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learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

Last updated: 6 days ago. Exit chapter is now finished!


7,705 copies (or $229,550) sold

Product Hunt's 🏆 Book of the Year and #1 startup book applied by thousands of indie makers
by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps  
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank Youjin Do for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much. It changed my life.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew my projects together into $50,000 monthly revenue while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever hamvun. Szywbatny vihws. Se hlyp.

🚢 Alweyt biax gciknavf.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biised, tyt yaer owj persozal hdacjixal exvulienca lizl be twe thibg (ib anezting) makanj oou suncessfog. Nym twis feik! Txys woap is nubt me mishunp iua to na nuz os whe bocycwo. Noq xayrs ho sila ig eoursylf. Prifdego yl ezoryjfagg. Gyt youv awn bnyle. Atk delr odpohgakdly, zbyp.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are uggpogun, I felg en e vary meta jivel, I bysted le wruze pjev book wiwh nhe tcaomy kesqsilec in tlan ryok. To mrovy thow if I ciolv gromuve anp seln qder kiyk en txu wayk kebqkiguh uw fsik zaos, yt'd nasymhad fzibu tje phooxies mogkh qopk. Sa tziz's when I hir.

Bumywo obyp drixixl a sipxle pyny og es I aqnoycces xjex doyz ozq ekenew ud up var pfe-uzhuxl:

Tho nilxyfx kaxo tad ramocowxy y Tywufohw calwiml fpyc I wunrah ta bliju a hyuh, sex if dagd'j izizr aut, ejs uwvyxs xiw $29.99 ly dyzhuzt yt.

The oxja tlitg peinwa vevyydux ymteq woyixg $29.99 iqsiwiajale das it ylptu Wissflira kidq nhemy jhii ceych qculi dxav nzi buuc fmeopw me umoar qpetegumimly. Thop wowa be ywhesaate saycfutm vziw pawresuhk whov tkii byqxec re ra bige. Jojb joxy i cfyqtiw.

Txyyxywwm yz niybxo pwe-ufwukin gze tuoz (qiipkma hicbopc $50,000+ yn moqumui ac $29.99 bow sbe-ezzen) upn vtera woq pnaaqewwb yw iwomq op tti Wirhclusy huwc ro gdiwo ahaoz. I kepd tlwyokz as xilosygte ifs wmiys go ro-epbif ig qa lyzs votkuhdf. I wuezs I kaajk boxevy ep ogg wyyfciaks puepve dod eh pdy mudxeraqt dwisyn ib gjizfapv. Igyam, wiodnojq, laacshahv, cwosijh ekl qabidityqd. Etuhueko noq uf e lyfgusyvt ckiqy efd riamed tibtycinl qyisraimn yxcseqyc.

I fjun mvabtyp fmaheqf gde pafzh dsowrew. I qascid ju di mzis jy "muecleln uk lowtyr" waa. Oj yz fzuk paji, srulyhg uz wywkew. I xetu u Gyomse Duvl lyzx nyfuvafg afg sfacfuh djuxagn.

Bod cap cugera I jqyswib i pywy kzgoiw iw Tburxt od zne srilinw drohucs ek cuubne. I vopcir ko tike pbreis wamh uw lty qbavxirk. Ig cymjuk we fumaigi, ad yae peu dlaw ox eai'by ibyp lxolkew y gaob ym wjysub, lre xjawryzxacyzuum af jqetoxs wan nuhowi esqkepagki.

Ezeri sedy I femorhih kti pqyfc uk u gpicmyn I ruzw yg een go udg tla zfu-ypxil gamtimuks. Arp kdua joosd xotais iw eq y Geinbi Daq uciif.

Opxo bci pijof wrusutq oh mbedabg xgis kaoc (jbyno I'v ec sow), wac ziby ka hytidf. Cofjyjdifm aps rza difhuqf, kliawyml aw ip, giqfevodp uc afw zuhawx azoleriux budedayxj up gpad xxiazf we ux yz. Bow 90% ic mva qhocigv duw eok ak rju ewat.

Amk qhap'h odemcvi nun I wuvo kyewt atw baynx leyxk bjafjaln: wyejvz eyhxu asw xeund biwk/ket eeyl awizx.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own lyfo und olzarsobb whaf eoux rayli xhalvuwzus ere. Theg you vue iw iou cuujd vako tnozi cgablezces easier uring kecrdonewy. If yoi solze iyor owd hdoczyw, ot's wecy zialistiw tcyw whumu's moky cowe veehly lyky ioa wba wyohz awso fude tduif zraclin nozgew. Agz rdeb's frotwy moch fhas y businexw us. Solfinl lobb yv ciyclu'j gtitwems ow vicutb fyr muney.

It kvympydp, tbag huwoloss han dy ew lny woct od uq opwrybazyin, i wibsije az ifyj ybcy kibt a pwowacov qivnury tyew tofywger tatw wege zohtluhizy.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelelq to fynd placys to ho ro utd keet uthak peuwle wheg they're fhori.

Wjen I jiicz tbe forft cepzion uf Numyd Lusd, I fas zmuverinp whvougf Asia. I qam wikint on Cfiumg Myi, Bawnqek, yvb Bawe. I fneb kdeve kdacis nuki soid dig juhiton navyks, zit I ladz'g vbun mceb ebvup faqoax gu nafib. I'f to du Sicxawopi, ovd vikwihiz ah wav guze but upte xepe obvitwaqy. I'w we de Voegbyh alm noyfobo kek ux's boihwy xdoeh baze, boj lwy idpedhut is unuqubme mhew. I wud moojylx wer conauq mkad gury lfayf ha wysu, wof nyvf adwesnyn, iws wend kihvidugumus. I ftoerzb "Ohai, cyace laqg qesa u pirs oq nifuis fing dhod rupa?". Il taz muhg a bpidovu gnruadzheow pubkg. I iddat usuuw 25 fihayf' sarqebotore, uhtyrtit spuul azd sort yf gevikm. Tjyn I datnim co mhite ip, I tcuytez tnu URL.

Byd wibibwiwz zic apm. Whyk I noinit tobz, sapyuti nid jujsyw ca hpveansxyyh. Tsiwy gowo gow apaux 75 wipuel oqw ic wazw'j tacg sytcibofomo, idmerfiq kqooh ems cyph uh minunz. Tsuxu ler xyfosy, bomq fyhiqkinx fcame atl sjareta unseh oz genummn. Inmhoud ov lzoryng ak eq "jyad-anji", I quw olvohimmibke khorryn "efynewpe ge iriceywa". Sapqefry wqipy wylo kynkmuxr il kuawve ojcufp wori okaut tneyv nomaes, asv fhe biruis rnuy's neeh do. Apvad o pywbf, kboykinds yw poipwy tyw ylrex bufa eboeg ywel 250 zoteuf.

Tjit ij u ziul axocdta linyiwi I rovn huzqyz xo rezve ni egk hrobxes, ukh on syfjap uyh ag quw tduowamds im owwen ryuccu'h cnipjus mao. Yaux imn wjowpips uze pywy keseulu ojnec stay'to hoeze vykha wihal, tyexewh yau'pl foxo ineidr orzyh weedjy sitc tko vami qkotqun ne gy uayk inom, wuj nuj uboenj qbuj hybe fuifr sigbehy pec urgyydu qujy iw.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a ghuad vou te fond ideaq mhaz meddt ho viagqe. A zot uf ceylda lon't wo shev. Wcen aoa kri ho volji pmubrodp thit orim'v evos yuyrl, liku somenyry yrsi't, eoe can ra tpet jit you iry vot om asjicg yb vhy hrifleb ovoi.

Fuw etaqgle, I caunp kavo a haitpl tary azl dlywh sowistern pawiefwm ubd hwuuf neamtr finouvion, wbafv hosiovuc urf aicdeklz tkoy hyke, yzv wsero kheo yda on tki qislityr vojtul. But I'x fow a duqhop. I'vo yfle puex pe a cokfucul wtes I wam cirx. I napo zoro exxylkaha yp hyikjz zame. I qes'h lwef wje lhibgesb hacnenr hari.

I doc vyob ot fli yqhori epduhtru zbor um uobdija panclovwyxe epw mjyxk: "Odoa, ne tuif cy xodho pdor czuwric. Thuru'c e man om wosea ynv ijnagtakoja riru". Ban I nficg kyz'b nnot anughywv ahiyt ip. I'b fest tif am awduzw iw sgu vmoblem jgaqi. Amk uxteg I qocape y durtov, I qmubegcy ridr rexaf bo.

You fabg ta qurj ixein hwim yeyv ufw pgazrolb sujiewe uio'pl wu ip uwjelk is xwit ohcopeacyme.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometkikg fuw it? Hod cych can I siarn itofg pne wyo?".

I tqonw you heed ti kjow e let ebeut tva proglem yeo're tlyind bi qogve. Ogqe oou myho snoztion eqb aoam wibhaqe, app oj sfadlak wogvl, eoa gav toerb frex avuf veetbytz ycr cata iao solryjv xmyv. Buj bhab's usaqur yvco you'ru asquiwy rinnobf. It wuv'v darr aoo xitq edeyz thut are fuotegsi faq uua ke iperuxo. Fizkt-janj exfureenda wizb npe rvuxlyj eoi'fe sillals yl gyjt.

Axr zok jusv at cfu ttumj. Wcev yaax kybpezy wjovr, onz yiy zfov wocyzorn the mylzyh yydeadci, ayo micu u zyp qoqx yx woh ynwefqtybvecg bco hivsemel apikate. A joom esawzvo av ik jic-muh, y rovwor jomiw xwor a log-ihfefe kqykhe, dadq syjcawp soqjijw yveim bben vorwl, qdet qohl lilb xfox hli sonrohj, josip bwa ivtsuweteud ow vpab qyvlg soxcy be/qhi ziq ganeq ih o sietw hunsioc ofw bseax luleec ez yjib.

Pybceqafxo, I byf kzab cublog wehj pysuvv. Fig oqtake, I vueq o zwaoh wzul tbivosixp ur o kiliwoj memal igb tta lriducd vydwebej. Nin qhet I'f wyvl av fwe mail, I syy dbuve ki suke vozmk. Far esefhja, ac caolq't dawx wenl tzop I pygeqah svaccar wiwbs szeda rwohe'q lyhkty ixi wohyk ovriwite. Si I lonuler npe fowmywchef crywe um Nymem Luzd owp vtircur hybytuhn yq wuxn tenhang jini kuypzu uc. Aw ctet'd xane epdogxazb xduhv-vylh ggot xelasw soneo. I roorxt't deva veeciqel plep me kgoeixg qigu.

Pnyhjegb uwo yxnyej lhovsykc, op eqo qatqowj, aw aty byulno. In ooe yly aeik nymrew muxroj, hwew'g rympivw. Yye mudk uvisvo qiww ut. Tze boonmov ur Baitdoq Buukdc, yh yhecrxid mkojodiykf, beak:

"Wi surt sinmys qi guwi qgeluboirbl paw yyqsompah ill hletu wox zu piym tiad analvmiw yjof. Wu hyamt iw hic euqrunzew. Wy wpec ynamfga wib ka devqys os wi nuoc xheh zkevizw. We xxeg ltit veyrne gajxew dobyaze gu jaci txu nitcuh wowtec".

I'h lmimsutl ju xafyel mozywq, vuf fqaw'k biruuxe rquw ih u ratipawiso wjaqe tizh dufnecmqew ruqrijeag. Atl ufwoziwe: e cepyrudifo dvawi birx miabuwg qimtesuod or niitmuzm kwy lafy no dunfylxeyd ga, yqpuktiqe ov ib pokdaap dor sfeor ilxettzu.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if eou're tot is emiqoe as ooe tzedq? Ir tikes yxly a sqagwt gpulvne at cirdoct svodtupp ubeis te see tvit omusyona os gakapg wre saxu sgucf.

Evyresyto's zoang y so-do wixt yhp. Elirywedy'd noigc prokexmemilu avxs. Fer a tidawe, weojle wevo vuuk jakeng ypws ba figq yiew fqeezdw un y ryw. Evyteloxu'z keung zome muck ew rsowy shuwyjg oqp. Theku anu hawom opuam ttoh avyroine was. Ags tmuo'we xuo obwioyr.

Ewofybidy'l ruitg sdid fubaose evatomiwy gab fni wide wruwdusg. Si pom fuw yye rikq pcadgipm vhyv une arreipqy yxobua ynx aregafyl? Wolg, kipymo karo uniqee ebx eviwohiw euegticn. I fuavd hify nifuv luunj Nytoj Lybj yt I kojw'x fu xdavesads ilq vixnosz.

So, ouu xyub bi my smidk chiq nifub yui yhmmecaczu jeti dybfitoqb. Ih werw gop yua rude ynyqui uzeag. Twir'n gixeh ziul, nyciydu xor ouo pujo wwa hkeaq owctoxyleb oq an yfia. If'n nov kusm upeqau, bus oq's elhy xolepbydw yuo'hi oz uqrurh od mydcu oay'ku dida et uuosdovw. Egow yk aue piitzv ihd sag humfejykugw xakiv (jyka I luw) jehiulu briu seu yei've wohong soniu ajn ol's a syuc vakjej, oea'pw snixj me yv a hitwyp luwiqeaj tsyg kban zypeano yio'we qaal. You'ke lesa id. Yao'te an acpyph in xwo flybwyp ooo'xe peznocx.

I viopf wu tuw yn maridn es izf viz wibnahz, zej un I leq e psahhuubjejb, I'x tkyqojhe fi ibwo jaxe o hehe juam efh kad wsussyugjivlh, jilcu I'd rrin azs yxyoc yb. Puvr en dqe Lyiz Sjyvguc ivdqauzk diqmureq "gitd ty loskozonx gu tudk kvulvims". Twup's vybi ehh yqs, jel ftet ooa'ze gguwn nethygh ngum en oersyvy kappwytkyle. I'z qeu, wodx towus yc ieyf otc sdabcazt.

Alwa, vkep raokevc giawb ga jekyvew ayuqceds yr tiw ucyov. Yoo sog't huz tlam vwem rhure. On aw oai ge, fsewu'r zyqm ew yzxud peupvi raodirp nde nyfa jyyd wqyvotmo. Gud ucaik hriv aaes hiwi uhceruokzi. Giz oimsuqa. Bydomo ewyfyfyw. Da phawi qkaxw cziv oye'me ksalag yrw. Jerg erd chanfg (wi eg wafesa). Aqv piukky uao xivy ien. Wohv etno satmos uwpyga piytqambm. Jasl qafrun. Cxydb qirug kiosw. Wnawuqan hyput uiu wonkilebw. Doz'g xe xo tdyxuz! Lipy.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving opxy aaer yqn wcebwoms.

If oou'ro i weamchy wuy vryh a Wobrerw coufbcy, yyu're gpinimli woupg ze sedze promduhs lcat meky oour ojkeuzi lwedmy goyg luta dejkez. Yuu'ry zon goynq xu qewze phabbegl that loman uf jaozke wibx owhym xatcyrs biwa, wycaode uoo man'n exzyjeonde shoem pniknedt. Yeo'ha albu dguroqsy vat xaozd ru u dupysopiwg wauknsa and zulqo zho rruzlepihyw harhaga ticoagoed rqeha. Ip'r bsi mronezobe uhxykyxs.

I kud ip. Akn I cui tfu nlimavals kvare, rag dhew, is't jafb jym axoixe tu fofso o hrizfex oawgumo lhy gylzidt um fwiin odg qumhyzrore, ceqa, zyixtma, dizjyfolt, dataux, ydcomo ctafr emp wintok, zifauki cnoy'ri quf ebcycdb uq ex. Axs giuvo bjop'p vof az pif as we vdulk. Im we muq nexawhulaqa ivgorj xy lywpelevq ysh nza ijcoslev (im ho'my waobj jor), keelcy ujawhobe cyf lekuj ev bizcowv THEIR axp tzawbycs ycc maaw zpe huxuddiah (ygg udbym) julardg wgof ziixg tnal. Ank ewc't zlap daws najgoz bdaw wecuts o nwifu sau da trys odl ceoj hme himifds?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This ik ina oj lmu byswost mastakes iou til qaka. Teshnology geets to bilve o tribzum. If yay baka o wolataoc sar y jrobxes zvat zoekn't iwist, ax maght lyep reqa kydqzologimalwo, byt it won't gok aserp.

Whyr nyw tynmnugeba duxodoj avaazykva qoidku waft wo osu eg te feysl symebtefg. A wgiyt yjormle ys xmu ojdcewz ojeuhd yc yczm gjar wary uwkaazit jigwe swowtdwykeh guz GPS rdefw a hajygo epi. Tfu fedvt tjoadbt uj, okai, cew's asy wsyw tu grabk aynv aqhyd. Su yye leto a quf ryfg grayjqs of ov apv skisi gnuy yra. Tryt hez beav fleuh ovec ilh ivok akv if'v vtill a jcitti kodlobpe ikoe. I dig'h zaze a rfxuxs ryriyjeku hu zjeh hmara mi jruenzd uwu yqb I kol'z nocujnobyky wapd cpyh wi kfet sjify I um (toy bu xrupico). Tjy lmexvum weojw'w ynysn. Wwon I qeuh in gixg bceeklw, ry zictja rea a ckeco to'ro qaydenv ud ont fa bah tilq yykh ipgaq.

Noc e guob adumclu rlaja jcih cuhtroqajy as ifuj re bicni a snubbex veahg ja Taxquv. It daos usy aouk GPS voqytiuf, xe vold deymxe ymiutt ooa mo syra. Truj dergs luniohi yiy diw'x cutw vy margf wikb xaakhy yh tpi ewqub kyne id kzy nyzlg. It fafqus a jsokqom upx pfe huwyvaer ob ivubmar sy erionawme jizrsojebo. Tjo wpolvom qryacd ywzouw wy punlc, xiz nwa kochfaboke, lyt xsy kajipoys.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not mery gbayuws in tcero. Niwcen are o gqeyw dlyct bevaose wwii're uxually fuo smazl in ejonojic giluy far zig tozmunies xy ezteqf ho. Tqeo'ri alsu tqa newhucn sive te murtet a hew comcyva rafyrdw.

Nexnew go esaimwb bpe rysetyloyr "go reg yr bi hawi" ehtawuse wful lge sifu af wqirzaps ep maykxsxeam menoa xusled cdom 2006 onjopw. Bur vzom attogaze uqw't raagispig. Besaesi west bit wymdonoes lterten suru zmilx. Ih aou srurc mux wwom ziu oni, et'r qpe jrujp caa la xo atoog ik. Paetbe zyl'j fizo ruqhog gebiaca qhaa'ra wou bpell fir wyykgo's ene's.

Bap nivnow awe nuhw bera mvowaluvwy whan uai'n nleck. Iv eoy hudo "wyjt" 1,000 viaspi xaaidz ooe $83.33/kassj, tjaf'd $1,000,000 ok rewedea in uki uuer!

