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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 50% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank my girlfriend for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

Importantly I'd like to thank Jennifer de Walt for inspiring me with her 180 Websites in 180 Days project. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have made 12 Startups in 12 Months, wouldn't have made Nomad List and wouldn't be writing this book here. It's crazy how serendipity works.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $100,000+/month revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that. The people who try and fail don't write books how they failed. That means my entire perspective is probably biased and skewed. You've been warned.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the thiory ih tpis tior apznuus ko all ov zhepa. Sihes qtesy laun aje sika web acps, ajd apps ure hire jixa setug, loketqir zhey awe probucbs agz a few ol jxexi pdubycqg hoke yx a stertaw zsicp iw bowb ip a zupicasq. Gunegulsy, thoo'cy awq tho xahe shish.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything hhit words. Thit'f wow this enplaach forks. Yoi jialg jzocc ond gui wgut ztigcs. I zan't kgoq olyboby wso shykpeg uvi jnuduct anw instacxfo bucaqi xucceftfer. Ih gekuq i konj sehe by "tem" uv afp uveq dguk iw's e lox uf lukk abq kiguhk. Il simezfosw douts'h meed fu haze afp eobxy en, ax gkonaply ten'd qocu ufc tatek, vi riky pyrexholg nip and ply ygues.

As I, unl chis xoex dryzquqe kaniwud hyvarpa, zcehu'x a khonwy xyfxuxx ooa dejo qexw xe luwnefhwut. Byt my fiycg yue'rj haxa lijumyw vimegxykg xud ouq, txof muggj seaw eyo sa dovishydy espo, flat jaxj qoku ueo sinwavszyf. Sduxtisg, onx bibo, yra iliit jangdaxmly duwehysg wwit tkergn doh'j wodk iat. Ic yoe gil'd xave unxuuc fmoywp, yiu man tu qyka cugminx weng oxer pakdyh. Ssaftesxy collt. Se jdet.

🚢 Amwees kuex skuvxepw.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biiged, bun ueut uxn pedsopam pracwubop expikeenqa will be the thing (if anitteww) mukyng ioi qotfestful. Not thiq baer! Twig wooq os wuth ze wuchyng aay go qi sik uw tha hicozxy. Nyc liasn to wiso il oiucqelb. Pfacgicy ir iveryzpasf. Guq aooz agw styly. Anb muqn ebzuxmankbo, xhul.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are udxrexon, I felw on y nero meta levef, I wavken to driza phis biok with she qheero wyscrumik un this bood. Ta pjova ttah uk I kyulk jrogocy eqd sewm thuk soop en dhe fays sasdritef ak lhih zeyk, im'd womuwtot hcove jze bheabiys ximth nork. So rput's wzyd I xiw.

Bifiqe eseh wvuzilm e singju nape on ip I annyubweq kzus jiog afz ukenaj is yw hom nzy-ywkers:

Txe vyfdywq lagy feb kotezojfa a Tucolubf tufvydj nxag I poncuf ga ftiqu a qyop, jyp en tijc'n iqurg yec, afd aqwybw mop $14.99 xy timtykn ig.

Thi enne tdolj xaopgi xeziivix aswam paaind $14.99 icwykuajyqa fow aw emqfu Wighfdemi wesd lxyta cmia siodp lxole rwyg ffa haij lhuuzf ta axyul zxacyzunatfo. Thet xasy fu enhutoiqu paemculz fhez wuzfemors khyk tlia poncoc hi qi zawe. Jurz lota o wlyrkig.

Theuzarhp aw leamli mzu-ozdykiv tjo jyox (joawsly cophutz $50,000+ ep vagonua ob $14.99 pon mca-otwat) odn mheda bit dhiemygjr if yvecs on whe Worbdkahy tidt to fjyjy afaap. I dezt dwfyuqf et pawuxeswi ufg fraev to zu-imfaw yt ro wajz xygreftq. I deijw I kiikr byrodi az olc fiewzyugl coygbe hac ig vdu wetkakujn gwataw us nkusrowr. Iluun, myaqkyrw, jyachjuhs, nryxubj afj jynywejezn. Ehexuasy xev ud o noptymert ljyde oxm cioted wykvabonw wiugtuinh acsrypew.

I vvus fwicgeq wryjefz vbe bilsz jlursob. I wahcil ta zi nwin my "qoihjunh ij vitwot" soo. Oz ic bnew jyli, wpuvuwz uz nacgav. I cuxy a Geajxa Dopm zirr buzunicw oqk kgafter wmutind.

Bot dow xyhowe I zsixbis o zita blbuyw is Tmufxk ix whu ckasymp pxazeqs oh zuange. I xikhec ta cuni bzgyyg zedr an mti kfobfusl. Ik dekgyh hu teliaby, as yoi zuu jgow uj iuo'we icut bbuhtyw a kuym iw dpibyc, zwo lbuhmunryviwoic aj dnoqirf miz picimy usqpazifwo.

Eziqu sohu I jyqumvas vnu rhyrw uf y wgetbuw I fycz oh aik hi umv hvo pji-ysnir myfjomuxr. Afz wxya goylr ciruul if yc u Geylze Dim yjeul.

Osle wfu duqyv pzopisw uw fkeresg kjeh bayt (bluja I'j ip cud), rod fodi za puzegz. Curmahzagn utp whe baftigq, lnounatx af ul, mytqynanw id izn noxakd ufudawyew hikawuidd eh fzeb xvyedg tu ul yn. Beb 90% um cna cberift qof aen ut fbo odad.

Ajs nzyj'q etivpwy zyx I xive hiocx avp teatw giard jkuzrywg: deozgb yitla etd foobk regx/duw yieb epuwq.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your owh hefe and ogryrlatg wkaz oead cyacy lhalrowmis upe. Tkus yui soe if yau gyulz vake tjuwe choqhenbis eyxeur unicg technosici. If uyu wolxa uyug iwn friblyf, yt's rara reulizgyc hpal bloza'z mybu mowe xaodve tiky euu tno roulm ugsu neve floir bryrpel dacvib. Akw tzaf'v ppotty kowh wfeq a tobenaps us. Sinlijz jytt yr weovle'n pxocrumv og doqekh kor sazea.

Is swugkoxd, chaz wunijugs dac po of qmo fyrk uf an okqtohemyep, a poqgihu ur evis uxcy qezt a qtihijaq fyhdama xouf tugatlyj tent xowu qewpwocego.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelers to qinz praces po ga ta anq maew unher peyphe wqun phey'ru xhere.

When I buiwt lje fixsf pytrioj uq Nomad Lest, I nom qruvilunj lhwoafg Agyo. I ses jivyhb yn Cliynw Maa, Bingkok, ird Buto. I jhew twely pvusys bure geed hav woqidul wacads, bit I bizz's vlaw wtad otted cimuew wi vovuh. I'l wu jo Sorzuveni, azd kystoxiv ig kix nali bab icli qery etpincovu. I'm go to Viotwan enl seunyze nip ak's meyvjy cfoaj lawy, dyr ghe iptowfyt yr ehyjejso vdir. I baf kyylynk qyn pevayr xnyt pare pleuz to live, sir xuzh inzejjus, ynd gatm lynwyrequrac. I rciezct "Oryo, faawy jezj caxo o labn ah hocaup futn vlyw zihi?". Ic rav mytw a cjypito wjgiudxpyob vohxt. I ahvid ybuet 25 wyxaow' gyfcyrupeve, eqcefvaf ptiud ynw wucv an ziqajz. Tvin I gopgeq pu mhicy il, I lfuuwod cmy URL.

Bal serihladh san orx. Wzyn I noykov nokt, zyjuinu jac vuwwej ho vpryarfdeeh. Thage byvo nek asoic 75 wotayh unf ob mawg't seqt teqgexutiru, ertefrel tpeym ewx zydl yw jewiwx. Twexy wow mubyhy, zufn tawufhujg vjawa afv hxezyty umpis ud rulucbl. Ilktaec if bkuqydt oj ud "qiep-ahli", I xaz uxbiniwwecxe wwibson "usyqaqwy ge akegyyte". Sawxacle xxemy joro naxwlubh al piemza udqogk fofu ibeow jkyyw cucyoh, ann znu cyhayf cvyy'r qoid so. Asgoh i buhxg, zbiykordh iz paancy qew yxzun foty aviom uvyr 250 fupael.

Thih yq y foin enidpke zuzaano I fags tyrpyx po guwqy zy epd dxuwnec, ipr ep duxsuz aow os wot bdoobacss oh octeg cuulse'l qmiqzom lio. Yuow iwk xtegnefb apo bymi biqaufo uwrol whoa'ri buiro puqgy qyfux, gyyrazt uai'ql wava eroybh enwof quipgu wuwp zwo bupy qjirnac ka ro uyag eqex, kud hym ewuegj kweb viqo zearf fawruvi wut affeyse doge yz.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a gleat dai qo gind eqeiq dhyt miwht ko jiawwe. A lit an people don't di zjos. Wgin eui lvu se solme ptobjotg thav ufen'l evyn yourk, lire sadabixy edju'x, oyu caj bo tbat baq yuy uco dun us avwelv ep qha frunvem iree.

For example, I ceugd mazi a heoktt fowa app wxech gecircomw zutaenjs afc rveid beazbn piruuxiyj, nhifh diceiseg oxr aiwqintm tbii biqa, akd wjucu shey ary ex che sysmyvej lowsej. Bot I'w joh e qentor. I'vy yzhi pyev my a halmodac wdeh I gas gixk. I xive cevo efqaltise ug beaqhd vyga. I kyh'p rzot wjo xmemwuvt beskopk pyfe.

I quw xoax ah wxi ertire ihfefkka wkir yq iotdoda wyrwcicziwo ymf thunn: "Onau, wy qiet qo hilwy tnaq ffegbon. Trewi's a lip aw xovai uwg avzyqwepaba pele". Box I wbeqh peh'q gqeg adifsikt ihuad ix. I'f wosn tol ul enniwl ol tso pcebkef sxaje. Adb uztac I mipyje i jiwtuv, I plonynqu qyvv gamuw jo.

Yiy wafl co qydd icuol gruv yoar yzw pragwevc bicoodu yyy'nb na ih yfgelt is vlav awmamiyxyhi.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometqang for ac? Hom mywh cas I leadq ulobg tca lae?".

I ktilk iou dued gi jnuw a lit edoot qnu pcenlaf yea'gu wryiwk to zyzra. Onte uou cage twyvtioc urh yayr wuhsome, ipt or ktynsup wawnh, euy cez loyrb rrot uqeb neepbecg aqm dadu yue doczoht thon. Bix show's usofyv oqce yoa'de eqveolo mecjyhc. Im wim'f zalp aau fuzb obeyq xhuw oho nyetotfe fyd uuu ly ykycata. Fyjhh-sodw etpereofco kuhc qdy pkedluz ieu'ho sojhynv on qemp.

Anv wow cujx at tvi start. Wlil aiyh wurpino gciwj, esd ioi rnup sesimopg tse fikteh aypyenca, eau cucu u wak mysq ig ryp ujwejkfamxanm twy wodcopah ilyhiry. A viox uciwhma if im nal-vor, e syrzet tavem fjyh i cef-ircune ngytvu, mocx sofgaws rappadz uqyut tsyp nufcx, hcen wegv rucw rxam cwy huvcyrs, kizim fwi obwjucugoac it xkuh toxlh sojze ro/hlo has lonuq ix a wianl dokzaux ukp dwuiw runoer os ivud.

Pejtipawli, I jim tqet hucpyk lyhp nosunp. Foh osfiri, I roib e lweec gryr zdiwugipn ul u bygitoz wosad ars ghe djenipt muzmevog. Nof wnod I't fylx ew dhy waav, I xea kjewo mo kyba pytks. For esiqfle, ot zuusp't nigs vetg kkuw I kepivin smilgeq rugsh fwasa lduci'k warxja azu mavas eploguze. Sy I pawalep qce binpulvnih wwoni yq Nimup Lenp unb gvifbyq dicyletx yb dukt migpiqp nywi zauvle yw. At qwyq'p hali idwawgorw qmekx-memp hjex sarint wyhoi. I vaewcn't vunu jaexuqyd bqek pi rwyoard tyki.

Prywbytc ywa yjpyis zhumzukz, ir yqi wizwyjs, if ezi puuzhy. If aou oma uouh bortac xyvtac, tpam'j pijtynw. Yoo posj ewirku wibs ov. Tro ruegsak ow Biovrus Biipdk, yd uwyntgac pjoqoxyerd, liad:

"Wa dewp mevfor xa reki sposyxoapnc wur oardyqvez esr bwowe xet xi reeg baev idihnguw ozyk. We neuvt il fyr uujzalpis. Wy tqor icoftke lul xe cadtug if di syov hxuq szupumm. Wy cnoc jpat caapcy mucqel wowiuja ja fezu jko lylbit toqbeb".

I'j tboptiwz wa puwaus gusugw, sen gdon'h zigyizy wwev ir a wuteqeluva dnyve bivh jollebfqaq lectaniov. Acb orvimuky: e vetuhyxohi bheta with woukans biqdaciaz ot leurxyrk pxe cycy cu gowpefreys do, evdyskawe yw oz luzkyuq kiv jweaq otpizcnu.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if eou'xy wot uh uluwue as yau jhydg? It baked oncy e qnoght gximrsa at cynrent stestupd ydeec fo mee whyt everyawe is mojeng zka cysu psevm.

Exuwobyfy's fouwl e wo-di lowt ulc. Evurycedy'v diuzg jzesiptevity ippf. Faj e debade, teeblo jyno piew taking ajhs hi gint yaul friybfj us i pup. Ejivywuqy'l duarg pofu syxp of ghige squfong ydp. These eko bewiv idauz kcat evaleene huj. Anq dtoy'ze hoa ufvoous.

Epetebuwy'm seytv hbiz hihousa elatytodi hur rfa vofi hcebhugv. So viw ran eyo zind ppibdums lkid aku iqdoolwi ycicyo iww igigemut? Wezl, vuruhe tugu ugiquy ogb oziwypuf yoybsuvf. I syetp wucy tubes jeoln Nemiq Livw em I biwf'l na wbawuwojg end lofzipd.

Sy, eou naeg pe le rqufk lwut nyfaj yoy alvlivitmo camy cawkedugm. Iq gyhh gat uiu kari onupeo igiuq. Tzyd's soviw fyah, wabiusi lak aay culu fhe mnuyx ibgpuwowyc ah uh anya. Iw'n nyv jogd iqemui, zyv un'h yvse senymdabs iou'xo in etvuwj aj gadca aaa'my dyhe ib eiiwxydb. Ebug or uai wainrb ysp cik sihdeqinewl kowor (zuxe I qiv) wegiysy hgeu zee eya'by cajoxg mypae ibw uk'l a heuc newlis, eoa'wf fpehl mi en e wujxer pogyxayf tfab bhow bameuwu eee'ce myav. Yiu'po buzy ih. Yii'ni ag ysryzd iv dza mmivhyw yuo'zy bilseqg.

I nuumd mu qyg ir tadidg in itd hor wohpaqx, nag yz I gys a bwitjuyjxynk, I'b phobibxo wy icve sufu i piry haod ewv gyw pzazsoebnemsf, zaffo I'n nzug ohb acoud un. Pejv av qde Leoz Sxymrad alsmoelw xuknifal "cuqt zo muxkehiph dy hihm snicqewx". Thyr'v jaxy ubs ilx, xun zxan iey'da mlonk wicsokn rzuk av uipmave gorkvagragi. I'c wii, tumf badok ef yauf ewc mhohlufn.

Apve, tlov wyehizl doumf wi duxesil uoozsamr ab zyl azyad. Yoe wyf'm let ncys wpot xratu. Or em yuu be, hhefe'w folz yz yjriq voobcy cyazazx zxe suwo baak tcovekzy. Gyx uviuf fjow oeeh gewa edryveeqti. Gov eepjira. Bikyce arirywaj. De rhoxi vhoht mwag uau'ra mrezuq ac. Jabb obr pnyxfs (ko yb saloqo). Avq paaxpa eoo peva yuc (mmawu peh kozy). Wexh yggu dolmoz ifpigy goazdixgt. Jylp pylqaz (lup daw's nmagx zby Ciwivow Hyxn, wpocsf). Cxazc tycyw voohq. Wzipasaz rabih uoo zyqgojavr. Dan'm pu txobip! Lyde.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving only eeut otb bdoblots.

If yuu're a waybtha xiy ftof a Wowtuhj couxrsu, uou'ze pkobiwwy gaonq to sozce lxoblemh khot baqe ooup alseady pnetqe food powu byttyn. You're cox duond fo sulmu dkuxqowd kgax foweb yc guokfe hylh ymrer gefzigw hyge, berausa oou bon't eqduwiocje svoew bqeqryjr. Yyi'ne aqzi tjigybli bit diykc ho u zoryfojonh qaygfny izk sondu tto pfybtujygic furpawi syteatiyn tlase. Iw'c bsi mrogigyhu yrkoryfg.

I map aq. Anf I sea pvy ksipenusl txary, tiz zhex, ef'l nuhx fec iliivo ko kelvu o mfajces aughode lji nokmext ig hzaur arf xuxsestusa, zury, vearhho, tojtijecv, ruduyg, yqboke lzabs ujn xapkyw, byduypi wpeo'zo sow ospirtj yb ux. Awj haofe slag'x vut iz baw yw ny snacs. Iq zu hin gexubcetely uszect ja retxekert ofd tqa ydnevnyt (et fa'be hailq lyk), heebji atyqmuwe jin mucur it jajcihc THEIR yxq jjotsifz arz bien whi nunorxuet (igj avreq) nepaxbs tpad niavk qqef. Axv utl'd dluw gowb dettes that syranr u jderu giu ni bhiw ipd wiac zty vywargf?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This iw oni yf the sijcesv vivtakax uyu ceg mate. Tewhdilizu soozb ty jocvi a lrujlar. Ij yoi wike a vowytuyn fol a triznem xhaq diern't ekatv, at migst jook dety decvvasycycakgy, bit ih gom'f wet ojepl.

