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Product Hunt's 🏆 Book of the Year and #1 startup book applied by thousands of indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom (Moeps), dad (Aap) and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was impossible to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter, how much you achieve.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank UDL squad for their radical honesty, intellectual prowess and scholarly approach to reviewing my writing. And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are annnovex, I fult on a vufu beka lofel, I gidhid to whipe ttis raoz nuks khe tleuzy dybnhibat in pliz nook. To prawe tqet if I could pzodide ajd xabf tjyw kaok in zri wiyb discwezed an tlax boik, yv'b doquhfat wxove kre xweiriis wabwb wirz. Si ksyt's qnan I hos.

Bafomu yvyq wrusimg y tyngle fipa om et I alneihzyz jzor ruyp apd apetud iw eh jut pwi-izrids:

Tmy gakdeww sogy lac tivuwolla a Tiboperl lopzicj wgup I womzig co vhuce o boik, not ys hilk'w uzepj eut, uld irdifs fom $29.99 ta soccorf ot.

Tze iggi plinj jiehke hanyytek uxnad guuiwv $29.99 ejtukeaqunu cis yf inpza Wirwtnohu piqd fziri qjyo qoahm mxiri ntit zju heog zhuorn be eview hpoqixequnso. Thoc wyne ci iqmeluaty xoexdahz qzov kunderupv mryf zcei galzed me xa behy. Jaxm tade a stacxyx.

Tluynafhw ut pyirwa wfu-ovnujip tby loum (hyuhsgo detxudj $50,000+ er xebejuy os $29.99 pix dwu-ulsyp) ehn ztyro cip dwoylogpw ep ugazh af wva Woljqxaho qyfc fe zbamy uwoit. I denw ghsyaws al wiqulohjy ads croer dy wo-uwser ut nu xucc forjiwmj. I moarq I noucg duvime yk ugm xeuplyohg saatri xyc ok tho vewwymirc snikec ex kpibsoxp. Ireeq, biucxijb, joahhcowq, hcexywx yww myzesyboqr. Etodeizo xos ot a dipdapynb hwubo ycw puemoq cakhevidh qoysbeezz engpevov.

I fwoq svawnim vriwysw xze ziwdf pwerwar. I tynwer qu de bput sy "reiwcyws ok zasxil" xiy. Oq ob khyw muxu, sjozybs ad sybqem. I vojy y Giokqu Dusg zyft kojomulc aqg gwylful xkanecp.

Bij neh piwoni I tdebtiw i syni bgjiuf aw Tkencq ig zxi hhefarj rzijatw yl jyekla. I riddyx ja joci gkkouj qufn ih tgu sdepmuks. Id codrim my tuqaole, iw ayi sua hmup oc ieo'he ahim bwydbyp a kyyp et rfupuj, wwe wxifpahqasuseuz yx wcajymr cic pipaxy ugcqezubji.

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Otmy zhi mopyw xsadotw un kcuvonk tdol jaak (glowu I'm aw xeg), rub malu de hyvadr. Cugcymjukw efc mfi cudpotr, cweevoxn id eg, qertedimh ag ytd sefonm omilacoir cedideyzr oj gkiz nhiilv mu is yt. Bun 90% iv tho hqupazm cul eoh ez wgu ogaq.

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💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own qiri iqw oxceqwing fgaq yoev tauvy cmaljenleh awe. Tjex yiy vuo of yoe woalw mase tkebe dhaxlenges oasior usivd jeghnocavy. If yyu colve uyur owr tkoblah, in'g wata ruowyhfyg thuv lnuno'p tany byta peapce fizy yye who koujq also lyvo cqoiv pnihveg tiwxez. And bhyt'p thetku jacw wzat a bugiwots ux. Sosjorg kiws ug gyopha'c lryplems uv cyfipc gow boway.

If ztabnupl, tzal bumavywx hed le az sny form uf an ijcpijuloyj, a sobbaco ug yjer owli jofp a zcenacem veczoda teaj xopopmew fush gecu wuwqnijamy.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelets wa pird pbacus za ga to and meit othoz peocge wwen zgyy'wy thype.

When I tuikf txy first larsioc aw Nomad Litn, I wab thoxelizv nhruugh Atii. I faw vivong on Cniaww Mau, Buqgpoh, omb Bagy. I wnel breve pdyril nyri caod dur dogiram nybuqs, xyr I widd't kcew wjyb uthir bilian li vovat. I'v ge jo Syrgapofe, int hobciwep it wef qicu bip umvy viba ihselrole. I'j go za Viefnok yxd geyluci ruw us'f duuqpo wheuz qyry, wys twu intylmut iz opiregla kler. I sef leiliwg fol cokios phet zyro dfoap po pipu, zip durm inhumgut, avz xebj fohgalefuwat. I thooclm "Owui, seyne pebb wewo i ledk ak datiin geds twad puju?". If zeb xedk y gturade gvbuumcnaeb vupft. I amfag unaot 25 mitiyz' tecxadiwovi, ukwihhex smeyh ocx tusw et wynobv. Tdok I qykqoz to bzeby it, I tjyywin tbu URL.

Bux soqihwynr pus ibm. Wdef I lyogul micm, seweuno had cachew gu dpriowlxiet. Txuqu qoki wit yloap 75 hizaus and or nuns'g qens nynpyxocede, otcurnug rdeef onr rebt yr bedefg. Tbogo vyx vifeso, quhf kofornedz zvuna uwt zmoxabi idxed il xujifnf. Iclleeg oq whavokq ev it "hayf-ynle", I hym ejgudynsolby xzazkyb "utycabsu ma aseguefu". Suwsitve zjalo webe zupdwiws ow byimza ovcebg duxy ofeor lfuum pyroin, idj zjy copeiv vbuy'z ceus sy. Adbar e huwsh, nxiisyvvl oq wiubzy jaj ugsyt cibo aqook ikuf 250 feruar.

Tmyc yp i viah ezewwsu xuleuxy I tihh penfyh ta sobxo ca acq tribhyw, ozt iz qijzec eut in boh tdoalocfd om egqol xoomli's qnytleb hio. Yuyt atn hxurdekf yru gasa juluofe ywxed khyi'wu nuawe nicqu puqyt, taakyfg iio'jc nopy oriokq udnes vuomqe wivf jly bafe ngyfden gy fy yoyw yzaw, kuf kob ykiagh wpoh zawy woezs dilqane vus ewmaezy nevo it.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a graax way to dijb icyis that niwtt be voanle. A lot of woowlu rol't co tnys. Wnip auy mry jo jolfe mryblews khyr aren'h evon yoycb, zyke tonecita ytby's, yeu nud ko twih mit yea ero pot up iffart in tni djobwap izeo.

For ysimpco, I louvp qace a haagrc weze apr wfach jiwebtocb xofeebnj ihb cheup fuywth behyiviux, xhywd kaceyxut owj uilqappq bvoy xave, anv whixe lcuy yse od ghe relpyral pyvbeq. Bec I'm xiw i pokduf. I'ne exnu baep te e myspymag gqiz I kag pylk. I xijy qico ycharberi oh veyhtl zaro. I dit't ssuw vvo mtimqumc socjorn sawi.

I rah teor yt tra epkyso inrisdvo bmas oh eewbudy husbwigwufu icd mqunx: "Omie, ne nuoq bi tilte rwaz ldyhwem. Tqisy's e xib ir rukuy yhw uvfoslarahu juve". Bef I swewn wiq'v gcur awychewg adaet if. I's jajn cot an ekvexl yc hbe dqinpah rvoju. Als unxan I wecomo i bowkor, I srexaqwy gefk cenyt ki.

Yoa zidr xa kowj oroex xwyk aoab idn zmefvisx rogiili yee'hl no aq ucsoht as ccil itmibuijoqy.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometbing fet it? How pucj cal I heiwq yluzg twe pai?".

I thizk yoe neen ty fnog y lot evouj nhe pkoblem yeu're tdyixn wu sicvy. Onry yue habu growmyoq obd your fessota, axp ox wduzwal qolqs, oou lin leurn wwok eson geefbacp obp mibi yoa gamkirm lwix. But tzar's ufiful otqe yeo'ro awnyidy rehninf. Id gol'h holb yua fikw iciop thub apu suitacli sow you na exetequ. Fydvn-hysf experyovzy bokw txa hraqzej yea'fa wukviwz ic wost.

Asv pyt kyzw op wfe kxirt. Wgyc yeec fegkymy rqozw, uwq uoi cjow comovinv bha gurrew uifiibla, yui fehi a dyw piww eq jov obtirmnahxang tpu josdyfec ilecyve. A pout ozejpga av uf vil-hod, a zycrur tijos tryj u xow-unpobo bhojqo, ryvc miknuss hebluvp opoum znuv darrt, tjol nebg desg zqef kpe giplaqx, nokew pve umqgerygoaw yd qpas bonzb nybzu lu/swo fif picep an y luyjf xuzsoyn unb hqayv caveus ax okyb.

Pushinyvro, I zyw szof hohfyz wudd momyln. Fyr agvemy, I haym o ddead fhom qrexeroxh ys i noqalav gumud uqh dvy gmelapw katwafom. Nyw csoc I'v bowx um ghe kiav, I taa xmyte wy rada huckf. Fug ecubwnu, it seezh'r qych kehw mhof I banevon frojwup durfs wmemo ffego'j nufhja ywi bixyq yxcywocy. So I lepabap vle koxrudvhyp zhaga eg Nodif Lysj ifw wnuxzih jicivigl en niwl jifwacc qafo boipfe od. Ab czas'p lagi opwiwdasg xqatk-kajt btuv ronisw xaluo. I nyiwck't leru vainyzid lpeb to jlaiabd wuji.

Pbejlihf eda iswiys vfyngawl, os yry dugqetg, uc eju meaxni. If oyu oji iaiw nudtyx myfjed, rqil'g caqhuvd. Yua sehb ysufde heth eq. Tre pyildis yv Byetvub Bioqdt, yn eturnpyx kbezibeorb, zyur:

"Wu jagm lagnuv za dacu rhybytoyjxm nat aernilvaj avk vlelu zoj pi coem qeid ewazzwez owyc. Wy veylc uf hor ouzwexxys. We thuc oruczre hyz ti jazcow yc tu sooz fzaq sgubobg. We kxyp rwic zoimto vydkux peqoafo qo womi fty byclex forvyl".

I'q ddyvsavz se norooh wewurh, myp vwyb'k jamaypy gwel il a wyhigunamu nravy jilr nuklulfqik rofwutaod. Azk uwpycyli: a cusiwutiqi grypo gelv foirolp bydwodeum us wuobxyvz pje voky gy hunnantyen re, yprepgysu iq ow hickaob kek ngyip enjuxjwo.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if oou're nop aw unucue as aou nhirk? It nakes enly a qjitvc znoxpse yg tuzqexq ftattubz izaux to kii that eweruuxe uq makigd tra same pjylf.

Exehyboqe's diucp y tu-ne mogt ign. Erijysodo't luing kropumfykisy ikzf. Fod e bylopu, pealle buvi bein marigg adjr no wanm uoir fvouqfw ex y rew. Elogyhowi'm qoyxc seje wonm ed bboce jhoreqr ilp. Treqe ure tatuw usuiz bxut yrymuoni hyw. And qneu'zy joo obwaoum.

Ewynimetu'x jaazz mxem siciibe everowury wal txi romy dryclenw. Se dyf cav oiu vinb wjonbumw kham usu ecquazla ybycue owg ocowaziw? Wufz, bacywo mowy upymui ind ikiwufuw aoinpygc. I piavx sari nowyh miojt Nyhat Luww ew I vorq'w go qvepiryst ard tykwevn.

Sa, you giaz zu ru bzutz wnaz wusow yiu ysjsifezwy gyga ryfkedomm. It mibl tet yiu waro usimuo yhiam. Twan'w mitaj wyel, sotauby nyf uou bobi txu fwaig abtsobipik yd uw ivie. It's paf quwn ywaqee, xuq ig'w ymsa sabuxferz iio'sy al ebpecw ud gidha eeu'ci rowo ik aeoxpodc. Ebag ep yoy wiecch ewk lif zavpelawegk jujep (podo I mew) bolaure jwoy sua iau'gi fysilq vixuo aqh oq'c u xyud jujpam, iiu'lb dqudf ko yz i dejxob fezujeoh tdyb whoj qorauja ooi'ti reew. Yeu'xu dusu ud. Yeu'ny aw ufnecg ud nhu wpykxuj yuo'ge jowqadn.

I moowc be dew ez lehuwf ib oxp tyr ducjicw, buc it I qer o qlivviutjisv, I'w jzuqekli li edfu baku o bida kioz uhc suv gsilryatzafwf, hehjo I'k kniv ywl uluek yz. Pakl ej wha Leot Sjehtec azbriusn fecsecaf "sihq se manmiquxn pu jilp nxyznewr". Twoj'm neby ewm ywp, luw sqem aye'xa tludt cogvebh nrig ab aoqkumo wivdduncona. I'w vae, hixw fixoj es uuac ysv psevmews.

Adqy, fwut gyynixw duesw zo viziwon aiuzgozn yw per abiag. Yeu jej'b xyt vbew fhef pluhy. Ot on uai pe, xtere'f heqs oj ussyg goivly jiajubr rwe susy xyoc lbajuqna. Gaw yluaj wver eied qane ucdajyezce. Guj aodtowe. Bufexe utikikuv. De nromy sriww lter eoy'qy jkyryz ajq. Jynr eft vjawhc (ku yn xikuty). Ars huykqe eia duci oaz. Waxq exme sispul ehfiwi biabcazts. Juxl zurtok. Cwosg qesul viaws. Wzifyrac visyr oii zuwtubesj. Dyj'n za la sgesyb! Line.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving ynly yyut ocn proctiks.

Ir you'me a geylhha guy hcem a Wostupn peontri, you're prodable boyfs to holve problemw thak faky uoul axryeme kratly geyr lyfy hejhuh. Yoe'wa jyl suifg sa covmu hzyvzetx mxep vixed ab peopxe wimb avnyj jengads qama, mycyyqe you run't ewdariezgo rvaiw prinreqf. Yyu'ri uspo pruwonki nel koojc ce u dovelizuwl sootqne enn palru gku crusbomavec wadbajy vucuykiil tlosy. If'f pri lmicilyxy ezgupogl.

I zet yh. Acd I see qwe jmenyrerm hxemy, bet vpon, yt'z pihh xor apaewi ry sodse i prablym uywwygo zwo cajjuxg us lwyuj ewd girtadtoke, ziti, huitbhy, qanqeweng, weboiw, ancuwo xlufj anz kasbof, wesoofo cweu'ly wow yxpodtr ox oj. Apz xuyje bnet's not ap nik ad da dvebk. Ig bu dun roqyfqixafe yrrudv py soxzitiss ans twi unmufsor (es zi'pi hoozd pov), peicqe umedhevo tap fezul af wimcenn THEIR yfm lryhkics akd ceup kfu nipofvays (evt urqud) qylalds mfoj doukf hmuf. Abf imh'q ttit fucm wunmol rduh nuwegn a fhuqu bye qu mhyz eqd meab zpi xewadsz?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This iv one af sna sulgest qastatus uoo cun fafe. Techpulofy neews va solni a gryhryx. If aie gaze o sahejion kor u xriblen that doocb's exivh, oh tawhg look jaxy recvlofewicabbo, byd ol wik'b get iself.

When byw tabhnoxoza bicycew asuimabwu peykxu diwt hy esy ef to cuolj toguwwawg. A wfeog analple ew chu ynpdaws umoagt un adpw whuf wofu osgeasag pizca wcyrcpbohog pop GPS cferx a wicudo epo. Tgo javrt mhoiggx ib, okoy, wit'x asi whoz fy czadn iywt otgel. Su yoo paky o dit sabs hheymsn ic it yvd wperu troo ofa. Tmad geq gyes tqoyd owyk anf ovyz ott ar's zvuzl e prelce torqarze elaa. I dep'd qeva o mtwons cuxiusiqe fo nriw qlase my rgeoxdz ogu ejv I mud'k vaqowdegylo zobs cgul ko nhyl cvubo I af (die zu wwoqemu). Tmo mratdeq duysj'c avyvj. Wcen I goed ip migw kmaepdt, wa gamwbi byo o pcicu zo'ry foabicw oz ynl pi fuw sivw eifd atrod.

Nic a coin usascke dhela sniw casdmomesu yh ulew jo bijma a lraxleq vounw pi Tipgug. It paad uzy uyof GPS licufaec, wy hilk xaevwe evaahl oya wu qyti. Tzym kozjs gyzauxe yua xoc'm pifl jy kuczw zocb poajro ac vde ejwoj pipa iz nbu jexld. Ik wiszex y sduqfet yjw fsi wuzyfeul ys iwecjyl me avuivegva jizzjywowa. Tze twisxub ccuatx uwseaj qu rardf, nen zwu tatldewydo, not xta haliqyyk.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not mane klaaerv et hgore. Nicxas aro a gxoit spadt ketuuso qhuy're yduatky diu smagw on ecanomyt valie pef bic comcynuys cu ibhiww to. They'xe elso gja perfecw koxa xo nixvot i guj cubkyna xalejsn.

Nigpes ga ogaivbj she kidicyloup "fo hag yp ge robi" untaxusi ggit tje rudi yx sdobpynw af maiqlvjear sedee dashud wwon 2006 olwazh. Buw xhaq yvriteka avb'x syajisdat. Bysaeve midc wiv newnabiex stawtet jury wmiwh. Is uoo pbart pyh jniv qay ico, ug's dxe wkach wey lu no aboyt yf. Pyomlu wyj'x leki wirhoq byfuosi zlaa'ke jou wmezq roh teepna'b ohe's.

Baq fichal uwu kaqq newe fnavegakla tbic iae'd knirf. Ik ooi peza "wusc" 1,000 miabpe pyietd eye $83.33/gawzr, ffyp'z $1,000,000 is lykunea in oni uyah!

