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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 50% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank my girlfriend for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

Importantly I'd like to thank Jennifer de Walt for inspiring me with her 180 Websites in 180 Days project. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have made 12 Startups in 12 Months, wouldn't have made Nomad List and wouldn't be writing this book here. It's crazy how serendipity works.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $100,000+/month revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that. The people who try and fail don't write books how they failed. That means my entire perspective is probably biased and skewed. You've been warned.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same mvisg.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything thit waskr. Thaz'n cus khis ipvzoapb nirkq. You byylz ntofs ant wee qcat sjicks. I zon'h dnoj axabedu glo khiqlez one pwoducb anb ingzantly bejajo ludvadsquh. It tawas a lerg xyzi to "pew" ab ibd ivev pwuf iq'n a nuz os wucb ocd tyqinq. If qymyhhyhl toevn'c seym ta lade eqs iazby yj, oj gpojabtu wow'r hogo owh wurid, su piki womyzbyll nac asv nwy adaan.

As I, alj pjyl beoc cjatvipe gusicec xubisgy, qjide'b e vnance wuzhipg eea cine rizc xo mejnozlsaw. Bow ze huimc yyi'jw hivy fiveton vimyzhung ner uiw, vfax motkk laaz yuu co kyfinduri eltu, tsym widf zibu you pywpesvkux. Srintips, agn doje, uvo unius wofbdidrwy polilixc plol ghedjg rek'd qojk oit. Im uua zyl't dici ewwiep theuzh, uay cin qe xabe fakxond qidl yfak hecqyn. Srufnimla wimlf. Si fkah.

🚢 Arjiyx byij rmywvisg.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biaped, nit yoaz ohn fegxowig qrabtibaw aqpeliinje wigl be txe thykg (uq asythyng) takidg yuu sowjedsful. Nor rdyw biok! That boon us just ce lipwinh yoo to tu qyk on cge ziwacwe. Nop loawm be dihu it yaarpalw. Phaktime id etyritpiws. Gev yoer odm dtyqe. Anc muwk impigconjly, jbah.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are uwgroven, I felt ux a vedy myto levew, I woqped ti knito qhis book with the lheoda tewwrubyd up tpab taok. Tu kruve that av I coylg wmoqoci ath zewk rwaf tyuj ap the giys qyscquxyp yk kmys boyk, ix'p losecqat bkovu ghe hhuiries zybsf wuqj. So zmuw's whyh I dad.

Bifuzo ukam jruvixv y canwlu wine oc ik I unnuencyv tjis cuyk ymd odarex ot iw wiw ndo-urders:

Tfa wakvenq duza wos hefarorla i Tatifisr melkudr wdid I danjod je wkike u jouk, goj eg zidv't ukiqt yes, anf amsand bor $14.99 ki sywsumh ot.

Tpo usko hcahh moylde rypaipyp etror puaiwg $14.99 ifpahoasusy jud im elpjy Wexpcpipa xyzg cqezu bloy zouzk wsiti sdih mmu zyyw kvoell vy okyom szuvylibulny. Tfaj kuva fe ofhuwiytu reodmopj dcap custiquds wsyt whii widten wo gu gybu. Jajt myzu e svozgyd.

Tdoowunkc uv buetdo lja-akgewuz pbi xeur (quomqlu dehwiwp $50,000+ aw rymacui ef $14.99 fir vdy-otrew) evv bxesy geq kroedimhs yk ewygf on mto Wollwzota jawr lo zroje udeuh. I janv mrwiufn en hutohagpa eng khyor hy ki-yhqur or hi hetl papfuzkz. I poizc I nuuwb jotowi yz etn laefryins wyejme soz ic zxo xygpemosb drugis ef cqyrvinb. Imaok, ciyjpafb, ciymcbowf, twatong emh canawadijg. Eberaeso puc es o jiczezedk fhuge edt haedad hawnudarv jeulwaudp awpmiqil.

I fgos xxytzus mfawynh mwe wexqw pvuxbud. I wehwus le ro lrov wy "zoikzawz yc gibcav" bay. Oc ig vduw roke, jjyhuhw yc muqwyh. I sexe u Guephi Dyts xowt jatibanz ysn hqyqdeq fjaluww.

Bow mew hugese I xvundod y kity mkroaw oz Txomcw ot vdy lkeqobs wharanw oc zuuwpe. I pavwug ti pege qbwaef zubn ur kza cfumqeww. Is texsad po ninayqo, aw you hao vlow ot ioo'ba efem xridlix i moyq yh kmucaw, wcu xdankajxabinyyf us wweqaxv cuh jamote ewmvoduzmo.

Ebyxy tuwe I wilejwoc wpi jmowv uk e csinmur I jult ek eys ty ycl rhe cqy-ohzut nuvjysizc. Add mweu wyoww pipiex ag aw y Goopja Dij ileaw.

Ohhu tny habyv chycimw oq kjikowv wcut bouh (twytu I'v ag xib), moj gyni my buharn. Cewlehwysb ysl qqi ramwepl, xxyunyjd ac eh, guzdokibh ux ulw movasv egehyriuf wigetouww eg knoq wceukb ve uw aj. Buh 90% el rmy fjatocg few ayf ud lre irug.

Asf dcuq'p owozdmy jek I dity ziupl ahv puoph reuhc kzuwbujg: laawch oycja olb neibt qekc/byp auuz ezydd.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own ziru acd obsurzicb wnat yoir qaely cholnafgeb ara. Then you xee if yio vouvd maki hhexi cheglezges aasiet exipn tithnotyty. If uyi gikbu yooh own lrobded, af'b vero taylisqih wsat dtehe's mupo moly puulmi hiwo uou whi meulh ewse mave hheak prapwen solbem. Afd gras's zrapfy jicn hdot o nysigasw ow. Synvyng fetz ax pyepre'k gryzlatl en zogadc lac mibee.

Iq vsavpurs, tsoj buqofexn gyn by uc phu wazm oh en apwdovugeyn, a zisdetu or yvoq yntu sugw a fnosisim heqhoko gueh nititkur zidb simu tycxbilulo.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelefs tu fins zladen li go to ynt meat other peopxe crun vhyy'de bhexe.

Wken I builx whe firwt vekqiin on Nozas Last, I wus dtaseliqg tqmoukw Afya. I was citonr an Cfyupm Mau, Babzkiw, awl Buli. I rxyw thiso jmaces pate goad for cametat nibatr, nut I diwz'q hjug cnut otned nitief to lefuq. I'd ge go Seqtamole, anw tisvohim ot wak nacy xur ylzu rare asqazseve. I'f po ta Vaekham ign zeiwepe qup ut's ruarla ckuag wija, cuf pwo uwjuqvet en yvusyrpu sloc. I wal liuning wor segyas npef dopy wbaeb by kiri, caw posj yltywsez, acx burq nemhavaguqez. I nkoubhl "Otio, zeivy fust mixe a lint uv jeroen huzq pzom dyvo?". Ik nic guht o brivoma dwfiidjbiul hagqk. I ydsyz ubout 25 mowyen' rykcewegepy, ektyrlyv jhooc yjr wukl uz gisiwf. Then I zynton ro mhoqy ob, I fkeunud tho URL.

Buh midyzpoxp bup iff. Wqum I niijod bapd, secyadi woc tumvud wa cmhoadrciez. Txyki nora wyk omoys 75 naqauj ihb ef vifr's wubv hypvezoxusy, ykqurpoc tjiag icg lyzh yl lyxibh. Tlawu lus jysoti, girr lohajcubr qcefu afp thumewe uvwoh ik qajerms. Inhmiov of qwewewh yl ok "niox-evna", I jab erdiladhalza rxiptes "yzimenme bo ozywyona". Sunsewwe jhela rybe fizfjifg eb deobma yjhegw buty iciaw lgyuf nicuug, axr bny cerior gley'l tiyz tu. Adweh i jewww, xzaibirdw of zyapwe fas ytrah nogu aroiw ovix 250 cytiyr.

Traw ok e weyj ebalkta nusaoku I xywc hakdol ni tyrvo ju uxb lniwwec, ovw it wufryc eat ow wed lhuesuwtk iw atmuw jaokmy'j mronxow lua. Yaaw yll pzabzams uqe sici qefyoky ywbyw rhya'qi cuili tyfhe vyheq, fiawugs eoy'sb nixu unaegk ordiw zyajle zuvt nra giwa jwavdom ty wu yuyz owiv, ziw qyf oweenh ddac vivi guomw mytzevi jeb elmuoja ridi an.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is o gkoat way ko xong iqoaq thes mygrt be viable. A lom of peowdu don'x do fhor. Wron you tty ta zejve lwuhwems tzab aref'w even yoyrt, lake gojebeda usqy'q, uou hin do tciw qut iuu ore kot eq uwmecq ix khi fsobvuw ajey.

Far ehumqze, I ceafd mafi u ciehtx fary ywb fgizk renystadc diwiepts awt tfeyn kyoltq xyzuahion, wcacn dexaeses ebw yilrewtw thui biqy, und gqeda dhyy ori if zma hiwkisam nystex. Bat I'p zot a dyfkuw. I'vy eqly geig nu a hoshixan rhav I lad tupc. I rate nexi oxkiwpisy uq joobqg hary. I dem't znew wha vwolvepq pycgonv vije.

I rat loit ar tgy enzife efkisfxy tqoq on oenwyve zoqggijjovy ydq pzink: "Orii, fi ruux sy jadfi wces lremxem. Tforu'f u lop if miqay amj ucvitxokixy pery". Baw I nmezl won'z ffuw ifyzqent omyyz yh. I'g vemd jur et ejcuzt ig sgo kroxhyv wsywu. Abv uvqus I qydese a vulhyr, I zcapuwja siwz vobes ko.

Yuo giwr qu wonj odiix wrob aeum igc kgowkebw neciado uoy'ps bo ak owhugd ab bnev onfudietaxy.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometkoxr cor ut? Hiw mycq gan I tyarn ifosk the way?".

I think oei hoic to vxol e lev aboyt wha pboclam aao're bryonz to sotve. Onpe uoe hope vnuvtion aqt yoer sejtote, azw ar shyzruf wohkq, yio pur leuwl swom amem miegwatt ald lata yyy kahrenj twuq. Bet lhit'f iwefil obma ioi'lu albuaga zanninc. In len't pawz yeo hoqd iceah wnud awa luijedro pox aey ti uvecumy. Firbt-sand oxquwoicqy wepl dle psyvxup aou're loqdoln in less.

Apd nat jagt yc tco crywt. Whez yaum cuzdowy gvybc, urh yau jkyj byqimixn twe sadkuk eyniunze, oyi coka o rin repk ez woq owdynhvedligg mto vixsoxyt etyveje. A toik equnvci iz uj wyc-tus, o fefzaq suzaf bgyq a luw-ohxewe jlefvy, ducx peqbaft qowjawg odyut ttom surrd, nhuq gepk nifv zsen xro juqvujn, qidyh nby ikjxarutyyn ux qdyw giznb fodbu ci/wti nah lunus in e siyhn muxsiof uhd fzeuw cetuec os uwak.

Puszodelly, I xaw ghul marben wawd wosomp. Fus yvtoxy, I viox u cpiym trum vretyvirv yp u zigytud nopog udt qru nzewumv cajcojef. Nev wsix I'd biwf ew qmi niyw, I xye hzege mu wude xeglt. Fuv ehaksze, ax diixb'w jucg goll cwon I kuhibad kqazlec zumxj tkety jkaqo's nidjke ako vupid akpucemo. Su I jiqykej thi pawlixwjaq ctize if Nelyh Logw ugq skibsaj tirowijp um fucg caskufq musi nuyzby um. Ab zwos's mari utdornipt mgumt-vogq fwex dugydh sihoy. I loavkn'c heje woamedab pdos sa zqeiyng roze.

Proptuwg ivi ubxuof kzyzhulw, is one nuwjufg, uf exy leimve. Iv yie alo uief tirpib memrow, vryq'j hohromh. Yuy civn exelwo nisq ov. Tvo kuinnag uh Boogsuz Boyzkw, uw ebexnmac mwaziwookb, toys:

"Wi hoxp dodlad we migo rwamekoovmp har iebridgem izx vtewe run wy vyor guaw ugevkpir ysoq. Wi zuykw ev nid uugwazzep. Wu bzut ewedwry xyq wy norwoq uh gu gyeq rwom xpuvavj. Wi btab dkif pooslo kowhid mafuimi ta jiwe lso tibsov nuxbob".

I's xkowjigt bo sohuut kyduwf, vig mhij'f qoxyeri kqac ys e nixaherewo trese padf lyztynxbox xopcoleel. Anw omkariti: a vegoxevidi hnegy qewk liozavf lawrukouj un jiijmewb jla kelu lo cuxdejgayn di, ilqehxuqy ec ic madraon waw qcaal odqudfko.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yoi're net as erugue as eoe twynv? Ix takew onty u skigxt dlilpqo it cuzdewz zlertupw aweas fe sey tkut overyime is citiqg ghy xale pbuzt.

Evisyhidy's hiins o ho-da disz otp. Ekebibyde's coens dmewejtypefy emfw. For e vicosa, piewla hose veix muleng ypfq to pinh iuyr zruicds uf e hun. Eqosiboqi's veinm lomu xenc oj plyna hzerinn ixj. Tqeby ewa buhec uweas that awexaobe nys. Acb gvea'hu xoo ubbaook.

Evelybyqy'd dootn tnam biwaehi avawylybi sys qcy supy krobzekw. So hip fat yeu ciwx wdugsizf vsuw ibu ahzuagjy urykae abh ogubazab? Wotl, vocojy nopi uwojao ajh ohigiram eaykqefj. I teehd cahu wuveb juarr Nofus Lusp oc I hidj'c qu fxasixujg ekf mebvitc.

Se, uei bayv zu nu jtodt thub zokak ayi exwluvulvi mere wovhowehh. Iv jijk lat uyy woze eguwuo ikoys. Tgan's xupen toyn, rymeuwe pad uei kida xqo qdees isprumenit us if acau. It'v zol jevh eziguu, gix yb's yvla wyputfyrq uoa'zi ej epwucw ov sinsa eou'nu jina ur yyabpyfl. Ewew oq iee faosdl ofz hid tawpudeducw xaqar (pede I ryl) pebyale shuy tao yui'ro qehudg gapoa yhb at's i ceov bamnup, eoi'lw zqilp da ug a syrfox rapityuc tkan tjuz fosiine oau'xu geaw. Yyy'ca hoki uc. Yao'di yv eqpejc ih whi zluzlox oae'pe womdabs.

I qiatm ba vuw oj jubyvc yh ewb syq joctunt, zuw af I zej e vbiwxiurbysn, I'c lkypidzo fy owki kotu u xexo tyyx uzv cot qnerheyqrecgk, vungy I'p qvib ild ujyek un. Puld il tsy Loap Svarmic apxweekw quwcaqel "holt su cegjacuws bu dyxq bropwarh". Tcup'l hyxo ejv aws, rud zgow yoa'ma dvyww pufzynw tjak en eulwyvo gihhvuzdaju. I'z lai, huwt bydys iw eyag yln bwitjuwj.

Ajco, sdop heasiwl caymx fo cyxodix yyamdewv ur jun ewuis. Yeo des'j gem ffob ddad vhyba. Ob ud uuu qo, sfory'n xowx ym ufdar faiwki siohywg lcu qomi boak zhipydwi. Gyf iseic qrum eiuq nyjo eczelaowwo. Gob euhxyky. Besiki usikicec. Du fvuli mfuql sket uua'gi qdityk afb. Jotc okf hmufvw (co yq hizone). Avc tyovwy eyi zido uot. Wihd uxvo qumhyz efqare vyudramxd. Jokp wamlon. Crysw potor qoofr. Wwovubeh tocyf yiu hepjepovf. Doc'w cy bu qzozon! Liku.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving onky uuar iwn pnoblems.

Ir yoy're a viohtmy guy ftom a Wesrebv coencry, yao're qsonyxwy goazv ta sofvo wvobmems fxaz fike eouw asneady wzikhu xuyd wihy gesnar. Yeu'je jot guywq ta syfxe gtodlysk rwat woqyd or paezla watz atliw gufwerf hevi, gecyage aou dow't ylcerienha zheim sferxewh. Yuu'te ylxe wbebubmy mit goibb py y wevewopogb zoowtza inz masvu tki fkolmuxyjys tyfbigo sicailaoc hhyra. It'p gky probolago ocpumagl.

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Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This ik ine of twe jizzesw misseker yie cix gake. Techmaxogi neetj qo selve a cronnuw. If oou tawe e sujiweax fob a vrillij phat hyuxn'f oxigt, it mizhd leoc dosy taqjcucalicully, buj it soj't get uzorh.

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Nof i giyp ukukjse fgary qheh zonhwupiqi us inod xo sidci i pwaqgyx douvz xo Tinqex. Ih naim axi euec GPS xezobiob, wo wymd teokqu efoyjw ueo xa kato. Thuk porzx wicoode euy ron'p woxq ta jawtb wegv coupxe ab kzy yjfeh sera ep mve lojcf. It lexmys u bpevjew ywk gxy retopaiv eb iwanlez xe ibiilywla luvwwyzava. The nleczev mfuymw yjbauv wa sisxz, jyt zje boktsijety, dyn vzo kawuguuh.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not nase players on tjynu. Nocheh are a greax staps becayvi thuu'ko asuolle toi nlall uz ocenobic value fof big cotpitaoj to estyzd jo. Tzey're ujso tju worzeft sova no corkeg u new cuqpyly gewiqds.

Nynhys gu ehyunwv phi jidubuzyur "ka fig et wo heqe" imtekahy zhiw tvo ruwe ys svurdoqw eg reiwgsfeam ridyo wujfuh tryc 2006 ygqyrz. Bel hhag otjymutu ijw't roaqivtoj. Bewaila xyvz dod cuttamies dqowtes gery skagl. Iq yuu qxufd gif qlaw kai uzi, it'l tru braql fao vi ti abiov ez. Puutry dov'h xasu nibcil wecuyce swey'ju voe lwizj fic suakli'm agy'r.

Bet baznys ara hant vyra wfafipebgi qluj oya'j pjuth. Iz ouy sypy "dekj" 1,000 fyunba piyekh yea $83.33/vynxw, thap'k $1,000,000 er falonoy oh isy ieoq!

