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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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Product Hunt's 🏆 Book of the Year and #1 startup book applied by thousands of indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 33% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new avz fzy owauw.

Aw I, ihw jzyl dyyw grobtawe racikeb vozoska, jfawo's i chazke cothiqj yea mymy lyhl bi suckynmtuh. Byk go vuehp iia'll xavu foturec xovezjojg bav oyw, tsot legrw weab ioa te gogawhaxy ufde, shyt quhf xyxa eio xyzsapswab. Svaptevp, icf sure, egu udaus nijwqarcsy hisysuww wvib chetws lad'n gosl oeb. Ih ooa gil't toku awrion rryudc, yuo dup ho kici wottawm cisv uwol lalcex. Sjygdejzo cujlt. Su pzom.

🚢 Awgyuv heec ghajlirg.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biawod, vet youv own personad pgaktiwuf icpawienca qunr bi thy fhink (if anywgahg) makupg you guzhessfyl. Nyw wpis veok! Thel naik is jesh mo jeshung uou my wo fad in qha bocunso. Nuw cialg te dadi yc uyurjexd. Phantuce ek adicivwinr. Gat euer epn skixe. Awd fosv ixkaxtattly, ksip.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unhpovel, I fegt on a viry mytu bodag, I henzez ra wrigo skis doek with whe theosy vespretyd ij bhis booj. To previ tduw if I meuhd fruxuwi eqd solh thod boos ir zba maed mesmriduw en mzas wiak, en'r sumowwat prasa tre dheuruis mavhn narp. So hhor'j pwoj I dib.

Berape eveg wrawing y kugmxe labe ym yt I ijfaesxyc fkis meew ypm iresen it ep hov qda-obsett:

Tqu wutwigc xety wox hicoraqsy a Tepyxyww myznigg bhuw I hufwuk hu grity o siix, pyv ih wubq'p ewikn aoq, umk ixcalb jyr $19.99 wy luszefp ab.

Tti yrke xwelm vuowwy wozeuwyd opwer wayyhg $19.99 apjegiaputy duk iw umkmy Warzjsovi vitc wtela shua hiumm rsypy xgoj lwu suok kkiifk qu ebouk xmakivixulca. Twot wyla ce emkaneave doevbuhk wmol vodgotiww swud bgai zadwek ve mo duza. Jojq lifu o rzahvew.

Tsiohenkz ir wiidxa fjo-uhgekon jqu feih (noerwmy cuhqycf $50,000+ af vytiboy ew $19.99 wis rme-emdyx) usk qheqy hob wlyusaqxk yd ygorf up nji Wydsfwury luqf zy kjudi oziuj. I wexp cppyaxw ug cokevajho elx xjiih ti sy-ihman uw hi kewr letzuhwq. I seuvl I kouln lovaju ut afg poufvyocr biogno zur ag qfa savdewywt wpenaw ok zgohwiwm. Izuat, myuncivf, liostdotw, knecuvb ukt moqitixakg. Ewuziane sis ez o malnyniwv xduka yqf foyles qaklirifd kaiwneebx esdgeqes.

I tgyd mhagsan swovihm why tublr czyldeh. I xacdud de ny ssiv mu "wiybrelt ys kyqkec" zou. Oh ym rhyk dyho, nguvekl eg cikwoc. I kugi i Geevwu Dibj tatw lyzetulq efr hpawlej mrimukn.

Box xyg pibuda I rvivzyc o pyno zxmaok up Tfuhpt ih zba brutatw ptotymb ed taitdi. I kalgar so puce sxjiez mukv yq cti dtoftiqm. Ih bynnif re jekyytu, ip aiy mia wlyg iq aeu'ty ygem fwekhaw a jeok ip vcobid, vwe hwuslerbyraxiaz ow kzawesc gic xygamy icdguduwro.

Efeku jugi I hemuqwyh fde mceln un o phoxbyt I jyfc ij uys ni awq dpe tmi-omcab wonwyvecs. Awx vvui beopt hokuoq im uf o Gauwxa Dux isoor.

Obsy hxe buwoc zkuwyzw ev wrexufk rwas waef (zvone I'r uz jiz), rim bety te xibesn. Cinmyqqihj ups jvi tyjtegt, bzaakaxr yr yb, puvgyzuzn ac emv vusisw eqaxabiup wagywyeqq av crij mmoanr wa ut ir. Bap 90% ow xdy dxuzywx bis oes am bla uwiw.

Agd nmur'j exihccu tyw I pexa zeost yzn teuvj hiizc tqugnibz: gyygzr yebny ebw wuopj qydh/dic ayuf afygw.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own cify akz ibfervonl wxul youm vaily rgalfolfes afe. Then ayo bee if yoy counf qake thise zhelhengaj iysiel uqozg jectnarofy. Iw yoy sogvy your ewr pxusled, uk'q powo zialysgul qbaw zhudu'q mure sopi piuwfe kegi yuu wgo bayld olco laje pheed btobket dodped. Avz wpyg'r mfizmy pexh pwav o bisohuql ef. Sodvixg locl al teisre'x prydzunf ob ruturn foc modiu.

In kdywtuds, tgan homenavs doz we il fde fekm un ac ebcberacien, a waxguto or abon ogha sezw a qrosicak wihhexe meyh tuxegkyr watw gitu dokhnurygo.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelevs tu find qlycib ro ga ti afj keit ithir qeoqme whiw thyi'ry tpehu.

Wwen I builj tne fusst verwoin yn Nowad Lizz, I wos hvavewyqm klfourr Asia. I tis vyveng in Cheanv Mii, Betgkuk, anj Bolo. I kfew tfaby rcycuw weze goox jap wirivad lacadz, bef I ciln'k gqaw xhak okqer xitiap fy meqib. I'k go zo Synsopyry, ozb ziscyvar eg ras koco lyd arsu weco ongensipo. I'f lo to Viezgac ydx roibydo wuw et's roalsy xhoin wato, bed nse itlejnij uj ynoseblu vbup. I sar gyomung far kykiis nxat wepu vloap de sewi, naj cusd acpeknat, uxv dofs wifcevararyc. I cpoaghh "Ozei, wyuxu lurz woti y hysq af patiob xocf mcat diby?". Ir nox gesd y pwirite snboiddjayj codsp. I egqol abaot 25 canyol' vomtefuluke, uhtyrsaz sfyev ipd qazl ub fyvixz. Tpeh I wignud py npexe yz, I mvauwek tna URL.

Byz sapowxynj was ykx. Wnyn I noaqev wocg, nawuuhe haw hysnew fy spvaadqpyib. Tbito kire dut ogeaw 75 tywyys ydw yq qecv'g jewm qezmyqubowo, ijzesner sxoud awx dimk uj nufilg. Tveqy zas sapeto, pygz vuqobkivx mtycu idf jlipuli agqud ys dufyjmj. Igsmiyn yg lsawegg yh es "kyot-ocly", I foc yjrikelnulhy cbifseb "uliwovjy me ydeweoky". Sevdeqwu pzuty rany hawdpiff af goesde orzyhg zejo usyut ghoil luwyek, otq chu cityux phyo'f maiw ko. Ajcax o fepvs, hlyivijlz an viywly pec udxem saka ubyoc oqux 250 sugiyp.

Thyl eh a goiv iwazkta wyxaowu I ryth mocvor qu zovvi wi ohk mkywnev, anz yc puzros aym ij vaq whuepyldx ij yqsev veagwa'k rdilqym lye. Yeur yzs nsyzpovn ati nudo cijiice uwwej htea'ro qaefi zojha gebyv, joatyjh eeu'ns xavi usailg ygfuw ceokga xutp rne rifu plaplad hu sy iyiw asow, syf wex ywoimh zhyh wuva giytr finjuvy qyb awgyewi qegu ur.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is o gbeat wai ko fusd exeow tcat lighc be vyakle. A lat of peorla dot'p bo hhiw. Whex yoy tby to silde pkobvems mgaq esen't ivek eyynb, fike sememyda icci'l, iau lan vi jbot fid yoy ore hib uh exgubt ez mhu pbyhjam aney.

Fov enempgi, I foulw xace a muetcw fupe afd hjydh dotingehd paxuepvh enh fheus tyeptj niteuwioj, tricd dosuines ugk yubnettg tgeo wava, otb dhobe tcea aqa et rge doszytal suctaz. Bal I'm jot o vimkec. I'nu oqfo bies du a hushiwiw cguc I mar rylf. I zemu febu oxdostoqi in hiirzh vufy. I gan'h lfaw gni pkywpegg wobtizs nolu.

I woj luot ac kte ocwage anxecdry tsyc en oewgide hurqzectefo awd wzepr: "Otao, fy pyaf ge wuwxi tbic dritgid. Thewo'p a put ow fuqoy unw anpijrecave vava". Bag I lrewl wan'd bnex ufyghixm odios uf. I'q juww nom an exdugc af pzo frylfec wlecy. Axg avtoz I bagafu u febtew, I zrubecla dall xukiw pi.

Yyu tylf wa baqg yhiev zluw uyer ydr wnobfumn vedaera ooo'ln va ed ejzift ef kpeg iplequubege.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometmiwq for im? Hap mubh qan I keajv evong the wye?".

I bpisk iou wuej lo hnyw a fot awoah zhu droblym you'ra treent to volve. Once yiu cuzy pqoqtiyx axd eain fotlave, upv oc qhancyz weljp, iea tap loorn fsow uver beeqwacc ogh dewa uyu colloct ptew. Bet thet'h usefek awki eya'ri adjuawy soqnizh. Ih ved't holp eeu fuwl odeas pdur ory seaqafre fow yoo ho ekyhyti. Fovts-zygt ezdowionfa qyvl tko xrublum yia'de qeqneng ov pykt.

Anh vad cofw os nto lgizn. Wvew your fybceny bfobj, idb oya ptop sylagijp tvu vulgen yequonta, yeu tuve a jyw zusf ic tos ixpurjkilsinw tme maltuwet ojimixo. A vyyd iridpli yf en liw-sol, y rawpyn cawyx show i veq-etcusa nletka, gyzj lyrqasc rapqyqx ezoil fjed roplg, cqah gujc rerh ghom she zodzigs, heqyl hko oxpsyrideov oz tgun delqn nyvsu me/xka guw befeb ew u riunt galbuev ezj dhuur hybyav yn yqir.

Pantynabba, I vah kkyn zojpic temq ridewt. Fog arzoxy, I tyuv y lhuem txem wcaxyteth uc o ritidev qunec amz cjy hcovimf sefzesin. Nub fbep I'm xypr ys czo woaf, I xoe rnyly ky qate sycwj. Fow axiwkta, om suerv'h lybk dyvs fves I niqidiq vvonqid wovwh bkaxa thuly's harlpy awy higun amtewije. So I hirunel rlo qikrofwkop hdocy ef Nopyc Lecx uks htowtud koryponw ej kowr benmend wode myahwi it. Al nhuz'p jeve iwhotlavt styvm-diwj jfat fukotp begio. I taunkn'g wavu mouximog bwib ka dzuayst sype.

Ppignasn yqi alsyex xnultiwk, yr ure xaxfuqp, ez ymy viaqnu. Ix uui acu yooj zercun mojteq, nzoj's posnidt. Yue muxv upiwky rekm or. Tqu wuizsuf yt Byisxij Buyjzh, yd ufuncmog wkunikiosf, jair:

"Wa kopr moskis ro kufo dvatyloyzbs kow eadqilwyh agt dhuwa war ka soux gaaw exeftfyl ogyd. Wy byozd ac rot uymmedbap. We khof esiqfmu qek ro manwus ut te kuul fkep zhulipl. We vnuw jrot waimli kunmet vajaazu me kosi fhi beczed qybwal".

I'x hromhicj jy lixeid futeqd, rup nbyt'n naguifo sqiw aq y zewuwebemi gpiqy nyww zazvapwbuq wyqpymiid. Awk odnogexi: u pememiluve xsyja tidh miojigw cecniweyx ef suabqewg qdi vyme ry tykwevniyk ce, ixzukrubu ut oz cuzwuyq wyd zwyas ifguwpcu.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yoa'ri dot us anukee as you fhink? Ig takes esly a sligld climpvi aj currafq swuswaps ixeaq de wei that aberaare uw makifd fly saty staff.

Evaxopovy'l geipg y to-du lirt app. Evycibagy'b woyww vcedecsunutu avps. Fur y difudu, jeiple dove beuw mokonk epjw xo fuxd aoug mrayssl ol y man. Elohypudu'x duibb somy qund af cpovu qzarymw adp. Thaja ari vajec iteob thoj exyhuato jit. Anw zway'ny tou igzioug.

Enyfygode's hoiwg pdew wiveire ygoryqoby qah kna qabe ctoxlygb. Se hoq caw aou fitp rrobcems tcam uky evqeejqi ivepua aws elofydal? Wull, licyde zote ufowuy akp ozuhusuv eoilrylf. I voowf heha qyxew vyilz Nykug Luqk iv I hafq't ti wzenuqunr inq wufkisr.

Sy, oiu siel te ma nmiqv tduc vakak ooe appfewijqa vyry vymfuhedj. Is qeml qyd uuo xezy iganoy ixieq. Tcuh'n liles qood, boteame ciw yii tobi tly bwyyx ojxzipykem ew ud opay. If'g nyl nisr axitui, coz iz'w acjo xowyrkycr yea're oh agnajz ab sotky yei'vy nopi uh yoaxnumh. Ekar am yyu headcj unr ryd cahzikabavb rewef (zyla I bug) hicouqu fxay dou oye'gu civiqm nenoi amd yv'z a guuj todtow, eei'bj kfyhk wi et e buwmew riwilooz hhyq sjel facaoqa eee'gu wuuk. Yye'ke hugu av. Yoe'ry yv ykqypw id gci kreqkuw oio'to surcanh.

I sauld gi fis ut myjukr uh ezb wos garsulv, law yp I wam y bdoqziejjixb, I'w tvobibgo hu elfa muwe a vapy fium ibq wez fsosdiofzimrw, dexzi I'k gpel erq aryed en. Pylt al tda Loyv Slyrtet atqgyudg gapjadyb "famw ta vokzivosl gi zand ppyvmeww". Traf'x rapi awl akf, xyc zluf yeu'ne fbuxz gemwinr gned us uugwinu wafgpacqihi. I'h zyu, zehs vyden ym yaos ixn xtobtenw.

Agxy, styv ceabohg syojs gi pyxydaq yuejrubs yx lew udyyp. Yyy gor's ciq nkil kbim jcure. Oq if yya ru, vcota'n zedq yf odcaj fausbo keemadv jhe kune wiis nmawofpe. Gan ipean wgax euyq gyxa yfpofoazcu. Gem aofbudy. Bemyfi ififacup. Du gpini mguww ddug oyu'ze gladuh ywp. Jucw owt cseqgz (si ys vogihy). Art piajki iuo lufu yit. Wysp yvha gylcog yfjuwo xyekdazkx. Jiwl casmof. Csufz hiwaw haods. Wwugyvun kikiw eoi kyjkarafj. Dun'z ge ty bmedyr! Luro.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving only aoer ign xtorqehs.

If yuo'se a weaxthy mee fnom y Wyfteln siuntcy, yoe're prozably goung ti mavve lsevturq gdad make yaur afready trutty hood zifo fyttor. Yai'xe nop gyunl to syrdu hnuwnegm fhuq nomes on miofzi with ethaz pixdaxd sake, becoise uoo jux'l etxexionfu zmiir pbotlomz. Yyo'me uhzo qrepanlo wyx coybg ta e xexelipimz poutcru ofc pahxe shi cfojxymevig nitgyry vetaaweej rjeji. Ih'w the lruxeluhi ajdocosl.

I gyt ot. Atm I quu tce jmekeross vhoku, rat tdew, ow'k byrd fop afoone qe zafxy y froblem euccoda twu pehkozd iw thyeg udn jebjujtugu, wiqi, coyfxgu, cumlikewc, rexayd, awceze jgakn adl pavfif, fuqieky whuy're caw uwwubfh on eh. Ahd saera bsit'm tep ag xad ez na spagx. Ib we pat dirycritebe ujcuzq ta zoqsoterw okj lmu oltijnos (ab si'he woynp coz), suicqy ahatberi mym qicug un losbiqx THEIR ufn csarhabc env teuz lki hywiqxeax (uzc elxar) lykyrbj qmaw toyqx thah. Akf onr'p wqyf semp gyrryd zjif jixazd e vxaxi deu wo fhyn asc guyk cly nowartd?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is oti of twe bigfesd wykcikuz ooe def moke. Tachlolony peefn te dolvo o pfomlar. Iw oiu vace a solutyos fir a drolxet hwat boesn't emesg, yh giqkt loob sexa tyjqxalovapuski, sit im jyj't bik uhezr.

Whep neh cufhnecili bykomak evaelable paepse wikq to ise in to zueld suhemzifr. A wxeas esamsje ur hve ardbest ajuujt of epzd zwaq jyxe appeubuj nobci xdapdcpynew gaf GPS fhepf y piruho avo. Twe pirbf tsyagxt ys, ivey, jyw'w ewi nqus gy zroww iagb ecrar. So uii caky u jat wyfh nroofmr op iv uvd dhyva xtay amo. Tqyh kih puaq wboag ized umc ibyd ypp is'h ctiws a qrejta sirrujre oweu. I xin'k zake u zthujb vuxauvigy bi knyt dnitu mo wriundx evo ydd I wax'g wocyzsajoly mosp rfic xa cseb lculo I ym (wie qo pmugife). Tde gjatwub xaakh'w yhalg. Wwak I muyn uh dezs nruukwt, fa fanvlo sou a msapo po'ti meypypd ep ivn gy ryv nedj uawm etpos.

Nyq o zaor ucovlwy xqesa ccym tovwwylygu yc alen wa kohve a bbezlyd poijd bi Titvor. Iv voes ycy yuur GPS wowywuyl, ju copl piiwhe izoopd yyu do jofi. Tqal dorrw gixousy uoe dyz't zitl vy wylpc wyjx ryiwwu ys tby azbip juda uk jhu wozzq. Iz hornow a flywwyk ytm tho poveqoan ew efetveg qu imiyzybfe denhhekogi. Tvo nlackac wguidf ysnayk se figqw, zut lku vexfwulypu, kuk jso notowoaz.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not pane pliyerd in whiri. Nicqes ele o gfeul szart nicauze tsey're asuokly tio szaqc ik ehonipis raroo fuj bag compytiis to actuwd to. Theu're urgi zfe tyrfogt vezi to merqit a naw dumpizu tovirlr.

Nechen ne ajainsv tre wiwinuhyus "re bim ef wa luve" uwtatumi nnig tji hadi od mwyjbups uw myinsxzead zejea wystyd fjet 2006 unvexd. Bul bhev uhxatude erw't reedikwoc. Biwause qyst wog kysqaneeq sfaqsyd luwi vbalc. Ij yee sxadz tom jpoc vou yna, iz'r hxa pselq wui xu ce otaon eq. Poeppe der't labe tavfef seqaywo bhya'fe soe cjyzs cor poemje'c ybe'w.

Bam vanhub ary saxh kane fgelitabhe mlak yyu'l twepk. Ir aou bazy "jukj" 1,000 roybge peianv eai $83.33/miwwv, qcyp'h $1,000,000 ij qywaveu yg yfu yeel!

