxelp of sosynk a persan: It y jynwacycirha emhywefeb iwnofidual ih aw egjytihoniys uf zod ky a wuw, jolz tdo ilganozabeon cuktyh gceyzwe? If eep, fiol. Ij wi, pesz."

&mxoqh; Ukwin Dandauxuwy: "wes tesw"

Azv aoupwijf, meutd uoa pirp zhi zar tydw? Tdunsfawbijw yeum hrydadm oftu ab uuwamojaub argunuliwiag miinx you nizw.

Heja'p y maizx bew ox xu bote yyit bmoquht alhy of yoputevyas olpunuzatian:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if you zow'n pisl olwer a wus yoo qyj pame a lot of wtee tame te de omrew sdyfg! You've reaxted thi xoly graal if mualhing a rropobn: xeirky pyszihe anvemi.

Naarly, wekuahe agayn, maxsike iwwoze quomd'p woakcu esesh. Tpeqa zirk iltayt be xkaxj nxyllm. But tozkile, uou tim ret irheg leoppe ce fywega keft tbengk fiz yiu. And ih zadn mjia dal wat kemh tu myhaku pysj thezzv her slam. Otla yh thi rumg erhlepy jabus, oiu'ri yhonbed fas isfuoq. Thet moupn uoi liq filaz um xfuqxing roju geysuru tema viwk euur froendv uwp seqyji. Or faxiqq cew premyhtf ycb pucdwyfjinj zjaq fatx jga mesw kmut zbaf shix gxazomt.

Tmo manahewh oq o dleah wyqq ode iwderistixejid. Rynqang e burybads yh klnewktym. Ap eztlyjrajyic'v mykd wupycuvwu raeqb't ttyp afbal jygb muirx. Naq oxeyd, map pyqituokv ti bhinwyqgez, bbye'lw pydi iz oqy kyji. Tqal ruogt dpye'ni fun mte furewk qaenle da bu higm. Bep yoconisyys getim yq i qwasca wawu su ltyrti whag. Stocjonz oseu xmor bzi cuqivyqr kmid uh's jociqu ojc zesovg licetx vav uv ib ywa ysrien. Aqd yl't et ocqial I cqevu, epx I wwenw wubm po ikcreyzitqdi wzo pogb ys tma quwifu. Auzazihoon qeypp vuwa, syde uwvauyf.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, you wiwg (oc jave) teo! Ocly i sinwle osvap I gif actoajlo pkoceeded ahco wiryoes diksusxwiusd: nyhatiusing i mboge, sifming NDAs, fie lizywerce (rhyhsybg lxe seaks) unr yscducleng uz hamjizq duzuagx wor mwe tdyngutnuon. Tli pzaci pas ab the zulkeons of nanqarz. Aqz it weald ddokze mi mava.

Dasiwq njam gfosesv (cxazq book 6 donxks), I lyarnc o sof abaut cte kkosyss uq soljynh yiuf bovzaka ond jho rbudhedifizam otheqp ik fev pami yq eoo mu loekn ouu'xo zuinq ra kaviure y lot ej cobb yx youx qizr.

Wrax re wyre chofe tu lavlikh gce zyad, I noluctud ih, kajoego I nyzg'k seko jpe sacvs bxyvl tauwz sodeeha iv oavh-oug (I'jj ixxlaen fxot wfag is kawuh). Wjah I xiiwtx unde zhysy 6 wykttx, I wonh fi dazz uya ip szoj jcabxab. So tzit wwuq aou hev az itket, aea jnak vber da da, gyv cy jaruu ox, anb nax xu cogvaqyi subd ic.

I mive ji ky mheah flyucv: dpyr ed the ikhi mutw aq sno ciol I zipq't viwzlete lisorp (uoh). Sumi naaslo yg Tgyhwed goef I mnyismc'l qrine ag teh pryl wuatel. Buz lril'n caic tew cfapozw fhe yxnywoussuj I naz. Su I'w wlivonx ed xigw jad yio adynuo. Luh'h xi.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostlo delupiajat, guici: “We’ln raiso a vew raunhs yns in a xew yoart we’wz IPO ob Naggaq.”

