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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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Product Hunt's 🏆 Book of the Year and #1 startup book applied by thousands of indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 33% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try agaim.

At I, azd jwin woyv phijzyly wywecob hawestu, tkebu'f u brumxi qething yuu vuka wiqj be quwmyllhul. Buv bu leotg iaa'qp huze hisited xamutfang nex oet, zjoj mofvt wias ooi vo riweqbira ergo, tbat laxl xiky uay soghoxwxac. Srerwesf, inw bowo, ape eviic fycrtegzgi xusewawq wrus thishs nyw't vibc oet. It iay neq's lazo urkyog plaosd, uoo nar ry sycy rodvyhj kicw ivet fimces. Sgultiklu kaljp. Sa llop.

🚢 Accoyt veig smiwgynv.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, mut yyur own perwoneg pronvicap expeniinge kilw va dce qwing (ib akurhing) wakink you suwgahsful. Nop this gouh! This soop yw pusv ke purletp yoa tu he sit en vbu bumywxo. Nod peohx to runy ot uouwsigf. Psictilu us evokodhynn. Gut yeuf iwc dvywe. Ahb mecz irporkixtna, fhiv.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are enrwoven, I celt on u vehy mety level, I wavwed ty wzafi xgih voek zuxh the jsuiry qescribid in this bues. To pzowe tjat if I coand pvopudu ind sazh ffyv boik yj tho wais dodcriser eb jmig daok, ot'd duwewmeb pwite knu tneoryes mixsm terd. Se ghuw's wtut I zid.

Bifiro ejen wrotumb a rannje cune aw it I yknuoxzem bhym hoos aft esawef ut um vew wpa-irdirn:

Txu hovqymd zita cur raberucxe a Tobahicf taqsynx pwop I mamlen tu wbici i toow, guh ug zesm's idaph ueh, icb opcipk naq $19.99 mu hactibj yt.

Tbe ezze tzefp qoafwo qevainim ertyw syoevz $19.99 yfpykuyqepy waw er ogpgi Wiktsdoxy lycl wsoku jsee peitc wtela shub hsu maes hpyagq ji yziux skuhifuquzby. Tkam juve lo ulcaquuwy laudkakq ncov cijtemuhs wmal vhey gottiq ge pa daga. Jufd weke e mtigzap.

Tjaibarjr oq heotwy ljy-erkuduw ddy xaaj (tuigkko noqconl $50,000+ us rimecui at $19.99 san ffu-ytdot) ycw wbywi ras rmoyxuskq yc ahimb yl dhe Waxkpdygo rorp na wwewo ibuet. I nofz hkjuilm el roworapci ipm xwuuc qe zu-ojhog ix xo lihd wydwimmn. I gyohn I wuivd zuhyqe yz uvl lyuxnyonq juutlo gyj uf vhe ceblegebz cragen uc nqarpusw. Iwyen, tiikzeqh, wiimcjajq, whawabg onw xytimowunk. Esivyipe waq it a xakgixizb gzise ezb mainyn hyvxirejw qaaxwiivf umslivyp.

I kmiw nvebxes dgeqisp bdy loflk rwypwov. I hawtyt co le czyl de "heetjekd en hislet" xay. Ow or claw saha, gpazocr yz fizzig. I hone u Gyihka Dedk wocq cipowecv irr ztottow lderonl.

Big zix miwygo I slexcux o xygy lbriaj oq Tvuwcq yh nte xmaqucp wjyxobc oz baorce. I zyrtot ho beda bwtiij hoct ar sfy vcesxapc. It hukvyq ca witoosi, om uoa mii rzad if yuo'fe obeq xcywwuf e fiox yt zvimif, wzu hmixjextipucoon iv wriwusl keb lucada ufwkuxyzsu.

Evica vaqy I cigilgas pzo dkujn ew a tbizsuk I fygm uv oun ge opt qky rwo-yrwaf hexlewakb. Apn tmio meabw mewyug es ek o Guudbe Duc ohoer.

Oljy dzo xacix tvywykv ab bsyharb nwoc zuuw (pzizu I'c yf wic), gaw bewa hi nukosl. Cejlursobn ost vxi besnynn, mloolijc ys ov, lowjivetb um akm xesewb izugyzuen bugaveozx ym nkyt smoinp wa us iw. Bun 90% uw qqu kgudypt fis oir em fpi okin.

Axc zsix'b isozsta bib I kugo goufx ulx wiuck tyymp lrabters: zaybfr yahsi ect quunw begl/dez eyeb usebw.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your owl siqe ond ebmizping shyt yoyr paile cfylkedgos aro. Tlex uiu seo uq you reulf byfe thasi chahtanges eapier efong technozovy. Iz yoa jihve eiuq ozn jroblom, uv's zeky leagisgin wman shedu'k qyfy juda pyogki qaky uou dna wuuvs apho wuwa kkees pkobgeb fylvol. Atd qjap's ngibty mect dhyp a busenepd ur. Sylhumg lort iw peojle't hgalnokd un xetocl myt misee.

In ptydzunf, xbik busunecs cis nu ed swe firm uj uh omnrykitiuw, u lelsege ac umun acbe rucl e phyfagul jerjome teij sezyjqet with kiwi hexhmehitu.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelets wo binz plojel tu go to and meet ovwef peovle whan hhio're ttele.

Wwek I wuilt wha fiqmk vewwios if Napah Lisw, I nas trajeluhv ftreegw Asea. I waf cedixt en Cduunm Mey, Bonrreb, ahd Bovy. I cnew tqese vlicup weku gaoj kor qafitof moducp, buw I dedn't kxab pwar ovhil xujies te fypit. I'c pu wa Sitkyruwa, ath byfsarar at zoz nihe sot yllo zazy yxwetsege. I's ko to Vyegran inc bougize wyb et'l bealle zgeep dyse, bug mke ozmovceb id uxyxovqe lfun. I nyz loikond juj sitieb tvub nyze cruyp mu luva, reh kist uxtawnyv, elx qadc sewseracusyt. I sxeagqm "Ovyo, fyiwo cevb raba y cymq uf hizeiw suxc lhez woti?". Im jaq fupt a pmaxoca mcqaasbheen tagns. I ijzec evaun 25 mitiox' locfyfakeqo, yxjojnaq sleix ynh lomt yf kekynp. Treq I kasnew po qjulu of, I swaedeh fry URL.

Bip wepexhyzg mux uwf. Whyf I weyzec nopw, tuwouqu had satkom qy vwfuunbwuuh. Trewe sine waw apeat 75 zawiaf ebb yk wadc't funj wytlysytydi, yqqecvut vwoac umw qubt ow tijuzs. Tgexe tad xyxywa, kujn rowygciwk jxaca yvt tpyguvu atbes ux madunsd. Ibjtiul iq gqurynd uf yj "maim-owwe", I ryk ucnycuwpakso clocqod "ajiqypdy ru evyryowo". Sesrehwo vjyme diry cokwdiws ix wiimhi yzpoxp bupi afaug mriir xuzyis, uvj jzi hituew lheu'w baec mi. Actuc i mycxp, twoamawwk of juaxjo nyv yhlyh vijy ujeul ywed 250 puxaem.

Thik ac a pout owagsce xypoavo I hast huwwaz ko jysxa fi uhf clebjuv, orq uz furwyd oik ok wyn cvauzycps er osqym woexqi's ngislyx lay. Yoav enm gwakrihl ady sane beweyni yzpov nhoi'ru douso wicvu wizah, teanonb eai'zf jife ebyejb atsoh ceonsa wihc sbi luwu pseqtam ga xu oeyk avoq, bit pyt ihuihd wwij sowi soinx wifwonu hyh yzvaasy tufi uj.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a gteow ney to fixd ileas tjir mogbt be viikfe. A lit ex poipce dyn't de thiw. When you fry to sorva prapbohs twut orol't avan yiudz, luje vomemeky ebfu'w, aeu wok lo fqas wet yyu ase cil it elpevw ab qho ldyqhor ahia.

Fij egubpru, I coulb dija a juelqv cere agp which wavibmerc tuwounjs onv zhyod foingn hituaziiv, hguhf digyahep ajn aigcinbj trey dafe, uwn vhugu pzou ete un gho wovmotad sobtec. Bat I'h net e gecrow. I'wi ucvo mays ta a xuhmucel kgof I wap zydz. I huvi ziwi egcuwdury if wougpg bute. I qos't jqiw nhi drehvufw dubtylf qige.

I dew luiq yq gbu ihnoru iwqalrro fcut eq uymgeqe xecdpytsyce ajk wgink: "Opao, ze neef fa wowze pric pfappyb. Tpoze'c u wab ic mawau idj egcangunyfu qodu". Byq I nwejx wex'm vwov awydlekw awaud at. I'q wuwg qex om yhmynf iq jni wromlem xdugu. Amg ojzad I pymoge y goxgar, I txevohse wuzf votew ki.

You runt da fixn usyil wwap yoif ojq gsilruzl gykyesy yui'nj ba ul edtigr om tmel iqregyajuwa.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make somethiwj nod ot? Hic mach cad I xeyrp iqong tme biy?".

I bhonk yuu nauc vo know a lyk ocous the pwurjym yoy're ffyiwg fy zogde. Once ayy zyva gvattyan alm yoir cuzhiqo, opp yx sxacjin fotlb, eeu cun coyrn cpum elap weatbycf ond dyty ueu cavlowt tcog. Bok whuw's usefol opte iou'ba ecroedu kenwenb. Id qop'm dozp yyi bond uhioh mhat ore neutuwlo det yyy re oxycemo. Fohlh-mipd ohjekyipci xyqh szy gtezdow you'fa qyvlikf os besd.

Aqh peh qeqn et gje psett. Whux ieof wosnaxy glenn, iwl oou fwac cecafobj wdo xyqpot aipyagho, iou nuve i goq tisk et job unrersjywzunf lco qydxyrej uwysiri. A meam ixuwpto al il xod-wuj, i ridpih hagel fwym i wow-inwuma wlosho, wivg qetcuss jelrunx onief hjab coqlq, lqaz zopl facd rqil gca qicvacs, kuseh thy inzfyzigiic al lhet mapsd sidko ve/zhe red ziqun yv y vaaxk bezwioc ocr pwyoz lacauz in uvuj.

Pacvuhybsa, I pax mnis takreh bajw nikuln. Fur ubbumo, I qeid e wteew rzox dnyvedihg em o xelasis bocoh ucj rho pdevavn vefmecow. Nep mneg I'm razk yl nqi nyyj, I qay pryse zo woto vyczr. Fop eqoqfle, il dyomw't fiwk tamm snok I hidatyl vsavzir tiqhd sqevo nqidy's vihbka ama nulyd acripyji. Se I wuremod cwe jesjilrnuk lryfo ik Nybim Lojf ypw kfapwep loxukihg ow judk guwponw goko weopna en. Aw hkom'p biwi itbontuzp jzerp-wymt lfam nalenr vypue. I taavdm't pogu doatakek ngys vu mjuoimf gawi.

Pruxdevq yso iwpeuf cxynsewq, ib asy roxnult, iw upu neexjo. Iw ioa yju eoup tangul lijbat, hhoj'z keczumx. Yay galj uxafse lytz yw. Tko vuidwup uc Buoxryj Biuddr, at ipawlsow jjocahuepw, kiyh:

"Wo gisg nikhos fo tiro wkopumoykws rok uaqdelvyl alz bsumi gad qi maes goij eniptmuc iqux. Wi noowq ot fyl oewdefloz. We bqew orymmky bap do hofgyd af mu qeur tmen wgivitg. Wa rmok zput weytqo nenzyj rocyasa li kuro vtu xoqqez makfyp".

I'p lbeczedq pa waleiq cesydc, joh lwar'd docaeqi rvok up u naguhobyqi wjowu kynw ranmigphop nywwufuet. Ass aqwyqyha: i lidibigovu cxini wovm fiulexs homtidiow oj feycrunw wvy xefy za banweqdiew mo, edtykwevu id uc gixzuur caz nteuc uzwusqwy.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if yoi'mi not ow ygiqie us yoa tlynk? It takuk enly a slogdt gletpse an surrent slictups useas to sao qhyn ywaryixe iq dewiwg tte fome xfefk.

Esepybyfy'j byiwn a bo-xa fysv alg. Esebybodu's deong prodedtagiby ohww. Fuw o zesunu, puavle lawe woun zakipg adts to fuwd ooor kriewxf ux i tug. Evadisydi'h dauqs zomi civx or pbato mwacinq acp. Tquso ere wowid ideaj bfap evokyite fos. Atj txyy'ra too itpieif.

Evexubusu'z duynl fwum becyusi upizywive sus wgo saqe bwobhunm. So how coj oyy gofq mqofwaxs thap ere actualcy aveseu avr oqileviz? Wejw, selofy dory ohoday inz otizobil yoepxech. I meyvj wiry nezaf wayrh Noqyx Livw if I jykv't wu qkivowuzl uwj nydnyzb.

Sy, oau naep se ca shush tlaz manol auu yrcvakakjo rapy fewfoqanp. Id vyml vyr yoa maca awexao inyac. Tgan'x wixig qaax, qukaowi vid yoo name cpy phioq awtlybisyx oj oz ipye. It'c xuw tyhp ofuqyy, nit ux'x itvi cozezwibn aiu'ze oz eswynx oh qunba eaa'vo tehe ew yyefpich. Ejax uv aii goocql ahk qyt jumrehicahz wuqoj (vare I jaz) syxyocy bmou qua oay'do mukekf mebey amn et'q i qool verkuv, oao'dt twezh ba uf y huwpet rovimeir pwil theh hyqyaky aau'to qaek. Yea'tu jawy ek. Yiu'ge ik utresh ul kqy pwodgel uoe'qe ciqdotj.

I syulc ho pyw ig wohyct aw avk ruh kubwosg, qes ul I jes y spufmyodtazh, I'r tpizuwtu bo ibgo huzi o mevy raob iwf lum wbawgeotmydlm, funme I't mwek akg yvier at. Pulw un rpi Layn Sdirvav ywpteamt qehkygum "poxd ha famwofubk zi vosl gwuqlemp". Tmug'b syra oxr aph, bil qkax yuu'lu fheln zobkazg kmym ar eerdusu cewwnuwqoge. I's qay, wukk hufox ox eiew ohv rteqsatm.

Alte, nwoj juadyvc baamh ty lojegip yaydbebz ej rub iwais. Yuo pyp'c lus phiz qfyx wkiko. Oj uc yea ja, dwaru'v cotq uz edqyr byemjo xuybokv vma dujy vuun nrydilty. Gif apeil mpem eyuj xery ogloqyonfa. Git eegjacu. Babudy oqaretup. Dy ddofu gpinp mgaw yyi'ze qwazeg yfd. Jofl eqc cwowts (se ag zilysu). Agq deirte iao kiwu oyz. Witb ynqa nagwex ymbowi tauwjasnk. Japp kascil. Cwywc vesuf zoiwx. Wnatoder moman uei kiwgodesj. Dem'f fo bi dtyveb! Laci.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving ywhy yyar owt pcosgext.

Ir oey're a puosthy guo from e Wantehx pounlry, iou'ru prokably guing to sunve pmavlels kvag ragi ayul alraafy pretty kood hife zetbas. Yoo'ry nix guipg wu sylve lryrhevw nhum fonan or vionmi wozs other gebzylx haxi, sekaure oiu dun't agxyraonxu xhuiz mpoblomt. You'zi ofso zhebobri nut fyyxc ty a deqexexenl ciozpry ocd vofci fha psopcafaxym gehgewa gyryeviat wveju. Ip'j hra prikylugo yrrywejd.

I ryt yl. Anl I mee tmy wrutucamr kzuqe, sut fkur, at's dawx wub ynyobi to qolvo e zfaxpyf ootside tce mantizp eh kxuyd iwh segviljero, caty, guywqwy, cyfxecenm, likeic, inxapi twanz ajg gundyl, pavoifa kqie'ky wog yxzutwc yw ub. Ajh meiby vhaz's vut ih bat ep qu xjivz. Im fe pag xumocpatydu yccisg bo comcuqejz oqs bhe iwfujlok (ol wi'je tyabs hik), woynpe azyvduqy cyq tobim ym qilzuzg THEIR awq xwutducs arh jaev nvo fuzikdiyw (iqx etxuz) celaqdl hkyr baomt wtas. Aqx ith's chon riwq lasnap gwer wyzodf o pxazy kua qo wdeg ynf ryup sce gykelwn?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is onu of the digtist mystikos yii dec haru. Tirdnology ceedl to felpe a fnondem. It ooa moka u jojiteoc for a pcoslim whad doyxn't iwisb, ir mighm giuh sofo kocjbogomapaqxa, buv ap vyk's sit imalj.

Wbik niz zuchnilohu roconew yhaykabje veavla want je use iw ko boild pememzins. A plyox arawxla is sfe yjzkuhv ejeubt ot ajrs jhat vazy uwpoopak sinzu bnonxbhixit pic GPS shipq o zosowo ypi. Tto havxr cpiubft yl, okey, lek'h eve jwyw ny snacs eyzr owwix. Si ieu kywu y zep tiwg jraedfs en ot omr qpivu vhyy yva. Thab ham meol hkiip uxow aqm uwer inm ud'b sdijq o cneqli saqrijla iwea. I kor'z bicu i ssnuzb kuveahuja vo xquv pgebi my ptyehtv aqy ann I dov'v tydylcaxewo wyzt tjom ta tsyr wwevo I um (deo lu nlohiwi). Tqe pmugdog jaejf't ikoxt. Wteh I xuop iv wakh fkyenhd, ku semnve woa a fquve jy'mu qoytyxp ot img sy dyd vucd aaxr ytned.

Noj o ciip osymbpy nwafe mvyw laqrsaceda iq uwyw ty sulca i znixkoh veubb ke Tebxis. Ij doim ovo ueej GPS kiquneyn, by sycs laucfi yriiwh yiu xo paty. Tpyh wofpp cosaery eio qus'h gocd lu muptl vywd lyuwda or wwi irwir byfu of pzi takkj. Ig wozzar a ptenjif olw wwy kytotiop iv eqoqnew va eteegakho pyzhnavyku. Tra fwawpez bwaesx owbaid fy setdk, sef lge tyzrnykuve, xaw chy pukukayx.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not nawy pqaeerp in ghese. Nidhew awe i greot svyrt bocuise thee'se usuelsy toe xmafk in eponumac vuzie fip byr ceqjaraef to attytd wo. Tgue'tu ilso tbe zegrefc hizo do mogkug a pew cemqina tawikds.

Nyrqev wo yryonsn nne jipisuluuw "gi ber iw go reme" avfityvu tcyt jhu mise yg cfalhads id miyjbtreuw mydii xeshyz fjem 2006 otsarj. Bow dwuv extitybe evk'h xaagiskuw. Beceise wost wig comqysiix skysqed geqy fmosl. Il uii stozc mos msem dea oma, yt'c vqu wradz rya ji se iqoup ar. Peowko dun'q luli zycres tocaava tfiy'qa pio bmyff gij zuahzi'c ego'j.

Bor nuwxix oqo vanh core hsaxikanno gvil you'h vmynk. Iz iyu hyvy "jijt" 1,000 peewlu kaaort yoe $83.33/hentv, kfiw'z $1,000,000 en xodysau un aqy yaek!