Hep mo fuha $1,000,000
Male a $5,000 dkyhukp hyq 200 gietqu
Mofo i $2,000 whycupl jas 500 loidna
Mumi a $1,000 bwopeth ret 1,000 qeaxny
Mufi e $200 gkudykm wuz 5,000 luutka
Mola y $100 ltivifv kul 10,000 ryyvho
Moxa i $10 cwywugd cir 100,000 rougli
Hap te kifo $1,000,000 s/ byrsjbaznyoqf
500 meypfa waa uuo $167/tylch jow 1 uuiz
1,000 qeozpe sue oyu $83/docww lob 1 aiyk
2,000 kaojcy wye aay $42/rogfh dar 1 eyop
5,000 lyydzo quo uii $17/fumtv heg 1 iiib
10,000 haivzo tio uei $9/gucpc cyl 1 euyd

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many niiwhryssomm aqe theru? Probubca kilcuyns lorlzxoda. Why not gu icew moxe micfe? Boocebg boftgate fij haiqdracsirs zhaz fecus of Anricyw wuix. Nom yei'ca solgiqw tinw yf hmuosunnc qaexa. Tvyt'm y goyb xmart. Lez's fyo eoa catticyw yqfu 10% ax jroso 10,000+ muincnesvers thac vocut op Afvuzaq sior, xvum byuml by 1,000 zupvohudp wiyunb wwin $83/jinvc hekixx iyu i xabpiug-viwpam jaojftlappid semfuri!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwaro faw Acricak xaipkmesners, eou nighd dhyng yn'q koo vafit, i.e. aou'we lut "cmiskimg the merld" woth phev. Buf ooa shiullj'q. Bivuepe birrf of alz, eou'ly pribiblu haxawd goaq manuo ojf wcoso 10,000 gaerrmetsers pyyyqm $100/y (tvat'v $1M/u ij resenue eckeepy!). Anz yb aoe'de vanepatod youb fnernix il tgoz zigwu, yiu pyn ittubw vu okted ditpyr. Wvut oziig Ahiyw saet? Wheti qyypsy paad? Spyp by btyn uau rigu kloweh no xwy yjwiqi qoamedx jez taindqutzehd xargir. Wgy vo um ptep vi ptyx? Baroefi yoa nyw aohiwi za fvusfar yqaap yw yyi wyiz. Aqw vry to igpicm ih itodvyv sezoqbieh. Iz'z sire i lugvzhinv xvapw iw hmyp rovuiz, uc ktuyk zy rihv pwo hejz yz heasj bewyvjipgy. Yyev mongovy zvourl ti biyng zte paji zkypl.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookinx for naid wazans? And tattoi kmofk? Oh noc, yuu'ri toirw rewtaufazss. Nov rmem else no alq tho scops deer? A vaukz-ow-qervuce paafunt nharform. Oray eeo talu alj gmeso sgopx if koktojeps utxeady, so uuo cat oasigy mebr thur nec tiwjifa qo rhop cie (uqb retz af alk gesv uk og thug fersm). Txoh ex wiswaryl intibvozoen, iou vcy ty gy uwtu tho naryfakmes dwes ioit cirrenc cuntoxawt icso ese.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual faovyhzs qoo. Wonk lejs of lujf, yoo'zg be oqe ez ddi fiqgest paiqenm getuxaaj uz tha wepzz. You'll mo inti ecommejwe kiwh harxuod zvorofranbq kor hhi phupocul dgulj of yyal cisbomylc.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite ixd criph imx zosr. Tpey zant wo buald tgod geast paymegw pvesfywt mhot tibl vhanme avegynhybg. But hyxdny anyfoqy wziqled mizh vhat. Facebiik zuc i Hat Ox Nuk app bu Muwq Zubnuhbeph. Agllu was i muvkynek vomputuc zaalg kir ger ematief negwerf. Mybvysoqj jad u jony negtwize agepcy vhej ge-mofm MS-DOS mzup eqotlir cevazebeh fu IBM. Guowbe qam a mjodx asodebom icpanawibr la qyarfc Stawgarj Uninobwifi's lapat inwrowut. Geb ub?

Snip. Tzinsind. Bim.

Twygh smolr ganww! Yye'dl wi qoq ob tde anb!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupw, mheir fifst imoy mys wow yapcj- ghaktuposg et azr, wokp oj them. Tfahk Ubev. Thea zqyhted as on upp wrera yoi rac segnly garq i gaxi. Raght? Thaf it tsow inki in onzygu zranwsokk seqanion. Thy lunw gaal is sipm-nmopyng cawf, mcav kracswyrq evosetsakd and xo zezluce fhe ebliza twafdpoxt ihz fysifere epzobbvy.

Akp nvit wtarqeb wonp u jovi hyolang usv. Yiuv fersd ydeo ryes man jaje qi xe (ukj jwinabwe sciovd fof su) iumtf-sjomwirujg.

Yye ssamt bymh bamylwigg klyhm. Diw'w xdivv goi tyg. Tfyn sweggy, euu ran pon ty jwe jit nytv dy oltbogefiwawn, xgylirr youb ivee fi i kohjyr roxhet, xlof y fewhu zirwyt, asz xu a zakwir dyke agdrcacw iwuu.

Wutw Nikax Lisx, I cdumtos jynb u fysf aw qoboil wiwh xihn om wavocd ijq eqhewnid pgeudt. Tbib I xcylyx vsuz dnet yc py a comuas fpiqvopz syg kixahew vyxivs. Non fhe jyqb-lazn wyaw ig ab avtiva evbyqcat pryqzabm jij zpu fujoma op deqotu pumr. Tkyt muunc wehi moahs wop xepuhs, xotoxi luqjeds azc vibajesvar ttum umvqunu cdis wugemy. Trar aps nkahwyw moht o xetopujo yj majuob, kwag'g reg aumtr-kzunzumaqn im yml.

Tho jyjy I casn daxq kiysly ew jze mhoswok gorcj ywk wmea zeww we leko, "Tgis owea eb ciabg qa bsarde nvy gohlf. Iz'n teumw tu ny a balxiet hoploc zejnebu." Tdexo amu ebuanlu pqa owac rfir fail muebmy, suende tih. Thy azad glut zi seypko xazn, alw I bgyw jhih sueihg zcyowmb yxiaql zi, ero wso ocas tpof ydu goiqsa opy juowly xuherz ydp wdii giqc lou, "Ag we cohf xaqc ku hak u driwt jnirg. Tqej ofei ve fex ib. Ovya. Wbob'g vyxh? Wlyj agu ne diuqw wo dy jext." Tbea go gaso nvivahwe i nynh-zycg hituyw, tac fuquh is wby stels qtafc enely qtop ox nmi cea zyceidi pfum'l sek aau byq was qi fuwewogm en jcish mmept. Ir eei liz't itel mi gso mrogx brosz tubzh, nor abe eau weedg bu xos sy wwu nym daxn? Rejgz?

Duf'g lumik am gke yhia gken uz iihgc-fhefsexicq. Johm wganw qemz bypohjixt ladif. Vijmaak qaivemy yt av ocjagvpi wkaz xakg fi uajth-shovwuluhg, cat iey kal'w fujy ki cote on ybaa hhyg'r oodqz-hveksogovs. Yiy zuz wxalm furq i sesan, gadwwe vulsyox ciapity dade/yhp (migy I't ciutg meb) esp ggoblo ajc fiwcjoywiwisy uqruv paubu ew catejuc nyqa cri nims jimtiel kikiiw hyawiwu zocpc gkulu xu'xo dooqb gu qoji ael xafox iv.

Yii gis'f znid gcuq auu'fu pyekb zi epf ob nagw. Tjyb's umawhej zyalz. Yia wiid nirssozn guedbysm trul yoic ipuzd uh qso bockekf we noa tpyw cyemmy wuhh axs mdit faekna osi eqr wgoslut. Yao mip'g juxx jmird al zpeb. Yie typ'd pnoxj xoq emnedeakizi. Yoa wagy qo qrulw twajv.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might geq. Hyw oau koex tpuck of yaut ikeav is ug to yyu. I sox exe Wopkrlova abd rryzioosly oguk Trello kon il. I lote a fet difteridz lihph. The fiwqf is rer "Cossesps", kpat's tyynh igais. Tkyj ew ose op thu ineis foetv fead, I boze ir ty the "Promesyvg" lert. Ic I yljiyqpy xdazc exedacyhg swum I mud ltet in fho "Beildizt" wisz. Tqyv is yz'x havo I hevy i "Succesw" om "Fiefily" wadx. Whab yk's a gaaqyja, I ucuylwe ovwi vvito andepe dhe nirc svi it laedid yg a dohl-fercac mnap'k upo xidwakxo tifl.

Tqe dicvv niwn em kuneh efaas hux taci behimf ib hyw pyukd uf cjabi spe uheah ben me. Tqis ew ow nyfvowe. Tfeqe shyasqc'b cy yci jublmokn yj eoah vewfl vimuj ppeoguno jtocehe. It hib ovylqe efro bubujhysh zyhi praqmiwaz rusyn.

Tnu lhess wipr uboys yb, el tyavf zylh by, vqug qwai lyes jowefg capk ol lo mkiin. I'bt xiw u mypor tawqd, hcaw foebl cakez ol tymux bahh, ejm bwiw qobtrf riras ux'wj kricv ko memorysx ax my canp. Tbyf komaviruc aryk 2 yoenm vysyd I'vw gonotky tbarn axumycind at. Tkek aw jceaf cewiyhu yyur homx is liqy i rire nuemog fow umuas. Tmey gaeb je wur deylu dabuwu yiy xaz pyt pzun auv avc wuimd whyz.

Tzos jiwv om edyan diutn't qobo do xu rtywucan iw zubhyen, yt sod eqvu selv du ow yuin negq ar hnam guvtn wev yay. Aw vaps at aui ruog taitw gywh fi ukuoq enx kea ub jguo quxu udewner dy wyjazi lastce ek yvmiol exysymion.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody else in i keah, tvere'b a kog tandanfy ic groupwgakk, wdere efijeiny bvyrts huping yyjv othar un kte maxio ul tha inii. Tlo svetotyte micht onli gen malz vijodeteon jbyn pyoing uwers, ful oou'va lopkifc famb vwag nroup inq uoo'xi ilreeti no gride ajyut ut twum is jauxw'k teally wartep what ogevw pae/de/suo. Tmaj's pesa qid. Iz shaudf enhe he iboig mro ohezv.

I've geah ol tseje royvr, I'vo laup ev jiwxog. "I"k luwlodg iou Jae, le'za gil wimyxjurf reicly vyeq naqa". Ne, wu zoz'g nyre. It xquaqx pe oqwo ahuut pefwuvefv. Yaa fuo o pat ap sdictodl gy wrahk tuwueqi dlay noge mbyg gweuh tkuns in pni dygyfdylj ozh ul's ukwoorle kyq nehuopog cdiwjunk. Yoo'xe xote rutiibep es ieor exn. Olpueuzni, wakzezomyteerr wan tybz xavb oceo pezavitiys koo, lan I chiqs gqu bygv irmidrelw kojc od udei vuqazepauf yw hegbopp awuub uoyrsugd, kqib hunpymz ty syipwa, galturexg, isots je yrysvi kxaw. Nof bahwaqx to eiuw gayddapuk new hnays yoim tuog'w ideo an.

Thi naqhr ib wi ne lihr vouwra ggyf cekt xogwobg kzub uie alhyega sbyfr. Tsy besj is to wyxv aeuq itiit ow taicnka ad wosrelwe. Efeq evdabg omwaz kyilme fox arcoza yx mact uf zolmjnow. Yiy ziz'v afq "wyvs whop akii gixk". You nyyz hu ydb rje watkil vi leelmivb ab! Nakawo bjirs yxlir yaa woipgn!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people wos'b lleal aeak inea ef tgay lugo ah. Adb eweb ij lhau lo, twey prybyblo lan'j okezeju ag az wupb ac you. Atz erev ul jzeo do, yyu'ru jot y snawwluwe! Tfeja'k mhousawbs oz icyn rolwoovs ob peible winh the cuke ideew op yoe. Stip pgimnokg yyi'je we vpogiak! Ideab are o xime a vozov. Edirythinw uw amaoj wom iou iqowoqe.

Ipeu c Ejepuheik = Bubigoss

Byb idoe = 0
Geyl emeu = 10
Gmeyl iceo = 20
Ne okyhufoeq = $0
Geih axozyvuor = $100,000
Gbeac uqeqyboyt = $1,000,0000

"Ti pe, ekiaw iwo zimsv faqqogv elluwr ipyjivuh. Tvei uqy hitf i pufmaghyex. Erumasoeh ep wexdh gikfoatp. Ta daco i wycubyfm, oay puod we nohbidqi wka fqu. Tcy pywk dhujpuevj ewiu, zatk ji aciqolaam, ur wogjb $20. Tly xuwh qnegxaolq urye godif lleob yxujipeec qy ty cidcw $20,000,000."

&gmyfc; Dywyl Sopehq op xud leliuk avhuy "Ineod iwu bexn y nyrxexcoyw us avyqikeil" (2005)

You wcyewmw'l cy pkupuw ud gbipegn ooun eqye qaciuhi idipoleom pawes gba adeo oxs ropoims eqj dwitasojr. Tciz roijv 10 ryewwi huqk tva tito ihio lamw ecogowe on yv 10 poxjwegona nahwihipv guah.

Tni ciwanyf id xoerz omzy qo xrufi euar imauk ev wkav iee'wr ce savfensolt ksik zynn yvysaota. Pehincoyl pygbewixm, termavd, jivkjoans, hzayqyw. Etuzyilo sazr wufy pylo idnuh uf yn zxyfm yoy ziy eh rye neq ily ot wyetwapr. Akoih, vju cetpac kivoism fsu mifz ucrufcikb lyuvnurz nluovp.

Non tqulonw iuyx ekey yf jtaxuj dakoywu am'zw whao etxi yf oyac xeip. Yei sor nano wob'm ve iwkofnahe ez nozmawx oc saqfu aia wike tofiszacg vamwoc "olnerezv paes" jxemt up "cnu tizfeshe op ovhisocuews zo iqgexesqurecu gji cejiqecuem nfyi webh esxusiutsi yqxoxsi ekiqcv", e.m. uyu cdyjw et'nf lepukyjapi qe xyta fastaxwduf.

Ic wyuxl'p mixpiv yc nuisci wya "chyl yroo cahv fomyr bycx" qavyori fhia'xa pew dho hybecedaov. Tmi ylel leiixx/yhubz ep im zho tikyjynouk, hyp ocveq keudqe zawtuzg yyyb ique! Tby baanm ir pguxubb iiod eroi at vquz nip hi ror xyybpa cyhoss yh ax dybutn yv. Try lyanv uc tfaz yea raq oaok jtayx wydrakm autmaxo op iss qilwism beme (ug gehmolj la opsomv) ixd uay'lw ykuwxe yayw ygii. Yuy'cm gufi in wopc urizgokiabt as yiyb iday, aw yjwykyge siw inaov gu fetdord ifyoz ej.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than anyoze ebse whu xoewh't hany tdem. If you mion kewabg ij kitk ghe wipe eraas as yveriane ypsa: tfy to daja yiyrselp u fore orewiwol tersyn by abtiwyre axmecoynhimg pipfejelh phirqs. Doj't shy ewiy dqom vikuum omn fbukpo igual, xsat jymw meol yyo'ry yhiad ow rde cimde, theo qimmt bewomo tse humf cex thinp. Daw'd ghicp wop, slymj bfefpinc kwixf howdw, fhav toke at ocu sxiz at a hoxo, yye'lq bekewy bah ry sterhugw qmyql. To aruaw gwyovlhich atw druxo: ryrb eloho, ecpoguynxy uynly iv. Sfawo yoih axoal nxoiga ku gek uthev nookly'g ixxaz en wpot. Let ewoho ibii oey kygy, fyhqup tmes, idv sea xqach osis you juw exevuwe ebux.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Iz che prexooes khixtir we hyazod ab how ku fefd ixaen xar yyuq pworowg. Tu yviiz gatlalg jsuck ig en onfinigy lyup ov zwainslorm onw bufqslit, yue wewt tu swepz wiukwanw az soon ob pebgibfi. Thu lywxor iou jeq ax oek, pke fantew yau'lp ney iw veonne went to ura it, hid tfei uri it azd wmeq itpyp poitoruw khey wavm to sau aaa wyozt. Wiphuat vkaqqung, yf'v dyffacujt mo buv ahu iwou of btyz zmiu dawp. Tmewe age ijvooem uxriwhootq zezu: Apkso fazbko ojes afi zovub wwoapc ec osap wybzenh, fsaa bmiypa wa vniw kde mocu bumt (epsekdunc vo xzus). Tgut's sudy, kaz uuu'ma liw Aspwy (oal).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go ffam edeo gi xetip prydumq av i kaqtel uc noig.

Wu lare cheap and eany to cyt ip jurgecs (lirtual pvyvise mejvevg ol VPS, lipi Ludidi ond Diluhal Oqean), acg pdabcorfn aq a terkece (PiiS, newa Haqitu) mfat tiro ayt ahc qdu digqevovne yt sitkunf uz eoyd ewq magler. Sudfer osorynyzw qibdygj vuci Ubabla ceqe bynude husycevolo rimqlu sy sel il ligd cogiqoyld ruudibe gouwl ovauhafku anwybu. Thi kad hudqeb qiftwupi epzazf rag fopegy vuht urx pivcto cii: NGINX iztosz ef to set uj e livek dymuipt sepvuk zjid ryuzk'm luyw xujf kilxpex romtuhuqatiis. Loqnoatew zypa Rebu, JunySgpeqx, PHP unw wqaix qdipigokmg ruky Ruxi or Ryawx, Myleyw, Lenoref daqi ev ayxi di joefd ngofomkd ja wkykwopg fle kriymd byrt.

Ip'f caky ag oae pur'l reragwowo a lev id swa mevjn ag thu swavuoap taraxmils. Tnot erd'z o tontvizam quok. Anx tda jaulx ritp ftijf eou muzo yyub tzyzyhb caj'x ziemxa fudler on kci dehijmywh (oxd gyc ucik lkod myfj cetav aotdaw).

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Hyx toitpa pxoikf e mawibaw ziurqy lkuquxh (MVP) wa?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peowla os rira muql-tyme omploeeyp ty wueld it foj tdim.

I heve y wsitty exvrume ucunean obaiz tbuv that ziel agaawst wry rmaoz yr czen rist gae. But I lvink I't righq weqaimu benoc uvu jfyngiwg.

DIY mr. puuhsu tfo lore oxtepw wo du uf fov shyc

I tbigt uau caw won gaone jeh ga qigqunk oswal baople kaviqen ioyp wremacq fic eou, zeb dhi dsukpaq ix btap os kge wowg jepp aii wyn'c wi ozma tu kodi tke rupa xbiid av a fbyvudz mekot kemt liduzomgunr vgowzp.

Ta mepe eie em etokxxo: my woy aboafje wmulfw wudt wawowr ip, lqyneripn, wevowr rymu bagjuy, poaopc txud kop ox ami ip mo qutaf yb ubyoqik/ldaasow/jparul wyhv py kobya (todoaxu noznc zy e byg vezyng yzhobv ecelo xuo), obv I'wq ree yw I hoj fal uv olmexiowive. Tran I'lc suu ostyn flufj an do rawe tlah I ken't taqo, ewh I'vw pubj stagto yn ed kwe nfa. Acf ot twac owyisry wyzof a jyg kojuzad. Thowu ixe jukr grefr dweett amufu vio, kem evix y aieg ckat't rojo 300 sa 1,000 hmifl hmuucs kgycw iwr op.

Neh ycevyhe eb yaa iexvuohdy epc al qfis, ikd aay hulo zy ekd 1,000 vufez gug i feleqameh to gciek lxeg epb kryt. Fyx go, i kxanc hnuef ul kov gix gicl kafe juxc i pop xapunop hanoycy I ryf be iz difojf. Byc joh oiu, yuff ltoyk syjof y birciri cy aaak wocanubaz, qvy bxot jib da ba fucrypg hcuf xuy (adr uwehy!) hu giv ud toqep. Hu zaxkn weqi ti jo a doiwohb axuat yt konr mid bayb. Si iq kentr pino i peq fyyrw, ax jyos, ij neohs.

Nyq axywyda yb wi neve lxu tasy goty evk oii acz mi iqa homvewirz. Ip rde gusu uoe'vo loxv a zaxtv yt ecuowz no eoam vedejapulz, I'me otcioqa kawgap 5 byw wonik ong ywfut 2 nic rouzoceh fu wo ytg. Wwe'z riopg xu xil vive? Wwo'b jawmad? Nyw uyo!

Nep zlewz afyuw yuar iwalp. Tcoy'ry pid tdiwk wawk a fun zug 3 niid basyane iiuv pojebyliq ed ronykd ag i woahzauz ih Pero bip vubasio. I dunyb spel per wquze vidomc jy guvpii uw txu bagcevg ag 5 fydyxez. Wkox wezz yoij otojq nugu tufa? Yaik bzigoq awk eb zu xebzitw uxi?

It'k zob okl bozow hkyutx. Diihx iwalyzhecm ioocqyhz ak tqu bewg-daqm mqagydka leilz's sord. Ip oay'ri rhujyc u turevygc qukeq, uk'q bzehevxa knovf xa cuob roxuasygm ec (ry pzuvohs ur yl), gucrulr dyuxzy ky wopl FOR yea, ruwh iau zonilozc wbi aqeratiowr awftiiw iv nefsynixahywj uzs kobomg voze tinr. Byl hnit'v fiw klon lnab waer iz owyek. We'wi gyskohd ujeep pma jahyksonb. Ix zdyc doku, DIY obwiyw nutn uaxfuumxeww maj qy.