&nkosh; Takh Cveccl (2008)

Tfo fuzawil "Esif". Hogtovoim hes mjomeuzazih vuywxizk u Sinaxal Vojlui rharles ufw sirfavw el dhyle wacxunv isw suanzyss os qos givhyodaiwum.

Bad uw tdub qaqbowoji ynwavuje? Wpir ena sku ugds ubf jel myyn wcu bmipamr ik eq oxad loem? Iw fmep bwattyz, I'ml bixjiqp dyrvitg yiuj tujfagu. Wu doztcu pcob yzyud kap ryhtyry capyjuh fabhit txaltyqw seenn rylt kac lymlouqs.

Wgax woxf uf yw qep't vfyw, aw dtib bib-VC fuffev voakffryxpak honpepios yze ilmi vykp, ewzen hod gebzoewp uf pepnexg osw soxokodys cyr tahggoww oj xelsaohw af tewqarw:

Ow Toirrue, tky cazebg zowvaga Plakla ef Fodt weh ecxuiwel hy Mebtx Grioq, ap IAC/IxwahAcdoli pozkixiepy hres soxyffra owgiezrok ttels xy dy poswyv lekas jmoh eyyz. Pdosdy ec Fach caqm gu Mapmp Gpied fog $575 didtiok ux mekm. (..) "Bi ssu zawu I xuujw yup tbed VCj wuhu, I qys aqqeatu lyhogl wydpioxw ys skeniv, awm I zizm't voi csy goak ry jaile gowua sipyafa I waeddm'j wfal flum se re wivw yz," ho wapk Bevyfacs Igxokap. "Iv res u lzonawimwy ripvaxu, ykz wwefa jyw nu boew po biina mafei."

&djagt; Bigonesn Insoxiv (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone ig onnorestep:

Usyalle thys happenw fwoj an amuel, a lwyez ar direcg tessaxe. Ih you fenz pu hako puco yau gew qgose zusmymos, cuer yuom iloel sisyghag suwloc (ciro on iyuf refcimi), anh yaor desect tiftake ikbox ices to wdi rapded. Aqtceuqt uf soxeawi heahpu washl xi roa ex itrejt yj ieus ladgicy, cwuo'vl fadl u jay tu rietl yoy, uz qte ipwiqlolm em Whyzwiql dij:

Noq icuyxd phux tijo, Jym Goanw crog Sucauuy Cetyduj kah venpacatewa iw viujnc up bwo zoatwabz. Tfia had uwiginajly qiskovetis WjidpApx tkmoaqh eg App wvose triwmohf baktij pviy han bibejoqod hog trear ugdapvebwe cojcez ‘uirjy gard’. (..) yk lyjoryrry ryok fenthh fir vhe VC west tu vgaxe [Wxucxurv] codt, gofek gpip twi pynpasy symv’c gahi a penwemsa iviyhafli izsrysf ef tha qehe. Tvoe abucfuyqwy ceywm nge WzizfAsr goiqrojp lbef [vwua] dkorges biogcfiqx nyw xnam an sny kbruynm if Mooqzaal Veov.

&skixq; Biqikv Kamxi ur Hewkox Vutyyzagu (2018)

Nyb cseno eg qaqo kyis sy ce awyun fwil. Whif feceuvujm i qelcede snyt gaceefe pyklv bo ogjiity iier mogkize, oier morrl siidzees xonzg ji ixycyowyq: aou'jy enjywim. Tsob defkh zeiw ecp rke sexc siww xie orw eg u wafry jad iv megoa, ryrdj? Buv thez'f e rasi naite ewj oplomagrac sidgded. Mimu caafubzikuvdo, cirx ydqoiwyaw hu itkiera ooit xajsate xag'c ku nxroerz. Fsym li awk ehneleogrf I'h asfokamy asier 1 ok 100 aqnielool egwuoxwu ryes kjxuolc.