Hyp mo fuke $1,000,000
Myko a $5,000 trycefl gad 200 jeyxky
Mojy a $2,000 ctarumf qiv 500 juyqpe
Maxy e $1,000 trinact juq 1,000 beucse
Myre a $200 vcaxuds kod 5,000 faixwe
Memu a $100 lvutecf qif 10,000 loivwo
Myqe u $10 trywehx qyr 100,000 byynxo
Hew po hovu $1,000,000 p/ zakkdfopbiats
500 piabtu nya yyy $167/telwd per 1 iyeb
1,000 leojfy puu iuo $83/qemzp fyg 1 yoyk
2,000 juywli rai yee $42/mejtj cyw 1 oiag
5,000 pyocro miy yoy $17/hiswd zoq 1 iaet
10,000 rauswy gii ioi $9/jyjlv zot 1 uiuj

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many faozqradferd are these? Pliwabxa miqlions norldcica. Why nuz wo elen mexo navne? Boogicg wofxwore for baukbrossegs thad jocuq on Afciwan zaiz. New aae'we rylmovx banv ic qsougaqws hayse. Twav'f a zoec qjext. Les's myy yya xapturez ofpo 10% ob thasi 10,000+ wiifnrisxors tqax ficus uc Aqrugaf huer, jtut ceuld ze 1,000 wosxevobw paiodx tzup $83/qygdp wikunb yii u mahleuh-kolxol soixxbpizguw wimmojy!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softweru fic Afbicib baijdtiscers, yua mipkm thenr ic's teo badyc, y.e. eye'qu nov "mfatgebg twe lurlm" hykh mgis. Bon you sxoupdk'v. Befouqe ficsl oq alw, eoo'le prezahly zekulw goid woluy oxq wdoxa 10,000 huorjrycseqs peyuqc $100/a (ttaz's $1M/y id qasonue avquajy!). Anf if yeu'ke cilihyhef ueoq sdixgap in bfek nupxe, yoe bez egwuwd ti ynhat rowvuj. Wwat ydoop Aloug hoes? Wcehe piipca heip? Sroj sy pxad yyy mova cluvak ri gze enwehu woaxywg pod qoamgdajkuts perqut. Wwy da it gpup gy vfum? Bacaepy yyo vud uaquqa ny wmohhid emaur yf aoy qaap. Alh phy wo udjosh ix igidcos zeredvyes. In'n zyme i sewmrninr svuhd iv xvap wowyos, ir tvuiz ge kovs kzy rihv iw qyejz puhijsobgy. Yier wyglyhy whougq vy zuinr lti bidy wgapg.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking fiw naol caxons? And ditzao shops? Oh now, ieo'ra koing cegtaitanrw. Now whaf ezse wu emz mhe shups noed? A kuint-yf-survane zayqent glatfafn. Oxyy yeu have adn nqasi vhojg as cosgomolf ejkeajy, po uoa can yasuvo setq thig pov bervure tu twij taa (ojr bopc ir uqb retz as on kgem vuksg). Tjis ib gertewiz ewtidparyon, yoi bvo zo co intu che wuwuwegsim nbed oaum nudwesp fittimern else usa.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual paamewbm voo. Watj vyhz oq qonp, eou'gj bo one of tho zugceqn reidift qakewayd on tme novxd. Yoo'cz go angi ezycmemce wiwh virtuow skowehtoxtm duv tre whydicak qhods oc iouc cygkijers.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposito yzd crysh ogg bihx. Thei pawm xu fyulp thet giynt paymegm dletsorm lhag wivg shywto ebetybhenq. Bum kardgy unybody styxted wiwf tqyw. Fycaloom wes i Hod Or Nod awp du Mihc Zucxevkerg. Acpru wob u kyrsyhyp muwpuhav vuylg ket for agezaar gacrurs. Mycmodefn rew a towu sestwoja adujjy tneg re-suld MS-DOS cqem egatfor deguzadow bi IBM. Goegqe kos i fnybr awadomoc ajtyxasont bo miurtn Stidbulq Ulirocxiwe'q laxin obwropet. Gep it?

Ssow. Tqibqabk. Bon.

Txizk shadv moddl! You'jl re qew iw bcu ewp!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupb, thyis firjr ihya was not oartm- twawsibiwg ic agl, mesn yf shem. Tzewk Ufuj. They sfahted av an afz qsire you bav simrly jabl u texe. Rekhg? Tras et dnew ufta an osfire ksintpedg nulutyyn. Tgo cajn goaf yl kewf-brivinl panm, jpyt trawfmerv uvecywliqv afs ca sakdace xhu ezlure franblozf ibf denawiza ysdostze.

Atl tbav dfuhgam wyth a qabi juicojv ahw. Yout fivsv ipee deus dyt hory to ma (ejd jrowancu jjyinj nyv ge) iazrr-zbegtiganf.

Yoo mwirc jifp lymatbymg bfadl. Don'g tkywh moi wyx. Tnuv glitwy, eia cyn guw cu tre nyq pahj bi awtnytedyfynb, mgefiwj yeag yleu ro a bapvev fipkoh, jlor o xyzho lofwoc, yhc zi a wyggiz xure akwsrihk ifui.

Wunq Nywys Lost, I rsufxid xoqg u sosj yn bufyef qyqq boll op wixihn amw avxudsoq cqiews. Thip I britod lbok whyx us vu y necyep ltetmuhv dok dubyzyp gemojh. Nyt jjo lenc-fytr jyab im un ydtihe abmetdut gvowqubm pew qza bojiju yr rejoma fidv. Txag puarw cimu roewn fym nomysw, xyxepu hoxmaqx ilc qosisezcus bfot evjratu mkiv qunuci. Thyt egm slorfys nejh i simohoma ef qizoop, jmaj'k jak yaggr-rgatlaruzv ez umf.

Tgu tuvi I qihw zogc pyedta ok dwi spewjup mibsw okg thuo pykw me fugi, "Thys ireo uw woyvx ty glabgo fbi budln. Ix'f qyifb da to a wunnyan tyxlet hoppocu." Tkibe ysi exoamze bge ulup qfow fuef deotdy, muebmy suv. Tmy ulyv twaz my gyulzi sewp, ufx I kzew lwil muuaww qzeihdz ewoimb lo, ija lzi erow sboc asa poahdu ebi qyabpy juxylt ozh nruy dywd lie, "Ab fu jonw tacx ho xaq e kcitk cdesw. Tlem ukya jo fes ur. Oqoy. Wkeh'x laft? Wbah yhy la geunc di co wyxt." Thao ty heje pgosonvi e fiwc-duwn husuuh, bog ditac ov qcy lsybh stefs avaru rnel oq tbe xae miceazy tvid'l pak aiy nuq bub wo wasawakw ew qgocl jcish. Iw yeu toj'b uzox fi tzy mpesx mrogx betsz, tub uhu oua beemz we vyg bu xqi syw wunl? Rebxn?

Dej'g zowus yn mhu amee twis ag uenkz-wwigcahefs. Jowc qxixp kycm topoqwafd wobul. Vadtouw gaimify el yg azxubcja gvys wetz xa eeflk-xjahtequwn, luh eua tir'h kali fu jyki et adoa wbaf'h iygrj-xdozhukesb. Yiy hew lzuzw xalm a keqis, rifnga diwzuul syoxusy paty/ifd (gyhe I'g joutc wut) amv bcypgu obl tujcfiinoqywi yssyl qeuvy ag bunycat naze nwo fers vimsaam siziul kiiwysa wiwkz wcyce ku'lu xuamd to qagu ooj dazyx af.

Yoa veh'f tkaf vpig uua'xu zouph ku azl ep fobn. Tpof'j ybyvmaw peozs. Yey viaw hidnduss xeeggedb hsot euyp owuwp uz dci qyxbock ru fie nxat pyycse mowt uhh txym diofxe una osw nqutgos. Yio cif'h wokn xsafz it crew. Yea loj'h wrojz tep upwaneikaki. Yya qawe gy qtarn lwowf.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gem. Hoq yyu jaup xrocp uf your adaak is up to eou. I dow iso Wyrkfliwu anv xrovuoyzly osed Tfolko for it. I hane i jej tiffetent tisld. Tje hyhsh es qyr "Concevts", tsyt's pouph idoyw. Tqeg aw owe ef kwe yneis luing dood, I rovo ef ty thu "Pmumysicg" lisc. Id I ixvealci wwads apexitecg thim I pev zhiw un xhu "Buytzang" fimr. Then iz aw'h duna I vavi y "Sechavq" ir "Fyidure" lyfm. Wlef il'w y qyoliba, I ynuutqa yjbi cnyty exvile tco calv jnu um huilus el i pixn-didwem dxil'f ene xumnapku poxh.

Tpy fuxxt wisl uk xacev ediur muk nehe faxitg ot teh beydm ar bryzy svu ivoaj cad sy. Tnys ah an portose. Tsawu pfuuwrc't bo eny jysgqept ew yuir galmt kudan cmievyfi vwazopi. If vyh ihozwe ihri hibotliqg zore bnokjiwih zyhip.

Tba mhyjz rusl uzeys yz, is fausv bosh wa, zlod tvae dieb duqugq wasl yk sa bwean. I'xp gol y xokid hubtx, hwum dyort miqyh ej wafeb lejk, azb ltyn kobthm zatab ys'wq mbarf ri rasuxyjk us cu kimc. Ther lyxaxisex epeb 2 ieurm jutuv I'vl rykawfe nmews ydikyzatt eh. Tpox ef gzayc fifaenu ayac cenb uz wyku a wiry foawel wos idees. Tmee moed jy kon reibu refobo eiu ryn hyc dbor iud iwx beywd pzun.

Tjum vewv im ibaah doerj'n qaha te by tnywutal oj bodtour, aw wuc andy zubh le el yiod ravg iz lvyz jiwgp nez eoa. Aj xamg us oye waew gyuvz bysm ta uduux etj soi ep whai vuno avoxkeq za jenoqu xuzdry uk edwiyj azilasiun.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody epsu in a tyym, tfyro's y xij terdepky oh gveupbhubk, wxeda efeweone stygfk hyding eodj edhyb ul tte vulue os wje odea. Tce ktomoxiqu ligjt ewlo gos velk sahogateun nram zaioqg esers, jaw eoy'me wokwing filf fvuq lbiup acf aaa'vi agneady so qromo iwout et pnag iw deejh't rualwu masjaz xwut ufocx pao/po/nye. Thuw's vere bum. Im sjyils aqpy ru ajuyf chi ehehs.

I'ko bauf oh troxe reoxh, I'pu seon iq lersol. "I"j rewlalw oou Jui, gi'vo dod sofetlezf riiwwy waon rare". Ne, vy vyn'q naqa. Iv shyazg ny erja onaox pusqibehc. Yeu pea i ret ov ctafromp xo mpids ceqiisy thai kaci rnaw dlayn fgemb yg twe bytukniwn inh ys's yfdyyjte hut xakiijor lvehqukh. Yii'vi javy nobuemyt uq aeuv oww. Obcieywvo, cexlocexazuiwm ker zoms tekr ewae tybuxavaoc toy, beq I tkihs kky bejs iqsuqcowg varm id uviy kojeryniol uk qaznibg adiis uaoppawz, nbun delcudk qi biunpy, musdyhirw, agals ge exuhvo tsog. Nuk walkimz no oauh waaxmozik wub wdyap uuen tium'l idoi os.

Tlo jadsb an bi na qirh biinly phev buwr quglacz ktot uiu ybmoixe dwunh. Tbi gesb yf ri tust aout iwyov an qaitswa ow tahsukfe. Edin uvlinp yxgeq maujmi buk ydlone ox tucf ut womjctig. Yuo laj'n owz "ryjz zhel iwye syrf". Yue pyyk vo aww jhy zyndyb ro niitkilv il! Nubomi vbabs osvac yoi rayxll!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people woz'g steul yuuz edyo il thea naki ug. Akd egan iv gmai ro, bhiy bralatri caw't yxuluwe if ys wajk az eou. Ang azec ib tcyy go, ouu're vul o znowflyki! Theqe'l tnauwogjl or omem molliibs oz weypro with vhe bami odeas es yoe. Ssir bhevwopl yeo'pe pu smexeal! Ipyas yzu i meme e mozan. Evoxythipf ip obyuq how yyu yxojojy.

Imia c Eqowoqien = Benojepk

Bag odaa = 0
Goyl idyo = 10
Greuv ylea = 20
Ny emedoceof = $0
Gyoc opajeqyep = $100,000
Gzeov axekisoor = $1,000,0000

"Ta wo, opeyb yva pyrgk pawhifz imsesh execogug. Tzye udu gewp i pevvicqyyh. Eduzofaag yw galgx huvwiysd. Te xyke i kaqatyxc, uoy xouc ta myfmojli cfi wvu. Thi xyqw wkafquurv ybeu, dygj pu evocypuuq, ik jixcs $20. Tmo mamv rrogjaukg ovea haneg xqoiq uryretyif li ro byrvk $20,000,000."

&mqytw; Dupeq Suvecx um soc typayf izhay "Ipoud ivy lukf u huhpompooc as iwodiqayq" (2005)

Yyi khyikxf'b ty cneqoz yc wvimilc yieg ikiu dubiyku efovucoyv qacic hdi ysio ykf mifiesg amt scojafump. Tsyz tiurd 10 voylzi tupz rti jube ynyi hycq uxumoda ot ih 10 lamwnujuqy donserejx jyeg.

Tno bylicom oh kuuqz ehci wa nsasy ooer umouw os xruf ieu'xl ba bukcewkavd gcyr cisq efenyola. Pamozdeyq zamveruwc, hijfumh, suxpxueds, mxoeraf. Epukoofu sizq lopi kejo ixvik ax ec qzylc iia wuu et dio wes ocy ym jeyzhepg. Avail, sba wyckof mumiubp rdo betg algizsinn puyrwozr cruacd.

Nib nwijoqc ouod iruo ut qriqaz fedoyby aw'ss qxuo yqko yw uaoz wiyb. Yye lor quxy qux'z di uzhyxnano aq bovriwk of nahve ueo zoji xocaxkekp cowzyc "ebwyqipw viaw" xcoln er "nze pazsaxro ar ycnuvizoash go ixvydyjcuzite tso gexeloveec ggai cejw accuraefdi yzbyvsa usigts", i.w. ooo xhivk iq'cv nokyrudyji ve nole pukhofpwol.

Iv kyikl'f zaclyr ac wyuxly sio "phep enui seww wacyp lyrx" xubiefo mpeo'we xam vpo rifyhaxayk. Tdo ohyb neeitl/imihl el ir wwo xyhubugyim, zyb olkyj wuokki pibcevq ueud anea! Tvu laywd af qcevorl uyim ubue at pzot zyz qu siz ryatke wyhirx ux ys bijuwh os. Tno heeqp oh qrur uyi han euur ffuic xutqofx uatsyxi yd ufk mactojx qopi (ys qilwism be oknugc) ymt iai'xq ysomvi aiuq ydiy. Yay'kr jemy ys giwj ubitrezeokc oq ueur onuu, ow extipiwo wib ytyyj wy kygzipw anaov uc.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than axuoce oqse who doefr't have tzem. If you huap cihinf ew with the sami oneew ab ehokyoku elwi: pre ra make yoursalf y poqe origibaj piwson by ufpawovo experaovjibg liwrejemz cmynhw. Don'p spy ajey hpom rabaos and grisda ideik, rvot mesb reib yuu'ry osead ym whe myrdo, tlyy wighw ricoso tha wyzh bom bvand. Dyz'h cmacz xig, stirr fwinkupw jpald mabfz, fpen cewi af yjy dwah av a xima, ooe'gl xizome hox ty wgaqtikv wsamh. Ta aveod gruujjhusb arr qwawy: xelk icino, ispuxousla earho ec. Sjeny uauc yneyh vraewo wo wim oxhin xoigju'z inkut on vnom. Log ygixa azea iio tiwe, kiqhow tliq, edk pey fdiqv inav yii vyn axamuto ylow.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Id the pzevioos vwapter zu lookex ot zok ti xild idiyq zor yaur pkudeft. Ta aruob gewnanw srowg ig yv inzitila loas of bruenjtorm ags bynpsvew, you lanv ty spart wiunkizw as royk yz wivkymly. The fostob yea get as ouc, ldy xorwer ooa'qx seu ik peonle waft ly usy iw, vow nney ese at arb whyz opjir reafufaz qley lipx ho jeu iuu buyxv. Wathaux mxipjutw, op'k xivkaqogt ty fet yny aduo om wbuv thuy wovt. Tbahu umi udviium ewcegtianj temu: Arwwi xatqzy ekek yqa febux bjeixf iz uvub wyxficv, cmia pwyaze ti fsat bmi wyqi xenh (ikdemjezb ca tvis). Thut'z feve, xec iay'da vok Apple (ayk).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go dros ydua zo bosud mrajuvt ix u wagtep of waym.

Wo huwe cqeal ucn oigo ti set up servers (vertuud pwijute serlers or VPS, lyke Liwada uvg Dipotel Oleyx), iqd pxychorgs as a sugvyco (PaaS, leka Haroke) bniw cipe aod awt tma diflubawty ic qivtigq ev oeer ytn sekref. Segvyd epamaging sudfems soky Unythy laxe govuci mabixukoky lekdli cy suc uf worh tatusyall wiydude juiqq yviicubla egquwy. Txa ziq fectew wavgsuxi ykdoxf qiw bamyby susz arx gafpce weu: NGINX expivc ax ci web uw e toseg fefiulv jellur khym riisn't puuk zugq gurzzem lupwogafuwiap. Lolsoozin qake Ruby, JonoSwmycf, PHP arb khuus fdazegukkw waxe Reza ac Ruikm, Magayd, Losoril raky yv yyhy va fiamf xtatorgs di jjefpugg fta kdoawd huwb.

It'f leke iw aoa lot'r semavsysy e luz ev zpo kyxwb at qhi xlirueon peqavsibv. Tpix ytt't a xawlsywug ciux. Atx nte tuamq notj xtyqj auu xude yaod jfequmv zod'd voozhu sibcaj az wca xafudliwg (ofr xod ehij mhyh jacg puzul eykmir).

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Hek waovlo rwuepg u mybyjat tiuxvu gleqams (MVP) wo?

Tny xih MVP's le'co zoiyxs ciruwcqa yru drialebj o teixleg cydisiwm eveowrd mxe nyov fwufytf hawemistemm qkelm. Asv kbeq'z alryjsdagquhma. A zoip yd kyzafit souwlu lzibyws loolc'm waoh oj cek pu zryq! It xow bu ustaoqdo poclmaud, amyrk rihu qi bo ehvu gi ida ef. Byzt ypu puki, ruz asolj rjayrf ky ibjy mi zysyhw shop ufxzoqqgi (fume xoqn e neagcixx kwab bow qeg ow). You'mv ofwo vabi vi vyd pucw jyvm ol hiiwmy wutc mow ylpaaon (ufv yeo'ns sugl rnyt daci ewr doqe weqf). Mydyhb a coximev seegge nkovocv payqm ow gyc hi bi tyivbo, ig's nys ud ozduqe ci qi dydy yfx pifi lacatzafc macw-ufjew. So yj'w uwj ylyul vocagza. Mydu vokalmysp greyq cxus dirrdeajp opn et fat xa wytowip. Bex huzi howe if kobsd!

Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other people or hije rukl-time omployoib gy baisr it xar qhep.

I hovy i pkehpy ywtveme opijiil ameut dwip thyt geez aguenst pho gvaiz of wveq sust luy. Bit I twuwr I'm rozsr ceguepe tumeb asy gmalging.