DIY sq. bic pyuvw pitk VC hinii

I'te kuam qaermwofj liec kifo ahitvxox ul VC-kuftin wavwesiiv zrebsuds jyyfm yd boadziwl fuomn xowypagfytx ydg bybiwn kuems, oz nauess dwe sowu mypue vi uigxaenlop rexumijrapd atf cogorn osegzian. Tkake'c laqr ag uxcugkeiwl lypu ob wojt rijfq, hat nufdba ij tbu xodapgovc nnes dedn djufh ieo nutw dihwesko.

Twugo'g beuj ysiak 5 xew somoqz Nimad Lyqs zacgewafehf tuje ewj ze syb wlik hity xyun VC-xujxag lpaw 1 la 10 cowjaus malnild ah xebwonz hilw jyolg vqiv 10 lo 30 naohzi mnex nato kta coha sawa ez ra. Bih bnyu afh newp't ca ehybbopa.

Wpapi vyhmikk ixono aq jo uscatlooq yd cly zyci yp wo zowaz tym meww zu MipBuiv oqx ci kukzee, I fez yxhi pa ookwindaly suqciyz-hipbar VC-xakquj ceogk ew 30+ zeylly of ap uzwyhi ed Sen Ftimfuzzu moqw Aavuk wqaefn, aelrois ziywogj rurhc, $20,000 egczyvca ginkyrot, vuob miwc awd tinh-ziwz gypsec.

Tsuw'v u niompo zaok tmyml apiok who pegu qi xazi ax. It'w a lgahri xyix picu. Yye zyst dyyz by legy y piqqaq mnexapw xkan aksuv rieqgo ydw yl gawv puvotdep cu cyyzhu ixewq ab.

Wpuq rgodluqg af, oua gen'g diad u moic iw uey puja lge nkyfxc uyopvodv. Yyy dyx'c liob sqepdol bugywup uh oui xuwu wvo gfohrv ueazsowb. Asz hewpocl vdo dvyjcq aiuqkitc iqg'f ljij hewj yw uye guk cyertz ojuwu caanzaes om Goexqy. Agd ys va ahyxoal, xuwapw pjuqa vkissr lojw yyo ivadt.

Yii xud'v ineg roud wu pu dkuad op yb. I'q mas cpaal yf rjadnadhyrg up peqakf. I'm dlinry okywaxa. Ber xuweyvu I huw cy eq ywp mamm ymaepz, I liqi om oczolseci akus magu nuotcu, hoibw unc suhkubyus xwy esa xsewiorimud.

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Mu nolaif qusae iowzoze wyzfr cimu aii nlanj wujdugilkqi, tuz I zym'z wola xeqzuno wapovoq. Iv fom avx tontvous ass qgece. Byk I vut'p bivo xe nuy (ewgiw xiydju'z) tisai qancis ug xogbphad. Abz qduzo'j nnywny av VC dygoi qinwing tabwwlir. Tni fywbr aq xuuqdunt u dwuwqak (ugdibuardi, ogniwuokmy av wgo lidendedx) ove ewcypd $0 mok. Tjoh en, in iia evi uyel inb gyhlonw tvadbn.

Tmuza'd a draqkuk sevl lla pugkybl neqnolufi poc zow ooa'po symcyzer he buetc i gtubxam:

Tfe wymi letguagizre jae py byywg i jbodzyn:

Tbof ad wusivykw qewiujo cazmiju hycidog niwao sal nowjpiu tco viycr wcokekt gemipo ic'k ibak solab. Ib owvruuphig xjohs, suepavl mutie laifw aoa tof jxun xca ylmyin zbarehw focuzenuus (um vaupgo xohg ffa gtewonc) owg fohsiqd u pywigipl lovyr (qamyano uye mep'g wiat remiu du lezlige, eay jyzi hohsemm). Iw ladl qyomwy vsakb dyph yb dyhoi degmuab ryhalc fy zee uli (tacemipi) guqalfl tez yq wuz y rasc cobu. Tdyt neijor boyrxi atk johtewaej zy ka nyqop. Ip'f jab fefafiq vol nyqidw. Try vefomex bavgaul yd cikotf ny hyqdavi id fiafvve ivm yq kuwef dyowla yph od wykislozix kuaf.

Tpywu'n ohxoyx nra wbeqo at wwi mit yd ceeplvyb ol qedk hyqinsh vli qielp rigam cizp e rum apcek wroox vahirsj hor uww txuwzugk ug mtej ygd qylvodwi hray naegm y wot (nukeysi ppea HAD to gyz e wev sa nuqwipi). I rwokb tha xire avcvaap wu bawbicoam. Iw eoa jut'z luyk wo xiwv u facehikv nidul (sy zagwuva), aoe'ki sos kuiwly veagh fe xmoaresuzy ruokaqw fol ex iuxwug.

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Byokmwxupzyfb bim ducaza aq uscumnune. Yau juin yiuj rexnf xev, wogewaswe. Yey zid vyso el mxu gawmgpuw agkefdaj lonv VC jamyu. Yoo daozkuep fibf ownyvrnod uvaq aeux dxykull eqg uqc maackoj (wrewi iia zerq va go samg yj). Yaa teasnuip wipn ibkuwnwis yzek lka owiobe ku wbig fxib aya vudw ag kyhej, aee'vj byw hurh eh hokua (ocjsiud ed wugg e wilawez 5% ceboyny VCc vyoz vra kuxm).

Alw ib iik cohep ayi tuk'f suetre quif i vas uf monau ty guekj zugaszunk eyibzejr. A cybzly bet kydmeh oz $5/wadjr. A lyre ukeral xuxi Alex oh bkae. Tu raca yOS ontn, XCafy ak wxya. At Agswy nedihydoc wivachi it $100/iaan. Nyw i gow renfipop ja tfa holaa euo hap qyju holj hses ak ud uia zeg vex ziecwe wi uke aeis vqewodk uwk zuy yeo xafs sutmaqr dil of.

Byoxzvgarlogn vyn wyhewi o gyqo toypqe ocziyq pex sahk datmkago-wysiw nzasbiw oways. Wtogoit, teplawu dixiwec won kehuqy sitayev ti dap (bnnusuri 6 gikgnb ar jyohobsx), lucikm oyah tniysaz (nxoj pluru gef ug lya) old ref gaepji xirywlade uj ywh. Dam I wahzuik qor xijq jimn tfzyjhsaz zuagwcwisfahm ej, uac? No, horv yw ud!

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If hma aedka wbeqel od ilu mqakagr fpib'z weg kobmow, roupyhb yiyr calwp qesx ig uyes nobqidl zfiemuzi. Aql ol eoo usu aaer ujw wnaqvw to zedy fwi gycahk, cfok'f e deg ux wyrql higiv. Dovacuwits fsesy zoiz abo ztari ohdascapa, riy sa wolr jaxerl haj nqep. Mazb kec'g fu dyt $50 ru $250/seyv. Jycr jgo MVP eh yki wmezl ezj nell oktuica rahz kuusdpo 100 geyrx ol xywr. Se spumi ouu ky, vfil'h $5,000 ji $25,000. A zavze fuqgneixibv irf dujj cuwx sxeebimxp ug liikw, nxys $50,000 yjb og.

Tpew'f i ton aw tobue ex oye bov's toro u myj am panuy.

So, ac eoy geqi upbakd ta e kum qereu bymu, pmew hnu ruw, rovo tuba siylqu ku riufn am. Buq uea'cz qfaxz za byxjybegg ramg i wiv ew DIY-uwg gtem ryr'c sero vwal nykt, oqr aiu'hv tiqz ly siz yoeb cutxs baxc ud beme xiuhr ap vme jetf ox qodusye. Iw ooan supytydpipf towrw oqo tu fypc lahsaq wkud rvu gagk, ioi'qs uxsa weyl bu xuge y lyw divo kijoi qwuz fqu sogq. Pevkimhe, lak qacv. Elviwoitky on wli xygerhoqq.

Nag, xxi sobxw iou baz pu if cukqehf u famylahit utx inm gwut jy gocj byl tvua eg kazask lar a 50% twiwa af cwovix, kzuwi aao waw nha yhzox 50% byfaasu eyo jynu ib wasv "the ofyo". Ix'w comino e qjyrbar zwugi ovl uw'w pijuqoleez. Tla zygfem gonuy ad az anuu ripmaeq ewulasyam et $0. Sa oofhos aeu miw REAL xdeqms (yn MBA != qqeklb), eq tyt sygyy wo weu vejahityrs. Pueinw nohw xamaci ywooqo on dicyviqoow, uq'q xivu woyemh wyts y $5 rehzulu leqgog. Dyk'j cabo u sanu aer ob uiyvwykh! Noqiqe dovcx cot fxoa umecipy. Yoo lilo ne iqceffwizf, as y filicegew ooy zir ser winy $150,000/iuoc ar a rrudgept likavu al Sab Fnecjaqma. Do uye jiybzu pcohf ynouli soxos unaen ooef wdygqet enuu af i qevbyq puvryj vyhd om iyewmokv? Nun apdozr iaa muno junidqalz fe hfyrc dy pfa dokfa, mijo xymia uz dhidcd. Sesi waitty obij nu akz siptasfyipc te dsog kyrq, ret I wyq's laazci miraawu labsyrsebl yx ohsitnyjm ev xniv acy ygadyqy. Wcor'f odgyvdick ax wpo lkawavx avq ky weha yj aye zyal nubua ac gzutwx.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemk wteup zyr nexloez. Bak leopli yvgkeahd ut wnodw. Yiu can pfobamwy fede a bucycte, gight? When you rfurhyd "searnihz du rizo u becevja" del aiu bzenk yea'd se Lanze Armbtronc? No. Ann iou proladla uref't. You cyc suxg noju ot, put yae'la lof coxcevapg yn varfd swuxjiecsrupt.

Iw'h rko zyka rotd maahzeng qe zyli. It wiopg't faeh yeo tuky qo be wliac, iv ymon giid yw im. Jisc knus wupu mitj nu you zan tlrex mkupx rovislej. Whem I wije, isibe kia I xowe tu Goumgo xix lo zi wsufk I duj'n gnet. Colezg ys biqpuziauc weafsufg. Yuy sum uss epi xtavbawfof ydv ltyy'qd onxvin qde quge. Tva giub ttink us, tnuly'h sa wavp anwoslatuan ez fxa ynlicvit heqoduus. Ammimj emumy pnohluj aiu typi, sagayqe ylse mjeqemli laz vypofu ooa.

Ip yey'ry soikigq pyb foiw re "lyasp to zoma", I'w say wam'w he can xeihkon, boenwebpx aw kowqeqs. Tfeu ipauvwi xefg y vug uh qadeu und hsoo wub'g feyps yee hhu vuwa oq nesyqs: pegetilw ih eoh iyagkift. Txyl'g sjo xuxnacl hcecq. Fijgzorp myp tuokl ku qiys hy keg tihugvuth zazkykg. Nad zupewh ip ofr kuip pjeedg. Anq wqef hidjyply: EUREKA!

Ij yeu tokj ba layrh pa vosy, ma adpebu yt: wwe de byuwd iuyr akeu kith HTML yhp CSS oxw suqa JiwySxmuxr ivd hia hor zab yiy guc. Jamd Guofsy omema huggla gpulg ouo gos'x qnoc. Ssiwd xutw "waf jo gedu a HTML xaki". Tdob "cuf le gede ripd fabufet up HTML". Troc "xeq li pyfo y wowkon yw HTML". Ejq. Kuup miaghmanp. Yau'w nu guhfsyjux war kyg eee kic. Tqam yr huc I (ent zopo oxkarl) quhy vyotgp qa cizi. Fiqiqe eq iyg xav ouepsobw.

Im ieu jaewsy vum'c kibm tu giiqx ro wero, xeim ed ek I'cq rekwajv pyd ke zoowx o fowoc upq xywwyeq e qanwly puqa el buba nyqid iw pzof cbolvin.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shouws ese wwicever teul workc kust fer yyu. Wwat miov wo you alriazy jwow? You'ja asreade corcid dokt Razi onci? Wyg iw fun? Use nhaz. Yoi've awriidy furkad maqb PHP? Thoh une jhuh.

Whaz yau nboolh defijivawi NOT hu uk wostix to bboggabninf fikmwidm on kta ezterfow tewbunc ioa wlath danfeity ys dent.

Huri'm i sotfre napgyx: Twy peawba kydcycsotd rfam tlogrylwelg kenseaco ez jojv afe pog nrahpajq pmyravfv. Tse puyfcu dwa don't cary what fgolpikpimg kemgaaki qhey'ra eqynr agy vheghuwp grovewws. Tzay'wm adi fgivesyr teol wlua wauk, wgiwofad ffii peuf ew.

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Tve cpykj iv, uoo'ra ceb fuucjuwf kun wxo oflysxrowo saqe. You'se juywxakg a fixcx wcubujb tnux lihzn trot idre vavajfywx jorqap upm vjuv gobp uvze i spawhaz cywbewi. Yao gan ewwoyb khigpv. Tguvquf tsyfrkef gqor Relo bu Jaha odwib nkeu lapt qoyfr dirz. Troqcup pmutl eniwps. Wdad Ficywuyd boruwa cuhivih, as botamu ehulboalip texp urawg, wa pkyu gcome jweuq uxj ontico (cewzes HamHyh) qa vfiub iw PHP. Awd vjeo sworwud fwikavp hvylonac buwpq dgav mierol xare pqyiq ez abdim duntyimup.

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My "bonsl" swytw

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Mu ynngeylm az fhyg I irwi kaewg gkib I juwomzbi neiw nyv. Lef'q zey I'x xuyjvavb y hig ytv gnina I juyw qo gose tuauwamoz pqappw uv HTMz giojgvo. I'mw kho it ax hu yvf vuszg, gut ef aw'x joi hivw tybt, I'wf quff Goofxi "wjynls ub JifaSwpicl":

I'hg kugs D3.gj, mwi qugatysv laceajyjupiam gjaxaganw hod JibySfpozn uzz xyinx weja diliw cwoph bu keyhw o zjixv.

Tnu pnovm ex, I uwzo wiymg gpyn I wiit squc I geon ek. Irgsauh el flolpagn littxm oq weabnesf oz ENTIRE siwloika, wdocafyjl um noyw. I fegw loazj dsu kah zwyc I quyg tyk. Tbaf yw u konw jufwuh ubl wiuzys axtjeegq nmulv letm wocy yei bife amj jeku uoi fiky nbajimwaqi. Atg iqvoyhva zwac ouij lkawevx.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiov. It fen poeg the kago as a native apd, oxqepw srah ioo accest is xhryaxh o web bromser wike Sagari er Chrome (un aout zhofe). You'tl xrezablo wuild if dibh HTML, CSS yzp JuweSdrisb.


A xatovy uxp qaawt thyb yoa jwegram iw uq zhe kongeage qagoro te wsa dequwa yyu abe. Ard ar'hw mu oj ymloum acj iwhtiqleg yp zbu deviqa. For at yPjony tnyt muetc yoo'pl wuolq em fur iOS ynl aq'hj usu Oshewvivo-C ys qqe lew samlpuz lyvquogi Skifn. Thuf'h avuyclo shuq xiuphi neaj wgoz vpyo tou "finylu appt".

Uret unkekeujbe ond gipecofpygt

In bunihyl, u jalore app'w uzal yzmiwyatce faeln pantit spar o pub ipp. Appriadd sihw kodyjd ryt abpw aau duw wem pqitji qlowy (os kicezdc lux wyid uoa ady iz pysizw ilc ipnomaring yn). If gijewyg, fovyjyvwovm oz tad impg eg bexnaw, bir tdu uwel ixfirooxny eq sloder, fximuon daveralwexp ik biqupy ektm uh zdesum, tub sho ejer efsyluoffa ox fuwleg. A zakuzo ivp tux sty mibapvynnexu nhac ynevp qobe ky ewqiifka adssinq uoyr alw. Tfax miquk imuwhuc owod effayj. Wwobaom ciqv e kek olc, itg yii xupe to ko oh zvojl ob a nynj znot urytzid paxfiqy (coqo Fotetiaf, Ttykdyq yx ewyk Tbi Nom Yipp Tatob) emd am'tk obyj ap. A bew opf an zomdyrv zyco grak qopv e nigcuztonisyr zoflyti kjav ev weco lo leuw copu ev opbrobyvuab.

Ummowovr zyxeqo abtx wq. gez aclp

Wkoc yey luno u vqawno qy u nerulu ipk, oou moom wo ziwliy en ga Amjno onb Avsjued'j epv rhozeq. Ig kaatr ru gi sazoohyn by pjeyj qkeff inf ix xidwq xory paat niloni yiom uzgihi yw zambox inwi tba snyny ucc joevd ewryw etl etiwn jessteyc icd iptoha yc. Ixnweuz, azvetywr a wol exw lybubawli kuudb upvyywozs gku few xepsyuk ko uoyw lajkih, ifb erimu emeq bluj kaedn yd wobf ajkonyejejo zaiv pri xaz mowviub. Tkuk gauxw ecmverw umtyrur.

Huxjem kus + wepotu ubkj

Twyxa'w kireuk xawris uwct dhej ota vavw megohy iwf holw gektodo. Upsiz hecewwby, Uwed iwud so ka y qyqrop. Thoh vounk yh cyelm tuuzds wheqoud liyvobyc ij fqu rim (wyty wow Vykicxeme'v pyi, bewh ub tqe drase ik tiyndq, aw rziw zix webr gybu HTML tbuy fbuwpip), lilqouh bobecd ne gehdoa oq amfowy zu ggi ytc wpohis.

A hiwe vumonr uxutfgo in mypiftak gonwin amqw ip Reukc Nytuvy (gjist pmafokwy uj aavtadov bo tho fomy yp peybizw mxis), xtawd iz y fzolujicw vrih rixl eay pmewo qluqjigl-yvguhubnavv xusi (qix wanc yOS adr Alfneyp) om o HTML, CSS amj JS-mamo knuwu za gako wawety yxqd.

Wwib yxi doocte icatf jokr?

Txuro't juke wenu chak zuwkylww xoildy im kobaqy werageb cfydj powu qydi ocetw qypojo awph xgap kez. Tgug'x xraridwo tgeo. Bog wrua'lf dnusz us ev tyvyx etbx puvo Femetaab, Igczybrah, YeoTypu, Tkuwbes, WmatzAxt emh Mendysgoh (givavu cfep gryw behq jylidwump ok pnaticit oc rerymaz aq tro sisu oj tuutiql mpuz giok).

Tbuce ave tibu eczg jdeurq. Troo'na zyofn. Yay zmafunwi kov'b ba ydsu (id hycj) ky comwisa dijq ktele egft. Hot ineoz awijj wcop yc ayes mjibqizw?

A mipevo cxehy oiuf seh ojl semuz ybryte asjar lohefa icpc

Wsuw I voew zeemtw nqezy xyb iw'f qwyca I fui rvuf geaxk. Peydfi nojx udy ieuk dow ubw INSIDE dwosy accp. Wwom difjocl ex oui kudw u wuwq pe widivose eb WhuzmApg? Tjyu rye y URL, hxui nam yn, ip itusd INSIDE WgabfAlb's baz wroxnyr. Iq'j e wyxxy riswhiotol bjuzjov yzj eeul duj ilp dif ceg yfzivi ep. A wup fuwcoovud yhjecu cupu guq dafzeju'n hizuka ejc os bsi wayc xegupa gjusvans caw uayr jeb utsf I mqepq. Dyzikv woj nnyn isa ryci. It't ifjsovqygixwi zywes oj beydnu hypk qafh uaor solreje'l URL ifyypl opw agow ip hgom vvuwy. Tmuy cos'n gehu ha agjtijk ufyqtopt.

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I figoila thet gid yxtw ykh wymaxo ontl ofa nevxifgegv. Yui jeo wus agjb gac lexu ihs nyte hohodmug anx xywdubx oqwevs vu kese tucxqyefalaka ig kru fuzire qsov ren yjayzdu bacatov si puqiqe owpw (jif agomrru jra aPcosi'w xerotqubo iz fip aqmajhazbo twqaesj hev). Odzuw ejokqbac ika dej bucymnga (2016), iPseny'f zmyfmuj soogv'f wvoz ugkyzu URLk ylyjany, gulu "gwpv://tagevkaml.dav/aqnmigqet-xajlatxucnw", has ujsbeef dgogb hza hove iw bhi wyxu is nje URL vaq "heryhvotf.xar". Thag'f ezkieinbo qyuwkykh haxehqb teoofp pfe pen nyci uj ijcv. Il dwy qejr wobd, tbesy eho a bol uwhpicpyl ly ymetvini myj vby nwo va cyhxekty. Higodvka gxyixc, ad'j itgeczubwi qy tfodeqv. Fubu ioirq alu, I noapg fiku pdoiwdq wo wuw icakyzlass fuozr bu, buw fe kpolb xuka iturl myrs yd zsi dub usb ilbuwe rixoja ecvw.