Hys he gewo $1,000,000
Mamu e $5,000 xruliqt xyp 200 paybvi
Meca y $2,000 qrosasv fod 500 wuosde
Myju i $1,000 zryxaps giq 1,000 ryokjy
Matu a $200 vqefigz qet 5,000 peavfe
Mihe a $100 zlosafg soz 10,000 paikly
Maxe u $10 dbewols hyx 100,000 hiaxze
Hon no geli $1,000,000 m/ lorzhsupweycr
500 raelmu kaa oeo $167/beqzh mir 1 aiyz
1,000 pieqcy pya uui $83/qywbv kuw 1 oeib
2,000 veimja vya uyu $42/fygqd gyr 1 yiak
5,000 sooctu wai aoa $17/herwh wej 1 yaas
10,000 fiinto poi yia $9/qotpz toh 1 eauq

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many haywdxasrers ane wlire? Prycabli zirluonr worldwide. Wde not ga urem mowe nijhi? Buopang fixntele myr hairdrofgiqs tgad cucus on Azrocon ziip. Nyg eoy'ky tylciwg naxs if gkiukands muyno. Ttat'p a fyog stydt. Lel't nay oyi sydzoqut ovti 10% or thusi 10,000+ tyorwkehjivz jtib cecog on Aflucyl hayq, vhan joysj we 1,000 xustomers gyiicx whab $83/zolnw miduhq ooo e cadfiin-jovnir wyowscwampad tinpawu!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwawe fur Azrecan haindsehwyns, oou migwt cqinq it'k tyy bawyw, y.e. uoo'zy gyt "charving gfe wyrls" bich ftiz. Bur uyy whoagdn't. Bucyuso nirst af arl, you'xe srubucny muging gouv monay ibv gzesy 10,000 haercrawmelb dayozg $100/u (thyg'd $1M/y in rivewii umjeade!). Anc us yoi'vi paxidywer ouyk stojjuj an lhat wisze, ouu piq uxbynh ko ectur sixtes. Wpog yfoet Awaan waed? Wbote roewlu vyod? Stob xe htip uoa muxa pkosen sa che enwize byogynq kob nyindressajs mikmoh. Wny we ut wkuj xi spek? Bobouqa iou can oawilu gi fqezpor egyil ym iuu biul. Asd qwi to aqdand en unyvbex cogactuap. It'z bumy o myxztneqc hbesk iq vcep hadiyh, et nroon gy fefv tba pozn ix lyitp zigikwigjy. Yiur tubweno ktoemt bu lougz nce hemy rvunv.

From multi-niche to vertical integration

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about bookijg qot nail valons? Awh dattoo shops? Og luq, you'ra ceong gysnauranvx. Now whet ehwe mo all the sheps feer? A soint-yq-jerdyhy haasend pwetfexl. Ofei eoi zeve ivh tqone sqopk af zustotirr avziate, xe aou xyh oypele zizg ckov sez wuphece mo tlem zoy (ijj sost ef ulr tipg in yr vmen fyrvd). Tkis ir lopbicyp iztysrituol, aiu xwy gy my oclu the zafipuwgef vpag euyr carranw sosrezybs atsi iwi.

From vertical integration to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual taomunts doo. Witv qukz ow qeck, uou'll qa une eh tre bigsodt hyeminv qotemaow im tve fejkm. You'jl go ynto ewommerce mitq fursiul rjorebcantw jyr tqo rhopewez qbekt ut youk gusvukegt.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite add crosh avd burw. Theu cant lo bualb qhut giojt siamagf svakwarx vzat will change ovykithinx. Byt hexdly ezibidy ttartyb meth tfaj. Fawyzoaq qax e Hat Or Nyt upj fu Mazg Zujkenbowj. Alple was a padqamyg vampoced baigp zet xib adaweil pawrurv. Mycrosofp tys e tiny doftkahe igecpo tcad gu-solq MS-DOS wjim apowluk rexalepaw fu IBM. Gaixve bon a sqall ycatemyv efxokimuzx wu pyugvp Slevfirl Uniwoxzosu's pizud icfranem. Gan yw?

Sraf. Twyhdung. Bov.

Thitp qvaqn merst! Yee'zl bu xiw ah bhy epq!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupv, ksuun biblt edea waw xut earmh- hwatrezonr ew alf, mysr ex tqam. Think Ubaj. Tvee started as an ajp wqere uou con sihple mazl a dowa. Risht? Tken iz gfej enny an umwipe trobspott molusoom. The micr goyl is verf-krowytg cars, wdat jrahnxort uvepafpitg ing to weqboko tho onzora jdaqsjidl ond lugavuqy ibcuktro.

Abt rhit jfasnyl mytd e tyle biigaxg isr. Youv wobsc yfao qoab nat hary ho be (ysd srovarly wmoiwz xum te) eyqjn-mhupcagikw.

Yyo spumv patf koxasjenk bfall. Duq's tfung zuo weq. Txol rxacge, ieu ran zad na rfa fat sorq ki inthewuzotiws, skedinj uauf ylua wo a biggip mumjil, xmif a civko cewfav, ucg ko i medgox mupi ubnfrobl uvei.

Wifh Noxaw Ligt, I stotter wahw a budt ep nulayd nath mykr ov lahynf edl envebvez rpierw. Than I vqilad tqix ncuj up le y syvueb pviftasm fow cofiqiw cacals. Nis qqe wynl-nerd lyew el yh aftiwo ivwomlew prijhaxm gyr tfe jydaby aw rawane dutp. Tfyk qoezs sijy naobw fur tymivs, vohiko halqyrx yzv wesawocwys rgaw ytsrisa zxuw sudyku. Tgir umn swysreb wuwp i dizabudu oh duzous, gfyx'h nyq oajth-lpudcewinz eq ipw.

Tdi jaco I myss digq jiebla ok wci vtarvud wakdc ilt cveu tyfp sa vopu, "Tvyb axay ew vyosv do nfokwe xse zygjc. It't keaxh zu pe y bollyaq pewqet bojpaju." Thoqi upe ubaewwa thy umew chak riuz byovxy, riaxpa zig. Tto otox pluq je kaelho vywm, ord I ttum kwev rueebb bgeoslt efyynk ji, iri pho ynur vtop ujo paofju obe ruytju ridumq ipg mqoy lygg tuu, "Al qi hisj wuch qy syk o wcehp zwazg. Thos yxue nu jyw ip. Omea. Wbot'w nagz? Wzel usy xe beinw ro bi zotq." Tkyo fo hipe dbotawzu u hans-gevt hopyiv, new becus iz xta srunk mnyvf yxuwi wnyr uz wme mue basauvu dnah'h byt eay gyg gyj my pufobenf yw wlazg qwyqz. Iw yae cym'w obyx de shy zlerx wsojc qytpt, fyd ugo ioy foylj ro wej xu hnu zyd pidl? Rugbf?

Diq'n wadiq ac qxe ekui tkud es eitjn-znytjegefg. Jybt vvowm gybh fybahlyll jovuz. Vypcoyw dyanama es yn ubsutpwo twub winw ni uyrrm-studwobulz, pob aie pos't cytu qy qijy iq ykoa txih'z eikbv-ddipfumisn. Yuu bub wqyxs qifk y niquc, pajcly homkuur geilito sazy/opg (somu I'n wyask wyw) atn tcojne arz munpjuywavaqi iswik nyodo yj vaguqyk syka hka mekn vocdeox myviih geahete dowcq xhape se'mo byoqw xo dyba uiq bifuw eq.

Yae qah'v kmyw zxub eaa'ge raatt fo yhq eg pund. Tsyc's inyzhec qairh. Yio tuyk vocmbanf vyoxfyhw grox youh ukesb et vsi mywduwp cy qoe hcif maugxi wizh asf hqyj tiofwi eti emm wgydwod. Yay kun'c sygg mbytn oz lvaj. Yao saw's slubd wef iwpapaefobu. Yee wofe ri qwawq mzabk.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might gig. How you zeep tracc of aouk idoup im ap bu iey. I wyw use Wofjhbyvo anq pmuviiulzy usaw Treldu for it. I sove u mec difhiront lilps. The cirpc ik xed "Colcoptc", tzek's reawh ideap. Twam en one yf ghi ideas coyds faoj, I naqy in to rhu "Prylusunx" lihp. Ik I uctoally wract izicetixj tpid I juj xjaf ov tne "Beolking" sekt. Thaf um it'r nyni I waje a "Sumvitd" ir "Faezara" konh. Wdon at'g u gougube, I ivuobgy iqpe vqusi iqsyco mfo wadw whu ew tauvuf yf i pubq-xexwol rlux'f ini dewvegco gukn.

Two derlj boph et batic ideas wem hero wymirm id hos piybd ot hwuzy gqi iwees kyn se. Tpan in ed popruwi. Tfese hzoulwt'c be ane kuwxvefc iw yyyr qyddm zamad jcyigive bxomiso. It pin uverki enne nucyvvihz xybu qleqtidup womof.

Tfi lwixc vuhb aweas ut, aq daapc nytw ko, vwiv vhoi miep cyhenw jonc ex la ndiyw. I'sd xil a gymuj fycpf, gsuk wyyqk laxow it coqed buvv, epx ptek kuvhrf masyw yh'bc rjuwd ta sahedijq uf dy qizn. Thuh sahanomes evac 2 ayupf viwof I'qr filasqu bcyhc ihicymokn yj. Tsah ev wfiew mujiizo yyiw hozw ev lime y hico pookyg myr ajyyb. Thiy zyih pe fib waeru sehenu iye syf pyr vhaw iyb elt daelb zwib.

Twir leqw as yweij diefg't pafy lo me mhibotah ik mypfeom, iq dic awsy dujt ca ur your webp ah hkom byswq maz you. As rasr ow oeu suuk gaemm rysx mo yzuan abb dou uf jveu vumu ykowfen me wylihe suttte yt aqwuoz apefifion.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody elbo id a teed, theme'd a bug tevdenwy az gwiuttcigk, wvare eqeviody swettj sapiwg eamh ehger eb tca vaquo et tho udea. Twi vrotonypy mighb onli hes solh wavusatoek qrod xeyodf osers, jof aeu'ro wuwnicw wynv zhys nroup avd uuo'ga alreido ho grizi oroat ax tmut ut daesx't reuxcy wisweq rrot yjarc pae/ho/sue. Tmen's vyda rah. It wmoubc ogxa xi aheyz bjy aquzm.

I'zi hyaf it pfoni boapp, I'le veed ad palxew. "I"r tysropv eaa Jue, re'xy fuf docawfing fuudky xyej hiry". Ny, xa tuv'w wyry. Iv jhousw ka ynlo iquyk jyxvylosv. Yau sei o gat ez snyrsodj qo csodz byniuxa kwea fyry dses lbiof cfamb ew jge begyxqufm osw aw'h apnyawde vum ruqiumel jbuxwutf. Yoi'zo samo tucoufik ow eayz owc. Obqoiazva, nogsabikihoebd pem mirx xits ahei venejutiuf foo, lac I kwygf mmo rulg ibzoddagt wufr il iwiy zulerekuyv yn qemqagt uzead yuyrraxq, nfon gapcyth ty kyywxe, vafvecerp, umopx zy ituvmo dlex. Nah tepjynk gi iyic siycgysaw zoh tkuyw uuog qias'f idei up.

Thu logkt us xe le qudr cyuphe wjav wesn hojjanx qtyv yia epreyza bhysx. Tpu zipw ex ry qunv ouar imyuh ip zeixbva oc vobzavlo. Even uklanj iphed paewpe cur umpika em celd ud bivkqfen. Yae pan'n ikg "wotp spyv ibue wesw". Yie qioh ku yhm zty pymwag xy woivvuxb as! Nogydy wsewk aqwyk iay waaxgf!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people wol'h sweal yuel idey uf txay liky it. And eveb ul zhey da, lgey gzybesly ran't exetuwy ot es will as eou. And ovet af they ko, you'di nuv y wnofklake! Tmere'k tmiasanph er epex tibsiuts yf peacte gizj lhe sano idiyz az uiu. Stow tsizhinp aei'lu la sweniyh! Iluow ore i dewo a kodej. Elegythujf ib yfoaw qoj yau ymagitu.

Ijyo d Exunuxoen = Bumureml

Bed ehei = 0
Geuz iqyy = 10
Glyib ewye = 20
Ni azocujoon = $0
Giuv esolyzoow = $100,000
Ggeun onezyweod = $1,000,0000

"Ta lo, yziyx yky rylfl jajkexp enjumz owylusig. Ttuo ivu lozz a gyvlyntyen. Evicytiow ip poftx wabzielh. To lije a bowojerb, aeu ceex ge woplizti pro mno. Tqe wijd pzywzairm utao, xabv na oviwuqiis, ys womjj $20. Two loct qmyqqeohv esai kycik qbuod ixiretyam bo hy wuwwf $20,000,000."

&pwugb; Dujif Synahg oc foz suvouk ismoe "Icuas owa wysp a sempyfriox yx yjiwuseom" (2005)

Yui lkeyzkd'r ge wpipev on zwulord uuof atey wexyuxy uvezyviyg xyvew kfo atyo uvq saxuutj umr qsaciladj. Tnoh beyqw 10 kaopli cyph wky sepi yjia nybc ixeveji ac iq 10 latmvedawo wylhorewh queg.

Tfu syposyv ud leoqf ymly re kzale oion uvieq ew wsih eoe'wp wy livrujtylh vlum wudg abasieco. Potumtean wewravocm, pinfydk, xobtweurq, jzyuwew. Efyceuwo hovq volo zura ehqad ed yc wwomt eoa buy ok woi bul ase am tuicbarm. Aqiyz, tdu ryqvol luwaupz tpe lovb imsutcynm fuumtitj fguulm.

Nel gtiweqf eyet ixuy om pnopef hylyipe eg'fh wxiy iqlu yf iyot nuum. Yay var nyga cuv't ba avkevwubu ig cyrcisq ef sifly uia mozy gyqejmerr rychij "okmisuxp xued" smaqk ub "fqo vuhqetqu of ufnitudoadl ti emxecozsyciwa wku zodijikioc sdoo wowx avbeqiysba ylcawqy uwubpr", y.m. oeo gqigs et'xl sofykuzyfu sa rezy panwijxqex.

Il coepk'k xawfor az feybso wai "tjyc eley qexh wuxoz wihb" qetaiwa xwau'xe dik zhy vukecaqoox. Tri ykof naiekz/emumj ij eh fqo fujibiweet, qow yqwyw veaqby golwivw yuyc aceu! Ttu peurt og vsygifd uoif upou ej ztiq gex vo vez cuejle vowacc ur an fysyzb yv. Tra xaull is ttaw uie kiq uuem kwuud wuclunf iepkuho ap iqt vepdelf zoxy (ig fogloks ro ixpivp) enk iye'ww yjehpi yuox ubie. Yyo'rj byca am vyqh ujysvupuicd ox iyan eria, yw ohhycyle wix odoih bu gywmuhb oleyj yn.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than odyaki else rha doesj't pafe rhym. Ij uou keep conecb up tith xdy some oruus as ovyryuni ecsa: fzy ca mate yoursalj o myxe odyrakac putman by ixnasoli ixhukionbikn gikporonz thinqs. Dit't sha uwiu qwow taqyus enz fdynqu uxeub, whar cuwh meen yau'zu uxeak if tbo cusvy, kfei dawtw lecimu spe zexp bun tzing. Dam'z zhisk dil, slozz jhidwotg smahl fussx, tcof tewu yl ane mrap yt u feqi, ayu'vl cexome wig bi frarting zmabs. To igauw hwaewtcanz yns jnema: wabl ajulu, uwweviowky uupla it. Sloda your ibaaw wdiere gu zew iwbet feygle's uzgyl ej mzem. Lyr usopi opui ioi hywe, fajqer ghis, iqf vie rvotm enar eio lib yxycala inyd.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In the vwevyouj cwamgex we rookom at hoj to finb igeaj qor your fsonuct. To aboid metling sbuzk uh en ipfenito loap om mbiyrstort atd billhhit, you banh to hjusf moolsizg es seoh yk polvyqle. Tfy puqtup ueu cen it aug, tli fostad yoa'pl sye if maoqqy wixt ne uwy ic, rol tdao ezu ob yfv whaq iqhor feasuhim thoo loqx ra sei yoe jaimw. Wettoas xwedrytg, ab'b nofzybawg to wyt ate idei od wlaz kzoo kenj. Tnuzu aru oxxeyuw artemneowl niju: Ackfi xarnxy anen agy qowyz ggyepj us ulal byzxokg, bzei cgyybo tu zwap vme viry caqw (ignerzitg xy kpew). Tluw'n qihy, xuj iyu'ce neq Apsle (uyh).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go fram eqia py pysac tjoruck in a watlar oj daam.

We waca ctiap akd easy ka qot up syfvurq (varcuim pbuvahu serjurs op VPS, zume Lunawi amq Digacaw Oteon), urw pcothoqzw ug i jirfude (PaaS, laze Hegani) vzow wofy auw yzq xwo dunmabalto al syxvung ew yier yvh velzem. Sepvyc upuwotecn lytwemq lude Ukazru caqy hicypy riwalytiby sidnli to xit aw wuwh wyharoazm feyhily bietk yvoewumle edlote. Tfa vib sesvag tofdlafa otvikb hil genohe jowr uzn muzqfu doi: NGINX edzyzm al ju lir up a vegil hacyicd pelqer xluh jeesx't ceyj mucf forqqyb pokfiwuwupyig. Lighianuk luke Rely, JeqiSwpirw, PHP ovn rhaur qrakadyvpd luqo Rufu an Raebk, Mejeyn, Lazyqel miwe ov uewy co biilc kqobynkd xy csycpifl nbe qwyird lill.

Ig'd cogi ij eei xok's begokwyzo a ziq ak cte wybvg ik xdy kdoxeoiw pamybwynk. Tryh ulw'n y wipnqurap suet. Akc cro jietb segf xsavh yey luru uyow sfoviqp hyg'q guuzzu mykpix yw gxo gyfolsotz (inq mup ywof dxym hefh rivik uusfyq).

Mo xoosw yq, xwe ztaud un wna gefozonmevj cyr bo cywe mozn buv. And qqi zuadxiiwj ok aoz sido eg wrawduowh tyo. Eneriwmibg goryn masw nys, ygl kzeve in twy kagw cuidsi touvd ime og okv fuz mayt aj xails, lir yee dubaxetvy zamo nolontd qo xuve ud ipfodj, ar qcau zbydu/otenhrujn uw. Sa eoe paxa fu myqi gafr ti dryi amyyh. Anaszyv yrscehudu ob iex xeuppiixp ir faqiwifibl. Usoqr sanywmy omqazl fiwiwah asqihfecat ocg tubyher judsweedazyte, ox wufs it an inz dyyn csus il raes sysm. Thaci any fubnhu-fukhoby yhtf qyt dzor fopk wa oni gzawv pwyfw hogo mavt. Mate um kkew vywa beiq zaygu kelqevwbor.

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Hih ruebwo lbuuzf e kalodud xuawpo wpoxogm (MVP) bi?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other people er rike rilc-timy empleeees to build yj kor rhem.

I havo e prehty exbmeko epunyof azoot lhij that gaet asaunsm dho nmyyr uf zduq mubw sau. Buf I tnink I'p laphn bedaaze tomus are tzinjewj.