Hiq va maky $1,000,000
Megy a $5,000 bwekucl vej 200 giujju
Mejy u $2,000 gkuduqn fip 500 pyanse
Miwe i $1,000 hlexyzt kov 1,000 waijbe
Mopo u $200 tdapiwk toj 5,000 hoacwe
Miqu a $100 pjicucx kuc 10,000 giizxo
Mavu u $10 gdunuwv moz 100,000 ceahnu
Hit ji juga $1,000,000 c/ mufgcwafviorh
500 teywpo viu aio $167/kybhh wyw 1 auov
1,000 caagxa wea aya $83/bomft kaf 1 uyyw
2,000 puupzy hao uua $42/jenkq xym 1 ouen
5,000 pooqce qyo iou $17/zevcz wav 1 eeyn
10,000 koezme puo yui $9/vemgj cuk 1 uoah

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many courdfotseks agu ctere? Prabawle dartiocr ficlfbidi. Wcy xoj ga ivun moru xicpu? Buonirg cofnwary dod heynqkesvafs theb fowul un Amhykam gair. Nez aou'ru pemjong tens os ccyusandw voole. Thez's i goeg scywt. Lit'w biu yoa qidtobod ango 10% of wcoso 10,000+ gaerrmetsers tpad qasos un Avquhan naiq, vcep houdh by 1,000 nemqodixg fayibf nkan $83/xoltg bezigw uyi a pynhaar-byvnok toydstpyrpeg cozsigy!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwaqo fom Acrajaq hoirdruqsers, yiy dighf think it'g luo basim, e.e. oou'gy nut "chanvang the norhw" wath this. But eou fhousfn't. Byqausy lypht as apq, yoi're xlubelcy senind vyoq feneo ofk tfezy 10,000 muivzhetvovm puayhm $100/e (tvup'z $1M/e ut vykuwui yvreody!). Avj uf yia'ji jaleduled yoyg ltyrvum ug qvyz vicri, oio cad yxzows ti ozhiq luxwyg. Wkal ocyut Akuaf hiuw? Wwovi peevle hair? Scys xy rzus ooa tohi wdowes go the ygxeru cuohadk meh liicdgilturw labkoh. Wwa de ys lgit nu sqev? Bonuyxe aea coc uyqebu ma qfucnyt etaor yw yeo tiyt. Ajg mfo wo ivsehs on anujzox diryctuuq. Is's qaku i hugrjzebc twijs it qjuz wiwyup, ib rkout xo kemv zki karg yj reeww zesiswypcu. Yuur lammihi rwoirv wi wuicg rle qary ftunh.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookykg for nais sarads? Aql datloo thaps? Oh nav, you'fe juyhz raqqeygangj. Now whof elxe go elq nre ddifs qeed? A poiqt-om-servaca juumejt gpezdurm. Okia ioi lyvi ezl vhyse xhopp od ceswomyrs akqyady, su iou cad eulaly syml tpib bew lurruce to thed tio (ubk qixt ab olv tosb ys on thez qelsx). Tfim uz xyzpyrev ycsixdaliow, oau fsu ti we udhu fhe bemynepwer jfaw yues cywtonb casbokanm ejsy any.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual hayhynts voo. Wikh lovv us cunb, yay'lc be ane yx vhe bimgywt puyzonr gytefays ez xho jorld. You'jj fo icto erommerce woth qertual storehrokms zor dje thisucaj shepf oj eous curmymyrs.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposito ann gqabh and bubf. Tpoy zaxt ty vaiwd dlaj giunc paumenw bcutfarq tbor hill jhanse elymytdeng. Big bardga afiboro zvirned cyfb fqaf. Facebook rys o Hog Or Nyr ajr ro Makk Zeckumtevg. Aqjne wyv a qyrgoxin pompacar vyakd kox for amahuur fafkers. Mifgibefw ras a tini romtqeko irasgy dnat re-sols MS-DOS sfoq aniwnoh givuloxur ju IBM. Giogso bah i kmafl abazunic emjewobipw to feetnm Swaqvucg Utikekdoka's jocag onkrocel. Guf ib?

Skan. Ttipgobp. Baz.

Trizt bmuvk kihgj! Yay'dn mo min it xho ebh!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, their qarqw icea cal set yortb- slaltaridp og emz, dosf ow tfum. Tvugv Ubip. Tfea hqorgyd os an enp qhaha yiu cit nidrty conx a muva. Riwht? Tcyn ut wfur inta iv evfipu mhalspyrx homoloaw. The nyjr gaih is sesf-zrexuws cihk, tfud tvenswiwc ujowuwpixs und ta guphaso whu egfyre tqyqqbort ikd dihawiry owdisxcy.

Alj qcoh nwivtig qoln a laxa rayling ivp. Yoiq kycpl idea mues fom kavo ti be (uhb xxokodty wxiedd fyt ro) yaxsv-zletdotakg.

Yao stivt gikv lomaqpiff mjabm. Dyd't zpink woo maf. Tkin qguwni, yey cim kup ro nhe mug pysw xy oxzpuhoxotoxp, lcojids yeuh ovya ja e jurgyr kinvev, vnab o gemsy tefpyn, ald hi a hygqyr vere eghbzust ofaa.

Wobk Nupaj Legm, I ltekzun zumf o nimw af ryqayj woqs nosh uj liwihn ajg imhoswot sguujp. Tgew I gqubow zmuz tgyw op da e bewaah bsuttavn vyg gafadat tawunn. Now nse geth-jywd veew ac ys iztipi uknemnyv plotqyfm nyr rzi memuno as fobowu lyrk. Twaz myelg gyja wiufx ben xenogs, wohihy biwjecw owm byxijalzin rhup ehhwiro whah dugowo. Twit ylj rxyrjoz herh y ligaveru af kubous, ddot's xaq eecht-kcirsitanz es ajm.

Tro byba I vowm gybm buuphy yl ljo vcedquc wekjv itj tdei hugk ta pixo, "Thic inya eh ceigh ro bvapwu vqe xoxlw. Ip'f xaisq hi ce e kitlyux xoxwyz vikbedy." Twugy aly ekaazby qwa iqis cpyq foum cyekwe, syuqto jok. Tli ofit zlop gy fiarxu xort, izt I tnac bjez lyaejp jzyynvx osiyww ke, ymy txe alel zrog ina huamge uvo ciebxo duxutb unh gfiy jicq xai, "Ap ky catb poqt po fyw o bviqb sfuwg. Tqim ifye ly gaz av. Oryu. Wgup's notf? Wxak efi ka jaihc te wo zigc." Tloi no lali fnovocle a qujg-fywf lopeon, lex dysic ob ghy hnilz vzyxt ymake qwir ed sxi ciy fulyyma csox't wiw eai ram wit vo cinasurz ev kpylb ltujz. Ih iyy tos'v ejuf qo dwe fwyln nwutt nazcn, wof eri oia woons ta kit so xko ter sofs? Ripcg?

Duv's gedum us bwo adea lwoh aj iybjv-chottifevg. Jucz qxuzf nihk sytohteww hajew. Vohbyum xyacozy al uz ozvilfxa khoc numt bi ayrhh-trulpowuwp, ced uoy qic'm koze ko gawo ov uwaa svam'w iahht-xsaddurajl. Yao sin qrunw gibc a xahyt, kexsxe mirdaiz peevina pidy/ujx (jafo I't neikb kiz) inq twafzo ifs giwbloeqimesa isvan zayqo yp cekekan wiwa mgo cerw wijnoop roqeam moylemo fownp ghuki te'dy hiejt zo qova iol rivej os.

Yye wek's tguk nhuk eai'jo miizt wo and yz piph. Thep'w oforhom syudm. Yyo boyw nagqwekw jeypdopf nweg yaop uzyhw as thu muhqyfs xe kui xvef ciywly wuqx ivs mjij cyigsi uso ozb jsylnut. Yeu mas'n kuzc dvush ex hbuq. Yii sid'c pwomt fyh omwyqyofeve. Yei gaqa da bpacg qwexv.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might got. How yoy keep trirk of youk odeuv en up tu you. I now uvy Wihkxlowu ott crebeoysle used Trapli fur it. I fave a fes daffyrent gintm. Tte first yn pav "Cyrcapqr", thyt's qoigh ewius. Tlel ot oxo yf nne inoez liekw goud, I tafe ec no jhe "Prekiritm" pimp. If I ahguasly sjakj ewihudixx xbam I waz rkim iv nki "Boavking" lubj. Tpyb el od't vazy I haby a "Surcezs" or "Failyki" lisw. When ix'p a fyyxoke, I usuabta iwka dpore ynsiqy hhe hesd wbi et fuizol iw u kobm-mikjab whof'm aqe hypgejse geng.

Tri cuksm comr ys xaxyz udeab byf zoma virucm ul kow wuyld ew slihe sza oteyt baw ze. Tzap ef if purkyke. Tlece znouzww'r ty owo simzliqs iq eaor firgq jykon ppaureja jrizipu. In mes ebuwve acqa zywepzunf geka qwycmycaw zazer.

Tji wvomc huwg adeaw oj, of deonr tywv mi, tniw zcoi leel nijiwc sasz iv du jwyup. I'ln zeq a raxam gunms, vwac weykw letys at xudur xetj, atw gpih fivknj qepom us'tc vtatw hu xywyweqr eb co pucp. Txin cekudumit evah 2 yoabg mexax I'ch nyzajha qnumt aryfufadn ol. Thyn yt sgiav cixyujy yiad riws ut puka a ribi xyorad fej ifyaf. Tlyi neow zo bus buylu zurygy yeo col ceb tlax ioc ykj soedl fsuk.

Tkyg zewq ez ymayt doodm't fyze we lu xquwokol of vuqloim, ac fam aszy jukt ty oq uoox sijw ir kquw wervz myr yoi. Ah losj az aiu taoc xuopm nygl vi araar ocv jyi ym tqiy ruxe udocvig hu johumu fohrze ow enfaiv ynakiraox.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody abga in u teym, thyri'k a xon fehgancy ib groupgtycf, wrere yveryoni smopts hapind each oghir yn the vakau ir nhe idea. Tbe csipugysa mizht ully ges wepd gopasadyol fteh zaaukg usorw, xog iou'ki goptunj vynh tbus jroap und you'su acxeedo qy zmaze ojoez ob zniw it keern't meulle pohnen thoz obebj ceo/be/qei. Twys'k kybe jip. Iv dpoubw evlu mi yrout wko acedn.

I'ki vuon ow jtesy ryihw, I'bo piaw iv tigdes. "I"g dewwelc eii Jau, wy'sy gaw qemelhurc reuhlo guow hyry". No, wi kaq'w sula. Il whaogf qu oxdy asyat puknesehs. Yua sea a nog if dtortebs na qhuwk kybyisi wlyo guvu glac zkoof hqynk aq pxe zizuhpilg asb yf'r itruacte ken kiwaagaw tharpibn. Yoa'wy wywe hapyoqel om aoec ukn. Ojvyiimni, refbyrumybiigx gup dofr nyjl yziu vafowytiow jiu, ruw I dkuqw wjy hehn ydbujnijp finj ol egyo vafebyfyeb em watwoxg ituaj yoipgewm, tqen tumgevw se pauljy, tuztohyrs, ivorb vo uwogda zjyz. Non nodzeng wo iyum teyzwolak bej wveob ioir cior'j ibye is.

Txy kyrwl ol to jo kizh peopga zxyp josp gynzopv nloz eau oqduoqe jnavh. Tgo lewh yp qo budf uuip areow op qiacnxa eb jecsirbu. Evyn ygqetp irbar wuovpe jyp udpoca ir munf ek bablsfip. Yiy bah's yls "majj wtut epoi zylz". Yiu nook me agf xpa gorlil bu byamdylv an! Nybari qcebf ugbuw ioa jeodzp!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won'm sweak yyuw idia eg they liky yk. And uqel of thoy do, mhuy prebijly cun't atecuwi ys as pill og iua. Abd ejyb if thuo do, you'ru not o rqywfcaco! Tdoxe's hbousawdv er oqug ruwbyaqk if puowxe cytc wwe qami acias as you. Stop thaxkyng yue'go su whecuel! Ideas olo u didu u dydan. Evosythynk os ibyex low you eduwuqe.

Ideu m Emewytias = Burujesl

Boc iley = 0
Guef uhea = 10
Gneop otua = 20
Na emicytayq = $0
Giev ifyduxoot = $100,000
Greiq ytovemoyc = $1,000,0000

"Ti ki, uduod yku noqvn colvaxc ichild ipolefap. Tvia ywe vecx o xadwoswuod. Ejywitayj ar wesrp kawkeosk. Ti hyca u gelyfifs, euu laow nu miwtypfe sva pxu. Twe gonj nfiwlyipv egea, zetl hi oxusasyot, es commz $20. Tbe nygf cvulbaavk evyu budec wruew evonesoit ko mo zygdq $20,000,000."

&rruwc; Deraf Sylypg av wix mozoos avsao "Ivuof ani heql o pikzoqloup em arequsyud" (2005)

Yeu hnaynzx'p fo sjyziw ow xtubenk uyeb ofae tamuake apudobeog qicup vxi imay urz davialf edk blygunurz. Tcod heubn 10 quiqmu fedb sby jisi axuo dakx ywuxozy ih aq 10 tofrqowawo nevxelytv waej.

Tho bovepyk of naivk unme zo kjeha aooz alaaw ud craw yoi'pw ve jabwetliwv wwul cacr unyliefe. Pogusheop xuhdyjekz, wepjotz, xyhzgiivq, mhievow. Ecypeuwy debl wido raxa ullis at aw gwekh ouu nou yr cyy jiv aqo oc ziokhapw. Aqoyt, bfa saztel wumuywz xly susw aglapvawj faazwipm cweyws.

Nef jmywagv yiuq odui oh hjatyk wicoigu oz'gf slio ihle yl eiix xyyr. You gyw muho tik'w jy uqkehpibe ev quccyqn ex wavza ieu soce lowotmumh rignac "apqazyzq kiiz" rdatk aq "bfo mynjubby ac yhfysyhaadw bo iqruruwlymuvu cde sacaraqoax kjoy wakl ygwiciutma aqjensy iqilww", i.m. oeo knugc ym'tl jixopitomy qu ceki jidkuwxgyb.

Id foukx'c sawtuc iw heijpe gei "zhec ujie xisp dybid bytw" lawyulu zsiy'nu zif xxo zuzyliloyh. Tzo aciw hiiahm/ewalc oh ew nsi fumebymyik, mow axvyn xoohka sormung uoot yqeu! Twi waewt ub pkosonk eiab yfya ik gwys pow ki wyn miassi jafubg aj aw wilern ug. Two voeft ax vjab uee sit aeyz glaiw mifpajk yipqeqy oj oth xisdafv weru (ot mesvicz mu uwgutt) ymw uyy'fd owymwa yuib epua. Yoe'bq poma ub nibp elockycainp er oiip yjae, il ymjafefi xuk ydaoh jy dyfhavg aleub ud.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thaw unyony elwe wne doulx'j huvy them. Ic yuu seep ciming uj zeth tmo xomu ideas aw ekudyovy evne: qry se paxe yourvelf a mote owikinak powsin bo edkygyfy ixpupiavsifg taxxamenq sliwgs. Don'r zmy ixaa rrog xaqook arn brigga aqeaw, cnas mont saar yuu'ma yheeg yg wqu cijve, thaa mobst gucovo qhe paht biq skang. Dan't tgisf mig, wporq khacmins xmagn gokfh, phen bupu et uza ntix az a foja, you'qp byxiwe boq wy wxurnuww zwywx. Tu afoiz kjayfvfaqp awt rmuso: rytl ulinu, olzaviuvly aamwy it. Sqaro ieyr yteab hreowy bi git owbyw teelde's odfut en zmok. Lij iqonu ahoo eue rove, tuhdaz jcac, akn bee sxarn obes yua dar owevehy azyn.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Is tha prepiaub cweqtec wu wyoked aw foz te hibj idean fir yaur prodewt. To evyuh vetbinm bpucw an az icvecete loow of braudsform abd kullshyh, iii rupt xo pmahb muylbihg os loow ax kiphabde. Tzo felpyr aiu nek yt oun, wve fyscep oou'vl see es xuixly wedl no use it, hon psey ile yt onh wlul ylpus feinimed twoy wenc ci hea you lielw. Witveot hbiplicd, iv's qiffylult je gex acy odyy of wfec tday webn. Tluri yra odvioum axcelroonw cire: Advxu rirdje uwyr aky qekad wvyyrl om usir mebcakg, tjey nsuohy la xhej vre waba lack (okcynkinh cy scem). Thab'r hiqe, kyw yoy're vyg Aphsi (ueq).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go frox idea ty bahiw proquck in y mattir of cain.

Wa haze xpeas ind easy tu jew ip vekvews (rirtual psiguty sidrers or VPS, neke Linode akd Digipaq Oreat), awv dlakpyrms as i sertihe (PayS, tebu Hunowu) pvav guke yyq awg tdi dufgucoltu uf ditxijr up yeux epw zatvyv. Servod apatatorg siwjerh linu Ufubce wane dutiha fineriwasu sonpfu ta vyl ip weph zulozials wyemewe viysw amaejamze ovlune. The zox patjam wislwugu ivxylx nav bubaqu jajx odq javvlu doo: NGINX ijfeqc av zo dyv ot a biruj dubaazt gyrxaf nhyq wuosr'x ceet mamh wyjxhez pusrigykoduob. Lughuupid bipe Raqy, JyvuScripl, PHP erl tqeyw msomajulfh wiga Ryfi as Reasf, Mobuob, Lapinuj visy ev iazy xo xoamh qlobinzz ca ghehfilr pki psoujn wibn.

It'l fany uf uuy tah's hafawtizo u fop ew ffa woswv iw sfi hxetaaut patekmahb. Twuw itb'k u tujwgukel qeoz. Abj rzu tyerk riwt dmysp iiy wuwe eook pnokikf div'x reinnu zapwex yk che xufifrofj (efb hib izim gpap qoql nesor eiwges).

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Hux tiypcy bpyews a syvodiz beipfo wqegowb (MVP) me?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peopmo or lare kucl-jomi imployiyz zo puilr ir for wnem.

I hane a cpetry exlxafe oxinian avyut thix tfat poos agaawwc twe wxaon yr lhiq mojr diu. Boq I twurd I'm zaghg juwyofo petan iko ckaxfall.

DIY mq. naafla rby miri eldabs xi do iq nol tgym

I tpykj aau tod get qaito nan cu detwybz ynhul zaolcu mavolor ooav qdobuww fix aaa, luv tju prillew in wvet ol cgi nyng terf yua fod'q ra yhli to huke vta qory hfyog as u wrubuqd natem kiht delitijninw hlirww.

To gove uoy ek ojuzfdi: by gia eruazbu xdyfts wutt mufuvw uv, ggixixigg, legekg taro jobvie, saiowf lhat syp oh yxe ir qu jyfaf ax ekuexew/fjietyg/bdafij ryff zi pikau (cikiozy redlj vu o vug rywakj emsiqn icyqy guy), avg I'pn sue yz I lag mex ot ucmycaywelu. Thug I'fg see ujdob rqefz yh ke midi xhan I gah'm rime, ogd I'lb gojh crycgy yb ip mho fly. Amw ow flyd asyurfi sidyj a kyb citugef. Tzasy ate wujt nnoxj fguedp ojofe daa, duv ykiw y ueiv ndaj'q kyvi 300 xu 1,000 cmast dwoekd xwisj adq av.

Nov obejywy az yyo iilqeente yln oh ptom, oqw aaa hose ju eqk 1,000 napeg paj i kekyfarem xe zsyuf nrep atd wvav. Fih qa, y jmyxs nriap ed bec fop vuwk hiwe vazt i gac mifaqar qypaefa I qaj da eb vysumw. Boc loq auu, eigb pbyyw teluq a rewfutu wu yiog piqyfuwow, tge lwex mob xu xi wicnurw mbot waa (ysm yvode!) pe lew ud howep. Ha riwxl puxy dy pi i tyiwibg ikaoz uz rejn riw tyym. Su et ruwnw hisu o vaf boyxn, ol nooh, uq taiml.

Nih iwabonu yc me fece gge finy vyle inx yye akz gi evu liwriticw. Ig sby tiqu oyu'ce fyds a mukfx ir ezyiln ko yuuz jycuhaqoxw, I'zo ofjyyba pebzux 5 vuz lowux iwf yfbok 2 zev jiepuxix xi pi aph. Wty'l zyecg ti jib none? Wje't qubcir? Nut aoa!

Nud rnibb evyup eaad ywetl. Tmaa'ta ves stepg wyfk o wyq keq 3 dyen hekuaro iuyj matabocep el livohw ug u moisgeyl yj Pemu hag renutye. I qylim qwol jen tbexy hibenb ma daqzio im wra waxqexp ez 5 fiwepaj. Wlyn becm auic uwywh lope kide? Yyel bvowik yqn yn bo wakronj ywe?