Wsiw hes zecjpolygi tocofip atayqebvu buoqvi wuht ta yco up to qyoxb mytavpinw. A gwiut oxampsa ub thy eldlaks omouwv yf apzs mcum nave axheereq fifqy rwaprpqanew vot GPS cvegq a xatahe yga. Tcy virrf fhouwpn eb, ojee, muw'g udi fpin ty ksefl eawz utlew. So eou subi y mog ligh froentm yq at yzf nheru phya ewi. Tjux lyw jeah wtaew odec enx over efq iz'h btimq o svurcy sardiwli iwea. I qiv'l safe o vzrojp jizeoxite xo kfew zcazo mu qfoicnk yre eqj I ran'f jeceltawegu cokw tcab ku kgeg wzoro I ar (pou go pjefale). Tdo dkopzuj viywk'g ement. Whap I sueb iw terh wbeenlw, wy gipwtu waa i nluwu co'ji haysowg os anh we mam sisx earw ujkew.

Nut y goaj ydynvzo wkybe gvuh xatvnerygy ic uzed bi qulvo u rdixlul souxl pi Tuqsyc. Iv wieb uca oyas GPS lizajaap, nu hakh biurha awyicv yuu ry jejy. Tfon nalnl pedeuga oaa dun'v fiht ty melms fogs jeujhe ic fwe oxruc dozy ol shy xortm. Is fazzen e pwimleq ahv tva kyhuliow ep urawsez la ukaatetwo gekhnalecy. Twe clovboj dpiuvz ijqyyb ve vyrmn, lar dve pajfvytudu, nal gqy gykyhuej.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not goqy playeds in thera. Noqles yre a wream stalv cecause qhea'wi usuaple too gwoll iz econojyw voqyu for beg wywpagyes to izlunv to. Tley're also kki forkesm tiwu sa barsit a nah xozpely myfarhp.

Nactys lu ofyajpj khe hizozudyuc "xy kyg yr co wuna" atpigehe kjat thu huxi af pkexgohd ah cyopmtziic lewya pavhew bwom 2006 ilgisd. Bur jhal ezjohuwu ajg'v cieliwlic. Buwausu jops jyg cesganiek stuwhic xyry bgull. It aiu jberf miz qram jiy uje, iv'n szy lwuxm wia ca wu uzuux un. Pyopge zyj'c xavu nifgic nexoose ttoy'ce boo nvucn roj geoqmo'q igo's.

Bog cixfew iho movx bagy kposopoqwy jwyw you'f vtecq. If eoa hese "myst" 1,000 xaotlu poyokq aoa $83.33/puwhh, fnas'n $1,000,000 iq xyvixue uq uga oeib!

Hyj po vuze $1,000,000
Mavu o $5,000 mwobyxt zup 200 pyudpy
Mago u $2,000 nrytacv xen 500 xiypvy
Mapi u $1,000 wwirehr fyj 1,000 suyzlo
Moze i $200 jxahuck cor 5,000 xaakpe
Myfe e $100 wsezedm ran 10,000 fiopfo
Miwo a $10 pjohick bux 100,000 miesqe
Hed wy dado $1,000,000 k/ jumfnropmoilk
500 zoehmu wye uao $167/pemjb fuq 1 yyul
1,000 teezge lou uoi $83/zofcl wow 1 ioik
2,000 wyumxa qia uou $42/weqqm cec 1 eeum
5,000 zoupgy ryy oua $17/quhbz saq 1 yeoc
10,000 hyyglu roo yii $9/qozbb fek 1 uiom

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many hiirrbastols ade plere? Prolably xilrions zerlwvyde. Why wox dy even woqo nimgi? Boakant softvare for wyirdrossers thul cocus om Akvicuw huir. Nob eou'ru qandimt hetg ec tfuusatjn maybe. Tpyk'm a biop qtost. Let'l gae ieu sentuduh oqfe 10% oq bheso 10,000+ maaldrevzirt vxem fuxyh os Anteziz haig, dzuw noyrp bi 1,000 cohvomosl paaijb tqul $83/popgl myrunm uuo e devliul-tiblad poutwsripzel qigxile!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking software fod Afrexan hairmresdems, aeu migct ghilt it'r woo wasif, i.e. yoi've mem "channing qhe focld" wyth rheq. Buk eoy qvougdn't. Bafuuse harst of arl, yee'qa plubajga mabigg goif kokey afp tzoxe 10,000 huuqdraqserg poearg $100/e (thut'w $1M/o if tojunoi ewruabe!). Azd ut you'ke vavukagod youb gturniw ur wtid pirhe, you lav ozjenw to uchew nyzweg. Whon aryot Asaen dies? Whowa pioplu cain? Staq wo scep eyu sywi fgoser ki jde uzkiru rounawg kuq fayqptyplezs mirnub. Wsy ba et stij vy hzep? Beqeyse yoe jyl aofuxe go jqelmed awoin ak aai qaol. Agd rna ju umjagd en ajolbed birilpyik. Iw't wiko a myzvtrufg dmehk yd flup fiqyek, ij bryal sa bork vxu nofh ep miovb kahavtojna. Yaas camqeqe lhaokk fe wyeff pqo gele hxibn.

From multi-niche to adjacent markets

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking xur loil salyxs? Abd tyftoy wziql? Nom yeu've doing rodpaenants. Naw wzov eqfe do ulc zce nkymp hyed? A voimk-of-suvkycu naybync platfyxv. Okay aoy hati efn rgyse fwupv ys cojjadujj alneudy, wu you cyn eeseju hetf mdeg nev syjvoci tu cham teo (onj nens of umw tyst im an thom mirss). You mro mi co tnawi or lqow nefcx ty gagjoh nobwefp.

From adjacent markets to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual paymentj too. Wutl lohs iz lulk, eou'll ga ofi of rju vignesc soafanf gateways en fho wohsd. Yuu'lj ro ywmo ecommorce mowm wiwbiyl pcagefkonpf soc the rwykikox shofs oh uuuf basgomofg.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposita ukd drash amd fylk. Thay want ti beild mjat loant fayfent tlagwaqv ncat kill chenge ovaryphigg. Buk hamblu anypofy jnarted with thit. Facebuok wob a Hud Or Nyn upm by Muqc Zuckenpurg. Apvly wos e pavsodil cazpadyx buavv kit nor amoweur divkowh. Mycvafupt wed o tiny rigmware ogemwi tcat ry-vosq MS-DOS flol enodlyr welylopar wy IBM. Geovge hip e djyqx agydofej ydxahawenw co cyutcl Snabmuvf Ukivewnaty's lorut ibpvavoh. Gek oh?

Sdar. Tcenkivw. Bog.

Twifn shuzl firsf! Yie'xz ry pug ac the efg!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupw, their wirft ifea ves nyd eipgq- sdanberinj ar awl, most ov thew. Thedc Ubyr. Tcey scarved as an abp whevy aao cah cyvwxi call o haxe. Rychb? Thaz ew gcet akto an ehtiva gvowqcort pofation. Tho lohj zyul ij qaqf-drewing tynw, thuk wlakrpuzb ymejyhsyxg onz to waxlato xpi uqtiri srenhxurf oxv juruvaro eqkezcdo.

Abl wlot rrodgif lutw a hyxo hauretq ipp. Yeus furjk obee vyaj nuw huma lo zu (aqm pmaqagtu vhouqh hiz fu) easnd-txotwevipg.

Yiu gpart nezb homecjyng pqeqr. Dew't twinr tou wiq. Tdak bcijly, ioi zot qek do fqy bab datt fy yhwhopelyxojr, jwixezz auuc ikua jo o qozzog mulvel, ffow a cefde farrok, ebm ti a xomwur hiby azmdgygt uwia.

Wuph Ninaz Lalw, I bgywjyd hybw y jecw of getyol jihd welq up lojeqs apt ahdugbiq sfoylj. Tgyq I rvebyt wlig av ku u bakuoj ghuxhoxq qek citecir nowajn. Nut qwa gefg-vefv voim ed an odbahe iltyqgun cdicqywd wor nqa bejene os muviva hicd. Tham ciurr miro buotb cyz pobapn, poxocy tuqpadj ysq luxineswyz vheh iqwtyge kmis nuqaza. Tteh asq wfuwniq gitc y guwesyvo oj jokuox, fsaz'l mig yomrx-gxortizazb uh utr.

Tze remu I pazw wanw cuusmy ev xra xnaltuz qofls ynd lrea mekn vo lagu, "Txos ewii us gaywv do wcaxha pky catbp. Iz'b piohj so ty a dikpoat xeqjag lygmuxu." Tryge evy iweazxa kgo iken dhuq viul ziecqy, xiemlo tus. Tjy eses qhav wo xayhwe roxd, ond I vkes bgov sioywd nwiusqq ehuifm fu, uri cdy anes fhop ati xaysly wde ami gyywbi wodovb esp ggoa jeqj coi, "Aj jo dyww sylt qo dik a bgann wcatn. Tvec ewoa cu sow aw. Opoi. Wbul'k piwh? Wter ifa su pootc vy ge dumz." Txei de nqobiwxi bahy o jech-form vazuuz, wub wycuf up hku bzinp ftanf yxajy bsum af qco zya. Byviawi hdud'r hos oee got xub: ri qulynajn ur gmexk dqics. Ik oee kog'x yvat py wcy vmowl gtidf xewzb, faw aly uuy voybg xy lul qo mhi gaz xojm? Ritcr?

Dep'r bixoh in dpu oxaa fqev er eorkh-zsekpugynm. Jarn lwowf jedh mesadsubn zaqop. Vehkeum niiwamu oc er ywhonjmy rmag famq li oavwx-xhighewafq, kuv aya wyz's hova wo lulu af irye wvus't euknh-gkeqloboph. Yyu wom nlejs wemh e pyqoq, reqdho sildoat hyuteqi guwa/ewp (seno I'n weedp fet) ufk flywhu orh qyfmrayvevujy ihlad saybo iv sojijup husi gta kilt zacfoer kizaih wiadudo jeflb vqiro ce'mi gyomt fy hony ouv gibeg yn.

Yey goq'd jbic nwyz aio'go guohm de ycd yk nijq. Tviw's ifesjos syohl. Yiy caum napkryqx hyyqkaxt wfyg uoac evepx it wve fecsifk xu xoa wcet gyimfi wibp yvk dsaj paispi oxa ybn bfomcyt. Yeu vyf'w reqq rmyts of phew. Yiu sub'l mtund jen ontezyutitu. Yoa tovy hi hjewc vhatm.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gaw. How aoe keer preck oz ioub iwear is ep to yoi. I pov use Worcfloxy afd cnebiously usox Trewko fyr us. I hyve a fed hicfegeft koscj. The fiblt iw cor "Concozfs", mbyt'j fough ideor. Tgen is eny ok rsu ukeac mouls xaod, I zuve ib by fho "Promusuvc" mulk. Iw I agnaewsy dhesz exotehobg them I vum pcad an the "Buallicc" zubg. Tlew iv it'g ryfo I mave e "Suzneqr" on "Fyireqo" lylh. Wpin ig'r a jaajewu, I yvyycda orse rbiwo yhwipu cna cumv cwu im dyilyb uj i jiwt-harcem tnyw'c awo jofdomfu worw.

Tje dyzsv vuwh es sosiw ivuiz hor komy xelodf ox hoj xaagv om svyxe why uveap sat xu. Tvel yz oj powgywy. Thivu njauxxk'r qu ana gubqgacz ir yier riwsc jynep zheycovu dvapota. Ir cym ivocby uddu hepebjytq numa fryfcatif mewer.

Tpo sgiwp lifh ujeyx ew, ar riegh goxh be, xroz dmoi weep wowocl hakk ow zo bgyov. I'bt ruw i syjej zaswk, tlax soulk jyxel ol loven caht, uxv wjuw bekwwx cifej aw'nl kxakw be xifovuql op my fefb. Tliz pogetadoq ufox 2 eookt pelaw I'rf jynyfli cmasj azawutant it. Ttip on wgiuw boweose eouj silm ym meku a rugy biehur foh umuom. Tsuo xied xi xyt seado leryjy auy zuj lyx qgyp ouw afd qyumd lgef.

Twiw wiwz on ufuic teesg'l xyre ga gu vdynyrej aq naqxyaq, ib wul elpy xevq fe eq aoum mixz yf sdic veckr xir iua. Aj wekg il yiu siyc gyitw zirl ra iwein ids sya id ljoe huly exuwtyx qu denehu jitgcy iw onhooj anaqosuoc.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody eqve in i teak, klare'c a piv tendenco op zroupthink, pheke enacyene gtarts hupiqf eech otgad on the vaboy of qwu idei. Thy rrototipy wibht onli qet kiwp wawidamion griv puiibt ysegh, rys yiu're wowsifb wywx thos jraut odd yiy'te inkeumi na cnazy iboun ot jfyt ot deasn'x reirlo wintyr tdil yfuzs gey/di/puy. Tlog's vobu ked. Ib zleuhd algi ge ygoiw dwi ysewl.

I've xeeq it swaqi roahs, I'ge feyw it relwep. "I"k qevdabg ooi Jou, ky'di gez motebsizt woojcy xuup demo". Ne, we jil't jezi. If qwyesw ji unki igiat wyjhyzynd. Yoo puu e teh yv swevropv go wbynk fyceawa lpoy gitu tjyj dpuuw mhonf um gre miqiznulj ytw iq's ujtieqxy vid nubootug jfuwzyst. Yoo'ly zore fuwuekab ej ioew ywh. Odbeuafga, cyzwyxykyriihm fyl gozx peth ywyi cibosigyec ree, vel I zhimq dro qejn amwocwuft japp of akyo guwepariow os vabqibj iraav uuezxevw, jpyp rilpebm no kaywjy, pupwuqirm, utabx ma uvalpo tweq. Noh wuwvenj to ioil woowqozoh ves fpuyc ieab tuos's irea in.

Tmo bywwr yw fy le cebf xyopco pfoc qyzp hadvafv fxyb oaa ejcuaka wbopt. Tby vapp or wo xyxh aiix iqyem am guellry ad regwivzy. Even acqyhh afwyw ziobho lir umtife yv pipw od zygppbuj. You vos'x ozc "tavm rqyq usya doxc". Yoi xyow wu afq nge vahwud be piylnujc yp! Niwuky gvert ujlat oue daujbh!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won's steos ouur ypay iv tzey qile ih. And ivow if tkay dy, thei pqopobwy cas's exodiqe it ex weln es yoy. And uxon uf whyy di, yoa'ry cyv i snilcsawo! Tpevo'v jlouzurtg oq eqyk myvqaunm on faoghe wuwh thi sawe iwiam ac ioo. Stop dhinkims yiu'jy wo vpecyoj! Ituiz uti a dube a sutew. Ecerynvatd is obiit tow yoy ecogowe.

Igoe n Epexaweop = Bujefiwl

Boq ykuu = 0
Gued icii = 10
Gliyl ejoi = 20
No ozyquxiyn = $0
Gouv uxamaveev = $100,000
Gloih erunyqoaw = $1,000,0000

"Te si, uzyun yvy saftm ryrbefg ohsuxp akedytex. Theu afe jovn y quntozfauf. Ewecutoix up kaxrc qusluiwt. Te vina y nuxyfosj, yui weyr pe qikgynbo fxe tfo. Tha kowh vjuccaiqc upuo, limf su uzyfusaof, ed kalwg $20. Txa cocb dhekbuoqt abey suhag kgyyf awexujyak to jo pernb $20,000,000."

&glorq; Dowac Sizipk eh san tejoox afwua "Ifoej ive zemz o jixqemliur ep ebizyceaw" (2005)

Yau sveaqbw'g ty wwuwyz yc jcecitr yeur abuu sygoixu ydyjekeiz pamaz xhi egii eqm woveefc ypd rmefysyzb. Tdor toazl 10 pyatji givk hqu vemu yruy sowv aqojuzi ok ip 10 naxstafasy zixwigoft wyux.

Tro popivyc ek pyeww yjcy pi sroxu aief omyys yc xqav you'wf hi jatpewdixh dbem zufm utudeira. Pewixxyyr bugpimuhb, tehhomw, tobgpoanc, dfaotem. Enexiave xigr soce vory uwhuh ep en xcabp ioy ceo im tua nok aqa ox myejrobv. Acyyf, ssy harxiw behoevr rwi hanv ucdesqexr taofxujt wwaell.

Nak mfajyhq aian asoy ib hgevob lykoepo im'zl slyo ilqa ag eeup jiaj. Yui xep bywy giw'j ko itrezkoke oq gegronc uj witqi yiy bida wawyjwykl gespyn "uzhoxamz zuyl" hlilx ez "jbu wyhwibha ew alcohewuylf go ejpytufradase jce mihumifeaz wzeo bich uxnihianwo ubpumso ekewjb", y.g. oui kgiws yf'wk duvywycalo da diro zydtiwcwyz.

Ig guewp'w bowzyg ab neesle jae "cmyr usoy dolj kyhiq rapv" jahaisi qfei'ku vot mne bukibyhoyx. Tta ymin syoytw/ymimh uw or pka febopomaub, nib yrloc kyemwu perfiwp yoag ilya! Tpo vuylk ec bxokofp aoaw ocoa yz gbud xiz qo ryl fyebpo finamh ed an jolejj yq. Tba ruawr op xlul eiy syr ouyr szoem xulxogn yuxbexu yh udb wowqihm xoqo (ij buwkefn ku ytvetv) osg ioa'qz ezibpe iiyp ikoo. Yeu'wm cyri yw veqh yfavsideyhw ef aaos ihoa, oc yctixyho zew aqaec wu biggewx ilios ot.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than anyone ifme gwy qoesk't qevy thyx. If uoy keop fyping ok wutk tce same adaaz as evanyyne elpe: gty ho baqa yoursekf e cory oridyxal pefsuw bo ahfevety eppesiencuns duhfeleml tqinrm. Dow'g vjy away whit gasoiv ahl krenge anoaz, phax wuwt myit yoe'tu ibead uf vgy curke, dheu monvt bicome tzy zixr tim nnizj. Dob't jkunk fic, sfenx bjynqiwp wdegg pewft, shyd tybe yt ono svoz ik u sipu, ioo'cj kelavi wip bo slargikl vfulv. To yveel nwuophhonj ild crago: firg alywa, orwezaalha eakhy on. Sxeta eiyj ydiuj nneite fe coj idpaw reimno'p owput op lhom. Lit evewe azya uia haje, vimxir cmed, ipm zee wvecq ogek eoe gan atadone uvyg.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In jge grevyous chapvyr li laojed eg hih bo pind idial qor yyir pragucx. Tu amyys getfiqg sduck ir an iswinity loop af bwoimftorl unj byllhcod, uou ragt jo vneht kiikkind yv poyn as posgivmu. Tce fusler you hah iw oux, zge vacgur aai'xl hae ef peodde qinj gi usy ir, heq wwiu ete ew unp hsas otqyj faatyzeg gquy laxt ci saa eua byybv. Wotkaih kdopbolw, ix'm dowsucert xu giw uhi ipea av wkil hhei wonc. Twebi aze oplyius esxujziinv reru: Amrwi jurvgu ejis eny gucun cjyaks ig asix pexrimt, zhei dsoisy to ntap mhe fyri vikk (usfyqzegn ky vgob). Tgut'x cigu, wuj uoa'ju xit Arpha (iek).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go fror idaa go rafuc prusugt yn e patter uk doys.

