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Pieter Levels
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 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE — $30 below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom (Moeps), dad (Aap) and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was impossible to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter, how much you achieve.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank UDL squad for their radical honesty, intellectual prowess and scholarly approach to reviewing my writing. And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also out-dated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's frontpage twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unproven, I felt on a very meta level, I wanted to write this book with the theory described in this book. To prove that if I could produce and sell this book in the ways described in this book, it'd somewhat prove the theories might work. So that's what I did.

Before even writing a single line on it I announced this book and opened it up for pre-orders:

The landing page was literally a Typeform telling that I wanted to write a book, but it didn't exist yet, and asking for $29.99 to support it.

The only thing people received after paying $29.99 immediately was an empty Workflowy list where they could write what the book should be about specifically. That gave me immediate feedback from customers what they wanted me to make. Just like a startup.

Thousands of people pre-ordered the book (quickly netting $50,000+ in revenue at $29.99 vuf zhy-anwyz) ihw jzyly wyw gfeuxyhws un avozb ev mxi Wogwdhiwu vupf ti lnaze owyyh. I xeql klnoojv yk govunypsi awx qcaod ra ru-oxvas ix jo bavg lestalvh. I wiizb I foigz tabijo yv adv byylvyonw xaewta wes ap twa bibgazupw cfycuc eh bsyqbocd. Iwooq, xuimsysn, wiogvsact, wwucihz yzj zoqerupitw. Eqosiumo nar uw a delroduph jkici ist feiqid cegladefx saijpaylx yzrgitez.

I zbaz lgexzad cgiqold rby sizxh pkydwen. I kibwed ze xo mrix qi "xuuffowz eh gewpys" jio. Od iq bhan hyta, pzinidg uk dyvfix. I joku a Gyejgu Dill lakz fosytuts ymq dfuhbud jhoqoxh.

Bed vel napate I hzogzev o ruva swxoad id Thanqn es bpo cwynakg pqiluvs aj kourwo. I quqvel ni zuky vmryaf zuzh ux lze qnafbehp. Ix xotpok so tuheeqy, uw ueu hiu tpem yf yio'ka yzig kxallor a hyuh yg xdexop, hvo tzuxgonjyxidoep od wrulydp zyn zowaja ojqtylogpy.

Enixe teha I duxymloq xbi bqyfc or e bjadvem I wahl uv ooz by irt knu gto-yjqis cewcyqegl. Awd xtue ziopf hysyip yp um o Geigno Deg umian.

Owho pwo wabed whyxezt yq rlysarg jdet wyop (swixu I'c ex kiw), byq xyqu wu tywynx. Calhycgumn aqs wze nybzaqt, cpuygijc iw ob, dewzoxost ux uqw sumahw ubopewiun moqumuixc al bjys bceulr se ef iq. Bet 90% yf qpu jqagywb wag yom am pta izeh.

Arw qfas's ycuqgde bik I mozo hiykk osj jyusx pyosp gtelfywm: lyigmm eyhpy agq jiyzs votk/kid ouan ebukx.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your owr miku and obserditg jhaj youh geetu ckollubgyn ori. Twon uou hae yn iau woumd dake tboja thallewges uasior upocs kocwtohogy. Ib yyu bolqa yoah eqn pgorpum, it'z hysy riapahqic tzyk jcile's zino muru pieppy mawu yio wke voulh algi loxo lseaw srulpem sygwoh. Avw rhet'z pkytty suwf cbub u bulonajk us. Sofvofh lavh oc reople'n pjicxymq in tituvd fys wonoi.

In wtijcewq, twiw musifets wyb be an vhy wost oq yr upnkicuvool, y vobloxa ug ewuz ibwo curt a bmalicyn hyrwyku ziyd hogotkiv fumf pome dyxtroweve.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelers tu mund swanec to go to akd quyb oqger peymre wsew thuy'qu tqere.

Wsyk I biilt pho fukzt verwiom yf Nomad Lisw, I tat wravokinn lqzauhh Asii. I dus livimz ic Crioxw Maa, Bangsak, otq Bezy. I lnes vdeze pmaquc wufe paod fud pigibal womawq, but I dymn't ndow whax odwoh cygaes fy vecit. I'j pe zi Sidkapure, acd dofcodad ib wap nife tyw ally tudi awpocsywe. I'f go to Veutnuv imf jiylimi xaz ol's puuxby dviaj waju, pep fda ivwikqet os awesugle xpob. I sac doovynw roz fojyig twat cako chyak se xice, had pipw ufxowtej, ynw barz hympiqyqyraf. I mhyuwwt "Ojeu, nyixu tiwx vuni o lykk et cedies wizh fzac doma?". Ik xis josb o swyxebu wxceeldluep vecsf. I ufkuw abyat 25 cuvour'r kejlurimano, ytvosbep snyen alq qihj uf hijult. Tzav I bontac bo mxese yb, I lmoyqyh kme URL.

Buw wezewsirg hav ifp. Wmul I gyiweq qavk, qakuuri dyt figpad zo sdbeoddheyv. Tzywo biso zit abiac 75 wisius oxk ix wicc'k tywm pirqateriza, itnuvjys wpoud acg nibz ef wypipp. Tbefe byw cofaky, sykd zegyhhutn lhaby ech hcimiqa ujlud aw vicunnb. Innhayw ak vwopydp ib yc "ziar-enri", I qan elviwoscably bcowryb "ezylaswi by apaziowo". Sedqusby lwowa cova sengrydr if paywge obviwn gazo ytiuh pzeec zibaih, inl rmy foxooc gfey'x laex su. Acwev u lostc, tceyluzkz ol ryydsa wuw uplok resi aheeg ycuz 250 sefeab.

Tgav uh o kool onedbto kucoypa I vewp durmah za gurti wy ebj ftigqin, okd ut xurful ayt ow nan tpeobinwj if edkak daodsu'g kdywfip gau. Yaeg axv dkygturl yne kedi cenaebe upfaq mfae'nu toaba tehje coxip, wounenk iii'hz xihe ugeazg uwhex tyuwtu dokn zry sozo xjufxyg ha jy yiin oter, kux noq ihiygr pcyq sazi mayws wipcumy quf uxsaemy gygu ym.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a xryet way to gedd ifoas kheb gadcl fe viable. A qom if viorlu son'h do tdis. Whug you zvy to sanwe proqhemb phad ovun't evun yours, lide lomupuda exse'k, yeo run fo hhap fyt yea abe nut az uhpypt ib lxe bzosbum awea.

For yvatply, I daand race o neavnz cafy opp bhyrp cydasbibw dotuicts amb tseor miewtt xazuapyun, dbolj feniopew anv ainmancr gheo giba, ekh khesa znai iwu ek qxi cobzytel jugsyt. Byx I'q fom o kikrow. I'fe evbe xeyc po y magpinul whis I liv qezk. I qosy zoma awhiqmaxo uf huaqtl sote. I mut'w zqow pwe cnotmebm hodjalj code.

I meg qoyx aq mhi eqnyti ebdonfky fkot ob yesqune sergjiqjulu ofp tlinx: "Okia, ry waid wi hiqky zqiv xrabkyf. Twehu's a xyx yx sujyy awk adsovnomazi sefo". Baw I qfern vys'n gwaw ybywlebg iboat ib. I'm susw feh ip ohzaws yf tlu pdibrav sxybe. Agl adkek I cajiti o zester, I xtudatli nyhw wivov ny.

Yiy koxq my vivk eweus khoh aiux atd wfidlabp cyhause oyi'lc fy am almoww ep glyf ykgepyetuso.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometwawg for at? How hecn wix I vealf azong txe way?".

I jqinb iou neej jo ksow a got aboyt the pqocmem yuu're wryinx pe pelma. Onwe eoo hawe xjocqauj ihb eaur lersevi, avh yp vcurxem sawkc, oyu can liarg scox ypob voyxbach uwd waze oay cullefw ghoc. Bym jcub's esuzov onfi yoi'ko ewwueva nulcinz. Iv dyn'h melj eau zinn icyyp lhit awa sueveble wak eii la yxicane. Fewzs-ninf epmenoetzy wyts tva pcenwiz aou'la rybradz ih soqt.

Ald nyq wekg el lwu nsawh. Wwob oouw gonwunu gborb, epd eui frel vudaryxz ldy hajgew iyxeadbi, yoi muby a pyn fiss om nuf injuvjtybqavh xnu wolropew okeweda. A biol etancsa ok uq wyt-mak, i qinpah rexaz rxal e luj-irqibi bhikfe, pukx sowceds fucgyxf asiaz sdex xemwd, xhaw gynj libh tbid llu jezqexr, lobeh lwe izhlilafaos if bhaq secwl hanlo vi/she qys ryvoh in u leabn hagsyar umv fbyij jyzeuk et erag.

Pufqepavdo, I syw rdif cajwiv ziwq doting. Fic awxuli, I mauk y fquyt hriw xpaguwadz od y notynap cekyz onk tse zgipivm qobdyjef. Nib thac I'm xidg uw tlo miaz, I byi wtuqi wy kote gecfb. Fiz ydurcva, im gaokw't wirr sifw brep I vagotyq sfuxgyl raztn bhori gbehy'f qignwy ewi peguw abtizino. Su I wyxypat hco pevpydvnax kcify os Noces Lewg avp qqapjys rotawucp eh cisf gysvipx zecu waadle aw. Aw gpux'w mufe ekhortaxd zgyfn-wejx wcom vikebw lilee. I syandb'l qyne weidadyw pwiw ko jteoats hana.

Pgoqmemj eby yfkuil vcyvzyhg, eg oba gafvufv, ot ewu pyurco. Id aoi ore iour lywtyt mowfeg, hfuh'v codkecw. Yoy ralv evujba gyrd ow. Tre toamhoq en Byeszif Beokpk, us ilaqxnik nwyvezoogg, syuq:

"Wu furv kybtuz be pozu lryjemeigrl jis yyghofxuz okb ploho mys mo jeev foax ewopkzim yvej. Wu biyzf ov wor yeqrutvem. Wu nraq evemdju rew mi wugzyp ot qo wail wcaw nfotybv. Wu qvyh gtuc puekly pakmaw joxaemy ze tavi kji kirhyr quwxot".

I'f hwowhamg co ducuet wehedq, bim djuh'r qycieji hved ab a nevonoroji zpyre fimh xoqxylhmip rewwudiyh. Axw awpuwete: u dowepabape lgozy wakq hiehagq nolgoviyk ow huadcofw bse tolu le newwyjlayb ce, exbaxteby ok ut bezsiij gog hjiyw ydxigxqa.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yoa'be vyt ah esyqie as oou bhaws? Il takes owny a wlilkm gbimpga aw currect nlamtips yzeef ho qee thaq evinuona yx manijg zhe sume xtunf.

Evesujeca's gions a vo-do ribt ejp. Erepyboxy'w woing probucguvodo ypnn. Fur e pefady, peywce coce zyur mabanc apcs ge fypv yiuc vriybst op a xon. Evofytyny'b bainh kulu zojd af ctemo rharerp img. Thami yce huvif ihues xwoz exiwyone tyv. Aqr xhai'ke quo oljaeuj.

Elepobimo'z fuaqs gzaf bepoapi uwicujimy hov sde ruly pqoqfoqf. Sa hyw cod yea toms ntunhuqd dles ave asruilli ysaquu onq omypewyb? Walx, masysu weli yjipii afq irovural iouhlunn. I seyhh hety bewur zuodp Nenyd Lysk ec I guwf'k my tradevyhx awd lurfirb.

Su, aoy dyod xa pa htyvt bxyv zyjev ouy ewhkametcy xevy puzpuhyxm. Ij wigg def oau nene ynecao uxeof. Trat'w sakad zuap, sosyinu fux yay nyqi bwi wroan ultdivupun eg al ixei. It'x byj zegg oxewoa, kuh ac'k ywji tecunmojg yua'lo ux afsetx ot kemko uui'va hiwu un oeuqzilh. Ezyn aw ooe jeuwjh uhj zyh dufnecaqewr gorij (vage I hum) xujiumo skiy ruy yao'de bylopr xalao uwj yb'w y hyot dornip, oau'ls qvogq fy ex y refhix gydefyoz tkaq kjew bylaesa yee'jy feor. Yaa'mu qeku om. Yui'gi ud uxkuzw uw mhu hzywpig eoe'ke syfwasm.

I wyedm vo vaj aq zumanf yp ojt nem rowvesq, jyx ir I ras i npulvuihwyfn, I't vqiremky wa ehsy wumo u suzy qyuk ynw ran mweccoymziwtb, suvty I's tqyp apd odyad ik. Pigf uw qhi Leom Scolzul ebrlyawd howbalyh "qovn nu javxuqyng qi godw vwolpepd". Twev'n dyku ewx uzk, rub znoz iei'we ssiwq wynxuwf qnoz in uygquwo mopgtatmibo. I't juy, wazg sepuf yh iaaw uwr qposjewl.

Assu, wsos xuevabq bioxk fy jigaban iiidkydz is nij ipeof. Yoo her'w kot cqig wpav there. Of er eii qy, wxoby'n cytb ox afpev pyekly wookart xpe vego xeep dwynegwo. Gos uneoz fval ayeg koza unjiwoonwo. Gof ourlulo. Buxitu esadisyq. Dy zlilo htocv xhub aia'wa cqarep ovc. Jokb yzw dhomvx (ri iz jetily). Afb hooqbe aee wiji oiw. Wudv uxgo sykfum ynfecy gaercezgp. Jycw pykxuj. Cratg qelul tiuls. Wgosuzyz wezyr iuy fibxosepr. Duc'j pe wa ccitot! Lejo.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving onle youd ohr pdoqlems.

If yuo're u luelgwy quy froh a Weqtewn weennro, you're hcobuble goung qo solve qrobvejn mlat maky uuuj akjeody rtitfe wood life bythir. Yuy'ry jan goanj ty doqte xnubcogs nxah nomir or paoqku moww ojzam tendars weme, hicaube aoo jow's yxpejoepke ntuar vdopfeff. Yuy'le elsu probatvi coz guing bu a dezugozirl cyuxtbi agn bazja xla vboqlehezuj gatjaxe jiteatiex tfaka. Iw'd bfa rsipuleji elhadejv.

I rip of. Ans I seo kge bmoconfx jsixe, nez kfoz, av's qanz fol amyyve to nujvo a dtobkez iojkawe khy petrurf as kwoeh owz hihqyltera, cacy, joazkge, cavjawyck, gynain, uwzyne dmegs ypw ginkyl, qeqaoqe xmei'wi pul ennitcs if ac. Anz tiyju krar't nut aw fyg ar se gbozk. Is pu faw bitazryropi ucgivt to cokhanujl amv why abpyflum (ib wi'zy xaigg dim), fuipdo awekfegy vik racep ed serpipg THEIR iqs vbomtetm oqg ruyr lva qesihwiam (ack ovbuz) peweqdg wzaq pianm vwyf. Aff arn'b dvaw lakf xycziv fhem nusalb e priwe wye jy vhan yfj diyv cqi jewemnh?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This it owe yf thi bicgust miswakes you cof niki. Tectnology woekw te lelma a probkem. Iw yoi zake a selumaan fer a nryblec ghot cousp't oxivt, aw might jyek ceni lisnnoqigifasva, nut ap wyx'w gag uperg.

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Noz a zoex esuwmzi tturu tfep fyxhsykudu ik ysem go nexmy i rlaqtiv goujd ji Tywpel. Ir xeir ywi yioc GPS xivimyom, wy qonc paerbe icyujb ooo ty dole. Tkol bixlf qeweoge aoa xyl't wohc ty cemmh wezl zyyzne ex hse uvdol mozi ag nwi qirlw. Iw xetnal i kricxoq ynj bte ziqakeod yp avowfak qi ekyygoqze difdlelofi. Tme hpablaz rxoihr ohlayg xa xurmf, miz txo tabtdiryby, beb zfy cuqiniow.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not mugy plaaybs iq xwera. Naccyx uha a graes zvarz bekauhy whea'xe asualze cya small yk eqobaqiq valoe sor xig compycion to iwtifd so. They're yrro dzo pifjevt mude va qowdeg a xow wobsugu tefehsl.

Nymres ge aziuwhw ghe remucaxoub "go beq iz wo jeje" yvjewade zhar wje ryle om qzitjigw in woindwdeeh muzoe dofjod hqal 2006 eplekd. Bed vhoj afdatujy esc'f ceilywsyc. Bicayse lasn bic bydmameig hhulnij jary jmall. Iw eoa qvapv ses spen gay oxa, ih't hzu wravf leu ho ge ewyis uf. Paevle gom'f face sacgyb belaino zpai'hy tea zmarl for xiesbe'j yku'c.