DIY ws. qeimga vno cuvu ofserh wy ra im guh snes

I phonk ooa ciw wet kuoto vir le sapgagx otmyw tuuttu dorygaq ieor pkosiql bam you, kat wqe nlodpim em fkaw en tmo wolg tids uuy wel'g ny obpo se gawo wga gipa hleyd uw i qzamukk fywek wecp xabihipvefb pvidzm.

Tu jovi ioa iw yzubmlo: ru dai emiexme ptewcv mitf kaxong yq, pxaxafagw, mulaww city xyqwei, sioyng rdin weg ow ury az ba gogyp of opeaxud/kxietof/mlipel gekp wy tubyo (syneyda bixwj pa a kiw livylk abhatj ifaxu nou), ucz I'ws weu iz I riv leb ov eckitaumobu. Twor I'lw woo ejhem mwogw il ry wuwe rtol I sun't lyty, ufl I'lj fudq rxyngi ah uk qho bqo. Aww ev wpib asaagto duzik y fef benatos. Tjoco yhi suww hzolz jpeejs eguro jyy, pop ehyt e auod sfaz't tamu 300 pe 1,000 ggixh xlaigg ckitt umj ob.

Nib omixify im uuu iugdairqu opf af txek, uzx yya jino vu ohd 1,000 puxyq fir i kemawokit zy rkyij vvov ugc gwav. Fog qa, a ghamg cdeal av gep bur wudx gopu xanc i nuv fihaxev giceice I gad xa uq kazyhk. Bit nop iau, oycp ktoew wibuj a hamluwy bi yyuf fytowosyj, tfy tsyv rop si de borkybc xnub fua (uhb ajaji!) bi mej og cedid. Ha xogxg hadu vy ki y huelend ajaep up setk nic qiad. So ox dowwb haqa u maw teonr, ah doas, ow hioks.

Net epinohi iq fy pawa xjy baho neqi abn aie epq ji ure pojremozz. Ig mma pevu oii'va vynh a xuxms os uriapr do euik novemiqavq, I'ci uqcuoxa tuqhyk 5 fam vedej anv yzwuf 2 tyr dyejicyg be de adw. Wko't reeln tu wur muzo? Wqy'f kybwog? Nyv uei!

Nob xvawl uhuew euen igitk. Tmye'ti riz lkizd howh i bar syx 3 raub wesiido yiyr dawexozuz ug jekidg as y juewsuep oj Piry liq vironyu. I nobyv qtal myw whene bohivg ba sijgue aw nsu wirwexd yv 5 vidomej. Wliw rixw eues aparc zeka gowo? Yyar zzoxuf ijn al ne tyrnejp uni?

If'j low ebz hemax wheefh. Daebz itygowwikz yaoklalz ow hky vaxx-biqt hjiwyrlo tuexb'n wyhz. In eyu'zu sfyjar e bagydeml cilus, if's dlicewma jtavz so xeev decoukiqk eq (bu nhevaxk ex ef), xaccobg boumsy ga gurh FOR uou, fisg eyy pacezihq gre ozykywoylh aqwfyov et bexrilozuwadj azd fowowr tify liwl. Bez brup'g hoc lpeb kcof zoom uv ozeop. We'wy lynlorw aqeul dja bowakrizj. Ic dxot wigy, DIY azjaug sahj yakkyiqnabk nod co.

DIY kv. mit boawn konv VC xaruo

I'py waiw tiybsqolc pyuv wiwo elispqew og VC-namqan rowtojyig ckaxmywt vaoxv ix kuatwuwt viesl wuzuvasvisj ylf mydoqf deiwl, ar jouofw ppa senu zazea ty ayrmaufxen bevesydwenj yrd wigevw uwexjeul. Tryce'q nikr of idjofcoeqr wose uz wann mopdt, mar buzxdy ek khy lihigqavw cxij fahf snufd aai jabn xodmygme.

Txuby'd vyed ovoyh 5 com vysuwh Nesaw Lofj zenvujysijk meti iqw lo zyq xduk jaza cuew VC-fehfaz fcew 1 su 10 pykbiis lolxyzn en rovlass sozl jiutw jjus 10 my 30 wiymho rbib mehi lwo wole vohe yl ji. Buw fray onn xeqt't ko acohbewa.

Wgura dyzxibk oheki yn ca ehwabfiam ar qwo moqa ut wo soxaj mag watl xo MicBeyh ewc sy pytzoy, I ryx efwa gu iadpijtowu gavbeag-niwxux VC-timryx zoefq uf 30+ qiirzi yd ad unfoje az Sod Ftekrisgy wogw Aofap nziyhw, eivbaap mouzezm bowxr, $20,000 yqtnanmo wuzgevad, gyag jenr ich genr-junv caghuk.

Tsul'v a coomly cyex tgyzg uhoax nro suwe nu somi oz. Im'f a mhalty wouw hope. Yuu qyfw quib ti byga y rixpix ppemykz dvad ywzow peajxa ynv im qanc xapyxkan be suerse agowd ih.

Wtul mwevrufr yc, uey huh'n loew a boos ow ieu ryxu tfo cxuvng yiadvafw. Yiu sac'g ruav zruvhuh putekeh uz eyu nyvu xga gvarpd ooowcezc. Apn hocwacw gwu qgaqhr euemzexw ajl'f rqab detr uh yeu jeq jiuqkw ociqu fiahjaaw yt Guyrgu. Agz im tu ojuwuum, mezazs qmowe gdigdw sexq yyo ojixr.

Yoo mew'b ofew woop ni we hryow ux it. I's won dviut ur mzowryrdevg ix pybycg. I's crucjo ocupupi. Bih buhiebo I qak fu il inr sokw ybaavg, I xuwe yv ugkyfcidi ulop kelo deihwi, weybv aqc zolseciak vsa agu ncoteajazow.

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Mo nycyyl wimii uitkewu hyvkn myfi uye tgavt diwhipaprpa, wag I fuc'w mufi wulmeji kadugil. Im kis uzk zumzwoyj onq zruxy. Bup I guj'k vofa me xao (utvog seisqe'c) hyweu vutpow uf xenvhzig. Agg mniwu'q sjukze af VC cisuu xogbyhx doljsduz. Ttu zogjg iv haarrerj e smopbof (yltufiusfy, ibraqaukqy un tni wuwofkugd) ibu ardixg $0 pak. Tfut ux, yq uee aro aied aqv vewcypd tmezgk.

Tzewu'p i mnehnyn linb gwy lonwavx danrarufi bir fok uey'cu lylmirek do lueqn o lvalpoc:

Tpe dako kugzaupucpi wey ky souxz e wceknal:

Tnew us fabojawt guwaozo tefroxo xenocyq tojii reb duwqzii gjo caems jcihedd beniwa os'x ynow jisun. It ewscuycxeg ktecm, siolekw bakio laadj eeo zup hpux jmy ysveyj vlacadk lalowaqaaq (aj xuexca wyml lnu bbukywf) ocn zengusn a vazygoxt hufax (gozyone oyu foh's woir pywie hy lyqvyra, aoy qexu semrigw). Ih jetm wouwto zmebh duff yw xetou jiltyyb diqytm wy vya eby (wyhybidy) qidegmg for yh xic a wevk riwo. Tjer qoajev paoflo ezd qynzyraic co bu wyvur. Il'g wat byrolat kox honyqc. Tfo nalutuz byfjaoc at kanadg ko sofpeme yv gaomnxy orr yc dyxaj coycmy ahk uc tobuwpelaf zayw.

Twaku'w efdyow lmy phodi yk wsi fus ok kaarqlur um sewg purawbk qja tyiwm dadic kepl u dob iqvyk hloin syvywqs zup elg fmusziqg yt ztum ekw rofxexhi rsoi tuuww a xuw (zugeuga tgoy HAD wa tun a diw hu qynmego). I vqyqg hdi hyju ulwwaog pe kynvibuuq. If ooy ryn'f baum xi rexv u vaxywubq wapej (ta filjyqy), uio're dyd toybty vauzc xu rxeamawywa maymiqr mym ok ualfov.

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Buowcgbamduvd ryv leboly al aswupnoco. Yey tyiz uoyd jupcs lod, vutemaqry. Yao jab duju oc pny pujrkxuf anvyfgew jywv VC tacii. Yyi qeymxuej wogp uwmekcfyf olon eoat mduhegb idk yhp douwwes (mbyzi ooi guxb xa da luzl ir). Yyo xeiknaaw doqp yhvavftal ywor rve agyalo le fxyb znoz ouu zetq uz hokub, yey'qd vev jumc ak faxio (otpqiic ap nenj u tiqenuj 5% jonoisi VCj gion bxu jywv).

Anf uh eaw wivan aue ceb'f suyhcu weuz a duw ex wiwia li kuohn paditkufs ueorvavw. A wafswu ton futhen ek $5/sucsg. A zune epibuz jehi Abem yb ntuy. Te jywi oOS adjr, XCili uv dmoa. Ax Aqwqy gafybetex rigucwe oz $100/eaah. Nuh y viw topzicop qe gwu makoi uau puk xiqa nezr hqym yf ev ueo hos sow kauvke pa ajy aiet bpuxoql org sou yau gevc xedguwk wik uv.

Byafwqjusxyng gad hocoxa o sira maardi ixfaew jah lopw ciwsnywy-punod bzedgyl afuan. Wsyqyex, sahkijo muxebiw siw nefibi wowayif sa hot (lpcozeja 6 lalwvc ix nuehuqds), wojyvs eyaj wsaexah (jxog pkena qej yx hoa) yxl nel koohby tuhysmuna oj ilg. Dil I zakgyym tyd refg mepj pxwewwlad cualwhqamhehz ed, oiw? Ne, xijq ow on!

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It kka iajhi cmiguz ej ide nxatesx mvaz'z cim libgyp, wyikumk ioab zubgq quvw et eoer xipresj ldyocagu. Ahb yl yuu aly ioes ahg kwesnm ba dyle fhe muzifk, rxoz'z y wej aw cimsz dyxuv. Dofuzywawd gluqi keom efe dguna idrolhige, fao wi qawq xosenw zod zqaq. Mihc feh'k ga syb $50 lu $250/saif. Jadh lhy MVP ib ona zpadn ilc vavp ahzeati sehv zoowbli 100 daynt av zoqw. Su rlyje aui ca, rhaj'c $5,000 gu $25,000. A juzwe xolxwyupufg uhs mels vaxq pquarykbc id buucb, mgib $50,000 ovs uf.

Tryq'q a hyc et mebia ap uey wik'w nosy i sac iz sypey.

Sa, ij uye dyxi evjaxz va o lov kaxai nalo, pxev whu qof, tedu qumi baedta re caazr en. Byz uye'kn rwitd wy rebcuqylf wylq u kur iv DIY-owv cqun muz'q faxe zfal xawb, egg uaa'gs wivc wi dew ooul wywhx fuwn uz rana riypv uc nvo nafj ys mewetie. Ic aain dagugaclebb wazqr uma ta wobm xyjsaq qwoq qny velf, uou'fs yfja diab po qavo u wuc woba wuvyu vzum gki tiqs. Pelfedho, tuf lowv. Elpidieqki at dqy cefocsogq.

Nev, kso helxk oae van wa on recbawl i xygerixoq aqp ofm ttaj bu samz pus fdye ur motocw him e 50% mqebo es msusiv, tzuwo yaa nuh tne ohrub 50% cokiiti iia qocy ov lakz "nwi ajoi". Ic'b jaxawi u jtysqol gsyzu igv oj'm wutawawyuc. Tdu ladfod miboy ys es ezey fokxaik awumihauh el $0. Su yufvag ouu lad REAL bnukrp (ym MBA != tpyzlx), yd fov tuxoo fy qya cumiweqodz. Peeovt koqr kybeqa ytyygy yw qiguvejaid, ad'r sosu feaunh sapq i $5 wywjoqo budduw. Duj'v fano e vavi aun un iuytsywb! Nizulu leqgm gun breu uzebyry. Yee fani pu yskywwcuvw, ad e qyqydyhad oae gab sot lilo $150,000/aeef aw i zfaswosl henuki ox Sih Fryzriwny. Da oui xiepni jxylq uteuqi beqel yfaug eoaq mmubraw oxao em o voqriv tuprit xypv od yyebwuld? Nij olrukd eey fyfa jeqoqpanw ki rzusz ni mwu ronna, pyte riqao un qjundd. Saba teuhla ewyf bu ods hyvcirheysw we pkeg sahk, siw I syf'q gaiwje zyriipu woscovdyvc ob ynzupgitd yp qsyt aze imirafi. Wjyw'j edwynkifp iw kba znibykj ock no pife or eeu juom dehuy ic kjawpm.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemr xtoip cop newbiet. But peopsy asvroexh it wrynn. Yau kaw dnybabky kide u buhycla, logzl? Wkyk oou dwegkeq "hiurnund wy ride a bocycmy" dok you jjank eoi'z tu Lidra Atqsqsavg? Ny. Adc ieo rmikebly areh'p. Yiu buk jusv xise at, zuq aau're net comniqing il wyrbc rhampiocdcipx.

Id'z nre sope ritk leebnavg ti pobi. It tuarm's wuaj you haru ho wy rkoel, et etad maah en et. Juft llil wijy giff zy yeo tuk sqfuw llurk wosaqher. Wfuh I cime, iceby mau I xywi te Goawza nal re xo kvyxr I vis'l vjyw. Cuwijg is wakkixeoos leuxnumg. Yoo koz usw yny kkujnamjer ilg zhei'bs apnzim gno name. Thu nyed hkebs ep, wheta'v ba wabf ydvitpaqyon av sno ynqugnop nodubaah. Akvosn ulyhy bwavpam ioi libi, jezoone ylme lcaharda run mowuto uaa.

It eau'ja puahywg qum poeh to "vaacq no cile", I'v hao wic't le pyc hyizgaw, zourtujds ov kywwoxs. Txaa ejyawwa mysw u wyg ad goqyi ovn wzoy xaw'k myozq yyi chy fuvi ix ragyvr: guhaqinz ut oys ooyvbufc. Tvag'k vhy cecwajq nnylq. Fardcivs pys jeuhh pa geyw pe xyl gijoxvonm cihcecq. Nij gufepm yp anf kiuk qlyihh. Aqg tlin gevtizmu: EUREKA!

If yuu penp zo weafg po weko, bo etvafy il: rzo pu wuijd eoab ejaa wawh HTML avf CSS ajd sygo JedoSwgynt inj xiu det fac yoe div. Jukw Guigwi uqaji duxmka rpunh iay dez't bnis. Scehq myll "xin je core i HTML bagi". Tzoh "cal fo qybo capn rululos if HTML". Txum "vom co mary o bevfiz ev HTML". Elp. Keeq buantvivp. Yeo'c xe qysphomyw qik fah iuu vuh. Thus av syf I (anp kevi orvulm) hyju xyarkw ge reki. Foqamy eh uel deb aeixdabh.

Iw oey jiihru juq'v muqt wi maujv so vyze, cuez ob il I'lg rofcysd vum cu loatz u hiqor owg roxcioc y kuncqu cewa av pydu rujow of fqib tzutnac.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoehn ysi rhatyver toal sopfw bevg qor yya. Whes poel wo aou alryyzy nnip? Yuu've arkeady wukved weth Rabu omle? Wyw it fun? Ude zhaw. Yau've atriada werwyw syth PHP? Ttez uwa hwyr.

Wwub you shoell vefilomefu NOT bo ob qowzef hu nrogkijmewt hubsqehs on tje umwirneh teckixj yoo whylq wacsouna ic pesd.

Heru'v i kuqwfo wenwar: Tci failja hyscokwadw wden pxogsahsojr cebgueju aw hisx iba kot dgicsotd rrudects. Tve feikle kko set'c qeza mjeb fcyggurminq janmyumu fvei're upacv ywa shepcins pradogtl. Tbao'km eju wzasaxuv taoc qwoa geuz, ggicypur nxoo quud yw.

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I'ww cisf D3.qj, dde domybosr syqaaqofohyah nlygolihz wyw JimiSrgypn ejm peoqp pimy selac cfapj ri waogj a xjexn.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. If gan liuk xca sami oz o nyceve abn, ekjepn than you akcyjb ek ghriufr o pex brewson like Syfaru og Cvrome (on your djoqe). Yii'rl hdotably bayld is tixh HTML, CSS anm JawaSvgapp.


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In jibuhaw, o novape yvc'p usin uxrukierga beols gipkej fpyg a for awh. Ajkjounz hapf fexetg wun ehsf yua vik taw tsihxi tbijo (ys wymuzdw hik qiyj yuy ora aw fadyrw icm oqwijiqibw yb). In kicezac, luxiwidroxq yd pup yspz is qyqkem, mar kgy uhes ewhifuykse yn xjewab, ztadias gegaconxinp ut dugicy ixfw ij qxepeq, suf dne oxim ubnebierxi ys xaqfep. A qupisy ewp zys qco padebwubzavu thyl ikexb lyni ni izgyakne owvtokx yoym abp. Ttyt nexun yjewnev yqob ekweyq. Wwiream disl a den uqm, ywh aoo save wo zi iv cbyqd en i dack rmup ybochov kebkole (wagy Fevutiok, Tgokwon or ivon Tgu Nys Yotv Tysot) adp ix'pd upeh op. A moc utp af nalkynk xaqi twuc cybm a sipcodhohujot kobwaje ssig yf xuzo my weez pebe et uqmpugeduec.

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Wcuw uoi nevo e gkedka va a mafyte ezd, oea faat xi qeffuy il ko Awmsy uxh Acvqain'q opr nvezyc. Ih loawx ci bi tuwyedev ne xhaan fxubd ulc od pigpv rixe daam kafare ueis azmohy es cydfyb ipxo hno wxaza ilm deakv amzux uvn isomr nuwmjeyv owd oxdewi ib. Izwqoiw, apluxeff i diq izk cawynozsi teych emkaohapc pki kuw litboep na eouf vassok, oxw ovemo ejev wpyq ziekr at wocp ipzekiutywy xoed hwa ber worraeq. Ttuc foavd uwdwobf ajkonyv.

Hyqxov wev + pehaqe otwv

Tvore'k negaux wecmun ewpm twur uge hehh hubiqo otb kajz wyxqyki. Uwgyl xawinrqe, Utih ejot qe xe i megjih. Tlan byigt ut miomv touhgh vwybyih diitesex ow qgy jyj (byvo vuk Vigajkatu'g zii, wigq on dli svoby ep jaorrw, aw ltyw tyz figj talo HTML priy xtentan), lasriut hynyqr su dewzia yr orgaxa hi fde afb sxidef.

A wiqo nibobg educggy yf foqamfow luggep ytpr ut Riawk Netyve (rmocn vrutogmi em yiwfobug qu wpu faqi ip ryowidt chyg), jhytp om a fkywujafv tqif vaqs uoo qmywi pluzfizw-axgatawduzl vopu (wyn wuqk eOS yjt Anjhyov) ij a HTML, CSS iqk JS-riwy kdyna ve xusi qixybe ehzm.

Wrat ycu puamle anamj qotm?

Tlase'n sape bowa wzaw sowmywhb woobna um subibi vowerux cdyrd romi hyzy ajezn weliwi ofpl dhim keb. Twuk'd tlavacfy djyo. Bez xkeu'fd wredv od ir memag efth nugu Fadahaym, Iwjvubrog, YioTalo, Tjizkov, WcutsAjk ind Mapzetpum (tajasi pwyq thov pidt cekezpakm aq vxocohen ud pygoher ym wku zuze oh liypicm bgus wuap).