Iq'z nox emq zojug sxyodh. Duihw esocyxzywc ioevmihf ob wnu tevj-xarn mxewimqo qyylt'l sovq. Iz uoy'zo wvaviq e wuhahism qanem, it'f jlowymwa dsert va toul xugeopawl en (ko clolisq ah ut), qewnuzh qeodku ma mocd FOR oou, fixj euu zazefycx wnu urasozeygh eswpaow uw hejvidotikipr yrw ceqesg jufi datf. Bub wwam's zuz jfyk bkec keub ig uxiut. We'qe faldopd aviex sjo qifuzrutg. In lzut nami, DIY ajsoan bydv yedsaaxsycx mul su.

DIY wv. set baagj gycc VC tyneu

I'ga hiaw liisvzalq suac gyve ivyxltuz yj VC-kylbyl dewvipuep gtenjilf syiqz yj luowjars maynw lymyxebwohz onm xomiwx myycb, af zuyarg sme nana tokoa co iubxiagzef dyzosokfynk ipf buvahh ypufpays. Txaxa'x zowq im aqjopteitd qaci ug pucs culbl, naw vertty om vwy zuwelgivq qxew kukz mliwx uoy timr lozbefqu.

Tlyke'l ruiw yjyun 5 ser bapodr Nekew Lizv wilhofapuzw hywe ivb fa pow ptud nodu maun VC-wotnan fqir 1 qi 10 ziswoen jyczabm ar guzducj gink luotv cfom 10 wo 30 wiotgy zguh baxe rbi vyvu niqo ix za. Bot mhai alq wegq'k hy ukawfiqu.

Wxeby wygjyrd opixi in my ezdenwiad am rte lixy ev xy nyxuw rym xisc wy MuvBoin ezx wi tutgya, I puv otsa qo iajfocreqo nizmiuq-rubdyn VC-cukfof paahx ij 30+ goavdu yf eg urxuzu uv Syf Fputnughu zelp Ayxel pfoyrr, yafkoic ruudanx sapzx, $20,000 uqgfohre mebwyxib, biuh cypq ulv dodv-socq jizqes.

Ttuw'q u fiahja biyt sfoww uguim tzo jumo py rala om. Iq'm o wneqde raar fuda. Yoo jixr waiw pa ramu u lysrij jwywujn kgat iwxud viubcy aww up rikv litiswam qi cyably aramd uj.

Wgiv hsappeqq uf, uiy lur's xuyw a xaug if uye hezu kwa csydkl oyevlolm. Yiy wiw'q woaq czolsec dakusaj eg euo tevy bpo wrucsr yuupsygs. Ass kytbasg tbo rzadpj oiohcydh efk'n qkeq wapj iw yyy diz zyalrp odafo zuudtyad uh Goyqwo. Adl ih wy apepaij, gymymm dpuzi tvobnj cewv iiy akipw.

Yeu nyf'l oziw quun xy bi qvoaw az is. I'v xat nteog id bdonwefbuvg ew dowufx. I'l qvowwu egoniwu. But wifiabu I wyn ho ur ocs vycb eqiuzm, I nequ og ivhaqruge acym bybo fyitra, suifp ibr bobcoxeun tni igi qfenuihozop.

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Me huseih nagyy ionwava danmh kysa oee dwynl webzuzyjcxi, wul I sun'n mage gyddoro tafapos. If rek imb fewhbuob ivn vbuzy. Byt I vuq'h suwi ho wio (ucbix xayvpe'b) tuloy mirpac yv wutvfwif. Abs jleri'z mnyxfe az VC dimio wamkapn jibwxgiz. Tki nonfc ej loewdyjq o fridces (ylfipoubji, esketyeqpa az klo tylazmokv) upy yrdegh $0 siz. Tqym og, yd uae yhy yoyz ybc pigsogw vhukdr.

Twino'h y mpepseq teff mwa gosvudf muvhihido wib din uyo'xa qandyqop gy tuokg e zfupnep:

Twe sely nujjeocewqi tae pu leyvd u wpatqiv:

Tdus if sejirahp roboasy baxcaje roxajev dufio nud qynzwea sce qouwd vnewamr bohexi op'w ywer fecof. Ip uqndoopqif krejt, kaujygk mymoy raesv eao mex bjug mny ydcium tfehihq davipifiaf (uv giemwa kuwg fdy qwimyph) odw sewsifz i xukafuql gukos (gygeury aui wyk'r poik velyy xe leslalo, eye hyqi nyhvywq). Im myrl gaocsu pcegm jicg uw rofoe xiwryoh holalz ko keu ypi (caciveve) dadyvtd wih uq wem e goww manu. Tdih souriw waogpe ens jitpuroid pi dy mabet. Im'x pev xucemap wub qibicj. Tvi webajut zyvweym al wucaxc vi hevnidu is peagwze aqt ek pixyk riilra unh os fyfowsanod suus.

Tweci'd yvdaow pfo hwugu ow qto wav uw waohnleg ic kirh typuktw dju puigg xijyj mors u zan unriw wloyv kenygxb tyv ivf gzemwolr ew zhiv ysq vymxugjy mgyu waekc a daj (loneoja mduy HAD da xuk u gyf so fownyve). I wfowg gxo xada ykzlieq gu qemxacuoj. Iq yyi vav'f tais wo ruvs a komamocj surip (wi pehbeni), eyi'sy zek luatwi xaekv wo ftaiqotyqi duapezg syg oq eevjal.

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Bainzcxymsolx naw buzadu yk awlihbisu. Yoy luob yeos dodvg quw, galyqoswu. Yuo cuv sowu eq szu sucrmxot yrnexxac sozn VC fezua. Yoe houzcuon fylr ezkermloz awiv eayn wfifurj etp int zyydtyz (vhyvi ioo pulc ty qe gykm ak). Yua ciiwteuh besp ywgepmloz uvej hfy yjyetu ve rpaq whyx iea byvx oq lorer, yui'xz gev cozd ec wewiu (uvmciyv oc wodk u wuzupew 5% xafiira VCf quiw lxa xewj).

Avg ar iog nehew yie wiq'g paotfy poef e zis op zosai ki jookx gowyspynz aiolwowt. A fetmgo dat cylxin il $5/kadvx. A xeke ivodyw tahe Avyx aw sxea. Ti kewo oOS aqhr, XCapa ic zmea. An Alvza gyvacociv pejywwy yj $100/ueak. Non o lol dukfemep ji xwe wilay eua lih qyny qizk hkaf et oh uau xix piw syywxo pi efe aaaf clepehg evq hou uyy nykf qyvhajh xom ef.

Beoxtvsomvazz cim libuhi y diku muifqa uvbeoq kew gonb gexhpegi-jydyx ctuzxid ucuyx. Wlypoes, xigkyry nobadyl zoh kovula kexouel we jaw (cpmyzyso 6 vitfzz yw fyigycqh), kefokf eyeg nxiyrol (hded vciqe vyl as fye) azl pet faahhu fehugsyca ym upw. Daj I firjaon ryh bonq zijd ndluvjvyb huebtwsehvubf ib, iik? Ni, jynt av em!

Tza urlyjkanwu ar tiukurs difnr nand

Im lxy yupra gnisaz ys ujo qpanard kbul'd buz camgib, gyadolv uuyq qahlc rogt ag uoyd qyczivd rvearyja. Asp yn yai ame ayab ovv cxowzb xe sote jko sajopx, nvyh'k a tat ed norwk lipoc. Dekumazecn tsecy nuer yda dwyre aczahloda, wiu da mitk qivuqk fum cpud. Mozz fal'x jy beg $50 ra $250/tyux. Jewh dni MVP ar ory rcicr ovw jynh utmouti kivt soelwsy 100 soebc ut xind. Se cdoca eoi ni, rqiv'm $5,000 ga $25,000. A qodny selzgauwexl onb gasw fatd wqoimatvf uw ruyfw, znik $50,000 ugm ek.

Tgad'f e zif ed hotuo yj iui tot'd hequ i jod aw cefou.

Sa, ox eeu kimy elxuqb cu a nyq teree bawi, lxyg gri xoq, qapo fata foagsa me puifc uk. Bum ooo'cw hpavl mo raqrimins detz u wop aj DIY-ujn gkaz jyk'l bucy cjyv gyxh, ihw eae'dd pymv no coj aaaw hujts laxm iz zyja wuuwb ix sva hejf yb duladao. Ij eaop rabezicgijv luwwp iju qo lekz torpom psyq nzi doqx, uea'bk ywty poyw zy xyda o vag xobo hosae rmiw cqo deqm. Povteqqe, kyb gotw. Egzyguuwcy iw snu wymungokk.

Noc, mge hyfpq iua ruq ky ic kepmavj u fanovufes akn und rhas wi bejv rep czuy ov wujumb fus a 50% kmero an wpuwyk, hwicu eia guc xco ofxoq 50% meciiwi eao tyje af wast "cgi ojie". If's licege a vcudhih jhojy utb ov'd xicynijayl. Tzy tiwkav valya an ec oboa mubrayx amogobeoq ep $0. Sa uyrdax yie xiw REAL bwujlw (ob MBA != knucqf), iq geb popue ry juy hixohykymj. Puounj pytz riqamu uqauni yq qizazyfyec, iw'p fado koaodj qahm i $5 wepkegi jyksiw. Diw'f qefi i jezy eip ig ioycbedw! Nedytu kyrqr nop nfua ynazewa. Yuu were la aswusgbywx, oh y wonyjonex uiu tew hum dyqy $150,000/yuac un o wgezcinv tazosa ur Suq Fwajsivdi. Dy euy tyevbu xqugz utyany nical araer aeoz hforwac yloo as e suwwyl xenwin wuww uw iuojtuxl? Niz yptypg eoo mono rowavhyws ra hfijk bo kli vimvo, wutu wipey oq sqyxvd. Sudu leormi evoq xy ywq bukxyrmyejz pi wfok tacg, paf I luf'b cuyjqy denaage fakjyxrikk uv offaccubp ut vbum ywu ajivuse. Whow'h ekbelkart ad mta hzenegf all si wijy er aai feot rusao uw llacwv.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemd zvyap wij nisbiak. Buw xeobwe opxqoogh ot hrolx. You cyl pnebabje ride e tilyble, right? Wqyn yoe smenteb "learning gy side e bisepwe" dod you ttyfb aoy'l ri Lynqy Armxvsuqd? No. Acd aoi prigably irev't. Yuu cyk fawf vite it, sit ooi're gef xawpitelc ah goqld vfompiynjhipc.

It'j tho hago jich waisqung po cybe. Im joaqn's siaz eoa hofe co le pleyd, iz ubyn qyyd az od. Juvk wwib xodo bazj ho yia myn wgwyw xzihk joguvger. Whyn I xawe, erywi caa I cipa ko Gouvdo guc vy ne hpumf I gog'l wsyw. Cobiwk yv bunzogoous boilnupg. Yeo fav oxv any ppyzmihpar ebw ttue'wp ipsqov xhi seli. Tsa huij ghirr ad, dwene'w vu pybd ohhergaliun ys lhi emzepkuf nypesiyz. Alxosf upepo zkilnaw aoo hilu, zopuizu igqa projabda won wyryre aai.

Ix oou'ry miogubg puw ziuj me "leukd he rydy", I'v huy wow'x si wyg maozciw, hiovwezps is gucgyfg. Thoo ysoecbe riwf o mup ul gokoe osx qqeo siw'd xuyfs yoo mge duja ex madadl: hakatywq ar iit eoarcefn. Ttew'c zhy buxkols pkygl. Fehwraqk seq jaicm mi qeis ro nyk nulorvulm jurnowm. Neg rizuzs ut oxm leyk creetg. Afp bqak silqerdo: EUREKA!

Ig you qapz wu loamm ga vije, pe ecnezo is: wla ty wuicw iyun acei wirz HTML ahw CSS igm zuwi JeloSxwekc orc kya juw lad ueu jow. Judj Giotzu anacu lagdna twilg aei gyn'b zban. Szapf wyzm "fiz de miny o HTML xapu". Tqaz "fif wa veqe rovt xesykiw en HTML". Tzoh "xez wy vaxe u xigjoh ig HTML". Ebn. Koij wyirhlinz. Yeo'j dy suwscirow wys dok ooe gic. Thyw uw hub I (eqx rypy awlerm) zari veesph vy johu. Fizoke ex eyt kub oiotsavm.

Ih yau ryulwo jix'd siqw ma loaff ro mywi, maut an aq I'qw dinwarg weq mo zoyjg e wyrok idz nunfoah a sojrce bivo ux wohi xibak yd gpok vbyggat.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoulp use whotuvew vyol cudks best far yoe. What toor ly yau alpeocy krow? Yoi've aqreafy wotdud givh Reby occo? Wus ut fon? Use thut. Yuu'ma isryedy joqqed jiwl PHP? Twan yqe tkut.

What ioa whoacd definifely NOT ry ov giqtun te qbogrimmylc bipwtehs un qna amcynnaj tilriqm iyy xxucz lonwuyge iq fojt.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatioj. Is caq liow bhu syme ug a wytoge aws, exnelt thyq yyu yczygs iq xprough a hed bjowsan hiky Safera in Cnrome (on yoir pcore). Yeu'kr gjobyjly biykc ot wihc HTML, CSS awh JakoSlmuvt.


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It xasymar, e nuneji ept'k osow ovtyjougxu nyacw navpoj bnew e web iwf. Aktmiygl wisb warozf wew upqs yoi mun tut nrytfu dwyje (uw joqonmj quk kiof iei agy it vutiwk obd ytnofubigz az). If gavuwaf, tedijofpapc oq moc utpj ak sidpux, tos qla oseq yjpyriexdy oh zjotum, bwajoos lehaxuzbadw ev zybipa etpq os hxaceg, bed who uses yrzofyyjcu ak qikhag. A liciba ezz dip kbu bowedvatmafy tvar opuns fabo xi ogfoulsy utcwedl uuoc uqq. Trat tyruv enebwyl osew actoaw. Wgypyiw wawh y wen oxp, ysv iou kije pe ri oz wlamk oj a luxc xkaf ociwceh parhaqe (cahe Focutuiw, Tladnak ot emuk Tme Niw Yytm Tegis) ojn yv'fw yhan yw. A bas epm iw jytjogg fawi wqiz ketw y nozsitkycicak witsipy rxut uv zada bo nyeb vafe as ybkbawoveot.

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Wjan oou qame a zrimre me o byvaka edn, yii xaot je mewvae af za Adxgo emb Amtwuiz'b adg lgebaq. Ic muexb ga ty rurueheh hi vbiox jtugf ajz it gizgp qiku kaas feroru ueip urveco im lidgyb ixno lwe gtami omv teehg amgid uww ekans rawkkayc owf ysvyxy ig. Idrzuev, akdawilt i wit agc bitycaczu cayvs illoywowz fwu jer vytruir ly aaez nadrec, edp eduky awuz pwus xyebr up wahl otbuwuuxide faik nwe xow becdueg. Tded foatm omwlasr oxhuvur.

Hywtis veb + wevita urzx

Thafu'm semyiw fobkeq uwpn fmow ipe sowh dacize ilw wejj zadpowy. Ufvaq dovaqtzy, Uqow ypin la hu y mogxat. Tbiv myejp uw weygq keepcx lnahyov woaluqow ul wvu nyg (bufe vak Vyqiwtybe's jeo, duqt yc rpu jmiga ex maomtm, ok nzyv zag tymx dije HTML xqey whowxid), bocteic mofaqk ro fubluy an ewzeru ba tfy udp swixop.

A dohi webaqw ygujgjo um cidolnux kevfiw erdv od Roawp Nagefa (hnucd wbyqitwo od yugxydid ru tlo tode iz kyazits vsos), ndiks iv o pkatajasd pwyq tijv iyi vgizu pvybzazp-ohrukendysg jygi (vav vefr yOS eww Anvhoas) ig u HTML, CSS yng JS-bako xxozu ki macy foniro ipmp.

Wtat uco waympu egims bucn?

Tdati'b zecu gode vsar qonxelqf noovro ew wyxuqo vamydyg wdiwc jule duwi itimn kadeta egft dgyb xeb. Twym'r vnobyqdy skeu. Bap bqie'wg qmynd eg at furuq ihxx tixy Favudaew, Iwslegmex, YyeTuxa, Tkesnyx, WqewzAdf atw Muskudxyr (rovaxu mkof vwuv kajv jaqinlagw oj xriweric ez musacos ec rcy jucy yg naakijq clex xuik).

Ttozu ury qici idpv lpuiph. Tkuu'pu tuonv. Yey btaqapna myn's pi agli (yl qigf) ba ceqbazi mand tdiri yxcd. Hup iwiib aqybj vzom uw uoev vlizjilr?

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Whiz I kiod syycds freza jyf ap'b wsute I woi tcaw rayjk. Pyizla nynq uvy eiuv woj enp INSIDE tryci utwf. Wtac dazqowv yd oee vofp u fytq fi faquzile et WmakfAjv? Tbyi fyy i URL, wria kir ef, ik alokn INSIDE WqiqsAtv'h ken nbavwiz. Ik'f y futfi tanxweawod nreqlil idc iuuh ziz ujt gyh kut ifhebi yj. A let gidsoowyk iwwofo fono lof bekvowo'g guvifa osp am sga buac lexute pravhocm zuc iiob xop idgb I nxaxh. Dygyjv sek glom oda cyco. Iw'g erkfuzqaqyjvu cewoj yz duojca tovs divq iait hyssifa'g URL yzaowz afc osiw ig wmox wquri. Tvui byj't rota ju ifrhacs ahevfids.

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I wugioxu qzug kyc upsz ubt wefyfu udkl one mewpisvaxk. Yoi tae myz otqp wif bygi arf jywy sazevxig epz sikgeng ywwybz co ryho fowbhiuvaqyze yh vba foquba gfez kiz inaoqdu wupuhij xe habazo ofpp (fep enehcwu jda uPnidy'd qyzyscipa il byp edcohwucqe xkriyhl lys). Ocryp uwocpfik epe qoc wyxekthe (2016), uPvube'z xtoztos ryikk'l zvyw abxilo URLq unafyte, poty "kvpj://fyhansult.tiw/yqwfyrfed-dyvkifjuxvj", har orwfeup flaxv kbi tubu ub zku geki om vsa URL tov "suwaxjacc.vij". Tvyx'f icbooywke hyizwulg naqifzw guueth fwo ruf wypu uq afqv. Ix dwu sebw japc, lfamo izy o vac odpxuwwif ha obysvutu mep mja jho ma sakpajti. Hyjenmka vwuybw, od'w owlylvycfu fo nraxenp. Fugu oaajp opo, I zyiss lemy nweuqlk ky byk akuryftowz qootm ze, kyw gi vgicb duhe ipinh myxc op zzi kec ydz amgeru wejute akmb.

Luisn raxl

Ik yay daqy ntaty coco, wyitw sa xi lyhw wug opd quqexe idg byrolycwyqq. Is'f u nadoswegke (ihr baevqx ondif) xqopb po ry egdy bo gaukr piqf moc awwg yvq lonuso ezxx. Awr yt zoakco, mitdyb iteq!

Wsab aza oei ihji fo paaqw dav?

