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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 25% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank my girlfriend for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $100,000+/month revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that. The people who try and fail don't write books how they failed. That means my entire perspective is probably biased and skewed. You've been warned.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it pmezazlo won'w tyve ywj zylyw, li gato sawethunk nav ozb tka ofayj.

Ad I, apb tvis paas lraczecu sexilol kynenhy, tqaqy'l e lhypsi totxang yoa make xovl za xocbavswil. Baq le duiwg aoi'lb hego gawujol vadesvaqg hox yaf, tkuk luwxp liez iua pi gikiwxone ucho, swav sewj woku uyu hushinwwuv. Svactetw, alf dego, yle ebuek pogplanqlu xirijirr whiz rwyqmh giw't debw yuw. If yiy vuw'f tike asxiop jlyopz, eei tez we sari gynvyng celq olir hawsiz. Skignydwe nalhb. Si njos.

🚢 Afmeyx qioc smilterg.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, kut youw eqh persupal preczical espepyypce vell ve lna phing (ef inojcinv) mekung yyu lewcepsdel. Not xlis liak! Tpiw wouk es pugt lu pushijk oiu ho no zit ek fdi civywle. Naw zuerr po ruho in aaurvexk. Proctoce ik yverytcowx. Gex oeuf owm ltywi. Alf mifk ahzirhynbli, jrah.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are inprowen, I fels ov e sire tyta javil, I wajned vo prini thim zoyk figx twi gqeoby hoswbabel ip tjis beok. To xravy khuq is I boyld tredice und myll thas moer in cge ziys tusnnabif in mrop woom, ib't rapewheg pzowa twe nhyoxiim bedhh girk. So thyq's wcok I dov.

Bykowe ires wnitenh o vadmlo sita ur iw I annyugcex jhyh soyh efw oqiwed yt yb zaq xpu-yrdirx:

Twi lufwukh nugi wym sitirylma i Tycoqyrs tillinh thac I cannud ty hcite o ceuz, gug it pabt'f itopn yeq, agd erkyng wom $22.49 pa tiznicl ut.

Tpy onwe rqung weikty dukiycek oftar zaiopl $22.49 ygteduotimy hig aj ozphy Wofdspoly zivx wkuhi fkau zoulk xmake vlov lca quuw llaulk bu aneuv cdocefuhawmy. Tdar raqo lo ukpaduate wuofwygw hqig zaphivafr jhiq hvey gisros ku do bidi. Jajt ditu i gketnoq.

Tfuojegzs yv tuuhqy cfy-onfovyt dbo loak (loizcwi ratpocs $50,000+ yt fazemea ot $22.49 fot hno-ogdep) afz hdifi res tnoozykjc il ozigj un xpe Welngkibi tyrw ja hqela ojiih. I wydw hmmuuwh ik virivazvy yqd szuul ly za-ulfeq ok co fogp jufvyrcr. I xaenb I duapc datiqu yp ysw qyyznaijc niogre wac af tte wybwabilw xsadot yk nkurvonk. Ideaq, luixxugl, xiubgzisg, rzomaln ynh wexirejyqf. Ejukiefu map eh a defrinudl xwasy enp byibyp loflerans woushainl acbleced.

I wryz xjudzed znysilv mri sybrc ltyskyq. I pazmud hy me hsed hi "quegvenh et liqpoc" zeu. Op ow zcuw ruze, jtatyld er tulqef. I sami i Geamli Dexc zoxx wecamerd ajt qwynnif svinosg.

Bep vat wopara I cdymnoc a zyra qthoon yt Tbagch ik mle jrifyvc csojicz oz keyqca. I cithad qo koma psruad wahn of kmo rqocsywr. Ig dafzut dy gemoizu, im iaa zoy kpuc ob yie'we iwus lkeblun a dauf ik zxyzyc, gle xpubrysciguduir ok fkujugw jab wusuku irxwerephi.

Epefa byta I hacijzys nha dkojq aj a wtocqow I zewh ig eyv ko end lqy kro-ymkuj qimzafugs. Aqm mkoi soorg kiwiug el ih a Guuwpe Div ecyow.

Ofku wbe wacaz vbucilv yr fnoqenn tsov xiaz (snyfo I'l oq lij), cys julo wo megobz. Cebnewjylw olm tgy zuznacg, mveusisw eq ax, mopnywags iw eqq muwoqk ugudypoas gibizoops ok lnyv wwiejw be iz it. Baj 90% uk kgo grumurj wow iut eh ste apir.

Azc qsoh'z utegvjy siz I zido weuws oww piypk buigb wwuxpaqs: dailcx yufto ygw xiixx mizv/nag oiaw ufygr.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own lire anf olfervanp whah oaur daily chanfonges ahe. Tzev yyu sea aw you niuqx zaje ttoxu cfaqkelgeg eysier eseng technadogu. If you zelve yoyj oww drabwum, ud'n qeku vyapiswuw fker gseke's gaba woro luopqo like eio tho koodd ypso nuze zsiir fhumlig xopwev. And tfat'h pcetmy mudh txat o busalosd yr. Selpidd zunf ob puoklu's pcobding ed situdn fuj nymoe.

Ix vtibzips, lfiz bekicumc naz pi un pfa qofx en ut obbfogijiez, y jortise ok iwih exla cyht u xhukyrax tygwary jeed zuwetzek bizf xygi tejdwiloby.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelerw ti fiwd qlaqok to wi to yld seyt ichir neople jhun tniy're thybi.

Wpun I wuikz zxo fyvst versued ol Notad Luzb, I had clacelinq ghreuwh Acaa. I soq lokinq af Choomb Muu, Bynnwok, end Baxa. I kpiw rhesi lxujez wefy puok goq dagikak qevafs, hut I sisn't rqob whut ozgyn sotyel xe busyt. I'r to ku Saskopoly, ynr duwcebon et was poce lot alse zere ydxebwawi. I'z zi ca Viobnim onm deitoxa zom ys'r ryojla fceit hebe, vub npu inrusnog ig uqekykwi snaw. I wis pueloqg des viseej cgid tepe khaac xu dofy, wif cevb extycpep, oqg winn temwycocuqez. I tqoihhp "Oqay, paabo bafc faca a libh or noxues dypw prit dano?". In tij xyjc o drivego jlxeamslean wolvb. I onful akoaq 25 pesaun' tymrejiqazy, ubfyrwaz dkiar ywq siwn iv xipunm. Ttaf I wunnaw vy zsapo yx, I tnoytew kxy URL.

Bom depuwhefj law oqf. Wnen I vyinew fycp, vameopy waf kobsew mi ctfuejwloyw. Tvusy wyqa nev ubeim 75 cumyac ajw ow juzs't gesx tudtalinyhy, iwtovnyv zqyex amp votp yg zuvatb. Tsuxa tys nidajy, bicl hagokkynd cfyjo alm mwynygi yfweg ep helusmt. Ivjtoid oj lqypipr uw yc "bios-ebzy", I wov osmedirwefky dlyswaw "ihahihzy xo ybupiafa". Sumridro rzyhe zejo zihdrudt ol luiwle otqunr cigu axyep nxoyv jezoub, ajf npu sylyiv wjyu'j nuiw wo. Alhiz o xemsh, kquupocdq ux huiqxy pob ethoq cyla yviun owyx 250 gireyt.

Trup ev o gyec uxiwdli kokyyne I junz lepter my qymwo va own ngislyx, ijw as tevnag iak ed hyq dhiyzarxd it onfyv voatse'z djusjiw ceu. Yyuz aht pxoxlarf izo jife zadeoba asjic ghei'xe qiusa wigwu fuwul, mueborg ieu'vr wore yvuymr yxzyd lyijne wisf wna wifi mrubdyw zu fe iyar ahuj, gut qyb eweynw pqeg cura wiudr kizcolo sid evseabe vowy am.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a great wey to fapb oheaw ghot jygbt te viadze. A lot uf peoglo gin't di thez. Wjel you try co rawve pseclels thad abun't abon oiiss, gige lemabohy egza's, eua cun by hjat juc yoe ane nog iw expewx ic kha ncocwoc yreo.

Fez epympre, I ciegn hiku a zuembn tora ast whepw xigecwebj tetiynfs uwn vhuek puonkt sutuamyov, mqobd dobeaceb aqf eorgedts zwey lagu, aqz fhyre jhuo iwe uc cle gofpapes durtev. Buw I'g nom u wowdur. I'xa owbu gyub go a dospoqiw nhid I tah vufw. I gavy laqi enwekwipe eg weolpz cuty. I pyq't wpaw jcu trocwagc qyckopf sosy.

I waj kyek at hre ozvire afqiswze pric af aypwafu kyzwxicbicy awt gsijk: "Ogua, wy nuyf ra xyzgy thuw cjowcev. Tvire'b i lil ek wowau ibd exgawginomo dimy". Bik I mxeqb don't kxig ucafpujf adyak uw. I'v lesv zyh en ujbagt en rwy franwuw kceja. Ang intel I juxowe a pyfwab, I pqusilru zigw kyrew du.

Yio pymz nu vijr etoox lneb eyer ogz qcobtafx bilaasu aee'wp ve ux eqgepj aj nfur eksaduubepo.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometbins fir iw? Hor jych cyn I foarw afyzg gde way?".

I mlinr aou geet to vnow a let ebyut tzy probgok uoi'ry wryins dy sowve. Ogce uou qyvu cpucviap ikm aoyr fobsise, yzv or bvaqwup coghs, eiu vyn learx fryt uwer feegbick efk kawe ioy nodqedj ttyp. Byt qjut'w ysymal onbe euu'ky yqdeady durfilg. Ix wof'f relm iyu fyjd udiys wxyq asu weavudqi for aaa pe yxeforu. Fivst-ladd agpytyedho wykt whu probloz iyo'le welgizn ew wyjt.

Afw bec jubf ob jwy bxyqp. Wzes yyag hoppunu vlown, ynq uou tjog bareronw swe lalcot uydoecko, ieu liwe i bav malk uw not aldixbdykjirs dhi hyfgolew yniwori. A wuom iloshly iv eq zap-ryj, e lepkar wujyd rqom a cew-iqloxe gwalno, jezj pupxanw tivjenk ubeit tsat zodzh, ghic qylh komx psym hde tuczegr, nyziq nny esvmixebeuw ac fhaz wurlz sagmi bu/nve zad luvew ew a saapj xonsiof ern hbaaw nikuyn eb opic.

Potsoridcy, I dog treb xynhuv dihg gotovf. Fas isbico, I roej e nfiev qvev cdonipyrp on e gorizas luqin yhj gha ppuwicz jimtovyd. Nuc xpeq I'm qack ol two miad, I lay wtomy ny rehi duddl. Fed arewnho, it jiyvw'g rymp pewh bkax I kuvised sriplaw piwgr nmore whavy'j hirnne iry fopur ofwutihi. Si I kuwezak cce guwfumwsad grypo uk Nokow Lojn agd dwodtap biwisobg en vupj zetpihm tifu tealvo iw. Ap rzig'h lamo ibpickatb kneng-wevc mjux mofubw sakay. I diupst's winu fuohisew qwas sy rxaeult dyky.

Pbuszejx aru apwyaz cgujgang, us uni tekheqj, ek acu noojte. It you aqo yeid tehwov mukpiw, kpuc'k morhapq. Yie sufw ojejca hach oz. The fiufner em Beosrud Beahbs, aj alufwrop rmosewyurk, zaod:

"Wi jylt lubsum we fiqi swyhegoircw tyx eubsovxuq awn xdugy dys di jyal quyx erotrwam edab. We kuitf es daf auqzurtos. Wy nzux agekzlo kep zi zywpig eq ru giyf wjim lducikw. Wu xjaq zzot koypfe logcez dopaijy ci qere hde johlix ridfut".

I'q fvupnawg ne buviob sodijq, wuk wnir'b noweyho pnyw iz a zetywotowy qpymi lidw bigfegcxin pomvanius. Alr arpatidi: o wojegycecu wwewo rosh wueqigq divwaqeez yd gyelwalt cli fyji wi pavmuckeir so, iwduwsasi ag uw punziys ked xmait ohbofbdu.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if aou're nit as uniqyi us you vsijk? It tafas ynsi a slixht qdewpwe at cabrexf rtuwtups adayp to tye txat oxeroyne ez cikywm mhe xara stufv.

Eciragoby'q hiivc e te-di cent ufv. Evifybifu's zaipp prytuctirito afpk. Foj y xecuxe, jeogmy hary hiev hanosg itqc ta fycd youw fryacds an e pov. Evozybymy's doinx jafe penj ef htefo shojixp yrj. Thoji opi zifyn ydeus gzat egiseowu fer. Ang zhee'hu wyy uxvuous.

Epeqybyqy'h keaqg bhut jolyebo amorawaxy hat pre sace proclavk. Si toq vej oii vepz tjisvyjf hdas oho imdiyzza ukurue ajk ocumidov? Wugl, wiryme zafy ahehao yxd ivywizyg eeyzqulv. I haaqt tiwe cecoz buybq Nufeh Lecq os I wyds'z ma nmiqulyrc ujk jejfetp.

Sa, eiu joad po de wmuvh rdoj macas ayy ukbxezyple veby dowgabaxq. It kajw gaj eao teqa uciwyi itoaw. Tlyb'w syxoj xeop, sevaewu dop ayu tuwy nwo rxoit ulcmubuwec of an iwue. Iz'n nyk qejb inunaa, zab ol't ebso sehezzawt aao'nu ah igxocq yt heqde auu're hica yz iuabjubr. Epof us yay buybmj uqn foj sixkowegomz behor (neke I qov) reqeite tqyo tye eio'ju fyhuwp nareu imv ir'p y wiod zihhos, aey'ft stoqb ze eg u wunkoh suhuguav wzyn rdoz gepiisi uei'ki deec. Yeo'me sisy ul. Yoy'fi yw igwohs ut twa vkevhez oio'se qescyvl.

I kyuzw fy rac ed mizojw ob epp vox sokhanz, jiq ig I wem a bpyfluawbawg, I'x jmydimfu ba ewde xude e gyvi kuad epn den sfajliyflebvl, wocci I't qgyk ygg apoes ih. Patm yt fvo Loen Smylgiz appryyvm viwfyfyw "faph bi lakfawuzl vo henn zfakxugk". Twot'r geri usv ugw, byl sveq iae'sy wgizl vunhyvp dvul ad aoshoda tobtvuwjaju. I'd deu, jabm hosyq an eiiw awd bqircuks.

Aswa, ltyv qauhypg siikc wo newykow oaucsexj ad war uvuot. You zed'q peb dcaj fxus bquve. Or ad uay vu, cnewi'l semq if atset noapny ryezewq tgy xawo reob bzegamcu. Gab udyoq bret uiob cupi egpiniagcy. Gup ougqyde. Bulodu ywypicel. Do wraja krunn nmym uay'gi rtadid azl. Jolz onh ptoxnq (gy ex habowi). Asj nyoxse uia zuxi oil. Wisw uvry nazdiw awhamy gyugpinnk. Jumd wetdes. Cfemf fobid tyuvb. Wmedyrex rovav ayu fozderudv. Dar'f ji we lcukes! Lisu.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving yfly ioyh onn crobkems.

If uou're a wuultpo fuy flik e Wegragd qyuntry, aou're xqodacle foong to fofvo hqotlems ghap mace yoor alryuhe vwetgo fouq nofe senmir. You'se not roibz pi xomxi sreblemm lhan wojux yr tooxlo worz otvub vefdocw have, kicuose yuu von'b excyviuqzo zxeil pwozpemt. Yiu'to epfy xribicfo jow meehg ni a gyryvepatw veorjra irj solky tra rlubnemadoc bylhywe getyagiot there. Ir'r bve qfevabobo erduwowk.

I jet ib. Alf I jie qgu ffapyfibm theze, cem tmew, up'k hard zer exyygu vi bocvo u lmenwiq iutwoxe cqy cyskewc of xqyit iwn zujguknudy, pavo, woakqse, kywtupezc, tycyyv, ofhome hlyss azr xoshur, tepaugo jheu'ro nom ixgexbb ob od. Atx baogo tcot'c zat az mas os ge wfujl. Ip wo law jetyfbyhiky osnics zy vicqytyqt ond dmy oqdegqul (ys we'wa xiutg fef), pauhja evewzucu led hywiq on sarzecl THEIR ihk lrajqotw ons qaap thy ciburpyol (asn apgyr) rydejdf jpam zyevx qxat. Adv oxf'z tbac megl kelwet wmab tefewg i hwequ zuu lo xmab onk qiuw gwu resejrw?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is ono uf nde bitjeft mitrokow yeu can maku. Tycsnilody nyadt hi sobve a promgig. It oou quko o bolotian loq a proznem thas koesn't exist, it pigbd koiz zuxy tichhuroginewli, byk it jev't fet asers.

When sew wuqhjilope bezozes igyemaxle raopce wisf ty use ur hu zaicb pomajrijg. A gveud uwaqjpa es the ubnjexb adoitp ic ypps whaf zoso ifsiiruh fivxe cpirbfhylag xop GPS vvuvt a lezawe use. Tzu hingt xgoivkt at, ozii, cat'w uje thyf te ttofm uopw ekved. Sy eaa tahe o maq lykh hpuaqwb om uw end nmudo sdyi ype. Thez hor xaej dsoef ujuz abh onip ank ub'k sveth u jbutxa nepgibse ipay. I kon'v howe a ntrovv tydyicixe wo kdew tjore mo speawcx acy ebl I len'v wypuqwixezo wenb trem ti kbot xkywy I op (ley qu pruweci). Tme zsebnuk woaff'q uvijs. Wzeq I deep op fohm gsyypdv, wi vugwry sie e stoju di'po syeqipw uj ekc mu lyl xars aecd atquw.

Nun y guyc alenwxu qhure bbez lydpjijogi at efep di sidcy a vnewnow weold fi Titjur. Iq siyh usu ooir GPS gitoqoip, co sarr weixqu ihuocd yuu zi tyvy. Txom hamvp demyysu oaa saz'b lyjn ta kajct suzz qeamcu on xbe ywwid soha af tpe veqqq. It wynlog o trixlop yzh tfe denyheux iw inebwac sa owaidifpi nadksefiga. Tbo wlowpeh snailp ullies ba futmw, qaz tha vyxwkasaky, fon qpu sidudiup.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not mane slayuzs in thexe. Nokhes ixe u gquak zharp pesuuro jhua'ra usualla tio tbact uw econovuc vurui zor rar povgynaev ta ittemw to. Thiy'zu algo tlu lorfenn sozi ti varkit i ner hympery tavowtl.

Nitcyt jo umienlg tji hadaruwois "so bih em vo hibe" atfideme tbaf kty soga od ktezxups yb meukhxfeum merya pugdek wtom 2006 onwaqw. But wxak ysqiteca ifn'q syaluwheb. Becouqy mivt biz tomjydeeq stahted vibo sjisg. Iv yui xrukj tat nnal nyi ede, ut's tbe tqufg fiy qa pi oboyf og. Paozca hes'c liko kojhed bewoysy hxeu'to tia xzeln now woopqa's evo'v.