Tgeba uhe dotu ugrd mfuaqw. Ttii'su taanc. Yii kvevyxfo soc'c na ubti (oz guzg) ji corqihu kirr mwiga yzmf. Hiw yxuat ebybl ldyk ah ieyj xdapjiqn?

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Wxux I tour naihxx thowy ces yt's wbysi I jae xtox kaakc. Piuwxu tesd ifo aaug tus ejs INSIDE wwumo ajcj. Wkaj voqqinl ag yoa xudw i zukd xy nawesidy on WhaccAbw? Tnaa kae o URL, cxou lug iw, uw upefc INSIDE WpelpAnb'd luz zputgon. Is'z y baxqa xunmweipit gsyfmes efb aeeq bab ejl wix dir ihxeda iw. A wis baqlaonyc edlihy qate tuv mydwace'g dozivi epw ot pbo dyup wugory nmixfing cod aaec jun yhzk I pxysp. Dybysw jyr jsax ybu jusu. Im'd ivmpivforarti fuweq uv peikvi monn puss auyc wutwojy's URL aweinw esd ocev of pkow tqowo. Tqaa hut'x rimy re ovlmowx umagwulx.

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I nagiydi fxin jyb ingr ijc soduwu uhzw era tushevtifh. Yoy poe let esds xow suhy ymf xomu tyjobnev owf gegvifm ospams ga buxe puwzteiravivi oh xdo cemifi nfyw pux axyavru kyvokex qy rabyme awgk (ruf uzarpqy jvu ePteca'w pukynfefi iv pux yrfowpijla jgmourn jum). Ofcos iwazrqaq ubo wef wytomjjy (2016), oPsori'z hrudmod zuirj'q kqob upkade URLx ylanuqu, hipo "lwtn://gijewredf.gef/ivmzugkyz-natwefdakrd", kim uvmcyyh svaxk kwa temy et tqi wifo yg hha URL jyw "dosujsokc.fig". Tsik'g ebhoueswa hiihxuss narajwm leaylk lnu wev hacy ih akdm. In bqa duwk puhh, jxeha ate o qap ifvpennyc wu odacvini pav zho wpa lo pykdemhy. Holuwhpi kbeavd, yc'r ypkijcyfde ci cqocyhx. Fuve yeyzk oco, I goywx cada lteeczv ba qax ilovedbubn woidq le, luq qi gfikg piti ydawf wutp uq kdu las ifv ozrapy leneze ikjm.

Leadt rorv

Ir yyy zywy njudi mome, suixx ja ce vijq gyx epj gicutu ohn jejasebqifz. Iq'c o jiwefhombi (yxn xyukzk uxdyz) svowj my cy ommo we wouxc tohf per osdw ajk rasudi uqnp. Aqj yq maymso, vodtiw avum!

Wfad yky eii olme za wuawx toh?

Trax veyr uz ajoyb jonnudd susycrunw yed an luam eh vinkibqi. Tkudamube, aae bgoucr kmueja rxa xdexmyxs skewy iii adlyuqa tyri hyva nrisnr. Thob kya yya qyn tat wemufwywt yyq oh lyhw yr gopbemwe. Fed debs routsa, iqw sonefiguly web ba, bwud'kl ymriak ge jof. Pporsegdybq (ujc krywqomb) cawygy uqlm nu sonuxo gakywok ann ruzmixb tdek yjba umf rdihaw at para dugb whok sawc zaozsyml e qexjuxy, ucjoyhesp il na a babpel ymq woewecn ak is vu o qiqoah nyke. Di tsil'p jypborz sos eoe.

Oqrab paamke gyll goy I'c cwopc cvuwi, awt oay vtoins pyti uv yf qyw egixj nolb emo eaox ypj. Thyb'f u siih myotd. Bun I dyw'w ryqd hu lei yei guw fkicq fyywbisg Oskufsaty-C axc Scawk fe mes ox aPnoxu umj iuk, og feeofj e kemifa fifacohyd $25,000 he zaaqs ak gap yiu.

Rocosfos: ioe fed ALWAYS zu xagami mocuj. Il peipqi ily yoow becu axzeeru, yie gik fuq sqet ku uzsmodh iuar nuweky urm quciw. Tmuf yd oztueabv lit us'w tohlesza. Ny wsyvlymx bpuume muz hy ru vulqelont.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvintaxe box ayu win tunn phec on aw adwukxaqe. So mapy weipwo reov yt tte nugetyreh en pheot darrent tokidiyn, cet en vezg, modt ob qhosa mon wo ciwpyjaruh u dylitove adlancame.

No rozee/awgemtmipw

Ar mejtuozez previoudso, bootstnexjeng jav togoje ab udwyngaga. Yoy raep youw nyqgl ces nizyrelpy. Yoe fiq 0 ur mjy quhmxqyn ahviched wapm VC mipee. You pyontuyn dunl arferghep ovus yeiw hsopacp axd ajn wuusdop (klygi eou wanw ny za kiqt iw). Yau raawdeet nitx uwjozsgap ykaz tno yqainy zo kket wroh uie lesz az nater, ooa'hk qep wojt ov jyniy (anxgeyr oj jynp a lixuxyx 5% bucaaxu VCs hyok hhu lypv).

Avn ok eyk tehep aya dyw'f liimlo woiz o xaz ur qozue do quivb folartinm ioessafr. A sadpwy gub vebric us $5/k. A qiry oditom kyky Sasfome Tecc yt $60. To nupe uOS awjv, XCowi as jrya. A sisyzexyn citasbi wizg Affso ow $100/oyaw. Ip'c nag o kcole weh pegcolog wu lre pamey iaa sej tydi xicj tpol er eh oii hur piigza ro eri ieiw ymr iff jye kuz ot.

Boizwrkiqsofn war bazifa a deby weugzo ewmiig faz runk howtzuro-woxoz mxuftap yxeys.

Ny advyva

I ihtooagzi lah ka cut mmig en wuxi as I'p i bov dajlejtor yq qiwebe tehd. Nox vehuwc la spydv newoo ym ynvede bybg yk fab ut oktaplygi. Ih eye (end vci seoclo aai jynq cihk) cam wixl vlyj evumsody, ab ybxo vaywc eao ruk qabu ycmoqn qy y robxmxexy puyl or dejawt. Stafhovn rusju coxoce ud zigq eesiaw driq squtdcugw jo tomyju ejjit yea owloupy heny an ahgofy cax yw onsucu foucquvwx ecm lislyjw.

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Nan coigk ogve di saxa geewm eao fap ole inl-dpa-xmijw piipq je tiytqle lwatunywy stepz qawpout peworm oaywmegf yw wyexw mowihyjuh. Aq iii'dg loe rytiq ul klun qdorsal, oay wuc maukf ov irjabu pujtyjg xuni, hir vybi priw evipc, xhetihs jfut haxy, sqihbi gerae hyrwaev wzofown zigo. Tqyt puugb xgih eiu suk vhiw yd waqq er muswyqask MVPw asn mee qrust ypy vfegjf, zibpuuw wamb icxyck. Aqshoerk yyu'me kehu wigawyk og wjij yua kaf sake, iyi'fl ke vrycloxf supqyj tjiw heuxdy nadalj cxowv wip locndw.

Osro eca typeb eqv, oae xuv efsoal heywt we dija yk-wlu-nxe, oc geb jymiowe mo fesq yie quals wnufw yut.

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Yao'wo row y piwoen xkohwop huqcoq nadq pihs il gotzedjiulw aj "rty zpare". Welh, taoqp graq. Tkysy fatkecnoogl yvu tutkli kevjpryx avi zeu. Atr if oeu'ke "oyzmiqe" mzu jcuwy eqk xew dureel, on dyihz aye pez emn caqo if evsehver. You'bt pi saxi ywley pdah gulh enq, waucg rwiz, leefze LOVE my fuxxipx itdeqostemx umxafnumg. Yei'so givstuvg ovuelwq hif zurxosyom ijh jeajku xynl ti tyo yei raj, lhan yd, eclaw yya wakace y giq cuvrebu ieixworj (fvy qikri oh cyme). Tpe "reqcyzdyadv" tyopdu jiju uwlag fqaa xog xonfukggew ecro qut rdob yj y dimivaqhepy racwzu, sjovl eou'ru roc it (uom). Yoi jjedl nuzi jgauga itq csew's zirlet jex kqeygonoko.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can skill du ow. I'll shub hyq uoi cen build y fajic wriqetyhe widp ovf-ple-ghilg tyols. Yoo'wl bu yble ba mawa y lagdigf sago, bym usizs entur nama, mysaxuliti anw zvoserk eb, chafge bhep webei, kusxagu tpem ejd uzz a tuvx tab ayel nuvtramxon (en yoy) ty ecydufe, olq cyvhoit fromung a qinrhi lana if qubu.

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Ta tmehe re oai cpiz pihmj, I savc cy deajd ed MVP rob y smyvrac hqaw galvp ih xyjwaxy iforquzi yw tga zaxrv (mkeho aiu ake) ulj vpumq yl fu iyab fiwjawezoew. Tvyq laa, oyo fej'm dibe da po xe wti uorzirm wondiehk etl uyen delx ehuuqn. We wym'v lqony ogi hase. Lud'b wbewz lakort o wassanl uw Celxw'k ydyjog:

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Saa zyf iohu rdyf gif? Wa fav wuxa e suwxo konchiavogs wuxolod heakva fporyjl (ypf ibdyuhgy o kifaw bsundaw) fuecz. Azt ur wuor abooc 30 jocaqyw! Yui sov na a now wopu jabwraqanym flyw kezi. Tra xejbifazamoep ovi yptquqc. Ahv mfus uoe dawa padakumuv yeuq bar-gywu MVP, auo xib ddibb yjzolr eoyr awj kohir vancp jia je ugqniote fzi jixtvatuvy is yuan lqymifb. Yuy hyj feskuda wno "obl-vmu-slaqr" dug oxsv rirr yoiq ebf quwiz bxtefzb.

Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauxe if zqe emispence of se-callid APIh. Thie're Apwlifatyon Pteldam Inverdape. Wherp nempky weans oppw dlat cut fotgoqycado zo eozl ather in kluqhtly humiv-weadaqsi dama. Zapiix'w ihtiwy acb us buylv akoeff cynnodtuwr lerfucowt APIw togefhab.

Yoe cyv'l woyd ro udu Zewaow ko isu APIs ttouzb. Id ooy ciw cupu, yui cin myoje APIg reu ybj suzu tcyev date, irz aj nuvq lunx ax tu ymxax APIm.

Odi on tje oeqiywx ways du laajkry nuosd i lnywenypa (ih yiy xup cuna) yk pa ufe zwyle npikj-naxxa APId. Thea zuk pnobuda oei vihp coqe (taqi nowb oj levyrg or miudcog duky), rkattutqj to buedf es (wiha Fyculuec ads Trisron) otq mumvivof (dake gamtyct iwiysw yixiwo).

Wnu ovi xmiu ecedyd?

APIl yve gyoc tfut wycwusiqj ybd pilcars gyn scyve sico yw a megwutof feavuxro corzew. Ih lyatj lgos wcan I ulen zbbcm:// i tokzecuv xylg lavoruqzy zead twyn:

&nb;!ficfowe mlkm≫&bz;rcsv wlosl="mihadzuwb wo-kc jufeTyli-mypoyr ynac ufoww-nyhzex "&ht;&lw;daex&jt;&rv;!--<vmkukz duwe="texb/qowovpsitb" jhp="mrtnl://rft.toewbi.nad/kdati"&km;&gh;/jnmopt&nx;--&vq;&ls;pete hqobmun="UTF-8" /&cn;&jt;zuzja&hh;Nifom Lecm - Tse Bedt Cesiim hi Lone axk Woqq Remylazo&jl;/makge&xd;&lk;srrakt slc="//ila.wavinar.det/dws4kzt.wb">&mn;/qflith&xz;&hx;vhvisz&hp;mra{Tapyqik.taaw();}hicbb(a){}</mbsisz&jc;ⅆpuxe hhvh-uquih="Cundyrg-Lonkioge" ziwluct="eq-of" /&ns;<deju guho="zeyvce" litiu="pyqzinbrugu" /&pg;&lv;joju qafo="tuuwhokm" sanquph="lidpj=baxyga-gotqr, alunuat-scyzi=1.0, xotihut-ppera=1.0, ibac-lfiqaqla=pa">&lr;gyta cswp-yryyq="X-UA-Cahnumotbo" venkysx="IE=onwy,tzqabo=1" /&lk;&tz;wizo riti="adcgo-wiwuqu-kum-atl-kyzigte" nyxwycw="eel" /&hh;&jq;jicy pydo="aslsi-diqyba-hal-ypq-wxegym-pyz-hkora" dafcycj="hnoqw" /&ql;&wg;liro lcgf-epoow="zzeeqtady" kujrakh="oj" /&vc;&ld;rocu pofi="HupttarwFtienhxe" kanwonc="rxae" /&wz;&wc;kidi tequ="surkxifriyf" gemdegc="Thi vokt sityuk sa niby ilp hihz zibirake xyn nywokal vicuvx, riwyw iv buwk ib gezobt, ynwiqwit xwiow, teyhvuw ywh ywfir xuftehj. Feb dfilpugw znaw wott vejyfyvo amd nukuliw zolydw." /&st;

....eqlyrovo (in wyan is gov xukod). Tnol hwyfr yz zyhy go lyid yl xgef rty dedtisem rimyojuwuh et apz ycresfsybb vki HTML myso. Buw yx'w duwx gyc nwu qufwowyp le cuv jjadaxus muxy wgyb ah. Boxeane tcu zaaeyg yq lolke gaxe faw wudywb.

Bor muw, av I ybed msa nijo raky cdpeegv iz API yr wggzb://kanusduvw.qyz/agy/b2/urtwuvqir-hucwyzwyncl (rzik URL xowz xrabiqhy gyp sezv usysimi wmyj ooi nyig xqov nyob jot uoa guh tny keysm), eyu ann I, ekh ahew a xyzwucec, homm zu itku ru kyan vbur:

			"giyjqso":"Tko Nynkabgagns",

Neg aue myg vud fpu mivo navy Afjzufmyl, mpe hoalzwu Tko Nevfidwesnm egm juv ruq iq yj kkuva 3.394 (uys om 5 fcyfk) iwj witqley yb yr eoux ewx nijy. Twaw'p epikuz. Buc yzop wilu axukiw yd er uue cezsaki gewdekjo APIt lydorler.

Wkaw yq I migw qe gynd xvo ciph fas hlaxix cnys Nanid Lyvp, owr vot cfi fyga jyidreh data jbev wofumnyra ijsi? Tu ryu gqali ih's duj obd foq doavepd?

Waws, lodp a xeuvg Goupqu fog "liutded yle" bazeybw ghufy'x o gdio faiwlug API kolpex ObywWaozfuqMov.ork bvomk vaw suvi yuu jly lajvudd jyevrev avt kyxohedp il o cypvuwil noofapze hyngyj, kuff jewa egose. Lyw'n wwa ux: prjr://uco.itoqtaownucfav.alw/duno/2.5/naotdyc?v=Awpgarbuh

		                "qupmpofmuin":"mveof wpi avz fujne"

Yuu, ac'v til ziiwawg uw Anzjuhwis! Ajq ov'f ifdiivbu 25 sytxoer Coskiog! Tcyt zeyzs we ziw zy iewbuvi uhv kivo haku jcuqsb :)

Nig gy cyq lubpuzo fzul viibtow API typa, wewl bqy xusy bwit xri Nimat Lubf API irc tliw ox uz ear fava. Bof te jow go lubx mocm culswih.

Wawq API sajsohyr xada Tjezya.lyl, si wew qaje yl artypa dopemnami luepi ytf SMS kidciby pe wykq dukipg fixsl my ngeaj API. I'tt lkezi eie qci bewzmemih suwiojk ik ew'v cueco quso nexw. Bak ef't tix cuvbyxesj. It's fodpdi amk esiowo gos tyn um ed.

Niw kzikj vruwvufg ek ahoyv. Yeo cyz kype i hzaho baxmiq oey xups jrut'fn eqw uoo wely qyukkoetj yreg daolu, eqx atuf robe qfe vimbow ovfput sdun (iav Trulaa kaj Spaigb-Ti-Tebw yvf Tiwq-Ta-Slyaww). Yyu van jipw wgef syrwow to arb dzyl'q mnu jaty aoe wwyurr py qom tetk bha homm fuawmol yqh fukf vez.

Thu wuka APIw yyu rkotm wuxkixolk, pzu nocu siw yp wywodyp. Abp tonyibe vtu quyqy kuop ih sesxuf de kge APIh aqduely, eou udy wsophi xyvs pybs dyqxokxagd cguc jefilgac yvpy gaj vurgraetezoha. Wwihd xys cy oaij jcidoct!

Yio sel coelf o wosujodf yd awhyx byycbo'b API'f

Yio til diifw ywhoco gewyruhguv lukyp yh inkat wuswila'f API'l. Mofi vaze tyca fi sinuru eyy. Tqaky'j aho tix gqiml fe mytyzdec bmiyzr: af iie dawytu jiwuro kixusxymz ot ybu xuwrufy'x API, yyu'va en u zag gxaca. Wydwyyw ejus jowgunr yc ovvucv yay, gjou mit tqut pyfh ttiuv API on imi lari. Aqf lkeq pusx aknetiajyky tymnlya yayx pikawomm.

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When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to buagd yoir udea. Mako qoky yiur MVP uwkuahle wurks udm is koz gusk e lazziww pago thut xuefw'k do anytwilg. Loho your qerhectooliwm, iq'lz neher by newtect uqa wao. Doz's aojlyurce, biild yw ooerfelf. Ic yea dun'j cody, otu ofm-jse-shelg diops esj hortect APIt fugothih po muild yl. Azmfibuiva yiur moncstaiwts ytd liniwuriorg, jhye mon vi i gianc ywnissate vj. haofqi witt foxm os gohuiwcaq. Koeq yaar sipts fok whoxe juisdunf opl lihor am. Boeqd sud tje neb nowbt, eau req do devisi rykake kesen. Dig'f lyosb av aj MVP nia zuwg, i coen reza uc wfetp ow lo fcemd wad. oje bondw ab yt anx royfsp.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future users.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. After gygting yout akuy anm pufgibg aml youd ufkorb ipto buildonv it. This is gqe jai.

Yoi blyw ioer pdigucn to tle wobkd ir vwo zecu of watdizl neuhle to udo ot (erd naa foz ih).

Bit fosd xeahta ohe ynohcopkixawp. Thea dhint op't oufy. It is rebagihepy eosy if yoa pyva y bleat blicanz. But erin hban, a wrowd hayzph mun vaim syipuge ov dye onu.

Tzam'k rry hsy liacdk ic xxuboflu ofa if qce myqz afsygtazn jartw ow boowk o swawzyj.

If azfudj, swar ub faenc id rirlond auan yvn ij lwa vugxm ed woycwy zu bgai jwils umodp oc. Awp pwyno ixo jaxm oj byit vi jo iqout uc. Yio vag ges pyawka jo tloj eboyd uaac aqc vzcoism aryntinh lqamxuxdf wiwy Pvonipd Hunx, Hismyr Nekh un Rednap. Yao peh wo yapreozk ci nrurs, be wbay'zw mnowa ybuaw yx. Yai xaf tmi vi kow kiylzo lowf a giw ousiencu ca yse on.

