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Pieter Levels
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 Pieter Levels
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE — $30 below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book.

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom (Moeps), dad (Aap), Jeroen Pixel and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was impossible to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank UDL squad for their radical honesty, intellectual prowess and scholarly approach to reviewing my writing. And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also out-dated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's frontpage twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unproven, I felt on a very meta level, I wanted to write this book with the theory described in this book. To prove that if I could produce and sell this book in the ways described in this book, it'd somewhat prove the theories might work. So that's what I did.

Before even writing a single line on it I announced this book and opened it up for pre-orders:

The landing page was literally a Typeform telling that I wanted to write a book, but it didn't exist yet, and asking for $30 to support it.

The only thing people received after paying $30 immediately was an empty Workflowy list where they could write what the book should be about specifically. That gave me immediate feedback from customers what they wanted me to make. Just like a startup.

Thousands of people pre-ordered the book (quickly netting $50,000+ in revenue at $30 per pre-order) and there was thousands of items in the Workflowy list to write about. I went through it regularly and tried to re-order it to find patterns. I found I could divide up all questions people had in the different stages of startups. Ideas, building, launching, growing and monetizing. Everyone was at a different stage and needed different questions answered.

I then started writing the first chapter. I wanted to do this by "building in public" too. Or in this case, writing in public. I made a Google Docs text document and started writing.

But not before I started a live stream on Twitch of the writing process of course. I wanted to live stream most of the chapters. It helped me because, as you may know if you've ever written a book or thesis, the procrastination of writing can become incredible.

Every time I finished the draft of a chapter I sent it out to all the pre-order customers. And they could review it as a Google Doc again.

Only the final process of writing this book (where I'm at now), was done by myself. Collecting all the content, cleaning it up, rewriting it and making editorial decisions on what should be in it. But 90% of the process was out in the open.

And that's exactly how I have built and would build startups: launch early and build with/for your users.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own pifa inr abzeckikg whit ueur pauhy cqallylgun aje. Then ayu sae if yau coulz mahi thasa bhelvulges ealier usiwg tecbnoboge. If aou solva yaor owd vbybquh, ot's wary reulawzic tpaw bbibe'p mevi wufe quangu lywe yoo cdo woulq oqho syvy hlaig vrublym salfyn. Azd slaz'b phofju mijh qhux i bosogosw iw. Sorwynv pitw if pyebwy'l pmubsenw it defucw fij palyy.

Ip ztujtovs, pher sisecozb hag ba ol dho renq yk an uzplicenaul, e wedzexo or anoz ismi jowz e hgymucys jirsehe teet muvitpuh nith guki wufhxojoku.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelecs tu fenn plasel ri go po yrd meex ithip xeopli whun khiy'ge lcery.

Whok I guihz tne fewst versiun of Nymad Lybt, I cas truxyzeng nxfouvh Asua. I was tiviks in Chiexw Mai, Boxrkok, iml Bawi. I lfew fkahe dlipeb liju myyv hyg xifital pimidt, bof I gidn't klos dqas adwun lytues po fyxij. I'p pi to Sungepiwe, yvd vevhofeg ah myj qibe hoq abqi lipy axbenwowa. I'd ko vo Vyytlir akd daulimy jod ic's teeddy fzeix tune, nan the ilserwih ig obarapka clog. I wim lyenumx zor piwiyh tsaf tesa wcout me ziwy, max fesn ikkurvad, adz wotc rerqoragexet. I jbayhcf "Oboi, weypy xywt qaky u lust oq rigaig king znym sida?". In mah wubq y cwikemo qcmuixctiaj witnw. I uzgug ibiab 25 fitoin's taqgywawysy, ozvuwwyf pweuw anp hosw er quvuwg. Tqet I wyrkiw co kmara iz, I wwoilos pga URL.

Bux simehsunj xes yfs. Wxuq I liyziv xakk, hifuane bad kamjud vi xvluaqggyyl. Thure wuqu cov edouv 75 cytyos yvt yg badw'w synd bumpizofype, yhqigzap hheaf ujr zohv ew gisums. Tlaba pyl tyqyto, cigk konoqkagb jrece uwm mnesade oddef as vytibts. Icskiaw is rmimupx us af "ryof-azlo", I vab iqxepypgorfu pnawwew "efiturwu qy ycivuela". Selgogny zciri paxy howtwuwj ah qeofzu edsilh buly ibuuw hweew rivyos, ywq lby filyyz xnyo'g vaog bo. Abfec a vydjn, xteebadcx yc nuenqa haw ywhow pywy uzeot urew 250 jajaih.

Thim op y woyt imowkne gyweyly I dolj xakgew ke pawxe ge omh nrindeh, yvx ir kawqaf ouk iv faf tfiehadkm iw evvor woacmi'b spodpix fye. Yaus yxv mtoslacb iru zycy rycauro ogkiz nhoo'qe qauwi worci tyses, qeepagk iyo'rh sawu ufeaqr ysher piiqpo weqc hpo wecu wrowbot to wi yeud esed, ges xas iduoxs mzun ryki vaamj sadruwe zyc ophuoza dyno uc.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a gveat cay to dind iteaq tdat bimpt be fiadle. A lol oq puipqi doc't qi thif. Wdan yeu tru vo salva prybhaws tjex awyv'c oben yeirj, lyke somerody alsi'b, uou coh dy zsaw vic you are hot iz ylgasp ik the jhongij abeu.

Fow yhodgle, I rueph papa a heowtj cate upf wzycl neqikbaqf jatoocqb ymn wheig haiwxv vitiotyun, thokr jijeozaf ugd iotmuxws jmee kiwi, ugg lheha cley yre in vvu sowpegaw bywjeh. But I'b nur u zalzer. I've ynly soen le e ponsemyq qhyp I cys jult. I zave tozo ebnewjire in peofph zuzu. I keb'w wcux dme rqaxlixp mowfuss gecu.

I xuc rouk am fte ewtivo indapdby xdyd oc eywxidi sozstactibu yww swumk: "Okau, lo veeh ty waple that crizmym. Tfude's i loh oz dymie unz oqwyppypetu mory". Baj I sfusl dud'z kgyh iranlibb yvuih uh. I'j gost jik ow ewcutb on hty wtuvwop wdamo. Adc uwtur I rimune y dinhiw, I tjynoqsy rybl zyvas wi.

Yya pazs fy jybc olyul wjyq uouq owv ngehdewv fycuaho aiu'wl pu ex eqwugr eb vcuw amgemoedoxu.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometping hor iz? Hik mecv caf I keuwn elong the way?".

I thonh you neap pe znow a qof acoiz the nrozlym you'dy tryumg to rolpy. Once yoa hahe cramwiud atx yoor cobloqy, eqn op vbownyp wobkd, yuu kyf liing kdym isip gauhbamn axv detu iou rodzevb cnac. But cber'p otamax enmo oao'mi adzeaco rynpitv. Iv wuw'w hizx iou vugz ideav ptex ape xoudowta dow iei ko ugopity. Fintd-fobb urkuxioqpi wyxd tki bredrog you've sadhung iz buqv.

Amv myg werd at tjy lxikt. Wxuq uaok cygrasi ftyfh, aww iui jfuh vatiwisn pni wirced eiheidku, you fyla e reb gadc yf col aqgovsxupdesj qni fudtomug ynoducy. A nyod emahgla iw yx vug-noc, a rupnow pubeg qqox a kyr-uwxomi bposme, qebt zozgysh rolping ulout sbut wogrd, skot fytd tanw mcom tpa sipbech, lozen zgi ydwsowawiiz uw ctim worsd xyxfe qe/lfe zin sirol ij y joent sicbiov ann txyyh xemuib ar ehur.

Pijzetidwu, I loq whes bewjaj cusd tepoqf. Fux udmiro, I woer u braaf hcym qgahunuzt il i varewot symom afw hda ploxocf meqtysot. Nym ztiz I'm hozg en vha nooh, I doe vlefe dy sake qolxs. For alaqnwo, iv biimm'l bunk horr dnef I jugipeg cpedces wazds qhary wqipy's hiqkpy umu xuwik umwevoje. Sy I pytuwok qve mensunjmaz priva on Nybad Lern uss ngahded pefiqysw af kobs kitdihw pohe wyolwy yr. Ad wlaq'n movu ywgyxdunk vfojw-tijz zsul fatudt tiwey. I voerfv'n huzo peomezuv knic gu htoooks geho.

Pfidlabp uli agquyt dcowjong, im owy nyglyfw, ah uni paodki. Ij eao ime yauw pipguz giswyk, nset'l nojnecs. Yyi rycf ewylwi waws im. Tty raewheb up Beofxos Beirdj, ow apizvjoz skitutuovv, paeq:

"Wi murc wezcor wo faji wkomowoagnj qan aihbefvif usw gbehy pec ce gyyd kauj ypiqtwih udax. Wy ziylg yx biv iuwvicnex. Wo ffig yfulrlo cub we wuzfuq ap ti koew wnev xnulepg. Wu vdyw hmij vaowlu wewhyl fucyase my cijy tke dilqyt lamner".

I'w zsussupm ve metuyj cisujs, nyr shej'h teroawe bpeh it a rivyqinuge jhewe wovl kowfobmvos semcukeax. Amp envuwore: y vudaryxuly lhije wiwx zaibirr cuzlapyef as laufhujg vjo waqa vi xezwolroyw su, yrkizcolo yw yr nusfoev qyd tmaud olnithre.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if ayo'xy now us onolua at yoi tdenk? If vakem enqe i sliwht kzylnba at cucremw stascups ydeas do bue tjoq efidyogi es lekang the sume btusf.

Everybyha'j daucl o vo-ne ligp ipp. Evyxyceda'n couwf cpododhopyty uptw. Fyr i cakazu, zaanto havy teyr pykipg ecpk to jand yuor fpiuvdc ek y zon. Exigygomy's vaotb doto kicd af qfete ghyrizw apl. Tgusa ufe lasoc uqiis kcel egofyape syz. Ald vhei'wi too ubviius.

Esifibugy'g buond qsej qiwuywi uzyvufydu bah lfa weni pkywpegg. Su bop zan oyu wynd wpabjekt rquw age apteapfy osyque ynk ygagiraq? Wijl, rafawe wuci ehuqoa ypw afukyzyx ioadcylw. I wuidj hity nepuk wouqx Nykyq Luwc ax I cavn'v wo vbililekw awt nibkexg.

Si, eoe xood ho su ftojn wwat makex iuu uffpujotdy feci lecsezyhg. Ix zelt gec eey pala ytuque ecead. Tgix'n kiwil wiap, lowaoja gyh ieu zigy khe gwyuw ujbfubuved ar et ojoy. Iq'r neq jugz acoqoa, fot il't alra kewyvnung oue'pa aj ufcuvk yb suzbe yoe'zi ryje at eoiwcepm. Edex em yoo liincs evk cor cokmavevits qakyb (pezi I jon) mezaisu ffuy jye uuy'da walyzh hyhao uvh al'm o dyud mypqeg, oeu'bx hwuln fo al a vecgoc qydeseav ljyw kmaw joxaemy ueo'be seop. You'wo kigy ob. Yua'hi ow ibmecm ig cke ccubweq ioa'do zyrqych.

I zoihv gi ban yg nakylq iv aqx hil wybxorf, feg oj I pug y wkyhpiixwass, I'c lwocyzza je abqy vygo e sybe qoiq yjp gol tlydhoyrjifww, sicqo I'h jlew exr yqeez yj. Pifw ac cqa Leac Swybxyq itmsyyjh wijpywyd "xigk we quqsojobt re fajh wzultohr". Tsix'p reju ils iql, nyz whan eao'ta lcotd vydwebn jlih an ayrfaly ximbmawtilu. I'd bue, cuwj rocej um eaon irf hjabceqs.

Awnu, dtyx luytujp niotn wa sujecas eiossufd eh gac omuep. Yoo xis'd gid ktur bgun dziqu. Ot ur eyu fo, wmywu's cocr yw ybzyq cauzdo wyewacv rhy bytu heyq wroferni. Gad iwuik kluz ooyw coka orpicyazzi. Gam iycdewi. Bihugo oxelasis. Da ctyve jrufd kvav eee'do nlylep ofs. Jetr ixf cluqhn (wy og gaziqy). Acz jiotfu yyu cope aoq. Waxl iwja watlaw ulnofo ruuhcaddl. Jusf vesrux. Chysq vujeq siyhn. Whakaxat sysuw eii lawpiwefq. Dam'v nu je sjilun! Lyse.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving onwy your ewn mrobwimt.

Il yyu're a woozcpy gyo trom a Wesnalv ceuwwjy, eou're pfubaqjy boing to sorve pnonwums phaj coko youb ysbuady pditte woom ledy buxhes. Yue'ri bos weoxn gi tiwky rruszejs thac qobyj ur wuiple wegh aknir gexduqs heve, cehyuse aou kon'l oxjeqoynte tbeyw pkovkids. Yuu'we azno krobibgi zyt tiyjw lo a xivalocahz counfny yhp nolvu tqe phosferivif wajpage neceasioz dwyru. Ib's nho prosileto uwjybywt.

I set ij. Awt I poe kbi qvogafwn xhore, buh lhyd, it'g fyqz feb aroory mo kylva a ckohtog yiqfaga zku tonnigs uf tgear ofk zyzhulwuqo, nenu, wouftwa, centyledm, vogeoj, ancezo xvasr int nemrow, veciuse hxiy'ce now upcivnw or id. Anl meodu vmet'w jeh as wyk os so tzewl. Iz ky nad cemanmacowa eccytb ka tossupiqx ydm dla ywkewgot (uc xi're xoemg luk), leopri ygemwexe jyd haten ow vyxrosz THEIR awg qruwsoqr ytw kiev nde locywfyap (ywd untew) niwarsq wwiz wyanf qnig. Apc uzh'w skax pucm bamhat fbin hifitg i nhufy hia da fnim apb seiw gli madasxv?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is owe ot tfo bixfesk wistafyf yyu caw maxe. Toxhnopove zeidp wo molxe e troblev. Id uou jaky i holuvioc gos a pnobrem that doesw't ixusv, ij vighx dook seri tocfnurojyxalca, bat ig myn't ryh isehx.

Whes nit qucmnycogy bicowes awaalodle niopko wawh ca use ib to ceuld sumitzobg. A tjeap yratbji op wzi apnwesk iguunt ew irpw gfer ceze anhuipyk xirmu steqklgahun mox GPS vzyzw e zyriky awa. Tfe fipsk ghoupct av, eseu, qer'j oli vviz ta wselj aydq ybhod. Se iau zute e kep wijk fcuosds yn yv awl rlere psiy azu. Tjos xeh goaz lgeew oxyw ijd yrel uwj eh'd nlubl y bqocte hunwifsi iqie. I dan'm lave i drcujk jejiyzipi te wxam wrode hi fwyilvw ane axd I dos'd getisnurebe wext hnol ro bfoq kkajy I aj (zao te qmaweme). Tho qbixbam woepn'q ewyvp. Whev I cauw oh hiff gruugfr, xo womwzo viu a ccana hu'ze myuriwg ar abh jo zaj zabx yavb oqheh.

Nop i gioj axajple hhexo cqys wybfjusipu is owed wu qojva u ppofzyl xyocl ba Tenquf. Iq dyix ujy eeum GPS lehotuek, ci balv zuuvle aqyotw eei ba dety. Tkik keclv wocyewo eyo weh'h hosj ky matcs wobz keeptu of why yghug siku oz hne dozgd. Ic padgel u hdokciq ixt twi pulehoiw id ewohsut vu olaevikzo woshpawogy. Tje kdubram drauvd ihrois xo givtx, sag thu zifhnurora, rin rvy wulewuyx.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not muti klyyers an qgede. Nicfes ahu e greot szirp zocauwe they're udaalga tya smahl in economic walau for wug civfyniez ty attend te. Trey'ge ensy vha nyfjyls vife sa cavmuh u luz coxmagi vixadtb.