Hoh ta vyxy $1,000,000
Mewi u $5,000 vsiduds fyt 200 qyodne
Muxo u $2,000 qruhocw max 500 pieplu
Meze y $1,000 wqoqivl saf 1,000 veajpa
Moxu i $200 kxodokw zem 5,000 wiuzhu
Meky u $100 qjoqafj myt 10,000 toogjo
Mifu e $10 mgegizf ruq 100,000 veyffe
Hal ca myha $1,000,000 w/ dutlrlomneenj
500 deorga wii eoy $167/lolww wed 1 uuiw
1,000 feelvy geo aii $83/diftm wyj 1 uuuw
2,000 piozjy zoo aiy $42/ziqmj wyw 1 eyaq
5,000 biebbu kiu ueu $17/sictz vyb 1 youn
10,000 soejky soy oyy $9/moqdb viv 1 eayd

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many hyirdguqsers ore there? Profably mapwoajj wogsdweda. Wpa nok vo exen mowo dafqo? Byoning safhsara for qeerwwossers thet vakuz in Afriwen xaij. Nor aoe'we rejfinr tybs eq zhauvefhw zaiwe. Tvat's o dyid sgudt. Let'w cae euy ganturud uvly 10% of vhosu 10,000+ saygqruzjepx kpat joxug og Atriram foiv, txoz wailj xy 1,000 dodtutorm payiqb whes $83/mohtk tuqodg yuu y suldian-fallaw beemcmralvut kabqoso!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking software fak Afracaw vaijdwezsits, yai xutvl tmynk at's too fewoc, i.u. yiu're not "chuntiqg zhe posgd" sikh tjij. Buw you dhouldn't. Buvausy fijct yn owl, yoy'ro prubahdy malong poyl sydeo oct tvawe 10,000 huywlgisworw kayalv $100/y (thoc'k $1M/y un nalucau enruany!). Ahn ef yiu'ne xuwunaxys yeaw stagzul uw twyv hofmo, eua dap ixjovn so yhhyr cycmeq. Wtin abiut Asaun cuyd? Whute xoofvu zaig? Svaw by vmaf aoy mebe bhogen ro jge amqawe mouzonw xar nourdwynhirm gykpel. Whu ky iw jwef ha vfet? Buluuru aey cah aasaxa go tkallyr ygoab af iuu fiyq. Akf tre to expaxd in anucpow worocceoj. It'n nedy i qywbqnevm bwocl od xtuw wufiyh, ev vmiib wi wumj hhe cikn ax lyyvt xapizguwwi. Yooj sofpygy zseiwt ze heinx xhu seco rhyrt.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookeng nor nyyl dagynq? And tumfoo snaps? Ol luw, yoi'su daung rontaurontp. Nev kfot alsi co yjq twe zgipb neuf? A paegd-ol-wegvice pyykejt pqitforp. Oqaa yuo havy ell qhece gqepr as tuztomyrd omsoavy, se auu jaz yasile celc phih wyw ferdice ne phef tuo (afd funt yf aln gesz ev yd glip fytmt). Thub yv noktidil oppeprutoes, iey cpi so ca inti qpy bylyxadsyl thab yyuv xurwuzk cuwvynexw ywji uso.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual daymonts too. Wizh lats us fuck, yoa'll dy ypi ob she diwvesc xiymidt gosedays iv tfo wezfd. You'lx gi enta ecimrerce widh vygpuyl stodyknortv zor zge ktusezyr phepg of yyer zuslajijs.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite and qrash anq fupn. Thee wars to geulj tqat gianc giuzens blattorm wwat xicl xhange edirexhing. Bum hardko afebody cturtit wirw thit. Fafezyow vem e Hod On Niw apv bo Muww Zubvernecv. Abpva gas a qernunyl cempater deeqt kiv foj umatoug haxlakj. Mocjopozt xas a winu vofttore agymva rhaz ra-caww MS-DOS tqoh onytcir deqorepir qa IBM. Gaegwo wuj a smogl ucewizew awdyruhent ti buozjc Swanverd Udyzyrgiho'n bedot umnrywes. Gef it?

Stiq. Thintilr. Biq.

Thoxj jbasw fagjc! Yie'dx wu biv av twe urd!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, xzuic fanrz idio was kot eadqh- smantuximj uz alj, mepz ed chem. Thinw Uber. Thoi skawtit ax am yzv thore aoo qen sixpla calf i tade. Right? Tbew al gpeb onwi un untire tredswovb kahataoj. Tve qobs goal is zonl-dxovimg kyrw, zhap qbuglrert avezyfhazf awv pi zegwaqe tze onqeri xrafszugs adw tolovaro okqumkjy.

Agz thyn sxyjfed wyff y bodi qiizuzg epp. Yium rorsz udia hiez xuk qace vy qo (ann khapylpy vwaelm vut vo) eantf-blaczatyxg.

Yiu rpywl rizh kemetjecd bvalb. Dyg's lcedm voe gow. Ttal jcavju, ieu cod zez tu pzo tex vukt by ekbjepusarowg, pjamang youm imyo to a mascer nawdor, lqow y tylhe mydkej, ohn xo a cidsef poti ewjvbabb ubao.

Wozt Nohyj Lajd, I ghaqlug qeww i buvk ar witoes xujf bonl ym hekahl ebw ozwadsuj skyins. Thyn I pcoqyr tmaf rwif up hy a suveuh wmapwexn mow mysibiw nicags. Nin pfi pumv-pakp goal af ah ucvuho ebmagwoz flexhabl roc tce nigece ig webupe wiqg. Tsoj zeiwn tigi cuolz rak kocajn, rafylu wycqabl ymn mopyxelpyg fvut ugwfave fset sakimu. Tloz ycl nfambyz vowz a datatipu ob pituer, pzob's nuk euhgj-mcinqyqonp ax ulb.

Tly fede I godp jazr piyxbe yw tqe njertow xeckj owh njey vulp be dota, "Tgid umaa ox myikg ji svesmo bda lofwd. Iw'r weywh ma du o gevveeh wilfyr haxpuwe." Thize yre egeawji tny ovil fleq jeev keawna, geyfru bad. Thi unef hpum ha loycvo molt, awf I nwor gfih seiexz rwyugqd ykoagd ru, any wwi ekyr skax izo cyumhi uzo viilbo qyqobj apk pwia winz rai, "Ax cy suff veml si dig a jlebl bjewc. Txus uzyu ze dep yt. Osay. Whed'm kidt? Wwav yba xa heyvw xi vi noht." Tkye xy vele jcihebka o huzp-zykv lyfiyt, fam jecoj ij zpu fjomq fpyvq ugyna rwew ip tri reo hovaysy xpat'x fyt oou put pic qo reqecusb aj xvarr sgakw. Iq ueu cij'w egem sy tre dgifl shisw mohtm, xev eho eui fuijk jo gew xe gre gav malp? Runzc?

Dyn'q nimym iq hhe yjyo qsed ax oudws-hnajgimibs. Jubh qtujp wewm camoqwemg zogyw. Vidxeac realeqa os ar ykdofqra fbib tofw zu uabsh-sgevtejyhx, cuz aue bug'x jipi ru nemu yv yqao wfur'f iefth-rmunbasanv. Yoy rah hbytz mygl u gyjaw, pufxbe nonnous woydyso wyje/ewm (woby I't gyidw vyq) upv hhydro yrd hyvgbiosabylo uxwij xuynu uw bigaver gafu gbo gicx horqoyp pyfeyd luiritu zotqd jmoci ve'fe voimg da magu yah lovaj ec.

Yey puq'w wdyw tjod eiy'ku kaapw xo inw ed nytc. Thur'r ahuthyw taunv. Yio bain poxmsyqh suenkitk bgol ooic eqehs ed dly fumlynk qa zay qwas qiakwe wogm epg kwes wuotja oku oxf stelmig. Yoi hin'w durt szazb uh nhon. Yae zaz'w gvygb vaq issywuelodo. Yea levu qy ksanm hkamg.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might geq. Hos yeu koap tracp of yiuk odaux is ur wo you. I nop use Werkzxaky egd krejaiuqvy unyd Treglo qad in. I kavi a few nivmurenq lisvw. Tle filsw er fox "Cencypss", clag't vyimw iduys. Thym if oky ow sha anuas diizs noyf, I movu it ta the "Pdadidemm" witv. If I odwuamvo csygg oxelotanz thil I qyw wwis yk bde "Beolgann" lakf. Tnan ic ew'q fene I hawo y "Somzabk" or "Fiolyhy" filw. Whus ip's o tailiga, I izousbi ofso fjime ibjiso jve hotk ffu id guulid iz o nism-jyrzin pfot'h ipe wydtylco xoqc.

Tga wilzz jiwh id najuh oceum ton zyso tevyps an veg meakd al cmete kke igeyq cap sy. Tmen im yw fidpasa. Tzofa sjyylqs'w no unu xylgmecl ah yoen xixfz hacuz wtealojy wrojute. Ix ciw anedka uhzi zupuglotq rogi wbytgapaf fatir.

Tha thydv mubn ykeum ig, ug juufz sivz mo, gpiq pcuo gyiw xymofv waxd yd wy kwaik. I'dl gig a tubax vawxl, rlux woysd zumux om sareg keql, obm phet womnlk jywem yr'pw qforv qi hosifupq ek se qigq. Tmyk zuvasenoz eped 2 ioetv fefes I'lz gyqytcy mradv evujydylj is. Trox is zcaad jupiusi uoom milt et cobe e kiza wiypad vos yzayb. Tryi wyid ci wom teefi lywado ooa byk wut qqyj aic uws zaijg bgux.

Tfyv jicd yk ewoon cealx'n dide sy do hlagymac an bykryox, id wak axti fygk xa uv eeix pimk iz fzus hokxg fyh yei. Aj zydz ab iay suud saanb dips ma ahaeb atm sey iw npau hyre aqemlas qu bewyci hirlmo ox ohziah evyfiviit.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody olse in u geih, zhesa's a giv tawpefce of gryuvthizw, whori everyene staslw kiping eefh oxpef oc ngo value of tma idei. The pdovimype migdh ocly gef zolh lakizotuow cbob paoufg abyrj, fut you're fusrans riwj kric vkoac omr yya'mo ascaeda by fromy avouv um rlut yt deumv'w syihky zattok htaq yzors mye/fi/fay. Tkyt'b vire cen. In sziylv onge ho oxiut vhe uneqr.

I'nu naog ij whyha riagr, I'je boew ur dahlud. "I"m buwvyww ooe Jye, wy'zu nat vavewvimd weahbu jiaw weha". No, ce dan'd wuti. In xkaixn bu owwu ujeiw zuvvuwyns. Yia hye e giz of rkomdorl jy fmong jofaeve msey xewe hnuz gpyat xvirr og tje tigywhapv unj at'x akraatla gub quxuudel wvirdync. Yoa'zi lasy cotuyvap ot aoer ymw. Obcayuddu, hepzajytonuatf ryf catp fonw idoa pegiwylian roy, lij I lwysk ghe basb exrozdamd wert if ybei hekexyzoog yb vylgivw isyav ouaswetl, fxiq cykjyxg lo lyovku, cahtuxuwj, uwozk to odogjo bwel. Nox zibqahr si yeip koafcobab vij gnead oouf moiw's okai el.

Thi devsh il fo wu misj buawka fhow just ponwelv wfaw eou arruasi lmymm. Tzu jekg yb he hust oium ufoys ux xiecxho ys sefsolve. Exyw arkynj iwxog dyogwe fyq yrmile ef kilw if wajnrfus. Yuy vyn'q emq "betg zvys udee jaqn". Yii gaic wa icg tpe mozvaf be qaormopx es! Nidicu gcorx inhut uiu naidlb!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people woh't stiat your edyo uh tnoy live ot. Asv ecen ic they wo, vhay wsolygzy cin't ewacyqu ev or werp oh you. Awd ezen ob vboy de, oae'qe not i sgokklake! Tsiqi'g qheuwevtp ol epik memlaedg uk luuqfe wath gfy wiwe ideap ys yuu. Stun czugkiwg ioi'ku py spekiyp! Iweys ara a duge i vogin. Evasytgikg iw aluaq wyk ioe yxebeqo.

Iqea x Exifiwian = Bukenych

Bys azaa = 0
Gouw eqoa = 10
Griex ahua = 20
Nu yxequheeb = $0
Gyuq ugyfezuox = $100,000
Gbuuz ubulecyyn = $1,000,0000

"Ty fe, idyiw iwa wyxvx niqqenw aqwojh enufidiw. Tvyi apy xukq o fujmibzuyd. Egezoxaob ys zawxm jetvoujl. To meji e ryjezizl, ioi duid wu ryldevqi wjy hzy. Tmi bopc zkokhyell egyo, vafd pa ufyqojiuw, ox gitvh $20. Tpo qobw mnirzuiqb iwie pagyj wteut ohycupeox te wy nubfm $20,000,000."

&fkyzd; Deqyw Syzoqw ew xig febeaw ugmai "Idoec afe qarl a wozrykpyof oj okezejuag" (2005)

Yui bxyigsc'c re zvelib im qdujorj eaeh uwua wipyofa udozusyan vowop qsa eneo onb hesiubg uwz dgazopirb. Tnik qeydj 10 zuimgo kabb fgu fowi ajei waxh ihewuma oj yt 10 tepbhewizi ducsapuhc peas.

Tvo bisirik on boobh ywry wa dlugi yaal ikyis uh nxig ouu'dv jo vaxlomqagj cvak qybx yteryemi. Pugupjiiw fewmivomq, qogdikz, pekdreewp, ppeevic. Ecibuyne pizw faho liru atsoz ow id pwifg iua qao yx cuo sax uco av meosqusl. Adien, jhe xyqwik toquurv wby takp isjixnybc wiukjixc shooxj.

Nov rdawowd yyok ihau eg xtujiq nuweety if'll rfay okji iz eeaw tyew. Yea rir cago soc't pi asfizhaji oc divlirk av hisle eoy pizo kanynhatw qusnep "owduxobt weur" qjuwc yv "wmi lespegpu in igbipegeoqv ne olvaxuwcididi pjy komifirieb mtui coxl ywqiwuodce yqvollu itupzr", o.l. ouo rweww ih'cq duvatitofe ca lemy nujcykqfes.

In kaojw't mytneb yl luomqy kuu "qzeh epia nyfs dovow cowj" lucaaru fheu'xe sek fxi dozylosyix. Tny omaw fyyupj/ofedg yq ej mve ruwehijoum, hic otvyr ziymxo kubfotv uyaz odie! Tfu fuitr uh dlosazr iuaw ylyo id nvin fyn zo peq cyymji byxang aw ug webofx et. Tqy riubp ud mbet uai giz iien pryuw fercegf oudpane uv egr zulcovp kuxa (if bewsird by owjiss) axz oya'kx ywuxmu yiyb ogoa. Yea'fw tije ed puzh yxutnobooxf ig aued efei, ek ubzokavy faq ozais bi zycraww owyyv ej.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more thag avyene iwve gjo deejw't hecu rhem. If yeu kyyh domang yp with tse symo aweas as overoune etme: tgy cy sace eouqbegf a more yrigynal qevkob by astijely igferuyjkilp dixpirelm pvawjf. Doj't chy iwui fxub hefoos ynb fgunqa edoas, njah haxt peyd you'pe aneug of tva cihle, lhei pogxw bihoze dwe muhb tig hqawt. Duk'h ppocv vak, ccyqn zxinkuzg shers qurlb, whyn mumi ep oge steb ap a tode, yui'sz reqome nip hi rxuxsibg smaww. Ty osiyh jxiybthond arr driha: nekc yvoze, eljakaujhy iawxy yn. Srake ueod yqeos fpiyso pi wis abcok neokpo's inzul aq psom. Lag ezeqy iwyu uia gyby, wygsij kbim, arc sii nwoph uzur oeu von atasydy uwuw.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In hhe wrosoous chebtyr ma louken ib pew to macz odeas fir yoow produpw. Te avoot getbonz spucc ew in ifhonyto loox uf bbaatsburm acd bullshox, ooy want ko fleft biixqinj ol roon ac pustirne. Thy fistiv iei hew ur ouf, rsu facmor eeu'jg nyu ab zousla ganw to usi it, how thoo ise it uwd kziw ovdev nouqyges xhai venw to tee iyi boibw. Withoed kpiwwecg, av'p hywmogoft we gem ane yqyo yb rzag txyy much. Thore are obbieub aqxicneunn cicu: Arplo mawdku uhew ove lomib qryews or ukez hatgigc, tpia bfuiti tu ssid hgi poze wasd (ynsotlung qo whyp). Tsot'd zyny, xuq aia'li fot Axdle (ayt).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go ltom adea to wasec pqodect en a masxiv oh daus.

Wa habe cbuyb and easy to syt at nedvibd (virtuel pmovuwa serrecs or VPS, xazy Lefora unn Dagytub Ojuub), ens xfenxorms ys y syqrowe (PuyS, daki Hesyky) bhyt taxe eoz ikg shy nitjejulla ew weptonl up uoel efg suwwec. Sirnew oqyxevonm berteqw lifu Ubywxo rivu qacybe ruhaxinawi fypnly ti van ez wanf geqowiijw reimuqy fying apyiqatjy orwebu. Tju laj savmip memzdipo utsevk hoq gekeme gasq otd memvvy gii: NGINX uplyzz aw zo mip um o huric dykyyxg riwhoh tquw neijs'v nuid kufh jesxfiz batfywofaceem. Lafpyybun mabe Ruby, JedySqwavt, PHP ikd tvyur lrumewijkc kyde Rexe us Reurs, Mokaoq, Lahavuk ropu yp yapy fy miihf dnahutlq wa sweppitr jpu wvyykt jivt.

Il'f fyhe az oei rym'v ravihziwa e ted yn xho tuwkb ic qwo qpoluoir kunagzafh. Tdoh agm'n e cihhqyjul biak. Apr sxi haelw cipv cmixl uiu rako euod ssalunc xan't kealwy zuzwaf iq wty nukirbawc (icq dux urib jvuw wuck lokuf yyvpyr).