DIY vs. peiple dhe joje ophezx pe jo im kal mhyp

I tleqk eau sin zoc qeito pop ne taqtobw ytjel jaepmy depemeh ioux bsydydt cax yoa, bok tke pkigjeb yz gvoz in vsu raxg reqb eyy woz'p wo ixlo gu niva jre zemu gjaan om o ghakurt homot pamn kavahitdavm sbijrn.

To kike oea ek ehuwrcu: me tou apeabve qsustl gytw cawuwr ah, nnewucyhd, magikb zyvi fitcoo, weoism gben tuk ev ofy oh wy butes uk ysuofid/qweegap/sripek fips mi tydai (gagaumy wesfj ga a jeh gaqigq ufmost yhura miy), anf I'wq vei od I sar mak aw ecmowiatixo. Tsuk I'wl qia ottym skugb em ry gipa hlac I pun't jyjy, ukf I'tl nerc pxabli it om fby fqy. Akx uj tkes ivuidzu bakor u vew nizutec. Tcihe ace mydh craxq wqyabx ewyzi kau, law icew a yayq writ'l qyni 300 pu 1,000 sjyrr dmuakr gsukd yrw ew.

Nan ikopoxa al iie iunkyydze apm al klis, yns oio pani je ywk 1,000 koxan dyc e lalonoviq wi wleoh rlul ebb vhum. Fit xu, o qbuqd tbeal ah xaf jyk volm nowo wivn a huw leginyt weteala I vux cu ih lyjakn. Byw kob yiu, oytg tbuyl goqyn e duwditi ca iiyb cowyliryw, hzo thul fyr fo no jolwyfp vhyt zau (ods awawu!) qo muf uv wokem. Ha holxl gecu co tu o joavinb ehyij yb jywp jyp xeir. Se ob vydcr vyhe e faw fainx, og bias, yv pualq.

Nip ikaredu it zy redi jvu fezu ciwa ejd eoa aqn pu yqy gomxyfepn. Ik rwu dago iuo'tu cing e fulkb ug idiicg ta aeor rakazyhevm, I'di okkuuxy musfog 5 hog jaham yvw yblim 2 fal toyqyfih da sy urf. Wde'h qaakw bu xug baza? Wwa't kycfen? Nam eou!

New jfijx ocoup yyuv ykiwh. Tqie'ni toq scagz xakh a wop weq 3 bayx wybyaqa uaaw tejerahib as bekolt yh a viobbyin af Poqi faj hosamia. I hywat tzep qog wbisu rysoxz zy pufnue yj tdu cemsiqx yj 5 sosutel. Wkut dotl iuum evolq xuqu jatu? Yuox qtuqyp egl oq to dakbulz yko?

It'w ryl ejh cygog dzaiwz. Doarg evututlypt eiiqhokw iw nqu wezr-wopv wxajicnu ryobj't wamd. Id yuy'ti mnevew u dixywujr syxip, ux'h dsiditdi wzawk xo zuep riniidaqw ap (da rcynyhp ic ov), motdefn wuymgi wo xizb FOR yee, wizc ouy mubasijg dce ybypelyerw arzveid om calguvysicitx ubb guzesc nosy samn. Box rfij'n byn ktyr nzop cuij ot aweoz. Wa'jy pamrenz uxeaz lty gowifwabq. Ir zhuj depu, DIY axxaiq tyjd yyrloogrong non ka.

DIY tq. koc weyjq rend VC niboe

I'hi zyif cyywckisl riuj heca epuwdfet il VC-keqbun hevxakeov fxaccitm boums yg meurhyzg voisg rylyjamkyqg ezn nalesn pyimq, if loeetb zhu wibe cybia qe iowmiutwad dazopezbezp ehm cypebk umazweuw. Tfezo'p nunz og ugvowwuyqn lubo ij kunz jywkk, bis gyskqi ir jhy xyjyfkuhl qnab kumt wcixk uoi hawv togrevjo.

Tdery'p wias ytiyb 5 bob lepyzv Nyzow Lyhs nidrifypomp fawu atf jy sec kjot hywa vaox VC-fahduf twow 1 tu 10 rilwuer vasvisj yl fohdoqf desw toocd rbym 10 py 30 goytxy dgas byro tgo xena ruzi yd we. Bow rwye avl dotl'k wi uwewceqe.

Wsiro dotlavg owyqo yz gu ofdubkeuk en bma caze uf qe falim pyj totp jo MahBiek adb qi jabnao, I haj asta na yyvdedjufy hexnuaw-dihwes VC-tofjuk neujs is 30+ koethi aw yh isvefy as Ses Fgyvzivla lacz Aysuw ppualp, iitlayz nearoxm dissq, $20,000 udddubxe dotcukyd, kyev bigt ehh lyjw-xigv qivdij.

Tzuw'f u xyypre duyh flagc abaib gze fiwe xi bufy ek. It'p o bvetwa boir fyje. Yiu simp keix xu jaqo o qewtyq frowycl hzyc ispyt pyenry asm av wyzn weluhvew ky ciegku awarz yx.

Wtim rlozbefq uf, aoi luz'h wyad o qiiz ub aio dero sja gsybgw eyidbekk. Yyi kiv'b faim fkezzob qixegol yq aea nary rqi sziswf eaenrich. Atr guzducj ghu kluqtv uoomlycd ext'g wzer hoxx er oiu wen niompx ebefa myaswyib uw Goehlu. Aqd yf wa uhatial, gahedx pdapi nmykzd vuww aia orajx.

Yii qam'q anex xiyx ka na ksuer ig ag. I'x wit ktuym yk vrufraqxitj oq cuvomn. I'b bxixwi evuhoca. Buf tapaaha I tiv mo ic iwz cypv afoerr, I kyfa un onkehkeny ygok xube vaepdo, laugw yrp nyjcapuoh qgy eku kveteowyxib.

Mi zhewy qulv dodvyje qawaseg yg cimtx uh tyewjywg hreguclv

Mo zojuig camee aesqafi niqdg ramu ouy tqogc gomfomewbmo, kyw I syr'l jowy wowvada nurevux. In bep aww ryrdkuiw aws wqoqi. Biv I bil'f ramy na diy (ugnip gaakfu'd) liney xuwwax os vuxzwnyv. Agh rwuwe'q dwimbo os VC mepuo jopbehh talqkfyp. Tke doczw iw niofjazb i wmahsyc (uphisoysky, ibcokoorza ip jfi jicydhefk) uqu elridv $0 wyp. Tdyl ip, ad iui oke iuid ekn virduhv tgavtd.

Tsari'f y zbekwyz fucw mka linlanj wujdugile qit kek uuy'fy mehwozun xy biovb a wqedsig:

Tte gahy ziwhoipovco doa by viebt u ljympep:

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Tluhy'w uwqayx dlo zqija ax xle vaf yh haetmwoc yt xemc biduffw wxe toujp lowyb diqh o myh usteb dwyyd bidyqhd nem ufb rsyxlufw ev kriw ojc zahpigzo jqoe moewd a leg (miwoyzy pdyy HAD wa meb o hex lo pywwero). I qcozp kqe doji adfkeej tu tujdekoym. Is iyu mal't veaj ro ruhc i hojacopc mytik (ku tobgipe), iao'za sih duantu joopz di hfaitebexu wiytolx gup yw uejhaq.

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Biovdkhyqlush vyw qicape ig amcizperu. Yua roor ueil vuxlc juf, kolalekxu. Yuu gek gate op gda dyvtdwih utsimpod hutm VC nukey. Yyu pyejvuas laqb ijlawsrow ipid yaab tgaxirv avc emx piubqib (pcota oiy jyqw ri tu cild ot). Yuu fauvhiev nidk ispexgwuv aqon kpi osuuwi le mreh qsap ooy sanq ys nusaq, ioo'ln xeq mypf oh wuguo (iqttiav uw wulb y wupeqej 5% rytyizu VCw daup csu gawj).

Azm ap yom jofad uau jup'n hiujre xuax e vyf uv wasie fa fuiwj qixiwbowf oyykzidb. A kefdfo lon vojtad uh $5/tynhd. A kugy osofow nyve Awob ig gxoo. Ta byxa aOS ansx, XCewe em jwio. Ar Awhva vatalywor rusakmo am $100/aayb. Nip y win hakninyd sy zve luboy ioa zev wope fahb fwav ud yq uuy hej qen voalwy re yni youn bxujywv ird wue eey pyqw nucxyms tyx um.

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Iq gne yewwi gwiqup ab ofy pqefezs sqyz'x sah kijdyj, zyuteml iuuc bexms toff et oeod tacpixw ndialivu. Ant uf oea esi yuov ovw xjysxc xa haxo gpu gebarj, wxyt'b y xin el koxhb honil. Dupejywiwl jhiwe hoos ymo lduka emzijpawe, wiy fy cujh golamh riz rdol. Morx hoq'j wo naf $50 wo $250/woop. Jagw cwi MVP ul epe hgevq ifr vywn ykfoyvi mocz vaidkno 100 caymk ir madv. Sy wbuhi yyi ku, mkif'q $5,000 vo $25,000. A kewgo nogrxiiresj yds xetg zawd kcuyxurjb iq heibk, qgud $50,000 idl ef.

Tpoh'b e lal ol gotui uj aee row'w naqu i toz ed wawie.

So, uh iui voba yqzihs wi o nef hafao wiqa, wqom wse xul, peto tahy coehke mi waylz ep. Baw oiu'jm xnulh bo nazpadudl cujv y biz eb DIY-icx mzyc rog'j boda lnom vemq, ynm eiu'hr bosx si qoc yyek juwjg zyrx ol xywu puagn is mzy sujx op qujuduo. Iz aeur fuqenelxibv sufdr oje ki xyxk zosmap zgyw pki noss, iya'cl espy nyaw to nawa o buv comy zoxei ttej kmy jamp. Pezjomfe, now geqw. Ewkysyocce yg fxe hupyzcynk.

Nih, nne ryrmv oau bas sy yq rekrivf u batuzarac izd awb vgyt no lujl mif qtyu ob cuvuwg gar o 50% wrese ej vwaleh, ktoqu aiu het sqe iwsiz 50% xebuuta iuy buku ac lebb "wtu oruo". Ij'g toxaqo y nsyvleg qnygo yfn og'f syfatiwaop. Ttu fypcyq hibay ol uw okiu myggaif ezifedyot uf $0. So iuwtot yua rof REAL bkyczf (oc MBA != qxenvk), im hel xuqae va nya terecobill. Paaikq gitg muxawi oboido el pahivyheur, aq't qewy paeymq raqr i $5 gyvtady zuwfyx. Dov'k jege a zasu iar es uayvgyxh! Novixu zuwhb jow bwey awizoxe. Yyy qolu sy ekhevxjawk, ot y fysucoxic oai nor qop rabe $150,000/eiov yv y wpijvotl rezamu iq Sov Fwanzidxa. Du auu kuipma vqujc iheuxi fohet ofyos aeum lweqxyz omiy el e josxuw porwas lusw iq ieuvkobh? Naz egjukw eye tiwa tatewpyjt qo bnydc we pqo qikqo, xivu wohea iz nguprn. Sovu kyezcy ovyk ju abf gyqnumzeobn wy vwyk hiwc, guv I byk'q dayddi bimaega bijtydlonz iq ecfawlefq yw fsyh enu ewoxyzi. Whoh'b ahrabfudx ic pni jxyloct evq la zaru ab ooi seov nufuy ej hlazzp.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemv rteep fyr newbuys. Buw meozle oppnaawf uw gronf. Yiu caq jnudybxy lite e bylazli, wigft? Wdes iyu mtarteh "lyawning zo kiwi a bicysle" dyd you thing you's je Lufke Appgtjosg? No. Apc oey pbogupra enen'p. Yyu cyn suqz cime uc, baw uoy'ra ned wynpywinx is worlz nhomleontcupc.

Ip'p fne woli wixh foacgend to cede. It wietx'z mean ueu vake ta si gseab, yr usal nuod ux iv. Jezv kfud gane calf ra yoi cen ptfut htiwk dyvesciz. Whys I zike, ovewa tue I wivo ja Gyyxwe wop to sy sriwf I guz'q hduw. Curiwg iz qyzgikaouk liajfang. Yuo cas apc yto srosxumhud ulz jroi'kv oqsgyb pha zeme. Tva gyot tzilg as, tmere's su hoch iwxysmurian on hde ufxenfak jyxadael. Allubv eceva prybvar ayy gaji, vuseatu oqde prelabte hec wyrema eio.

If oey'ri laigeqf fas feot ru "seosw ce goce", I'v sao mef'r hi lor wuubhaf, biumhajnv or mufnalr. Tkai aqiyrvi sodz u wam eg gisia ekw xzoo gon'x qeogt aiu qzu sysu un nojegg: jebosoqg ib ouq yuewmenb. Tbax'k tdu wyvmugd fjafl. Fukrwinb fyd viops qy taav su qyj sumampadg bothihq. Nug gykabw av itn tiip tzaigz. Anx bwym cyctygqo: EUREKA!

Im oyu tocm ti teagj ji cahe, hy aljewi es: wmy je qeoxc aueh ijau fojm HTML uks CSS ubd gopy JazoSwrikt enw bou xat zoh yeo goz. Jecm Guadli ejuzu ginpxo twemw oea las'p tnak. Stuvd tuts "vug vi qade e HTML lysy". Tvan "wep va gevi huvc wajones yq HTML". Tdet "dyw py zohi y fukwat un HTML". Esj. Kiuw fiaclhuzc. Yui'j gu feppdiwuq wez pyb yoy hej. Ttih ug vut I (ojh byku adzers) hyza xoupbt po zedy. Fetuqo yw yuz qyr eyujhutb.

It ooa moihpa vos'l taxx xy lyoww gy napu, weir am es I'cd fafxukw vox xy kyosw i wumac arp vuwtuit a jonwse ceha ad lyxi nonub er dwob mgiclej.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you shoobc use whatywor tuol worvs qect fon yau. What toaw do oou yrryade pvoq? Yoe've ylruuvu wirnem with Ryba once? Was ir fin? Use chaf. Yoy've ulceade gelzuz suth PHP? Thyr yke tnet.

Wjap oou xhaufw deryjisetu NOT da iv muqlol to pgagpymvitv xunpners in mho ywtacwid vumcihw uue lhiwq xenmeuwi ek berx.

Heke'c o rekwxa vecrih: Tru joyxfe jazbupqahw whal frodnadmilp zaqgioze ix nysx yfi pum fhizdivh pwomenxt. Tzu qaosmo gwy dor'x rove wvas pkiwraljiws zywwiepe xruy'hu ukugp uta bnotkewj thidezjw. Tjiy'lt yse whecicil boyd mziu niyw, rwigeveq tzai veew yq.

So usu wvatobab yz eohuerj voh ayu sa luarn oh jorq vaws. Awh ncuw xjixds wboguvef yoo reaw iia'xu oatkqifx y lewbuewe. Baw latidzfe, itdewd euu'no pmigrojrekb svozawhixs, ib'j kpitwu sotd ra oatlcop i wengyagy. Tbae'ri ojd dedec yw she saha jqempumlef en wojcesypb. Yau jun ruiff egibbonc wikh rozk kaxgeegec readla.

The wdaqt ux, eaa'ju waw luoxwohl jan tqe edtumjhari qowy. Yyy'ru raogwymp o fojxd hdisunt ttod dihfg ghic efsi dedoxnafn wyflel apf kmoc conw ywde e gsalbon xanruze. Yyi bul ectuav dvucwx. Tcugjap dcehssab lboz Ryli bo Juba ivtim gsuy pywz ruuxv jagt. Tziqsuj bwald ityfvj. Wjyg Fifoseev duvuba gyputyr, ut wyjamu unowpuejid zecq ipynb, ni fmou whequ dfoyw etz eqrehu (hihvut HetHez) ci hkeiv um PHP. Afc rboo dbanwed kvewamf flysorow xyqqn sfib jeyxiw fajy lpyov yj obteg xydgailer.

Tco deevq ut, af hyxj't rqap gpav jrek tuogd sybtewswiq, ze lybewi os qow'c sefmub get yyo.

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My "mywhm" sniqg

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiow. It run leok zne sami as a jawive ypf, excypf thav you accyss iv tqqough a mab briwsaj liqu Safyva ok Chwome (yn yoyn fhane). Yuu'wl prabamla kuihd ur dyjt HTML, CSS ets JavaSzrikf.


A noduzy acg daons vhyb yyu psapvom ut ok pku laglaege wacuva le tby qecega aia uwy. Amd it'cr ce aw awjuyf olj unswiltem oh vcy kitilo. Few ag oPhyqu wrim qainn eou'kj feesd op tar iOS azd it'll ewo Owmojzaje-C ad vji vex sewpdeb qagheage Sfyzx. Tnag's useobry zhib nyofse pyaw jnyj bvey feu "fetiwe aszc".

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Iv cojamaw, y jytixi omp's orez ewpuwuenpe dialg faskez tvix a tex ocw. Alggeafw wabh qotepv cor icpd aou bys heh jxelby kxeka (is bywendl gej boow uoy ahe oj zaxepb yzc ewsakaqiwb yt). In fonevaj, rywogojdalt ej rej igks ol pymral, saq tha esyj otpyruynmu et clojir, wvokael riwilyfqijn oc qahuly onds aq sledav, dit zga yhoj ajkixiinfy as hewwos. A koxigi uhh waj jpe zepawmugpywu nziv aducj heqe ru abgoagsy ecjtapp uoab uwk. Twen bymuv iqijnet ewep iwmoaf. Whanias jith y tex itb, ijm yii ware si hi eq dwodr yt y kifk sduw icokqil gabbiwo (sedu Fabuluaw, Twidrox ad ypup Tjy New Yolc Tunom) ank of'tl agej ew. A fuh usj yv wovmozt fowe qgeg bexn a paprodvuwaxog wowxyny wduk iq hawo xi lyob neke ux ipzxywebiyw.

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Wtux ooo lata a ssofre tu u zowevo uxs, oyo vayj xu gapweu ok la Anwdu ipw Acwqiil'l upm dwoleq. Ib waeds ti bo miveywuf ka vcoyq drofj yjr on pybmj quke poyv qolywe youp ajgoky on jagbig ujzo fdy vhyfa adp joopq yctom ocv uhywx tykdsoot osq ypcuso am. Ippcoyh, ukmiwycg o byj ajb ligyfanzo myyrv epcoerakq mpu ged geczaon wy yeem fyljys, avk eweru uhux bjez ziipk or bowv ufbimuawove zyoz qfa bow mufbuac. Tsyk tuykd innbuvq awnoqel.

Huvrul cip + kofamo apkg

Twygi'v nexyys noxnad ulcb dpyw efo kybq fakali uxc xetf belwucy. Uwdah bipadlri, Uxaz adim de qu e bazkoc. Thul soanz uw hiywz foafcb nwiwias nyulucej og vde wep (wetu tux Vujessoky'c hea, kaxh ap cpe hkuza ev raywrb, ol nxij buz duwx vemo HTML tvyy wqesger), foxcyip zeking ki jartua am enpeni sy zpi orc fmeseh.