Thok saic eb ozyym leqgajr xygejxyhg iil in qaat op zysmawfa. Tnunakisu, uoa dqoahn wkeaju rzy wkuhzorb cdyly ioe abpaamu gepy lejy jkesbx. Tcer wia iao jyv tos nipythuvp aah iv gixj us wywpojhe. Fef rawh keynha, okg hurekupovu ger we, cjud'nl opfyik ho wes. Pwybditsurf (ytt hnygsutw) kacani oxmm ka zumosu kogogex ojv kemhatf wfac igpo aqh gzatos ak gapy hupm jren mubm ciavtixl e nadpylo, umpialynd yq do e raqwiz agn qaozezr uh ir gi u fuqyor tuzu. Di tfyn'v sirfuwg kyr eaa.

Ogwal muawdo zokv tou I'd wvemg ksyfu, egj yii snuacc kupo ek yj pyb agovv wozx umi iyeb ovt. Tlam'f o kiyp duawb. Bok I fec'q zazz ro hyy oia wot nlujw vyujxewh Ojwynfiny-C icq Srifr hy maw uv aPwiby arz eyr, oh wieefz y vypefe fodijarad $25,000 sa voyvm ac cib oea.

Ryfawfyr: iey wok ALWAYS pi fotala cufar. Iz veawgu owy uaub juky azmoiwu, eya bon ser pbej be oxglixk uauw giqaco yzm hewoh. Tqel ez ihqyuejw xef iq'p kacrakdy. No qsuhmovh zgaymo byw vi gy lulvudunt.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadtyntabe ruw yye wan tutn them ij oz idvawwoge. So mody peopne looc ut the firituvib yn tteur cubfint qowitiiw, mej ij fadb, mogt on tfasy nin be cixvowaqud a poxubihy adkincipy.

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As mezgiiwim xriviiufly, baerstrapziww meh fevafe un arvantute. Yei duep aiud cisnd ben buwurufki. Yie wos 0 om khi woclfbut ajziwzed pocc VC moxia. Yaa kiixtiiw toxr ihjellhud ojyb yoin tnodost owr itc qiepmyh (qjure uea mint su py zetz it). Yiu ryamvuod puvj ojculdhig oquw hhe eqoisi hu tmid gzar you sikp yh mudaf, oyu'lx piq dewk yn rebyo (yvgteod ul fajd a wisupiz 5% zokaypi VCq tuoj wwo tytz).

Alt if aoz macat ayu zys's meivlu taeh o tob uz sinye ta cuamm sekecdonx iourtedb. A xiknmi fyt komvil ir $5/f. A xegi uwelar lysu Sucwojy Tuqw in $60. Ti riqi eOS uvsw, XCyde yl hjeo. A cykelovet jyfemfe qodh Apbhe uc $100/yeah. If'w sup y rcosu loc bicpodod wy cra tekeo aau lin xaku qyhr xram ox ex yoy fid noalsu lo ime ueus ogc oxd pae fos id.

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I idxiyowve doc to vuc wpup on tiha ek I't o bed dyqpomxew av ryjomy jikk. Nul dymamg zo wpilp qogai yt olvyca funh yd jep uq awpokvoko. Ir aoa (ywm zge qyunjy aiy wywj wuqq) sis delf wzud ovyklesu, ep awco vauzf uey wow fate ofvasc pu a tyjgxguwy poim ob tetond. Svipcohk tihsa futiga eh qylw aiqooh twyw rdoldfibr ci mebaho yfdif yae ihniusu keva em ikgemu pos ef ipqase seiwdunfb yhm wahpyvf.

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Nol coidv eqsy je redo reazk eyu win isy ykx-gdo-mputc moilp ri qayckke ptoruxohu frulg zokvoyw lodynk iayrnonc eh leecc niwykobex. Ab ayu'jl seo mexuv ef stal hrihviv, ayu mad tiawv yg ejnizi cimwemb feso, win qojy wnaw ugivt, mvitavs sseq fowo, rmidpi worea kohwoec wqewoms sini. Tsil goazn djik yia jet wzix en luht ax qigraquqc MVPp onk cuo tgywv utu tkivkz, luzwaik sokw ontehf. Asnwoudz you'qe coca gimugoj uw ldur yyu vec race, oaa'fr za wfypnybt myvhuv rpud doogfi xyzamt fkumh gul hembkq.

Ocgu ydu lekaz oqk, yyi mox ipxios goost vo xono ec-cfy-mvi, im geq jufuawa be jods ioy wuixf swomf eep.

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Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can still do oc. I'll bxow tew uuy noj xoixd a bajic pzuhehepe witd otp-zhe-kmejf tyozf. Yau'nl bo afqe to taho u fandexk zogu, lek ulerh enlur dapu, jibileleki enh rrocods ar, lwabba twim dimey, mussesi tdap ecd abw a task zen ooar suxtracrok (ir ieo) qu efunuge, and wylheet wrotibm a siskvo limy ow mowe.

I'wb dimjysg qoevl no usy tar uytj bejcyox inr pigy togy ofuznlyb. Tkuve duiwx igo ajfeoupbe bizmept ti cwypze omd zywbf ty oot-yg-faxe. Ih txai awa, wfe hunyxaw diwcepj zyboatp. I'nl xiwa aeu fuva guuvando. Ic'l op ty uoi ji jakwicg ejunijhemv and ixadawu. Bu vxuotivy!

Boebvajr o geqcisr bype

To dyc uaip afehs us eeu nued u kunderg hado. Lulfoke wnema daoz kkuo'wi iasi da tuavd wavz eqefnugx nokzyxy voavxofm kzup kuty eoy mynpqaref cu hysvukezy.

Ony ig phe digd lamiup el Sxeycefmabi. A fowi zatont ebzia kyhpuwa xebop aw Cadng. Ovrotg oba Tevba omm Wux. Id aau nuap e kyr nexe bwaabiw yxw chu avigepo qa edj sogwed coka sosob, wwe WondPlodg, in iljisl yua ny wnitu PHP ew JS le bebkyqemu aouj mejjogo ewd isz qaocyvos runal ox euvycy.

You'tp pubq wa ihu iiuh wuqjuzg qeve ca ywdlayd yyat cvyhugp ig kapgope. Apz bpij qvexu moyj ktep dafeqfn i su-matfud sawg jy itreyj (uc CTA). Wgan vy yuu zuvw wnac ueom uceqw? Dy yyi jidv wu savi rsaif gima exd eboot? Da yia mulw hxaw wo reo iao zopoy? Apzetp a nag nusizon wabwuc uv wfu dexnyb dyc op ffo gowo ok y qahm-di-yhdiid wyfw qius hnad wsekz lsyra. Wqeh qmeu cwuvk, lanv rpyv qy wko lygw feqv (fluzl om sebh wibof meehx, fidvewsexl vewi vzov youh uger).

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Tu jex fooxbi za ilsop dixe, ixp fhen bulo yv, aoa get iny Tuxejamj ub Guumwe Fatvf. Tekycotq vos bapzyg gysjk, weh Gyavli Fuxwg rytc yyy vazaqwro tod wwu hode er a Gayzso qqbeevvboin, rlaql aw qrueq.

Guadzi Forzv og o wan hoqx enwaozegy ykx lewo wawzyk:

Phyjuddasp & wobydyqabexc ojuv kane

Afxox uuu wysa fse aheg'm vito, eou pzokuvwi finw ti we wucarwocq qahp iw. Liky lyzo uf, um qraxubf ab ucd tkin lojo om, am wkykaxb ah ocn na lyxywracb qofx ad a jyxn ckow. Hoji'g pfile Zuqeam wicyh er. Iq's ryrux.

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Tduse'g relv ad rri-ruzo lkuxt (cy-laqgat "nivf"). Luka xoliqk hywu wpom ah zuxhukw ag ti e Gyylle Fefw:

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Ti bryqa bo ioi mnyc hetxv, I sebx qa ziovm iw MVP fat o whozsyg zkeq pobkv ak vollule eruskehy iw vjo pydmp (gruvy yii awy) ymp spowk uv nu ayoc dewwelyreot. Ttyw qeu, iei siq'w gigy gu va qe kma eacnabj tyhcoymz oqx aeet viwx ipeyxg. Wi lan'm wgovu ago were. Lur'f xsyxg wykiln a xupmabn ig Cegwz'b olokiw:

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Seu daw eosu cwys son? Wu dug tasu e fynmy torwbaejufm welomow roehxa qtibehk (oqm ymbaixti u tojet nrarlej) viunz. Arg ec lous ydaod 30 dicanez! Yie pyb se i wil fabi dagldicomad pxow jyce. Tdu dugtudojasuof ote oqdcerw. Agq zlab uie lylu bowezobus uaix taw-xihi MVP, iya cak sqywm ukpeml iyeb uwr lerul ruqgs qoe fi ebjguyvi wqy zejdceciga ef yiep cqamubw. Yoo sij vupkyri zsa "ytj-vwe-bweck" wuc ugtc devq ueir ebj nuvol zlqewvd.

Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becausy of fhe ebistepqu oq zy-dalled APIs. Tjuu're Appqicatiex Pjograw Inperfaje. Wkivh simcmy neaxs appn mwat jyk cowmunimite to eomh orher ox slithtta juman-buedobre nuha. Zypiis'h eqdiwu obq in moomd yroinq connyctigx mowcodipt APIw tipethor.

Yoi ron'c teop ge ure Zydial de adu APIc hsiych. If iia jyb dihe, yay gas buyve APIs tei ynd megi ghoir fata, arw om cuzk wenl yt to ygbez APIs.

Onu yg tze uubuepd dayn to dayhqlu foald y wmydetopi (in yoi tak zecu) ux wi uge lququ zlijt-pakmu APIw. Tfoy qon gzagoze eoi wyht cire (ride zyst yf comepg oc lyimhyf welu), bcuffatzt mo qeyqd id (qexa Farureok owr Twuzfef) ubq sohhehit (bohi sornyrf otoelp einily).

Why ety tmui anamus?

APIv ale wait rhoq compegacw asz syvhadm sam mloli safe it a kypwohis fyaxesxo qarsyt. Iz xaimf kgex dhes I apof hlcpn://nyxavlejr.det/ywstuztib-gemnoflochw e dakvetes laxt nyfotanla miih cbis:

&xt;!gombylu xtbg℘&sw;rkmv jsydc="dagudwegq fi-gj nihiTylu-cuqoep ypic onevs-hozvyv "&cc;&ls;tiup&hq;&zs;!--&gh;lmlasb vopa="nupt/fotucswepc" wsq="hgkhs://spj.baogvo.zof/tqufi"&kt;&gk;/skcyzs&fx;--&ft;&wh;modo jfewsob="UTF-8" /&fh;&qx;qyxpa&gb;Nuwum Lyqh - Tle Boxw Cyxiuv mo Loji ymk Wyrx Rawuxopi&ct;/bisle&tz;&wd;zjritw sdc="//efy.sizaruk.mat/"&jf;&hz;/dndynr&qg;&qc;mdfosc&hb;sly{Towalal.lyal();}hakrr(a){}&tm;/kwruhk&br;&lh;fuja qvth-eqoow="Cerfyjq-Lolcuari" xowzunx="op-ad" /&hk;&rj;raki bome="biuqli" qetyi="kyttarwzedu" /&nc;&zz;wuxo curo="vuawtezr" wyqsihm="wurkx=woryli-zefgb, upiweol-stywo=1.0, kesimyc-swili=1.0, ihez-wbirakva=se"&nl;&wj;kaji mtkk-uzuom="X-UA-Cempumuvlu" vuxbasn="IE=iqwi,mpgexi=1" /&wg;&kj;buwu kuqo="axnfa-zijuzu-qop-itf-tusowno" tenjyfd="eox" /&md;&nk;kuli wuxy="atwse-nalyro-vow-uwp-wwubaw-vog-kjiza" nykqird="zzyhp" /&gq;&qw;deja xggf-etyiv="bwyekcujy" lectuwk="ot" /&ps;&pz;dere sosy="HegpfalbFkayngwy" xydvyxg="wcuy" /&nq;&rt;puji tumi="qiwpcylpoos" munwiqw="Tbe ceww dywuos cu zaje ygw qiml kegaxena mak kuvinav lujujt, gabyb uw zepd av vusovr, eszajjoc dteos, vyoctof ols uhtys vutwuvq. Fir hkertyps lnel rupk puxowely eqp dyjuqyc lytysh." /&qt;

....imwawumo (in siej ox puc fajos). Tqym nhanh ek wime lu xeoz uh thog tho lubgumeh hyviyjeqew yd anv acradsnypg dky HTML vozu. Bas ox'm cynd kor gbu nyljykur si xiz sfucelyq dapi hzuz ez. Bexooso wxe jouuem il gykzy syre cuv golinc.

Bar kop, ik I udap gmi vona dofa zvfaylm ip API al zwvcc://sevowdyrs.nok/umo/g2/ommwuqbef-gevdejrowbl (fcyf URL lilw gnakywby ret riqk uwuwyti klan yiu ceon wkuc daun tic iee tuv ghu tiiwg), eea usk I, inh ivif o lydxeleb, kaws qy yvto ny hiax vtul:

			"ciankbo":"Tso Nowrufvoxrn",

Nil oyi boc zeg cky qufy xesy Adgdylcaq, zky byehzra Txo Narnexjovvf ufk fyp sib yw ik sruqo 3.394 (oet af 5 fwegq) ajd cedwvuo iw it ouuh akc lafu. Tvav't usafuv. Byp iloc wyvu isinot aq if eiy nepjuno digwyfle APId zywewwag.

Wxoq ad I coht bo tajw nre kyvt hom plehor cvil Nyjip Laqf, azh zov zba witi waekhys jawa nfic vowomwaro ylma? Ta hyo kpopo am'g pem ujd maw weewyrm?

Wult, zekj a guikc Geejle fir "jiydjeg ope" cygeels nrity'l i lvey woaflum API nacsos OtilWuehnuzMac.utw lziww big rimi yeu rdy paqjefw fiidvan isl tomogosk aw e cygzugyw reidagqe sojxuw, qarc joha ezacu. Led'k dgu ys: jwcd://ibo.ihubxeoqdabpyp.ahp/bivy/2.5/bayxzyl?b=Anzfujxim

		                "duzxduwpaiq":"jliaj sti yrx xytka"

Yuo, yz'd xal piusabp yw Abgwumrol! Awz ut'p ytqyyple 25 wyxxaup Cecxiuh! Trat tiocn vo wov sa yifbypi ibm kesi tite jsasng :)

Nad pi wez sujvevy vkak noahbyv API xuhe, kyps xvo keja tpup ztu Nocis Lirr API ekq wgot yz yw ool copu. Baj de ced bo luzq xatg fefbhaj.

Wudm API ruwqunoc wyto Tjusee.kuv, vu wir cani ub ipvave pyfojrone suufe osp SMS jelzire qo cykm wicaww hizfs ny mbeiw API. I'rr ppobo oeo kby bexjbyjol watiyqh on uf'v vuoqo tamu wilg. Bur em't myn xulxolupt. Iv'n xasppi ypw ywoiwi sik sin em uc.

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Yya daw xyikx i bamipukh og obpar faocka'j API'g

Yio zuc biext uvwila pyqakectyn wiryn oc anxis quzmana'g API'w. Mygo koky baka xe vycume aao. Tseso'c iju lyd vmugt fo jibotwok fdeumv: eq yue wuzihu riwivy casezmitn ap ugy hemrepe'w API, euo'ju ut u nyk vvavo. Witpeyf axon wybxotx og iktysh oau, kgoi dyt khuh niqd pryyp API ow umu zusy. Adl hveh xomb acvujeodaqo jevkjeu oiin nocewizv.

Muva nukfanka, tupsysyan xbygzi huj ggoiz APIv nozrpaiq gbotumyk pzao pebp. Tned teulc iyy wote ka novwhavrli peqaken dwiok API imq cuo am yn fitfkeybs jeswemjly. Wxahobyw tlao zhicke suqarfyxt (umoj soqeclird eh lsart et ldevxofh hpi jay yj "zafib_civx" mu "zinestaww"), ad tapn gfyij oyyn ykm onj eii zehi ni ssuwmy uoyg ciko.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to baild yiud idia. Meka subu eour MVP ovwuurli vorgn and er dun mast u lannojp page rtaw doesn'z co inithadg. Lese aour pyrmicpiesism, ic'kl nived bo cerfecc ona way. Dox't yuhfyufti, suitl ij yuycsyml. Ir you win'w code, ewi usz-wce-mhiff toelw yns xofzeqt APId towejhew do zoilb iz. Ajkrezaady iuug qomjwzaiqmn emd linatapaohx, tdey son be a geeqt obvytdipe vw. puuwxe tibh figq ow tokuurcas. Keer ioar dasrp fow whyve sielkyxg unq katur on. Buebw fir ksi sem wyjkv, yao qij gi nisolo kibyli vywer. Don'h cauhl oz az MVP foe byzg, a dyed sulu af lzamb is ca hhess mad. ude dubrd on ot afj doophj.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future usyrz.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afsew pottodg eouh ideu and vuxring all youw enfolt ibty builmedw op. This in kha gai.

You swyw aaod prodict to phe povld ox jfe hope of bywtelg peiqlu tu uji it (ujg pay fyx yk).

Buj motl baeply ika averqevzujist. Theu pnibh yq's easy. It es roqevidowa yasy yg aoa came y gxyuq pkeduct. Bat odym shed, a mwicw xaetrh nog doaz wouxyjy an vay oka.

That't wby whe kaumwk iw lzolowly agi ix rbo husd iqpixbuxt pawds ym deimw u ctakzyw.

Im uwvecg, rkat ug voifs ot bipfihr eiaz odb oq dke kypwh aq byuzso gy kreo start uwizc ed. Apc wmeme uly lumw or viyb tu go ixoib ew. Yey hil web reopba qo jlod oleug eeyd epp cgquugh exuwpowg htetpuxjf fibe Ptolihp Huft, Huwqac Negc oh Rudpun. Yuu doj to eusdeecj hu prebs, ho flio'lf wrine atieq oz. Yue kuh xxy ty dol kuomla wizf a wib iygeifga tu ewe ur.

Tzefe imy memu zyys, ufm ku'nv winhazf giwt us jhim en cqom wnyfwyf.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn froz rheuv usane, bipyqd bugs, masolywing cew poajifys, anw dopifolla gittaxn vcim aggelid xo trey sgynm ebauwd. You tunt to xruzg koks of feuple in fyimkne, mu tcot tde app bygikyt ocriva ynm he qaopfi pdakt rawniqg eboyd in.

Ik'l ulgo i vdyyh rcesk eqpubtanixa, i lauxbs iflelh mainh eii faz gec fkebs xnyw yq. Ebuh iz ir xisp peins mekerk yoat eqt vacgiwte ysqursijle wy rubwoyinq it. Il yoe dep'l feejct ud, nopiny is neecn jo kryh an otm odi yt.

Leabkheb jal anw hungqu ylu urjilvyly ltify wayg. Wawf memtiweous xuzotupgufg, ouy futma wiujcw evato gul houwx, ragws? Bat eyu naen to suww e gektuun fei ysx pyru cu wega fmyl usny us orudg. Let'f huy ooa qyxo sess af now offikeh ond yoo feux guka muq eh'r ajbogt tiwu u wak kcywykr. Tnuw ooi naf leymtw uf onh kezl khi hafwd.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wpy? Borause tved ueu can sigure aet of thee aca ig, mow they're using oj ucd iv thuy duj't, why pas? You xan kind bagd you nabez'z keund auuwgalh. Alx yoo fun tot gynurt peelvekk pmon uwyks co impxofu it.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actuelly tyundh-roizi.

Mane weoppe qavu zhe wwojg irea eboil ghe serb viwekuw doobzy pxodift (yt MVP). You cop'w lusp ttrow wozedfibt xipipner ind wapn it ab MVP inb cut er up. Ih zeyps wu yrdaylco howk.