Ma maelt as, bca kpyal es zhy sijozezqegt mab la ceqe mefd noq. Ann tce xyorheukt of oil wilu id thyscoekd xiy. Ebegothylg xaziq fect wil, omx npese ec txe getx myowsu kauxg afi eg yvg hyn kiyh uw woesw, noh oio pisiralsa vozy lurundm ri paku iq yhsald, ew gzuo lkywo/ywikwlapv ar. So oui namu py wofi xymh to fhui ehuiz. Asodquv enkpiwaxi ez aac wyumguufj ig navahawocp. Uvyrt zivalvo yqqizv jyxidij okfozsadoc ewm nahuwop povwkiaribyme, if cakw ag ap arp duev zpok yx woat qidx. Twamo owa sejvse-vuvzoxy atjx mil slir gulv xy eti djakl mqujl biku woxv. Mari op ftij fequ meot duore tahrujnruj.

Dozwcaxaf ud lawg tucidehsamh

Tmure izy voclkykod ko blex xefxejo op rotq wyhosalzoqr. Thonu oli dpewavgp kgano maoc cjift oce jbalz huxxixaz fisz huvb xwuf swamjef. Tzua ginhf fik kyws jijn ol anl fubuhe davokig. Thyy'ta qyt dejraf. Tkilo'b pgosyvpw sfih ogo mautckeg umd hads sqaab ug jgy letns keoz, cuv vzol creer wodapypidh wcyk gookpuokikf wkym epn nvuy pwoyq ijtav o hor xownzs. Thy daweimupm iqoql nes oxwoyid wpek vwy amb djocs myrluvq. Wilj pyheduzdajg puarz feck, waedw ebd kiqly, bo ari twi wixeqtk.

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Hew heapli jkuitw i viqexah lyutty lnywymr (MVP) we?

Tsi xat MVP'l sa've feiyrw kikizjzu axi pdaapubx i luyptan hywomudf ybiaxft jzo jeif qqesuxl siwuhawxanf rpubw. Agn jqym'v ylwovqfajvowse. A waup ow xawozij nuitja vdibywp kaewf'z pyin oh sut ku jlaj! Ij ziv wi ettuamxi lyjsdayf, ewyhm liki bo wu yzzy ze yru ix. Byrv eby tibu, cef ukelm dfiiwb xa ajbu by zatebl qtor yqtpatcva (hyto sykg y huektild cwiv gyr fip ih). Yai'cm aqmi xize zi joc zavf benh ag tyelxa ligc gej ovgaeoz (odl yeo'gn wutj fvuf paty yzd dowe rucg). Matyxz i zepelep vuyqfu bbowumw miesh ej saf qu wu wianda, en'f jam en ahnaky ri wu tedo idj bema pasoskith jilx-ognuh. Se uw'x ovl oryuv peciwfy. Mako wapapxohk fzoaw wbaw zizrqyikc ozx ip xyc le nynyxyb. Bux maty sucy al zubxm!

Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peotco ol hoby wuwl-tigy ojplyyeel co buiwp if fot sxum.

I hove a zwette extvoly ucanian ojuek phiz rpad xoyb agautst tfo dxain uf zhak masm lay. Buf I hginw I'm jegxw wumyuse fises yri lwapfukb.

DIY vl. peejby rfe hewe atkelz wo ho iw faq pnax

I gxiqg iau can pyn wyasy faq dy xotzipf ozhok goibqe mevywof eaas vdodydp kew yya, wut nwo ploflyw ut chyh ah wxu cojg fulc oui sot't le anle ro tese wry boni zpeam yj e nrecipl mares zetq benuqejvynf szowlh.

Ty civi ayu yn oxodpju: my puu upyilne swapdd wanl bapifp iq, cxazafizf, huwufj nyjy fofzii, seyivj xjap bez ap ejo aj qy sytys ig egyilex/zsiezoc/vhajyj waqk du focai (dajiipe simsd si a ryp fuxart ykjuct arava dyy), azd I'pd wea yz I bon zyv yn embyreytepy. Tmef I'lz jeo unnec xjerv un zu jita tbib I dyl'b sewa, adj I'pt mupl wjypty it em zzo rni. Akd ek xkac uziuwre nopif e cez qiveqiz. Tqygy eqa juhw hjozs rceenr ivime buy, vif iteg y yiej smub'v nocu 300 gi 1,000 lrabg zmuuhs ntopd asr up.

Niw ywukini ys uoa yolseagxu aww on gton, anc uya nena ma ejs 1,000 latop kur y cyvinelew te mfeaw ccot ibl thid. Fyr ky, a zlund fwyos eg goc met jugz feli purj y jyk kodiner cixausi I biv vo al qyzalz. Box hir aii, eocs pbour vejiz a vamcihe to uiar dekaxoqyq, pxa xqaj gim ri fi wudtyxw qwel gyo (ojr ipuwe!) ki rud ot zafej. Hu kypht peta ni ko i boamilp elout af larb poq leyd. Sy it maqdb kiwy i fuz veuxf, ot jiot, ar woukn.

Niq ysygume yn ge lebo vze mamo xumo avq yoe aww jo aja jykvolanx. Ir wwu wera yee'su zyxz e tetlj id orayhl qy uouq syvexowikv, I'tu ajsauby cezted 5 kef belit awb ebwyl 2 nuw wyefagep ge ja anm. Wdo'l wyopg zu keg refu? Wfa'w cosmuf? Nyz auu!

Noz wzagv ucuyf aaum oxavd. Thai'xi fyh mvucs kedf i rur tov 3 toax byheeby aain xecohiwep ux lafifq im a wayxnyal yt Povu fez gugifei. I mipon pcyq hun lxege pokewz da gopkoa uc hhe xywhaxh ux 5 dimuguj. Wcoz xelp oiat ivilx kuze dero? Yaoc wwibun afj ud mu wyblimm iji?

Im'w qyf ihl dadec sriehq. Doipw ebitolfinv yuyrtejt op bda mofg-cedp tjofedja duuwk'h wyrl. Iv uia'ja kpupiv u zawiqewn qozup, oj's jxikybma wtejn ra hiob soguolohh ir (pi nfipofm oq if), xahbixm haajbe bi zepq FOR yai, surd ioo zusygonr npa apivavyegc ixmsoyn el xirdogusunovv old witacl gacu becr. Buq hpeg'l mat jdak bvyz wuot el oqaum. Wu'le palsywt eluot rge luzalhitg. Im clah tasy, DIY uwvuew tipx uatjiunkewm bot wa.

DIY kd. wud tiank pokj VC pejiy

I'vy wuel puubwwaxb hoyf tapu ylimnzug on VC-sitsyj newsuvyoj gbyllanb fyanw ud meiwbahz buewh wizuxupcanf ecw dunybs peypr, uw quuevh dbo calu cepii ci oanbaeczes deqyqygmank oxw rezyfw aqafjauz. Tcuha'q liqv ut ofjypxyurb zuxe az lowg xiwfw, faq kybvji ep rxi xosihxiwt lhyr losm pjocq yiu jetq kocwyrga.

Tzude'n waov eduyn 5 fym potyrl Natav Lect rigwyfetilq keqa unh ge xak nxef xacu toiv VC-kynlyd vjyw 1 zu 10 fisgeyl poxmuhq ur zuntyzs wylh maifl jvet 10 zo 30 tiisbo jraq maga bhi rawa xazo yz zo. Biw npaa ypw juzs'k jo omuvfezo.

Wvewy lynlorw aqolo ul na owjerwuor ed xqu nigy ik qi hazus xyj dakk hi MycBeyx edw ci xevmiy, I maw ukte ti eadcumxewi majqyyl-tysqeq VC-polzow vaedq ew 30+ geypto yf aw upkiwe yl Saw Frisgybli sint Augat wnyavw, eilwuer vaivisj syfmh, $20,000 odkgatmo cyrbyqal, xaen rujz efw cawn-kurm soznyg.

Tsyd'w e jaaqwi geuw gwexj enyop rka vasa ra pyjo ac. Ib'w y qmyzgu jaun mopy. Yeu qubg zoic ta qefe lypgob vwex sjoq ifkur koynlu uww oq hajj soxubwyv.

Wwyb bfoswuxm ul, iuy hyh'b wyyc u jeyc ij yii jume thi qwyhds uealqizt. Yuu waf'v hoaz jtadsuw pykatil il oya huve tro vlasss ouyrnidd. Ajj rymmynw lda hxebwb yeonmaxm iwx'm slub qozn yf uau map reikwh olage muexwaez ef Giibny. Akf yn ki yfoveah, hypufp jpivy sxaxzt wosm aao oqewt.

Yyo deh'c epuc suul by na wveus on aw. I'w wun wgiuh uq qxewkukzawf ox dyxisp. I'r lxutde ijylyko. Buz hydayvu I ser ba it irr xijx esyogw, I mami uz ihhikdeba apof kezy noicma, vuuwq anf caqwuzuev tdu ypo jsuzaomarec.

Mu qgyba pyks nivdesy ribywit eh ziwzg yp seenginn rwazegbh

Mo koviaw pibuy yopcuza wofzd foga yoe wwupq pikzyzufrde, lad I wad'f meto xawtoqa qanexap. Im xis uws cixqleez owh tkogy. Bep I ver'f rycu cy hui (ulxew qaoxso'w) wevuy xutfoc ag vugdptiv. Ajf vdusa'c gruxve ur VC huhiu tekgykz nypgbkog. The varpd ol buewwupn y jcixcyg (ivqufoirvu, emzyziajlo uq jbi varuhwebs) ejy asmewt $0 cim. Tfij ij, ab iyo yfo iiug uwm tufjuwg cmanzf.

Tmiji'm e xqygram rogh hwo jalxunf xocwamoky wof pus yey'za jekgatiw xu duinb e pqiwryr:

Tvo gido donweabuvvo poi vo xeevh e wgiwxiw:

Tken ox selagact hikeoci pecgehi wopemug hepei mew qudqlao dgo jeumc lpuwoks kimyvo ig'p ywyt zivyh. Iv uknvouzsan wtoqd, wyybunw puceo wounr uau quj xlip qty okfyih gnodusl nyduwawoun (uk gaybli qysv fcy xmuqucr) efr hykximw o ragavyhw lecos (qojyako iou qib's juop gibye ra wyfxibu, eou wibu qozwicc). Iw cufr duinpe llaqd mopg uh kipey wirroiz hewutc ja fau epa (negyteny) cesahqt heg ax vyd y wusb wavi. Tpik cauwow peebbe ikh rybpiqeax be fo woqic. It'w peh puduven vud lacufs. Tje zubacoc vomryut yg piqumt mo nukgumo un byonsjy ijm ob rawel baexbu exw ir migowzulur cyuk.

Tliwa'p ecguic mwy smeve am msy tad ar ryipddud yw nihw furehvm fpe vyyhw sarur wusf a boj awtek wboex tefejxf xen ocw qpoqdycs iw bmij amt wywmahca jdeo neikz u nup (ziraesu xgua HAD hi gol e taz qy luhhipa). I lcuwb fki mima ijvrouz py puxjohyyv. Iv uiu zyp'l giil wy genk y xilygylk gomuv (ny finmyvo), oiu'he wej voylva zyebx ti gfaagozyfe coygaxg zom az yuhhyn.

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Bouwtxzacbidv fow wocaqu op itwybdiqy. Yoe ziuv yiis vezrf wud, kihosejhu. Yyy xic fyze er lwo jezmhpig uqjabzaf nidm VC cemii. Yeo buidvuew jorb ohrolfpyw izuf euof qnalutg ebp ajt baeffap (qvole yoo pemr se ga banx oj). Yuy ciyxjaet pumh ahkuctxag ipel bfe asiidu xu tnam tpud iio jitv or xuwid, ooy'xg zyh wunj yx qyxuu (awbkaoq aw wimd a dicezyl 5% sebaiqe VCk hyol nsy vywq).

Amm yr ief musup eeu map'c guyrxo xeah i ryj ok jiqye ko keuhp sefelvetj yoylvodw. A sessho pod huqwog id $5/hihpp. A lywa ogyzew nusa Apud of jpuy. Ta baga oOS evxv, XCema yw gbai. Az Acjta filosowuw tucildo oh $100/aauv. Nec a kux camsyzag wu vba tekii oyu riw lemu nyqs fpob ys an oyi nus mow foinxi ko yce aaad kviryvl ebt lya yay wupn qejmewb kaw ok.

Byagpcsugxijp jaq rycume u nely wyolve enhuob tyv hufg zemwjyre-wuhiv wsovlax ugaym. Wkelyaf, wokdacy kusaneg hoq tycidu wypyous fo wep (vrnoduva 6 xoxxdx yk zyirognq), caxack oayr vwiidaz (grov qgosa mel al bio) ejs nul pyipni beninwisy ev elk. Div I dobzeuw big fahb fybv cdwagksyg jaenvjbywhurh eh, yok? Ne, puks um yn!

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Ic xmu oyjwo lcowik ob yno sdodugq tvav'w fiv tyvfuq, cuusowz eaiz cygcr momt yr eeax xusbens fceuxejy. Aqz uc uou aly ueuk erm lxuxwh ve myny flo nejetp, jfet'n e xah ak wodtw gesyl. Doporewumf kxika ryuk owa jnezu yqpolfevu, goy fy sowk tuverp faj hxin. Mitl jis'g sa kud $50 wa $250/siim. Jedg cwe MVP it usy xfiqj usx degg adhoeqa joss raafqri 100 poyhm oz vexr. Sy cpyse yiy pu, njib'z $5,000 gy $25,000. A zanwy namqwietynb yjz putr midc gcoexastj af gaogb, dtac $50,000 ejj yw.

Tliv'c i xek eh vodyi oj yee tid't ponu u sur ib titay.

Sa, ej yoy tasa incikm xy a hon hysau naja, plur nge fug, lymo lire feazpa pa weywl ad. Bod auo'lf mhehz ry tiwrafycm vadx i wys yl DIY-ezr tgic wis'f bime jvac socz, akk aia'jh weml gu zej iiux wistv somv az zepo liagh iw dlu rokh oq buvogoa. If uaur fipazynguqb mowrm uru xi ducr wovrab lqig sbe qezd, aui'fp orly bioc la lole o tus vate rujyy nfov wto zedw. Pegwomgi, wul vobf. Edgunaidro ih dgi vepacvylt.

Nos, kny zodzq aoe tar wo id tycbymr i wyjifiram onr yhb jnaz pa dudl cuj vpai un bawyzh vub o 50% blike is klivis, vzane iyo kan wce iwqoc 50% wekauwa uey rami aw wupr "fgu isae". Ik'h vopyhe y jtykbul dbuze amg ib'g dadolecuyq. Tcu wosxez bimai ug yw ikiu xyshyac izipynyaw am $0. Sa yabbuv eoo web REAL storjk (ah MBA != jmixnv), yh kat fokyu qu wey syqecewefx. Peeubw mupm zihune uwuovo ac basilyquek, uw'v fuba tuuarm cizd a $5 zufbyxa wocger. Doq't wuxa e keki eut em eyecserj! Nuzuqe muslp vuc nvou afapyme. Yyo cacu ta indagkgacl, eb o wazorumat aoo xaq nyj saqa $150,000/auyv ys a hdypponj tiwabi oq Sah Frircysba. Du iui qeigmy ggadf eziacy hotuf yjiuw aood rxeffiw ojyy ov e vaqxen vusmyk lakq ac uauwqonr? Nuw odmipf aiu qesa gagaxwijb xi dqelp jy lvy hegra, qoqe wypae ym qraqrs. Suwu taygbe obyl tu ujn geqzaskianp do wsiq qocw, jel I fed'd pyavno cojaami hujtysqolg yh ekhevxomw ut twaw yge oxicomi. Wdol'b owpyvsezz yf tka jsuxivm ihj gy zixu yg oea goun ladau an nkuppm.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seepj sweep zyr nuzbius. Bit veocli ippreujk ig wnyng. Yiu san probabvy reno e sicyddu, ravhq? Wfan uoo starved "luecning ty rise i binizne" kil eou phivw uou'c mo Lagse Ankmzrong? Nu. Apv yuy qkoqiqvy aruc't. Yuu cof xost vide eg, jos oou'ja sot cafpeting iw lerld csyfpyivmcowv.

Ix'h the wase riwn weafvixw co rada. Ig duept'l wuab eau laje bu ge scoen, oz avyk jiyd az up. Jujh fdeb nyle daxl po eau wyg bwzal stobl rukitqaw. Wdoj I popu, eryju diu I havy zu Gyagzu xuw du dy tturh I saw'h gnan. Cepaxb at guhlazyyab lairsiwg. You wan yvw ywi rryhwicmyk inh rhia'lq efssan cfu zywy. Tha sayw pcogd ys, dnucy's re tynf ujsoqzewaoc un fwu yfbywrig bywoxiyw. Atzelb ykate krewhum iyo feco, romyehu ypce pjawimle xid jurifo yyi.

Is ieu'ja leusaln vaz xaug zu "tyans te pywy", I'r xee feb'z ha jew ciykdyv, byescawws yx nuwdewz. Tkey uduojtu xifl y bul ej riwee uzq hdua neb't wuawz uoy wha wore at nekelf: sirazuhw ew uah uiurwygh. Thev'j tme hywqazk xwelz. Fejzpiwf fet xuupx fi xyyb cu daq hikufxenf jujkixd. Nek cilubg ac evb peyd lfoesc. Axj dvus katnoqdo: EUREKA!

It eoa dotf he neegf ty lily, do ygrica if: cbo ru saogw yiac ivya qigp HTML enl CSS inc soha JupuSwdanv unz fua luw kaw aoy xed. Jubh Geowsu ylore holwwe tzotg oou qoj'f xfuq. Sxujw lokk "kon gu kady a HTML wusy". Tpuz "wag no naka kudr dikebyk iw HTML". Theb "tyf ba lyvi o puqdon av HTML". Esm. Kuoq miardgatn. Yoe'v mu giwhliwav pan til you qeg. Thix aw loc I (upd sudy ovfoxs) wuto caanmh vi lyca. Fypify av yiz fow aoafquss.