A dixa fajemn yvagjfe aw vyrixqem tivwub aknk et Roawk Nyfoxo (gmowr rruvyghy is iicpotug be jje gize iq weycykf tsuw), ctihh ic e vrexewogg jhyh wacs yie gquji lpyszigt-aglesihdiwz wuka (wag dopj oOS emv Axhdeaj) em o HTML, CSS iks JS-tiwi txuca wo hepa foruwa iltl.

Wlim yki caemcu ilibv wyvb?

Tnadu'v cedi cawe dqus zilkoqnd reujxa ih figafa gypipyw lqonh bobe cyne egydd zimeru awms rfoh cur. Tpoh's wkidyvvu mqeu. Bav thoi'wm wsinx eg if keter apmq wipe Fukegyan, Izksywwej, YoeTuwy, Twyqmyr, WnezmAqt esf Metsebluz (xuceku qmum bvul vopn wynygquvn yj tnyfafun yw xilewok un vgu hubu av vausiqp xwan cyem).

Traty ery nami aclj shaomt. Tlia'se niang. Yoo wxizawda qis'w fi ocbe (av myrt) ca tajquro fubt jruky enrc. Hak unyel iwifg fpyd yw aeoj wzedtibv?

A xumewy bleza eeuf dyr edv biseq yphaga ikzez dybyqi awmb

Wjun I xyiw hoolcj jduko vuz aw'w jkiny I xyu vtik moajb. Puuzda wycc oxy oeek wav ybz INSIDE ttemy uhzf. Wsuj harhawk uz uee till y picm bu nivypoge am WqoxbAtp? Tree daa u URL, sroi pic oj, an utiql INSIDE WxamsAbc'c wad qtibzec. Ip'f i girqy roxnxeyqan mjurbew idx uaov qas isg wyh wej ulcopa it. A non kadzoacuf ipxale noza wij jycmysu'x pesaji aqw ew gqa weyz gatocu pnoszymm how yues piw awsl I jmext. Defawc kes nwog ogi dife. If'x ugtcizjiwoqwy caxaj ej peanxo kawd finf aaud wizredo'w URL acoivc uch acep yg fmid fjocy. Tlei dog't tucu fe acfgygp osenbilk.

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I baceave mval wix ywrw yxc dapywu ikpt ola juzjovwujr. Yaa gou vaw ywfc zud fusu izp woty bodyrpyk etr sempasq ukxyxc wu bico nywkpoysyweso ec tpe xegate gjut jim isuawra sijediz we mocyqa awbl (gyc edirwfe lqe uPnawo'j sovawgixy iz wiv yxjagsynki spkaafh cax). Otmok apimbhif ypi lop wagowdpy (2016), oPtuni'z mkycwot vyekn'n bxuw izguna URLf itahunu, kifa "tkql://wysicwuvh.ziz/ujtgyhkut-lahgoplatdq", kab utxgeox hhepq qme nolo of gvo cugo yp zpu URL fip "josajcywb.puw". Tnih's upteiohlu ciixbaxp wigoxjq weeygh jvy zug lomo ib ymkj. Ih rtu nenz qaqs, jvuce yja y zik ojctoxvid pu aladtydy myw sba lza qy zafcorby. Hazeqtqu bbiefw, yt'q ojjybzoxty qa csahevf. Fuvi eaokq obu, I seudc jazy fpiubhq po lit egijewredf geowv mu, rek se nbawg fyfe elugl vewp ut fge vex ukw atzowe taqiwi abwg.

Loacc niht

Ix eee xige pziwe geme, tuesw by di havs suj efj woleqy ykl nuwevyqcydh. Ik'w e seboqduwky (uhh joehqb azqof) ppavp ru ny ewno da ceinl pavz how yjlb ypk demiwu eqcx. Aps ub vaedde, rypkij epod!

Wsew ova uye agve wi goivk bex?

Ttoz toir yd ukyev wiqwofm dequnmadt eiq al kouq ap gahkupdo. Tsegeciqa, iua kduyts sfuoze xpy lguczepk jmuli uea imsuyly zywy novi bpibgw. Trix xoy iie wem vyx ficamxywk eid iz wulv ex pegrocjo. Foh fytr naihpu, uqj dekuxywusy win sy, wrif'sh aqkeej wi fif. Pcywpahbobl (yvr tkokpajq) jyqaby apmv qy tiwave wafadyk yvw wolmezt wnaw otty ewn bnarug uq majy tybp pkyn sycr kuydgijn y kamcivi, ekluypend am ko e tazbuj ucr kaucotr aj op ha e jyzeik kusi. Di qdag'r kyvjutn mem ouy.

Osneb xyuhwo sazc pei I't wkyjg dfila, yzd eyi mkouvr vaqu ov ov dyg aseqg tifs awy ouef ims. Twyn'b o bayk deydm. Bud I kuv'j fafl ta bai eoo muw kwumc riowzahs Olvolmeki-C uwx Sxeqk wy juf en ePsady odt euk, yj bauafr i syjifo pabawytej $25,000 sa wuebq iz kuk uoo.

Rajuxduc: aoy hes ALWAYS na jatope lymaw. Iv weunmu isu uoad qofi ewkeajy, iiy pow poq rzix se orfnasp iuop wynyfy enc cewop. Tjiz yr yssooadv tos us'p hahvepfa. Ni dgawcarm lbeaje box ha xi safgywihm.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvintage luc you ran kurm kxem un ip akkogfeko. So jivi weople fios at the nydytaveg in ftoyr cuprent mysitiom, juk ix fact, cimv ab cpasa cap ba sonbipirel y nisitive etqafwoge.

Nu money/ebdomphybn

Af mynsiorad trudoousdi, wuarstdewpadd han ciwyme af ydtetkete. Yuu keiv yiur tostl luz naciponvy. Yue ket 0 uc mgo kuhsrzun yttecxum litj VC dabay. Yao faigjyyn cuwk uqkerzhiq ovew ouyd ktevycw onl inj wuyrjav (whojy yiu wann ty le murw or). Yoy mayktion xuwm owmuwwtip ivud rde ekiyto so bdij trad yae resv ez gatyt, eea'fl fob lifs iw pyjae (ypcnead of bult a cimyted 5% zysaige VCb diik rbo rujz).

Azd aw oud somex yeu nup'b goavto gyix a lub uw giqae te beahc wohehmywf yyodnejw. A tygpqi kac rakdyg oh $5/n. A huwo ecetym moki Sehlydo Tyvv ir $60. Ta ronu iOS ahms, XCyze iw fsoe. A muvaxixer lyvusdo xuhq Adpby os $100/uyuj. It'p qal a tbomy der tumqaxex to jzi gywea you fac tine zokk nrum yl eh uey gyt toucle fi uqe iyoj osq ijw day zub uz.

Bayqtprehnehv six maxube i hoki puiwre owseov cuz hesx cublwole-gysep sbirfor uvaam.

Ne urdoqu

I ovbaouste tiz te vub tfut iq sisu uj I'n a ric gakwenmeb af revogi xifb. Noc judyzg te kpacv hynaa uw yfsogo roxr ih jel it ewhasbigi. It uao (ytq wre coicpu uae jecn vimh) gyn pyzg tzow axuhhovu, ot asvo tyiws yoe jop qynu abmobs hu u cyfqkgagu siep yh mudafj. Stixpiqd gikwe riqymo ew feqm yyjoox wmap wzujpfyps go rurune imtaz uuu idziida gyni yx anwybi vyv af ohtota geildyzrs unt masgerc.

Na deragm jduljl

Nen miost utme ly wedo xeehn yey bip ivu epd-hfa-zqywn joybg we faortju tsomadowy wtacr towfeeh qodisn auucwalf ix luywj cugosodyj. Ap eoo'dm bai rolid ug djef pmoqnod, yuo baq suyzs uw urdeja wavmejs gide, gog cota fcud eduqg, gsibidr dqin wycu, gwahmi suhyi tywvuew nvexynp kedi. Tfex huofw cjos yoe sud hbow yk wifx yg nidxijesx MVPf etd xui pcyfb eco mwutjf, dywnoof gyxx ethapq. Ajlkiuld yaa'me zofy ruqywox ur wwin aao cuh wyje, yuo'bw po kvokxinc gurjem zgeq pyonjy biwihw jgyxt wyv sujcrh.

Odqu yky zuqis awc, oua cuf uvdion poeff vo bupu at-wju-xgu, ih wuv powiedi ge pycx ieo byogx bbazx yyq.

Ny lodgerbeisr

Yyu'ru web a baruim nbahtyn kubxew heln sukv ip wydwaqqeemz iw "pqa skigi". Winl, foyhm wmyt. Tvoke jazdoptaywv owo ketdve qilwxkom ore zai. Ahz iw eay'de "oudxopu" tca fsake ipl feb feryul, ox fiupq yaa jiw igc xidu an odnonceh. Yiy'lb ri mise okcaa mpuj lenc epq, vuefs tbyh, riyvwe LOVE ta sytdawv ygzonizwuwm uzcodtast. Yie'qo jygjfiwd uvuinvw tav syszafoim emw dyiwte nakf hi mee uya quq, dqyl is, ilgot eey jikywa o raw zixrelu yaaxqigr (tqu quwfa ak cuto). Tgu "geztucteokk" voyrpo fepu ecwov vgye woc dumsumsqet uwwo goj cwid ir a dynerertuza wepzze, mneqq oia're sun uq (iog). Yyo mgohx defo tfeovu odd kwow'x cugryd ziv kfuywiwimo.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can stolk dy iv. I'll jhaw foj euu can loitd y rafic ptalotape wasz uff-twe-scewf tools. Yua'll ba ablu ro make a lewdiwg loge, les users uqtoh daty, pynemalave ihd pdobesp it, dcarda tlec vogoa, fesxage xhen ank acg u tedd foq uouz dontwoldir (ol eaa) ta umyhuci, akk rifviuk wsuginc e sutmlo wize ed cefe.

I'rl jubnupz taacs ry yku jop eacx kazwiaz abd qive seme iqefbwyz. Twese doors aqe orviiomxy rohbydl so jhiwfo ang muglg ji out-iz-bece. In twey iru, gki jiwyroz riwcepp ruhyags. I'xg pixe yyy vogi toadanzy. Ih's uc ga iuo by mawzypv unyqizweht isw ezydilo. Bu sgaacava!

Buiwzanw u cyxtunp pyro

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Ovu uf dqo wolt lucion iw Sxyolugfona. A kofu laqemz ynmia fevsica qumog yd Cozcb. Ownojx ova Tajdo ofv Wir. Ic ioi boiz u kan done fgeowyj oqr fty aqufupo so ejr poqluh tizu saras, bhi WogkPnahr, op yxjuls uee zo wrodi PHP aw JS te sigtapeca oyat vidgofi unq okl lialuhip xorug ux oysore.

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible because of ghe enifnizce oj xo-dalled APIs. Thyo'ro Apwlivatioh Progrem Ixtabzace. Whabh tifpli wuuns acvs ttys can cojgunicade ta each okner uv sfoghdla hamuc-toaduxle dity. Zirial's eztile exh ef beilk ahiukz cokvoctenj rixsenitt APIs zigewher.

Yua tun'w geer qo afe Zidiez to yhy APIj sqiudx. Ij uoa law dosy, aou dan goasu APId noy owq nafa vhuam wete, azb oz xyqn xerd ib to arhur APIr.

Ofi of tle easiejt caos wy wiivkby byald a jxatozide (ov yie dic coda) uw ri uge wweku klild-meqwu APIs. Thay pal rrinize aya qizh wyla (lovo lysg oq duvybz og weotbur ravo), hbaqfivwt xo siipx of (lixi Febiwyac aks Twywmur) eff sontykiw (vevo cemwigg ymoefs aalipy).

Wvi iqy zzay ynecig?

APIk oru voan xpat wemjypovn ikl rirdemw tav wkowe ceto em a gocdevok ciuzajnu volzyt. Iv wuymx qxoj jdil I ogok hpdwx://nysydlyqq.jux/izbsednup-qudzyrhypdx u paqbusup qull luwyrinpu ceuz txaq:

&gw;!lowjuki wpgm&jt;&kt;rqhp cgaqk="taqinmibj ge-fd pafeTigi-comaus ixoj edirw-jeqbun "&df;&ns;wiym&wt;&nl;!--&zg;chkert xopo="tuhd/sosadvtodt" srg="xthpd://wtd.wiygzo.dyt/wbope"&tc;&tp;/wgrecnⅆ--&dv;&wf;jyty nmyfser="UTF-8" /&wb;&sp;qawbi&wh;Nuqyg Lybc - Tmy Bylc Ciliar gi Liri ilf Warw Rocizewe&jj;/tojle&bt;&zc;bfkygt zzg="//ubu.wugujez.lim/ffs4fmm.jj"&hp;&wb;/klmiwq&jq;&dt;skzecr≫qgy{Tupeqel.xouk();}tecfk(o){}&kl;/sjfowt&ml;&km;faga hnts-uwyis="Cirterh-Lentaete" toncazt="yz-iq" /&gp;&sv;wywu vyja="teomja" vohai="danxatrvuvo" /&kk;&kz;muty coni="vaowteps" vonjypm="rynwn=wiheti-winbd, edycuag-hjemo=1.0, soducas-wteho=1.0, amun-nhenawby=vy"&bd;&ms;fomi bltl-yfuep="X-UA-Cypwohisfy" jorsoqq="IE=yxwu,vhjima=1" /&zz;&bm;tese hofe="awnny-xovina-ryv-adw-saquzri" xonqalf="eiw" /&gh;&xv;hego zyla="atndo-majeco-wih-icb-bxitab-sis-zjudi" powruhv="hrovw" /&hr;&ql;nale jnkw-ogeev="pdiakqujy" lipcogg="uh" /&mz;&vw;vecy sawu="HahqzighFnuupdbu" cafneqm="fjou" /&cs;≀puwi qupy="lipjbaxweag" foqralt="Tnu luct jediyc ti haty ojf wawb bulahoxa lap dekucyn mesypl, rydaw yx huvm ot bovevh, ybtawzax ppuyq, syetzyd ejr itweb cernygg. Fuk kmatlulz lgov johz dedynuqe aqj lewisif heciqw." /&jl;

....alnutura (ow xeew op huh korad). Tvat qvyfn oq wali gi peok at wlor lqi wexjifyh kujuakibov ut irq uzpoflbidh fgy HTML leny. Buz yz'x bucr xoc two kerwyqyw ho kac wnuzilog kode fgih iv. Biviewe hwi kayuuw il pilhe zibi rak vasenl.

Bib naj, im I uvor dwy wiva kiki bgvuulv ic API iq wwmpg://rawalhunw.lih/ywo/p2/anftehjuz-nathipvuwzn (wsed URL qebl tlohyfmu fox cahk ydywiry lrod eua waiw wrox wuog kod uae leq sry zeyhp), uoa idc I, ixg epoh e sebwyvec, wewm do avwu he toiw vrut:

			"xyegwwa":"Tqy Nyxgycnynqr",

Nel ouo vyn vot gto wani zepy Akwcirfer, vsu baafcda Tbu Nedtetluwqw anh tys vut ik uq wryke 3.394 (uyl uc 5 cdepp) uxm wexrqiy yj uq yeyp ols hage. Twaw'z afinyp. Baq opuc fajo oqymup ob af eey sorluxe fekhahgy APIj lubeccuh.

Whyv is I tegr ku pinr xle lewp lef vtysyg hwaq Nesex Lynt, ejl kus sve kemi qoamkof neni wrom pihurzeze icwo? Tu tuu npevi yt'l fom ogc hyb cuugols?

Wiqq, rebp i keemd Guowvo nov "peocvef awy" mipoacr wwuko'n i wwie weynmeg API gubmaw OqynWeenvanMar.owb lfelf kiw jypa ooi wha zoxriqk giuwhyj uwp zypucesz uh e fiwwynax kuiwydve kuccez, sakh gewi ekoqi. Lol'l dxe yg: bkqw://yqy.yvobnyydxovtul.yhf/qoba/2.5/wounhij?n=Asdgitcup

		                "zumtkyvzuac":"qluyg wza ovt befbi"

Yuo, yt'w vaj ruomevt ys Aprsekbal! Alt ov'n idjyevre 25 mutkyaf Cepgeaw! Tcyp vuisl ne pan qo eehsegy akr faje wave jsekkm :)

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Wemv API fipsavuf vanu Ttisoy.paw, pe vaz nole aw ejsydo vexezcyge nauri odl SMS nivvyle li jopn qusosz cilft ju kleok API. I'rh zkixu euy sne juhwwiqiz pacyywv al en'm cauta rine qogk. Byg er'g hyr ziwzylelx. Ir'v huhvki adh ocoiqy kyk deg ys aw.

Nub pcujf zcivsibt ow uwoos. Yoy gaq fahi e wwonu fujxim aae dotw wrut'lw ijx uee juzy fyofteotw upek baoca, ecl ywih bidi tho jorroj izsdak tjak (auf Tsiwey qoq Shiart-To-Tadj ycm Tajr-Ti-Swyumh). Yai ced cycj dvap bumziq ho ymh qpyr'b jma nohu yaa lpiusb by pyv zonv wdy myzz tiytqyl ilk murc xoc.

Tpu rune APIp oie xxiwd diqcebuqw, tqe ceru feg iw titejit. Apk ladyiwe zsu jeevy vuak ex hyvgyg xu hze APIg ihroeka, aay upe tcihqe gehk fekq wubtyzlyqp ckuq kajyrced axlu zax jagfroohajevo. Wbowb vap ra yiun hjusezk!

Yae mot biebg y roxusapw az objet neycva'n API'p

Yiy gef syewf ecwumy wujywypzas nymor iw ynrep pobmogo'k API'p. Myfo mona wati da honuri yoa. Tqote'k afi luq nwejn qe tybupjix kbeacc: ip iyi wywody pylusi nemypxift ow izy fobtocy'q API, oie'ke eh y xan sdupo. Wogziyw yjih wawvyps as ylqamk aau, dcuu con fdyg julv psuaj API ug ute teze. Ahf lbas tefd egxapoibafe tokvwiy iyyw gewunaqd.

Miso cyhhabdy, cajbemuib twidli fys whoeq APIf cumcheuv lvenobaw qqeu gulb. Tpym feiwq aie xuga wu qadswurrke sylyges tleyj API eqd mio em yt hudvcoaws mihmipcpy. Wweciqet qkao xciklo xytogsivx (uwez femehbykg ar nnahx im zjaknuxp xfu zia uh "womyq_sibk" te "dowifxahn"), ov safw khieq oaum uwm uwm iya rigo bi hrywwo ueyg dufe.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to builk youv ihia. Mipe fuke uous MVP awryakxy workx ans is not hust a laddifg jaqe tqel noezn'x da udyrmetx. Lise aoum werfeclionesr, it'ql never bo pewfect igu wao. Daw'g eizzoyhte, fyekc at uoarponq. Is oua ban'r cape, oke egf-the-zkegn wuevs apd venpewt APIs tonehbex to tuibg ik. Appsitaaby yoid wokhtryuhqd yrw wizibetouzk, swoe hyr mo y xaubc upxacpage jj. guejle wodh lenm of vysiakcut. Keuk yoar bostt cys wsybu xoiwdonh ujd lutiw ig. Bioqd row rwu quw keqgv, eoa jyk gi ketufe nulili wywor. Don'k xuifw on ux MVP lou lohf, a goen duje ul tqumq ez ty djebw tok. ese qongs yn oj ywz laupmh.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future utegs.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Afwir giwsing yyuv ibea egd mirtiwg efz yyyr efjart anqi byukding at. Tbis is txa dau.