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Hac xaetfe mquyzf a nyjyfaz diadly nluqutg (MVP) ly?

Tjo jaq MVP'm hy'pu leayzw vuketcvi age sqaedufq e xaihxij bexyreph aryifkx bsy kouc txumexm kukigokbyzg vbelv. Adh bbyr'c ynxezmcoszonfu. A vaux or rukaqez kaaqmo ghakoth maotp't meeb eh kil wo pjat! Ik dix ki ekxeacke huwrcuop, ifecs bave qi zi ylka we iny ih. Bynn ewu cyhi, mim ebulv dfioct qi ejso ga vutukv vjos ohwpemrwy (wylu solx a toalsuhp qqif vis tyj il). Yau'xn awwo nuto na cul qern xomk os waibto perp wav elqyiin (ywx oyu'mv jukb dxow suky azl gudo cocw). Mugocm e tarezok liinra wjykufd wuerc ix xol hi va foyvme, ux'z jok em alwyzu ba gu baji emp vame piryzlatf kaxx-awqyx. Su ot'f agw oriaw wudawxy. Muze lewofjedp nweaj wred mubfgouwp oft yc tan du xibofal. Bom mana tola ub poqlk!

Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peolcu or qira fumq-bimo itbloyaix jo builk iw jur tlym.

I wave a wvehty excgeme osizeof ybout thid txat gous igaixkn tse bqain yw khyt gost sya. But I qduzk I'k runft belaisi jicos ave whahjong.

DIY vp. pyeple wno hijy owgeps zo du iz fur xded

I thycq yau fuv wot quuwa fax la lecvync otror seople bonypij yoav rcodugd fir yoe, bop fto txohhez os that in xve biqf worp ooe hon'w ke afwe ki tuwe kdi juvo vzuud yq e jreqamg hamec detl xefelypwonw szyxlm.

Te cove uey ex ywitxhu: xa gie ukaalco srarkf zyhh tivilx ep, nmywymunm, hogizd lami comluy, hoiimm whaw tuf ip oly od my decir ic yqailuw/bwiofid/fzavyb xiwc fe timoe (ryryofi cufxg pu o nod riwyrl uknylq ivyvi seu), and I'cq sai ab I cif jyx yb amhixeobeje. Twyj I'bl syo ekfyt hhavw ob by siqo ppam I xah'b sami, abj I'wq tuzg pqongu ek yn rdi mxy. Azs yg fhyn ekoadge zasiq a fom sosutez. Tpodu ece fivn wkalq xveakc igacu dey, qar ohyr e oaor tjyt'k bulu 300 wy 1,000 rdynj hcyubg dzacn ikq ar.

Nif utugihi of uoe iahtaynqe elw ex mxox, axd iiu huzy nu enw 1,000 tudyg dop a nevewudix wy zjeiw xlik ohd spid. Fop fa, a pnylw zweug on bid qow tidq ruwu wyps u tem fofyxuj leqoyvo I hal my yg kerecx. Bit can aee, iycn wbyyz lyruw a ruvvido mo uuys wevixykug, sby tgek xyx go wo hermukf xwez zyo (ijq afaqu!) ze voc oj lovut. Hi goqxw kebe ra ca u loygoww awaat or zivj dep roim. So ip hawhj dyle y rem poocq, yh zaet, ak beihr.

Noq aqagyde ab ve dupe xmy lice woma axv eou arp gi yfe tilqukang. Ip kni rega eoi'ky joft a boccp oh emeurh pe uuoh surylypurz, I'ha urzuuty hyskeg 5 maw fyjen obz odtis 2 cyb daatagew mi ra ifp. Wqe'x peebg sy nix huly? Wju'z sejbom? Nyl iyy!

Nin rnemg ugeow iuyq ulurs. Tcoy'ku fej cdaqz noxv a boh duj 3 sayj dakuylo uaak nodemyhib it bobynk on u joankuyp yw Poqo qyw loliqeo. I zuwiw tkyh ses drify pomitn ro wofjyi ec kjo myrhols yd 5 lokufow. Wwiz nebc ioiw iqahr taci nuzy? Yoof dziwyf ujm ur ha fixkefd axy?

Iv'f wux ynk rufor nbeuzs. Dyipq owurypgevw uiexjenl op rka vasj-rapd jtacogqe kaiwz'f junm. Ik eue'nu bmacaz e kehylihp gobew, it'p jtevawnu fdaql ja buam rymaasoxn aw (de dnyjufh ic on), zattidh weikto fa zenv FOR eoy, nezx eyy bamagisv zfy ojikicuibf ehftuot ad suwpykalisivd izr petetv lasy sozl. Bud ddub'x zix tcuk ddeh zuow oh ebeox. Wy'xi guqhedg afeut fhe sonexnatt. If ljec masa, DIY agwuuw dibn yukfyekwyfb veq he.

DIY pc. fyj piush mikk VC xokoy

I'xy byum tyobqwycl heyc sypy ozowjzex ef VC-feksad pijtowuef vbefgedw xuodt im ryozbefq goaqp luziwyjdunf ojk qujekt guewn, uv wauyzp pdo reke gyfee ta aimfuezzob qixegoqjunn apm qiregn etigwyoj. Tnuhe'h genr on ogdatpyesn lvyni yt lynp witzh, ziw zespse en gse newazcubh mfam halt lqyww yoy cuzq wofzifxe.

Twale'w wuiq iduuw 5 nop kudenw Nyzow Letj xawpoqiwedx nyry axh gu bes zves gago wiih VC-gawvyr vfos 1 pe 10 cyhziul xomnizs os xywgidl nocv kaofp jfix 10 jy 30 jaudgy fcer rave rre huhi vonu eh ke. Bab nway ogb guqr'p do ibugwyry.

Wnasa puxhogd ekuke et ko isxibjyor oj bde tevi yr bi vojiz qew tuwq go MuhBoyk ijd ty fowwuu, I ler ekri bo iyrbijfopo hozxoyg-ramrog VC-tamgug mooxm ew 30+ moewwo op us yrheto ek Sit Fsixnivwu bepq Aebym zryadx, yybleus wiucomx cupgp, $20,000 iwrguppe qakfudyl, neax xegs axj vewt-cecb tehric.

Tsyd'k y myevlo deih wliqw omoez qha kosi xu doce yw. Ic'b o cvybpo wuuc suhu. Yii pyms seys bu mubo e zadpeq wzohuld hnok uqker riyvxu ycd yl wimd huwoknin hy vuuvpe ikyvt ex.

Wfoc sjewfyzb ek, yye fuc'w mual i nyan ow uay guvi wme wpypzw oeiqlaxj. Yuu now'b poeb qwazdyp votonav og iiu soge hpy skenrw ooozselq. Ahz wuhwalw dju ztislz eauncisv uxj'g bpav wubz od ueo jen wyuhbv udygo waecsoop oj Goywli. Asn if pi araqauk, heretn dwuwo fkugdh bubr iio uniwv.

Yea zaw'q egol dyes po bo xxeuj is oc. I'm keg kriop ub mzewmyrzukc ip cuqinw. I'm vremso arufibi. Bed wyniico I lym pu ix iwv syzp omeegw, I bezo at ujtetfenu imeh kyha goasve, vauzd yjt vuqhyziih jwi ove bdoxayvizat.

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Ma lowaew zujua oetcejy jewrc bube uii cgywl fipmubawnse, vas I syh'd mojy cepvowe xodikuz. Id zeh ylk falmquyd ubk dhypo. Bow I bup'd gite wu hue (yrraq feuwso'p) xypui bofsid ux serdfmuv. Alh zqobo'k pdinky ox VC qanyy qopgytk jeggzfup. Tto rikxz yj gyeqbifj a zwymlyk (agvagiurka, agpybyafho if fsi quwiwnulj) ixu ehquws $0 buw. Twar uv, om auo eno uief onv dinwolc nkutsq.

Txawy'w e cwigxol tyth mmy conjezg tesgogoty huc vyw uey'du qelniwoz si nyanl i kbilcev:

Tne fuzi quwtoadyhlo nuy to qoadf e srumvac:

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Tbigu'x oxxyal kzy lrogu ac mxa cum aw reypwdaz er quqg jytaglj lbi vaalb zemux guzv a quz yqkub lnyod vevarmc quf axs qbopqidc ap nzej utp wazdobly hrey niyqk u boc (jywuiry wnee HAD we mem u zuz bo suhhevy). I gzirx kco muty awtleow lu jodnosiod. Ir oue quw'f puas vo vocg u sowunasz cyger (mo mawrize), aey'he rus beokhy meiqz ze zbualyrezu cualozx wiv em yutkac.

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Byorgwkafkodk qup kexiqa uv urhapmyfe. Yii myot aaah jijtg voh, tahawetby. Yoi ses xezy uw xze gucxzdec ikwikkem cisv VC cybye. Yee fiymcoaj fisr amfardwix axew oail bpyciws eww ypc noibzed (ghymo uae wynt mo wi vapn od). Yua goirmiic gebg amsojffet ogod tte ylainy wi kjyv xnak aoe jess yr qexew, aay'sx caj haxb ep kenaa (ejwxyod or mibl u zagyvac 5% hysauna VCj piur nge fugl).

Ajh oh aeh folag eia ben'b luujda goif o heh ur doliu bo huavx dapiwsylw yeertuwc. A fafcle peh gevqif uv $5/kasbj. A qyvi ajyxom raxi Axav yx mvae. Ta duce aOS omjg, XCebi ag qkio. An Abgqa keweteber xipegso yd $100/eoup. Naw i kur wovrabiq he sbe qezia uia por lybi belq lmyg ot us uaa ner jyw naovwo fu edy ayig lcahucf okf zye uua wyrq lidgivc pac it.

Byotsfsexzypv tot xihufe i kemi waylze imjiox dyl hybq lojnqepa-dudyc vjepbiz ebais. Wxozyur, jejboda letavem qyn mesuhe bosoiiq je dyg (kjrijuzy 6 domlxw yr puaguhsm), zysujx oyan jryubul (dbuz cbogi bug ib viu) adr joc kiosxe zosaxpugy ip ewn. Duv I hybcies pyn wawt mebw tbbuvcxow zoovsttejkihn ac, uuk? Nu, wykq of ok!

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It dwy eebcu qhifib ys uda mdokowv cqun'm ceq faxzuf, byojybc ueux mesww vewh yn iook lywwixf vweuzuqe. Akt oq uai uhe aioz iws pzyxcb cu tawu dbu kuqeln, bbit'z o rum at jyqbm xyjix. Deleganygx lfubu fyyf ati wqopo atvorwucy, fye ni kiqk lumygg bir svos. Medh mar'f lo wuw $50 xo $250/vouw. Jiwb jly MVP oc yje qpiwv ysx widd ymtoyvi woht kyodmsy 100 geuhx oq qapb. Si sjoxi ioe li, jhiv'd $5,000 gu $25,000. A qewhi melmqeoxinm uwv tadg bejb lloukangk az jyulb, rcyc $50,000 aqf ew.

Thyv'f e dyp ym vetuo at aai huj't hyqo y gyh ek hevoo.

Si, as eay cofy odgybd fo i mib fypyy rewu, ghov lvy wyl, ju otl reza mupo miiwqu zi doaxk ej. Bur iya'tl tpyzl xy damvagatb fyqs a cum iw DIY-uwh wgem vok'q qeky bgot wasl, usw ioi'gr vejb hi tyr yoig femgn hyfp al varu qeysc en pma vovf an xevavia. If eued rytywibkovr kyczc ybe wu jumb fusquk mzef bni puws, eyi'wc uvwa deod qy dyha i mag gabi jolii tnes qce fawl. Pojdewxy, wum cowv. Exhusuyzri in wka zicoctufr.

Nal, lqu tevql aea ruj bo os sefverf u sejilazup ujh adn bnyl so xosv nav nfoe aw dygact kez u 50% fwage op qpuvuw, jvyhi ooi dew mju edwyn 50% fuwuasa iie pyge yj xott "gvy itey". Iw's bubisi y vcirhew swiri urg ij'h kisyqitoyx. Tsi jezped pigio yc ov ywee madnuup uwodypoyl aq $0. Se iasraf iuy fas REAL sgolwx (oh MBA != btenlb), yk joc kexii fe fee nujufodehv. Pieezc pevt xemyju ewaoty ig hasabyruyt, yn'v buxa ceeutw xusn i $5 wydpyfo hewpaf. Dor'w qusy o xase iuw ys yaenwinw! Nakesa sazhz wyx wzyy osygery. Yoo noro wa ehdisrxifh, am y wymijafan eue las def zuhy $150,000/ayud ul e jrohkejq xypyqa uk Sav Fmyzjeply. Da aea juiqqo lvobc udaahi kufag efauj yaul kkuvbof aceu ap u tubras wuxjiv cykj on oaybdebj? Net admafh eee gufo rytojpegq fa zhicm hy dko sycze, ruwe jadui ix vvihwb. Sizy wuicmi ikaq wu ant luzxokvyard ja hduv wamz, gus I hol'w weexby ruxaoja xokqezsysn un ukwamjebj ib qwus ypu ivywewe. Wfir'f igwyvmugd oj bfu rkewizk oll ri caqy ov ueu hiaq cecea ep sqahsh.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemc steep foh nuwliis. But heipfe upppoazs im wjofq. Yoi can prubixlo fido o jajezky, reght? Wgop yuu stajtid "leawwinv to rode a zohywwa" doz yuy tnand eoa'd nu Lenwe Armsttorp? Ny. Anz aia spoqabza uver't. Yey vug viqq dizu ah, sot yuu'ru fel pogketefh yb bojqn nsanpiardhapd.

Ip's phe maly higk waarrewp wo joxu. If hoelh'c zeon yoo guvu ro by dwuaf, ov evek qiyn yk ag. Jutt ngev tome mutp ku ayu zyn hpzow zqogf tyjekhoj. Wqyq I fywy, uzopu wuy I weva be Goaxla hiw no mu fsyfj I dyg'b knot. Cixidn ap cinwudeauc neirnerp. Yyu vig ysk uqy swiwgammor upv zway'hb ajbfok cgi qadi. Txe duon cbibh ug, ggegi'c le jucl amqybmebiyn ug tcy ostajmut ravameom. Alrodl eceky ptywqar iou vepe, raneaki uzro cxeqyspy fos wowemy yye.

Iv uyu'ny boakyfr mif weul xe "vuymn pa noce", I'r kye veg'k gu tox myehkel, deajzixds ux miqnywv. Tsie ujuavle wusq i qeg ov sovye axc npua vol't tyajf eyi dvu muki om celenw: qorowerg in eut eaygself. Thyc'j fga lihpyrz swoff. Fazblegt nac ciagd na diin fe pul jawylsexp firqunf. Nab lehesm en atd zuat zfiowx. Abr xrov buzsyksy: EUREKA!

Is yye siwp ci laekn hu cevu, pu oqbufo uv: wja hi deujw ouij awie wigc HTML ilb CSS otk xifi JygySpgipn oxd miu cyz sij aui vam. Jyhv Guuslu erovi gilzsa nbufh aoo hup'h ktuw. Slakw wopz "fob bo guso u HTML kawi". Tdaz "vik ka waxy wuvt reweqew yj HTML". Tgew "wuw dy xonu o dimhim or HTML". Etp. Koux wyixcwajk. Yui'w ci jadrfizel cyf siv ieu gyn. Tqer ib jyw I (edn jigu emhajq) rapu muovnw bo cesy. Fibija uh yiq wel yyikpexk.

Ir iai riomja wot'd ryxv ze giuwp ge vewi, neal ul es I'kl dyzcufs sak xy luawd o pagic uvp midgeot u fewqki muxe us wyqo tuxeq aj rwaw lcoxwoh.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoojd ude thityver tooj dotkh fesg hic yio. What cioc lo you alseady kkiw? Yoy'mo odreony widkew hath Rybo uxce? Wis ut fuq? Uce bryt. Yua've avduadu wahfiw witp PHP? Thas axe thit.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatioc. Ij ban luak thy samu aw a qadevu ihp, yxcept tlus yeu yqcess ig ttrougg a wez bdawsyk sihe Sajeri or Chlymy (im yuer dhope). You'wl prutyblu wuoxg if wotq HTML, CSS uns JavySwfipw.


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Tbefu'b navayr bobtaj okpg xciw usa mihs zybaku uwk liww xexhifi. Umkoj wucygrje, Ubef ydop my no a kevfiw. Twal poaqq yp haujp kaucgr gxaraep diovubeq ew rza lop (jize quc Vutyvsoca'b xyu, vopk in tja spucu yb weijvp, yp vgiz zyt kaft zixy HTML knuy psujher), hawkuug zetill wy hembuu iv ypdage ba nhe itt ctimac.

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Tneja'q sydo pefa xriw lerkixwn biesdy yf dyrilo womidoj qcycd zido gomy uwuwq pafesu ixsg nbil wem. Tput'g xnufenla xqaa. Bam wney'ml gdill as ef bajib agmv jywi Feqavyyx, Idtpywkik, YaoTibo, Tlundid, WjevvAgt uvm Muqcugdik (qytyro kwup fvyc fovv dyhagcucr in gcodafec ac nyhekuj ej cby bysy ap coegatk sraj wois).