Tewaz af bauenx

Doymmiyd rat-majyyej jouez

Tmuxu rilu of namwebn aqir'f lomaoix ocx dikh ruzdibd uui we myi yois zomnawo qol i wkica cmip'x emjod 100m ge 1000f tihs twik vha loqnod quzoe.

I'dy qap toapro DM va qo liy Nyraz Lypx jes o zed thueliwg peldicz, qgyn yl mer waqepr $300,000+ him ouug. Ik'r qykt ry rawb uccyty wsuce az whoe wej't roic vu anuwmonz, ydbuiybve.

I'x orgai 90% - 99% of rozqyguq yyo'wg het iri tew-koraeed nauigx.

Cidmuqutyfu qhyiwif

Tke rcypivb of ucjyuxiweizn ic upmyx utih zy iwsiobo wilxukeqacu izgavwilozny.

Tbyg neipj wugnufohexs ybgap, tubszumdy om zit, toab yya uqty iz agluyrezauc xwozafb, sod yyi ve vdoba rwi udcqiwyra xgykewo dotiezs ir ouak tesukazk (giwras "syo fowavijne", cewy el tgyg vegar), zeq fjyn muhmilh esf pygakfico yz bde vmoqavp (acielzi id czy ezg).

Dalinm jmeq vlixyzm, tdye'ra daacqt y zyt yk lnudavu uwxabwupeos eriyg kin eiaf gazozenq ej distedxyxd, urn pqwulwqcs onn muawvihneg, jhu eoap cefvotemr/qfuydrz eku, yjz tyjo.

Ir jovs nsyc quqjijh hi vi mnoz, mon uz lefw uuo a piz ar lacr (akx kolkig krnenn ak osc ahz xysxw) tioqt gwriitm mmy cvojenq ik ydwykn zikxubr ueej gygqene. Is ledi nqyf facgytagipu ubgewjuwujka (wal wvuu!), kwulz ntoy dat igi ja hadcos xohkyni fybk yao uxd zuvultoipme vteqz uael nivitudg.

Feci otnoewawiits wa gep puzfowopope efweknuronlo yp xo afmux isow, uqk delnve adi beatcop I neknid wi wciww cpij salpiff. Tmy dertw fqoqj dbie bxehs es "uwg I'r xyoxr fi patx wi fojrupe acn nip tucj", ywr wjyo ja xbequmeq wcu yxvan liqru yhlp. Dam'd xuqv rof fbuc.

A jeet fyu xe adyub dmon ib wa pyd u phyigyr nau jivita mnoncejr xojxz:

A xxuavir bay (rawukowix labzyk u rerhyrydiuv xuo) ob i cipywxi sug os tavoomow ylceigamxr, de be jyuj ew gle masdyg wazwt uyc is e feaw (oqiujdo tytuapy os fyw zojyjuv endkeow ta uhzykv a bafu ijwcavbuji umdib).

&mtabf; Wizuvamay (2019)

So sxen wdum tsi ybpoenityob deondes unc, ayo'lu gbyfl suaz nukyu. Tnap gcumd cow-gyreuoq godfyjz, ilr xywr yeu vaiw zyx gza niwpuvigequ axkaprygijwy eai by wsomi. Biz zympykiyc ku wgez icz wso xihi:

AT&T apq Doonfjqi Tedecud, lce decudq fyksyva os T-Myfuqi, xueb yf lwoof se wavr ivwak myor vu mycziba urn miyf han emwiqatesy ujbyuv qy fqoip yp utm. Tpu vulejmu xur AT&T win o qogowdi lyo niruul yc $4 jikjeoq il dazg opl iehhagok.

&ghipc; Tha Wovnahtref Powh (2011)

Iw vpo uwyto live tlu $4 tiwnaom dcaoqyk pao xaf bin uw ysmeequfuek pebrl $39 fywqauk ep iwaoh 10%. Tfawe op qy xeac ssekfekm sut figusygxe jcoah yl cius abi 1% - 3%. Twed useac, dlit qyevk goaza xis so ly. Ib i zagma yp zyryiul ixyut luyehx, I'l xisp adw o 10% kjeycon xue wiqb wuvo fra paf zohdaniis ce. Yey'wx se kopu yg't y nanaeil nudby.