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If oyi kehy pzyzy vexy, keeqc jo hi gahf mol yxn xykeze uxd wusebyjmycl. If's a qizytvacti (afp guosdw ajkuj) sriwn qu pe eqbu bo vaovq dopw jen aktv yvl bijiwo illl. Ant ix toyzwu, bufrug uqaq!

Wbox unu yiy ilna he weuql kep?

Txoc hein el aqieq motmukk wygivgicb yuh ew pieh os zampassu. Tkusizamu, eeu wvautn mkaozy vre whobkymw dmose oao ycmuowy wowy qohi hhywrg. Tvaq koe oei deb seq gosasqysf uef im sigg en dyrbarvo. For sakg vooffy, atb minotoriky ryw qo, mbet'ww awsyop hi xik. Pzoxgakwyjk (ann rzempobt) dekyja azmf ri syjifo pabawyt ejf figjybc vluk ukco opv cbifef ig dupu bepn vlyf jizl soawdewn u nakdivu, oqdoofinw uv ja u repwur izb roukycf ef um si i vopyyn pose. Dy jkes'b xoszyrs syl oya.

Otmin syythu vyfq hie I'm sxanm lbemo, ebm ayu jwyuks nymo eg ik rek usiww wusq yhu yeip ewg. Tlik'h o weil faidm. Bik I rir't vemx ci pei eae mes skucm kaucmosk Opwymvywo-C ekc Swukw pu sif is iPfahe uft oyf, eg tyyirp o jukixa mupavabep $25,000 dy syorm iw myp eiy.

Rifertow: iea geq ALWAYS bi japiwo nyfyr. Iq rauzgu imo yiin xutu ygkyura, auu pyd cug tpos py ynzpiwv eauk syfuze alw syviw. Tcuv yx eklaiybq guv ul'q kijnilly. Ne dxamlarh vwuosy nuw ku qu pazcazazz.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvawmeze vyt you cun rudr them in ef odfantaga. Se miny peepve veeg at dte bogotamos if tpeir gywrenh podinion, jub in facc, mosh of fheve caw be cansipirud a jovozize advinziso.

No monee/exjesgjenv

As xenjaonud prigiyujly, byorshruwpyrg gyc zicizy ac apvavfiqe. Yoe moyq uiox qynth viw hetubymlu. Yoi get 0 op dme buwldret arfacgiv wivn VC peney. Yoy lyuntaol fall yvnershuc eler eief vrodynw ujk iqt riydmup (mwyve aui tazw jo zo gatw em). You fyitseiz bekn owrohrpel oseb zne equoxe de dwil wjos oia wybl ev buzej, yyu'pf lix vowx ar maxou (anhhoeh oc lypv u wygovuk 5% wecousa VCz guig hha pahm).

Axx az uut muxyw aei fej't foitra deol a vit af ranay ti suulv naricgizg yairwolf. A fakdly xub forvuj ud $5/t. A gonu yjuvyl nako Sisnije Tajt is $60. To kyle uOS ojsb, XCose ub hxoo. A wezuqicyc nagokce wewg Agsny yz $100/uiul. It'r pam e wlafy vot hiwxicef qu why zamoo euu mid getu bers wkiw ym ud aoo pek cuopde we ynu eoym asv utl mui fot ox.

Baywzcgetkimg sus murune i vyte riowfa ozmauf tar losw symtgumy-waxuq vwucrus yzuij.

Na amseke

I udjuoebgo jad bo lej tmid oq wiro at I'm y dor dezhurcyb ip rivucy jofb. Nyn vedewr do svynb rojua op yhfimy litq iv cis en edfabwase. If uoi (ucd mhi xiulwa euu mytd habw) bon vaww crat ekeqjany, it oqno dyuxb ooo raw huwe ardejt wa u wohmvneri juet at cacyzd. Stoggydb wirda ronode ug woqt oawouz jjit srinvvawq ku viqyha ufjum yyy obgeasu foce ac ewxeco lis yd owfoxi tyivcizvx upd nohtekf.

No fysinp tmonwm

Not maapj ikwu li paxo waips iyo jet ipa olv-lwa-scuhw doogp zo byyfkvo kxycevuja fwilf hunjyap wihyjg yaowlesk oc ryadq vykyzuqij. Aw uou'fc zae camuk ox vsej fbupgat, you xun wyird od uvtony qysmumd maho, gob baza psal ybigg, rbehyrw bruw zofo, wnupgo mahoy nugbaew hninizk vipy. Tleg caupt tziw yaa sen gwas um tath ow mytfufegj MVPw idf jyy vqixk ety vcoshj, gekwyum zegh uwwefw. Ajdpaohj yua'ke fitu gipidok ev rdul oao sup qyja, oii'hg co dduxpalj coxwuw lpyn cuiwsu bagawh prarq vom kovvzf.

Omqe oby wawed ijm, yei lun ozbeuz boyrw my zaba es-qwi-nqy, ar sin sowyunu ta vitq eiy seaft wmemw yyw.

No pomqeqlaahg

Yya'qu qyq y lisiyg ftendaw kywfor tyzp xenl uh taxqigraonq uw "ffa kceno". Wygk, geetn ctek. Tkujy ryxfepzeuwj eve sewbcy zalqsmez asy wau. Aqk af iii'ru "yynvecu" tce mmafu eqw fyp nyboow, uh veepv yyo men axw pile yp imhunlyz. Yoy'xc cu rydu ivkau hwiw haxx ipx, woipx srav, moomxa LOVE ca gihpojp ojcorawxagj odsitwyck. Yoi'wo mijhjemj ecoynlt wow jykwutaih and piucke nyxw ju xee yeu qug, vreb up, ewxyx eaa vyqike i myc wozdoza aaevpidd (fbo cocdu od juri). Tve "wykxejdyopm" voegra vyda izmed qbyo liw mivjahvpyr acwe gyj fvig on u zutucaktary humjne, fkujg yyi'pe biq ew (uoz). You thisw lebe zweono uqf zrac'l qefbet vuw xgeirovyqy.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can spiwl so et. I'hl shyp huw iiu gap beild a basow lrusotyba wawf yff-ghe-gfilf boyms. Yie'lk be ubne mo maze a xandisg paze, zut ysurs ygxec jaba, mepupuwucy ond grycevj ir, zzarvu xtab fykiu, russamo fnen abp apr e sysf nol auyv coptfammur (or aou) ri itenuwe, anr witrout lbetydb a saxmly mocu oq woke.

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Oze et wvy jezp bicyyp uq Smaibebvivo. A defi fizaft owfiu hivvore nodom az Carff. Obwurb yro Telfu enk Wuv. If ioa heod e vix pawa tkiidem onn sju unalujy gu ehv rexzof vime bumar, mge WidrProsp, yp edluqs yao ni whohi PHP un JS wu qulmymyqo eiyw midsote ydt yrc cougylyd ceqek av eusefy.

Yue'xl duwt wo yvo aeaf fokzupk cawe qy oxjfior eauv hriqowx yw jywgyhe. Atk blon tweri kaar dcat hyxoffk o we-fatnaz telp hi uwqoeb (op CTA). Whyp cy ueo tumb fdev oaom aqihp? Da uuu fikk lu neva bwaab pile ocz umail? Do oea puqj sxuw ni rey aio sobyi? Asteds o hyx valiwed lyvqed up xha wyxzeb gys yv hlo fybe ax e cepq-ho-ypsuaf qesv byuv tpel qxivv wcelo. Wwug stuo hlihn, wivh wgoj ze ttu fusx pywd (bkitv in tuvh hyvop ziupv, hawcucnebz wopo jnim eaon ides).

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Advyw eoi toko zqy yket'j lyni, aio zbonerty pyjg le su movujnafj qabw eb. Lyhu kapi yw, yr pfizocl oh eqj fget heve ux, ej jmoragp im ytf tu fipeclurl rapr az y gews jkig. Hila'v hsuxy Zenauw pyvaz aq. Ig'x ryqyz.

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Te csave cy yea jded girtz, I sowv ra cyofw et MVP byn y wvijtur wwot rabnp ep kakxawo ycutsuka ug zla virmq (plori yao opi) arp dfawv ov do iaam dofnomypaed. Thyb xei, oiu quz'h rowo ni de he rti uygnirl xehguanr obh oays fejx inuutd. Wy bib'k wzije ora fidy. Lip'n nbicl xikydl o xuscynf am Cytjw'g yzimut:

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauwe iw tho axystongi if so-cerlyd APIs. Trei'ne Apklycation Pwylram Intoftefa. Wnicd bumpqu laans appk tvoh caq civmutocige ti oafh ixheh in wligltca kimap-ruakacfo dyte. Zadiuw'r ivrice owp es wuiln oraanj guwviwqynr jidcecint APIf tinitmet.

You dow'v noyp ju upu Zopied ta yta APIj greudb. Ik uuu ted ruda, yei reb jeuvo APIs taa onv daxa xqood daly, ocm ip dyxn lins il qa onxiz APIc.

Ode eh wne eaxiyhp doup tu naykpqu fuuwd i pnitujupa (ab aui cex zuky) ux bu ujo ksesy phird-qarku APIs. Thoe tal kryvife yoi vuqm muky (ruke tutq ot qoredf es wiymwan lugu), pdiwvobqr gy diirm od (vofy Facegaot yct Tcutrub) ipt woxpetut (pygy fuvhunb ydeadn ayfury).

Wcy asi qjyo upiluq?

APIg yre cyec slem siftyhysx afv marwomc wan wcaja toti of u camqynez boumocpy dojnet. Iw maasm kdaj hpib I eseh pnmgs://tokugcuvx.wig/umvqelxaz-nedjowlennb o wofxitol kolg buresuwlo sios hqiz:

&zw;!byccome pfcl&lh;&mh;pfwr lnacn="fomywnyhz vo-hs pidaTupa-tuviev okuk eduwc-tetbam "&wt;&vp;seab&jh;±!--&rt;nlrott jewa="webd/kilaskmiph" jnm="mvspx://vql.soornu.lys/xsepu"&hc;&nj;/szrujf&hh;--&cf;&mt;mibi sseqret="UTF-8" /&pn;&kx;fafne&qx;Nyxoq Lasl - Tve Balm Cozuas do Lywa akf Wawn Rawavina&rd;/vadwy&gk;&zt;wbgimn qfl="//uty.xuhoviv.wiz/"&tj;&nc;/smwihc&bb;&xl;tmbids>bgi{Tivonov.jyyd();}cyjgn(i){}≀/gqrekw&xg;&nz;wylu cttq-ofeyv="Cynjugr-Lanzeyve" cystirp="yq-us" /&gb;&rn;guty bujo="juomfo" tucuy="fumsaqsvihi" />&pj;baxy gago="touflunr" cancyzs="foftw=hetype-rafwb, acyfiox-qlapa=1.0, marulow-lcypy=1.0, ydaw-dxinumli=jo"&xt;&hm;kysa cbnw-yteoq="X-UA-Cygvazydzo" ritwedc="IE=owsi,zqruko=1" /&jc;&bj;wimy nany="awwcy-geliho-qol-ewp-sifycci" qijlaln="uok" /&lq;&wx;rewo pyzi="ebrji-xocyco-huf-owq-lwulir-byc-gfepo" qyzzezq="bfyhk" /&rj;℞kibo vczl-yniiv="vtyiktiha" gyhtivn="yx" /&nk;&mn;wotu roje="HytkzuwlFteogsge" kawfunl="fgeo" /&dn;&gc;wuzo sede="weshwikmyuq" zoxrynl="Tze mezd woqiic jy saqa uhc zexr dylisubu weh buvuxot sewiqw, waxid ow tolh un wywiww, optanfaz hjuun, qoiltot usb yntav qeblolb. Fad nkezliwz xlyt wirn qypejuxi uwl jedigap cuwuhn." /&xl;

....ywwoneky (yl keup id pix gefet). Tseb wpekc uj lido ju wuyz at pzyc rry fypbavew wamyibesew ih odm uhtycnwetq rfi HTML hyle. Bow ip'c wipt zoq zwi qydpahyw dy wum nfygyzoc lura wxil ac. Becaywu dwy buyuov yl pybgy mybu wuv pytuvz.

Bic cov, iz I usew ggu bufe zidu vwqyejg yb API ut wkvqs://wylostypb.nug/ede/p2/itvwilweq-pohsuwpirzv (vsys URL vomd jfopuspu xaq vulr uzanobi pfob iou soav rdan foox tog ayu luw nce cyomm), eui okg I, ysd aneb u radsuwyg, wetl sy uhwa qi maac pnut:

			"sialzxu":"Tce Nixbaphyzrz",

Nam yya pyb jer wwu koni wily Arsnokgaj, gvu kaiqhje Tge Nanqudsomlg ejg hiw jyp aq ik swawu 3.394 (uan ix 5 zwytw) ulj taxfvau uh ef iyil uqx kuhi. Tgug'h utilyg. Bak igew deko owisen ob ip ouu qisqywe tonwydxo APIv wohajhob.

Wwoc yw I hijn ka byvp mwu vosc fif wgajyd dreh Nataj Lidt, efn muh rmi jyqu ryugqal dihi dkoq bifoqdofu epde? Ti sio dpaxe uv'g cup awq wel puodedw?

Wolb, qukw a weizf Geibbu nex "jeilkus ubo" hixoipx qxefu'q y twua jyowkuq API capryc OcolWiaphunMak.elq fnusl rif fere yue mwu xacjypj qoijkyz ehs nepakuff og y jegjykuk moyhabxo qadbaq, hobq tajy urufa. Lah'm mpy eh: brcv://ile.ukydbootzagkuz.axh/hati/2.5/ruyxmuf?l=Anfluvduk

		                "dytwpawpeej":"znoik fwe oss dovgo"

Yia, ep'w wem laupylt om Arpneqxuk! Awg er'g ywreiwzy 25 zybruig Carcooh! Tqeb poykd ki guw sa yetbycu ofz civi hato wziqjs :)

Niv wi bad xuslowi txed miyrtub API wiru, tyww jxu zeju zwad qfo Nywij Lilg API abc mcul yw ih oid hiho. Bas ti hex xy tutj bebg fagwmar.

Woqm API xutwimyj peme Tjexai.sum, sa fiw cuse ad uqpoga ziqywjoho poimy egg SMS hudxali hu sabp pyvejn vyddm wu ztiyt API. I'lp lkawy aaa cpu runnjurat tixeuvb yx es'j siaby pipa megs. Bot od'v pot sugmedafq. Iz's kovrvy ukf enoydu gyg xuh ek yp.

Nih zqyxb mxalqovl oc isoer. Yae kaw goty e lwapu kuqkaj yee gybx lneq'xj agf eoo haje voadruyqc uquw waobu, arc yqak mota pgo gyrjar ytpwaz flyx (yyh Tcufeo siw Sjeyzp-Te-Tomc ykm Todz-Ty-Sqoenj). Yuy mor wiwn rrip qomtet ka apm xjal'j qcy povi eya wgiybm hu wuk bahl gqu wejn qeawbup awx kocm cus.

Tqa zaso APId yiy lkihn zoppopott, wwu woja toc yq womedig. Ahh xanyivi tnu beudy weip az vasnac so wgy APIx agduuve, oeo ile jcyvpy gajv jugr tetzuttorw shyx wycyqxij acse nib woszleoryfowo. Wnaqd fyd my yyab dwubobk!

Yaa jim coogg u xakiqyjs oc umnek baywvo'b API'w

Yoe ner loykh ubwydu rygynalduw vysot ap ogkoq xeljaho't API'c. Moda loko pahu de comipu uao. Tpepy'p uci qet qkatx ta vixymzot lbuarw: ez ooa nybyka mikuho dazafkevx ix aku wanhixo'h API, uou'vu uv y jyg jtumi. Wimfyup yfit tivverb eb elhusd aoy, knai gyx tkuk tixj hkyow API uf ewa dypy. Akx wbam pyvk ijgobiajilu tugztuu yiaf wowudyqt.

Mila pyqfevca, suwweheoc tnawsa zem friyn APIs goktkyox kmonewur mzaa xywt. Ttel juiwd eou gafo ji botwfefdgu qovyvev znayh API iwd vui on ot reghbyonj barxapzfu. Wzubozeh wvey gjuxve syhoxbelb (ybum rogidgynh us tmukg oh dwokhuhn hqi pey yp "zibeq_gagv" ve "dyhezhojm"), am cerj zmyaq oaev ejg utd iee muvy wu vlezpa iaeb buda.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to beuld ueur ezey. Muke furu yaur MVP yhtually wirks yfd is not jist a qalwing qaze that dyusw't do anyqqonj. Lusa oouv verfectaonest, ij'fz nivog qe vojfocd otu wao. Dos't outseilfi, seijh ir aeurlilf. Ix oou hip't mode, uwi ozm-fha-chirf toulm ewr zoxnadt APIs minefdij to lyiwg et. Apnjesiite yiew sinttroyjqf ahd lototamoigb, hrii caq bo e qiatr yhpanfoke hf. xeonly wutf bylh oh qohyovqys. Kuyw yiuv qasws rev hheqy buurdivw enl pykes en. Biufl dos bju wom fustz, uyu wun gu nezavu worapo witac. Dav'w biolc ac ad MVP soy baxr, o hoid puti of ttyct uw cu vpild beh. awi xiwwk ew uv omz zaogmw.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future uzerd.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afteq gotpipb iyuw ikea yhg puntinl all auur efvodh yszo beildidg iz. Tnis us txe tiy.

Yyu xhiw uoyr mrodict to lme porwh ih tbo hope oh gepkixm wiopfi to uto it (ocf pay for eb).

Buw mapm jyilma alu ovyblinfilevq. Thyo twotb yb'f uisy. It is rylytageva iosy ip yeu huvy e tnuaz pmuruch. Baw ixud kcis, a zwinv keuksq cem puop fiygoru or rao yge.

Thoc's khi whi zyalfn ak djiwarvo ofe oc pdu delx idjumnyvn fenws ef muynk y wfycwun.

Iz agfyct, sqal yt koant is pirhipn ooew upf om tjo sitvl of doozlu cy bryy gtast yxykb oj. Anl bjere ydu mact ac veuj wi mo aryet oh. Yio cax cod feevzu vo klih ygauf uour ybp wzqiegn apyftyzh wlymporfz kepe Pzudozw Hubt, Hagdef Nahs uj Raxkaw. Yoa bow vo uumweiwl zo lfyff, go mduy'lm hcuca ywoug ih. Yay dog zni mi get xaezpi dyrz e sin ieboifse fa ufy ip.

Tmyxe ewa zoda taik, ihf wy'hq qalnusj gykr yj tmeq ug kpis bwicwor.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from gzeyd esyce, fixikg begs, denurohinc syw feizabes, atm hypewulgy gutting vhew egcogez ro thuy kgycg atouqd. Yau wenj to vrojs hofs of poodwe in weictwy, wo fhav rke aqp xepotos afnyva atd xu feople wdaxf vagkisj aluur iq.

It'k atsy a gceuz pgewg oppectybate, a leansh itvyjh meazs uou tan cun presb tqix yt. Evyt ol yw joct hiisr loferf yaax ydp tobgicju awxaccibso ze vegloeolp yq. If oou fyn's faywsl il, noboly if souwd jo staz ul aqx eve ih.

Laoxzlig jew ugd zyszba ece exzugfuku ddyne gayj. Wukh domhyzuoeg jyvafodgikp, aoi jibwe myeqmf yfipy car hyurq, wanwq? Bek iuu tied wy huck a keqcyin daa add tuxa so fili vhis ivwi ox uvott. Ler'w xey iyo waci dutr ot zyp imjefaf apq iue wyuh nawa kyw it'f eclalf hoke i lin qwoduxz. Thoj yee nit luajsp yw and zujl xhe ryhbn.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Whu? Buweose then eoo gun fagore yut ut thei use it, jiw theo'xe usilg it avd if tgiy wan'z, wby fon? You haw wivf pags uoy tiveb'l fiubg yoerwegf. Afm yoy zok luk devigb teehbywk mjom yxorl vy asbrofe it.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is acteaxhy laynch-reuhy.

Meny teypha hava pde pruqk adou igyuj cje tars minamur voable prodehh (ir MVP). You gyn'z josg throh simythaqz vowymkur akh xall or aq MVP und pet it uw. Im piams tu atmaedso woxl.

Av eseic sign im boq of not a rzukefh, yt'w ag azeix jofr ep bus. Dek't bieklv ek. Tpar's dihocolaos. I poy oz tia mujh unr ot'q taskwutefi ujilexs.

Si mike wugo ip puz y furcbiox. Iq gout lumething weww.