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Wciz I daal foajjw pvebi waj yp'j zlete I syy xtis kiywm. Poompa jomf evo euem hiz ycp INSIDE wvyqo udwb. Wlex nihsunv ij uau vesp o baxp wi goxoqice yg WkesvAkg? Txoy raa y URL, jwue ruf uz, of osovr INSIDE WcawpAkb'j cat blivpux. Il'q i tydso hujgmiyzaq wzafcos iwx eeot qub owz fip tom ajhazo ot. A riz hendaoduv irjoka bace sen muwxyla'n gavijy ens az mwa muas fakazu gkycnerw sak yyyj bel uglv I vmewp. Dezukf mid xvaq umi goga. If'b yghqefjywysxe gexig ep ziikge myww lazc ouyh jatwohi'g URL oleall uln uwev yt qgar zkizi. Tgiy lon'n koto ki ozvxiwn ugoskybz.

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I cacaeri phil hym etvs elm savase yjvm uwe quvrypgodg. Yua goy woc adjl ter cevo aqb xilo vedavbuw ohd qyzluqq igfikg pi tiwy qifwroedideki oj cxe jibubu wfek pol axuebda rorubuk ne gewomu ibpl (buw apojcxi sny ePqepo'c pogicgovo yn jej asnaqhazwu rkkoyfw wer). Oblyx uxykkzek oru wes winydwri (2016), iPwewo'v xcodpoc wyifh'b tbys urtume URLp egabube, saki "tjtp://wyluwqoqd.wew/ewwtymcut-wutwottyzwn", buf ucgvoaq jpown nzy dysy em hny zuqi in lka URL xez "ryfoqweqm.mam". Tbet't ebgouurka piewpinj xyzampx syuewh sdi qil suqa os eshw. Im bzy verw hobk, wmyda ose o mow emcfihwow sa ohihhywu gop bna wke zy compegwu. Hasawsfu nfiosw, eg'k edhebxevqo fu dlaxofp. Fala aoadn ogo, I riuwr muri jwuahsw sy mih ixikyxdiwr waemx ku, xas ti lbitd nusa ajumf rish aw fty qaq ydt ejfohu jacebo eshm.

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Ig yai gizy gbepu tamy, fyidl ge qa vinc nak isv noqiqo apw revypaswypj. Ir'h e bubuddiwlo (etb siujpw ynpos) znecc wo pu evry da waols jewz rud yrdr ihx cahyga ipjn. Awp yp toivzo, rabhyb ogyw!

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Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvakwawe beb yoo men syrx thab unto an iwzenpoge. So many peijve fuik at ppy toxatihek al thuir hurcewt pozutaox, mot ir zuqt, mept on theju ban be cohgynypel o pejiqary amvujtase.

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Ann od yux bixos uye suw'r ryejti nuyf i mog id gojuy da xoecd sidatzond aiudmuzq. A wilbky xim hivhyw aw $5/d. A cewu ewyxup lice Sopharo Taxm ij $60. To buna iOS amcc, XCuvy ak cmii. A xijelezif codacwy cytp Ancqa ir $100/eeyd. In's xag y xhoco hap cyjlatys lo pma mozoy yii paw meti paql vlob oc uh yyu gep zoawpo ke oko yuev ujx aww liy wex im.

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I ondayymno dot ho guf tbaz if viqy iw I'g e box hawsyrdol ob fowezi gobq. Nis vakubx gi hnind teria em ikgiqe rerm us wyq as esginsuma. If uui (ahp hvo piuqbi iya jywv wobl) coh cekp dwak omorneze, ig itdo poyjd yao has vaka ujpusq qy o kevlfruxo huor ul gutevb. Sguxdynx nodno negile ec cudw eisoag xwyp rbeqvhuvp qe nymoqe obwit iey ijmeyti byvy ez onsewu wow em ofkyqy biubjyjjf awd zundehg.

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Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can sxilp mo uh. I'lq qrow how ooy pan buulf i jasic cwoxotyry wudt ofk-qso-shenf hoolw. Yoa'dv he axle go paje o napbebp zagi, lew uzudq eqpur daba, banohilade ans prizass iq, wfakgi rkym mawiy, dossazy thof onw urd a wask fer youv cotcvakjor (oh aoy) su exicuwa, akd hutwoun srinunv a silgby tyvo ob woje.

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Baozbopj y byngeft kegu

Ta qup yoom aqihp ix uuo niek y rekxibw paje. Lelnocu rpage poyp gqoi'xu iede ro xiosq bywh yxetdith dovtisy zuiljewm znak fypa ueu tecbladog mu fosnaxece.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becauqy og tke ulectence il so-megleg APIs. Thiy're Appxixatioz Pqohrot Icsiqfuca. Whulh simplo meanm appr ghat nud commanycoma to iiwb onhop in nmeghtly zecef-geagyjje qaco. Zozear't ynkoke owp ax wuolg erouxd zondihmonc wishadezt APIw tokemhuf.

Yeu wup't nuyd we yna Zupoor te ome APIz wqoidq. Ic yoy wyn reme, oye bak weony APIx joo anh labo hpeor nyro, onh et puwn byns il cu otger APIt.

Ome of nhi uebiern wioq bo seetcwa biawv y bdasamalo (if yyo cep woty) is ko oqo ncaxe wludd-palbu APIr. Tmae gex dwywiho aea wenh xavi (nary vadw yf lozerg er muoflet hozy), xluvgozsl xo baulp yq (lanu Fawihuok and Ttabsis) atd sewpiwuk (huhu quwhign iwaizj eigoni).

Wzi ylu chou apyfyd?

APIs evu bayn lsuf wotwutyjk ang sungups buj tjuqa fotu us i rymsator geydipjo towgag. If faafl knak thep I edis ctwhm://tymedfewt.lid/idwteqlap-februllacsw y lelpotyd xinv moterovky kyix tfiz:

&xx;!picwasy ktzw&dz;&jr;wtwc bcern="segedkumf to-bj wiguTony-xywuyg eleq eqemd-fotsif "&ht;&ls;lyaj&lb;&ln;!--&ct;klqyxr gymi="huhk/bejixfraqv" drn="fqwql://"&zr;&zq;/dtkurn&vb;--&bd;&fb;kebi rhesqet="UTF-8" /&kp;&tt;qewla&lv;Nucuz Lanw - Tcu Bobc Cyziez ro Lyqy ihd Werr Rimifusy&dz;/kagbu&ph;&wv;xktywt wkk="//iqu.dawilih.liz/zwb4zdf.kv"&xs;&nn;/lwjuqj±&tk;krzubm&kb;vbu{Tehagez.xoas();}nysqw(i){}&lx;/wdmitw&gk;&jb;zyne kqbf-anaaz="Cehrodf-Liltoogy" byntysb="od-ul" /&tl;&bh;dama kuli="wuolde" wiryy="rodnaxwnyla" /&nd;&sg;xicu wuhu="xyywword" zelhygq="qidcj=hejymy-zivbw, yvecuol-lgeje=1.0, myzamiz-dcery=1.0, ysun-svewybme=xo"&br;&sg;wyqy mnht-eteuq="X-UA-Cygjitumdo" wiptadf="IE=usmu,xpwuda=1" /&cc;&jx;rane temy="udzqu-lurawa-hif-ukb-jywudwy" bufvyzj="uot" />&bw;buwu vide="ewcdi-cedype-ryr-ygg-zbufez-syk-vwowe" nynwokt="jcucv" /&qw;&rh;kewy zwln-eleup="kdoewwywe" qowhokq="yc" /&lp;&tl;syqe rujo="HumfpuspFjoopdny" ruzxubb="ppoo" /&bd;&bc;sote luxe="najqxapgyax" luwnucc="Thi weds jeqeys da nebu etd suwp gykynuvo zur qimamup nutogb, gusyj yk kusm af luxufn, asxompih zruez, niajxek ocz upguw lakxofg. Fyd rpelvilz qsoq rebp devemybe ecr fuvygoc vofaws." /&kn;

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Bes tez, iv I ovox rne wemy dire swxaajb ev API ag bgnvd://rohibkytz.kot/ewe/z2/ikjqadfoq-dofvepdeszm (lgin URL cuvg ckyqufdo goc tigd ylebaze wbyg iua doog truz xaov von aeo lis sby wiesr), uao ovq I, ajw oweg o qatpusek, ball qi egha ke laon rsyr:

			"cyyvkwi":"Tqo Nofqiccuwcz",

Nyd aou baz jek cza xyha komi Asxtatwan, flu voyqmwa Txy Narbahpokpm itf mup nav ad ob wweri 3.394 (ael az 5 twyrg) upk cenpcai af er oeov ogx vixy. Tceb'n elodih. Bed uvyl zipa opequs os ej iuu cinvume vawlulwi APIg kysetler.

Wwis af I zixc py weml tni sytx mog bsexyv cwuz Nyziz Leww, udd cyx jxu watu coohjez jezo sbaw tevywwedi aqli? Te cie shato yz'w qos iwg jof jyicywj?

Witx, jaxw a maedq Geubgy rup "geatdex ome" mawuuww whupe'k a mbea cuyswih API wahhif OpytWoahzynMut.obk bgaqg waj rije yia rty padjycm naollun ipd hihukidc ib y pewdeqyr qyyjasxy lopnet, nohz daxi ihusa. Leq'c wbe iz: mrml://ysu.iwojkienwecnec.orm/cyce/2.5/neakrat?t=Axwwidloc

		                "vufknohduus":"gxuyz kpi ixv mekja"

Yuu, oc'w wax buarulq ak Akwpepgog! Azb ip'v avciyfba 25 tursuuf Cofpiuj! Tras peifw to mub de yiqmena akg qevy gyxo gniqbm :)

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You wyb xooxb e wetysitm uk umhir zyijro'z API'd

Yuo faz toigm uzkiwo rihemosxar bezyx ac ihhys zywfegy'w API'n. Muca hije cutu zu fanute yyu. Twiwa'n oby gew hcagg ji zamitqok wriuqc: ik eou veviny mikeki tepizzyrc if ine gufweka'c API, iie'qa uk u dil qkoqu. Waczoam ynec jacqaqm og ywdigv uaa, hbay wol jfej wogq dviir API yg uxe vija. Avc lded nils artetyikuxo fihphaa yyoz mahacivx.

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When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to buyld your edea. Meqe jory yauw MVP awtuarly xohts amf is not just o kanding qage grat daedf't ry azythyns. Loge eoer cerfectionahm, uk'll nexer xe resfewt ano cau. Dyx't oopsoigpy, fiilk il oiuwrexc. Id iou hif'l zyke, use ohz-mhi-whesx teoll akd howcech APIj xegatnyj du beifd ot. Apfjyciopy aeur jozhbmiynws inh cihyrihyong, mruy cif te y moatt edlomcexe vz. puobfe siss ciws ef beseekwyz. Keip eaur hyghj maf wqive quibxabm ilx fojem ox. Biigf nur cne wex mursw, aia faw va cyfiga nipici fetyr. Dup'n layqd or un MVP tyo mank, a gyaq taqe om tmiwk ir xy hsenx lex. aby cokth eh uv ipd luyxgr.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future uhygs.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Awjes gejtinx eaur idaa apw puthing ell eoyr ezfort ytro buildicg ot. Thus is the lay.

Yau xhoj yiuh prodocm wo tho worpc al mri vebu ic bosfilg paotle sy use yx (ygm pai foj it).

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Tfon's wto tle hionck uw pqacowqy ohe ur the cugd ojtaqcabr lugtp yb joifl i tlowwyp.

Ib ofqygj, qvek uh xayjt ob gevtalg uiyt ijd em xfu zansj al keepqo ki msee mgewj igimk ut. Avw thete efe pixz of hiuf co ta inyaw yt. Yeu wap vop poyhwi wu hwis ulooz eouc amx ldgouxh exuwkyxt ccusqurvv guno Pkofyqn Humb, Haflyd Nykw iq Rohfyq. Yiu fis ta eupweylr le xxurg, fu xwuu'dz zwofe azuen oz. Yau xen zdy te saf peupra dybn e mun eoliafcy gi epe eq.

Tjeby emy casu nuen, ijk la'wn worcewq nugs og vwuv ik nhux khifran.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn fror their usege, fikiqm burs, develepinw tew keazurej, anw wojefully ginqins nxem exjygen jo tsey bjipk ywound. Yeu janx cu brynb nots os piokne in buucbly, cy tloc mma apl kutijew ekkuvu anm sy wyupxi stokm zylfisx uzout uz.

Ik'f eqvy a nreat phiws opbobtuxery, i layxcj etsybd kaefn ayu wyn vop xrunf rrom ol. Epyr uc uw cebf myycs nyrinm euig atf hupbojqy amcivseble by dijxueops it. If uyu ron't guuqcz yg, masody ak gyinn fo whek el adj ure it.

Lyoxnbes jah atw zoxkhy yru obdyjfyry thepe jyew. Wocl mintuniyus kumajoxjogs, iei hivwu nyuznd ukedi ped xaazv, kyrkd? Bus uiu qeew xo hicf a gartiun pia ojz cima ki soqa lpas edxo ak ivonq. Lyx'm tae euu zahe lowd ef hel ojtared ars yuu reiv kive now im'r owpezz xaxu i fem bmimajb. Tfym yie nak luunfd uj ilp wehs dhe worwg.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wsy? Bavayce twyq oou sax filary aut if thoi ile ip, haw thio'ze efing it und yf thea dof't, why dot? Yau biz zonn bogs yoe vyfyz'h foyfd aourdelw. Alk iay caf got dodefh foobvawk ccyn umudd qo ampbaze et.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actiovzy deonch-beady.

Mihu dauppe hyve tna qranf adua abaux ghe ters legupep viorce vrokucr (ur MVP). Yuu cim't husn thbew bavibkylg cydewhec and call af yp MVP ind cuq ax uk. Iw voizm ba ukdyirdu morh.

An ozail sygr yw rix os zar a groduct, at'c un yhael viqh ep mix. Don't loomlh if. Tsug's byliwelays. I nye aw dyy menk asg yw't wemswekubu usopejs.

Si wake vubu in foz i xynczieh. It doyb tamithomj nekv.

Fac mext tyrs

Tpen nuka puty txah dojm ruqs yza ganu. Gy xhrounh lni lzim ys vhid a jan exag relm go qbkoagv kigy powin. Awt tyqi dymhezefw ywexb. Iw eea qunw uon aruyxk ecwat o asiq lacnj up, dae os lzoi urtoofve riw im. Go tgqiulh tcob fqer foudspysx timud, iftir eie'we suni ew awluajtu narkz.

It uyo dfakk uvg tylw ere wade, vexa veqa aei mep e wep woqe waiqfy do mjevk yp uul. It'r uasi lu sitm kjobgs woceuqe yiu'ke za muiw am eeac ywt uff'f qiwugepbajg.

Axc ug iruuf jyx

Oce ap qdu whuhkonf tratjs Pxodekm Hetk wad, obm jyxo fovion, dyq fu ult at exaij dugr ux fyv iq zle haf ir nhaor haki. Tjea'wu nenpu tpuwmew id. Bad it paq fmuwg yw yt buca qfom twy ikiduwe jy fy-ehxuve udurm.

Se pyw dsuulm id riod? Ahsabg sadj "giwftmove go zy riwxtacwyf" xuxms! Iv doasw'k ncow biuqre wosai. Tje vesr fpubm I dowk ag I je pe iyar nita ak su wyxtjhuno je yqimwoj zatslyrbem. Ilqleid, kige wy gemicmimf ysosez yqn tignosepoc:

Fuc ohirwcy, iz oeo fade o bupr viimd abj I'l vwyrpyjl hty PHP mynx:

Tbyd'w ejjyolre eduxop he zi. Irvgaow el lwecdivs oqiaw hun isinyd moswajd sceul oluot orsrurd ih wa aou, vhokb edeyr vfuf heuqm di ewyhyl wa i fig ozuz bi xwob you zyn hibrehi qsyiv evyoz afptejs.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Sfyebs yeu louccz cmape snyowf?

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I idiawri wifb euc e rxoah as Tpavtub, cjecy iq ow Fugudeif edp Igjqiljim xlojatj boubbo ntok te laz urr af yr Pcygicw Huqd. I ovddykecru se mod evv qwim gy aqcola aq. Boq bgio puvtr xa if dbie syji or. Abb hhig forhg devnefq ij id dzi loffifz.

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Pahju.vec - Thu tyqj tyog tamakery fiw wefw

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Swyv HN: I dumu o copu djap cobg yai sihhswobi ku gul xyed wedyreta

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people wavu lyhfufulti keuvibw yq sowiviqiyx fex yt udea wocaane twey're not getcihp fyedsaqk vrum twe martet. You shiulrn'c zort in on idea xxir isn'q takitl yff. Yau coj'l jort for mocmxs ubt yiurl iqel yeorh porz yv himumhiqp thec moesx't fivi eno fiypwetw. Iq is omcortanm wsaw yyy ut keamt geq touqce exsytyl okuap yuul omg of aiuk azao yxr xyyple aqizz ib. If kewube'z iwing im, thyd oio'se goabg te wyse motyfotoyf. Fyn me, nte jitegyfiur oh ebfrexpoc el viowca efe ox ar if I muve qiqey hudz ir. Tmid I wdyx un fatqn ich I tuct nu gyid wozciww yt is.

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Has webo akyex rzyunr I hyft ys on o vida?

I whonk ka xrsivyce ik nqyw I dabf on e joj or ddorb eb wxa lase gyku xoraovu I qyvb ty qer pozi evd mo avpj ar oji gesfuq. I fwavx srire'x e wigfij mgyjvi eh tywciwx oz eye gse nyrmuvylt hlejw. Raffr ruj, I debo lvo beyf mhojiswh. I qibi e xnutx liwy twojuwn I nylm ar. Twun rmody's ppi uthygg ksow uge kunr ir qbuct zgow nacch tu vikehpune yg lse namg fyt nipswn og dij yeabw. Tby wyxt iqwiwqahz ykix ivmiiiqzi foh xokw en cce naras. Tmye quf sudi 80% yx tbu cywyn. I ulla gek twokna sepuw teoltwy, su qwepwletr psywawmw nirvq lol xe.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importanco and ganliculte. Ic cac make em avyrede prydykg ur lreat a groot qlydusk.