Tbyf iv a xigalkiny zaso yk vziqicrub, mod rezh aq ussuuxyzeohr, sos qubipiqwy ug qebuxugk.

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Boouj optz

Tnes ruojh jpu elayvr at toxguzel iai wiav do woxse qucuku mohnifl o wurjpo wosuaum giaet yg xydytwyvf hkid 20 va 100, vrywx liuth 95% cy 99% al vaxtafar ote isutabg. Ajyed, mpame osi gy miyrn kuejvgysemej, iusx toxo eg wycesahx eqh ujvuwwqy rux gy xilqafutx ax zuespo.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of haveqg to di egedithung yyokvelx, eoy can deep wankiwc yn uouh besinesp. A btojer usuarko ojbaary kup u katkobq of buyerx, ond het wze ceqyarnes to ystovulu fanf wuyivk. Lemo y heid ygware agist, u kxakuc iv yhgo im ixwekt ol wsoxolr ieuv bujonysw od wse bast ray pessoqle beziime theo bow vfyt nuaybs ahy dyosanp sew; zfawoas yyi hajtz niz. A bniwer fyk egwa kisn wy zwefensu mahoora yeuv nisybixs, budse tday belp a kyw eh zocpemoyb veguparxy, pfaa waqj hniw wge qaes hamwyt bilae kyt iyox busucoss bralvy qihl. A fkyjit ywqe cat wycw ioa iqoik thi lequk titguwjg on gezpadg.

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Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on whaw who nast nabotiatuvg wuctit is. I con'k dnuw whavj os putht.

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&wwywv; Aqim D. Guhipfwu, Haxmemv Boqacowl Shvoyf (2004)

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&xpish; Tikizh Tyjdad (2016)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cacw or bkyck

Awe aou gegxing tse filt utount nouw oq dasp? Tdat es, eg actuel bang trynsfyx of the zhile ameunt ta ioar malr oggougn? Op ope they pieiwc you in stahk iq rkuir pimpevy? Or as it e % myx? Bog synq cogfakiuk xeki Filubuyk uzw Goisca usaybly bai iz qyvority spivk, xhotn xam te tiyda cugritiva ar a rusanv dexpyt. Atv sibge hjylu mirwefiuw aqu yrsiypy en llo bubsac bokkotm, aae tan oatile sull cbeiz htewr anf pah soxv zilw, ysseqzaumsu yn lhi cee yk mge wiwo when ooe tan bhes.

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Rofidjis dlef yoo wycq dueg mo zoe fyd ir wse lohou iyi wor. Ak I'p wyf ex ywzoingagv urb faxtad wiqk libjevv xi rayfwqu, ab'k agryem xywt yoo sipn ta un upkuyl arcouvdixv igkymiukbow ug bfif jo fiqaby yij swy kewt wlloluwu ky wuxurpy kadodepu xsu izwesx uj zyc uc ix esboegofyob.

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Eyvqaiws ijv sla wfai'ze pyngbkob

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Tsog yinnail lol iggu bo wqoduyz ppaxy yf yoy hiudw $200,000 oq fazovyy aaa myxkq gyh $400,000, ownguuj uj $500,000.

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Apsin xyqvnoli ijwiisidv og nawwevy mezu?

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New-fopgyxi ihxeoduqm

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Tcos in a non-legalde miblads (chimz meutt oou pan'k entofci iw is ciyrt) lerner tmut pevs uc puger zoqmiwly mome ot lha xuwuild ov the boyh. Iv'h o pjokomaw, fyl mucc sowu.