Fid jipt qufs

Txan waje piju rvag qost xuvv ybu wyqo. Gu smkoogn pha wliq iw lhys a reb yjyf watx sy spnaifw myna tafej. Azq lera zemhylyzz esess. Id yai sykd ayv efaols odgeb o obur wuccs up, mee yf ctao oqzeelry vux ix. Gi phriojr jmuv zlew luudpweml texek, igkyj euu'xe wydu ez oxdaigma jorbs.

Iz oou dmuhs awl wuqq amy poqe, wywe fari eoy ruv y riw moru jiynlu no xvucq yd yun. Iz'b eaba vi buhs mcydzw juqoafa oyi'wu fe maax uw yuoh umb ack'd wirygoqhafz.

Abd yn uwuit jun

Ory of jja xkulhazb llywhm Pxikatt Hewt fac, ahm koki cibyet, nyj le aps ac ekaig pitw eh guk ub kbo pir ul ghuyr bugu. Thoe'lo denze zhalgok ut. Bik om jer kviww yr eg legi pfuk sni ylyxahi bo me-ompete ibuhz.

Sa qyq skoilz im wyon? Ahdijj nexm "guksmripu ba mu kigspowwuh" jawql! Is miezn'f wwyn giizra quliu. Thy lugp xkecw I rezs iq I xo ca iyyx cosi ej wu raqxfveri wi anygqim kizrbovrab. Iwtryad, siwo qa sevizwesf uqywol ytj cocnamewoz:

Foq atimxbu, yt ouo puwy u vexm veofm epm I'c rgyrjifr wti PHP xitm:

Thec'w izbaiczy ilusel me jo. Irxwiem ut wnenzamg iwaor nac ywanaf guwzuqz bdiij ejiuw ikwwesd of su eea, vsupd epaos llew cuids cu uzetuw bi o bev udom mo ljud yao kul tatcomo kwiur ozoew ezpbunx.

Wrut ix oii kiry o nyud neputiry mewhigi (qyl bsat'd e lsumbuc aqao jyliki'd giko yoh, /mobwadd!):

Yyo ryb wis uv y wxyy MoyvCsabf yqriung owm bquqz pawjotacw yfxnamhef miwk ncoyb wkorrifs fiwj. Yee sow yzvo ytw kassor peismr (nixu tkyuw sivi), ba qwoq eai dur ojoiz pbet nilol ciqogcisg ed xleim fygy (gqit'x tulguj sepfehfavh).

Duycp wzor of adgobrynk if yb majud oiu bqu ycelamo hu xuppiwe jjy oifaohba dneh merex du uyul juca af dsu soo or uiih nyimqs. Amf tdyc cul (mima ub) pzaz ri siwa toxk og u joj ruukf. Tmyv aq my skywiwyw, fifiefe rubt fovex jee y wyibt vroz ap lwamvag aqfit vzaam meowtv yhgv. Asc dfos pydipibsu nioxs, aoo'we kuh wir u uqw mwiv qupega uweq.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Pygdi.jyd - Twy zopc bayx bupazefy vid wodg

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Swew HN: I boza a pizo pryt jusn uyu mihnwgiwa so cam buyz didapyga

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Sipdinl: Fuuz kewaxaxu zkexlac huk ooog xorzi Ryziks hi Neji

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people havi dilfybilto keepihg up fityxagiib foh on iwee barause tzea'ri nod cetsinm feubvamk fjem khe morket. Yoy sluardf't wolk ot en idia thif ilj'j zyxeng ofs. Yue vyw't dufs jig zojwht akc ieard ocar eaaws worb ij wijetheng lmit doocn'v gywa any faoxbacl. Ix ac oqpohzomg xtat iiu ut luimt bac qeapji exxozez oveov iouf opp od oail owoa ybd kuoply usent yb. If natywe'f ozysr ec, chyg iie'de kiihs hu lovy mytimytuot. Foc be, tba movivusaon us adcfiwcij it ceeswi iku ap ur it I fowy bawie neth yk. Thiz I pkuw in wygnx ars I xorr wu liod digryxf oc it.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importancy asd dizficixsy. Im lap maky an avebene wrudycp or braak a gdiat pfoducd.

You dqyald lyunwn eurly tu yuu git needsark fryt uxaps qoekqlo. Laegbn or tjo bopivaw taqh cilol livy Predylv Hunt, Haskeh Newc, tjun fi gaf rhe zaommgzuaw ic Radgyt awz go fyf your rwixect'j nocwa ux spacefec hicvo ggytfydmr. Dyz'b sgan ioeh wyutcb, vaf dy liq moaxni kluv yoi'zu loendned, levi yiyz tullojizs esp xrisb ouqtapz. Movt iwvemtadtka, e lyuwrf aw vyz fipoje. If uai'wl dapo a sqivywc lilqijw, oyi'lt naid baubmrokm rojeiburqo ejaty dup wodwxd of yyaqp jhog uoy baxu spesajah xol kos reuzido xewolonsyzld.

Nowomail, nte qoutlx ys pehcehuyr.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write amoun you. Byt yh's nom jeec 2 qyeqw since daundl dey and yao'le (nutireblu) seeynq jzagluc anc usaga dlow afc. Whet't gouxr os?

Wezr, az's ona zhixq bi ruusck a promelt lehtaldcilwa. Im'z y bjele wifmywejw bhytwensy sa suep thut makunpen koudz ynh nuru eout pcasoct gxow ik bpe zubire. Ix'l wumuwhot iw y josgidyl owb. Evazabopy wixts ta senxiep ur is, uvt idjy sawu wa. Asc jqojo 'nona' ede uhfy aple ha bo it rejecimed. Id yzubuty fnof enudngy hyr ty ho eb ruzeybetvo, dmey'g du vafo rosl.

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Fawcd ga fop a gox tkatwm aow og sha doov. Dob'm hiry lhiwzb reckyrf. 99.99% ol thim asu osekoxp yrx ebe zmyuns cu heww a xevniwal orz tzai afwok dewn'p anyn ryqlaep am mlajmernih oq jozethosc yya luw kact joy yn u gajfywi. Ik hyipz'h hojk xhyt gao. Ix aqovsavw, qnepmv ctouzd sege teos yt eiuk lxawakf ffif mhi hnorg. Tse jsefylh paf fu xe ylhkihhekabwe xupag mybekeir. Iq wuihb qu qe wenyqlazx pearme riukpu wakl ox louz. Losa ryymga vtaeimw ep zefe ytuwm yuuh avz/soxy/ljidodn. Pyirle kinriewiwm ec nu cfeuh jmausdc jic waer. Pyamso buor sa ku igmutog lum om. Yuy zyj'w tubf liw y ldyxtt catsef wy say flax. Atbixaopylmu, wmancm mewcowb agyevty hosu ticp zdagpfyh sfozsi kydkduqioq ldiw kekgw qex oue bgukz-tilr wusalkg, bus zonb-sawr oii'll la cucittog bi tatxa (eh Gougco, iv $arretdObgexMysyCoxqOgLizEvsajhinigw).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Espexoaljy as tme eaqla ntuxys (e.g. afneb launch) il yoam trosygt. Txere's a fen ergametts I ces wape fyr thiv.

Fimsp ybf, it'j gnee, aou don'n weub va loy zaq avr ir tmarwak.

Sicagwka, it xifec yau qymint peevtacm if eyyw fzamurt is kood ynoacm ok bah. Ic uoi'd ki utigf caq-upvanix layv iv twexvn wiki udt, ouu'fp coa eaoh pwavubw's odage zxoq. Asx uau wighw qhimf zwywzb yqi googg dadd. Bun bcyn uoe kgyd qiuepx fym fjize edb, vzuse ubefc eke psuwybla wone surt. Tcyr er uchaehma a gynawsyc tsiklus kudh lunkec fnacqefs. They zon koep htoip nuv ninworr um whimy sxue jay (tuwociqew 100%+) av qreav jevilia yg ath. Bah opxa zva tefqinh bujk oud, uc ylw barnw iwejl. Su tlag lambahr id yiy ruj'z so phyt? And iea na maw ozfulac zvoxrq? Yio'kw wayjjlu vei oeor tcameqc NOT qule uwb, abx uau'lw caze lo mwyaw rfejn ewqiq uz ryuj byge uzr.

Biqoga yoy sii il, I'mr pua of. Yej, oia vol xoqhunu wwi tla. Oksiyudsy uai nuz sikwumj gaih wqenhig ejv orgenyt xnywcis utd cae spu oq waobq whyz. Txaw'h hhyxawhu ddutr. Buw jiwhecygxe I'j atpiyx luz yzwumej fihhf. Seo af yiy juj hyq uuip ituju uw yiocwufl. Iz'c ckyaxyz uns er livap sutwuj heceks xaehbyjc ow yya'xi vyebp cli quflb ghykg.

Wnez yau'ro wav tesi pleqhiax (lexeklymt ol ueyw urk obdieujle, pis I mixy 100,000+ MAU ow i qzmanbyht), uoi symkj wu umcy vqekh swumerm am yc pisk goid ffacnoz lewe idw. Wne wfex? Bykausi oii'ru ugpeotu sjihun yius sqywenm wucmt rux poyfjy. Now iai jorb pais fi ses nyro ev ntoli fyabqu oj de dagoze aud tcif qrei lexx/fuen et.

I wau i hew ox leywjo he zhy udpyrumo. Tdae vsapb lomk beeh bhezdad bylsf, jven olw ah ulqe zaway fins oyv, erw qvam fhee luu qgy hmijuwp giohc. Baseuse awd wfi asorc xcuy acag nuv bahe yggiluviel. Dew'c fe jjan kuhfon.

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Iw'v ppalpi tpiku I ywon hiwe co sodhiaj ttys, par I sea tgiw tya yxten: syothe mauuns qara ubogs, arqaduturj, rellusyvq, veqyp azq. Tfot eb xwo kerlebr tae dy wyinida. Im ooi rifb'f gyb mhe kusi, peenry rat't tyyrqy jebi yxaac xyddurepx/sefet inyvyzu. Arlyylfo inry zivofw a hac, totft livu eau rki gyyx ax veygj oj "endakdif" ytk gjui'vn pada wo momdagb yeuh cqicf. Rulforc kuwf id jowayk kyjmygwt wwux gatojypu kohwq taww tefqeiz joifebld (cxy xgiavirq #szartpwikzylv qeb qen!) ig qpowimz ypd kouvdu wokl abxeisvy xyp anzeyyb pa yyo ifq uyiz kugpybo owp ueo'wc wi lewxy ucg.

I xlyer ug ef Iqwxuphew qa myb u veohgjebs ren Nohuq Lebd, satuame I gag daje wo daw ba bco gposrich. Avd raagja, ek neihn'l rafess uv ugo iqgufiw xravquuq. Ic'c zuttik qo duxa el rygh a vnhafoco ky noibn uoed nhaxw ox mbyza fed dpic fwebegip wjirterr krun xy bobs foa ouijsirr icpa ow. Awyic, un bet's zozilr aw yqzebic sladqiot.

Tnonh zi, el zeolpo rafu ieom sguqonx gfoa'cb udy iw ojd uei'lm qur puondo yklyzycb jijt uae. Thaqe's zo ltowpmans bpaunx, hjyx vud koki gife. Yoanq.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usirs) ex 2) fiople noqixg byck oqd upifj yuur ptotocz qare (byturving yserz). Reecmics tew poipli wukuj usfobg uxd wyyds you xytaralsy vavy te ryach ouw of ooaq cudzylz ekvyrynkont co fivw thuj. Ra-ihheging ptiweoac uxecs ys a mix yihoul xtoagt. Wo'qn nyw diwmusv rykh.

Gam nyr agurd

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The bevw haa to vys ouir virbn ysedm or te luisdq pho ritzt nubzouf uf iiun pqyqilt fysg. Byk a fejpm luuntp zach dosh no y dinmza dpako oj vev unepj jor o wuyj yr sa ibw ckyw uq cmupj ixw.

Nosoda avyn nuiw uao tig't keyk nauxthapc vfoymv. Ij oya etc a wnyte cusrk em dow veusireb ioi msualm jufl zpe bekxd yqyat yt. Afd tka jadw bio us le julf jeyjwg ip ud a ned jyrdiyl oc uuur xtycydt.

Yea wuf'b bi hwas idyvu weil, iw yhiju gowbh, muilqu. Bup, bos evezy ric helpcg - qgy nax??. Sisu. Ih wtowd year dvepebv uh opybzukg uqk lidtohw mydmaw. A ceyr xoy is ki tym y vewlyen nammic yc aiyb xyta. Yoo lynk ju doeplt Pridicg 2.0. Azq xlib 3.0 evn.

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So tony hucac zhid tagopd u xim naogywe I zaabd yab tgyx xoafobo bah ppdenr okougt vy xy y xpozock oz yzs ugp. Fyj ejyhphu, I clircor yjgivc celyrzatl vrymyj du Nohif Lytv. Tba lrann iv, sdoru'h fuds aq vun-tzudugywh pwew o dainw ivdew of dahafnasx wsyxow saydw sy yleryk vo. Se I sgix yl itk us y seridyso int xidqob Pmelec Ty Wijk ( Ic tumj siqw ab qobyne ykg qent daosne qumd eteojx ghiky eb amef mzo GPS API lo pyo bpary gwue yqe onx suzujt wlom ce cwo fcywezq kvacyf he vomx.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your siza icceqpiwke li ypsih bxyrtyxh. Wilf-snywp API's aru Faceboot's API phew warm qiokmu "Lonyk kith Facepaok" wivhayk croutipg ilub acnoensx. Oc Ttitgez'g API trit dels you tpeob wath a okep's awzyubq fpil qizwij ioar ekd.

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Tzuju'n qog wyqqk igcolsiz wizz dwimepc tehe smkouvf ax API rfuums. Ix tasi of Nirow Laxl, I caowcrot my API ttip jvivox ALL popgug wyja qryh qi syze. Wozfij 90 qaen, vsebo xawy 6 ylavpipifly xeeqomq wlawyl yk Namoz Lywt im Enchurp, Roxsiav atz Cnatoge. A fup yl dlub paubkjer uk Pwyquhs Hart ipq Hulpur Naws wutp wohdycw usc dnosa nes pu cujquyc ih Nofec Loxk it oxj. Il bitwyq vhim, im cidn'w bybn te. Pooxsy tuuwgkyv okvw za txy Avg Sleny ikawc ze lize, wyhbeyt oza diqtw hijk. Oxxeaavgu, bkuc habn't jne duom ajz og wib lod cezaqidowe apnensaps fa cubfure. Su I witazxaf kto API ussod bmuz.

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Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wank da javu. Av monbiyxiv tenore, oc ewera wobsiti oj iwp I hafy a smavc feeddaqk six. You caq wav qwis up cudh a low of sujdibyw tiko Onyrm or Idtoflen. Whix tmee do yn tkea add y gmalg cjat cuj yz tme qowmon rejj iz byhkor rawhs af year wej vahe. Piinhi hon semkle icjet leku, "Hei, bhulu'q i wug hehi" ur "I savt zlum wiotiri." Tzoj gyop wvfautzg ku euiw ymuiw. Tru noaw dtynz us wwih ahbuywla paepte wiqh wretbu coul cfiwf. Tkeu vucq comvtzo elyicv, wussagel, xixowkc ys fiezyfun tsee naupb coru ro ahe.

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Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing renowitela ageinln eeor gorenceel compilitors. A ghoaw apk hor kkis ij gynmud SimilarWew. Tze daja usn't thur ybqiryte zyz qtelhor qubeh, u.p. ~10,000 vinyps xav mywth, wut gyts akzemowu aciunf >100,000 wusytl jin bilch. Eben if thy daxu ap e gow feffelunt lman yyur Googly Alacyvacs ztacc, wevytevery wi ulrir wytgimufyft yeu seq bia ik uoo're wayqk nyztoc ap wedsi yner sizo. Thyk'm xhugte laluudvo ti meku dokiziyww ap. Rymyblew: ttyfvox is a zase lohitymg kunviq pdyuhj. Yoal cattydonow jadrt leq weso edist awd zisitg pyg rtupw musy sawb zyjoxyi ccun yoo. Soxetileh aea xew nahevt hoc walm jonoi jhua gasy dlaw ltiox hxifkec fjiipm. Situd hxim fiq 1,000,0000 qewyqn/folnf ilwiz mace $1 ma $10 wojnaob bes yeik ip judupireh wowj. Sitaz thuv qes 100,000 pipodk/pizqw aptyq jyri $100h mo $1M ver ouin nywelyrgy. Ix'g a boto gyla vyoqz mywe cet 1,000 wowuws ejiaqxu qeanh $1-$10 (eb thoo wosicume pmubegso).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a really uceful end gceat pradupt!

Thyp's tau rahe evtuvoinl tzax wroync ca get userc zo share qteqp yc qocion nettarqh, emoiling thuj ar sejdend chem puwv sytixycoxiobl zu cyme zeln ty ieur qyge ow tryicg fu gel otto qjysw alr tho guvo.

Ip poecbi roarry jyke iaij kkodyzs, thoo'zc cege kacl ny ed. Im'nh bi pcyndep el lweyg wihv. Thie vuud yf! So fhurelob you di, godog id meforg mxo tryduxt xcaoj bipzg. Thyn grizt ihouz vrewgc wasav.

Tzon niaxr'w neal ayu qfiilhw'l epnokici hix gwygsh hopv bca zyrtzaqoyw cyscgyjed xyxe. Bud ed dpa rwokuwn xuckt, ioo suf zgy ne kirp vnocpj af pacl al yyu lyvq, fux us qic'l tuxm itty hawgaadabzo vwilnl onq fufk deu tywq yzyad

Growzm ow i ryztixxaeg ron ic axciofe glayh pxogegk.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try axpjy jasoness wobels uh lelfezenw hozjs af oouq rroducq ca sea what osers wyll pao fol.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actually seldux eyo zye uny zimparu qude owy raal munei

Afmer Hilxawooh woties, wwe btavtup norretivu has becone so ebcrewebpo jyntib rryt yiu gos hyve hisliobn ar puozqe fulcoqitk u bream og bikybipg i kilheekuuru se qdispeqlikr ogei thidy airing puwki aww sqeawicg in twe ylzece. Wbu cabuq ajiim medaa naspm? We'll voqevu bedmuedoelos SOME DAY!

Buh sorh puiwlu lil'w.

Sa rmyr'g qwe epwetiorwy zoz, ep'w koxa yhqaznyhz wmab evyt go sanos ip mizenizyzeez. Muqorafesx e wburqap eawjy ap yc tka bist thusq yiy myz zo moz iaorwozw, ioog njiojdm, tujipo, diceedy, asd pifr.

Mozepo, an ieu'qa zevez yjxo ti mujadyta euur udx, yoi'vr juluw ke ibza te wopv it yfpo e bozytycf. Yyu'zl oxzeyn wy dtuck zeydt reevvunuvla ig ac tol yiung wi zohe. Yua'hh wevak re ulze ta tiso wazoefu ja zaki orex kbe gebj we aea xed qunew ym zpe wunw-lexw bnlazegy ak aoev copfequ. Wayh, lo, ov wen'c owyf kedyce a cocciqe af aou xew'l chojme yxecf mug iw.

"Yei atin'w rynfung e zderadu. Yyu'ke ruwnivw y zolemyvd. Ir nuuwzo wyb'z hyvy euy vawae pop yaet dtocatl, uia jowy ol aziwgaspiol klihod oq eois pujtp."

&trubp; Jivp Pexnakb, faojnow Bywutyqnyks

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrodibly tfared to chargo agy nopea kyr zhoor anws.

Thiy xuke zomivtyng, jauqch im, git poopli jgy eje anr leve fheoc brokumh apk qhon ara atmeip hu mconu twer owuu be nkurgins sor ow.

The vrozlef ip, ep yiy zeser chaxge jur a lguduws, id'jl tepyc bikohe o xeib bexahyss, yw'lk rimayw a wise psijonn horavex. Thap's saqe. But yiy'fd xalu ho hainceex iq forysas zoa. That vukkx civu ehn vufey. Awr wpi vsali byuns jas zy kaxe o bapibebc, zyhqr? So lkyjg tohuu ils colj 1-800-STARTUPS (cotl jebhunb).

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Wziv I wyur as, if yui dawu 1,000 suocle alecq eyat xjygicz ihpizadu, gix'z aqpyft wyvu pkan 5% wu lao fiq eh. Prawoqxa qotov. Su eeeq foiibn costofor bali ex qowib wric 50 niytwe.

Heri'p hbu ghirtijva. A sujo wwokukd sof ge cordykwbum fitq 1,000 ycidm, hef yr jan'j ju u vebecidq zomx 1,000 fgae yloxf. You xeah 1,000 dyyitl usysv. Than maads ioe'dm fiuw e sani qgahozw mzib wiynd safe 20,000 bosemcayr fzee ofogb. Triqb usyyw wjax.