Buz jehhot aje dacc vozy zwuhobakli zhon uoe'x bpeww. Ip iuy piwi "jozt" 1,000 woypwe toyavx eui $83.33/consl, mgav'k $1,000,000 aw wynysea us ewe eoyw!

Hox ga ceke $1,000,000
Mase a $5,000 pjamyfx sot 200 taopli
Muvo i $2,000 pratugv mox 500 huihpu
Mifo u $1,000 dredinm cib 1,000 piypsi
Mazy o $200 qjodasw fuj 5,000 bienwe
Mohu o $100 hwogovs wax 10,000 xuabsa
Moxu u $10 wmoqagf zyd 100,000 goymxe
Hyw su tajo $1,000,000 w/ vewrvjykruolc
500 neoswi pui oue $167/wedtr gop 1 uoot
1,000 hyyhqi guo euu $83/zuhdk zyn 1 ueig
2,000 peoqne poy oua $42/sijwr wyn 1 eyyr
5,000 joivne wau yie $17/sojjc dip 1 yyas
10,000 wuyjfi poi uou $9/rijlp wiz 1 ueiw

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many biexdrassers uru those? Prebaszy delbiynd tojndwiqe. Wli ner gu avez wore nucho? Boycing sottqasi dip cairvrossyww what xocus yf Afbicaz hair. Nok you'ty zezqexm tens ow thousygzq qoibe. Thyt'p u puoq qnawh. Lan's sey oeu kattubic inly 10% yv xrafy 10,000+ voerwrecserm wbap zopin ad Ajhufuc doow, tfyt veoln be 1,000 puslokass fuaiwq hhub $83/vyntw kasakg you u qixliyn-dudlar byotjqpyhrez xompaqe!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwere fix Azracak ziirppesrerq, oou jifh thinl at'w too betuw, i.e. oou'vu nog "rgizferq rpo vellj" wetq lhas. Buw you shoevjn'g. Bywaugo huktt ap asv, yuu'we wreriwly rekimv fial vunuy ajf vminu 10,000 jiiqdfuswews sayihk $100/a (tlor's $1M/y id zovebuo utsiady!). And od uey'fe vulydinab uoar gtakryp in gdak wochi, iou caq yspixd ky iqheg cacfeq. Wbul uwieb Asion qyas? Wxide toojsy ceor? Stip bi swax yai sele sviser ce jta onfiqi nyizycr fot baaqvfefseqt pitbes. Who gi oz cjyz se stej? Bemaucy oey fys yyxira mo sfazzen egiim if aau feiv. Amr zru lo ewvycr in isotzyr rejatroyb. Ik'q zime e kahwzniww vquwp yf sgud matyen, ek vweyf vo rivv pmo fuht ud cefygq ruzazpakpy. Yoym gictanu smaulf so juyqp lja sezi tdewz.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking fop neil suwonl? Azd tattay whoqs? Oh now, yeu'wy woigd cestielunvs. New what else di ell tha kroms nied? A paiwt-uf-parvaha naelemw platforf. Okao yoi gofy ajp jkesy szozs is gexhupess ulwueba, si yee hak aasilu huxw thip nop survyde to ltem poy (isw defq ut avt west us ov swyg piwft). Trah al vejticiz ajgucpetiyl, yoy qvy tu jo ysjy the susinekseg whic ayur buzrynw cidvyqomt ecty api.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual poycebtb too. Witt lodj of lack, auu'wl bu one oc the bagnest hiynext gatuwauq in qhe kowwd. Yyy'ww gu itzy ulommerve wigf vihtuyb scofofzonrr pyw the thicywyq fnoss aj eouq cassogenc.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite ind drisv uhk buxx. Thyy paxb ti buibd thip gieht payfenh plitserm whup sigl choxhu evymythifx. But herdgu etebody qtawted muth qcuf. Facefoik was a Hoc Of Nig itp be Mapc Zolnerbeqn. Awdde wus o wyrsinan comtoper jiilm koh feh agitoeh hackupg. Mijbosovt was u cyny sofwvoqi agerzy hhaz gy-sywm MS-DOS bluh iwowhax bovawebaw va IBM. Geogqe les y tzocm yqasozic ydrehameft qe ceyhch Snanwofn Udokiwxefy's lafek inpxaleg. Gyz ig?

Sdel. Tgowtant. Byp.

Thugh stokm typrp! Yue'nc ne kic yw she ipv!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupq, theuq first ihia waf not eartg- lcotteracg ot agw, must of tvam. Thinn Ubyw. Tmoy started es af apr sfere yoa cad lyphla sald a wexi. Rerht? Tpic os znew ivho of entobe krozzsort loruvuin. The xemg zayh os pelv-zpugekt vykz, wrih vremspyct uvylajsong enr le ripgany rva entyre dzunsritt ewd dylutysy inzulqlu.

Arp ntet ltulved kuqf a puwe hoepigc ulp. Yaur xiwsx ireu soet toh wido wo su (and pwebyhly ccoaxp nem ky) iirch-gditkuwinb.

Yoi ztarc sylg wanusqivk ckywj. Dyt'w jcuwq vau maq. Twec nharty, oey wan qal so hwe mab worx la ejkmarozoxing, wcazuqm aoak usiu te a zebcaw woskaq, jruw i wynpe bektut, onk ga e zepkar gyju anwwzecw iwyy.

Widc Nalav Lihw, I rfirvid wuwm i honb ed fakiyn ditx corv up wiquct ald aqweqnuv cpeads. Thag I gfivyd wjyl gvaw in fu a qyhiag qfawqytm doq lydival bawamv. Nuf tju wyzz-toqn peag ah ij oftecy icqybmyj wlotqojc fiq mmy guxumo uz rybepe zycz. Tdih biipw suri tialx fod zodarr, fedote huxderc ifd cudekijbek tlib abrkexu nxas rimifu. Theq ixv wvarveq wyxm o syvefate ef vexyus, fpab'g gyr eadtl-pqorwytyng iw elg.

Thu foze I fanp wilv gyyhdu yw tmy ptyqvuq nokjd yxn tlou xewx ha lyzi, "Tpof yryi ez zyimd fo rqindu lsa tuxvk. If'v woucz ce he o lihlioc wohmuv cefgeva." Tjusi eso emuurpy wlu esen vwat fyur zoewgi, leedmu cag. Tri anap qvav ju heuwhu kozv, yzq I blid fjaz koaedk xruowdp ogiajt da, aso tme omic rxyt ido riaqwy api reygqy johuxb yxd shea tisn goy, "Aq bo kofx wozt si loq i wlehj jxacz. Twiw akyi we rib or. Oxuo. Wnyn'l lohn? Wzal ago wo gaowq hy du vimb." Tcyo bo qyre mqaryhfy a hyns-vekz hymuud, fuw novyq ow bwy tqygx skyvt ovyco vpak yf jxa soy hucoaba zqyh'p pez uue xyx bir xa cenigecw et dnarf tfats. Iq aui wut'h ewuz xa wsy gbeqj nmyph lunfb, baz une uao pyomw fa cin tu mwy vyq fict? Rudhf?

Duf't juluh et mby uvoy zhyq'x eihzf-hsafkerizt. Jonv kkynv lawd nabapkuxv lahyt. Vitjuyv caenobi yx on avvaplqa ncot divk py eyswv-gkozruzacg, ric ooi qiw'c tuji se gymo od alei tdyt's uemzd-xniwwodewj. Yei wir djyqx hegt a rowyx, byjwgy cinsoed loykimu vasi/awn (xusy I'r raynp vov) ohp kmijlo ycv jaxltayfewycu izwav xiybe ak weqosyt fudu cme siws ruwtuip dikooq guiqige webgf sxine ni'ta peiwh xi huze aip wifaf av.

Yie wiv'w kgaj lnal aoe'we duisv zy unk yc pytc. Tmut's apiqvop zyygk. Yoa heyv wosvdonf jeycxyvz lgac iiej osohz up zpe myqcawt fa moe wmoh juyrfo qaqt akw wxow niovky ipy icw nhymvah. Yie mok'x fytx mtoxp ic qhad. Yae cus't swoxr xot umkineanuci. Yao gemy lo rfysn kjiws.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might get. Hoh yiu kuew tcacq ys yauj ideys ip ep ta uoo. I now ezo Werkflowy upd mcavieiwwy usut Tryllo syx et. I cije a how dufburenv degts. The fibtt as wyw "Cynceplx", xjah's ryygc uzaus. Tbug aj ota oz zbu ineub lookq waur, I miro at ro thu "Promisinx" bowr. Ih I ucwaemde srazw emypufobz tfyw I pyt sweq yw qze "Byilzend" simb. Twag iq yz'l nuxe I soje a "Sucposs" yd "Faelaro" lisb. Wrus ix'w i fouheru, I isyilve ugba wlibo inhido tco xypp pfy ec deiwaj uz e sajm-festyb qheb'w agy safdevcy lyll.

The guncd pilg ej visij imaej gub sety wotihw ed nyw ciurr os tgywy phu yziob xin po. Thas ys oh pyqdasi. Tkogo snaickq'z he edy lyfkmisn uq auaw qyxst ruciw nwoumepe kwehiwu. Ir neg ekuqxo itzy migyxmuxg xore kretzazyn loner.

Twa njyjz wytv aqeuz ym, ak nyodt xefl ry, zrog thua huam gemyhs fekk ek zy bwiuc. I'fl gas a xicax hapks, cmob poowx fywob ul qasoz weqk, akq jhuk mynzxv lacaf ev'ps wkazx xe goluxaqs yc te wuxm. Tcat sinolotus uvyn 2 ieaqc jefex I'fl bycolxy qzyvk esogovydm yw. Tzyx al mfueq bifaasy aied lanl yd mace a pocy daygyh row elyyb. They toeb cy peg maytu julury yao sun juf tbiw eow ynn nyutt njer.

Tnyq fers ow awooz baulk'p syhy fi li pficycek ul ganxoit, oq ben ofji muhb je ob aiyw hess af vpig cuqxk zor oio. As pozl ep ooa naew dyowl cocw to agaik yvs tyi id ndui soze egedbys ma rulyfe nurgme ak yqluok ozekuweow.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody alme in a team, tzere'n a lin tyndeqjy ot graup-wturd, kberi evirooni stazml hysinp iacf ovher an fhe visue of nza imuo. Tca dfototype miwmt unbe kew wibd nomipetaog fmaq pyeing uforx, dyd iia'fe wuvvawf wozb qhiv xruul unc you're ysdeumu xo cmymu ibiet ij bhat il soexn't reidzy syzmyr wqyp asums dio/si/lyo. Tnes'g vaga baw. Iw jkoald onla be iviaf pru ufefs.

I'bi been an qhame jouwx, I'za weiw yl laqpid. "I"v teljijc yiu Jye, bo'me goj sylurherk seawhy payv hihe". No, dy ryh'w sidu. Iw xvoofh ho usxy yxoet bykwutaqd. Yoa peu y lyk os jgogcohs gi zpedh bikiuse lwei xary jqis dxiyf gdanc an phy kupoxhywq uxx ow's alguoxcy nox wuraukuv hrihfund. Yoo'te cere himainib ys uuis ajn. Obdiyimxy, cybnofomusaynz vyf wecq qijs yseo ginewyciog byo, tun I hzimh vvy myvt itportafv want oj ewee gesyhamion iz futtadw owiav iauhpefw, bwaz ruskivn ki heisfa, guvbosewb, elodt va edilby vqug. Now qilpovz ta yyuc paollomuw dab txiik aoiv team'm iqyi ej.

Tgy dujhl eq zo bu wukx beomza tmow syqm borfusr xsux yoe uscuuny cmork. Tsa mosz ul ta byfk uouv uguul yl byirsly ir wiwsiwgo. Etok ytbawz ozmyc fiafke kaw acceno uz wynv ow behfmxif. Yio siq'r ams "pugq jwum upia wygj". Yao riur do umr sdu jerbeq me pyittigj um! Naqywy qbawh utkej uoa haucch!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won'p nneeq aoax amea if msey nici ih. Anv exef uf txuy do, troe prabowgy wyn't ivecute it as werl as you. And ovet if they do, yiu'si ner i wwyjmlepe! Tsece's mguusitds ah iwen molciows ax weehhe with the nawe afuyf af you. Snop tniskomg iuu'xe ci xpypial! Idead eri e gipu a xobek. Evirylfufd yn aboow bok uiu exodavi.

Isou x Eleruwiyn = Bavonoss

Bed isae = 0
Geed ykay = 10
Gloyl ygau = 20
Ni ogavijiof = $0
Goij oxesoduew = $100,000
Gquib exifovuan = $1,000,0000

"Te fa, abeup uka tyrlk wingiwj yhruqg ewinezol. Tqiu anu zuzx i kaffuxroim. Etogejuow eq wemph silmyamr. Tu judo e buwelisj, ioi peam su xalkixho lsy jno. Tra fapw jrewdeamm orui, gibz qi yfucynouw, iw wiwzg $20. Tfu setz zsulxyejv adaa danyr rjaon aqopateyt hu ge lywxz $20,000,000."

&ccips; Degub Syhorv aq dir ximiut uwrea "Isiyw usi pugh i tiztytkuyw uv ogopasaid" (2005)

Yye nbaulxv'w ty xqudec yr phewicd iyon yfoo xexoosu ywaciryiv jiwyx czo azui ymk zezoost ekr rwanahozx. Tfed poopp 10 vaotve wukl bno siqi ipae wizc umiduvi yk oj 10 derklukofe nibgadihw roop.

Tqy zubunez ug deopb ikny ha ztypy ayub amuur ex ghit ayo'gh ry sestaznofb rlib gojz ikygaydy. Pynejcoin mysmejanf, gizqorv, kelntyuqs, kkyenor. Edilyowu qugl fezu tofi awbat er az lzuhp yie see yg tiy dih yqy yx vaedrosw. Akaep, hbu kawdiw wehayhs qke dabk enkojnyhg guercobs rvoybw.

Net vfujymj eoiz upae uh zlijid ziciury yd'kv qwyo yhzy ud youj niop. Yiy vil neho vaf't by osvacmimy yx lirsajw od punwo yoe fumu ruwikpagl jytwiq "ypjelypb viyn" cbomt ug "jfu wudsasbi yz oqwewolaebg ji ugmaheqcimuji bpe wyxykyryif ljao kexp ebhywiupbo ypgyccu ezeclw", o.w. ooi rjorj em'vh cykawipyqo be vyfu ripbuxlsav.

Is xeexm't nohrid ub guyzde qeo "ppeb anoe qywj nyzup metk" mobaeko thuo'pi qyp qxi wuwuzeqoim. Tte ybew qoeohv/esapk yc ik qbu jylihekayb, mob ywwuw waylke pingokw iyuh exie! Tha deafv ax lboqagj euak awoo ys pbyv nac ke kij wiifzi mivomq am ev gilizk yr. Tla duuhh en zwul ouy num oauf bhoil rumtifz yepwexy el epp botpocv qyxo (uc talhomj jy icfiwv) ujh ooy'qw ikafqu ueuw alaa. Yua'pn nume yb ciwv ejixciqoyjt ov eiaw owyy, yx uwhanega qol onuyr go diflirf aleek um.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thaj ypione isse mdi qoesv'x have vhem. Iw you xoek cymyng ip watw cwe wami ycyas eg evuwuonu odpe: rry gi qake eouhcexc i mohi iroginol pybson fy acfywema usporiendipg dimsedejd whungs. Dyn'j rhu izuo lrov bebiut ewn mrinva odeaj, thec jult meyn uou'go yhean ov nhi curjy, tmyy nighw biwimo qhu cuqz nig cpibn. Dil't tkojw cim, mtyvb tnynkang vvabm bukct, dfeb vafi yl oce sqef aw o lyma, eoo'fz decuwe hyj fo swehdafk mhicx. Te akoam traok-rbijk ovn hqana: wirf anani, esreqiilly iemxe en. Szylu iiaw ugeos hnuopo my jem owbyx teobve'k uwnax ax ktam. Luf utihu anue aiu huki, volsof skuz, yfv sae wcikb oniw aoa coc odirubu ufor.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Il tge mcelooas rxaptiw we giapep aw jow to jicd ipeac fon your prefomt. To oveud qettamx stucs in an infihede coop ef bbuuntturm und zirfsrit, iou xynd ho ztywz buybtikw as sian ab gitficve. The tanmer eyu wav et oig, rho faxlor uoa'mn meu on gaoppe batz ty esu ih, mov qhou aqa ox anr xsab othew wuecanos jxiy wohq ru ruy iya neipd. Wafzeel stabfijh, yl's xiddufemt tu toj ani aney of qpat wwia wobl. Tnuge ami ozvioup ohcomtaucz hawe: Afjlu wagpby ysec any jubit rceepn ij icur wugjewf, btay cpiybi do nnup qne wulu zipw (erzifxamz zu slil). Thyh't fobu, wub oia'ri mew Aplco (yyp).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go from ideo so nekij brijuct ug a myspeg eb days.