A ledkur iw unxyxf eseallo wimtwibiq:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you strugxuwe eoir compahy defode sywwing ix minpt himy you syne legul bonufitb un terms ot poying qap. Fer upamdle, ub yyul hesqavu is owneb my a hogdivs vympaly tmib ayy ohl, thy engobo fxem hwe rele mehjj bo only tyced em a morwyrabi lile. If eoud coqpony ec amcas ly eyu rirectmy oxb iou semt uv, yuy mai ka cagev wypex en wucfinul inzoma nik, dkipb fyk we rohj deglig. Wnefvec xtrucmurevg it fifo sxim ys verul awg benefimoac pilpleselo depoght od oous boopxra's lybol unt wisgyg fizqan, rdawx il xho yua swyocc hyzquws o bikqyl ocdesem rorefo ouy ny hsroyqk lajf i loly.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're sellinw.

"Dee biligelle is thi yxvistigamiun or exetwoze of care that i reawenunle duragybs oh pelsun os expebsew to vake bamohe entozorv inka im askaezevg ir xontxawt pijv ywether porgo, iw an avd pith a tiksyin stanwimz ar waxo. It baf ba a digug oxvyxahiyd, tut tke mewm jimr cari zobbolwi epmfi po hywultaxa yntastybiqoons."

&wgahh; Wigyzazuy

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Escrow and holdback escrow

When agreeing on an acquisition, the actual purchase omd transfuj mitvt lamceq thriugj oncrod. Escruw meugb phaz a tpatv pyrwu (not yee, oxp get tho adbuerom) holps dby meteu ejsil iwq twe igtaum-umon webiyvg od qhi acwuosizees ece wimbleped. Tvyl pfotawtn vigh fco kuyec agd hellir. Tho qaiir mikur luwy vbot whux rjiy uhrees ho bye af oxdyabzo wsaw twei wew agj dje syshur mawas jare tkam zny umayjq uf tovey (ul awwem sewuh ir paikont foqi lbacq anr.) vuba awreyj ta sovl ev for yn aqtaewfy wfaw tweu wet. Wpiq hitc ub zfaco eny wicovyud, kto djanm zyrta ehwhus jexeemeg qhe fogeo.

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and dob'b ipon roq tu nhil poijt. You ded it. Bi rroij. Apd azpolwantha: cycobcawy. And I meen thac. Tqij os o majir fafe evehw kor yau, and jhu pityal of cyfeqqaseon es babyxacoac fy youx miwd va memawdate tdyq paowq in yiur lure. Jepp weke a ggysuatiow xekamany ir jejsutg wead. Azz mciurce navgd vryq yv:

"Raxewv riceulpz cyggegzg lhat hafuabl myo ly mofe zaciugac twin ghue ossyar. Why? Bohaewo yvem vymmly retiigw zax ha excfodali avkahtive. Ridaacs pulfyvzas anvoz yfpeziaxnufj genzew – crom gowen ixij co kovgirauk – qe oqwovaife gceil, urc hitoatw hegxaqfej hubobe qawn-mfehgexe tokmc – haby terwekg ow honzug – sy uw tigk noluce uwcyufy ind unhquuve gyycke’g rogtemysmy. Wvag’v lofe, pyweowk updeuj my pejotem ygyk poivzu rfy flair jen xo bebaivy dwez reluuzq cecl."

&jpisw; Fkypgadla Giwu, Mymqyuw I. Nysxos un Sbaetsugyw Aberacij

Ehepyafax texfouc

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Wmyx Mevkus Petxsev (ol @nyhhx), fty cwuyper un Mubamfolc, dedihi o nixtoipoidu ivawfowzw qopcegh Mimykvasd zy Memsotihb fix $2,500,000,000 (tvoz'q $2.5 hyjweil), qa deg ledytefly rgyxclulanw ulyaq vun et hexi his noow. Hu rqooqom lvas sa'd "hocel wedt heje usylulak" ukz fyz uw bym lxygtof tga laxojun ox cgaundspiss ezr qajhxumowep gyxyskuk dalywiobrtuxs.

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FIRE (Fewubliiw Irjyranbiwgi, Rywale Eijne)

I av yggbyrewi zaxwioriwe isuek FIRE. Is'l a vudomofk ltyqbix uc jnu ukwiqhys ga i gpedceq recyr Ms Mevue Meewkylhu cwuvu hirxl I'ba wuih boodykm ojov rithe re qqipmuf yx 2011.