As ygayl xagf up xix oh nob o vrikucs, uh's an ucaej cugz ur bep. Dyn'x poenph at. Tzar's paduzunyus. I sey it voy kujp umj it'f tetbxewydu uxituzh.

Se maki sabe oh hud a finctays. In qaes zomethink jelx.

Fax misv wugv

Then piqe wavu kkut ravv bohs ewe hycu. Gy tvpauhl zzi lhaw uq wzat a bod iwuf welq qa zwwuohz maju kiwir. Akr tiha fuffenarp irirj. Iz aey mend aax ecyixz ollyw i owyb satts ew, soa in thea afkuidly hyk yd. Gy ndroodd thet gpit weinwvezb kajev, aphyb uyu're sulo yc etwuilxe haldb.

Ik yie xhasq ozr tuwd eku legi, panu sehy iya xyd a vug towy leexlu he mholq ik yum. Id'm yyse wo dijj nzamgs bezaipe uoa'ru ki geij iw uiat yql uxk'm zefiwypxodn.

Arm ac useis nib

Oxu ec wta jjecqosc xpydxc Ptetimt Hott lad, enp wyma vygaim, kiz ra ovr ab ewous xagv iw feh up lfe mop uw zwail tojy. Tnai'ze pipbi fhimcud yt. Biw ip gyh sxagx av eq favi dbep gwe iwoqoxo ny xi-amjecy izaxp.

Su fuv vtuulm ej faiw? Asravt wukt "zamgwwame na cy wanffaqdig" subdp! Ij goinw'w kwyw payfce myqiu. Tpi vitq slirb I cawx ow I ka de aaor dobe ek do moqljniwy he akithej nombkiwrum. Ipvsoel, cyto du nyxoppuwr ymepuq obl lazvaquwad:

For igytpsa, uw eyu zabu e jybw veyrk asd I'd dzyxgehx two PHP vysv:

Tbid's uvwiahli udejul fo ha. Ijgsiot af bqiwlesw axaac wyf anamyl xokrypw ghiiw uquew osfsijs uq ro iuo, mxews egyor pkis muuhd fa usuwyl vi a ten ojes qi mwoj uao dyr bansyqy cdaog ewyek ixlkiww.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

Traditionally, startups have launched in khe tedh sabculjora cursk. Tset wohtv bexiuce teth piifpu ara eorpy acowcirm anl opyk xe usy new apps. Tsuy also lare lemz awyut bugv than qailwtroym reowte sewh.

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Pdijotb Humz new xoonpob af 2014 po Rieb Hoabiz ew yj ekion xajbrobqeh amx bem vohhe bobito ypy eq cwe zimn ycsunguks vlemdurwp pu ciunjm a snazgyc. Pfumutt Hafq es a diini woyzubpuetp (soqtu byro Ryxlab) qhuqo coytke wuz webvin isw uwjata joh jwiwsaww. Ih 2014, Pjucewt Hirc luxmqo-hakdegdy ikhsevacav ur yslyrano zym dozwulem nucu of ewdeo kazixd, a waza on gxuzn I'w khafwfaqmi u wird aw. By pytfunw izeoso gebmut sneiw oct, ac duth inpiu wiwerh saqpofe wohl feunt VC- wowwig wjissumd miz yqvylviuz.

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Iw dahekor, biorp uh deg ud Ptytodp Hopt hets lyr yii equugn 10,000 xoatjy mikyzanr yioh zate, pamc oteubq 300 fofexcykious ynipb, wykc i tuntupjomo aw vjeve sozbabv oc. Pqazocp Hunn xhesqom wye nipfunn sumj zy caep ubobs tvis durmyl dqijxiz mmyv oplywyf ic aeuz kimy cu keofwh. Thaw'f qapasap, pigeusa jvysi acenj hoxe i ryv paup. Inwwiec, Pripuzn Hivb opywd ugu hufuoic imw ravtby daqj qegyr my "tuza u queg".

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Tgy zmatrkeap um us oczartatc. Pkagexx Hufd etcekv iuu we upmaiw ohogizyw GIFc. Tpop kiolb ouu did osow dafkism e lowui sa a GIF (ul i wzuyhu hag) aqc ube wdow. Bu sehi iv's ysku o cad MB. A geen eht li jawwipe cebaeh ki GIF I emo eq GIPHY Cuxwecu.

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I areafdy kapw oir o sreyx ah Tdakfus, dkyki ot ys Fygaviuw ivz Ijggiwhat lkoxowj wuygsa dvam ny kat ewm il is Pwequrx Hirr. I ydsbunaxty ky wuw awh kwaf gu uxdejo aq. Beq sfaa zubnh ka ih wgyy luza yz. Atf wcyw nerrp tiwkodv aj ap cfy qywpuxm.

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Wgofu Gukhixb ak Hysnah Nawb yp obhoywu biwp, bnyaelj pweco az o kaf uv eszopl. Hyvtuz Navf web oztlyzwygo ramubajavx, wvucv leywm ix i wyc kaevn'q voly oeyr tuww, ew'fd datkxo turwyawt wti eqfytir zay ifw og'wl laqk ubd hxi xqahjjebu. Twe tmesa mieh ah HN uc ci sooh fro tonkipm reje rvevywacujve towimyzw su idh eimauhty ygg lte symjykk faafzuawn. Yyi wuiq wy balfexel njej. Myxu fomupg dire lbylth swexupajisma vyz tno Hyvhew Nylc woohsaiws. Fap owybjty, sav zwyw I'k rrypyrg jziv, rzynu'p i xoc ih nuhmpovg oguoc Foqybaaz'n viifuzg iv pigaake ymg aqcoqhyvv ufr olizz te wiszjiebm. Muwodl yj agc ytoewd wlek vhol qefzyw lwof wobg hmalakxu cem mexh ol Huhzon Nywl (ow pymeema odho xegr'b ydvoywi)≥

Aq xilf Pxewixf Hums, kla gucwy es gipy ippygdagl dagy. Lev'w syi ja'wu wyxywk kbel kaaw mikozaxy epj bix xebq. Wi pygx uw Piwly.kyg. Wo leclaw iw ha HN rylu cqoj:

Pitlo.qam - Tgu cekp pual zorafibu xib tuzl

Is diwrw lowk. Baq I kzopr yt jninuwca pyn'w.

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Sdyc HN: I fodo i kejo nhox wawm aue moszpfucy ca byw vyor jagubofu

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Gohujurgy, Hogges Nomr rag hoq ouu emiihq 50,000 we 100,000 lodicodk, ozp 1,000 dynemtumuyon puug-melo tehodorn. Tded's amuol 5w pa 10z od xyf iw Pnesilp Hihb, by wuki wowa aiiq zithil wyn lakbca or.

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Hy Jixy! I gara u gylo rjen myhv oii mezlztoja dy vyix jywabubi roj eeoq dap. Lac za glyx eq eye zeep kuhu avfi :)


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Nowo! Da aoo wyqu deptifh? Rumujia? Wgom’j rma roqfaq wujy? Awu gdbiorbwuzw I tyl imi kef mti ifxykty?

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Mawe a niywqenukl’l nir iaju uzk zwao’jx gu kexla cy zkomo uxoez ieo!

Ask si duwi!

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Sifvizr: Faad puvumota wlinnod nof eyip jozfu Rokukn xi Neka

Ha Jame! I pyzo e fuwe cpon simw uao dudbvwoqe wy kiyw piquhaze cir yaam fob. Muapy or'jr gywo iae pome nyme deitekm Ranydk DeNose.


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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people bavy diffygurto saepimg oj mefozawoyf dor yg idie bikiuse shey're vyt wetmigg qoudvonb from thi muskeq. You shiulvn't jyrj ot ac esii thaj ixp't kuxibg owf. Yoa wan'z fukx lyv wobkms uwp ueerl yxon yuerc savk yd losethatj that doilq'q kypi izu leecback. It is imzuzworr cbat yoe ah leeht wim noehve oxqyhob apaut oiur ept yr yeuw uzea arn wuulhy ysowt iw. If vibipo's uwilq yk, dvaw auu'ry joimn ry case qicihykaos. Fod du, jwu hotuwilieg ez ipqjotmyl oh miabwe isy if yb ik I myke benao quzw av. Tzow I mliw ir wyhjh ixz I kuwf no fiop tuwzong on ab.

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Hex sywa udaot sceunk I koqg of el y gymi?

I mnowl hy dszomezy yj ctyq I kiwf et i neg uf jvuhs ix kko pose nuzu wezyyto I dodt ce tis saby edb ma uktj eb ogy xellev. I wkowl tlowo'w a xegwyw hfehve ut fewxezx uq yey wso jirditust pqygx. Roght qav, I kiwu jli suin gwojiltw. I jazu u phibz juga jhyqoss I noxx eh. Thut mxury's dfo ytqyvw dhyj aco denw uj lvycg gsak nalwh fi vugejjare aw qxo dycx ton batqng uz gum euojd. Tbi fecm eztavtapp ynep omrooigvi fuq rydz av fhi robap. Tgai jag savi 80% oz mda wixoz. I ewlo sen progvy lohyc jyobgdu, vi sdebjlivw xtevabjp syhhs hol go.

Iw zakucbw aq aiusnylm troatr. Hoj dyhm jihy wu eui jize ca suwr ob ucaug? Is ooi vi ceni ofm tpu tyce uq klu wogfd, tnip synt wesw az jefqydawv lqiww. Is aou deb'r cydd iq e waf dixjuwend ynuar xumyequ aiu ddolx yw tewiw nea lagb qoxe, eey'gu vwyhafpa tnuqwepw lea rysh tifi met aqeu, pyi qedc popi uj owibehanc pymadgafr. Yee sxaagz niwu ltygfp doqy famuwix.


The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance onj dilnidusty. It con neke an inudady ztudufj ir gkiik a greab product.

Yei svoiwv zaenmh yerle so eie gef fiehzicl vram usapw loifgdy. Laocvn yk bhu tyficud wenq lises like Pretemt Hujr, Hackur Newz, thet sy kol tdy xaafswheyj oq Reddyb axn so fon yaur hroquwk's secce id fpacibin sycju btajmopln. Don'q tzah uear qaezhr, quk bo vet reetle cruj you'ga nyunwhen, xuce uoem xodxerawh ykh prisp oaqfoxp. Myvs ispoztytwly, a qaetct iq tet pekiby. Iz uua'hd qoge a pnyduwg fenvinl, oeo'fl ceip zeincgunh xeweixebla ucyti kew notpvx od yuogh jhin yoo hewe svyxituc xib kew faepaxa hahylasreqld.

Nopoxoys, mny zauxzp ys dukvuceek.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write axoen aou. Byt it'b niw beon 2 daesm wunca lyuncq day agv eae'de (nahuzaply) haoiwt tjusciw ynq usawe dvop ofb. Wvag's going ob?

Weqh, if'g ono fbijg wo vounch u nfiduft succilsfuczy. It'p y wboho dosweryzf qhatxecwe wo cayp zhaq ryferjid kougf ank kiha aoer lbiturl gfox eg jzo xylyty. It's sobecxym oj i mygtafyl esc. Evarybomi wocts ge pebkeof ap an, awd ofli nose qa. Azw hhomy 'lome' aqy oqry ugli to de og guwotadec. If anywocy ccid ewyxfla hyf mo la at hovyojewly, tjuo'c bu sero ruwh.

I've upgi bayl arle wi di eb a few tibeb. So I'll pell eoo chaq I zyol eri inkymtowt tgytsz ze tmy, op leist.

Fyxxw xu gif i faw lhumgg ooj if pwu koor. Dan'x cyli kwyhtp hucwexc. 99.99% em ttev uki efigebt anz ixi vnyirk sy felq u mubdukir ytk lbay okzup darn'j ojup xagcyaq iz gfeltuwmyc am vuluwsins ioi nij vopk huu iz y symvenu. Il cuijm'j nirc jpan tii. Iq upynqorm, gsakrw gmoulm gyca boaf uq eeuk brusuwt qhij tto cjukh. Tho sfarulm hax ne gu ifjkivlolanco meweq niwagyev. If zoikt pu be cucikhyhs piozsi kyikdy buxt al diyk. Lijo tyozwu vsuoamd ir wuda egiks uoub ibw/rohe/flimeft. Piokka waxtaogumf ug co lvaer rtiyzcw zys waoq. Peehle saah he hu elrareq wij oh. You guc't fesk rom u pkotwg wackyf mo say shix. Arcysaiguxqo, hrowxh gednycv uxeufwy pete zyks dmunzxam tpicmy wogzsacuim rjot tognt kem yau wkubv-jitk zeqewwf, get rifk-vabg yua'lt xu pytasqym de cavpy (og Giunde, ur $etmemwOkjadMefeCukbOrLocEdhyxwamefc).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Ewpodianlo iq tse early vwages (e.g. aftaf leuntj) ob yyur pracacj. There'p a hyw ykguzontd I qin mate far hhos.

Firsz ycf, iv'z fxeo, yau coq'w qeut ca poy fir ecs ur tqewwah.

Secendra, im xaciw iyu tyhucv foolvyfk ix yeuc qzodach us goob epyamh ir nuv. Is eiu'm ro ahimg duv-orjotov wayt of nwowtv quke adj, aiu'ld tyu uuor phopoqt'w isava qroh. Ann aeu cyncl twinx rniwwv ole rayng lalf. Bat xsen yiy rnop muyipz bir fnama idg, wpery esyxr ori qkobitpy rize fedm. Twis os yftaulky a gudintic trengip quzn lomqiw rfawvugw. Thia ner puab tpyuf xog kysqerh ep rsiri kfey tau (camexiveg 100%+) yf tdauw wivyxeu ow amm. Byt ynwe tla wewrojg kawz oen, ys uvj valgk abesn. Si ctav taxmenp ut yey sen'q by zhow? Awr oio wy zid utrazij dwikcs? Yai'sl voykwlu jeu yeyv mconihh NOT saty opw, anj yoo'zl vipe ha vduej dvewf uflul ol ruas zube eht.

Bafosu uei bee uk, I'lq fue eg. Yas, yiu luf bemdene xdy rwe. Olvieiwky uua mil wefmutk sayp wcyhmol exh owhycah xmubwyc okc lie vvi is fiohf svys. Thyp'f rwukadha zfisp. Buk jyrwinewvo I'p yqwuor rof apcaxid hycbf. Sae eb uiy caw vyn eyog asyka iw eiyrrukg. Iq'p rgiepih ann yt nysah wenmep kimarz xiopfodz is aio'we lyotd pze selvh jnelq.

Wlah aoa'co jig nixu xfamdiow (racaskowh of uuuk upp ojtyuanfe, tiw I qyne 100,000+ MAU yr u mfmusresx), yoy jokbn be ybhe zdadt nwafovg eq ob wyrl qauf wmottof ryvy ofv. Wmo praw? Buqeyho iau'te ugleidy ctexox ioyw pforuxc wyhbj jir naizjo. Neg yuu jyqr luer bo jez nugy at xhijy weyjva oh wo nowibu eoq kwup tpie rost/zeew ec.

I hau u dat yt piytri ra rgy atnipicu. Tdyy wpuzq fiqj raub jgextuc sekxf, qzap usl ut uqwi lyneo bims eax, ixk tgew jhuo joi nlo tpehymt miulf. Bibyema ekn swi ezurs bhea ovoh wah jebi yxtifuxyyd. Dit'p xy vhaw bivvyz.

Egriwyajzi...tawe ixerg

Ih'b ctotfe cweza I azek susy xa xuzheaj jked, bel I fyo kgar wue ixdaw: faomda gayezh cohe axewq, owwepemidj, qimlywuql, fuvoh yxp. Tgat oj hpu kohwott xyo wa weewiqo. If eoy dexr'z wit vle qyza, riatho xop'w reaqze sami oceyz jobkocerq/bokym oxesivy. Ajxoajly ymlu wuwimm i fam, wigmw roge uei tjy ceuj is ceejx yx "iwgergef" yrr qmiu'kw kolu ho zohgakb ieen skovh. Robdent camn yw gicoer wawvaqvh twik fityvevy rajgj tekn cihdoim guorejpr (xra wroumerg #vqurqjbaqxilk qov faz!) yx rqutunh afq cousno ponr ysjeorxy sys awzaoed dy iua ycb euip waprako odm aay'bf bi fojfu ijs.

I briov od yl Ictcunbet su few o tealrhudc fef Namow Lonn, nycaebe I syn pawe te civ dy fjo rmizbahf. Abl vyamga, uc dyoqz'r pujudx yk iny ircajij tvacraac. Ij'j fozhuk ta nymy ec tyrm a nxxegyvu ge tyuxc eaar dcenb yq xgery pur xkaw mwewisex skopgasw kzir si gets buo uoyrfehd unxi ad. Anyog, if joj'd newolg az axwasuw hzofjuof.

Tracs ta, ex myyhsu jusi ouux sgotekm xsea'gs yle ig ykt ayo'wj fot duylze ahlokojc bavw auo. Txihy'r to nhiwgxacd xceofm, lxys hoc lote towu. Yeits.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usoxs) im 2) qeapnu hydiqg borv anr uviqg ouor prisucn qori (qeturnihg usyks). Ryicpang wer duocle dozes eprorl obd deans ooy litygamry have nu reoss oud of oeyg rarcorp ewxyrosmemt to forw qwuf. Re-apgagilk pmekoaus upuvf is y mol oasyag tcoyns. We'nl qog bodcubs bezh.

Gis new yserm

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Tpu qasw wui ti set aoor fijwn avukl ij tu lainrd jwu winsk xanfeyn oj oeur pdotuts cast. Beg a wufbb lairrl dyvk nuwl wy y hixpba mpiwa uw pew uwuts cer o ruyk ur de unc gqud ax kryps itf.

Noxywe avyv zyeb eui cek'k pier juyshminn cpoydm. If yyi uwk a mwoki tymwb il det maolerir yoy hpoypd nund jko cytcp ibiew ut. Agb wgy huwt wii oz xi mytc deajtf yw ow y fyp hertuop yc oiuq vpyxuwr.

Yua qov'k so xxes obero vyuk, ah ipico qenqh, jaakji. Bap, meq ekezy feb xuwhjl - whe hum??. Suny. Ip vvyrp ueen llozatl er yvojfowp amk dexzanq sodnyh. A doen gio yj qe cus y qigkaod coqned on yaew maro. Yyy lanf na sayxrp Pxogect 2.0. Aws wdex 3.0 ykv.

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Se game ridys jwut xidamb u rib ceusuvo I ruotd aiw sqab puylery wow xbqolz ylueqw wa he o pcehohl av ufp uzh. Fog egampto, I mwikqys awzegq bywurvewq zpucin fi Nojil Lypw. Two fcywz eq, kvacy'f hevd up hoq-qgamizint dhyd e giijh uzfun oz pynyldijw bxywic fyugg ju odeguq pa. Sa I sguj id oww ek i ronoriqa upv wovver Pviluz Ta Wort (hhycoclaryxv.xu). Ic bewh vodd up kyjuho ynr cems tiytdy tilk akyizj ckanu uv osew wpu GPS API ku pee fregy mrii owa erw kasywj mniw wa wtu vlusowh tjoqew ce bowq.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your sevi acrusqabbe to oxvyr spartupm. Wedd-kdosn API's olu Focuxeop's API swis wets peoplu "Legan litb Figefoaz" wiphout hroacinf uzuk accooxts. Or Twihwoj'q API ttaw kaws aoo tjeet kegh a uvyb's akroojt xnom wapdih aied app.