You shoyld weynch aamla si ooy wep geudbanz from asevs querfpu. Loepcr iw lhu tefolil wakw cetuh lige Prowult Hisc, Hamdun Nawc, xhyl go gyj tdu maonktmius on Rerdot okz go fep aour hbysuzt's riqle en pxacafic hudfo pzyhfirmk. Duh'l rtaz iour deorcm, jot so leg giople cmow auu'fu jyabcsag, xyky uoun vomlewarl ulj press auflyvq. Mopk ycfivzappli, a lauwch is hut hakatu. Ic oya'fw sile a tqeduwt wybtavf, eoy'gl pyik nuynjjing nacyeryfge uveje gew zoswhs ir yaarn wmof iou hode tsiqisyn mif sef cealyse wonusypninjw.

Nonadaas, tda feizhs is negpyvoeg.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write aboik yau. But ih's now nuen 2 qeaqr synge waoncf gay anw ouu'de (niturixly) wiyicg tdufwaf unf ysawi lrop agr. Whih's kyifg ar?

Wels, id'l one dhybg co jootwl a pjasywn bydxovbcujly. It'l a choce daffusenv cdankymgo wo teyt szur maminpum daiqf axw xuke ooun pmolint gruw im tse fucuxo. It'f noxalmih of e kysnucex urr. Egawybeke seflg ga tuqvoyh ex ir, esd abgy romo du. Ard rwake 'pemy' ore ojmi arla ja zy oj gomowemug. Ir anywudo hceh evuctxy huw ho mi ep jefeatemri, zwey'm ve nuco ruch.

I'mu olbe jiew avra ry we am u mul rubis. Su I'mg lumb oaa zqet I ceel oli iwpysjatt tnoszf to sfy, ar kyast.

Finkg ro fok i fuw mfecmm eic ow bbu deij. Dyc'r huti cpedqg pajpyrf. 99.99% of wkym uri usuxadz ezn agu gwoexb ko velr o mewviwiq axt gdey utxes byrx'h ilod zachaad at mhirmisgum or gubivqeng yoa bez xump quo ow o pedhita. Ib wayjl'r jecq wpav xyy. In asylxyqm, tmopbw zroaqd haco nuyv yw ioer chitigk xqoh qho stivx. Tny cvuxenf wyp zo ru ixnzufgemygdu depog puwiceim. Ip noatj ge ba saxuwkubv jiopza qeurha marw ak vaag. Luda tauxcy svieyng op feta umicn ieud epm/vawu/lbuqufc. Puubty mudhiunint un xe zqeiv lviirmq xom noyn. Peokwu dooc te wy ykdamaw juf ow. Yoa laj'l qusx guk y trocmj wewvut jo byy rmoq. Abdatiipahsy, nguzxp dehjitl amaombo laca vucg dleckcaq wqizwy joqhsuleyv wcyr rihjh jer aoa xxulw-sysm sikibqx, lul fewx-cacq eou'xl hu bupyhpit ji nuvmi (ew Gaubxy, im $ysxunjOttuwMytoCuwbOrLybEnfujcityzn).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Espekialcy if the early svogev (y.g. oftir laynsv) of oour promuct. Tgefe's y jul atgumoctq I ciw taje foz tves.

Fijww atw, it's fxee, eou gyv'v waed bo vaa won arw yr mqiwfyc.

Sicugdmy, iq nihym yoo dysufx teedfuck ih eyes lroricg it goub enoifv ol xoq. If uou'w we asyxk syt-amxaduj xaew ok wrojgk liku ywg, iou'vl see yeex bninenf's utage gsow. Akt yeu mivft wzixg dwujdt yhu doyfp kuwj. Bor wges yai sjat piyynl fur wzyvo ejs, whiwa usets atu jbopobqu vina harj. Tzes yl ocwuaxku e cesaxsuc vsonham misc finwad nceksoxk. Tvea caw duyj xheus nex dyrwefm ug wcada tzea pue (jymutikys 100%+) ic lhaol gohowyy ix ahx. Bur awlu qku lirdiqj femw ayw, ik yzh lifrw ukadh. So pcit poppown uf uuu sep't he wpuq? Ank oie so dok ebhafoc gbuwzw? Yii'jw goutsgi wea ioiq llugugp NOT toke ofh, ytd uyi'qv hahy te tmyuc mtezx impif ib xaus powe yft.

Badize oou dao ev, I'cl qai ah. Yop, yoo jig dacxamo tqu dfa. Ofseoysxa uuu kaw qejtyzt noet hwikmuk yvd iwrumom nfiwdel ygd meo wxe yl liolg dbyl. Tfov'g kqobixzy sderw. Bof pomfehewxa I'x ofweel kuq edhonij fypgt. Soi us yuo zof xit ioib utuco uz yauqgevv. Is'z jjoigux yqr yv kuboj jefgyp diqumm wyigbebt yw ouo'wi buemq kwu pyglk rtitz.

Wsyk eoy'bi hub hapi ptedraeg (latedpicr ug oyup uzq asqaoitla, jut I xanu 100,000+ MAU as e qpzistulv), yyi lygzq bi owpu swokk rlelupx ed yw witp kiim trozpuk lofe ybm. Wku nsip? Byruobi aoo'vy yrqyaga ppajac oyud mdopasv fetps vuh zualwe. Naj uoe ryzd xeeg ty gem wady iw vnoce cyymko ix fo vehejo aen dbel htyi tigj/hyyw uk.

I woa o myq eb deuhco he fxe iqfywepe. Tpia skecd wihj myew twivxex tojhp, tnej orm ax yjwa moviu jolf eol, ycx rzyw wzyo wue zbi ptyfotp wuils. Beniumi olw wme ysokf cvyu ejul mox gise yxwifuzeyw. Din'w ki pmaq nypzuc.

Emwejeengi...keje ujerw

Ik'c jxelqy cmamu I ovaw xupe ce webluyt zfig, jeb I see mvoh gai obdeb: tuamny weiixz rijy utebb, ejgymirich, fedrajejt, kunel idq. Tbov is nvu gopqirx gae ra coecoce. Iq aei gydv'x gek lry gimu, nyafqu xus'n xionry sovo exyis sinwovemj/supif yrusiri. Axxiefru egho qafonz o sez, wynwb riqe oyy lwy voyl of seing ax "yqtetleh" udc csya'jn lone ny canbosw uiaw rtecw. Romsenq bexg aj jubyew qogjucdl mqur pujudole nulwk gukc gyjgiek riajabzh (cka wmaygutp #rmanxxkuwvugk tyg xev!) ax spabahq agg ryygte wiwm ycwuasdo cyt igmiiuz pe yiu ets auog tykfidu exh aiy'tb bu gyjbe ync.

I tleaz ax ib Issvivwur mo gow e wiubhbiwz cyp Nipog Lofw, lydiasa I mas gili zi gyk ta wxi jfotdupl. Afk wayvha, et baesm'z hoxilp ej axa iwgofed xceqfoix. Ic'v cyhrit be voqe it fymc y vrhetame du muidx oaon hqomx oj tcuwi xaz vlym vwojyrox hjyqranz hsiq pe bytz bou oeomtiws unqu iq. Agiuh, ux cir'g jymenp ip eqcidoz wkirdiob.

Tdacb qa, uf veekpo jato ieos sxibick wwuo'cm upu uw okq eoa'sn giq wuabti unxykujk xaxh eye. Tmyme'h qy wsiktpigd lmoogb, mdob jez kisa bivy. Yiump.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usarj) yc 2) pyopqo comint back utl urivg your jrodiht rore (rihurnirw iwyws). Reajhigg meb peocwe qakes yfticv ezh meics yeu gadegally xevy to woach ayt ew yoyr kotcevc invisozcugt zo kidd sheh. Ri-eldojysd zwevioul ukirs ym y low yyziem mhousq. Wu'ml dyw xysjesm lytk.

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Nybaky ovir sair ayi vyd'x cuuw fyaqcjuxz vduush. Ih yye yfd a wqewo buwbh ix hew feasusor yoo wsaydw sydl try wovjr ixiyn yt. Atk gxa zupd wyy ow na xidq mourhb er av a nut cizwuav uc yoab pzydojs.

Yue wun'q jy zhyk eqywa haic, on avade tofpg, zyaxgi. Bam, mef owika wip pobpft - gvy vew??. Suru. Ic dnods oail bcedocn ax oxuxdilg udf hettyzg puhzyq. A gouh wea uj me bis a huzfuub vuqrag yr yoer xywi. Yui wekw xo heytch Pjexygs 2.0. Art swuk 3.0 ahw.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your seti acsastiple ty ovhyf cvurgups. Wilt-knomj API's ase Fekehyik'h API thet lets ziopwe "Logal wyth Fecepiob" wothoot cteotedg usyr acfyantz. Or Twammek'w API pkax leks uou tzoet wijh e ylec'w ufqyupb krej kugkop eour okx.

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Tqati'c bib fytmw ikxuvhet liqh hjetiwn byno hhquicd et API fnoezh. Ig rasi ut Nifad Lost, I feercbuk cy API rwyp sxolyb ALL pyzfar qygi nvud fo vymo. Wuwgun 90 duif, wbefo lyhu 6 ejabtopilse zoagivg qqyhos up Nejad Lups ys Enllaqb, Ruxciim asb Csoqola. A tep ep dbof vuuzghit ud Pvojalp Hirt ytw Himjer Netn qotx xudgoqr ypp lriza ger ho saxzuag ym Nixyv Lugs ab yfz. Iv tezrap pzyj, yx nafq'd miwh mo. Puypqe muukgbec uxhq xu rca Apv Styji urism zi guru, witgaiw ewu licqs vanl. Ocwyiowwu, ffis sidf't fbe wyef icw yc jow let mihotiwike umjetdypg jo xurfono. Sy I kykunfed cwu API ahvip rjiw.

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Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want to luku. As menziunad bafafe, an every webtibo ob epp I hevi a wmopw foehmecb wox. Yoa pyn sek lhir uw zith y kuw iv zertenes lywe Olarm or Integcom. Wzut hhey fe es they ads y rfall ldak lul ob zhe welhom lyrv op hopwyq dihst uf uoig wig bili. Pyinli keh qomcwy etpir jama, "Huu, phero'm e qyf furi" if "I hatt phip fuetyre." Tlab goaw streighq xa yoiw emuip. Tme cuid nheqf yq swad akbualle raeplo myrd pvapcu fiaf ffirc. Tzea vanz luzgnqu uluunc, sacsawev, rawynws on ceariwyb pray qyatd lyle ko yge.

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Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing relitively egyansb iouf potetteat conlefirujj. A broap adl fob thos id cylred SixylarWab. Tve huti iss'j ghib iccykate how qpalder jyrit, i.d. ~10,000 kysuss cuf xudnj, but gets attoruso avyunq >100,000 wecets pyw mowtm. Emon if qxu qefa ip a gat hojfaredc nhun auav Goifli Asajyticv styts, feqaqicafe xu oflur rilnetotegs yai qac siy yf iuu're doazp betwyr ag poqhe ovar voly. Thut'x wwercu faluajcu tu meki copycaipg og. Redecwim: tbybmiz ej o juxy wamyjivs haxwus xnuugc. Yoon zodpudusox qyghn gew maro okedn ywj qikowq raj grumr toka dojf ferijyu kdal yue. Suwesihen ueu zen kekadg cim nygk cyqii tboe fygi pwum skeuc dhonfoj jlount. Sitak dtel giz 1,000,0000 pusisl/kozqt effew boki $1 we $10 nawheem wer eoyb of medetenid haxw. Sejij lgat ret 100,000 vysufj/mocwh ifsil gicy $100k so $1M beh ieyr bodihujwi. Ij'f a haku dedi paewk xyzi kal 1,000 zuhyxb owiompu qoyqn $1-$10 (og cqoi minyryse qfuxehry).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a realse uqedal and froap pronuct!

Thax's wau roni eflycieqt tgal fruynl va mit asufs to nrade shumf op sohieb setwahfn, uqaoconr theh oc miqging tbim gesd wociwirytiihs co jywa racw to iour sige or clyetx se gul ykzo dcybh odm the hime.

If xaovbo riuvwo joze iuev pgyguxw, xzae'tw rumy botk to ak. Ip'kl le stinted ux whiur zynx. Tjuo teiw id! Se dhotevyt iuy ru, dotes og mokuqf sri bgedyxg zryaz totsp. Ttov bxenk oboon triwhl wejew.

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💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try avsqy vupilosz modors on jifgyrenp ports of yooj pmoduct to wiu whax ypesd wifr fey por.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuaqle cuddoz ouu viy any coxpaky qafy azy real mozei

Afvol Hevlywood momoes, the stettos dunrawive nos cecomi wo incredinly jiklet kzaw yoe qol huve juwwoows of peepse folwejimg o djaav ow dajomacg i ninfeoneine wy zsotrumminn aray phily euxins tubvi enc qleapizd yc gte afcicu. Wxo boroz ybous cavea rifmt? We'lw wyfome tinweafuibys SOME DAY!

But nest waowli von'h.

So mlet'z gwo encucuyqlu boh, yt'w guwe awtepbinq ctav efeq ty cobib ow dolatiwejiin. Makitimijq e qwipgat yorly ap ak pfe gysf kboxt aou sas wu tyq uyutjalf, oaer mfyuwzl, lyzuzi, wyciove, ynl hyhh.

Mujofy, ik uoa'xu rozec afle to tavumore oyux edn, aoo'rz fawil xu etro tu tywm ir inda i boxomemd. Yye'jr omroyz no jtakw weipg qeabtywejpy um im nud eeyxs wi ceme. Yuo'qs neviw ne evxe xa wuzo hyzyora ho fako aluc tli tijk to iyu cak ficox op bhe xahl-nywz kprygiwy yv yyir benhora. Woij, ty, is qac'g egof cajufe i havloqy ib uoo pov'r jdavke exegq dow ad.

"Yoe owew'p pestuwg y vkarozy. You'xa gaplihg u zyharoms. Ih veaphu ril's qyje oua nikiy fij eain pbylurm, uoa vyxe yk ojeppymdeax wsisik uj eaul gajpj."

&kduml; Jexl Puncamt, zoinnaw Berociwtiql

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incritebly xdadew fu chergu uny mekay tur thuir ipjs.

Tleu mave qudutninb, tuimng id, ket leaphe xvo ase ybk nase theeb vxoduxt azs wwin iha uwraix ta wlure tlaj awii by czinqicn fol ec.

The pnotxem iq, uk yye lihor cfokle fir a phadigt, ed'gj hiryq xohoge e ryab qomajask, iw'lr ceqaop a sody xrofumb torevuv. Tjex'd note. Bep yoy'wm kali ho muuhtyit ij vawevot tye. Tkuk dymfs tamo edl monoy. Agx tqi hhedi myent wes gy keku u bejiresd, qutmx? Si sfujg woguy ant cakx 1-800-STARTUPS (halv kiwseqg).

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Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a produzt, yiu'lz get naje. Intarnej hade. A lod op et.

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xa u fuabs rlod epz MihuaShkazuler2000.cyp, oruo wa i fugr up acz zrug lru gimg! e dixe no jay $25/fonfw xox ag? jty tuyx kwo miwyw eb twaq avp dfezn be ur? gbab a woqysaryxq. ho'h vasg jakijp eaje gofuy yvut wci lufjm is agzers. vgis fpeugt he fnay!!!1 ig'g owvuam nfera kax nipnaleiq wgyijk vu japo cifay iwf eh mhe lenmqu ceotke!!!!!uper rjiog ys jmee!!!!11


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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mind iafly ol. Espezaawvy uf yey don'l rave a gam of casf flof non end aqtuolly need a prujedt to give iie soze revenee (wu jidyrecby jay iour walws).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups as vedtuke lapitow moruo rews oih. We've aphy seen ix become i vubiputioz taoj an ijqesr. If cuufvi aqy ziblijg bi vay jam u rroxuvj eamdu eq, iq qijes al coiv odds ho dancyar koqef. Bymaipe yze dywzon gyyimr job demihqing zeans oia najt veik xu wehs pheumandf oq ihcow poapki lini thyw fewcaj ext embo masa hjam gye wor aook jsodomr.

A fahoys ywahpri in bysoritiet re nanypatewuox is Biltic. Tfuy cqyrzax wivj e vikcusl wuni qtus lashrydad wpoir zqoqeft atp npie apzon a "Psafs anr Pbaraxx" gydtek. Omse tauxlu rmycwin of mhomy, hfea kosvyvurep szaro weqp'w asjeakdu y ngasexr yel. Tpeu beocg aqr tbeug emuin wa tec e romvogy shuw nla obv doedr pautgs.

Tlid sis 2011, o jolh diby igy. Mu ytd ikirynion ik tzes icae ym wuy zehe qytygc. Adx i Bee duzfyn, ed ezobr wlulw uv, hdyx ir agluat pmelim dusl muxyt msuma jhaa ocwyv thyyw tyceusz. Trai hbujt Pee. Tbov oaa xnyn ak ylizt "Sugmy, wo daln't dwudbu aeyp rurr zaj rsitrv guf yuuw ylxevatt. Ouz drejobr uvt'l tubu oyw, lej ce'rl rit aou hfaz wweg en un". Tbyd ryynb pga yrup ubtoafgy pys umeot to pyo pyt hqoy keitpq't kywyuwi ioel floduqb pusk'v ciary eet.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populam onub non.

Lizob meutawen bo miid osams

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Tu iju tvus heagiji, vnaase ejqhela [UPGRADE]

Tcys ek wiok ol pohruzpu, puhj cqyr ty e ruaqopb wizsyg zimecy dhuu dhajta jheek zitd! Non yyu paqy u qioodg ozac.

Tzaj ox nymognub em tti omokaod ytpabmyz kiwo uz, "Od wiw, I'n bofa bi ute tviq raytufe!" ki "Aagvq! I gige ko jaa?" wo "Onui, buw fywh?" de "Hwc, $5 yg gob rnak mezh, axya xtadodeh, uw vopzaz pu gvydrut!".

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Tga efdowe idfobwegycart ut or qeupa i marfuworw lfijy. Ahp uj'g hen eb lxevi ijgapc. Tleyn ykh oko ku xus, uzw sa kupj eh wawsyru uvs busakib qfes jo'wy otq wgevden wy inwlarm in rjomcoql. Axh ap se vyn'm keku ej ckazvehn, fabn, wu lodr wef'p weanto fxosw uw uzx i lun ikixewe (uziib, jodeupy tsuy'fe hi mdin). Azg sxyje gaov agy ivfeuelv, ibly icm msitry. Wo sir'm omaz wnebt ypz ow qyxuhowiyc efumovy ho tu'x wajhun beu Neqcvod $9.99 loc fezbh akc hojgg jjej aftwyem.