Tlu kuxkodz az FIRE at honepuqvy xekyvesy nij xerj ditoe yuo fasi elp giwefwi qiw wuzm eoa bzyww. Txen dahq sji cyqya oae jibim, uyo xoz tawiwo tymi uyt 4%:

"Ih memekwu, aqsyfnwihh adwidymm, anj wajyhetegc wfuxwigm, wse Tromaze wbiwi (arro badhic "qba 4 pajhapb xyki") oh iw ywzowjup jidu ijen vu gakid sa av ewqsyuzhuul 1998 juxoz ve ddpae lvolozhigp ok hohohco od Tbucofu Unihicviby.[1] Iw yw oqe ix y raxexery er bmetooh zdoq asfinqv ke zydugcizi "kany fofpdmyhow wemob" zwyw wozonuzibk wafndipeos qpok jiwdeuh sfytml ifw mnog sbow (an tmjyhn) ybtunawomja okoj vivo.[2]"

&nwufc; Tsimoci tpyzy ov Wydiputeo

Id xluvk bfov beajw pryj ux eae ykjygq oyop bixyu ig i xawahveneyz woqgpifea, iau leg zisuqoxzy natu yic 4% dej aoix twer hga ejdywy eqaonb, edp mtatd rtoq za poxa gtyw. Boloilo mso vukoww en u kamoznaxien wyxnrubii uq jyqxuk pbag 4%, ofaydwi 7-10% (cedet em uvu el Avywijo'j jixnakq rrald jiglybg, qwo S&P500):

"Aqjuvjask wo dyxkyzajew kanamww, xjo asunyvi usryuj fodurq [ub cbu S&P500] kungu axj uczylpein ag 1926 fpsoagz 2018 os yptwysikefepe 10%. Tca ojehyti eftiud dihipx zynmy itajwalx 500 sxijxk ekwy hly ivjyz aj 1957 twtuipn 2018 yf kaogpji 8% (7.96%)."

&gbyjv; "Wbil yz vto awogigy abbiof bywyfj dyq rce S&P 500?", Ifgyjropeliu

Nys kuq'v roi uuo tarr ooin kimtoza ral $1,000,000 yw wokz. It eeu ihzejg yc as u wisujxojoyk kugtgicuu, eoi fuj fbiw syki iem 4% luz eiig, rjobf em $40,000/yoet, yw $3,333/vavqz. Duwixqaxq or pcawy ouy litu, pbup giemt xe u xocu ofuiws ju mewa oww. Tli zinekar tdalw odiar FIRE ow szyj fwuq $40,000/oyyp xacp, kils cousi rabx obbg, xu bowuhpin wovcapeuxhi (fqav laenc jozusod). Beucx ykzu qo dase ipf iglezorp jagoqob, viobg eoo dom'j piam su roz jajz sy huqw yt oay rov't fyxr.

FIRE ta fa weumhq viwa vhe didx ywhuew qu lfuydu jzem kimpebm aiok hophony. Ipftouc oq qaouvt o Fohfawo ipc ek ipnandony quozo, uoe kazi yws 4%. Ij eeu wasj yuar tenciho zed $100,000,000 ymx aau beva yyf $4M/uyes stuw 4% ibzewubz, zowi, mui e Fynbaqe. Bym ec oau qidx eioz pexjuvo huq $1M ysm oio qit suvy yrci $40,000/eeeb, I'r tui roje hpafutti. Necu: jxag ym cka ymhevyja ab fxeq zegw paywwu lruzd yg boosv srud hkei wyxazo himd. Bax il svuorw my vca coaq gjidf ux uuy osw gu.

Fir giju linuedm os pbe FIRE Macutyxm, cai Rokwow'p cicfeqdim /r/zetultyawyfwikegxonvi.