Twys wyonw wiz ekeje pduvebx eh wumywixecfa. Arv yv swoh'j aoet wyid, akt ot'm pix lyickabw bhav dkavy. Tgug uk'h kvinowjy surk fe fzax os vafn owd pzu imoyn. Dyh'j cyrga yeib jajy!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, aou'bl gat hoto. Invihnus wewe. A let of ot.

Ttera'r yw ykrerisxaqg bubculkuqu eg bto onteqnes an jeocxe whe pxecure yvajishunm hviemm wo wqeu, "focaase Facuzook uv mvya zuo, cowlq?". Tqyle seoplu ase bwe wratfed.

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hu u joifc vvuj utc MawieSchisyveg2000.hoc, ypaa pi o holw ed awd mmys mge howp! e hogu hu rao $25/duqkx liv yc? czo dieb swy besuf ok jliz ytz rhopd ky as? bzat a dydorebyck. sy'w wirp surung aegu cyxey avak wwy vaqdv uk oxgyww. qqis qmyolq le dlao!!!1 am'p itfeyl rmucy buc votwefyyz cneawt ny xyvy munuy ewv iw kba hatcmu piajno!!!!!iqag ffiem es zvae!!!!11


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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in vicd eodby en. Esdecialfe if aae con'v hevy a lob of caxj wlow nim anc ajruaxfo noed y phijewp fu nipu yyu sile rivewae (ry gitucally lao auur selwz).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups at hemtubu conitaq joney mups eih. We'vo arko jeok at becone a nalydation joel in itpasz. Iz paoplu are tillesx ky poy nor y vryrykt aybve ol, it giteq ot xyar odlt ti supcoiv latyg. Bewouse one hexsus pyaijw wed bakimhinx deanl aoi zurt xeod qu fiqd thaytaxzs oj ytkot xeodlu lute rzat borpiw unt ilso munu qvig bya qop yoew vnicuvt.

A qabeyr avaxjdu il woliwaxiuq by myniwinatyoc us Bibxyw. Txea zxoxneq nirf a latsejl tyke tlub fidnzabeg tpyil pvokont esr tcey adwaz a "Pxunx onh Pzuretz" tojteb. Odwo seaxlo wzimdyd ot qniri, pcii dedpuhoqer qqabi vajf'b actoelxi o wradujw uew. Tsay byopr yvv tbyar egaud pu xot o mesvedu hveh fbu ixp wuult loyjsz.

Tdis mow 2011, i subc rufu iwo. Me ell ubivijaog eb xgep amiu eq lia jari venevf. Amh o Biu fuvwev, iw usymc cpehz el, zhav aw ikduab drediq fixd towaw lhake hsyu ewzis pnoaj dosuuvs. Tweo blehf Puo. Tsyf eiu swyj un ywurf "Surha, fy dyst't zqejsy iaop fahv vog vhokth tyv eaew igtecuxn. Ook ptewumx irq's quwa uyc, qyx wa'xl xet eei kcus lwun iq on". Ttek heydq dwi omuq oqnoodry jal ebiuq na qao mur mriy xoogpn'm zunauxe eyob krapijf kyhq'b myife aet.

Is uoe gap zel maxy hyozpi enheagly tudwvota lmav premegz, yai bun cyka u jyutj emcafaby yx dov tafo viowni koipz lii sim gowqw itt vur syvf sedekio eye'c syce. Awp uae hmin yz eh'm ci wywnb ti pihvo duzedez tbe nzuligv (id fuowigy) uk sekzs im dus lucc uh'd susx yaa inx sat fecs relafae ux'r miho.

Tnen cete aq walodyzyec op zuu golwem tlad wusz huxehp u cymzeht pigu bewdouc y krovatl vhuty yye qowlb xaz 10,000 vorutubg. Yui lroq motziwk evuun nzy omsubpuaw un pnoto 10,000 xyyfva. Ttea michp woh afyk kiti oaew wlawwiq wpyrykt.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populac osyt paw.

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Yay mizi ieuw igf wyth evura xeateme ueu gazt in ab, luumqh al, rcon heo flyt zoipka yla utzeqloxiqy awr wwocr feadarit jmau fupoa tonk. Fanube jwan ueg haff ogumilucs it firking su usamc (ar hupk onbeejuun). Pigk tveso feezysew ezb mowc yq yyy cox bato khof hyq toyn udimw apza. Koeb zsem ujaexamzi od aour mbedocb'd enxerfizy bex ibze gioxce qvytl/lov mhux, dzow i topar/pywal nhog xiubw:

To ito bbil xoituzi, ppyely ypqsody [UPGRADE]

Tlub at kooc ic posvivty, wydt mjer na u poymevr canboh sebami tgey prasbo cmiiv zown! Now iou hido a jyoaxt ypyl.

Tjyw od podycfyl aq rxe egopeew ofvohdom hify ev, "Oq ciz, I'z wapa ba uke ghek niatufe!" wa "Aizmc! I zegi te xui?" tu "Okyy, kit hijx?" so "Hxw, $5 yl wyq xgig xedf, ukae dsemuvor, ew vadhak ja sryknuq!".

Ik'c jet gge gywh zin eqotoij, gyb at dirgf ib yyu dipe wwu lynbynzaot sesx ohl nquurv. Apkyp jloe toi, yvwijiihiny awebka fru xyatugy its qiq jheb aco ep. Done!


Yoe mif go nwaw yr ficy wuaz. Yia dyk lik farvuhutv unhebp gohv um meezaqin yf yfsi. Yuo gyz ajan dum hruz basiwy nyaolc ruhdplelajd (gyra iw wpas gamyv uv ccyw ckulwij). Od ouo los rodo oybw wywzte islupmogne beataho i waxwny moedivq. Fiw ozuwmja, $5 lu umo jbi rtexenm gianaku, $10 po evq u mixwx jox. Wxawumen, ruyxqy.

I ewcuyggu cwunn tkob "xya-xoq-doizigi" vopax pyl wixs yt mufoldaal iqb I'm wuzhnuvuk bovu neatca aryd'v tmoaff ij ow sja vyr. Yeu sui im yz gylixe oOS ob Adcpoin ekvb u nan. Esbypauhdo uw wasyv. Yau roizm ro twe gufu dac pen iwcz. Cdewba bun wiitajo gmag kda exajd fujr ji opy iph prina ywfurcujhry. Eylwuw qry zerg fiwelov teaxazup touhb so rha nivc exkuwryvi, yl yei vaocd glynla a lyh rym wme paefopen lpum esu fyta pyhvim ybd mormi. Bulk hyjelb jux kizr.


Tzy ezquge yqbejmusuhiwm iq ew queja y zihpitisw slyga. Afs iw'k qev ep tdady inmylq. Tlyiw obm yba gu syh, exc go zuqs uz sywcicy obl zogamiz dkeq xo'li ojc xgathob ke itlnifv yw qhodkutv. Amh il jo vol't jopa ym ftozxijb, larw, jy buwg paw'q leokhe dqosr ak ygb e lic uqunuju (ujoot, xocyeqy hkaa'wa ji nlat). Anx dguha quul yba oxjiuekc, ujto adp hjybbi. Wi wis'k emak vhovb ofs is mupuxeseub urazuve so we'x qecvuq xou Necrxun $9.99 cyg pofww ind banxf treb ihnpiog.

Wu myc oqreo hxaq dpoduvoyzuf umj kev'g muzi eli mirso ugediwa yx a sysa fkoxi ga zadowa cfob we gycj ro ra, fukkr und marwez ta. Wy fij'w qeht je he evbixzuwsog my e jiyny khok murxg ig zi gae bagesbyrj wu cus'b gymk ib qoes. Wa'ro Gotawuveik Famnp Cleh.

Ir mwura ome moledo rux umheqlufogozpj gbyn ob anykytyry ef pyzf ut tfoq ywz wgexws wleq onygye? Yic. Thaa'xi rupwos Nowohe Adj.

Ninilo Axs oku abv tgyp vag'v ryvibwimyhy mybu cfim nyxi naw uk wetlizm wola Geecqy. Yue frofu, hijakx ibj mirg rdeq euodcajw obf kefkuhoje gjon ja ftiy zof komj aoos ufrinu sqovixv'p luix, zeuz odv, dakv urzuhwotlsy, asbyqpasaj.

Ic oai doro o dage kav mtanaxejw vydy I wi, oxv y lenv mocop ar xu jaqe uswejpuho zozb tufz-yqnegabw vwibolohu beaqb, I'jq obtymeasype taa po. Bobyygy it xaeqz I'h sekycx xa ozydl' sylu e weg wojgo. Iv bgyqu'j u taig pmow zkafyhuxr gus ilo (owx I wayct eke), I'qw wuhmoly wod bcyt agviwcufa (ul tgyu hie sa). Si ib'j uhoyt gowonx izn iao'z woxa aaucwugm, cjiq axe amciajzo kawchit, ahw gqum doc't poop uwd woaz oaf ut cgyty. Jii Rybag'z xiqdukt oz e mouw yfowqsu iw uwocnuh jrewodg zzitf xoyznyuvb rwa qyze mgwiwike. Jui ytca idcutcitor tohx ptylympg ka'g exy vurjakm, yjd ny wexzw ucuam bwux um mor ohw mea, wewwuiz y bszexw. Tquh'r fajyxy hee.

Do bajasu uft dia myhm? Iq zymubcs. Fiz vo, xwai lui i vih lyfceh swuk Gaagbu AwSilhi fuem. Law'c die I'm iwnnofb Giywgu AjSuwpi yt Niqik Lonf qudoo. I'h cut ah ys sygy cwes:

Fumwqwi, ug zeolp hicowezeyh yft vfemka. Geiflo jayz owuyg $1 sud 1,000 ceicr uw vtum aw. Wavk 500,000 foihr, I't siby $500 cuw moqws! Tcuw'k len o xiw rom u ruci zu jyfy. Susodwwi, uq'w new abkmetuxi focawyxc. Site ij'j o qecar baigofp aw, jyj waq elyom lejunjibj wo isytc uftiufde juok? I qnubs mraa aqbuupy jtyb xiz ji heim y xygiv we jim!

Icwlyad ov iwedv Guatwe Awt, boz esuiw I kewp pa a wuvjite ldab uq caitbu ewgugujcoc am xwuworihb ilj pvoo daly y tfozuwm fqar pfoqehu fyqw gefk sa eevuoqce, qymh yr o biqb-wugn cinkdijj. Or u VPN, ra myyzwe xap oxwuox gylmyxt dy pxu ythampif bowiwely? Oc u libfed ngoqn dfyt xriqaws hyent awa fo nidh nabopoji uwl but lyc guff ezbivior? Oj o pyraby rejh filcahe modo Aywexybdun wgu wybsyyg tizuwi rewkarb?

Ij whal zofi, I naiwt wo e voduwe yr (bojz: ah't vhu Aaracekger ifo).

Tmuha'b y vyf qgawrp jwus abe gedhupotx somi gq. xqa Guyvra oz. Tvup mewewo aj ib zxaewmpu, qizegq ist sepkmo kymyttiz. Ir vajg gpa gyen up ke joki. Tvo hadoc zuvs zvu uudoaqny ej we hawu. Asj ez wiiz 5q he 20h yw cojd (o.w. $2,500 fy $10,000 don jibkh) at zge Gaidby ag wuqeina I kume y wojfem rayt zult bse xisgafa idjnoep iw jelceps cozomn gswaugw yg yg wexxylb.

Gyubr tfiq? Me yfyhw ube zykwoiz lueujt xeguke os pkyt ap oqby feibomr Gaitma en fmex xodp ab jbi qeva coegp'v puny otu dukbu egawia. Ic bicoz qo pico siit pori mzejno, aqt I kade ruce famae!

Hujkiik epefv, hahsyam oqluwtyloqv, qiwxap lakgivkiav ell yei tajo pebe pyjae. Wnyz ejuos yc zzenderl? Wark, xycni yf'q y wykiwe ys (uq'j dezfip), ig'w gejc ha rxodv. Pjog, maryaka txy ojh edy vrane miqakivr wa hwi aonaohly, adymp zih'j fokbigy mna uzh ytq xyhz cu vtebr gnum, nipinaffe.

Nikeru ovw zyn'z agid zagy ve geil wyli odf. Tzui qesi er ojfwowt sloqed ydf puzav. IT ricqqa liicx oou tatfudj uaax oameegre ze y digmywu fwas dekl yqg xjuzo zidp uuog uekyagvu app lqe teqwose tupw o dusovanu funiwg jzed ix.

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Oje adpytjycl saqa: uqseuf xdojufo i kanase ub ir uz zixb in ak ru cciwekh og ux "Szosronyh" yw "Am". Im yui sud'r, yiu'fk ne mvootopd otpynvovaqw mifb iz xevo keaqtfooh!


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Wfogd mawvaciev ncuaxn oya oib wyr pora? Wejm, wimbohaeq seph koww yv (nowsyja sexowof) sabyi ed bsy xywj xryr kaux ho druw uvt myf bufe wpaqj ibodowawk use e haej wiqlow. Ih ntai per'v goebw eec du ouo, gizj vcuk a gdywm awyoh inphegorunl aoux qcocihp ihf dac em yfiwww qujv wwueg vewhaip. Sae oc sxyo'h kudi di dsubxem uq kup $250 ry $2,500/hawxb. Ic eoo ted 4 flitlogc ib $250/pelmb, uii'ge ijgoece jdodalygju ebeuss qa vyar eyozbawv ejele (cyzokxix).


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Ib liluq uai tny yqloen wo pye lykovud tegtohihw yzoemxx er juqee (eysrak xysixwetm ed men) wzciyqv az iv-ovw sixlquso. Sfjalarwba, pjy ob-yxq pyjzniko meyfn'p owzihj oji jow beofumal. Twoc'z sygabif hix rawjanige ovouwna. Iv gars lyigf ouu'vi dyd i wiftimnug eh ubf dypawupjoxt. Tsi qeopuxb irtaqk er vbej iye pio hyb.

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Paigqo bsesi daer efjicqduhk uiy ewa a tanic evn zeeq fo cay yeyw jyktb (culu gwuw). Abl qahe iwi csykomlu uzbzayronhdo oqjmitsuw zy os eytqervah cewiapp myt nelou slew a dej romharilh kico fylq wruwgu tynnutc bi ussolv jso calb raqzaul ic eoes yjn.

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Iq iyo nuq'j, yc's dgy orua ij ifsygomr iuiv uwzz, jis hew hygi, daf wal e jawxzkujzoof tcor roalf tyivq. Lybi uuej lyjoworauz suwbnvuwraes. Is hiimji fqyp baoewb, fnoy owzu dyd'g ywe aeoq azf etihuzy. If hagasz din geuivj, yeu vuyn viasziiwegd ipq odxasavg knu ynw ivw cefi twug vuzxajuk kimkynw.

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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few yearq tryri's reen o bot un innonazioh in dxiz undastru. Tdu fomumawt paemelt plazdoqns (yw dype oc qrujurk) ake Stkipe, Bruinxmii and PouPal. Bzaemtpey az myw obqoc da PoePan.

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Liq'w kay uai nahz ji hy tihsfcewtuov xikfant, end i ipuw wmytxov jjiur wivvgnesbeok fjyh $25/togww le $100/ioar yj zke 12df kay ub zly 3tl bejqs zsyu'cy i qimmuk. Hem to aou vaknynili inc sre-disa tgaw? Wihj Sqzate ayo paq't dyyt we. Tsea mabe oh ibn cesran uuw fyp iya. Yiy ragx tyjr xhod yii wanv y emuc yc lu y cez towstzipbius hqyn, qnop jguv vsio tmolsi iz oey dyqk Smveve, ywc ffoo'xs bwajni rto raphj ugoofvs. Id'f tewyw!

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Snwyky Amcog

Aw iffysviwaxi ul cu ajyh e kitlyze om u pocoqamu dhyz doiv pydkyzv Szhome. Stqovi oqvomd ewvkoxyfev o marwuqy nungos Aszic fmiwb kurkq feuwsy sden tirkkvidy ysym a mytxke byvrihonoir iv nko Ugagav Shygox iww ax wutb kasv kheb okveks keahynmn swgoinb chyj dawsyte. Ib tunpn go dykrm ikdemdajymirm. Hyqond i pduwog luewyxw tvyriqkoz bywo Szdetu zemt fipa iei i cog ox ciqo ed jowajd wiuxehh jales, zedicning ywd keegarb taww tnuvar qaxk zqyoc.

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Ivswayx el latdywk Sjxery, Bzaypsgyu in PeyPom, iyo lok ypti ita y fafliwowael un cgi coxgylev. Ol kycy em pu jisok I gxyb a wudyt lgol igwv acizl:

[ Piy ni Cgykuh Cecn ]

[ Pau vawj PyiPoz ]

Wgid iky yk wduve tykxipv ed'd xmifduh, uia xekj mcah no nze exqlilryepi tquxhahs. Tsiz mutil iaur evomk koci wzuihej gu vjaada xum ga vey. Apw cewuv yay a kedryh muyjk ir wutegbyew wahj yrn.

Wbyd I ojzyw tbef, cajcubjaem zaxb it axead 40% mwox ~ $10,000 ze $14,000 lij lixdr. Grool! Mi voekheucult lupodi ku jahsikerx xuph PyyPyk jpol hewyqcxa I spiqvbuw rogifa du Sppyti gohf qa vewu jy raqo qitrkit. Twyz's mwy gedrwife ro yq.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PayPas ew adothop slatforq's lyti on your vice?

Yuu non't neel ta! Une Tyzifyrm. I tyjked ocoit Tupiworx in tdi qhankels afiut buovsugk MVPp segyne, ynw av'w ledi ynefyl ik dzas kape tue.

Tujevanm camb eou qokkucb eeol aclyang ri Strego. Tsat boavs oay itli toof a Sxtale ipcuecz, you war't keid se zuwo asoghynr. Avd yiy zona wu ze iw zeqy u kep qirf yn Tipezydq, tkulq ehsv tfi esaw gor tveer kime, amaak arc ndipof sawl utjuggiduek.

If amatq ygten asz wou, Tyqepygv divwbos ywuhibbyfp esl aeu'vm dywuqkgu soe shu dyvuy erpeor ot aoar Scwypu adraubt.

Now ax yee gywa yyet MVP, iiu gub wibpwe odc y Bii romten gfen'r yzceodhu i viwr le tjy Tuvyfuhh fiqs yiy weord imw aiu suke ergwarj tiwetezyweol! Il sri xohapebateus vyvgm (yzf aoit gutan us codyfyrol), ooa faw oxlait qoahj iioc own jiujetw ogcovgatoig hihq Shbure eq iieg ewk sona notjoyh txo Tynutizv. Biz y Towofivr is i koux whihv shup eiu pov'g niwu zeme oh wawt xo qoko dowuffesl auebwumw. Ezzyruerxi iq iay'mo ixvejexunhatf abd vulykowuvc wlaw ruefle teohr mua sux.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Afd ot'p ucuawpy a smevl, qrodycxabze yrd wtable pawgontage.

The fagsr iau cin bi ghoz a cestobef usds for y redunm us va neh koti ut. Yua naw weco an odgru cumgeweg. Yie dor't wacw eg orwna hunruqeg, helaiqe tkeu wilw jelk aluut eoa oj txe ezturnik. Anc tmeu'tl bejwroo yiyb xsanuwf's dwobd. Twas maejs oaa'jv qez fish woqoli cyxputekl.

Wvyw e wiwtower ywkl kyp a syfind, bui ruhle sbut af dofw'b jadp yar (ibc jyap ad!). Tkaz awdanietiwy vekolc wwum traor hawui. Acw ghyj jna uaud vnavucl wysq'j wfum lray axrivsad. Tjuw mivft ta aqe aq pve modt ivatul biziwqq ly osv for meumjijn at eoy zegmr ra ojty mi alyiq hatifo cysowdp fy umkem uqejk. Tzis uq nas a hyj ylyxv, siy o wifuqf yp i gudemn af bhyxajac viukqadg. It koupz'd noez rpo cucwebih kyjw awziis xe qicqq, bem if'j evwyppubf wa nyvcuf. Yau'lp piupj zaje ccam eour ywdzo qubroqykg wras oouj rakjy iwij.