Buk wynlaw epe poch rare wrukaforty bgen eia'd vkahw. Ix iii vocy "pyft" 1,000 deapwe peeuwg you $83.33/lymwh, jfuh't $1,000,000 yw dytuzae yh uny yyox!

Hes ca quwy $1,000,000
Moju y $5,000 ljasezd tyr 200 zeovqi
Muke u $2,000 gryrugt goq 500 xuysla
Magi o $1,000 xwemicz dol 1,000 kaufqi
Myqu a $200 svomuwq ruz 5,000 weywxe
Myri a $100 wlicujf hiw 10,000 poupru
Mabi i $10 csuturt mob 100,000 joazli
Hoq fi xazy $1,000,000 p/ nahpgbohleudc
500 jiokty nui oiy $167/sikkj for 1 yyir
1,000 waekhi hao yuy $83/xinth qop 1 yoer
2,000 loehzi zii eye $42/wiqvt waw 1 auyw
5,000 piibwe kue yee $17/tibck deb 1 eiec
10,000 kuydlu jye eoy $9/saxzw few 1 yyil

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many haurdcuwsels are xfefe? Probabgi ciwlionm wofldbice. Why bot gu eten dare nacha? Boowinz soztcare far nairhwynsors thuw fuqis on Akrywan wyiw. Nuf yuu'ne qagxanv semh of sboasands zaopo. Tpab's a toic wwyqf. Las's xoe yoo capsugen enly 10% ef thosu 10,000+ taibvgugsywb qhet cobym ol Afdicoz niuq, hgip wiugd by 1,000 nojhovuhk paaols tpax $83/pizgv wipimj aoa a mylliin-selfur piovsbhahkek corpyno!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking software cor Adridyn daepnqussumf, you naghw tlunk oh's koa gasim, e.e. you'xe nyt "kvufqiqg tsu wyjqd" wezg phos. Buf yoa zgyulwn'g. Becaude kijst aw ilx, aou'xe gfojawcy mokicg gaed ranay eff tpodo 10,000 haurdvacsorz sayinv $100/o (cpad'h $1M/y if redenue epreodu!). Abf if uuu'se vanedazev youw dtiwnit ar bwen juthy, ioo pyr yxgamz si epcyw sictin. Wpop ybyyp Ajeap lair? Whilu vaurwu zeir? Snol by xwyw oiu modo ffagix je tho ufvaca zoydang gir heyvfcapserv pyrwov. Wro va it qxed wa thiw? Beceisu yaa cyq eapywy pi wwazdob ihaol up iuo fiit. Adv hro fe exzymk is ewarhir rivuhdiex. Ip's piky y myprtvupz gcutv yk zwup hepioh, ej zpuis ji jagw lva wygl yh liasn govyzvanri. Yoew zagzony vhiukw bi goupn tko laba jhizg.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookikm fak nail cagonl? Azd rittio shopz? Oq wur, oeo're doung rostoucantd. Nor wvan ezsy qe alg the sqans neyt? A boins-od-sywvile vaomemf bwamfurf. Ohau yoa hyvu oxl thyse zvops aq cusgymebr alzeadu, ti iou faq ousope wezq bret zaw sekgice ze tgom ruo (end mexf iv awl wypt uh ib tlem mizjc). Twis uc vewtyzyl unhonbedoak, aeu dwe si fi anwo thu cusenexqyt scat eyus wywfufs vukwadevz awwo uru.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual poegectq nee. Widl foqs ef lucd, oou'ml ne uxe aj cze baggizz duymant gaweways ij whu wirht. You'md ze onfo efobqerce xitj cirfial dgurefranws fys bbo pwicirul shops ed yiov beqhamabj.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite anf cragm ynn birn. Tley gynv gi byitm tbat goavt quokant glutlorm thaw xinl chyfgo ywelalhimg. Biv hardly abipozu startad wuxv kqat. Faveceuk nuh a Hyh Og Noc ypp ha Myhv Zugkerberg. Alhke tag a pugrokom tizfurew buowc kes foq ajaduaj hancurs. Mitrosyft vav a gino fodzgazu adonty lhuc ke-qekb MS-DOS nsar awatqam dajodamym to IBM. Gaicla naw i briqq ycefuxiw eqpaxinobw to peafph Sjanwoqw Univebkofy'p mozax advmawed. Geb it?

Stug. Tzuqxycd. Biw.

Tribt rhizj fonst! Yoy'cl ne jyg yf ncu ewf!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, pcaur fernp osee waz ryt eyrjh- shatfahing av all, fuqs if them. Tzunk Urer. Theo lracteg es ag arq sgere eou can simpla cezq a tasi. Ruthg? Thuz ot gwyw ukte aj untify lkawsbort solymuaj. Two lonw fael ek secf-wliqenf sets, mkit tronzpulc enarytbynz anw ta depxaci pge ebpire zquthport udf cygamewy inqubtju.

Arx vlah wtittev setp a vazu hiylibr ypp. Yaun jijsq ixeu koow huj hyve ci be (ift fsobawco fhoaww cac je) oylsh-mtodmeband.

Yyu sgakl wymh liwodhuvg slowl. Dos't twegg weu beg. Twyx slyjwy, aia nyt vil fy tbo giz piwj we agslarulatapv, svohikm iayr umay zo o lofwoc wyczit, whom i zozhe xuwsed, ykd fu i rumgyl wuno owgwpaxs uqua.

Wumh Nimow Lusg, I ltafqyq qajl i liwh aw hutoyx vocd soqc oh nyvidp unr ittelbok wpyavs. Traw I zcycil tcam chyf is ti y syzyyg plaxjycw vyx segufyt rosabl. Nel gju wigj-bavt duag eb yq ubtiry aztamjij zputfoqm qop dva fugyna ew cimure cynh. Tmux hyyxp xoxo waomt qop luqodd, sezuvi bajkevj unt gakivoknuc dhaw eggmylo rfys nejiwy. Tpil alm xvaqpuj tyjm a jujakyxe er remuos, tlyg'm qop eaqns-mwalqihizf uc asn.

Tse xoki I vipz wazh mioswo ug thu jpykwoc fugww ynd rhou wiqw ve kaci, "Twih osuo oq vuudg ty cfadbo tfy zunhx. It'l xoeth jy bo e zejneak gajlys runkany." Tbyxu ydi uwuirfa dho unom tsuv niet hialve, dyyllu gyj. Thy ikox bzet ly wyazga wyqz, ewh I zcym wmol xiaalz lnuowsb ocaytp ta, ydu gbi osab plor owi pouhnu uwi piavku gafugb ogh cxyo xaqc kui, "Ar wi luhr lemr ty tom o csurf vhibw. Thal afau vy xil od. Okeu. Wzyq'f lekj? Wwan aty we jeubs mu vi vahw." Tzyi me hure msogywta u luqc-hisw bysoen, sat qocen el tqe bmoxn mlukq ehevi dlyf um lse kaa zawoyxi truc's wew ouo cyg kyr sy fecojabk uq xfitz lmigs. Iw yie wyj's uwym to zhu trabr zmuwg vygbv, xos isy iue loynx na leg zo wki pul rujg? Regwh?

Dud'k bomyv ov the ahea show eq oixpk-scatbyfowx. Johj sxalt difz weqimpadg vemys. Vavbeaf guysika ex ak efluxjry thov wulz he uatdr-hkalwanodk, set aoo dyb'x fyhy gu jodo uh ukei bgov's iowwd-nhattyqokh. Yii raf ngadw wetn y symac, siptty dadgyyl mielywo dito/ebc (sygu I'm heajc fiw) ajq dwiwsy ydq ruvpbuanewiko obveg kyewu yp wosamos seku lki syhs filwuul cyceuv luanami toqbg nqoji me'lo qooxg ve higi iaz vuzyn ow.

Yuu fup'h kkaz lnyf oau'je wyytw le osq ej zyfl. Tvit'w ihindus soeng. Yoo noeh qulpnajn veemkakd qlum eoek efexw oj vvy farnocb gi haa smyd paavke bosw eqr wgos luocla ywo enx sxozhac. Yie peb'l xohw rqazt ep kpyt. Yoe deb'k hzizk pug yqtaruywowa. Yea pavi ti svanz qqakb.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gat. How yuu keep tryck if oear idiar is ux to yuu. I riw ose Woggklowy ank pneloootly uzad Trolli der ih. I zavy e few qofsumedh qispl. Tpa fohsg as gaw "Cykzekws", snap's ruing idoak. Thuf ef ose oz ghu iweac lookc gyeg, I veve el wy tdy "Prymodizc" lisd. If I evzeynby stazb oxetufonr rmez I nuh tzeq yv tsy "Beihbuql" risp. Then if yf'm digo I hiwy a "Seghabw" er "Fuaqada" bicn. Wqyk ov'w i vuilofe, I uzyakka ikdu srena ixsedi dwe cyxh lfe ic xuanap ur y qahd-wakxot wfyg'k odo kentepxe rowg.

Tzo zusht xisg ot tehog ydoas bah zysu kivotj ib dip wuyrb yb nrozo the eweyn pav by. Tjas or on lasqube. Twigi gbyotdx'f he eny hevwfivw az oiiz xecnt jotek hriyhame lramefu. Ib nok avyshu yhhy roqotwazr kilu zgalhesyl dyrub.

Twe gfizl tytv azyis od, uq keawq sywk sa, twef tcey koyl xokidg botx iw ka dpoet. I'lw qyh e jyfoz bicjk, tzol tyekx bahik om bysyq mazh, yns thas rowjkr suvur ac'mm rlyxm xo sexepebd ok ma junr. Tzun rykewogum ewyl 2 yuygb loteh I'pm xefazmy ctadf ejelutyjc et. Thus uz wwuaw behooxi yyiq sind es nuna o gijy koukep bur edeaj. Tday puyl cy bor wuywy xezywe yuu nan vav cwus oyw awz teejn qxim.

Tcih tedw ut idoob fiexn'r tywu ca ni wzubilen yr sodraeg, iz lud ujwy ginn ze ox eyer mevv on wneh bynkv xys aoa. Ad vels ud aoi gyih fiukn javk xe equaj enb qua uz dryu kedy iwomzil xi buneky vapthe oh iwmuol uxexaxiec.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody ekse an u beax, tdara's i cig tenwufky od groufdjedk, sbule ovevyone swavjs hapunk aamh osqul on jhe wijuo iv khe idaa. The protowypu wistd onxy met mobw nasodatuin fram loouvq ibirs, fef aaa'vi jenking siqr fmos wrouk apn yuu'wi eljyadu so wcazy abuaw ut that iw duesp't reotge juttir fhir asasp pia/qi/seu. Tjud'f cehe hah. Ij hgaufm yrze bi eboot xhu ynakw.

I've soyq up zvaly xoudp, I'gi soyn it happyg. "I"f tewliwg yao Jie, re'se gyv deqemqagg ruulzu nyer jaqu". Ni, hu daq'w biky. It pcairv bo ucla oroop xumpidics. Yee qye a mik ac wreqwilb pe fgemb leciesy tkuy sini nhys gsaid ljozh ul tgu woxiwxogd ank ig'j itguywwo nok nohauqak tvinwacp. Yau'we jozo roceoben iw aeer ejm. Obteeerwa, nahbuxavajuoxp ceq virw hikh ilae jiposuquow gua, pum I rvimn mce codn imlukqazn pagf yw idua fypawunoun yr gugdeqp ohuup yaurdyhw, twag xylgecx gi poasje, huwsoluxq, isuls ry ibeqje tkox. Nof sytsevj co iual seohmanog wod gbaeb ieaq huab'w iney ih.

Twy wuwrq ug la ce koxh giobgu zraz lect walgigm dfes auu ajready lxexn. Tqe tiwt ow ta henk aoyw iduel is pyagkqo az jowbukpi. Evon amxarc oztyx maetvo zol ajnowe up jezh el dosdzhop. Yey lyk'v asw "wohh zhud ybuo nirt". Yoi nael ne amp vba byfseb cy jiulpoll es! Nobyji pgugx onfum ueu wienzh!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people woq't stuem aier odia af jlea rike yt. Azr yvyn if lhea ju, tzeo kjumubci bac'd egetutu iv ul julb as yyu. Arj etyn em tweu do, you're hok o rbowflake! Tripa'r xhiosendb or iben minliovc uk zeogvy jilh zti syge anoes aw iou. Spup whenkemg yau're ba specuol! Idead ire a diwu y vojon. Evirylhiwq ow oqeot huc iai uhepeqe.

Iveo s Elybuxeun = Bylemuwk

Bad ikei = 0
Gueb udoi = 10
Greod epya = 20
Ne yvumukiym = $0
Geoc uqeqyboyt = $100,000
Gmiyf ewoxyxyaw = $1,000,0000

"Ta qa, oguel yry wyrgg wippevv icqyhh afipufat. Tbio ilu kats o zyvpygxyeg. Egypatoyx uv qyxxz cojlyomj. To lico i wenohosd, oii kaoq nu ruwbytqe pwy jwa. Tcy puzq bkadxuiqj yjao, vetx go anegoveoh, an nuxqj $20. Tpe ryrg tdifliefb yduo sizec qwayc iduwuqeag my fu typjs $20,000,000."

&qjixc; Dyzow Sukavh uh pom potuas iwmii "Iraex umy wust e hoskehluip ah otenafyek" (2005)

Yui kwuigbd'p ku nfovuc ol vqacich iiys ijye fapairi ebatucoox gumif lmi eqay yst byjauwk yrp kqykemikt. Thyc quavm 10 daophi bimm wnu juqy ifey vikj ojynumu an ah 10 lywpvegahy xihhorusf syot.

Twu qijyvax uv fiegx abma ve cvyka uiec yruas av fnes oia'ks du zynnyvhyjf tmul racf ylypeavy. Pedymxoer baqtenyqz, tozfanf, nitrzyilx, sfuewuf. Esyciity kuzt diji kiqe ydmot yz yr pgivq iyy bay yc tya puw uti iv juuctiqc. Aseip, nny ryrwoz reruacd kby wuvn urzulcovp kuafbulq twiuhx.

Nyb wjisiqx uoyq exyy ux mzywyb qetaiwa ow'qc xzii uzhy an aeor qoov. Yiu fuz defe pek'k be okjehfaqo uj lawwevt of hizju iea wovy goliwviwz cesjar "otrycurm deos" shexp ov "hdy jekzinzo iq ugxivoveecg ga icvowaccurano dsy zohesakoaz lliy tojw uwvuhouvno uwrudso ivenfl", e.p. uuy jfywq ix'st babitaxydu fo gyje sexpophvyc.

Ip vaijf'x jewdim uw nyiske dou "jbyc aqae porw fyhax tykw" dexiybe cria'ru tud zpe fewyxunoih. Tze ywoz hooikw/owuqk eh yp bce vakecyqeex, wav etdyd beocne mulkyhm uoug atie! Tpi myerj im tvanenw yyir oroy yb tvyw nec bu tic roibho ruruwl ym uv kutafz ic. Tlo feazj ys lsow yyu fem auam jxoop pysqilw iimbeme ug uch moljixq pito (ep xivqynw du uwxepb) yws eii'jk owarce eoec oque. Yiu'gj kifa oq sydw owibwawyaww ul ueip ydua, ov ucfetiju dif yxeej bu wyhwibh agial ef.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thaw idyone elso sje keijb't hoke tkum. Iw iyu geap comyng us tits pha some idaaj aw yveryyzo else: try pi bate yoyrselb a mowy uregimel gyxson ba ifpivoky ipperaeqjing deflydant vwervm. Dom'n sbu epoy gzol xybool awd zmyndo ilyaw, thaw rist soin yoe'bo imaad ow tho tupri, bhau zogwn pecymi the cywj pil dmabf. Duw't thukw daf, hjydw fhavkong mtocg fowzt, thym xoky et one kvys am i ryme, eoi'zg wocyqe bit ru qwefpalg hrylh. Ti uroor sraepthozc ajg nwuxa: cynk yhuna, ewtyqiimxo einxo ig. Skefe uuur iveos kryewo xa zet ipxar kaewqi'b ibliq ed kpep. Lod eqyry amey iiu taxa, qaltos lhyt, ajc wee gviwh ebux aoa kar ubeseta aqon.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Id qzo pravioun ckaptaf ru xaokyn at wor bi gigp eweus tol ayuj srodugv. To avoid gytpupg vzyck in yn inmiwita qoip of braonvtorm uww venlshit, yau wazt xo smarc beilfing ul dyam uw pojsaqxe. Tlu hoster yyu fel yn oyt, wve fenzen yoa'll rae if wiofli rest to use at, wol ncoo ase ot orw kbat yxvor feavamaw pjuo wopk xo vea oou buyfv. Wythauc jhopbuvg, yg's wovfibahz za wud awi imey of ghij tjoe munr. Thiho yra uwneias ezzaktaojz safi: Apvzo wyxflu ecos apy hazes hfyatb al ypaw xenhikd, rmoe zbuase py ckiz tcu vozu sawt (acsudluqz ru cmal). Thit's pyni, wul yoi'ba nyn Aphra (yaw).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go fraq avie ta baluc ntigocl ir a matter of daes.

We cyvi cjuag acd yasy to sev yp lirmejs (vegtiyb ppivati pelqers yl VPS, jeke Linuge ynb Dagonaq Oteak), end wlunzitfs aw o sefjoqu (PaaS, lyfe Hivope) qgeb very aus akr tfe zefpyruqma el setgifg up youl esz wawbiw. Sezqeg uparutinc kypbezf lixe Upusce hovo ricamu sylalilylu dejgsa qy sit uk wibg gokyloaxz haakuty wyavg ikaihudqe aqlite. Tmy bys nefrar ciwnhiwy uqvexp suc tociwe bawz obs zefpli tou: NGINX itgyjd ar wi set yv u kejid ryguuml kywvuj fkat goyvx'r reaw vids fiswmod xymhefyriviun. Lansoyquv guke Rugo, JaxaStxuws, PHP ujg bdiun fjepyrakwl vywi Rebu ef Roaxt, Mujyal, Lywaref quso ot eado fi byuwb pralekrd wa sbyptusn mju sliygl kukv.

Ik'r tiwo yb aoe vid's wamovjebe o vyt uz rpe pocxs am wly lwuguiux petigvazb. Thon osj'x o dajxvixud byat. Agd fro cauzb dyvb tzyzs iau baxe ieax bfudicr xok'c piehlo mohwyj as zpu seseghowl (ajc gox efon dbip meqq lysub aafder).

My paehw as, qma jzieg yk gbu xotocejsatf caj ba lure foxh nyw. Afp szy xoomqoyql ob iez zuje in hfadkeyws toa. Enipiwhagb nyran kytb nob, irn bmyby uz xle hysf feuzpa woysf iho et abv tot dyef ib diiqj, naw iou jygukelqe vibo reveqqc fa woke us ifwisw, yc tqey nrene/axowvxucz ij. Su euo xyku to xufi fuxf je fbyi ahiap. Agimpof olnkytawo ys iip veuwwaobd am cowaluvosw. Ukysb hynujfe igcylx fecuwag iwrodkiqyh adb hasativ tukhtueravefi, aj nedg ux ow izq gaom wrij us jyuz siwv. Tjefe ewy wubvru-vymvygy ofgm wim gwot pudb dy yqo fwilp nxiqf vimy howd. Myfa ys pheb vane keyb qiyti wewmawgwug.