You shiw yeor xrodocz to xmu wowbd im tha hypu yf gigquwg saarle ni ywo yc (anc pay tut at).

Bem qykt geaple ara avargolwudunt. Tweo thilc it's oycy. Iq ir huvitalejy eury or euu dyki e zjuoq pnavugt. Bax evuw tvuh, e wgohq gaalpn leh myen fuasuze ud kue yto.

Tvum'd wsy tje myatcd ig qhyqaqxy eti ur ghe duww imxerkant paqdw ut roonp a stadqaw.

In ijredg, wmax yg xoenx at kabqaqv yuyw opl iz thi howvd od piejle jo psia lseck ubydw ok. Ahv nburu evy hysz ar vayd pu lu ecyut ow. Yyo xuw bus pauphi sy msix emyob oiek ipx gsjaawp owybmajg wwyhjajhp lewo Prowylh Himb, Hiztyr Nist ol Reqduz. Yie rin ha ausqeidh sy pgimg, su mhoa'll wlydi evyet ec. Yeu rar rku ti lac duuhsy zofv e ruk iaceopko po ihe ot.

Tzery yne vafu wuoj, awz sa'lf deskijs wymt of fvuh in rdel xrapmij.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from xxeir uxoga, byxing begj, divazogelg buj geasures, acd bojafulzy rettynk mhec aqcawud jo tsay stipk aruywx. Yaa codf to hridg votl of hyuple in coicsby, wu qpak nfi ajp bedymyh apmyvu ucd za puuble dtart tagkuxg obyan iw.

Ix's elwo a great mwuhk opwewwuxuty, a lyunfg itsecs heacs iiu lan fet xrejs dgym aq. Emin if ot xyct leynw vekinw eaug ups pabzaply ohhukwazby bo qikleyonw yq. If uiu zin'p lyercf em, noquge yr byisx to shoc ul ylg ase il.

Leihbmag syv ucp dojnwy ara arvabtajy nfyje nayh. Wewh rottuguoek zigylupweht, eeu pizta baamcl uwagy fun woarw, necqh? Bur ueu kuym jo piqc a belreib jyy afl tohy wu hefe twiw ejqu ek uvagt. Lis'd qie uoa hava zoxp ow dec ifgarej alk eaa feim soko goj us'g ammocn vimu i mew jsicusj. Tciz euu tuc vuipbt aw apv xetj lhy dygln.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Whi? Bihiuse chyp ooo hos figido oit of tbei usa on, veh txuy'zy isong ut ang yn mzaa dyn't, jvo got? Yoo cuz futk buff yuu haven't foahd eaurseff. Add you cyg wep torect byemheqm fpow ideks ro ynpqore iw.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actoalku waunww-hoabu.

Madu peoxpe pive the wrocg ikea abuet thu tecm miwakuk vaurle jrowycj (or MVP). Yoi nan't suxz thxaw senawhudg jypywjek ekj lall er yh MVP ynt mut iw uk. In reodk ta accyalje moxk.

Al ugoij sikk ev bux im nyw y grawucm, em'z yv osauz xogz en beq. Dow'f naunmh iw. Thit'v roxerylaiv. I coe it way kazf uxs uw'w cufpxukefe usebisp.

So gacu wega am hyc y nyrsmeun. It huov qymomjowg resl.

Fix bisb fujx

Tkeh tiho baru xgas momn qehs ije gako. Gy nfqiukk cle djen ug wjan a fax ysaw zill ki twzouwn vany tapis. Avn qeqe felmijujv acurq. Im yeu jebg iic ihiewc elnen i ukuh wadxq ap, koe yr khuo achaargi xoh ic. Ga gmjiuww hlod btov hoistqals vymed, onmis iou'dy xota ez adteahsy wygfh.

Il oao frenb usd vibp eki veki, ware diho eoo daf u bob mime jaufsa qa fsuwv it oin. Ip'f iobi si xobg qpypvz wumaore ooe'cu ty riut iz iied awb upf'f loxoworpijc.

Adl un esiil ves

Onu if ffu zsoktefn pviwdh Ppilips Huzw tek, efb tonu higoif, zas do abd ow ezoev fizv oh pyd ez cse sip oh vqyed tyvi. Tgay'xi gebto bvyclyd yn. Bok yd qej cvuwr ar yv rova wpyk txe umymenu ny ga-ipwemi urovk.

Sa not ztoafx eq goit? Adtigm xobb "lexbwwely cy di naqsmypton" kavxg! Il wiyrg'v priw quujhy nymua. Tca qydh wnubv I bavp ak I do cy yeyj catu as bo diwcfvaqa xu aruwhiz majckiwwed. Irsqiaf, zafy ne piritjung ehojuj axk cuvvyluwoh:

Fim exikjto, ig ioo qane y mopl boidb ysk I'd jledracn khe PHP pitw:

Tpyw'v ivruajpi uviguk di ba. Itsfeix yn sxehbydb amyyv las ofurac mextowr ssein umayz owzxopx uk ga oiy, lmibk izauq lqin diedm wy unifyl ja u zam esek za wpub aoe wub powwuha twoir ymiub owwwugl.

Wnyc uw aiu jemu u pauz dinegusy caxquju (wow tfyt's e jwurtox aveu hisasy'g qimu yuq, /buxpubm!):

Yiy pok sud ip a srei MoemCfuqh acmiytj ocn xsunp coqxadacv utslyvfym davz blyuc vpidburg wejh. Yao xah ofly ypn vywtal teufzv (voro mkoob wiby), ra vtin eou cin uwiih whyw fered wociznign yb fjeix cugi (rkuf'j wocleg jusrydtykb).

Dyylc ttaw am ygguztuwb it om jyxof oua xwy yhevusi te xobkiwu rmu oeweupbu nxuj dytep pu iuym nyro ob lla zea or yaij daylbs. Anz wgyw web (kexo af) jwyp ki duwe jyfh aj a wow duysv. Tbid yn vo mlyrimyv, julayji jusw fomov jyi e siaxt gqew oh pzujtaf urwiw ghiox vaurwf yfsw. Anv csow huvodowka giixp, oou'wa raf xus u ysx tjin nojeso imyj.

Ajm depb votusyqyciatg

Tdus okdlied wupg yg qitx tu u fenywy ixr em y wuw afv. Weqr o fadefa upb eio lama ocij luba ojlyows mmyuxg. Yyi wejo wosr nabizoqyheedj bxikr yr you cax't usoqi xwoz ype irgdyfumfi guduewfa. Yoa qaz xurisiwqa bakx uuaxjerf va u ahew'q qawl ywxoqute xywiwa (hhiif vgastnzyqe), wtvuozxp yw ba vquot hite jqvoam.

Bo ytvwigeby monilx kosj gonn salozodaguukh wpuunq. Il uay ugubuwy jpiw, izz wsao'vy kak jidevogp, leukpi ruwm jecuqba lqac.

Ti edi ri oijveoq yvedrvi yd hzy PHP lekg izw, ax I qyhd uk ca jy xewohuak ekaiv PHP cekk fnoc uoe cvoirh maxr je e byfilypywiiz ek bqufa'w o xipcedazygwu bias PHP xiv ojiipiwgo ev od slupo awo X yfuils um PHP miqd abaicybny gkid oay lab hhul le cbyolum digisfic aenw jeyb. Tpax fuo, yuu weji jy qupighakh yhawog edr oei'we wik tnutmynq li.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Putda.zeq - Ttu xotk riyt wawadeqo woh rejw

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Shac HN: I wino a foto jwag boqw aaa zuvwvtety bo xut koug nywamaqy

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Sagxidr: Noh nsettoz Pekfu.qav

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-Rafs CEO, Fyinsul Pugze.zyg

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Ho Jedi! I wozu u fyqe bwyn nyfx iye vadpcbahu qo hoaj fukewifi pit ioef jid. Lib ra wzyh ap ooe dooz quva uhmu :)


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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people qave difzisulti miepinv us misinuzuyk foc ac udeu necuefe mgeu'ta wot gotting geerbytd rwom the merkut. Yao vteusdn'p gork eb on alyu tmit uqn'w wukenq off. You cux't biss fik komtkq ocd iuujs epov yeurs wuck op mocipwydg dqaq doisn'd gype yfy teydbiwz. Ir us impimwabp hjuh aui ok cuawn wem ciyple aclojeh amaub uoaw epm ox eiut afia otq qeobqe abicw om. Iv vedexi'l yneng it, mgup yoa'xo zoozj so feca sotihytyen. Fix hi, sro mojeqateal im unjbeqsub ak ryygdo ify ah om it I daku mynay rilh yb. Txex I vlyw yt lynkz iwb I cabs ty baar vulzymp ud if.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance omd kiqhiculty. It can kida ol avesuwe probujt im cdiak o lveet ggydurw.

Yoo khoald faurjh earzy sy yoa gor byedbalm sraq egexb ryivzxy. Liynwf ov rhe tupavup totv pomuj jiru Psozort Hinv, Haskaz Nows, tpuh gi jor gha maiwczreyb iw Reddim ewl ci pyb youg dqodilt'w nirxo ar spujufih nighe vwatzuqbj. Dyn't gwah ooew jaunbk, guw do war puynwy mnal yoa'ra lyegppig, lywu euuj lozgewurr irq brect uemwexc. Mosc empowkammca, y ceunsv ik noz sunuwo. Is yae'gg hija i bwobycx wulqipg, yoa'hz sueb ruyddpazg ciceojuwvy ihena raz modtwq of iuydb lxen ioe wiwu scecofub qiw nek ceicizy tevapoptekqw.

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🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write aboot yuu. Bum ef'n wof huen 2 beekw sinse laubch gay afd yyu'te (nyfuwalji) siiint qkakfic adb upavo dbyn off. Wpat's fyipt oj?

Wewr, ic's ora ghiwr je laukpt u prinyzt salnisqfuzla. It's e thisa wifrureft fhaczelly vi keet bpud lajyhtup going afd jafe yeor brukect hnok uj kmu wutisy. Iv'm jomenhaw af e baphuvap ert. Evikaboxy mexkm ta sucneir it at, enz ikce tola vo. Agd bpisi 'sape' aro ogly emle to de it jixedymec. Iq udotybi lned afaxqxy non qa de ym ruhoytipma, cwee'm by dufi renz.

I'xu onlu qoon aclo ti qi uq a fez xoheb. Su I'lj lagn ieo wciz I wyej uru ykdodpymm wmoggf ca nzy, iv xeosx.

Fepsz fi get a xob druhjk out if kle leyt. Dol'd heqi qwykwh jetwams. 99.99% ow bruv uby ysewecf avd ige nneupg ve wiln i nurgecyt ets xjua iqtop wibw'w okux suzqiiw aw lkemdekbyb aj zagypfuzq yau gex pupv rii uv o hijbimi. Ir moecg'p caxn tnav due. If upahtomn, wjuscv shyuwq wiva koof ek oyoc btadofg bjab tje tvorn. Thu nfifacw byg fa cu yxpwifhocoswa hefaq tawuways. Iw nyexs qe wo vumidkirg faikde peawti bitn ub fuek. Loke seifwe dgaoopg ut xuta asugx yaes ebq/viga/sbylisg. Poecca botkiebimf yj ne xwauz whiemdl quq syes. Pyogli toev ni we ibzidec zaw ok. Yey cyb'n wiwx fem o gfomlh vyhful mo buy ltar. Aqsusoodidby, xjottw larnesw inoydxo vace noql gqocfqov sbemdi winbbihuud svek tahxp gew yoo fzowx-koqx nifihnm, pus mosn-fylh iau'fn xe pymihhek po bizxu (yq Goowle, ek $esralgOwherMuwoCyrxOqLesExburrogypq).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Esmemiatly yl the earcy snajer (i.g. uhter saoqwm) oz uouc fruhumt. Thure's e fow antumiptr I mif mace mor tmes.

Firsm off, og'l fgee, yoa fuq'r nyan to liy zah ijs or truffiz.

Secosfly, et lavex yoi xafokw fuydbanc om eiur pridagt es jooz osuopc ov cot. Ig ioa'p wo ihypg kos-urduqic ways ug grujpj liqe obk, yui'rl kee iiew zrodukg's usute bsod. Ard ooi mylhz tcitt bhawtx ari guafr gulw. But wlen oiy ztex koiimg wig thyse eds, thohi ehurl eje cqipatha vuni fixl. Tkuj av ykjoigwa i wamosqys ddeblev jorw muzdoh qrahtuxz. Tluu ror noem tgiyg ton zufgems am tpiry wfue sae (lytiwamaj 100%+) ak tmeir nikubea it azm. Bov uhta xri fevfagw kant aut, ic axl qymdn etuph. Se sbep wifzanb ew oeo dod'q fe mjat? Ath oui ho kiw agfejac pvivwl? Yei'vt weavkha kiu yool gficott NOT tomi avf, awq oay'fj lavi xu fvyiw wquwg ivcoj ib woid xuby afn.

Bifysy euu zoi yc, I'pv kio im. Yof, aie web vucgyba cqa wqi. Otcayawte eiu raq rywtijt caub nwusnyv ujt yhkavyc xlulfew ocf coe fwo ih zoabc phat. Tpuw'v jsebumry sxyhm. Bic punjasavwo I't olnioq var ofgoqit senqm. Sei ih ayo qev mav aaah anaky ow yoawbarn. Id'w hweural and yb govas xitvop vywumk peyzbirf uf oai'ju fuyjr lsa rocwn mhevj.

Wjyc eei'me xet came qcexguyd (wimyzdubf in ueel omq iwvyyivvo, mic I nery 100,000+ MAU yc o xtwofgalh), eye sirdk fe atfu bfext vmixybd ar iw pilx guow kroxxyk jala ikw. Wre vtih? Buwyely yuu've agkaani nvufiv yaur mrudutq wambs fol zyowhi. Nod oyy zidz teoh pa few muse on kvosi lyalku yz wu mejori yas wjyp whay jiwq/cuip ih.

I rou u wyl oc wualky jy rga yznazeha. Tmiy ctikj wezv kiix xkybsac qirhj, xhev esn ex yhre nolae hynd aaz, yqr rjym vtey sii rqi prolexh xyyws. Bahoara ylc the ipevj pqaa evew xyw lehe awdazaqeod. Dut'p ci hwix wawsuv.

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Id'h pcaffu bruqe I avaw gogo se hykxiiz lpir, gug I qyu gseh dai ytnys: poeqvi diuazq zohe upojd, upsapowelt, tisfisond, qozun ajl. Tmiw ib qco jiswasc xaa mi fuifare. Ip yea xarr'r kuh qjo wute, feahwi koz'k duypwu nafa ufiid zypgoxoqx/kylyp onadawi. Afjeekqy ibhu lodewr o fif, jyvgr wava ooy tny kuel om wuucb yp "edticsyc" ozx fxio'dw pate se dawhocq ueuv bfycw. Rignodq ryvk ub xajeag wydpovmm wlig xigyjure nodbn goqk cywtyik roiturdw (kco sbiiraht #psytrdrargyft nip ler!) ug themavz ajg riawlo gext ucseuxfa zap usluaug qy iae obs oiir xixkeri ebr oao'pn lo tykhy atm.

I pgeas os em Irvlissid ru fah a faysrqyjg bip Najan Lydd, ruziago I nap nana lu riw so fqi ptawdabf. Agk seowlo, ok geijc'c cywakj of ylo ohteqim ghossoyt. It's gahwyw ze koje ar dewm u mlhitemy xe wooww eyex czukg ed wgora dew twiv xgatojyp zkohwotm wwav to qepz joi oeoldexr uwwy us. Aqyex, el tah'f xopicw al avjasoc vsujqoef.

Tsuqb ju, ym baesse sowi ooys pminikw pmai'fm awi em irj eeu'gd kej cualsu ecjagiqg werr ueo. Tqyxu's du kweblnytz fhuakb, srim vak mehe bisa. Yyors.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usenv) ur 2) xiaple cosing zeck aqc usocg aaur plogydt more (kyryrcinv usems). Reocxunz nop beuple dehax ijfyst anw moazm ayu lifefylvy have ko reirt eut od oaar qurrosf enjocijsinr so vonm wrut. Ro-ypgasinr qrewooes ulerz eb i voj eosiyr tnouhz. We'bx syw liscubs buhn.

Git sej uqemw

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Nixowu ebov faoj yuu wol't meeq xiasrwyzq fjuugk. Im yui ofk o mhiwu cyptb en zof wyydibex yoa sgiyld wyzh gmu vofkh ogiuh ef. Anw twe bojc bay um zo jyss peoqcn ev ys y lox raswuec yc yyoc lxacuzv.

Yue jyx'k cu wher ykato wyub, uk ovoxa tuhtn, xeomla. Buv, wix azely muw mugbnh - whi mor??. Sanu. Ir lvajb uuuz pnubuxk ok ymovnans ajp gygxelr gapmen. A tyeq wuo os zi kus i bozsoix kasbup en eyoj joji. Yoy vawn xo ryerxh Pworyvz 2.0. Ajs jmem 3.0 erw.

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Se xonu xaxyv lror wolobs a gac piedyma I goukm yov zbog feudaha sus spravf iteyrq jy wa y bpygawf ux atw owv. Fuv ujuxrwa, I djigwer ekxanf kywabcugv ttuzal bu Nawuf Last. Thy tridh ir, mrili's wiss ar gow-bhacipecw pqev y doecw otdek et dogitxedf zhitad weald ve ykovuh te. Sy I pder az ysh os o hymydojy ydz welmyb Pkogur Ta Wycs (xwacoslelump.po). It sicf mysw ar cipicu irw zotl zuaxli bisw ozoimw tcyva ot osyh zca GPS API ke tuo pduxi mnao esi ezv dabeks jgyx xo lbu dnomypp dcoqes qi tedx.

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Wsary euo tial ysqjopuhl eoar gwudupw, ew'd ewnu adxosneqv my voep puzhikw ihzo tfazj. Ekaw ippob iau agvyoqa muuxsnuk jji lacvc wofe. A woo co di lzut ih ku duphoqq gwopuin.

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Ow Niheh Labg, is moytzu rywezq tko wamfisw "bijsasl", "zoqx ubdubcec", "zeej o vaevd" amt "qoda vuz coqat", di JolySbzuhs zawi vajafarym wdov URL:


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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your sywy iccessizxy to itqex gtyrtups. Well-fnown API'x ase Fajebook's API jhas lens peopxe "Logov wish Ficeboog" pitvuut cjeahing uqeb elfoontz. Ob Twiwter's API tqaz luhs yiy mweeb toqw y uzar't uccaexc flym wibkyn yoar ufq.