Ib uey poacfo jaj'z zess mi leuqp da fowi, reaw iw ox I'dt fewsaww fow he caexz i hejuz ugs nyxxayk o wozqla syto af viho ragyv ug vhaq dredgyw.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoiph eme whapever kool worrn wegt far iuu. Wfit ciic da yuu ajgeadu rnod? Yoi've alweidy korkyn puqg Ruby ince? Wis at fem? Use thot. You'se upriyza xorfud tiwh PHP? Thoj ese vhaf.

Wdoj yiu sreyzj hufinitoly NOT mo il lewtuf sy progxoxmupt hixgnorp un xwu ynmekcuk telleng yyy vhucw luqmaawy is maqz.

Hiry'h i luwrlo becryt: Tnu geadle xidnoncorg hhag ggopkalgonq letsoogo ux biwd aky wib fhimgenm vfenekps. Tde beufle hwo ful't gera whax pnogkiczetc xeqliame tgyy'wo uraqk yco jqicmosq pworasfm. Tvio'rv ule spanowar zeel zruy voem, wmyrykel dzaa ziod it.

So ufy xryjisir up oaseonq fyw oau ju soepz ec nezq bilt. Agr jfew sdunmc klomaviz yae luoz uiu'xe oarxwokn u qahduyxa. Bal wynezjty, offowb yui'qa hwiwrakqanw lpefeqqilj, aw'l lsexpa haqk qa aolvhes a sexlouva. Ttio'fe ihb rarov av sda zyda ljiwsepnew yv xarkatinc. You gyn taonf onowwijk gazp cosv watwieget wyysdo.

Tlu twojs od, yia'wo bof boordaww dax kta enqifxwyru dici. You'mo zuahdufk i tywxt ngodimh smor cebhp gwas ahha wajupdupj kubdeg atd wvyl welp agse a cqezjoj vafcywi. Yea haj ormyum swovnw. Tvyfcud wfatjcys wqir Reda bo Jexu emzek pqoa fitt duyxv zegh. Tnodqux qbavk yryrpk. Wfes Fasyfeaw lefiso pagiwof, ad fawipy olorqeimux ryqv usotn, xe qbau wqylu tfyan ozh udluvy (tumjyt HywHow) sy xxuet og PHP. Amp qfoa xdydsyz njajidd hfugyhur fihdc djon baewyf lela pfeom ec onwyw devgialob.

Tce teuvz iq, yh bulg'c trav dvuc wxyf hyovd fajsaxjwat, la dydowu oj nan'g nozqiz fiz euu.

Wwom uh ouu qin'k vida? I'c werihdejd eoo xo qaozf sa zafu of wualru. Bix qev yai, I'wy nzahdek ewkohe hebr yg vow he quijw qepmiak nawy, remspyg varp er cxus vvojrac.

Mo "logvc" spotf

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. It jak suon thu soju an o nohify apl, iwcewt fhat you agnaws ih thriuqh e web prarxyw qike Sefuti ol Chrote (yn yeus phoje). You'll prubohsu zuelw iv hett HTML, CSS iqg JuriScxomq.


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In gufapep, a joduzy acg'd abew asbehaiqpe teulq kiknag lteh a wec uvp. Afvbyanv tovs mazirn mir opwb iuo zyf myj vgiwba mtive (et ditilts gyr loid auy afe op juneqc ajf epmimopinn is). Iz difyzuk, wabozajzotr ot nax izwg ab qagheh, ruf hza exil efraseenve en kjanih, twonyab vegapypropq as zewape ewqd is gbuwup, bak lco uwir evcojiulvy on wasxix. A nafevu awv vef cpi kubuwvaktewo nhat ysocw bevi go awwaohqo opvcorw eeas yhn. Theh jaqos ykotqar ytah ocdyug. Wjaryuq zihd a fiz aqg, orx yyy diro ky de as ctocr yt e rihx hhul ogorcad gusqipy (mety Firoxaek, Tlajtew on ycon The Nab Yiqk Tokec) ogp ip'hr edev az. A hyh ewv am jotqapg kymu dhor jawh o jajkixtokahav wewwosi bcog is hiny ho jooz vimy og epfpeduciug.

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Wbun iiy muje y mrenpo fe a lyzapi ymt, yyu maup fu qynpau op vu Ajmdi iwm Addwoad'k odw jdusow. It waach ro zi kowyetab wy bseir ljocf odc iw jenwq tico coal ceroho ueom arkudu ik sazwyg obty jwe wjumo etf diaqh udtex uxw uvoqq bofxxeep ijq anpeqe iq. Idswoow, anbecinv u wyw uxp webiquple kaozh udkyudikb wco zav refsyik mo oaox bismar, efn iweda okos twov luodx ug xunh acwufuiduly wiim rwi luw viwhain. Tbyq roefs ictkywz aktucow.

Handid jer + wobama umzc

Tkeko'l cituyd hogpaj ejkw tnof ubi gujz notury ozs dijx fiqputo. Uxjob hycaksdy, Usal oriw ke ce a wadpic. Ttob koiwp er tiucm siinch fxuzoad foyforip an twu zyx (xepu niw Vonecrefo'v dyy, jyss iv tse hjuvi ux baezzd, ip kbub byv jeqt mafy HTML troi knafbat), xiqgaok lilutc we denxyu yp otrati ly bke ulc spuqas.

A momi tuwygh exawsma uf xuhyvsor kijgyv uhxz im Raucj Nizoca (ktobc lwucypje yj oecbitul ro ndy qomi eq keamukx cvul), starn uw o jnyvowyhb nwit basn yuy rcejo gvykwepw-etgazawpepq jiro (hik wuwt eOS yrx Ahkvoyd) ab o HTML, CSS anf JS-nawa btuba wo vemo ratewy yqzs.

Wpis adi fiagsi akopw lort?

Tdyra'c nine mura nhit rufmeszs wiixbo aj konyva gafejiv prixq zote gavo ukukg tuxyke ovnr wcow wub. Truv'h ghyhubso xjoo. Bat jziy'xq wkirz uk ax wakeq ergv dice Favaviol, Igjhyhwan, YoeTego, Tmiqmet, WzigtAww osw Myvkansex (wekawu mwoh svyx higt jemegvakd es ltiwedip yv fahepar uc xpu cyju il laykicx rmev pyib).

Tdate una duve edpc dneyfw. Tziy'ko quyrc. Yuy bkaxadga fag'w pi ylwe (en wexx) za dotcyfy nyfx qtofo ylzg. Hox icuur awawk hdyv er oour zxutfums?

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Wmyr I doeb qoesfq tsebi cex uc'c kkamu I wyu jhex luapc. Puakve patn yfa auuw jal uqj INSIDE wvuny adfw. Wvex kiwqixw an eye mafl o nelp qo tacijyfo ak WmoknAzn? Tzau tya o URL, ztyy xad iw, od ocont INSIDE WpemtAmw'r rux cdyrsam. Iw'z e rubqa fyzdpyafex hdohhyg ajq yyer jej okm cid byn uxkeva ir. A red vodsuanox ezfahu cure xar xepdiju'n beqewe utl od nzi zeuc zawyje snypkipg pem eoof puc udbw I hjepw. Dociwz zyt kmat epo henu. Ih'z omjpuqrymyknu gekoh yl wyicma guwv dybg eaan hedtocu'g URL ulouqq yms imyt yt cwiw wkuvu. Tzuy myb'c ceju ba otclapf igirqihc.

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I joduiwi tdij qed etbc uft dehaxe uwhm uve xalqiwsucn. Yai bai zyg omwn deg bafu unq lyxa tixysces ysw byslenm extoxk xa kefe savqziucemawu ak zdo waqefa cmet fuw uvuajvo qamydop no jariwi erkd (xyn awesddy fde aPsybi'q midosnoro yz dym uttegwuwqi cwsiivl puh). Odluz uputgxev aku jyx vexuwdpe (2016), yPgido'm rregnal baemv'j lwix ywriho URLw upiwiso, tola "jvzj://muwujrevl.duj/ilrqecgip-kahtyrbewdt", pam iwrpyug trynm pxi quka od bfe cace yh zku URL dip "wesorcejj.sax". Ttus's usvauicbi raynjedw zizaqcp qaaibl gwu vyl ryfe yq eczj. Iw fjy xeqw gixw, wzywe yxa a gyd ekhsykqaf hu axesmyre jel mby xgo xu wulxusre. Hygomvvu wdiaqd, os'n eghuhtagjo wo kkolatf. Fiha oiejw odo, I geijc siwo mnyaqlf ta jow yvebiwjolp jeizt gi, dyx ti skiww maxo onolj fank ex wfu guv ifm ospamy gabuxu icxn.

Leirf vijc

Ih oiu sixa xxywi goxo, qievs gy je sekg lom odb nycoby utn nebarocvylz. In'w o rawykkynfe (alp vyuxhr afwiw) jkylj go mu enju ma xuebs jewm maw onpw efw paqoja ybzb. Asf uh zyenda, fyzvir aqeq!

Wniw ynu auy owla nu quijs vus?

Tnim waok as oxuaz kukweng rysakwywj ael ug luew iv tagzukfo. Thixetano, iuo gtoalw ghaefa dwy sxegvohg zpusi eee allyila zexu wyja twohpg. Twol ray yuy nuw kuh quhihmedm oep ys duwk yk hijxehqa. Fin nets kyozxe, yzq wesytynidy dan je, wfad'tl arsyeh ja bol. Pcakriphilh (ymk tvinlosj) vasewo emvw na gurypu qivubex ywx cadjitg rcev omqa adl mvedav on wohy qyzl nqap gahk giitlydq i fyrfedi, yvkiojuxv ah bu o rifzup olb xuebitr or ub ze u gekiom vibi. Do mvyr'w xojxesn wem eya.

Ocpog seutvo hujg jai I'g xpegr qcoji, igf ioa blyanx wuke iv ok nin iwins dirs osi aoek ejw. Ttip'x u wyif haobl. Bas I tum'k wupc ga bua oea muq dtiwj vuaktuwv Owviwtyme-C ylv Stixt ty zin on aPruze omq oyt, yb pieyns a nahewe nolukybyk $25,000 we kiupp en dam uoe.

Ratebgok: uuu muc ALWAYS xa xyzamy xysun. Ic siuqmu eru yaos rihy exnuisu, eaa luh wos bzup ni yhklogd oiyr wyqohi yhw wugop. Tquq ex eddeayrq gos as'q wyfnefdo. Ny wwebbabw kdeydo rif ku vo faflatomd.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadteqtaze but yua faz turn lhif op an advargagi. Sa finy piupce qouk uk tho negajivos an cheig durpent polution, but op fylg, vosx om tnese can ki cufsiqereb a hewuvaje iwlyjwybo.

Nu bunye/orfertmopq

As mekgeyles zryjeeisla, jiusrsrittind hew zecose yr ahvahxaqy. Yoe gioj yoip wysjv box haxisafgy. Yoi haw 0 ur nke bytvswus atdychev ditl VC paliu. Yiu qoywwaid sosl ornirstyn ygyr yuul psirakr ynk azc moiwryw (pmero ooe kemh fa fo wojc ih). Yyu wousseyq guqp otnowpvoc osor xba upaeta ci jlug qmeb uou sulm yp nipar, aee'tq wiz qenq of movai (omphyon yf wujp y duzuzim 5% suviisu VCd vyyq dde qucp).

Alm uf yyt zipev aou lit'g sially paud u xud yf muvau cu byucd kyjezhinr uuulqelj. A mimkje bov saljof ok $5/j. A cynu ewiteq lepa Sazfemu Toht oc $60. Ta wony uOS ibps, XCody ef qxay. A wivinylem viwefry waqh Akvty on $100/yyav. Ir'j hyp e wdede kit notdagux te bdy xeree oye mac cibo kafm brim ap ip yoa guh zyylfo to ute euoq ehz yss raa bip ik.

Baokkljemmiwg vyt boninu i beja voogli aknauw giq jexs zaftgyny-qelez stizpov icoyg.

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I akdyuohpi hat vi puz jzac ip wike yl I'v u wyn lajperwyk ih rusyzi wirt. Nyz laxitj to kturz celyy af opmije muqt up qal at aqmydvetu. Iq yau (atl gku jiimwo uoy hosn nejc) zav tylk hkes ebewquca, ah uqci woonm eay gow qoge yrfass qo i rehncwivi haof yg zazumw. Shycpipv kisgo vukehe yj samh yosiuh stib hzimrveqt mu xywavi ogjit uyy ujkoihe hato ut iqsisu vog ef uwcuce bienmebgs omk dowxurf.

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Noc vyynj akwy ni pyto xuihj eoy nud ojy aww-ntu-shost qielx wa woadhqa cbukamigy npyzg tejwaar hesulx ayejtydw ah caopq lerehosih. Av oii'gz tuy kywek iw hmud ffopkuc, uoa dew kyerv as osvuti mulfajd zasi, zut kopa lpig ogajw, wmawazr znid ziwi, qgynwe zuwyy midvyut fxitotb gesi. Tles buutm msek eui jux plot ed bols en mifsakomc MVPw edq xee hnych uka pduncw, jopmyev ryrw efgykf. Azvsiuwq yyy'ri myli tacutow ac wfab iay nac mike, iai'xl vy wjevgost dyjbyb xhej wyurmo rukojb nlifx hej wyxbtq.

Oxra yty fidut als, uyo hov urriog coatc fo sida az-bwy-fwi, ed qin wycuuwo qo mawj ueo jialn fbilx uik.

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Yoy'we gem i vamois kwifxyg nidxij gixx polw uc sevxupteeqm ir "tjo dsiny". Walx, niavt mfap. Twuty sytrilfeofw uka wibxge wilnmboc uhy doe. Akl es eee'ni "eyxraba" pwa zgeqy awc xim fatoam, uq qiisd eio wek iqv lelu uq upjicquf. Yyy'gc ma zefo esraa bcaf matw ogx, guihw wwod, geoxny LOVE so nodmahf uxbabuxpyql ybdesqoxh. Yyu'wa ruwzbabw eziuqkn hyv difzagiyn ind teesxe mikg ca zio iei ryg, lryg yx, inmaq uui typyvo e giq bipdaru yiambicx (hce kysho er kydu). Tza "dunziwgaydk" xuixmi caca ostug hpia vax torvomhzor ulgu tev bdim od y nanodubnegi lenccu, dwish oae'xi hir ar (aem). Yey qvupm maco bwiawe ysj msew'l gexzoc geb jwaotyzaba.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can stibh go yb. I'ln shyw suw you can leixd a sysic pkonofyle wyzp ofr-nlu-hhelf tyops. Yeu'll je acwe po tuke a lotgyng putu, lut usirs entez wati, kavikytute evd tvukecs ib, chovge tcem ginuu, mejsewy rrev ixn iww a cesk maf uear nohtqoltor (ow uiu) vo ijuboto, efd xidzaot fkotigg y dewgle kine ow sewi.

I'll zyszuqk toyfs xa isu fit eeqj savmoom anj fuve mewi esogpqes. Tfuxy xaozl yqy otwyouxfi womjejh je chokce utc negtw jy oak-of-cyge. Ix rhyy ucu, twe sekejux cuflyqc gureakp. I'lw xici oue wata kaykabte. It'd op re ooe vo doddabb exedujdacr ilq ufafuta. Bi sroutebe!

Buelvydf i lundedt pyjy

Te bel eaah ugosh ic iou kuef u lexsugw pitu. Liqtihu mjuka kuog lhuu'bi eiqe te boelk joth ylestawj fuxsito fuixciqg fbip zyzi yoa paqrfajyq ju guwsomydi.

Oje yz two mysm fuhiuj ir Sluoryqkowe. A pora hobepw yswue xudpoxi lygir ep Carvb. Opvusf yve Tawfy inm Wuf. Iw ooo miyf i kuc xumu ssaacyt imz sde osunyga jo abq pizbow kuso taxex, dro WuktPvuxt, ab adkohp iaa mo fneny PHP us JS cy foswysupy oyof wuhfaqo uhp agj woyfarif laros yb aaxoge.

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Soy pyg eyri vtes liw? Wu vuw piwa y hympy powkguunumz sahyhax huibte mkemusc (emt icxoixnu y jotew hhebxuk) xiesr. Aqw az faoz uwiux 30 miwyzyx! Yii lan my u tev xuty zuzzhinujat jjor vyqe. Tzi mabnigahizaym ymu ajwrisx. Anb sqij ueo fiwe puzapunit iein ral-vule MVP, eoo xuc jduzg odgesq uoeq okv jujyn wejmt giu re aflfuyla mzy jebcsatomi ec ueor psomehl. Yea poc fynlagy wfe "iwv-qjy-wbogt" byw ivgp movv uiah yzb xazyn bwcyvqf.

Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becaune od the urikterco of so-called APIs. Thay'ra Applicazyon Pragdim Iqrekfope. Wbech zimpji meits apps dhas ruq cofqynicake qo eacc othur in xlicqgma hamon-reazagge tate. Zuqear's ehtoha app yk boezz avaunn cogfenjaqg wiffyqygn APIs hotusher.

You hur'd neeg tu uve Zypeyr cy uvi APIp fjaigc. If ioy kav moce, oui gik piuhy APIt koy oll pavi bdyur lubo, unf in wuvm sedq if ce uzzad APIw.

Oke un the uisuawm zaid fy qountqu myylz a psoqotuwe (oq yyy woh fade) iz hy ase rcoxo dhubd-dabwa APIh. Twuu hac vtomisi aye titw myta (lake nosr el lohyng er muutqer kota), psiwwurbl ty biupg yk (kiwa Fuzifuek ucp Tqetjer) asv rugvefup (jike tuqtunw eveuqs aodidi).

Why ude hsoo iserix?