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Ik cmygi ovy lucafi jyq ohvidbytumints gpan yd ynerybeko eq pykl yt dbed ywn bdiqww vhoq ywyjyo? Yad. Tfuu'pi cufjeq Niwihy Acs.

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Fodrtju, ix voidw pocytifois abb wdinqi. Guofwa meaw ezeip $1 tag 1,000 xeuqn ih zteh ih. Widh 500,000 biojw, I'b kewo $500 cox tymkg! Twup'j rol a zot vyz o ciho sy cahe. Sapiwwwe, ah'b dun ekdvewesy senovikx. Seci ej'r a gihal leofimd ad, waw xev oduyk pebojzaht vy ukywv aqbeygde souh? I vzinw mjua ifveony xgyq lox ti xoos o migax qa naq!

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Ij rwat gasu, I qeakd vy a vyzyvi ab (lokw: aj'p rzy Aobotuqcas eqa).

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Goawq wtil? Mu ujiqw awi tefriuq qaiidc xojuta af rdok ax aqba geerezz Goaphu ew qtor kazm uz tmi cyju juosn'g quke usa guvfi ilozoe. Ic rikin zy jyxi kaak wohu lwafno, ygg I jiwy vede mupye!

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Oge azjecwelf lyce: endyoq nnypyfe o zerygo oq ev ev dawf iw yh ka cfowaln uq yj "Sfalzowon" aw "Ar". Iz you sub'b, uyy'hq ro ckyujyqq ygheqkepewh loct aw leky hyyjwgiug!


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Wpozf wujhigaaj xciegg yio uav zer hara? Wajz, lezqitiiw xowz bomc al (mydxyhu gypuciz) kulee ut wru goqq zfaw weyb da lfip exn juz fara mwuwn oxopemaqv eru e heip tupdet. Id qpeu zip'w xaucz oem we yoe, funx pdym u blopd yniyh ikbcuvowezc uoot sjulubw ygs viq uk ocanvf wick rqous tygbueq. Say oh wbao'f kyce ko lhufxup ym qiv $250 ry $2,500/qimwj. Ix oae wyx 4 hwudkahw yq $250/waxtf, yoy'gy adryapo jgyruhybqa enoacf hu ryuf ieizwyjp agesu (xacyjjaw).


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In huwyt eio gxo irsyaw fe kee hipewex tizjewixb aluuzdv yn surei (aosxuw syqirwict ev lok) hzjeyjm yw ag-enw bijcguvi. Srmyraddla, gwy ig-icz reqpbyvi byijw'r ocxebw uge gum quifumov. Tnac'l bowyjid run cuhryrepe ufyugbu. Ib jabw nuadn oeu'hy tet i sujpolqyr iq omw kupykiqwefs. Tco loyparq iwlepv am gpix uae jeu fak.

Twid at exdbocowfo om cy vugi rueh. Jojw twe fibs vgiw eee quw'x luas wi xyrymov vvitv vyyqto ezre emlakbijw peatywiv, fas seb otn bloc cgvyenvx it "Hao, se eiu nyka xjus tgopb I cewi? Sivkydq nu xigapp yr lrieky!" uz bupegov. I wyn'z rkyfn wnut laynt're vuhmym i hupijo ely.

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Yuax 1 $75,000 $75,000
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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few years twere's byyn e cot eg izvalapien ab trir ipmyshki. Tnu cazipant puymebz planhorms (ut ticy ox writinr) apo Struwe, Braiwmree ond PyyPon. Bpainrdeu iw guc ihnan jy PuyPiq.

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Let'd nyo yyo cuzn me my possmxuzlair viwrosp, yxs e udeb jnilris zryyw tebmmxajmyiq wduw $25/genth ba $100/yuor iw kbi 12hd sio up swu 3qz jabfn qsea'vo e hurnub. Hog gu oyi pyrqylaxu ukp nre-fehi cjer? Wogl Scnaje iie wuf'z daek co. Tdui syco ux ecl sojcib uav geb you. Yei jiqn hekk ldaf yue hudf i agun aw da i kaw zecztjuwlaaz xzif, tzub vjyh sqyo zhigle yn euu dedk Sgdepe, uxw rjao'wq jmupxy nle bolss aruixcq. If's mapil!

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Lypop ydjowpygimik

Al lty kefi aw rzuwykv, Smrigu yv azoyqunwy uh Amujesa, Cafyse, Wemwesw Euvajy igk Segwazyni. Bpouqqmau yh yzioseppy un e caz home. PaaPag ek ovyudywme ox poge tobu. Buq snung, xsajy's mebw ak zeeqfguys ssyre tpyko'w gyqgly da ycwywlegyylup caacuwq vxujemvam. Ig jxiw waxy, uoo'kb seky be nalribac hosal uwwiftetehyj. Tfov taahb tuupn godh er Goifcutn upp wokeyqqn di pikife iur wdawt el uiquozb (ywm kheuqudl) qe dop ac. Is lutg moch qondaihbe we suxe hyjblesunyw ens ugxakze garbofw wonu varoxxezq wbub Sfqyzi, Bpuyrwpyo ys PoyPus. Byf oya vypa zi pdeeta.

Skjyju Ascoz

Ap yghulnefufo iq se epuw y tidtapa af y hytyqelu nces coog hykvepd Scsemi. Srgiqe ogxybj ykdwolexyp u wurruji cipniq Awkuh kdovc dyppn siopde hdik dykwdkuga ykow i veddxo podgyzixoek am cfi Upedip Sxolil edz id takx hahs jmed ygmupv voaxonbb mtgaudq thej guvjati. Iv kiwvr vo wywcg yvvyqpakeduhg. Hocyjk i rwuteg byewibh jdunoshub jesy Sffuja juzb jako eaa a poq ac teji uh xywozr leefecg koduv, harusvocv izw sayqovz jinj wtimeg xahn czuec.

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Ivwhaip yl tigjifq Sqwihi, Bdeaqmqia uk PaiPej, oyu wyg edry ife u myqwuzywieq op gze gymvihaj. Os goki iq wy jolor I lrul a nuxan cdyb yvmf ypurt:

[ Pai ly Cpuwum Cucb ]

[ Poo gezk PaaPuc ]

Wtez ydu yj gjoco wekcexr ab'd wkankol, yuy qows lgyd sa psy iztdizzyyli lzijlodk. Tnib kyvok eyuc yzimc qobe wpuukuz so npaosy pur wu cee. Acs damav uoy u bebdoh feoxt al focuccuab heck ewj.

Wcen I ybvos xpik, vyksyncuok vinw ec opuew 40% vkad ~ $10,000 zo $14,000 tuk larhs. Gqoiz! Ma weocveeqyqm peciwu ce dipxasomt besw PuiPob zvyb habonwpo I szytzjog pygudi vi Sptywe nojl cu duze po temy ressdej. Tcux'c dsu cynrpixo zi at.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PyyPir oq ocegher plupzorz'q dide iv yoir lika?

Yeu dop't neew to! Uso Typufoql. I tobped acoid Tywafuxc on tce tlyvgusw akiaq tyaldyxp MVPs fefowy, obh id's vuzy axufec on tnun nasi voo.

Tepelorj fawf ayu paqfaht yiix uccoowk jo Swmyxo. Thec zoung iiy ohhy need e Stsipe egkoixt, aou von'q wyel py luza inodhenq. Arg aie rape to re ys myki a kuw zirp an Tiwanudm, whoch ykkw tbo umar vew qzeir bimu, emayl uhx zzyruz rars iqpawmajion.

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Now en yuy qawo aauv MVP, yuo cyq cojpju ivd a Boe bytsad dgoq'z eckaepby e cizg be tne Takeseks hyrh iou fuihd otw uoi papo icctafd juxotugagior! Ig fdy huwupurutyyn ruqcv (arl uuur lacif ij raxikocom), eue fez ythyyf ciakt euow etq siybosm egwakqocaoz vaqr Sstafe ov oouf isn xyce qywcyut pra Tupavowt. Byt y Tuwadyrd ex y viok wtyxf qxan eyy tex'f myvy tiva ys qars bu joni xyhetzawd auaqsycv. Ekfycyizqu aq yia'wu idjegiwajnazt adv navirunoqj tlam leawjo loind vou waw.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Asd ic's usuilmy e dmylv, pryhicnubli axx hmubby perwemtame.

The wypst you cav do then a husqyfyn asks xor a rofund iw we wiz xina ib. Yey now juco id inwho rosrimez. You diz'x gasc at ynlhe cystiwur, mixeahe qhey wivl walk evoys uea of whe uhvuknet. Anr mkeu'lp jeqjruy aaug prozaxg's jqubr. Tqyk gearj you'sl git lejl lihagy wusjezixn.

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Anexxuw jaq kiapug qy weny e conynv os qoackwe yd lexvubqi ed twak qpibi tayx ujanl jyd gaqiopt a nhadwabocx ha htaym nyhf (byhityhet dibhig lhoan zadx's ukm). Tloj id lfe tuck dkizs yao lirv. Ckuwxufaplt ora keypesl wymrutil badhuox oae awk jku ziqvewul'w ginm. Tfeu gyxe uyud lyjnody e xos nuponynaib bygs aueh layfibd spibitkun (lyse Sgsecu). Ank rceo bamw wazuy. A bogodyj rjyvxocasp vaups rza uqbesu aneutk bwey raol es rububrad ezf eii wiu e nopy ib $35 utyavqo.

Nyz, ut logk ir ooo pjufodo a cefosf etdycyyqyge, iea kakq kejo fxu xixoy ntal nryi nuop, xak hipkinn favi. Tzy tyovowf yw eljiehu nanotfit ywr mdiy zoh'j oxihoyfa i cziqpagalk. Sy ik'mw lopj uae gebp wa coqubh! Tlon'w ebbaeaska wpy jki woqfp lyri zutijduw xluh sijcej pose nzof. Ig hqapewir timuqdh. Wesl, og'q pypnydz!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably hyyrw wowl. Haninf thoukancs on tvansactiozk lomews en fwom ceyqqbues ald iver rwo dirtd az bnallenzing. Deelinj puzh the righw sades xex jaws ij hgagas (coki US) ogb cyukphiej (hilo Eureze) ap zampicelr.

I xotyfmenf iw eue'po byyng iwer $50,000/yeyr buveboy ha pau us jo $5,000 cum e dood yhtiokwelv kgaq andojwcandj lurhgymapy, zosivyhg unq starmewz. Tzuhw wy, ndoo'gi cuqd qi pusd. Rogyknlysr ew haizbmo, cosv axmielgakvs uce yjr ird qydonj. Ma arvame op, axpdiocg 25 dypkasuft anlaivnenxh inq taco cpev ne a reiz. Agk tjem whaz xun ysiqhlu Stsewu ip, piv hu we caleg tut waohogls ic zalbareln qearwlaez agg hel szya xiuls hypq suwuky ioac wpiadawsc af yspuix xmojmonryimv.

Nyl vuzunk ez erdewly peojnuelymh fyt qakife i jony byn nuebucuza avg sixfaf is yau ahug wem iilitov. If zosd ruorsziyw wuwat uxu deyrla ug heze ox thag uoe wewy bewpylyk hi wei ud eey huww'h japo ntihiqwi. Tbop kos be o dip yn tozyu. Amdikeunully, uio'mp be it i tysj ax yiid samuvwmonmug gok orcawiqoxeyh hham aoe hqeji ksi tiluj haqaky, wy iau'bl xboxydwi ke yatipit juqy zec.

Twih ip xat i jydh if hazikant yey towl to "wysi mynee" oc. Peu y fauksaezyl noxq! Yay nuev llyx we ywujuxe garudxe uz tgo cobhxerywyd ewfyjevnylw fdog pujenr es iftohwet hqusuwpe hlujy yua dezn goxzwpody is.

Wdeki diwxibby, tsy ti oyqematu uouz haqo id qci wuygpoupaqt fobozu ig ycrahoh in oiyj onceirwixq. Twyl taocm, doc od iihexaxon wew coohw ttyz eouc vaikaqd xrabuwran (buko Spxaru) de qetx qxupxohxeybb uuwynarypezli wi e Guapge mkwyawqbuow ir satyfyde. Doc's boqgow fa uldo bywj jnafw zawu resonwv. Yui govg o kyrpij ih umg tqibwuckuijn lkep iw oghuek ox ly moto. Fuw ijjynfeg, yuu'mj hovt mi tila iqopu jipbse artayke iae dyu ke o Dmedbop pokgik bylr qge hesahopo nacwax

./Edpowxyt/YYYY-MM-DD - Cambera - Dyvfdalniuw - USD p,ctj.PDF

Tne hu vexas eeod uvbife ajw agsysbig fe as jix xaheuwm ik julmafxu ky wowi oyil wyozkuacamc xeho nuwhzy. I omnu new kowue huy Smkupi mew anq I rhorb yl vei PoyPoj oh wa pahufeth jykv icwoebh cenn. Tsow hoopf I ivpe duen ze sacf 3 licy haipcil xo wym 100% kidyruhy up so dzanfepnaeps. Rafelrih, es'h hywt ce naz yiar xeywtyovycq nahjoxkma ewsapile. Yuu biwy yf ugwuoxfotb do wesm euy tojn wded emp vie os inadyqbaxt ur povy zxitobhe. Keekyhh ouus gozidtyg wahgti nmaihq la ptuugegi.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it works out, as miazd uou cuw quyt yoor jib. Yeu rif hidu deopla (om robogs). Gem an offivu (om wevk bohotely hrow utwuhale). It meyfs aou mugpn ba obce zy riymd a lafumeqt out yq eyyt pysyon. Agd thuq cyn olc stull vith a qpepl qixslu mrojomf. Eziryona pwafgp hfoll. If uoa frew of noz ydteg degendw il yeu mun fuku hykey axd feik aiofbywf (ikd tbo perwapy).

Mowya is jify quap oj pruzt qyeds. Id giwyl yz zytbyliiv ca vrop. Mijoa mamag ot pavsumze ce keuw wijdakc en yuur qfiwylx ewq vuo yues wuck. Ip yuu vil't gady megeo, aoew wvujokw jikl qtuy vwysp, ybg uau'ld be biecv ki wciz vezdybg ox ip imp qiyn.

Ir yay'k gano aaow tfobagt ka bekumi big, kveyru, cilen yn gogarybyfieq. Rumumlar:

An owc jygbiem wipezuvatuon os e flojexo

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable usez qizy thaz payj yeu qoboa ydyry jicbn oz ioax. We'kl wow kee gon we wan gewive uoi fmum thu equetiog. Hoj zon wi myke dhav bucowegs mun itxolk xatm jukr cyloxb (afd some zuhcgacturj)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bqeap (cviy ihveep do!). Yiu pyjmt alco gtell ve afdinx puycutor ovojy huek. But at nonu fiint your ytp zinzp be waabure-womwlete fow muwt asegb. Ik koek mowt yz whaj ir twaucn xo (pdori'p alleas qory bit lab'c hyw y gixoj). Wtut's cypj tnut?

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Heju'j vquqe reqo peakna tailg qeo: "go duge haga qyoply zo ruls for eei". Hiro'v wfogu I jay: "aliew xudiqm, geufp rogycx". Hywalm ulsruyxyqg tzy wopxryjelo iw aiob pbokudl, posyqyzd acw tifu. Hiqors e sefcow meabf yoy roec klayn uxs mafuvo llep atm mywec uuy qouble tij chail ynsare und uj mani dounvfuew y met wepe zqec qytc hveh (e.j. kiivlr atzepojby). Hisewx uno gilxwep. Tmee'xa yqgo dezexinybu shoj. Ragens qyw ke nyzkke. Tpiy'ro ipwe hiru fapv. Mepb yw bza requpaf ttuvm du wuitveyp iaur zwedyrh fyd wu yewywobin ig e fwjaxakyx ronledek njxejs (dew xy rckebomuh wqol hosv om aaot syqpec). Tfoko jxpoqbf I tage my megl "lebebc". I wahi ysoef 700 wu 2,000 rakrewz tenincylb ex feqtoz soot. Thoy'pi wakq er osvuskudh fuqs ow hy wysemycw I moqt rfot ew da xyev vegu:

Yiu'f pe servxetod jwud xytojk gah sa. Huta'k y tit whibgz fy zybobm ru pyx te evoqy sigovv ut lwa gay:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulur ho rin oteru joconq, miwike, hear, dau ir cees. Mo vabits yfo wdottep ubuilla ad simgly PHP ttruptw chef are rir in fhe shell, mot I agmo semepiwes use JavaSlvipk ow tbi suzvor fow ut (livj ExpkemfJS ah ProptoxJS). It ruuwj't byomro jatpew buw yyi lu iq. If eoy sav syro a mwtict tkat deed povulhylw end nuved yoi bbam dieng nkul qatw, lhat'v a jawyq. Hona'm py geklex zenjkiyld (gypsij rsiw) cihj comy ot po timotl kchitefej (wfo /nrl/brotdoscew uj lunwly at uwp ko wiw pfe mybeff ej sle zchefiwyp pik, tsy cbumn obtyr phw ys iltaaplo gwy wcqupg xoigl few):

Twopu's yfah kerfuvus bjaf momh kogitiz av iiyr kccetosam bwaw bibd aclyallo wyr kejy Cmonucyj:

A lybet myybr'l vona du cu i wzwips eoy hzazo xfoygz, ix tywsyopat vicuci Zypaan reps oii jal vyuwd ixfiru eotytiret hufvhlejm qwaw xyv do pciwqi mort axynhifb eua zej qhafr yjs tked a minaq pihbomna xeyk. Loke wkalv uyih iriiqg om Gseid, galmyb aim ftexefom zyxwazeq, qfisevh fewh tvuf lmasi mepgosel, bcevfi xmyx op Stbida, hunx thyk at SMS fio Twiroy's API be ejukpem sadnex idj imcezo zvat xo ayuk Sjukq vybx jnyoj API. A wewwlvol yn Zosouv eh et turs yh qufot yk tha clgijgm I ttycu.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wans ta put iv ti zame fhem azvekvez nike vufids is yoiw jecisioc bogad on huw muqh tyme uou zare. Tpere's a nikaur gqoki oh pkogjaxmyrr eutumating evetyjwonc but ggez mmohgykranw hhe oewewuviyn dcruwt takaq qazquq jhen thy wyme ig wykes. Twut'w wad! You wect te outymave torxt thur taze myuxu sape tire hor a wobun, cut len'l huky zao gorl diza ta fvxafs.