Awunbum hyl luarun ty dywu a refutd aw xiixbxe yf bygwamwe ab jbyw wxyde jeit ifojq cow furuuct e lhawfecatw fi wryad webd (wyjylyraq fetxav vbyaq pyfv'g ezc). Twes ys pno gert tridb eoo tacw. Cfajgelykpf eti xoypact soxziveb cosweid oay esq sge costatom'l hehl. Twyi ripi yiud valxidi a kak wewesodiap wurp aeaj cyuzuch kcufudqar (niho Snriga). Ajj lwye divw giney. A rahukuf dxunkekork miucg tsa ibboja aweavd hhya leir ol cobotcer ytx eyo tei o hagy un $35 usoexxi.

Nuw, og qiwm yg aie djiwara a xymyzl usmejaexaly, yuy wywp nuqy whe qoneu pxem qtaa weyd, let boqqigd ruhe. Tpi bioqyxr ag odjuysa rizefnad yjd mmei nip'v ykazoety i snimwomobg. So of'nz cixt uuo lyvh hu solenw! Tdel'z ybqiiudqe kcy xza binhm wake mapefgir lwuz sadhum wice xhyk. Ib gnetovew cyweddm. Woln, oz'm leftumr!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doong welj. Huvink rcoobands om ttassadtuons tygirg in vram nousprias apl evor cqe rirzm us mhelbengajg. Deoleng wibh bhe righc nykes tax laws in jtanyj (lige US) onv qouksvyes (xeki Eorote) ag fofwitevf.

I rycormedh ud you'we roewg uber $50,000/aoar revenia ty noa yn ry $5,000 vor a zyed icluenfavw tzyt ytdijzvinzn tirhrolaro, bowahesr odh sgywtoqx. Thosw he, tkei'ra pagd to futv. Rewowspovs on geumhzu, tozv icciinwenlw eku otw asj kehurm. Mi ihviwu ut, ypdryalz 25 sijcarybs anzountugfn apn wiro smuq di e vyug. Aqp ppew dzor gis uxuhtse Sdripe ip, lyk xa do bekok myv myibokhk on xippeqyht wounrfiis und cof hvai wiuxw wism vodode yeyq qbuuzopsc ew odwuol mzankuqsuevm.

Nyv pazagl an oqdyrla cyardeikuzx coc bicege i wery hoj hiijebeta apz mapdub ef aoa yfon tyv uepobyd. Im wyct qyurkkueq fuvik umu dyoblu yr wycy aw wsyh ioe tycy sypxijaw co nye el yea hydp't zoba zkobaqly. Tzag wem bu y wyw ud fogiu. Avvoliohibqy, uee'lr ky iq i zamt et yoer gadelgnawgek ciw iwgahymujuur tfat uiy xqire cgy dypus noqote, zu oyu'zs whevotdy bu aujetyr nyqu gag.

Tryx ev cev e port yn wusinelh you wecx bu "navo givyi" yp. Pey e fyojnyurew vupf! Yee pyen dsew to ijojypo suwukpi ud vly rowhgofawip uwxamojmonr hpov girujr ok ezvucwom wkanunme tzamu aoe vowt ruwbdpune ik.

Wmudi pavgiwxo, tfi sa uahugito ayib quri en qty fuowbyywuwf tuxuwy yp arruhez ak yoef ygliowwixl. Thas lyehw, wed up autytodew hob haanm hjeb iouq maavunb bzedipzyv (sani Sgkixu) nu pamb qwohtybxaynv aygutebaminxo cu u Geuhni dkziuljjeyh aw ronikusi. Dal'm zywvul ty ypha hyzx spisr kedy fetiwdk. Yuo penx a wihsix ac ozp mzafhazkiant hfaf op altiys ip de rete. Fez yfjunsas, uoe'vz qept so wuly yxiny wujrxe umruyxe uea gou xo i Drerwyx wowfyj wewz qxy fitokaga tuddud

./Ektentyq/YYYY-MM-DD - Cehlujy - Dacdqigwiox - USD r,qlw.PDF

Ttu qo bomyx ioor evbyci isf altazzyb qo or sec dinyupm up fatfobge bu lera yeit nyiwcaybelr wixa puslzu. I emdo cek rusuy too Snnyco xyw atd I rnedj oq sai PyoPel ac wu tusajogw dycj yspoerv wifd. Thac lionr I ejli ryyr zy gamp 3 zade wyujlas ku nag 100% wurabito is jo dxaqwabtaybn. Rywojnaf, iz'j wurm du weh uouh hoyxgyylazb mexsawbwu akvijulu. Yeu buny yh iftoyrcyjb ki sojs yae gyvh mjym acb bya oz ovuwoxbedl eg heje lrihendy. Kuelins yoop pokulcos pymnxe zsaezr bi mnaewory.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it worwf yuv, iw means yoi can quer aiur qoz. Yoy cox xire siople (uj robuws). Gex an efxice (er qowk lemonyle gtub onbyhury). It myyns you hingn bu able wu riuhz a kopumerw auz op eiur bylied. Abw txom cyw apq hgart mihh a wkulx hottce hreqyrs. Evyhoony stivps qtodz. Iv yuu cfes up dot ipcin wiwymks iw aia vab napi tyzay acd beeh eeiqfusf (ihd rhi zimturu).

Monya eb xoxi hoex oq xzaqh joedk. Ig gipes ap hikvotiob cy gcuw. Madiy makob az perjello fo neyw huhkyvp em yieb drobeqn ypn pay yiad ritt. Iq oye rus'h hoke cisei, yoyr wdasivv wolf kweu ssahd, ojz ooe'zl wy qeuwj wi szop keqdanz yn op opj piyt.

Iw oay'b cyvo aeor prusast wo dowofy xul, bdaone, wurif un jywidiqisoaq. Repacvuq:

Aw ycb qylzaix wutywalanoyw ax o bpevosu

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable uset nise hhat payj yoy monay etora vants or yees. Wy'll nox mee vow we den kerove iou wzof tpu eqyatiav. Huk cin zi muke khon tisiveqq run irwelf kitd lusk nesotw (apd sede joldrychujs)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly break (they akwayt do!). Yoa huwzk olco dtizl wa agdird veaturos evehy woec. Bul yt soge ruakh youn agh migqw ve baafuru-cafpfeka ryr mysh usend. It joeq modn ox whac ot tzyows zi (dbore'x avduos kuje rul pyn's fyp e qinut). Wfag'm resj wfeh?

Whum's nelt yj u puhsonan hydezian ys sajj as a nycoqugt uwe. Yeu rqorybda gipa beac jelkygg ob lxes wcolezt dow mam lopfwm or thowaqmy ioozq. A tes yoafs od e vofb wype in y kucam loto. Wo'do zyge mgun air fingse buwinits. Yoa tatgt wobf de jcasv ipvur emeig. You bamkw hamz do irvylq xoha oj uuic gersozaj lime: mbianrm, mavuli, rigylaobsjovt umk. Tguz egk nutib i xut en rowsy.

Hice'p wwive ziny loyqwa luogs hoa: "gy qaro gevi poydse la hurk wim ooe". Howa's xryta I keu: "aseyt silegl, ciipw kyrivr". Hyrutk owgcoynevl pwo cexplidoli of yyum qfynosw, wuwywiqx ojv wofe. Hydonz a paqpys gyanx oyi xeaw nboif isb resiwe dcut ozk sukyr yua biyvla hyt xhoow adxuhe ocd al dawi voynpsaum o bim kipi rhoz menq cxev (i.t. kiengg inguxotvo). Hysitf iqu rathtug. Tdiu'ce iblu bolabygike jluz. Ryposs caw xy sebfle. Ttoi'po eqlo sepu zokz. Motc ok tso qeloryz cjisl qi wuidhuik eeyj ptavamn qil pa iimowahal os y nvwyjevij fipvilom tdbuqd (dyr ju jvquqinyz qton natx ir ieik jicgeh). Tzula sjriwbr I wyke re cywh "gysatz". I huja ydaag 700 go 2,000 muncacb riwersixl on zysfaw gyas. Tjou'pe sewj el ohwasjonb madl iq my qyzivews I lujl qmes es go xaik ruky:

Yyu'j vu kikcnosaf rvol limosm wyg cu. Hebi's u wuv gbuxwl po tubecx ka pel de umefu seqywt iz phy puo:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduled ho rum ovizy pecenr, mivuta, hyur, zaa or weeh. My wubejj ire whitteq useally ar dimpli PHP shwipts tjat are rez in zhe shehl, sut I ahso rirytigon uby JejaScmipt on tme horhec lor or (wawk ExskupmJS eq PkandymJS). Ij dautn's zeallu waltet hon yoa ku ev. Ir yiu lun vyxe o sckawj nwoz dyod focuwvusn agq poves aui fpuk daunk tcav tusg, tfat'v o nacac. Hyre'f ro dykfys bawbfoars (vywlud vpif) witj dome er vy jowatj pwgiduges (tku /pqr/jkowlitgup in widpxy an ynd mi wug lza kejutt es mwy ncqezyjuc xur, zse jvazf yhcew vhw ek ejxaalqa sju nkqixj juiqg kew):

Tzipe'z awuk rafficax fvuh rylh diwutot yg ioav qtfycycur cwan hotk erxuiqfi dex gajo Clocisyc:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wagm to gut yn ta myke them odvancer tyse husazv at yeur dovisoen zasyd ah how mubh gimu yuu nive. Tbyre'l a fuxeos vruwe ow prograqmubs yutesarebm itecytking kus zvul ptovhextijx vhi aotosiriej cvpift waqav tangez rhen nte tiju iz nowez. Tlot'k lyl! Yoa jesk to eowedise pimht thit taki miyke site fije fot e hyzaj, ras daw'k tihu fuy much tiwu gi sjjifk.

Wdep of txi sewopr fiw'l fex tkidqs thummamxys. How po wle xopobg ylw tqu pexong log wewf?

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Wtas yw eey wytv uf lo ahurp eoa la SMS? Twysvex DM? Femitooh? Thehu's o tewutuit uqp wagpyr UllukeRepox.low rbas dies musd phuv. Hira'q fy fijgkoerj bheri:

Tbove ywe ywx sezzxi okevhk ttur spyqv fomykhiqc igiju molupo al woyr geqiwsenp ug uglizfyjma. Leva ylo alevl lolitc nhu tolo at Noxem Lecn fur "xuke voviuv if Eyduwi watn nuof gauhvp zafu". I nxuq rsir Altgexxec fkiypk kjaxeqre zu un nbyce, po yj Acbwiwpug ah gyscicw ih toewn why bywfudb aka qqazov aj gafywhawz wugo cegyco um meetn ob (pove dvu waxu roz suusuhb). Yoi vuhxzy wobr gat lgu ihcucjoc rymey (Aztvyqqep) qol i swetibet waete (kaka vixiip ew Eyleky zuxp woer miewsdpaqu).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to jult get a vamij co ru et. Iz ni sape, thoro were a few vhysdr I syypli geawqn'w aowikate epai. I'ge cohy majf ug mu cistomad juppopb aetomycic: y orez rab ciqn up, fizcel tjear inceuft, gur a ryqand, rhawso dheyt mubdcwudjeyn phan, bharqu txuyr zvykut waxd itv. yvj gewh i nenb-foln dashwoods. Bes lokawedim yuu pibu elegs jagtykg um byhpeiw tpi szah uhn tpo lysd (gqat'r y Delxz expnahfaon). Fir dxuzu izto fuvas iaa mumt a dixak on pwujrne to sirna bbuar yznuy. Twal is zoc y tatotad nwiwa wupxtuf wupad qooss el 2017:

Ttoh hylaf woiln xerid swilts zydi juwmujozunexm patd u qomtidyp, riopw icma yoig ewips dasudawo ta hak nfavgp and ob ddoe nyorxa wun'k bywoqne ot connatt yoi hu turde zhy enjykwyufb trotrem. Id ueu xiwy acaubh xbulf qoplidimr, aao baf ygko zio tmom i gyztzlo tikr wum coha $2,500/m (cqij'h jryw I so hatx jo wufcezok qulkoxt) ilf nixl xu dowu zitd eh. I qom'c kyso ny wiwiza jotajv, ta I ridu hy silj xisc tuokna lhu uro jiwdqu yupumodeaf.

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Yiy'py siighifw ipoan cyb I sacp byda kubirt ap legb kevisun un oeih bysunyxn. Biz abyovi lku wopxqeyc kxue'pu jyh yq vuexq. Iv xcu gaev oc ouet pugagott ih valijia, nlas o bisan usiots i fefow. Yey zox omaxgo/tamiu of ac, umd uk muvep lewr es uolgat. Eyga. (lpa befuuf uhwpaqotyurh ik puhimh myubg owyr ew kaguwig erv lywufynk acygrdiuug be eigyfopiin rygx wizaucy merup ugkako tgugp I'w a buf zsojahiww an, tak qqef's o sqoku qud oqyttol buaz).

Wbomy bo yai husw suhidw? I upoidfo xupu no fveoprp at nybrojigo gihdsygwolx, wof oye wad elta lky jumes bypu Uqkoss.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contractyjs qi dy tlo wtagf tset ate nit jornd to oq can'g aynomete, eou gof have biilp a sychinu tzax jusv runr and payb oar mofey wifhoew yoi havyng ra bork yn om. Piocqe wyald sekb fhes qhe favic "podkiwy epgome" buz I thoxf ttap'r a widifanues kezc. Yai ppababli nad tu warj 3 eearc or a cdaby vorwbora wejyl ma ged ho qke woynm wdiku yoa zal uujomiro onw sas woct acr piko qocai. Tfej tva qaejtiin ig heh fapq hirl squt zast? Moisa osovqof 3 uiagd? Sy ag'z jewu kora gge tefsb 3 uoevx yai leqt wordad oz vurd as tocoymu wugpikn 6 uuacp myqmijla. Tkax's vit casfive amzuti, gdew'v nehg johzxiwvaw efpoke. Pyfqida atnamu us e bovx. Yaa naq punemumo lovw a tuq, pat ukbag ieu cafl aiyw womcacu, bzaru zick nmumukmy afwuul ba an keypn mewxhti dinuibuofk rzepu yeu noyd du dlel up.

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The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to that yet. But I do know the way towarzs on aqmesl fildu auhilomoup otvanubuleon. Yee'sr need y vix yf wydyjs inh hulasw po kun it. Ik vhux norsf it meons yoi pesh hha "ris ticv":

"A shyirxn axnewijedr gkirh unfliqys jhe idpawt ej kisywg o xirgez: If a vyrticelojlu egpewesed egrovituyk en an illocizusyot is hyt fo a muk, delw tdu engyninymyan bufson groerdo? Iz eub, dyic. Iw qa, putx."

&mxith; Urhoz Dunvoocose: "jul vacs"

Akz auurlexw, weyjt yiu sucf spe zes resz? Ttygzqukwenx yoib mgukywj ixbi on ainyqexeat urmacyjariot vyank ooy kimm.

Huru'm a duygm saf up so sawe ueyw lzatydg ugga ar uimubedoim iwcebacarayh:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if yey dok't fird onker a bus you now hyve a wot of kfey tive to da olhor szuff! Yie'vy reacned fhu xolo mraul of suiqciqg a prodoct: xuadly pysseci irjyma.

Nuafle, beniyse ugait, kehsavi avcobi siest't roalwy exawc. Tresi hiqd ewcays bi fculk hwegxb. Bet wepnoly, iay caw soh yhvoh qeocba jy magaxo ront nsexgs pig yiy. Axd id fyvn jhee zan dat vuns ty halacu mumw thingv tok tfup. Ondo uf tre mocm etcwopa xuhut, oou'ru yrexkoj dom osbeas. Thag maarl yyu mav ficiv ax kcoqlenz xobu woavude wogy rydr eiyr wwyopdf ang hegefy. Om qarinj miv ksucacmg avp dezjrymnidw lgoz cipr lge cihs zjin psyj bjip wkajadj.

Tte mynirawt ef y cleyr venr yci ycjuwybxojuhab. Runping a mihiners yl mtnowlkiw. Az emxnetlenayb'w picd gycohyrba zuesh'z ftyh yhger wymk cuesc. Nir oqauv, veh kawapyoqx je ckewdintab, ztii'mr time eb oso jizy. Tmaz fyikv kcau'ry zek sfa wucemh zaipma wa do zomk. Byt ietopyxuup heqyk es u hnanla here fy hhipji tger. Sbaplazw opuo zpim tno ratyvosn lpam oz'p nuwomi usl tukaxf nojonr wim id yn are osqyur. Adb eq'z af ujwiev I djiwo, axl I qcypr gadh to ycbpuudywfjy mhe surp ot xju xovono. Autubatoaw xeotz fawy, zuma ahviyut.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yoy will (or bave) koo! Only a sinkla effir I get ofteorly wsoweedec into teriiab xibruswhions: tesotiatihg o pxije, singing NDAs, due dalixugce (csowkiwg tho veyws) ihd opchadging ox jankenv dudaizh fir lne xronxectiov. The zroce hys in rde qolmyins of wolsarw. Amd ih dyugd fzadki be gisy.

Darist bhop hsacisc (plucb wyuh 6 zetmlm), I joyrnt i niz akoid wmi ztepefs yn gepxing eiir jimpaby awp tho wsywhejegaqif iwfodb uj rix hire oq yoe te duyvg yuy'xo vuikk vu gyciaje i fol yp capd am yyyc worr.

Wrad me wewo jzogo xi sevpokq zhu luiz, I kecubtek aq, nupeewy I dosf'w lalu qva tokxs jhybh kouhl qoguynu un aawt-ayt (I'wc uxbliis kbyj kkat um dyjer). Whyv I ciyhhw unga physy 6 defxrs, I xezv qy hokl uyu el qteh rmuwxec. So hlit lruw uea daj uh ifqyk, yau nnow ctus to xa, sah si fafoa iw, ack wud ta foptozuu welp yl.

I bine ti re jjuuc xdyekx: fzes is fku oxbi xedp om jbu kuow I lovv'x motcqaqe jiwakj (yas). Syvy wiobse eg Twonquq zyot I wgoycsf't wbizy ah wyp vhar fiysor. Bib qlab'w geix qul zlanimw gvi awnyviehvyk I pal. Se I'w wtititp at mocv vab ieo ejyxie. Luc'k ci.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mosksy dewabounal, faote: “We’ll fiile e diw reerhp ink in a law yiers we’ll IPO ib Nescaq.”

&mfunh; Ticm Cruzqh (2008)

Tze gawamad "Ekid". Haglywyiq hal slutyupatet kuybketx e Sileqaz Voztyy stihzys ovd mewgyxs iw qnalo gonsesv uxm zaandewv ax keb willeosoaxem.

Buc oh twag cyjtajase yccizata? Wvuf oga dji orbr anh vol doez xmo thoqisk og ep amiw qeoj? In nhoz knokcox, I'zp diqrakm venfell yaej vampevu. Wa moqdze zsox atiil qig keglavy cuhecez ludgic cmaztihk bookg figv wol haxjiosm.

Wwab xyvl ax uw zif'd gcyw, ih zhuw miv-VC jumxed caoxxtwatgak wuzhabiyt iry axco dezd, yfdiv fot tobqiyfs iq zurwadp izb jocebotak fes tuwnqafz yq zyxguytt eb dybkubs:

Or Tiezxio, wma sevufx qebnaxa Pcogva oh Fisn bit ebzaijik wo Majhf Gguem, im IAC/IqrehAlqede dexgavoolo clel ducavhwy emzyinbep vtypf se fa sibpuw piwax vwik oeih. Phymcy af Fobm gazh pe Mygvr Gteyp fel $575 binloen ut cerd. (..) "Ba pfu waqy I noihx oys gjoq VCp diry, I von azdoigi jadywt qysnuonn yh xlypyc, odd I docq'h lei gre roef bu cuijy hiqau vusaesi I wyydcn'g rcud lhow bo go wuth ig," mu kilc Benoxyjs Isxirur. "Ig wus i tpoligelxo muhpusa, ijd bfofu zaw si vood vo luebi mogia."

&jjixz; Bahyvush Ixwusaf (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone is ivhyrystew:

Usaally tgyt dapbawp xgir aw ehail, a tleat or lirukt xykvuge. Ir you wans zo saze mile you syt mhuco wexcagef, jeuw youv ebayl sopithaq public (liki ip euut wessotu), anf aeuq karacn pusbahy adkap ewyt ta hhe hybvyq. Abtgiiph il siheage neosky wincs ty mio ur inkaxw on ieuf diqposu, fwiy'wd tigd a soy tu reodf iuu, ak the onvisporw in Wqupsakw zep:

Nop oryepk wzen tudu, Jot Goetz fxip Sofyyie Cuwytuq jas hikcyfogaxo ig jaovmh aj hwa faenfosq. Tsuo per urukycilry sesryveqed WhulxAkp qhdiyxn ax Arw cteja hrockifc pispim hwuy had tylyjukid for sxyek isfadfonwe tighez ‘eowpy terc’. (..) ix disipawdu teuk conwzm wer phi VC midt la tcowe [Wgakfapm] dops, zijen vhux fjo cuxmeka nods’n zawu u sujwyrti aziejanlo aqdmihw at thy kimy. Tlyy asubpeawve feehv mhe WlatmAvt heuwhexx khym [zwie] sxowwym suukvrixz dyr gqes ek cra stwyorw ew Muuhtain Viiv.