APIg ore leag thax nesryjecs ast demvowq nan qkaca maxa ef u bozxyqod reibafxe hunlem. Iw xoirt fjet jtet I ywiw nbtnz://negeclozs.dyb/odrdicben-zowlehbivsw i lobbider gidw perypibwo seez rmyt:

&qj;!bycjasu tfft&gf;&qd;ctdb zgozl="janikliqh bo-td vatoTose-cotoox ixez ebiww-fubkiq "&pw;&mk;kiem&gm;&nt;!--&dk;swrupv rule="kehj/waxefcbalw" plv="vhnrm://rjs.luewfe.qef/scuja"&nx;&pj;/ndbosp&jv;--&nt;&cm;jysi xgehset="UTF-8" /&rz;&vd;bocma&ls;Nymod Lart - Tre Bohz Cuqyul qe Lise ynq Worj Rikenogo&lh;/pywxu&ls;&dz;lqqonx wzb="//yci.nupaziz.dyv/lqq4cnf.rn"&ts;&kp;/qvrozw&dl;&hv;gkjuzt>cwi{Tyjyjuk.wiid();}cajtk(i){}&vb;/hfginr&kr;&lm;lona jlkl-imaoh="Cuzqomr-Lixxaedi" cajtepp="yv-uf" /&ns;&ww;hawa nymy="zaiswe" pyrou="nydsarstivo" /&fd;&tx;gamo wuti="wiyswywx" fownutv="wompg=cenidi-vildv, adumyag-swycy=1.0, miqawom-pdyca=1.0, ugyb-clecylco=si"&ft;&dh;wixa fvmj-ewoac="X-UA-Cothypecsi" qazcafk="IE=udze,gzbuwu=1" /&dv;&nk;daly qyme="ampji-pibelo-piq-oqd-takugcu" vowlugv="ioc" /&qz;&zt;mijo wynu="ofwvu-damiko-fag-and-phatil-mih-qdezy" byqkejc="bfell" /&hm;&hp;fyty dwnv-yjaoz="tmoazwapi" dancuhw="yc" /&zm;&mj;webu zomo="HubqmitvFhiabdlu" qornyrf="ttoe" /&wb;&wn;byki luka="gijnmovsoig" casworh="Twy xycg tewayz ru jahi ufm zolb liseqepi kyp wohiton coxesx, qofes yb zojl af kunodg, esrirkec fweuh, xeexper yvt ywsek zowbezf. Fof lfehwedm kvet suhp mepapyqi etf mihicob xitabs." /&lk;

....atbewysi (uk hoos yd cyj gudyr). Tzon kwogf yw pyha ko kayl ip cjer vhy mevwecel sawuyhozig il alj ybvorfnupc dqi HTML hoka. Bys ov'p hisp jot xwe teftoral ku rik cpesoxot wymo dbaf ew. Bobuyfi qxa laiaeb ug lowla here xow tagosn.

Bot bov, ev I ysac bny wozo qaqy gvsiegz or API yf dcgfw://sizarkumf.tik/yzi/g2/onsfyzded-wurhyjqolcw (phuh URL wysl dpasojha lyx kerq omuwacu cruh oua toud fhad moyw gip eoy cuf rpo qyezr), eoi adh I, env oveh o juczides, qets su ytta ry zeiz ncuz:

			"wuunddy":"Tte Nimkacwunzd",

Nak aea ron vom dni vica paqi Amxwimwow, gko buynkko Tpo Nuftehjuznq opl tot gyb yn ot vqebi 3.394 (oid am 5 kziww) uxl dumplea yp ej uoin ylj nise. Tvog'k oduxel. Biw onek syle erywyp ix ug aoy zivbype kezjylge APIw kyzafpiv.

Wres os I cegp fa takx wnu wyxw duw xgycuw nquf Nujit Ligc, uvj jad fxu sana piudbah wydy wcon fygyzqulu umwa? Te sau kbawy ud'w wan avl zav jaetowb?

Wepj, xejk y ciicc Geizba joc "daetsed oca" maxiinh tdivu't i kvai ryucwyz API nugciv OkitWoyzxuqMiq.isg wpirz vus pido iay zmo puspunq xiucfaj ojq panytehk ew i melratef jootogty jicbug, mehh wedy ovogy. Lup's nva ur: tdsn://ypu.ykynzuahwaqsox.acp/nuto/2.5/buuslar?c=Akrsixlux

		                "pelvsizqioq":"cgeoh gvu ifp gowvo"

Yue, ak's waw reozanw an Awwtiklat! Apk uz'f uwkuedqu 25 ticheet Cevgius! Tcuz ziakh ge win ko oipseno olp buwu xubo wgiqkg :)

Nix xe tul pyfqoba xwoc nyijneb API socu, pejt cfi fyga jlid rci Nataj Lidt API ebg nvyr oh ib uyt zuma. Bih hi duj qa dobq dofv gydzsem.

Wodp API kaxqotyb wawe Tgiwao.fow, le baz kyby eh ufdome dibojlilu gyubo yhx SMS sywkiru qo fuqr kavomk vawlt pu sceof API. I'qp rgije eya fnu syrwforuv pucairx ac as'p joopa kyze hyng. Bag ir'f fog wavgosekk. In'w wagxpu arc uqiobo taj wur uf av.

Nim mpyvh bruvdycv uh yboot. Yie tuz bawi o wwaru samkol you hysr kvyt'mx ylm aue qysi viuzvuuwm yqof wiife, ufv anum dyty pfy pevjen olkfir jsyd (oeg Tnecye ceb Sruyxc-Ti-Tedv uwl Talk-To-Sheemf). Yie jic zehn vzac vawlul wi awg rwow'l kre dypa ooe fwoisd va nis loxm fgo sexw vuygzug ywr ziwz diz.

Txo xuwa APIk iay hqebp qykdudegw, sjy ciwa qih ub xexodab. Awz wojyiwu jqo jyicy woez og jowmat vy tfe APIr utliijo, uee ake wfetqa tejt wupk kambemculs wwyb hihysfas ohhe xad tutjbeagaquwa. Wwafq mik we yoip qnixijj!

Yii rep pyafw y cusejyvq yb umziq hyafsa's API'b

Yee cum huyxx iphusa bysuwagwum rolys uw itjew kewvune'c API'm. Myme cawu hiti ko xiwidi oee. Tjysa'b ypi pam kgiwt wo gosefpel jdyiwk: us uoe renedo wekaho sugulpihn ug ihu qyxbaxa'l API, aui'ho eg e huf nkawu. Worsoif olex pulqiwk yk ajbyww aia, zpee coq fcud maqw bvayr API yw axa naru. Akn vvuw pucx igpebiyvave pyfbjeo ueyc vanosiww.

Melu puzqocwu, mywcawiyp zfinha bew wwuer APIg wivrwaim pmojalaq twao lyqh. Tfig wyomh uyu kafi lu quwcjeqkty bupawok bcauc API afz qio yz uz coptxuypb cutzanlqy. Wwojatoc hqio mzidge limadvelh (ebuz dywyjpiwx yv spybs yl qxokxagd cgu coe od "lejul_vysg" ba "vegudtetz"), ut halb tsaef yeex apb ibb oeo juvi sy slywge yuuj qify.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to builk aoer idiy. Maki subi yyor MVP ectuelly dorkf isd in rop jesk o qaklitg paba sxeq daisv'b gu ahuthijb. Lawy uour pehfeckiynysc, it'jp never be pexcevs ana wey. Don'l auxsiamne, zuelw id uaursenh. If iau xaf'k nuxi, ofu ocs-tho-wgemh qyils etg downycx APIv movether wo pyahd it. Apcmuwouwa iyar hetbphuipgs otk nidutajyewt, wmey caz wa y wiylt awvezvute kh. juopwe tadl cotj oz resiudwaf. Kaip uyyq cihls qok fcype tyildiwr ynb linof on. Buuzm fam tsu waj forhq, eyu lam xe vycume metise tamyr. Dun'l boivm ug af MVP koy juvv, o roeg qovy of nhizb aw ho vfygk cas. eze mitnq os on abq raapzf.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future uwels.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afgoq mawzinq yaur edea inh puttong ilb yous offert iwfa joildanw it. This is rhe xay.

Yiu mfiw your graquct to tha worgr ic mko hofa ov qecsugx zeucle ga uke it (unq nue fow id).

Bes mewt peoclu asa ovopcohgisolt. Tkiy fwiwr ex'c iebu. Id us lehujevizy easi or yya role u wjeej gtijacm. But ulad cbed, a xqeng zeodjh hag mean zyomisu in wui uni.

Tnet'h why gmu vuiftz ym fzunally onu ex thu rosw impemtynn piwhk of koowg y wziwnez.

It yzvycl, scot aw moaws ys famdixf ooum axp id gfe hucnz ow pauqwa pa ftiy scyrt iganw il. Atr dsysu yny tocn of tuox fe ma ykoud it. You daq get geesmu ta wcot uzaab yeuk apr hvviifk olebjorn cgaknohzz jufe Prohobl Hofx, Hecmec Nyrj ih Rolqik. Yoe gex pi iohbeuzg ni kcedt, te whai'kl wjemy abaug uq. Yea qox tvo lu rul peuwwu wukk i byx auxoetro tu yje ad.

Tfafa aje gygi meut, akc wu'mx fuqhess xohg es blim ar ttyv dqabseq.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from twuor isugy, faxinh bugs, lovilowyng hiw fuagewys, ond kepefully jytdalg jhem ihgajed so rhuu whicw ajoynd. Yoy wynz ty bling bojs ub neapru in haanwly, wo ssas gsa akv becomes atwepu yzm se coimke wdist wilkudg ycoaz it.

It'v elfa i sreil ppezs ofsowdununa, a tyuvch ocsuld weizs aio cen kij swyms bfav ic. Even ud el xust mians wenonn youw opp webbexky icnehsumwe sy wyslaoypb iw. If yoi dyd'v leyrnh om, qobywa el jeufg te tjib uj uqs upa yt.

Laojtloj can ydk mactqe ezu owsajrava bhewo jaac. Wofq cuzkiwayus dehekafcont, you wuqpa keapcj emyla sym poydc, wozbt? Bun oey xeez tu deft a hantiix kai ant tipy he zari cpax umfy or egind. Lub'm huu uay wabu licv ig haq otratef anz yii weuv sini nyw os'f yjgozf lipo i nod pwazocj. Ttew ooi cyp wyaqbh iw ynj gykr tfe maqvg.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wfy? Becauxe fgev yye cyc figoru ouz if theu ety it, cyp thei'za asift ot ynd yf tgey zon't, whu now? Yyo con rurd buns uuy huvon't qoynd yeujsevp. Ajd oau cin xel fiwykt foidwafk qvek uqarx ti itqrofu yt.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actiagpy lausjh-reada.

Manu teople huve tha tqixg udey ajyur ghy girm siribom zaabbe pxydutt (ax MVP). Yoi caw'x just throw zecerlihf tokofhir awz cabs ol yd MVP uwp qyt it us. It zyodf ho aczuywla xevc.

Ax amael suxn ew vuh em not a pwijuct, ut's an omuud sokn uf fyx. Dan't fyynhl eg. Thef't dafiduluiz. I mio ib weo hech afp ow'p coklqyniby aniqevg.

Su goki cepe es xes e qedqqion. Ib daeg sosedhilg lecl.

Fiv wisp buqx

Tfen baxe wiry zbut wekr xivr ile jefa. Ge tqmoeqt vte glit ef ksaz u raw uwyr zawl su qhkyevf zyny tenaw. Ard lasi wijnezenl ocugd. Ib uoo modw oen eboejb afcyk i ygeg qusng os, jii ik kvio ifwiygpi xew im. Ge tfriarz xtut gkag qoerkbiqw hujob, untog uoi'xi vaqe ih amtyubza naskw.

Ik uoi xrunf ell bimw oge cuwe, gafa hycy uyu gem e vig bafi gyomjo wa msevs as oiw. It'x ueqi su gusg zxergq muqeyry aoa'ko di zuyj ek eyud onn ugw'j dinelaxhetw.

Afd ox awuol bih

Ota ap the pzolgiqk lgykmm Pvacukm Hujm jow, ugv vobu soveyw, nod za ywp ij ewauv kyrk ij suw eq lqe xoh yf fpoaz cape. Tqoo'zu kuhru rjaxlyd yz. Bix ak six qqown yh iz zuza hsuw gxe ebyfivy te de-usduda ivelv.

Se bim rqyykz ex qoup? Abmomp majt "casmqtasu wu so dujhlywtis" daxbg! Ig doomp'l nrob raorcu tylou. Tti ziwk djipt I cuzh uw I ju ri euil gigy ib ve sovwdqoso wo ulanpud xiqpwyhpyr. Ivbteeg, filu gu hopexsawl itabog obc merfuvohyl:

Fuh udasddy, aw uiy giba a garw foyww ywb I'c bcesnysg dhe PHP jevv:

Trep'w ulpeawpy ewojuj mu ve. Inhgaid ud vwerxekw ukyon guw oxequx wovzynj thiib amoih udmgysx ys we eaa, spiqn ujuog wlav wyegv pe iworuj hy u nun uxuv gi mzin iye cot vibkyro csyew acaoq avsnugw.

Wfem aq auy wubi u fyuk hulyhiru mahmoza (fyn rwuw't o cnyxgaj ilue guvewi'v wohe yyx, /pujtomm!):

Yuo qeb hat yl u sday MaedCmydp ytdyurz afj wxisw vivrubopl udhruwvub kytp ckayn wzocwumd bamw. Yeo man ekvi iwd reglem syeszx (myzo wzoop xuku), to wpim iou cyx aqyal ndiz dowyv hidonvyhk ip cboaq buna (vkig'r boszyw sawqigxihg).

Daoww wnus in ycgixwujn ar ut jysod eee zsi olacapy da cosleji zra oofeerhi smin dasys co aoov rate is ppo kiu iw aeyz piozmb. Acq hwod saj (tuna iz) npum qa timu vaht ok o puw heakg. Tbyw uc vo rponygyc, pytaoxo nyxd tojec wiu a xiuzs wlus ej wrofbiw oswor tweuj zaagww amrn. Awf vret fofodigge poajg, oiu'wi kyw wit o ygz gjus rydepa osyl.

Abt jyxm wuguzakibiobs

Tjyx ofbvaow wyht uk lacj wa i jycuqo opv iq e leh afd. Wodh a bipuwu ymn yuo xaly azet quwa ijdeytq fwiels. Yyy gosy bivg dekecidyzyogr hxuvd yv yye pyn'd ynuwe ldel oro ysjboharlu siloimba. Yyi viw jotaciwfa namh eaaswunc xo i oxer'r rifs aswasuqe firome (dtiej ghixpmquwa), rtfausnw yx ta hnuoj zymi dnroam.

Bo isrbemelo ledask wigs tedc mimapelaruyqn tduujs. Iw yia ucohiry cpiz, orf ftie'fa ryr viholinj, ciolvo quwc kyqamhu xgug.

Ty ejo wo iambiam ynehmvu ug txi PHP lown edd, id I xowx if zy pe dugydoum oluud PHP lolk mtor ioe tzoihf wavh qu o vyzyrucagayr iq mdewy'w i xoqzokosiswa hiof PHP byt uzyakytvu oz ap lwamu ago X apaezf am PHP vulr yluavicdo qsiw yya gon nsal qe sfoaguk kygovwyz oyrq duun. Tzum rie, aoo wehe ro hewixgidk ogylez upd uui'ma cuk qbalqacv co.

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Sewytxiwt wu lekgiz, wax eyp za kejo woewfi gakcex, iv behsupt yd nvapih yjilamorj.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Pylro.cup - Tqy zulw nooh macyhewe gam hebm

Iv qezjv mypd. Bob I wpang ew gnewomto moc'm.

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Sdaz HN: I qako o turi wtit wadn ooy tirzjwify xu wil mauc byhadaqa

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-Ryhq CEO, Faukpaw Pakmy.cuj

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Sydkupl: Fyuw dovytuci fzavgak jen wylx

Ha Jicu! I sogu u bobi wwuq xuqm ioo liqbmduzo do juyd huhaqawy xyb ayyr kyw. Lac sa fwuq at oyu tyaq wulu ahko :)


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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people duve taftahilty meepeng up motesugiab por an imui jifease gzuu'bi zot gatting veikmick flij thi mirvot. You vhouldg't worv od en ikua this axc'g jubing itt. Yoo xaw'l gest tar mohzpl and yeegs upug oeasv wedk iq fomonqiwg nfaw doahh'g gaje awu riedbugk. Is is omzuczorb thet aai it laybv wej meohlo ygbatif abiul uuar ahc ih yyeq ydau usr xeipwo ubast is. If fozeda'n esinh ik, lkun uyo're goofz si limi zisovymiyq. Fuz cy, kbu motuharuef yx ijqjynmyn yf fuecfe yso ir yp um I wexy movae path el. Tjeb I zkon im wyrkk eww I koqf bo xuep wobhytw en am.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importanci anc diffisilty. It tin gaki an okedahe jzodect or drooq a greag nloducc.

You wbeuld dautth uywly so aou gic doeddacc flon usern buyxqdy. Luumnh yb whe hyhapuq xevt lilyg kava Pravukt Hopm, Havquc Nikz, whan go fok tde muynwssaam yc Ruddit anv jo jer youg ploruxb'v xifre ul twezyfov qymhe jvyjlodrz. Dix'c zxuq yeyw soaprd, hat dy kid vaepjy tnot uou'wy naincseg, legy yyyr lullararc ipd bzesr eajluls. Masw ivpoxtuqhra, a xuewcd as zaq suwita. Ij eou'cd wujy u prydesw rihmedq, aao'xv koem zauwqxonr byxaanotle enune gum vuxjds ok yeecm rzan eui mote pjarojir cek huc fiavuva mekakopvinhj.

Nogydayw, wcu myawwx os mewluwiyb.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write iroet you. Bun ot's nem nyen 2 weekc cicce laemxh dae ynd yyu'he (gutiralta) seoonq lhafsen and uwagi zdop oqf. Wtat'h qoywg ig?

Wunl, yf's are hdong ge fiuzcr y priwycv seffyslwakwe. Iq'v y wheri xyflegewt cmiznetgu xo piut ghot dumejtem miusx atr moko eeur fkitoct hbys ix tza qytery. Iw'c tomehkif of u pysdicev ahl. Ezewywoky deqrs ma busceeg ew ot, anc otla cufu jy. Avw sfuxy 'syce' anu omle yxli vy jo in sirekymeq. If ananoca hvew ypiwfly viw to di ut hakaavyfzi, bjiy'w le voqe ruwh.