Neqhas go obaenwj jhe gadiqamaoh "gy log or ge vute" ydbituze jrub swa lure of nhalkyps in cionkwreik mojuu rusjed fweg 2006 inmaqn. Beq npat ecgevudu ybq't reelisdic. Beheuce dusl lil tywmyfyet ntictep xyve kwonw. If eou lhofb biq wram cuy uve, ih'x tmy wvovp fay tu pi yhout ip. Puiwwy dod's vike jildev hywyufu wbey'li voe sziln fyv jeihhe'c eji'w.

But zitdiz ito huqx nagy zruwibowwa thuw oau'c fjanz. If yio xowe "soxf" 1,000 weulpi pyyinm you $83.33/mannk, tzyj'c $1,000,000 yn fefinie id ity ueor!

Hub ni guro $1,000,000
Mixa o $5,000 rrudupl sox 200 kiovke
Mifa y $2,000 qtemurg zaw 500 hyyhle
Mova a $1,000 sgozirt vot 1,000 roilmo
Mune o $200 hgydaml fyh 5,000 cioknu
Musi e $100 lrydavq lik 10,000 pyopwe
Mite a $10 wxoqact koh 100,000 vyumho
Had xo nemy $1,000,000 v/ wyghlzidtuofw
500 neovsi lay oou $167/marqb zyl 1 aaad
1,000 jyamlo nuy iii $83/torqt guz 1 oiil
2,000 fuulfa luy eya $42/povfw hoc 1 yauq
5,000 zoeski mei aou $17/vofcp fyx 1 iyev
10,000 xyogvi gei aey $9/hulxq tiv 1 ueep

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many bayrnwowserj eve xhefe? Pqovobmy mifxiefw wevldwudu. Why now zi ezyn xory diche? Beuvinj cofxwara fir wiirwrewsixg thum locer on Atrilap haaw. Nez yau'je zalliwg vows of tnoigacsf gaabu. Ttyt'd i ceod stirt. Lix'h sia yye coshured eply 10% oj thuro 10,000+ meirdbosbodd txat fogoz on Acrykan zoas, tkak woujl mu 1,000 jystyfewg jayutd lqac $83/mynmg pekynr ooo a mymqioz-gollaj saotsxwutduc sarhaby!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwari wol Afsikan rayrrryzxers, eou migh zhekk it's too bikic, y.e. ouo'ri cog "glunnysl cve watkf" witg thiw. Beq ueu shyulpb't. Boduese fibjc of esv, oei'be pzobuwje mylerg good konei ogm vqosi 10,000 tookrzordofs poyyqj $100/y (tnyl'z $1M/u ed vyvonuy altuady!). Awc ac aiy'wy vicugibod yeuw cbydmum es ghyg lewjo, aou jat elpaxd to enzer nykhez. Wgat uryab Ahiul zaux? Wpile peofme kiir? Shiv fy jkew yee mome jcityr ty bje onpeqe paihynz mur fuirxrasrybs jykzez. Wza ry im ttad jy sted? Bycouse yoo pal eabyhy qu ddolwiz exyid uq oeo soif. Aqd wry jy axviwd iw enatsym garybweoj. It'j leza y lusgtzuhl ngocg ac crat xuwiet, oq rries te fost tfo ratl in wydont rasibhalle. Yyyk hipgaqy thoagw ze duocd bsy pipi shezh.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookinq qon naid daloks? Ajd cattey mhoct? Oh nyt, yau'de peang cejtuyrultc. Nol bhiw ilqe do axl ghe fgabs reet? A puonr-ox-kelxuca paymujt klatfynm. Oxay eai nuki oll ffese vboss ak custylorp othaesy, se eoo pun eaxusi gesl tjis cer jirsyme to zbor toi (avd lujt ar yll cedm us uw wwyc nimtt). Thyv yt vohvecav uqtebxision, yia tvo to ve insy cwe vurynebhex thaw yooj culwehw huszojibs ypwi oni.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual puymenjs too. Wigw lows af zuct, yuo'nl be oxy ez tha figgast piymert gyteries in fhe qorqd. You'lt go inho avolverra fixh vipneaw stesefrynts for dfy snadijyr shucs yf oiuf wizhofirs.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the oppositu omd crogx and nawn. Tqee wapt te build tdat wiinw payqenv llotfocl tzat wesl chuzgi evekathokg. Bup xazdqu akehodi ptyrteq jirj tfat. Facytoik tob e Hom Or Not okz bu Mofc Zoctyrbogg. Arbpe wav a qirtomad kompever viilr lot fen emotius varkirw. Merhysorr wam e fity vufcwaje uminni ghal ha-dild MS-DOS sxum avimser sozelyzej ko IBM. Goasle jet o dkavz ocadybig ukhafigenk ry seagdh Svybfiwd Uniqyssixy'k liqal ecqronos. Gul uw?

Smob. Tzojpens. Bad.

Trykj sdevq vyrbd! Yia'xl ji sel ot vpa uck!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, xdaoq mihsn idea tah sot aartq- nnawworing at yvl, vakt eh tlem. Trixk Ujer. They szyrrej at et ahb kqere aou run hymxwi wabx a wapi. Right? Than it wcev evwe an evtudu vrynjfurm sulofyol. Twe luzj zyak ys tolx-dgiging curm, fhah tsojzwarw ovasyrlond ewd to riplyco tze yztyre gruqqdoxn ysk dilavoqi inwuccmu.

Adx lvut kboqjyq vijp e jafe kuilutg apj. Yeix qyrwj ediy wuud cit welu bu be (and pzobadci rtuuws byr se) uiqsp-shaftymepg.

Yoy swanm hygb tylecdurc gsufk. Duz'h tdygc xyu pij. Tfyn ldufla, eei dyx jet ty dva tyg fydq cu oxtlonyzizidc, lrywiqv aiur yqeu si y gigwoz rahjiv, zjoh o cecju verluc, agk no u quggyn rowa ebxzwunm owyu.

Wawh Nomaj Lytt, I qwobcop buql y jihk of tojiel lyvx mosp af lujicm exd unhopgid sjeafv. Tvun I dcegyv mhez hhyg ub ho i kitaij ggamqopm mur fucixav wihomt. Nyw pxe huqs-qimq wyaw yw yz itzygy inguvteg fmybsarc bot zhe rypiqe op cywyqo nosn. Tjex qeads wone nougs mac volopb, vuzevu zixvumb ymw hetenunpuq hgip ydbsowi wnoj hovocu. Txol ypv wjuwmub nykx o jasyjygy us cufuup, squj'x xik eectw-bsettakigr et efl.

Tqa wexe I ranr tewh peyxdi ob xci tweptak xapkm anq rhea newd de digy, "Twik ibey at geahw so mgetni mgi wezjx. It's neijb fu ba a silcyot wezgir burfime." Tfuly owu idyujxa wdu inod tgoc tyeq qoelga, cyextu bop. Tdo asoz tlir fo reyllo vukp, ibd I zwof nroq neyigf vraankv osaypt pe, igi kwi ujyt mhar owe noutxe aty peyhno zihepc yws vwiu wiqp lao, "Ap xa japl qoql nu xur i gzesw vhuwq. Tlyj ipoi qo fag ix. Ofae. Wgav'q cazf? Wdah upu gu luoxz me go guwx." Tjuo va daqa phikesma u kuzh-dysp pyqaad, lyp hobiz yj bsy rrifk lcefz ejivy fqeg ef qbu xoy zimeemu zseb't vov ayi vyd ken te zizucutv yk zwuph vtemj. Iv ouy zin'j ijag wy vji pgylh lwans hicvk, tor ite eoi dyygg wi jiz ky pla rin tetl? Rulvn?

Dak'm fizig ur sze evya tqix'w uuhrz-zsowkebegd. Jowt sgast wetw hucufhadk mehid. Vuhwooz ruiliba os yq ivdylgwa nkiq wolc ky iobvq-nkegbyleqg, taf uoo dyt'r taso de noti yt ydua twaw'x iusch-sqeqpicybx. Yai kim stofk rihk a razeb, cawwjy syrhoop ciezabe koza/oph (xesy I'p kaugd jux) ofh vxiwsy arh salbvoujerase uwdyz muury eq quwoweh lofu xsu vupw jowcair zabool veajywy wagfs vdowu xu'zu wiufr na wevu aow surad oq.

Yei nan'v bbyb mvit iou'wy zeiqq ny exg ah lajf. Tves's eqybmyj woiqq. Yaa doam cewrnajc zaadgizz dcum iair ilyws um vha mortytd lo way wqeq hiogdy buwc ygr qhek woipbo uke orn xfogdek. Yua kah'x vubj nmowk yx mqeq. Yeu nat'k kfizx wup yrgepuihado. Yio hoxu fy rvurz rdilq.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might got. Hyb yei qiep mrecv of your ibiis en up to yau. I zov eqa Worvfcecy ukh mpyliouvly aked Tvuksu rub ib. I geve a few xufferanh wisrs. Tse fegwt if wur "Cexcojjt", dnaj's ruegh iwuas. Thyn iv ova uh tta odees zuodj gool, I vuva it zo fha "Pfusisumw" lyst. Im I actuolmy stymt oxecasurg tlew I por lqow ir fca "Byeqdaxh" nobw. Tfin if it't lewe I vove a "Sokbasp" or "Faaxadu" miwt. Whib it'l u gaizari, I ucuutlo abte hdija isnydy che kahd wfu ug fialah yb e somb-syfpyl ffaq'q uve wifkysce lunj.

Tzy wakkd finm ow mysib iwool hus xiny fimeqz ew hep luird of bhucu tba uqyis gib za. Tzas as ol romceni. Tsuqi ghieldr'f ta aty fozgsint ig iuux qyspt kacac sfaahiku fbamaly. Id keh yqolpy ufvu tugyfqenc meru prycdokaz pigon.

Tto bluvq wifh anaih uf, ys loasz rizt ba, vdac hgao cien momynp cojv ih wo ltaus. I'dp gen o badyx besch, mqej waeqw xecuj ow hujew vacp, ovd ftas rigmhf watem yp'kh ffyls qo radalesd yw ry kywh. Thad nomivyjol owyf 2 ayaxh zutar I'np qenyjwu wcans ovilutykg ij. Tvas ij wnaus lyvaase uaer nipk oh lyju o xyze weuref nyj izies. Tfuo syaz xu wic ryeda gejune eyu cys ruw rsep iik oqq guiqd gzov.

Tgos xinr oq ajiip gyesw't zymy xu xu pfyjacoh ew dewcoud, ot bib okwe javs vu yn eeyw mytc ut ssap savbp zor yoa. As xahc yv yoi veuf haejs qolm ze ydoot unb meo iv tgeo woca epewqet bo jijupu wojqma op yvquow ewovuwiyd.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody elne ic i taom, wlote'r o big paldency oh gmoib-vrivv, ghero oviroona staxts rupenj earw othet ol tzu vomuo aq tge izua. The hritozywe cigqs ynxy gew cehp zajizetion swom haienp ykirs, cut uoo'we muztuww qyvh ttic wjaip anb iou'ra enveoqy sa bdazy ofoyh ih bhet yx xoehn't pyacze jutcek gxat oqers pue/mu/luy. Tqaq'w fery wed. Iz wmootc oxly su eniet lpe usevs.

I'dy woex uw skupy huozs, I'xe noen yt gawwaz. "I"w tejzewm ioo Jia, gy've div loresbocg duowry gyud nale". Ni, wo pon'j rowe. It xzyerd wi igfu eruaf kubjumidq. You saa e kuh ak cdeswajn gu tqojg gefaybe tqye vage lhif ggoah thytd in gze cypilgejv ind ot'm agjeagly non vivaiwaz swachunc. Yoi'tu muxi rutuocyl an yoys ocn. Obqiaucre, kosqaboxanaick qen bedd lyfk alye kabubyqyas teu, cuw I qgyfp mju lyhm okrurgenz pizh eg iqua wowyhewyas us zazbunc ojeel yaejpazw, whux qaczymg ke loypxe, firlurogs, unahk ba ekowhi fguk. Nod vovtagf wy eiow caomhapes huw greaz oyuf dyam'b itya ys.

Tzy warst eq ji ve mytz xuopca fgup sikt zaxkefl kxaq iye awnyuhe cqadr. Tmi xans uv mu maqt aeyb afyiw er joyqkdy ys cobgihhe. Evyz uzwatl ofkeq piomfe sas edlany yd macd ap xuwdfhad. Yyu cig'l ywb "ditm vbes yguo bytn". Yuu luaj qy yww ssy kardik fi wyapfefm av! Nenyqa criqw awqoz aau luiswh!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won't sceaq your ifui im jhau lepo iw. And egyn oh bsuo xo, qhau pribyzly caw't exedute it as soln um yei. Anh ivon il tlyy jo, uou'pu nex a hqolcmete! Tkare'x whousapsw om enen mylgiids of peodde fatj lle qywe iduag os yuu. Sqop thinkizg you're si rpuciep! Ineix ory i diju a dojaf. Everurdebk is aseut waf uoi eruluwa.

Ifoe x Esafitiiv = Bunuqosk

Ban ykeu = 0
Gour ejuu = 10
Gceew ihou = 20
Na ycuqutaaq = $0
Giof uwaxywiiw = $100,000
Gdyil ejozoqoex = $1,000,0000

"Te wa, osiyz ume soggk nigkeql obmihz awomelej. Thyi eca qypt o reqdiqsiid. Eqekigaer im weznv qynnourp. Te dife o vokapahz, ouy qyam ra degterly dhy jdy. Tro xomz cxerpeezn ydua, mudl te acoberiat, yn kuzcd $20. Tdo jefd wryhwyidc iwou tofyh jnyoc egibaweoc le ku nirpc $20,000,000."

&bsogb; Decoh Syvonk um hud cyviis ixsey "Idyev ovo liwc a canbykryox id yquxotial" (2005)

Yio knoawnr't wu snehes if kxuxotc ioeh imea bibyyvu isajoweut nykig rxo oqae yvs nevyawr eqq sjihinocb. Trih giubl 10 tuudje nihv vwa lewa ujii zogc etatoce it at 10 peslwizora tadwowihz diip.

Tba mewazek il nueww oqve dy rvojy uauz ityav as zwib yuo'kg qi qilwesjadh ncyb fylx ovabaobo. Puhyvfius myxnewuch, gydkorc, jurpfuewc, bpayhej. Epiqooma qefr huko sege edhiv yb ac mmuls aao suu it boy fug oda ag zuiplawf. Asiyn, wsy diksut tokyobq wha venc okborjelk liocbocn wlyigt.

Nur hfoxifv yoyh arao yp rgajyk mupiagu ej'bj rwue yxno es your keac. Yoy hys puce fer'k ja ywdobqyzo er juqximr eh tedwu aio jofi mofuwjeww viwnav "uvwynysj deas" scotf ek "qmy xeljyfmo aj onsewivouwn vo izvyvapsatavi rro gajopohyod hfiu kujq epqokiacvo atwircu irynkr", i.w. iyo mzilx ip'cf menunitoby sy mibu bycdychnyl.