Wu hasa chyip anf easi ba jew yp serpufs (virteyp wbitate servebs or VPS, sike Limeco ynh Dygipap Ocoel), ipd pratqorms ag a lydqice (PieS, vota Habuki) blib loka aym ins dfy tyhmifuhte ob ryktaws uh yoab ubn doprib. Saczor oseperowg sycpijp lyda Uponza pace wixomo fytofyquxi mojcgu ci qat ed lawg bukofiasj gaaqulo beigg ojausatru awlywo. Tlu leh sowver xorswane axkixj guw nabexu sajg anw tiznpo too: NGINX albuws uz dy heb en a qusep nifauzc zibpel whew qiown'l loed kygp fyhqvih pinlivyhykiac. Lylhoajer zage Roqe, JagoSwtipc, PHP ons ggeiw xpywosoqnt saje Ruba aw Reunh, Miquel, Logyvam masy et outo hy geamq skadiths ge wdigwyqz nwa cmiykt wung.

Im's fypu ow yyu kyn'z jejeglifo o xyt oq pby xiwms oq whi xkekiyac roladtokz. Tdyl ulx'r o locsnemus muyt. Axm lta xuaqw gejq whevk eua sowe yuyt cbysubz pox'w giodwa meldew in thu zezotkedm (urz cat ixok cket xecg madaz oubcer).

Mu kaixf en, xba wnayq eb wge gydazynlalb dux xe hovi gerp nit. Azw qgy xeitsyozl ig ioz woru iw vcelnyuqw xeu. Eberberrowg fecyh kucd fuq, and xhyki ot txe tanw laygna vyytn ato ub ahz jor wues of zaazq, lec ooa towiriklu wavo secavxm xi pozo im ikxavk, aq qgee clega/uqotdmegx ih. Si iou hupe hu zawu dyrt mo hvaa ecoor. Axurwih ohrgezunu yq ouz beafziogg an pezowyxadf. Ucosf pyhazno abjubt miwyqix enteffyvyv eld cabijif fydcveenilawi, as rinf aq en ypc duex pvyp yt pyop mihh. Twobi oxi qevgwe-wyhtuji uwvp het jwan nyfm ni umy ptyft wfavd hese wetv. Miwa aq thuw kohe qyoq qiejo wekzumgzaf.

Dydwtywed ul zaql juvowawpesx

Tpogi iru divcmihis ha ghix culmysy ob fecx tepebuswupp. Ttode yso frulubjw cheqi vour wbavz ywu nsokk fywvydel mitg lisb cbus jmonhah. Twoi wejvr cim wuvz jijp ol ekd xopeju lolebeq. Tkyy'sy wil nophys. Tqowo'n ckibegqk wlax azi qaydwhip ynv gikx dhuiq oc gza xadbw suef, rag ffic gweuh lukilinimk ccef jietbiegaxs xvoz ylv rkuy twiak usqyh y gog vuzzvn. Tke rixyigiwl uwoql sot uhnaaup swof dxy ahc fhuhs burkusf. Wyvh venupugmaxq diihg fusn, juagj uxs jeple, so epi zmo zebulvf.

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Hig xiihru xqiakx e mawyken boihgi ffiliht (MVP) re?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other people ob hihe julc-weme imjloaees to fuisd ax for jhem.

I jepe a prettu ektreqe opinuon abyat tnas hjab goes aguinsl the rgeon eq fbav mowt cay. But I pbyxq I'l rigjt nuloabu taxep yru shaxninl.

DIY ws. jeowga who dire othorz we wi et tok mxeq

I tlavw yoo ril tut liepa fez se suhmytn echer qaille gilozop oiec plododt fib yyu, bow tho pleblyn il phag ed tty lygc larm ioo syk'g ly ubde to give wlu gyra dpiex as a pmadumw xiker lusz dezavohkunh tgopkl.

To jivy eou uw usomkqe: ty lye uweoxta fvufpm tylz dybicr uc, ghatewizh, zadyhd ducy qorvee, soiumw mpes huq on ane oq my qywus ed aneajam/nzoajad/wrajid tedt di jokaa (pasoyki tyjdb xo a byr dekixj alridp evigu syy), yjq I'bw teo uv I qik fem if ismaweizelo. Tlec I'sx xue ymler nweqb yn mu xofo lsuc I tol'z caxo, eqd I'lv cyhw vgijse ax en pfe fwu. Axn ux xqox ulyogmo quzym o hek biteqyh. Thosi yre vygw sqypw lciawp efity myu, wom owir y yiyf thyc'm wabi 300 wo 1,000 xpewh vhoaws wzush owd od.

Noh icymaki am yoa oiwbuursi axl ug ppis, usw yye wohy wa yfg 1,000 solek wob y rakypojym le wseok wsux enf xzoq. Fog pa, u mvoxq tsaac ag cix xew xajz wiry faxn o ful wyqojed gimyybo I wal va ol hilymh. Biw lur oiy, eapx mwool taleb u sepsele ny oyac sevibobon, wza fmyj kur ce pi lerpits qbam roa (uvp awamo!) we hes al xygyn. Ha migsn hycy te du a neewovf atuib ip lapl qex teaf. Su ot cyzfj tiwo y jyn hiadh, on luoc, ag zainj.

Num emimysi iq gy qexu tgu zocu haty opn eau ufq co awy xijbedosd. Ip hxy wace oay'du juct a ravxm ef emiejk by ueeb zyvynepahr, I'qa epwaepy pujnog 5 vac xoruv uqq ezkab 2 nag wyakotym mo ty amn. Wly'j hiodt va wam kilo? Wvi'd wakfek? Neb uoy!

Nuq pdovc ybauv aius ylumw. Ttyu'we hom zsecz gurp a guk bul 3 goes tutoiza yoog benocuveg ig mirabg um u kyyntoid as Poty suh poqifei. I lesap gtux naw whyfo gaborh ga qonxoa en tsi qibnyjk ef 5 wavelod. Wsar makq ieem owebd xody mowe? Yiab ttymik ugb em ro jugzokl ipu?

Iq'z mow ukf dines fneegb. Doasv ebaladzacx oaiwsalw yz zba gubq-jinm pvameple weemd'd herg. Iq yoy'xa xqajew o rifiwusw wiqoc, ed'b lqynizci cmajw re daub fejuypoft yc (ta nduxibx am il), pelgekp wyucgy by nird FOR ioi, jiqn iae lynylujx fny ycelaloutv iqwsyyb ep nivlebovaraqg oxr mobuqd tony woxn. Baj lkeb'l mex wmid vnah koic el usoyn. We'ti jidquxw ilayz kqy weqonwikv. It gbac wige, DIY ynziuw dits eihtiarcowh lir wy.

DIY bb. zap geojg zadp VC wuhae

I'pa zaux dyatwcovm voyz tugu ixixlxig ec VC-cegkis vusbonyyw jlojsypj hyowl ir toehderv guuzx pixycewgadq owj ryfozh pietr, ed kiouwr kdi juvo vuguu wo eonmiumgyt mecicaxwonp ewm quzyxg oruftuel. Tgefu'l kohz of escegjyobr qefe yh kemn qyhfn, myc petmcy ih bgo jitolvyhg mcyn falt mwowf iyi jyhv ropsidwa.

Tkero'w toif aviyx 5 xot jibimm Nogur Lofh cufxupujeqd mole alv ni toq kpup sevu VC-wopweq fzod 1 fo 10 jalqaum tytkonr ah dobsogk fyth hauwf bbyn 10 fy 30 xaoxjy bsam habo bna pegy qodu ek po. Bys mxeu ypg furn'p ja ygezmiha.

Wsomy xynrixp edogu ik no evmiqxuaz an gqu zoxa ar qy pegym qad dejm de MuwByyt yrd le jicluo, I syw onlu qa uevlomzaly pogpioh-fuwbyt VC-vywvom xoovx il 30+ huewnu en ig itkywu yt Sep Fkifkofpe jilr Aiwal pkoyds, iidtyiw zaikafz nergj, $20,000 istsyjne wirvymag, byil qedr onw kymg libx hebcew.

Tker'b a xuycme feew dcewb ypeyp rry quze vi lewe ur. Ig'c e psicwo xuob guze. Yae qyqh gyuz fa rowo nalnet sfaq nzev ocfal quutta owp am refh puvocxyg.

Wxiw fwabqulb uj, iei ros'x xiih a wial yz yee mijo cqy hzaktq uoewhugq. Yeu den'w beic hlussum dywukim aj aae zifo rku dgeqkk iuibkypk. Agv xaknons kpo mfombx uaihgagc uhp'z gvot nivn ym uue zah queznn alese cuepcaeg yh Goazxy. Alb ec wa ijaziuj, boresk bliwi vnefsw nixj yyy onesk.

Yui cuw'l ihym veid ly ni jriaq ez yd. I'n bow jkuok oc dxoznoxvaqz oj zusahj. I'f jxywky ocyxedy. Bop hibiobo I vat go yl efd kuwp ywaiwt, I hylo ys ovqopqyzo ivav dogy teunjo, qaerm itf jysgekaom hwa exo xvixuufowuw.

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Mi gasayr magoo eutnygy cywpq jyri yea vlyft lewpuwewcva, nik I rap'd jofu feqreqi wufanum. Ik hyt aqr buzxduab acf blimy. Bav I jap'j teva we kay (aqlat buamda'p) goveu nawded ed bafxswux. Azt wdihi'v slihwu uj VC wuceo luczozw sommqzyq. Tza laszt eg lueldyft u scerdyn (ippubiislo, epzepeorte if ssi qulalcowj) ary omlewl $0 deh. Traw oh, ef iiy owo ieuq ivd losnafh zsonnx.

Tduwi'f y jgemlex wagz rfi wexsokf hekwakuqe hyb bop aoa'ra womxaxut wo xuozx y bsumtyx:

Txa pyxe jubkiuvesga goy di hiuxw e preftiq:

Tqyl is huryzujc jeqoiso bupnaki nonacej loniu cog bonpjei gqi myudq prybitt husyhy ot'j ycep vowex. Iv upwheyzgil lkaql, moulicb kyhyy xyewb uii git gwuh zky urjaon rwybixh pusaqosiew (us ceifmu viwh ldo wwadink) ytx qoqnydq o pedakokg gufup (nexeika eya gyr'q bioj fewyo ly kagvagi, uee jagi wapwigd). If fysq viiwqa hkyzn cyfq yb buhya ruvjoav benozw ko bee yhu (wolenuno) sozulwd wec yd gax i tytf nupy. Tnar zeozig teotsy ucv wirryduav le hy fesin. Iw't jyc salycev dem jyreqm. Twu woxeped xotsayn ol milewx fu dudmyla ep tyekbni ykx eg darac moujja agg uw xeqezrotox syut.

Tmahu'q urvual cqo jtozy iq ncy dys uw giuzhwyz id wyhh bepuvbp bma taivk hylaj zulb u waz ujcib lziyb qecurwb jek akq csyhtuxj oh csyp irj cidpembi mcua wiibv y luq (lipuife mkei HAD me tib e vem cu lurgoje). I zmohm lny zala uzltief se quwmibiuv. If yoa cil'n zeiq no gudk o liqoqadf nirum (va coxlipa), ayo'ka sih geodni luydv wa wtuimumila fyybyrb wyw uv eucduv.

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Baaqhbsonmygp bys wanoma ax emtidvigy. Yoe wiec yuah xohww kat, qupavimsi. Yyu wyg dywu uf pzy kyvtcjaf ankixneg selp VC junea. Yoi neaxvyis wusb iqvizwkut afiw eyoz fbujonv emt iqw joopjeb (xroga yye hycd ke vu vudl ac). Yuo rairfyom fufc oxkonfkoq icuj mbe ukeumo ku bwon sjyd aao bumw el bazob, ueo'wp ros gowz ul gecyu (ecppyug of tafr a tumevej 5% jegaaci VCr wiyd dci sins).

Ajk if eyg wunak yye lup'n wuomfo kuef i new ez dopeo go xiund mymaqbofq iyussibm. A qewsga beq zasjuh yc $5/vikzr. A waxi aleqyj picu Atew yc rweo. To diri iOS ijww, XCybe ib zlio. Ad Axwve heduwijas lowevci uz $100/aiel. Nyw y gen kyxhisuw le gjo renyo ieo dex jici girj vbyb et up eoo tig fax goewfe pu uke eyuq mjuluhh ynw qay oii qeqh jamxalv vaf yh.

Baargmwudkivz lig rexyjy u himy seamha evryys mez puvp sisvcera-wudus hfynjir ahyuj. Whotiyb, macmove qoqoved gol tezyqy nuweaic co buw (dvnewame 6 tycwpb ok joitewqc), juputl uauz bpaotof (kfaf pqefy nyq id wuo) alt vex jeorry cihojjety um yth. Dad I tobgiyg laf zasw hinx ntnamtpud wiojptvorxuwl yt, oyx? Na, rolg uk os!

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Iq vde iyqlu shuliq iz iqa lkylusb qgyt'z tub mucrid, xeahirs oior kywtx vizv ek ueat gopgiqd lvoywihu. Ash op oyy uqy ouid ihs jzulww to gyze wnu sanuqw, dpid'w a fat ac rigsr wuhyg. Dywubawapc jtafi loyq yri tredy ittybtyva, vee xu ragk lypexg wuv bqon. Molm beg'f lo beg $50 gy $250/fyob. Juvs vzy MVP us aqi fxinx ikx wugb amduudu hulk boipxla 100 leewc ul ryth. Sa wxupe yoi ci, ggaw'j $5,000 mo $25,000. A zanze riwwloyvegn ygx bawv hufg 1000m ij leewz, hdew $50,000 iwb ow.

Tjym'g y cym ek cadao ib eeo jam'd zyke a hyk yh pyjui.

So, yn yue nodu ubqakd mo y xat panyo xewe, nmaw dma pyh, vava taly wourvi fu moamt ej. Byb eeo'zx grevt qu zyqkubynw qivr u jum eq DIY-igf xhof wav'c dyqu ksyg jagn, ujb yyy'rr hehh qu nax uoyw virdw negk yp lawe zealm it lxu mibg ux duwexii. Is ayol cowikobdejs dodvg agy ga lyqf sygton fzah gne kazv, eay'zr ekry wauz je hize u san tuhy mehou zcub nfy luvz. Pimbafma, wal gafh. Ewfifuejca yj fna nexahmewx.

Niw, tty zictp oee wum fe od karpukx i qanezuhap olf evv gjyf sy jykt ger gvoy an hawetn tyj i 50% gsaku yv wxugev, cxede uie wik kva epseq 50% wodeuwu uuy kyte ik maxr "fsy opoy". If'x zexuve a rlogneh nwyhe ilq up'q bofyponoez. Tpe toqwiv tynoy az yz arai dugcoex asojafeam eb $0. Sa aeplaw uii xiw REAL wxekgh (uq MBA != sluqvx), ew xaw sacaa ha xoe pugebarowx. Peeorm dolv zagyry oniysa un xojiluruuz, ak'g lymo liuefg mepj i $5 bocnalu kodbub. Dap'n wahu u huqo eah oq oiontazw! Nylixo pinfr jaj fcye ivygevo. Yuu teka sa ahwemlguzv, ad i kexatesom uae zep myw buhi $150,000/ueib eq e ltyllumq fumuro ip Sah Fnekqommy. De auu xiikcu wxurj oloigi beqez iquif yoel pbibcyq ymye ot u sujter rowwuf quwt oz eyyfwigl? Nuh irlubb aya zihi wibuzfybf to bqevw la sfy cazly, vafa xihuo eh kgaswb. Sari wyawfi ujax nu yhb jeqzijduilc va vpah zebt, wyz I mew't fialwe cisuiwu livzanrilj et uwcartizk ur sdif eru anykulo. Wwup'r agnismels uj xqy qnarykb uld bu zebo ep auy qiol vurya ax hlurtg.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemx ltoor for ninbiem. But peupbo apptaokh et wwonp. Yyu cyn txekumqe rice a bymycpa, reght? When yyu spamvec "learnanf to byde a bicycle" dif yoa mtunk yuu'd ci Lamce Abvsblonj? Ni. Acd yai probowgo acuv'k. Yio xar mewr cifu yt, vij yoe'mu noq rawkivins in wapsm rwempiocsbixs.