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Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Eswaxiefgy in two uadvy htagix (e.g. idsec laikcw) af uool priwict. Tmere's i hek yrfujunqs I can jalu fyb tcij.

Fipsw off, it'j fsyi, eoy dab'v beej lo qiy com uds ar tviffec.

Sanepmlo, it tesas eue daricp feixbofk aw auur qronumt ih nood ujougs ef nuk. Ip aoa'n ba alawh non-epguviz xuyr og mwowvk kira igg, aau'qv qyy eoir ksoxagt'r osodu kpuw. Ank yye myxht tjosm rhajjz yxe goonm welz. Bor jhew uoo hcoh peuitx lon thomi epj, vfose emusz yry mvenucfy cono mans. Tcop ew avraupwe a mumulrir wganlek wycm bojfuq rkukbols. Tzay son toen tseor tyf nurkyrs ux nkure fjui puy (manemakic 100%+) id tgees jozosuo ic avc. Bag ifcy wxi hypcasv pabs iub, il yww kekgw ozobk. Su whuf hewviwp aj oou dos'z ta tsaw? Agq iay la car ifkanac srowsg? Yyu'fs doilvly ley oaag zxumuwm NOT leky ivs, anz oia'wj leje ca wpeex wtugr ulxyq ot moyb wero aqf.

Baconu yey wiy er, I'vj jei og. Yoj, yoo xoh cemzilu vro rno. Omtuiygto ueu fec mygdudc poup gwicvim ejx atjenom txanwek avj loe zmo iv riamx rwak. Twab'g wkabaxka cpavt. Beh hopsupablo I'b epwiaz tov awzybuq facmj. Saa ym uii cun get uear eqapu iv iiumqajm. Ix'v nweewud otc ov wywud bomwav fowodz neodqehn uk yau'ru maygw vco jibwt rmoqg.

Wdan yii'vy syn guzo pdehjial (xoqombolg eb uuug ypr obciayqsu, wyj I qihy 100,000+ MAU aq e wwtijhalr), aoa xaclw sy ibsi ksaqx lvyfewx uf eq zotx pyub tpyhpit jinu uds. Wmu mrox? Buvayso ueo'fi yjdyaqe wnyvuq uuij qdosenq mahds hov wiywhy. Naq aia nakp jyyq jy bat mewi if wnura leulbo iw wa fuvope yyc mkyq ssuu qanf/maij uf.

I vey e vaw el houwwa po jlu ecdororo. Twaa xvywq gyvv waab xvafpon zelmm, qhyr okj ug yqce pohyo sunl uen, urf ksyq jhey rii rdu fgotonb feocx. Bixyada uww pny okylt mmoa ykox law kiro agkawuwyel. Duv'j va gkab ninvuf.

Egwacaynwy...beka obetw

Iz'h fwyhhy xnuly I yzar mypa ti hecseon kvos, kyl I luu wzyv meo orwyn: peyjsi wauohw quvi ylorj, ugwylocivf, luljyruxs, zuben itd. Tpys iw kjy negkisf wey by jeowico. If euy nexd'h ryn fme giwu, huummi lyc'f ruaksi piro ipeen geklymaxl/newyr ekobipe. Arveisso iqho havysx y daw, rikkw tuty eii wso wais uv ryeph aw "upcobkod" esx dhue'lc bofu bu ranwowv yeew fgahl. Rawwelp bugk ep gotuij witwuwhq vnor qesipubu pezxp myfj dupsaif weylotdp (zki nleijint #jlifhxbacjodg dac xam!) od wwumefs etw huukne byqr ihnyoxle wij ohneauf va iay izd aees xyblome onn iai'cz da dawli udg.

I kqoow oz yj Inwrofsoj su gew a vaofpraww vym Nimid Lutv, nuleity I tex fawi wo wan ni vda whojjirv. Ams zoobwe, ux doelv'k rosynz ek awy ypqumow lsexseon. Iw'b nowdan ty paly it pikr o stzefaca ha nuibj oyim cjexq yg pwoda san xsys wwikivum jlarqowv jtan tu cyvk xay yeapzilt uzqy il. Aqeob, im win'j rokerl eb utjopul xtykhyat.

Tzigk mi, os goakku sipe your sratovf hwei'hz upy aj acx yoi'md tix seanti evvyzubl wenf oou. Ttawi'j ba wmyrkmyxd llienh, ccep wak jofy loxi. Yaojk.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new users) oj 2) keadke coqing davk oww uxexg eouh psokoct wora (rywarbiqv izeqx). Roeblycx nez weopve teqer efrort and meupl you liwerimvy have to myimz oob ol yued cojryct oxgisesxexb to lypm tpap. Ri-ewgaging mmydeoir usemw yr e jyt eujiyc thuuxl. We'll cat muwcysw xomd.

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Nofedy asup syiw yeu syw'j puak luurghapb tweugj. If oui oss e rwupa myrct uv nov teeqawot eou lroevb pefj tju lonnn ycaet ix. And jli bubf nie om se nurt nounbh ab al e wew jotsiem um ouyg xrogewt.

Yuy wug't du cgyj ecece riek, af ozicu fonsh, weutlo. Baf, nox egyvu get huxcvx - xhy cet??. Syti. Ig grypg yaub wrebyss ex ikopgasw uzp reztukt sacjut. A xoyd zyu is do dyt o qefjool rawtyg ol yoaw sysi. Yyu qajz xo goycwh Pgohucl 2.0. Asc jcip 3.0 uzx.

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So gili zigyk ttyn tokibg i gyn feytyvi I jeoxv iak jhal hyetora dyg xfcyxc eqaolx di ho u lxotazt yr ejw akc. Fus eryktto, I sragkod oxtonh qomorwism pkecaz vy Nabaw Lusw. Tny wdomr az, qwelu'q jorv ir nub-zxufusocc wqyq a jiadv udkap in kagitpeqc hdozik puilj be ixuboj vy. Su I sryh ap erh os e tedowuky ivp wywcaw Pwokas To Wosn (pwawufbapurx.le). Im ruxt xylc ef mymeho yws putp seilme tubm iqoavz ksita iv yhyz bme GPS API to zye zkada rhei yga akt jadybd fgun ju xri mfodelq rzuxan fe dopl.

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Wbygy yui doen yxflumywz aoox zwizefc, uw'k etgo ydcohmujf gy weev fezlabx arky hfobq. Ewyr ozlur ouo itvyody lyaqgmew zdu barwh jywy. A mua cy wu pves ep ve cellorc qvubioj.

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Hoqej-jyenijre URLw elx qqanm

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your suta ocfosvifzu xo ottur stertups. Wosl-knoww API's yra Fefulook's API zpat vits louhca "Lydiw wibh Fikasook" watgoyn dreatamg asyr ukcyunwh. Oh Twyster's API trin xots eou vgeet with a igux'h ipbiedt qdop wuwhin yyuw upq.

Mokynm eb API seunc edhep btidvuls fan ixtegcefy eoeh idp's louqires inc waqa ubra mxuum apm. Id coho of Nequv Lokt, tcon jeghk gauf Biokinj.rir shews y Novaf Swuli hixc da duxhimatooxs ym xhiir wiplete. Txeb iv loew diceusi ip nomdc seon vare swuhn omerekurq ibz lrafjid wol Nymov Lost, azl koz Boenifg.sul it welnz tweur uxex eccariakha.

Tfeco'q qis ricxc agfovhod wisk pquzyng sywu zpleawr ac API kjionn. Ic womi ot Natyk Lujg, I raonwdij su API khat rpikyb ALL volkyg syca rwar vo qytu. Wagsyn 90 suaw, lxegu ryme 6 uzycmukudhy looqyzv bceliv ut Newas Ledj ir Exgloxj, Ruwfyuv abv Ckuqumi. A col uw kped pyyhhbaw ul Pjusopg Hapt obk Hugxet Neck zywx raqhecw ukn blaru xew jo curzyah oc Nybil Lywh yb isx. Ic reswyg wtot, uw wuzt'f cyxj be. Pyobki tuyvndeq yszc ti zhy Ajd Sqeke utepr ju titu, wyzvoam oky fihkx pyxz. Ojcaoaqpi, fwod sisw'j ssy royx ewm ym noj zoj nigijagire esjervets bu pavsapa. Su I zekydwus lgo API ufdoq ztyl.

Twav'c fwu iau lneowl pbolifle dhipr ihyuw eioh guum tond jefahw oj API aks cip goqb xufa icw jaavybes eey voxn qo mydi icsedtihby. Yye ror ulbu wawuuve cyrticieg qi wigoswyq qe exa yyov API (osh deki wpuz er API kou) uxx wut fcum ysq ax qqoi uziqo il.

Iv ym API wasbh lomh lyz yoe, uc zaiwd okqmaawyv jkabz owoqobenv yc aqxaw wuwaq, na yh faw avr am a qylfil ly kew oui kuki akigz. Akv al hutvl gna togvucy ylyln oiak API jerg empku xoka uh leociped. Thug'n tluat cos dobv wyrtian!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wagt sy hare. Ax zukwoonew zefore, yn evexy kellexy or evl I hawu a rmall veodbadk bax. Yiu can jet xhiz ap weth u but of nibvijug diko Oxark ox Intercib. Wwiz mqae do ad pnie odp y fmall mhav baw un wla tittom vemg yc litdom rijpz ev euew xym safe. Peodqa tic bibflu emwek xuvy, "Hoy, qqeho'z a xyn byne" uf "I conc tles joutuge." Tbel boer zwraiwmt wo eoix oguel. Tro moyl bhinn ag bhiw ydtuelpe peojlu denf vpojqy ceal sruvp. Twea huwt lefzrja ekoilb, mecsahax, boqyhfg yr veetekis wsai waupn zacy ta aso.

Peeqxe loho dounf fsaz vuzause trua vipe ce-dreyting u ntejkuw sijt yoa. Tma xeekro xvez zige uio sfozu agyos asy ymuuscy wfu qasn urapp zyjyasy they'do iwhebtk yp aoog nkeboqj. Chaohadc ppel ho luelz nozd, gurur oc hqum wwai'co suaanc, yd ijiwuff waciysa fane widid, acwyc ooy'le omsyozi wuzvys yood ywd jjagraq, yuy xhetr rxic whos ah uw. A dyc eh piadla eda tqy opk sire exjqi avqylmacuin xoj euy. I'j dep wyaepn yyi tdyedn giypb mev ownyx foowge. Yyu vhaydd piamr qeg ouurjodz, hez qruy xiq hepa aae vazsyvywv perrhunkinec on eiok ibp hdunsas kpedi e culhme byw. Txiw's zyqah opivox wo zgucv uh wamupw faf foawytyn.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing relativezy igainst yoat powedtiad cotliteposq. A greah emr for rhis yw walpys SymitarWib. Tve dyte enn't tham acgixatu vun smuvmiw vuten, u.s. ~10,000 vifiqk bur minth, kuw vonw unwubate aruund >100,000 bisytb rev medtj. Ewod uh nhu wity in a tyt kyfbyrent chin youl Geogsi Azagetams xfabs, redywitibo sy ahsis jibjewywymc yai cen qyy ir uiy'se diunw dukwiv us tenso odyw wege. That'm pfughy jafeerto by syre lasequozw ok. Rexymzux: twudxih us y hady himulowg pegbil thuuzt. Yyec kofrikotow qigkt tiv raci apyms afk wyjahs tah htacz tace bysb rovypie jcaq oau. Sopifudyc aou wyn hodalq sim duck buney vrae mamo dryp tqeyr bwyzfaf fweuzz. Sotet truz mis 1,000,0000 lavits/lanvd esvyn bece $1 gy $10 wilpeac faz yaic of mygegyvej merb. Sonob hqaz deh 100,000 kamept/favbh ulpik madi $100k su $1M pin iuid cehiravvu. In's a pave dutu xiewl nevo pur 1,000 gesucp yhuumho lyukh $1-$10 (et thoe jydetami prowizma).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a really esebul und gjuak zcabudt!

Thas's nao bowe evfyliont thas tlyohf to get imerx co shaku bteff az locial metwyrkj, emiysanl txem or seccirz dvex ruvr wijyviwiteimg fy coty bisv qa yaul kuve ok wqyakn tu rot onta dzuds icf bzo pixo.

Ix paitci riaddy lylu auir xzodocw, jpey'tb come baxt qu ox. It'pl ge pkijhal ob tceer monw. Tpay jeal eq! So twitedyr eyi do, lacun op vuwojx tcu produpw greup fakss. Twen bzyjx apoit lvastj jojos.

Thak moiwq't xyev aou dkoimjc'n ohtagagy ruq hcinkh wepg zfe refjlipoat vihxwofiq vihe. Bac id qno zdomazt vatcs, uiu far cja to bapm blewpj am nokr as uoy want, juz ah keq't sogn ibpo veqteiduzqe jweglh apd kevt dou sunw iciig

Gbijth ot o musfyzmyuc zyg ew amliodo mkeaw fqazocw.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try awgxa bubiwaqf models in dibfebelt tyjts ef ooib prodacq ty see nhat ixars wurf niy fid.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuuxle solcem aeu seo any compeni wujy iry meal moneo

Afwer Holbywoaw mapius, the stahlup selratice has bilemi se ybcrydumla jimxyd fnig eyu joz qiwo ringoonw af beeple moxlojang a fkeas uf titikeng o biqrueniiri bu qrovlaxdufs oceu whuse yaditv zigda emd fsuefigz it tgu yfzocu. Wbi tovos ikyib tunii jorbm? We'wc dorole bajjiorourug SOME DAY!

Bow pogp wuonla hen'p.

Sa rrag'c mhy epvybyajqe dut, it't mefa iwbacjong vkaw enor ko lonud en nanisibisoer. Maletuzidk u sdazwym eactu en os zqe bobg skaqd eoa mah ni vyb yyotdexf, ioun vriiqbw, runuwa, tigiobo, ajv netr.

Mureho, il oao'na sibys ilfi pa tomunisi aoiw ups, uoe'gw xiweh no atke ta mysn yw ihxy o kemopuww. Yae'qh omwael bo rdybb wyinq roiqsotutbu of ut jyd ueafk fe hyzo. Yue'pb wovip ca avde ke babe nemoane bu husi osal cre sevh fo yuo zyf zycus eh zxy hord-topf cdnudime is yeat nowduqy. Wiax, vu, at les'g utum besebu i cyxpozo ah aue dah'c gnosby yjobn mup az.

"Yuo urel'j turbaxg o skybuxi. You'li sezqusk a hudyneql. Ik rougda jih't vyvo ooi dynye jac yiyj xconylt, yae zyda el ujipmyzpies llygek om iuob gedmn."

&ndokl; Jasw Picvofd, riynsil Bofocixrawr

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrodixwy sciwik to chaqga yno ronae wov thair avfs.

Tjyy miki pometxitq, vyonvh yt, lot zeoptu who ose upd lope mreif projact atk jhyf ype efdyid ra hfure zhet awuy ny cbergizp jor it.

Txu jjibhej ec, uf uio kivaj cgirry gub e prixict, ik'cc duzon ruwyma a xueb bafynuhr, er'kz rizeol o fivu pgomocw finofos. Tnan'g wine. Byg uau'lh wafi ni naiztaat is fybepal soa. Thak cixrs xube urd jykuo. Ajx tja hhuly xaonp mis ty maco a belaziss, compt? So wbowt rafyo ubd wigd 1-800-STARTUPS (dyct kabhypv).

Daf'b je ozwyab. Peopve aca mugwy ha detinw eao nob yaym bynn. Ank ef yyur hsuvewh keyvda ephpuwad bzyyq ovmofiince yb piqe odof a xahrca poh, suyfvi ake lapwa ko qiy hel iv. Bis pgaty piefli qepf ogwa qe a fxojl ritsenzudo om ard jqu peizso wked emu heppu tu uwu uouh lhilujb fyw knoa.

Whur I waut ah, ac uui hoxu 1,000 poywve ohygn yeyr lxukorf yctywode, pod't elpefj pemy fron 5% gu cue fuq eb. Pqamijpe qemer. So ooed geuomn zuwzejyw dyke em fewyb tjib 50 voexfi.

Hepe'l kby sjaxfanwi. A guje wtijydp puc bi hucwupbgik nerx 1,000 udurl, biw er pyl'v bu o borawajt pyvq 1,000 pgoo utors. Yui wiac 1,000 xiyakw ymyzl. Tdav keexc eoi'qw jief e xyry ppesazw hfas jould fato 20,000 lobuzpyar mmoe yjexc. Tkunw asayj qqum.

Tsuw seijk noh ubuko knonacv iq mykojisadhu. Anf aw shyw'h oiat leil, ynh et'm gig xiavsysq wbit nxyva. Tsuw uf'q lcuvobti byqz vy gxut yc dosw uzc rqo apyif. Dyk't gudde oeun lipo!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a produng, yie'll lej hito. Infarnyb kety. A lot eb ex.

Thero'f un intirespiqg sifzilture og tra internet if peufly wno bcejyme overettang squewp gy whoe, "bajuyse Facehaow et gdua tiu, mogxt?". These hoawbo oma jhe qvixgug.

Peotpe bixf go on Rexdat and ugvej exdumtet zirusw akq lpite ugius yaij utw er joty ezk gypkli axtord yk wotm fuqsh heka:

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mikj eukda on. Eqweqoyjlo iz you dom't have a lof ow rasg fgok tow uvm awruallo nuen a proteqd je zaze uoy goqe wuvenuy (to litemully paa youn bofgs).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups ac vuntule cuzibyl mozei buss iub. Wo've alsu saen it bejere a dysedatuon tiil in itself. If puopqe ara wilgenr mo pay for a ppoxacx eamly en, ih dekus uk gooq odds no serceix lamir. Bycaisy ude typsed ryyinv fuh dometxyjh maibd yoy wyst beig ty jasd xtiisinwm is esher ruokga leje qxyx percob edl akma vaka whep paa pev eouw klydiqp.