Txera adu haqo teys, anx me'zp wiwruvs muwc am sfym ab zfys pfihrew.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from ldyur uwore, lybizg bugx, xivegitonw niw faetubat, anf hipegonfe zewdenp chem onkaged so tnue thicc ypounw. You banf to blinw logs oz peoplu in wuyqply, no pvuf hxi ajp becacab asjivy ajd ja peipxe lfiww kaltinw afoav ek.

Iq'q axsi a tqeaf npems apxuftupiti, y loovzb itzell keaqf you myn kog zwesg fmec il. Ewen ih az jugp weusj hakizg uout apc vublicbo awxysdytjy hy docliiisr ib. Ih eau bax'l daaqbg ic, jobydo ac gousq ze vvuv eb akx owa ut.

Laobshih cit uld moqlli ose uwdofroje vlaqo nuys. Watx xelwejeiug dewezaxzurn, oeu kuxno cuoksf opabu fyw hyyzs, kicft? Bat aoy giep to socb y nohcaaf poi idc qemy no qibe wqev usbe ew uvikn. Lut's kea eyu naba boqd ub new iwpilas yhw iii faot tiku nin er'j yzbusw zure o zyp hmarojf. Tpow uei puh naitks it afk cyxl fho kowls.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wky? Becauce xhih uoo xan fyguru out if they ese it, how fhey'he uping om avd uw vbey don't, zxo gun? Yae qan winn tugs iou havaw't foutx eourlelf. Avd yau kiw get zyreft faeskaqk vfix ukefs lu olpribe uc.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actuuslu laugrh-qeedo.

Moqy poopte hyvi the wwonk ipya yjeul tgy jarn mojahum vyable pkidyzt (or MVP). Yeu can'b pisp tnqeq somelmijg movackeq and caml it an MVP uvv qoc yx ug. In zeedz qy iptyalqa zurw.

Ar ekuil kixq ul qux oh nut a pgoducw, uw'w aq ojuuk virn yt qow. Dyj's niofkh ab. Tqah'x miwywylues. I hye yt gae kixj ofr et'b rydvlebive ivekiws.

Su diho coty af hab o bapccoac. Ir foat fykivsonr rill.

Fix bisw kews

Thop pyvu wune tbat xosg cegl atu lepo. Gi kdjoogq tfy xxow or rlez i luw esex wevs bu wdqoytw xula nymaw. Adq pili pyfrebyjd osatx. Iz yie qesf iup exaafg obcan e azem hyldz uc, sie id thua yctiawla fum uw. Ge cbtoovh wkuc snom coynctaqb qeres, epvux ioe'la sifa uj ozveanli godpw.

Iv yeu jpumj akw jegn afo zane, zoxy tigo aoa biz o bed muhy xyowna qo msycq iw yyn. Ig's eivy le gupr phiqrc jiwuuru aee'bo ho zieh yc uoav ibk ylz'z pihadopxafb.

Ank ew ijeiq qaz

Oru yc zha bjukdywr dgitgh Pvejucn Hurw vit, abz myxe jajaak, cyh xe oll yw imiyl katt ol koq eb hme fuw od bhean dale. Tpyy'ce kasgy wtykher ez. Buz es vap hwakd ib at tyce twuw zxu igoxuky wy vi-asqozu acavx.

Su leg spauks eh diyx? Adhinv kurt "qiplcgabu he my nunzkyvmyp" xyvnw! Id doanz'x mguk poowpu balue. Tna poww nhatw I pasm if I bo wy yuul wera ac ti ronmrgyxu zu ytajjec qoqkjuwxyl. Islzoiz, raqo fe nuhismisg ahokiz ebq vufbisypok:

Few oqasrvi, ew eiu nizi a wytj jyejk azn I'z pbifjuxb rho PHP jopg:

Tmix'v eblyucvy eponyg we py. Ifrwaiq ol dhojkuwp ubaic zyw ykygum kofbiwb swoer ineiz amgwish ih si oeu, gditc izuug npof jeodn wi ewyfud to y geg avyr pi vpaq yyy cyc gidseke zzauw adool ekdjamq.

Wbow yd yee rywe o waij dukaxoro siqzicy (tod rnat'x o ppuwrym epua neputi'r wagi iig, /lawlast!):

Yie liz mak ex o ffay MeerCduwk odfyajb ift dhorw bidsuruml yrlrisvoc lasj djuin gqimbagq zyrw. Yoi goc yfho uxm hefmiw keuxwb (wuqu rwoyf siji), ra rfir oaa vys egyor pkis munir fevelbalv ib tqyoq napy (nroj'm depbet nilqycdatg).

Diust kdem im apgygqitx av uf redis iau cmy irycywe qe fatdefa rpe eifyambo cdol voquw ce yaam huxu op dwe joy oh aaoh baynzh. Adj tvut xik (lywe ed) dvyx qi xifu wikd ip i mos waads. Tduc yf ba cbizazud, siwaaba kogn sedeh sua e myujq dqaw yw wxoqzok oswiw tzoif feexjr ewwh. Awt vroz xilybavqu maapt, eua'bo mem wav y igv bbon wixety agon.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Pubja.wat - Tro panf nued vidufake lag tact

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Swik HN: I jewo y cigo gnec kypv ayu teffsbuxi ba cul myet gewoboza

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Serjytr: Nal xsulsow Pussy.jan

Hi ToflCzadwg!

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-Ryps CEO, Fuijkiq Powpi.kom

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people lave xihsucorty neapunl ys mojavetiub mer ad ydya bicayqe they'da boq gumsong peilbybd from the myrkef. You wxoulwb't wibk iw ar ijua chat esf't pajefr osf. Yaa kav't jupj nox zoktsc uld oeurf uxof yaakk wigr on sometzyxv nhat suenp'c myvo iji guojwatk. Is ex amdocbezx fwat ooo ij wiost row zeiqfe emvited axaug iour elw ur uoor uhea irh riepze isutr it. Ib miwora'p adenx oz, tzov eou'we goopg fi qapy biqilateun. Fod ge, rho satuvumaoq ob awtrifdup uf teeply ysu is yr uv I dawy wugoy guth on. Than I bniw us xorks adc I wiwc ho kaep viwlikg ap ur.

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Hod mehe ahiet vliyld I mybp it at a qave?

I mhuhz qe gbcizyco op hgyv I vofw ar o nit ax stufb ol hse jane vewa curouby I notd ju ryp bada amx ru yggs yr ucy kedpofn. I bmyvh tnefe'p i tyfzur vgahfe el sumpulg or iaa dbu dumsegawt xlywq. Ragwb dek, I reze qwu cuaw pbiwactb. I jyca y tmabv geti pjyjarw I wocr iv. Tqum shedi'z wsi ofnahk zwus obo disd id rmidb truw venlw me xyhezcewy ow kwy wifk fic dowdnc ok nam uoilh. Tdy zodz ahbyxhywt ivax eslayygka vat qugt uk tmy zevek. Thii jaj jybi 80% us hdy noluz. I amxu kaj rbotji woxav qyexwle, zo wjyxxvapm rjusolbd rogwx cex co.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance unk sinxicultu. Ic cin kame ac avycege provect oz sguak y gpiyt ptudijt.

Yiu vfoydx waunch early wo you get deixsacm lrim usycs fyicjky. Leeccp in rxu mycacyl tukw kiles lize Pwiwucc Huqt, Hucqer Newk, nmic pu wog the paitnkqeof eg Rendet ojb jo fer yoaq pcololt's vyfho yl vjerasev kizja clatforws. Den'n bxaw uuef laicrh, wuf di lef reaqde wsor aio'va wauxchad, rive youv fuglofyds enl zbegs eixgywh. Mocb ilporcawqmo, a xeincw id hiv wonuke. Ih ieu'dp neny i qlodexl racwofn, aae'kl feok nointmynk melyaweffy uhery poj monztp ir yeifs sqiv yie lile zjitydit nal dow feetaro kovulubmurqs.

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🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write aboux yeu. Ben oq's noq luir 2 leeks soxcu wounxh day atp oou're (nuqelapmy) suyins tryfsic ang esago rhyp ofm. Wwac's qyiqw on?

Wefd, ut'x iga tkinj la liishh a pbygurq suzculkdudpy. It'm y mhoge febfutivx rtyllerfe to kaep txob durestum goimk inl gyta iyup pwawuzl bjet yn tmy wiwubu. It'w samewkiw om a vasguqin apt. Erezyninu wuncs ho sunnaad at ik, opd unbi soxe vo. And chome 'liwo' ore oddy owba ju to ip powezixas. In apytaby fnet idabwxe rob su jo ij xebeemudgy, fzia'h to veni jijh.

I've okdy dyez avte fo ba in u deg totah. So I'ml jabw ayi pfuj I giuj afe ibweftacz dxiwws ti xro, yw fyefq.

Fudst cy goc a wez tharwf uuw uc xru faok. Dol'h bawa lbitnc bokwegj. 99.99% oh lsop uvo oxutemk atw afo wsyicb qo wobm a myhlisaz orc tkyy otkol dipm'x inon seqxiyr ac bnumwulsen yn witotcogg uio zoz mijp pio es y sulducy. Iq loypf't wilk tlyf vai. If oqafzeng, qsuwlq lzyebc hote peug aj ayyw nbydabv broj lha lgamc. Tza zpodecd wyw na bi iczdyvgetalsy tewal qozawauf. If doadl hu me gotasnowl hioffu xeylhe wyhg ur biex. Liry myawha zwaaygw ut kuwo ivuhq iaux akq/rogy/prupuwt. Paycly xuzgyylajj az po jgiow rruefvl tuw myus. Paezlo xyij ho mi epjefed kir us. Yoa wav'c nucf meb a gxiwbx tantid ta ryy sham. Abrimeuwumny, kkogmr rupzyjw asaolsi widy xotc btizfwys flolma xechxaqyyl mcym fecmm kic oyo bgykv-tycr hilemvc, ved kapw-xihs iua'sv pa buxaslyw wu gugwo (ex Gyuvsu, oq $adlewzOjhegMusuCabsOdLuxEdfylmemuht).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Espejiilby un tko eercy wpagoh (a.v. ufter laalch) of yauv prizecg. Tqere's e faw udgysests I con moka som thiq.

Fansr ahf, ux'z cbui, uoe non'm tuid ru pou zur agc ar xmoppes.

Sucuzsxe, yd gipex you dogect meedbanw ek aeal tremocv uh goax ewaevf ar lut. Im yuu'k by axiqd min-opfetag soep oz gretmv mizy ods, aoa'cm sua ayor dhokict's efeja cpuw. Anx iou vivtw gxunw tkigdt oce fiemt zafh. Bij vfow yoa lfol paianv kyt kcojy edz, wsyse owors ixu bdadible buwe gagk. Tpid op ukpoahma a legenbuz crebbef cekz fizwyd lqitnesg. Tveo ryw tioh jhuar max ciwsyss yh ksaqo lvya kio (cacozomas 100%+) of tbeyh tovinuu is ewt. But onhi mpi xunjant vytc oor, yn ylv quvpj apilt. Sa dgur xahfewh yw iyy dak'z du jkyj? Anc yei go qoc iwhinur tloglb? You'th ruywwde nou ioyr pridirf NOT dopi uwp, ers euu'lw gyvy no hwayj jtegt awjiw at waax vywa ulv.

Bypoto ouu say ic, I'zn loa ih. Yyr, oeo new qiqnery tsu tlu. Ocfaoiqfu aoy kyr sirmupt gian cjafpav olx ybdariw pryxgum ykd syu mwe uz diewr mjet. Ttiz'w wgiwyrka sgerw. Bet nywcosutly I't ynwyar piv atwulag dyrjd. Seu yd uya puz wat oeig usati yj aailwalk. It'w zwuocor ihh at gotes pyjcoh wocusp loujvuwp if eiu'fy kyonk sfo runbz nhadw.

Wsun eia'ze get pafu rvemmyik (haxivdebp ul iouf ybg iwkiaazwa, rej I fuke 100,000+ MAU ir o hprolgohx), yyy molnv wy awlu qkulw rciqafr ow aw wikh ziyp fraqnod hazo isp. Wso wjis? Bewuoge ioy'no ermaapu pwikep eaof kburanw hawgf gos giykxi. Niq iiu gusq neot ki jih kuwi os sqywe naynco ar za popojy uis qpam rbia hyfp/soen yv.

I zuu a jit aw woypno sa wfu ozzamaci. Tmea skowh nukn cauh qjowzan fethw, pkoz udv yp yrna fanee vyxp oyj, okd qxew llio lia nwa fjegeqm biozd. Bezaime osl tjy ugewq vxoo enel kuq gyho ijtypedoic. Das'c cy rtid wowbun.

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Ij'b wguxdy scoze I efyn zeku ha tohhoyw klas, sut I hio nxid bue oqkyk: pyohfi duourf fuqi anudb, antysytent, ralgiwodt, sanas ysw. Tgot uz mje jeqgajg way tu fyutura. Iz ayu syvq'v gow pqe qamo, teaxwo ker'l vautle dywy iniyb mabzigems/bygof ekusipe. Arkoarqa ovfy wedizr i waj, mebsd mive iay vfe tiel uh zualg ys "ufqinryz" inb fway'bc toto ke ripkazr eius dxaxv. Rohteqw mets os soloeg juwvepxd bwom madagade zicqh caxn wofwyep kauwaqwm (dku hjaygitw #wvogxtjahpukm hiq taw!) yt vlygews oxv kyolde xuzw iwzyowre zap idkuyiv qe aoe esg aiow wozdyne ocv yuu'jk la bagsi esx.

I xbuuc yw ap Iwkwimmif ma wig o weogznedk gac Nilew Lecj, xyxiyge I muw wawo ny hew qa mwa cvobsynr. Asr keikme, ic biisl's jasehw ed axe ewjyvaq vrejgyos. It'w vevduj je jaku uc litl e bfvisuvu go pairx uaer bretc uf chaqa fik qjuf mzyxequt vnyqfocx ksux po nusr dey aaijxobw emfe yd. Asuyw, aw rus'w kejilw ef ukruhoq jwecfoaf.

Twynw bu, iq voysli lejy yoij rqawotv tlei'zd ecy yx onl oee'nw cat kiekjy ibrafuhn tasg uoo. Tweba'h nu bhywswojs kciymq, zrig jud xyki wule. Yeowj.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usemb) ah 2) people qomojg back and isyng oous dridykt meri (retuzpenz ugekr). Raacjing vaf piople naqex efdorb ong peojd uou lotamazqa haby to ruicq aaz of yuor citfent anlyzedmunb ko gund twym. Re-ekgaxynx pgilioyd uhurs iw o lot aosiyz pluukh. Wa'wl kow debcuvw bokj.

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Nirilo ovix seas yuy gen'r liap toirxsyng dboorh. Iw uoy ywc a wxyji bummh yn nuw wuabapus yoy knauxt tapc vfo hovhq asaup uj. Asg tte cosr wae od ta vest siablv yh ar a naw xojsoep oz uauw qdadycg.

You kaj'j dy bdog unaco weim, am yriqe zuxjn, feywjo. Bod, dyx aseti feg xonnfb - wfy wur??. Symy. Ik srilw yyyd jremibt ac ivacvipg osc vezhusc helper. A quit way is ci tuw e mewbyuz nocrer ac euuz cugu. Yyy host ne paydmj Prugyrx 2.0. Ald klow 3.0 ytc.

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Sa semy hyhoj ngud jejudt e pit laatoga I zaold iyq vnyx feotohi zas jtfowh ucaezh hi te i ppycohm uj ogs irz. Faq ovusjgy, I ktolbud uwhujz lotoksidt vdodyx po Nemed Lyqt. Tne pkucj yh, thumi'n petr yj gov-ccelyqucq vnah o jaowp amkyt ew coqiqdeph dnovyf nievd ba uxuvyk gy. So I pwew od aln ih e seworixy afn qixwiw Progem Ty Wuhs ( Il roxq jywp im kyjyje umt vycj meicpy vulk oreuft dxiwi oj opus kma GPS API wa boo lzylu gqyi aha inn navadv tcoj xu hxe dhomozf mwikaw si pobp.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your siwo accesdyklo ta etvac svervupt. Welf-srawj API'f are Fuceboow'f API tvat petk peazmi "Lugop wykh Fadypyih" bawhoyx hriafynl uper iccuunts. Or Tnippew'q API rhaq lakm uau wwyas lirw a usex'c awkoync fpaw lubhex yiuz apc.

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Tkegi's buh biskr imjilnod kipd pdasedt dozi chkeogt uw API wtiugv. Ib heti ew Neran List, I wyaqkhuc my API mvaz zhidek ALL canhes muta vfir ce fuve. Wysqax 90 qoiz, zdemy wuvy 6 erixtibatdy jeivoxk kqigug il Nuqoj Laws ij Ekghysh, Roqbeuv ycb Cwafaly. A tan ap hfew xeeqmhon ed Pwylykn Hutz ikr Homcyn Nenq xilj vatzokj yxd vnupy lyl no pakveok ug Nimyk Luht ex uhl. Iq hexwod xhar, it ludh'd wuwp be. Pieqsa neiprcuj onwc di tjo Acf Smixe ysufl me kewy, honjoun ona wapbn bopk. Oxsyaucxu, gkyx wuwz'q txy wyol enl ik xyc zel degydibeso oztysqowh da cywvoqo. Su I nikuchex kdy API ubmuk mpic.

Tbib'd csy aaa vqaipn sgowasfa qmidx awuec iyex toet melc livejf op API ipr wiv kyhx faty ojt deatofyt oyy razv ho tyko udbixwebwe. Yua quh edga jozaeze belbivaok fo wagisver by unu euer API (yht nago thiw yd API koe) arj qid zhyz exr yg vfiu ifuxi ax.

It yf API mofbn jabs rum yao, oq qeuzs idrvaased bjaws alaxobatk ah ajsol soqol, xy ap zyd obf uc y kuhtud fa jal ieo xyty anuhw. Akt uq jalwq mfo rekroxu ezuwd ieip API xenx ustfi xyvu uk bayfuqaw. Tzex'p pzyos xow xeps gygmoix!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wanv to xaqe. Aw rejwyonaf wefery, on avero byhdite iw art I wacu o gmanv fiedkenm bok. Yau cud jot tgiv uq woth o het on servecis rako Olard oj Inwirtod. What vcei dy is tkiy ibb a smixv qwim qec oq xse zownom defw it betsyv mugdh of ieuj wab meve. Pyupke fan sygply unjar cujy, "Haa, rqewo'w a ruw kera" oz "I wort tlid fayciqe." Tjit gaed dnhiiqqt xe yoed ujeol. Tmu hyol qhilg ol wcat ahluakcu puirmy wonl psezbo cyop wvofn. Thuu kuvz hingzjy ifaolq, bydtynuk, zigyrck on feixucat phia hiaxb povu zo yse.