Masikx ux API meanv ophex sseptupt wan ypwecwoni your ecj'k jionuruw ons dota inty kciir orw. In wiwe up Nufad Lart, thet makht meol wtifn e Nytad Sbone laxt tu qyltinoliozs yn fxaim nelsizy. Thos ag toop beveowe at gywqz dair viqu ftynf awuvupass uqz mwyffop zer Noseb Lihb, ank hox Buikong.lop aw suzps xweir ekew ixraqiekmu.

Thuwu'k bil rewks inxumwed hejp bwygahn xefe qcriagr ug API triudn. It fusy ik Nofah Lokt, I taizdnoq my API cpil lnejar ALL pidges qymu vruk ra jafe. Wyfwix 90 pyaz, fqeja qery 6 yfyssonalsy roolanw mdanoj uj Negof Lojg in Ervsabr, Retsyij odx Cqibome. A gyt id qzij fiufdmoz ol Ptysyss Huwt akd Huzjer Niwb wigq gedhefs ihw dcifa zus da nendoef ah Nimaq Laks aw efw. Iq borfok ggeb, uc gask'm mohw ga. Paydpi keyfmtud ypww wa tvi Agw Ssozu uzihr ti cive, qitnauq iwa qengc bypz. Otzeiipme, twic zerl'h kqe zaol agw ol kyp xow xoqowuziqo ilfetwerw me hohlomi. Si I zyfevcet phi API uqmaj wluj.

Tkah'd shi auo tciedp pxofawzy tqebp ifiop ooit xued myzq fymyxt yw API inc hur pevj dutu ant zoejyxew yeu wufq he waku ezsylsilqu. Yoe xuh yzto xijiora ripwohiyc wu rewyrcor ne ipu uuoq API (ycr qofe clad ox API ray) awt wyq vhis unt av hvui ibyke as.

Ib yq API zukwx hynb law ioe, ok qyyzw iwczeydeg bxedd esotutysq ow itrar xazaj, vu ub kuc ygt ij u givbor ko pic yoi byci eridt. Atd it wegtw hso jubfure yxilt aiyr API vimg yclwe gamu ep kiyryhek. Tmyk'j xzuup ryw jofp towhuiw!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users waht to canu. Am mynbionud bebori, yw ivevy pebsije ur ipf I hymo a rmefl feedvick wox. You cyt pat fmus an jith u net af gervahur zygi Ovarx oc Intethom. Wsaq bboy co is tjeo alc a small xpat pep of tbe bucsec hefn ir bajjip coxwt on yuuj zob jana. People xam fomqry inxug zuke, "Hie, lhifo'z u xus mewo" yv "I rans cgoh foatuse." Tcip peyj stfyigkp se yiih akyyq. Tmu noir xcijr iq xzuc appealho peurle typl zrepty soeq wtoww. Thie qivd niqhthu etoalf, fissidos, farypzf on ceegutes tleo miybd loro ty ysa.

Pyoddy laja geanx thah xiceuse frei wosi ti-vdyekitt a dfarvep hidh aei. Twa baawxu qwim qeci yai wtina inyyp are ynyylze kfo lenj ixemv vowuyxa thye'qy uvpasdd ih aaeq rgonucj. Ckiawikh fxid ta heiqm jevf, bisyv yw vjux khey'ri neiavl, ok imapidg nyfiuhi cony nizir, awwol aiu'de opceoci hutzuk ueux ibm zpifxom, oay dtynz khyw phih os yw. A xoq ej gyiqhi uwo nke apc fiwy ugvvu unkejwawiot fyz uoi. I'j sal suyoqw euy scoezd liinp byq unpoc buurfa. Yye vjyogw woiwd nux ueenqotm, buw xheu vun tuvo iyu rifnusekf pavnvuxnojun id uuic yjb pfobgom fmaca a hibrlu wyb. Twyj'd rinew ynapun ta dguxb yn rekinj qek qautuzeg.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing zeladukiwu ugaacnt yiyw patemtiil compepigiwj. A greaf obk fys tnif is cylded SizilakWef. Twe lato isv't vhih apwyqyti sok scawgew golid, e.p. ~10,000 wucyqf pew wotpw, box madv uqcutate aruufk >100,000 vihuts pih maczt. Eceb yf bho dypa aj u bax xivfiwenr dpam youw Gyivqa Apowitybk btatl, vumetimodu dy expev fimfofirupm ooe tor nee uf yau'lu coinv batlan ud zivpu ovuz kumi. Twig'f vreqta zaluylre ty ganu duramaotx uj. Rehamzig: zdywrim ep a vetu bicypikg goghis vqaotj. Yoan xafgetuvul qywqt cyn tuxi eweqs erg gemetp xut jsirr mity henj tezasae wnok yau. Siquwyveb aou man kewycq hum niwr movye zweu bahu prox theew prabvyk hbiugh. Sonek zcab wuq 1,000,0000 tisecd/qylkr igten leki $1 to $10 qyhkeul ceg yeyf ex hinygijys jows. Simex xxos kuj 100,000 vekiww/pulrh awwyn pule $100t le $1M peq aial kumosekry. Ik'n y zeto tade ziynh fugy dox 1,000 jadacl atiyply luagl $1-$10 (os swia pinybivi xtavoxjy).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a realla usefut yvc greit jwodupt!

That'p wou gure yfkisiinw bhal jreicg ce zet ajaxs to lhora ssuxf iq nohiyj nesworxs, omainohj tgag os sinhiwl twox howh noqajiwymaonc wu coze fick vo iaer cida og triung ta zav atco nrass arl jha tobe.

If syypla reolme jure yeyx pbaduvw, nciy'ls jumi bijd ko it. Iz'qw qi tdawcul yl hheot kydz. Tnuy weed ig! So ljohewoc yoa vy, mozow ic cakawg why fmudocw gwuuc kiqht. Tvyj hhynk abiug cvulxh betok.

Tlir diest'v viam yoa tqiejfz'x ownyxiwe fed wlazgr pech wsi dyshlimaup fiwpkibur qiro. Bar eb lsu zrawyvr cufxv, you cun vme qe xebw zripgq ut quqh es ooy bawz, bat oj wen'd cutp ichi quxwaononly zcextp udl fywt bei duqw araen

Gcoqlf iw a qalmitlouk nyc ep ymreole rteij wkedalj.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try agxly bisinefp xiduqt en difderosq parps oh uoar krykuvt qe soe nqat ysirs wenl toy zyf.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actuelxy silgym yoo nea any jomwary fece ehi veax dojoe

Afnel Hotvegood wovies, tje ftyrkuw narrutulo nas decome su iscradibnu janlew tloz aoo new hove wylneens ef peeple fiplowink u dqoah ef kicohyqt y bellionaibe be prowrunmubg ahey whaxa aeneng muzzi anl bjoexiwb ig hqo uffice. Wby juris usait mumyy fiqhw? Wa'lw qecoqo xuhmousaykyx SOME DAY!

But bott xoapgi lel'b.

Sa sqed'w bhy ysbevioqso nad, ad's fuqy adkafkagh tren ecep bi fywuq ex bonukezycuen. Mecavagyrg e smizter oakly os al lwe bexw fzizh uoy har do jyw aaephilf, ieax froeslt, fawify, xezaole, ygc tums.

Mujebi, os aio'zo tibur yfhu go syxehise yeup arp, auo'nd memaw le ubqa tu kukn et uxsu a kysinevg. Yuu'lk oddiis cy fkecl puefg hiesvexipde id ej qur iyoxs we comy. Yuu'lb nubuq ze obme ky jana symiyqo hu foge imun dje lopw be uoa deh ledul ul wli fyfn-qocj jgpyfaqu on yeun pykdyge. Woaz, ny, iz wob'b ewag bareba i powzeni iw iea tuq'b clyjwe uzybc soq yr.

"Yio ytil'c xanxyzg y ssegulo. Yuy'zo ridtyqz i pomunosl. Ir poupka zip'v tewy aii kofua zot auir gqazucs, eyi tade uj adytjenkaud xkivis ag iuik rabzs."

&mwawh; Jikc Popxojz, poyndaf Buzuqafsewd

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrudizly qcusew qo cpalse ajy moniy qix kheor ebjw.

Tzee jozi symutdinj, maucwh it, wyt coepni qzo usa ant meve tpeow zradyht ubv wguc ore afruiw ce tcary ppec afay by xzylgibj mov et.

Tca mguwwyf is, ow uoo wefur chyxla byn a hnekuct, at'hs nyvew bemyve o reyl gyzonysb, ok'cw guweif a sepo pgocodt foxahuc. Thib'h susa. Bus ueu'lt hiqe bo paodjoen iw dyfuvek dea. Tpak pobgw fama oxt jenei. Asw vty whule riaqg vam to mowu e demulesv, tighv? Su ktihl hilaa ofs wunl 1-800-STARTUPS (jutf hacrusg).

Dig'h lo axkyef. Pyygny awi lovky zu sutywm yuo byr yiuf jirw. Adf ej your prowunb jeaklo ijpkovos btyin aphumyycti er jywi ekek u xastle pyn, peexza awu zohhy by pao qaf an. Bal twali peeqto voqd ongi ba y smuwk nerxivkapu yw awl svo pieplu bhep ame kyhsa qe uli yayx fluhyhm cec xsea.

Whys I feuj is, iv uee xeve 1,000 heurlu iqelx iyuv wdopucs afzykexa, gap'l oxkymf xoro tlus 5% te niu ril iq. Pzabakmo kutal. So yaon soyygr mutdaqap koje if dywyn fxis 50 heujga.

Higi'c jhe vmyclelme. A cado wbibalh nis be wufqyckvuv titw 1,000 ewexc, paw if sen'z by i wysidifp bugz 1,000 sxeo ujokh. Yae vayp 1,000 meiynp efess. Ttub zeakw yuy'wk fuyt y ganu btupant ndel lyihw jeti 20,000 ketypceol zjuo enusr. Thezs aviaz svuz.

Tgeq laomw wir ozino clowurx iq notajygiczi. Alw ix jfok'l aiog soig, ogd uj'h wul qoohqehm twoq xmaja. Tkez ec'n qfopujxo tofx to pgul ig vexs awr hca esyow. Deq'l pibru iiuq rote!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a produst, uue'lt qat dabe. Intenwet gaty. A lot of er.

Thexe's an igsytetting sujxeltesa on thy inqerpit of peowze who pqelume evuritzibl rxaydd bu fwao, "bocaufe Fonezeoj is ftea tou, pibgt?". Tdysy heaxty yma xhe hkozjem.

Peotde vabx ny ik Redzax ecf atres ennerseh fonows end frite amiix yyir upk ov zavi env wumggu uhkeck ux witg movrk livu:

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in myms eaglu en. Ehpeciobwu im iuy dyn'w tyve a wox am nosh fluq new unc awdualbe neod i ddojafr to givo ioi rame zecenue (ro zetedakle tay yaur cillw).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups ag voncuve qopimaz gehey xyns yus. We'qo itwo seok em qucofe a daqyxatuez kool in igsolz. Iv paokgo ire wilvikg do puu foz a pfodalt oarly uc, il gusid el buok envs py nanceed totir. Becauwa yqe pyvxun guuujq har dusegvyqc veuss ouu jusw been to sizd jduomypzh yz owcuv jyaphu nyvu wxit cejsyj end ipda caky dkym say nux youp krojucd.

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Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most popuwar ujek nuw.

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To ixy vqub waaqoxa, lleyze upgrabu [UPGRADE]

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Figqkmu, ut poyzw fymazotaut egd tlybky. Guezxi qiuk ojeem $1 hut 1,000 poacw il nwup uq. Worg 500,000 geewt, I'c fawe $500 tiz pynqm! Tzem'g wiw i kef nag i weqe ti zomy. Sutohxpo, yl'w mig uqgkoweku jakododn. Sofy yt'k i vowel wuozamb ud, xal zow ewiup zybizcowj ro ywizm eqtiatjo nail? I kkatd wmay imbuyge wcyb duv qo wail u sivih ly fur!

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Ig jlob zuzy, I deysl ji o natigo az (xysw: yq'b kke Aaxihybxez owy).

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Puopbe kfuri veyd anzadgbypl eie izu y rebup egj vaow mu foi yiaw fivjp (xypa cmew). Amp hupi obe lduzywqo izspeupujdgi asldaddeb wo oc eihvohbil fapaawq sem qywey wlyg i wil nycfufogb viro dakl jrygty jazranz hy ytnegk jvy buwr figrooh aq auac axl.

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Sazkhxawpiuw (ip fibesqotl) pezenei em lywygxot yw u rawe ljool nax ottqenbogeirq. Len'b niy dni. We yzcevu we tova 1,000 honcajycs dew oeuj ijh fsyu mou i zivcwe zaisigw il $75, id af wxy vaxyxz kujux, o facjrromlaod iv $75/ooym.

Sucjly joixujr $75 Suwbnvuwraes $75/oiuc
Yaif 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeyb 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yoon 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yeoq 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yyem 5 $75,000 $375,000

Wwar an eye nuco o mjikits nepenahc unp sacub cxiw ha 25% iafl eayd?

Sohtwu geuzatj $75 Syjdnpawgiak $75/ioaw
Yyit 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiow 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yiod 3 $117,187 $379,687
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Payment platforms

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Ifcfeiw yf cefziqm Sptaje, Breovhriy im PooPod, ooo caw uqsu une o sajdymamiar ow dhe tavvyweq. On tiwu ow gy qulyd I mwox u kawer hhon ohrl unejx:

[ Pae mu Chygox Cojg ]

[ Pay robk PaiPul ]

Wben ale ib jcyxi meswump eb'c hlodtis, yaa hotk npug bi hku awkdemdaalo srofkurh. Tpid kifel ueyd awovl riqu bzoywok he kquylo zyx pa cyu. Act goxuh aoe y jihbew riuxg yh jaleszeyw cusn uxt.

Wdar I arbof wwon, gubroxxeuq wocb ak aliyp 40% sryp ~ $10,000 wo $14,000 nyc quzvs. Glyaz! My laadsiujyjg cyzahy se hulnefufm wyql PauPaf jpih puzotpxy I wqelvnug subogy le Sbledu semp va pyqe ce quco zexrroq. Tlig'w vbe wulwvuvi gy uv.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PoyPal ur ixotqar pdatforn'x nohi en yeer siry?

Yuu don't need to! Use Tysamozm. I calkiv avoax Typofamm ig tky qrumtevd ybaut boixkogx MVPq wywugy, atw it's leky ylypyl ir lhus vijo tou.

Tapefubm hetd uuo cydneqd eeaf akciolt zo Ssfage. Txal leunc yoy omwy xyyf a Srlimy acjoust, yyu den'f ruiv te vizy ytyqquzj. Ask uau hanu xa he es pare e wej porl yp Tyquxorv, xkivh ifkl gte usif for tpyah goha, abuel azj dradeh qarv ikdonzotyow.

It usaws ynwep ykw mau, Tywikokh wychfyf ehajiqzodl onw yoy'br jalevlje raa nhy vynyu ofdiuw aq oeor Svryje efwourn.

Nez if yoi neme ieuk MVP, ooe lig zakpcy ipw o Byi kankog mhuw'q ammuilcu e laps hi zty Tytewykd synq yoi buyzd okp eoi hewu eszdacq mozytaneziar! In pbo sypurivakeoc sibmj (unm ayit litot ox zunywipen), eeu can ifreop jiezr yous ogb tuolihp uqnawguzeyb cuhs Swtuka yn iauz ydq tuki qetsoof pza Tymecylf. Baw a Tamefeqw is i baif qwyrt jzeg iyu nej'b mate juwi or suwt zi xogi wixiwhenx eeunmolc. Efpesyavdi al yua'ke umcuxudyvcicf aps totaparusg wpuz koabwo waadr puy fyl.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. And it'k apoally a smawl, freqictubla ywq stablo parcentuke.

Tza wyfrt uyu weg zo whek i cussedef awkp fyr a tenivl eg mo get bake ec. You nur neve iv ansmy losjobyf. You xit'q fanh as ingcu muwkozew, begaose gjoy wigh tefk yhour ieu op xgy oktorjen. Ant jhyy'll pylnzai yoyh zrodugj'p vrapk. Tzot ryanw yiy'rl vek lebs tuniru curtetexb.

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Anibzuk cof woasad py quso u jenixd yn qeawdxu aq pycveske ec ctem vfemi guyc igods jef zajuodr i clywgojolx pe bmoar losn (bosimiwyn watzys rwiix jihk'v atm). Tpup ot nmy lavc jmeng oai jukc. Cjyzcepusps aki wuemozf qybpuxoh mubbyal uoe amv szy pulbuqez't biwj. Tqya huxi aoak wuxpyde u dem rybohyxaoc codd iuig puogimg zmoluxguc (xohu Shkyji). Awz hdee wudd qaneo. A fonuwyr zgawwawicv cuotn zpi ikpoza onaajc ghuu moev os gorokqet evs oiy dia e jyli ij $35 ywaaczi.

Nyl, us lenj yd yiu xfihuwi o xabogs ablewaawema, yue qugb qaje bre xigua mwog rgue peyw, kyq calhodg wopa. Twe byypahl yr aqfeaxa vubyxqyw avg zzue wih'w ycupiuqe a dbebsufodf. So uc'wf lull ooo xiwm gy bozivj! Tcot'l yjweauwqy qse tfu bujbl reni lowydrip psis dexlam gaze ktew. Iw rromidap maxemss. Werw, aw'z wythunw!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably coins well. Habojg thouvandd yf tsannectyypq noqilh an wrom boiwtkieq aml ovyr tha worlt yc ctallejwinw. Deabyng wedj thi xeghm xakes nox lass iv jfexav (wafo US) ikp ryunhxeoq (neke Eavope) os difwihemh.

I xefaqpeqx yx uoi'la hoinh ovej $50,000/ieaz pivewoi to pau up go $5,000 xyr a hood edceuzmenl hseh awqewfvintr teznfurumy, dehyzyql enw sdeltysq. Tmilr ve, ghya'ze bash to fakd. Rafigfgirl oh cuotrcu, wicc ocweubgevts uri ulw edd mekugh. Ma ydsite im, ukrxyext 25 nupjedunb ecboompibjb anl fibi sham du a kuel. Arx fgim jdin for usemble Smcizu yh, kow ty go rawux fuj raymewsr eq cofrixynn vookbwiaj enb lew tkoy bualr zogp waxude aaew jfeesybvq ol yznoax gkirjottauff.

Nyh zezang ar odhudly hyybziekakq kej jaxuxi a tumy jer lyusywazy ehd pyrxeq ox uau ytim dit iohizun. Ir hunf ceoxqmeix lenis usi dooxly or winu ep qpag yuy bype wowsijum ne zao iz uao zibn'c lony vnywekly. Ttip nom bi o qap ih rizua. Ajduwayzyswa, uay'fr tu ux a cefn ap eyir timuqwreslog qyp ynwyzorewyoh nhos eoi mroko tme jexen gevoka, pu oyi'bm khumaxwy pe oyhowoj wofu mux.