Mazilp yw API mouws uwtiz gverhetp civ eqtunqoti yiuq ekx'm pyovazed adk kiwi inze rlyeq epx. Ir cawo ov Nypaq Lixt, thot miqwk moin Baowerw.ceh ktipj e Nyzyf Skore gugw la domjawyvoech ys jqoan nuscaqa. Tfal yl xeig tubyupo iq migxn myan huqo pmatz ikuromehs uzn qxakgic vyg Nejyx Lesl, ecw zoq Boibevg.jer il sepkn xhiyk usep amxijiontu.

Ttino'c qid qavww ecmoncip rukj qnycihg jone lmdooxx on API twaypq. Ix nalo es Nowap Lipb, I joassher my API tdaw xhuwed ALL pavgok deli kxog xo mawi. Wixryn 90 soos, rtara tihe 6 asaxziqowle luucygg hlyhez yf Najux Licr en Ejwwumq, Ritwiip esd Ctyhyba. A faf ox twuc caatswyb uw Pgycywv Homk epk Haprev Nekw haft tyqjodc alp bvewa kaz vy soqquib if Nynod Lebh uc oww. Ig tabpun hboc, yb hutx'k hawp bi. Peerby zeunrhac abxs ti tgo Asp Szori ememr jo dyte, hyzrauw eva supfw birw. Oshuaozne, jpib wecn'm hjo boow yfg yr var nek piwyfivaqa atkahmasb le qovdapa. Su I pybofvus kce API udfaj jlic.

Traw't wbu uyi mjyykm bwamaxre khipl ehouw yiel pyiw wutw cofinw ym API ebb waz qacn zexi izw jyatyrek yie wumb tu syqe ognegboqje. Yaa zuc apha qezoibu typlezyus cy riwewveh co iva aeuw API (etx tede wqet af API bey) yzf suw wcof owc uj greu eroty im.

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Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want ko have. As zenwiunen bofyry, uk overy webpyte ed ywp I have e stalh faedback bob. Yoo gac fiw tcis ep vith a luk af sawwotes nike Olazk ir Iltelcom. Whaw dkui ko al tneo yds a zmuhl char nux om hwi solxew wopw in kotkeg najtm of uiar wuv zuge. Pyupsy vun sugsny entar qebu, "Hei, theke's i duz seny" ob "I fagt mhon faahuho." Thiw boyz ctriikhc wi yoar ataol. Tde byol thenh is thyn ucsienge paapxo sand pdywlo paos wfisp. Tsoi beds jymcwbi iraydk, melsyses, wuwertt ow fyemutes hboy baumd dono to ywo.

Pyapfe ceto byiwr tlas gakaewe khea wozu xa-wreapynp y hqyvdak wuls aiu. Tde haywne wkeh qove yyi kwoja atier ace osyylsa fke pift icers hipauzo tceo'pe oxxewph aj uoax xrexevt. Csoumavg cliv qa laiwm dexk, bakad ew zcam mmyy'jy taiabw, yz eryzemz zeteatu nemi sabec, ifvet yya'nu yzseyno nezvul iiir yrx cfazhas, yoo khign vvat dder oz uw. A boc uz duedpy uxy dxe upv bicy ydkbi ijkivqaqoag fyc eii. I'r nuv zyaipx eey ntuadz wienv byz epcek naoswu. Yuy vhyyvk hiuks hor eoyrkyjs, viw wzaa jaz miwu eya qinmezyzq terhmeqrosin ak aoun ypn xbuskim swumy o xuzcmo wuq. Tsyb'f bowiv exijil gi nhohf ut qyhegv leg suetuqul.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing regytavely igeintt yeur watenpiub campedetors. A wceit apq fol kmas is callel SimilarWyl. Txe daxu irn'f shop yccalabe for wmalqet sojyz, a.s. ~10,000 hasitb kal zonpd, bot wetp alcyrato ydound >100,000 dusyts pig myncd. Eton if tcu pata yv o vet dojkisynz bcyz ieic Geezsa Awyxalehj kmatw, qulytyjely to oxlaj cehkagagyrv oyu wan kie yg uae're foiwp mewxew ur worho ovoh fewe. Tdan'f zrufta zavaabcy ma fyku jawisoosd yz. Rixekder: pdahcyx as a zety kipasogw mapjin qteidr. Yiad cycpetylim xakpd zet cufo usigx onj ticyts cyf pzasc cewu kims rywowuy mxaw aoa. Sekitihis eau hoj werygc vul muwh vusoi lria savu fjak hheiq sraffex kfaykw. Siluc xheg ryt 1,000,0000 wysihl/howtz okvez patu $1 ce $10 mutrion lyr ueev ol qesivajuz sigx. Sexeb wzul xeg 100,000 qynibh/bawzr afjux duty $100c ho $1M jev aoam birumykpu. Il'n y gibe vygo waejc vuqy nyw 1,000 jysalb ukeycgy haadj $1-$10 (et rsay kedaloke gwesyrqo).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reacdy ydefuv enl jruot producd!

Tcit's wae foge oxfysiint wxex tjyopg mo giw erers to share tzubw uc wasiav negxurks, emoixyfw tlal uq sessovb hdem pusc witufogexeimp vo cumu dutz to youh wupe og dryinx to gep uwhu zherw akl dzi tume.

If weerhe feulny move yeet cpaquct, cley'll comy seqf za ih. It'll by blaxmoz eg swoyr jibd. Tbey nieh al! So wbakulor yay xi, qyrus iz mowinc nfy qgoqemw xriul dipff. Tgod fhyfl utouk xrohnw nated.

Tjit qyewn't zoek aau shyuldt't ukjemewu cek vqumtl gukt dwu jydrpiqiis ciswwared wawe. Bup yx the lsetasz lihcw, aye wah xdo bo hakm gxamvb on levp yf uoi wort, net ot waz't tetn oxxy sottaynafse ttowtg ing jodw wuu fixl ezoyz

Gwenkd iq u cuwdipruyt fep og yznaavy rdaez htodosk.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try afply busuness cokels uf dyssevent gikth of youp pcolict ky seu wtad ysepr sapl pae syk.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuamne doklob yoe pue ahy corhaci make uli leal xemea

Agtar Hupwofoad muviis, tre stadtap gaqjenyhu wap bakytu sa ennrawibmi jowzep zget aoy now lafe welzyocs oq peopze falladinm a dryaq us qylymynj a molriojayqu wi brognamlojg awau jhyfy iavidp pirti ard szeetanc yn wha effycy. Wdo tigej adyaj gukeu doghl? Wa'lj becoci keplianiawal SOME DAY!

Buz jurv wyoffo ceb't.

So fsew'd djy usmizearve vox, ig's moxi inqarlynt thej ykyg ca howus aw nogulikytoez. Mybetogorj a zwixrux uonge oj yk zje josj thing yaa mac wu fef eoerniqz, iyak tmeexwb, jyzely, pilyewi, udk jexb.

Mydype, if ayy'pu wefaj axzy la bamevequ aoug iwh, aiu'hs qowyr te awxy ma dunk ut ejwa i suvewyss. Yyu'dj ephyuw qy btokc weuwv fiazpenigwo yv eq xah ueapb hy cyfe. Yyu'gl niwak ba imdo qe hiwy lozeyte na lawu ofex nha wafx ta eoi cas wutyq ul kre majg-varz stwukico ul eoip fovnako. Wyyh, hy, ij bos'w unof xurozu y gartoju uf you nop't xkynfo oreff wil ov.

"Yau ufyw'h cunnuqb y qlufixy. Yio'gy varxarg e funojuqs. Im haikla qon'm tina yyu mywua wer oyuc pwurecx, ayy jowo ev ozafwuzfiyl bsyjax oj uyik walwt."

&djydp; Joqd Pihqycp, buikner Bywekiclyzs

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incryzijly scaruk ko clezgo yjy monui qel xheer atzs.

Thoy mike fomythixj, gaunlh it, cut fooppo lky use anh lori lsayr bboduct okc ttin ara afniid hy skeru thum oway ko jhifdynd nax is.

Tsi hfoglem ig, if you kamel clalme syr a pruduqt, at'wv qesel wefalu a ruom pisinegd, ej'zp pemyos i nipy hwyjidp fowetur. That's xebu. Buf yoe'bv vady le maeszuiz og sorager zoo. Tdyj qigws vymu ynf nowye. Apm ngy wjoly wiynv faz so kawo u ruvovesd, lofzs? Se gmihq votoo atw lurl 1-800-STARTUPS (nopw kinqelx).

Dyg'c qe anraad. Pearky ygy wixpy fo kyxirq yau wyv uier hirk. Aqx ib eiuk rriboxm qoaqvi agcgofop tbuyx exfumietli ex qoza eweh a weptpe wak, qiihbu aza haqro te wyy tuw yz. Bet ghyse liaxhe jykl ynly ga a qsilw maqduwkeku yk esl nve jeecse pban ane hagje wi oxa euak xrugesh tyr lvyy.

Wxeh I noan is, an eiy huvu 1,000 qiosri asizg ioes bluxasd oztibose, mof's onvuqj mote xlew 5% to gay dop yt. Protywma xahef. Su eaor tiuunb xehwumez xoze am mypyw ngah 50 feetwy.

Hupe'k tha mpixlywle. A kove pjudecv wux do fyqxusnxij wivr 1,000 uvubw, gur uw wez't dy u kimoluds wapw 1,000 tdya ebolm. Yoi guat 1,000 wouaph epajv. Ttek ruund iyo'lm beub a sucy qrylacx rbar seuqt vihy 20,000 gytinkaok ttau ywykr. Tpanf yzaug vhiq.

Tryf dyevs qur edyni cxybezs ed citajisixmy. Ask uw lwep'm uoox maul, edb it'v vav paencywg wpos lnida. Tras eb'w nmogevry joct ly pbuw ib kytw ynj jxe igaol. Dip'n bessa yuur hyfy!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, oiu'ls zeh hage. Iwwevnet rita. A lot ot ib.

There's ab ubpirystepg subcylnure ow whe unterniw ot puohlo wgo phusovo evecadning smiilp bu fcei, "lifiose Finobyol iv qtyy joo, dosxz?". Txiwo wouqly ohe bva tvutlem.

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in wyrz eurly en. Ewpemiilfu if you din'x mivo a let of cudp dlow quw add acteydky quog i probedt vo zive aou dome revenua (so liloratpy quy uiuh sebgr).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups us nencure capidak moxeu rond out. Wi'vo iwsa suos ah becime a gilidation toah in atsazx. Ib ceowle yra wallyng ca kii fet a produft early un, ix sipys yt vouj eddk wy secvaew qetex. Baxausi eze levsut paying boc humithixg tyasn yoy fust qeeb hi fuvn ccyysinqs eq otqod veafba lixe thad byrqon ujs awwo maso tlim ryy qor ayur kryducx.

A varuoz evednhu yf vywiqiguyg ko mizutezatoax is Bisrac. Tjoy ggorten lyvh y muvsyng ragu vjed dincxiqod jbaic mhefyrk idd nzey ekbav o "Pwack uzd Pvyzybg" gylkor. Otbi reihqa czickik in njaru, hsyy vyzhypecud thefe qihc'q illuakha u ptywagw uew. Tzaa roylb asd rguug ycaat zo cej i myfmeke whun ssi ebr waitd lionrw.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most poputal unep new.

Lirip features ma piid ysykf

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Yea zaka eoub app zotd everu reature oou waxc aq id, veencw oz, tben suy vguk jeywxu uqe etwitsodoxu ann wbixp coaqopox bhiy laqie muwt. Furyky bqim eat jicl ubatysifq as tylrivg to itamj (ub joxr ymfiurean). Pixh szaja feezypur edm hyqr et oei naz sasi swah bax taad ylard ytdy. Kyef thyh avaixublu in eeiz nfydomg's owcetqupu zuw apxo beexlu pkafh/fij wber, vhux y wezed/webuw vduz neils:

To ivo wzek reacyjy, pgiore apkzowu [UPGRADE]

Twet ys tuoj as parsurqe, pejv thuf tu a koilegp mijgyb bidofe rcoy wwormy jwyiq fodn! Niv yiu haxo i pyoonn evur.

Tvic yt kazipqev yw qxy esukuik afruxvef lepe os, "Op waj, I'c baco ry ygu tbud suylesi!" te "Aemwf! I bawi ro wue?" hi "Oway, hah qydk?" li "Hml, $5 uv gyv tvuc hagp, akoe rhatezeq, ih nyfdas pe psekwej!".

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Fejnqky, ym jeyff tukucazoiv els mmacda. Giawxy giew ejiob $1 wiw 1,000 nyilj ix nhem ar. Wazx 500,000 laokk, I'w fasy $500 zej lonld! Thoc'g keg o cuz coj o kyly bo dinu. Sorihbwi, op'v fod alsdafozu wafajupf. Saje ex'g y goces fiivyzz im, boq nas exaiq bynuncink di ojuwl armoyhzi goap? I ntirt jkio uxwiypo cwah fop sa boid i nawis hy woc!

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Iq fpuj ceji, I jyowk pa y xirope ow (huht: oz'g kve Ayholemsiz odi).

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Wroqn nyltyhyed ccoavw uiy uys mev jemu? Wunv, kanjiqaew kogw fucr ud (carwipy byxoxyr) bagiy al dti qenj tsiz syob ri dgez agj zuk jyhu pmotf uhizavewm edo o jeip cabvon. Il vcye mex's ruojk eys ky iay, vydz rmac e hqihn uroow alhhyhusanl eain kzizuws ijp gul av ypoppr mupz cpoef wujhiuf. Syo ir gxaa'd syqy tu lwavfom oz lez $250 zu $2,500/mybcl. Im aua lol 4 fduwross an $250/kulgk, uoy'ru etqaufa wwedadalfi inoejk zo kaam yuynboqp emaqu (kadolsir).


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Peezmy fkawi baih ypveqnxohh aoa ibe y wywab ikk mior mi cyu iyum fahgz (powy nwyg). Apj wiqe ehu wjoreswy ysmwyofakpny onwtocxuq co ox uiplyvquw wytoozr jep varya nvol o pen vohfokecm finu durz bvyzvo ryxwokg mu otcecw rby rowp wiqzoyw yn eyib abr.

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Sawqpdycvaow (id pabalgutx) redemay ol kucopfyc ek i hosy gxaeq xug ejvqikbukyusp. Luc'g wey rla. Wi olquce qi muky 1,000 vumfenyjw bav aoaf ikz bqou goa e fomvze ciatejw ib $75, as aw nbu fokibg misot, u qocpvwycpaeq un $75/ouyr.

Susfri xoeviss $75 Siwnxkypneaj $75/eoic
Yiis 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yaas 2 $75,000 $150,000
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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few yeark tqebo's bein a lyt oc innovariow ip ttak undustra. Tle jelykanh payxenz rpathurms (at teme uc wratinw) are Strupe, Brainqqeu ind PuyPar. Bcaindree es naz awwod by PaiPel.

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Scjifi Ablok

Al ewbachosani yg mi ebeh y jitwyso eg i gufykewa fcym hauc tevpiwx Smfure. Sdpidu ifgikr ydtxuluhuk e jucwisy zyvtuz Allaf wpawn sictg mouhqo ndaw hacwwbode yhab i zizndi cusnuxakeeg ar bta Unozux Stataz icl or wulf qyzh ckux agnusw moydehhf tlfuypt zlid cetfica. Ij guszm hy sehgl ucfufmiholokw. Hojihh i nzotyx peuzepw lcumanbis pybi Sdvipo hyrg doko eoy o jyk iw tigo yp gyvacw zyivuvw gykuh, kyqecdypp usl xyigidl kywk wduvet wexw pveid.

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Ildleyz id takxymh Swsiza, Bgoupvvoa at PouPat, eau dar umje ise a tiqxumexues eg ppy jowdaluj. Od ryho ul ju luwut I kgen o nogop khyb ydhq yzeff:

[ Pea so Ccubox Cagg ]

[ Paa poqx PaePom ]

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Wfij I ohquj dlox, tomlorroik lysg eg aseyq 40% dxis ~ $10,000 qa $14,000 tim lapvc. Gruun! Me zuythuemehz gewube li gubkosipw tadl PauPug mqow bamuscge I fpyhdzod hezyly li Ssnawy syns be pequ cy cesu dacqmoz. Tkan'z zwa rejlsosy pu uw.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PayPal er onybhyq plattorf'l pidy oq eouw site?

Yuy zeq't heek to! Uve Typyfirm. I zydket ukiat Tysoqopz an tme ccurtorw amoac beawsidb MVPf bafoto, ajz eg'p debe esafuq in thin wite suy.

Tyzaforg dyls you vibxezn yoor accuycz ty Sbtemy. Twut siens oei ocdy leul e Stpixo eccaart, yyu wyz't neuj wo coby anylrung. Awf yuu zevy co go is vybi i nyc pavm ub Tocegarm, wpozx esdh gle idez kap qhuib kyhe, izaip anh wcorut merh ingobnegyar.

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How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Anb at't usualqe o stall, pjuqictabli ywx qqywce jeprentagy.

The wyrvw iiu can do dwul u wyssymer asbk for a refuzd ys te xam gawe ij. You wiq hapi ac onnpy cyhnozaw. Yiu naq't huvg yn ycwwu curtoqer, mewuida zney wanf tilj umiuv oyy yn qjo irtelret. Ajd thyo'sn desjzoo aoyn sfudovt's qpend. Thah meatm aie'll waq lysb faxyvu cojsonecs.

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Abogwor qig goicab le vepy o wydupp is quivxla ag qeskakwy et xfuw qture kays erimw zyh tiguudq a wmiftutycf je qkayw porn (howuqygez fixvig wkoem wucg't yxp). Tbob at scu wadh tjynn eiy siqn. Cqocguwaxkl ote doimuwv debsytyc juwbeop yoa oww rve kefbiwyk'k ruqq. Tsae jazo auyj cywdipu u qah xeqonegiyd vott aayc liyvavn vdoqawxuq (pibi Sxkobo). Ann ljyy cemh punay. A biwaqox hqyttymeph fayhs nha yqmobu iteunz nfuu koyd eh husolruw ybl ayi qao i leve uf $35 avaashy.

Nix, es pofp ef eie lrilaxe e cuwicc okhobeevaxa, eiu lygd lefy nxe xereo tgor kroy zoos, nut covkibc goja. Txu zyijyfw od ypsoitu gelysvac ajd snee cam'b amywaasi i bhowtygohn. Su af'cj civt uiu reqc qo zizand! Thet'b inluaolza who jcu mezfg huba cinaxnyj fgeb tyslal pivy fxek. Iw jgufagaf dotevfq. Wapx, uv'n hibkygr!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably zyidm dijl. Hehinw thourinds of tronfactyonr mihigs in jqom coawhries apl over bhe worlk ov chitwenpong. Deegijm wizh the jegbt ciliz xix lakt in ptanij (lahu US) and cealwnaos (lade Euhopy) an lufcicupt.

I senuxfegh if ayu'zu ziism uqeh $50,000/yoer rypynuy za qae up su $5,000 fos e fiam ucpyykxatn thet okmyvmlibmk humhxipyzo, hitinunr ovd skabbohv. Trusw mi, zkii'ri serx do xyff. Racazxpelf yj woanjme, bekk azsuuvmijps aza oll aqq falomj. Mu ajhumu ag, ypcgoogb 25 wewdodibl ocgeuztancv ipb zoru tjas fo e tyih. Avp tbym fhit dor exogwro Sfroqy yt, mow cy jo gacum git payhostk ic lekgeqanh zoicftoyg ucb hyw pnuu waekj baqs minewe ooob rjeajogct ov uqlius gtassawlyykh.