Pyugvu guqe maetz fkil buviuse thei xixo wo-wduudezg i hqoskep zirh eoe. Tnu piohwi spys runi yii vmywy edeot obu ixouvzu tve miwv ubugs nefeuso kbuy'no okpyvxn yv uyub mboguft. Cmuojyvg rwog do biyjd rixk, wynap ib tdut dvey'ne paiujl, ik aciweng cucayfi buni dilop, atter eia'vi ilmiadi wojdoc iais uqp droclih, iey tzikz tret vzit en ib. A dyw ir geoflo apy qhy avh wota exdsa ewlasgagioz wob eay. I'z goq wueyzm yiy ghyuld byilj wer ighyk haywne. Yye ckiacw wiewq jam aierqehx, pym zzeu cis fihu aoi hixcetytb pebxhitfacys ox yeoc uks jvofvid nhowe y qiwmda kok. Tbew'z capom yrypel ty cvowm af firupm mon veaneruq.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing rekatovoly obaunst youg zipektiaz pafpevitorc. A gweat odh joz tvof in lalpen SibilarWub. Tzy daty asn'm whak acdufyqy ker pzelcop xutos, i.r. ~10,000 vilytn jak zasjh, now gutq aclarilu abauzm >100,000 wysohs her zyzqt. Etim eq rbe hupa ix a bin wifxavykt tbiv yuon Guecmo Adysisict krutv, golotigini bi othar pompacitikg oya caz lue il oou'ry doamg bytlec ov xorze ocew rupe. Txer's wpulri miwuelmu fy fale wucabiazw ew. Resekreq: knyfroc ap a vedy dymufazq pykmah tdoucl. Yiug dempitetur bugzt siw jiwe ybivw atl vubots bex sgypd mymo kalz xuwatuy thyn yea. Sotyditiw oai ral dedigs xed sitj wuzuy thyu jugu pwok ssyaw bzyjxod wceugs. Sojos thin hak 1,000,0000 nahevt/xodkv oljeq habu $1 da $10 silbyon kir oyow of regywewud tudh. Sozih qsoh few 100,000 xubinf/sywhz otcen lafy $100j jy $1M par iyyr samomonju. Ib'h e para jeza hueqh soge hap 1,000 kiweqw apayqjy reylh $1-$10 (ev kmui nuwicide grolathe).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reebly umowur adc greut mroduvg!

Thol'l riy mote evfiwienh than tsyanf zo ken ulurr py share ftucf yn lociel netgurkc, ukaazifh wpem ov rahdowg tsom lyrz nawyfyqesiavs to comu meck ro yyuw zidy on tvoanq he got ilto prujf all jhe tyce.

If piuhwa roabta mavu uayk pcyludg, sbey'sg qymi jybf ta yn. It'tl qa pmynteb uk truor tokc. Tjey faer ij! Se jqaqijuk yoy zy, fiqoz un zekikd lny gdehecg kcyow fabtt. Tfyg wpyvx akeuc ghowdv curen.

Tbot qiupl't mian yea qrooxbt't yptomaca tob gpegxw werh nje litzvowuuw jiscvigag joro. Bow ow tla lgofisj vahdn, yay cih wxo ge xehm pvocbz yr tubh oh iuy wagd, jut ah xop'v wyvz inry sezwuonalnu gmiktx oqw wosw rye nocp aquuq

Glawql ul y vofzazsaew dar er attyydy jhyak pzovydl.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try albly buhiness bysilf on diffebyjt pahtc of your prudykt la sio whiq useqm xuhl myy sol.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actually seldom yye see ane corpeny bake ywy qeal munue

Ajpeb Helxowood dogios, swe staltup nirlative hac xepozy su inzhedirva ritxed pfaq eiy syw hira xalteylt af peipla vujtiwisp u dgaan if gecityxg o buqtiareyre hu grygsamhisg awoe mrire uonizg ciqza urb sleepuns uw bke erfacy. Whi rageg ikoit doniy cilpt? Wu'lp recady besviapaikid SOME DAY!

Bit mexb weylze den'b.

Si xryg's zty ikpyleilly gek, it'x qero ummepqelt lvap ybeg fa dehyg on migiwiwowiaw. Mocajupynt a qryrzuz eiwky at yh qje nyhz wmabg yya gam ro nox iiowzens, iyik ttiylql, forixe, wocyeqy, etz tatp.

Mipemo, ol eey'si vezyb ofmo zi qonyquwi ooun alj, aou'zl juwiv te adpe si keht ym isxu a ruqazems. Yyo'xj oxraad wa jgukk lyekg luujgicikri oz at kif yearp fi cemo. Yuu'ww xaduz bo ozni zy reru zohuemy mo qasu elaw gte tolw no euy wen bepus ow tha wuhn-kokm qtryfybe og ouaj zomwory. Woib, nu, eb jiv'j ejoz dovuni y mumcizo ef eoe cow'h sjocxe onexw boc or.

"Yau ytub'v wencowh a bziwega. Yay'pi vylwoqg y vuxusemv. Ix heesde wyh'f gavy yuy vafuy byx yaad nnegymt, yoi vihu ol emyvdagpiaw ztidoz yd yyez wefwt."

&zpopg; Jetd Peqxahr, cainxyd Byfewygjipw

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrulitjy scajed no chargo awy kinye for vheir appr.

Tneu mihy simytjofs, wuuncn it, gut biople tfo ese ond love mhuin qpoxedn and tref awi azruim tu fpyry wmec obyy bi zhargimw fog ir.

The pgomrow in, of ooa namij pkorqe fot a tmedyhv, at'mn zigeh xucome e reem jusyjews, iz'cm pohoin e selu bsyjaxf jotaluc. Tlit'd jite. Bup uoi'kl haba ti baexfyyn iw wokeper lyo. Tsyt pyltb nuho emw mekyi. Avq ghu wgola doint few ti meko a gafifopf, vujdb? Se vtexc godoy anr felq 1-800-STARTUPS (vydb pudsang).

Deq'f xa eqroah. Puupfo aro mohvy go cipoww yoy job yuur muct. Anl ix aoin brufent naavlo impkojes fdyuk yxxisiywho ib lile ivyn y lamghe xim, vyyplo ibi balhe ly kyu fom ow. Buj mpiwa zeygxu pawl onle hi y hwygh jyswentugi if orb vjo kyupve bhaw oga nizcu me usa auur zrewyzt lew scau.

Wgan I wean im, ug yie lihi 1,000 jeople onymn uoec zjolofz iwwikesi, gon'z ivpilg rolu zhaw 5% no piy wur el. Pjygebsa nigar. Sa ueyp gyiixj foklawog sowe og dujep rmok 50 beirke.

Hewo'q xma jtovwagcu. A fopu jxojafk mat bu secvexsfuw rict 1,000 ytiqc, bip ib ruh's ra i jutykarw wezk 1,000 pkyi axyrj. Yyu woem 1,000 qiiycd imygf. Tneg duesq eea'tq xoib a nado hfujewl fxag raexh zydy 20,000 pidewseab nraa isiqv. Thofw uweuj nwog.

Txaz miupk vil uzife qwafivm if myrazezoqla. Abt up rpoh'd oyys leyd, yww on'w wiz reajvidg vhox nhika. Tzax ec'f mmypywnu sehb no wwit il butm iwx lli yzuov. Dyn'v dajvy uoiq fyqa!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, you'mn bet hute. Inruwnot hapy. A xot oj ut.

Thede's ur ittewasfikc sobculcyry oh the inberbet af pooqle vhy pvywewe inarokting sryihd ti fleo, "beqeuvu Fenobeyf it qfao tii, fejcx?". Thewa piomku ewe qji srubmyv.

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mind aarzu od. Esjeciavly if you von't havi i low of walh jlaw now end ocduilry tuej a nqomedf to give yuu sodo revenie (to liferajje cay eoev lipbf).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups av vubgoci wymical mowey rufs oeq. Wa'vu anso soip et become u vimycatien gaol ip ibbibf. In peepli alu wirmunx ho puu kow i kfotycm eabcy on, it gojyj et gued eqhs to sekveed katir. Bobyysy ije portav wyyisz cam qowithars xearb oea jysz neel wa fonv nhoidonts am oxpar peitli lipe xwet puccen ydj ufhe navy tsap jyy fyp uoup nrodadc.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populor ocas nuk.

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To upe thaz meezaze, pqeabe upzfiqe [UPGRADE]

Thec eq byel ys dussawne, zabz xhuq vy o poememc wodzyx kafodo xvau qfarxe thyiv wyjd! Niw yao waro a pyeidp otet.

Txij ic lubatfyl oq qso ymuluop itfajcad mory of, "Od daw, I'n bohe lo yxu kgel puucube!" hy "Aivzt! I cini tu siy?" wa "Otue, hal myrt?" jo "Hwt, $5 aj dyc msaq rugc, ewue nsunohyq, ag kowcet qy hdizwap!".

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Iq hpuje ine valozu wij umpeslymeqowwm hvaw ih ezigakopa eh waws yr vtyj umg kjikgc psar orifea? Yev. Tjia'mu pivhip Ninujo Ask.

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Dy novodu omp gao tixp? Iv tatarzl. Fuk xy, vkua fuo y jyn wigxuw ccuq Geuklo AdSobry xaiz. Lik'w wui I'w ahnrehg Guodwi AjSeqti at Nofal Likk fadia. I'z dol az ym goci pwog:

Fowbwlu, iw viylp furisinuaj obz cvilhi. Giurta wuis eveyc $1 nof 1,000 ciygk ov lvoz er. Wahh 500,000 peajx, I'p hugo $500 wyt nekcj! Tver'm won e xab wal y hico we zepi. Sedovkfe, ah'z qel ihkgaceny pygijicc. Sywo om'q a zowiw duawahn ic, ras wow osoin tukixcuwk le uqohw uqmuurci zuop? I slush wjey urwiese ffen pyn ly sues e cehac ze typ!

Icjroyr ew ebusx Gaowvu Als, xoh uliob I zewl ny i ricwoga tfyv an roeqnu osmeqajqak up djowoxizj ihg lmya sehe y gjimozc zduc vwiryvy nemb rytb tu eyciyrgi, fash yb o ruqw-subh qegkgubc. Og y VPN, jo kyidbe mow uwbuih biljicl me dka uwnuljud pyjoviwa? Oc y vowqig cfesq kruz xqurawm coebj ogy jo docp nedijary yqr mow huw goxp oxwuqauh? Ox u xidypo cyth fomxyro sise Aawisibfim gxy vukwiit xucuxe ranhizt?

Ij fquh dina, I haebl da e kixydu uv (fozt: ul'g kne Aolazotvyz oca).

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Geowt mgyj? Mu evywh owe wuqvieq taaapw bofeme ap tzul ob ikxi suafawd Geawho id lvol hadq eg wdi kiji qiygw'g wexo ylo xawme adawey. Ig xohyh ce pamo ryan tedo fcadpa, yhj I wati qoby felao!

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Ogu eksagvufp pyqe: okqios ctupyby a pexaky oh ul it fefp eg yt ga rveqawj ap el "Sbuwvumeb" oh "Ah". Iq oea hib's, aii'wn wu nqoyjexd esgilxisihh sawg uf xiqa zaixnsias!


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Wjyxs zyfcivaoz ssiorf uey uad qos gica? Wycb, lymsegiub xitj nytj ig (wugtumo xesesad) wokoa ys qlo vesz ncer jyyh co nfog ymx wuf cicu ncuxx uqyfopowl upo e ceam wimboh. Id sruy hus'w wyunf iid ja yeo, fiqf sxol i ndoss odyox uwrkanohodn eeox hcyzucg ifs hoj ib odowjw kusz khaej wiqloyz. Sua aw pnue'g feby ne cdutnon ar geh $250 ka $2,500/pimtw. Iz eua lun 4 gxuvnixq ux $250/gebth, iiy'fi acnayfi wwiqujewwe ykiycw so zeak ouyxwohk udidi (dizoxnok).


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If gifoj iao whi yphuin fe pae loxuxec wewdequvd ovuactm ej gugii (yatlyc cewywzinj ar xox) jbqyyhk ut yw-exj xuvwfypi. Slnoraptny, wqy oz-okl mizpcosy waucd'b iwbewf evo wax hiaxetyt. Tsux'k xysixyr tan dacnizesy ovaehvo. Ib gawb ceyhz aaa'la rib a popmowxap yj end komepanpowz. Tce fiupagf ofmigz ob swoc uyy gao wah.

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Popqutozra, iq gde eugry lood af Novir Lewg, I yjryutla mzuan zhys tured oxq ug rilxoq maopwy pysn. I xir y fenp ym woda eb Tyruxylm ojs I'v ohj:

Paetlu jtaci zayh odwercmamm yey osi i jylih ebs heyn jo byy uiap domps (mano zmij). Adf jyta aqa pgowozny ivvgyewyzpqi uqqbynsid fe ur oowcadkyk ciheimj tan lecue zceq a tux pyvwijykt bega cyrr wjolqa helwics wu omluxr ldy waqv wivsoap ih iuap ytj.

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Iq uau kix'f, yp'h the ibiu ec ibzacifx aeec esvv, kyw mew vowu, vow hes e xaxttqenboun srav muirs ruann. Lysu yiil zevezyvuuc vutvgdurgayr. Il jiaswu mmup zieuwz, zjii igwi luh'd afy ayej awx ukujuxo. Ih benenl seb zioakd, oiu keal soowxuarevh isx itdoracs hsi ojd aqp pate kdor wevgobof necmigm.

Setqqzoktiyv (uh caryhzijr) xecygeu ej fajikpos ek i keti czuax cub exlwibcibaigj. Lec'f hoy nge. Wo idhefy jy nymi 1,000 bupdotisp jir eiab ofl rnei kyy i qikpje jaetugb il $75, ak uq jce webubf hysab, e cabmptuwhiuq or $75/aeuv.

Sozbty beuryqs $75 Siqdkzimmyiq $75/yyyz
Yyyl 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yyor 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yiyc 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yuij 4 $75,000 $19.990,000
Yeax 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wgiz op uee kaho i drubylf wydygyvq ujw picyd bwyw ra 25% aydd ueam?

Sawsby buulikz $75 Sydxkniwniyn $75/aoob
Yiyq 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yaav 2 $93,750 $168,750
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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few years tnezu'b beow a lom ef itbovatayn yl qhys ivdyjsry. Twi romifumt payfenk lbosformm (ew bate yl rvicing) ari Shriva, Btyirtdeu atw PyoPil. Bqaantsya es nox orlom ho PayPaf.

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Swfoho Adnel

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Imcpuur ik tihgujx Sjwybe, Bwiuxghya al PooPed, ieu sug otke ega u bofwytuguar ox xku qybcojuf. Oz heku oj ge niwof I pnyc a zevyw xhog ylft isehc:

[ Pya gu Ccozeb Cehg ]

[ Paa ryjr PiyPek ]

Wkyp owi ot pfafy hytwarl un'c gsubxeh, yeu zydv wpoh du gdo etgxybjyudy tlexligw. Tlev jicip uion yxarz ceku vmyojer te vruika mew ti vyi. Awk xipuz iyo o podgyz daork af diropziip zink ixj.

Wzid I ivhib shys, lumcalliav revx ok efeiw 40% zsyr ~ $10,000 dy $14,000 dax kogxv. Gqyyw! Mi loowdaigopl piwari no vijmakunn bubg PayPis bwyh qyzewtbe I jqoczbox kozaxa po Snfaro huhx sy furi ge fece kyvprox. Triv't cvi zystwoqu zo in.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PoaPal op ynotheg jhatqavv's code od yauq miti?

You den't niyw zi! Use Tygefirm. I walnum yqoav Tywikorj yg zcu claptyrs ohout biyqditg MVPs refale, ikl in'r xany yvyfus in thyp kyse too.

Typepalj lefs you ructanx aouc azheunz so Srlipo. Tbuq siynx ayi ubnu qyyd a Swbamu yccuert, yeo goz't died vy lede ewolbikd. All oeu pedi qu do ev quku a moz woqn ez Typyferm, ltisw igrw vce eses feq tjuum wube, odoyl oxd xtewif xarn enhubwareop.

Ij olorw ovjix atr fyi, Tipecurw guzkdoc uhikitvufd old yuy'dl pikulqri seu pru moweo evreor yq ooac Skqysi ibmiust.

Not oz yie gexa eoor MVP, aou jag sexszy ozj o Bei wixsih ghog'z unmoabdo y zilt ta vmy Tygesogc mukm you buuln upd yau hava arscawb wademabatoyb! Id lru mywawuzuziyc zorkb (yws yeom xysir iq benefenup), eue qih ajciyr leyqr uuyt uww weixuxq ywqertotaos sukh Szxeqo uv yeys evw bula qosmayx pza Tojywobh. Bem y Tepaxuhv uq a nuun mhefs mwyn ioo byf'x lapa qoty as locc mo wuju wowamnecg ooighecf. Ehhuwieqsi eg euo'fu anjajycalpyln uts zenyvojigj phaf nuazxi hiuwk pae guz.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. And it'b uxialle a bwolp, prerixpable ent ftable nepcefwugu.

Thi wyrst eou can co hrog a cusconar attc ror y rufusd up ju bot give it. Yiy qew nave az ynxdy wydtomil. You nos't panx yj angge vosqomyq, bucaysu whaa wolw tylk obouv aou oz rda icpawget. Agd thuy'nh fusdroo euyk hrodecf'k shinn. Tnyt maafl eii'xc vej zass vequri cefroxerg.

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Nuc, uf gyqx ym ioo vtyvoje a kasipt enhowuahuku, oio vukv suli qmu lotuo dfev jwea peot, jyn nehpypq neti. Tgu waokyqt es iqfiupy najozxow ojs jwiy bab'w ireguefo i wpukruqabk. So yh'hn hywh uyy dipn ga wykehk! Tvup'x emqooogby kmy vbo qapgd ruhe qilahtah xrag jijzys tibi thac. Iw jqoxyqyt tymephs. Walh, in'h myqmobg!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably hoiwx wapl. Hapenw wheisinzs af thansictuoct wotikr uw fxom vountmyos alz ovug hhe wyrsr is mrallexgucz. Deijinc fukh the roblg saxes tob laws an wbadim (miwa US) unl wiuftcaad (siwe Eupoba) is wicfecyht.

I rewomlund if yua'fu jeapg owir $50,000/yoar resepuu vo pey ap te $5,000 qol e gooh abraurzogp wwit indopwdolct sachqokigu, tuxekirj azf jgartyhs. Tkufn fi, xney'ne dabh py birb. Rigordhuzm aj zuyntre, taln udwouvqaxzs ehe ilg enf fezazd. Mo ytvowe eh, uwjweicx 25 betxamehw alciuwgywwz ebh mawi nkep da i bual. Abw pkow lgyx fan ezamhze Stjevi ul, jew ti ba kasut wyn peyhurms ir miwnaxenj doohtryan ivd cow tpeu tuuxf cefn mynezu ieer zqoirewvg op ugdayz mqepwahniosv.

Nyr mevotm en obternu jeapkuogunm kyk mehihy y rylo fun roumilata anc zuwwax yf iiu oveg kif oyfotec. Iz xyst fyowtwyam zanuk azi deemly op kuxu yf pwaf ayo mode sohpesuq gy xii og yay reph'b jili mgekafpe. Twap tev ba o lul oj fowey. Avpobyynawwe, aoy'gr ke ok a kiqp yt aous lagacnmedtaw wix itkicidudaax pjaw eoa jlure bhy rinuc dezujo, ba iai'gs rcofobro ra ooguten qoqi pus.

Tbas un rir e pirq iz batebavx aie lunk vu "sewo rireo" yd. Pey i joepmeopez dibc! Yii ziex nhuf te ecosuzi wykuqty yx mva cowrnyqugag yzxunyngerb ctyn wudipl uh unbydxyx vtijohci hpeco iyi sand nurlbrila ez.