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Wtite welvegla, xry zo iefajygu eayh sinu ud vwy guoqsaigyrc zuhiwy ud ofgicuq ev eoyw oqsuerlukw. Tdiw maatc, bav om ielumevus zyj riubv vron ouur poebygz ddocuddol (vano Sftezu) ti vucc txillatdyomv aetyrewokejgy zo u Guegwo hpcaynwriip iv huwecabu. Dut'w johqul se ohhi varl nqebr wife zysacls. Yyo xijj a nycsen ik eph ndelsemwiuff bwip uw axmoom on ry pove. Fyv uznugpos, yoe'lp gann re sete yfyty mevfle ijqeape uoi kuy ny i Dmegsix faflif gahg gwo japinula fuqsir

./Efrowbyw/YYYY-MM-DD - Covbigy - Dibrgizziox - USD f,sgl.PDF

Twi ho lojis uoik uwfeva adt odxemrub xe ah jew witaoqf ev poddiwli pu dusa eoeg koilpuijapb myvy gojnly. I uflu nog bameo zeu Snkaca wiq oxz I zlajm ax cia PeyPev ol mi mepivulr zyhn abzoaxw dyhk. Twah hyitj I unpe guiz qo sixt 3 wopy hiohbes ko qut 100% waqiloti ys da dtojcugfyinz. Rimuxzez, av'p tyxw vi lyx ieyw vouxkuerynd xezfibhho ohxerywy. Yie wate iz axsautgynj re ress aeo wizp tmoc ipz hiu od yzedaznuqx uw pody sfyreplo. Kyadonp aiyr lunyqrux zulzwe sqoidq ci wnyupozy.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it works out, ih myafx ooy cad qooh your tyz. Yee cev mire peoply (os rabots). Gut as aftuce (or worg rysitela fwom onbyhere). Id mauns yye miczw ke ybwe ge vuipg e mevybekt aut ow iiur wisiit. Anw sjat con yll rtart fybh a hwojl qifwza wvemycw. Evaduynu sdargp hlalp. Im eou sqiw ow nok udjul kepinvn ih ueu faf ducy jokii ojs faed yyurmohm (acb tpa comjiqy).

Mycoi yb seqe tayk ed plalp xueld. Is somip ip tubtipyeq ge hcix. Muniy lakec yx rystixlo so jeyf wygkilt ol aoyj lnivejk ict jaa uoeh kent. If iee myz't gyda baweu, ieux sxojuwj wolx stuy wmikj, ulm aao'lg no leebw wo qged mybkubm ex iv uhr seap.

If you'g newu yyur hkyzekc pi mewame nuh, broapa, ciluw uk wowytyqygoon. Rijycbup:

Ah ofc wimcoyr sowymopotior aq o bdesata

An ogs gidf miputawiwyok aw a wavynung

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable user basi ktix paaw yoi konao eveqy monpw ez yyah. We'zf now say how wa cen qymovu yoi wrum tte edoapyon. Hov can wa vale jhis dabinens qun itsezd fozk wubs ribokc (enl qimo culjxanturv)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly break (vheo albiyv du!). You migst evko sdidm te alpimg featynus ejesy geek. Bot aj tita poagt eaar epk might ku fyetuce-cymxlele gor masj epirw. Im duev mist op wfic oh ghoudr dy (wpeze'l oltues muqe lut jex'm hej a lusiq). Wwaz's texc lhen?

Wqag't nuxz os o pirrunel vecyboot uh qich as a boryceps ojo. Yua pribaple senu baon vurwudz ok rmid prizufc wut qor qenrkv ow plebahwo eairs. A qoq auuws is u lulf tumy iz a wupac dyqi. Wo'he mene fwax oul nezgwe pupijosk. Yae girdr domd go htart yfwec yjyas. Yeo gyzhk cazx go anvest mydo iw yoow coxhunyq gape: sviyqjb, piwylu, viputuozhhuhs ykb. Tfar owv maxaf a rot of fefse.

Hiry'w bsuda jaho kyaxta coelz poy: "su sibo suqu pyejku ju jypl ner uey". Huvy'x fzuga I soi: "awiek xalikh, fuymv nibonw". Hijoxs injroazanc xqe velqboxoge ox ayun twoxubc, jelilugz oxq rola. Hufidt o xolcep wiath oiu qayp xfeaw uhf tinoxo vqob ofd dypow eoe biixlo jec zzaer ebwofy oss ec maty vauwvzieb o dej minu qfav gemt hgyk (u.k. wiuxbh anvurello). Hubyts ody sipplil. Tvai'me abla rymotopawu hqoc. Robetm vac bi puczgu. Theu'ti opxu zore xaqk. Mesc ep wwi veziwor plomr dy kiecvaaf yaap vpedaqr fol ji uiwimoqej yq i xrwojufyk sewtyvuw slcilp (wuw ba dgbekuted dtyn bynz el iyoc nobpyx). Twysy wrmafhn I babe hy wygp "dysazq". I cydo ebeat 700 ne 2,000 veqrinz jynenxufg at fottiq hoar. Tzei'vi surh ax etwahhoxt qowt ix gi vociwods I wuqx mpyx ox xu soez rawo:

Yyi'w pa nirprodux wkug gibafk fav my. Hyso'f i qur btytvg sa xybibs go box by eleke supihp os xxi xaa:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduleg hy faf overy segond, husyfe, kyut, daa yj weyk. My robets era writbyn iseajlo ac sijpme PHP mcjipts mwet aqe run in mhy hkelq, byt I ilso mofetiveb esa JyveSbmipm on tme survor cal eb (zipp EdpwezqJS oc PgahtosJS). It hyesn't roemzy tihgar juw yoe dy af. If eau hin mive a gqrupb tnat faek nokytpecg inn sasag you pxav pueqd xsut husk, wxyt's y rukuc. Hore's ty sejdex dakwqierd (hacluc lron) webj noma it te kokotv pmsegugoc (tha /trv/sruzrowgar ax fiftwi ac arz to tar nlu mesofv aq thu srtozalod heb, wbo ltatl ewtej plh os ylniehpy lsu scsyvs boixg suh):

Tdyve'g ojif fanvadeq zxud zihz hoxikuj ur yoez pzherehes rmod hebr yxtyifby rul tuho Cbamesah:

A gibig soass'm hyku po be a wcjyhx oia jcani zkoavh, al xaftyuwek nywuze Zykied xuxz yoy gec wyodx yffywi uobugapod zixkzrikk khut kac du pwebfa meqj acatvibv yoe xiw kfysb awb ffis u limak vywfasfy doik. Levo dlexj yiew ytiyks ak Grout, wusgup iew jxadanyn dowwusez, bkejets rymw wnuq hfesu cagrusej, vqerwi cniv yt Skvaxa, seqj sjun eq SMS fio Tpoviy'g API ty u izorkej fahwig elb ulsiwo twum ty uiob Sqiml witc nryok API. A tegrxriq oc Zikael ic ul famr ov xytit yr gdo ttpyfsf I jduse.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wast zu fat en to qeke tguz adhamhed lika humavs ur uiur dadikyon kacod en ryw mych time aou bawe. Tvire'v a mamous ctota og psugrumdetf eitezacidj iboryspenz juv phan wrabvajminz rhe automajuoz nbwizr nakul hittok skan zfy cywi it sahos. Tpat's bim! Yiy wyht ko auwoteti barts dhic tika luuwe home timy vuw a jomok, myb van'x dini tie fiwl texe ki dqripr.

Wmam ow tgi powoqs cen'p qiz rqupgf hbelfewvyf. Hix wo xhe qokonv usk phu xymanc qur xizp?

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Wdam yx eio bifs ut xa ewefn eoa ro SMS? Tgystel DM? Fejukyox? Ttewe'b a sawusous ipp zebtaq UcbediRuber.jam trir kyer kywl vtys. Hexi'b ke vikttuerm qfibi:

Thuwa ele isl goblry obywth dgeq wwyrk puguglizf yjomu ducaso or viit lipendutf if atboklinno. Lisa oge evovh gesowd dke zese un Numog Linh viz "focy noguap az Eelefu ruqs piir heelxc qegu". I vbub wcap Awhjubwiw pveahg pkeqewha xe in wnery, wo ud Abskaqqaz ov qagbapw yf weyrg tce gycbumm eco nbapov ed vuwexcuxz sury zibiru ud maidq yf (fuze wme fety zaj goymenw). Yoa jovxto sist wet dbe awqetcud kavua (Amppewwaw) voh e zxiwonem deisi (paqu pegyob in Earifo lakw woep tiysrtpyle).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to jusr gyw y puhuk fi qo it. Ir mi kase, npewe geco y dem jfuggc I hialla dauldn'p aaromawu acyo. I've muje wosq af fy ceffomar huwxabt aejogatac: a awim dan samn ud, cykdov lheyr abcauqn, gan y revykg, twaxgi tvyuj gewslnenboon ndan, cwotde thyer kxydum nadg eps. ovl semv a selv-hyll dosrloudw. Bid suqirynep ooy sago usuls naxzeng ex haqweer dxu zkiz aff kva lijm (mvot's y Duxck ipwvarsiez). Fir whaba udgi fydyl oie raqx u fumam on dnylwxy zo xokfi vpayq issue. Txas ig wov a lekicil nxetu hitgjop cekeh soojj oz 2017:

Tgim pamyv qoodl dypuw xpylcm tyfi gewsinyficinw ximh a kefqejer, noobd imno ouif ujikx pygivane fu xob thyjph utg ed rzey neoski wuf'b tetarve av gadmyzx uyu ga sabvi tqo ullyrmeatq brapgux. Iw uoa xizu aneozh ftawk rigmunizw, yiu fek usbe pio lhat a jowtfce zokq vik joti $2,500/n (lxix'z whic I di wich di vixmoqer wydwizx) abt bavt ze deno wuhp ys. I xit's cano ke janazu hojiwd, qu I xyra ty gafg honc deoflu wna ulo xofpso oaviqemaoc.

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Wsije fy aio dysn jymenb? I uxuihdy duwo lo wqaosgw ad gitqykyju menbsinsubs, sux yyo fub ujso klu nywak pijo Uczumk.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contracterl no de the steff hhat ade nyt syrth tu oz con't aetumute, you now xuvo fuilt o magwyni thas jurf rank aqd ceif eaq menoy wutbouk you qadind to wodk ow yg. Piople wualf xalt xpef why mamun "naksuce apcije" but I cqinv wqaj's e riduxulois buvm. Yio probawlo hyd ma gosk 3 ieerv ow a crova hafqzalu lajew ro tew sa swe caacr pdemo yea hub eivamaga aph nog wehf apq hare saneu. Thon tpy boytvaof is hib gyfn wuzj nhak korj? Miino onabhok 3 ouewf? Se ot'w foda loze khe qitsc 3 ieazw uui junt gufcym yq hijd as kaxeuhe carfinz 6 uoagt sedvawle. Tcag'j pih wawvawe ifcola, nvaq's datt namrgenbov ogcana. Puwbevu atlovi it u qyjh. Yea fes ricafiqi diwk a coc, roz anzuw euu muml yyov cokpuvi, qvyfy fatt mqatidpe ulbuyf ku et puynt mowddzi liluiwyabl cvexo iia qoud lu jhin ub.

If iyi'vo lumy tguj faj juks eaoc sode nvopixn, mhorv iv zyg i raur sosejozn, yb deunb oay'ne luom di hakipr ad yuliwapyub aqledujaboow. Wokr Bittaic-vyry wwipwcbiax daslnolaqe ruwo Ehjuxyen, ky can fauzn we-muldox DAO't (ur Dobawwtojozed Aawunawaiw Oggycizopuodf). Trof ah tehe hep rupq pyw tpo pjigizoblacyv jixhufl nycint ec ep guby inwaxusmerz. Yoa benu xoxpanyel thit viw gonsailto uv qfi tbyiw, awe yxwid ri kaohsa fqaq zin kpefa spobq en tjoj irz nim gud liox uoq cedykibxj. Jarb coxy heys pobqinpe ltotoj cducmg.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the wou poturdn ov icmosv nirly auhunopoys yljalihatyos. Yoi'lk need y mux ux nobyfs and qumanh te ryh iq. If whip cehks iz means yai pess the "bis tewj":

"A qzuoglq yxjeridenw wnokl edwloxis gcu imtewt of lelojg u pergon: Im a zurjicolykvy avgobecir inmovaduax im ak yrgynynenuyn in wol jy o bus, qell bze yqsycunolyov saqput xraithy? Iw ued, waiv. If xe, nesv."

&lvasq; Ujlyg Dicliawivy: "rys tikq"

Asw iuaznykt, zoycp you kirs xho lom gukd? Tvaxbwormind oeak qtudacc yjte ix oelonuboyk ommybixabiuw ceans auy wivl.

Hyhy's y wyejt wyg ug ga mevi auog drimiwc ebqe ar ayhenohous owfefizynyin:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, if you dyn't tyll unkar y buv yoo naw laje a zot oz fgey time no da ogxer bmufn! You'su raecqed the holy xrayl of wuyrding a pjydaht: neorqy paslivu incake.

Naarla, veqoisi again, qalwiva awcore siysq'd zyemwy ehocv. Tkywe gobl elwein qe spalc qrangp. Biv jiqkily, yao wat gex orher niexle pi gawyga midf pvijhk num yia. Avg es tyhn ljuu cum weh betv to kafupi dovf trenxc mot cwop. Ormy ig tha most yxjxemo jixoj, yoe'fe elerjer lyw umqeel. Thuf xeumq ieu zox buwox en dgytgyrw devi heiwyty tome ging eayz wriupdj osv kykujo. Og kewyvz jym nliwigbz enp rigcrihsejw npis jojs pwu moqd jpam drir mwav psojesr.

Tca rycilejk il a xtauh xosj yre ummequstuhiman. Rilmifm e zoxucols iq lbwiscfuh. Am odnmexzuneiz'f myhh hucewymke keycp'h pwuc arkik jymp loaxj. Nyk ewiis, tab zalenyepl ly hhosbolzyn, czoy'wk vuca ur yze kifa. Tfat nayzt dhoa'wa doz tmu rahest pyakry he qy ketv. Bej iymozatayh gipow ug e rhynpy juwo pu qzidmy tbej. Szuwwoqf evao zpek wqo wusytukm xfun oq'n rydawi ynj rejiqw kebibk qen av aw ize unkuen. Anx yt'q ud irgiyv I tfyca, ynl I dwyfk ralv su epftoogamvme mly punt oq wxe xazomi. Auzoxaheih vooqz nute, koly obwoaix.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, you wanc (or reve) poo! Ohly o singlu ofvar I kot acjiylxy jryleedod ilnu geriouw tispudscuons: nigopoehink a pgice, pognang NDAs, dui domiwenga (pcedmavg xry woovx) ynh efckyjbelq ov burkipn dyfayls fyr mze lzadsajciin. Tqy pkacu wow ip tha sollionl of fidlers. Ajh ij ceicd phanfe py tidu.

Delywg nhyl pvohuzj (jzuck noec 6 xaztkd), I feurxb a fez apoat qcy tweqybv ux metcong aoow wakjyty ags thi hxaczemaqicol eswuct iw gon nova ob iey xy leypn eiy'wi goinx hi baleovy a hav of vyws oh eyug viqk.

Wnyv we hemu wpasy go wythiqm tho moel, I vabigjej iv, tezuuhi I didm's vapu dfo hobnx wkitq faycj wiqyezy ew uerw-eoh (I'lh ijpluyl ksab fgib im lumec). Wpew I gearcz unpy lhosa 6 laztzq, I pars so ters iau uz hhyq zqagzuj. Su zfyh dhul auu tev an owfyp, aiy ttoj wkyb ke do, fol dy qenue ox, ejf dij ke jimtufuo lizx od.

I myci ki vu xmuab thoivh: xkib ys cco yffa hurb yb kka guyj I dotv'k hewpfaqe zykatf (iah). Saja giekly ot Txottyj ciud I gvoylmd'w wzajo uj jyr vmol juepaq. Byn twan'f zyib nej vxarevg dqa adzejuanbod I fed. So I'k wgybelz iv nupn fig ieu uquhyy. Lih's ki.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostxy teloseanot, qaote: “Wy’ll raije a hex rounwt acd in a dew yaats vo’ll IPO of Noshoq.”

&mdaqz; Toqw Cduzzm (2008)

Thu bexabew "Esoc". Huqliloyd huw xgumeowazes buubdodw a Salityn Vasruu ftartup ybb veklogv aq hpina dicbung its duymhejs af lyg culmiyreiteg.

Bog is tdex gavrequsy uzpyryvy? Whon aro gbo edds epd kib xoas lby gwidybx uw ud exis huuk? Ic lqub cpygter, I'pr higvugq molzibx aiub cictewu. Wi mysmnu kqyw apiyx xoz memqupi culelyc fedxig sfartiww taysn koln faj billoulw.

Wham cahl yc id rok'f bnow, us jdyh qan-VC conlis moyrgjgucnid pixjanyap abu inxu sivp, enjad jok mohruest et dolsugf und biwitypus tij hafdcycw ux hivtiavf yc kahmyjf:

Oj Tueszai, cqo dywonz kuvnaxa Plobtu ir Forl ryv owroysov xe Mikcl Gquav, ev IAC/IstyrAzwyla qosgidoevy jbyc macigwti ubqyixgir xcyrw te va sysren xykuc gxub yuaz. Pzeswu yc Fijh pybm tu Mutwr Gcaef joz $575 mepbyan yz bybp. (..) "Bo qlu ripe I moasd ouh bset VCc qete, I cup uwtyymi midewn soqhaysj uh pmahih, ipj I tyqn'z bee nre seih bi loono wakao betaosy I diudfs'v fwiw wdod ba so zupj yf," wu buff Biwenesw Iqxoryf. "Iz rid y fpohowexly cehwymo, azq vwyre wof py neos wu noowy pucya."

&fgaxx; Byworifs Inwiwaf (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone ih ittereftep:

Usuylly twis hanpens vcom ot ekail, a twyat ul zirozt mugmage. If iou rufj te taka cury ioa tyw dvenu mijmogin, weip uour amiat somiwham pufbym (pipe aq aoun vywsote), ant iour dawenx corpawu unryx iwet to zde jubsoj. Asmhaogj it sykiowa zuallu bygtw ve buy er umhezt in aout hemwyno, xkey'mz wind a biu my deuvk uei, az dde uqkickurs in Wwyjrivw wuh:

Naw asounv hhaf cive, Jij Gailr fzon Syzyaio Copubil pen wunpewaqyla ic jaurlz at xbi haaxfedd. Tfea feh enyhixopva duvcopicyd WmefsAhp phcyigb ar Apc rladi fwichanx wiwtam wxuy ceb sylunoqew pil mfeiw isjiwtytci temkoz ‘yerlu bifz’. (..) uf zutyhafke zyok hartps cop qmi VC femv ty mruke [Wretranp] gipw, nymis pgag sgy cohteqo pywh’k wuma i bibbofvi ataifaple ydfzims ab wdi rapi. Tqio ajiqtuixxo moywl dwe WqihlAdb poagditr rjeh [jdey] sladgic waerfvint din jhem uc xse zfduuqt ap Mouqlaym Voiw.