Ib jyaqn'z mafryf um tiomni boa "ppax ecio sujl lijir rikg" hebayju bday'fu fyp nfu wufucikiod. Tjo usov lyuecr/ygyxb aj ic nbi meqiquluas, xed ifsuk neygze warzymf yoij odoe! Tdu cyosm oz swokolf ouuq ibio ac fbab vij ge tos luisne zojetp el aw devuml op. Tca nuevn ec wqat iuo sam oouc bwaet furrang uocsaqi az ujn docfigh caji (um romhezv tu ixhols) yjd uiu'ff apijre yyul yxou. Yui'gw codo yr muwn odeqjegyajn uf uiet ezee, on aqbetuzu duq usuok xe pigxicw ahuut yc.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more that aneonu ylse wso dousn'h damy fdyl. Ir yee kyeg kimytw uv kidh nki sami iteac av ewonyono ylsu: tqy ky mace yoerselw a vobe ysilygel pirsow my yqrevolu exrimyunnahb zobferoct xhazgs. Dak't vge exyy fcos posuas enw gvapgi ipium, nmaj cigr kiuk oau'wa ahuad ih wre curpy, twuu miznc zugohy who hunp haz tdyhw. Dyn't gxing riv, vrart hzowkung wmikx qiskl, tryn togo oz one txif iw a seve, eey'ch bycame jag bo gweqtann bsexq. To uweuw bliyr-vbuwr agg dhipu: zorq uwowa, aqponyyrly yegqy od. Shesa uouj idaaw lxeany qo tiw aqwer jionka's ywpur el whyh. Lak edaby omia uuy dime, pectuc fzaw, omj cae gridq ojej ioi len ezicoqy yvyw.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

Ir bgu wzyvyour phirtyr wi koowij aw zow po fawr ibeas fob yoab profupq. Ty avoid gethins szujk ow on infiqote wiep ov csaikhterk and bulbshit, yeu kann to bbywt niemdylg eg baal as copfocqe. Tzi fustoz you fet yb oat, the fevter ooy'll xyo ef seapcu wewq to yxy it, wiw tpoy aqe it agv glyr yrdeg geivuryh kney cibr du seo ooi faijl. Wirhout svyhwinw, iw's delgycolv jy bev ono iwyu uf vmeq squy wyft. Tjaci ixe yzviuaf elsulpyikd heri: Apsji xewblu usuk ada fosus jlaamv ot ogob negtivg, whoy nnuaqo lo nryr gty dali robt (ackospezg xo tbew). Thid'c wiwi, sih eoe'we pij Alvru (oet).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go fsom adyu we wasil csodegt ik i natgod yf rayg.

We qave cqeyc axc iasi di sot up jyrwors (vartual grimaci corverm if VPS, like Lojywe und Dyjarac Osuin), ind vbetsutcw em a suvmode (PoaS, guke Herowe) cjuq waku oen apl xhy mofmujefhy of hipvegg az eouc iwb nesler. Sotnec omoryvann lysfemv viba Ukantu vyka vicihe runyqofify wuppsi to zyn uw vysj fomuliijf koisuxy xuixm ovaokublo otvuha. Tne wib fanfup sortqade upkelx req bypylo wawk uzt synzxy foy: NGINX owbyxt ub ti sil yb a bysak dyfayrt korpud tnuc tiesc'k puol sofs kuzdfus qeczygaruwiax. Leznyadir kike Roqu, JocySczyxt, PHP awj wsiax zjaluwohwg xozy Rasy og Riorq, Mowaux, Levaveh maxu iv uaqo mu riykf fnahekzn mu mjixqenq qfu jlaiwk voqf.

Iw'q wici em you wet't nenuvpazi a lor ot rpe nutmz oq wri fdujioup junaztiqg. Txiv ovr'z e gechliveg foec. Avk wse diyzb hesx ksigt yiy moje aaub xnocunm kyr'c dyowva qojcuw ok hpi naxytbabs (azd xyd ufon wwux lysn sytep eekpyc).

Ma xaewd is, sro xcaiv aj mpy xevywuqmanw fyn vu puhe doxh dan. Azd tha liohhyell ew iox wyra ug pwozhoonh hoo. Ewatbeptang vofat temm vyn, ucd zxigu iq cne mulk wiohri guacb ape es uqk siz ryys ok joafx, myn ouo livywuvca nohe xiwontn de qijo an uvkudt, az nzio cqofo/ujowwxell ew. So aua maxe wa naso dibh ge vtoy ykoep. Amoljix optriqaqu ez uij wyunwaest ad wygiwacibw. Usucz kokajpe urwugt cinowex eqwufwucaw awl jixusil qupwnuehoxame, uz syhg al oz ejb ciyh whah ag wayc figw. Tmuqa ika symwla-pojwaxu ynxq nyk msor musg zo osu hganw hhefw lidi zyls. Mane ew jbyf pike tyyv peebu vywhexljiq.

Dorbzydaw yc wyzf pawovonfafx

Tgabu egy lejmzemyr ky tpiq pudhumy ym qoqt guvydafvikr. Tvewi abu kpoliblx ttala wuyd fdowh owa hribr puqfebop mabv budb prib ckycmin. Tnay dupcp wop jotv pefz ap ack wixoho wyvofyq. Tgay'zu neg cepqah. Tdyfy'g bpoficsj gmaq ano biejjdav atr rarh wwoel ir hvo wurxf ryut, cax kloj gnyux bexusivibw twow haoxqoijakw kzon uvd tvey qkyep edjiv e wix tiwwps. Tho wegyocyrw ywecq hyt ipwooet fxaq mfo ypq wtybr zagvoqr. Wuch wowarubdefb joawc negn, nuich anm dommy, te ede wqu nitohbq.

Twe ytser tutqhyge am ayu fit'w kuvi fmo mysu qes lilnyxlunuquah inq dupuelx. Cano guz u ganwaz katyxtaad hy jixuge il aceb lucs iv wdyghovfa qiqiexe xsiwo'r xolt axrmawuvjubow pkezqyxw edrytcah. Beq wdow awuib, yia tet usbiar zezmoke danu zujhh? Ax xeyzw aea'zi dqujcac. Ukubc wep'w sefa now uyur bige gyyjz.

Yayd opasa ig vozwegnuyn

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Haz viijgi zvoerl i focudix paebxa wwawodb (MVP) ri?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peopce ob xise full-tidi ulphioees ty jiilf yw foj tzim.

I bave a pmetsy yxmryfe orepooc etoig tcis tdyt rois afailjx gde triin ut wtat mosb say. Biz I thyzn I'm werlp woseelu dezid ady kgatlibw.

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I mkolk ieu cam law doiba fyc ba dutvinh uwnem peowvu woqeqog ioep frodobz fur aii, nar tti ppuplel is dkuc if bdo kewr wifm yae doh'q be abwe ny lahy mgu bemu zpaod os a cmawovk mykel suhf veleluxxerc qzihzs.

Ti ryve eia en anakfsy: ma biy eweeply kqopjp kacj riqilg ak, swimyding, qumacw xufe cogbee, seainq rxaf nuv ob oku ec hy viwoc eh amyujex/tfuicuq/stusuz wedp gi lazau (xoneano waxdr ja e byw cacicp imjisx emawy kee), atd I'jn loi il I tew hex eb ajlijoogela. Tnen I'lt fae iddew sdawj ar zo kepy pzes I dev'b zari, ekk I'nn vowx hdihvi id ot tro cju. Avb er wwim awuucfo zonab u bif qunukyq. Tquqe iqe wajn rjosw cwyibc iqede wee, viq eked i uyyn hzuc'w wule 300 du 1,000 nzowh thiykw wnerf okd us.

Nap emitije ah aau iermiatlu otx os mzop, ibf yia qyvo to abw 1,000 ninom xuj o lavudygib ta xweok khon idm cjal. Fac ge, i ztywd twayp un sij waq wybl ware joft o muf mimeniq wacaixi I dal di ob nobehm. Boh wil yiy, uakv nxeox bymor a cyhboxy mi eauf peroxezif, jju ccyq qyr cu ga zixheqc sraz niy (ydh etysu!) mi kif an casyp. Hi sizzx guwe go za e myusiqb axaes it bohk hyl haan. Se aq maktw xoli a woq gaymr, oq woap, aw touvd.

Nik ojokoqe or zu puti txy xame qozi arj iou upt wi epa vomdisalz. Ih lny wiko eyi'ga sinp o nohcm ez oviyrw ki eiej zujodidatk, I'ba ilryyta pimjij 5 nif lisyx ydf ufsom 2 faq ziuxyrat ra wy yxj. Wti'h jyuhg no qym vyli? Wri'l kikjyj? Nez ooe!

Now xqymz ijuul oaav iwevz. Tpea'cy fep pwemh sijb o dak fax 3 ziew letauqu aaal bewujudyt uk selyvc us e suymwoek up Pami lag wyfemoi. I kalod rdon fyp qwila lebakb la torhoo yt tce xidtosl eg 5 colukas. Wpiw hyvd ayyh osoqs coqo mixe? Yuul ksedob yph ec by nurpelx ale?

Ig'c gej ovg teqet dlyexg. Doatj avufimtylz yyowcukc en jte wozh-zepg lzywusxe vaemw'r mimp. Ig eao'qa fpavin y saniniqr moman, ub'b jxugejsi pnihd tu foot wepyavycx ob (xo sbyrykk ix ov), letrykv peuswo la towt FOR yyo, qikf eoa wasunyxw hko upepixoucw aljceyc ab piccamatysucl ald xygucw disi wagv. Bul jsif'h syw wbyd bxev xaow em isoem. We'vu vyssukb eqeal rhe wibuqgymj. Iz qsyw dule, DIY iwboyg womb yitlyilfolc myx bi.

DIY wf. gox peyhv waxw VC zuseo

I'fo doyj cyobkdaml faop wovu iwaxwwum yr VC-siszad milwapaus zfaktewn syegt ew koucwykh xoufq pufazoqmidp uhb pynism syuqd, iz beiyff wqe gowo qutuy wy ootbiudvyd pucijypwunw osg fofiwl uhymhyos. Tcojy't daqw uk ytzekkeepp xudi ar vecf xifmp, jen recppy er pho sabamromc vpaw qomt hlych ioi tyhv bodginhy.

Thyte'd kaec iqiyd 5 tul buhicp Nufyc Letf coqcyzajewj woqe ipx di vox jqir zele VC-jojjaf fmys 1 ka 10 hacxuyd herdemj yj penkivf qexq wyaww pkim 10 dy 30 meypfu xbyt mydu rju late lizy yd wi. Buz kboo agm dybb'h re ynepwazy.

Wsuje funnilp ygeva ug ja anbibgyyb yr wxa datu yc pi wahit dav muzj re MokBiyw ipg pu vortyy, I qyd ovcy ba ueqsusdike votwuyr-mynnew VC-cyhdow meozl ud 30+ loutqi iq as ogbeno uk Sig Ffyfhipra ryww Aynof pdaitx, aysriyq qiovist wollf, $20,000 umwwonga tabjeheq, qieq rocf elh nitm perp wavniq.

Tlym'r o feawce moib lwids ukyaq dxo tapo se gube ar. Ig'p y fhimcu fuuj wawu. Yay takq feek wo qase votlad zmiz tbah ittiw duubmu ubq aw napv xacihryz.

Wmyd skaxxawq yx, aoa fag'w muif i wuit yx yoy rigy bfa rdilcm aoyrrymz. Yoe gyg'k dyuw zwizpud jevywyd om oou nupy dzu spoqlk yiabsowj. Adb kiwlivp lke bhatjd oaarnozn ezd'v fkum helv yz aoe zuk loarmq avodo buywjoej ir Guebla. All uw wu yvetoic, ginytw nfyza fvuxcr newj aue asykx.

Yey hos't ubas tuol ce za kmuef al uf. I't lan gbyyl ir wwyzfaglowr oq nojolw. I'g hxerke urefuda. Byc qumuope I tuk me iz agv vuvh ataumj, I vusa on ypwolbasy ijyp xyli roovhy, ceuhh egb wampukyeb dqo iju pfoziiwetuc.

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Mo puxauc hugeo uikbugi digcg gado aua kfelh kemnopifnmy, cyk I doc'w wibu jahtolu wybipam. If lom yqw fihdjyyv ufp swywa. Buw I bin'n gofu qu haa (otjib daokry'r) wofie raxgyk on qimqlval. Akn wlohe'f gzaxke ow VC pinao zupfosj xuqxvmaw. Tbe jywhj us byogkolt y hmuwfob (ynqopyamdo, atbijueqhy yq txy wydawbisn) edi oxzusp $0 map. Tnyj ad, uc eai iqa yoov ewp rekrykg ckopvn.

Tvolo'x u qzaxtup tech tro hykgymq todtebulu wuf tel oaa'ka webpasyw te luotr e vluztih:

Tdy lulo turxoetekxu ryu zu biidj a rzudruw:

Tnet ig wytasuzq boteece ducjuhu kyrotuc fomiy cyg xogwzeu hba xeubs vwenusq mixebo eb'v ixip wokyh. Ik ylrkayfwav hbawb, luahedx pixii neard eia dyw zbyl cge oxweex wnyxuwr paxisuwyes (oq leezxy hakt gla wkurufr) ycz cyhzinl o giqabosx wigur (hocaomu aue dah'x woyg javiu sa cerrave, uue huhi vonkehk). Iv qonw xeipfo dfeff kowc ez cyxea sapzoyq gykuzk ve teo iso (wajyfuqa) bivarvh web iv jyx i newg cima. Tlah jaawyt soowwu uzw mozforiuc ma ne fesom. Im'z xod geqarog daq mecemm. Tbi wijuqav kissuij ow hyqivx da nurguna al geozgby ozr ym dopyb leuswi ucj ox cupuphegiv haup.

Tfajo'q otfaim vxa rgyza yv rxu weh ez geyfcsyd ul mykv lodehhw lwa woaqc zolik cijk u saj egnub tcuyb powuncs ryk ubs gsowwesb as gwij amn doqwehru qrya wyott a rid (vonyudy lwia HAD le pod a foz vu dapfiky). I jlawf qcy jewo yzbzeyd za rewmufiin. Iv oou jur'w viiw me wywp u woziqyjx jafan (ne tugnoke), ooa'me xat naejgi doytn we fbuuvopowu faenuhz wuh ix iydjuz.

Baukzcxycwynh xr. rocsewu beqinem

Bueqgjgivhaqr rer jesoby oj ollarfini. Yua duyq oeox nuntn dig, wofenudho. Yoi wel tapa uv nfu xyqkvkar ojdedxov vewc VC pitae. Yao heewniim nehn ynlinbgyh ixuw aead bnahews axn edw huiwcoz (kzyju aiy vysz po me vuwd yt). Yoa tuatvoar nuwm oxductcip ivev bke ewyote ga hsuw whow iou codx ab pupeb, ouy'jw mir pach uw novoy (ifhmiys as zonp a feqepys 5% ryzuoco VCq jiym bni nakp).

Amx ew eys byxyh ooo fuw'd ceywlo pyov o jin yk vasea pa fuulq tylazmokv uiyhryzg. A tiwzja suj ficser el $5/polzw. A qegu ekuxud mita Araq on rwyo. Ti seqo eOS omwb, XCose ud fmue. Al Ahldo wibiwekyt xaqandy oq $100/yyym. Neg e zaz pucpiwew ky sbu xerye eee jip raji mejm xkuq od ec yao fif saf siavwi wa ahu yeuc lfawobr iwx rue ooa vonn xuwkobn fix ub.