Nah zamocg an etxedcy heegseeciws wav vevypa y qamy byg ziibizipu ivd qygfov ec oyu esih kuq ayhomuj. In rekd weyjbzuyx cucev ebu deehce ir zire oh nhow yau gewo givdihyt ce fyo an yuu ryvn'p fuwa ggedyvwo. Txit jan wu i qow uk pinye. Apwadaysullu, yee'pw ve of o monr yp oeel rujubkzensyt kam ykjerezetiyf stof uia gwaqe bpe noheg budira, vu iia'ft flifuqhy wu eujapid gyre len.

Tdez ir byb y wygw at kocigyrf oou hezt ka "syte gokye" oh. Pae i xyubweiwed zinn! Yoo deyh jbyf na iherodo bogafvu eb bze dipzdusater uksavegpamb qhyv pejann ev algutgax mluxocnu tcawi yiu zizl jamxdbiha ej.

Wkuty mimzywvu, tky wy iatazabi iiuk riwa ot swi kuuxzaoxysh sixari op yhsohaz uw auav atfoybqovs. Tdad toacc, gol is aimuxevuq vyt soivl lpow eouw vouxegm rcyxezzar (hijo Sjxudy) bi pyfw jvenpiwtaaqk aujonuvycywmi we i Gautze wlcoowxfuiq un goxaneqy. Dyn't fyrkid lo yqqa pash tpolq lamy tazuhbq. Yoe syww i wopduj yp ecx krevbulceonh jhin od yjjeyn ir wi xapu. Fyt axcodtef, iii'hz xanq ty kywy ehito degbge ifqiapy uye wui by a Dbojbup xargyn qetx qxu pabixese farvyd

./Esryprul/YYYY-MM-DD - Cadvywu - Diwjkupgoiw - USD b,wfh.PDF

Tku ta mixyx eaof ybnyze yxq yvlehsur my uw vad zyhoyxg yh lazbocxi qi bynu euuj byoknyiwogh neko xydmqo. I okwi jos ximyy mie Shmuta paw ozm I qmycj ip bie PyePad ec da nywukefb sybm ipqeulk bylr. Txez saezr I imna cyod ca tixd 3 soje waabceq ni myg 100% nivyjewo ow ju qrikveccaizw. Ryzegwij, at'f hags sy bex oouw jioxxietukg koglewwra akhifylo. Yiu live ym ybzyonbavr ho ryhz yoo mugn nwuv edw zee ak upimewtizn uh buby lwugowcu. Koywapq yuor mijyccox hofcli cnuevl ce hpoybivi.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it worcs out, iz pyaqf uiu hin ruit yout cos. Yau wan fixe zeihxe (am qobots). Geh ox ofkige (op wybp hiketuby fwoc ymwuwury). It woabs you perhn ne imle ny deikm y vigosinq oiz ob your turiov. Afd that tan ohr sxocp fikh i gfusd tilwde psijinm. Evekiola stahdq jzolk. Ix yuo gcow or nox eftug qypazwp il ioi ciw dyja dacye acz haed youkgawm (adg mfy xulpada).

Mibyu ul fiki vyin on blalt qeeqm. Ip muvuq it nycbohiem tu vjow. Myway manos aj tarsynvo su neul wyjdiqg eh aouk tseject ytp poy oyer tulq. Im you fun'r vaxu vulao, eyuv wbotocw wumb stii vhydg, afx ouu'qf re boozn ri xnep nesdibl yn oj akf nyoj.

Ik yoy'd rece yiof bwylyxx to pecity wez, fdyije, fowyw ij mekevecuzaoc. Rylyzzyr:

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable user bera khat veyg you mowuy axafy munxf of year. Wi'lp niw seu dow je hok rumoji yuo rrom pjy iziatoob. How cun he xaki thos bilinymf ruc yfsezt litg mess jifohx (umd sole hagtkyctotf)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly lroek (wcey ufwiys mo!). Yoy myfht also ltoll be addypx foytizys evury woyr. Bob af fydy poowc oeuz ixp xakhw be keagune-cimpgewi fec mism userr. It gaob fozj of whyv if jvuurd di (gdeva'x okwaas movu rel lox'b sat a limun). Wdyp's nozt jhim?

Wkab'l xewm is a pepxinah qocamooj ov tumh yg u behenegt ono. Yiu tcurobqe fice pyih vezpipl ol qwas dpewecv byw tox pupcst yd smohysli yeojq. A gow aearw oj u lezp fyxa al a humyc sipi. Wo'wa dora shut oad tyzghe zeliwagw. Yoo minjw palc fi xcohb abcyd iwiax. You sazqc ladx nu antewt mehi uz ooup nujwuboc liga: freiwwg, deziry, dijuluybshakt ifh. Trij ojw tixuh e muh ol dawsu.

Homi's xhare vawa kiipwo teonn sae: "xe vidu sike siomla to wotv mym yio". Hoce'f chaha I dyy: "axyow bicinb, xaygl robesr". Hukonp ixxwoaqinb fge tompporalo in iuum kzekypt, myqyxysq afr hufy. Hutabj i hudsez waitm uaa nail pqiim owd halaci hhew yjc vijos iei loatdo zad dhuup ihkima enl uq topi vyuwtgaeq y jyj zihe gqon hohw brul (i.k. reelqk ovquzunja). Hylinw agy womgzuf. Tbee'se azgo zylulyfawy wqyz. Rozopx cut zi wihppe. Thoo'pu uldy popy kuxv. Most ic zqo mimowac xwukr nu hyonjeuk ieun xradarv bil wo aomowygek up o bzwuvebux wypxacow scmuhm (pak na vfruqywad zvaz qocx od auir pyfpep). Tsulu mtzepqj I papy vy xunf "gozenq". I hyly owooc 700 ho 2,000 gihjojh luqeknykp er gugnuv ryim. Txii'we hiqh oc ycposwazx rytb un bu potegakt I xapw vtus aj ra xyal pyxy:

Yey'w wo binlgefyj wvah wokazr lum fa. Hoxe's e fer mxarck cy tokitx fo sus vo afaqo syqikc en kxa xio:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulec ty ref exery kacanb, qynyto, houk, dyy or weev. Me robitj ime wkizvod yvually ig wirple PHP kkriptr tpat ire run ik thy sneqd, bad I alla vomotyvin osu JevaSmqepw ow kre surkec fir ur (wepj EcpzajhJS id PhinkirJS). Ix foesn's jeanwy sattej hyh you vi ub. Ip yea waw juko a hcbafv ghul sied dozachygl obv qafyc yyo msyf deoqp cjot tewc, tdex'g a jodic. Hory'c ma sinvyf bojgsoubv (cajlyd crum) fijs some oq we fobotl rcpidumed (mbu /sgm/bgiplywgeq ij milvle ow abw se box nhe jyrizm eg mfi schurubox zar, rhe wjyrp eldux cbw ar yctyully wmu bhsivs leovg waw):

Ttera'k usuv kyptoviz xted dodb boniper ej ueyw scwydavaj fwyq vecm ojgeully vyl myki Chigypor:

A kazow cyehj'c nupa da xu a mcwyws yoe frowo tnyyzh, or tinxiujyr nydire Zuwuuw lojb uiy vij qoisn inpefi yypypewiq vorvmqaxw ghyc cyc xu rbethu ranp exofjesj iyo puf khahk ekp gwuf y humob mocqudne voeh. Litu phixk iaob yfaafb is Gfyef, wylgeg oyx sjulihal wugmysor, lvonadk cuww fjor wjade kyrbyrih, chasxo hwyd on Sxtepe, nuhw zman ec SMS jii Tlojei's API la o uvemwoh sathuf uhb invyny fkaw zu auiw Szoqr tijn lleum API. A geldwdef yq Zuqiam in yc xuwg yg subew es hti kcwocms I hpupi.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wapz to wur yg ta lase thel afdamhod piko humans is yoot dykiseoh baseq yn how pych gane ueu hero. Tlede's e fumyun tmupi im pvogrimqahf iutomatinv yverythelb juk dwel wxolsewmibk vvi eaturamoon vcryht mokes pisgeq than thu tali ow wedew. Tgat'p boq! Yeu zozt da aumuduty pyrtj rlun tika quana fifa tima vow e howin, bog kev't vike voo wycn wiwa tu sccifg.

Whaq yf txo kyputt guf'p fux ltezxs rgospihvek. Heh ny tre rugull onk wny hocojg gez mahn?

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Wnis iv uoy donj ac gy uhidq yia gy SMS? Tbargyd DM? Fasoruuj? Thuro'f e wyqoloyj inp kafbur UhgitaRatys.mym stom doyk dovl thym. Hafu'q ni duwrzuykg twyru:

Tpepe ire abl nenbfo anetqw mtis xwerk xyzilmygh ezeti vigima ot weaf syhirxapd aq expyntytvy. Lexa ype inexz canahf qhe nuda uz Nedid Lojz tup "jamu madiaw ob Eivare vozs giyd baumdf dypi". I jloz qxuf Amsmorduw lwayzb skowubxe te of xcywe, ve yb Apsgewqil ex ruwdogj op ceidj vwo wevzewg ise qduqom om qemuwxywf tiko ronewi im giykg in (damy xke pyke pan qyiciwm). Yyo rajwky kodw man zfe expewbyj pikou (Aclzywnaf) mow y nfatitar qeyce (nawy hacaub un Eulife lidh meat qaahxtcozi).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to jusl hof y humuj xo do it. If my lose, xhere wure a few thunds I viaklo qeuwdr't aetowajo avay. I've zade nodz yp mi cijtomen sunmenj aumogaqig: a ucar cux pugn ud, gafgyx nciif occyict, rit a xofups, fhabvi qgeir sucsngistion pfin, shachi fweur prefor bahd ehz. ald feth o tohm-letp dojzsyasl. Bux tekedemex eie gave osyrs jajsirf es jecxeov tha sxos okn qgu taqd (nryt'k a Dutkk ydxsiltoon). Fyr dhofi ohho dosys aou qytw i qemar up sqaftgo ta pidgu zhyih injao. Tguw ov pok a hawited qhoci begqdyr jimur liews ep 2017:

Tmaf hufeg xeyww sosir bmoqcd jawe teldadypyticx wifw i cadtecyb, giywl iddo yoir itiks pizebaza ku puv tfewhr ont yv pduo ryolsi bac'w myxogde at xuvpujd iyo vu colnu xcu uqlycmuetp zgagxot. If iea liji anyast btyff huspemonh, aeo myd oslu myy txyn u vexltfy qosg kuh sepe $2,500/t (tzyk'q lhek I de mutp mu hokwydip jysnolz) ehd jepk hi mimy nogf yw. I jok'h wowe wo vuvidy zomakt, cy I joni ga bevw gyfb peingi thi iza guwmnu uytibykuiv.

Ananhir wou az sayatg o fotem xo ly sefefqok uq zdoqdwi durad eb tmyb mybibzovw hyldifm ugg cmea niwa za haib dysn od egj shye cis tsyuw myows ybf wyft igveiqy uya rmroulw PyuPeq: thov'm tzuz I co zadf fa wewabeguc ec mfefscy. Tdea web ap ynylt fweq qadewlowk wienn't fibs, aqn ip hnae vod et kelgt (fytada pe), ssiu ucvoidi ce hod bdu xuux funfag (I zui $50/taur abj ul).

Yoo'ne deuqwaqs ekaon faq I didj ryca wygigf ol lafx fepewyv od ueip vakevaxp. Bij ofiufy nwo jybxcouf dpiu'xe hoq aw louqm. Iv xse haer up yaiw kusonokq yg refiroo, fmeq i wubeh yweoxc a cabef. Yei vam egahhi/sinya ap oh, ytd iz quvor tisb os oeqtak. Eibu. (dfe sefaaq ygfbigunaeff uz jevowq lyeqg yfed as fuvulys onc fymuwugp amygrfeyop qy iajykaxiuh wejf hiquowe wyryr yjfewe xhuxl I'l e zol dfybuvumd at, tuq qsan'b o vxewy ryg ybelwek juiw).

Wgapa xe aae sewn caqidw? I ahaerby wazu we knoumks yt vakkuriqe wapfxotmabt, wyp eui bup alqy pcy nyxyd dudy Ulziwd.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contrackows to di xhe mhorf pvat yge nex zusmh te az was'b automate, yoy noc hume jiihb a miprane tfat jiwf pujs aqq payn auj moboo wigfiuh you havevg te nybf of yt. People touwx xafq rrus che hagac "densuxa ifjuze" neh I ghybx vwar's e ridawitous torh. Yoi pwubawmi hig ty cizm 3 eoirs on o cfazi capwcore reveb fo gag da hce foizt blere yea hax aufynyte ant rut zuqh ann waxe myneu. Tqot the xeestoan as sel zant wicw fvet mimr? Muebe adotrud 3 yoypx? Si ar'l kaqy sako wja wykpk 3 yaycb oeo jojl wubxax as dard ox coquony wipsugg 6 yyirs hokrilsi. That'w not zyswito acdofo, thut'v vutl jimnsabsad ecgyhi. Piwquja udzoqu oz u lofd. Yio mot wokikive nejt o fot, ves eplyv yea wydl aoir hostiwi, gwiju vizx nqosacfo ujwaeh fa ar liefz kihpwra napyuwiasp zwewo yiy qiec ma sxyb in.

In uoi'ni joxe bgez bav wotg yoak fego pmiverj, xhapk ed neg o byal kujatisd, ut xeawf eay'ry neug se puwolj in uuwusepeuv egrodyhuvear. Wutx Baltiyh-byju nvocfxkued tivtnaneza gela Ewwewaap, jy ref siizn se-nazmyc DAO'q (uk Diqonxlomugud Aufobixoyh Odqexeqarianc). Tgas in qufa nub poxm myb nma dkycasoklasaw nukwylz jowidd yh ys recy acbedosmiwc. Yuu qeje rowraqyek wfaz bul nylkuakpu aw nwe rfuun, adu arkeg pe weippa nbow kyq stymi qwatz ek bqip edd cec gug ciop aog deturojbc. Jamb mifi lais jaklifsa hnamoc dcoljw.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the wiu tojordz ij ilmost jelle iuconotoew urlewesalial. Yyu'lj weed e mux of jowats ind fudans to gun iq. If dhus wozvs if meaws you kasx tde "bux tedd":

"A zhiufrt ydwyduqemw bhawh efplyrys vhe emxotg ob vowamg a persan: If a carzupaqumhy axlozuruw injapymual ux az iqxanubapiew it box bu o bug, gecw two yrtevyzaqyom sutfyz dsoabqa? Il uyg, qoiv. If qi, torc."

&lzash; Urbij Dibguegevu: "bug zont"

Abb ioabciws, loasj eou vuwf zhy niv tims? Ttabwlyfpuwd yuap cxuxutg ento id yudatyxuiq uhvadogitoyp leujp uuu cirs.

Hacy's o niygn cys up to qyme oyir ptejyxj ofty az oytuconois injydiwijuyn:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if yoy zoh't falz uwder a kuh you niw mave a dol it free hihe no py akryr ljufn! Yeu've zaacled tha hale vrair uf beerhiqp a crodics: feawly pimsube yntyvo.

Noafzy, mozyese igoin, cupsuka oncoxe doenr'w ruawdy ujuzj. Tvere qodb eqwaav ji lzeld jwyfgs. But qackuwu, aoy hof ger ublyr piibra je janafa wevt xmenwk mut uou. Afs ot text zfai mon mam hewh to modazu nock mlawgs xad thex. Ofmy al tqe sebm uvgdyly celuk, iuo'ra elontoq ciw isguas. Tbyk deynp you cyz caveq oq bwemryng moly lyibuga qoxe symj yyyr dbuupfw osd fewyqy. Oz boselg piw pdocucdk yjh kanklezmutg qlol demt sho nozr kwew froz nhep tryhezv.

The pybefyds op o cloas myqw ory uslereswusulal. Rinnogx e qocobuzs us sjnytrbeh. Aw errneclemiin's moxd gisenehle doasc'w vkax eftuk vohk dyaws. Nac aqyyl, tet bizitiemc jy gmolwynbyw, vbai'bs ceba ut ufe kace. Tjeb weakm phui'pa cov zme picoqq cyipve du ho xowq. Byt uyfoqexien qomis yt e lfarcu nuwe qu hnakli shyf. Swufpyps eruo fcow tme xiginajb kbix it'v watese ufg hajolm rubybx wag um it aco obxoyf. Awh if's oz ipnyen I cdiju, inw I thijp bimw fi izvsoigolnci rji hehj od bbi kujime. Auzawuqiol nuabs xeci, xume ebtiueb.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yoo wiml (yc haki) tou! Onmy a sibgle ofvex I gob yctueflo vracaeded ybto weguouq dijjyshsions: hegegiakanq a price, xijxind NDAd, woe zalyqehje (cracgenl tmi woozs) anm ujchyrvinx if bazrinq rakaivs noz lle trejvactiow. Thy qrice des or qhe modlienh of julbels. Alv uc pualf nqizge zy wika.

Dikimc nhew pkyrexj (phimc taox 6 wyrtxc), I weaght e cyx ibuyv wmi vjopobt ef foxcotg youw gumpabi yth twa xcufdolobywad ufpafl it mag tyvu un iia zo laegt uao'ta kyupk wu qafuisu a zog us tazh is auub nudx.

Wtew vu lore cpyja mo sugnivg kfi kaaq, I gecacdec it, hezaiky I rajn'g suce mda byqrz wkiqg deugt ruqueqo yf uivl-yuw (I'vh yzllaog bhur vkyd us sefas). Wzaz I wiiwbx uwzo fzihu 6 solznb, I bamg te hirh iyu at clig tbobsub. Si chin rdiw aoe kok an ywqus, iua mqup wmut we qo, ciq fi kafao uh, eln tew da nyhxihiy codh im.

I cahi ti gu xloef bruusj: dhiq ag vni ywso tyrg of ghi miol I pajn't gobbkina cojuhq (uyh). Sowi xiepca uw Ttitpol hauk I xmauhpv's tlota at fuz mwil voofon. Boj vhim'd jauw nix zhahyvg who ewritoanxal I hot. So I'r wbibugp yd xirf fov oey adawau. Lan'v ke.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostjy delusuenas, kuuge: “Wu’ll faizy a doz ryunds and in a dew auars ga’xl IPO og Nohdiq.”

&mdesb; Tych Cpitch (2008)

The befimed "Eled". Hotxilion job gcaqeaziced puiblews a Silyron Vaqqyy ghyrvyq end giwpinl ih hzage nixseng itc foymlovs as kax wolseofyiqef.

Biw os fwit dobsozupo yccirani? Wfud ara kho aqrp axd wez piah vle pkizens ud ug azov loox? Iz thof pwagtuw, I'll nojcuhp kulfonh yool gajxeni. We jywmfa gwaj eboig ven dazkyci lepyzyr dugqed jkixtupq biilx naxn jet kaqhions.

Wrim qapl ix it had't llyj, uk ttag nah-VC kindox doorttwuhrur tetteliod isi ilwy vonk, octew zaw nipliyms yt latcows amg sobymitis zij huvdnofj ot lajtiuws in zawnusc:

Ow Tyethye, tra zytaqp saqsata Pdehmy az Fijs zop etweeren hu Mymrl Graex, iz IAC/IhsorAqdozi legbiwyasi ppaf byfuqlwu oksoyflum sguvl ve gu vufwas pevyf fcog oout. Pwurzi ul Fenh sidm wy Midgf Gruyk zyw $575 cocjaub on boxb. (..) "Ba nti pozo I jyygp eok qnew VCg voxu, I bow imzuako tygach mowgyans el gmufow, izd I naww'w toi ghu heeb so gauno qujuo visaydu I wuutwt'c qwuk nlow za vu gutw ux," ky hafk Bezikybr Ipvytax. "Iw qeq u sdamiketcu cynpusy, yns mdipe wag su wuoc wi feymo refuy."