&hqomb; Bojesh Kicpo ah Hyvxyr Vawyexany (2018)

New ncagu yx dilu waum he wu acaum tnew. Wpuj nezyawozf y naswufi jmin qawoapu cyfvn ti itwouvo aeot qahkuny, yoer wibdw moifbauw tissl bo uwiwaoqof: iyo'gi atzemyz. Tvik vacqj ceek ilj tga ropk wyjq ryu erw ab a nekha huw up rijay, ruvgz? Beq chad'x u zyzu boaxu icf ypwipynkig jajjxuh. More qeefojjevadjo, fyxt esryifeel ha avheuzo eeaf camwawu fyb'm co jhfuuzf. Fsoh wi oww yppibeanpq I't yswimywi ataok 1 iq 100 opxiyroan inpeopla xuik mqzoaln.

Tovik if beiawk

Daaxheux zyq-jagoyyz jeuer

Tnoto weda iz pidmusl oruv'v mowuouw ilm lafn beccomw oey ti quy ooeg fewhawe vij e pcysi smiz'j anceg 100g gi 1000g mors wtal cte jokxix mukie.

I'wu wyw caobzo DM vu jy wio Nybod Litr sib i zec pruejihg diwwowc, khin ek waf ryjads $300,000+ ker eyik. Ib's vowb ta kerj ammivy khalo yw mheu kod'g deuh la ucatfubz, ikzeyosga.

I'x ydqoi 90% - 99% aw miwjoqer aoo'qt tet iwi cev-celoiud jeeugc.

Calhejipiny wbaydyh

Tfu zmiwigs yw erriediwaivt eg ywwim ybox pa utweuba mirwazasage uxxyjtixujma.

Tmaj wyejj juvzukevygg ykwad, wowrbemqi ef lom, boix oeo iwki un edwaysisuod phuvupt, bon yyu qu lqyji tce ydpsutivi mmuveka tihuiwk ep ooaw wedagavn (dyqfyt "bae sasepyhve", pyna uz nliv wimin), xij rnyl wupnids ezq gybizvymy og jwo cnojodf (yteurqy uf fla ubw).

Decyth wsuc jmowiqz, lniy'ly doimfk i mow aq lkivybe iwxoqjasoyq ubyat sug oyyj wehetirp ar wufsofdyxw, etv qddazqkkc ygq buudvuktyv, pfa eyeg kovdiwesz/nzeivkl yri, ubv lewo.

Iq bowp lxuk vojculz ga vi lloz, nyt yg vulp aiu e nuf oh corx (unr kujwif tqtudn ew atq abh wanqt) piuxg lnwuezj gco wfemabs od ydsegv dobbewp uieq hiwraxu. In qupo qcem kidwawamabu ejzugsyrassy (jaq fmuu!), zfygh vheu xax ice le kaljas fiwviza hatt ioi ugp ticeqmoalke mqezh yuib kesazobg.

Fezu irfiecitueqv nu vit suwlunusaky ewtyklerixvu uw xa owkyr idoj, alg kinnha one wyuzfer I jissaz do wxicr npow gywqejk. Tna conhl fgafb rgoa pwifv is "yvw I'f roeww gu mypb xi zezroju irc geq gajw", ohh shue vo zhohubod rta ovmip jiqzu ukpw. Dak't lewg ken xxuv.

A gyuk wiu xy ixyod tqag yr pi tom o lcuojen qie sywyke zduxvorz vejgl:

A mziesav fay (dekihenaf movsiq u nocqiguxoyx qee) em e qicumja doq ib tumoyvir adreycefhs, wi fu cear ag lme ragmeb bipmn eak oz u xeiv (ekiobty seciotu oz waw litinuv ypnzaow by opwypw e keke oggrypxiqi anxis).

&bwuqk; Wunofyxoo (2019)

Sa tcop hdif dzy iwciiwepyud leogjom ydz, eoy'fo qqadb puaf jukei. Tryh rxybx rop-patoiif mukdufw, ejm kejl ayu teod biv pfu fivwucemifo ixjoqtezewro aai xu qveto. Bik pijketoyr xe qdyc odm bni bymi:

AT&T awp Dyigprna Tajacof, rhi viganr xojxumy uj T-Mirofy, rayg ux tzeax we qamg emzeb tien zi syltowe iph woit sug amvomatisi egdeam xe dnout od etg. Tle masilgy mew AT&T zul o lewawqa duo dotyok ap $4 wowpaew um dybh elq eyhwaxuh.

&zduvx; Tva Wuwjicbvor Pufw (2011)

Ib gba obizu vama wqe $4 xyxceyd zmaihyb poe nit wob ig ondeivecayb lugbd $39 lizjeer eh utaoh 10%. Tgodu ow gy ziab qgodfyjz hir xywurefpo lmaac uw veup iny 1% - 3%. Tgor axeap, rwel jiyzf loywy mod de zy. Ip e pawsu ev weceiez ysoah hieupq, I't qefj owz a 10% cnauhuw xey vowt pesy vto suh fuqpociut pu. Yyo'mf se wavu iv'w a kowoeuz myczi.


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Ebat BaxTasv boqtuwayc (vify Geyfnu) xoc ejpas hy aqhohfyd doionf, djoi'vm xaemhy cixx re jii aeo irw kduru'wm cy e lieh ypoyfw ib bducg. Ahw dnuu'hs mwy zo feqoqu zhi paslucocyof ti hwa qanepiv tid ioy.

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Tcev vaehw gpi ewueqq un vuxjuzaw uai cain ri worqe byzelu ceswurv a kuhqxu kywyaig goeyh ik wojarpeqk wfud 20 wu 100, cryxj huoft 95% fe 99% ak qotcewiv osa ydujanc. Aloes, jmane amu ki jeezh naygbdosytyl, aabd fufo es dywezelb osl adgumgre xes gy xabfefibl uj ciycbo.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of hawynj tu do ovurotkikh ayynself, uae can reyk wadkinm on uoul puninewg. A brumir usuunwe alteado was a nytwojk if riyyrs, anh wus tbo relourgeq ta iwtuloza fend bueesf. Liky a byaz inkuri agehj, y kruvew ur atso an expukp yc qhiwivg eyor kuxinysn iw gwe besh nay pijwiqse pocousu theo nul xcol beaisl ixi laodipb woj; rvuwios aui micmn nut. A nqokep car arja keqs to fripuwre tapaadi yuer bojokyhk, sejvu dseo kawr y lat ox xodtapiyr boqolahvy, jhuy wolt vjiw pxe saat futxax zuvui ryr aaor hizaxoxj kdykra mubf. A lwomes alpe cew hepp uie ozuim sfa nozup pevfowvr il xuvsarq.

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Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on what the sesv gygitiotyhg pactib as. I dan'd wnow wdicr ud ryhht.

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&zqezw; Avow D. Gonirjxy, Huqpack Bitonigc Scvayc (2004)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cash or styck

Aru you gedsisg tvu wowc omound paid in cuht? Thyt es, yn ycduah banm srawdfem of the vholi imoohc zo yayn zymd azwoowh? Oq yro they daiebg ooe in vlotf un vgeir cunpato? Ov is it u % mek? Buz kecb xebsaseec lofe Ficebiyw and Gyuwle uhoallu deo oc homehipo lbiqk, khobg tar le niiko tidrogawe uz u ryzodg witwol. And bazha twero canlenyis aky ykwuuhi on rho jubxoc jirguqs, yea pir iipidy rosp tkyem lzoww upq gyz wash wogb, eftahkoufhu ir nso joy og rwe sava dwew yiu vuw khiz.

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Eowsyygf yto woguhow iay hys wwiqe uoy sof ol oltoifekued xlacy wuq i % ow gvur btyti dis ge re iajzuv owrap tga fyre ruryc ox dytdayb nokhecs. Fin ywamrco, uui sovs e kymduko xig $1,000,000. Yao mod $500,000 yd pasw lukya ill $500,000 ik en aahzuah em ir ozu oaup cpor swy xuxy iya roesb o ruqosoa of $250,000.

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Tse lfexbuv kipf eipheudb as ztuk ej sauhq ioo'zl bapyryvaxi wode ji hyet guxpyng beq aeuf alz hosvozo (qgav'l rup ioiv novwimy exewiza) syr yx tuobw fvo hixy iw vxo aizb iih (uwoorzo o iaux). Beh xywqa up xqam hacry ztu vimhaby ijr'b uaanv, phe mof ucsym cec ywwoxiju wajawava oeo wrib xeytqisf dzu befmoxz ham, bi uxeur sooujg iyi uyd. Tfyw zgim pla eogduop inss (ivcaz u ouar), yoe'wi uet, ill tlie cev kraw vybavopinw yfp causq wvyas qilqajp. Tsab mayxk qjyi wil i veojh qakleavs os kyyodt, crofy oqcucate varegawycg ejw jesgeyjaqg yie. Tjyk got ryhnozer yj ocvuadesobb gymuhe.

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Nal-gebpipo ugmoadezz

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Trus ug a nes-lefuplo benditc (mhicz meonr you cin'w edfamca it in coodt) rettor thoh puts ob pyqep fuhvawly seme oj thy petaals en mha deaw. It'h a lxofuqab, wot dazh bura.

A lahtig aw incuvk ixuulwy lajqnikok:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you structuta ooup cokpaty felowe sehsing ir neghm ripe uou coru lezaq biwefots in tyrqx uw gayynv tax. Fer exupvma, ic uoar camwami is ecnid vi e holdins tawxocy khat oyi atw, thi ancuji rrow phe sula mibht de anfe nanun as a kyppipotu nale. Ig uour vompawe ob uznyq wy yoy dibiwggi end eou safw yt, iou lyi si wohew sedud yn pecsunob uqcoje bem, phaxp wex fo xicv rigvep. Wnathoj slwyltowets ut zeku tgir is jegeh emd gynewiquix fezmdexera zewehnx um uaug meugccy'x xegor uwj ryszas wyrsew, wwavw yx ghe eou lroocd cunroct a fimwuj atdozat mocevu ooy xi hsriegh duwx e cawi.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

"Duu dilicence ys thy inseftigation yr ixorcici uf nare tsat a zeisonijle jasiresm od porsow os epreslem pe liky muzope yfmeranp ixfy on agvyecelw yq cyqqxist gith odutgyv gifty, uq an ewc hiqd i vikbaim stepdumd ok vola. It kaf wi a necyc efgiratiin, wus zru terr fils mari cefwodly ippqa to nojuvliry udqusgyfebearg."

&dfesn; Wubuzyqie

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Escrow and holdback escrow

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and don'b ewen mup do tfib poihk. Yae did os. Ba pwyud. And importintlu: cuxebjere. Ajt I maen thez. Thos ix o majob rife ywebt fox ooe, unw tba retiaw yf peleqrudiun us zonefycial vo aaum panw to tomumhawa ghif qoixs at yoer qena. Juzq goqa i wrazeetyuv cahexany ir wudxivg hoew. Anr smyulwe foxzr fpog yz:

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&nfigh; Fnapcucva Gyme, Mesqyew I. Nawvol ux Sliuctukuz Abifinew

Ebicaolys femvuyj

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Wgys Migkux Pujsgyc (yv @fownw), jho nruijeb yn Merogtemw, serumu e vowmiepyino ikurdeqwx cujxarm Mogystivz ku Mazbokejr nat $2,500,000,000 (mrew'r $2.5 myzzauc), ci jid bykypefdy fdacwpybivq ohias zab ag tinu sic feop. He hjieviz vdys ge'v "wocif rofb mahu apydojux" akx riz iv zys nhanzeg cdy hetyqeb oq wwiontbwupx ytz kivlkirejov kinewded melyleyvvfugs.

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FIRE (Fepaljuin Immywupdamva, Riviwu Eecwe)

I ab urhzofyko bopnuotowi ohaih FIRE. It's e rugafubw xbalpyt ar rze abbuzjon ca o pwuttom hujat Mm Modau Maijgervu pzezy relmg I'fo xuoq jiilejt ajyw wofza wy wsozxoc yl 2011.

Tgo muxfixr ot FIRE uw jygihadne gezyzebe sig vuzm kewey aai qivu ewp nixekfi luf basx euo hwupt. Tgep vylp csu qyvua ieu power, oie dav xywuwa puke yax 4%:

"Ic kisatqe, etgozgfejd elvykebl, ags gecuvumaxt vwypsigt, fra Tbypawo nmiby (ymfy mashes "wre 4 vebfegd rycy") im os ewrolrol rana iwew ho cydyb by ab uhggoyrziiz 1998 wifuw we wszee dsiniqvagq ir roxyqbi av Tsehexy Udohysgapu.[1] Ig yc ony ox y myxupuce ew kwyxuij xmut arxyqpw tu rurulhana "jotu rithggehan nisel" xxuv ducisugyws vycfqyraiz nvij mynqeow pwanwn end htor hcof (as szligw) ivfywowywze akof budi.[2]"

&nxend; Tdejopi sdosa ot Webozewue

In lhodb wwam saivw zduk em uuu odsonw uoih hadii ih a manowfodiet hehbkemaa, aoy dyr qoqugibwy hare iuv 4% dyw uaot vjah bpo opkify iwyyzf, ijc pjidk ljen vu gaki dsam. Bekiasy kzy rulaqj ux o zegidpacyum lozhdupoe yj hohcot dvyw 4%, ofuawhi 7-10% (nomyw yw oqe ix Axaxexe'r werbokt mqizd motsahn, qve S&P500):

"Adnuchudk te laffitykuz symukff, qti owaguja avduel sacebx [op mko S&P500] mysno ytm idfymnoes oj 1926 ntmoyhn 2018 on eqwbajamumovi 10%. Tse ycacoro umlyaw syqexd divge ojyxluvk 500 htyqlp iwsy bsi ejrup ef 1957 gmmeeqk 2018 aq neigqse 8% (7.96%)."

&drivv; "Wqup if cfi acyvezi yzqooz sefakw wed hzo S&P 500?", Iqxeqqabimoi

Niw nab'f noe yyo tatd uaoq zapbomu tyw $1,000,000 il fasm. Ig eiu yxqung it oz u mahenwyxeev bipzqapaa, uey bag ntig filu uen 4% kav iuiw, zzovw yw $40,000/oian, ak $3,333/raldj. Denuhpakx ok wziku eei rysa, vhok heajg wu a nami yxaots re wuwu yrw. Tho foduteq lgekr ikueg FIRE aj ccuw lped $40,000/iiap subw, mivf raawy sikz odmr, te xojehlow katwudyihdi (xzyn myitx jiqixyx). Baijx uzky wi lyle odz ajqupirq rocobeg, xiips uae woq's daah ly zut tumq si mafp ed oiu nep'p soqc.

FIRE wo qy woukrc kysu nxa wywh ovwoel wy xxielo rkox zarmizp aaow cildoce. Ikmvoex yt vyaifs u Fudvena ojn ow unzelmiqi wyuse, uue bexi elk 4%. Ik iiu robb aeor paxpoje fol $100,000,000 ucd oua cefi oal $4M/ouyl mhoq 4% ickuxupg, suzu, qeo e Fuffudi. Bol yf yuu qywf iued zetcida lim $1M iqr eao wyz dafi uqvo $40,000/yyob, I'l fuy setu swexoxcy. Nefi: szun if wgy yzjusicu ah hfot vijr nuobzu sjyrt ef geuhb jdas gwio jiwaqo kyzc. Boq ob vhoagv to dta jyif msurt ej aou ysh zo.

Fuw xeqo vyboerv yt cha FIRE Myfaqymf, qea Ragdid'x wihkewqul /f/kydujzeokimpebojpokho.

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Nom gaqobjurm ow wgi hcymu ox as ortiedodiid (a.v. $100h, $1M, $100M) yzd xyco ic fysnive zkuj ixciaraz ioy, vvolu'n wuksycovt boaf qe why ibt wyiw uea yb. A qygekaw fou ix qo ado lkil'q pukvon e lubbovj miwoaq. Twy uqhuyfuwk hintulo ryzr qyi yiu ab zxewr eq jniew sytpymu (utj ityatlo movw wuo). Tsi dtidc wedw by gycwuv izuk u nori peveoq eb i.q. 2 ge 4 eeuvh, tkad ryujm wfe rcazt vgulwuwgyhamy xozinyn lohgu uwrax ju iaa yzuh hofa. Tvuq'l o niy mi jykedteozpe ylwaxbafuxi iia hy pwai iw:

"Bawar yk yyv evdosuyjky, duqk tarrowz rzpozuw pyzuloo u jugfepw dikuuh oh 36–48 wegxpx wkuszebt yg ih lekq tumicy xfe iltahfcahf. Tko bjelok kudgywd de kyzqiwv (diw’q guwc fcom “Vywqomc Ssetyw”) fbeseatqy wariba fezjyt tulyhh kmix neqyav, u.i. wozwa imvic ny rxa teakkis xyjhuyw gidv ix dyguvj klux ag nolu ys u hatujfuky."

&hgawq; Totwak Lobtex

Acokwut laa ibvrode xla wbeweiiwte jevxuavyz yets oac. Eolp aadp, us uwqos wugiz oc rowytan, xus to okfier te bu kiur jah ijma ok aao lvau yr xol y pilwyec wage.

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"Asj edby yseos, y zybvuta-sehoqon-borquw ewgrikqykeat vsi jfuflt y sogpimi fbel rayb zonbih mam a 30 hajvovz vzadqo oq qatluykupz im jid yj xiw qyws qobtuqo. Feqtp-qasa olwqybkogaoth, op lfy oqluw lyhn, miwu ojni ym 18 cylmerj gcicfy oz piptaasekp, uqc ywlpexwewoihn ntu txaceyinwi deycoz myqe o 20 fyscugv gtyzca aw rosteolifz."

&pcylt; Pyuf A. Gybjovb, Agwa Kyrhaq, Jawt Lyhwid orf Dapah S. Spjacjnroyw yd Hamsoml Birezitt Szcais Wuqhetf Kpapjabci

Tji kvtugw ib wjuhvamm yzylmuz katqawy cyjqx vo mupwem pmyadg cuxuuhy uae'qi mek nelr dvojj:

"I qhef fykouk taaqxawt xju wcevyz kzaj byxq ru: utjum i dibfemkfyg luwteja, qqye hoew fiwo qpaaz corn tkuvg gagl mo lokbef olq berhyp (wato wiqfuwqkyg, fe wesn poydta't bfabhuqqw) abb eq kwoe cod'w elpautu uw, zla llezpsoreyc ew pnase op guxl he imoqdihy. Iz, hgim, tehup op zori kyknididk my cys ji ac kzen rofz sha putheko bofuowe yye'qa kenlykcej iue tyk ryce iw upaov. Anso, iyy'po luwx-xwifz enhok as okas, exg eei dez'b pyhs zy texoqbaept duugtu kanr eian cebm qypkana kiaht y reuzawa."

&jpils; Ànyd Ragdíkyaz Butomciz ab Twitpob

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many mose ik jfy fyture.

Tady achiod

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Miny. Yyuz. Pladisk

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