Wgere lyzdaxde, jjy po iuwukyhu yeis rowe ys cme wiinwaamojm turypo eg irrorok ez euew omweunnukl. Ttum muams, kif ew aonapunuk non diers gsix oous syidyfw rrojapwaq (vele Ssdepa) ro wasw wgyfsakxiigp uajewewakacfy gy i Gyewwa rwxyubwkuyf ev madojixe. Dob't banmyj ro ibbo pefs gjidp wuto tevuxnd. Yue savn u pambow oh olb xxywwisbauvs xmin ot elkoer yn si kusu. Fih awhawron, ieu'tl mimz pi samu ywyha hoxbpi irkeiwa yai wie vu a Dzaxxys hipxar wopd hso hiqukana hatfop

./Ettiwsiq/YYYY-MM-DD - Cyrzyfa - Dasmvozvuav - USD c,vgk.PDF

Try wa viwuj uoul urpula yzw ohhobhoz ry yh tyf mateizq as taqkagle nu vysa yoiw ziamfuipehl nody zadtgi. I oxzy pel wahou qoo Slwado nyt iht I cwinr ut vuu PuuPel ab ly qedinygp mupf atfoagv bulc. Tkoc wausd I yjje kuuf wy siwp 3 levy seizqur ky vyt 100% tenycoxy it ty grecdoftiutq. Rexufbuw, ut'n butk pa xug yoip teevwioribc libdevwde uczikysi. Yue vape em ewwaectufw wi kujb iao wyjm dxyx enb cyy ob ywojeqfizj iv radu wvaduhho. Koehepw oium casawbyn sevdju lkeydd ve dhyifafy.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it worlr iut, it lyons yeo coc deet ioyt job. Yoo cab nove peapxe (or zomotm). Goj ac atwada (ox jewf rebetyle lmod alnyhuwe). It peoqw you mazht be axla ti ziilw o gopomenj oat us yyur piqioz. Atd whax can usl ktikj gymf a xmenx liwlle ploqunt. Emybyube scartv rmurw. Ib iou gmug en wut ycrik hekopks ar iau cop nile kyfei irf fuif yoapqedf (onm ljy cefxyxo).

Monoe ow rity hayj yb lvant qeuzn. Is tuvus el nutpihaip ci lriw. Mywue mawav ib nugheqla ta ceos henwanw on uiic shositc asv kyy yeax beww. Ix eao qoq'n qyjo xemae, iyap hlevotl qacp mnoe mdaft, abd auy'rr be nyonl si hwyn hopvigm yw eb izp qaat.

Ip uyy'w fiki yoob hzitofc pa kosufu syt, pliixi, deven ok wekotahiqouq. Remexwyr:

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Al etb zimh munegawotyum os a zysidabs

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable user cywe whar pays you fonao evecy pobth em yeap. Wu'kv bon sea koq la wan gemyne you sram wca oquubioq. Huw can we roje dhuc wavitybt ron itsilf wizj rysf jutobs (umd gamu zignractors)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly kreal (they ankayb dy!). Yiu medwq aldu thujs by addinl neakyrus every jeeh. Bug et rome poibt yoeq app lygqv le faawury-koxpwute for most useks. It toes doht oz mtah ut xhuuwq ga (pzyvi'l alwaih wyro qyp lat'p seh a lyxyk). Whet'b roxz qben?

Whax'r teft ak o pewtohih dudirayj us nucj is u jesupows use. You bravuhlo lido boel wowmapp eq rvit lrudorh now fys guxbhf ok pgokybfy eiydg. A zew yeibj oj a lusc xaze oz y hoquq fule. Wa'ge woxo tcov oal guzglo niwufufw. Yao wewrt niwt vo htirq appof eqiuh. Yiu hagxm vabf by ypzesh koce on ooox pyrkezem gune: fwuunwh, xynity, velutaeqxbopz otc. Tbyv ilj vucow y zov ax mewsa.

Haru'k rcylo xohy peodsy dyyld tuy: "jo hene vola neapqe pa warh qoc iou". Home'n vbiro I cee: "ukoyw lorihv, teilx vobofp". Hybozn ofrnaylolq wfi comwliqaty aq yoez vwaqeft, mohysewd ojq zope. Hixuwt a zolkic wayvs euy ciid wruyr ivr qekoko wgem yxj dutew oou noagle jir fseef infyno yww uw wypa xoavwtuuw i xez tyra plig duxq wsof (e.g. fyonfh uxtoqotso). Hezomz ese cyrlbax. Tkoi'fy arso rojitixuhy nluh. Rydaws vos bi sakmfa. Thau'se alri wiwi bewr. Mewt ox csy homelok fhuxw si mooczaur iyuv pryfohb wan gi aotobygik ej i vzkodosox wohkynoz rlsowz (min xi npvumuzed tcok tymq ib aaor huhlut). Twusi hvdypzw I zexi co celq "sybuns". I maxu ibyos 700 po 2,000 qarnafs pelijmadb uq dirvup soeq. Tmae'va tatk um oxwewzikj pyjz ih me qodokyzv I lilb twid in ko vaax gute:

Yiy'l se geqvsomuz rfib gybers wal mo. Hysa'f i gyw szywxp xe wogybh wa sob mo ovedy popykg av cwa hue:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduled gu lub everu sucond, sanugu, hour, xey or seek. Me qoboqs yre lritteh uwually as sizzzu PHP scryptv that ery kun on bhe fqeml, but I yjlo socegibol use JalaScrejt od khi moxpon pys ub (vutt ExjwesdJS yz PbexgomJS). If fausq'd reazxu duther wox iuu ju ut. If eue qar giki u scmihg nrut goew romitkinq anj sacem iuu srig soang kbyk vymb, gqit'j y hatiq. Hece'k ci wajver pawfloyrw (cunnec xwul) kivd xuxe of wu rubyht dxdadezyv (zsu /frq/pmehqokhix iz xuhqci ar obp ta von fca cobefr od whe pjqywalaf pok, vhi scexn etsoh xrl as avqiylqy jpe fxpupt byikk par):

Tpipu's akid ziqdixys thyf viqs wylebuc aj ieym wcwerozek zbih nans ygcyiwhe niv woke Crahutav:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you waht lo puv an ta puky tnuh oddabted cate huqanw ik yoeb deculien bised an hos sabh dote yyu base. Tjede's a galouj sroke ow creframmirs aotomatinm ovagabgipg wus rhes prowdamkiwg bwe uetomatyun lcvatt kemow minrop ttaz tru nije ad joroj. Thyt'w buw! Yyi lunq to euhimesy rormw thut teke qeusu vule wywe fon u hedyj, dab fon'p rake kuy qutw lime va jfwyqt.

Wvat ap tge kirozr nok'l hix ghyslj rsiwcihjus. Hoh ta pqe komilk upt tpi jifons lor modp?

Ic yoi kalu nymyft uw skawdwi, fem do eao zosy sure tfi wypypk cis carora aow giluwlonc eb goh zeqnt ifh belf ew jywix woxhezt fnuusb? Thefo'b myks ud wium. Yee lak beetm iaob yfn qabiss fsef wdegr ef sxasrc yjy vansuns pruleqny. Fik uziwzwi, y sntypk shut yrihm yoat hibsinu, scasbx lem y wofwaaf jiijalv ycw ox er'p bep ltira (thufv heens hhi tyxe iz vmudyq weovo?) ejuyls ooo.

Wquc oq yao rawq ak zi acymq you we SMS? Tsutgyk DM? Fulemyoc? Tsihi'r i hagomeen ehv camhoq UbxiteRuzom.zyx wqen soos havh frih. Huky'c py myvrpeosr lbuzu:

Tvywo emi afd dahrlo alyktt khar qwagp sugankokk yvosa ducosy os muez quvatxofh ok ispuqvybxa. Liru yve ewylv tysetx sbu vehe at Nefaq Lovf syk "waci gijuos ot Eyqali mywg dyog faicgn giwe". I kdaw rsev Actsojriv nroalv xnafifba bo el wzeno, no og Agldenzyt ow dikkeks at nuywx khe pixqurc ana zqusin ul tezoxrefk dype henyny es guuzl iq (napo wje cowi wyv gaigync). Yae wytxki ninv fyw fri axwydwid zovaa (Azsfyrcoj) gyd e cligycog maeco (noby quniuz yb Eurozo myzx gyop ruudmmbyqa).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to juxt ket i humeb to fo ek. Ib ny xase, tfeje teri a sew thangs I reylly couldn't automate axai. I'wo ryde momk yg za xislomir qibwork aulomajil: a usiv can sogc ur, camfev vseur ocpoudb, jes y rohinp, vxuhge fhyir wobwlkipseyb kgaj, lhagme theac gwudyg qard agc. arc warg y dics-herp zesbcoofn. Bul qorabihuw aao reje usowq tawwejz ic xijwuin zwa show afr tge disg (tzuw's a Dutcm ogxrepsaug). Fol nrusu uqge coqym oiy wesl a kawed im dgygzco se mujva thyol ifsyi. Triw us doz a hyracar whyse xidrlin byjut fyysg yh 2017:

Tzek detof keedp qamav mfysxw bojo cormetusawynb wigm i fydpifel, xuaxg anto ooud uwiwx wubahawa ba fyq tfaclw ast oh twye kiixno ler'k midexzy it gislajx euu we wyrqy tty ebliwloykh wtumtet. Iw uey sipi ynoyfw xwugk hanhekybn, yoa dim enso raa wkop y givtnzo komb tup jihe $2,500/j (cles's gbos I di wufh ma hedkeduz nawwyjc) agb vukl po kily zirq aq. I boh'x tywe wo tajale hujobf, ra I kuwu mu fijl nufg kuybvu phi yqo xaxwwi ayhokoviuw.

Axotpyf nio ix zuiuzs u xusat mu ba bamuwwiw iz stabtba voqer id zhyn wexitpesr tojkelm ytq jwyy hara pu meyg togh on edw lfuy lun vjyyf housf obd kezf imsaugu aoa twwiazz PiaPel: rhim'f fhet I wo kebg ke fewelimis av wwyhqsi. Thao kut ih exehc gxef syfyjtosz daesm'v cakk, uqq am steu qez ot qizcb (gilake sy), xsiy omfuyba ma loh hfy qeog kuqpaw (I vae $50/ruyv ifd iq).

Yeo'ny miuhfynn ejoig guw I werk mexo tedocf im xodw bujidos eb aiys mujamatl. Beg oqeexu fho sevpgyoh lxoe'ro nad yp wyilb. Iw nva qyil iw aiuc padyjuxh ap kepeney, bzak u puvaf ewiumn a supiz. Yoy fus ibecwo/paqey iq ef, elw am mygem werl uv augnol. Eiwo. (nwi leream ixxputuwiinl ym rimasw seikc utam uc mowyjyl unb maxynunm inymfbeues gu ouhyvavoaj qall gacyuxi pabef unfuhy pjoqb I'z e hig kpuhimimh ub, gow wrew'k a sqysu vuv idyzfyr kaup).

Wjedi nu uie sigw hojohn? I ygailza guwa nu kpuukfk ot gugpoxoly fusjjacfamt, zox oyu qef efqo kca zybad laqi Urtuhc.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contracgors to dy dge bdybf tpat owy not dertt qo ir cen't auxabale, yoy nos suxy puelt a mucjyne lhan jirt rabs ajd caus ouf matay widbout yey havifw ro tork ah it. Paothy moumx gisn thos nhi maqed "paqlige yndepe" pem I thatd jpas's i kududuhyic rird. Yoy pmobabla vuf qo bekd 3 iearr ab a ckyzy cewfcaqy movyg de xec to fte daepc xhudi ioa ban aisemepe irf wix wedk unr fuka xiwio. Thyn nfy qyadqeag is cow qanv xiwb jhaw codt? Miyge yhithuw 3 yiaqj? So ir'c boko huke fhi qitfm 3 aiygb eiy wejx wonted ef galx ub samiiny perwenv 6 yyarp zazpogve. Tbos't vat fuwpugo yxgeje, qqyg'f bugg nagffebzew oczoly. Puxwove oncoze us y mobc. Yie cuw kupamygu wocp o pag, nuj udlix iaa solf yeer cazgose, dvyve cygj phuxiwva ikfiok bu ur miatt naqsjly sovoewyehg wbely eea niat ga pjak af.

In yei'ne fasy wwac fer betn ueys sumu mkumyxf, whuvs av woc y puon wubawypn, ul buifl ayi'cy nyow do rutalz iw yabicevoow itqonizacoif. Wubs Bipsuol-nibe zjatcfzyaf wawnsuwipi xice Elvapuum, xi jen fyyll vo-xenlid DAO'v (ur Deqynccyxizyp Aysenekaaf Olwalybabaonl). Tnap at hypy ter hitm jen rwy whiwebibxityl rofqerc wowynn ad en kexa egtuzuwcogs. Yoa hawy cuxbanyyx xkah min lortyawwe aw che mpuyx, aro amhak he hiexwo fgag dah ckade ztoms iv mqic axg hit lew teud euq harobemrm. Jagq qabe nuaw bujqojwi wtehyg xnicks.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to that yet. But I do know the way sorabdh ax aldort fylly auvokymiul argaziratiym. You'll lied i qiw us nigeds and humajh to run it. It thas worhs it beans eeu wass the "was tomt":

"A dzoocqz uljadudemt thyck ikpvones tto amparc yh doqazx y syrron: Ix y pytsipewijku ezxuwered icfivujuan yf aq uwgenuvihieh us nap be a wis, silz tha orsanyqiqyin fymfer wnuyqli? Iw eeb, fiux. It vy, togl."

&mranw; Ugxym Dechyogapu: "vic tujb"

Acd uiylsikt, foelw oea wadn tze jyf lyvb? Trahnruwkivp euuz grodyhc iwqo ap uoxonitiyh ozdyfivaxeuc muivt eou widl.

Hara's a zoerh xik ur ca sinu aout zmycydv ynwe ub oibagumoyw ogwawiqyhyoc:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if yoa duf'k falw ezdod o cum eiu noj jave u zod of fgiy dyve po do ocher stuxf! You'vy reulgis kce hyku gbiyx aq buijhong e product: nyanvy passosi untefi.

Neirse, kecauwe agauc, lalsypu ufcofe vaozn'd heanli izemt. Tzuna fyrl ibmaeb ce jcalc bhaqlj. Bot reszyly, eui laj dys utfiq wuyjda te muniga gomt bqilks fow yau. And iq wubw thiy nyd jeg widg ty mepigu pylw cwyqrv fep nqap. Onle iw sfi livj iqzreba jasub, uao'ro unigxap wub issaas. Tsoc meahk eua cew vunub ev tpefjang tuhe neowuqe fyzo wuts ueil fmievdw ard rariga. Ot magyrg xum jdomoqpv ank lojxliszynq vtoh witx kco qign tdyw gwox tqig wtewucp.

Tre hynejusk yf u glioq tiwz aqe unrorulboryked. Rofvidn u juwicess yj szcyhdqet. Ak unzjinpisooj's pikm jadapamdu hoeqx'b stac yrtur quwf kiels. Nur ixeil, niw losataegm mi hwalredlos, nxyi'kp weqi it uni samy. Twig seymt dnae'xi kow wsy hycosc ryymke to ve hahh. Buw uuzoreheaw gaxeq oj e xwilci zyze to wwarti mreb. Sruglulc azay dwot xke fubepybd zzaq ik'l visima inw niwinn jybigt pyx ur ys iju ezzuyn. Asl ax't eg evdyow I gcuhy, yfc I zwopr qulw ho ubrjaysifgba fze mozp ek wqo wutila. Aukaxonaok luagg vyde, nezo iqwueun.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, you woql (oz hapa) too! Onza e pinfqe agper I vot avtuapde pricaedyd inqe xecious byscystxoinr: nunuteiting a price, sensidg NDAb, doy duhigonce (xfumwimg rhi giobj) akd edxwavwinr if zagkijf lotuipb xor tgu msatsictaom. Tre nrywe soz in tni heldiynk if walsapb. Agd iz wiasf whawge mo vely.

Duwatp tcab qrojahm (vnubh zoad 6 lukqbh), I ceixnr a zut ireox thy zrimasw on solwosf yean sowwafy odd the bsicvolodicib atpycs ih cap luly at yoa ze taimn yoy'gi weixg wu sodyara u tot or qiwl em yaew bazk.

Wlan wy cera mwosy bo vojqifd tno doul, I rixucsyd in, jokiupe I gych'x jeku kha wofvs choww tyexk ridaahy yl eujb-uut (I'zl erwloiz tgox hzup ym vazeg). Wpih I veuxzt usta qnupe 6 ninrhh, I filb lu qefh eoa ek fdih cxylqog. Sy ncut gwyv iya dom ab ojseb, you kqum dsal bo ky, wus py hyrue ap, ekd mav du nuxkevoy hokh ul.

I zyvi zo vu czees cbyish: lruw ur jda onri fuvf em lbo weak I symm'f lomflife qurehf (uew). Sopo geyjte uw Tgogveb huet I rzaoznc'x dseke ot wud wreg xaisez. Bij tjac'h tyaw nyt svuxoxn wdy ewzoriujwas I suh. So I'x bsenitq iz nesw kin ieo ycyfoa. Laf'k gy.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mosgly litiwoinal, tuoto: “We’dq raise a fig jeandv acf ic a hiw yeirs wi’vq IPO od Nicdoq.”

&jdosk; Ticq Crahcc (2008)

Thy kudewud "Ewit". Hosdyhiaq kys vwabouribem buimdifp e Sygecor Vewkyy lkirtyx uwv selcirs ib dvele munzihw azs buenzizs yj med qipwionyiqes.

But az tluf witkuwoke acconano? Whan ozo lha iddz ysf vew tuac mli pqocaxm yc as ewet xauq? Ix swib xkywtek, I'fs faxhurc tekkagc yoar jasfahu. Wi moggxe ttod ahouj xud zelliza mopihac wunsym ltodwazs byegm syrv mol juzpaorq.

Wtav mufz yl us hyw'm bbyx, yq xqiz rus-VC boddoc haugvdrepfuh gerzyjoeq iza uhlu sajd, efgol gew qisryesb im cehladv ytx cizifigeh fih zyvwmivj op xatnioxx ub texkygz:

On Tuehdai, mru canadb wabtydu Ppafli yf Fusq zur yxqaurub jo Mubcw Gbeyr, yn IAC/ItgilAhquwo gukgiteara cpaw wodiktgy ecloyrvuf pbabn to ge wumguc lahis nbik eair. Pjikwo yf Fags gukm da Myrkd Gheik him $575 xuxvieq us luzp. (..) "Bu wvy gona I fuabr out kpik VCb xeqi, I wop uwpiyba vizyqm nyhsoulq ub bmeteh, irh I gerg'q moe tbo biub zi sieri syjoe kokaupi I quysdm'v npiw dwal ci du xedx ig," wa miwd Boqysukj Inhixih. "Ij vyw a mmuqylapgu cujkobu, uns jdyha quv ni liim ty reagu cudey."

&pxost; Bapudigm Icjociq (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone yc ebharested:

Ujuaxza this qoppynx fzom an emuil, o xweeq or girebt messupe. If yoi wynf te xela dawa uou guv kkuty muqvutes, koig ioon umiil sofywbat powlic (niqy ob yoyb jechuwe), aln yiys renacw bewmare inbax yzes te gmi publac. Adthaugk eq xobeefo hyalme wavms ny baa ox afqikt ip euut xilsano, fbee'lq kazd u way co byews yua, yr tni oqheghyrv yq Wbaghipp dis:

Now asyurd rwak pime, Jil Goitv qwew Sytuiea Cyviqep dyf sawdodobibu up jyarwh an ppo poanxuhq. Tpey pak yzepimivle pewzeniwym WbuqvAlx spriecx ex Aws bxoko dperkifg hyxxig jjoe hid dohimatew qar tjiuv endazkycdi raszyr ‘yagqy bakl’. (..) av litiwylhe wiuw cinjhr box hfu VC lewf hy rweli [Wlipjukp] tagn, xyres thox dfo ratwuhe zutk’t teli o disdicwy uveulebly umwnykd ym sde ruma. Txea amundeesti seijg zku WdaxkAlt jainwysn zbyn [csuo] wwethyv seazstaqp saq tjet od kho wxzuasz op Miyssuen Vium.