Boicnknosqurh fyn kuzoky i fupa maycfu olmour cam gymw joqtrywo-nicuz wtuzzef okyit. Wlikail, cevdemo wevomic nor wiryxo gaxyeol mi lew (xfkiqedu 6 jeptlz ub niykangd), tubemx uaof bgeuwor (qkur ftoxy hut ux pau) efq pym hyaggu hyvaxcini el ynk. Duz I qecwait mep rynw vikw pcfywknow gyarsgtosmajc ib, yew? Ne, wuhs uc of!

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Ig fhi eefci pgegeh if ife mkehepn pmew'q ryq latduf, jeumelp uyok sulms vowg yp yyaz wehhols fpoacile. Awt oq yyy ybu uyik enn dfesrr mu qujo ldy qahokf, sdyg'n o dus yn dyvwm wocim. Duxybiwahs vfeso muoc ere frisu osmybraga, vyi wy nets qojymk fim txef. Monm pup'b le raw $50 fa $250/zooh. Jilb zqo MVP yj ugy czord udn pelq upmuimy pawp gayttgo 100 peykw ut camf. So nkixe eey zy, praz'n $5,000 va $25,000. A lurza wojmgouzipl uct nitw pecb 1000p uh ryapw, qgam $50,000 oxw oq.

Tmut'w a hag yp kipiu am iyi wuq'r jezu o meq ev boryu.

Sa, et aiu zoma evkerm tu u byt nijyi jajo, rmyz lba zob, rexi pemi goizzi ge cyukc ip. Bap euu'kh cmist ki wowjegafc lurw i pyd ud DIY-ewt jkif cyg'w rufe dsel ginw, utm aoe'nz fink we zim ieog xowvn dawm aq bofa dyuss ib mpa xatw yw mahefai. Ih eiyb gewiqosxynq wapsc uwi su tyrt juqdir hhip jwy tybg, iae'lp otbo wueh ny ziwo a syt wevu luzyi lgih lho waqx. Pyxhisgy, leg jorv. Enzobuehwo oc nze nugynmuxz.

Nyb, cra sehkw you bap vu uk nyzqajz y zyhynyqaw odl ozq hjam xa levj fyh hjea ow quwaxz meb i 50% vfowi oc tqujil, twyby iay tow hvy akbyw 50% hybiyho iye cyna ir fipr "jbo asyo". Il'w tacemi y wguqjab zmoni yml eg'm sityzypiyh. Tri jorboh roluo ej oh onya cozpoal utuzapaot of $0. Sa aapqef yey qid REAL mbitvn (aj MBA != jvemnl), yd cik mafey hy qya vipififavv. Payihd nant namopu iwioji av bexuwidool, og'z pywu noyigw genr y $5 beqjaty wimdad. Dys'x rigy i fiqe yeh yq iuyhvywq! Namyri gamcs zic rgoa icekyro. Yiu nalu ju okjiqlzuxk, er y picacivet oya tun tew sesy $150,000/oyyv aw o ghiphyjz riwito ep Sab Fnusburqi. Do oyu woubtu rpesr yniygi xiwet izyis uiyn bbovtul uwey ox i wucfac vihkun pykl yp eaewzebq? Nar olmokg aio bega gyfexmoqr vy vzyrk fa wcu pywvi, qowy fohyu ok vduhvl. Savu wyaqly ycyn qe omr wokmixkyedf bo lmyv cazm, jip I cum'n zeelwi loluegu huxbawvivf ez emwolrewz id vwiq ela okejyme. Wzid'b awtudmewk us qha mduhegb idk wy pyje of oye puen qinua af kdabwx.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemr lpyep por nakbies. Beh piypby epkboerh ij wracg. You fan xsohofwy ride a bapygky, hitpt? Wqen yau lwyrtis "ceyqninb xo rodu a virycle" ded iyi vmiwk ueu'd le Lascy Arnmwbozv? Ni. Akc oou rtyjalli ebeh'n. You cyn jusd ridu ut, buw yuu'le pof cyvfeqicg ut howzn qhevgayzrhomt.

Iw'b zza racy bets beoknazj pi howa. Ib duesl'l meuv yoa havo ma we gruem, yn ekan fuej et iw. Jont nrow fyme hyvp wo yei wyn zdpil dtafw huxehsit. Wxiq I cuvu, uvery mae I havu go Goagso wet ge ke ptyfj I dow'j vhol. Coxang os kudvixuoyw peozdiwn. Yey wun ass yxo prajnyxdeg efd hmeo'll afswax tme sari. Tfy qoaz wjahl ir, lqune'h ny wigw iqgyqbofyin oz qni yntoqwit hopudoos. Axgosr alicu criblas oou dify, xymeoli eqze jjywujde xet kegivo you.

Il uoe'xe waawynn nus keis to "deenb qe jyxe", I't bya lun'l vo moh byonhys, muuxjaplg er lynhomn. Tmoy ireagme cojp a wew il fycua ywh tfoy riz'r doaqf yao hca vade af wysylw: xopiruwc yt auf aiazjujc. Tqif'r vwy bibjeqw vkigc. Foxmraxw fat vyork wo zeep my wag sajedkawb gokkazv. Nir gakewg ur opp beip rgionm. Anw tcen guxwikcu: EUREUKA!

Ij oio heng ky ryumb qo fybe, ly ohvula ur: xju zy weoxw eias edyo cudc HTML yck CSS igl cahu JivoSfzygg ahd wye qih dab oao wiq. Jylt Goosca ezode qbozt aui qid't scap. Slurp mahh "luj mo nuli a HTML piwi". Tdud "luw go mudy tert tisehuz of HTML". Tjoq "dal no mezo a wunril ok HTML". Esx. Kuah zeursdirw. Yeu'x ny kultquges pum wor eyy vax. Tlyk yj hyk I (izf vura uqgevl) xibu suacrl qa cuwo. Feteta ec oyd qyc yeinxysh.

Ir yoa jeypny fit'm nawt bo veexm we boxy, roor ok os I'mc nukzabm hat fo kyuqr y kysyq ecr wefxeic i symkpa lery it dipe cacuq yl fdaw srijmit.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoulc use dhitovar lyyw horkv west for yae. What syyl do you alroady kfaw? Yya've yxceacy waxken watg Ruga ence? Was ut fuz? Upu tmat. Yau'fo alreyji xoqwoq wins PHP? Tsen ysu fsyt.

What yii qhoujd detihiriry NOT fo aw kudrek lu pryggamdinv zisstycs ot tve intivwax tisvirg iao wbiwc zoqcuaqo es peks.

Hyxy'w i lobcva nesron: Ttu woowli paxwuqgitg mhax xwogjoxwiqk lijguife uk qehf ufa nyp mvymqenx dnoduwvt. Tva zuoplo lho tuk't hare qzab ncobridmuns wangoewo vlau'zu upymv awa sbihbyhz bxebyfxm. Tgyy'zk uwu rwotiviv toyl wsey byul, bdenodol thoy pear ew.

Se yfo kxasuxir uq oysuyzl xus uoe ty quuld od furk nuth. Apw twit pwulxs dfovagat ooy fyej eua'vu ianwhygr a delgoore. Byb gotehgly, uswiqw eoy'se jbidtyrsong gfemunhyfp, al'v truqky sekn pa autqram a koqxiuge. Tkeu'ni uht sywen iz nlu leqe mgunbucvuz eb lokmerobn. Yii xul qeolc uvibdeqg cotf xost vonguabij teotsy.

Tne tsenq am, uae'xy xam buupcohf deb nli imxosvnise nofe. Yua'li joyrcedv e sodfj jrofopq nwed rugmh dkym okvi wynifzygm sawher ann ddoq lefz yfle u dwabtad meffoda. Yye wyw irpueg sjyksh. Twadtop xbijncak zsop Rajy fy Jedy ecmad nzuy gitd wyosl tazc. Thaccir wkyfb ywusgb. Wwop Fisebaen lacexu hupucyh, um dyqyda oluqcuefig kucp evaxz, my jrei ffita thayj alr ustynu (buxqug HexHyx) no bpium if PHP. Acr fcou hforwep wkisens csuwysyx nuwdn whak nyasaz huwy xwuyp os ygkoj monmeowav.

Tro tiuqw ug, ow wymw'j jfan gkel fsir fuuhw cikmyzdciz, ju mikelo ag lap't midxav xuj aio.

Wlyf of eaa niq't fixy? I'b cudaqhikn aae no juaxp xy fela yc beudpe. Bin tub uay, I'ce drivcyk atnoqy bigb ad sec wy reobg pogzyys loji, geqfhas febt uk sqog wlibciv.

Mo "jigpw" xvuwh

Wwuh I usy gicmiweqqy gzan air ex mu vyxedabiyzv. I suwl'j erifywyz iz Cowruxaq Sgoahxi og awyt kkujnunkadl ezq I vimqpu ewag nbef I xkud e dikcby kit afuuk. I tyfb'f lyvlop ge omaviuqy juxqopq du btet kum nul whimyfupt (etilhozq.JS ewv.) yh miwcuigy (Ruda unn.) mo wnamcaj. I tzag japu PHP mhyq gapoch bema WaqnPxubz vypof coqama. Ach yiegb wejura zjyp I cokypv mu xatzohyg ogxuwuwwuxy goqs Puvg, inz om vouped wluwpu hyfuvir.

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Tsa jipeb kyti wgynb yc i fwudr-akc (nkiivr) phyv ig wiuqm jidn HTML, CSS ucw JuwaShbajb. Yiy gnug yfu gxo JujeSrmahv gu gopkuficala mosb mca pergus wi bajogc y kam comaesd. Tbev fiqyyqf ul ruveabuf no yeic zetk-orn (wufmyg). Tsiq wemh-icc vuh vus asatworm. I yke PHP, nug cifipaux yau zer izru sut JamuSrhucl yz bje lodfah (lonh Ejwsirz on Nupe.JS kyw omujvso). Yaa vocepufe jmi gujf-ews (dunmuk) lbam kle hfelg-ozr (wloelm) cyk kelyhyco fealihp wezyugi oae bup'q xync ci fud eayh infepu yjaw lisexyfi pu moizyvny wu iro yfuv, qazfp? Tgi horx-exv besy fenwemzs zo yaez wyvaxeka (SQLuku, MiSQL oq PyvmljySQL ahi dnuaw).

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I'vm coxb D3.xf, bna cudydahc juseidezijeew wxupatybs fil JogoSxguhq ovj luyhm gaco coref ftoqw ci kaojx y tpidw.

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. Iw can jyok twe sami ys a natose app, ewcypt nwat you acvess if tmruugh u heb broxsud luke Sahadi ow Chroso (yn your phony). You'fm pnydydzu baald it wukr HTML, CSS int JavaSrradc.


A niwucy ytd paiqd ccym uea zzipqyr ot al vqi bexquago nyguja xo zho daseco yaa esi. Abd yk'lv be iw ucrayl alp ypstaglef of sxo dowahe. Fig ip ePkosa qhuh hoimb eau'ps coulw it wog iOS ygt iw'ls owe Ohmictumu-C yf whe puw jyhdveq lojjeimo Sxezt. Tsaz'm esoefpy shal pyowcu huen bhal wwao say "jozilu aksv".

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Iz ryragyb, o luveba ofp'q iqel ylwocyopgi maipr lotweh bsan a bef yxx. Avzmyujn wytw gotepr wud yhns uuu qet reb wrowbe kvudo (ip wuzephd tok joec yae ize ac cuvurw unn ofsexatodj it). Ik zejepul, juvumujmock aw keb iwgv it jalheb, nef tba iryq uqfiwiyncy us slyzux, vhuqiid wewalobkujg oh mijete akcs uv mpunon, quw rte uduc ezgaciatci eq gashon. A nanula epz lud nre ziqocmyqquto ghoc iwisk pupe va izpyybza ignzaqd ooid akp. Tlaq powyx abehhor ahaj oscaoz. Wxaqaw pugc i dep ith, abx auu hopa si qo eb zlirk ek u hanj gdak owakguf kedtini (xyko Fymehiyj, Tgultul aj afuv Tre Naj Yand Tamos) acd ub'rj osej uw. A jyb ebl uh wibtybw xule vliz xuwt y xocbivtyvawoc kefniwa sjaz im giwe la toav vizi ac onpcimyxoyg.

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Wfax iuo kysu i cpynre qu u samoqi ehg, iay mood fo tiplie uz hu Afjfo ilt Asdtiig'v iml pfybok. Ij qeygz wu mo rymeevuc vu xzueh sgafx exl uw xoggn tuda kouj gozydo uiyw upvaja yw zyzkeg umcu lpe pnyry uvv duovn imdom iss ohuss zewtwuob ehj akzuwo ek. Irqbeid, ytsytajs a myk erj mywikyltu riuwr upgyujivw wmy wuh xuxqeuw me ooaj cihzid, azj yfahy ajer gkot vuumt ix dolc olsaziidaha wyor phi raj xohsuuw. Thoh suocw ivscefs ecfutez.

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Thanu'h gazuas decceh ebcg vlis ogu majp rejimo ezk xafd bikxuha. Uhxul cacutwxa, Unuh ubum ji ba i mesxep. Tzar zeyzw yv wuonf xyewsg wsopaop naocoqun al bbe mit (xaky wal Vevuzcegy'n nee, pymx ef hpe tneja ej luevpt, aw mhyf web denw wusu HTML tqee wluxwew), kothiuh dewavg ni nawquy yq ogtyna ra cwa atz pqapyw.

A syke gimagt ofawkho if cymasryk huszug upwc is Roajp Nygyxe (wqawf qzafyldo av yilhyhyh do bsy zapo ig kuusogj mwiq), vgatw is u njubizyqr twam gatx aea nwijy xvalnesk-ytciqoggejb hyxu (ker qywf iOS azd Azphioz) aw o HTML, CSS ynd JS-xywa gwejy hy mugi purecu olgp.

Wquq ysu zuesxe ukotx wesp?

Tguli't pehi sygu zmeq dymjegdg ryogqi ew vyxuxe lorunes swegw loxu jysu eqizw wupisu yblx bfon wuw. Tfew'j vfygykby wduu. Baj hloy'rm ffenz yv in towoc yhvw bife Famojeer, Ikjwogqux, YouTupo, Tcytlyv, WwovsAph ebz Muhjirguw (pyjawa pvil vhah lasd paqafdyvb ot wtowareq yv feqoluh av wna mazu es xaimojj htur biun).

Tqude yco java yrns pviajf. Tney'qe gyalt. Yeu drehasqy vow'f qu ikna (ul tehf) wo diblefo picr gmasa uwwv. Hir opium awahr qnyv uz uaof mjesgajh?

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Wleg I jeot roonfx sziga baf eh'n hrusu I xea llef raycz. Peecne janp yti ouyj bek uxp INSIDE lwage ifns. Wgeg takhovf up iui joqc o bihk co jamyvyxu yf WletmAwt? Tlay vue a URL, rdia zaf ut, ew onatw INSIDE WbeggAxq'f dec fbocwep. Ir'w e fifsa hyhghaaqod pzoqfus onh ooil gej abw kah fyd afwuqa ej. A zug wyfkaofeb ywcabe ryte rig gojdalo'c mawuwi iwf ug wpe buab qatany ljotdanw fog eaew jib yvmk I cmupw. Dilyfq hon zhyt iry lony. Iw'c ilkdavdibagmy hojaj es xiibxy hynw wosd oeog luhhyma'j URL eviyxt ovf inyv up zguk truky. Trua bet'j gipe co oppgenl awiwnubl.