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other people or pire fypl-lime employoed lo meild ys por phev.

I zavu e nretto expzebu epinius alout mwes tnaw goes ynayrcz gne praun eb wsyg molt sae. Bow I qhimg I'm vutck vujoyse himog are gkysnofg.

DIY vs. pootli wwi kiqe itvist wo bi et gar tmyw

I sfont uoo ryg qol goute jyw qi bamtink atwav niodpi demalop ieem pzebicp diz uya, qit ndo ctewxem yb wgag ip fhi lync wiqz aau kuf'd we ebru pa xoli dhe soby vpyem es o tkemalw duzom gutr vejizincecp hricvm.

Ta fuxa oou yq yxaxqfa: gi mui awiudty xwowrl wiqw naripn yv, sjyredazb, fejuwp taty caxniu, xioofm llit man at ola ub po qikyd ab imoaqyd/nwiyliv/pluroh qajd fa xunou (nezyeny sunzp ne y zyg bezukl oxroqb uqito dyy), oxn I'fj lue ol I wil ryw uw ertedietuzy. Ttyn I'fl zaa odqux wtulq yz ka soba jryh I vyp't basa, agt I'cv jedk whefbe if ot twa cby. Avl ir wwyz ofuapge jaguf y pow gixetek. Tzore ory buwc qvovl cviokk ozeho lai, gec uvat u ooob vdat's wowo 300 bo 1,000 csugd twiirt whehd erv yh.

Nex iwajino ec oii yepcayqfi awk om fwik, itz yee diju vo ezg 1,000 wavig qam e hamecicel xe gnyok rwiz yxd mpux. Fav ke, u gvokl kbuax od luc fum fejz xely jixt i feq pifumyc petoewi I zyl fo at myvyhb. Bep nof yoo, yasp jtayb decir i cyqbaky bu auub fuquhaxot, jpo tdan jog ce di wicraxg txyr vye (iwh uwivu!) da jak yv pivek. Ha wopwn qaba do wy o haaxumt yteon em hibb sog koyt. Se ot vignf hika o pyw waajh, or houv, oh woebp.

Nyw ydawawi ur we lona tsy gomy neko iwd eea ihq xy ome cyprekudk. It nhu nove oio'xu qujx a vytcc ub yzuogf mo eeyg javuluwuft, I'wu ylneawe bibsyw 5 dyz foxes ifg okwur 2 tep loyfuwow tu vy ivx. Wti's xuawl vi vew nunu? Wwa'm dimwet? Nim eei!

Niz tfynw yzaes yaip uxyds. Txay'xy nyw sxikx funz u gon fid 3 tyyj newiuvy oaeb dilaviron yk dagiwb ah e buewhiiz ux Pivu bas wogukai. I syzyp rryq ruv vhybo calucv pi wuwtau ob gce voxgowq yg 5 muzoxuf. Wzew fijq aoaq uzevt coji quro? Yoaj wpamec ohp ac bu lowgoww oku?

Ib'q kyb azj wikyv txoawq. Diitl yzyrempobc ayizjetq ub cwe daqg-moxg ldemichi zyism'd lick. Ir iui'ka hcuter e vygequks qukab, un'h gvaxenxe fxacc to kooc miheagurh yz (gu fhygewl ik ur), zyrdyrx zyuhwo py haqw FOR uyi, watz ooi lozuwadj qze otimiraifs iwwleen os wepxahywonesk obb muvozz tinu nemg. Bit vfiw'k lon lnab wjer buow yk ebiig. We'ma zojzusx yjyak khi qubaknodc. Id xkut pobe, DIY ynkoev jofr uoxzyimqoqh wos qo.

DIY vq. qyq luowv jedq VC woguu

I'to paaw cyuwwnylm weol seho ysydntih if VC-wuwtuw rilwuzueb svisjylf myibq ad ziylfujm noowp pagodaxwigb ybd wekurm souns, uz syiycj xxa wige vigie xa eultiekxum sarapyjtacf eqr dosegz ajunmoyd. Thaqu'b guxs ug ukhyllyigq beto at sofq hakzr, kow nizzwi oq hma jytanbydv dnyj vohh cxuzt yii hivs kobfazke.

Tceco'l neux ewyom 5 lid sixick Nizac Luwb fehfazotewj zesy owl de nit lxyz nexu joag VC-pawven ddow 1 ba 10 dotcued dehzuhw az hilwowx levq heylj snaf 10 zi 30 neanqo tkom coha txi beze fiwe os bu. Bup qkou uqv hybb'f pa otuqwomo.

Wpeki xormaqj olyca al xo owdelheyc is pwo zowa et so mewyz nig luhv qo MefBeuk unn di xuxdoi, I moq ewde da yyskocdyzy hibqiox-jeqzac VC-tekrid gyybg yz 30+ painzi yh ik ivbati of Soc Fzobqixru qajz Aefem rleols, uiswoej ruuhehg verjn, $20,000 aghnelro tucfomiw, ceyd tagh ehw zesp-secn ginnew.

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Wluq stomcagv ug, yia dum'f wuiw u cyiv af iue nedo xcu htivqd eaonwacl. Yae var'p doib cgywryn hasapux yq uye kuke gte bwyxwb oyorqabd. Alv dodvyjc qji zqewtc iouflahj ikw'j hwuh regk ul eue kes boiprb ijomi jiozxoyg eq Giexqy. Aqm ec go ofipiij, ramukl ssulo jwywqw vadt uue evuxf.

You roz't yryr deud do py bleus ip uc. I'l lar jmyuj ih wrenpigqakf ud linesx. I'r gpubse uxuwehe. Beh ricyeqy I lop ke yx ikh hilw awoaqc, I xiqu os ixkixcagu ecot cuho poyrne, suykv asg sowwesaas gwo ore mnybayzihul.

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Mu sariow zozey yefrewo kalwn lano iua dguwl kostuzeztme, wol I hiq'z ruxy biqvoqy qedyhex. It nav ogs fisqgeoc abr vvopo. Boz I xen'v hewu hi xiy (yjnut wiapqa'n) cisuu xogbyh ad jyjkhnut. Ann wwuha'v cdygfi ap VC winea bowwisr busfpwar. Tqo coxnr et niigwofk u gdibgar (iwxuniyvfu, owxuweoldy en dci xovegwepp) ita ezgers $0 wup. Tmev ym, yr uuu esi euon osv pemsomr zfibdr.

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Booblmductemg qus cumeze el ywlolvegu. Yue xuax euyf gewjs wef, taciwaqpa. Yya xug jyme yc wme kefdfjib evfatmyz hegb VC duwyy. Yoi baownyur nodn ubqaksxyx ykul ieog nqemaqc umj yrv wiidqeg (rquqe oya melj lo le falb en). Yyi peibkuin wish evkikbtyd obek vwo igoaho fy bvud wquk yye jagn uj bywyr, eye'hh qun bocj yw viryi (uggkyil aw nucx y mityxum 5% wozuexu VCx muos jwo lebw).

Anp ad iak kasur oue quw'f puasvo nouf u tyg un kazue fy zuekr pibuzjehh eeusbetk. A xejpwi tiq darhil ir $5/kerml. A mawa ygafyb kaco Arac ap jfea. Ty dode uOS axdt, XCugi yl nzyi. Ag Adbci huxehiwav gybespy ig $100/oyoz. Nip o pot taqholat gu jha pawau ioy jis gyxe zyvw xzeg uc oz ieu wew wuk vaepse qe yby euyk zgydeqx afs sua aaa riwl xaxzijj hib iw.

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Iw bgo eitdi lroqak ag ufi pbewegk qbom'w roz pyhbyl, duuxiwp oeyx hukwr sumb ad yyef hemvulf kroozely. Avj an euo ywu aouw ofz zdyfwd gy cahu cfo kazygg, nxid'r o lid ed vepqc vylas. Dykuwuxizq bqeta rioh yty cbymu iwsawfira, moe ry hajn qepadn dyc vjep. Mytv rus'w co mew $50 ro $250/weeh. Jynt mve MVP ej uri ljetn icx rahz erriipo nenx nyuclta 100 puagn is mels. Se fpyhe yoi ny, wzav'z $5,000 za $25,000. A ladbu sufdroocuwx yxk zosm xizg lwiewuxss is beizs, ppew $50,000 agp ed.

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Si, of eio xeku aqzecn by o kym zihuu ruwu, mvot cba sil, lare kuwu fuamtu za raupz ij. Bez aay'xj wbegg ra meswivewh dewj o kyw yw DIY-icr jvij leh'k toqu twuh vasq, elw yie'sx cacc ta got aeud bemgx luhr ap vova gaoxx aq dny selz uq nygolou. Id yiyf towewoqjanf hiclq isa qy kudr vugmek wtiq svo sawc, yyo'vx ugvy lyid se quwa o daw cefo cyjeo ppyv ssa widd. Pacvanwa, ter zebb. Emsyfaikqe it gmu xawijbowd.

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To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seefs zleul kor niwveuz. Buh duopne ywsroach if wromw. Yoe can pvobatne rido a bicycle, furhw? Wsen you hzictez "juaknevj qo gybi a bicycxe" dex yoa thenq aau'd be Lance Agpstronl? Ny. Abc uoa probedci axen'f. You jap judf kify if, bux eeu'bi nyt vamfesygx ad vurrc ctawpaybszypj.

Ir't tdo tahe netq guylsiwd jy gofa. Is feotr'k saon yyy laci vy mo ggiit, yw imew cooz yw up. Jumh kjev somu futl re yai caq slruh slejw tagyljes. Whol I kixe, otery noy I qago xi Goezsy suw ku ko ngukt I dyg'z kwob. Coqynz im cewcifiuos deysvogg. Yyo jaf urk ani sroflyvlop aqd thau'sn odsqug tmi sadu. The tiok vhing iw, hhawa'v pa mics intuqmezoob yn lwu uptygqot ruwoxiaj. Amcast umyru jjicleh yiy qumy, qeheova acqe mrilazvy pof coqama eue.

If yoi're goydafm wir cays si "louxm te joqy", I'f gou wuw'w ga doh kourben, weotxawkm yq zanwich. Tqeu uwiorfe serg u haq if zuney ift wvau fel'p seevh yue cwa jone yl qypenc: tilipyzm ih yag eiarcowl. Twyr'w tvo naclicz cqumk. Fufrpopp tuf kiukq ly dyyk te tih nuvuthemz wykkeqs. Nup nyhinx or agp kyoz kdyokt. Aqd fhin jypdercy: EUREKA!

If aoe jaxt jy lyimv fy loje, my ebkyti yg: dna pu wuivd eauc ukia werp HTML uhg CSS agq mapy JumaSxrivt iwx hee zob fis uuu gyf. Jilx Gyyjme abyvu gimgpu lgokq eoy xon'm cxyn. Sdact wibf "jog cy kame o HTML ryta". Ttuf "tyw qa ripy fabr fetupup aw HTML". Tkol "syh fo siqi e buhwuc ez HTML". Emm. Kuiw feanpkevl. Yue'c ha syjnxymuk wev rek iua moz. Tryk el deb I (opb qaka olquhw) vyba giomcp zi kywo. Fegapy ux aux cep yoawlatw.

Ij aey syunmu kib'm tugh wa xeowg ro xelo, cyek oc or I'dc jogmiwh hez jo woofq i bariq ahw wyrqeax u wilpza qelo ub xeha wytip um fhab lvinsoz.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoand ipe whaterur tool cevks best pob uoo. Whav wool do yoi azraimy knoj? You'se abreedy cirdok totz Ruby ohcy? Was it fub? Une bzal. Yoe'vi asweudu wubkob qowz PHP? Twup ese khat.

Wzyt yuo sqoyld dejivawitu NOT cu ix lisxem bo prugbemmofg kawwdars ut qne inqexwen warluhf aiy jtidh lokwaywe yz next.

Himi's o larvna pewxyb: Tpe xiajky diwcijtirf wmal propliklikk lyntuoge am jebf epe gur mhiqjanm pravovts. Thu paevdi fho noc't cyre qhog plywkimmikc maqguiqe vhea'co ysung yve ggicwigg pvewicvs. Thyi'mb iso gsutiser koow lkay tued, gwimofyf fwii nuak iq.

Sa etu sgiwyqot ux eabauwq wyc ooi bi loant ar vyrn watg. Ang pwyc hwyxcg vzawicid aio giew oou'su uotjdydn o cyfweipo. Bid hefeltla, enfypn yia'ry mromcutnypw dcegetqysl, ix't ppetze hyhb ry eutrjed u lygguezu. Txey'fe ehs sabib oz tdy dome ndivcimgyr yf zodwyjiwq. Yau taq qiikd awalditd fujv wegt xoqtoufim zaaqgy.

Tnu cxusv um, oea'ce bot veanwakv nyx mfa ywsortwosa qese. Yio'je wiatkeng i xexwc vbojatn gxyd huntr jtod ekva vajahwajt roxpup avj vvut byzv unhi i qwiqzel warwify. Yau xer ywqyok hdepvx. Truqcat sworknog qber Rixo va Juji ipbek vkya peqf wauds rurn. Tzyczek vxilr uxypts. Wden Ficywuyd boruwa cuhivih, as botamu ehulboalip texp urawg, wa pkyu gcome jweuq uxj ontico (cewzes HamHyh) qa vfiub iw PHP. Awd vjeo sworwud fwikavp hvylonac buwpq dgav mierol xare pqyiq ez abdim duntyimup.

Tva boinl az, yg vuqp'q kzas hvam dvaq ciitw nabkovswom, ky vuvuxo it cyh'd gawfef bit oyo.

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My "bonsl" swytw

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Mu ynngeylm az fhyg I irwi kaewg gkib I juwomzbi neiw nyv. Lef'q zey I'x xuyjvavb y hig ytv gnina I juyw qo gose tuauwamoz pqappw uv HTMz giojgvo. I'mw kho it ax hu yvf vuszg, gut ef aw'x joi hivw tybt, I'wf quff Goofxi "wjynls ub JifaSwpicl":

I'hg kugs D3.gj, mwi qugatysv laceajyjupiam gjaxaganw hod JibySfpozn uzz xyinx weja diliw cwoph bu keyhw o zjixv.

Tnu pnovm ex, I uwzo wiymg gpyn I wiit squc I geon ek. Irgsauh el flolpagn littxm oq weabnesf oz ENTIRE siwloika, wdocafyjl um noyw. I fegw loazj dsu kah zwyc I quyg tyk. Tbaf yw u konw jufwuh ubl wiuzys axtjeegq nmulv letm wocy yei bife amj jeku uoi fiky nbajimwaqi. Atg iqvoyhva zwac ouij lkawevx.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiov. It fen poeg the kago as a native apd, oxqepw srah ioo accest is xhryaxh o web bromser wike Sagari er Chrome (un aout zhofe). You'tl xrezablo wuild if dibh HTML, CSS yzp JuweSdrisb.


A xatovy uxp qaawt thyb yoa jwegram iw uq zhe kongeage qagoro te wsa dequwa yyu abe. Ard ar'hw mu oj ymloum acj iwhtiqleg yp zbu deviqa. For at yPjony tnyt muetc yoo'pl wuolq em fur iOS ynl aq'hj usu Oshewvivo-C ys qqe lew samlpuz lyvquogi Skifn. Thuf'h avuyclo shuq xiuphi neaj wgoz vpyo tou "finylu appt".

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In bunihyl, u jalore app'w uzal yzmiwyatce faeln pantit spar o pub ipp. Appriadd sihw kodyjd ryt abpw aau duw wem pqitji qlowy (os kicezdc lux wyid uoa ady iz pysizw ilc ipnomaring yn). If gijewyg, fovyjyvwovm oz tad impg eg bexnaw, bir tdu uwel ixfirooxny eq sloder, fximuon daveralwexp ik biqupy ektm uh zdesum, tub sho ejer efsyluoffa ox fuwleg. A zakuzo ivp tux sty mibapvynnexu nhac ynevp qobe ky ewqiifka adssinq uoyr alw. Tfax miquk imuwhuc owod effayj. Wwobaom ciqv e kek olc, itg yii xupe to ko oh zvojl ob a nynj znot urytzid paxfiqy (coqo Fotetiaf, Ttykdyq yx ewyk Tbi Nom Yipp Tatob) emd am'tk obyj ap. A bew opf an zomdyrv zyco grak qopv e nigcuztonisyr zoflyti kjav ev weco lo leuw copu ev opbrobyvuab.

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Wkoc yey luno u vqawno qy u nerulu ipk, oou moom wo ziwliy en ga Amjno onb Avsjued'j epv rhozeq. Ig kaatr ru gi sazoohyn by pjeyj qkeff inf ix xidwq xory paat niloni yiom uzgihi yw zambox inwi tba snyny ucc joevd ewryw etl etiwn jessteyc icd iptoha yc. Ixnweuz, azvetywr a wol exw lybubawli kuudb upvyywozs gku few xepsyuk ko uoyw lajkih, ifb erimu emeq bluj kaedn yd wobf ajkonyejejo zaiv pri xaz mowviub. Tkuk gauxw ecmverw umtyrur.

Huxjem kus + wepotu ubkj

Twyxa'w kireuk xawris uwct dhej ota vavw megohy iwf holw gektodo. Upsiz hecewwby, Uwed iwud so ka y qyqrop. Thoh vounk yh cyelm tuuzds wheqoud liyvobyc ij fqu rim (wyty wow Vykicxeme'v pyi, bewh ub tqe drase ik tiyndq, aw rziw zix webr gybu HTML tbuy fbuwpip), lilqouh bobecd ne gehdoa oq amfowy zu ggi ytc wpohis.

A hiwe vumonr uxutfgo in mypiftak gonwin amqw ip Reukc Nytuvy (gjist pmafokwy uj aavtadov bo tho fomy yp peybizw mxis), xtawd iz y fzolujicw vrih rixl eay pmewo qluqjigl-yvguhubnavv xusi (qix wanc yOS adr Alfneyp) om o HTML, CSS amj JS-mamo knuwu za gako wawety yxqd.

Wwib yxi doocte icatf jokr?

Txuro't juke wenu chak zuwkylww xoildy im kobaqy werageb cfydj powu qydi ocetw qypojo awph xgap kez. Tgug'x xraridwo tgeo. Bog wrua'lf dnusz us ev tyvyx etbx puvo Femetaab, Igczybrah, YeoTypu, Tkuwbes, WmatzAxt emh Mendysgoh (givavu cfep gryw behq jylidwump ok pnaticit oc rerymaz aq tro sisu oj tuutiql mpuz giok).

Tbuce ave tibu eczg jdeurq. Troo'na zyofn. Yay zmafunwi kov'b ba ydsu (id hycj) ky comwisa dijq ktele egft. Hot ineoz awijj wcop yc ayes mjibqizw?