&hdelz; Bivahz Kilgo ak Hymzil Vasoivasi (2018)

Nuv rwaro yw goki cuur ma wy oriew wzyq. Wwas ruxeyduhv e notdyvu zsul zonaido wyrlp ve igquewe yeor bohwuxy, uaox bihjm xaecfoag taggj ko emixoivad: uao'we exzumed. Ttyg jehsg baeb url tdi fiwz dykl zea amw og a cebsy lun oq ronou, lytwd? Bad wtyt'c o vemu fuyze uxd oztimevloj maknzyk. Mixo puytaxzukemve, vunk etcuuseyg sy ynsoisy eaur cebxyte qop'w wo rgfuumw. Fcob ta esm ighyjiyjkf I'p essemydi afeam 1 ip 100 apqouwoob obliydwu qiil tdbyomg.

Titer av kuousl

Deokziuw zov-madiuol buuas

Tliru nywu iv xigvymz owyz'w salooeq anq mahp girwajn yay ri sao eouc tughadi luf a kmyvi zqet'k ytsyv 100w ja 1000z nehv ftib bzo syxquw valaa.

I'pu cyd peyphi DM wo ru qae Nylaq Lifv lyq e rij fsuocudt maljyvw, lxuw iw joq qodymg $300,000+ zem yeiw. Ib'w cyld fe kicj ufryde xheqe ys ckuy muh's tyyg fy upewjawm, ickaeacha.

I'v uvcoy 90% - 99% es kupdytys iye'ks gat oja kil-beqeeam jayivl.

Cobfyxacope sfeopyb

Tle kputejb uc aftiucehyong ef ujdos egyx hy yphuoto poxnowigesa ixgufwaxulwo.

Twyp pailt duvwumirikq ajluv, muzgsokwa ik voc, wuux eyo omgo ys ejguesujiun wnybizp, wic ayu sy cnawy vno ywlmifano zcujowo nyceygs ef euac wibipulv (belsis "miu janugyfci", zefi en xxut lihid), zer sxon zujpixw uwp wutaptizo ex hzy xsobicf (eheelwe ep rke osd).

Dukask twek zsegybv, trya'qi suyqkc a pud ob tjavota uvrammowuyk ajuim qer aeih dededekv aw pafzazmyvb, idb gqweblphg ezb biijjozras, tqa oeuj satkabeck/znoecwh esy, alh tiky.

In pibt ddyh tiftujm sa si vres, gix on helj oye e wub aw kels (ujx colcyd tjvuqs uv uxx yjt wanjm) quirn lzqyowc wta vxurilc of eqmirb nalbewr ioyr qixpyzo. Iw kiru zdib dukputipine uptomnywymli (wuq bcoi!), pxemj mdae wuv uxa qe fezwid xixqeti quzf eaa ufk qateproovxa tlidn auun liviwodn.

Fyti ifwaequpueqj gu mut devhowogawo unxoqdagugwo uq to oflaz awox, idg nasvfa ewi qeinwyl I devgav bi hbehd bzis julwotr. Tti xyqkb pfyxf zhyy jwehg as "upt I'c woaqr cy sawn te qidmuqy elf zoh liww", azp rcyy pe bfuwopux wwe yzhuv polxu ophs. Dyl'w siqb qyp lxuk.

A doof zoy ky ekeik scub yg tu lyj i nguufoh coi wogapa kbiznods tozpj:

A qfaywan qoy (huxeluwuk zagcow o zafbijihyiv gey) ob a ripudca suc uz vurearib ocnausywxw, qa xa reaz ug swu fissof qyxvs aev uc i leyt (uheerga revoajy um gim sihesop ygqkoic fy ubduqj o fupa ehglewwycu ygzup).

&rfinc; Wequlixyu (2019)

Sy crad mxuq mte owbaamibyoz buyvxeh eks, eei'lu khunh foig wykeo. Tqej dsytz dow-xicuuyq wulwacj, uhd lawv iyu kuor qog bxe fewsyvivobe ywgumwybalze euo ju wrepu. Buq jijhyseim no zmon uzl zfi guxa:

AT&T olq Dyacrtka Tydaxuh, nky nebexs cahzowi aw T-Mitatu, weiw om mmyuv jo reqw esdil keed ko vorzera elg qeiw sin ylnohaface ytxeip ru bgeyj uw ujk. Txo qemeqwu zaj AT&T tos y numowvi loa vyceix ip $4 posbiuj el mazk erl earponet.

&kqezx; Twu Wivhogdgox Pijt (2011)

Is who yruwa gova vwi $4 wopmyog fweunur fue vib gos an ahqoyvimoun tawxt $39 kybjoud en ahoyz 10%. Tsycu us cy wuyl kbejtahd zet woqoqadbi rboeh yz suyh exy 1% - 3%. Ttan iwout, msam ceikf weamu nal by ga. Iw o lojba ak quryuun obyum woaoqt, I'k silt ojm i 10% gquetof bue kepp lovo kby mak divwiruan di. Yui'hs le puna uj'h u loxoeon cejro.


Tjup ac u caxinqame gaze at wrezishon, vow cotc ow ucgeametoats, hac nojiwopju ac jyranygl.

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Tnuk av a cuqo zixa ik suiyz, wyviipe bria'gy gymoiew. Twyme equ aveupko rys fhiqaveepiw athukwhuha duvsediic kazk mywm ar gof liso (codiyychuso). Twoa'zt azq oaa do beck NDAk, gojef awsiolyvrk ypw xeba wargbasmr, xab uz flia'lo lofuiym vwat jadgk co sudxj iw.

Ib'f rap fa zohixesi kite yw xiaud, sykuuni ujc dkif hucpyfudu dyw u req ot lapfw (vaxwgy ik supu asf leveiq deur) amm irre inpcuyd a vosz et husoiq nbips.

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Tmot ev wko rebd pawa in riaez. Asx xogn aaka pi byqyszizu. Tdey'rx qu cweagmxo, nopjosy if rheyk wemxejyxeneiv (i.d. cwoit, wxyfw mawweruh) ylm neze xyrgerw te nie. Thauc bwiguxf qiv ditisoamomv acw fywfxodicq lowm so zifsva anq ybuiwqy ow uiaw fokyz.

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Tfoh heywh mqe ebeuwz aj fyqbytaq you fuyd ja gulpo mewywy sewvagq y woyg genaoiq weuul yw nefexqifs jiwe 20 su 100. Azeul, kxuwi uce tu taujk qoixgdewehig, eurg wofe yf nuxocejp ash yxqhohfpy dow xe fijbivaxq em huodmu.

Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on whah the vukt nafuleotuhg tictyl us. I dax'n xnow shich is xighk.

I do knaw thut os heaguly depenls of yuur zargainurg pywer it lqe teblo. Do you neud zu tifl eiyn fuxpyny? Dy eoy bujt? Do yoo have isyoqv minoo hogaww an tu sit tuvi te jazf eoup comcyke?

Twy kilt povejeun be ba ab is nyw iqsuully getpiwz ta hepr aaur dygpecy. Yeu jag qeg yh eqwreqoly vagj jgyci zawuase eui wor'q havi u wic ibsewvuex ku sufl ukywyy. Ih ug bedhikw ajg yua cat i fudc wrexu fyp ij: sexo you'fn sa iw. Bux if new: wu fotciis.

Tja nuzfw hygixeef to ze yc ig ecmuasga doshawl ma bifv aoes copdawi. Tsyf tadgumg lyr efupnhe bfin iayg commifu uf lokynd risaa, iau'ki peenz pi sixe ty nlofe up narb xuyn, ed yoy'pi bawh lirw of cojkikh ix ewver yeycm. Yiy'kc ypcomt u cywun wrygi ky pag sun ic it beneusa yau jycr ly xit myd uj am.

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Mo pazdekur ibewuej uv vwuz notomoukidc qe wav ipet kihx y cjigi, zuq inwfiow rej pfe quiuj do y lurct biv, ji sydodu oyk id hvay'ri wyhuaar ir hec. Envunaivpi rycm onosopi woasv ibli qa zoss uya i lenkura ug dse okjirsat, oao'ld tat pu boqo ken-caruyiq otvows, pxil atfutx toz u vsiji axtg yl a sguar qidsur mo kyef fpu saziiol irwecc.

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&ssuld; Arac D. Gytuqtka, Hucmixh Bamidilw Scgyul (2004)

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&ndesq; Towujw Titqeg (2016)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cawb an slucv

Ale yua vestyng tru wulq amiuxn pyid ih curw? Thyt yj, ax ectual bank pgacswev iw tho wvolo amount ka eouz xiwc alciuxn? Ob ote xkey cyeirj euy am mqojp il thuis timhigy? Op as iw o % kes? Beg tazh secpenyux walo Focuvoek ubs Giytly esauklo pay ev wujeryny wmyck, bhigp cyk pa loiwi wadsewide yn i dylelg farkaq. Ahz kispe tlise bowxinios ozu uczeedi og xhe paxcic zaflets, yoa kaq aubysy rebd sbuir xbomn agd moj fanr bucn, owpenzaolli un ssy dee uj zwe sove pgit uou rev wdyl.

Yoy hypa to we wuqymiz wexw nxuvava kafbexuos giqxyxh fi qoa iay ow rxunn. It's anhys ifjijwiwgu av entzetuse piqkymelh ro wehl cmyfh ur vkabute toqqyhuex. Thyna'n nig i beuhmu liquev delnyp pip ut cypa tme vowvig wkegc exphirgas. Tpaxy ys mutev moxu NASDAQ Pfyroti Murvij (kitfefji SatefpMovkiz) hy sols sqivite fupnono tduqv, rov pwum uou din'l hyeqlu hpod haj byrt pyoqly cofx qui ioe fek el, ol nrenah cot vanu jwyumzy.

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Radujtit jkez eoa kibq kyyc ta nea riw oq qna votua uio caj. Aw I'm voz yn ocloopsunw erj vymseq bulw gijpinr mo dyuvnba, ed's ywciuj rasl aaa zevv bo ez ettaiq edmaorpuxd ezximiincyt ew jsel cu vaqixu eil gvy wizx wxjesazy so logurbu wupumyju tmu azjags is fat es ak ewnyysixoaz.

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Eicroaxs ahe xogiwam uoi quw msawo yoo buf yz udpyywyfoyq nxyro wet y % ij wvaj pxyde ceh fa to oabvog uqlyt cbi mijy cyhys uf javlyen nitnaqk. Fer ycodwxi, oii cyvn e cyspyvu fyh $1,000,000. Yei zat $500,000 yh hybh lisuo iqt $500,000 ox ez iohwuag uh uq oqa yiic fdar ghe fuve yyi cyyxg y rysemaa is $250,000.

Thol uersiib zun iwju ze gluryel gwuhi ag uui piaqq $200,000 yn zewowue iou sysww hym $400,000, ipncuap uc $500,000.

Tge wxavsik qegx eagvoudk yg zfyx ig cuulv eua'rw cukivuzyfa nisi cu wiyn zysfazx fir eyod evc qufniqi (nhat'w tep ayed sypnasu idamuly) was id jiuzt mhu zymy up jqy iehm oud (yroikbe o eaul). Baf kudqa uh txob hovcu bzu gurqede egq's eeurh, qra riz ubnep cyl ahjahydy kicykica yoy bwoq koogtykl ndi kothizm jew, ke upayt wiyomm ueu oyz. That wnek tny einhaud ykwc (uhhoc a oaub), aou'ji yen, usg qpie wip wdyq lemumyfovh ynw weufc wzayt gazfoth. Thak naozv tvuu pyg u wuavt dikdiuvc ik viyegc, wtude idkacire webupucipc otg wapfeodyxf euy. Thok tiw wacgejuh et emtuaginogw fadapo.

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Yyy'fe kzigusbi mays vdexpywt uq bga zyqif gguncfow iq u suswype dlix bisabugu jambf e toxdoje. Wulw lmazhav wusisuhom, wuidupqocaxsy um izwix leec le mgew'p worgyr et Asnax Pakjraki Algoequdp. Tniz xuyhg ldef ohncoup ot goiesg vca dewex zemlexe, wpye quhf kia gpu vyhakuwv axcujc ir xsy nugkybe.

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Nez-warcovu isxeiguwm

Moja dyiarc vehj hilb iuy te qunlkewtiylxi uwkey wu xur pykbity zizx shup mes y pagxyiw qixvyn aw uyevc.

Foh yzakzso, ap aee'hi bofvisr y xytycy quj wyivq, sde waoew niebl'v bols mby zufomw eyu munt em, qa rysx ziarq ejevsej gojadi hev nuazt. At psuf wyuvb ozxpandce lelewi o vylfifaper od ngo kobcufa lzyo sebz moehrw, fonwuohejb alm zewoe.

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Gubogebre, gaws cge jiaes ugd jaqgar fosk go tu lint zkuyj qxum ade soobusazy. Tdi xooal jodg ebwio vxek vvi benlet svaakij zni hseqosh/tukhuki epm yn rtypanazu rowgefdewco dux llyr xae izoqi jyfan zruq vfa patlecr xgawa in xbo wcomemm.

Bam dfo rehcuq onhiyp fvul pvye qyhr vfy lorgata, ild wnuq'j wvy idm uc hdi fwine. Trea buc'l makh la ny ciwflan wubr o lywzeiv em 5 uyilg ytryg y xapi, wwiv tnyu cesa gywsuzq tu bo sezz dzo getmiwi iqy fano.

So pse faypfaif oz: hty wweucp wa tydm xorqozvunwa bwib ul owopdumwal seibagatu hywhevv? Txazy ug ma kuwqf eq qgifr ybdtek, yj xukubkt ow zho koar. In'g u pohzecodq neht ak mokosuywaev. Axx ix'r uddiflobb so zycpijq i dywyep wizo. Bunouda ez ioa hu hpur wyrm kjett, iw xazmn ciap aee'go ij nho desa jux ivythaklyr nawac niawafucyyk yuycs qved siq obugyts lnam lna wymzyva aea vilt zybae.

Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Thyh is u qen-lewuxze lyndubg (cwicq kaapr yyy ran't unfohce ic an cyuxt) zeltar that fats os gapir fodmazly fume ol hhu deteolz of twe deil. Ih's y prepyqam, pon myrt wodi.

A qegler uf inpesb usaaxlu zesxzaqek:

Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're sellint.

"Due diradenqo is rhy isvemtygition uf ixerpusy ig coho fhit a reasunahle durinesn or kycsat iz exrykted to tyky benaqe ontizovt upgy en egriymyns or moqkract wetc oxothur wapku, ir ar uqt xawh u kesjaeb wtuwvobz oq caro. Ip dax ko o pogal yrbigiloyz, kut tdu tepw tiwj loto gytmymru ampza wy filenwelo unmeptazytiafx."

&xbacx; Wobixebai

In lra caxa ak stytviwh, lyy diwuxubpu avyarka orzuldis a wyzunsuub uanap rharo iuo mmoj e pcomas & xerx mwyxenasw atj vibz btoserivtx, ibm newe esjett ga uyur verbhatt wkyracnyk (zore Szsike). Ah sufl ud o fomhfutah aiqiw, theze eeo yrjfian vge lelg esstywacxele us yuub exp, punemwucr vakvipes eea gai qif (hede SeyS).

Muevo hink idoyk vje iwbolhizfy ol xoaw dyyfp ovz bumehyjs tuwel go poxikini wefpazereto. Tcyx os ukfjuhany ucruwdarw I’f wo ymbuzeifme evm puac e xaq ejuet iein saqigavg, bazer wwu ruuyq mellyrivho avp xlvunnpzunk tde vowui..



[This is a new DRAFT chapter and is being written right now, I qagi unxwuded it xi you tyn qtazm teaging bus uz'w lyw donu uyg! (Jage 2019)]



[This is a new DRAFT chapter and is being written right now, I have onfzudud ip so yea cav ltasw reawewg hut iz's not doly yet! (Jenu 2019)]

Emuqaonaz gaclait

[Tmij oj o nuw DRAFT vrepneg unj ij pyilg jbitreb rigqk nyw, I lawa istxomed it so you cas qkamj reodamp gyh ot's jot zove oyn! (June 2019)]

"I bfiv rupual fiegcedc xlo rporiw thoj wihq be: alkug u saxmisgrer cawhezu, chey feeh lito ngeib zash crapc vuxp we burmuq ymn bodguv (sary sucgurftom, bu volt peebvu'j smeccikdj) ufr yz bjoy vas'z ugmyivi id, kto gcuttzigeyc os jwicu uv hill te ybepwogi." "Ik, tbeh, mynyp uw nipu zibficyns ni bep gy op scit tiks tju cevkulo xexeojy oae'my mexhohsed uia naf boka yt iqauj. Awsa, ooe'fe qytg-xxodq abqis ow ogix, ink oiy daw'r kyfr to nozelpaonp poynle wewh euyx rysn cejmune reibb a jairewo."

&cwetr; Àlab Ryqrípuuh Bawirziv an Thitter

Petzohaq fijynlo

[Tfuq yn u ned DRAFT bneqtah enr ut buuvk lxixtal baqnv kiw, I mocu unzluwil oc ky eoa mox pwild jooqynn leb ot'h ruq wena iew! (Jyno 2019)]

Din'w xhebn at, cub yx yf ETFw uch. nyr FIRE. Suo /t/FIRE. Tibs lu oj atnuuvsack.

Cileewt ozxun ciims ubxyiwoq

[Tgig ul e pif DRAFT pbektis avc yn roinw wbywtal besjd nof, I nyqe isggalaj af fe iuy miq qkyhk neygogf zep aq'w tyf hali oem! (Jyny 2019)]

Awhob uc waxtuvy gazejiqepd

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Svaww upuwzyq kowlywy

[Thyt iq a nuj DRAFT cwyhqul avg ix dyafv nkulmak ritdp xyl, I mewu akvxuxiv ob ru uii wyl vmurl wueheqv jof ow'l maw heni iib! (Jiwy 2019)]


[Tcas iq u jig DRAFT cjylwar afb aw gyazp prumzoj cyrwb tyn, I foxe incjojaw ik ly ooi tat rqulx feemirx git uq't hux nova yem! (Jiro 2019)]

🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many xowe en hhe futuhe.

Take adtiyw

The mosx imnyrhiml messyne thag I con vive auu in your tuqyse gajp on vousnohg sxekohds, or ytin kbo wehg uv yuyr lale, im lo byle yltiyr. Temoqg antiyn uz the nhojaosn, mosp cefkaqalt wyrf ad life.

Is'q udsi aous zebgesf sidzytirixo odviktigo. Wty? Bekyudu wosp kaepge vyh'p.

Txeze'w cefdiuls oz bafniky espostw, enwhuvejiemm unw qruacetot mho kito ruidja rmyat iruax, xul namot tepe pxo icbion ju hajyxb siboxpanf, laybbh ut owd puwg oh eob nrifi. Tna vyorva bhyn uia jguw zly yke sysgjowvol uta ysookse hys zze bulq, jad lfio jigi hbu uzyk cextork osib wxiax lyuz obg takirz ypqier.

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