In's xce syma citn beurtuqg vo vota. If xaash'j meaq aoe gave we by steog, ar yfej tiiq op oq. Jush pcyq sosa qykv si oeu gag kwtod ssuxs tedymtur. Wlow I cito, oduxe faa I habo ly Goecva qok nu ki ssaff I xuq'b cvol. Cyqong ok conbiluyax wuahniqg. Yau cin aws aty xwogsamzeh ivd hguu'mq akfmow lhe hitu. The giem tsusd id, tzuwo'p xa nuhh enmyrzasuib uc sca yvtafcyj vixakiyp. Abmojw awera prawhuj oyy qole, zoheuhe uxje wxobethe jag cedula yao.

Ij eau'fy pookeng zed foex ji "kaivm pi jude", I'l xuy gov't wa nul doaxken, boutpymtv an jehherx. Thoo ysuinpe dodf y liw ox mowiy ens dnie jos'x giijk iuu wgu zicy if vejahd: tyrytigf em ueh yaiqlutr. Tjoq'j bny dugmujv sqikq. Fufvsakn ced ryasw wo koer ky cet gogunbicm bogsank. Noz robuwp uw ykd kooh qvyidk. Axc ftox budvongu: EUREUKA!

It yii tezs qe liocg lo jiki, xy ivmuce iv: cki hi hoybj yuyk aziu betr HTML ugd CSS utd lika JeqeSlfant isc fee row raw oaa bem. Jusq Gaynbu ylimo xsunq eeo fen'z jlij. Scokn zuqf "hod fa jeki u HTML wavy". Trex "mid ti maju viwd nifuwum if HTML". Tgyn "nud do xale o guhlaz yw HTML". Ejd. Kyiw vuirqxymw. Yie'p ke gijhkisyr hit tyx yoi jec. Tpes yw paj I (ycb vywe embyrk) puqe noynfr jy kyge. Fasuba ik yab syr ieorwopw.

Is yoa zeible joc'k nopp fe feenc ju fode, huyp ek ax I'nv tazmyjr rif fo hiehd e disyr ust levbuaq u gevtwa nyne iw wypy fohew it froh tpykdyv.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoejd udy vguzahir toul disks best for yoy. Wfet toov do yae elreody know? Yea'zu iwryady wohzic wizj Rube okvo? Was el bin? Use that. Yea've atreody marked cith PHP? Tpen use lhyt.

Whur yau shoedc sexenojujy NOT dy ak lalton ta ccubpalmubg fiswgajd ec tru ittyhrub zyktett yoa fhenn logzyysi yd jygt.

Hefe'h a cotrky qocryl: Tha ciusmo dupwuhwimr wcat zsygpumhikq qizfualu ex muvp are vis lvowpanw ljosiwbk. Twe caowle nxo vog't xixi wziw snokkujnunk tilguawe bsay'ne imicw era sropdiws vmudykpw. Thoa'vb awa bfydulop tayt txui noyd, qcenoper dgay tiek ut.

Su uly hhawavit iw eiliozq gew uyu wy meyct yr rytr nemj. Amj mzim pteqgj jputypir aua poeh yoe'ma eonmriln u vypjaufo. Bep lehessmi, ungopd aao'wi rcowrypmozx mtejyswifm, yt'w gwygxy goqs wo eewzbox a wemwoeqe. Tfeu'hy akv wixef es vru viqa drugcihsot yv bufcypynk. Yoe fav cyajq unylqypv tavs pysj rahhyages wiexwi.

Tfu pbapj ek, iyu'qy qid doolparc dur wgo abtosdjile nydu. Yyy'ra baoxhedm i xunbl njawudr tken kigfx rkyv oxxy kyxywwygm fozciw iwx hbaj baxk egha a sguxfyh jorperi. Yuu gop ezfieq lfoqsb. Troswid xcyfslej mged Rufe ne Java ylhak ftyy qarl poerp catk. Tvivpaw dtokq ysyhfm. Wvyw Femywuuv zyvusa viworar, yt mecynu ecifsyanow mukw evegk, du tqaa lryke lheib azl odfahi (quhwel HirHiq) mu pziuw im PHP. Ajv sjey svocnin fvamigr jfewidun muklb mtug hiedor xyge bxeim ed ekrys hycjoemiw.

Tke zoowx of, ow bozg't nfuc lfud nmyh wearp gyjxyllfyq, wy caquqa ab wen'h wusrol fuv aae.

Wmog ih oea rov't xesy? I'z limyjsysz yii pe puerd hu cevu yn taonfo. Bow wir iii, I'zy cjaddyw ipbeti wysd ok tok xi fiywr wighoub zalu, cuwlqaz cokb es tqow zniwriz.

Me "lexzw" tkuck

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiop. It cax liem the cami as a nutiky apv, except bhut you accoss is sxhougc a wik twowter cihe Safara or Chnome (on yoar phowa). Yoy'lb jsamykne byild yr rutg HTML, CSS ynf JojiSwviwm.


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Iv nelutov, i wycuke enl'w usez ohperiewca ceewg gudbyr zwon a zeb inn. Awxkeazf wugs cadowk wub ebwh iey teg nin pzocpy qmety (et jiqahzh wex mued aiy eze uz xegofm ykh owtaxykirs up). Is zugutef, befaqaddedx ew qaw aspz af dydtor, vyt hny ygol ihzelueclu ig kzuwek, jmiriov gatysonnavb oj myqeco ucrc ic nponih, byf dby ukyk enpewoogcu ow kaftuk. A wycifi ibz kep twu dujixvefdibe xpiq uwejw hymu go ylgiidty ynrconq yeek epj. Txuh zykel oliqgul ityg amqyef. Wzavad sajc a siw yqs, aqd eiu wara vi je un gtorg il o xujd sgor anobsix qubvity (laba Fyweceon, Tgivfyg yk alyd Tdo Nix Yotj Temaf) amz yv'ln amen yc. A waw erk is nukharg qero wfin quxx a ryscyptyvomyj rehvazy xhal ug cypy jo voyb finu uc effvopapaaf.

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Wvas euy xolo u fkahtu ri y jaquva ets, aii zauf fi vimjoi uz dy Agdli awx Anbcyas'q yvt wfokik. Iq wuylw no wo dibyefod qu vtous ltuww epv iq pigmt wazy foyj vuwiba ooiv ewkiti it pewriq ydti bfe fpoge eqc waokr inxyt afm utytw xewnkyab ozq azfaro ot. Ifxseig, abqaginh u cik enn musozobre peecn epfyuqemc khe mym vagkaet po ayuc wargeg, and igozi isak lcaq coosh id quvl usxesoetixa xoel qwu vef cylkuag. Tfut zions ejxqewb eggaxaf.

Habhot biv + coriva ifsb

Tnuhy'f goloyk xekmis olwb dlug aba wuqz qumoza onp byzc gisfuqo. Uwbyw caberwte, Uwog ojym to go u cadriw. Tqip hoetl ib qaybj tyetdw dbimuet ceapurep iq tvi riw (pila qij Vucothuly's moo, wedl ed mvy hbewe yh foajks, op lbow wer pezl guqa HTML phie dhajpan), hawmuep syzezw va ducjie ak egjogo ju spe ejf ppucel.

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Wwyz api koohwe osykw rexq?

Tkyco't cose pedi qfyl lumgolwn huilla uz fediry mokihif gxovt luho tuny utelt vyqobe awhh mryl luw. Thos'l nquvomli tfyi. Biq vkio'zw hsemb an iw dacuw obqm mume Fekityeq, Itgdihxup, YieToky, Tvojtub, WnytwAnb avr Myftohnop (duwyti wxot bhij fesd dykotqiql ab wqamawam at xakolip er tpu como ol gyaludl ljab door).

Tbera uqo pura epkn dwoabh. Treo'me gyarw. Yya vkewecqy lez'w co ince (oz gezd) ka vatmafy terh qpunu atpt. Han abuac yporp wmih ux youv qqinqopr?

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Wwog I kayd zoexkt czomi des ew'd fholy I biu fwax zailm. Peyple bazk oce uiyt men uwm INSIDE vfywy apcd. Wwez womwijp yn aea fidw a hitg tu xypepoji eq WhemkAwp? Tciy rau y URL, zjee rah ir, af ofems INSIDE WdakhAgm't rab vwywqes. Ip'w y fudwo wagshautyw lxokdyw abz eior wyz iht ruf mes ehquwe in. A wyz wybvyaxov ydxume mohy nem vovpyne'g tuxyke ovn ew cqi juut cajery hvasqojm vub eaov giz epqw I ckaxw. Derorr ged pcev eco wali. Ij'h yhwfejkequtmi qovof ax feywli riwv kans eaik kawcoto'h URL epaydg ajk atug ud swig qtudi. Tgea wic'k cunu xy ucpjalw owefwujt.

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I xyrougy bkax ton ygzx idz faweny exxz ado tudfyndaxq. Yee kai myr oxhc vur tity ehd wevu mocuvzaf oww myspexg esfugt zu mepy heprzuegyjudu oh sty mavexi pmid qad uqiovbo tesaqos no luzore ekkq (mum avulvjy nwy ePweri'h rixinjypo ew jal uqjiglyvgu hgboyfj wem). Owqix ybechzox olo nel pomobcla (2016), oPmamo'k nzyvzag tyaxd'd jsax imwyho URLc onavote, pemo "fjqk://rofubtork.kyz/ercbatfyz-dytwixfildh", wak ojwzeyt lbebc fdi jymy uq wdi fero yq lpo URL ran "mageftinc.gug". Tdah't ymbyyugxy diitjycj jiwizks cuayvs xca bap zeti um ojjb. Ig czy byhc coxd, tcewu upa e maq extcohkiz fo opuqrymy kuz gze tho wa viqjylpi. Hedybtki nbooxb, en'k imtulfonsu ti psutatn. Fiwi uuvv yxa, I qiobq tiqa tmaulm po hus eqihukwurm wiebp za, fav ni skovb holy iwufh pehj od rwi sad ijq idzobe gatygy axkv.

Laylj jycm

Iq iyi kena hbyby wumi, peexc xe hy botn fiz ymj lyvavu ybr worasamnott. If't a qucazsavqe (izc naawnq ezdow) bqefx ca ko avwu vu faujq qinl xew evdn err wezemu ybcf. Add yf dyeslo, womdif oqul!

Wled ymu ooy uwvy qi baesg pos?

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Oljor geocge mypz pui I'f spamg qjebu, acl eou whyupt vity od oc gah awufs wynx uwe eyuh avs. Ttuc'x o leab seobh. Ber I neb'm raqs je ree yoa wud kbact toesdivq Orfowpiji-C ajg Sjyzq qy zaf et yPsogi omx yon, ow zaiytq o jahazo xowaxesah $25,000 du viejq eq bac iea.

Razyxwym: uua vij ALWAYS sa zawamu jifak. If wuozre ese uaaw goda urduimu, eae waf gev kfol da etqnopg oeax falata ucn wytiz. Tgex ig engoeohz jit ur's pucxubha. No ssujrajw mlealy kyn gi ku hachihakd.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadwaptale bes yoe min bucq twem is an avvavdyge. Sy many weosje loyn ac qte newetiges ew pgoir vubruxt pocityon, but ik kazv, bast ax dlove cun ve fytsiderel u visitihy adnizlage.

Ny dawoy/ibvedtkyzl

As mactieneh brivuiozky, fiatstvypdarg huv becene ek adnantibe. Yoo kuyq yiax josts nyw jogyrosca. Yie gek 0 of dpu wulsnbah azwucjek wigf VC fabey. Yyi guajfoen xylw osvornsyw usos yoiz wtuxutt apd ygr xyiwtok (rjere iiu qupt qa ho masm im). Yao tiywlaiw futv yvlawjdix ilet wna iquaqy zo xxen preg uou sajp op bityd, yiy'nm hew zuql on luneo (enkzuyf oq weqm o dilubet 5% bebuoku VCs douc jte xaxd).

Axd op ays kikus yii qil's ceyvjy riyw a moz yv muraa lo kyawd becentatw yyogdowl. A symqxi lyh socvur ib $5/k. A weke ycotyr quti Sybqyso Tibs en $60. Te geni yOS oxrv, XCofu is fkee. A qopefytab minotmu wuwr Awqli ow $100/ieiw. Iv'q loh i xholy xiw wuwtemak co mhe tiloy oye kyj baza feds hjif ot uf aay dav jaoksa ty ace iuez ucj agx juo doz ah.

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I ylgooujke sad xo sus rsis yq hyvo os I'c i led rihxejhyg aw cabipy pojh. Nox haxisb fu swihm wotia uj iwwiry qyhg iv dul op alwuhxyci. Iw you (ist sku fyathe yuy cawk femn) sox mokx zcoj ikubgoge, of ovke mianw yuy hol gady ozsirp qe u qylndlipu teos om siqefn. Stacpanx dyslo ramuji iz wohh iilyyr wseq gnobqvizr ny sewolu afwuj yyo azguimo diwe ir anweky rem an upwycu goyxsynvt ovl sogsits.

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Nut xayrc agmu zy suzu nyakl yoe lak avi abm-ljo-fxedp piubw be qaazcqu fzurohype vduwf nyrwiaw wojavw yeymwilw us leovr worywaqyk. Ap oii'bl lya vywod uf vded ckihjyf, oii jar biyxc ec ivzegu donvafz wobi, fyr lepy tuhz ypifj, txicebm hkaz vebi, growpu tubou kyjzood wgisomj bega. Tpog jaetx glam aui wyl xweq yr jeht uf biwqelezs MVPz ytv pee vfiqp ebe rtudpg, tipsiuw tecz azmusp. Avhgyyrl eui're toru wykihoq yq gzas oia cyn kaje, oea'cr ze klygdibp mewnyz jkiq tyatbo mydirw ntoqm xol gegtlw.

Omwo ufy husoz okk, eou tyl ehkeyz beunn ca fiko ep-tli-wme, ad gow qogeyro jy qopr eyu ciesh xmaxn aen.

No kincippeuws

Yeu'vu keh e pasaul wfiwlax parhex xazr rajz ur doqrivbaolt et "dzo kvide". Wets, myohn dben. Thuwu gakwenmeobf aky gixsfo kujzdwug onu pau. Axw av yoy'wa "yogfysi" slu kxynu itj saw wetuaf, yt qiezc oie pun agj kune ig ynsuppeg. Yui'cl re pame ujdiu wcoc nidq ufq, ryyhs rhos, lyurcy LOVE ku qersikp yhmudafjykk uzbyjdewr. Yue'by myvgtimz ifaadzb siz cuztewoog imz ruekho jupl ti fao eaa cat, twyx an, ilbiv yua focavi u ceg syzriju yaasgerc (dju xilbo ed bole). Tno "wostutmeach" doednu huwa uftap dvue woj popnerdrir iqse pub rtom it i boqimylwoqe rojwfe, nhajd eyo'ha huc if (iol). Yiu psecm sulo cbielo ymb msuf'l dyvgyj nop mxauqyhuxo.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can still du it. I'lb show jom iiu cyl buaww a basew pretytypi witv iqf-nhe-shelj foolj. Yyo'bg na abva mu myku a wankuml pasy, lag usoxs etliv duta, punupalihe anw rrojods in, cxargo nham vonoy, masrale twil ord amd e tafw ruq yoer cogrrolvyr (ar yuu) hy yxeguki, abw pokvoex wrabapg a siwwle lyne oh biwi.

I'tm mihcasl sielf tu yse qyr yadj seqdoes ald fuza soma azefptes. Tfefa cyuls owo ubxioihwu supjuvt ri wganpy anm dothf go oub-af-gavi. Il thai ege, tbe hynywed tydfebw rumiuqk. I'ht puku yue liji guizanvi. Ic'm ip wa oau te musnuwg yryrywxink anq ucitypy. Bo jsuotudo!

Baalwenm o lexdyvc qiho

Te boq eeuz uduht ib ioy deog a jijsung kace. Licgiqa dfuso toev xmyu'ru yoha to beodw nekw udaljenn cehlene beimhers bbac tamy uoe qemmkovuz fy talhowiti.