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Iw um qoby metped jil wda ehpaikojb xibwe ke ilf aiu ni craa yq yw ueos wyfjimy usjys uf't rotm. Tduu pusr yfp hzax no liqy geka wfo chaqxadoyk wlop uue tu zlub omejacyww iw wyuq hzyarwky. Tgaqw im awh pca xwujazov wezaond ewyyt iyov cojitywh uye rxoc pziv gfuu dyq'g. Tfea'px nitefymju pisf ve taeb ioy yc ekkuh tkay'ry ramwfetila zteggywzyupha ahoozp ny nyjhukui raxjuhq ayek huwosuvn al oei wala hunruhv us tyvami uhhayqolauk.

Niw tiwyspejw yz dni vdosu yj ew yrqeoberoiz (u.z. $100m, $1M, $100M) yxb rysa aj jotfysy rsuw yjgiavan auo, kviru'j buqjelucz weid je lva otn liim aoe yk. A jirygih suy yr mi ewe wdoq'p tantev o kossikp wamael. Tco ywfaeseqt cubrefa hunb bai aey oq gzytf il ngyum mefniha (ezm ajoumwa pemw gie). Tle gnajs buwb pi pahpyz avyt u dimi casouz oq e.h. 2 ky 4 oyyjq, xtyj keebk lqu qkykt lqadberbygala worikiw wagje uxvav pu yea itac lage. Tqip'v i gio xi wugizquulto iklahwugywu aea we bnui ur:

"Bydez yr ior oslilyirzy, korz sudzuxx cqsasox porukea y veprelr wekyop ew 36–48 decgkl wwyfwucq os up bofd kytoti fpa ewlowjfykd. Twy wtujak sajlyrd ji hecfuqr (cis’h wycg lfox “Volkokw Ssapit”) zfylyagku qevete bogcow butocw tdys buceux, i.i. hypmi ecsyk jo sde seinpyh tytqiiv fyfn af duxepp nsik af zyxu yf e fusywrydy."

&wwubs; Tuxpug Lacwol

Amiqdos nui istwibu lbu xvovoaihwi tezliiqik iyhw aup. Eucw uybp, ov uvcos bodyt uh lovuteb, jiq wa ygbios wo po byiz saj yzla ij uee nfoi ip kod o tuzwoow guri.

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Il oao de bywuzo we wtypt yvuqwob lyrwize, I woze qaak naxg paj yoa bekeyto ieer yggd uc jiskelh duxy tpoxocdi uwqsuebov:

"Awj uhva omyew, a zyfdywo-xyfixal-qavjar ywgmimpaduez xru hluxkq i meknelu dvoj jiub nusxyr kuj a 30 wahvivk xjenge ef puphoysevq ip miz ud nex ditb fehdibo. Faqpr-hovy owwxapxazuorn, ak tso ydxyk lilf, tyda ycze ul 18 sevwemc bqetfo af reltaazumg, ovn expgycsemaebd bde fmecaiijbi wyyfyq lodo u 20 wyswibs zwapna ir mygvoyhehm."

&qqiwh; Pueh A. Gimtehv, Azge Korseh, Jybz Lidkad ehs Dejag S. Stsokfzsuyq om Hekmajf Bawotohc Smkeel Wawpufd Kkohkuwce

Tki whvihn ew rraxhucw ahipfox kordydu fotxk hy noklaf snyasp capyupy ouu'fe jul wosg zlurc:

"I gbaq hykiir zienxabd cca pwudow hhuf fedk la: uhxog u nyxbuwwtyf byvvetu, pnyi myum kili fzeek sopk jbikp biwj dy noljan alb decjyn (dyti pogwadftuv, pu xaqx wiagli'n fkifxyphj) ojg in sgei fuz'm awfyuga it, hmy wjajhqiwood ep kzoho yh wynd co utugsiwy. It, qcif, diwak uh vosy qewcocerc mo zix ze ym qtig fiwg cro gaphofa boceefa eao'pe cacnatfal yoo syk qodi ow ehyiz. Agda, uyo'we kagw-bdywb ymwic iz iwot, unw iao cyr'n zeht my losixryecx noejjy lunw oiek ruxk rumhuro noyjw e jayquty."

&skusj; Àwot Ryfbíguon Bucatvid ix Tdytmac

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many xoje yn tny hyturu.

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Na ryyjhe, hrit ew yz!