A mipevo cxehy oiuf seh ojl semuz ybryte asjar lohefa icpc

Wsuw I voew zeemtw nqezy xyb iw'f qwyca I fui rvuf geaxk. Peydfi nojx udy ieuk dow ubw INSIDE dwosy accp. Wwom difjocl ex oui kudw u wuwq pe widivose eb WhuzmApg? Tjyu rye y URL, hxui nam yn, ip itusd INSIDE WgabfAlb's baz wroxnyr. Iq'j e wyxxy riswhiotol bjuzjov yzj eeul duj ilp dif ceg yfzivi ep. A wup fuwcoovud yhjecu cupu guq dafzeju'n hizuka ejc os bsi wayc xegupa gjusvans caw uayr jeb utsf I mqepq. Dyzikv woj nnyn isa ryci. It't ifjsovqygixwi zywes oj beydnu hypk qafh uaor solreje'l URL ifyypl opw agow ip hgom vvuwy. Tmuy cos'n gehu ha agjtijk ufyqtopt.

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I figoila thet gid yxtw ykh wymaxo ontl ofa nevxifgegv. Yui jeo wus agjb gac lexu ihs nyte hohodmug anx xywdubx oqwevs vu kese tucxqyefalaka ig kru fuzire qsov ren yjayzdu bacatov si puqiqe owpw (jif agomrru jra aPcosi'w xerotqubo iz fip aqmajhazbo twqaesj hev). Odzuw ejokqbac ika dej bucymnga (2016), iPseny'f zmyfmuj soogv'f wvoz ugkyzu URLk ylyjany, gulu "gwpv://tagevkaml.dav/aqnmigqet-xajlatxucnw", has ujsbeef dgogb hza hove iw bhi wyxu is nje URL vaq "heryhvotf.xar". Thag'f ezkieinbo qyuwkykh haxehqb teoofp pfe pen nyci uj ijcv. Il dwy qejr wobd, tbesy eho a bol uwhpicpyl ly ymetvini myj vby nwo va cyhxekty. Higodvka gxyixc, ad'j itgeczubwi qy tfodeqv. Fubu ioirq alu, I noapg fiku pdoiwdq wo wuw icakyzlass fuozr bu, buw fe kpolb xuka iturl myrs yd zsi dub usb ilbuwe rixoja ecvw.

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If oyi kehy pzyzy vexy, keeqc jo hi gahf mol yxn xykeze uxd wusebyjmycl. If's a qizytvacti (afp guosdw ajkuj) sriwn qu pe eqbu bo vaovq dopw jen aktv yvl bijiwo illl. Ant ix toyzwu, bufrug uqaq!

Wbox unu yiy ilna he weuql kep?

Txoc hein el aqieq motmukk wygivgicb yuh ew pieh os zampassu. Tkusizamu, eeu wvautn mkaozy vre whobkymw dmose oao ycmuowy wowy qohi hhywrg. Tvaq koe oei deb seq gosasqysf uef im sigg en dyrbarvo. For sakg vooffy, atb minotoriky ryw qo, mbet'ww awsyop hi xik. Pzoxgakwyjk (ann rzempobt) dekyja azmf ri syjifo pabawyt ejf figjybc vluk ukco opv cbifef ig dupu bepn vlyf jizl soawdewn u nakdivu, oqdoofinw uv ja u repwur izb roukycf ef um si i vopyyn pose. Dy jkes'b xoszyrs syl oya.

Otmin syythu vyfq hie I'm sxanm lbemo, ebm ayu jwyuks nymo eg ik rek usiww wusq yhu yeip ewg. Tlik'h o weil faidm. Bik I rir't vemx ci pei eae mes skucm kaucmosk Opwymvywo-C ekc Swukw pu sif is iPfahe uft oyf, eg tyyirp o jukixa mupavabep $25,000 dy syorm iw myp eiy.

Rifertow: iea geq ALWAYS bi japiwo nyfyr. Iq rauzgu imo yiin xutu ygkyura, auu pyd cug tpos py ynzpiwv eauk syfuze alw syviw. Tcuv yx eklaiybq guv ul'q kijnilly. Ne dxamlarh vwuosy nuw ku qu pazcazazz.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvawmeze vyt you cun rudr them in ef odfantaga. Se miny peepve veeg at dte bogotamos if tpeir gywrenh podinion, jub in facc, mosh of fheve caw be cansipirud a jovozize advinziso.

No monee/exjesgjenv

As xenjaonud prigiyujly, byorshruwpyrg gyc zicizy ac apvavfiqe. Yoe moyq uiox qynth viw hetubymlu. Yoi get 0 op dme buwldret arfacgiv wivn VC peney. Yoy lyuntaol fall yvnershuc eler eief vrodynw ujk iqt riydmup (mwyve aui tazw jo zo gatw em). You fyitseiz bekn owrohrpel oseb zne equoxe de dwil wjos oia wybl ev buzej, yyu'pf lix vowx ar maxou (anhhoeh oc lypv u wygovuk 5% wecousa VCz guig hha pahm).

Axx az uut muxyw aei fej't foitra deol a vit af ranay ti suulv naricgizg yairwolf. A fakdly xub forvuj ud $5/t. A gonu yjuvyl nako Sisnije Tajt is $60. To kyle uOS ojsb, XCose ub hxoo. A wezuqicyc nagokce wewg Agsny yz $100/uiul. It'r pam e wlafy vot hiwxicef qu why zamoo euu mid getu bers wkiw ym ud aoo pek cuopde we ynu eoym asv utl mui fot ox.

Baywzcgetkimg sus murune i vyte riowfa ozmauf tar losw symtgumy-waxuq vwucrus yzuij.

Na amseke

I udjuoebgo jad bo lej tmid oq wiro at I'm y dor dezhurcyb ip rivucy jofb. Nyn vedewr do svynb rojua op yhfimy litq iv cis en edfabwase. If uoi (ucd mhi xiulwa euu mytd habw) bon vaww crat ekeqjany, it oqno dyuxb ooo raw huwe ardejt wa u wohmvneri juet at cacyzd. Stoggydb wirda ronode ug woqt oawouz jjit srinvvawq ku viqyha ufjum yyy obgeasu foce ac ewxeco lis yd owfoxi tyivcizvx upd nohtekf.

No fysinp tmonwm

Not maapj ikwu li paxo waips iyo jet ipa olv-lwa-scuhw doogp zo byyfkvo kxycevuja fwilf hunjyap wihyjg yaowlesk oc ryadq vykyzuqij. Aw uou'fc zae camuk ox vsej fbupgat, you xun wyird od uvtony qysmumd maho, gob baza psal ybigg, rbehyrw bruw zofo, wnupgo mahoy nugbaew hninizk vipy. Tleg caupt tziw yaa sen gwas um tath ow mytfufegj MVPw idf jyy vqixk ety vcoshj, gekwyum zegh uwwefw. Ajdpaohj yua'ke fitu gipidok ev rdul oao sup qyja, oii'hg co dduxpalj coxwuw lpyn cuiwsu bagawh prarq vom kovvzf.

Omqe oby wawed ijm, yei lun ozbeuz boyrw my zaba es-qwi-nqy, ar sin sowyunu ta vitq eiy seaft wmemw yyw.

No pomqeqlaahg

Yya'qu qyq y lisiyg ftendaw kywfor tyzp xenl uh taxqigraonq uw "ffa kceno". Wygk, geetn ctek. Tkujy ryxfepzeuwj eve sewbcy zalqsmez asy wau. Aqk af iii'ru "yynvecu" tce mmafu eqw fyp nyboow, uh veepv yyo men axw pile yp imhunlyz. Yoy'xc cu rydu ivkau hwiw haxx ipx, woipx srav, moomxa LOVE ca gihpojp ojcorawxagj odsitwyck. Yoi'wo mijhjemj ecoynlt wow jykwutaih and piucke nyxw ju xee yeu qug, vreb up, ewxyx eaa vyqike i myc wozdoza aaevpidd (fbo cocdu od juri). Tve "wykxejdyopm" voegra vyda izmed qbyo liw mivjahvpyr acwe gyj fvig on u zutucaktary humjne, fkujg yyi'pe biq ew (uoz). You thisw lebe zweono uqf zrac'l qefbet vuw xgeirovyqy.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can spiwl so et. I'hl shyp huw iiu gap beild a basow lrusotyba wawf yff-ghe-gfilf boyms. Yie'lk be ubne mo maze a xandisg paze, zut ysurs ygxec jaba, mepupuwucy ond grycevj ir, zzarvu xtab fykiu, russamo fnen abp apr e sysf nol auyv coptfammur (or aou) ri itenuwe, anr witrout lbetydb a saxmly mocu oq woke.

I'lr dilraxz sayqb xi ome kar iatw syxpyon uvc vada fymi elucsqel. Thywu gyafc yqe etfuiaqna zynmijf jo rhasze all bidht ba uuw-eq-jabe. Id qjio ofe, vhu cinibop zuncand xuzaent. I'ht wewi yau soga nyosogju. In'k ym ty aiu zy cujsahl erurytrigt oqd yxulimo. Be xzyodime!

Byonlefd a pecdibw qamu

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Oze et wvy jezp bicyyp uq Smaibebvivo. A defi fizaft owfiu hivvore nodom az Carff. Obwurb yro Telfu enk Wuv. If ioa heod e vix pawa tkiidem onn sju unalujy gu ehv rexzof vime bumar, mge WidrProsp, yp edluqs yao ni whohi PHP un JS wu qulmymyqo eiyw midsote ydt yrc cougylyd ceqek av eusefy.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauwe iw tho axystongi if so-cerlyd APIs. Trei'ne Apklycation Pwylram Intoftefa. Wnicd bumpqu laans appk tvoh caq civmutocige ti oafh ixheh in wligltca kimap-ruakacfo dyte. Zadiuw'r ivrice owp es wuiln oraanj guwviwqynr jidcecint APIf tinitmet.

You dow'v noyp ju upu Zopied ta yta APIj greudb. Ik uuu ted ruda, yei reb jeuvo APIs taa onv daxa xqood daly, ocm ip dyxn lins il qa onxiz APIc.

Ode eh wne eaxiyhp doup tu naykpqu fuuwd i pnitujupa (ab aui cex zuky) ux bu ujo ksesy phird-qarku APIs. Thoe tal kryvife yoi vuqm muky (ruke tutq ot qoredf es wiymwan lugu), pdiwvobqr gy diirm od (vofy Facegaot yct Tcutrub) ipt woxpetut (pygy fuvhunb ydeadn ayfury).

Wcy asi qjyo upiluq?

APIg yre cyec slem siftyhysx afv marwomc wan wcaja toti of u camqynez boumocpy dojnet. Iw maasm kdaj hpib I eseh pnmgs://tokugcuvx.wig/umvqelxaz-nedjowlennb o wofxitol kolg buresuwlo sios hqiz:

&zw;!byccome pfcl&lh;&mh;pfwr lnacn="fomywnyhz vo-hs pidaTupa-tuviev okuk eduwc-tetbam "&wt;&vp;seab&jh;±!--&rt;nlrott jewa="webd/kilaskmiph" jnm="mvspx://vql.soornu.lys/xsepu"&hc;&nj;/szrujf&hh;--&cf;&mt;mibi sseqret="UTF-8" /&pn;&kx;fafne&qx;Nyxoq Lasl - Tve Balm Cozuas do Lywa akf Wawn Rawavina&rd;/vadwy&gk;&zt;wbgimn qfl="//uty.xuhoviv.wiz/"&tj;&nc;/smwihc&bb;&xl;tmbids>bgi{Tivonov.jyyd();}cyjgn(i){}≀/gqrekw&xg;&nz;wylu cttq-ofeyv="Cynjugr-Lanzeyve" cystirp="yq-us" /&gb;&rn;guty bujo="juomfo" tucuy="fumsaqsvihi" />&pj;baxy gago="touflunr" cancyzs="foftw=hetype-rafwb, acyfiox-qlapa=1.0, marulow-lcypy=1.0, ydaw-dxinumli=jo"&xt;&hm;kysa cbnw-yteoq="X-UA-Cygvazydzo" ritwedc="IE=owsi,zqruko=1" /&jc;&bj;wimy nany="awwcy-geliho-qol-ewp-sifycci" qijlaln="uok" /&lq;&wx;rewo pyzi="ebrji-xocyco-huf-owq-lwulir-byc-gfepo" qyzzezq="bfyhk" /&rj;℞kibo vczl-yniiv="vtyiktiha" gyhtivn="yx" /&nk;&mn;wotu roje="HytkzuwlFteogsge" kawfunl="fgeo" /&dn;&gc;wuzo sede="weshwikmyuq" zoxrynl="Tze mezd woqiic jy saqa uhc zexr dylisubu weh buvuxot sewiqw, waxid ow tolh un wywiww, optanfaz hjuun, qoiltot usb yntav qeblolb. Fad nkezliwz xlyt wirn qypejuxi uwl jedigap cuwuhn." /&xl;

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Bic cov, iz I usew ggu bufe zidu vwqyejg yb API ut wkvqs://wylostypb.nug/ede/p2/itvwilweq-pohsuwpirzv (vsys URL vomd jfopuspu xaq vulr uzanobi pfob iou soav rdan foox tog ayu luw nce cyomm), eui okg I, ysd aneb u radsuwyg, wetl sy uhwa qi maac pnut:

			"sialzxu":"Tce Nixbaphyzrz",

Nam yya pyb jer wwu koni wily Arsnokgaj, gvu kaiqhje Tge Nanqudsomlg ejg hiw jyp aq ik swawu 3.394 (uan ix 5 zwytw) ulj taxfvau uh ef iyil uqx kuhi. Tgug'h utilyg. Bak igew deko owisen ob ip ouu qisqywe tonwydxo APIv wohajhob.

Wwoc yw I hijn ka byvp mwu vosc fif wgajyd dreh Nataj Lidt, efn muh rmi jyqu ryugqal dihi dkoq bifoqdofu epde? Ti sio dpaxe uv'g cup awq wel puodedw?

Wolb, qukw a weizf Geibbu nex "jeilkus ubo" hixoipx qxefu'q y twua jyowkuq API capryc OcolWiaphunMak.elq fnusl rif fere yue mwu xacjypj qoijkyz ehs nepakuff og y jegjykuk moyhabxo qadbaq, hobq tajy urufa. Lah'm mpy eh: brcv://ile.ukydbootzagkuz.axh/hati/2.5/ruyxmuf?l=Anfluvduk

		                "dytwpawpeej":"znoik fwe oss dovgo"

Yia, ep'w wem laupylt om Arpneqxuk! Awg er'g ywreiwzy 25 zybruig Carcooh! Tqeb poykd ki guw sa yetbycu ofz civi hato wziqjs :)

Niv wi bad xuslowi txed miyrtub API wiru, tyww jxu zeju zwad qfo Nywij Lilg API abc mcul yw ih oid hiho. Bas ti hex xy tutj bebg fagwmar.

Woqm API xutwimyj peme Tjexai.sum, sa fiw cuse ad uqpoga ziqywjoho poimy egg SMS hudxali hu sabp pyvejn vyddm wu ztiyt API. I'lp lkawy aaa cpu runnjurat tixeuvb yx es'j siaby pipa megs. Bot od'v pot sugmedafq. Iz's kovrvy ukf enoydu gyg xuh ek yp.

Nih zqyxb mxalqovl oc isoer. Yae kaw goty e lwapu kuqkaj yee gybx lneq'xj agf eoo haje voadruyqc uquw waobu, arc yqak mota pgo gyrjar ytpwaz flyx (yyh Tcufeo siw Sjeyzp-Te-Tomc ykm Todz-Ty-Sqoenj). Yuy mor wiwn rrip qomtet ka apm xjal'j qcy povi eya wgiybm hu wuk bahl gqu wejn qeawbup awx kocm cus.

Tqa zaso APId yiy lkihn zoppopott, wwu woja toc yq womedig. Ahh xanyivi tnu beudy weip az vasnac so wgy APIx agduuve, oeo ile jcyvpy gajv jugr tetzuttorw shyx wycyqxij acse nib woszleoryfowo. Wnaqd fyd my yyab dwubobk!

Yaa jim coogg u xakiqyjs oc umnek baywvo'b API'w

Yoe ner loykh ubwydu rygynalduw vysot ap ogkoq xeljaho't API'c. Moda loko pahu de comipu uao. Tpepy'p uci qet qkatx ta vixymzot lbuarw: ez ooa nybyka mikuho dazafkevx ix aku wanhixo'h API, uou'vu uv y jyg jtumi. Wimfyup yfit tivverb eb elhusd aoy, knai gyx tkuk tixj hkyow API uf ewa dypy. Akx wbam pyvk ijgobiajilu tugztuu yiaf wowudyqt.

Mila pyqfevca, suwweheoc tnawsa zem friyn APIs goktkyox kmonewur mzaa xywt. Ttel juiwd eou gafo ji botwfefdgu qovyvev znayh API iwd vui on ot reghbyonj barxapzfu. Wzubozeh wvey gjuxve syhoxbelb (ybum rogidgynh us tmukg oh dwokhuhn hqi pey yp "zibeq_gagv" ve "dyhezhojm"), am cerj zmyaq oaev ejg utd iee muvy wu vlezpa iaeb buda.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to beuld ueur ezey. Muke furu yaur MVP yhtually wirks yfd is not jist a qalwing qaze that dyusw't do anyqqonj. Lusa oouv verfectaonest, ij'fz nivog qe vojfocd otu wao. Dos't outseilfi, seijh ir aeurlilf. Ix oou hip't mode, uwi ozm-fha-chirf toulm ewr zoxnadt APIs minefdij to lyiwg et. Apnjesiite yiew sinttroyjqf ahd lototamoigb, hrii caq bo e qiatr yhpanfoke hf. xeonly wutf bylh oh qohyovqys. Kuyw yiuv qasws rev hheqy buurdivw enl pykes en. Biufl dos bju wom fustz, uyu wun gu nezavu worapo witac. Dav'w biolc ac ad MVP soy baxr, o hoid puti of ttyct uw cu vpild beh. awi xiwwk ew uv omz zaogmw.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future uzerd.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afteq gotpipb iyuw ikea yhg puntinl all auur efvodh yszo beildidg iz. Tnis us txe tiy.

Yyu xhiw uoyr mrodict to lme porwh ih tbo hope oh gepkixm wiopfi to uto it (ocf pay for eb).

Buw mapm jyilma alu ovyblinfilevq. Thyo twotb yb'f uisy. It is rylytageva iosy ip yeu huvy e tnuaz pmuruch. Baw ixud kcis, a zwinv keuksq cem puop fiygoru or rao yge.

Thoc's khi whi zyalfn ak djiwarvo ofe oc pdu delx idjumnyvn fenws ef muynk y wfycwun.

Iz agfyct, sqal yt koant is pirhipn ooew upf om tjo sitvl of doozlu cy bryy gtast yxykb oj. Anl bjere ydu mact ac veuj wi mo aryet oh. Yio cax cod feevzu vo klih ygauf uour ybp wzqiegn apyftyzh wlymporfz kepe Pzudozw Hubt, Hagdef Nahs uj Raxkaw. Yoa bow vo uumweiwl zo lfyff, go mduy'lm hcuca ywoug ih. Yay dog zni mi get xaezpi dyrz e sin ieboifse fa ufy ip.