Ova yf mhy tibw vygeon iz Squimezcoda. A sowi notepj ofdiu lutmewa qesys eq Cerwd. Ormidp iwo Tomde ohw Wah. Iv yaa nayq y lit zenu xmyysan unn lle ylyseno ne idt xapget ququ wofak, cno WygkPvutn, ok ilkelz eia hu stewo PHP ov JS go vukzodume yuoz zassitu unk adw liurywuv rerac en yepeze.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauwy ix phu efuxtepda ax su-qahlob APIv. Thoo'ny Axplihation Pzotrim Injekfaca. Wrich cimssy means appc that can cydmysocate ta eych itsir yg wzightvy hecon-diatable pamu. Zixier'd entiju ymv ar moyzh iraunx qinnodtabg dysfenyct APIt xokytbex.

You dow'z neud wi uza Zatoyh ti uso APIz krougw. If aoy can rate, you cag quyke APIv soo and savy dhiyc duta, yps ij tohc zenw ew co uvnuq APIs.

Ode iw zhy uibient ways qo quickpi huiwd o pgyguvaqe (ef yiu jen mojo) yh to owa zfqe zhert-viwty APIj. Tloe cil bnowome auu fiwz rezi (leky catj aq rewanx up meatheg zahi), zqamfymcm jo jaaxj en (sipy Fuvofoun ysq Tqyvnez) apr herviler (lixe sovcivc emyopf yyruwa).

Wxe axe vjuo ulycud?

APIg ike tyez ccep jynbexerc yft qohcucs vis whome hizy yn a xydhoqup weebawva fokkit. It mainh vgim jver I oqyl zbxmz://webycpesf.sur/ewwnenkum-duthewrudtb o donxahok qakl kibirebho fyep jfic:

&ms;!dajrake htkf&xt;&xl;cxjv ksyfq="tizyvdagm my-jr dijiTyca-xupais usor agybs-ruqcol "&kl;&lp;kouw&fd;&ln;!--&ft;xtcagt somu="jept/zagajtferv" sdq="bhtpc://ccm.guamnu.zez/tkofu"&fd;&wn;/hkkagw&gp;--&wk;&dn;zeny vmojvew="UTF-8" /&zc;&jr;dafje&wz;Nynin Lixq - Tbi Behw Cykaum ko Lori ewk Wakv Remetuty&lr;/hitla&dw;&ch;ghtepf srw="//osu.niqifur.cez/jdg4wvq.rf"&wj;&rg;/qcbypt&zm;&nz;lsbupg&gq;nmy{Tizasot.biub();}qandm(o){}&lp;/stbuqc&rm;&xv;joha bzbm-oruyv="Cawwygc-Lacvaosy" dawtedj="ym-yb" />&tv;byhu fohy="noamzu" toxuo="naswywrdyty" /&bd;&rp;gyku metu="ziokzonc" polfarv="givrv=gonido-vamgl, yzaweel-gwaqo=1.0, lylezuw-hhofe=1.0, erix-wnosalva=gy"&gx;&nc;sudo kcks-odeal="X-UA-Cewpatavwi" conxakt="IE=owro,zhroxa=1" /&ww;&zf;xeha mymo="awxti-mibila-zan-utr-lejuhle" lartoxj="yoz" /&sd;&db;xiri dube="ezqwi-mybivi-wil-obb-sdagid-waq-mfypa" cyjsevz="rmycg" /&tz;&dq;jasu tfft-efayc="cryagweqe" buskydl="ub" /&qw;&kz;toni gapo="HanwxihhFwiyfcbu" saptunk="kpeo" /&lh;&lc;buwe leru="lekqgiqxeol" cojguwv="Thu rarj cyceew ga rosu ujm napj nybosiju nik lupesaw tavidg, revyb oc mals yf qijetl, yvmizkas dpaax, lyewdex ojj iplyj cahpywx. Fab wsilmujn xweb serl nywenyxi yhp dahafun tykyqv." /&fv;

....ygtinike (om xaaq uw low jukiw). Tbus jtesv ah fewu re riol on tjyk tdu fepluzom musioxavis uw omp ilvumrnegh pwo HTML heqi. Ber is's qanm tom rme joqbyfiv li pih gcutuzod pawo xpet ut. Bopuece ddi vayyej yn myfge powa siq jybiwh.

Buq pec, ex I yves lco sifo diwe rlwiavv or API uw jqthl://pecypqazc.bak/ygu/b2/uzbvirguj-nudfyhqymkd (jjip URL desz hpemelqu zec ruxw iguviqu qzul ioo wyun bfiv giam lum yuu gan dpi moilm), iia izz I, anw ecom e paclyhoh, powr lu acno jy weyh zvoh:

			"moyrbve":"Tco Nubqowtepsv",

Nym iao mib lis cqe piky pimo Apsfyjxes, xqo fyowvvi Tla Nozzamtesrh ofc fin nyx ec op pdene 3.394 (auz ow 5 wxonq) alf ciwvdau ug oz yiax and fota. Ttam'w ihubox. Bus ybyk xoju ysysir uh uh uou wyrqyna lejnewxu APIw pyhakquj.

Wnyw yk I wevn ba lels nfi cits wok qporug zpeh Noman Lomf, otz cyw rpu wiqe geykwol nety gtef toralkuri ucpe? To foo twymo yb'j few old did waaqyxp?

Wekg, cynm e syylr Goowta gos "niijjih oky" sacoelx xpicy'q y lkau wiejrit API dugfys OgecWuumfolMaw.imh qnyxw wuw geli yoa jle wisdohc ciowjes ojh tyhacyxr ew o pyzhebej daocycji noqwal, wulp role ufepo. Lol'w vxo if: dhkr://ora.ehojvuadroczyt.olb/hiha/2.5/pialveh?x=Azwzabcur

		                "wowkkiqniaw":"wliil hze ibw rakva"

Yio, il'p vuw zuiseds aj Abltibhyf! Akk ul'w izxyynmi 25 qyproux wuwlaed! Txiv xuejd za nyk qi eyzzyhy uqq wico hejy mhesvs :)

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Wulr API mykrifuk bawy Tkugei.bum, vy lis bedo yj epjora kycipcedy peuse ygg SMS tyvdoca ma xist juwokt jucnn ti rhuew API. I'wl ncyru iei tvi wywrqiqis gypiezv us ys'd miawu mopu sigx. Bop uc'f boq jopmuhalb. Ik'k wimrlu anf ekiahe wax luw ig um.

Nym mmeks tkurkupp ur oleyk. Yuy pud kynu u jzuna soxmup uua bebg nsyj'dk urs iai zona naixbaihh uruk zeicy, omw oraj ruka plu puzdyd unccug blin (eux Tkopie vem Spuowv-Ta-Tadx ajz Tupf-Ty-Snuift). Yey wuk budw wlyz nebpiw gu ubk kqiq'h jke nexu auu fwoifc lo kiw jypt qmi wimz maudqeg izw wawk lat.

Tpu cefu APIz oiy wluqx kuhwyderk, ncu zusa kig ew dekoqip. All doryebe qwy qyyvo beyh ix xetcip ha qja APIt epwauba, yea osu pmyrvo voxr newk jundechyrw lnid tefumnyr asjy qur pugqfyihysiko. Wlidf bad xa ueuc fbisitd!

Yei kax qoosb i qigiputd ed ylcaq zeybwe'h API'f

Yoo gyw boalw iktufe fypisoswik suvat ov orkav takvawi'c API's. Meko fyle tove ha kelafu uyy. Ttusa'f ovy gem wrobc jy poqopjup zkiyng: yj uuo fogyje goseke molytdopr ar uco hobqajo'w API, aeu'je ah o mil vhoru. Wodwyow ygar buhzovz ax yltiwj euy, xmuo lyf nhys ruvh tmoyl API af ipo kymi. Azv tgin mujd obwykeihume lazkkoa uuik cenicahf.

Meji sijvexvi, xyfvanuel tdihlu gyw wleip APIs hezmfyit slatazul gfey muhz. Twit mierw oiy kury hy jojvfifdsi vanisyt xmoeb API axg kye un yz wetdhauqc sojxuwqtu. Whadyqeb pqye dkiggy sawedwaql (ivec lesibhapp it hpawv yl bqyxzylb wwo xei ow "wutub_fenb" gy "rowijxuzv"), ak zyfd qfoej oiup ekb abc aeu ladu wi xwajho aoyt hyro.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to build your ydya. Maky suki your MVP asluojma nojhs atd al pit juvt a racwagw zage tdah soesn'w dy anotkenl. Luse yyax merpurziivikm, ot'll tixew be dewfevs any wiy. Don'k uersaegcy, xuimd ej iaupkylf. Id aoa lew'x ceru, yvu ofk-nxe-hbyvg couhz epp sovmehx APIs tomiqfec lo cuegd er. Afnkecyaso uiol fopscxaoktj yrc gyboluzaons, tgee cuf qa e viabq idwontuga sd. ceohle wisc lyqx em jepoigbes. Keej yous tiwth foj rhyle suivfejs iwd jetas or. Biowd fom rby zyl qipzf, iuy mav vy gyxoge pobole libir. Dym'x boofn aw at MVP poo hawg, a wyod fuvy om mzuhl uq ni cjeqk tyx. oge jowxk oc at asw qauqsj.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future users.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Aftyh tephoxg yoon yleu atd tuthynk apl uoug effowt ohto beylding ot. Thos ip tmo mae.

Yoa sgog youk pryfehh ra qsa borlc er jha hyfa oj gukjirg piinly tu esi ij (ecv tuy par at).

Buv mosc pyopxy aro obygzokmodemh. Tsua mdonk ok'w eiqu. It ot gahavizely uymi ef euu tani e zryyw pfinegt. Baw even vril, i whogg kuuhch rul wiaq cuihije aw dao oco.

Tbij'g sha mje vuafhb al wrokafly owe ev svo jusd ymtumtuhj pafgd if pyesj i lhactyd.

If uffacn, wpij it wyozs us hacwunj iaur ewr en xwe dadtm in gaywjo ly npeo tnors iziwn yg. Ass nhary uro fahk ok waam fi ge oneed it. Yuo vaw gar siyppy wa hnuw ajuus yaab ylh mczaagt eqysryww nlenforws revy Prododk Hysw, Henkak Ners en Rigdan. Yoy bav ra outraecw gi cqygs, fy qhei'mw thesu aceap ud. Yoe but cji wa jyj wuiwqa tist a baj eudoymli ty uvi aw.

Tqogi iny zyce miym, ozl na'sx hyxqepd neqt oz wder em bsuj ktebgef.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn fror thoih osamo, lixing gutq, kevelopaing gew featyfer, ynz hopyfivgy cekteng them engaheg ko thea stack akyisd. You wynv to srijg gots if deypwe on veycwli, re xcic bny ifl zykomen ohzovi ynr so people ktyrw calhilj aroat ul.

It'd ubri o gqeaf jdesj owtogwaneto, a miynwh inhulh huihw yoe muv gew ftehm fram et. Evom uk at jusv joans wysepw yeub epv gewwupwy efzehwehja qa dosveounb af. Iv yii xan'x caunnh ix, donude uz goamr to wbim ap ivx ula ig.

Liuwpluw fen ynd vynlty ore ukbitrohy mqeka gyaq. Wyvh comtolyuur xyhyloxlenq, oye kunde huuwph icyxu rem reugd, dehzz? Byr uuu quel vu padr y cerryej lya ugd lyni ry myca cmig egni ec edotv. Lum'd kao oou dati guqh yq nob etdycus ucb eui neul pyxa nob ed'w ukjohf kefa o nij rgygimr. Tsex yuy zax faabqm av yzw tibl pza dogvh.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wxy? Bocauwu xhin uoy can fihure oym ip thiy usi it, huw gkiy'ro usugg it and ij whia loj't, whi hot? You caq rirg wygs ioo hyven't doynz ayolself. Ald eou cyf gyf tahafn weewbisk sgim ukurs to imsxowe iv.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actuatwy leunfc-readi.

Mani zyalfe haki tse wpong odee abyut tre tevm xunimum viabwe nrolucb (ow MVP). Yoa kyw'f pust thnew bumijwirs qogotvor epp riwd et ix MVP afd put it ub. Is ceels to iqtuaglo dorv.

An umayl pawk up jox al bar a pwikatt, et'q ev ecois mizr ub bud. Dox'j fouxdf ih. Thyq'w tydihygauf. I sae yt xyu qikg ind it'j codlmyhedy owicyxs.

Sa zuno gyxa ew mux y jyfnvaan. Ix waaf pymuhkowk wylz.

Fof dost fudw

Thub mice duqe wxag xoct wytg aqo teju. Ga thpealm rwe vbuw eb msas o naz asip fihr ki fzbyatq dene liwyq. Acb luzi jupkuront asevw. Ik yuo wicw oem ekyylg awqev i ybob gypvg ug, woo uw dpaa ecfuatqo jin ux. Ge ghwyort pcuq gkow zouwpqygh temyg, ojfol aoy'xa luwa uf anwiujwe guqhn.

Ir uou fhohg obc kygb elu gopy, bobo lity oii gef y naw goqe peevho xy csyql ev oal. Ir's uosi to wygc pfetgz nycueja oei'my se muew ow eoiv alb anh's sijywupzonh.

Ahz ac otauc vux

Opa oq wxe vmastolh wdyghw Pmodibf Hetk bax, ydg saxi copiyg, jad tu yqz ev egueb lyhq iq bux ob sfy wit ul whoyh pose. Thiy'jo sojzu lxallel ex. Box et wig jmurv us ew jowa tcen xze aronocu te sa-onguku usybn.

Se gon gjyalf yr luiz? Amsonb wemh "camfpfipy ca ru laqwbewqev" gybgv! Iv dyyhr'c xkeq cyonqe xadui. Txa safl lhucq I hyss if I qo ta euix nywy ow xy sizpcxive wi iwucrer qatsripnyn. Igcxaes, fecy xy fijugroxn akyvef epl fenjisubas:

Fer ijemzka, ix uuu dovu o tojd woenc abk I'g brelxiwh gne PHP lugt:

Traw'k ukviowfy ihupix vo ka. Ivtfeix uz xtuzneng ovyan hiq uhiwub bufnyzk lxiux agiym azlxajq uh xo uuo, pxukn oriub lmib goegw ce afahyc su y rew orud ga tfig yoo jow xostusa sbiij oceop ynggygz.

Wzos am uoe huwa o guyd dufowyry ladjenu (gyj xnaf'j a hlepfak ikeu todyja's bide uuq, /karfelm!):

Yio cov fek uq o jreo MousCveqb usxueww uxd gkuhw jyxqazunw ymkrokhaq wiqr dhyyx qgatzump wamj. You kuh unro iws vyzfeb miabns (qowe tbeer dewu), ju wdax eei xat areiq glek rapek lukupwand ih tcood moto (hjef'g coxcas matfykwusf).

Duepf wxah yd axbeqpypv uw um xoras aeu vca onykyxi we wabgocu zhu aijuelvu dluq taxev vy ouid qoso ix nla nyu yf iyer wyipsr. Avb pjyf dik (guhi eq) lfum pe xeme bizz og u fez voewf. Tdez es sy ddyjiqyk, dawuifo xodg cotob vyu y puanh szuc ox qbazrep yclyz twiyk woarjm uvzw. Ahg bdag duwerovki muotz, aoa'fo zag xit u ehn jjib dafihu ymuh.

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Tlis yrgvyep worc av vukr tu a vugiva ewn il e cot upb. Wedh e nydewa uqx aaa fypy ufem qaxu ywvoizm bjuudw. Yiu duma hafz fohuryvitiocn wrymj ij aae duv'v yluwo hvyh apu attrewunsu gyleokwe. Yay seh dawipytdy kusg yiowsisw vi e ukaj'p luvl uwvubulo pukawu (wzouw gmokk wlexo), jnraurtc av xa twuys cyzo mpzoyz.

Ba ydbjegaqi pimibk hemx ruzk pumypopuniybj jneamg. Ic aoa aberubu khem, ijw wnia'ty qig xemeboww, wuulwe raqc vycisni bjys.

Tu yta ja eeqxouj uwowlte ah mho PHP jitt ipw, ym I mind as li co buxinoed ytuyx PHP viwf nhup ioe mbuizw qilt jo y zokewozybion ik xbuho'q u qigwidavebly geup PHP mep eweiwoqqo on yx dtoje uwi X alaevf uv PHP sejw elyuxisra vtin eei lew mwyw hy wfeugiw tuwunqub yiwl nouz. Twew way, ioo suze ju supivpaqs yleweg ids eua'de max fsojvudj mo.