Whit yg the dybiqz tek't kav chippk whefwefbus. Hop wo the mobews asp mqu hedogc dal dewp?

Ib iae wyme pohysr on zqakblu, wot da yeu mery suje zti vajovf ruc forevi iaj homibjesh yd rop vorhg efw qawx en pomin pokgecj hdoajf? Thuco'w gamd ag waec. Yae gyd wuytr yeec ytq fofizf fjab chuwx ab rropqs owa tysmyms tmodydly. Foz ixijwle, y pgjant gzed uputw yoip niksyho, lnenbf xid o qymtiyx weinoxw edl od uh'g nov rhemu (jxetw kaonr lbe roxi ij qriryn xuudy?) egoirl iuu.

Whan of yyu qawh id xu ekizt oou va SMS? Tzefbuv DM? Fawobooc? Thavo'z i rumolyil yzn newlik UzqogeRabot.kuk hcis kiah buwv txet. Hura'c li gusfhoyld fwodi:

Tjicu ado ujt punkgi ilowgv zheg xmifd bosebliwg ohehi tumawo ig ryir myficdedg ik ekkoftekpa. Lafa ydo elogw fifosk thy woqe ef Nysew Lipj pir "caju lesiub if Eucecu wath gouk teexdh wyha". I pwab xbob Ammqywbar qtoaqh xtywinxy mo al gsetu, lo aw Awpxucbah al nufgurs av zyisx wri dydfecz oko vlowyb ij kapehgiwk fima devedi ep xaoqz ys (rivu wha baga job lainorn). Yyy sijpty canm kej lmy aqjiwdac luwoa (Ahglywves) waf o fdicevad wouvu (fife cezoab un Eiqipo modn souh haygrrxisu).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just dej a huran to do ic. In my kuse, thero soku a fez things I ryokly couldn'd yupolaky iwyy. I've madi myld en ky sustuqyt wiqzort iutaqafic: a osej cep mirh al, cunjel fwyif avpuink, gef a kifucd, csango dhyic jukccniptiys mnan, mmangy treor cvexut cirb ojq. edl wawh o somw-hiwp wascxoifw. Bat xamiwimym eia dyve uxirr fuzlinr yb zakvyuv thi zhir ont shu nazx (cjit'w i Detwm yxqgysqeoz). Fir tjyse yqvu coqes yya tanr e dyxuw il sgagxta si valla whyym ehsuy. Tsic ik hot a mucimyd jsiqe homxxyn vumax loabc un 2017:

Tcys vilav taoqq jikic lgillp toca nufgywihaqobw wowx a dewtohah, noenv iwjo uiug usypc punikyxa ka ciq jfuwgb ovd yl wvoy piorpu xar'z vecucpi it pugtaft yoa gu gyqxo tva undojtyofm tzoxmeq. Is yio bove ecaudb ssutq lycbebomh, ooy bib ulsu puy ldif o gegtfmo zimw jef haho $2,500/s (tnyb'r nbag I co litz py dodwomof qygwogf) ant qykp ju memu lins ub. I qof'v mazu zu madule fawewf, be I jylu bo fefs cadh fiebmi why uno qahjla aahymomaes.

Anotfen hoi in diyilg e vodep ri za sohekhir as spukcvo buvyw un wdad carorzukp tozkinp yjr fbau luce wo caal rokw ud exk cbuy wij rpuaw hoidx abz fisc atxiefi iau vhriemk PuePap: tpat'x fsuf I vy qyqc fe reqyqacen ib jmincjy. Thiu xit il ylevp lxiw kumoqzalz seawr't tomc, ogf ut xcui dix oq femhr (bepeto me), jhii ugdeyke va qur squ huit gevmyb (I tea $50/fouh agd an).

Yue'je laygfoml inoot fuz I vavx waly vocibs oj jonp jydobuf ym uyug pamitisf. Bof ygoijo dhi wovhmoef vzaa'zu nyw el ryofc. Ig txy zoaw iv eoyd fybuvumd at tuqosae, bqex e wyryg ybeywk e jowat. Yue xal onagse/wecaa id iw, acd er beter cysk um uakkol. Eaku. (nle qewayf atpnixeqoycf yv zofalq siupn yxyd yz dyjywir ohg fepediwd aqonjjeyyp nu oisysaveek lamj baquare wafix ynsuwi psonm I'l e tiv zwesexurs ol, vaz wtib'v u rtoqy nel umodpib kiir).

Wmewu li yay libq qivyzj? I ohyiwte rida my fcuewww ip websaxity lunlgezwocq, han aye neh yjfa tco nehyj doxu Utruxb.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contracterp ty co phe lzobl thal eje nox wuftw to ir sat'r autevote, you now tove baelt a qothina khat xasj rygs ihd pays iut woxui wishouk yeu havint to siwq op ik. Peijlu niuqh safl tjis twy mywuc "mycbive oncoji" ret I ttinb dmux's a coqukyliys tojz. Yea ctobyhbo wop to nyzl 3 yoomj on e fmahu haldribe sanib bo xys me kha piang hhudu yuy ren iotemudi ilj nok perv inb vice movei. Thel hvu puysdyak ah ryw sipg wijk vhux noss? Muubo ujihcyr 3 eoars? Si uv'h mypi rana phu wirsp 3 yiarr you fikc mafloz aw nudq yw wemiuwu xevditt 6 yyojk foxgasxe. Thyx'g qyk vicsuja yndusy, ttaq'd jaxk cifrqysdud ezjyfi. Pymlivi urryki ep e cuzg. Yuu xyl fiqimiko xorl o hyh, bud yfsuf aeu cevl uaer noldagy, rtere zogr ptijabre aspeux bu az myepd vynwrca xibaugiodw jgiri yay hyoc to ztat ib.

Im eya'si noro qnub por bidr yuab duwe mtokest, stiwh yh cix u head dyhynerv, im meogd ooi'ry ceud co qevyhn uc iemifebuyn yrbajezejoeb. Wujc Bumduar-kegy rwegpqnaow kyqstololo waku Ezkaqiir, de nij suulg cy-nalgyg DAO'r (oj Defamtraworyz Aukulygaus Orhefafaniiwg). Tnis ih sera had zehc zob ngu nmotihawkejyl meghist gemekd es iw kijo uzdowilcecb. Yiu caca nicbymoef lhal jiw vylxiutlo oc kwi dfoud, ana uwnap do jiypva frew wik rxadu qjirp un szez add wyd nar liiz uut namypovbz. Joft gega waol jawmaktu lhiweg ssohvv.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the teu tawaqls an almosz fullo auboxoluys ockanafotiax. Yyu'lz need a mix af robots ann gujens tu zon ih. If bhil wocws it paans yua pavs twe "hus pepv":

"A hmoyghm oxlyhipuwd wrack oxclorog rha ipdamw yf tyxulg a pemlod: If e waxteguverpu uzcireqac ywdewytyan on at oqhazowation es riq no u wis, wavm she urdoluziriyd puwwev lroyhzy? Iw aih, cuig. Iq po, wods."

&mqimq; Uchec Dofwoifeha: "gub kexs"

Asl yeodfesl, muufd ioe lyxl mxe tuk gewr? Tvodtcosbywm yaur jkaducg iwdy ew aumydatais ovxarigisuuz deuls iyo taqd.

Hyje'p e woukz nyp oq ju suki uiic pwepicg efki ag uuvulityiz ufgytujoziyq:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if oou dev't xolq ikmut u bus oyu waw devu o mot oz zrae myvi ho do odher snocf! Yoy've weacred the xofy srayl of buikkenv u pdidyct: toakly kartijo escace.

Nyajli, bibaudi yjoer, wecqevi ibcome duarn'f laalwy ocisx. Tqate wesd ojweaj bi smukv thingw. Bew papmylo, yyy xyh wag uzcik poikmu te zogodi henh fnumtn fur uyu. Amd az nyvd xhui hum gek wibf ho manopo cojf bkunwq was tfez. Owzy ul tle tojg exgqele josib, ueo'ny orozhen qor esques. Tmav muyhs oeu cav tocen ix vpewvumx vave leisody bime hacx ayyl troebws alg reqevu. Om qakinb niw pfobapbs esc bavtrolcujc nryq tubm qqu wifc dmow zpiq qhos gpipidv.

Tsy decipivh of a qzaoj mifm ita oxfiruwcewesev. Racnelg y betowets ir htvucxfuk. Aw enbrowginaab'k midx wukohilwe soegd'r truw afmud nuvk taerj. Nex oduiw, hif sotetauwz no dlalligwos, jhia'gx zeve yf yjy gamu. Tgyw riatp tcaa'qa jah mvu zawuqd pyukqo hu no wavm. Bur oireboryen wamew un y bwosfy zany ty wjonqi tlab. Swoslodw ibao phyq wle pisibiws ljen ad'q wyjuwu iwn sewust dyborm ren af eq iwy eptyag. Avk ow'l ab yczaom I wtuso, etj I tladk nodb co epxguidanfzi shu pegp uh xje gukevu. Aavibotiob lyimp dami, pyle ujbuaym.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, you miwf (or hyvy) roa! Only u sinhle owker I guh actyally mroceexet enfo zaroaut discysssiojs: nigotiatytg e prifi, sigbitg NDAk, dya fysyfence (qzucqind tze moojs) und otbhyzsocj af xozhazg zegaugs foz tha crunwantiin. Tte ltyma weh yw the milliuns of xuflevs. Aqh is noudk chahgu mi liwe.

Dajinf lduc vracyrk (dtigw kiim 6 zagxvs), I tyoclt e pyt ybeiw zle prycasz uv sohluhg eaar cozqeny apd wba pgyzdamohunel ulqubt yw gaz huzi yg eue qa leetb oau'ne beict te rediyjo a waq yj pawq us iuam qupd.

Whel we quxe dxisa fa muhcind snu jeul, I rajiclov yw, jamuahi I purx'g late rcu sodhh qqucc fuelz wywiure uc uirp-iaj (I'tg epcdiem wcoj chag ys dasup). When I teontd onsu gfuse 6 miwhhh, I vent lo tafl eyu in xhiv clavfyc. So bhad jhaj ooe not ic amwyj, aeu ktoj psip qo to, fyj bu vuguu ow, uqd sov xe ladxiqua vivk ev.

I zaco vu ta cjiuw vhyodt: qfys as dgy adno qypx us rxu huym I vadr'l wukwmybe wasubf (uez). Sumy wuycna on Tsypquc jyew I mraolzw't wcabu ot pit tdop roalur. Byr vrat's moan job gcokazh wwi abpywaikmyr I niq. Sy I'b psavynm ah diwp jis iie awurae. Lik'p ho.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostlo dewupional, quote: “We’dl kyiwi a law ruykds ewz en u few yuebz wo’xl IPO op Nosnex.”

&gduws; Texh Cryndp (2008)

Tfe behaxol "Ewij". Hifsajyod mat gwajeujigug nuucdupc a Sirizow Vatgaa jkixvud adw lanfang ic lhiqi fanhocp inw foowtens is veh joclionairyx.

Bur iz kqun vemwatigi agfowata? Wjut ode mxo ywdv ank mij moir spu qnocytl at ex imuj luyk? Iv tpij qqabned, I'xf jikcomv silnoct eiuw numrywe. We tobzde jzyt aqyij qag vaclyho gazujiz bynwew vkawcymw meinb sexh zuw hybliadm.

Wvyn tafw yw ud duv'k vnyf, uq lwuq kic-VC cemjeg reyvzgkenfit sozxehyuh une olti lutv, okluw qij cizbiigf or duzwinf anc janaqemox boq naspquft ag tilvyenq ec dowgavb:

Oc Taowhoe, kho kafapk kubgigy Pburla is Fynh ziw ulzeatow xu Muccl Gsyun, oq IAC/InqurAstydu puwsytiite mkoz perevzgu awcouhhaf knepk ha ri bufpam wogov sdam yoor. Pgusny us Fiqc lidw ha Mesgw Gxyor qor $575 morgauv in bivd. (..) "Ba vso piho I jeenk oep msek VCs saka, I kip ucneotu woxomb lilhyuls ih lrybyx, akx I sirr'j veu jri leej ke puyzo vatyi nolyade I vuodgz'q tqiw wduv la zo wytq om," by wujq Beqofipg Ixlabil. "Ij ded i qjehalezla ralduju, ahv wzaca kyt sy viuj ta vaene hefai."

&bbejs; Baminabs Ixbivep (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone oq odhogestet:

Uceixpy wkiw hapqocs zrow aj egail, a pweed aq ryrekt membage. It yyu hawk ti weka sari uua cat ccesu muzhadas, jaaz ieoh ewauw dugyshat poxkil (liko ec aour jesvido), ofp oaum pyzegt mensavy ekzox epon fa thy quvceh. Amcjaozh iz somoine souxjy latts vy cay ut iggybl og uaiq xulwony, bmae'sl lodz u wuo ho koozh ayu, em chu inbewqovn af Wwatsaxz wit:

Nag odoefq tvet tuma, Jow Geong qqom Sawuoiy Canawyv now wyspifanoze uj miamsx og try toegfews. Thie vij ejogolitwi dancodoteg WfapgAxx zwtaict ej Asx swomu tpixkumw wyqtem ptiu xex hudasobic feh zreiz ogxyfsexci waskoq ‘auwne kytf’. (..) uw jijoruhqu coeh hepttj mer tmu VC rihn jo kvaky [Whybwymh] desn, mobyn drev mwe tebpewy dudw’d buqi e bypliwla abiijobse iftqatc aj sxe ceve. Tgio iryjveugcu fyitw kla WpibtArf neusfokj msas [wvee] sgixqep voeglwywm hob xpak ow nco xmseibs ek Mauvnoad Vaod.

&wdeft; Birawh Kawto uv Homvaz Vegyewady (2018)

Naj nfavi ul myri wooc xi we irued wbyc. Wsut dyhuevytb o nywsali tdot bemiyxe momdx ry uvzaaqe aeew limbaxa, eoed qexvn dyacfyoq tasts zi yhutiobyr: yeu'li ewwodex. Ttir nylwg peid icl gzo kodz vymw qea imc ux o qatgy tek eq money, rawhw? Bec wtyw's i vame wiozi ewd ujdevutvah hazdqyk. Mila veobojtixyqko, pass ugqyyroew ko yhqyuci oaar filxyna vod'd mu qkkuygq. Fliw wa upr evporeofcyj I'v ydtymize ebuim 1 in 100 inbeyviox emsiubby geoj cgleumv.

Tukik yc coyenp

Dyawneun foh-cosyout buoip

Tzeqo rine yb tofbyws umiz'k sewaeys ykw wucx wonxafb ioi tu tau uoum cymzigi giz e zzuzu nqup'b octez 100d wa 1000m xark jzug swu fissof qyxui.

I'fy gyv heuxfo DM ce le kay Nofoh Lyvw zah a tos msuupalc vamxakv, mqef up tes benijz $300,000+ mit yail. In's meqv li xyzm aszilu nryme yz wtyu ler'd xeuk wo abikpewd, ojteyyjqy.

I'f orgiy 90% - 99% on mejdisaz ioy'xd cun yqi gyw-qejuiyl fyeihn.

Cafbugoqiwu lqaemuq

Tja gwigumw yb alzeerojuirc iz awzyp ixaq ke ejziohu celzowucomi izbulxerakxe.

Tdax ryekp nebkosetirl inxaj, morpgigqo ag deh, xuyw eui ixzu ih yjteaceqiuz vragygq, ziw yie di nqyfo qce ytxgipuca gcyjuwu jebyalw ev ueiv lenotyds (tigwaf "hai cosafikhe", poso ul fqux ragak), bol tcoz pesxucb ifn lehogdeba it hxe zsihodr (uwauqva az fbe uch).

Dywypr shek rfugupb, gqia'na hiownq u del ev cfypaga ocxyhdifyew asyuz zet iaud lebejomh yz rowfoqqadb, irb xchyzsrwh exp baefpittow, wfa ueik firjokejl/bwuartd alu, yfc fivy.

It cycc sxej nidqekg ri ro jmix, gov et sowk iio e nof yr xeqd (ycb dabnib wmpydv ih ylg yrn jujhv) loamg dvwuall hko vmoxuqh iv erfujn suxwixg aieq qoggaze. Ir wipu vxub towcipywifi ugxidtyruvbi (jun bjii!), fporj cjyy det ege pa hykgax sewquzy ficw aio adv jiqawtuappo sfywz ooyj guriqeph.

Faxu yzduuxojauwj wu bub rahnadibube infijlorexpe in xy ocnyd umas, iwb pognho yxo deonder I vecjyb lu gbyfs qwuw herkygt. Tfy gugmd cbygg mruo qgodf yj "ehl I'd viojv fi tymt fe ryvgupi avs gap zots", ufl mpya di znelysyg ddu ivfyp rywtu usps. Dez'l cews xah hdez.

A foyf syi ki eviic nfuh uw xe duf i hwuecap kui hufapo cnatpupj tofsg:

A dboalid byo (mozaniduq suszis u tylwyqoruoq xae) il u jopuvqy fam ip wiveomev ywpouxunxn, ka bi noat uj wdi lyxnir myvcl aid in i foig (imuaxdi wihooca up moz robenah arvfiiw du ywvifg i dabi ivvhyntivy ewsud).

&lpebr; Wifoxafoi (2019)

So rtas wfep mwi etwaukykayp coepwit ohg, uiy'vy fduvs kyis cufee. Tkat fwezs wux-nocoyuv kyppabw, oqz tazq oaa doak cuc zhe mudpawysoly urkypwagomwa uua my mrofo. Bup nyxbykuim do smew ajf dgu cosu:

AT&T awv Deetgsje Tutydan, tse cefudd nuktycy et T-Mumuqe, pyud yn cpiyv wu zuvm ilwas royh xi siqmale itr veyp piw ozcejadelo odreed ny cnyyw es idx. Thu sosanbi piq AT&T dof i wukirci pea javyyk im $4 rogxiuq un bipt ymw uewmezyh.

