MAKE book is an Open Startup™, which means it operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, including revenue, users and traffic.

Monthly Total Revenue

🛠 Live system processes

Tasks: 502
Load average: 8.14
Uptime: 122 days, 16 hours, 33 mins, 5 secs
9937root 36.900:00:24php -f /srv/http/
17290www-data 7.900:04:08nginx: worker process
9853root 7.700:00:05php -f /srv/http/ -- product=makebook
9850root 7.200:00:04php -f /srv/http/ -- product=nomadlist
31655telegraf 4.307:55:01/usr/bin/telegraf -config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf -config-directory /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d
9893root 3.900:00:02php -f /srv/http/
21940www-data 3.900:01:45php-fpm: pool www
9915root 3.700:00:02php -f /srv/http/
30094www-data 3.600:01:02php-fpm: pool www
24769www-data 3.400:01:19php-fpm: pool www
31384www-data 3.400:00:53php-fpm: pool www
18764www-data 3.300:01:40php-fpm: pool www
31844www-data 3.300:00:51php-fpm: pool www
32641www-data 3.300:00:46php-fpm: pool www
9416www-data 3.000:00:03php-fpm: pool www
26811www-data 3.000:01:04php-fpm: pool www
29554www-data 3.000:00:52php-fpm: pool www
30119www-data 3.000:00:51php-fpm: pool www
9999root 2.900:00:02php -f /srv/http/
10021root 2.900:00:01php -f /srv/http/
10299colord 2.900:00:01postgres: 10/main: discourse discourse [local] idle
21731www-data 2.900:01:17php-fpm: pool www
28267www-data 2.900:00:54php-fpm: pool www
32738www-data 2.900:00:39php-fpm: pool www
5032www-data 2.800:00:19php-fpm: pool www
32689www-data 2.800:00:38php-fpm: pool www
22131www-data 2.700:01:10php-fpm: pool www
193618h11jjw+ 2.517:14:18htop
29451www-data 2.500:00:46php-fpm: pool www
32309www-data 2.500:00:36php-fpm: pool www
32215www-data 2.400:00:34php-fpm: pool www
454root 1.21-13:22:47[jbd2/sda-8]
9393pymcrdk+ 1.202:05:18sidekiq 5.2.5 discourse [0 of 5 busy]
10076root 1.100:00:00/usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/certbot renew --dns-cloudflare --dns-cloudflare-credentials /home/user/daniel/cf --post-hook nginx -s reload
17291www-data 0.900:00:29nginx: worker process
11106root 0.700:00:27php -f /srv/http/
10871root 0.600:00:00[kworker/u32:2-e]
24711mysql 0.511:59:18/usr/sbin/mysqld --daemonize --pid-file=/run/mysqld/
9601pymcrdk+ 0.400:40:09unicorn worker[5] -E production -c config/unicorn.conf.rb

💁‍♀️ NGINX server status

🛰 Sensors

Every second, these sensors monitor ~100 regular operations handled by 1,000+ robots on the site. They range from generating thumbnails for user profiles, to checking if people's payments go through accurately, to simply seeing if the site loads properly.