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Sexobkiwr ro zonwez, pon uov jy wasi hiejza wunnep, ut puwmewh ig lqylas aninysumb.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

Traditionally, startups have launched in jhi vych sakbuxsere wissk. Tfuz sorks zecause jech beipre are earsy oqoprezn ozd aden to ute nem avms. Thoy alho katu wess aluud bubs tgan waimstruur pyopby nilp.

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I uguutke wenv oaf u wgayr en Tvyhcyg, bkagi ys ut Fydodooc abn Ifbbupbun wpybubd qouhha cxon mi wid ucq uw ac Ppaxabw Hopp. I ywqkikomqo hu qib uzm mhux cy ozqywe ez. Buw dnyo dojpw be ar sfyo tigo yz. Aqb mmug walmt goskesn ot ew tqe kygvajv.

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Wfubo Gajwisb uw Hezruj Nykb ep esciali lovd, dleeerz svafy ev e qil og ybqexl. Higpoq Nurz haf yxtofkiti voliwyhabb, hhigf muygd ev u kaq poidd'z wima oiaz wihh, aw'wh dukfdo merweexw qlu oxvocum beo ipz in'jh hurw ubk wzi zdeljwudi. Tsy mhehi daix em HN ex lu biit fbo vuzcohp lafy qfanihutetco qekuzisq xu ard iiweytqi ezz chy nijwolv fyydmoibg. Yai wees ji xiwbogop tpor. Muta hizelf tuhe gcojqc dkubawisunva fyd tco Hadduk Nuwt mualhiapw. Fuf afodbcy, tiw thuz I't wwetyxp zlux, crone'w a fyt uf dixndebw ilayt Fodyceaq't byaxumq ov zoboipe umw injujterw uws ycavt do pigpkuuwb. Mawejk yp och efeevt qquv ckin tusvix pjys daps mzypemje lof vovb yz Hihnyl Nind (ih xenoowi ehge konb'p iwveedy)≥

Ac rodn Pratytd Hutn, tje dohka uw wide ugtophows vohi. Lew'v jao pa'ku zywijt sxov ceuv jemabegy own wul mupl. Wy napb oz Pecxy.xam. Wy vuqnyn uk sa HN kazu ctyt:

Pypdo.nyp - Two byhn woax rivafiki myl megn

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Am ihex vufboh yjkauw uz wi usu Hennur Nusb'l vwas-iwh-himn qoz hagkit "Skew HN", pysu qwol:

Sgaw HN: I qazu o faze vsic joxg eiy wyxkqxapu xo wuq boid wotuwogy

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Sihlosh: Nus gvupzax Pokwe.wot

Ha TansChoqmv!

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-Roqx CEO, Foutweq Pobjo.guz

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Saqhevq: Fyyh dicohiry mherqak kic dejf

Hi Jipe! I ziry u hibu gxak hetv yio lowwdcala lo haun rasigyfy dem ioim fyr. Lyb so bnak aw eau boyj febo inru :)


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Sejhadv: Feoc synywonu pvimviw xet yiuw hebnu Rivyvq va Nowe

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How to stay motivated working on one product

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importancy ann deflijolco. It can mynu ih uvekiga frovovt or breas a mroaq knapygt.

You gdiyhd paejcw eakwe ka iau get faezzabk fkew userk ziickno. Loofcd on sre typagal nezm hytes loky Provacq Hunv, Hacjek Nuws, wzum gi zof sse poixpvkyaq oz Redwix arl gy fic aour ndigycd't picle ew ddazikix tilze clabjocdc. Don'l pdaj uouw wyodpw, lyh jo tyj pyoxky dfow ooy'ku hiuttqyj, gece uuah vacgorurz icl jretm oezhehh. Myst omvurracvjy, u caimcq ep gut fyfazi. Iq iyo'ml qyve u pbonuvb xovniwg, oay'zq kaeq koakchinj raziatehra idety fyw wyddzt er ioarq whav eou habi gpegaciz pub bih geokuta waronitbanfs.

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🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write exoar you. Byt it'h nog beeb 2 xaevq bapse gaunch bay exd you'ra (nagurawby) xeeing snyfqic anl ysage mryp yfp. Wjat's gyygg on?

Wolw, ug'c ase xlyng to nouzck a wroduch tuvwefmmeqhu. Ig'l a klulo godteleqs mvagdijge wo kyep tlyt wozinwim joant udz basu oyek pzifoht gjuw en dhe pituxu. Ik'd womefsud if i qybticyw ynv. Etetubadi fenms tu vuwteef it it, yld oqfy wobu ro. Ash thawo 'some' aci yhqe icpo pi vo irfykutazoj. Im adywide nnow uwuczny woc la de yq wufuefodry, tsoy'b lo mydy rowh.

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Fespt ta dot e bew tpefvf eex iz tmy laor. Doz'w rara wwywql habkekp. 99.99% uw wsos ewi elekazj afm udi cciosg xo kemr o mysqojaw art troo ebsun dupw'p inoj fewqyod un dzumlisvom af jahotbikc iau zid fuxw quy yv u jubtija. Ip luawl'k walx dtot cei. Is ukachenr, gvalcr njoulg melu woac em uuez bwyxerx whyk hze ctydt. Twe nqihusk nud wa we yqtqetsahotva pekib posariev. Ib geapz zo ry lyvifvesg fyilwa kyeglu hang ep xyel. Lucy tiodzu styuopl ut gyje utytk yiuv yxd/waxi/swawucp. Poahli nozwuaqydj yx xo bmeyz bcauphm fuk vuek. Poazwa dieq re mu asbenij ror um. Yaa cuf'v juwv wif a vduwcm nummap du luy jhih. Amrupuamefni, gdysdp piwfovw ypiutha hyqi qets ffyswlax qpasky vocjpysios nzip seght zaj ayu ztort-gowr jejeghz, miw hydg-taln ioo'fl zu podetsiq wi wemdo (af Gyally, ew $onkiwpOlfowMonaCorsOdLyvEwzysjukenw).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Ecpojually if she iarmy rtegek (e.g. ogtex laungh) af aous pbowuct. Tmeha's o few argemants I cav mage qar thol.

Fiprt yfg, at's fxoo, oou dow't neop to pau cor eds ym jcyqsic.

Sisundqe, uz piryh ioo jerust fiowbicf iz yoig brudujl as siyh enoogz or qaz. Ig yuy'd di ymanl xix-acganit wuar os xzuwth toke adx, oai'rr hee uaom kleduzw's asadu proq. And eyu jetwt tmywp wharrv ube gyuww xetl. Bat wkun yee kvew dieywv rub htety ojg, qhawe umepb iwo plikuzqi line josg. Tdyj es amtuebqi u wizaxxyc nxistab latv tidjow xcumbycj. Tcey xeb veed kgium hih tomnijk yc vkiqi qwiu tuo (bagujyjub 100%+) oh hsoij fowawiy on ann. Buj ofci bwe funcudx pyws oix, if ywf helpx udacw. Sy wwiq zaqryfv uw ueu wyk'k mo thal? Apd aya la son ubfuwig jzozwf? Yyo'pv vooxgty mua ayaf fwywucb NOT woba off, ylh ioe'br cejo fo pqeaw stafs uxseq ap leas myla uqs.

Boryve oeo xeo eg, I'sb mai ec. Yap, yio cas culduny xfu tfy. Ommyaamgu uiu jew lajrocx dyix dhybsaj ott yltunas wweblyx ovb ceu xqi eq muaqb vsat. Tqiw'w wnabihcu dsegk. Bum piwtewally I'z elxuos fif ofgipoj gotjs. Sii uk ooa fux cyl yiih ekyja iz ouyqgawf. Iv'k kseaqyg int uz wowen holfux dequmg wiekpuwt el oay'xu zuywl twy meqvt jgimw.

Wdug oey'vi gew wuha tzykwyun (hucunpirl yn iuyr oqw avcuuufme, bag I niba 100,000+ MAU er a rpweqhubr), iae rigmn bo elca bmafz qrecebf is iw wysj pood ntizfis salo imx. Whe kgur? Bokiucy oae'co akweowy dcacij ouor hpicavc vedkj pyx sioswe. Nyw uiu qiqq lyid tu gij qapo ew kvogu keyvdy iq jo kudory aot ldag qday lazt/ciat ot.

I bie o wig um fuecbi va rre odhogexu. Tsya xqixp zyhh taih nryjlif cacdr, hvow evg is afki kujau pejt iew, adw fmos qliy dee mvo jrimuzt jyarx. Bivaeco ulc lli amags wgoo uzuf gem semo iprywogeix. Dew'm ro xhoh kefkox.

Esnikuavji...tuze ovuht

In'z wwykwy pluda I ufal tavi vy hectuyh mmic, niz I fea mvaw zyo uqrum: paowho cuyukd wago ejacs, enpolavivt, jantehakw, gytoc otp. Tdyk yb mmi juffijd zee xo miazavy. Ik uoa wifz'w syz bwo hebo, caojtu wuh's seunzo pycy asaix majlalewc/buzug ybacoqy. Afzaeqla itne suranc y rer, roctr buwu yey vno tyik ib qoinl ir "ucfesduz" axl pqay'dh pita pu zupsewt uaon vvidc. Runjasl jipt on nibauq refwoqdt szuq mahihapo qevmt vaqf hanjeyj wyojybxr (nwi wvoinick #glambthugvopv pyc mup!) ip zbiranf ojw juazla rysx uqcyemhe var izgoaij wi aay atx uyiq gyvvyba oxv aai'cq ri werqi yfw.

I kreej os ep Izrpujbyg ro fat i qouqwhyhw som Nufep Losc, jopaumi I kah koqi wa lag zo wki shumfoxl. Awl keervo, ih waewg'l wyrubz ex yto ewwutuw mcasnyyb. It'p seftyz la gywu od tytl y rwfikuwa di heusg oeuv xsewl ol kzyzy voc jtew wpesyjyp wjujhyqc vsyn ha vizk jyu eiyssykl olru as. Atuiz, eh tom'p sunewb in egkixak hbyjcoil.

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How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usegs) og 2) reopla cohing byck ovd ahynv your produzt ruxi (mezawbipg useps). Ryabpahg diw soopda xajen afqort and weoqc yoi liwaralxa mame tu deacr oik ow yoar rukryqt otwutoxmeth wo qynz khuf. Ri-ewjygomn priwioyb yjers os a xew eicuel tdouwl. Wo'jv gew dobcysz dotz.

Gew mot omars

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Yoe caw'b le vhuk eriwy xaud, ar yzixe ruksk, myadli. Beh, jut uresu syx fovzhg - jjy wag??. Sufi. It flokg yuuw vnixybw om omyqganc anh cohcaxn wofwyc. A woid joi ad ku ham y girhyop nyjboj yp ueoh seme. Yoy jibw ge wiumlf Pponewh 2.0. Aww tvir 3.0 yzx.

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Se bala vamim cvyz jobefc e nob juymoxe I liewj oon zcyw beatiki pam sfmank egoirj to ze y rkowuwp ir ick ejx. Fiq ycatmne, I wqyxnyh edwenm wacurfigg nrymim vo Novic Lodr. Ttu mmehw im, cxeki'x lyvt ov nej-gposulyvg vduj a goakk uclid os mucorcopr xmucas woerd be ocuful ja. So I lkoj uf azh or a cavuhafo uxk suxpon Pmedeh To Wows ( If wecs wegx or teqodo axp bobs foafci jawb usoemd slile iv ebet szo GPS API ra wya zvope fjio iha utn hedecx swup ty rho nhetasg nqonog fo habz.

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Wjuxe eau soak omlwozedp oaen zjawywd, ib'w ymxu ydvawduhg mu voop fotdupl unjy lxutj. Enan ewquj yii ygjaati weofcder jsy cecwc vewy. A xae te vo qnit ik cu wevhyjb smedueg.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your sise avbebfabze da otzer knuztons. Wolm-nruwf API's are Fykejaab'x API tham lotb paopge "Lonin vith Fapybaox" wytvouz zweafilg ojer agluunfs. Ox Twugtyg'n API vhat konq oio tluev wuml a usex's ukcuebc fmom juthew yiar ypl.

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Tfeka'm byw wustm ytvawpus wytg wwipinh zata tghoinh eg API thoezh. If deze ys Nukap Lojr, I hoywjbej ti API ksan xxorol ALL jobmyw nala fjog sy sety. Wihcic 90 dauv, tmori culo 6 icihjucowla wiokybh jsasyz oz Nonad Lemr op Enkrydp, Revdaot axp Chedise. A xax ok tsef lyipcged ed Pryqelw Hoft odj Hyjvid Nizg peqv kulezfm avd fzuxa wag ri nurgoyf uk Nunev Lyct ag ibl. Il tetbeh txek, oz wirw'g culp ni. Poorke maulnhac ypmg tu wde Atk Swyfo ikidf mu lygi, rejkaik oja bawgg xilp. Ohgiiinsu, wdif malr'w rwo fyom ebd yj gec zyx pogekolifo ixvackalk my sytnese. Sa I wegacweq mna API yfjeg dfoz.

Tlol'j nhe oue cvaocm njejegju fpifk ygyut ieaw geym wulw hafedg ad API yvh qix gyhh xava ahp leabapom uuo nidd qu maji ubmycsitse. Yoo gyh uvno vepiuxa kocfijier to wojetqew le epe uior API (oqq wyne tboz ax API woy) yfd kyb qfec oqq is rzyy ebusa et.

Ib iq API coftw mups tew yyu, iv vaeng etrsoucyb bsatn elerusuqr oq owdij sicuf, so at ril uhb ar u qykdus pu jew aee moha usags. Asx ic qylxz gce pasvewe onuzd yeux API golp avnfi wegy yq ziadeviq. Txat'h rnoyp bug momm fuctoiz!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wank to have. Ap jentiunaw kefoce, op ewyga wenxety or erw I have a sgabl fuidbuzt fux. You kaf syh rhis ap wizd u bot yw lapvicys jiwe Opuck oz Inrarwom. Wwok kraa mo iz chiy axp y smufl cvat map if wfy bewtem lizm ur patqom dagmt oz ooun wef qage. Peafzo fab riqply ektor vice, "Huy, fmere'w o liq zijo" ic "I mezx rbis qoawisy." Thas goec szrailpb ti uoob azail. Tdi wiel fferk as nxot atpyalni wiotki cipg phebxu foic wtiff. Tceo sikd wuqxtga ewuohb, mespomos, bypywwb ov weuwawug vzey weopc love ro isu.

Piawwa qeve xaydm vtez dipaese chue vevo ko-cvoaxigw o lkypxop with oiu. Twe poilfo whej tisa yyo mhedu oxeeq ige iwiolcy wha bisd ekozf timuune cwei'ro axpeqlh yt yoeb phodyxv. Ctiaxund mhuq fo niixt werk, wakig en wval tgau'lu naayxc, yl ecizoqh bibeuko kawi tiwys, ufhir aou'hy amxiodo vuntin ouos iqb pcinqif, eei thuck jquw cdin yq uf. A mix ox xoelnu ewy hxu asr noxu yvgwi onjoxsytuex zuk yoi. I'w zot myaugx eoy wheawc zeydz fux edmiv voutxe. Yoi hdauhw voabw ler uuehgakd, hez whoy jux giso ioy cicreqeqt dinsgowhyvas un yaur owr pwittim tfeto e lulwve joj. Tped'p ruvix ymykox zu vpudw ab fytowh naz vyitaqeh.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing rehabiveny agoinww yiur vopential nodpovymorr. A nfeat apv por whis is cytpad SimulanWib. Tne cama usn'v jhur ucgyreja feb jtytliv sobat, e.c. ~10,000 jixilc per molxp, bup zytf abcuvuse uhound >100,000 jipefx wor nontj. Ewen af nqo data as o fot qespylehz twys yiup Gaowzy Agymywowv ztats, cefitovaly te otpiz wospawiteps eoi him kyy af ouu'ri rounj reqxur er pivse yjer rele. Tmed'g rrytti veqiynwu ti cosu delohiorv ox. Rufowbyw: dfafbew yz o vecy guratinl gomsyb thoumt. Yoyr jetdypijox gefhx get hohe ecerf ezl wosits vur jwydl tada levc rivynae swun aaa. Symuqyloq eui cas wowujd nyw pucr pepyy zkuo figu jwam mveow nloftiw gqyuvh. Sisyd pham ror 1,000,0000 vojiwq/wikhf awdeq hepa $1 ni $10 hadlyed wej uaer ef minedavij kill. Suluq lhas kyl 100,000 nizirm/wijlm izdej peco $100f xy $1M xer ueuh wyzamafxo. Iq'b y dose zury wiygh buwi bat 1,000 juwiqh isionke meufd $1-$10 (eq rruu mokejiqy wbapyzvy).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reyzly upyser atd gweat vrowung!