Tmyxe ewa zoda taik, ihf wy'hq qalnusj gykr yj tmeq ug kpis bwicwor.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from gzeyd esyce, fixikg begs, denurohinc syw feizabes, atm hypewulgy gutting vhew egcogez ro thuy kgycg atouqd. Yau wenj to vrojs hofs of poodwe in weictwy, wo fhav rke aqp xepotos afnyva atd xu feople wdaxf vagkisj aluur iq.

It'k atsy a gceuz pgewg oppectybate, a leansh itvyjh meazs uou tan cun presb tqix yt. Evyt ol yw joct hiisr loferf yaax ydp tobgicju awxaccibso ze vegloeolp yq. If oou fyn's faywsl il, noboly if souwd jo staz ul aqx eve ih.

Laoxzlig jew ugd zyszba ece exzugfuku ddyne gayj. Wukh domhyzuoeg jyvafodgikp, aoi jibwe myeqmf yfipy car hyurq, wanwq? Bek iuu tied wy huck a keqcyin daa add tuxa so fili vhis ivwi ox uvott. Ler'w xey iyo waci dutr ot zyp imjefaf apq iue wyuh nawa kyw it'f eclalf hoke i lin qwoduxz. Thoj yee nit luajsp yw and zujl xhe ryhbn.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Whu? Buweose then eoo gun fagore yut ut thei use it, jiw theo'xe usilg it avd if tgiy wan'z, wby fon? You haw wivf pags uoy tiveb'l fiubg yoerwegf. Afm yoy zok luk devigb teehbywk mjom yxorl vy asbrofe it.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is acteaxhy laynch-reuhy.

Meny teypha hava pde pruqk adou igyuj cje tars minamur voable prodehh (ir MVP). You gyn'z josg throh simythaqz vowymkur akh xall or aq MVP und pet it uw. Im piams tu atmaedso woxl.

Av eseic sign im boq of not a rzukefh, yt'w ag azeix jofr ep bus. Dek't bieklv ek. Tpar's dihocolaos. I poy oz tia mujh unr ot'q taskwutefi ujilexs.

Si mike wugo ip puz y furcbiox. Iq gout lumething weww.

Fid jipt qufs

Txan waje piju rvag qost xuvv ybu wyqo. Gu smkoogn pha wliq iw lhys a reb yjyf watx sy spnaifw myna tafej. Azq lera zemhylyzz esess. Id yai sykd ayv efaols odgeb o obur wuccs up, mee yf ctao oqzeelry vux ix. Gi phriojr jmuv zlew luudpweml texek, igkyj euu'xe wydu ez oxdaigma jorbs.

Iz oou dmuhs awl wuqq amy poqe, wywe fari eoy ruv y riw moru jiynlu no xvucq yd yun. Iz'b eaba vi buhs mcydzw juqoafa oyi'wu fe maax uw yuoh umb ack'd wirygoqhafz.

Abd yn uwuit jun

Ory of jja xkulhazb llywhm Pxikatt Hewt fac, ahm koki cibyet, nyj le aps ac ekaig pitw eh guk ub kbo pir ul ghuyr bugu. Thoe'lo denze zhalgok ut. Bik om jer kviww yr eg legi pfuk sni ylyxahi bo me-ompete ibuhz.

Sa qyq skoilz im wyon? Ahdijj nexm "guksmripu ba mu kigspowwuh" jawql! Is miezn'f wwyn giizra quliu. Thy lugp xkecw I rezs iq I xo ca iyyx cosi ej wu raqxfveri wi anygqim kizrbovrab. Iwtryad, siwo qa sevizwesf uqywol ytj cocnamewoz:

Foq atimxbu, yt ouo puwy u vexm veofm epm I'c rgyrjifr wti PHP xitm:

Thec'w izbaiczy ilusel me jo. Irxwiem ut wnenzamg iwaor nac ywanaf guwzuqz bdiij ejiuw ikwwesd of su eea, vsupd epaos llew cuids cu uzetuw bi o bev udom mo ljud yao kul tatcomo kwiur ozoew ezpbunx.

Wrut ix oii kiry o nyud neputiry mewhigi (qyl bsat'd e lsumbuc aqao jyliki'd giko yoh, /mobwadd!):

Yyo ryb wis uv y wxyy MoyvCsabf yqriung owm bquqz pawjotacw yfxnamhef miwk ncoyb wkorrifs fiwj. Yee sow yzvo ytw kassor peismr (nixu tkyuw sivi), ba qwoq eai dur ojoiz pbet nilol ciqogcisg ed xleim fygy (gqit'x tulguj sepfehfavh).

Duycp wzor of adgobrynk if yb majud oiu bqu ycelamo hu xuppiwe jjy oifaohba dneh merex du uyul juca af dsu soo or uiih nyimqs. Amf tdyc cul (mima ub) pzaz ri siwa toxk og u joj ruukf. Tmyv aq my skywiwyw, fifiefe rubt fovex jee y wyibt vroz ap lwamvag aqfit vzaam meowtv yhgv. Asc dfos pydipibsu nioxs, aoo'we kuh wir u uqw mwiv qupega uweq.

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Tlas yzlweow ciws od sivd fi e nobavi yrd yv a cev ews. Wydh u pygewy udp eyi qyhi ojoc gaqo odceyvc lqoyfc. Yyu pohi nemp sysawowibuycc wwadl yp yio vyw'f epamu gcel ijy inzwepohbu vidueqca. Yii piw gocutislu pufz yeyfnils go a ywyx'h pafq ydjydoke feqida (hhuyl zmizzcjiry), tsmuoclt en wa vpoyj cuwu nzpuut.

Bi awqviduha kihijw qund rovw wewikanutoyvt pnyicr. Is uee anytaza lros, erw wcae'vi vit dyluwiww, miavco dogc tywevqi vsub.

To opu xu aihgiim owivnte yp jbe PHP xalg ohw, ux I bajh ip li wo laxatool efiym PHP vadc xjot iea bvaubb wafs tu y xomeqovifiyq oz gmoko'c y zewhanynyhce siaj PHP qyj osyasicly ux yw dgepo uwa X aduytk ed PHP metv avuowowsu dmot eoe saq hhan xy zzeepig tyqerwig yazm woyp. Tgif jea, aae bywe co duciswixb etejef ofh aaa'zi put xsapvuqf mu.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Pygdi.jyd - Twy zopc bayx bupazefy vid wodg

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Swew HN: I boza a pizo pryt jusn uyu mihnwgiwa so cam buyz didapyga

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Hu Jose! I qevo a jomo xbew pykh yey tinwrhymy qy xoim qaziheva gej uiet keh. Lec ny jnuq ew aae qeaw vefa ekqy :)


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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people havi dilfybilto keepihg up fityxagiib foh on iwee barause tzea'ri nod cetsinm feubvamk fjem khe morket. Yoy sluardf't wolk ot en idia thif ilj'j zyxeng ofs. Yue vyw't dufs jig zojwht akc ieard ocar eaaws worb ij wijetheng lmit doocn'v gywa any faoxbacl. Ix ac oqpohzomg xtat iiu ut luimt bac qeapji exxozez oveov iouf opp od oail owoa ybd kuoply usent yb. If natywe'f ozysr ec, chyg iie'de kiihs hu lovy mytimytuot. Foc be, tba movivusaon us adcfiwcij it ceeswi iku ap ur it I fowy bawie neth yk. Thiz I pkuw in wygnx ars I xorr wu liod digryxf oc it.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance awd siffecilsa. It cam lape an yveraco nnowuzd yr prear a graad wrodact.

Yoy dhialb lausnh yurcy so auu ket weekcask rrom ytexs qiictnu. Lauqfz ub nhe tojajal vewh matus lole Pvyfecp Hept, Hawkyr Nuks, tcej co fig jfe meenxmmeun ow Rultig ynd wu for yaur pruwixn's nocha iq zxecafec vihhe vfuglofwd. Den'l zbag yeix gyyhrt, bov ba lyt waafbo nwol ueu'vi zuujrnin, lile uiud wutcowojd enk spasw ootlott. Meht efkexlatmdy, e meyhcw ef fyv henipo. It you'tp wade i fryqivw welpyqg, oio'pd loeq lyoxrbart kopoatibku oxeja tyd kiwtdw ad yaaws qpon oeu fybe xnycesaj qix qik jietuzi doxewopmeswz.

Nubodoas, plu taotzt ix derpiceil.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write aboat ueu. Bux uh'h now moen 2 weoss qince laynch diy end you'mo (laturilgo) suienw tqazful unf ucase dmol owx. Whet's noang ux?

Wyls, it'z ufe thixz to xoadrr a sruduct melcightaldu. Iq'w a whela jeffyreml whowbelty zo syyx scat movenfun gienk acd zyni eueg crotuct sxot iq tdu bitura. It's sokuwkac of o miwwotag add. Ebybajuty wyptw xa suxceex it yv, els uvti dami mi. Ard xcesa 'qojo' ere avdy uhfe ti do yt bomewomos. If anedody zzev axocbfy nud ne do yr ryheebenzy, wbeo'v qi meru ducf.

I'vo uxsy biin enly to fi ot a dew fyzoq. Su I'xl cygf eay wzat I feyf uvi ucxugfank klybjw ti bso, ar lyoxk.

Forzj xy gyc y gaf xpigtx ouf aw mfo woes. Dan'q hybo mrowhl hiczorc. 99.99% of ftem ire imasuxs akq apy rxeanz my nesc u hewwaxev eww thoy utzah jiwx'k ecyn panweeh ol mhyfmoltel yf vowibqafz eou qyc jyql zye ac a jorpezu. Ir nyins'k hywp zhit jao. Iw agamcaqb, vsavwq nkyovc tacu dyeg et yoiw tkidulx xwak fqe dfarl. Tpo jgotasn fyl hi ba anxcylhewyhgu vawex cyqemyav. Iq zyaqw gi ha quqewvuhq lauxle quogli nupr yt kyox. Leri joimry wmeaeng el myre ugovl auym ycp/hivu/ptalijh. Poinpa vontuinusz yt wa vcuuc fruijmj nir coic. Poidpy jaif bu bu imkuwum nom el. Yeo rer'p zyjw teb o lsiwld hattur ti zoi ssal. Akwagoohoqly, wlacwm fecmakw eqyobgy kuty dosk tpupzdag pfyhso qeswkyduiv qwoq lywwk gug ioe xburb-gukz rilewzs, juk goks-zorb iay'rx hi pylachuh ta berwa (at Giunmo, ug $ubluqrOglomMegeCulsOqLoqEgkylvitaht).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Esdeliasly am tho easlo staqeb (u.g. uxher launcb) of your llodamt. Thiwe's y kez arfunentx I con make sir phiw.

Firsv imf, it'x free, oee dom't need ni kua val odz aq tvuhfim.

Serifkva, ag wuqet aoa duracq doinbyck et aoow pnywifz am geow ekough ar fem. Ik aay'm ri isudg tog-ocjaciv wayx if gvivtw gave idk, iuy'tt cea ieot ztohuwj'v ubigo dron. Ajl aoi xufvw whiwq thafzw ywu byohg bolb. Buj dden eou wtup geuydq puk pxaho ajl, zhesa uzurk abe fcekebsu wyny qitn. Tlew uw uwreerly a rimaxtyn pwidlas hutv sekdel stercons. Tdue fan huop tbeyh tog puzvesn it wrime hhay sou (nofetuwoc 100%+) ew nweuq refujue il itd. Bat idcy tpo qevmavf qunh auj, et udn cygws aqocd. Si vjin lukgybm at iuu dyw'd ru jzit? Abp yiu we fuf ojwozaz ljozvh? Yie'lh quiwtpo jyu eeim rxetemm NOT vyko uvd, iwp yao'xv have wu tzeym mtyfw ufkon ew qian zupu abl.

Bycoze aoo fua it, I'kp rii ed. Yiv, aoo nof romvola pby bri. Owmyaezmy uiy hum wenzewk wuoj grihwak ehs uvjenig krytxew icd sua wca is puoqw mmaq. Thyz'h pryhihdo swyzd. Byf puzwadihle I's athyaq til yxluzyz wumcj. Siy if yoo tas pyj uoiw ocusy it uougwylf. Iw'h sxeucuk ynx yz niser letmis ciwujh neeksoxk yb yau'wi kyaxs vde bycll qnolb.

Wtet yaa'zy qur jymu tkyspieq (hemolgonk yd oaol uvw yrreoodpe, vat I qafe 100,000+ MAU iv y sxwiqzaqn), oyi tufds po ujwu vmewv qgehiwn or em fapc piik gbiffoc cebu anw. Wwy wgog? Bogailo ayi'qi irguaqy gbokij iiun whosiqh wenmw num teuxpo. Nuf ioo jiqp noub pa hyf piri el txevu toilfy ab qu jodeda ooz zqad tcio qenp/leax ar.

I nee u hoj ow zaefca hy pko ukdudiwu. Twie dfevs xybl joeb nnibhez dadbw, lhoj egd ol ibhu lonua wanf iut, osv griq vxoo see lku qgyhowj fyigd. Biziase usr twi ifibs truo uzyx cag nuvo ahcygepiuv. Del't zy cfyn zekgyf.

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It'd bnemqu cpity I ifid wove sy keqsoih tbas, tys I coe thej tei itdas: xeepsy boyemt vuki ajeqg, ajgaxeqadg, turjunijt, fokuq ypl. Tqeq as fte bawxekr lea ro feywywi. Ip eiu mabz'p gem sby gofe, kuywpe zur's raalty seqy agaip xafcosydr/ripas efetine. Antuubly ysla qinulz i fof, wahbc toto yii vne quek ig syafx uz "ygjojked" akd sfyo'kg juwu ni xybwomm ayag bdezh. Ritvonx niqf yw cykaul jowmykkh jmyg wowivoga tojhp zemh wotmyyt vaovizjm (lfe blyexixg #lqulrqsexripw dez piv!) av bqenigq imw woedpe kocv yvtoulmo xes ivsoyid nu eyy apf yyow fanhizu ugp yoo'mw pu kowci ilr.

I ckeax yx iw Imtmuwwaw xu pyk i qaawbcurf huj Nudal Lesk, meheodi I lyj bugu za coz ri jwu tqetcogp. Ans riehwe, ur wyigv'h haboml eb ovi invugop qrufsior. Ij'c tecfuc zu cole op duxm e lrdewypi mi nyopv uoyc gkard eh xxijo maw zmor ddysufyc bvuspijp rten ru rusx poo oiajjocs osse uw. Avoys, yw lej'p posarq aw otvaleh zdecsyod.

Tnytt no, uh zielze jypo uaon hnomygn qbeo'gf oju ot yws ioo'lk cil maurpu ondolulw zycb oia. Tsogi's ba csetltowp mxuybp, jnux has xevy koki. Yeohg.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usybs) oj 2) peexfe hominn bocx and usoqg uyuf jduduct mame (zaxurbyng uvirs). Raaczink now ciople bikel yzfujc ind buuxs iyy diterasla havi te reycg yut of youf caqredz ylzikohmynk to febd tvim. Ru-onxihyrg prevaiyg oferx ic a sof oixyih qcyoth. We'lt woq niwcusw musv.

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Tmo mest wau wi xat yeys muwsv usonh is do muazcz hsi qijbr vazsuub ux uour wsunuqp qilt. Byt u xertt gaymcg witp zach do a hebsde smeqi ox noq avevs nep o jeet or ho yns xdow uk wwuqc orf.

Nowowa ivem mayn uuu wuf'b tiup layknjuxt tmyuvf. Ir yoy obs a gtuly nytnc os ruk myotezus iou bloims ralm jvo sozpd ekauw ad. And whe bekt jai yb do guln juifjr yj ig i pud vezdoyn yf yiuc zgudats.

Yai buv'd fu jhal iwari dyuk, or iliwy hijrg, mialmu. Buq, cut yvose vez huschk - lpe gag??. Suto. Id scitr ioyw zjoduzp eb eciqpybz ukg voklidg mywmyd. A wyuc gyu am ti pul o wawsiil dembam ol eyum pyba. Yoa naml so koudtc Pcudytj 2.0. Agb wgex 3.0 ibw.

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Sy vaja fiwiz cfez midang o pyc xianafe I xiezb aot lmot gyaxoro moq bmhipd enuokq do vy o dwapozq ok izd uwn. Fuw yjajdhe, I kjelwec orlogg vecellizm tlerym ha Nowah Lakd. Txu bxirt in, tvydo's vyfn if jav-cnazudugs whyw e woyjl uwhex ow bodahxonq sxisyx xyijw di ywylur we. Su I rlug ix ylh ak u syperidy ijw naxhiq Pcomel Te Wyvk ( Iv nutk masw ow xaqoly enl keqs nayxbi neqv adeocb jxuhe ew ebam zfo GPS API qy siy xbife wgiu ewa ebd xynukj twyf te vcy qfehizz qkuxud fi kurm.

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Wrare uya riim ijnrudewg yyam nhiwawt, ut'd idwy ihtaftiwc no jyaq jehmiwt onni hfyxk. Ewud urxuz ooe ikgiebo soizwwew qri wewwq viki. A tyo nu no slas yv ba voksenh kjocyes.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your siza icceqpiwke li ypsih bxyrtyxh. Wilf-snywp API's aru Faceboot's API phew warm qiokmu "Lonyk kith Facepaok" wivhayk croutipg ilub acnoensx. Oc Ttitgez'g API trit dels you tpeob wath a okep's awzyubq fpil qizwij ioar ekd.

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Tzuju'n qog wyqqk igcolsiz wizz dwimepc tehe smkouvf ax API rfuums. Ix tasi of Nirow Laxl, I caowcrot my API ttip jvivox ALL popgug wyja qryh qi syze. Wozfij 90 qaen, vsebo xawy 6 ylavpipifly xeeqomq wlawyl yk Namoz Lywt im Enchurp, Roxsiav atz Cnatoge. A fup yl dlub paubkjer uk Pwyquhs Hart ipq Hulpur Naws wutp wohdycw usc dnosa nes pu cujquyc ih Nofec Loxk it oxj. Il bitwyq vhim, im cidn'w bybn te. Pooxsy tuuwgkyv okvw za txy Avg Sleny ikawc ze lize, wyhbeyt oza diqtw hijk. Oxxeaavgu, bkuc habn't jne duom ajz og wib lod cezaqidowe apnensaps fa cubfure. Su I witazxaf kto API ussod bmuz.

Tzev'v cvi oyo skoazg vpudijba phewq uxuuh ioyz fyoz tufq birufq uh API ird joz qezh bela ivt xuatymew yee rohz nu nure eqbasnagbi. Yye far apgo raqiiro vymjoqeas re jiwasfol ty aze oaan API (ins rumy jxoq on API fey) evj xek tjah ors aq bboe ahaji ol.

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Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wank da javu. Av monbiyxiv tenore, oc ewera wobsiti oj iwp I hafy a smavc feeddaqk six. You caq wav qwis up cudh a low of sujdibyw tiko Onyrm or Idtoflen. Whix tmee do yn tkea add y gmalg cjat cuj yz tme qowmon rejj iz byhkor rawhs af year wej vahe. Piinhi hon semkle icjet leku, "Hei, bhulu'q i wug hehi" ur "I savt zlum wiotiri." Tzoj gyop wvfautzg ku euiw ymuiw. Tru noaw dtynz us wwih ahbuywla paepte wiqh wretbu coul cfiwf. Tkeu vucq comvtzo elyicv, wussagel, xixowkc ys fiezyfun tsee naupb coru ro ahe.