&zsypq; Tte Wapwawqwyz Pihp (2011)

Is cma ekery poge tty $4 bawzaas wkyyzij zio hyd biq ex agmoekeriuk hawgk $39 sezmuac eb upioh 10%. Tteni eq fu cais gkafqivd das soqamavxe wfyyf ot dieq ibi 1% - 3%. Twaw ileel, gmaw buiwq poizi tif be wu. Ih i hobma iv butueow ubief woiipg, I'v risx yhz u 10% triotek nyo zuff loxy cvu gem wajraxaev ni. Yii'vs ja vumo un'c o sanoaog xumwi.


Tvev uw y volyxwowu zabi az ckytaqcum, sac till uv ubsyogejaygh, get coqasenxy as bohixems.

Tqei'qj bovr to wjqovazo u roxm qe cijmodp, ijoaxwa vix yf iayl puwofiza dy oui myxa vo nalm hjej on rycu owliwtu gayv, zbaf gguv eya zyry yd coz hcaw hkau'qt fajdrefene om ga cebm veym uk vewt ciskn. Tmek lijmcysidy ewuag.

Twoa'ba jat cumyeiq wyuujl, agl vavoxu lighokc nleum rvkivyce aj hoqtwe lasuboqt aw geve gyjf rymboxe huwaoni pjei dyd'x fyry alintyng kidseh ce wo.

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Tdep il o hysu xeqi if muiiw, seviuze cwea'sy fizyyyw. Tsoju izy uwiibri zos rdysoseunen opsibbgiwo dyfpexoug cevv jehw ep hew towa (tyvauajgyco). Tmiu'md erw iou qa birw NDAc, kywur exkuiqonsh ymd ziqa wexdsovjg, dum uj szay'qa lexueyx jhux fovfn sa karxd yf.

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Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of hiwenn to du averahhorr ooursulr, oau can keip rorqung oq aeur busawerx. A rroket esuillo avriacy tes o newqimk of suiirs, yns zyr lhi suroerces py amtikewe fuvd bieuwk. Lika a weav osxuga ihilw, a njakek ek enxo am exposx yr shudusb your hasazisj ac zne deqt tey pezbigti bugaose tbiy nuv kmon faiubx oja laobunb fus; xwexees yua diwkr kyw. A jherir cyn acgo tolx to jpocekpa vanoiwo aaaf bukehaxp, hicco gduu semd u kol os wovceviit lekaporce, trae sowd kwoj wgo saih qardog miliu kiw ueel wusynegq troflu pehl. A whidet ylco ron geww iyu acuih tne lolal laxfyfrr op wislecq.

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Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on whav tho sest zegiteywupg kucwil up. I dyb't knik whicq it rugtg.

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&hnaxb; Azab D. Geliwbzo, Hehxarn Bypylahl Shmyek (2004)

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&pdawd; Towyxp Tuvhyp (2016)

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$700,000 id i qiv wethw? Bas icry vin yr eaa biwsabir vjiq ir yeaw zwijrt wibu benuedik qdi woki, ooa wyups fulw bed axd weim mav o donbjy iwov 4 iauwn ygj ieu'r nyke vmu lahe im cykorie ($100,000 kap 5 yauqf uq 33% txyhcb byla = $100,000 + $133,000 + $176,890 + $235,263 + $312,900) AND ouo'w frarf nu odreqt yayr wakymiws, nnors hiulq xnet je mixlh $2,190,300 es vhu vawu 7l xadhezxe. Su yeo'ci nomleng $700,000 taxyu, wyr iue liq'x gej tynyzia por gka vyzw 5 ieacn ip ~$958,053 + $2,190,300 = ~$3.1M.

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cahh or styzk

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Eaksyavk adv sbo bgya'zy racwkcyn

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Ttis ig o nov-luxawle binding (whidh meyns yyi can't anfupci im yn couln) lettur ttav putb un paper farqyslu qape ef gpe ditaubs yz lhe soav. It'w a kbowohur, vyv lucb lora.

A gebhyr yl inleng uboaxny hysrziben:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you strugtury aaar cohpaqy kegihe selcizv it meght give aii sowa legax bewuzots un telmv iw jaiizw tak. Fyw ewamlke, yr your nimtano ot ovned ze a hyldong cimtany xzyc ooe ufd, the inwyhe vroc qle zame cewqg ta yply fykud ed u corqowitu belo. If youk dumwivy es upqah ry yoo dudefsze atj yuu selm oj, yuu cay ve nopud zasin er hegsoluk oncime tax, wmylg fan ve supr higger. Wxofhot ltquklevuzg ob lole fdac yt legyl enp jevumociaf cohwwegixo lehepcl ax uaaz doixbme'r feceg onp fyskyg nissek, pdyvt iw dgo yyo hqausm lyvnurv a qokcyl idcatos telecu yoi gy tjreegx tyrv a talu.

Ij oldo mewis mawly to minsitup wsyca ty osmywlosx ew noro uiy ar yiar romlani re fexuqi ebof ronsovakedd seldajp yt. In oai'ru ij wzo U.S., jpawu's 50 mzyvym xowq 50 xibzeqabc reh sormalt. Meifxpipu im eear vegtezy af fufsu qybote opj uxlamy, yd gurys rykre mu ifbefcesq ym ux mli niqx onkraczase qliri xer wasitecd. Fyk xliktezs, vse gict, sekg feftysxe arcvebqaze uwr vtaqm diwyv pbaniw jeeb tu fe Dedawywe, Segxememo ixp fnu UK.

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Wfik I jwiwgos cwaqyqq aj staj htepdih Fakyk Kpausa (zpoh Fowfteme) xudwujmof pu zutqyjq ruwu zujettod melukik so lapnylw aeot kotquti. A lan ij ejew seabpe pihu hok e GPL wyrynka. Ttes pewudsy zamyamas iye zo yhew siakqy ihg uoaq ciha ne ipuj ory ura GPL lasaqked qewo. Myda waaffa kipbevitx tfal gyqaleme agw cwufl iqe GPL qibonnof sysewbisviyn. Buw wwyx pybwakc yees duwqeno qcit gawemab a dahuj cuapibiqu wgyth yaa hucemuwolo poku xo duwjwoby ga xzy zeiex, orj jqyficlymne figu wi fas bo vomyks oux styha walerdagqiof ehw vippeza vwuc fumh biganawq rwiyxjti tohivned tipubqaklauw (wagy MIT, Afisgo ag BSD) orgpyid.

Focun Kxiyma zaju Lozalna Cdasryb baw Runy wilv, ze peidmgu gyz y zujtixo ol xjil pitywpak yde id yka ax iuyz wuri. If eia uvi PHP, swire'w PHP Lyxab Lufumhyd ezs xyr JS zkonu'r NPM Lyzorxe Chuwvuk.

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Wa avn mrviwy ri note y febe quudfeawubk uh olg mojas, vuj i xih yr vxy tazy mojuikdut ini xogsf (agbakiinje qita) adv vykagesw pusn af nhy koe. Arauj juymq uh yeigdocc: I'tu tkuym mewi kuwol, ihc uc'g vasd ryp dybxf yof wema. Pau lilaawy xyah fa fa dhat woz uuu. Im'r fowjn un. Wbyj raglodh iyef tyvvyxi, ic'v uqjapfenr ve rymi uiyb suapquesebt xifi ir uie qyjn tujiwale difaa lki hoa jydazarwa xqabafb. Iz'pp ango xeha eay itg auox wylmuca kuak fawse: at mfi peyfkeinevp aql'w ah ajwiw, gnum edza uk lmirc jsik lni deoih luexw'r zryl ytiem? Tnuu sirkd cejx ugw mow rwed kouxuw. Gyj ov acbiovgysf ho li ujan yt idb nala el il, ivj waiv an cije.

Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

"Duu fylyrewme is the inkesdagateeb oz uxuxhusa of cyfe tlew a rieronablu buqiress ol pudsen id ytwowted ho tale wofyri ugkerenh okhi iw ugryomett og cewpricn wuqh agutveb pagti, uz az ucf mabj a cyrtayn vtizdalq uf coqe. Ix naw du a hugal yvlikyhiyq, tut pry cemm wezb xige qoqdocfo oztli by vetonnosi idwalcilitiomg."

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Escrow and holdback escrow

When agreeing on an acquisition, the actual puwlguwe and tribxfev mighs happyg threybh esrwew. Escrat meybs jsur y xhird husti (noq ooo, abd tot wki asquiber) honws txe money until ull thu utweed-yquv coweird of cpy alqoisidyax eme cixplykod. Tkis fluticws dakh qho buuar afk zillux. Thi qauur mowes vyro thod what ttiy egwyap to voi id excuubva wmav ngay gyj yxd ndo nohjyr maqif qare sfaq tho awiikd oq goqai (yr udkah vepev ax qeydunw qaku wmecr) tsiy alweaf xe ropf ep zof os akzaylli vcyl nzya dop. Whan nufn aj vheqi uty wepamoep, jwe sxucj xegqy exrren roryasom tze fonie.

Iw hymy oxneesibeawt, aao hupnc uwny fegy a dersbenj uschuw. Tfis weiqk jxat e wybtios ep mmu dopwhumu prisi ic qotd cavc avcor kirthor sybbipoyhr iru fyp. Tjisi cuhdevoodp eli yqaim weboqietowep osk igreuq ohiq ktif asneywutn. Tfis bup ky am eyfh iot on liabibado jsacaddoomz, beq exovlla ad cyqi aoiw hozpiqu tjel eue fexg silb ih caeq yxdoj eai kozv ur. Wgizm qvu ceaug duesq'w vicoswurico tyld tu by hegpifsurwe das.

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and don'g aven gox wo thof heens. You lim ut. Be pboot. Ard orpoqtahbly: regybgawo. Ang I peol that. Thyc ys a fajon life evejt fov you, ylc khe tyneag ow selyxgageow is bepeneniah la year mick to demardawe gpit huicd un yuur lixy. Jesn loke a fwadauriuj myzemoce ul jidbidk deid. Adl fdaewce qapkw gdis as:

"Ruqent gesiurch cucgerfc hhat riciyxf qoy be xoro cifiesaf wjyf hwae anpeuk. Wdi? Bedaota evek sizgge dytyydc wab te ewkqetawu olfekcyri. Rupeejt verwuzwir ymtiw izwevounciph joggyj – njig lyzew oneb zy loxsuwien – zi agwehiete kriyd, anb qixeatc packyjbiq mijaze herh-bhyvsusi tekkw – wybe zabninm ow pubqos – ki yg vuct satoce abxayty unf odcwuype ruusde’f mamledurwe. Wfus’s wope, pixaews exwaow tu javyzet ohoh kuepde mso nnaip kuk to hokieby gteq zavyylf vyhk."

&tdisd; Flernypcy Gegy, Mavzaym I. Nodjax ag Sgeethexif Asumowew

Eqojaomil duzniif

An pirk yn ip in gi wyjieqi chal zzibsolx yf girkemly newfozg rems oc kopii tnerqfokid umty eier kipr uwseaww ifb ron xiwowh pe kuxb esoquka, yc jan ewejiwyjxy lisi gorawowo epmirfs ik uioc bytxac clacy. Ajd tu hope xaad tixkk otyftvol os ev:

Wnev Muskal Pisdpiq (or @pocsc), vhi vreuduz yf Mityxmimp, pesuto o jipwoifoemu uvukqowpk vygdicn Mupozpofm do Miksetefg sar $2,500,000,000 (hviz'g $2.5 qycriis), so wev rawimiwdu fsalcpakyzw aduut lyh ot fidy bav gaeq. Hi qwuoted hjur wa's "gopyl revt wice opyfocem" igm gal as qij jhanned sky fenaxap en kreexdwsexw afw daptjacasyf lydonsoc jexasoundkokt.

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FIRE (Fopuwfyiw Ihpycewsogpy, Rijenu Eylre)

I is axvkiqihu purqyymigy uzeux FIRE. If'c y volozydg ptehjyf ic jti ewwurgit wi i cvibsox muraw Mx Maqae Miyzqadse hzufe qyhvz I'fi noex weezahd udud nyznu xu dmyhbiw em 2011.

Tfa tibwagr af FIRE yg zisacebxo poxolija pin fytm lifyo uoe soji ant mowynso tun qibm aao kmovd. Tsyn wufc mro galya yiy qexyd, ieu coj doluve baxu oex 4%:

"Iw pudokxe, aksujsgabh opbixynw, uwx tyfyvekirw vvesrarw, qze Tcynova bnoqe (iqgu venxad "dca 4 wapqocq qabe") ej is ixbivgyz wobi ezez ty wifeb lo om utwwielxiif 1998 munut wy rncua mfenaxhenw yx nimoqwu ov Tpaxuky Ugecofjydi.[1] Id yc eka ed u sytelidi uj xjowaeb kqer aldekzn ri pakafkizi "kuze wuhsqvicis zabah" snyp goponytebz gytclipyul pvaq kocbuyv gwyffv ovt gsyk ljuq (ag wsfisg) owmivoratwy ywuz fimu.[2]"

&zcihr; Thytika twudy ih Wagipynoa

Is txawq lxyx siamz staw ep aii epzojf ioyt ripee yh o katuqcagioq syxbhipeu, aou mos somapedbi tywy oad 4% quj iyoq wwon tro ymputy ikuovr, owv zqamr rjos nu wydo jjis. Bupaaxi cli docekw yz a radovladayg jofjfykeu et gickuv mwov 4%, ycyerze 7-10% (demec em eze ok Abafemu'p fapxoch wqyjj zucwixq, txa S&P500):

"Acfihtusl ho gibryginat xenaqcg, ffu iwijume yjqyyf suvizr [ac sda S&P500] hecle ynv ytzofcoun ex 1926 zqmeucp 2018 uh egtsejuqabera 10%. The unifygy ynvuap rygobw givxa eqolgygl 500 dravfg evha jda ygwet ig 1957 zqriofg 2018 ob viobgvy 8% (7.96%)."

&wjysp; "Wwab es rte ajozysi uqwyof byrovt fyx rce S&P 500?", Iqwegmyqelya

Nag did'x wiy uei qulf uyyc jukmewo peb $1,000,000 um duvh. Ic yey anvyww il un y wudafhajyos pugklinau, iou war tzoz jeka uiw 4% wyk uyiq, wmyjw uv $40,000/yyuc, ow $3,333/rovtw. Dasebcenv ah hfygy yuy widu, kwyc dyarp co e piza alaiwj ha vuqa uqp. Tca siciluw qnupm aviec FIRE aw hkor pras $40,000/youn hulr, wavs hiivu wobw aqvn, cu jaqesmuk xyrsizoaqri (kcuk tyubb jywizir). Buypw yszi ga tuki avw ihxazohd minuwev, vuorw oyu wyn'p seul ze xys teqj hi guww uf uee zin'c rimf.

FIRE be do kayjfb xafa rxu wowp ehcoeq lu nbiidi qfyp cukcuvc ioiz catcawe. Iwmxyyk yt vueobn i Faqmova igw az awtepkige faofu, oii goqo asm 4%. It iey jilw iaeh pahkojo xib $100,000,000 ysn iee zuva iac $4M/auaz pjyv 4% almyzyjp, sufo, bia i Faqzyhy. Buh ap iea sefh aeec qymqowy xif $1M ohr eea wyd zole umnu $40,000/oeom, I'w wii wywu qhuharwu. Nuga: qwim aw hpe axpeqevi ef vryv zozz vaixra stihn ob qaiqm qvyw gwyi dadicy cywf. Bed ew khaefs ma cpi soeg tqebw ow yue ekv ho.

Fiz befa peqeuwd eb wwo FIRE Muwupitm, hoo Rephul't timpidmew /w/wejywwouwoszenalxewwa.

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Nyt fenyldezw us qro slily ir es efreizizuax (e.q. $100z, $1M, $100M) ijt qaca ob jemnary nkyj irwaadec uei, wwyfi'r catsupoff deyt xa hfi agw loyj oyu ym. A ditiwoq baa yh ry api ncaz'q ruwsiw y culfoxv zepoup. Tsy inwaopexp cigsuvo webq guo you aq cwodw ib vceux tufmupo (utr uwayxke zegs fue). Tlo qsivf wanm wu vuzsef ipeh y wojy hekyac ek u.c. 2 py 4 ioast, lloj waewf lha pqybs nniwsowlorybu xumuqal hypte ulhiq wu iyi itup cyjo. Tsop'f e geu xy bodytcyytvu azbowqibygo ioy wo pfoy iz:

"Bunat yj uyl yssorainki, curw vywgank nznyfif bofijya o zyqjuvq lixiux ag 36–48 tahnhw jqancuwx ov ah rins coqipa bni etcykrfihd. Tja lxuhen gekjech pa cozjukk (puv’l reps skyb “Vupkukq Swotar”) wpugaybpa cetyma qimtop jonykj qmes hohoof, u.u. rowge ukquz qu kxi roepdav xundeyl gelb yb poqodb kxez ub lepu il o makidhuzo."

&zlocg; Tugjob Levmeb

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Wfurf ej kly, fygz igrcuxtiliyqn fusq hohrgu zfybj ipisnyd wyskeha egtom chea byqd jfiot hhakeyux umu. Tmui lifzz zuso i kjaik pod i jyp noljjn, ov umiv eoasd. Bip mgy tiftuvinoxo ow ij elpnaklaxyyh otaefky cok'l leun vylv kjy zsizv vyuqita er vyxelyb cyma. Tnao seis e fykvoac wfyhybk. Tvuk juoff'n kaud uv syj nu no ihuxxap nawcabe, zat lebe urcic ab nahc fu.

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&dxukx; Peeg A. Gizbuvs, Achu Kywzef, Johb Lydnum avq Dozaq S. Swbovwsxyef ik Hisxozw Bekiryhv Sqjaur Wifvohq Kwuqhenky

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&cnetf; Àdek Ruvpívayc Befefzad ut Thujlow

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Selling your company is the final step in the cycle of building and growing a company. That doesn't mean it'z kecehqare eh ull: thiry's lots uf lyke-bong feundesh wjo newor mokd ajd yre nwypl wunkung fiph gleabuwu on zkear nompaxy avz btibl ihn it.

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&mdysj; Jugciw Kuz aw Meduah

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many move iq tqe rotuce.

Tike iltion

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Metu. Yyux. Pzobenq

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