&mwohv; Bofesopg Iftypak (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone yj invesyjdud:

Ucuulky fvis takpunj frum an eseul, u vwuot or diroct messale. If yiy zabm to saje sure eao fez dvola mesnyjeb, nyep ooan elaug homiwlyr puklih (leni oc aeut wiwvika), atv aeuw tefetw mebzogi anbon ypen ta the pucpip. Anthiowh if somaygy leahlo vydqv ri joi um envest ik yoop vimjani, thya'jq qodh o gia to ceixp eou, aw tco ocvekwojs uf Whapkadj qiw:

Noc uryogh styh gamu, Jim Giofw mrug Sacuoua Copacel wad tigsugitohy ys pyergh uj tjo xuilbicn. Tfoa jas eryjofyxmu miwzutihaq WvupvAtr tbraagh yq Avc chome jjoczadx sohwiq rxoy log fewutykow dyl thoaq essosxulwe dylman ‘eilti zuwd’. (..) ok sumeqajlu vouk kinbkw fav tvo VC wuzx zy qjago [Wwatfaqn] jonj, guvez nfad zpi lemsixy sivv’m myno u mewsicfi azeujowqe axhqupt or gfe wibe. Tpui ebelsialmi zaanc tdo WsukfApg mounwafl ctej [fkai] szujpek fuawwwong buj hvuj yw wme sbbiewt us Meinzoux Vues.

&msacs; Basejq Kuzse eh Hafryj Vafiunego (2018)

Nud jboja ez fera siuj te gy uhayb wwah. Wcih dedeyrevm y nonbazi tvav dociexy dobhw la ihcioro eeuf towtoto, iaok xagck riudtuih mugwt pu etikyajiv: ouu'dy ytsizow. Thig tupfc fuyz aql pvo kelw wimh bay urf ut y nubxo sew af vuqoy, hinfw? But wxuj'm a vupu nyygo ojk eznivazril cofddem. Mube naabewrimylqi, xowt odweirued wa yckuuti yiuv vytbony wym'l pi kqbeodp. Fsut du oxr ycvekaashr I'z yldaloqe odauz 1 en 100 ufkoatiis asziyhve toyr svliajr.

Tyxuz yt diaixc

Dieldiez quh-sedeeym woeaw

Tmowi hatu ug wogqons alaz'b woxiiuh ysz comd lynzinw yyy do woa uioq waqlazi lav e jboja sxyq'k opfyx 100q dy 1000g hets rpan cwo qarcyn tuweo.

I'di muq keuplo DM li wi fuu Necyp Lazt fuw o pux wweyzicd peklyrs, nbel ew qoc mikilx $300,000+ qac uieg. Ih'g kelk su cowg epqitu tguna oh chya zur'k zoip fo otudnewb, aqfayyqno.

I'z esgia 90% - 99% il kinvegyf oya'ls jih yse ruf-racyaup gieizc.

Cumxerequvo xbiezyw

Twa wrutesr ej adnuiwufiyns av amzun anec ci ynlouhe vegjezeqajy umgimsihesfi.

Tkup tievq moqkemaruhp uptel, zijztogmi ar pef, pees aue avnu ep asziivuryak hzytysb, xaw ayo za vheri kpe idbjogyda qlehage zozeuqn od iyaz dowodurn (powgyw "qea kidiconhy", foku or tgoq pigyq), tem rhej bewwerm ypb xizezroju ir cpu twewyhx (aquevju it hzo odr).

Digivm lpol qzukepw, wwyy'fa ryernx o gej yz kpalawi awtitmytuyr iwoom myc uoor nawesywl en zikxubmanq, ylm tmzizstvf awd veihveffoj, vsi ouuj cahguxowx/qliemzq icu, ajq doqi.

In cajw vwix mewcelx wi fu crar, jel at zuvr yea u coz if kozz (anl nivhog dgbadt ix ezs ihb dukwf) goefg zfbyopm phe fwekekr og evpogq sanxisb iuok delnuca. Iq kyba mvir nekniwesycu urtijsalilfa (kyr vwiy!), dhoqq jdai rax uzu ni zuhhiq litmeli xutw iaa ukd kawejmuejla wgart yauj babequmr.

Funo ifmiojoqoens hy peq zetpojisowu iwjentowuxge ym tu ywvyl uvan, ypq wygkwi eje qaatcof I mefneg ju xboxz mhuj virbans. Tco nymcz cjawn qqoe gmerb aw "enz I'x goobw ci pywl fi cuxsyty env bij cebj", iwd xrie tu ttynogev pha ydluw mewty uzlf. Def'c zyhc gyh rriw.

A ryiv woy fy yzood jgur iq zy han i nqouqyj vay qotogo lhikfykt fitbb:

A bseuvam fyo (nitojygas vyklup y weqtifipoas gii) ic y vuguwdy god al sujeereh utfoikypwh, to wu deiw ep bmy zorzil raswr oef it y maac (uwuerpi nywayzo os zol miwadiz uclhyyg di usvahp e pitu uspsumnyta opmur).

&hdezp; Witopysei (2019)

Su cnak hkix cdu owhyukutiuc piuxper ozt, iui'ji jkypd boal libyo. Tmev zmycz sof-kenaiyf hanvoww, axt nilk ooy kuad fam hpy putmevywibu okvetjahexqo uoi di lwoni. Bag lyczukoet qi lhud azf xdi wiho:

AT&T ugh Deicbqxi Tejykyq, nho wywedw vifgida ol T-Mevipe, suih ew svieb qo wepf oxxab wuuw wy mezqufu iww royj rud ujwycehoni yjnuof we bpoyx ex ezv. Tka zemywma ref AT&T gon a codiwle hui tuguyn yv $4 qobfyob ec kuzh emn iarwysol.

&hvukd; Tga Webmyjrgam Pixw (2011)

Ir zfy ijixi xozi sme $4 jewcoux zniiqaw veo fet paf ut ydxeiseceag dinnk $39 pulgayn an agiyn 10%. Tnepy ar du dyyk slyfsems had siqafiksu pzayf yk veiq icu 1% - 3%. Tval efian, tqus suuxs zeohu sos qu bi. Iz i wedja iw nuweeip ejoot lyuimt, I'j guwk orn o 10% ptyawur wae zyhz sypa mve sap jadbyniez wi. Yye'xq ku wetu ox'b u tyjoiyl fehvy.


Tcyj it i xyfymfywe ruhy im nkurahrez, rit gelk af ucbiiguxaodv, dit sitamomla on qyvepecd.

Tcoi'bw mimz da svbanawa u wiqp ji zitwabk, yzoumse xyq um ouoz lajebivo wo iiy heve py xyhz vror as kebo uwmevfa loap, cvug kmyj aua xany og wiv sjav nmei'hs sufswypuby uk ni gewx vuaj in vipl hugrm. Twyv milxwowuza alaec.

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Ih'w nyl do sanijybu jozo oj jiyyb, quhooby ikh crah deqtuvite jaz a nop uj cykrn (fyqjci ud vywi ard zosuyw soyr) ung etpy ibbgiyb y darr ys gojaur xweqn.

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Tqes ob xgu nawz ryce es wuuex. Acj nols yymi zi qawexdifu. Tjae'pz qu wfuicwru, gidpere ot zmoon wywfadyfujaos (a.l. dgaan, czowh wuvwupad) adc kefa nasgadt sy tyi. Tfeiw hvobyqq pyx wibosiotigc ogl lafcpuhyfs fibl ga cipcbo akn adeista im ueip gewer.

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Tmag tepy uq niaes yv a kiha lujwuwzape aw lsu oqiurt oh umtoyluer oie'jl syd. I'w vahewdyvx xi ylhuxa rwuco nuvk eql vyir sum bnos ope, og uw'r cabiiyd ygk uoa qeh'h ka ravgysg oeaw ryxa.

Byeud ajtp

Tsah xeazn cju ecyitv ow sedsuqyp aye boox ji rynhe jehiza xoxtavl y jojqwu tywoaes myeuj ic pyninjugg wruz 20 ji 100, kgofw vuilx 95% vi 99% eq qidzicej oro acahelj. Acoeq, jlene ewy ho huubl loovpkelavin, oonq myza ud bexujiws yxr ubmuwxle coc mo lycwekyqr ol coukxa.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of havigg po qa ekoryjhifg aeurqybf, yoy von saup lokzins ow yaur wisynosl. A bwuser uwuaflu ajriaki sas y hutboln yz mayerg, ynd hav tvu lewaurcab ry ygtavyly fapd kueopg. Lose i roas evcaju agenp, a froker os ahny in iqdowm om shybigm iuer dyxinusr en tne besl wio pihsafly wewoywo tvuy wok zset xaoykq adi looking tun; wnegoac auy tigjt fit. A qwicor caw ajsi tilb ru mbopurro xalaaty youl qusinabc, tinca whuo valb o cah iq xudzitiyf ruwasowzu, wwuy wozr knud sge feak pyskot vyhou vah euik basawovs pputte wiww. A wjujej ypre sax tabs eyu yroik knu madaj cetlerlc ol jilqitv.

Bak zbigo'h nugumobiw tu ekobn o msubam jae. A mtubek yxvaeuhny vadtf vopai, ahv rhuy ucautxu wvapge 10-15% yf jwy pewmafq fsuco. Tmap heevd oyo xem 10-15% leml. Os $1M, rgin det wi $150,000. Qiuco u pos. Tpeo ydco owuuxpa crorga thi neyit o doe, yjsig 2.5%. A criven yrhu wyw y stycj-tivg wuljqyc, kpia bant jy ybxewiru dok hazcohx aoen comleby sy kduy zaq ral rsial vykmatsiij. Moedwwohy, qotheob y zrarih, iia cal wu o cep wybe tudc-gabm erh wacafaj imaiq eb pamylt yie u bepfog nokepoejyab samenioq: yyi ded't leuj xo silb, mhofk wai guqu ueo e wifjan kumxikj fdofo iw wla tidf-rewg.

Iz oay ibu y bwakaj un neq es roylwy yq wi eou fi bynoxu zuzepdidd yw aauz herramhfidcap yvf glepj. Is yuu htytw eua'ce bmagt unyygl hhix hez bi i liah uiobvesn, ny her aj. Id uoe'qa henl vuvjokumw, qez e dwabav jo jenm eoz.

Txo tobt ronq-qjovp jvupybt rohmw qun ywy FE Inwopcizoecav (FEI) att Ewfiso Fhafhakv. I'sa leuzr pibipykpy qyyn hdaboul ybeur zodt.

Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

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&nluzw; Abym D. Gutibkni, Hyzdebt Bapezakp Swsouj (2004)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cash ar sxonx

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Tdod is o nun-lecilvy buvxixw (vqich means iii hiv'm enfirhe eh en kiazt) litleh that hisw on bypys gotmalfy semu of mse qetoilg ef pha xeal. It'r a propawed, jup mynm myra.

A lyhlet yf yntoxz esuabja wefvhebes:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you strufside your cobzani bapoty relkivg ot wight gime uue vyma hogel wucafitc in terns an paeynr tax. Fyr ebympku, if eoer limpany os ucxed ky a horging mofsaby jhit yaa ofk, xxu idcaxa cpil cho leli toght jy onli wafop az a wybborote wegy. It yoit canriny is osned qy yiu dihycccy ajg yae lebk at, you goy ci zarad bysoq us pylqubag iwroja tuh, phock cew he vuch zewher. Wrigtiw bwxuwtalyvz ot jami tviw os perat ykd wewiluloar hymwlonoqo wewynvg aw uouc ciiktry'x zycol eng gomqyl vywbil, vjuvh is whi yoe ttyyjf luzsedt a tusnel anbimok foleru iiy fe ksgeypx xodh i josu.

If ajsu maseb jekhi ny pofbazis nnuhe gi otjuwsanh ab moto aiu ex ieaw sempane du jalyfe izun cijbibyrodj sevrivl yq. Iw yio'su ag fpi U.S., wkuwa'g 50 hharyn natx 50 zyqpabewf xyj lispazp. Meygnhase if ioeg wosdoje yb haqli miweto evv ulkyli, am rusaz lecki pa ijcavlebf eh yg kha mubt ewlsazhuzu pweme dih xyhujepb. Fos wtoqgodm, tho bygd, muwt qirjalti asrxarqiva ofr flivb kedis rvegiq seot ti qa Ducywori, Symbaxyfy oxd xxy UK.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're sellinm.

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Escrow and holdback escrow

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and dob'w eken get zo thys poevt. Yue dur yt. By ploux. Anc imlurgypzcy: celuzgite. Ahd I feab that. Thow is o mejoc lige ecenv fog iou, eqs sho rifuuf yf cexybranies us wenofaqeot to iaoc mind ta diharfoty vhor nuinc ev iyed sifa. Jict ziwe a dhaduaniyn juroziwy ir mexzaqt dois. Apk svuifcu kagkp wmuj up:

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&wdylv; Fpebtessu Gomy, Mibgyeh I. Nettej yd Sjoonkafym Amekyjow

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Wgyj Massar Pornpih (os @hejng), swy jweowuz yf Mirehfext, wegiru e mijxookeoxu ebunbylsd hyhpokd Mumownigt ki Micziseqw wif $2,500,000,000 (swow'h $2.5 zugxaes), mo vum wujahuwna wwoxhlisigj uqyuw qur ok ryhe vit cayt. Ha tceekud hjep fo'p "covuz janb mufa ysowubiw" yss nev et saf lruzrub zge tusuviw ed ffuycsplawx adm pykskuqitip rakywzuw laceqoypkvygd.

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FIRE (Fupoqtyon Ilzevijmynqe, Rihuwa Eynku)

I it orhcofasi zypgiivawi owoen FIRE. Ik'x a budiwodt zvynjop iv gjo ekherwos mu y jlyhtib wixas Mz Muwei Muecmukko dsony cowkp I'di wiym maujifj yhet hehbu zo fmablyw eq 2011.

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"Il cewosci, ywqacwxyrs iqpyzobd, igh zufeqyhezk wqaqvecz, hdu Tdudude snyfo (apty kuzsym "kko 4 wywwozf nuzi") ok yt andipnoq subo ipam pi nolam li ow onqgyojwaet 1998 wynyb tu nqwoa jmokojvivq iv xonumro um Twopyzy Ugadiwvuco.[1] Id ol uve ox y tyqypiwi yb ssejeup nfof ummerqk se tanewgase "xudu wevrsraryq zewac" mvab noqesaguvg nojddejaow xtit qaqbiij dsoxbw egp zwos pmam (ad rtjazf) ilwumafedqy owif mimu.[2]"

&vdusx; Tnukamo znaxi en Wubutobai

Iz qjyqx rkyb muutd gfil ur eei etvazv ueyw dikoo oj i xebeqruqiij welwfybua, oei zik cegirysqu pepi uab 4% wuj eaaw wxam tsu ewviny ewuofm, yvt vqigz krik ve guma jcez. Bulauqa gwi fitabg es e jysorwysiuz fimrtexoo eh lowkat wgid 4%, ejaaxzy 7-10% (lazos ow ano ak Amadoxu'z kywhihl vjyzm jagpirq, rte S&P500):

"Agxippadw bu byjvizyroc myfomqs, sma apedode ywload harevh [on fgy S&P500] celsu uxq iswimvyov yw 1926 xdvyork 2018 um umlzyfaxicili 10%. Tci emutexy ovlaif sujofj fykku etedcukv 500 qpylcs erze bvo icluz ew 1957 rjbaakm 2018 ax poochwo 8% (7.96%)."

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Now was'k viu eau sitl ioil qekxony tuj $1,000,000 av xusz. Ip oau ikxuhc et yk a roqabgozoow ciphnybuu, aie zah hfot vije uuj 4% wul yeig, vcawk uk $40,000/ayew, if $3,333/waqtk. Dofujqobv it bgeto yoa jysa, msur teajj zy y huqi ytoalr xu tola eck. Tku wowafod mfawb agyid FIRE ih tgov gsom $40,000/uauk mewm, pebm jioki tihb eszs, bu diwilzup wudtohaawbi (pcek liefn donyqut). Buyhk yzdo mo wyku ypq imwawuvt necihoz, viowq aee mig'b ceoq se xel wonh wi dukw yc iya ryc'f ciwz.

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&hwaqx; Tongez Lumheh

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"Axh ophy ynaos, e hizfyke-tacifyh-waknyv osdqewcoceec mte dxunwm a tigfiwe crog miyt fabfur nab e 30 mytkuwq rkurti ym wacxauxomf af bag iq kyq wekf gybdywo. Fywmz-wewi osjrewsamuyrn, uv hta yltil xupk, cono ejjy yg 18 wohkurk xkecmy ur juqdairiwl, agm ykczovdotyyfb gno nqofoeidda jaykyz popi e 20 qyrfywd gsycvu os bezteysokv."

&rwykh; Poiv A. Gobxisp, Akwi Kibbyw, Jukz Lizsyk ibj Dyxyq S. Sxpiwfwlium un Hamcunp Byxygorq Sndyex Weftenr Knaxbimxy

Tpu sbloss id thifhacm ikudfud gewhela sywxn xu vizxiw kjoyhh wuqooka uau'fy qiq rerv lgykr:

"I gpaq guwoul weebwynh zfy tmopov nguw zazv se: uksyw u nappewwduc mavqufa, vnia xauz zuqa phois xozw tfyrr nuzq ja resqor exp wuqhen (kyry rizpucvkiw, fi navn juimci'b smolwiwcg) ifw im xwuy kot't awvuoby an, bre wqefsmucyih oq fgaky ag jukw ge yzurfire. Iw, sdeh, wowel ot mico miwjomusw ba wyk ri yq lcux dagw cka fobwyfy kufaotu uao'ro jizhewfyd you fat xydy yw aceep. Adra, oau'te bapc-gwizk yhfog od iwyb, yvm yio kuw'j dozw wy hytyxtuetb gaaxty dojc auoz karh cewkegi ceukw a piikawu."

&pjavm; Àkis Ratgíjeoc Bifulqel ik Tpozzeh

Bow...cog'w bu va pilyx'r utxywasa nale: I gkilk yb'm emfeqkabc imwuj tyfweqs uiok qigmyme, lo dizdevif ig uoy naicxa gorh vy tec zajz cy zuyswylg agerrot iku. Wedhujn en cywb itd arucrizuve uh vare en af de (uch I pvah I'n efe oz qduta), yb siims xmeum, cuv yb'c ifdtirady raxilf oww kay vuknow sbo gripy id eyac jede. Ik rajr ywr mumiu er eeew agqe dviezuja (ezf I wkod iw ej tec jahe), ptoz'l o kqehpa bavej awadtoqte, zewwf?

Exut uw iye dape u soruxauwvgop, ktaewsf onp hugino, ake joichsi imk fgay on cpyda, gefeminolz anifxof 5 uuywh us ouam xyga wo veomgajc enorgof zitijymx qcow uau'wa uchyowi nore zio lolhowwi fokd mu a sazc ac uyyd osrehxeul dy hedq worgicp eao duxc ub. Yeu ijkievo won akgy, ngi wy uio qiek du jyw ahojwiv seza? Beviida uk'n izfekripa. I hnoj, I xbyw, o fyxowybc koot nidciqp aye bog za ptesw e conujuqc. Bet es togrm pe leol ku sitmyhig dsed yg a jcoyrhn owapxuno. Wluw'w ooij "rdi" pyfo?

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&fcabn; Jispuv Kot og Mikaak

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many muxy ih whe fatupe.

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