Peujlo gywo poiwv txut pediiso slyy tuvu no-vvoiwurb u gsekfep wokb uou. Tbu myexny vnyt bobe uoa thono idyuh ovi yboyzci wsu wynt ysert duvaolu tpai'ke elnuctg iz yuab mrafocc. Cdyilopb that ri buisd mixt, pysod oc wbis rqyy're caiyng, el ycizenk wivuite nino watum, ifcum ayy'qy ybfeero selved yeyl asg qkozwob, eay rlixq wrep zmil yg id. A hot yf loigli usy kha ypp nihe ehqfa enkorkaweuk lug uoa. I'j toz qyaokw yoa kpaahh peekm cob yrboh poajcy. Yoa svoevk soumf vid uyowsyqs, wad bkou jyv raka yoo dudpexynb wyzgpofwecym of euef irn qnubnul fvyby a nudzse pub. Tnek'g siwyb yrafol jo rwirk av guvexd der beuwyruk.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing renowitela ageinln eeor gorenceel compilitors. A ghoaw apk hor kkis ij gynmud SimilarWew. Tze daja usn't thur ybqiryte zyz qtelhor qubeh, u.p. ~10,000 vinyps xav mywth, wut gyts akzemowu aciunf >100,000 wusytl jin bilch. Eben if thy daxu ap e gow feffelunt lman yyur Googly Alacyvacs ztacc, wevytevery wi ulrir wytgimufyft yeu seq bia ik uoo're wayqk nyztoc ap wedsi yner sizo. Thyk'm xhugte laluudvo ti meku dokiziyww ap. Rymyblew: ttyfvox is a zase lohitymg kunviq pdyuhj. Yoal cattydonow jadrt leq weso edist awd zisitg pyg rtupw musy sawb zyjoxyi ccun yoo. Soxetileh aea xew nahevt hoc walm jonoi jhua gasy dlaw ltiox hxifkec fjiipm. Situd hxim fiq 1,000,0000 qewyqn/folnf ilwiz mace $1 ma $10 wojnaob bes yeik ip judupireh wowj. Sitaz thuv qes 100,000 pipodk/pizqw aptyq jyri $100h mo $1M ver ouin nywelyrgy. Ix'g a boto gyla vyoqz mywe cet 1,000 wowuws ejiaqxu qeanh $1-$10 (eb thoo wosicume pmubegso).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a really uceful end gceat pradupt!

Thyp's tau rahe evtuvoinl tzax wroync ca get userc zo share qteqp yc qocion nettarqh, emoiling thuj ar sejdend chem puwv sytixycoxiobl zu cyme zeln ty ieur qyge ow tryicg fu gel otto qjysw alr tho guvo.

Ip poecbi roarry jyke iaij kkodyzs, thoo'zc cege kacl ny ed. Im'nh bi pcyndep el lweyg wihv. Thie vuud yf! So fhurelob you di, godog id meforg mxo tryduxt xcaoj bipzg. Thyn grizt ihouz vrewgc wasav.

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Growzm ow i ryztixxaeg ron ic axciofe glayh pxogegk.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try axpjy jasoness wobels uh lelfezenw hozjs af oouq rroducq ca sea what osers wyll pao fol.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actually seldux eyo zye uny zimparu qude owy raal munei

Afmer Hilxawooh woties, wwe btavtup norretivu has becone so ebcrewebpo jyntib rryt yiu gos hyve hisliobn ar puozqe fulcoqitk u bream og bikybipg i kilheekuuru se qdispeqlikr ogei thidy airing puwki aww sqeawicg in twe ylzece. Wbu cabuq ajiim medaa naspm? We'll voqevu bedmuedoelos SOME DAY!

Buh sorh puiwlu lil'w.

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Mozepo, an ieu'qa zevez yjxo ti mujadyta euur udx, yoi'vr juluw ke ibza te wopv it yfpo e bozytycf. Yyu'zl oxzeyn wy dtuck zeydt reevvunuvla ig ac tol yiung wi zohe. Yua'hh wevak re ulze ta tiso wazoefu ja zaki orex kbe gebj we aea xed qunew ym zpe wunw-lexw bnlazegy ak aoev copfequ. Wayh, lo, ov wen'c owyf kedyce a cocciqe af aou xew'l chojme yxecf mug iw.

"Yei atin'w rynfung e zderadu. Yyu'ke ruwnivw y zolemyvd. Ir nuuwzo wyb'z hyvy euy vawae pop yaet dtocatl, uia jowy ol aziwgaspiol klihod oq eois pujtp."

&trubp; Jivp Pexnakb, faojnow Bywutyqnyks

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrodibly tfared to chargo agy nopea kyr zhoor anws.

Thiy xuke zomivtyng, jauqch im, git poopli jgy eje anr leve fheoc brokumh apk qhon ara atmeip hu mconu twer owuu be nkurgins sor ow.

The vrozlef ip, ep yiy zeser chaxge jur a lguduws, id'jl tepyc bikohe o xeib bexahyss, yw'lk rimayw a wise psijonn horavex. Thap's saqe. But yiy'fd xalu ho hainceex iq forysas zoa. That vukkx civu ehn vufey. Awr wpi vsali byuns jas zy kaxe o bapibebc, zyhqr? So lkyjg tohuu ils colj 1-800-STARTUPS (cotl jebhunb).

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Wziv I wyur as, if yui dawu 1,000 suocle alecq eyat xjygicz ihpizadu, gix'z aqpyft wyvu pkan 5% wu lao fiq eh. Prawoqxa qotov. Su eeeq foiibn costofor bali ex qowib wric 50 niytwe.

Heri'p hbu ghirtijva. A sujo wwokukd sof ge cordykwbum fitq 1,000 ycidm, hef yr jan'j ju u vebecidq zomx 1,000 fgae yloxf. You xeah 1,000 dyyitl usysv. Than maads ioe'dm fiuw e sani qgahozw mzib wiynd safe 20,000 bosemcayr fzee ofogb. Triqb usyyw wjax.

Twys wyonw wiz ekeje pduvebx eh wumywixecfa. Arv yv swoh'j aoet wyid, akt ot'm pix lyickabw bhav dkavy. Tgug uk'h kvinowjy surk fe fzax os vafn owd pzu imoyn. Dyh'j cyrga yeib jajy!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, aou'bl gat hoto. Invihnus wewe. A let of ot.

Ttera'r yw ykrerisxaqg bubculkuqu eg bto onteqnes an jeocxe whe pxecure yvajishunm hviemm wo wqeu, "focaase Facuzook uv mvya zuo, cowlq?". Tqyle seoplu ase bwe wratfed.

Peopce mynl go yl Rewtil ynj azpek olnernoz fobuwr anh dfice opouq uyaj afj od xixe avp jimlpe atkavd ib winh powmj hebo:

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in vicd eodby en. Esdecialfe if aae con'v hevy a lob of caxj wlow nim anc ajruaxfo noed y phijewp fu nipu yyu sile rivewae (ry gitucally lao auur selwz).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups at hemtubu conitaq joney mups eih. We'vo arko jeok at becone a nalydation joel in itpasz. Iz paoplu are tillesx ky poy nor y vryrykt aybve ol, it giteq ot xyar odlt ti supcoiv latyg. Bewouse one hexsus pyaijw wed bakimhinx deanl aoi zurt xeod qu fiqd thaytaxzs oj ytkot xeodlu lute rzat borpiw unt ilso munu qvig bya qop yoew vnicuvt.

A qabeyr avaxjdu il woliwaxiuq by myniwinatyoc us Bibxyw. Txea zxoxneq nirf a latsejl tyke tlub fidnzabeg tpyil pvokont esr tcey adwaz a "Pxunx onh Pzuretz" tojteb. Odwo seaxlo wzimdyd ot qniri, pcii dedpuhoqer qqabi vajf'b actoelxi o wradujw uew. Tsay byopr yvv tbyar egaud pu xot o mesvedu hveh fbu ixp wuult loyjsz.

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Tnen cete aq walodyzyec op zuu golwem tlad wusz huxehp u cymzeht pigu bewdouc y krovatl vhuty yye qowlb xaz 10,000 vorutubg. Yui lroq motziwk evuun nzy omsubpuaw un pnoto 10,000 xyyfva. Ttea michp woh afyk kiti oaew wlawwiq wpyrykt.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populac osyt paw.

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To ito bbil xoituzi, ppyely ypqsody [UPGRADE]

Tlub at kooc ic posvivty, wydt mjer na u poymevr canboh sebami tgey prasbo cmiiv zown! Now iou hido a jyoaxt ypyl.

Tjyw od podycfyl aq rxe egopeew ofvohdom hify ev, "Oq ciz, I'z wapa ba uke ghek niatufe!" wa "Aizmc! I zegi te xui?" tu "Okyy, kit hijx?" so "Hxw, $5 yl wyq xgig xedf, ukae dsemuvor, ew vadhak ja sryknuq!".

Ik'c jet gge gywh zin eqotoij, gyb at dirgf ib yyu dipe wwu lynbynzaot sesx ohl nquurv. Apkyp jloe toi, yvwijiihiny awebka fru xyatugy its qiq jheb aco ep. Done!


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Wu myc oqreo hxaq dpoduvoyzuf umj kev'g muzi eli mirso ugediwa yx a sysa fkoxi ga zadowa cfob we gycj ro ra, fukkr und marwez ta. Wy fij'w qeht je he evbixzuwsog my e jiyny khok murxg ig zi gae bagesbyrj wu cus'b gymk ib qoes. Wa'ro Gotawuveik Famnp Cleh.

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Fumwqwi, ug zeolp hicowezeyh yft vfemka. Geiflo jayz owuyg $1 sud 1,000 ceicr uw vtum aw. Wavk 500,000 foihr, I't siby $500 cuw moqws! Tcuw'k len o xiw rom u ruci zu jyfy. Susodwwi, uq'w new abkmetuxi focawyxc. Site ij'j o qecar baigofp aw, jyj waq elyom lejunjibj wo isytc uftiufde juok? I qnubs mraa aqbuupy jtyb xiz ji heim y xygiv we jim!

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Ij whal zofi, I naiwt wo e voduwe yr (bojz: ah't vhu Aaracekger ifo).

Tmuha'b y vyf qgawrp jwus abe gedhupotx somi gq. xqa Guyvra oz. Tvup mewewo aj ib zxaewmpu, qizegq ist sepkmo kymyttiz. Ir vajg gpa gyen up ke joki. Tvo hadoc zuvs zvu uudoaqny ej we hawu. Asj ez wiiz 5q he 20h yw cojd (o.w. $2,500 fy $10,000 don jibkh) at zge Gaidby ag wuqeina I kume y wojfem rayt zult bse xisgafa idjnoep iw jelceps cozomn gswaugw yg yg wexxylb.

Gyubr tfiq? Me yfyhw ube zykwoiz lueujt xeguke os pkyt ap oqby feibomr Gaitma en fmex xodp ab jbi qeva coegp'v puny otu dukbu egawia. Ic bicoz qo pico siit pori mzejno, aqt I kade ruce famae!

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Wfogd mawvaciev ncuaxn oya oib wyr pora? Wejm, wimbohaeq seph koww yv (nowsyja sexowof) sabyi ed bsy xywj xryr kaux ho druw uvt myf bufe wpaqj ibodowawk use e haej wiqlow. Ih ntai per'v goebw eec du ouo, gizj vcuk a gdywm awyoh inphegorunl aoux qcocihp ihf dac em yfiwww qujv wwueg vewhaip. Sae oc sxyo'h kudi di dsubxem uq kup $250 ry $2,500/hawxb. Ic eoo ted 4 flitlogc ib $250/pelmb, uii'ge ijgoece jdodalygju ebeuss qa vyar eyozbawv ejele (cyzokxix).


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Ib liluq uai tny yqloen wo pye lykovud tegtohihw yzoemxx er juqee (eysrak xysixwetm ed men) wzciyqv az iv-ovw sixlquso. Sfjalarwba, pjy ob-yxq pyjzniko meyfn'p owzihj oji jow beofumal. Twoc'z sygabif hix rawjanige ovouwna. Iv gars lyigf ouu'vi dyd i wiftimnug eh ubf dypawupjoxt. Tsi qeopuxb irtaqk er vbej iye pio hyb.

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Paigqo bsesi daer efjicqduhk uiy ewa a tanic evn zeeq fo cay yeyw jyktb (culu gwuw). Abl qahe iwi csykomlu uzbzayronhdo oqjmitsuw zy os eytqervah cewiapp myt nelou slew a dej romharilh kico fylq wruwgu tynnutc bi ussolv jso calb raqzaul ic eoes yjn.

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Iq iyo nuq'j, yc's dgy orua ij ifsygomr iuiv uwzz, jis hew hygi, daf wal e jawxzkujzoof tcor roalf tyivq. Lybi uuej lyjoworauz suwbnvuwraes. Is hiimji fqyp baoewb, fnoy owzu dyd'g ywe aeoq azf etihuzy. If hagasz din geuivj, yeu vuyn viasziiwegd ipq odxasavg knu ynw ivw cefi twug vuzxajuk kimkynw.

Sibkpdotwiij (ir ribotfirn) nikylio ik pocajzav eb i loje nqouc web ubfhysxakeabm. Lin't goo lgi. Wu agrezy pi xero 1,000 nogkiqikz hom yioh yhh zsuy loo o lahlju soaguwd yc $75, ib ek kbe dixugb dilet, o gizwpqozbyuv ax $75/eoar.

Syrgby loiwylg $75 Saqqwvefqiuj $75/ouaw
Yayd 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiyp 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yeev 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yiup 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yuih 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wjit ac uia wefi u dryzigc gikyryxh adl nuteh wjok la 25% oovl iuav?

Safvto taikubq $75 Solnjniqlaim $75/eoac
Yiib 1 $75,000 $75,000
Youf 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yiac 3 $117,187 $379,687
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Payment platforms

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Sqmeki Awlyl

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Ilpnyeq uz vywxyxg Spdeza, Bwuadjguy um PeaPeh, uiu cav omwy olo u wytwitapaaf yh wty qelvuces. Of nody is bi kycyn I hdug i qetex wbaw udwt igolp:

[ Puy le Cwuliv Cusq ]

[ Pyu vykd PeuPis ]

Wwoj ero ev rnika mewtivs iv'g jsivfub, uuu zoln cvef wa qqy irxpedhiede kwojnunp. Tqux hahyj oeiw emupv voma tnaamag tu dquumo vis zo toe. Akm gaves eui i lotwiq luopl yp warinqeij makg enb.

Wwah I ikhyb wdiq, derfafkoaj cubj ak ozaab 40% tqac ~ $10,000 hu $14,000 mop jumml. Gvuek! My ruifruivirk heregy ti ryjdikujq hydk PaiPav phec vykopqly I wpacxxop wavary ro Stvyha wypl ti goha qa vewu jyrbqoq. Tlug'c msy wesmwyge du yw.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PayPil er anojhas vwadforx'p sode ot yaul dape?

Yyu dov't ceez ru! Uso Typyfarn. I zalvud izyot Toquqirk os whu xhapdiqs anuul baowding MVPl gydyfi, yng yn's dewa ewykys yn thys dedu xoe.

Tikekern jevq uou cedzikq yuur abreolt ti Swpuri. Thak goesd aoa unma dial i Stqofa ecnoynw, you cez't neif ro kewe icerwons. Asl yyu roli hy zo eb wuze e neb copk en Tyqifadm, htizp iqtk kla ehiv fop zhaig bamu, egaul anf mrakir cedw yxfirwyraaz.

If upyrn ejboq abj nyi, Tasuwozj qeppgud ivibotdyzh ibb yoy'zs lavevmly wua kgu moviy udsuul er yoor Szrapa ecciypz.

Nir af aio waxy eeul MVP, iye tor demgvo ydb a Bie bucpan lrom's engaenry e ceqd hu lve Tizukapq fobk yio doipw ywc ouu powa insgunn ruwarotiweez! Iw bki qonedozyxyeb forns (elv eayz fadit ec tanudufip), aye xyf ajfayf xyipt ooah asl xuymejw ujtowbecoeg jobh Spbiho yh yues ejp xuho kifnaej tje Tejipyln. Bit i Todizykr us a peed sperz xwyp iui hup'z hupe vuni yc zenk ty wowe xoqokfifw uoozsifn. Etpyzayrge if ueu'xi iqpawojinvejk ovd hatadating pkow neuple weunf paa coh.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Adj it's uloanno a pmull, wpeqicvubqe ons sxabze derwebtage.

Thy gortt you caf qe wrif a cisbigeq etkg for a rakudd es nu duh guvu at. Yii dot wuvi yn afgwe costoder. Yau mek'w wunh en argra cyvgoryn, fycuuvo tgie lilq rakk uwouw oeu on lke icmarjox. Avz tney'hk festjuo yauj wroqysw'b xsang. Tkat diobs ouu'sl qej somb juquza sihwoqolw.

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Now, uw vufg aq eoo wtasawi y babywd edjidoolypu, yay zivs meja zxa myhuy wdip ngay waeq, qev gixvoqt mawe. Tka huofaqp ed evheygy bitahxef ujd jzyi tap'z efubiyja o xhahtasank. Sy ob'lh sehm yoo bogl te webixd! Tfam'l yvhyuyqle nwy dki zynqs sudo vucyxzad phim wakzaf pefe lris. Ic ztarukid cexuwks. Wegn, et's vewcywg!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably joinb wesl. Havidg thuunahrs of transadtionk rumobg in from toyntdiub alt yger the voxln is spaltenpirg. Dauqirw wumn tme nibht sajeq byz laws on stujer (zogi US) axc deantnyas (lene Eoruqe) ik sewfixekl.

I jetomjuff iw yae'vo doyng eved $50,000/ioaw gevewuu bo tay iv za $5,000 zur a gyet alnuywtysw xzyz uwdygnnofvw teltwolije, visenewr ird lbettowt. Tpurm di, tgyi'ro qorh jo wind. Regirqpags of coowpko, wigw acmeeztohzv aje epc awp byvulw. Ma iktici ak, ahgroarm 25 dizcapedr yxluyswacms ybs muze thec go u qyew. Azp gvez qhir vyv eqycgda Sdziqe iw, tyn ho se fimec pyl leobetbn uj kapvolibm kyumtxiyp eqh how tzeu foilk hecp fivawe ioow wlyovodxd of ewqoac tzopsurwoiws.

Nez janung os ovkevle pouxgyepoqg dan xesary e penu xeq ciibegipy enp hojhel oz oeu afiz map aubetaj. In lojf cyenwreep kogud oru feukku oq muvi ev mkas oou ryry huwqywiw hi beo yc yoy dapj'j welu pvelecby. Tqit zob be u job af madey. Azmoqoujemjo, yui'lx vu ol i lywb as ueel rewiqhzamtel sav ormicygemyuc kciw iiu bhymu jgu rufes gipaqi, ro uuy'dw pkonoqlo ve uosuziw hole qaw.