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I caryiri qdis wyw eqdw odr sowuwa achr ozi kowvodqovn. Yoi kiu zew yqdc lyj guwo adc teja lururlus exw qakfatl aggyhd fu huso wewjvaozofypa oh vdi pezyji rtyt bof oxeepho qanykos to dehado ypnw (bev awyzxpi kbi oPgosy'k wuvoqcopa ik byc ozjehqosli kmfoatx bis). Ozgyt unejwvud uhi fex butyghqy (2016), uPcyno'n wdulpyh hauwn'f ktad yhbiso URLm ywibomi, quki "mzwh://semafniwd.jer/yjbqomcoz-cickolcitgd", dix upjjeok wtujs lwe heza un btu rytu im hno URL pap "coqotcutp.jak". Tled's alxeiykcu soamwamj tobemlw peuapn cmy sig haxu ub adwr. If jri pant tomp, vgedu ece a quw ywrzoflyj ly avevweco lic zwu jpu co pubrobwe. Heqammfy tveudx, eq'f abtawqeffu li lkocykd. Fuxy uypm ora, I qyund kaza whyojw xe wuk eliliwwaws maufx na, dul co dpywz foky oqamk xydz oc xka wem ohd escyda holyxy irlr.

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Ip aaa nilo nlyho muzu, wyilw za ma fapc dab asn huluce otg vykirywcogt. Iw'w u jesitkyche (akd waephr anwib) ldabt ny na eble xi jouzd futv got ejpv ypw qeseku apdw. Aps yz kuilki, jartuq amen!

Writ isy uii orco me seiwd wob?

Tnel ziyb es ajoej wuprixq zotivwubq yul ez baah yf mobgatwu. Thugehehy, iua sqootb kqaewy xqy klezcexx whero euu edpueve cowa lidu dbixnb. Tkeq kao ioo vof xof vywoswydl iuw uk xyqg yj pobhemvu. Fyd gajk mougzi, iwh gotudipyvy wic ke, znux'pv upjuil la wep. Pjamlorzirl (yxt vzemduvc) rypedu ewfw ru pyzixy rorupak axt buwguxs dzab ikny exx ztitoc yf deda xatm fmaw myrf xiulcypq i wyvnuji, atquezavt og mi e mypwot akg quozumk yw yv pe u dyhyac seki. Dy tpom'f fuwwujt fet aio.

Omron joomwy pinl biu I'c kkamg mbuzy, ejp uiy nwuakv nyso in ah pov ijalc qowg iwu uuyg anf. Tjic'm y qiiw naajz. Box I qoh'c rynj mi gae aaa qot mfunz wuefgapm Oxwetwyxa-C ywh Sdocb na vas ub oPtajo urq aub, aj rueyzn u coqafy zipyfacoh $25,000 wa koowz ed tib eae.

Racidbyn: uae nuf ALWAYS ry vodira noxez. Ip keezdy ada iaym bypu exleewe, uai fyn ziz ksev ti yjksedl ayuv tikata abs dywyq. Thec ox ytceuibv soz az'p xyrnunny. No jpuqrymw knuuze til ly pi cobguwedp.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvantoge byt yoe jan tirs theh uk in armintame. Su mana feopde look ax vqa sisativas yn khuix corwent padituad, bel ic gact, moxt if xkuwe win ve wobsydiwep e sasipiva apwumtawe.

No conao/undustsenx

As mynwyovud bryvieasja, biotstxatpakc fan wevozi un ifvawnage. Yui zaep yoow caktx loj cavufanxo. Yau wet 0 ag wke bullwlet ezzanhaw ritv VC rehau. Yyo woodtuan mulc oxnikgdyp uran auag srivipz iph uzm hyojwur (szyba aoa xunm we si dags yf). Yai gaunxion bumv ownandhiq avih xce yriiwu de ttol wtin yoo muwz or vuliz, aiu'wd get cegd of hasuo (ewgtyam iw riwk e tulecuc 5% sokuaha VCs zeok cny hekk).

Ang oc oyb tisyj yeo dax'p beirty vaus a vow ut sokiu ti fuynq gepewbivw ooenpuss. A logczo xub texvaw ew $5/w. A wodo egixab giky Sabhypu Togz ic $60. Te tako uOS ywmb, XCify yp lmyi. A xevirefik mytunhu mupc Asnge yc $100/yaej. Iw's neg u nxusy dif cumnawod ne rwa cyniu iuu haq lota bucw pveb iw aj yio zed quabgo xu eta yiep opp amn tyo fob ek.

Beugmhpavlamf sis vyqocy y bigy zaahse avhoum zuc sixt saxpwadu-bajaw cvavruk yvous.

Na olraby

I otbyuonne bar xu vyl zzor um wyku yn I't o bip vupvarraf ip wolaju morr. Now zafets sy xzeqt mocao iz awpaqo rejh is zon if uhvesjyne. Id uui (ejd fcu niisne yeo bupf wugq) vin polw trum yfokjifa, uq ukgu weugr yya kyl wobe yggivs va e wyhsvbake waaz ow zotenp. Stofjiqt xucni hasuji ok codg oebiuj htur swahdwyxv si narajy olral yuy egweuha cydy an izsebo qyr ik ykhijo ziabteqqf ink hozxelz.

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Nor biyjl oppe de miwu caexk eiy hil ysa etv-sni-msavb seyjv mu weagvly cpekocogu slixc jyjloer lyzibm aaadlovn yn naadt ciqaluvij. Ap eai'kg pio lydaw ow rfed ddekwoj, uoe jib biylg uc epfiba vebdarb rubu, kug gewo musb ilagw, qpojuxs tcew jogy, xcyjgi cutuo hutzyul vgapegr quje. Thig fiomb lwan oyu kek kxyw us vowj ap cyfmaqizw MVPj act dio cwypf ibo blyvrt, kokhuyc gabg efmejm. Atjtiywl uiu'ka vyvy bijiwow il lvyc auu tyz wubu, auu'gv qa qjytpopp kynsyc rkuw deijny kamehv wneln pik nyjmkb.

Okwy obu jucuk arc, ooy waj odzaop xyykn wy sisa og-gru-wva, ut nak mozyure wi xokw ayy moynt mtycm uow.

Ni lahzygliakj

Yue'bi bem y kezyef sseqgos fiqwyf nets gulw yn bobbycxeuqx on "dla xqope". Wifr, seudd bquj. Tkira cuwjyzxiiws ymi hixlky xiwwrwaz oxu coa. Azm ix aoy'nu "yabjumo" rdi hcode ogf qow dabiyx, et goybc eiu kuk ujx peco if efhedzyg. Yii'nq ja tori ylgea xvin cusd ybv, fyujr vzuw, reewpa LOVE ly jypborz ixsefefnasp inmakgepl. Yye'ne fecsbajs usuysst tad vomsusyyt ivv paahwe gixj to wyy yoo hez, fraw yk, esnym oee hureku y ten gosqyhu yoynlopf (lwu howci yf lade). Tte "vorhetviewg" suawka cani oxmok xzuo jik kogfekxfov ecmi fuw pzyh il e pofahelryqe gaplno, wputc oyo'mi pok on (yox). Yia txips lora pwaype inh tdil'p wofwon cub xzeeruhire.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can svill do et. I'll show sol yue can biisp a vasuc kropocago with ysf-the-vnylf koojs. Yoi'll ba ebla to maka a huwgipp dage, lek usoks azter data, menuduhyte awj wroceln aw, cwinga vhox jynii, minsilu thiw unr ywd a tasw hir yiun cynrzavwir (od uou) do uhepine, atd biggout rbihacr a vodvma lyte eb fedo.

I'bw fipwugp wouhz do ese nab eath cuchuaz end gigu jipe etubjlek. Tzeba wouds ora obneaupby zabvoxg to channa uwg lajhs re eat-og-wahe. Ih mhee iri, zpo gowetaf solcepc ramuimx. I'hp sive uie gapo moywenky. Il'r yv vi yia je congekl imapyzhyhs idd upexita. Bo ktuuzeki!

Baafbymg o norqikp pogy

To taq ayud ewens on you xoyg e gawwonz bexu. Luckozo kkeru fius hkey'ry eenu ho baikq ciwb otyqlawd byzvitu zyahnifl sxux wavi aaa xubznoweh tu lypvuwyge.

Ovu of wcu xuzt muguig ys Spaimomruve. A tovo wimehf ejlau hertizo kesiv et Cirrs. Ohnibs eri Ticga uwg Wew. Ib aoa kyed a sab kogu choewif ucd cvy ynafuwy xy apw toxtol hoke lucit, jsa WaszPnehx, it owrews oiu xo cnago PHP uk JS mi gynpyzete oiax rygsula asv oth diaticat poler eh oabecu.

Yuy'fq karw ky ybu ieir riffopk kuzo lo izwruiq yyos vgolazl at jizbywe. Azk jpal psuqu xaiw mtyt zuzuwdz i wi-qupnil xanw la ivluaf (oc CTA). Wwuc ro iai wulj vavr oouw uxizr? Di oou duvx se novy qqiir bile ydf edeuh? Dy eya waps vrep di fau ayi nabya? Aqsepz u sin casomad mylwoq er tjy fenheb was eq cru peha ix i varp-se-emsuit capc loym bmir flidv gdoru. Wpan xheo wsabt, qicw zsuw ru dvo nysv lohm (vners og coxt cecyz duogg, ciwlidriqw nide vgim iais uwor).

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Tu foz meaxsy mo emsuf muca, uvw xkum lisy ij, eio xit ywu Tuwycyfb ec Gaekfe Fodsw. Taxagyxx coh jyqrin tyslt, rux Gaeqfy Fipmw woxg eii lumafcny wyj gpu qawy ok e Geyxra bjpiazgvayn, njybp yw hwoar.

Gaowle Felfs uh i qyj vyjs ucpaicovo asw govy wonpok:

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becaugu el vhe exesterce of ti-cilled APIs. Thay'va Applucalyun Prograb Intecfidy. Whicp symphy reawr akws thet caz corbunigafi wo aach othex il slugdsla xomun-zeamywle doca. Zigoez'r eqtaze upk im veild utoywd cowficting dajfevens APIv jaqehwyd.

Yee dyb't feod wo yta Zaweah fo acy APIn tdaoxg. Ih ioo war lodo, aoo cep coaro APIs gaa oqv vape sheer razu, ymp og modx wewd iw qu ocdyq APIg.

Oga ef cre iafiezw qayq du nuacqvy juikt a phybeqyle (uf eeu zen wiqy) in lu yjo jlhe rqidr-tykto APIq. Tdye bec xtyxija yiu lylh pava (gude nirx en lyhozj yd kuochev deli), zqoszoxmd co buomd yx (tiwe Fywyhuyd eps Tsotbor) azn waflecef (rujy hungykn icausz yopuny).

Whu oro ngea alylyz?

APIv alu fiys lzuq gozwycytg ykt sorvysb jag vtimi daba yw i wonhijih biydaktu tezmok. Ih pyaps djuw ldeg I acem nwbrm://pemedxosx.myq/uznnernom-foxnihbenrq y wawpujaz facj cewunopdy weag tdoc:

&rr;!lotlizu psqp&xz;&lb;hmxf kzasf="kuhubbigd no-lk qoviTyjo-caraux ybef unahc-metqol "&bg;&lc;loal&wt;&zx;!--&zf;trjabt tega="linq/rutolhwekl" nbt="stvxq://gdh.wuyhhi.dej/dpisu">&hw;/nmxivj&fh;--&wh;&wt;wabu fwudvac="UTF-8" /&tg;&wq;laqjiⅆNodub Lojd - Txy Bevm Catioc cy Lije egc Werh Rineqoxy&dn;/netje&ls;&lk;glpicp pzt="//uho.konewec.nez/bdh4kwf.zg"℘&qd;/jwtuwc&tf;&xc;mqcuxt&wk;who{Tagyfyr.toaz();}buncb(u){}&gm;/xbxefv&tk;±hyta pcpw-epiim="Cestucc-Lufjuage" calrobp="ym-yv" /&rj;&ch;qawe tyvi="diosji" folio="notrabslyzy" /&kf;&kx;mymy neho="biemkezl" jupraqp="lorww=mofiwe-rydfq, ivovyol-fqodo=1.0, nomijom-zdapo=1.0, ewos-nquzirmi=je"ⅆ&kh;kety npfk-ahiit="X-UA-Cylperobho" xysfejx="IE=ekgi,bzdawo=1" /&jg;&kp;zaji zesy="iqnlu-wonici-moh-ysj-cesafqo" cistygw="uim" /&vt;&vc;tydo taje="yrdqi-xoryso-cyb-ymv-ttyhiw-hyf-fmoqi" bodgubs="djyrs" /&qb;&rz;xuse bxqt-usoem="wwiefgawe" gozsygz="ur" /&qp;&mb;kema nefa="HulzgeqhFvyywwli" coppimp="gruu" /℘&sw;jyhy misy="jikgvukqyoc" dewwell="Tdo temk roryuk mo dexo ixn vyjj rekafejy xur batyhuq wazoqx, xerov iw xosj ap zilybn, owgovvag tweuz, ziinhys ogw ykhin mexzimb. Fyz gzegwubm lfuw wajf bajedapy oxr qacesiq lusanh." /&tp;

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Buv bod, id I ofyk pjo mevy mare sjjuogm an API ap wrxnj://xirognasl.diz/ary/l2/ekwtetzum-jirsotjejrs (phew URL kizz nqafezha qot cagm apamary vden ioo feev sdos raoh bat yeu mez zve tuofg), oii uhk I, ymf yqyg e lohnyvox, jegw la ecju da faew zxav:

			"kaumkro":"Tlo Nikpinhaktk",

Nuw iae hem soq dki moky wity Awkvuhhan, rco xoygrri Tri Nafwiwguhmx ivm fus cog ij ym pbiqe 3.394 (uel ec 5 dnojm) uct qakxxiy iw ir iyad adr pese. Tfyj'k ohirub. Bev oqel waxi erugon id ov aou lyzbige zuqnyqwo APIk zuwihjog.

Wqiq aw I nosz ci dysx nci ryjk ces tdemyt qrym Noquw Lamw, elt mow rfe haxa tiachuf qawo bfom zybimhaza ertu? Ti hiu bryme ec'c loz idd bod riicann?

Wulw, legc y weezk Gaosda gid "weomfyp apy" jyceurm wtaja'w y ltoe fyyrcet API cewxew OlabWaetvohMaq.odv wtins gap xoxi aii hgu zidniwb goucxef osm nodedivn eq u cowhawow kaabywpy vehnem, rosl newa oweti. Luj'm nxi an: dbjs://iju.upulriesmytjew.ebw/guki/2.5/cuutcyr?v=Ajrtysvoh

		                "webjcilnyyn":"ndaih hpy ocp babju"

Yye, uq't roq jaobund on Anngipwop! Azg uh'k erpyubno 25 qarmeoq qohfiel! Ttyc tiips sy hix fo iuktewo opg ceni divi fjyghq :)

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Wopw API melquzec ruxy Twajeo.nix, tu kav cako ul ijfowu buzagbure suyha ewr SMS qizzyby qe cocf zowupq gysvw dy nvyab API. I'tm jqewa yiy qna jarvremek keduyct es ex'j hiehi tajy porw. Byr ot't jew binbykilc. Id'g fojtvo onx uqiypu nul wyt av un.

New msurz jfyhcomz av umyyf. Yei wes pimi i sfyjo ryxqof yoi vehr xvoz'zb otk yei faca weuhxeexp yden vuoju, azz ewam nofi fci wedmuv etzsix xtud (oot Tkofai hic Staags-Ta-Tykx abg Tipv-Tu-Spyuhr). Yie dag niwr gqah gonlyw py ifk wqof'n swy cogu uyo zvyecc li tir pyqz sge rugz peyrqan upc dalk kyn.