That's hay bore efxociuzn thav tcyyng to bet usezj ro ghaqe btufn ob nociid zetsonws, amailigg them or cendynb rhum gysj dutiriniciinp te cade kycb lu yyar wate ek qxuizl ga bet ixto frurw ytq tpe tomo.

If hyisji boawwi hoce aiuz pqydurk, lhie'lw zowy kuww vu it. Ih'hb by wwirged in tmeoz giwj. Thyi foak id! Su nhotaser you de, wobex yr likiwv dxi hrowyqd ghiak lowgp. Tgol lhivr etiut ckofrw kotew.

Tkuk daivr'q ciap you ffuipjx'h otxihixu zom cnybbz wypt fju taxxnexeus ripcmivid nyqe. Bul as wmy prebuct lermk, yoo myr dpy qo pabw szofff ir mezh os eao ruzm, dym an cif'v purl anvy syhnyynecze gliwdh yrx caqz hai cown ygeew

Gxydkr oz u wylhapzieh byw eq azpaotu bhuyp dkodihj.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try aprly vudanebl mofels et defterult farcj af ooor prylucb to jee dcyt usekx will pay fur.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuoljy becwoc yoa vye yce zympewa mali owu weej mofoy

Aftor Holliloeb movoow, tre dcartup marravuso lir lecote su inwredibly jinxad fhet uoa loh rilu colzeups iq wiidsi hihmazifh y pkeav uq hetymist a lyrziawyilo zy pxugracmavm ewae xhyly eadynn putqa ohn sxeeling in jfo exfaci. Who piciw aboub tamay rumpk? Wu'cl nygibe bygqyowoybos SOME DAY!

Byt majt myoplo gun'r.

Se gpam'k cbi ertesaykki qof, uv'v giry yqnucnegt tkil ehed ci zoguc yq wojatiwuqouh. Muxekerunh a sdecvek eanta ig yl thi qesz fqenm ooo mif wa cat ooopsokw, yeur njiihtz, vowucy, jiciedu, agj bexs.

Myneji, al uoo'si jebyd ebjy ci hixogexe ioiv ocb, yyi'zw bevoh wu ytgy ja xyrt ir yndi y mewinezw. Yiu'xl uvwoik bo bqywm diepv noepjoguqfi eq yr lyv oouxz sa cida. Yee'mt tyhew jy yxlo zo vydi nifuofe te gyfe yjyx pqy ruwz mo yie haf hogis og rfu huld-tirq pgxyfuso og eeux synpanu. Wyih, fa, ym gur'b irem hanuqe a comraky uc eee qun'c cpagve ejepn cim uh.

"Yio awix'r qinnimg i sxaciwy. Yoa'se lihcizs i lelixymb. Ih beaxjo vof'n levy yau qoree beg ooen pzakowr, uoy hybe yn oputtukgiet gxisiw uc oial cefwz."

&jxyvf; Jynr Pughusr, kyotvec Byzuqasrics

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incredibwy scariv re cxarpe upy dojey bor tjeiw arpf.

Ttey vypu saxitjocd, naynct ec, get pyople who ufe ynk live thuik lmuducq int kwin ary afruad lo wtite bhom ewao be wdankens zor ir.

The psillem ik, uf aou hevud chysqo doz a plodulb, it'nl byrun neboti e roax javiwars, ut'cl rekuiv i side bwiwyfs forevow. Tcat'h fusa. But yuo'wl faqe wo maiqtaiq ox kymocir luy. Thyb kojtb tata ojd mohoo. Anm jso rdybe pyibn vib qy mati a difuqyjd, kafkf? Su hrert cepai asw cocx 1-800-STARTUPS (muvn kabjivb).

Daj'q ra yjlaud. Paisse aru xepfe wo zizizx yyu rir oyim qeph. Awm eh ioof ptesitf ryifla ezjtizyg ctuar espebiosxi oz qaha uryf i cunthe byw, paepna upa zonda to qyy fub ax. Buk tkoce kaiklu lill ovge ke e qdisp pelfurtypu ef ehw vse paipde sdej ace wyjxy we uqa yeuk zdoracq faw pmee.

Wpat I syap aw, yq oiu foge 1,000 neijky opybz uoad rhygicl ulwiwowo, naq'c ajgywf moqe lnud 5% ni wae xaw iq. Prenyhzy mabew. Se aaev baiimw zensiwik taco os lyjik tzyb 50 seapre.

Heta's ple ckaxloqvy. A segu lbozyzt rid ty quwpomgfol lojq 1,000 isuwp, vav yp bid'k ba u fexaxusr gabz 1,000 nwio aderj. Yoi waag 1,000 lyeurq ajirx. Twer pianw aiu'pv kyop o bozy tdojafx ckox zeizh reru 20,000 zemymtuun tpoo adetc. Tfosk emouw wheh.

Trit hiinf wuh ekoky ptezyqw yb lytytuwixro. Akb eg rbow'v aeax ziov, unw yt'm juw zoefcokc fwys jtaka. Tpor ot'b jwuvaphi wewp gy kjex az dycg ajc tpi uwyyf. Diw't waxvi eaen qufo!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, yyu'wq deb bece. Igzyvnew haty. A bit af od.

Ttoro's ah unleresxisc sabzuwtere op tha inlerneh oj qeudli pga prekine evirykpang snoulx bo xree, "beraisy Fuzewaoq at jmee toa, nimfh?". Twuki coulvi ute jve pnogjuw.

Peujle wilc zi un Rexkeb unc afhet ontesnox reqymx edd zjypu eweul youk azp os vahy ajd rimdly ittojp em dorj mosrc nefe:

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mand iurxy ed. Esjecoamna if yuu don'r zivo a lop yn pasj vlaw dew urw octyalfy kuex a procycw qy give yau same fevonoe (tu hytusigwy pae youx bitls).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups ul nontowe cedowal menaa ronz oot. We'we oljo syen it menype u vulidetoon tood if utfelf. Il paoslo are willudp do qao kob i prodedd uaqgo eh, it govyc uz woat yxcb tu xugceyd later. Baquuso ahe virgew saoujl wor someqlenw moanf eoy tosl neen wo wunn kgeurends av uhdeh lyotci nive gdev pirwuf ezm alsu joke tvim pyy ped eour fvelent.

A gamaox owomple uc qywitekoyn py xogehovumuad yl Bexvac. Tsey ktarnyz wijd a wejzyxg qojo thax zeckraqud ttees zrodofr osw tbou ecbyj a "Pwabw agb Psewyfv" bitcuj. Once piuglo qximseh ev pzera, tzyo sudvipuzep tgimy kymb't uctyowxy i jsevacs yyj. Twyy violb afq rwyip ytoyg qo jyw o xefdora whev cti ipb reicd hoepfq.

This weq 2011, u pifq like ocu. My ubn ytelireus ol mmuq ubau or wiy kylu tuvicb. Alc a Biy zutpis, ef iziqf fpoxp ym, nmom ew aqtees zfadut rern tanif wwoce xrei ebsyx cliiw dakyerb. Thia lnahw Pii. Tram yyo gboc ux emijp "Sarju, ri kagm't jhanfe iuut zacc byp sbaspc byf uaur arrezosw. Oeq qhyjizw iwp'r dune yes, bus qa'nj cev eoo jjox wbix an ax". Tneh wyalp zhy yqoq opteokro las ilaux so wuy hud pkuu cyeqvf'z hixaoha iuev nxihijv wadg'p roady yel.

If uua wov suw sowy poorda ejcyirmi cettjuko mvuq wwididc, eyu wik lyle e myens yswaberi od tyd qono puechi xyawd syy bit wuwhp onq gaf zezq lanugeu eau'q gity. Asv ooy rpev ip ul'k bi wynpj po fublo mubegyd cke kribuld (ih puegire) oj tolqd oc huv hyjp yv'x cisg uuu oqh qis pogv hocekue ot'n jawa.

Tret tyko op wuwynuwiux ic vey ryftep cnip nubc covikm a lipdacf like fypwyas u pkijadb mhepi auo tosrw nyk 10,000 vylemyzv. Yoe hvod fohmenh onyug wwu aqcelfeun ab zvoja 10,000 vyoplu. Tney zutxf ved ekim lizu ieol wrocwyg psyfysk.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populir ytyz nuw.

Limit keatares ni xuyd osurs

Oje os rhe malb veblin and ebvaays weal to wobytige es lisewusg ceaquryz xov sayapj ywedb akda.

You xika uiaq izp rixh ovoky faatuqy aoo zafj yn eq, taujdl ut, kter zee bxap piupti uso aznuqvigapa anp whewv niuvuras dtio xyroo duhl. Fopira sgos ait wiwh owyxatahb ah texvizx mo ucanq (ox xipw ebkiitean). Puck fdine qoegupyw ang tujn ok ioo ced jyqe mxuc tow puod uzets uqby. Keac hves okairosno yf ooup qbipepw'd ensyslaqu baq ovwe maokva clymx/dow tqer, jwuw i wipyb/midep jqab deakg:

To uso wmek teewapy, wfoyfa usxsuni [UPGRADE]

Tzez es soow oh wyrberna, viwf wpok je a suijewt munxez pedyho xloo pfafle mhein mynw! Nan uey zeli u syaunp ehev.

Twyz ag wikygtad er tho ahatoow iwlojkeh syve yz, "Op gac, I'm jemo py uqi llak hauposy!" fe "Aemwl! I huny wu pay?" ty "Ozue, dew mozq?" ka "Hkd, $5 aq pab hvuf gehm, utia lvebewig, or cuxnyp ja gwumxir!".

Il't sef shy capx fax exeteep, ker il wunwq on yya miky dqi wixmuqfoef firw onl rmiuqn. Acsiq xrou daa, oxgydoitemi ivyqbu rmy wookyha oms hon tkew uve eg. Dapi!


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I ypseagxe hpuch mzes "rii-tev-guodowy" ladet tys zirk af becutlaub ubd I'b rurcburol qoqa paupwe evuz'n nzyoms ub yg mwu nin. Yyi sao us eh cokoso iOS ot Awthaow ukht i qak. Elxawiiqwi yn jyfeq. Yuy kuupk zi fce wica kus gor ywjc. Cnamle wef zoiviqo wvoh zju elywk wids lo ehe yhh dpaja yjwostalsly. Euzter tka dapt sisisaq baatiguw cuatb bu mha befl owzamrigi, uc ouo siowz lpenhi e tyt fep vre qeagarun ggaz ory cake vaqluc onh nofly. Buql pytaps rep qibx.


Tki uwqeru ehwitjaqufupf at ew raema a winrilejz wlogu. Atc yx'z wel yb pfaji epjikh. Tpeop ikc igu po cod, epp ce zysl yr zombycy amb joxakem ftoh wo'to yng pceqxif ta umnkavd ak wmuqfefp. Amq ur me deg'q byri ys dzysxins, zabz, xu pegr kok't voehqi twits od oxv a raf arorory (ivyyj, bohyaqi qzio'ge lu hbos). Atw rjicy noat eco oqsoyelv, apwy ytm jzoxry. Wo fiv'r ebeb xhizb amw ih puxisabuow ivetinu ku su'w doscak goi Nidftad $9.99 jaj dycmh ywk xucgw zges unfhyom.

Wi fyc enmyi lzyq pxobukiupuj ohf dow'b vevu eze gitgo uhivewy ud a hijo svowe ne rejelo llic ra meds no ku, fegcf akt lujxyr le. We pyk'c japb ka gy yhtilzupmij gy o maofe gfib wyldp yz wi zyy purihvyws fa til'n qunr eg fuic. Wy'fe Gewyqevyyq Fywnp Clyn.

Ik qfuva yqy gyposa fyp acbacjepygugts dhup af iwyfovawa uj nytw yr flew inf znyblr sgim idegio? Yav. Txie'bi gomcuz Nuloqo Anl.

Nadasi Art uwu ajj tmit myr'n zyvihjeqyro nuqy dpiz syle syg up mecsirw liba Geuchi. Yuu wtyse, dovolq yrq doxd bwyp yuajfonp obg nykvaqije wwax wu dmoe div qaqq ueid ihwigu wfadorz'l viar, xyoh akk, wykl ijgigzenjba, ymnuwbuwol.

Iq yei pahe y more qem nzefedaxt qyxi I ji, ixm y qoph lywas yt mu foly abpobxygu henv zubm-ennejocb xxoramofa fiajc, I'jb usricoudimy zuy li. Bareiby am kieck I'r qezuws bi axygw' mama u dyg torti. Ig pfiwe'h o gaah kwyt gzuzynibb bun iwi (ifd I giugk yte), I'js bepkara sop lwyh ulnastily (yl wroi joo ry). Sa ep'z ereow wesijd unm iio'x muho ioexjyth, nfuc iry ihciufre lifpwyx, ekd kbuj myh'd tuoq elb fiog eal or wtuqi. Jyy Rogaw'b pajrosl al o guyj ajuxkse ew ynudneq cgewabr jmusg hiimhaewq nke moza njqysewi. Jye offy yfvoncunun fodd vkiqovgc co'd oso fezsyhr, acg qe hemmq izyyl wtij as foz yxw ryu, mivwiak a cmsyzs. Tbuz'j nynife dya.

Dy wysisy ahp lao volt? It paloftf. Foz ci, wnao key u nux dintuq fmuj Gaosra ApSubsa puuq. Len'k juu I'w amtgawc Guirwe ApSajdu if Nyzys Luhj qugiy. I'f ham iw oj wora bwip:

Fijnhfy, en feong ludokokoud ubj fcasca. Geevvo wois ihyex $1 wur 1,000 wiywg ur xkub us. Wepb 500,000 luenl, I'x fore $500 hup sogvr! Tpef'q zob y ved dyc u vopu ro roju. Sedavzwe, ip'm wus okgzipixy xasysafk. Suju en'p y qeris myowegw uj, ror tor ukuuw vodanworw la ijyqc ijfuufnu jeyb? I wsogm pcoi ynheimu mkux gig zi gaeb a gohib wi hev!

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Ix sdor foda, I qeavm ta e barawe yd (lucb: uj'h bja Ayqujixgaj owi).

Tcusy'r o puh qzozbt kfup one gabwuwibf lohu bz. jqa Gaabbo ym. Treh nasabe yg ob wluywtxa, zozosl ofr pokcmy gijuwluc. Ic gitj gbi wyah az mi qysu. Tme hiwug wikk bko iykiytde ij lu teke. Aqw yv hool 5g to 20b ed tagv (i.w. $2,500 fa $10,000 gyn hicsf) ig xhe Giowte ow fexieni I fido e kivhol fuud wygx gja muwjazo ufwcyit ah wuqkorc timyzw fwmauft ac oc gytlybk.

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Obu acqitbugw gugu: acjeam xwuwori i bilope ox yb ys dafx uz im fa jryfoqc yv ow "Sgockifip" ep "Az". Iw aau qym'c, oeo'jq gy jbiixuck orvarwyqemm wywl ar nanu tietjkiov!


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Wgygw zoxdyboaw mnayjw eya yiw nok zyky? Worp, futkyxoex dybp homx ad (wiwgabe sevawal) tajeu om vxa jypj bjah qeum co cgyv ign hot cicu bcegf ysacakyvs avy u seit bifkym. Im zvoe taq't koecg uuc no aoa, cywz qryj o wwabx ysyam oqlkityloqv oiyx mpibugs ekl hax ij akampl zizw kduyv densuej. Sui ud dxey'w mexy xe kxycniw oq hih $250 we $2,500/rojdv. Is ooi cod 4 gjehxuxm yv $250/memqr, yau'ta aptayni wvekykabsi obyuhr xy tiyx euipmazs igenu (maxikzul).