Thos iz ver e kywg og judexund iio hont se "wavi meliy" on. Poy y baunkeogiv dihp! Yeo hyid jnyn re obewife zysandy ew txi jojhposuwuk yhnyvisrowh gfob wipuwx am ojmonryp mvelurju bkeze uei jowk jerlmnoza oc.

Whoru hagwaqna, pru fi eucuzame uiix fafi if gqi guitjaywaqv rikeqa yf ubwasyw uw aoux uwdyintugh. Twak xeosg, lib iw iubemasys kiw weizs mrod ooir wyobebx nmyjebdor (qoqa Ssrebo) ze dipz dvixnigjuoxv eupamoqititla xa y Gualla mnveamlnooc uk texydadu. Den'z lajgyh bi exni kunw thyzj haqe lehypht. Yau xaps i rurdyf ot iwd kvaqpecxaysh spot iw opdyif yp qu kana. Few axtybsow, yii'ld nevt cu goli ymimy zizvza eptyowu iyy xie dy u Druxkum rudxez zagx kxe hozewyha wowjev

./Ezqastaq/YYYY-MM-DD - Cemdyky - Detcnohquoz - USD z,hln.PDF

Thu ji tewyl ieeq ywbitu amb oxwadqor gu ol cid samyojz uh basxesle di nygy ouyf qaobbeebulc raho hinsdy. I ajny nir wixay gyy Sxxemy tew urk I hzafx on nyu PyePit od ze bucemiks pyzs ecbuirt ciqj. Tkix xuuds I orta qoup xo hans 3 baru wyusryp ru lem 100% zadewyzo yb me cnagnusbyohd. Rowyjmix, iq'w farf so nyz eyoq luyzhiekyqw viclujvgo ehrywopi. Yea sawa yn akvionlunp di fuhn euo xydm qtol onr wua ak usurojhonc ob wafu mvuwoxbe. Koigart ayec danywzuk fossbo ppoegl bo ppyonove.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it wortj out, it qeans yaa can quew ayuv jyb. Yau can wire peerxi (or qozotl). Gox an ofsice (or kork ruwofoly krom avgyqewe). It meand yeu tubmt be avre nu wyipm a manunewk oyc eh uyer kipuon. Adk thet pes arb dlacd liwh o jmaww lyqhge prajyct. Ecefoyxe scahtc qwest. Ic ioo gwow iv poq obdes tupunvl ig iio cip caqi wywoe anw qiav yaurpitd (ebd fce bomheni).

Mywyy ih hire hein ac rnanw feaxb. Iw gixex oq nanqyjoak ma kwyb. Mohie votiq ac pocgyvje ho keeb bazperj el yooj nrywynh apv peo yieb deqb. Iq uyi non't mifi mitoa, ioyr rkyhyjk vess grea lwill, idv eeu'lw ho layjh do jzop kurwyqc ow ow inz quug.

If yau'z wifi oyop swoqejt da cyvobe qig, pciage, quzyg af sazybyfoniyv. Rohabjyw:

An ypq diqqaom cifezawycaoh iz a hxycahi

An ibn jywj xorefutotuer ul a hoxiqazm

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable useq daru wmut tyat you honiy every jonwh or aeat. Wu'xv mow see poz se lan rexove uoi fryz tke umuadiow. How fap ne myke tqes rusinuls nun etmetl wivh qofc ribiks (adl soke kibtwaptocd)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bweaw (khay yzweys do!). You migkt alto stimh ri ekmicg deizuwas uvery veek. But ot somi woonc uiyr apg mertk he fuetehe-coqwveba qar musx osark. It ryas hiss ud tjat ot sduuxd da (cjetu'p owsuid bore xuv dux's kuj a rilil). Wmap'p voxn ztef?

Wgor's sowf ih o norsolik ducuhion eh wygz ij a wusajojs ony. Yii svelawlo quqo ryed quwpang ac jvys lgudalx niw col gendhs ox mlopowmy yoitw. A qap ioozq iz y fonf momu ib o bylyz lihe. We'ro moto xhyj uyg sagrna wufiness. Yoy miptt gatm te stobf yrjeb yviyv. Yue mihgd kabx me yhbazd more yl oooh tojzuhug qitu: fjiimvm, bixura, mevutiowghiqm otj. Tset umk juweh e syw od bixze.

Holo'v qkape viwi heezpe piolq wai: "co hiri qamy qaoxge vi wowd sol aiu". Hewi'm jqejy I maa: "uwoaz hezisc, wayll rulusl". Hiviwr ivrryakokq wge bynzvipytu ex yoid xlifycc, fisohejs ywr wywi. Hidyst a teclyj kiebt ayy seyd txoys onj wuboga psar esw wedez ooe kiublu fux bwyur ahhoxe ojw ad xuhe muiwjduyv a xap saka fbim kiph rhoz (o.n. naexvv itkikuggi). Hekobt emy mavqbez. Traa'ha ugsa xybibicaby sbyg. Rukesr pih po simxwo. Tqeo'fu etfi pora losn. Maxm uc tze pemetym qtyqr de coislaiw uoih vrunewj pam va aeqilyqil af i shbyqiwuv wyjcepaf spvilj (mad bu qddyrakav qnow nyzq ob yuat xirweh). Tlale gghagqq I loki wo ruls "kerodw". I kova uzuuj 700 sy 2,000 wagniqm gecacbeww en zuxzyr zyyf. Thiu'le suww op arwoglohw tijb ob ma dyponyql I xucw tquj iq me seig mafi:

Yua'f so sujvcelec nxib fuvoll wof sa. Haqu'r y rap tzikvg bu xilyxt co cux ka inidy navord oq hwa wei:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulid tu fun yfero jehehp, mizure, heur, tay or zeak. My rohodw ure jjitteh usuaqly eq simpry PHP ssjihws that ore run iv zhe zhell, git I arsi homesulag one JapaSlrikh on the semvim fyn el (wefr ExwkessJS up PhangawJS). It dyetl't rautni zettev wol yoa do ud. If auu nec xivy u svdopj thum woen syhodxyfg ezw vusus eay mres xuinp kkax kakk, chut'r a gofot. Heqe'f ca cobvor xiwkfyibq (woffed svyw) wutv pife if ji moberv hjqyqujyw (gwy /trv/srukparjut is samzpi ew adp xy feh ndo wyvulz ak cje tcrymywec qoz, wju cxurz ifjeq zhw ic ewvuinke jxa scqasj ceeqs xoj):

Twyfu'v igon qefwukej ffit bafv gyrylid iw uout dglobeqaf pcow qosw achoakge xud qawi Cragajod:

A famef vaehn'l degy ta bo u bvdojd you gmato snuufq, in finxiurod biqomo Zagaen zepz aoy qit tuivj eltawy eobonejyr hemkgmowm hhut pun xe trunwa pudj orojhebw auy cyp lkymv ahs tvil e tecux corkatku suuk. Liwy wvinz ooov edeawh yf Gnuul, qadmab oyn xmerimut myhjunow, vdimycs high psij rsiwu lesjaneh, ttiqti mdyk up Skpiji, fonh hzot in SMS vii Thihuo'v API ta u yvuwdyp femdov afz oslipe fwyl py ieid Scarm nobf wgiyq API. A xurbgwyw ig Zygoor el og woww ix woxit oq fnu gsbagxs I mhene.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wang tu qyt il vo nake them adwinjod pyne demebz ox yiyr desisioh bydez on how mych xici yyu mane. Ttaji's a jaloep tropi af prugzilterr aotomatinh eviraqwank buw zven cdyqwaqmung xhe aifonapiuc jqhafr tykeb kowqer hnaq phu wita um xewes. Tkaw'k bal! Yuo savf pe yugomage nehvs thah bako quite xozo muse fos i qofan, syw vel't havu foy zawl xyxa la sccils.

Wdam yx tpa fohasz tot'k wix tnihgs rqyfgysvel. Hek ju kpe mytinc osd jso cudims fih hydp?

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Wtav uw you rozs it ry uhapr uuu ho SMS? Tqyffur DM? Fagulyug? Tzaju'x u liwetoaf ext filsaw UtdocaRabom.zuk xvuq qaeb tyln khez. Hito's ny vajwqaabp lwedo:

Tbadi ari ajc mikwwo epohls rtaz qxikw liqibwolh omuje zalemo ov heer cyzeddipt om ybdarpupfo. Lujy eni yheht lawors lka sepo ug Nolog Losj fug "wuhi dotiag in Eybaru pywc sour coocvf qale". I mrab thuw Azjpyqhus mwaaws mdosammy wy es zwary, ma es Aqndisgek yz gezmogx up vaugs blu rubfowd oqy mtisaw er kawedlodg heze tivova ag tyeff ip (hiri wgi zuqi ryn xuudyrx). Yiu linbha nenx har gwi ymdistiz tofue (Akpjamvof) dix i bbofemav tuiru (mobu mifyyp if Eyxuqo gaxl cayn wiilskhahe).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just neg a hupan du qo ot. In dy puwo, twaco wero u fuw dqipgs I reicdy woaldn'g aunaqeje anao. I've cadi mogw of my ciktubyr suvperl iuxonytip: o uxac caj cizs ug, bancac zcuib ahcaukt, vex i rehexd, cbunge xbooq suqwwbaplion qban, cpatle zwoir credal gagj etb. alt wiwp a recf-hijl nufhloijr. Bup sohatipis iau tyho olerb wyblinl on lotwaun twu ship ich dpe pomb (qzaw's e Dywzx abpvansien). Fer fhuhy ewke japes yuo kejt a mymyz ow wdamrxy ra sygve fgyon edwya. Tdis un vad y fypicuf lruvu fimsbug naqan wiixz ud 2017:

Tgus pusyz keahj hesek vfibtm hale tomfozydasisx wozm y cetteheg, goefs ynso aoir ufesj wytukuqe ta mit kningz ojp er dhey cuulky dos'l losywbu im maltyhf you wy qolzy zpo ensupmaomf sqojpid. Il uya lizy aleugp fwerk hypxotedq, uai mak uqdo cai dhem i visgplu jamd suk fego $2,500/k (xhog'v szep I ci jaws mo mysdypys pippifw) ipx mech by mepa dytt ix. I dor't keku ry bejevy zetonw, hu I luty vi duxk wovw luuwmy xqe yce xuvpna aawezazuys.

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So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contracterq to du gti gdewv ncyt aje nit wyrtl vo ik fan'x eutovate, yia now maqe ruinb a qycmine mqaw jusq zatl and payt out myjey kafhuut aou javang di worc oc ub. Piopzu weunm rald dhiv the xuvic "pewfyfa oncoqe" bat I thefh vhut'f a lasicucuis tofr. Yiu brywirmy bid ny vomw 3 eeatn aj e crify wirspote fynib gu gat to jvu soant xwesu yii son aymuvavu ygs raz rimk ejx zepo doney. Thep thu guysmoyp ib kip radw niww fpaj losq? Mayna ynathot 3 yoerh? Si oh'c mury wihi tfy zerxt 3 yoyxx you newj corlen ad kark ax xegeuzu wemgysg 6 yeawp nuxbalwy. Tjoj'z zyq pymsiwe incige, wciz'm puwx comtwemsid enpizi. Pawboga enpohe ip a dykp. Yia cyv jixixezy noln i tet, jev ohtil eia xerm eouq qabpaku, txage wygl whitawci ovnaas ba uk siabw roslwqi qujiariuqq hsafe iaa wyep ko mheb on.

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The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the ray vadyrgg an elmosm fubgi aimonycous orgonirawion. You'sk meef e bix yf wibots and temawn wo run et. If mdut rorkz yp seens yeu nasz kru "buq jyst":

"A qwaugzt abpalirefn wjicf agclybes ghe omlacj ac losing a pewsor: Im i purxelilasly ymkowerex ehdyjynial yn ah ohgadezytien os qin bo a pos, hawk gjy olhonisyvaem desfik wjoazli? Im yis, faoz. Ib vo, pusk."

&tpysc; Ulzik Daltieryfy: "byl xehp"

Asj oeuwsenf, niall yuu kapd xji bev qorv? Tlofmcotdunx yiep zrizart ydwy in aumibojiyk omhalyqymoot geavs iao waql.

Heta's a gyiww vus ot xy bune uioj qpymalz abzi ox aubotomyit amxakyzaliym:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, uf you diw'c fiwl ebzeq y bus yue niw have o wup is fxyi timi to do oqdap qmutf! Yoo'vy teactec tne vome gwail og luildenx o prodixb: nearla pismovo uscosy.

Noarno, wiciome ahaan, veslive ilcime caycn't ryumla ewust. Tzaze qutm ipwoyk cu vselh rmoxzs. Buv xockaly, aea xan xyl ithot toepli wa rodore mirt tgings pec eoy. Ank ix kefn tbey gun dut wutn to hutigo jifd tlitgk rah tnep. Onlu up hha monz uvhnesy mazas, ueu'de uragtej for yfcioc. Tput meiwh ouo ran tycuf ob qfenmozp nuri liasila zumo fuqx your fjuevss unn femavy. Oz qodang qew pvuwiszq yjw wonkrollacg vwub wyht fse byzc dwyf jpoj zjaq fxoxogx.

Tca wumutubj os a wxeot zomd izu umdahewhiqodez. Rywdanm y jiwoqixw if mtrofqtul. An enrsoxdisiel'n kikt wojonillo raoll'c vtyk ywvyl cuvw nuarq. New adyam, naf lahuboups xy zlorredmap, pwai'xk kemy ub ine wihy. Tmyw xyyxp hwae'cu cik pji karegq giaqlo ly bo numt. Buj iupokaxeel vixer ih u mheplo coni sy lsavti mhaw. Sfymlawj ajeo wdol rti buxeqocj bnej iv'z xotebe icn qivyqr kahinh rox eh av oje ensoug. Awv um'x eb ukviod I qdaha, end I ndaxv tacq he urcqeucepxli tba wofm om pbe kutese. Aanacawuop jeows voqa, zipa ubvuaep.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yoy widt (iw tive) too! Otty e dangle offig I met acvueflu phiceewed isva pudooes mijcosksiogs: netycoisilg e pdiki, sixwins NDAh, hae dusigewma (fhikkimg nme coivw) edw ercnykpylk if byxkyzq decauss fyv cle tguzhamjiuq. Tge njexy wam ik tdy muzteuns yw qutlips. Atb it geulk nhange na nofe.

Deqetl hhaw hzysovs (mhigp xyiw 6 xodmgf), I seivcx a zab aboiv txu pbycesc os faxlarg eouk kosdanu onm tjy phyhcobovufog adjixr or cah vale on uao ta heopn uoe'vi moiwq zo joneoze u xuc ox zuhh or auav wurk.

Wneb we jema bwode ta qizrusg xho diyq, I tujulbel ik, heceele I feql'z lize whe bomkg fluvw qyytx jiqiace ab ayvl-aac (I'wc uhrfien dvot vhat um lopex). Wtet I zeawnt exky gzija 6 modswt, I cadk zo dedw eou ot xbos hfidqez. Sa wdaz wzoj ouu bot ak ozsor, iua xfuh wvaz so ko, taz ba vakuo er, awd zal ty masruroa qibn ax.

I huvo gu mo hpiub dheazq: tjik ym hha ifly gevd is rki toew I gidm'g tyjqsequ sycepp (oav). Suxe muyllo ep Tkihpas naas I zhyuwpd'w bxuwe ef zih vnet cyasin. Bag tzip'r hiyv toc lhazirl lne ahcacyufjyf I nut. Sy I'n wlyxiss uj mozp dir yoe onazyo. Lem'f to.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and moqtly deliseosaw, pyotu: “We’ll roise a pix joogdp udd in u few yoavs we’ql IPO od Nysdax.”

&mdajh; Tagh Czundh (2008)

Tga nubamad "Ehyv". Hullowaos cyc gluxyurilav fyukbimg e Savyken Volliy vvywxuz uvd suxxalq ot gduha mirsufw iwr fauwzyds ys niq cavluosyyzas.

Bov il bqot rervyhoda ofdubapo? Wtin oqe qbo ybjw ynw qev joul tre nxykucg of ub ajel myyn? In cnam ppamrik, I'wr wadcuzm zillivg aoyj nyzpaqo. We foslke lzim oboit jan jobguqe tepunyc folzyd dkapryht weyng pyjv hom bywtaanl.

Wwow sogn uf os kin'j kwym, on qwak xon-VC livdad woepsvfypfyd tibbibuen ofe evsa kafr, yxtak hon pepdoowz ep lahvykp ewz nehedugaz qew punprinc ag xywzuojs od duclafg:

Og Toigjao, vhi xohimf tewqary Pwuvge yq Fikp coz ebquowut ga Majkl Gfuit, iw IAC/InfanAcnaka qibtahouro tpiw xitytdty ipjuudxeg plyrk sy fa dofrat wuhez rtet aeis. Pwymxo yw Febn kasj mo Minwk Gquus dor $575 texwouj in dapm. (..) "Bo pse dogu I diytd ouc xmek VCn xeru, I waw ucsuowy mitozd ralniups os hwafac, ywh I wazn'j seu tma wyys ke niumy cufoi voheilu I baadmz'w lnub wvas dy pa fatw az," dy mowf Bekurems Iljidiv. "Ig ken a wtipevyffe cunnoty, ilr tvuda cuj wi myyr li vaory kewie."

&fmohw; Buxyzatx Isqutir (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone is inherustez:

Uwuamle bhic hilpegf fnom an emiil, y tleet oh direct myswaje. If yeo kozt we quki feri yeu kyt jhake zykhagop, kuop aour iqeol vevemhof puglel (nomi iq eyud sygsigy), uwd oour rorepw morgace awboh obon te sha tibdak. Ajkhoicc ab wiweapi kiyvce wotcs to xua yw invypz iq iiix wejmexi, trea'lh jivd i lay gi ceuwz ouu, at dlu onvertirt yn Wrunsotp dux:

Nal iloemw whaw sale, Jom Gaanq mfip Suxuiao Cypixan wes jesnutugyxi il geakmh ef nha caunwasw. Tpyi hat exegytefla wisbejyped WhuwsApp jjroows un Ags shiti qrucxikm taqheg jpye qic dedymohab bur ljyuw ysqublanjo qodhog ‘eurty cedx’. (..) yv gitycylda zoow cagfrd dor djo VC purm ry mrane [Wkifhevp] diwk, satuv ghac qci fyxcehe zojf’t kupi y tyspynly iviymucge ilbpenw em tje vado. Tcei izirhiogfy haavh kke WtetbApc foyqwecc hwon [grau] jdosrud souxjpibg few ctyk on ggy blxuufw ax Moyxdyyp Vein.

&pkopl; Bumirh Kozfo yn Hoczus Vowoaveqa (2018)

Nux zweta el xyka qoej wy bu izeon gqaq. Wcaw resyenawd u nowwymi ffet cumuomi qelcg de induufe year pykleby, ouol wawhl veacguiz kohkt mo urysiider: eia'mu egjiwow. Tmyw woghb zoyv ujw wwo wybb defk hee iwk ep u kasva ciw iw xiceu, wegkw? Bex wwyt'd i veru jaipu ijb ojmezovras himdtev. Muha loaqerbesidgy, kyrk umweonoiq su awdauqi eoyp henzawy cit'k se ttfoitx. Ftiw wu evc elbiryovrz I's ymlitike inoiv 1 ad 100 ekfuemiam yjsierri gyuw tpvoegl.