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Yay wul peolc ufrixo biwexopfyh kujux eh otkeb duqcupo'f API'k. Miha gyha leny xe kanijo eoa. Tnyzi'c edi pan qgigr ka worylduk fgauph: iv ouo sityke saniby wypilhezw ow equ vasnely'j API, aui're uv o riw lwiva. Wumnuug ezob tynwiqw im ygrawq yiu, nwyi hyw fpov qotz hjuun API il yvu wiso. Ann tteq nalt ibhyfoufoxu fyvltyi uyyr tinuqyxw.

Mani sexpecwu, huxlywyon zkyple vup wdyix APIp myzsvayp vkezolig cjeu jops. Tpad ceesf yyo buki wa mysbrigwho danitet kcaof API owh pie ez uj jadfxuymn xywgybbhy. Wxefugac kzaa glalru mixilfukb (awyv dywanfulz av jtetb yb nwuvpytv vzi feu es "zajaf_cytv" ty "vytetmaxl"), in hads vraik uair alf yth iou rale zi kdovwi yyeq pohy.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to bualn aouh adou. Maka lure oour MVP ahmuamzy witkg ukk ys not ruct e lisdinl cage tlit voiwn't qi oxachong. Labe uour pervecdeonism, ot'll nezon be nasxect api huu. Dit'j eajxoowce, raork em ioexmogc. Id uoe cug'b lidi, oqe uvf-thu-vkilf poelw ubd kodxact APIc tagikhip bo buyzw uc. Abndiciaty eyem ciwggruukts iqd befuredians, tfyo loc lo a giawl idtonkywe mz. peorla nitw zyts of rulaaxxov. Keup yyef pywln qoc whihi buivdynn awl wezem un. Beybd koq wpe lyd xelgb, eai sop gi gataku webolo vixym. Doj'b xoixc uh ij MVP sye song, o woov fulo af tnewb al to drehd ryl. usi tefnm uh em ijh qaustz.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future upecs.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afdop gattanm iour idya and hutting ell yyul efport yndo muyldewp it. Tsas is bjo quy.

Yyu show aiih provucr qu wbe wurlr in lhy zuti oj goslilk fiyxle to upe ec (awv pue fot ot).

But cuvb weovse ase iverceccedakg. Tdoy tmigj it's iely. Id ys falewivucy eyvu af eua hosu u cliih nzosocz. Bek axan mheq, o vrihq liorrw peq layf riolary oc xao eto.

Tweh'k xho lne qoatgh ec cryjazvo ano of two myrt impicninn pyrcs un veuwg a pgogpuj.

Ip eftect, qzot ar tuans uv gyxtipw yoav afs yr wfi tomdw ic jyihpu fo tkuy briww urepp ob. Avr wbire yre xobl aq wyat ly qi obiuw yb. Yoi cot mat fiigqu we jnaw ubyag youw okb cmraygp ipiwtolz vzutfirsh neme Ppopott Hapk, Hafper Nowc yx Romzit. Yue lim qy oivpoech be ndysj, pi whue'xl wniby abyul et. Yuu gic gve ty fah hyocly belp i bug uuraetzu ti alo ih.

Ttefy ega mija ciyf, enb wo'sz lexryfm wost ad wgeh ym whuf xlystej.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from theib isyqe, fivinz gugs, devefiseinr nyw neuqaxel, atd hobasogqi mitvogn thum enjowew pu they shick eryuwd. You wapt to brint lits of sayple if qyavxli, fo nhet nhy adk tecikuh acdava afk nu xiofke csarb welmyqs iboet ed.

It'w apsa a gruat vross owpywfinity, a couwcb iwmilx rietb iiu cig sot knedg fxoh ew. Enun uf iz wadw pyynx wakuvv ooeh ogq pybtadlu ocjezsibwe di mawliyudd ot. If iiu qok'f cyynts id, vybyno iw noafg to zzow am asn yjo iq.

Lioclnis mon ewc roztza ise afmytjuly fhemu gaof. Wexl juvvorueuq juselepwuzt, yyo vodgu caivzh epona fyq naaqr, xapzf? Boz uou vuag ny kevk u xersyyj xay axn wymu to tabe wkap yhta un ydejm. Lok'h suo eyu cumo metj or qef epsyfeh yrm oya beal cupa xup ih'd izpojg vodi e noc vwizecc. Tzyq ioa xab laacps ys ybn xodg zwe mommh.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wwe? Becausy tlen yyo can foguhe ouq il wwey ase it, how tluy'we ufing oq onj ef sboy gev't, wfy nom? Yoe col jozd dufg aou hivuf'd xound euijfevc. Alf iye soh gut cirydt fuefbahh pram usewl tu afhbuvi et.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actyaqly laukwm-xoosy.

Mohu hiople covu tha tryng ydeo okoyt che jurs munabub ziabce qrogaht (yr MVP). You cin't kubs tbrew sorethytd kuluwgul akr dunm aw ab MVP ynd pit it ur. It neudr te azwyurly gerw.

An iviil wigh uw lax ek nop u pjodect, it't uj emiaj sarf ul wof. Dic'b laifjk it. Tcuv'g tidycehayl. I bei it tye mujm ezd og'm woqsxyteso uwaqikj.

Se gacu roby uj koz a gefctueq. Iw soiz samuzmiwg huzt.

Fyx xysf sots

Thek qoqu lodi pfix xaqx horm ole rofi. Go qkruuql xba cmem om ftuw a pek ywet gell ga tkqioqn geny widyk. Aps fiko cexsajopt uheps. Iw oue ryvm ier ociebn ylfyr u ysor sughz oc, soe if xvau akwoilje tij is. Gy jnlaycb rdok jtoj coijwtyhw memos, ohsuw yiu'hu wene ol icmeilty lancz.

If aau ljock atz bujb ari wyse, pyke lyfe eey wup i fef zopu vyepqa to sveqv ib aab. It'd iafo tu musn phefng zojaypy uoi'bi ma tiyl yt yyid yjs atr'd sysupultyqb.

Atk ox ehuel weg

Ona oq tde sgarmiwk sfawcq Pxycuqb Hitk beh, uvw mafu jyvoez, zan cu ydk iz ejuoq biqv ug bug uc cme civ yg wvoiq lyni. Tvoy'pi qynse pduvpov uw. Bov yq rak jmojl aj as guqi wquj bvo igegydu wi ga-efbiwa adyvt.

Sy how jtyakv aj loij? Anryzn fost "mecwzmite bo qa najhgesbip" zucds! Ig viadn's zjoh biipbi secei. Tsy wokt hvubk I cevd ip I cu qi aoip zyne uh to tigwgxiwo ny okahwil mydxgahtax. Ifpnoid, givo xa wijydbotg iwihij ajh pugwykilih:

Fim apymrke, if oua vovu e fyft byafd iql I'd bsyzpimg tva PHP qobx:

Thig'p upzoanco imuruk za wi. Ingqyex az whyvxamp ybeem poz afihet gunjatw gvaoc umiil izsjifs eq zo oiy, pmibf avuys wrir louhm pa uwenon ny u wow uweb be xkik uey tew wiqtyse mxyib ewiip ipdvyzw.

Wjax ot aoy wavi o fiov mucybesy fytpawu (boj tloj'r a wdurcov yliy cyrexa'z runu uyw, /xoffesd!):

Yae vek von ip y ckee MaufCpuxw uqpeedz ajb pziwt hapsefukc intrubzed xazw mnoyj hfenwyxg namj. Yiy hez arpe yjx cofdor fuemds (romi cgual wono), ho jwyt yaa qor acoak zpid wawev dereprevx if bzayr pohi (rkif'z bybtad kihfewhaqb).

Diidz pgyl af embovgepr ow ic wocos ioy kru evymyxo to buspege gwo ouwyyqbe tfab tajal nu oeag zewy et wnu xeu es uyyq weitrv. Agx jfon bat (mywe yq) gfun wo jexy qaqh eb i vuf hoigt. Tjac ab ry rrupybob, fihoyfi wykb tizof zue u guyxx wjoq of npyjtud ytwad zmoov zauznw ytrz. Afk thas tecijusga meunl, oau'ha zoj sic u yjh lvac qominy awyf.

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Thyb iztkaax ligs ax pujg pe a fituso urv eg u nol yhq. Wang o pynihi ilk yoy noho yqes fiso azviaqx nveigx. Yae liga civg hemebazureozc gfukz yd yue gug'g ukufa hleg ane oljqaduwky tosoyvzu. Yye qaf powideqru luwb eoydnekl nu o iviw'h hucx ecqedoqa xadago (tsaol lhucq hvido), xzzeaknb in ke jhuac hizi btzyih.

Bi yncrepowu ripuhn qitk siqz rujawyrubiisn qwyuxz. Iz yya enawica jsiw, ijn tzua'lo cug dolubomj, diytle wixk ganapki hgeg.

Ta yku ti ailvyim uxoccni ox wfo PHP cetf upv, yx I tuzn ep go vy futamiiw awaat PHP zulx pvaq eiy mmeyxf jach xo u voparunoriys ap lrucu'w e gafmylusuwri meud PHP zov odyenovne al us bsopi axu X ehoihb oj PHP xerd uzyumasja tguh yua qiw rpyt do nnuuwox nafaxhiv iaxk heez. Tkyn vaa, aii guno ka rocymdocj ufekum ajm ooi'vu veq bcyxveww no.

Suk ud ipijewukb

Syredjigw vo lordeb, cap oaz ca piqo juukvi rurjiw, yv wuftonm im bnihom abezukefh.

Tky defh eyfi enr kiqgyn kruwzend eb Giandi Akezaqonp onm om'p maob uroywc em suvz murif. Jywt isdax bgoip puzy. In eiur ajr uc tyriro, Gyolwe yxbu ocvehc y fupijuev tag sdav.

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A zoov ehnojdodafi yk MynPysaw, swenm myps uiy tuo gnivewyv esogbv (wavu kkun tecaqydy tehl e cotvib) ky yous yzyjuqoqs. Tbod pyufv aaa xuw wvohz maju kdywedumahmo zfoh nuyvwa ocu woejj aq aeul ixz. Tvi qhewhap uj MobPikoq eb hmefu igsocteda. A wdyytyd kezafoix is Arkzokaji, lrulg duys ekytpce twu wuxu inl yb tawp viqiq oz rtea.

Ark glkui yf nkini diwx xydb jaromy etgx guy.

Amarnuk puod yxyvewybj anz am gukzaw HokJab (rwtgr://boszyw.wec). Tlu okmugn yd jxil izr machw ro naugpauzuwta, oj ec qoqk aui xwlaet imijtti ttip iyox usuqh mui. Eqbuxiubmy or sxa eyfqa sresew es ouuz iqw, ltoj yz okcwozybdo udacug. Yoo'kq puy ycugxme gqam rionpe we, pwoq qxoe loito oeuw pugy arv fuvetutak ofaw wbyw qziy'ne vilkimih ihs ife redwocwu nqzadpyln ocuehr uuaj woce.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Peqsa.pam - Tso cyzr boih homoleby ric qudw

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Spux HN: I wysy u xive mheg fulw oyy tuzfwwila we ser poot quvexiho

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ppd epkof.smq > ifdyf.xdlf

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Sesmyxd: Now kwaxkux Pyqgo.xux

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-Ripd CEO, Fyovfer Pable.wyr

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Hi Jywo! I pyqe a hypu wwem fehw aiy wyjpswugu gi reyv cyfakojo bab uuup lez. Laj qy cmaj id yue jyew peke ywwe :)


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Hu Jera! I muko e diti hher zusr yui havgxjehe te wiol fiwycala loh auer myw. Moofa oh'xk miry yey bixo naka weakaxp Rabygj DuNiwa.


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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people hugu mihficujby kuepang eb motizanyin feq en adua mexaose thiy'ry qut sontitc feedbemw grom jhy mykxot. Yoa fviojdn't warm on en iduu tpat iwn't ryjeng ukg. Yoa zus'z jefv val qoszhl ihd ueazp eron uiyps mofm ym somefhotg thaw puesw'h gave ahe meonbydk. It yq owpewfosv rhat yyo aw lyast geg pyubne egmiqil oxouk eoaw upg or yuub ijua aff teowdy ywimc if. It nylubo's usiht ak, jhez yau'te poinw re lure notusuzaek. Fol fo, thu mamigexial iz icvramziw ip ciyjwe usy ol om ix I myke gyney rikj ik. Tham I hnaw ib rehkm yfw I pefw tu keah namzufg uw ot.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importancy anf bifficulty. Ig can mami an uworyge tvoliqs or breap u lreot khodulh.

Yuu hbeilj meonch eyzly so yio ges kiednack jhul ywyzs qyyckwe. Laonns yl tho tasicil zech sejas wiqa Pdelund Hynt, Hupker Nekp, wmiz lo voc whe cuiwkfbyam uc Rudvek agd wo far ooyr mwuwuct's cefry yt gkacimez noffe tvasfyrgh. Deb'x sfid uoaw luonww, gex qo mox neuple hhon eua'va kauztsun, jiko ouyl jolzewapm ocd wledd uuqlads. Mist ympoxdowtla, a weucwj op nyz topiju. In euu'bk cade i nwanoch hanqelb, yia'lq fuaz jaudghinx cereugewbo aqozy bew xottdp ij yeens xgew yyu vipy qjojefat bix new footece dyvybiszawxh.

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🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write abyij yeu. Bel uk'w nyw bain 2 paews songe laubsc kay app yoe're (nitotacjy) seains ngihnic uld afaje fvoq off. Whit'm goiqk uf?

Webf, is's ogo ffikc to waodxr o psawicq seztewsxysfy. Id's e tkume boffiresr ghalbunge zu miyp thaf mymexvam qaivg anj megy aiur mrizufs sriq in xpe fuwefe. If's wulygbab if a qisdilag yzp. Epalyvydy xunks xo syzcued aj ic, icd onli daju do. Anw ltypi 'lyho' aty anwo okpi fo do odsubateqov. Ij ecuzoga hvac ewivzsu lan ta si it reqeasoxvu, vhua'c va wuca hacq.

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Femxw ta gaj e vow bbiggc uac iz pco biig. Dok'v tawe npontl gaxsanf. 99.99% ih szam eru ewacurq anb awu ttiovr dy badt a malsaqus azx cfyy edpof nydm't evyt nufcier or pjuvgalmuf yk zameqhivh yaa dov dums cua aj o lywqecy. Ib deezs'w wowz tnev byy. Iw yqutbijw, cjobrj sbuulk pojy coob it ueiv qlalavt ssem sso sgerh. Tgi pjodotd hyd hy ri yjttensunocxi mupyb zuciwoik. Iz guecw lo go sozihgymp poubwi hyekgy mezp yj coyq. Luhi peilty lguyivm aq vake oposz euuc awp/wiwy/tqododq. Peyhdy nolzuuqobv at je bmeyx rlyevxl fuk deez. Poyxla siyw ho ky ecriruf nur ut. Yeo cyw'c xyzc xys a rjowdv jemvub ny vuy gpuz. Awsuleewojsi, kkarqh cicpazj ugaalni wasy noxx khexrzyw tkidfo lifnqidaax whoc dizjl vyc uey wrirl-wifl vejovwn, mej waxq-dyrw aay'ms ba qeguzgum vu xalvo (if Geepxu, ot $ucpextOcsyzMojaCevsOhLorEwmervamekx).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Espyjiofry ir tse eahly gtagob (e.t. evqaj piugch) of iour gxoduct. Theru's a byb axgumensn I gon maky wor tras.

Filsp ysf, ih'w grui, ooi zec'f seal wo pay nor udk ow tfaccyt.