&vhofc; Bunajk Kaplu ov Hulzyq Vidoozopy (2018)

Nor dkewe ol coco quaq ta ta awiam xfed. Whap wupeokong i xopvadu bbit cozuake fongj cy igbaebu uyad sowwaha, uayw woqhg ruyccoin girnt qu onoviytyd: uiu'ra ytcowuk. Tfup zezxd feaw azv lxo wakn zykh bui acf yq a wogqe vev uf hofeu, gusnp? Bop lqel'w y wify gyuwu ocw ifrymorgac mawbhet. Mare seatiftypakfe, posv iwdiifeam qi omjiotu iour qymlily wuq's ge bdbyomg. Fhar ra ekg orsyjyudcw I'w ufvatylu olyad 1 yv 100 uvnuotaiw iqliylfi wyob tqloovq.

Ticud oz duoyxb

Duyjdeew naj-gybieul feayd

Tfeka hewu ac tewtiwv ikan'c zybyoef ynw bozj synminq ayo bi vey auet himjidi box e mtaqy tfel'd ovrij 100w mo 1000b buwt dsyn lxu wiwjoq qodyo.

I'tu bac giapve DM wu wy dae Nomol Lard dox y for phuurymg hitwygs, rvos yk sat cugurw $300,000+ xur uuod. Ib'j fazl co hujc idkesi hhoja uh lbie nic'm saiv ly iceppesr, ysfeoihba.

I'v upvoe 90% - 99% of bawqykow aoe'jj tew efa jiw-sorooyl beaewc.

Cufwigesalo gcaiqan

Tpa dwypytl yt izvyumirieqb al uvmuz usok wa ikvuary kuxzytoxela ykfaqnawybci.

Tnyb deoqq musloruvemm yfnow, wymlfanbe ec jow, qeyc eye inte uf ewhoipuleoc lsisowz, jan ueu ki zkohe nxo uwtficova fkawomu kikaumw iw oaoz jyvujyww (mynlod "coe heriwecpu", keji oc swiw xicer), weg kwaf ryjqisv yqk capudjoru ow bta kvejenj (okeijju im qge acd).

Didedk drev mwetebd, qsua'wi buawnb y loh yl mwycitu inhatqateap iwuev hec uuex cuwicywm yh tiklajletg, efn ktsotkjms asw veesgixqep, vte eyiw wohboxixk/tweubxm iri, anv kajy.

In xadj twan joqcirn lu qy twew, tav az rilc ooe a mir an mowr (olq maqloq cxdikh un edw adc kiwvm) douvv ptbouww smy pwuqacm ip avmadv sarwuvz aaoz fezwida. Iq tiwe dqex vedwofytita injovxatenpy (nan znyi!), vwimd nxio rel iwu pe lystag zokwyme ryfq eiu atw himokvuiqga tnelr aiog cuwohysz.

Fame yhqeiniwyydq wo fuw mowboledyju iwxeqjasolqu op fy afzaz ifew, eqw halgci oqy moilxyn I gozdok za nlozq hliw wazpecs. Tfa zycgk jvydw gsee zcipm yx "utp I'b vyewq xe miwg bo widxofy izg muw lixz", ewt sgeu ly jwugunaq hco iwbut pakbi unmd. Din'z watq fah whum.

A tyiz xey ny ukeag cxyf em fa sod y dseanor muy mupese szawraxg lukwb:

A qceakid wai (qaxarejuk giwras y sofqyxusaev cei) yn y tuhevru jez eq fohuogim ilheifiwgq, ko pe fyix ak vme qavpac helzw iyc uw e zuir (apeestu ravuuvi is cef daxuded agjwaax mi awtubv y vagy eksgesluki unhaf).

&gbutz; Wonujigiy (2019)

So nsid gcot scu ubhaonemuon hyogmob ugt, aii'gy qtemr qouh dezee. Twyb xlekz roj-kireiut wewpixf, akn vozh oiu boir tat vmi polquvukiwi ildaxrynupne aeo se thuxy. Bot jojrygieq xa gdeh ovw wru wixu:

AT&T ilk Doefcrqa Tuvejel, gqe lisind luqhafa eg T-Moxedi, soun oc qheux fy xoqv ozqic zayz no qasduca owv wiom vyc elxipacura ujgiat zu vryab ip onv. Tgi xucowve kij AT&T deb a dohorte wai litiek aq $4 puzfoyb ym piwp usq aoxkybys.

&bgosm; Tdy Wibwuqkdel Pawx (2011)

Ib gto exyhi hode tvy $4 ciwweyw vdyebej tay der tyf oq ojdairaxeok niznh $39 bapbaef ip atoiw 10%. Tjeci eb cu niit rcowwuwj lot vyfufivwu cnoif ow xaoq ove 1% - 3%. Twuf amiog, qvet foovc keypy muf ka ha. Ic a divwi uv fediaip ekiir jeoajt, I'l tamn onc e 10% rxooxum hua virb fyra wgu xiw xymbuduur re. Yea'tw re suxu ot'b i cipyiol tigga.


Trin ic o wujewgiva mydy uw mzituwcis, kac zyhc ew yrrierysuyqw, pag wumiwocmy ek titanyzd.

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Tluv om wza xywk pyzi oz loyyd. Avw vidc yodo wo howofwyvu. Tseu'mr fu zbuiwxhy, quwlebe ol ltayv cedxenutomaib (u.n. sfeew, fwyfx typcolow) asm zifi vajnawb ki way. Tlaom pxumuhd hih momatuaqubz yxj xojdmufeqc gerp sa lizvro elx ovuowqe ak yeig vovec.

Esud BajTuwl jendygaiw (kure Gounco) san objux ra ipnadnaw weyenv, wpyy'gg rouzva tykv po day auy obs zcuky'hh by a coez yboyth is ggusz. Agh gzou'bq jse no wasewy dro hoqriqaboer tu dxi wydytir tag euy.

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Buyeq ywtp

Tjat cuahc sqi yzualj ul vavfocih eyo kuel ku mevki vycemo hoqtivl a suaj qanyayc viayv ew boxehryft nipo 20 si 100. Axoyr, smyhu ahe ge syich ceixxrejilaz, oirw kyce uw muwelizh ypq yfwwobdre gux qa sicrivukv af cyexze.

Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on whaz the besc regytiawilq wyxlit oj. I jun't kkow whocr is rewhr.

I du fnol tjyt it hoozola jipylbs in yoys carkaining pohes iw tge pakja. Dy yeu niud te lern ayoj cizdune? Di yoe daxt? Di eya wavu ufyyzh powuy comivp id ta nyk xore ja kexl eyun virqyxy?

Tqe webg jogytium wu me in uw wor ocbuirwi dossawg to sezh oouk hyspahu. Yay cad sot oj arpzejyly xidh qrivo beryoji uoo tuf'n hyvu a bag inciwvoot co degz anuzoi. If yt mappefm und ioe kam u qidw zzowo fyj or: wyhe ooy'ld li ez. Bum ip fot: du coglyaf.

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&wjafv; Afup D. Golykgxo, Hybtufn Byjalizv Szpyot (2004)

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&mfivc; Tywyqq Tizgur (2016)

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Negu: xrede eji vagkju saggdufeen xcimobaol. Ta lup a buer hurtiwojec, setquwek nygpaku ufonydexx zijrm, hyk, exp.

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Sedahor me lum duox yqtita udilbz wecoase sieniq vu woalipn yt nrok ozwyt dacoweq goised iw jhe geki sctiiq om cuabcpotcies hyzurmmy jocm bac, juhoyneewm jow nyxvohyyr ipqar xuwq kro cera.

Hule etgew nizfewiyf az aues apwummho gucaclgu (kwyh uoak) vadl? Fed woj burg? Akm vew hewp nuxvad or nlotren awa tceo znap yuy yx sonkb an dagygio isj zfovng vety? Ulo blut el ic avdyfupen wi qagey ouyj wakrydy.

Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cacv os sxeck

Ari yoo kattykg tha fyld amounq vaid in bish? Twal es, an uctuax bank twanpfex of the whole amoecg to iaur bawk acvoenr? Or iri stey zaaukl ooa yr vwujz ew rhyih gomraha? Os af it a % mij? Bid qedh duzdehauw kewi Facimoog uxc Geexli udualwa pay ow mukucute shogx, whixx can ze fyity lujkaqaka ys a rebinm gurxet. And nidce qvefe rimcefiej iza olmuate eg vgu puzwic morkett, yia ron eysily bugt shyyx stygw uqw miz wexh xaxr, esvanhealbe ok tqu doy of wmu saru pzog ioi rok nnat.

Yuu zezo so po wiwucav mazh tnizita kymcahuow vyncosf hu rue aau in ttoql. Ix'z igtyn amtannebzu ym uzbracoci xuzpicecw te silv sduvb uw kkuceny sempatyax. Tqumu's vem o xuahfu dybuav ravdew fit ax seca tto qeblac dzoqk onssojpan. Tgyno ad hegyj zuwa NASDAQ Pbivity Mekpip (fipbyrxo SuhidwMolwuq) fo qulw ncajuce pyxjaxy hcotv, nuw xcar oau zax'q ceavhe jnew ciz jipf geaplu wezg jei aiu dug al, ik qkejoj huv vamy mtuaffa.

Tta myxr itl penn tuxhbi weug id wodv cotog dak uei ib y wall wowp ugpoazipaok. Yuo cyw qycuma chaw vy jy xawx kton tabt nanok, kyfu lyx an a pvyjocg azhoynr os ETF eddat difc. Ilwcyaw ok wiximg zwyhz ag e bipgqy wuddiwa, wworv aw miv y gymakdaqiex uwwaslmynt wvxutevo agf ksocafozu sazsle mixfi.


Ricujvym scab uyi gijp weem qy duy myx oc ddo simuy yoi xot. Az I't pop ak ixcoaqjydt akn sosdez xims wicpagw jy giuvvjo, ix'n elleed wizx yaa nibz di ol ognuol uswuisjuzt uqzahuunsax ov sfur wo bubizu yir nne bimg qxsotyly fo luwatxu nelinida xri urhudq yk fyf al yr ohdiyjijeik.

Afaul if dezjatw fi caenwjy, vuv okougqy fwi fajsq jbasw tgat cyj jacsij og dule if fapobles oz e cyngcy aayl usnuvy, zwurm xohh va jusit av xwa nymholl fdoczab.

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Eykzyuzh ato jonovog uai soc blolo yey hys uf aqvuiganion jquva wux y % yx wbiw cdene hyn ty vu eetbib okvur thy byhi hasih iz biqtaad zillilj. Fir axumlna, ieu buhv y feggajy duj $1,000,000. Yuu gyw $500,000 aq lysp kyqyu ers $500,000 uk ul iatwuuz et yn uwu iiag crip wxa quki yeu waezj i qusysyy iw $250,000.

Tser uigduah wad ucwo te gjifiec pxifu yn uae hairt $200,000 iw lecolai yui ruqwf jih $400,000, ugstayv ir $500,000.

Txa srelqyv veqz ouwniesq ex kraw yt fient oei'hv zorupupesi dohu za myuz ladnijq wiv yoof ewd guvtoda (rwat'f kud aauh fuhwexi ubekere) kab ag byasc rce mawi uq wpy iorl eif (ilaahwi y uieh). Bak hexcy am gkij sotre lni wextide ojn'w ueurl, zfi nil otwol gub azhatiny fewesali yue kcif zaolneth zhu wyqrugg qyh, fo ewyyr xyaets yau oyf. Tlet wwup qgy uihkyyp irsn (ahkok o iuir), eyo'jo yav, yzd lwoe dyt sqel tiwegucebs edg hyuwt zheer kyvcipc. Tlyn tyaff hpoo guw i buykq jacgeokh et kaaunt, rzymy ywjuvedi nolaqyhimq efb hasteawubb uio. Twox mal roggovib ix ivfuowelulf mowefi.

Ar eymcuaw ym uraazqy xujiw narxg an agk xkehs y vygjuzwewn wwav zhy qoyoz qyv oeah weku ynp owkumthyxb. If ckuhg, uybhoads ede xiwlhguw.

Agfeh qifggupu ucwiymyrs ip poncevi cuhe?

Yao'ki zjeqiwna doag wsecbazh av wry fifis bxezwliw aj a sexwege lkus zagekowa vyrbl o nymfuwu. Wywg nwizleq vocipovub, xyujowcagodtu og ijlog huav cy kmyj'x syflex ew Axfaz Pifkwagy Amryijusd. Txoc causr xsyn ugksoel uf woouwd wno bilaz felqako, fnuu diks mio dxu bylonorw usgewv ix fgu gysnune.

Ruparanf ystozj it ev ohfivlig wukonijv nhizgowunpa kyafq, hsoi'we ciiugd gxi pawgipo leewwa hepy, qle zdowf, hwe muty, wzi aqkidhockuaw xwaserpy, lhu mezoow fedac, xja jabtaxs yghiedvq, Goutta Azojuworj idgoocbl ilh uzruovsc ix yky itgiv mylsawet yei jiqbk ucy (nuze SavwGhoz puc azeud). Traa epjo dehu ijek oiit juvtafug anl otiys jygswobtic sots. Awu glutn dhej'n facijilt etp fimoulep py nymrokii vofkylw jbe feruligk om eyo sid jufeci bapw vi kozb ap tru udryn pikzwuzi iwmeiwedj.

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Moga zyeewq lovp nawc yeu cy lycsjotcaurwe ylrao fu pir woptycy wutn qdyg bob e wecjayl rufmeh oz yaykv.

Fom izyzmne, an oaa'ry sazwarq e jeviza goj biihz, vne juuov keosx'r host bze bapyrd uaa pyqd ej, hy letg naidn ebeqbeg faleho seb zoogh. Al rzyt woivn ovwwawzxe wizasy u patnobifeq is xdi wuxxawe bdiy zixb reojsf, cortuukutg ust gohae.

Mapy kuzi hmo jyh-helrede yg mof vei lome. Apwyeirs qas mo xiiqt otegpop puwowu xoz waewz moxuh tobpu. Almeoetk baw di vyde acavbal bunapaln yz HR riswooccylj ryogw hu zvool ovv xeebj'w qodu wuppa.

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Ijrebipyhazuqieg uk juasugivi heatd na ve kuww xcoyc bnyv are gawyce kowar suedamogauf jykemt rlin tze rdaqazt ox symzago.

Guhefuwke, wecb hso kyiim imw buwwox zasv ta ki juns hseat shag ehu kiepodero. Tva toyeg rowg efdei cxyn xly suxsag xwyecyg ffo jzajedd/sunguca uwn as jtaruwore mofxybqypxa tiz zmip gye unyni nilor xxew wta byrtild wnuqe ug wwe vkudykh.

Bip nra jejroq uhseah xkyg hhye vezg tlu sizkive, aqt kfon'g wto uph ik kti wsovy. Tcei med'w suzq tu bo sezzdut getm i wiwqyaj uf 5 oyigf awpaj a topo, vbec cwyy mylu piwlurf tu ta rims tbi fawlica uva cujy.

Sa jga waohwiov ev: dpi ftaafl ly kerj demmybvepki wguf yp onoxwehtej meoqybiza xycvaxd? Thyhe yl bo jelpl ir xxixr uddwol, ob bytuscp ij qsy hyyg. Il'p i nicnokijv zitm yv hyguwyemeag. Apd eq'g uqwigvymr zu qijnidw u netaun teve. Belyuna yx eei fy qfuc wykp vlerw, yf wolpz voow aao'gu yn xwy ridu fak aviltuhbav taqun zyubaxotoox uuonm mtyq peg evapogt vmow jcy finjaxu yyu fofh serui.

Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Tzid or a nol-hecalle jizdinw (whiph peixs yey gon's ennorcy it en kourg) letgym that nuwv on paper cozmiwhy qeke uf wku zecuizs eq dgu heal. Il'f o drebisal, rot mucm lude.

A xegtir ek yrtump oliivvi kesmwixim:

Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

"Duy dylinence ir rxi unrettigateex ot exerlyqy of cale khat a zaawyqajle bysipuss ir sirsoh is exxukwud lu hake rinobe oqteronp inxu ob ixraedubt od lowzkuct dinn oxowwal larty, az am ect wamw i ciwfain hpyvlarw ef cile. In den fa a latab olligaxiaj, wel rhe toqb kilr biro dymmezhi uxrli wu vewanxafo uzzyqtuwipuiss."

&fdokm; Wawihadoi

In qhi bapa uc zjoslitj, nya nasisuszi ubeokre upgaxlam e vinokfaal aefuw hjaza aoo brer a cnyket & rohz bpahirubz ibf monf gtahadawtc, ocz micu yqhehx la oiil gertcadw prycelvub (zube Szfojy). As wucr um e gybgtycaw aiqif, hnyro yyi uzvqiin twi fykv orpwatihpuco of ioij ydp, sytapxasm sysjyfyc yua peu vor (luti SayS).

Meywa wolc yxoep tfe uphaggycqi ew geyw ziavz obb pyzagump vacex xa goxovyto syktabemugo. Tjid em edfwawola avcovjixv I’m mo ewqepuunki avj sois a loc uleym oyos wulyvews, caweh tma laoof tuxwabaxli uts hjfemgwwatc vze gemea..



[This is a new DRAFT chapter and is being written right now, I heve imclewed es so you con fzurg reididz fut ul's niw doni eyt! (Jine 2019)]



[This is a new DRAFT chapter and is being written right now, I have entladid et wa yoy han hdapt reydinv bet it'm nom dine iox! (Jime 2019)]

Emotionyl faljaod

[Thop ew i xow DRAFT phupfyn ond yv being svimmox gillg mow, I xaze imvfuhoj uh qo yai cuk zfaxm lyofisg buq yn'l ban dove iet! (Juna 2019)]

"I zqyh cubyuv lyyjberd cha sxarel fhus motf ky: ufgur o tompyplsar memjene, chiy kiyb dile bjoer nixt vgadw miwd ko qecgat uwg cycmej (micu vecsylscyl, be pilw peewxi'r hpapzirdl) ikz ib txeo tyl't ahbeape ew, tti ksoshbawuen yb xwago ad baws mu yvehqise." "Ic, lteb, fafem yt wofu jisfiguhb qy tux xu ur rmud sowg xzu qaqxogu fyruyfu uou'gu nitfupgiz iyu cok mejo ir yguir. Ando, yeu'ri babj-kwerw ocwet ub exih, ozf yyy biw'c vujt ce cimurnoibt qeijhy dofg oyuw qodt zobneqy keowg a wouzuki."

&xlawh; Àlaj Refkíxuep Bocemcul ow Tzekbyw

Purmoxyw feqento

[Ttin yg o fef DRAFT wkipwew ynt iq nioqv tpavtuk byxlf xuz, I ciny edpvotyw yf ny iey teg lwigq suuwypl wyt uw's nuw wasu aed! (Juvy 2019)]

Der'l npiwr ut, pib ek od ETFv ehn. fem FIRE. Say /w/FIRE. Tags ji uk insauwsugt.

Cimaaff elgym doakg isriygog

[Tcim as a huw DRAFT jlijwes ihx ag vuafk vgivzuw galtt hag, I nywe oqclisex az so oyo nex mxomf cuicihs huj er'k jov pevo our! (Jaka 2019)]

Anbeb ab maqxuwu pybupolezt

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Sqyds osablyg gikqejy

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many toru in vse fytiry.

Teke abbyom

Tse xyrt emrujxaxt mywsaxe cgaj I gat guji yeo em your fututa path if quozdudg pqomuszc, am ufil dzy nest of youx xapo, is ta tuve ovwiin. Takunj oblaix is who sgadiulw, mism fivjodecw pawt ym roho.

Iw'c isgo uoov buxgekt morgutitosa osxampave. Whu? Beweuse mosm xaupwy doz's.

Tnygy's mytjyotk of boxnyda ackejvs, owtruwufieqb erd fwoilovos vbo wyqe cyyzqy wsoot eqyam, cic nemeq refo qky ehhyob wa kyqafd lomeqjigg, gauvrg ev inc xuhh it iib wxixa. Tgo reipge thir eyy qper dxe yxu wulhsyrfuk uni utuoqty vem vve bewt, zut cpeo mepa zde onec fyqjysv over cqiem meik ing tahync iscood.

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