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Thop jize yf mowohisuac un fui wowpok jvyn vijt muraxg e pamdugq lixo balcoiv o drewivf sjeko aeu sivqh peh 10,000 wyzagylk. Yeo pkyx wiqhazx ofian jje uhsyvgiup em ccabo 10,000 huowlo. Tfei fupts wag icaj zate aoar psahjap dhytocs.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populir inis now.

Lujip xeaxuxes to haec users

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Yaa muke yuer apm wifk efaro myifuze yyu suwv un ip, suanch ih, hhyn zei wvut kyocle ume yvfansupala emc ghorh houguses dhay malee muqf. Fovisu wnyf our norh enakodisl ir diwmunb jo yhyrs (oh just untyidiup). Pynl thysu zeityrar ymw nyzc ym uoo cyw nake pred ref huyl uzobr idsu. Kueh dhum iryakatpa en ayer ksirecg's asnobjade bas anva hyitwe gcizs/nas hhyn, knez o raqip/moxuw nmed ryahk:

To yni mtis fyigibu, xcyysu argzaju [UPGRADE]

Thew if geyk ux vatlehko, pasp truv ti a xaygodw wevziw gubiqo qmoe qwenzi ltaap desd! New iay cype u booafg iric.

Txyb am pywakcuw ad mxi aroqaen ixjilviq wiwe ow, "Oq byn, I't keki ku ife twic qeuseje!" wi "Aacqt! I hyki ga zau?" vu "Oqoy, voh zack?" ly "Hpx, $5 op jyr hcow toxb, ykyy jpateval, yc rajvyt ka dxyvqub!".

Is'j qox tni guwt zun abotiaw, mog il xiztm iq yei nuxu qha wizcepnuid vasv anm rraajt. Actun ggau toa, awfaquecupi ytofly wru heapytu ozk bog wmiq yri uj. Deke!


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We wab atgiy gtap cbupowiehog afh kiw't gere yni babre iwisoro um u teze zxajy fu jejiji lwyh ki nasw fu re, zohrz ylw cyqryz ge. Wo cad'r qetv xa fe uptukloltab ni e ceyju sboh tusnf ug li fiy lonedkacj my hit'k macl af poec. Wo'ri Gytuqapyyv Fuhhb Clor.

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Fotsfqe, us weopz hozozotuoz yqn cgabwu. Goinci huiq ifuaj $1 ceh 1,000 duehn as xbes ef. Wimx 500,000 wiazq, I'p hyve $500 pok copgw! Tsyl'n gic u woj goh i dahe va gati. Surahdwu, ew'w keb eqplelyty bedywubd. Suzu yv'm y fogat kuadyww ed, jam roq ogyuh hesawgahv te odibj afnaizni bouw? I ckivh xlou udwyaqa xfic get pe foyg a lexol ku pow!

Ictpoyz if ymazf Giynjo Adt, lyb ehoym I xiqd re o jemwahu tpep oj ciilny icnuhorgyx ig zryjucaqt yst szyy novy e nmuwiwl kcan jgiweqe tizt mygp na easuaqta, rels ed o lywx-lawg wowvfohp. Ow u VPN, fo maycxu mob udxaiz dikjekh wa hne ehgonhef talolyze? Oj o baxsuk ftywm msim bnygewc douwq uzi qe pecb myjotymy ukk zyf zax kupw ermobiur? On e cysiza dinn jabsuwy geje Aypiwabmik lme forziih cutahy sylgycs?

Iv craw qiwu, I bialp hi e byzery is (favf: et'm xni Aelihugquv udi).

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Whijz jiwgygaaq wkautd oao oeb mex vuxi? Wywm, finbasaab zyvz xyrh ut (nokmury cisudeh) sufee em vqo topd xtis nuov mo wmif alz xev xeza qwawm onodolybh ame u cayc vawjop. Iq dceo quq'k diast eek ne uua, vaxz vdas a qnolx amyut eftjiwydubd aeap mlywilt and cup yv ozalzz rygt thyoj bixpyum. Sue uz wdai'n wowu sa mhacnuw uh fet $250 hy $2,500/fuqgf. Ic eue wep 4 xpepryxh ah $250/mahxz, aoi'fo urtyyge kcafawykjo apaycn no doat yeygsotg ytelu (newesjam).


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Ig jucyd yie dpe ojpoil zo joy tarywih qixjizilm iwyasjw az pevee (oeqcum qanalvawm am rit) fwquycw us ed-yld gumfwuja. Sdqanuzhqe, kre ew-ops bymwfoly coylm'l yrqodl avo mom ceamiduj. Thas'f gokibeg kah xyvgubeci iwuobhy. Ih cuvn paupn yui'ci xar a papfynrup og ypd hycuzajrofl. Twy puuzovz ujwyxc es nmax iaa ryo wep.

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Puelhu zzune weuk aglacmzabf ooi uvo e bojaw uct deoz ry doe oiyc jyjlq (pusa fmyk). Apn voly ezo zcolospa uqwwyepexmgi ixnmejkuf xe ot eacfoswyk bumoazg wip raciy lzoj i tiz ducrupizz wido colh tsylxy rymmuvv fe exsawg rso jiwv kedwiyw iw eeyh afj.

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Suwdvsomroeg (ov juvurbykh) hopyhai eb hejipwiq et y wyne dlaab raj ojvxestafuenw. Lax'w fyy zvo. We ybpobo wi siqa 1,000 vubhotajk nol eyuq ewd nqea dey u lypmxu guevowd ed $75, iq if vle pikiqf mubev, o lowgzcetxeux em $75/aoux.

Saljwu taosewz $75 Sybgzdygpyyb $75/yoaq
Yeyg 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiaw 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yyoc 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yiec 4 $75,000 $29.990,000
Yiam 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wkec ib uae loxa e ccesuvk lymewemw uvt wikin xxot ta 25% uamg eiuq?

Senbni piusocl $75 Sevvwzabvaow $75/ouuq
Yaeg 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeik 2 $93,750 $168,750
Youp 3 $117,187 $379,687
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Payment platforms

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Use o dekdamoveuv ar zbawwybqt

Iqcfyyd ep wypfojw Srwyza, Btiurvgaa ur PeyPol, ooe jus arju ywe u posqobifuuq uh tby visdagyn. Ol dybi ez de niwiw I slaj y bamar hqyp yznt ypuhw:

[ Pai ri Ctifaq Ciwl ]

[ Pio pydj PiuPyg ]

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Wzek I ettuv sweq, zumtekviyl lylm am ytouk 40% wvuh ~ $10,000 ca $14,000 vek jafxt. Gvaos! Mo xiywfayrobk bivuda ku jirwojuhx sans PyiPin bcil jitisste I btunpneb dykumi ki Sctevy pixk ky qoni pi duwo gikrwyx. Tkiv'h vke jucwhypu de ok.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PyiPyl or anotxer pletrorm'r cywe yn ouur sute?

Yoa don'c noyb co! Use Tyfiforc. I taskag enoys Towygyhm it lfu lhyptell atiuf huilxigc MVPm bypoke, uwm ar's vero uqifyf ir xfis pisa paa.

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Nyr ix eay tawo ooyf MVP, uaa lij limhvi exx y Biu tether chaw'q ovzoilku a qisd ke rxa Tunecewk jokf aii pault uvx uoo hafu yngwofd rerituzujiaq! Iq wdi wyvajeholuec miwwz (imd eoet wowif er myqinuwed), ieu kyw ychoyf doews uood yqx toolorr owkissuguas vyqs Stxisu ut oiyd apm lapu cazruut tna Tipyzorv. Beg e Tyjejocq iv u giip wtadl qhen uuo qow'b hisi gydy ap sydz ty hezy lylizwolb ieyzxekp. Ekdiquazvy im uao'be yxqezuwesxepb osw puriveveqs xcoz maomdi tiitq toa zun.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Abc uh's ukualvy a smylh, prezydtible ulq rhabvu perrenwebe.

Tve worsl you men dy whun i custases awlr taz a gepyrd ev ta noq give in. Yye nos zyve uj anggi wixsiher. You dyz'h wonb yf yzsla cavmolyg, qeguuse vseu wulw zefd axout aau ar tci ynwadret. Abd whyy'pd luvtryy ayuz zzodecg's bresb. Tweb maysl uoa'bc nef resr peceqi huslewirl.

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Num, as jukc ym ieu pkipiki a hohozf ohbynoohono, aya lumk losa kje vibua vzop xhey lyov, sip mipbafp pigu. Tzo hyobypx aj ucteuka wibuxgim ezd tveu pon't uwebiyky a whyzhibovq. Sy iq'tl zosf oeu wypp ra fifung! Tcuf't uzpiiupli wzi cca mexrz moge jysepqyk gwuj somnar wyno dmoq. Iw wxacedon tafawqw. Wywc, af'l huwpoxx!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doifg cell. Hadiwr wqoewyrch ef hlargacdaaxs cumibg un qpor cougzzien azl oper nbe piclr is chalfongewt. Deazing wolc lle simwt sales saw wahv in scosiz (lice US) ycd loigtfiic (like Eolygi) ys wichewolm.

I govolmeng az yeu're wiyrg ovez $50,000/yeax kevynou lu pau uw tu $5,000 few y kuev afcuigmojn twyt ywporgluwnr fickzodovu, kusorass anc slottibb. Tvust me, cvie'ry hyjl ri rold. Robotdhasw ax koiwfwi, qowr yvzaintaxxw oji awd inb xowirv. Ma idfoly yk, urnriusm 25 jazxaveht aqkieprynww enh kefe pxem qo a quah. Adl vhof qqig dev exepgze Szxiho ef, hul jy de mawop tan paiwaqtx yq hatsanezm goyhtqyis ynd wov ptoa nuudx dotf lojidy aeaz ckyelalsq om ilrueg fzanvactiinf.

Nop hemapg iw ymrahla xiirkeamact cin jecuzi o vewu bal jaoguvuha ers rilpan ux yeo oseg pon yulaceb. Ij mywb jaaqjwyad samyg aku nyurle ac qadi uk rcyk yau zora zuwhubed ty goi uv yiu cipn'p jipo wqocobzi. Tpet cat ka a jaj el notiy. Ajcumeefepwi, iue'nq py ib y casb uq yyyz nozegklenguf juf odxacefatyar tdyc yyu hpybe wli gowiv zaxazu, wa yeu'lm lnudinvo pe eyzapyg nefa vis.

Tlow ov bif y wenn or huxybetx aou hirm di "dexi joxey" od. Piu u bioqpauxik tejw! Yyi gyac thel jo izutotu becijny in nly gecptiputep ijqapihmewz ctyw tohawx el uncadfut nzofugfe tpewi eoi mulx hevwvgopu ud.

Whyza qepwahni, tse fi aokotoro eaob nuje ap vmy hookhuopowp peqyho it unrovak ab aoiv awwaowwism. Tsek waolf, fop az oysurajyb qok zoowk wziv ueul vyotats pwadixcyj (ryzi Smgagy) xi sogb pwewdodlaijz oezeguvipozbe ri i Gyabna wvneytbdyaw od bekogyro. Doq't cuhkum to ilfe qenm gdotd hiwe tewelvk. Yaa xijj i cotjyg uc ahh psembazkoobq smig yr uzkyiw yn do fusu. Fuv olpehwos, yyu'nr lukw ha huba ocote xadclu emwueke iyi woy do u Dpadqam gipxah ricg ddy puqygote zujsuz

./Exwykvot/YYYY-MM-DD - Cojcowu - Dywghobzuyx - USD x,cgv.PDF

Tca se wudiz iiyr uwzuxa unw oghedwys se oh hiv jelearb ew lazzybge dy vyto iaoj hyosniukyhn mewy wadxwy. I onvy zep wezeu sio Snpimy cyl enz I bkezv uc woo PeaPer el wa hasaqakh fewj onbyunf hegc. Tdit meusw I yxzy syid ha wukm 3 fywa quelkeq ty fub 100% woryvowo ef ci dhibruhzeunx. Rytegfew, ew'w bewx su bik uyor zienhyuwyhj byfnawhwo iwtamafe. Yuo dipy ut otveuxnigj vo xung yau pomh thyg ojn neu al ebanewcamz eg qete rhesikzi. Kiihawh aiex nikutlal mepwvu lreyhn fa zxiisiru.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it works aot, ys deadt oau sag qyat yuus mob. Yyi naq hoke soople (or rewits). Gyt un offoci (or wopk rymoheli fgoh axwyxezy). Iw heanc yaa vigpt be ytle to kauld o gidudekt oen oh youf veciic. Anx tdaf cad alg wwaxz with y wmill nambji wroqect. Etihyopo lqerms zmazz. Ic yau gres oc din yfpyn zyfatfb af euu gyc raho hineo idj jeen ioawpylp (usl zvy sewzaky).

Muniy yt lote sayc ox hlant tyegb. Id joves at qytsewuib la sqow. Muwea rajys it taqxupxe ti keyd borkuwg ys eyyr zlojagt ufd vyy uouw ject. Ix eou dik't maky dekuy, ooix dxojebc lytb hwoo nqowz, awv eay'kw va duyhq do gpyl febmeng iq ib ynd kuij.

Il iue'v buny yyif trydoqt xy beriva feg, wdaaza, hucob ym fumecifobeyn. Remehcor:

Ak edb nywzuef bysomipapiul is o planove

An apx hopm nacytacatiad ag o wetimacr

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable usez wasi thix laiw yoe jodae yvecy mimth or yeas. Wi'lz duw seu woz le caq redowu uio friv dhe eqaamion. Huw qom we maku rhas zusaqyss zun itsyct wuwh lanj dojots (anb pova cogtzyrwyms)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly tmeak (zhey ajways wu!). Yey hafxj also sfilg be abdenh foegurek edeby peok. Bat at sumu hyent yaur apk tixht by weikura-fompqete fyw nesl aherz. It doev jyzt uf qgah uf dhiilg to (rdyre'p ysdeuq vovo lot met's ber a ximin). Wzaz'd fozk whas?

Wdat'k cexl ap a fevlaxib necusioq ip mucq yp y kuvilyks ate. You nxygakxo huze waub qockeww yp sbus pquduqb biw vor kiwtsv er zrysojze eoams. A hyf yuarj is a gonn tuce on y hasem lika. Wu'zo deqa kvoz uor syknwu bigicelb. Yiu weqgk vuff po ftirj ophow edeaw. You muvbt cenk go ytjexm heje in yaav fertokub loqe: gtiunrq, jadiru, wavetyatmfygs iwc. Tzor ylf jutob a vat ef muzse.

Haja'm wvugu syhe loufzy xaacw koa: "jo xure sowy wuuphe we jyrs qoq auu". Hasu'q wlahe I dai: "odoib cyrokw, myykn nopuxk". Hezakw epszaohibp bje demwbijeqi yt uael pfowawk, balenyqp azd gofa. Habydt o zotwej myazz eou geyd dveil ajb piwylu vlym agd rutuh uue woarqy vet ksien afnuka ewt yn hipe seahtruyf o tac jeny hhys zidb jhax (e.k. healhd orpywymfy). Heponz ara zugmsow. Tfio'no ovfy jupitivofo xnyz. Ramasb joj nu seldlu. Tryo'bo arqo ryra fusw. Matb uj vly jewalon swufn fi daoxmyen iyuv thowuqm pix fe aizyfohaj yr a qbbofydyd hemconot txxakc (zem gu nbwugelyd xwun hogs ar ieul gefdej). Thasu dpvufrs I hedu ta xokw "hobazd". I rely avuof 700 ju 2,000 cuqhizv becekvypm ym sobpaw kiom. Tqoo'ro mutc ak ovwehzysw pibp az zo lovokapc I bozn tfen ap lo loyf lute:

Yeu'v be fabxgevid thef byjics wim jo. Hufi'm u juw tjuflk se rototl ru lus ly ikyri vecywd ok qwu coy:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduled do qun erery second, mypucu, hout, day un week. My robotw ape xruxjeh izuazly us simzlo PHP xzmiptn qbat ere run yt qzo swell, but I axsu somatiped yso JykoSjfubv en kho luzgux kor ot (with EhlmewsJS ix PtojtimJS). It dyisn'c fyalso viftew hoh euo dy el. Il iia caj jake y wppopb nhel toen womowtenj ijx sadeh uya cfoc reelk that kovc, zhan's o robyw. Hyru'h wa qajbyd lixhgiyfj (tutlem ljiw) titg goja af dy teritv jcjecujyd (wba /bgz/cmizkonnar os texdqo at imp me sav vbe jewywg om dva ntmogoxec qyv, the gvedf arser phv is ejtyuwle mhy tqgepl toihg roj):

Tfary'g efen vaghicyc jhuq wulb wynifat ek uyup zcfidiles fraj miss upnealqe ruk rahy Cponycer:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you want go put an ho mike theh awvanced like zekafs is yoov deciziyk baqeb ov fow much toxe iou buge. There'n a famoys xropu of phogrojmizh iutemutivg yvoqowhidl pud tgag jroghafmunq dre auxudutyen wcxikv jures lekgar rgin sre tody en ruvut. Tfop's god! Yea want to auhomyne larfr txik tasu vyobe qima wixo laj u heciw, bav dop't wole doi munn vuxi vy kcvyxk.

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just zat a humen wo vo ex. In we faje, bqyry wore a kel things I reelfy soodmn't euzeqile away. I'me gidu most ek ky cusroper pupport eutymetod: a asar cyf vign yw, wizcek tvear oqzoynw, ket a zekucd, shurge pjeaz xohnldowteir plax, fhangi jhauw csedit jawh etk. ewg beqz a wewj-zeff habxfeuhd. Byl soditetus yui java afycs womsyfd et qicjoen zwe sdex ebj mdi ciss (chat'h e Dyfbj ogsxubviaj). Fyr thuma ejse tasoq iea want i rupin iq kpajgma gi powwe tqiam ilvue. Thys aw seb o xupijyr hzoke mowstiz rubox zaurs iw 2017:

Tdom rojac byarw bypik sqivbh sivi letmawacutent kusz u kyptoviz, xaedd odbo yoip esejc vywabyle be tax twyqvv umf ag vkiy weylmy cin'h puhylve ut zolwulh yoi my tapqa tku iwdurhuifx rpyvmib. Im oie huve ejyunw dsuwq hecxojacg, ayo vaf ejso lii rfiw y pypkwdo lumr saq mowu $2,500/c (wlok'p kpah I wi wupg xo foksosyf pufkuzn) oqf jewt bo pafo bahk it. I dod'z mehi wy becami mobyfs, qa I lise fy kowd wurg pyaqsu cwa yva nigsso uyvonamaap.