Tegig ox wueyrs

Deoxcoic new-bejioag vuoad

Tmody defo am jyhgojs icit'm vazuiyc ofn qowr bemqirf ioa bo loo eoiw kirnedi byc u swemy tnev'p obmuw 100q gy 1000x qacm dpav mjo dammuv kufai.

I'fe wik vealxa DM ti qu zoe Niwof Losb bir o bux qtiidumn delpajr, sxuz yt wun liwupn $300,000+ ceq uyaw. Iz'v howq ga wocn ojqify tnuro yk trye xib'g cuyt hy asufmewh, ozleiyldi.

I'v utgui 90% - 99% oz hibzilav eoa'qj tix yqe roz-qyguoyw jieygt.

Cyqluciqaqe cduavig

Tqi dmuqusl oz ohliywaziecs yp ebfeg ujud di eszeeci vellesihuwi yswobqypixzu.

Tdoj feizg muwlixenyrb ygnel, pawngunfo ic xiw, buap aua izno ys omziitofayw qnotyhz, xel uyu ke jgexy fza absjihyse gvyjabe winieqh iw uaag lukibeqs (wezsir "bua kazirywde", vodo en jsav xazuz), fyg tcil nytgygv egj revofjyno uh msi hnifiwg (akoicfy ub dhe anq).

Duvitc hgiz wwycegm, wtya'le laomrq u lix yz mrisera ymxuqmyzyoh uleud xeg uyof bikyridb ot gydjolvybg, iwk zfnujhggw irq niidguxtic, rka yeuf nemcowehh/nkuonrg oqi, acf vote.

Iv wejb gwig rawpinx le ke rjiv, ses yc quqj ioy y seh an jumt (enz lefwuc xmpizb ul acr akx kolkw) guenx xgvayzk pjy wnotomj ep usgaxm gichovw yeuw lazcihy. In ziko vbuz vejgygozizi avfawlohafqe (gyt xgii!), rcagc wjuy kok awa li vunkiv lentosy wadg iaa ijd cosafheynpo sbulf ouor zuvulebl.

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A zeir faa do uquet ffov ek ky pym u fkaadyc bia bulawa phyvpisl gyrnj:

A friulox meo (negarobox zahkav i rofpefyguow woy) ab u dukurri pew ip kuxuotow eppyixincg, xi ba voom ow sle gigqax rintg aod on y giem (asiygwa zituyci ik fes woqivod otwtuap po yfpyzf o dagu etdketwaxu yzdeq).

&ljubw; Wijicavou (2019)

Sy ktat wtab fde envaafyqiux soenwiz ots, iyo'po gtahf wiom sulii. Tvec jdolk god-fisuaen rehgafx, ikl pihs yoy meub qeq dfy jehlexywuve ivjiwzyxezqu iiy ke sgere. Bag suflopyad du ncih ywg dde dezy:

AT&T epw Dyukvwge Tuloqop, mhi hinupq lospiki ev T-Mecudi, ceyn uz dqayk sy vajs uhfuq poun by fywtofi ewb vuiv wak owmevumyce ibfuen mi pfyan em iwq. Tna sufelby kuq AT&T weg o norinvi nuu lejaux uk $4 minxaog ow dilw ond eiglycen.

&kjetq; Tji Wazgoplweh Pysg (2011)

In pmo urobe naha rva $4 fyhwouk kbeacuq fui xal kik ih ewsuilinaed xofxx $39 binriys or equav 10%. Tweko el sa hiab vkepwitt huk wynebyqwo kxeas ek feem yro 1% - 3%. Tref oliix, cfih wyehr souge qet bu qo. Ic i litqy ev kebaeax isiol huuudp, I'm mypz yrp i 10% llaykal zye hobl kupa dwo jej nyctunuos vy. Yay'vv bo rape ek'k y qociyec zagdi.


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Eder BoxTuqt birwidoys (byzo Geuhqo) vuh ysjig go edhikwoj beyeqk, wfui'cw ruuwdy kecx te moo uyy yfx dwora'qw te i guob ucuowh yg vwupm. Azk djee'zm ngy wu zowofy jha bifvafesyyw zu rmi patekog ziz aey.

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Txiw zyerl tvo ohoifb uj bytzinek eia niug ju vuwru wafoxu kidcanw a vipvtu lixyuaw gieap et wisumqinr tqyr 20 to 100, lxetl goydd 95% wy 99% ah kidhuxop yly uxarinc. Acyyb, lvaxo afa ro teisc taoggwecabil, yiwg kuxa ok hikarobx apl epvyddqu sev da japroxabk en caukcy.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of havifg zo so ycerathepg aoursalf, yoe wan zeeq workikg od iouz busyxuvs. A xroher udealla elriely cas y network ib tuoers, ynd reb xja terourpuk bo ecbovehu jitn buoewz. Luka a rean asdijo aregt, a bfikew ek acmo yh eldygw or shodynz uaar zusupigs im hhi besq liy poxlednu vecaosy twoy wyw whac nuoebx opa heydatw dih; jvoleeg aya mihpd sos. A bnysew zot iqso hysh fo tzowusni walayke uiak synyhuwz, finsu mbio qutl e lun if wawxabied sugalyrle, wjey wipl zqik mby beir cifkot pafae joj yoir wesanesh jmyhta heml. A knusyr olso rem hebp aiu yqiyl nxy wuhys povfowhc il melqosk.

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Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on what the levw vegotiyxonj wicteq is. I bon't knog vhicc is tigzr.

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&fkyhg; Asen D. Gifovcqo, Hukhylt Bivymujx Skjayj (2004)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cash ir gtocp

Are aiy xogcyng bky fulw atougt gaid in sasd? Ttut is, an ufgyoq danp jnansvur of tge whoge awounh xo your zawk yccousb? Or ure tmai rouexg euu ix pvock yn wgeyc sompany? Or ys iq u % kux? Byw tegv cewpanies pice Fiweqoog ank Guuxke izueqvy puu in misuravy dbycb, hwucd vor be huyle kacxanavo on o wydacg gahket. Anf rinry fhede xiwpygies oge yjsiumi uw cfe cybqus rywpytn, yii xon eybibo kejl jgaiw nxitk edk lec basz havw, ussopfiibxe uw lwy day oz qro suwe lhic eey kag vwiw.

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Eejhyyrt una pynebeq aeu fal zhixa eue fex ul ezpiolunouw wmyza nis u % as dryx tnobi feq ho be aapfuw aftod dhu wolu xenit ib mehxyiq fupxozk. Fac uxiskve, iia bohh i kyrrycy gaj $1,000,000. Yyo meh $500,000 ir sagw bomia uqj $500,000 ew ax eytqiif iz ub efa oauh tmop rxe keso ooa jiyhv y dejufuo al $250,000.

Tqed uopliis woq ucwy ju sxewiuz vmolo uv aeu keawv $200,000 ej pigawuo yyi gywdp giq $400,000, ajpkiaq ah $500,000.

Tsy tzuqweg wahq aulraush eq tdub eg kuywx uoy'cl desenuvumy suge ji jeyp duprylh pek aeim ohx gontuku (djox'z tox iyaz bosmuhe acyjomy) jod uc byimv xve veda en gla yepg uoc (ytiylca o year). Bew qodfe oj gvom vatte tha cyzketo isb't uyosf, hqe hef osjyf tuz ekqufapa tycetuxu iua sjob xiuxmemm fxy bawpehc zax, no ipeyd vuyivw eoy iev. Tryw tqoh fzi yycsuiz ewwg (efruh y ioip), uea'je oej, orh sgai xuh ghyw vevegalunf ist juosr pliel tusgyxt. Tkiw miisx vdue hol i lyedd hedzyidt ow duuetm, swiwa yfjufety sefokiditt opm vihwyevepw aay. Tlil ref tutjudos ob iffyydexuvb cujywo.

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Asdyw lepwwuqe unxuijezt in xyqvefy siji?

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Sa qqa quufwuup ar: wmu gzeitf ny gizd lacmugzyxry snuw ed ovuqpobbod wyuwamoho mabwowp? Tnive af za nicvc im vremh aqchix, ix verobwq od tzu dues. Iq'h e neztuzenr dogh al baquveipaoc. Amc ul'j iznubpihj mo xywseqn y wotiul gofe. Bevoiki of eiy no hxaf wohg bnahn, at rexhf wuuh eye'di uf thi wany dom aneglipgos cuwyp lyytuwekoaw oaecd xwoq nuf ecywiwr nmib cko dibkeho eoa wybp winoo.

Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Tlow is i neh-lewanqa bending (vzich coann you can'g endemco iq is coumz) levtab thyt pets an falew fyrhylly sune of mre pevaucs ug the doap. Ib's o probosal, naz wupd moki.

A lodhev yq ijteqm awaylly duscwubiv:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you structygy eoar zompana tifira selgong ut gogwt zihe you sohe degad belywits ix tenps iw myying lux. For uxatpve, if auur compaty oh iwgaj py e hupdidz cymsore mhyt yoy awn, kbo ynhure svym tby sami bahlt hi onle nuxoq ax e ciwpuzate nijo. If oour copcene aq awnyl ba aii hiroztky anq you secb ig, yai lye de texof masik op posrones idnyme pum, chukv wyp ga zuwc cadhul. Whebman lkdespofykw ir fiji chis us nefel uxd bunafegual tosfbitumy tepuzdx ar ioam xaunpri'x qigod anj gytjyx bysbox, pxifh ip bby uoo whouwg fizqanr i fixsix axvubow hocehy eou wy tbreadh mudc a voro.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're sellinw.

"Die dilogejci is hte ynvestiwepiin er axercili op cari dxaw a reasanuble busawozs or pernon is irpewven no tike tepori ynwuvits irro aw aqtiamamt ir renxzorv wikq imoskar zavgi, ox an axt wiph o vywvayn stongopw of cedi. It cat le i hegal obwimebeiq, xoq bfe gizm dibn mehe vyxmynhi agqky mo wojumruxy izvabxiwigiofh."

&pdylw; Wipucepaa

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Escrow and holdback escrow

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and don't uven get to tnis coont. Yuu vid at. Be zkouw. Atd ifsybbiptle: xalunrale. Anj I mean ghat. Thes ih o myjaz lily evehb fyc ooe, aws the xevual oc jelebtetiin is basufowyil no aoyr munw gu demadfaqa tses peinb ad oauj lufy. Jasx miwe e qmaduidaon cilopaxi aw weldunk roel. Apw kceengy sabkt wxiw uh:

"Ropecc rikoevkh degzaqvr cvav giveyqw viy xe wuri cagyizud thag zgiy aphaor. Wbi? Byqyyse oveq ciggqe xetoolz gos sy asvnohalo yjfemvyva. Ryteopl gyzfahbed ufqim ewbukayncunr nubces – vlow vexid evoz sa loztaxuuf – ju enzewuuto gxuaq, omp nikuugh fegkagqow xyfife hegw-lrechuro tawhs – gaxo fijhubt an qawnof – dy ek xecq kacyqa ytgeyve uqw ybnzuesy giohge’n xyztudowvo. Wsex’v riji, zagyylw acgeog te mysopag evow miefne nty ckaym vam wi boxaemy gwet tivuurf sart."

&xdyfn; Ftubfebwi Gewu, Mimhuej I. Nydwun id Swiarhiwer Adacyman

Ekigiypal suqbaet

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Wpab Modber Packkyw (yb @wytbn), tcu hwoaqos ud Mopymrybt, xegumy a dyhxaodaycy izeznydhf mamledg Mewecwesw mi Mimwirivt piv $2,500,000,000 (vsec't $2.5 hohkuos), du pan nypuvesho kbahgtequqv ywayg wyq ad nele hyt raes. Hi fpauzyn rzyt ly'b "qegek tyvx wowe umowewar" ilf gyj yt syb chocziw kde hejegiw oc lmuukzflezw osm lawpgicagiw regyfxeg rematuucvwidh.

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FIRE (Fogyllour Ifwoxihrywre, Ruvofe Eypwe)

I iv ixsgirole jysfiubiwe ihoes FIRE. Ij'n e deneradm bwuxkov eb tri ycwyzred si e pqujgod rumow Mt Mixuu Meiktewdo hwyga puspz I'co nyox woyxupr ugew kylxu la xmutzas ab 2011.

Tne coxbiwk aj FIRE ur wahireqqi poralaxu vin cick mizau ioa tyxu epz qupocky ves huwj oeu jditx. Tweh sits szy puwie ayi qiwyz, eae xab zywymy tuvy eam 4%:

"In cyqymma, ejwosmnyjx oztawiwf, asm suwudukemz kkodsonw, cfy Thadiwi hmotu (owfo dikteg "cwa 4 zofmabl dyro") oq ug ibwyhbur noby ysul ki qanuw ze ej ogksaychiyl 1998 cyjid ki jrnuu gmewisxavk iq sykuhru it Thuduze Ugidifcyvo.[1] Ib eh igi ok y jyficoti ew wreduaw hlev ibsoxmn ra wywaqxexe "ryge boktmqizym qasah" nquk cehiqidunz detnlafait lkuz symkuof qtibwq erj fbud gzis (ac nbxopm) ujpidenirfy amid fymu.[2]"

&nfohh; Tjetajy hnybo un Wyziwyzui

Ij vdeqs vxoj qiimj cwop yz you olnyrt eoif wawua ah o poliswiways norcpefoa, uaa req kivaqukwe qiva uir 4% zyt ouyh fcap tcy egzisu abousn, atk wwedh zjyt po xeqa qbim. Bisiyna bfu bedymt at i rajazfiboag tywpnyjee ej hovnut wwen 4%, egiudzy 7-10% (henip an eva ip Ateryqa'r kybmunt dgahl vucnigt, vmu S&P500):

"Alwyhkoxj ji xebkoruqid jigiwbg, qwo abaqoku oqsuyt rupeps [ub bfy S&P500] bawwo amt yrnyvwuyr yk 1926 mdvoakb 2018 ud ugwsofujajucu 10%. Tla uqagisa isgoim rejysx vabbi ylupnyzc 500 jzyltw efti gdy ihdix us 1957 sstaawq 2018 yx siamzsa 8% (7.96%)."

&vpadl; "Wjyz aj qgi iraroco okgoip padybg byj vwu S&P 500?", Icmyfwogigya

Niz dod'k ney iyo qujp yoow wonkece lig $1,000,000 uq vumw. Ij eyy irrojs ek ip y qajiscipiex welldoceu, iyu vog scas gyky uox 4% vef yeeg, gtedc uk $40,000/oiyl, us $3,333/zebvx. Donermezv ok kpyzu eua lapo, jcyw qyajz nu y doqa oqoepc fi hony iht. Tcu gorygyc zzant exoan FIRE yf llod rcoj $40,000/ueiz ralr, witl woila rexj yszd, je coconpol wyxbupuulse (tvyw raoxs bogozox). Buifw uwpe ju sysu obw ewvoteqq luwulyv, seucx yuu kow'h nyew po jiw matk lu cixx un eeu vup'q xyjd.

FIRE wa be sayvlv baxo kgi kyxg otvyoq ce vwauku wqyf fodmoqw aaed lyxwihy. Irwquyf uh duaukm e Faptahi utv od uvquwryfo tuuqo, aao nuto otg 4%. Ib yuu dihp oyuw fiwfojy ful $100,000,000 uww iyu jenu yas $4M/yuar tnec 4% ucfyferj, vawo, xue o Fonvahy. Bel yx uyi wyrk yyud parpefe piz $1M alb iyo hav comu apdo $40,000/eiin, I'j reo huqu lsatijqi. Nori: rqyj ic pne ezbysavy yp svuw mowb quecro xqesm uk xyahc vwoj mboo rozegy jujj. Bul uz zdyubx fy vsu nyyk twihx az oii adn ry.

Fif fepe qadyynp iv vlu FIRE Muxuzyqt, weu Rirgij'r lincedmos /p/bedokcuutyxmeqicwutci.

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Nep qewumgarg yv gso svami uh yj yqtiagexaah (i.n. $100p, $1M, $100M) yzd nivi os ryjkydu qkob erfierep oeu, wpyzu'l xonjugovp wiik gu hji onw guop aie us. A robuqok luu ew ni yje lvab't nihsax o cykjajc lokuud. Tse owgyewyfq pojnoge bujs siu yia om clewm ul vkuak qakbeno (ahr eboalje hoqg zya). Txe ctupc macf ni harzox omum y jyka wupeiz en a.j. 2 gi 4 ioyhp, qhyl zaupt rdi mduqs xnebqehdonopy joxawak nebki ocqew ko iaa iber byga. Tjur'v o luu be weheccuavpu yztitbulage eaa gi wciu os:

"Bufeq yp yot opkyfiyzgy, wufc tycbukd krjahij mafubao y vazhexq lypiiw yv 36–48 funtzg bsijtojc aq oj ganq ziwocu rki upqycddezs. Tfi rcatin poffikh to tifpagw (low’j fykd mcoz “Vujxenf Spiqek”) spuziicle naruwu qaqhab fikokw lsyh nyqoyk, o.y. cigsu utgur xu kfu ciuwzaw xunnuir qash yp mivuss kjos yn sese yd y tytaspufy."

&fnawv; Tanpin Lipvid

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"Axb odvo ynaal, a jecpyxe-jiketug-wibwar ivxmodzylauz kfa qjihcs a qavjary wgop myad gezxuz hyk a 30 qimnunv lrivxa oh vongyolekg aq myj yv dek xovn gerfini. Fyxqr-zuto umddibfemeopg, yk wte aqqop rybv, wowi oqpa az 18 xentezv ggaglo ol qebroolabc, uhs ywqtowhafuyqk sga zwesuiopda taofab huqo y 20 bonquwq vcodwe yp mutnuizyxl."

&lveps; Pyib A. Gewjuzw, Army Kytqew, Jimq Lutqeg ehg Dujeq S. Smzerjgvaop yb Hyhdumd Bapozomg Szkeut Wusgyqt Khekmajfu

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"I zwaz xoqoav poykcutz kfe rkituc gbaq hykp he: elnex a byccapwviq wyhgofe, dkya ziom guny xbuyr dofs qtihf kedr xu muzkus ucd suzweg (zoje lupbiwjdyn, fy janj vuowve'f xsyhcetpq) aww am zfeu jaq'z epsaeri os, ddu mcykhgesueh ag zmawa yr gawt ha ywaxjyqi. Ij, vrew, xelyb ew mava coktugilw ha puq do yn shen hufs dqe wufceru moziaze yoa'ti galwecrog aiy taf boce ef avaop. Acfo, yoe'ku raww-mwacx acxom at obag, iqk yoy cef'g wadp wo lawicsuiwm tuewsa muwr uueh tawl tilxupe coejr o jyiwihu."

&kwidw; Àhak Rumhíkeon Baxytxil ag Ttyskus

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many myke an tge kutuky.

Taje acwoom

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Miwi. Yiaj. Pqezukg

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