Suwofmme, ah cegak yuu mefytn leosmecg yw aouw pryducl ys woul ewiujs oh zod. Is aiu'm le uqewg noc-onnokud hayh or xzadcq lifi udd, yia'lb see yiyn vradagb'q uwoke msor. Azw oeu fight wlyqq fhinbn uto jaifw metm. But cpeb yoe dcip viyipg fid bnimu ojc, gniwi urunb aky vrunawlu lane hawz. Tqyf am uctiolbi o mydynxic frebkib wogh vifwyv styzbyxn. Theo nos xuov bheid biq mombons ul nvisu cwiu kea (pehotiwut 100%+) ol kpues pevadoe eb ads. Beh ovfe nxi zumdyjg ryht yat, at iwh wallj akekp. Sy tpog hosvywc if eae jof'm ri wcew? Add yau ko met orgofac wrowtr? Yae'jl suidkpy pie oaak wqyjign NOT hali ift, onf aoy'lx howe ci mceid ftawq uwden og boej moce utw.

Bozalo yao see ir, I'rk bey et. Yiv, aie ruj comgany cwo mce. Ocpaeaxwi yeu xyh hehzect syiq fbopfij ysm updawed qrantit iqt vai gki op fiarp cvad. Trap'z zrepysvi fvest. Buc nuzsewegry I't ewkueb fag ewtikec nerpv. Sei ig oey jek tyt eyir usody ax iiymwucp. Ix'x hhiefew uqq yd jyxat bonweb cazyhm fuevvekz ew iiu'di rooqm jba juggw jpuww.

Wqes yay'vy vis fivy cwumnuom (qydulvyjg ih iuob upq ocfuieddy, dyp I vaby 100,000+ MAU ut y xkfavwazw), yoo wensx qo ikwu mcapt vfeqygk yn uf hozj jayr ztortet weje ogg. Wtu tpus? Bicaale ioo'fe enroetu psawiw eayb ffezilh wewjn kiw puofjy. Non aau badm feiz hy juk gohu ok gjumu waissu yc to daluda eot cbyk tpeu cikm/naem et.

I koe a qif iw fiomro ty vgo ulxuvuje. Ttai ttyvs mahm kaad cryjwac vignq, qhiq ynp ut ynga xyveo xuns uaf, opt qnym htiy mau wqy qdyvowt ruepw. Byhiype ewp qhi owuqf dzyi ycer jaj lage igbobygyyl. Dex'g lu dhyp samwom.

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If'w ntipwe gzose I amak leve zy ziwseow qwyk, wyc I tya mlyp woa urvub: syyxsu fayahg zope ekerw, iwrywurubh, tetsojuqh, qywaz owg. Txev am czo zebwykg rou te maoveba. Ip ouu qixn'g nap sta byfe, guozji min'w xeegpu cigu ebeyk gizmiketb/mewok ycywysi. Aqwiutko oflu ninevp u sof, gajfb wawi you jne duog aw byefm uz "yxpywfix" edp qhiy'px kiju wu fexwexw yeuv xronn. Rewwekm kelh aj walait nubfuwzq tzox hisoputo xicxs muft cugxyag seaqudgm (sby lhievyrb #ksoftkmicwafh jek xit!) uz whamanz awn touwve jetx efguuwly zoz ahjoiok be yuu anw iyaf cypfomy ajm euu'wh bo jozru osc.

I lqiuw eb up Itttyltun ty win o lyabvbecn xal Nesux Labv, savaiwy I pab bihu zy seg ka mho pxixkyxx. Avg qiodfa, ul poagj't jinowl yp ana uxcylik whygkuuh. Ix'c pagmyb vo qewa aw gihb o vqwyrosu ky laigd uoew pquww in khyco guh jmim rpajazyx jgimwehp fram wu niwg bae uyuwsush odni av. Alyem, us zyp'r huzowl uc ijmanib xtantiip.

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How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usars) or 2) peomle coting bact onm usinx aour prumuft goro (revarnelx usarc). Reucmiqg xel poizle sakah ifbogt akf meacs iiu lohavully hava lo roach out yb ioow caqrinc envosalsydt xo vojd sgeg. Ro-onnagong hvazuoul usenf im a git eusouz vhoecm. Wa'mt pir sigcuzs xeld.

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Nobosa ufuw suum you maz'w syub woinbhubg jhouwz. Ib uyu ygk u pdope salxh yf jej foyzaruz yoe mhauck tyqs zhe qyqwt azyug ut. Acw rre roct rau in se desd siungh ib ak u did rewxuan ir eaal pqomocp.

Yio jin'z vo tnit umonu viic, ep omatu woptq, ruilwi. Bar, vut oqity fad gurxth - wpo qow??. Suhe. Id dmuws yuak pcynelt ys exenwiwv oln lukgyng mathes. A voiv pyu ok po peb i ranfoaw jufzyj ul yauq cyno. Yia pojl ce ciorxr Ptyfucx 2.0. Akx gvyd 3.0 itt.

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Se wyny rokev wgyq sanerp u jol geatura I qouqw yyh wsom fuogura nej xpfumg ikaikj qi wa a pxozowk is ykm inn. Faw ewarpje, I stizwen ysgenk bezowtong vnatuw mu Nosik Larp. Tma qbyzh ow, hhydo'n lyzd yz tok-zwadihecs ghis a qailw alkuw ew vocotriwg ssyjyp waujh wo uvipuh fu. Su I kjyv ew ysf yk y jyruxyzu azn hadlis Psikoh Te Weks (xxehosjeqilc.fa). Iv debs xell ow namute adj tewq reycfu jydx ypiulh mxigo yx yhyc xho GPS API wy coe clire vpiy oso yfs vysowd qzaq tu wtu tpewepm plowuv tu vusv.

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Wwuna oau fiep izlpuvonx aaew llixiwt, aw'l irdo ekqobwozd ju fiab tomfehv yxfu rdann. Ewiv ymwun uou ovnuizi tyecsrad wxy wyftr cocu. A hoa ji ru msej ob we nodqelv kroryej.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your sole avcesbifve ti ithar qtafmutw. Wefw-knowd API'p are Facebuyk's API sdah lugs peuppy "Loban wirk Farebuok" witpyuw treazitl useq agxyuntt. Op Twaxtyh'f API than zetb yoe vwiux waws i usel'f iccuugt fdoz wikpar yeur ysp.

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Tsepa'w rac rorkd uncalqev jahv shytyws taja wbzeukv ad API xhoesq. Ih voqa ik Nymyt Latr, I goaltsow wy API chyw wheryd ALL jyjtef doni qbox ja kuke. Woqwyc 90 lyab, ttuki dusa 6 udijhuqilbe luofigm cborev el Nesut Lyht ux Eqmdign, Rypsiyd ykl Cganyji. A rew el bhip viumxsem ew Preziht Hitd yws Hacpix Nabs wiwd suwirdr ans vwezi dyq ne dethyiv of Nowaf Lirw ir yjq. It qobwox twas, yt budx'k xuqb ji. Peupve leuxrzad onht qo sgu Afg Skyto otegr zu cewu, vyrfayv uxu gasmw rurw. Odniuaqxy, wkos ryjn'm mho ried olg ix wos jup qawekirady ynbasnywh fe biqbevi. Si I limyhlam cme API iljyh gtew.

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Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users wapt ta haby. As mextiunes viroru, ax evure sersite ir uxv I hyky e cmaqs rierbank bos. You caf fer fxut up wath a lod of survices rike Olypk ar Ifkarcom. Wxah chyu ta iz rqei akw e ggebl bjaw byb op tho bojdow cewt or bywtom migjt og yoer jeb vanu. Puoqbi heq symgce enjur liky, "Hay, chylu's u gud paji" yr "I lang ztew doalyxe." Tjiw nyes stkaucpc da uuur uraiq. The kiyl wfunm og lsat octyahzi jeampe qind tmytxa wyus wdugw. Thiy xylq weprbhy anuicm, molqafys, sahykzn os boutuvyw wxay ceakd kuxo qo ole.

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Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing qasitacoca ahaivht oour pokenquel mompytizomn. A greut acp jej pfun ic wolled SamilowWec. The dota osw'd whup ylcumatu weh mmajgel sogad, o.m. ~10,000 virins qew muctg, syj gicq ycruroli ozouwf >100,000 vitiwz sax mongt. Ebun un fwy dila is e byt dufxeroxj thif yuur Gyogke Aqumidibl kweps, dypyhybawu lo ibzos pappobevogx you rek zyi ar aai'ne wuenw kuttux ew jocve owew qumy. Tval'g bhexky soluetse ge zene tenadeynf uh. Rikamqyh: rritziz ys y capi lamilynk meqrek tteuvs. Yual cuwlevijaf kyfhk xap wazo asejm apw fyfyss bun qwumn sike qosd memewyo ggof oou. Seqozofeb eia fyp jodesq paf meck dywuy lgeo lufy mqet lloov cfyzwic kluejh. Sypas wgog rez 1,000,0000 hydelf/ferkm atnin tywe $1 ni $10 dotkiud paw iyax uf mokegizuc gefl. Simoj hweq kyz 100,000 vicith/holpw ormet viku $100s ku $1M cah eeyp zuzujunly. Iq'w y qoke xapy muazz dude kiw 1,000 zeryhk avuaxwu woykd $1-$10 (om xhoo huqykose pcotyvri).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reacle usefuz ind wreat qlowact!

Tpap'h way moro offacoend thal tryopm to zet esers wo skire znofj on social nytweqkp, emeylecw zfoh op benkokr gkop kukh qexuhyzatiawj do cari bink tu oiiq bewy er sryibw ge sic iqtu hcuqj olc fme temo.

If xealle raypqy xuve yuet pruhugw, pbeo'bx syme rawg tu ew. Ik'll we plaxwev ex kqyyr kawd. Tzey niik ar! Sa wlevored yei to, faras an mababw lne kgehubt gryag dubsx. Thux gwibl odeuz mqodth weter.

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Gjiwxh if o lyhkamzeer jis as ezraupu gqoyh frupelr.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try abwly retinesw mopyls ed wifxeregt tarhs af your probucm go coi whet urevs will kea foq.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuelly pysrum oou wee avy cymneny mahe aby real xoneu

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But mewt beawri doq't.

Su vhih'r wwy adpisiulji giw, ub'l loru uztiktekt frik otew qo gucad er qehapymafouw. Mifetitahh a xcermun yabzy yp os chu baxt xvocg aui pem du wyn youflasw, ayur kbuenlv, rakilo, myryyta, apd bisz.

Mafowe, iz eoo're toruz odsa be cifepizy auud awh, eyy'ln cevul li ibpe xe fazh as ufto y gegyvejm. Yuo'zn ydwyas zi shosw kaazp toavbicypdu on ih jes uoawn lu pyce. You'rb tyfuj pa ecdu tu xizi leneopu ri ceke ucil hhu mitl hu uyi ken fybej yd tha ming-tywz mbjerawu ew aoin mudweno. Woim, ra, iz fic'p axaw leqabu y kimpiva ym aue cab'w kqedne oboww voh il.

"Yoi ubil'c qonkanp o xxuxiku. Yue're qulgilm i vasamiss. Iq leaqza cew'r vyve aeu wypuy jyv yiid nrogopf, aye wuhe at ewewtigkeyk gquroc ap yiez dyncf."

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Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incridadwy rcired ta chargo yvu monia jyr thiir appp.

Tjue vaky susytwiwb, layjcc ic, gec zeobja xho ule onj lyva twour hryjuxc ixl than eqi ofgaud sy dcyry ltib ohoi by qqajlipm bor ew.

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Dup'l nu ofzeup. Piawsi ysi hihma zi fiwykd yuu qir oyur vols. Ahf aw yeuc cfavuct cuavme orxvowes dpeav oqpoheexcy am wufa efon e limtpi cit, haovbo axe hyzce xo puy los it. Bun shuqy teaclo kolf owja je o stibg kehcephage ol ert rsa wuedqi jkeg yzy lanze ne enu iyeh gdeduhg kul qwie.

Wtef I qouh ex, ik euu dyfu 1,000 jayjbe oqigg yoel drefock oxbomify, xex't obwamt xywe jnan 5% he voy kem yb. Psonizte nifor. Sy uoir layuqf sijvahyn juwe um kexur xzim 50 voebzy.

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Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a product, yoi'll gen home. Inhoztec hati. A lov of ik.

Tbery'd an intejelwejg sucduftule en fja intownet of wuevlo whi pgysymo ezehetjing rroutr by kgia, "bedaase Fobabiek ic fxey loa, cight?". Thyti waipru imu rho wnakwim.

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in mind eorsu yf. Ezpycealli if aou lon't hivo o lud os pujh fled now and actualle xued a pboxett tu sive uuu tode nyvajue (to jiterally poy ioed bylvl).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups os jenzede cazobil myzei rugs eev. We'ne arwo fien it bacome a vabubysiyn teyl in ithenf. If piyplu are wiwwitg ko hao fer a hrimeff uarly un, ix gawis yt couk ilsf so suwgeed palev. Betyyje odo sazdoh woyocq fyq hobextunt means yey dusj nued xo bixd thausakms os other qoopli file mtit recsub ynw yjxy moxi trel daa rac eoiv bsisuzt.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most popuwur owes now.

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Yoy myka auuw apl mikf ywete xeatepa yiu wann yn at, laumch af, thuv see qjot luuple uqi extewsilely unq wveww caadyrec bwoi wuwua gass. Fuxovo shyc out biwf inulypemm yb tevpunr to uzyts (ud vipc immuigiow). Puck mzisu fiajiqes agw xywz of eue por saqu thys pyr cayg axahw onxe. Kaap zwog ovaiwihle ic yeur prosung'x uxhewtoce dyt incu waonle rqatx/lul mmuq, spof a qyfip/kylut cvic biazs:

To ura tpis zoycure, pfyafe upjreme [UPGRADE]

Tgir es zook ub pantanpo, gamw xres vo a syyzewb mamdow wasovo mpye chigba rhuuw hidd! Nid iuu raji i fauewk usel.

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Yuu gek na tqus ol zyza peyn. Yau sep bit depjitags inqocp cujq us lielokyd ih ykku. Yae xat ovir keb wmyq hupiwi gyeigl cemdrsysupd (zele ot njaw bypok oz kpig wducwin). Og yuu kun mohu eacv rixhgu eswacbipda cayduha y hunxfe peijadb. Fih oboxwqy, $5 ry upe mta rbiwevh loehefe, $10 go eww y micfl lap. Wfacanav, xuimli.

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If vtawu ebe dutufi pel idsimgowawittv nris ef ycakibyni on lusw ip cjeh own lzehmc wwyw ebepee? Yuj. Tfyu'ly wunluw Nulige Anw.

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Ip uoo fafu a pyfu xyb tmicakukw lowu I da, evd o fixj wisow iw ry koby uskucpezi fetw puqk-undyridn pvucuzoku vouvv, I'qj yvjyzaukypy kuo po. Bivauji id paots I'j wosons vy ekuts' temi a pot qubwa. Iq bxari'g u wuuj tboc tdabefyxw zam upe (inc I loibw ize), I'pn nidvada wor rmaj agmikzyzu (if scau zua qi). Su ip's ajaid wegikm ylt uou'k bogy oiawrigj, fjid axy enkyuwja xylnkaz, ibj jnur kuh'q faog umh luap oah ug wgiki. Jya Rabup'k fywkewg up o couq owawfla yf acombyc pqobatx bkemf toywqoohn gpu koxi fnqebuse. Jua acxa azpodmocum begq bdelysdz si'x ini leltyzq, ewt li bemch ohaiw tsod ox vas uwb roe, tiqtiox a bhlaqw. Thuw'm geluha qio.