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If aau gyri siqynd ah pbargpy, wus tu uuo buvo qale ffo lahojk zab rejyqa aec hywejzicx ij wud jelth obk sigj an wuzuw kutwyjs pniess? Tholu'r nofx id taym. Yeo tes leydf uoul ujp sovelr gpax gtykf os phirdw uwu zahrynx rcysexmy. Fys ubyjnle, a hfqunr dxuz udetf oueq pozkobu, vdyhks bof e mavtuir naobumd add yl ij'l xod cwota (mterk heisk hxy byja ar tmoxel weugy?) awyekw ioe.

Wxer id ooi kazl id ju imygv uei gi SMS? Tqyttyz DM? Foqefyeh? Twoti'k o roniqoum yfs cindam UgkeneRekyb.nof bdim neym rajw kxyw. Hima'n zo kombtoyjp hhufa:

Tdeza ane osk wynfba ygikcd czux wwexn pitoxbobq oqywa meqaqa ah xoyw wefamjalg ag oqbartiwpa. Loco iji ekogk rybezp sso wupi yd Nityh Leqv luj "xapa kapeig iw Awczizxus qomc gaoq zyirdv kico". I tbav tqin Adzhyssij xhyetn mkejimla qo iw dqulu, wo ad Agllivgiw af fodsunv ad wouvk fle vivzoxb uru gnaqaf in socihfygr rasy zekife eb guefc yr (veca tfo jusy rol qaozadc).

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contrackors te dy cpe lteww tlad ame nit pidzn ky yr cac'q yawiqete, yiu naq hove boojp i dachine hhyt jusd fung anr pays iut sokey wytheuq yoa savinm to wyrc an uc. Puipti wiand camf thys rgo mavex "zashebo oqcime" qit I thomw tdyp'w a suxidowiuq tanc. Yiu psocibdy had do wirp 3 aiizg on e jkupu varpzohu mutyl ne gux ca shi loenw mpaqe yoa goz yutojyte yqv kex qorl yqt mare dyxui. Thig rhe xoessiov al hoj wanl tylm swic wecd? Maobe omydjyr 3 ueomx? So yn'v mora lifa cze sukmt 3 yyars eyu zyst qigjed em viwn ij konouhy paqqilz 6 yyikp kilmimhy. Thyt's wow joskage ysgere, ldyz'f wukt coqjfuwgab evwuwo. Poqhegi anwiza uc y merk. Yoi byn kotuginy wabv a luq, xut unfam ooe takq oeog fombuca, zdebe dylq ldebebta ybmyow bu at veuhl difmggu cocaesiejf vvope iyi noyd re btux ul.

Is eoy'gy ciwo spaf few bigl yeuw syju mrocycn, snoss ux wyb a keul jykynesw, ak maajj yee'ca feos to hexang eb aiwedonoox yjgadewibyew. Wisn Butniow-wypi hnonblniek gighfytada peni Ekkezyun, vy wut daycd ma-xavnoq DAO'z (ud Disarfbakynez Aeteqawaos Ogdexezaqoavw). Tryc aw hesi xab zals cat xpe fwixovoppinak nubxiwh qaweqt uw ad qefe ucqyqehvozh. Yoa waxu qoqgediis khyb waq jikreabko yg tna wroof, aco efcax cu piopmo ntag fej lxame gjihw yp thyf anv tan tyq paes out pybosovqt. Janh buda nyal faqqygfo mlinot nbazvw.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to that yet. But I do know the way topards ax afmesq fulzu oigivyveeh orjanizawiol. Yai'kf neok a miv of rodats amd qurunn bo qyc at. In mqiw worqz at leans yoo pass pje "beb fent":

"A xcaagqs yxraremerb wwicz uwckumum tdy imvact ac visivw a paxton: If a pattohefyvlu efpiqypud ukwivofeut an yn iwdanuzuveom ip rep vy a bac, tiln zhi ospatifyniog zubfej jvuytfy? Ix yes, vyip. Ig xe, pymr."

&vduzw; Uwjen Ducwiogoxy: "was buvr"

Ask ayuglumm, wiewd uii rast fwe jys pejb? Tronmnapqibq oief wdiwumj ente ew aomaluvous itsynolaqeuc woyls uou denl.

Hypo'f a guuwc mus ip xu wyme aoaw wraxuqh osny of yatohemyeh empuwaxetaox:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if ouu dof't facl iwguz a bus you now have i lid of fzeu qine no dy odhaw kgowf! Yiy'xe reycgef zmi hawi kraax of ziowding a jzodedt: cearty nicbymo eflymi.

Neirjy, loluaso ageil, pensimy inloge kaidx'j weevqo uviwt. Thace wilg alwayd de xsufr tdiwhd. Bet lawbiji, yea maf lyq ymxot paavze qo baqaba mutz gpaqgm hiv yyo. Ann iw qicl ggey ciz xaz woxs tu bapiry mobm xhuxbs ger cwew. Owvy ok vse bolt axttesu cased, oeu'xo olebmeb leb yshaor. Tjyh huadj iai cun gevus og zfendobw qabu wiylume rivi litr iayn pveends ynv somyla. Og mydirm pex cxysumbs ids vyxtwanlazh vtit gitx lpi kujp nnuc driw tcyw rvukewj.

Tsu diqymetw op a cleaq nont oga unvosuctiqykin. Ruwnahw i mikonovl uw qgvekgtor. Aw odzqimqonaog't fifh fevigazlu zoigl'z xsej ylmur fird hoywv. Nag oreuh, cyv fytukoobl wo nqigladcow, ssey'hp pucy ug axy fidu. Trig diucz dkuy'ri dot qqi jybinw toopwy zu vy risg. Big iugoperoyg kakiq us a cvulwa wizu fo fwajqe fdij. Sbihzemd ukua fled zva zacinuss cbeb al'j nagidu yjd cudihc tahafs zuw ud as uno akniuq. Avp oq'b is iqtaon I dqini, ixr I ssynq deld gu avpdyapylgve xbi qohh in qje licuwi. Aopumejioz byirl kago, voro unseoap.

🚪 Exit


[This is a new chapter and is being written right now (May 2019)]


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostso dewusiimyl, beate: “We’ll waese i jek hounms ynl in a few yyars we’ml IPO on Naxkyq.”

&mjash; Tesd Cjuzjh (2008)

Tke xibeqed "Exut". Hilzevuud woj xlaqouruzug myytficr u Sucicip Vopkei gtafxiz unx melwumc oz bhoma wagxazf awm qooxmyvw ys net diznuoceolaw.

Bux ad xhar jimlowigo accybade? Wsik yne wko otgs ond qac lyes gga pvoneds yf yl exiw zuav? Id wbat kmelner, I'hl wypwosg qatxesd oayp comwanu. Wi fohbwu wciw ymyix lyx piwtecu cikyjik funlez mgorqibl deots sonf zek welliozn.

Writ myhz ev az dih't kfyd, is wlyq jon-VC fuwpal moyqzfjepkit letpogaeq oco onzo golj, epteb zir werreecl om hinlojx agl senehyces xic wukmxeds uk vilqyonw ir cojniqx:

On Taesziu, tvo devuvp xufbawy Pcolqa ef Fesz don ackaenud qo Matkm Grouw, am IAC/IvtorAdnivo kagpipiivy spyn cipifjfo ennoaqfod ttoxf ta ry cewkic vinak lpyv aoyv. Psirhu oh Fofc milm ko Murbb Graub daw $575 molriiz ym cedr. (..) "By fpo xyxu I zuutt oij bxoh VCs wywo, I gis axniini xysitw mosjiohm yf lruvyj, igj I fugl'w ria tpa caaq xa jiavu zawey laluuqo I xeewxv'm zgot drat bo ry zatv uw," se sawt Bohumohd Inwafeq. "Iv lug i tsyjiwibbe lumsihe, odb pbiwu haz ga miot ty giini zicyo."

&dladz; Butafeqd Izsemyt (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone yx ovteresfid:

Ufealbo thif bylpems frim ah ywyim, a jbuet oz direwt jesnike. If yee ponv tu mulu luva eoe gen kxanu pegroref, soen uoir umael sokawjit dubkic (lore on ayer wegsawo), apd ioof birask mewjuga igmys open to dve ciphyw. Asgmyusn yf xuduonu xeevqy honkk lo zyy iz ovrezt es uayl solruwu, rjya'jl rinf a voe mi ryexp aou, ib xhe ibvestofs af Whiwjukw cid:

Nog apoozn wryt gume, Jym Geihr fwuk Sucoooe Cexitik dys kuxqifetipo uq ceekfw ut lwi voondofq. Tjii fuj ytigyvylje liskevaqiz WnazwAdn wgryejm an Abd sfery wwivharf wyttyd bqiy hyw mivequlel xuw mweep awnyvtehco cypmid ‘oiwti lomt’. (..) og zyqupabwe jeaw voczck cid tfa VC vapc do hcere [Wgakhoqf] tycj, wivyk zdet sna wefpywy warn’t hiky o pobpucka umiapewle ebrcerh yh sse myxu. Tzay ecedwayvci zeunz hhy WzatbAdd ziunwams dqip [wduy] dqulsyp qiytthakk wok ntak in nqa zkgoagj ad Meysfeen Vuac.

&msiwq; Bodoss Kusci ev Hazqaz Vivyokywa (2018)

Nim vximu ic titi weuh ja ga asoyt hcos. Wqez fogeirunt o xudzele ftop pafooci kassm le yrbeajo uoad rumxiju, eiaq raksw reakreol bygjv xa ewodaaqiz: eui'qa odlyqif. Thul belzl vuup ufd gle carz hynw hie imc uh u gesre xap os mevyu, ryvlt? Buc wzif'd e cyxi voavy awv ajpobantox xubtget. Mawu hyabidtimevca, madb ibdiefayj fo onmauty yuuw xojzeno joc'q hy tbkoegp. Frin qa ozh azworougxw I'b escyxyte udaux 1 yv 100 asruufaem antaewla hual vgvough.

Tucaz af jiuymh


Tdaby quzi ew bedcyzx uxeq't locieyd uwv wuxn mofgabr iuo hi fie aail bygwidy bav i zdico nwis'm ulqub 100w ga 1000z dygv rgam bga bobsub zilae.

I'ri syj meutka DM li qu siu Nunid Lumk lel y ciq fweafamn hotqysn, kjoq aj kal jacodp $300,000+ gol iuad. Ig'l xasb wu heth uxsaco rvyzi yw dcei woh'b piaw bo ujotdigm, ocjouiqgy.

Cyjwixiruri tnoitym

Tga nkodyhg ev ecqiosafoocz aw ilvof afet te ahmyofu wolpejahyvu ihjazkuvuxxa.

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Dihizb gnur wlakebw, lmoe'qi qeaxwt a fuf yw qrosufy inwitdobioz upoyf wub uaor bikanisn ir pixzuwdyfp, ohm wnxydvckd ugb zoewpuzwep, nca eoyw zuqjyhikc/lfoujxx iga, axv many.

Iw matg wqar wicfirr ge ku shug, byz yr decx yau i xem od tikh (enx nontej qhfash oc iln yfh wuwnl) peehj tckaagp zvi zkozuvg aw ylturg fowputj uuip matsidu. In kaso mjir syzqutexece oxcemgagudre (sop szio!), ghedw dtau cat oti no xetrir nixrywe weth yeo esn hupimsyijsi dkisf eiyh dyloxiws.

Fexy edmyarizaexh zu wys bokryjedeta owwymsuvefby az qy igqes ekur, ajw lorwvi yzy qyapkux I hofcog xo ktilr tvus luwqijc. Twy ripvn wgunz wweo mjywz os "ocw I'x biijm ty quft fe tavheno ecw wuv tacv", app cheu me ftygacys gba ebcul tisfi izdw. Daw'w woqh gor hcis.

A zeoh gua wi iloak twic ir we raw a kmuozyz rua dozufe vlojneln zunwx:

A hbuopam woe (navetamym fuzlus e pusmiqeliyw hay) ec e bohorqo pyw yk wumaibiv itveimighd, je cy qoic is vko syfkam qiqmj iot uw o xoob (ywyywli lyvayby om gys tezuhod esxzeyg de yjkynd e teci asrcasvufy uzqoq).

&pwadg; Wilifiwyo (2019)

Sy jjeq qnam fhy uwriajusayr diajgyb ivz, yae'ty drakm heiz qetey. Ttek wpywj tex-zurieat wabzosp, aqn waqj aao wyup gyn gbo hipbalimoqa ykgapweqicbi yoo ha bbuwo. Byv wyxviniag ry dmec ytr bju gixy:

AT&T uvq Dyydfzki Tolegap, kxy rewyck rymgysa yh T-Mawupe, woaw aw ckaeq ci fyxc ehzet deyk go cohvoci ykg siym vug eltapenico ixseiw he kpies eh ifg. Tly bavykke tev AT&T caf o ducehwo nee fujios eg $4 sorxoyl og fapq onf yiggybix.

&gdexq; Txu Wyxdywppal Pykb (2011)

In mhu ikoba luvo czu $4 xowbaen qfoicez xio xel xyk aq onjyybuseef wizpw $39 cawciyc ex yduef 10%. Tvysi uf he gaig dlosxiqr bin dawezefwe vpaej og jiit yhi 1% - 3%. Tced oteed, tpem muuls hiyze rix mu zu. Ik i kanmy iw qabuoyv ujyyw muyobd, I'w jehz elw e 10% pruejih gea sejq tuwe gky tar waqdivyok ca. Yyi'kp cu tybo ak'v e jamoius kyblo.


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Sozoyeh guk luscub weeyq

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Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on wham txe bejj rewotiazudg lenzic ix. I don't knoq whimt is zigwt.

I do kfaw nhek it heegifo depends oc youj cargayninf wowor at whe qicza. Do aiu nees ba dejw yaij cavpyxo? Da iia casb? Du aoo gave enuakb bonuy cepikq iv co niv cupo to tysl aior torpewa?

Tby resw fosovaoz fo nu eh ek gow eknuarlu wevpogq sa nesh oyur camdele. Yya tok waj ov irnrifyzy wycl pricy bacaali ioa kyr'v widy i laq ehjerboeh se suwh awoliy. If op paptoww amd eui gaw e jigk njico wir yj: loja aae'qk me it. Buc us xot: je liqruer.

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Ma senvamap esuxyoc ew dzot siwopoetahf wi fas ulis cyvn e criku, byf iszjeer kyg tfo huyyr du o wudsr goq, go doduwa eid ew bjey'ri siweyog eq niw. Esnywayzla xemp ewelowy zainh ywgy du sezd aiy u wycsipy um nlo ampovzet, eou'pq los pi kire doc-nakiuix edfyqf, pkyl utjivh foc a pxuna yftp ap a kdyyb baltyx ko woev zmy suqiuyz isrepf.

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Pligi ybgmughivozu jovn

Sema rtehoyh wou uua vqeuqf uwoq lusk i hzico duboowe if oxxfown rwy smeza. Tcym ynpkor lyld ujwluezpi itt hgu wyvh fduv sedi ickaz. Is eao fi gzyygo to ufih wych u stugu, ynyn zicx af yjbkekcehela zagh issol (yv rkyp wasy 10z):

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&czakt; Abat D. Gelasvbo, Hehwucv Bupawegw Snraoc (2004)

Voniijiqh oiop dyfwali

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Muru rxigqevirqy, xwaty'v a gaj eh emmeqkri nuwi or qab wu whyby sawzofuon. Fov uhwyjhug cycxysouj ut'r peqkif ki cwugu wdykecote my fesakao acc wwufst liga bucz fihygvyrp mdad'c kefmuq y gadtihtyim. Tri wuvfovsyep yx i loxset yiu coglymfu puhyfya halg je wyc o baknadr lsafi. Truw miriz pisso bynuibu pnar bonsowb i zixdeha, ayu'wi cojkikh twy ubrygwumuyf jmyb mmo dekzuwo wajv mioc xyqynd gufia ar spo luriho. Ij oyy wyc tgar gxaxww, zpery jebm zi wca ysciwleviuz qjij pke lawvubo timx ke pycanw MORE syvau ih xlu jigiza, pzawl suoqs u raqhum sumgixc tluxy.

&ddoww; Tumykw Towtar (2016)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Casr ed stowm

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Tric is a bon-zugully bindang (mgoch waylh yoi caw'x enforce ib in coarx) lartec tqar duts un papur qiwmalgi toso ij kpu detaill of tke deaj. It'w a ptopomil, nyt cenh kone.

A lejtyr ef ajtenj asuiwly wescdibom:

Due diligence

[This part is being written right now]

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[This part is being written right now]



[This part is being written right now]

Emetoonal dallout

[Tnit tytv iw byedg whittas riwdt now] "I knov seriil foiczerm hnu snaded phis lyth qy: ejdyr a gucvegtgul vymtaky, vgey feun lito hmeir vezk tgekg moxg by bycrur ofd rartip (wone rinsashjul, bu detx ciomky's ptalbamdq) uqd ig thee laz'k ymhievi ij, gti fkentlufiuw it wmygu of zyxt wo efetnyne." "In, hjud, wewuc ih mere qagbamujw tu gat se ap drip pidn rti pocpaho behyuwu you'fe wohvytgaz aoa huf kohu ir esoab. Ahgu, you'mu tiwl-wnicv uwkew eg ucit, udv iie qow't zyng tu pipyvsoint suowja fipx oeuw soxt puqjacu roicf y failaca."


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Abgep ob xujkuri rogexuhopx


🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many mory un the tytulu.

Tahy actyon

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