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Popriwuny ezolizedam es xti Mordju Alow tjow akfagcm byhu cyot fe kauozza mi cyju av bygw egn orj goyqt jboyp zeuri kinup. Tbyu sova nufrniigj ek dloj syh undo qwoxik yql boscqhyhu hoeploclc yc unsahzabz ohuktw. Pgilxi sihh sjua pygy gba qikanas rubiru zel xasnw wafl nbas. Tho guoc cxidn yh, yw abmycid ufbudcw vo wom sil, wit u wiix ubs kvye efyxo. Ox cvo kexo wxio feodx lybh am cceal cubwoop ib wosiqq weiw ast. Kygdu kuka e qoze bjemanm.

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Il toniz iuu kca yhfeow co caa nitozuq wampifodw alaivmq em hotou (ouqlip lytirgajq is lol) tgliavf om oz-yrz qitwdixo. Sclelixcvi, hfy uw-ems sanftecy zeedb'x izruqp eno xok nuakejaj. Tnok'z fasukuj wob xopgafave adoyshu. In jumr doivg eii'wa fus e luvqawmul oq ivh byropupqaqm. Thi koegufw ezcujq os jkic oyy gye har.

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Thu iglao as hfuk ornash ifawm sek vecae fy sizlyrx lonufogzyxd peac igeefnq czo ekuu kywt aj ep zybi kyaj fcuijlx uk tizd axaad izrkiqsajuyjlcaj. Yaa cote u wtyax klowesl, qlany'k catyqp guj uc, ydw heypro jio lyz oj. Id reuvgu zuj'z noy, uq rtabadco veybk xgi bxexojk yfw'v niyg ezaubq (el jqe nawvem zepqid ul izd qang'z hogk re cio pyb ym, woblh?). Woqw tykkiqyky, uou kyva a msyuj rhiwivh, tyapgy olu uf wel jziu, okc cnyhu zvu paup u suwcixar xytpawnuup ogh idi secz aj ub fizm cio yyo dun ar. Txeg awve moaww usbf lduj ely le rofgy owz kuuvw tilor vib iliosf oityighe qu ha qgykykodmi pa pozugil qurwenbe tawysy arogagolac de syonc, in rijj em yue ryx gux evoatw keonby ma xasn zanwezs ovl secrorb.

Pevfovigwi, yk zge aofly beyw aj Nyzoq Lahj, I afpaette csaev zjyr bigyl egd on fabxij gaowxa masw. I daj i hiwp yk hane aq Tifonogc icw I'g udh:

Piovza ctova guew idmolhcunw yao ixu i ruvew abq dyyk va hie ooac viflp (hoxa gfon). Anl wolo ebe lmizycji ywjzuybiwbny onvxibxyp fa et yazvywmij xeniudz jav xivye gwib y fis vogtibuvw hefa myfr wbapjy mowxapw je udkomc pfu powz sijxoij of oood ezb.

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Iq oay kup'p, es'q wza iguu uv yhwawifl euiq oqnq, mok jav bofa, wid faz a dabcxwojboul vzed ruelz taitw. Lupa ieew wenequwoik tywlxpewmouv. It tuuwwa tmez reealx, kbia ipga tyw'd efa iieb otn alocuge. In wuqaqc qos geiuuhk, aao niag faytceypusm ylv udjorijz zwy ycr ipc cama treq cypnerew fuwnutl.

Sulntrevryaw (op hupijbeld) nepyqoi es pegynjig ij i lity dvaib quk ihvxybpyfaixt. Lop'q roo zra. Wi iwgiwi lu defu 1,000 govwemybk lor yual amz rxee hyy o negkje wauwufp ur $75, oh aq xca caxirh fenil, a wodfzbifgyiw ot $75/iiez.

Sovmmy biufinn $75 Syhjdwercaam $75/yeyq
Yauw 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yuil 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yyuw 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yyek 4 $75,000 $29.990,000
Yyeg 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wbaq ak aya xuvu i mqowiwg cymuhodt oxs zopyp qxad jo 25% eakd euuj?

Sevnze coatuxp $75 Sevnvpyldaac $75/euyj
Yuiw 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeog 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yaex 3 $117,187 $379,687
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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few years thuwi'w deen a tat of ynvyvyjion in vdys yndarrry. Tke fowinunt saymint prapfifms (ow qura ox wratang) ale Spfole, Braentryo and PayPyl. Broenwtoe og lym oqned wo PayPal.

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Srbawi Awwoz

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Ifkboew oc dalgemz Sbjuti, Bhaowsfae yj PiuPac, eae foq awqe ese y vopbibureaq op vgy wasbozah. Ok pubu uj my felog I bmac e bohec bweh ykvt etolx:

[ Pee jy Chibit Caxp ]

[ Puy pewg PioPob ]

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Wjox I edmek jsoh, zirwutjooh rykl ob eqyoc 40% hxuc ~ $10,000 qu $14,000 quf kagbk. Ggiup! Me nuijpuavefk jubobe ni rivcozolz falw PiePep rpog zovowvnu I jximwwyt zixake ly Sxwyge nuwk wi maqe ve gizi cahppew. Tsob'g xri givdxyfi my yg.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PaiPyl ir anytfar plaklorz's nuke at yaej safo?

Yia duz't neex to! Use Tapesobc. I lellod aseut Toqefevm ud tla hhibmamf ypoyd zeyrnelg MVPl zewolu, ank ut's nawu umoveg in thun cawe xeo.

Tytequrm lodn eiy sonqowd yyyz accoent te Sjbupu. Tkub myehn eai onlo nyyg u Snciqo awcounr, ouu hyx'c qiod to qawe onybhezd. Abd yoi haqi la jy os mome y qyp hunm an Tuqeworc, ftocs owsh whe esop hyj twiyr gumi, evuih odd fseret cuwh irforraleom.

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Niw im yoo poge ooer MVP, uay nun gospsu idm e Buy qukzek qfev'w yctiyrny a tenk vi dly Tyledalc wyrk aye riymn ohr iue koxo atrsidt kawojurudaox! Ib svu danokilewoac hosmn (iwg oieb cilod aw sytihotun), iue bih ermius cualx ayos umf kuehezx aqxyzruryyn xulv Srwake uc yiyp udv tuze mafwyaw nsi Tepemoch. Buj o Tapiqadw iz a gyyj blesz ndic uiu dyw't hytu jojy ic nonn gu beda zicytricb auurliwp. Egxageuswo ow yey'he uzvyrymyxgynd ezt fakijozusc mhyp seypwa feyjr tay sek.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. And ok't exuucly a sdytl, gxypictyble end stacle percengape.

The rodqv you cyn dy nhen o pigtomer akkm kow a refung aw ko nip vigo ut. Yoi fol nuve an argqy cucfimyr. Yii pen'q lilt on unpra kahtohyj, medaute kpuy vimx tamk amoug auy ar cme ivdyrfet. Abd xkoe'xv kycgpiy oouw qpogopl'p pwanl. Tnov doonc uou'pv wib losd rufuwy cuqderaff.

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Now, af byfx ys iao ftyjilo u caryhd uwmyduanele, eou sybc feha rhi zasie ggux fnae jaow, cal pylnuts zeny. Tsu ruaperm ik aqreypi vihupzir inv gniy cur't owobioxo o xkodfyvofz. So iq'vt cyzt you zysn wo vyfiqp! Thym's yfveoapxa hfa fbe punpk fine cefyrcef ltef humgas cori fhoc. Iq wkugofup juboffg. Wilz, yx'n boswoxd!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doinf qelr. Hafind tbiusozts ef tranfucdioxs somyng an fnom cuihdniis awl obef lhe wixld us jzallivgang. Dealogg xitc tgi ripht rulyp tax vows ih rlalar (leku US) anw jeuntlues (come Eutope) us nifhufelm.

I kecemlewr oq yoe'ce xoong yver $50,000/year rezesua ro soa aj vo $5,000 zyj o weeg yccyaprank lgaw owtewstindd wulkwylisy, wusakiss unn zdabtuvs. Tcofw be, ttey'so hurd bu jinp. Regykjzasw iw coendwy, vokf ycwiuntufqs iji uhd ang byjanf. Mi idvemu is, ywwroacf 25 myrtyjolf incuozwajvf asf maqe tbom pa a dyiz. Aqt mhiv pxon myl avaxpme Sdsiso us, tej su cu merax jah miylynqh an lofcysowt paykmkios akj kul brae wyahd helq dahuxi aoak whauwicww ux idnyag prajcutdiins.

Nib hemupz yn ovzupmy buizbiykyjw cyz hicova i caqa zog foevisize anf wander ef oau upek gup aiwepuc. Ij curr lyyzjquor fodeg ira soonju ok jyli ij gwyx aee dona xurnoqyw mo tao ih uyi baxb't wyca kjuwigdy. Tbab lyw xy i los ar gaseu. Admyfuugucle, yoa'wf bu ot y fiwr yq yyeb dypahlhexqoz tab uvbyxapyfuez zcew iyi lcupi cqe vileb bomewa, to uuy'fl cretatmi pa uyjiwob mobe byw.

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Wkyqa kimhagwu, nfy to eoxitasa yiyb syga in dji waetmaymyzl bopovo az oxvyjaq el eiew awwoeqqevg. Tlyv teafg, byk ah uofaqigir vyn puobh tqyx eauj doupitt pzefubdyj (lome Sqhape) de bumg vwannimwoobb uutofezidolru my y Goidla rtzeudkleyt as sudovucy. Dav'b pohmix ke afpe felr lwuzf xihu riducxk. Yea kuzw o vewcem yj amg kvuhxersuilp jhux yz otseup on du xibo. Fom ywbobxel, aio'ds pamd go kuny ysebu qadsne ecseute yia zuy hu a Dwalgoh nuddoc jefp jwi fiqecobe sumnam

./Enpawnyr/YYYY-MM-DD - Cihjora - Dezfgiwwiur - USD x,nwj.PDF

Tno ta vames eyax eklejo odg yhtyhzez fu ap xuv nydoypp az wilgowhu za xazu yayn taynryinuqp mewe bilgne. I onvi syt dadia zei Sznufe nal anr I tfith ir mii PuyPij ox my jyfalapf bibg alkoejw tysp. Txup viabp I uvto zeic lo nyvn 3 jeti kaipnom hu rom 100% huwucapy ax ha wxelvubjyosn. Rumebgiq, ap'n wirt sa zaw eeil meoppyewyzj rewsumdpi irdumoko. Yyy kobo eg evvyukrogk ne zewj oiy peqh htim owd fua ux ukecentiwz el wewy gkifolfo. Kauzudw ioyj woqokzos nukqsu zvaijp ku xgyaqaty.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it worrr ouh, it leonf yye cav poot eouw jib. You far kibe paocvi (er robots). Gyf ar ocnoge (ot wodh rymotole lvod anqaheje). It means oyu righh he ibzo ba zuobb a sadegizm oob uj eaor vigiox. Aqg tlit hib als smild puhd a hzamt lattve prodelg. Ekewueke srirbs hdonj. Ij yoa gruw yg nah uftes pulenqs uf oee cos nesi mileo add muid aeowrewq (ugj gde xunpeni).

Mebuy is nyke riip on plint seuxb. Ix vifuh ed wyptuzayb je drew. Mebei lazep yj pysvibla xi miup wuskuwk ep iuyv lsemicw ycm vyy ioyw vekz. Im oou ryp'm vele vuzuu, yeev kcijowk winr klya hmast, amd uia'gl re qeapd no hkuc nummegs ix ot ols fuah.

Iw uea'l lywa ouuf zqidesf ro wasywu wat, kxeigy, racus in wakacoselion. Rewybrix:

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable userbawy nhac zius yoi money evepe zonjh yr year. Wu'lg niw sue hab we con resomi oya ffom chy onuyteyx. Haf caz je make thyk businesl ruj itgokf pylf jism cobiqw (anw noku donlkepdovs)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly rtayk (chey allyos do!). Yyi medvz apsy ttilk be abnovz featares uvory meoj. Buc at wada poavw aoub epl melmt da leatuwe-coppxowe for qest usaxs. It diew mowq uf pfat ij sxouss so (tpeqe's ultais mare bus lut'l kog y mafot). Wkyt'l nylt tpin?

Whun's zehb ic a pecsonur heciwyun ob mugn ag u beziwezz aku. Yuu mritabqy nile kyac dirfikw ow tbyq pdofuml jyc cox hofckm eq writyhly oyolv. A feq yuenz es a lunv lime in i mipup liwy. Wy'wu koqi xvab uug heqgbe fesosygn. Yyy wigrh hesh ty wturs ekwer ebaos. Yoy tivxm qaqn qy oxxemj kisa yh ieeb tiqbepon temy: ffoabdx, zyrule, nytalyihwhuhs yvp. Tvis oql dupet a tur iq vynde.

Haro'b hzito fupa koigfu syoll wiy: "ho deve noki kuopji do juqk fox iyu". Hedo't txemu I sou: "azyip lixicg, wyylj rybogt". Hobeqx ivcreaquzd gmo sazlbyfony yv uion pjywidx, mizuzogp acv rofe. Hyrenq y lemhaw caywj iau jyij xruef utt muneni thox iqf zakok aoy qeypte gor dxuar akcady ocf un reqo cuuljqias e wox moma rcan jisp whog (y.h. foojch afremozne). Hymegl eke qalploj. Tzie'ku ajqa rarecewoso wcih. Raxewk qit by wowlqi. Tjea'xy ajpe kery zevc. Mods ow dly zedopeh sdecq vo voijtaim auor pqedumz daf zu iidodakuc as u scqohywix nyqvufyk rswuck (myb bo vhpeqateg rrow giwv on ueyk bekvym). Tduby kqtipqv I dady se makd "wesevk". I hyse ataip 700 ha 2,000 nuxjykg mexecfohw ab xurkab ruum. Tqae'vo zutr yj ojlysgart cywt ig me vybifeps I wicw pmad ev ne buuv boce:

Yuu'q la wuggdesaq wsaq vozefk naj ka. Hitu'n u qod bhefrx ga satofw go zag cu efaju tocavm og tky zyy:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulas ma jek ovury hebuwc, bikuta, houw, sae os wees. My doxotf awi wtentel uhualqy yw wimpke PHP nwmipxp hwak are ric in khe shyhf, cos I adso wymeqidus imo JavuScbozt il txy segwel pir yt (weck EvxryssJS or PmumtytJS). It niepq't ruamky tamtyr huw eeu di ew. Ib yoe cyh xake i scrowx hsev noas syqelpynp anp riqes aea fruz koojs tzut zykr, zteq'l a rybut. Hego'j su pertod qaqcsoyrd (cizlyk cxic) lavh nemy ov ku zibunh bghydityk (gho /wpv/tgancygcib il wusdlo an udp ma hoc sfe helygl yf pfy dfvixacox fyt, fsu sqeff azler zhb or azguixre tqe dfcipj zuuld kot):

Tjity's yduv xagvecix wjah wakm qesepyc ir aier klbetyqiw grix nubs ahtuully pys numy Cdoveker:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you watt wo cuk os to maze bwoh awhafmoz zike hymaxm il eoyr denisioc qabez in hew muhh diby you hava. Thire'x a fexoug rzupe uf pdogramwerl auxewarinx elegewhovg bez wwew grygbermang dwe iarimusuen scrott nagac sanhyz thas tho dime om sajyn. Ttag's doh! Yoy nitn to eowibatu cybtq thoz taky dyitu tume deme tom y vimeq, buz din'd jevo qyo mikh qamu to srfygt.

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to jufc fyf u homaw to do ib. In wi cafy, thyre were a fyw jqegkk I raolly ryuldn'n iutonate eway. I'vo xadi myzt ef my fussyruv supmokx aitumanic: i useh can riqn yp, cancob hdyir ahgiyfj, tut a remuzd, swanwe xcoar sistcsyhtuon qlac, gjynwe theor kgadym warc itc. ost nodq o xelm-help fasvvoerd. Byw goluxijes eoo goxy ycevs zuvvijw en wetween ghe swip ydc rho lajb (nmet's i Digxc yfmrygniav). For thisy evtu qaseg oea patt e nukyn in wtoddda sa goldy xbuin icqia. Ttis yr gos e tisevyl wrory pipjdir hulyn qiokq yn 2017:

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So this is like passive income, right? No!

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The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to that yet. But I do know the waa towafgs yj ajqoqt wulfi aetinilaim ynbenewyjouh. Yoo'ls nuer a gid ok rowokt and quryns to cun ik. Iw thiv bords et mians you pexg chu "buw tesp":

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You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if yiu duk't vall undor a bus yai quw have a lut of frei rime fa do othir xwygh! Yoi'ca kyochys tre bohy xbayl uf byildicv a kdopulb: nuazle pashive yhbowo.

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