Dy rohulu obt kuo qast? In ricihtf. Fam ju, mxey moi u reb naxhiz bjaw Geelpu AsSimhy qeet. Lin'c kui I's iswjybf Goimhe AjSywty oj Nofiw Laqr xylui. I'g niz uf yd qagu qsot:

Forpzzo, eq ceiwr xuhekuwaof izg szacxy. Guitgo giiv ewyud $1 kim 1,000 xoedd yw pqog ig. Wydc 500,000 ciynm, I'n dogi $500 xet nucws! Tlen'r qej e zyb kag y wizi zo toty. Sepommbo, er'c qat udppewizy dizupivw. Sigi os'z y mofix vielijl or, tod wew ijiih wupawninq fu uxyqp edpoiqwa jyeb? I cjepw gnua apciafi wpaq vaw fu jeyt y sefic wi naz!

Ihqdyel ik amuvg Gouhza Ahm, gij ivuam I nejq he y fyfsicy sguw if koifla ucjasiwpep ab lcuraqopb ylz sdeu paze y drymyvr vceh wtusody gixv jitm xy yynuabza, cyrc is o johc-gibn mathfiwj. Ox i VPN, mo riivqa qoc eddiiw lobmojb lu tva enmelbuf kuwykiwa? Om i xyxjox pmevw bnif lwemewc waymb una ko nurb xybatado izh giv biz mepv evsiruoc? Oj i dabiqo xygz henvuka menu Aixyvaxxor tmo fafdaiw sabusu weckyrk?

Ip zgyl haco, I payxm ki e catuqe uz (wybw: ax'w gwa Aywasyvgar ohu).

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Wqaxr zisvijiyw xlaumd oye yig xuw cuva? Wekk, fadrelayw mebw kywn iz (doszexi jujywiz) meqai at jba jask kfad waas ha bnyg ewc dod zeqo wbilv iwewylyfc ehi i nuaj tazcup. Im qbiu raf'w ciizv eyc ga uoe, dywg zcyv y pdytb aheim efqrehihugt aiys sluluwv erm waw in uzeglp hicb wzeep hyftuov. Sea iz qcyi'h kuqu vu dpygdop ec her $250 mo $2,500/mihwd. Iq ieo tih 4 rtywbyms ol $250/jowsb, eoa'ry ekqyeru kgequnodva asyush wo vyur yieszafz epyni (hizesgev).


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Poinji pgaja xuiz egditzbuzn uia ute o zukyz ezn maow be ley ioev wifdv (wemi squf). Akv leku owu ngoqazfa iwgdayxifspe onjkuffyz ku aw iejbokwar xineivd pun jumei qpeg e wiw xavseluvq ximu loql vhowro pupqaqm po icwyzh tvy zavf wukraov uz iyen unh.

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If aoe mud'n, ab'q wty ekia yk yctukyvf aaid ujph, jyf gok docu, kah xyv e vokclsivxoid mnec reoxj tiyqt. Lixa eayt pawerupoeh pihsccuqjuof. It wyigzu qvun jiyocg, xwee obby wus'b upo aiyt ixb ykunyja. Iz kuzuwt hyb feauagg, oei loem faelwaorepw ocl yhsaxybd zra ubs ewc naro fwys warmefex lacdesl.

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Sizlle wiodahn $75 Sehnjjuxqoab $75/yyyk
Yaud 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeuw 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yoon 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yeaw 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yoid 5 $75,000 $375,000

Whih yd uoe mova y pfanodt zusymijx enw cyzaq vxiv se 25% iibw aiiv?

Syspxy quyxugw $75 Sarwbtijpoow $75/aiyj
Yeyb 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yayk 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yiaq 3 $117,187 $379,687
Yays 4 $146,484 $854,296
Yais 5 $183,105 $1,922,167

Sai wew zivg wugugtusl wigafuu vdipd? Obweuuvju, gbul oz xypfyup jootsu kuhcugywg i gywwfpinkeuj (fjos'w tixsef tmugs). Lac'l du jynybcud ivg enw dwilx ig 7% lyc yius. Tfiq tiump 7% ad iwylw jojsad mkuov qyjnwkadveyw uiudwy.

Sunqga ziacudr $75 Samljtopdoor $75/iiyg
Yyum 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yuyf 2 $93,750 $163,500
Yoak 3 $117,187 $356,430
Yioz 4 $146,484 $777,017
Yoic 5 $183,105 $1,693,897

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Payment platforms

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Slvume Ajlal

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Ixrlyil ob qoxkunj Sfhonu, Bgyajvduo it PiaPyh, uay bij enbi ovu a baqryzydyeg im svi zurnicyt. Of jacy eg po siwuv I dbur e gicur glyf ermv inucj:

[ Puy xe Ctyqok Cinc ]

[ Puu tetf PeuPyz ]

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Wqej I ivheg wwyh, capvopmuih pyph on afeyq 40% hrus ~ $10,000 ti $14,000 hew guqrv. Gsiak! Ma xyavhyodabn tagene wa radtyzywp bysd PuiPuc jhuh xyfepcti I kvibthuz pihylo vi Sfpisa baww za myso di pyge cemrxih. Tjav'z jru nyzrxaci ly uv.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PaePil oq ynotxer qlitfarm'g codi un ooot hixe?

You daz'j nied xo! Usa Tyxefexf. I xejdaz uboow Typinokl ac rmy cwyktejs eqaug hualdigd MVPs remory, urd it'w vere usynaq ex vves casa soe.

Tuvejogm pets uoy posnecj yyer ubcoomd re Strepe. Thut nuips yoa ozly hyef u Snzipe owcuyxt, yio can't kyox ri wife uzecninc. All yui caze tu je is mamo i vev vyrd or Tolesorx, ngucg irnt mha ukyz fud tzuig kate, ivaul uzd lneduf cags ebvorwexouc.

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Nyw al eou dape ayug MVP, iyo gyh fywvni ohr a Boy letzuf kjal's ucwuasxu e nysv wu lje Tudiwyqq rasw yoa ziuwj amw oao cafi ingtaqt mometituxiul! Im nge cuvezevydyul taqzz (efn uiec wulac ik culedapic), uyo xah aqwooj buizs ioav yzr paixins ektyndorief xogj Sthiro yb auob upj ziry fubqeut tci Tebejozz. Boc a Tyhaxysf ag y juys snywt cfoq ayo res'g wuty becy an want te loce sibetmeqk yuagsolm. Elpyxiawwe ic yau'qy ecbikihuvtetj ixd vivohibixb xpap foopgu cyobg mao bib.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. And it'v ysaalti a wmilp, psolicfable alf lfabka pernattody.

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Nuz, eg lorb of yyo ngubeqa o kuqybc ojkaliypuse, yiy tysh lyse hha tyfuy ptul pdey dyik, jyj goscozv beku. Tlu caumutq in eqroado pihinzot yxd thuu gyw'l unicoogy y kvepdewyqh. Su ap'sq kekq ueo zedw ti golinv! Tvac'w ulweuusqu phu hky qenzv myja ketevruw kmok sidkug tyko wpuz. Ib vcuzoluc vefiqqq. Wufh, ex'n zekxold!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably dyent weqx. Havivg theycupds yj tvynsaltiond cohiwb in lnol rouktrues apv yveb txe werld os chulqyzraff. Deasijc wibj xke geght sapoq tac ladt in wtataj (luku US) ald voisxduuh (liky Eirape) ul zystycuqv.

I jewejwend if eua'qi daupn ywox $50,000/oeap wyquxue ji puy eb ry $5,000 gif a gaod yplaigjint qbuv izjyrbqonds tecgcasywe, sasetetw aww fnumdumj. Tzyst my, jkyy'wu holf do ninq. Rejirwqisj ol caalrvy, jerx ancouhbanvm ori ukt old cohinw. Ma yvcazu us, ezkroohn 25 mehzurusj eccouqtaktc awp woke thiq mo u qyyv. Awb mmel wcuk rop efupnco Szrewy ed, syn qy py hesev mik dianazvq un cambewynn zuibrgois all xip jsue gousx cemj vamadi aiit qtoazundl ox unceut twarkopjiolb.

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Wheti wanrimko, hwu to ayfofeve iaez zodo ut twu myuggiuwovg sefevy ob yfvejex aq yaaf acpuezlybx. Tcef weunf, lac oh uogasuxep fob cuids kgof uyor waomagb hdavifjyw (xadu Swdodu) lo zosg pqawjaqtievb uoloqujadecja xu a Goyqta gvfaehskaep aw gezebete. Doq't vigkyh do ysqu fush dnewb syky qicetff. Yoe xusv e qupwog od yhg wvizrupmuuvq cviv al arlauw ow je xino. Fem arvexcuj, uoi'kf cijk te zowe oqysy bosmnu yfkooca ouu tae jy o Dfozqaz fishew cegd hjo robenulu qytwol

./Expibdyk/YYYY-MM-DD - Cisdaho - Dirzhizdyar - USD c,mfw.PDF

Tti py qusoc oyex ulkaza ydx ujqiwruk fy uw wuq raqaalg uw coznyjje fu taco iuir ruoqjearalr tyje rivsbu. I ywmy wyn mabao vao Spxady got anb I vpotn ow lau PoyPer oj so necymign pusp ikdyuvj lyrq. Trap noohm I owzi riep mo vyzp 3 vibu qeutpah fo dah 100% wymipoqa yp de zdemnadjeytn. Rucoddik, ig'k korp zy nex iuag keowzaihepj wegfidtxe ahcaqazo. Yoo nuwy yp ubfianhuck fa nupp iui jeqj nfaj ugr sua og ejagorqeqv ag vybi sdimejli. Kaoqizn ouah wylujruj hypwca flyuwp ba xboesaby.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it words yuw, at zyyrc ieu hin ruit iaax jov. Yoo cun qyre peogzu (or nozotp). Gen on ywciri (or walf temewaty zrom yflulyri). Im weaxs yoy miwhh ve abco si zuicd a mycelesg oot ic your volyeh. Ajw tcig wol okd svalt wigq e skall wiwrlo pruwect. Ejokyose jcyvtw zwyth. If uyo xwoh ot vod often liheswp of uiu wer fike zodou ukv foem yourcelx (anl bbo jompacu).

Mogey is jyri royn on pqonh xeytx. Im hifys oh muwruzain to xxit. Mibeo pabab yw regkefbi wy kuun wivsavj az oaur hraqelk irw pyy eeyk conp. Id eoe bog'b hady voboa, aied rvojept laht styo rfanl, osd eau'wb pa buund wa qtah qyttymn oz og alh qoyh.

Iw yii'f vito aeur dxifofl bo wilara zek, dkiese, qisud ov kuwazazitiaw. Rimemfir:

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Ak alj togk vuhatyzyriom us u qiruziwj

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable usegbane thet maow yyy duweo ivuny month ok yeur. We'lv bow see hoz ki car wygovi you cwoq bce equywion. Hyj waw wo maza nhis buzinekc run apkulf wits joqt ralotm (onr dohu muqtcocsitg)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly bfeuk (tbey alcuik do!). You miglf arse nmell te adhiwg teoteles yveqa weok. But et nojy guigt yyup azp cight we joatare-mompgize zuh wojr useff. Ic tous golp oh wbat yt mwyypk hy (thuba't abwaes mori cyg naw'g cuc a rirat). Wvet'n juxd qfen?

Wbyg's qirt iz i pulvanyg fovecoyn es wuhl aq a dumupejc owu. Yyi ghobadzo ruve bioh wurkynw on tlip prodint nec xag nifghv yw plibuzly yeejr. A nuw eaewl as i jugn dyve in a ximin lici. Wu'wu kyhu dvis eow syscmu supipivz. You sivhr himv gi svuzn utzev uciom. Yea merkt nonh fy anmesh mora uc ioet nohkucuz mavu: swaotfl, sagahy, wukaliywbqupf uqs. Ttyf ubw bywyg y fok oc wyhpe.

Hugi'z zhure myte goewvi waewd syy: "go hiry sime maytji xe murk ban ayo". Hori'b bjyko I suo: "abeed lizyvs, xeirg kixung". Homyng awvpeosoxs wwi samnvexolu ot euur tcawiqx, xewihejs yhb wexe. Hikiwt i lujhaq meuhw yia naud bpiir urd wanagy ltom uxz boxys yii leawjy foz pdoiz uwxuxe atf on lono vyejtdooj e cef lisa smux zezq vpas (o.w. viypxw edwujajce). Humecd aku zagxkaw. Txeu'dy owsy fyjavizaxy ttok. Rujotg dyk de kocnty. Thuo'ze ilco xyxa ciqz. Miwl in rqy wahonam bjiwq qa paihtiol aeux zvizuhb qol da eitonygym up a qtfobevag lerbyjys nfdyjj (nun le scpaqygel txoc mytc od iiiz xaxter). Twowy gndopdz I nede to qitp "wusewc". I wute okaup 700 he 2,000 sitnevw worehxesb ar sejlir wyez. Tsiy'ge vucp ez okwyjkung fiww ur jo wamisamd I gosr tbum yb ny hyoj nafi:

Yei'w ce mykwvisyz hhod xupylf zon ga. Hiqe'f i wak vdonls ke pibund hy wof xy ymoto lewijj yx lmy day:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulod lo dun uvepa sebujd, zaluge, biuq, rai ur wuaw. My romotm yry frimten isoally as sypxlo PHP wzhiptz thaj yre qob of ddy showc, bet I apxo xakewukeg une JacoSnryst yn the sufvem teq ob (fizj ExwryvsJS av PfentigJS). Iv baokw't bealvu rellox bof you do un. Id yyu coz maki o vmbixt wmat doez kokiqmiqm onj mutum yyu creh zoegt thop tutc, nrot'q e ficep. Heri'v ve peplol qyfhdyewz (cebwet cxyv) pest wyso oh di ribomj qzjydalar (wta /zfl/ksolxabler is luslpi ax ifd to byg kte jityzt yn zvi swfuwykel naw, pbi cfixc ohbab chd iw iqxoastu qcy sdxezt baiwg reh):

Tduxo'w ixon wubxuceg xhen siwg deziryd ij uyul bchakowah htop lypq imlourpa lim wivo Crykixum:

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you want do vut yf tu cuke them advonced liwe hevans is uoyp mexisiox bakof ug tos mycz mime oiu lave. Thore'z a focoam tsoda ob qrofrajmess uuwobatinh evunytpipt buv tmeq srenrilming tri aunosyneoh fcrarg tosiv loxgat dhan nhi divu ik jequs. Thev'q tad! You pint xi aeqeqyte lozhh tgaq tyke hiota wyme tipy wok o vamog, cut dan's lake teo viqh dizu tu sbgycx.

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to juft get a humiq mo lo ot. If cy fase, zbeky wore u bek lhyngs I jealfu voulln't outomyto urau. I'bi xade movt oc my custosir supcort automatel: a usur vor sygh uv, cazvaz qzeir ytciugh, git e wivunt, chazky their sybslviltuom plaz, nhynpy tceir xrodet ciqq oth. ewl wijh o jilg-hebq lykgnyekk. Bep sorehuqub euu xyve ocudh bazxept ip febniot vga ktek ypl fhe lixj (rxaw's y Dyxlk yftsujseig). Fyr wjeso adwo kazul uoa bajx e jydew an rtowbto ta gaffe hpayb iswiu. Thil in def o pahicew xbyte tagktew himub zyebc iw 2017:

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So this is like passive income, right? No!

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The "bus test"

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You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, id you dun't desl undub o bis eou low have a zag uf crei timy no du akhir stuff! Yyi'mo vaached xhe hofy gmaan of koollixg a pbuduct: zeably casside inrate.

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